Come Around (AU,M/M,ADULT) Ch 9 - 5/30/14 [WIP]

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Come Around (AU,M/M,ADULT) Ch 9 - 5/30/14 [WIP]

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Title: Come Around

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended."

Pairings/Couples/Category: Michael/Maria. Alternate Universe. No Aliens in this fic.

Rating: Adult

Summary: Maria DeLuca was running from her life when she met Michael. Will he be able to help her or just further damage her?

A/N: I know I got three other stories going and I do plan on updating them. I've been wanting to write a "Candy" Fic for some time now and this one just came to me. Hope you guys like the first chapter!

Chapter 1

Maria Deluca pulled right into a vacant parking spot at the sports bar of…..truthfully she had no idea where the hell she was at. As she pulled her gear into park, she sat still for a second.

She'd driven for over an hour and truthfully the entire drive had been a blur. She'd just caught her boyfriend in bed with her best friend and all she wanted to do was to forget it. In order to do that she needed to get shit faced wasted. She knew that she needed to get the hell out of San Francisco. She didn't need to run into anyone she knew and have them try to stop her.

Maria breathed deeply before getting out of her car and strolling towards the entrance. She walked in the door and walked straight over to the bar, she didn't even notice a pair of green eyes that had settled on her from the moment she walked in the door.

She sat down in one of the stools not even noticing that she was right next to somebody.

The bartender walked over to her. "Hey, what'll it be?"

"Washington Apple," Maria replied as she laid some money out in front of him. "six shots."

The guy quirked an eye brow at her.

Maria immediately took offense as she wasn't really loving guys at the moment and his hesitation to do her order was starting to tick her off. "You got a problem?"

The guy just smirked. "No, no problem at all. It's your hangover." He replied before grabbing six shot glasses, setting them in front of her and poured. "Enjoy."

The guy that was seated right next to her, watched her with curiosity. He had watched her ever since she walked through the door. She'd looked hurt and his heart had tugged with empathy.

Now, as he watched her down her fifth shot, he could see that she was a fast drinker. If he wanted to talk to her, he'd better do it before she left.

"I…." Come on, Guerin he scolded himself. Just say something. "I don't believe I've seen you here before."

Maria rolled her eyes without even looking at him. "That's original."

That went real well dumbass, Michael internally berated himself. "I'm Michael." He continued. "So, what brings you here?"

Maria turned to tell the guy to back the hell off when she was met with the most amazing green eyes she'd ever seen before. It was like the moment she gazed in them, she felt herself get lost and she completely forgot about what she was going to say.

"I'm Maria," She replied after a few moments. "and I'm here to get wasted. What about you, Michael? What are you here for?"

Michael laughed. "Well, I appreciate your honesty. I've been working double twelve hour shifts for the past two weeks, just needed a night to relax."

Maria downed her sixth shot, starting to feel some of the effects. "Wow, double twelve's. That's gotta be rough."

"Pays the bills," Michael shrugged. "Can I buy you another drink?"

Maria's head told her to just grab her shit and get the hell out of there, she didn't know this guy and she didn't need more alcohol. Maria was tired of listening to her rational head though.

"Sure," Maria smiled.

Michael smiled back. "You want another shot?"

"What are you drinking?" Maria asked.

Michael frowned. He was drinking beer and that was the last thing that girl should be mixing crown royal whiskey with. "Listen, Maria…."

Maria sensed a lecture coming and it made her become defensive. She was sick of people telling her what was best for her. If they hadn't done that she may not be in this situation. "Are you gonna tell me what you're drinking or not? Because it really makes no difference. If you think you're gonna stop me and be my hero…..ya got another thing coming. I'm no one's damsel in distress." She glared at him darkly.

Michael quickly realized that this girl wasn't gonna respond well to being told what to do. He would just have to keep an eye on her in a tactful way. "Fair enough." He responded after a few minutes. "I'm drinking beer, corona."

Maria looked at him and smiled. "Good choice."

Michael looked Maria over for a few moments…he could sense a deep sadness in her just by staring into her beautiful eyes.

Maria felt mesmerized by Michael's eyes…but they also scared her. She felt like he was looking right down into her soul…

"What?!" Maria snapped, turning her defense mechanism on quickly to full blast…something she did whenever she felt scared or cornered.

This girl clearly had some deep seated issues…and a part of him told him to just leave this girl be…not to get involved in whatever drama she had going…but a bigger part of him, told him to try. To not give up…to try to know this girl. He already felt something for her. A connection.

Michael breathed deeply before leaning in close to her and gently placing his hand on hers.

Maria felt an electrical current from the moment his hand touched hers. And her defense mechanism told her to say some snappy attitude like thing to him…threaten him if he ever tried to touch her again…but she didn't feel fear from this guy. She just felt….a safety of some sort.

Michael took it as a good sign that she wasn't pulling away or getting angry. "Maria," He breathed gently. "do you want to talk about it?"

Michael being this close to her was starting to mess up her brain function…she was forgetting everything else but how close she was to him…how much she wanted to kiss him. "Talk about what?" Maria feebly tried once again to pretend that she was just here to get drunk…end of story.

"Maria…" Michael said softly. "I don't know you…but you are not fooling me…I can…" He gently pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and caressed her face. "I can see your pain.."

With those words, with his look of empathy and kindness…just like that Maria broke. She started sobbing…hard and heartbreaking hysterical sobs.

Michael quickly pulled her into his arms, gently tangling his hands in her hair as he tried to comfort her. "Shhh…" He breathed into her ear. "Its ok…I've got you and it's going to be ok."

Maria gripped Michael's shirt tightly as she let out all of her heartbreaking tears against him.

"Maria," Michael said softly. "do you want to get out of here? We can be alone…and you can talk to me…or I can give you more alcohol if that's what you want…but I can't leave you alone in this bar…you're too vulnerable to the wrong kind of guys.."

Maria pulled back, her face stained with tears as she looked into his eyes. "Michael," She breathed softly. "Why do you care?"

Michael looked into Maria's tear-filled eyes, wanting nothing more then to comfort her…he didn't even know this girl but he cared…already.

"Maria," Michael said softly, leaning into her, gently stroking her hair. "I've been where you are. I know what it's like to wanna get lost."

She looked at him for a few moments, really looked at him. "Kiss me," Maria whispered, leaning in even closer.

Michael's lips were a breath away from Maria's. His heart was racing as he was so close to claiming her lips with his. "Is that what you want, Sweetheart?" He placed a feather light kiss on Maria's lips, she lightly moaned. "You want me to kiss you?"

"Mmmm," Maria moaned softly. She was now in his lap, her legs were wrapped around him and she ached as she moved softly to gain some friction.

"Maria," Michael groaned. "I'm trying to be the good guy here…but I only have so much restraint…"

"Kiss me," Maria moaned, her lips closer to his.

"Fuck it," Michael muttered before crashing his lips to hers, kissing her with everything inside of him.

Maria let out little moans and cries against his lips, her arms around his neck and her clothed crotch grinding against his desperately.

"Maria," Michael groaned against her lips. "Do you want to get out of here?"

Maria looked up into his eyes, more than aware of the decision she was making. "Yes,"
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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp1

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Thanks for the reviews!!! Sorry about the wait, meant to get this chapter up way sooner. Hope you guys like the update :)

Chapter 2

Their clothes were being discarded everywhere as Michael and Maria passionately kissed.

Michael had gently pushed her onto his bed. He was about to remove his shirt when he noticed she had started breathing very heavily and she looked almost panicked.

"Maria?" Michael questioned concerned, his concern grew when he saw that there were tears in her eyes. "Hey," He reached out and gently touched her shoulder. "what is it? What's wrong?"

Maria took a deep breath before meeting his worried eyes. "I'm so sorry. I thought I could do this but I can't." She braced herself and waited for the worry to vanish and for there to be anger, but to her shock she saw none.

"It's ok." Michael said softly, his eyes still as gentle as before. "I didn't expect this, you know. I won't lie and say I'm not disappointed because it's where things appeared to be heading…"

"You're…you're not angry?" Maria's voice was small as if she was waiting for him to get mad and tell her off or call her some awful name.

Michael took a seat beside her on his bed. "No, I'm not mad. Why would I be?"

"Well, I…I came on to you. I mean, I practically threw myself at you back at the bar." Maria recalled. "You don't think I'm some kind of tease?"

Michael smirked amused. "Well…" When he looked at her face and saw the genuine fear, he gently grabbed her hand. "Do you wanna tell me what happened?"

"I suppose I owe you that much," Maria replied as was about to go but he cut her off.

"No, you don't." Michael quickly replied. "Maria, you don't owe me anything. We barely know each other and if you didn't want things to go further with us than you had every right to tell me to stop." He furrowed his brow at her, his concern deepening. "I shouldn't have to tell you that though."

Maria blinked back tears at how kind he was being to her. She couldn't remember the last time a complete stranger had shown her this much kindness and then she realized that's because it had never happened.

"No, you shouldn't." Maria finally spoke up. "I uh…I've been having kind of a hard time lately. I guess you could say I've gotten used to getting bad reactions from people." After a few moments of silence, she added on. "From guys. Well…one guy."

"Let me guess, you got into some kind of altercation with your boyfriend?" Michael had had the feeling that ever since she sat in that bar that she was upset with someone. At first he chalked it up to the world in general but now…

Maria laughed bitterly at the term boyfriend. "Good guess."

"Yeah, well I kinda had you pegged right from the start." At Maria's confused look, Michael just let out a soft laugh. "You're way too beautiful to be single."

Another bitter laugh escaped her. "Well, thanks for that but I am single."

Michael tried not to show that he was inwardly happy about that surprising part. The girl looked miserable and he liked her but he didn't like that she seemed to be so sad. "Ex boyfriend?"

Maria nodded. "Yeah, we're done so I guess that's what you'd call him."

"Maybe you should try to work it out." He was shocked at his own suggestion. This is what his friends were always getting on him about, being too nice of a guy.

Maria turned and glared at him sharply. "That's not happening. I'm not exactly the kind of girl who takes back cheaters." She let out a bitter laugh. "But I am the kind of girl who would take him back after he hit me."

Michael had to swallow back anger at learning that. If there was one thing that made him ever see red, it was when a man mistreated a woman. "I'm sorry. Forget my earlier statement. You deserve better than someone who would betray you and anybody who would lay a hand on you like that, would only do it again."

Maria turned to face Michael. "Listen, there's something else. I've…I've never done this before."

Michael looked at her in confusion before it him. "Yeah, I gotta confess I've never just brought some girl I didn't know home with me either." He looked at her. He had this feeling there was something else she was holding back. "I got the strangest feeling there's something else you wanna say but aren't sure about."

Maria laughed. "Your guesses just keep on being dead on."

Michael smiled at her gently. "So, what is it?"

Maria was hesitant. "Promise you won't laugh?"

"You're not gonna tell me you're from some other planet are you?" He joked.

Maria laughed. "No. Although you may wind up thinking I'm from one…"

"I promise I won't laugh. What is it?" Michael gently asked her.

"I um…I didn't stop you because I'd just gotten out of a relationship." Maria admitted. "I stopped loving him a long time ago and honestly he's the last thing on my mind. Staying with him was just…it was stupid. I stopped you because…I wasn't ready."

Michael gently reached out a tucked a strand of her hair out of her eye. "Maria, I told you it's ok. We don't know each other that well, I know things were going fast…"

"No." She shook her head. "I mean, yeah they were. But it's not just that. I…I've never had sex before. Not with anyone. Ever."

