Finding Something Better by Fidomom (AU,M/M,TEEN/ADULT) Ch1-7/? - 10/07/18

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Re: Finding Something Better by Fidomom (AU,M/M,TEEN/ADULT) Ch1-6/? - 09/12/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Thu Sep 13, 2018 10:24 am

Love the new part, especially when the crew uses the public library for research.
Don't think I'll get used to the name Max Parker any time soon.
All is well with Michael and Maria. So sad that Ava always wanted to be a mom, the hidden doll emphasized that fact.
Those breeding pains sound terrible........can't even begin to imagine!
Wow, the baby boy has arrived and a new home in Oregon is selected........all while Maria and Michael are in their own little world.

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Re: Finding Something Better by Fidomom (AU,M/M,TEEN/ADULT) Ch1-7/? - 10/07/18

Postby Fidomom » Sun Oct 07, 2018 8:09 am

@keepsmiling7 - In the series finale Liz tells her parents in her diary that she and Max did eventually get married but her final line is "I'm Liz Parker and I'm happy" so I figure either they both didn't change their names OR Max took her name that's why I went with Max Parker - it seemed fun to me. Glad to know you are enjoying the story in spite of the name thing. Thanks for reading and giving me helpful feedback, Carolyn.

~FM :)

Title: Finding Something Better
Author: Fidomom
Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. It is only loosely based on characters from the tv series Roswell as I imagine they could be from different points throughout and beyond the three seasons of the show. I am not affiliated with any of the original creations nor creators from the series. I will make no monetary gains from publishing this work of fiction.
Pairings/Characters/Category: Michael & Maria, Max & Liz, Kyle, Isabel & Ava, CC, UC, AU, w/Aliens
Rating: Mature
Summary: This chapter - The seven member crew are forced to improvise, including staying in place for longer than intended.
Author's Note: I have so much of this story figured out in my head and certain parts pre-written but a lot of it I'm also figuring out as I'm writing. I'm keeping notes and trying to not have contradictions as it goes. I like the story in my mind just hoping I can get it written out so it greatly resembles what I've been imagining now for well over a year.

~FM :)

Finding Something Better
by Fidomom

Chapter Seven

Liz watched her husband, Max, holding and talking to his two month old nephew, Lex and she smiled wistfully. Max noticed and he asked with a self-conscious smile of his own, "What? Am I doing this wrong or something?"

Liz laughed lightly and refuted, "No, of course not, Max! You're really good with him. It just kind of makes me wish that you and I could have a baby together, you know?"

Max's smile faltered and he said quietly, "Liz, we can't. Not ever and not just because we're still technically on the run."

Liz provided the reason, herself, "Short pregnancy. Too short for me to survive it."

Max confirmed, "Yes. If there was a guarantee that you and I could safely have children together, you do know that I'd want that, right?"

Liz nodded, sighed and said consolingly, "At least we get to have this little guy in our lives though. He's not ours but he is family. I'm in love with him, Max."

Max chuckled and addressed his nephew, "Don't go getting any ideas, there, Lex buddy; she's my wife."

Liz rolled her eyes and laughed as she clarified, "I didn't mean it like that, Max!"

Max grinned and admitted, "I know. That would be taking cradle robbing way too literally!"

Liz lightly shoved at his arm, still laughing as she protested, "Max! That's just terrible!"

Max smiled softly at her and said more seriously, "I'm glad we get to have him in our lives, too. As I've watched him grow these past few weeks, it's helped me fill in the gaps I know I've missed with my son. I'm looking forward to knowing Lex for his whole life. It doesn't replace what I'm missing with my son but it does help."

Liz mused lovingly, "I know you still think about him and miss him. I think you did the right thing for him, though. Do you regret giving him up?"

Max shook his head and answered, "No, I don't regret it. Like you said, it was the right thing to do for him."

"So what are you saying, Max? That I'm wrong to keep my son, since he won't have two parents raising him?", Isabel asked defensively, as she more fully entered the room and held her arms out for her son.

Liz said placatingly, "Isabel. I don't think Max meant anything like that."

Isabel retorted irritably, "I'd like my brother to use his own words, if you don't mind! Max?"

Max handed Lex to Isabel and he elaborated on his wife's answer, "Every situation is different. What was right for my son, is not automatically right for another child.

Your son was created in your marriage. Circumstances have changed for you, since then and so even though he won't be raised with two parents, you also won't be raising him alone and unsupported, either. Not that anything would be wrong with that, either, of course. There are plenty of fantastic single parents. The thing is, that despite your changed circumstances, you still won't have to do this alone, Isabel. You've got all of us behind you and we all love you both, very much. You know that."