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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp2 1/7/14

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I wanna thank anyone who reviews :) I love to get feedback. This is my first time ever writing for Michael/Maria. More will be revealed on the Ex as the story progresses. I will be updating around every Wednesday. Hope you guys like this next chapter and please review :)

Chapter 3

It had been five minutes since Maria had made her confession to Michael. Honestly his silence was starting to kind of freak her out.

"You're not saying anything," Maria quietly spoke.

Michael turned to her, his eyes still as gentle as they were before. "I'm sorry, I just…I wasn't expecting that. You caught me off guard with that one." He let out a soft laugh but then abruptly stopped. "I'm sorry. I'm not laughing, I promise."

Maria sighed. "You think I'm weird now, don't you?"

Michael shook his head. "No, hey, no I do not think you're weird. You're a lot more innocent than what I took you for back in that bar, but looks can be deceiving."

"If you only knew how wrong you are about that." Maria replied and at his questioning look, she stood up. "Forget about it. Doesn't matter. I should go. I'm sorry I wasted your time."

"No, hey no." Michael stood up and grabbed her hand. "You didn't waste my time. When I saw you, I knew I wanted to know you and that hasn't changed."

"Really?" Maria was surprised. "You…are you saying you want to see me again?"

Michael smiled at her warmly. "Yeah, I would love that. I know you're going through a hard time right now, and things are maybe complicated in your life but I wanna know you. Even if we're just friends, that's ok. I wouldn't mind waiting until you were ready for more than that."

Maria smiled. "Wow. I've never met anyone quite like you before. I've never met someone who just off the bat seems to get me."

Michael gently smiled at her. "How about I walk you home?"

Maria laughed. "Oh, it'd be a long walk. I don't actually live around here. I live in San Francisco."

Michael laughed, stunned. "Wow. Why…why would you drive two hours completely out of the way just to go to a bar? I mean, I'm not complaining. I wouldn't have met you if you hadn't but…"

"It's complicated." Maria replied. "I…I just needed to disappear for a little while. I drove for a couple hours and I was tired so that's why I stopped. I honestly wasn't thinking further than that."

"Are you in some kind of trouble?" Michael asked her concerned. A thought hit him and his eyes began to darken. "Are you running from your ex?"

"Kind o…" She looked up and saw the seriousness in his eyes. "not like you think. I'm not like running scared for my life. I just don't wanna see him right now. We didn't part on the best terms. While I've completely said my peace and am done, he's not." Maria pulled out her cell phone. "There is like ten voice mails and thirty texts."

Michael frowned. "In some states that's considered stalking. I don't know much about your situation but if you need to drive two hours away from home just to avoid this guy, you could have grounds for a restraining order."

"Are you a cop or something?" Maria joked.

He didn't smile. "Or something. I'm a detective. I deal a lot with cases that involve missing people."

"Wow. Wasn't expecting that." Maria replied after a few moments. "Well, I should probably go.."

Michael quickly grabbed her arm, his grip gentle. "You're not going anywhere."

Maria was stunned. Who did this guy think he was? "Excuse me? Look, I meant what I said back there. I'm no one's damsel in distress. If you don't take your hand off me, you're gonna be on the ground." She forced her voice to sound hard and tough, but she couldn't deny that she did feel inwardly intimidated by him.

Michael immediately let go of her. "Hey, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to…I would never hurt you. I'm not like that. I just can't let you drive two hours home when you've had six shots and a beer." At her embarrassed look, he gave her a half smile. "You'd be a headline just waiting to happen."

"Oh. Right. I'm sorry. I kind of forgot about that, legal aspects and all." She let out a small laugh. "I didn't mean to come across as a bitch. I just don't do well with being man-handled."

Michael looked at her regretfully. "I'm really sorry that you thought that's what I was doing. I didn't think before I grabbed you. I just couldn't let you leave and possibly get in an accident." He gave her a small smile. "I know you're not a damsel in distress but I was trying to save you anyway…from a DUI."

Maria laughed. "Yeah, well I'm sure I would've gotten one so thank you…Officer."

Michael laughed. "Just Michael is good. I'm off duty."

Maria smiled.

"So, you can take the bed and I'll take the couch in the living room." Michael suggested to her.

Maria stared at him for a long time.

"What?" Michael asked.

"It's just….are you for real?" Maria finally spoke.

"Yeah, pretty sure. Last time I checked." He lightly laughed.

Maria looked at him seriously. "Why are you being so nice to me? You barely know me and I'm pretty sure I've dropped more drama on you then you know what to do with."

Michael gently touched her face. "Because I like you."

Maria smiled back. "I like you too, Michael." She did. She liked him a lot more than what she thought would be possible for the short time she knew him.

"And also because it's what you deserve." He finished quietly. He gently kissed her forehead and walked out of the room.

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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp3 1/16/14

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It is wednesday so as promised I am back with an update! I wanna thank everyone who's reviewing. It means alot to hear what you all think.

Keepsmiling: I kind of have the same problem as I am a HUGE Dreamer fan myself but I've been wanting to write for M&M for a long time. So this is something new I'm really enjoying :)

April: I totally agree with you. The "like" stage is something very sweet and means alot more than what some people like to think :)

A couple other things, Maria's ex boyfriend and ex best friend will be revealed in this chapter also. I've taken the week to really think it over and I hope it all makes sense! Hope you guys like this new chapter and please review!

Chapter 4

It had been a couple weeks since Maria had seen Michael. They had talked on the phone regularly since she'd left, but a phone call wasn't going to be enough this time. She needed to see him.

So she was driving out to his house. Although if any law official had decided to pay any notice to her, they wouldn't have seen it as driving. It wouldn't been seen as speeding.

She finally pulled into his drive way and angrily turned the ignition off. She was angry. She was angry at him…angry at her…angry at the world but even more than them, she was angry at herself. She was angry at herself for getting sucked back into that drama.

She got out of her car, slammed the door and marched up to Michael's front door and proceeded to bang on it with her fists.

The door swung open not even a minute later. It was fast. Too fast for her. She could've done with at least five more minutes to take more of her aggression out on his front door.

"Hey," He said surprised. "I didn't know you were gonna be coming out this way."

Michael smiled at her, but it faded when he got a good look at her. She looked angry. Her eyes looked red and there were traces of tears on her cheeks.

"What's wrong?" He gently reached out and touched her face.

Just like back at that bar, his gentleness was her undoing. She could feel tears stinging her eyes and she angrily forced them back. She had to stay angry, it was easier that way.

"I hate her." She forced out, trying to make her tone sound angry but instead it just came out in a whimper.

Michael gently lead her inside his house, she walked away from him and he closed the door. "Somehow, I don't see you having the capacity to hate anyone."

"Well, I do!" She spun around angrily. "I hate that bitch, Tess!"

"She has a name." Michael muttered.

"I hate Brody!" Maria raged on and she did. She hated that bastard so much, he had ruined her life.

"So does he." Michael muttered darkly.

All he needed now was a last name. He could do a search in the data base, find out where the guy lived and beat him within an inch of his life for all the pain he'd been causing Maria.

"I hate this world! You know where I went last time I hated the world? I went to that bar and I met you and I.." She angrily ran a hand through her hair roughly. "talked myself to death! And look at me!"

"Maria…” Michael said softly. He hated to see her this way. In so much pain.

"I'm still the same!" Maria stalked up to him. "You know what? I think I'm gonna go back. I'm gonna go back and rewrite that ending." She never got past him because he grabbed her by her waist and held her against him closely and tightly.

"Like hell you are." Michael told her angrily.

When he thought of her going back there and being taken advantage of, it made him crazy. He still felt the same way he had when they'd met at that place. He didn't want her with anyone that wasn't him.

"Let go of me." Maria replied angrily, fighting against his hold.

"No." Michael replied, his grip on her tightening.

"Damn it, Michael!" Maria yelled, hitting his chest. "Let go of me now!"

"You're not going anywhere, Maria!" Michael snapped.

"Remember what I said to you the last time you pulled this?" Maria was still fighting him like crazy.

"Yeah, I do. And I think if that statement were true, I'd be on my ass by now." Michael retorted. "Wanna tell me what's really going on?"

Maria fell against him, all of her energy drained. "What's really going on is that I am tired. I'm tired of crying. I'm tired of being sad. I'd rather just be angry. Angry's easy. I could just go on and keep beating your chest forever but I'm not angry at you.”

Maria sighed, now that her anger had been drained out she realized how truly unfair she was being by dumping all of her crap on him. It certainly wasn’t Michael’s fault that she had a bastard of an ex and a slut of a best friend. “

“It's not fair of me to treat you like my punching bag. That's what I was doing." She burrowed her face in the crook of his neck. "I'm really sorry." She whispered.

Michael just held her to him, more gently this time. He kissed her head. "It's alright, Maria."

She shook her head against him. "No, it's not alright. You haven't been anything but nice to me. You've never done anything to hurt me, at least not yet."

Michael frowned at that. "Hey," He pulled back to look into her eyes. "I can't promise you that I'm never gonna hurt you. One day, I probably will hurt you. Eventually, I'm sure you'll hurt me too. It won't be on purpose but that's just the way relationships work. You know what I can promise you?" He gently stroked her face. "I can promise you that I would never do what he did to you. I would never cheat on you and I most certainly would never raise a violent hand to you."

"I know." She quietly said but the way she looked down after she said it, made Michael doubt that she really did.

"I'm not so sure that you do. Which hurts by the way, but that's ok. We're still figuring each other out, still getting to know each other. Trust will come with time. I'm patient and I can wait until I've earned it." Michael gently told her. "Maria, you can't go through life thinking that every person you allow yourself to care about is going to one day let you down."

"Michael, I'm sorry." She whispered painfully.

Michael gently shook his head. "I don't want you to be sorry, ok? It's how you feel and your feelings are important to me. I want you to be honest with me and you were. The only way that this can work is if we're always honest with each other."

"I didn't mean what I said before." Maria told him. "I was angry and I was trying to start a fight with you. In a way, I was even testing you to see if you'd stop me."

"Well, you won." Michael replied seriously. "I was prepared to hold you against me until the end of time. I never would've let you go."

Maria half smiled. "You wouldn't?"

"Of course not. I already told you that I wouldn't hurt you like that and I also wouldn't let you get put into a position where you could get hurt like that." Michael gently told her. "I care about you a lot. The thought of you being hurt or being with someone else…it makes me crazy."

Maria gently pulled his face to hers and kissed him deeply. "Michael, ever since that night…I haven't wanted to be with anyone but you."

Michael gently smiled at her. "I haven't wanted anyone but you since you walked into my life."

Maria smiled and held his hand in hers.

"So, what exactly happened today?" Michael finally asked.

Maria frowned and sighed. "It's Tess. When we first met, I was angry with her for sleeping with Brody when he was still with me. Now, I'm angry with her for still being with him. For defending their relationship to me. For making it all my fault!"

"You still care about him don't you?" Michael was trying like hell not to sound angry about it if he was right. She had just recently gotten out of a really bad relationship. He knew that kind of thing had to take time.

"What, Brody?" Maria shook her head, shocked he would even think such a thing. "No, of course not. I told you that I stopped loving him a long time ago."

"Maria, if that were true I don't think you would've come over here so angry and so upset." Michael sighed. "Look, it's ok if you still care about him. It takes time. You don't have to lie to me."

"I'm not lying!" Maria snapped. She hadn‘t loved Brody for a long time. He had done and said things that just made that impossible. "I don't give a damn about him! I don't care about him, I care about her!" She blurted out. "Tess! He's gonna do to her what he did to me. I just know it!" She cried out.

Michael was stunned. "This is about Tess?" Maria tearfully nodded. "Maria, you still care about her after what she did to you?"

She never ceased to amaze him. He definitely did not see that one coming.

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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp4 1/22/14

Post by bellaresop » Mon Feb 10, 2014 9:12 am

I wanna thank everyone for reviewing and for all of the love! And apologize for the wait!!! I really hope you guys like this next chapter and feedback is always appreciated, so please keep leaving it :)

Sarammlover: Thanks! Yeah it is a new perspective to write them in and I'm really glad you're liking it :)

LuckyMiss: Thank you so much for your thoughts! Yeah it is different and I was kind of wary about it at first because it's definitely OOC at some points, especially with Michael being so different. But I'm glad you like the way I'm writing them! I'll definitely get to some stuff between Tess/Maria. It's all coming up. Can their friendship be salvaged? That's kind of unclear. I mean she has hurt her friend VERY badly but they share alot of history. This chapter is going to shed some light on that background a bit.


Chapter 5

Michael took a seat beside Maria on his couch. "You know, I've gotta tell you I find it really surprising that you could have the capacity to still give a damn about someone that betrayed you like that."

"I know I should hate her." Maria sighed. "I've told myself that I've hated her nearly a hundred times, but I don't. I can't. I can't hate her because I know that deep down, none of this is really her."

Michael remained silent, just listening to her.

Maria shook her head, as a trace of anger entered her eyes. "This is Brody. This is just what he does to people. He brings out the worst in others, believe me I know." She finished darkly.

Maria had just been a teenager when she met Brody. He'd taken a messed up kid and made a broken woman. She feared he would do the same to Tess.

Michael was all for giving others second chances and all for empathy but this was ridiculous. "Maria, unless Brody" Just saying the bastard's name pissed him off. "held a gun to Tess's head, she made her own decisions. She made the decision to be with him, when she knew how you felt about it. She's still making the decision to be with him now. If she really cared about you, she wouldn't hurt you like that."

"I've told myself the same thing many times." Maria admitted. "Michael, I appreciate you sitting here and listening to me…"

Michael gently smiled at her and grabbed her hand in his. "It's what I'm here for."

Maria gave him a gentle smile back. "But you don't know her. I knew her before Brody ever entered our lives. We grew up together. She was my best friend, she was like my sister."

"I actually know what that feels like. I've had my best friend ever since high school. We even went to college together. I've been close with Max my whole life." Michael revealed to her with a soft smile.

"But if he knew that I was dating you, knew that you were my girlfriend and knew how much I cared about you…if he knew all of that and went after you anyway no way in hell would we still be friends." Michael's eyes turned somewhat dark. "I'd probably kill him." He took a breath and softly smiled at her. "But that's what makes you a bigger person than me. You have a really good heart."

Maria smiled. "I know that you probably don't understand, it's just she was all I had growing up. It's hard to just let her go."

Michael frowned. "All you had? What about your family?"

Maria's smile faded and her eyes turned sad. "Ok, I need to tell you something but please…don't be mad."

"I promise." Michael gently told her. "What is it?"

"I'm sorry, Michael." Maria sighed. "I'm sorry but I lied to you. That day when we were talking on the phone about families…I lied."

"I don't understand." Michael shook his head, but his eyes were still soft. Just confused. "You're not close with your family?"

Maria shook her head. "I don't have a family, I never did. I don't have parents, I don't have siblings. None of it."

Michael let go of her hand, hurt. "Then why did you tell me you did? You said that you guys used to take family trips to a lake and that you took ski trips." He looked at her hurt. "I was really happy that day because I thought I was getting to know you, but you were lying to me. You just made it all up."

Tears stung Maria’s eyes as she saw how hurt and how disappointed he seemed to be in her. "Michael, I am so sorry!" She cried. "You just went on and on about your family and how close you all were before you lost your parents. You asked me about mine and…I was ashamed."

Michael couldn't find it in him to be upset with her when she was crying. He gently wiped a few of her tears away and held her cheek. "Maria, I really care about you. A lot. Ok? You don't have to be ashamed of who you are, especially not with me. You don't have to make up stories to try and impress me." He gently smiled at her. "You impressed me the first night we met. And that hasn't changed. I wanna know you. The real you."

Maria nodded tearfully. "Ok. My uh…my childhood sucked. I grew up in the foster care system, so did Tess. She was all I had. I mean, I had a family at one time until I was four but then they had their own, so they sent me back."

Maria closed her eyes tightly, trying to will the tears away. She hated thinking of that time and she hated that Michael always seemed to witness her break downs.

"Maria," Michael said softly. He could feel her pain as if it was his own, just like that night. He gently leaned his forehead against hers. His arms going around her. "Look at me." He said quietly.

Maria shook her head. "I'm ok." More tears were falling down her face. She was pushing against his chest, trying to get out of his hold. If she stayed there, she would completely break down and she didn't want that. "I don't.."

Michael wouldn't let her go. He knew that she needed him. "Baby, you don't have to pretend with me or put up a wall." He finally got her to open her eyes and look at him. There was an emotion she saw in his eyes that she couldn't quite name but could almost swear she knew what it was all the same. "I told you. I wanna know the real you."

Just like that Maria broke down and Michael pulled her into his arms as she sobbed into his chest. "Don't.."

"Don't, what?" Michael gently asked as he held on to her.

"Don't do this," She sobbed. "don't say you wanna know the real me and then leave once you realize you don't. Don't hold me." His grip on her tightened even more if it were possible. "If you're gonna leave, don't hold me…"

"Sweetheart, I'm not gonna leave." Michael rasped, feeling tears sting his own eyes as he realized how deep abandonment really went with her. His hand tangled in her hair as he held her tightly against him. "I'm not, I'm not going anywhere."

"It hurt so much," She cried out. "I didn't understand what was wrong with me, why no one wanted me. Tess was the only one who could come close to understanding but not even she completely did. I used to think that if I was really good then someone would want me. It never happened."

Michael gently kissed her head. "I'm so sorry. That wasn't fair, you know? They weren't fair to you."

"I've never told anyone that before. Not even Tess." Maria sniffled against him.

"I'm glad you told me." He gently kissed her neck. "You can tell me anything."

"Michael," Her voice was child like, vulnerable and afraid. "I'm scared."

"Of what?" His voice was hushed and pained at how fragile she was. "Baby, what are you scared of? Me?" He gently pulled away to look into her broken eyes. "I would never purposely hurt you. I would never abandon you and I never would break your heart."

More tears stung her eyes. "I don't want this to end." Maria whispered. "I wanna be with you and I haven't felt that in so long."

Michael gently leaned in and kissed her. It was passionate but it was also gentle and full of promise. "I wanna be with you too. This isn't going to end, not if I have anything to say about it."

Maria nodded and gently smiled before leaning back in to kiss him, his arms went around her waist as they fell back against the couch kissing deeply, both of them getting completely lost in each other.

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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp5 2/10/14

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I am so sorry about the long wait you guys! I've been without internet! This chapter is really long to make up for it. I wanna thank everyone who continues to review, it means the world to me! This is a pretty big chapter and I really hope to read your thoughts on it!

Oh and a part of this chapter has assault so be warned!

Chapter 6

The next time Maria found herself in Michael's drive way, it was out of fear.

It was a couple months later. They still talked on the phone and he came out to see her a bunch of times. He'd felt bad that she'd seemed to be driving two hours away from her home, just to see him. Their relationship had been going great, more than great. It was perfect.

Now as Maria sat in her car, in Michael's drive way she couldn't seem to get herself to leave her car. She winced in pain as she touched her eye. She was sure it had a bruise. She'd had a really bad run in with Brody. She was doing such a great job at avoiding him but she should’ve known that wouldn't last.

“Maria.” Tess had swung open the door, stunned to see her former best friend standing on her porch.

“Hi, Tess.” Maria replied awkwardly.

This was awkward. Standing on the porch of your ex best friend’s house, where you used to camp out at all the time…the same place where she had caught her screwing her then boyfriend. Also, the same place she knew she was currently still screwing him. It was just all messed up.

At least she wasn’t alone in feeling awkward. It was very clear from the way Tess was holding herself and looking anywhere but at Maria, that Tess was surely feeling the exact same way.

When the few seconds of silence turned to minutes, Maria decided to break the ice.

“So, I was just channel surfing when I came across this infomercial for this like gorgeous blue diamond dolphin thing. It totally made me think of when we were working together for that theme idea for senior prom. Remember the dolphi---”

Tess briefly smiled warmly for a moment before shaking it off. That was the past. No matter how much she wished it were different, she knew she and Maria could never be like they were.

“Maria, why are you here?” Tess looked around, scanning the area for any premature sign of Brody returning. She knew that if Brody found her here, it would not be a good thing for anyone.

Maria saw the way Tess was nervously scanning the area. Probably for Brody most likely. She used to do the same. That guy never did take well to company that wasn‘t ran by him first. “Well, I just---”

Tess held up a hand. “And don’t say that a damn infomercial actually sent you here. I know better than that.” At Maria’s stunned look, Tess let another small smile show. “Come on, Maria. I know you hate infomercials. I remember how they used to nearly put you to sleep when I would have them on. They were my thing, not yours.”

Maria nearly smiled back. She could fool and bullshit a lot of people but Tess had never been one of them. Next to Michael, Tess was probably the only one. It was that kind of thing that made her want her back in her life so badly, but she knew it could never happen. Not as long as Brody was in the way.

“You’re right.” Maria finally spoke up. “I do hate infomercials. I’m here because…because I need to talk to you. Can I come in?”

Tess got more nervous. “Maria, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.”

“Oh, why not?” Maria half smiled.

“Because…” Tess sighed. Why even bother coming up with a lie at this point? “Because he wouldn’t like it.”

Maria’s eyes dimmed. “Right.” She knew exactly who Tess was talking about. She smiled bitterly. “He wouldn’t like it. And that matters to you?” At Tess’s confused look, Maria continued on. “You standing here, talking to me…possibly inviting me in. He wouldn’t like it and you care about what he wouldn’t like.”

Tess looked at Maria stunned. “Of course I do. Maria, I love him.”

“Right.” Maria continued to smile bitterly. “You love him.”

Tess frowned. “Maria, what is this?”

The bitter smile left Maria’s face as she stared at Tess with sincerity. “You and I were best friends, Tess. More than that, we were like sisters! We loved each other and told each other everything!” Maria took a deep breath to calm down. “But when he…when my boyfriend stood on your door step wanting to talk, wanting to do more than talk, you let him!”

Tears entered Tess’s eyes and she looked ashamed. “Maria…”

“You knew that I wouldn’t like it, hell you knew it would devastate me and you couldn’t have cared less!” Maria threw at her bitterly.

“Maria, I’m sorry.” Tess whispered.

Maria just shook her head. As much as Tess looked and seemed sorry, it wasn’t enough. She didn’t know if it would ever be. “Maybe this was a mistake. I just came here because…” She sighed. “Our friendship meant everything to me and I had to come here one last time to…”

Tess’s eyes were soft, yet confused. “To, what?”

“Tess, there is a lot of stuff hanging in the air between us.” Maria said, gesturing between them. “I’m still angry and I don’t know if I will ever be able to forgive you for what you did.” She breathed deeply. “All that said…I still don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“Maria, I’m fine.” Tess replied with the same smile of assurance.

It all seemed so fake to Maria. She knew every fake look in the book, hell she’d worn them all. “Of course you are.” Maria replied. “Look, I came here because I just wanted to warn you.”

Confusion still showed in Tess’s eyes. “Warn me?”

Maria braced herself for the harsh reaction she just knew she was bound to get for what she was about to say. “About Brody. You need to be careful.”