Isabel teared up and admitted contritely, "I do know that, yes. You're right. I'm still on such an emotional rollercoaster. I didn't mean to snap at either of you. You've both been really great about this whole thing.

I'm the one who's struggling with my conscience. What kind of mother stays on the run with her baby? I know it isn't right, Max, but I can't bear the thought of ever giving him up, either and who knows when, if ever, it might be safe for us to really stop running, you know?"

Max reassured her, "We've been here in Bend now for almost eight weeks and it's been pretty quiet. If that changes, then we will have to move on, again. In the meantime, we'll stay vigilant but we'll focus on making money, performing anonymous random acts of kindness and we'll continue living under the radar, for as long as possible. Okay?"

Isabel nodded, smiled her gratitude and announced, "I'm gonna go change him, feed him, and have a nap with him. Hopefully by the time we wake up, Maria and Ava will be back from garage sale hopping. Can't wait to see what they've found that Ava and I can work our magic on and resell!"

Liz agreed, "Same here! Maria has such a good eye for finding stuff that has great resell potential! Like that really old, ugly bureau, she found last week that she bought for ten bucks and then after you and Ava were done with it, the winning bid on it was almost ninety-two dollars! That's just nuts!"

Max added, "Lucky for us, they do make a great turn over on the garage sale stuff; we have a lot of mouths to feed."

Isabel acknowledged that with a raised brow and a slight nod of agreement before leaving the room with Lex.

Liz gave Max a hug and a kiss and informed him, "Speaking of money, it's time for me to go get ready for work."

Max asked, "How many orders do you have today?"

Liz shrugged and guessed, "I think around a dozen? Depending on how spread out around the city they are, it should only take me around four hours. If I notice anything that needs some mysterious kindness, I'll use that voice recorder Maria found during the garage sale rounds, last month, to note the addresses for you guys. I think she grabbed it to keep up with her singing, but I'm sure she won't mind me using it, while I'm out doing deliveries on the bike."

Max nodded and told her his plans, "I'm sure you're right. Sounds great. Thanks for doing that, Liz. I'm going to take the other bike for a quick run to the grocery store. Just need a few things for dinners this week, plus we're a little low on tabasco sauce and Isabel mentioned earlier, that Lex needs diapers and wipes, as well."


Max had gone and returned from the grocery store and Maria and Ava were still not back with the van, yet. He hoped that meant they were getting a good haul. He put the groceries away and started making dinner.

Kyle got home from his nine to five job as the walking billboard for a dentist's office, mere minutes before Maria and Ava finally returned with their haul from garage sales they'd visited.

Maria handed Max an itemised list of their purchases and a list of addresses with notes about minor fixes Max and Michael could take care of anonymously.

Maria bragged on Ava's behalf, "Our girl here did what she could for the folks hosting the garage sales we went to. I wish we could see the look on that grandpa's face when he realises his gate is fixed! Poor guy; he kept apologising for it to everyone who came through. His arthritis has kept him from getting to it himself and his son and grandkids only visit at Christmas. He doesn't want to trouble his son with fix it lists for fear he won't want to come visit at all, anymore. Now he has one less thing that needs fixing! I wish I had gnarly powers to do stuff like that, too!"

Max insisted, "You don't need powers, Maria. You contribute plenty without them. The things on this list look promising, ladies. Looking forward to seeing how they turn out and how much they resell for.,

"How about you, Kyle? How was work, today? Any trouble?"

Kyle shrugged and admitted, "No. No trouble. It was okay. I think I'm doing the whole kindness thing backwards, though. I was the recipient of it, twice today. Someone gave me a hot chocolate and someone else tied my shoelace for me; kind of hard to bend over wearing a sandwich board."

Ava teased him, "That's because even wearing the tooth-shaped head gear, you just have a face that says help this nice boy!"

Kyle scoffed, "Nice boy? Don't let Heckle hear you say that, unless you feel like sparring with him, about my many personality flaws."

Maria interrupted, "Speaking of, is he up, yet, Max?"

The three of them snort laughed at her and said in unison, "Yeah right!"

Maria grimaced at them, announced, "Tsk. Whatever. I'll go remedy that.", and then she headed down to hers and Michael's sleeping quarters in the basement.

Ava suggested to Kyle, "I'm gonna go fill Isabel in on our finds. You coming with?"

Kyle asked Max first, "You need any help with dinner?"

Max shook his head, smiled and teased him, "Naw, man. You two go ahead and get those baby boy cuddles in. I got to hold him and play with him for the better part of an hour, today."

Kyle complained, "Aww man, my work hours suck! I miss all the good stuff!,

"Yeah, I'm definitley tagging along, Ava. Lex and I have some serious catching up to do!"

Ava argued teasingly, "Oh, if he's awake, Auntie Ava has first dibs, bub!"