Tess looked somewhat angry now. “Seriously, Maria. What is this? Do you want Brody back? Is that this is all ab---?!”

“No!” Maria snapped, cutting her off. “Believe me when I tell you that losing Brody was a good thing for me. I’ve moved on in that department. I’m actually moving a little towards true happiness.”

Tess’s eyes softened. “You’ve met someone.”

Maria smiled a little as she thought of Michael. “Yeah. Yeah, I have.”

“Well, I’m glad you’re happy.” Tess smiled a bit. “Maria, I know we can’t go back, but--”


Maria and Tess’s eyes sharply turned at the voice.

‘Oh no.” Tess muttered.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?!” Brody yelled.

Maria immediately felt a tremor go through her, but she refused to turn into some scared little girl just because he was pissed.

“Talking.” Maria calmly replied.

“What could you possibly have to talk to MY girlfriend about?!” Brody snapped.
“Oh, you know…infomercials. Just girl stuff.” Maria shrugged.

Tess bit her lip to keep from smiling.

“Well, it’s time for you to leave.” Brody growled.

“Oh, it is huh? Well, maybe that’s for Tess to decide. Ever think of that?” Maria replied.

The smile left Tess’s face at the look she saw in Brody’s eyes. “Maria, you should probably go.”

“Is that what you want or what he wants?” Maria snapped. She could see the struggle on her face and sighed, her eyes going soft. “You don’t always have to do what he wants, you know. You have a choice, Tess.”

“Maria…” Tess whispered softly.

Maria was about to continue when she felt an angry hand grab her arm harshly and before she could blink, she was violently thrown across the lawn.

“Get the fuck off my property!” Brody yelled.

“Brody!” Tess yelled. “What the hell?!”

“Baby, she’s trying to get inbetween us! Don’t you see it?!” Brody snapped.

Tess shook her head, looking at him with disgust. “No, all I see is a reason to have your ass arrested!”

“Well, I do! And I’m not gonna let her!”

Tess shoved past him and rushed over to Maria’s side.

“Maria!” Tess called urgently.

Maria started to come around. “Tess?”

“Oh thank God!” Tess breathed in relief. “Are you alright?”

“I’m fine.” Maria replied. She started to get up and Tess helped her stand. “You should…” she looked at Brody. “you should come with me.” She whispered.

“You see!” Brody yelled outraged. “She’s trying to take you away from me and I’m not gonna---”

Tess immediately stood in front of Maria as she shoved at Brody. “You touch her one more time and I will have your ass thrown in jail!” She screamed.

Brody looked stunned. “Baby, she’s---”

“Don’t you ‘baby’ me!” Tess snapped. “I am not kidding around here! You ever lay a hand on her again, I swear not only will I call the cops…you will never see me again!”

Maria released a breath she didn’t realize she was holding as she saw Brody back away and go inside the house.

She honestly hadn’t expected Tess to do anything when Brody had thrown her. She hadn’t stood up for her like that since high school. It reminded her of the old Tess, of her best friend.

It made her want their friendship back all the more.

Of course Brody had been less then thrilled that she'd been meddling in his relationship with Tess. It may not have gotten so ugly but she got a little too opinionated for her own good. And when he made it known that he knew about her and Michael…well jealousy once again reared it's ugly head with him…

Maria woke up at around eleven to a sharp knocking at her door. She tried to ignore it and go back to sleep but after ten minutes, she realized it clearly wasn’t going to stop.

Maria sighed and got out of bed. She walked over to the door and threw it open in aggravation.
“If you ever talk to Tess again, I swear I will make you so sorry!” Brody shouted at her, bracing his hands on both sides of the door frame.

“Brody, not now.” Maria replied annoyed. “Or ever actually. She made her choice and I am so glad to be officially out of all of it. So…” She gestured, motioning him to move along.

Brody looked wary. “You won’t come near us again?”

Maria laughed. “Believe me, Brody I want nothing to do with you ever again.”

Brody seemed to be appeased by that and turned to leave.

Maria really should’ve just shut the door right then and there, but she never was able to just leave well enough alone. Not in the past, and once again not now.

“But if Tess should ever show up on my doorstep wanting away from you, I’ll only be all too happy to help her out with that.” Maria spoke to his back.

Brody slowly turned around and glared at Maria, as he pushed his way in through her and into her house, slamming the door behind them. “I just knew you were going to be a fucking problem!” He shoved her.

Maria hadn’t been scared back at Tess’s but she was now. “Brody, I think you should leave.”

“Oh, really?” Brody smirked. “But don’t you want me to stay? I mean that must be why you came over to try and break Tess and I up. Admit it. You want me back.”

Maria made a disgusted sound. “Please! I can’t stand the sight of you, Brody. I am glad that we are broken up.”

“You don’t have to lie. There’s no one here but you and me, baby.” Brody leered. “Isn’t that why you took up with that other guy…what’s his name? Oh right. Michael? To make me jealous?”

Maria looked at him shocked. “How the hell do you know about him?! What, have you been stalking me?!” At his smug look, she shoved him. “See, this is a huge reason why we are no longer together! You’re a psychotic freak!”

The smile left Brody’s face and was replaced with rage. “You better just shut your fucking mouth!” Brody had a tight hold of her arm.

“Let go of me!” Maria yelled, shoving him away with so much force he hit the door.

“You fucking bitch!” Brody charged at her and shoved her into her glass table, causing it to shatter.

“Brody, get off me!” Maria screamed.

“No!” Brody held her down as she kicked against him. “I’m not done! I’m gonna have some fun with you my way!”

“No!” Maria cried out, struggling against him.

Brody placed his lips against hers roughly, sticking his tongue in her mouth and he yelled out when he felt her teeth bit down hard on it.

He punched her in the face. “You stupid fucking whore! Don’t do that again! Quit fighting it so much, I know you want me!” He stuck his hand inside her pajama bottoms, roughly touching her vaginal area. When he felt that it was dry it pissed him off and he hit her again.

“Get off of me!” Maria screamed, still struggling.

“You’re such a fucking cold prude!” Brody yelled. “I don’t know how you even got that new guy of yours. You can’t do anything right! You’re so worthless!”

Maria struggled harder and freed her hand enough to grab a vase that was on the ground and smash his head with it.

Brody fell over and Maria quickly got up and stood over him for one second. “For one thing he doesn‘t force himself on women who don‘t want him!”

With that, Maria ran to the door grabbing her purse that was on the table and ran out.

Maria could hear him screaming her name as she got in her car and drove away fast.

Maria felt tears sting her eyes as she came back to the present.

A part of her couldn’t help but wonder if he was right about her and Michael. If she really was so worthless. She herself had no idea what Michael saw in her, all she knew was that she didn’t want to lose him.

She groaned and laid her head against the steering wheel. Even though things were perfect with Michael, her life was still so screwed up. Brody clearly wasn't done with her it wasn't fair of her to drag Michael into her messed up life.

Tears stung her eyes when she thought about letting him go. What had she been thinking coming all the way out here now? It was two in the morning, her face was all bruised up and she was wearing a tank top a pair of pajama bottoms. She clearly did not think this little outing through. She was just in such a rush to get away from Brody, and as always Michael was the first person, the only person that she thought of going to.

Her mind was all made up to just leave and go back home. Brody probably wouldn't still be there and if he was, she'd just call the cops. Which is what she should've done to begin with. She reached her hand to turn the ignition on when she heard a loud horn.

"Oh shit!" Maria groaned. In the dark, her hand had hit the middle of the steering wheel. "Good one, Maria." She scolded herself. "Lets alert the whole block of what a idiot you are."

She was about to just quickly pull off and leave when she noticed Michael's porch light come on and his door open. Now if she left, he'd know she was here and he'd probably wanna know why his girlfriend showed up at his house at two in the morning and just left.

Maria let out a whimper and laid her head against the wheel as soft sobs overtook her from the awful events of the day and night.

A moment later, she heard her car door open.

"Maria?" Michael's voice was raspy and full of sleep. "Don't take this the wrong way, but what are you doing here? It's almost three in the morning."

Maria had hoped that by the time he got to her that her cries would’ve stopped and she could’ve come up with some kind of explanation other than the truth but to her horror, she only cried harder.

The sound of her cries immediately put Michael on full alert as he knelt down in front of her, his hand resting on her thigh like it always did. “Baby, what’s wrong?”

“Don’t touch me!” Maria cried out. Her head was in her hands and she couldn’t see him so all his touch did was remind her of tonight. “Leave me alone, just leave me alone!”

Michael frowned, more than a little confused. She shows up at his house at two in the morning hysterical and then tells him to leave her alone? “What? Baby, I’m not going anywhere.” He then looked her over. “My God, you’re shaking sweetheart. Tell me what’s--” He stopped short as he noticed her hand pushing against his almost desperately.

He immediately removed his hand and noticed her shaking slightly subside. She had never reacted to his touch like that before, never. Michael looked at her again as her crying resumed causing her shoulders to shake. He almost rested his hand in her hair but he thought better of it. Touching her had made whatever was upsetting her worse.

So, he settled for clasping his hands together in his lap. “Maria,” His voice as gentle but worried. “you’re really scaring me. Please, just tell me what’s wrong. Sweetheart, please just talk to me.”

After a few minutes or so, Maria finally calmed down somewhat but her head still rested against the steering wheel, her hands gripping it so hard.

“Maria?” Michael pressed. Her cries had tore at his heart but her silence…that scared him to death.

“I don’t…” Her voice came out raw and emotionless. “I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”
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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp6 3/11/14

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First of all I wanna thank everyone so much for reading and reviewing! The reviews seriously make my day! And secondly I wanna apologize for the wait again! My laptop crashed on me so I had to buy a new one! Ugh.

Candyliciouslover: I wanna thank you so much for taking the time to read my story and give it a chance. It means so much to me! Smut…yes I do struggle with it. I’ve written a couple stories with it and it always makes me nervous. Hopefully once I get to that point in this story it’ll come off as great!
The feelings that M&M have had are very genuine and like any couple and maybe even more because of where they’re at, they will struggle with them as the story goes on.
I can’t really explain why I decided to make Brody the bad ex and not Billy. It was seriously a split decision that I just made off the bat. Didn’t even put any thought into it. Which is pretty weird for me.

LuckyMiss: I just love reading your reviews. Always so insightful! Brody is definitely an asshole and is everything an abusive guy is and then some. He is based off of my own abusive ex boyfriend.
Tess…Tess is a strong individual. She’s opinionated, she’s feisty and she’s also very caring and loyal…betrayal of Maria aside and all. With all of those amazing qualities, she still fell in love with her best friend’s boyfriend and is still with him even knowing full well what kind of man he is. She’s very vulnerable in a lot of ways and thinks she needs Brody to be happy.
Michael is very different from what he was in the show and I was initially worried that would be a problem for a lot of people but I’m glad to see that it’s not. I really love writing him this way. I love that he’s this strong, caring guy who just wants Maria to let him in so he can make her happy. It’s definitely a role reversal and I’ve had a lot of fun with it.
Maria is dealing with a lot of emotions. A part of her feels like she’s too screwed up to be with Michael. She’s also honestly just trying to protect him. She knows what Brody’s like and she doesn’t want him to hurt Michael or for Michael to get in trouble protecting her.

April: I’m so glad to see you’re back and have gotten caught up! Tess/Maria being best friends…I was worried it would be too weird for a lot of people but it’s something that I’ve just always kind of fantasized about happening in the show. In fanfic, anything is possible right?
Brody…I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I honestly did not put in any thought into who was going to be the violent ex. It just kind of happened and I’ve just been going with it. It’s weird for me to write at times because Brody was such a nice guy in the show and there’s no way he was like that.
Maria…she feels like she has to protect Michael. Like she has to keep him out of her world so Brody can’t hurt him physically or professionally. She’s honestly just putting Michael first.

Alright, hope you all like this next chapter and keep giving me your thoughts!!!!

Chapter 7

“I don’t think we should see each other anymore.”

Michael felt his heart stop and twist painfully at her words. “What?”

Maria softly whimpered, fighting her tears harder than she’d ever fought them before. “I don’t think we should---”

Michael couldn’t hear the words again. He felt like he was dying inside from hearing them the first time. “Maria, wh--” This time he did reach his hand out and placed it in her hair softly like he’d wanted to before. He took it as a good sign when she didn’t freak out on him again. “Baby, what did I do?”

This time Maria did let out a small cry. This man…this most wonderful and perfect man in the world actually thought that he did something wrong? She was the basket case, not him. She was the one so clearly undeserving of him, not the other way around.

“No--nothing. You didn’t do anything.” Maria replied softly, tears still evident. “It’s me. I’m just not in a good place right now and there are things that I need to deal with and it has to be on my ow---”

“Don’t do that.” Michael interrupted her, his voice soft but firm.

“What am I doing?” Maria softly countered.

“You’re lying to me, Maria.” Michael stated, a hint of anger in his voice. “I can tell. You’re shaking, you won’t look at me and you’re using the oldest line in the book to end us.”

“I’m sorry, Michael.” Maria reached up to wipe away a few of her tears and winced when it came in contact with her bruising face. “I just think it’s best for right now.”

“Best for who, Maria? Who exactly is this best for?” Michael demanded. “I know it’s not best for me. You’re the best thing to ever enter my life and the idea of losing you hurts like hell.”

“Michael…” Maria softly cried.

“I’m not finished yet.” Michael cut her off. “So is it best for you? I don’t see how it can be when it just two months ago you were terrified of us ending because you’d lost everyone you’d ever cared about in your life.”

“I’m sorry that this doesn’t make sense for you, Michael. Sometimes in life, things don’t make sense. Sometimes all you can do is accept it and just try your best to move on.” Maria reached to turn the ignition back on so she could get of there before she completely broke down, but Michael surprised her by taking the keys.

“No!” Michael shouted in desperation. “You don’t get to just say a few words and just run out on us, just run out of my life. I won’t let you, not without an explanation…not without the truth! Why are you doing this?”

“Michael…” Maria sighed, blinking back more tears. “I can’t tell you, I’m sorry.”

“I don’t understand any of this, Maria.” Michael shook his head, confusion all over his face along with hurt. “What can’t you tell me? You know, I thought we were done with the secrets and with the lies. I thought it was going to be you and me together, dealing with everything together!”

“So did I!” Maria cried out, all of her defenses breaking down as she turned to face him in the dark. “Do you think this is what I wanted?! Do you think I wanted any of this crap?! Do you think I want to be sitting in your driveway at three a.m. because there’s no where else safe for me to go?!”

Michael frowned. “Safe? Maria, what are you--?”

“Do you think that it doesn’t,” A sob broke out of Maria. “kill me to even think of letting you go?! You have no idea how much I want you, how much I need you and how much I---”

Michael quickly reached out and pulled her face to his, placing his lips against hers gently before slightly pulling back. “Baby, don’t you know that I feel the same? After all of this time, how can you not see what you are to me?”

“Because it won’t work and you deserve better.” Maria cried. “Now, please give me my keys I have to go!”

“No.” Michael firmly replied, refusing to let go of her. “If you think I’m letting you drive away like this you’re insane!”

“Nice to know what you think of me!” Maria scoffed as she struggled against his hold.

“That’s not what I meant and you know it!” Michael snapped. “Why are you doing this? I know that you want me as much as I want you, so why are you trying so hard to do something that will make us both unhappy?”

“I told you, it won’t work.” Maria softly repeated. “You deserve better.”

Michael sighed and ran a hand tiredly through his hair. He didn’t know how to get through to her and he was terrified he was going to lose her. “You know what, Maria there are no guarantees in this life. There’s always a chance of things not working out the way you’d envisioned them to, but the way that I feel about you…” He tenderly touched her face. “I don’t see that changing anytime soon if ever.”

“Michael, things in my life have gotten complicated. I can’t keep seeing you, it wouldn’t be right.” Maria tried to explain.

Michael breathed deeply. “Is it Brody? Are you ending things with me to give him another chance?” He really wanted to be wrong and he didn’t even fully believe that Maria would do that, but if his past experience of dating women with exes had taught him anything it was to always be prepared for the unexpected.

Maria almost laughed at the preposterous question Michael had asked. “You think I want Brody? Michael, you have got the--”

“Maria…” Michael sighed, hoping he could get through to her. “Baby, guys like that don’t change. I don’t care what he said to you. If he hit you once, he’ll hit you again. He’s just going to hurt you again. Maria, I would never hurt you. I would never do anything to make you unhappy or to make you unsafe. I’ve seen the way you are when we’re together and I know that it’s what you are. You’re happy when you’re with me, just like I’m happy when I’m with you.”

“Michael,” Maria softly cried. “of course…God of course you make me happy. I’ve never been so happy, so safe or felt so cared about but…”

“Then don’t walk out on us, baby.” Michael pleaded. “I can make you happy, safe and so cared for. I can give you all those things, things that he can’t. You have to know that, Maria. So, don’t walk out on us because you feel like you owe him something.”

“Michael…” Maria pulled back slightly from him. “this isn’t about that. This isn’t about me wanting to be with Brody or wanting to leave you for him. I just…I don‘t have a choice, not anymore.”

“Yes, you do!” Michael snapped heatedly. “Don’t you dare sit there and say that to me! You always have a choice, Maria! Always!” Michael breathed deeply, taking a moment to calm down. The last thing he wanted was to scare her. “You’re just making the wrong one and you know it. If you leave and go back to him, you could wind up dead.”

“I know that!” Maria snapped. “I know how toxic he is and how much he can hurt me because he already has!”

Michael felt his heart stop. Of course. How could I be so stupid? She’s here at three a.m. She’s been crying and shaking…She freaked out when I touched her…

“Maria.” Michael whispered desperately, gently reaching out to touch her arm. “Baby, what did he do to you?”

Tears streamed down Maria’s face. “I’m so scared, Michael.”

Michael tried to make his voice as soothing as reassuring as possible. “You don’t have to be scared with me, baby. Never with me, you know that.” He felt droppings of water hit his back. “It’s starting to rain. Will you please come inside with me?”

“Ok.” Maria whispered.

Michael gently took her hand and helped her out of the car.

Maria was steady on her feet for a second before letting out a cry and nearly collapsing to the ground but Michael’s strong arms stopped her fall, catching her.

Michael sighed, tears stinging his eyes, it mixing in with the soft rain fall. “How badly hurt are you, Sweetheart?”

“Not that bad.” Maria whispered. She was lying and she knew it. She probably needed stitches for her back from the fall it took against all that glass. She just didn’t want to worry him.

“Please, don’t down-play this just for my benefit, baby.” For all Michael knew that bastard could’ve beaten her to the point of internal bleeding. “Be honest with me. Do you need to go to the hospital?”

“No.” Maria softly whispered. She had taken standard courses for medicine, she could walk him through stitching her up if she needed it. “No hospital.”

Michael knew that until they were in some light he would just have to take her word on it for now. “Ok, I’m going to pick you up and carry you inside. Ok?”

Maria nodded against him, she felt sleepy and was near passing out. “Ok.”

Michael was mindful of in the injuries she could possibly have and gently lifted her up in his arms. She let out a soft cry. “I’m sorry, baby.” He gently whispered. “I tried to be as careful as possible. The last thing I want is to hurt you more.”

They were almost inside the front door. “It’s ok.” She murmured sleepily. “You’re not hurting me. I think it’s getting better.”

Michael carried her through the front door, closing it with his foot. “Yeah well let me…” His words died out as he looked at her face. It was swollen and purple. He felt sick. “Oh my God.” He whispered, gently bringing his hand up to touch her. “Oh, Maria.”

“It’s my fault.” Maria whispered. “I was stupid. Knew better.”

“No, Sweetheart…” Michael shook his head, a tear rolling down his face.

“Just wanted to be strong for once.” Maria whispered again before passing out in his arms.

“Maria.” Michael gently shook her, not liking the idea of her passing out when she could have a concussion or something. “Maria!”

Then something else caught his attention. His hand that was around her back was sticky and it felt warm. He switched arms and that’s when he realized it. It was crimson red.

He looked at Maria’s passed out form more worried then before.

It was blood.

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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp7 4/12/14

Post by bellaresop » Sun May 25, 2014 7:24 pm

So sorry about the wait guys but this chapter is a long one! Longest one for this story I've written yet, 11 pages lol. There's not alot of M/M action in this chapter which will make sense once it kicks off, but just to tease you all Michael finally meets Tess. How do you think that's gonna go down? Well read on to find out and please leave your thoughts below!

April: Thank you so so much for the awesome review! You have no idea how inspiring reviews like yours are to me. It's what really motivates my writing. I love how you really seem to understand not only the Michael that I am writing but the Maria I am writing as well. You just get them and it brings me great joy as a writer. And Michael is definetely not going to be giving up on Maria. His feelings for her are very strong as you'll find out in this next chapter. What you touched on, saying that you loved that Michael was more concerned about her safety than his feelings on how it would hurt to lose her, you pretty dead on about. He and Maria share the whole being selfless and putting others ahead of themselves thing. Maria is just more obvious about it.

Letting Michael completely in is something that Maria will struggle along with because she's just not use to someone truly wanting to help her, to someone not letting her down. She definitely sees that Michael is different and believes that he cares for her but it's something she's afraid to truly trust in. She's a little bit like cannon Michael from the show in regards to that. And Maria definitely does need a hospital, this chapter actually completely takes place in one so I hope I didn't make too many errors as I kind of just went with what I think would happen at a hospital in this situation.

And you're right, Maria from the show would've never been able to be friends with Tess as she definitely would've seen it as a betrayal to Liz considering everything.

Chapter 8

Michael burst through the doors of the ER with Maria in his arms, she was still passed out.

“I need some help here!” Michael shouted.

A couple interns along with a gurney rushed forward to meet him.

“Detective Guerin, what happened?” The first intern asked, immediately recognizing him. Everyone in this town knew who he was, for it was a small town.

Michael gently placed her on the stretcher, while the other intern checked her vitals. “Her ex boyfriend beat her up. She’s bleeding from her back, she probably needs stitches. She passed out on me before I could find out what happened though.” He explained worriedly.

“Do you know her name? Does she have any allergies?” The next intern quickly rattled off the questions.

Michael didn’t seem to hear him as he stared at Maria’s still, passed out form. The emotions running through him completely indescribable. If he lost her…

“Detective Guerin?” The intern pressed.

Michael blinked back tears, his hand reaching out to gently touch her face. “Maria.” He softly whispered.

The two interns looked back and forth at each other, kind of frozen in spot. Neither one sure what to do.

“What the hell is going on here?”

The two interns both breathed a sigh of relief at the voice. The page must’ve finally gotten through to a doctor.

“Dr Evans, were just…”

“Standing around like a couple of idiots while this patient bleeds out on the gurney?” Max interrupted them, his eyes flashing at them in anger.

The second intern tried to plead their case. “We were trying to get information on her from Detective Guerin but--”

“Information can wait!” Max snapped, very disappointed in them. “You see the amount of blood she’s losing? She obviously needs surgery! Now go prep an OR now!”