Kyle argued as they made their way to Isabel's and Lex's room, "How is that first dibs when I said it first?"

Ava suggested coyly, "Because his Mommy might need Mighty The Molar cuddles?"

Kyle blushed and insisted, "She's still married."

Ava grinned, teasing him, "Platonic Mighty The Molar cuddles, then?"

Kyle shook his head and muttered in a friendly way, "Shut up. I get him right after you."

Ava cracked the bedroom door open and loud whispered, "Kyle's with me. Can we come in?"

Isabel answered at normal volume, "Sure. Come on in. He just woke up about twenty minutes ago. He already nursed and burped. I was just about to change him."

Ava asked hopefully, "Can I do it?"

Isabel chuckled, "You may regret that offer, but sure!,

"Hey, Kyle. How was work?"

Kyle blurted, "Hey, Isabel. Work was okay. Ava said I have nice boy face."

Isabel grabbed his chin turned his face side to side, grinned, then sided with Ava, "Well, you kind of do, Kyle!", and then she kissed his cheek.

Kyle and Isabel smiled into each others eyes and Kyle shrugged, conceding, "I guess I can live with that, then. How about you? How was your day?"

Isabel shrugged and bragged, "Lex-centric, therefore pretty perfect! Oh! I also finished taking pictures of the items that we have ready and I wrote up the descriptions and suggested starting bids for them, too. Next library run they can be posted online for auction."

Kyle said, "Oh, so that's how Jeckle got so much time with Lex today!"

Isabel laughed and accused teasingly, "Isn't jealousy against your religion?"

Kyle defended, "I'm not jealous like the bad kind of jealous, I just, you know, ever since I took this job, I miss him and I feel like I miss out on spending time with him, like I used to get to do, when I was still unemployed."

Ava dead-panned as she cuddled Lex, "Does Max know you feel this way? You do know he's married, right?"

Isabel laughed with Ava at the unimpressed expression Kyle aimed at Ava. Kyle held out his arms for Lex, then and insisted with a tight smile, "My turn."

Ava handed the infant over to him, with a friendly smile, then she and Isabel went down to the family room to review the work Isabel had done and to fill her in on what she and Maria had bought at various garage sales that afternoon.


Maria sat beside Michael and watched him sleeping for a few moments. She startled in alarm as he mumbled in distress, "Say no, Maria! Promise me you'll say no!"

Maria lightly shook him and urged him, "Michael! Wake up! What is it you want me to say no to? Michael! Michael!"

Michael groaned out, "What? I'm sleeping. Go away."

Maria asked quietly, in a dangerous tone, "Pardon me?"

Michael's eyes snapped open and he recanted, "I didn't actually mean that. What time is it?"

Maria answered, "A bit past five-thirty. Max is making dinner. Liz left for work about an hour ago. Ava and I just got back a few minutes ago. Kyle is likely hogging that sweet baby, again and I'm guessing Ava is catching Isabel up to speed on our finds while garage sale hopping."

Michael eyed her suggestively and asked, "What time is dinner?"

Maria quickly peeled off her clothes, as she answered, "We have time for a super quick round one."

Michael reached for her naked body as he demanded, "Good. I'll take what I can get. C'mere. I missed you."

Maria pulled away from his attempt at deepening their kiss and she scoffed, "You did not. You were sleeping."

Michael insisted, "Yes, I did. Even if I'm asleep, I always know if I'm alone in this bed. I don't like that empty space where you're supposed to be."

Maria slipped a condom onto his erection, mounted him and kissed him before saying contritely, "Oh. Okay then, I believe you because that's how I feel, too until you come to bed after work, every morning. I love you."

Michael moved with her and said between kisses, "I love you, too. You're always the best reason to wake up."

Maria rode him faster, declaring between breaths, "I get round two before you go to work, tonight, though, right?"

Michael nodded and added, "And round three when I get home from work, even if you're sleeping. Promise."

Maria bit her bottom lip, moaned loudly in pleasure and then acknowledged, "I'm glad we understand each other. Damn, spaceboy, how are you doing this to me already? This level of wow usually takes us way longer."

Michael answered flippantly, "Alien powers."

Maria held still and asked in disbelief, "Seriously?"

Michael chuckled and answered, physically prompting her to start moving, again, "No. I was kidding. I wouldn't even know how to do that."

Maria did a thing that made him gasp in pleasure and she suggested, "Maybe we could figure that out together? If it's even possible."

Michael kissed her and answered, "Whatever my angel wants, just do that thing you just did, again. I liked that. A lot."

Maria obliged him and then some.


The next morning, but still before dawn, Michael returned from his janitor slash guard dog attendant job, at a three store chain of hair salons. He spent two hours at each salon, cleaning the place, then feeding and letting the guard dogs out to pee. He got paid for eight hours work including gas, travel time and meal breaks. He rarely, if ever, saw a single person during his shifts.