The two interns quickly scurried off, neither wanting to incur anymore of the doctor’s wrath.

“Interns.” Max muttered under his breath. “Michael?”

The commotion from before snapped Michael out of his daze and he turned to face Max with glossy eyes. “You said surgery. Is she? Max, please tell me she’s going to be ok.”

Max sighed. “Michael, you know I can’t make that kind of a promise. I do promise to do everything that I can for your friend, ok?”

Michael shook his head as tears rolled down his face. “She’s not…” He roughly wiped away his tears, blinking back the others that were coming. “Max, her name is Maria.” He watched recognition followed by sadness immediately entering his friend’s eyes. “She’s the girl that I’ve been telling you about. She’s the girl that I’ve been seeing.”

“Michael, I promise I’m gonna do everything that I can for her, for your girlfriend. Ok?” Max gently assured him. His beeper went off, and he looked at it. “Ok, Michael the OR is ready. I have to take Maria and get her prepped. I promise I will come back and get you as soon as there is any news.”

Michael nodded. “Thanks, Max.” He leaned down to place a tender kiss on Maria’s lips. “Baby, I’m gonna be right here waiting for you ok?” He took her limp hand in his, kissing her knuckles. “So don’t you leave me, ok? Please…” He whispered brokenly.

Max looked at his friend sympathetically. He knew if it were Liz lying on that gurney he'd be in that exact same shape. “Michael, I’ve gotta take her.”

Michael nodded, pulling himself together. “Yeah, I know.”

Max touched his shoulder reassuringly and wheeled Maria down the hall.

Michael stood alone in the hallway, watching Maria as she was wheeled away and even after for a long time before he moved.


Michael sat in the waiting room, his head in his hands.

He’d been praying for the past two hours that Maria had been in surgery, just praying that she would be ok.

It had even gone as far as bargaining. He would do anything if she would just make it out of this ok, he would even go as far as to trade his life for hers.

Michael’s head snapped up when he felt someone’s hand on his shoulder.

“Are you Michael?”

Michael looked at the girl standing in front of him with confusion but nodded.

“Good.” She breathed in relief. “Guess I did manage to find the right waiting area on my own then.”

Michael continued to look at her with complete confusion. “I’m sorry, but do I know you?”

The girl immediately shook her head. “No, no. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to come across as a weird stalker or something. It’s just…we’re waiting on news for the same person.”

Michael looked at her with doubt. “You know Maria?”

She had a sad look on her face. “Yeah. I know Maria. We used to be really close. I guess she didn’t change her next of kin information.”

Michael motioned for the blonde to sit and she did. “How do you know her exactly? I mean, she doesn’t have any family and she doesn’t really let people into her life.”

“You’re right.” She agreed. “She doesn’t. We go way back. We grew up in the foster care system together. She was my best friend growing up. I feel like she still is sometimes.”

It suddenly hit Michael who this girl was and his eyes went cold as he glared at her. “You’re Tess.”

Tess nodded, the cold reaction pretty much what she was expecting. In fact she was glad he was reacting that way to her, it showed that he truly cared for her friend. “I see my name came up.”

“Yeah.” Michael spat. “It did. Why are you even here?”

“You’re not the only one who cares about her, you know.” Tess replied, not reacting to his coldness one way or the other. If it bothered her, she certainly didn’t show it. “And of course I came. She wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for me. Yesterday got insane. I never expected what happened.”

“What did happen?” Michael demanded. “Besides your boyfriend beating the crap out of my girlfriend that is.”

Tess’s eyes grew wide at the accusation. “Things got intense yesterday and Brody definitely went too far, I’m not excusing his actions but he didn’t hit her.”

Michael glared at her with disgust. “Of course you’d defend him. You chose him over your friendship with her the first time so why not now too? You are so pathetic. I have no idea what Maria ever saw in you.”

Tears stung Tess’s eyes at the harsh words thrown at her. The worst part was she knew they were true. She had been a horrible friend to Maria.

“I realize that all you want to do is attack me because you’re scared for Maria, I am too. If it makes you feel better, than by all means take your best shot but I am telling you the truth! Brody grabbed Maria and threw her across our front lawn. She lost consciousness from it, so it’s no wonder she’s here. I should’ve realized she could’ve had head trauma or something but that is as far as it went. I told him, I told Brody that if he ever laid a hand on her again, I’d dump his ass. That is the truth.” Tess explained, wiping away her tears. She really wasn’t one for showing emotions to strangers.

“If I were you, I’d find a better cover story.” Michael sneered. “There are quite a few holes in your story there, as well as things that don’t quite add up.”

Now it was Tess’s turn to be confused. “Such as?”

“For starters, why her face is swollen purple from a huge bruise. Why she’s in surgery because her back is cut wide open. Explain those things.” Michael glared at her.

Tess continued to look at him in confusion. “I have no idea what you are talking about. Things never got anywhere near that violent.”

“You are unbelievable.” Michael shook his head. “Tell me something, Tess. What the hell kind of best friend gets involved with a guy she knows her friend is with? What the hell kind of best friend turns a blind eye to the abuse her own friend has suffered at the hands of that same guy? What kind of best friend chooses that guy?” He looks her over once again with disgust. “What kind of best friend are you, Tess?”

A couple tears rolled down Tess’s face as she took in his words. “Not a very good one.”

Michael shook his head again at her. “No, Tess. Not one at all.”

“You’re right.” Tess finally admitted. “When I chose to involve myself with her boyfriend…I wasn’t being her friend anymore. I told myself I was, but I wasn’t. I just made…excuses. Excuse after excuse…because I loved him, love him. I even went as far as to tell myself that I was better for him than she was. What I did was horrible, and I am no longer making excuses for that. I still stand by the truth that I’ve told you today. And it is the truth. I don’t know who brutalized Maria but it wasn’t Brody.”

“Maybe you are telling the truth.” Michael finally responded after a few moments. “Maybe this was a completely separate incident from the one you’re describing and if it is, I’ll find out one way or the other. When Maria wakes up, she’ll tell me. What if she wakes up and tells me your story is a lie? You could go to jail, Tess.”

“That won’t happen.” Tess declared, conviction in her eyes. “I’m not lying.”

“Even if you are telling me the truth, why stay with a man that would throw Maria or any other woman for that matter across a lawn? Doesn’t something just stir up inside you and say, ‘maybe I shouldn’t be with a guy like that?’ Doesn’t it?” Michael implored.

“I love him.” Tess simply replied. “He has his issues, I have mine but…when you really love someone it doesn’t matter what they do. That’s real love, it’s unconditional.”

Michael shook his head sadly. “No, Tess. Real love is never intentionally doing a thing to hurt the person you love, it’s doing everything in your power to make them safe and happy. It’s sitting in a waiting room at four o’clock in the morning, praying non stop for two hours to just make the person that you love be ok even if it means that you get struck down in exchange for their life. That’s what real love is, not this toxic insanity that you’re describing to me.”

Tears stung Tess’s eyes. “Well, not everyone is lucky enough to find what you’re describing, Michael. Some of us…some of us aren’t worth it and have to settle for who does seem to love us instead.”

“Those that would treat someone, the way that Brody treated Maria…to be so violent…” Michael looked at Tess, his eyes looking at her with a warning. “One day he will be that way with you, I can promise you that. If he’s not already that is.”

Tess stayed silent, not confirming nor denying it.

“You know, the night I met Maria I knew she was hurting. I actually knew a lot of things about her. That had never happened before. I’d never met someone that I just completely had everything about them just pegged right from the start. I never used to believe in soul mates but when I met her…” Michael got a wistful smile. “I just knew. I knew that if there was such a thing as a soul mate that she was mine.”

Tess softly smiled. “She’s very lucky to have someone who loves her the way you do.” At his stunned look, she chuckled lightly. “You do, right? You love her.”

Michael breathed deeply. “Yes.” He admitted in a ragged breath. “I love her. I love her more than I’ve ever loved anybody before. Maybe if I’m really lucky and I mean the luckiest person on the face of this planet, one day she’ll return those feelings.”

Tess just laughed quietly.

Michael frowned. “What?”

Tess looked at him. “She hasn’t told you yet, has she? Well for what it’s worth, you won’t have to hope to be that lucky. I know she feels the same way about you, Michael.”

Michael was hopeful but tried not to let it show. “How?”

“When she came to see me yesterday she mentioned you.” Tess admitted. “The way her eyes sparkled at the mention of you, in a way that I haven’t seen in a really long time if ever, it was pretty clear.”

“You know, when Maria told me that her ex boyfriend was someone that used to hit her it stirred something protective inside of me that I hadn’t felt in a really long time. It made me just wanna find him and hurt him.” Michael replied, remembering the feelings that had coursed through him, the feelings that were coursing through him now. “And make no mistake Tess if the girl I love is in emergency surgery right now because of the guy that you love, I will hurt him. He’ll rot in jail for the rest of his miserable life.”

Tess frowned. “Brody wasn’t abusive to Maria when they were together.”

Michael groaned. “You know what, Tess because of how much you mean to Maria I was actually gonna try to be civil with you but if you’re just gonna call her a liar while she’s in there fighting for her life--”

“I’m just saying you’re wrong.” Tess cut him off. “Their relationship wasn’t like that, it wasn’t…toxic.”

Michael was silent for a few moments as he looked her over, judging if he truly believed what she was saying or if she was just that great a liar.

“You know what I think, Tess?” Michael finally spoke up. “I think that you didn’t know as much about your best friend as you thought you did.”

Tess glared at him. “What are you talking about? I knew Maria better than anyone back then, better than herself even! We were extremely close and if she were being hit than I would have---”

“You would’ve what, Tess?” Michael cut her off. “You would’ve seen it? You would‘ve seen the bruises on her face? You would‘ve seen the fear in her eyes every time he was around?”

“Yes!” Tess shouted exasperated.

“You would’ve seen all traces of the bruises that were most likely under the concealer that she probably wore everyday?” Michael continued on. “You would’ve seen through her every time she said she was clumsy and tripped or fell?”

Tess’s eyes went wide and she started to say something, probably to defend herself but Michael wanted nothing to do with that.

“Are you telling me that you were that awesome of a best friend, Tess?” Michael glared at her with harsh eyes.

“She was clumsy!” Tess cried out. “You may know her now but you didn’t know her then. I grew up with her! She fell all the time and--”

“You didn’t know,” Michael once again cut her off sharply. “because she didn’t let you know. Maria is one of the most selfless and beautiful people I’ve ever met in my lifetime. She is all about putting others ahead of herself. Hell, she was even going to break things off with me because she was convinced that I deserved better than her.” His eyes almost glossed over. “Like there could ever be better than her, like that was even possible…”

Tess sighed. “Michael…”

“You didn’t see it because you were probably too busy falling for Maria’s boyfriend, the guy she was most likely trying to protect you from.” Michael stated harshly. “In the past four months that I’ve known Maria, when she’s talked about you it’s been with hurt and betrayal…”

He saw Tess look down. Good, He thought to himself. Atleast she had the decency to seem somewhat ashamed of herself. Michael really didn’t give a damn how Tess was feeling about the whole situation, not after how many times she’d let Maria down, not when Maria probably wouldn’t even be in surgery right now if it wasn’t for her.

“You know what it’s also been out of?” Michael continued angrily. “Concern. Even with how much you’ve hurt and betrayed her, Maria still cares about you. She still gives a crap what happens to you. She still cares if you’re happy, she still cares if you live or die.”

He saw tears brimming in Tess’s eyes, he didn’t care about those. He hoped that if she took anything out of what he said to her today, she’d get her life together so that Maria didn’t have to feel responsible for her anymore. So that Maria wouldn’t keep putting herself in harms way for her.

“What do you want from me, Michael?!” Tess cried out. “You want me to leave Brody? You want me to make myself miserable, rip out my own heart for a girl who’s no longer my friend? For a girl who could very well die on that operating table?! I‘ll have no one!”

Michael turned on her enraged. “You are so fucking selfish, Tess! I stand by what I said earlier, you are so unbelievably pathetic! I don’t know how you ever got friendship from someone as kind, beautiful and as amazing as Maria because you sure as shit do not deserve it!” He hissed angrily. “You don’t deserve her,” He looked her over once again with disgust. “you clearly never did.”

“You think I don’t know that?!” Tess cried out, tears streaming down her face. “Maria always had more going for her than I ever did! She was beautiful on the inside and on the outside. No matter what I did, how hard I tried I never measured up! I tried being her friend, I tried being worthy of that, measuring up to that but I obviously wasn’t good enough for even that! Because when Brody, someone that had initially gone for Maria before me…when he made it clear that he no longer wanted her but wanted me instead I went for it! I went for it because I was tired of living under her shadow! I was tired of being so unworthy while she got everything that I wanted!”

Michael continued to glare at her in disgust, her words not moving him at all. “Am I supposed to feel sorry for you? Am I supposed to be empathetic to how you feel because you were jealous of your best friend? Because you were jealous of someone who’s only crime is being too nice, being too trusting of others that were just waiting to sell her out?”

“No!” Tess exploded. “You shouldn’t feel sorry for me! Whatever pain I’m going through because I lost her, whatever I pain I go through in the future is on me!” She breathed deeply, calming down. “It’s on me. I’m toxic, Michael. It’s in my DNA, it’s who I’ve always been. Maria should quit trying to protect me because even should she manage to ‘save’ me from Brody, it’ll just be someone else down the line. I’ll be a never-ending mission for her, and I don’t want that.”

“You can’t choose who cares about what happens to you, Tess.” Michael reminded her softly. “If any of this has taught you anything, it should be that no matter what you do Maria will never stop caring about what happens to you. Even when it’s clear that you don’t deserve it.”

Tess was silent for a few moments before choosing to speak again. “Did Maria really tell you that Brody used to hit her?”

Michael seemed surprised that she was actually entertaining that now. “Well, at the time I didn’t know the guy’s name but yeah. She’d mentioned that she’d just been cheated on and that he was abusive to her. Why are you asking me that now? I thought you didn’t believe that Brody ever hurt her?”

“I don’t.” Tess replied sharply. “I just…maybe you got it wrong is all.”

“I didn’t get it wrong.” Michael snapped. “You’re just in serious denial, either that or you just don’t care.”

Tess’s eyes went wide. “Of course I care! I just…I can’t believe that any of that is true. It doesn’t make any sense. Maria’s not me, she’s not toxic…she doesn’t just do things that make her a target. She doesn’t have an attitude that makes it to where she asks to get hurt. So, that’s how I know that it isn’t true. Brody wouldn’t hurt someone like Maria.”

This time when Michael looked at her, it was in pity. Pity that the girl truly was that blind. “What I’m saying to you, I’m only saying because Maria cares about you and it would greatly hurt her if something happened to you. I’m also partially saying it because I don’t believe that any girl out there deserves abusive…no matter how toxic they seem to be or think they are.”

Tess waved her hand as if to stop him. “Michael, don’t.” She didn’t want to hear him tell her to end her toxic relationship with Brody. She couldn’t do it, it couldn’t happen. Her heart wouldn’t let it, there was really no point.

Michael ignored her, saying to her firmly. “Get out while you still can.”

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Re: Come Around {M/M, AU, Adult} Chp8 5/25/14

Post by bellaresop » Fri May 30, 2014 11:16 am

Alrighty guys, I was inspired again...not sure what's happening here lol. This chapter is yet again a long one! 12 pages! There's alot going on in this chapter and I went ahead and introduced another character. Don't be confused, this IS a Michael/Maria centered story but I've kind of fallen in love with this version of Tess and I definitely plan to explore more with her.

Dreamer: Thank you for reviewing! Always love having new reviewers!

Keepsmiling: Glad to see you're still around! And I'm glad you're liking it still :)

April: I seriously LOVE your reviews! You're so detailed and I love that. Michael cares about what Maria wants, but more than anything he cares more about what she needs. She didn't want a hospital, but she obviously needed it and of course Michael would get her that. You'll see throughout the story that he'll do that alot. He'll do what she needs instead of what she wants. And you're right, that's what you do when you love someone. And I'm sure it's more than clear that Michael does of course love her.

I had to include Max as the doctor! LOl! You're totally right. He was the healer in the show, so I had to include that even in my AU reality. I'm glad you like that I did it like that. He's not in this chapter alot but he'll be more in the next one. He is Michael's best friend, so like Tess he will definitely be a big part of this story.

Michael/Tess...I wasn't sure how that was going to be taken. I mean he was being very harsh with her but also very honest. Michael is a good man, he cares alot about others...but he's also loyal and fiercely protective. A part of him does feel sorry that Tess thinks so little of herself, but that parts not really coming out a whole lot if at all. He's very focused on Maria and on Maria's feelings. All he sees is someone continually throw someone that he cares very deeply about under the bus so to speak. And you're right, it's not about saying..."you were a bad friend, you should feel bad about that." Tess is very much a victim here, as much as Maria. This chapter will bring to light more on what Tess is feeling and also a little more about what's really going on between her and Brody.

As for Maria/ is totally the plan to bring them back together. They both care alot about each other, especially Tess...even if she's not necessarily showing it in the right way right now.

Here is the next chapter, I really hope you love it and please please leave your thoughts!!!


Chapter 9

“Max,” Michael stood up, eager to find out from his friend how Maria was doing. “is Maria gonna be alright?”

Max wore a warm smile on his face. “Surgery was a complete success. We will wanna keep her for another week or so, depending on when she wakes up but Maria should make a full recovery. She‘s up in room 4B.”

Tess breathed deeply, relief filling her entire core.

Michael smiled. “Thank God.” He breathed. “I knew she’d make it, my girl is a survivor.”

Max turned his attention to the blonde who was shifting, like she didn’t know where to stand. “You must be Tess Harding. My staff had brought to my attention that you were her emergency contact.”

Tess nodded. “Yeah, I’m Tess. I’m glad Maria is going to pull through,” She turned her attention to Michael who was no longer glaring at her but his eyes still held an indifference. “but lets be honest here. Maria and I aren’t really anything to each other anymore. I shouldn’t have anything to do with anything medically that needs to be done for her, hell I shouldn‘t even be here right now. That job belongs to Michael, not me.”

Michael glared at her, a part of him got what she was doing but another part, the part that loved Maria was pissed off. “You are unbelievable, Tess!”

“Here it comes.” Tess muttered.

Max stood there, feeling like an outsider for he had no idea what was going on.

“Yeah, you’re damn right here it comes!” Michael barked at her. “Maria loves you. She would like nothing more than to start over with you, but you won’t let her! She keeps opening door after door for you but you, you just keep slamming them shut in her face!”

“I’m doing her a favor!” Tess shot back heatedly.

“Yeah, I get that you think that. You think you’re too fucked up and she would be far better off without you,” Michael glared at her. He didn’t like Tess. He didn’t know if he ever would, but that didn’t matter. Maria mattered. “and you know what…maybe that’s true.”

Tears filled Tess’s eyes once more. “There. You see? It is true.” Tess turned to walk out of that hospital and never look back when Michael’s next words stopped her.

“Maria won’t see it the way you and I do though.” Michael shook his head. “She won’t. She’ll see it as yet another person checking out on her, another person not seeing her as good enough.”

Tess spun around, tears rolling down her face. “Why can’t she get that it is me who is not good enough and not the other way around?”

She spared a glance at Max who was looking at the ground, at anything but her or Michael. “And you!” With her defense mechanism on full blast she turned her anger onto Dr Max Evans. “Why aren’t you gone yet?! Is it fun for you to just listen in on other people’s private conversations?!”

Max looked at her incredulously and than addressed Michael. “Is she serious right now?”

Michael smirked amused, as he placed a hand on Max’s shoulder. “Max, quit while you’re ahead man. Do your rounds, maybe call your wife.”

Max was suddenly grateful for the out he was given. “I’m gone.” He didn’t even bother sparing a glance at Tess. That chick had kind of scared him. Definitely made him appreciate Liz more even on her worst days. “Wish I would’ve been gone way before now.” With that Max took off.

With Max gone and forgotten, Tess turned her attention back on Michael. “You can convince her.”

“Convince her to what, Tess?” Michael groaned. He was really getting tired of this girl’s pity party. “Convince her you’re bad news? Convince her not to care about you anymore? It’s not gonna work.”

“Why not? It worked with Brody.” Tess countered back. “You should’ve seen all the crap she agreed to do when it was him asking.”

Michael glared at her. “I’m not Brody, Tess.” He spat. “I’m not gonna try to control her. It’s not my thing.”

“Brody’s not as bad as you make him out to be, you know.” Tess defended.

Michael clenched his jaw. He really needed to calm down before he started attacking Tess again. Attacking her wouldn’t make anything better and whatever his feelings may of the girl, Maria cared about her. All he really cared about was Maria’s happiness.

“You know what, Tess how about we forget Brody?” Michael suggested, forcing his tone to come out softer, kinder. “I don’t care about Brody, I care about Maria. And despite this self pity thing you got going on here, I know you care about her too.” He saw the blonde’s eye’s soften and he cracked a small smile. “Lets face it, Tess. The only thing you and I have in common here is that we both care about Maria.”

Tess sighed. “Of course I care about her, Michael. It’s just…our lives have been going in separate directions for months now. It would just be better if--”

“Your lives have been going in separate directions because of the choice that you made, Tess.” Michael reminded her firmly, he wasn’t trying to be an ass. He was just trying to get her to take responsibility. “And who would it be better for if you walked out that door and let her think you don’t give a shit? You, Tess. It would be easier for you, because than you could go back to Brody and continue this self destructive path that you’re on with him, whether you’re willing to admit that or not.”

“So, I’m supposed to just leave him? I’m supposed to choose Maria over Brody, the man that I’m in love with?” Tess cried.

“Yes!” Michael snapped. “Yes! You’re supposed to make the right choice here. Sometimes you just have to choose what’s good for you, even if it means you’re breaking your own heart.” He sighed at the girl’s torn expression and continued softly. “You can’t really be all that happy with him, Tess. If you were, this wouldn’t be such a difficult decision. I bet if you were truly happy with him, there wouldn’t be that bruise on your shoulder.”

Tess gasped and pulled her shirt sleeve that had fallen slightly down back up and wrapped her arms tightly around her body. “You don’t know me, Michael.” She ground out through clenched teeth, angry at someone seeing the truth of things. “So don’t you dare stand there perched up on your high fucking horse and pretend to!”

Michael chuckled bitterly. Man what was it with this chick? Was she absolutely incapable of accepting help from others?

He had no idea how Maria had never managed to give up on her if this was the kind of response she always got, a mouth full of insults. As a police offer, Michael had dealt with more than his fair share of abuse victims, but none of them had ever made it as hard to help them as this girl had.

Michael ran a tired hand over his face. It had been a long night slash early morning. “You know what, Tess how about you dial it down a notch here? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m trying to help you.”

Tess’s chin quivered but she was stubborn, she refused to let this guy see her cry again. “Well, in case you haven’t noticed Michael…I didn’t ask for your help.”

Michael threw his hands up in surrender. To hell with this shit. He didn’t do this, he didn’t try time after time to help people who not only didn’t deserve it but clearly didn’t want it. The only reason he was even still attempting it was because of Maria.

“You know what, Tess? You’re right. You didn’t ask for my help and you’ve made it clear that you don’t want it. Do you know why I’m even still bothering?” Michael glared at her with a hard expression. “Maria. She would want me to try to help you. She would want me to tell you not to go, to stay.”

Tess cracked a small smile. What did she have to do to get this guy to give up? He was as bad as Maria. “You always do what she tells you to do?”

“No.” Michael smirked when he thought about that day she came storming over to his house, demanding that he let her go so she could go get drunk at some seedy bar. And again tonight when she had demanded no hospitals.

“No, I don’t always do what Maria wants or thinks she wants. You what is that I do, do for her?” All traces of a smile gone, he looked at Tess seriously. “I do what she needs. Whether you or I like this is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is that she needs you.”

Tears stung the back of Tess’s eyes. “No, no she doesn’t.”

“Yes.” Michael firmly stated. “She does. Maria needs you, Tess.”

“No, she doesn’t.” Tess repeated softly. “She has you.”

Michael scoffed. “Seriously? Maria has a boyfriend so that means she doesn’t need a girlfriend? She doesn’t need you? Is that what your boyfriend has drilled inside of your head to believe? All you need his him?”

Tess breathed shakily. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Michael shook his head. “What I think or understand is irrelevant. Stop making excuses. Forget about Brody, forget that Maria has me in her life. You, Tess…you are a part of her history. What you and her have, the bond that is still so obviously between you two…I don’t understand it. I may never, but it’s not for me or Brody or anyone else to understand. Maria needs you. She needs friends and so do you. Isolation…it’s destructive, Tess. Stop being destructive. Make the right choice for once.”

Tess was unsure. “But I…”

“No,” Michael cut her off firmly. “just stop. If you care about Maria the way that you say you do, you’ll stay here. I’m going to see Maria. When you’re ready, you should too when I come back. I really hope I won’t find you gone.”

Michael gave her one last look before heading off down the hallway.

Tess breathed deeply, a part of her wanting nothing more than to bolt. The other part of her wanting to stay.

“He’s right, you know.”

Tess almost let out a scream as she spun around and knocked into a solid chest.

“Hey, there.” He steadied her, looking her over with concern but also slight amusement. “You alright?”

Tess breathed deeply as she looked up into this stranger’s caring gaze. A part of her, the defense mechanism part wanted to go off on him for scaring the crap out of her. The other part, the part that was emotions just all over the place wanted nothing more than to break down and fall apart in this stranger’s arms.

“I’m not,” Tess admitted softly, tears making their way to the surface. “I’m not alright. I’m not alright at all.”

He gently placed a hand on her shoulder. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Tess let out a small cry and just did what part of her had wanted since knocking into him, she threw herself against him and held on tightly.

The stranger was taken aback by the blonde just hugging him, but he quickly recovered and gently wrapped his arms around her. “Or that.” He spoke softly. “This works too.”

“I’m sorry,” Tess softly cried against him. “this isn’t like me. I don’t usually do this. I’m having a bad day, a really horrible bad day.”

Yeah right, she thought to herself bitterly. She could lie to this stranger and to Michael as much as she wanted to but she couldn’t lie to herself. It was more than a bad day. Try a bad five or six months.

“It’s alright,” He murmured gently. “Bad days…we all have them, right?”

Tess didn’t say anything, just closed her eyes. She felt…safe. She felt safe for the first time in she didn’t know how long. And that thought sounded absolutely crazy to her. She didn’t even know this man and it’s not like Brody never made her feel safe, just not…not in the kind of safety she felt right now.

“I’m Kyle.” He gently stroked her hair, not able to help himself. He thought it might make her feel better, it used to make him feel better whenever he was sick and his mother would do it.

Tess breathed, inhaling his scent. It made her feel calmer, saner than anything ever had before. Once again those thoughts alone sounded ridiculous to her. “I’m Tess.” She half laughed. “You probably already know that though. Depending on how long you were eavesdropping.”

Kyle smiled. “Well, you and my buddy Michael weren’t exactly being silent.” He felt her tense against him. “It’s alright, Tess. I’m not going to yell at you.” He gently assured her and felt her relax again. “You know, when Michael loves someone and he feels that they’ve been wronged he gets fiercely protective.”

He laugh laughed. “It’s kind of a trait we both share. I can’t say that I agree with everything he said to you, but he was right when he told you that you shouldn’t isolate yourself.” He gently pulled back to look at her beautiful, yet tear stained face. “You need friends, Tess. You need people in your life that care about you.”

Kyle barely knew the girl, but he could honestly say that he cared. It was in Kyle’s nature to care about others though, especially when they looked as lost as she did.

“Maria doesn’t need me in her life.” Tess stubbornly replied, tears beginning to sting her eyes once more. “Trust me, Kyle. She’s better off without me.”

Kyle looked at her sadly, sad that she truly thought that little of herself. “I actually wasn’t referring to Maria entirely, but since you brought her up answer me this. Are you better off without her?”

Tess’s face crumbled as tears made their way down her face. “No.” She cried out. “No, I’m not better without her. But…” Her shoulders started to shake as sobs overtook her small frame. “I don’t matter, Kyle! I’ve never mattered!”

Kyle looked at her, his face pained for her as he reached out for her. “Tess.” He whispered softly.

“No.” Tess pushed at him, and took a few steps back. “I shouldn’t be here. Maria doesn’t need me here. Brody needs me.” Fear filled her eyes. “If he finds out I’m gone…”

“Tess,” Kyle gently but firmly grabbed her arms, making her look at him. “I can’t imagine what you are going through right now. I don’t know the first thing about what it is like to be in abusive relationship, I can only imagine. Please, listen to me when I say that you don’t always have to do what he wants. You have a choice, Tess.”

“What?” Tess whispered through tear filled eyes.

Kyle looked at Tess with more concern. The girl looked like she was about to pass out. He gently helped her sit down and he sat beside her. “You always have a choice, Tess.” He repeated gently but firmly.

Tess finally looked at him with tear filled eyes. “Maria said that too. I’ve always had choices…I just…”

“What?” Kyle asked softly.

“Maybe they were wrong.” Tess finally admitted. “Maybe I was…wrong. What? What do I do with that, Kyle? I don’t know what to do with that.”

Kyle gently wrapped his arms around her. “Start making right choices.”

“But,” Tess leaned against him. “I still don’t think my staying here is right for Maria.”

“No, Tess.” Kyle shook his head. “When I said to make right choices, I was talking about what’s right for you.”


Michael walked into Maria’s hospital room.

He stood there for a moment, looking at Maria so frail hooked up to machines.

It made part of him want to cry and another part of him want to storm out, find Brody and beat the shit out of him.

He didn’t even need Maria to confirm it.

He knew that Brody was behind this.

Michael took a deep breath to calm himself and walked over and took a seat beside Maria’s bed.

“Hey, baby.” Michael gently took Maria’s hand in his. “I’m here. I’ve been here all night actually.” He kissed her hand softly. “I promised you once that you wouldn’t be alone anymore and I hope that once you wake up and see my face you’ll know that I always keep my promises.”

He looked at her sleeping still form, but the rising and fall of her chest rest reminded him that she was still breathing. That she was still here, still here with him. He gently ran his hand along her face.

“Tess is here.” Michael continued to talk to her softly. “I didn’t plan on meeting her like this.” He chuckled softly. “I actually didn’t really think about meeting her at all. I won’t lie to you, baby when I tell you that I really…really do not like that girl. I think she’s self destructive and that if you continue to try to be in her life, she’ll only cause you more pain.”

Michael gently stroked the outline of her hand. “I do have to admit that from the very, very long talk that I’ve had with her, she cares about you. That is the only thing I can say I have in common with her. We both care about you. With that said, once you wake up if you still want her in your life I’ll do everything I can to help make it happen. I know that you know that the only way that can happen is if she leaves Brody. I hate to tell you this, but that’s not something she’s prepared to do right now if ever.”

Michael suddenly felt Maria’s hand start to twitch in his. “Maria?” He said softly. “Are you hearing me?” He saw her eyelids start to flutter. “Baby, please.” He felt like his heart was in his throat, just waiting to see if she would come back to him. “Please come back to me, Maria. I promise I won’t let anything, anyone hurt you ever again. Just please…please open your eyes for me.”

Michael breathed deeply, tears stinging his eyes. “I…I love you, Maria.” He felt as if a huge weight was being lifted just finally saying those words that he had wanted to tell her for so long now. “I love you.”

Maria’s eyes slowly opened and she looked at him. “Michael.” She whispered softly. “Hi.”

Michael laughed softly, as a tear rolled down his face. She was back, his girl was back. “Hi.” He gently kissed her lips. “Baby, you heard me?”

“Yes,” Maria said softly. “I heard you.”

Michael gently kissed her hand. “You scared me to death, Maria. You scared the hell out of me.”

Maria frowned, hating how pained his expression was. “I’m sorry, Michael. I’m so sorry…”

“No,” Michael shook his head. “baby it’s alright. As long as you’re ok nothing else matters. We have to talk about what happened, I know you know that. All that can wait though, I have to get Max and let him know you’re awake first.”

Maria nodded. She saw him about to get up and quickly grabbed his hand. “Michael, wait.”

Michael quickly turned back to her. “Sweetheart, what is it?” He asked concerned. “Are you in pain?”

Maria shook her head. “No, not really. I just,” She breathed, gathering her courage. This wasn’t easy for her. “I heard you, Michael.”

Michael smiled at her softly. “Baby, I know. I know you heard me.”

Maria shook her head again. “No, I mean I heard what you said to me.” She gripped his hand tightly. “You said that you love me.”

Michael breathed deeply, he didn’t really count on her remembering that, let alone actually hearing it. He was afraid she would be scared off, he knew what she’d been through with everything. There were things he still didn’t know about and the last thing he wanted was to add to what she was dealing with.

“Yes,” Michael admitted softly. “I did say that. I do love you, Maria but we don’t have to talk about that right now. You just woke up and I know there’s a lot that you’re dealing with. I don’t want you to feel pressured to say it back to me. That’s not why I said it.”

“I know you would never want that.” Maria softly said. “I don’t feel pressure from you, Michael. That’s the one thing you’ve never made me feel. I just need you to know that I heard you. I heard what you said and…”

“And what?” Michael gently whispered.

Maria breathed deeply. She had never been good at expressing what she felt, but Michael had changed a lot of things for her. He made her want to try, to try to be the best version of herself.

Michael sensed her struggle. “Baby, it’s alright.” He gently encouraged. “You can tell me anything.”

“I love you too.” Maria finally whispered.

Michael fought the smile that was trying to break out at the words that he had longed to hear from her. He wanted those words from her, but at the same time he didn’t want her to say them because she felt it was what he expected from her. He wanted them to be real, needed them to be real.

“Maria,” He whispered softly. “please don’t say that because you think it’s what I want.”

Maria shook her head. “I’m not.” She gently tugged him to her eye level and kissed him softly. “It’s what I want.” She firmly said, willing him to believe her. “I love you, Michael. I have for a long time now.”

Michael finally did smile and it was huge. He leaned his head against hers. “I love you, Maria.” He breathed against her as he gently touched her face. “I love you so much.”

Maria smiled. She reached out and touched his face softly. Tears stung the back of her eyelids. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d felt this happy, this much of…everything.

Their lips gently met in one of the most deepest kisses they’d shared yet.