He undressed in the pre-dawn dark of his and Maria's sleeping quarters and then he slipped into bed with Maria, fully intending to keep his earlier promise. He put his arm around her, nuzzled her neck and whispered, "I'm back."

Maria let him know she wasn't asleep with a light caress up and down his forearm across her middle and then she spoke, "I'm not sleeping, anymore. I set the alarm so I'd be awake when you came home."

He smoothed her hair, away from her ear and kissed it, then asked, "How come? I told you I'd give you round three even if you were sleeping. Something on your mind?"

She nodded, then turned to face him. They kissed for a few seconds and then Michael prompted, "So what's up? You seem, I don't know? Nervous?"

She nodded confirmation and admitted, "I am because there's something I've been wanting to talk to you about. About us. But with our opposite schedules, it's been hard to have an uninterrupted private conversation with you. It involves something you have generally been uncomfortable even referring to at all."

Michael frowned in consternation and asked, "What do you mean? What do you want to talk about that you think I won't want to talk about?"

Maria took a deep breath and prefaced her chosen topic with a disclaimer, "Just to be clear, this is completely a hypothetical. I just, I guess I just really want to know, if you and I can have a child, like together, in any near or distant future, someday? Would you want to? I mean with me?"

Michael's eyes widened in obvious surprise. He pulled her into his embrace and lightly rubbed her back as he mused, "Jesse and Isabel have proven that it's biologically possible and I've wanted to be a Dad, for as long as I can remember but I always assumed it was simply unattainable.

If I had a choice about it, I would definitely want it to be with you, but Maria, even though I probably could get you pregnant, I have no intention of ever doing that.

Hang on a sec, I'll explain. I'm not willing to even try to because I'm not sure if you really get what it would mean for your body, the fact that alien pregnancies only last four to six weeks.

Isabel tolerated it, only because she's a human-alien hybrid, but Maria you are fully human. An accelerated pregnancy like that would most probably kill you. I'll never be willing to knowingly risk that.

If that ever happened, then, not only would I not have a child to show for it, I wouldn't have you anymore, either and I can't even handle imagining you hurt, never mind the reality of you dying.

So to answer your question, no, you and I will not be having children together. Not now, not ever. I'm sorry if that answer hurts you. You know I hate hurting you, for any reason."

Maria started to quietly sob and she clung to Michael, as she tried to voice her thoughts, "Now, I think I understand better why you got so mad, when I forgot to tell you I wasn't on the pill, anymore. I had just thought you were freaked out about potentially being a Dad too young or something.

But even now that I understand your reasons, Michael, your answer still really hurts. I feel so heartbroken. It's not fair. You give me so much and you have this heart's desire that I can never grant to you, because you won't let me and oh my God, Michael, it hurts! It hurts so much!

Ever since Lex was born, I've been imagining what our baby might be like and I know I shouldn't have gone there, but it's too late. I already did and now I have to like mentally erase our imaginary baby and it feels like a loss. A real one. Maybe you shouldn't even be with me. Maybe you should just do like that book says and be with Isabel. Then at least you could be a Dad."

Michael tightened his embrace and he declared fiercely, "I don't want to be with Isabel. I want to be with you. If I can't have kids with you, then so be it, I can still be happier with you, than I would ever be having kids with someone who I'm not in love with. I choose you, Maria. Always. Period. "

Maria clung to him and declared just as fiercely, "I choose you, too, spaceboy."

Michael let out a long audible breath and kissed Maria on the lips briefly as he admitted, "I want you to know that I'd never choose to have a kid with Isabel, not even, you know, like in a petri dish or something because I couldn't do that to you.

No matter how much you might support my desire to be a Dad, I think it would hurt you too much to watch anyone else give me what you can't, or rather what I won't let you even try to give me. I'll never do that to you, Maria. All of me, right down to my very last sperm cell, belongs to you and only you."

Maria sniffle laughed and said, "That's kind of romantic. I love you, Michael."

Michael scoffed, "I don't do romantic but I do love you, too. Are you okay, angel?"

Maria shook her head and admitted, "No, not really, but I will be. It will just take me some time to accept this new information. No kids for us. I'm gonna be sad about that for a while but I will come to terms with it, eventually, I promise. You know what would really help me to at least not dwell on it, right now?"

Michael's threatening smirk was evident in his voice, "I have my suspicions. Lay it on me, though. What will help?"

Maria caressed his face with both hands, gently kissed him on the lips and then answered, "Remind me how blessed we are that we can make love anytime day or night without any thought of three a.m. feedings, or I had a bad dream interruptions, or middle of the day needs or early risers demanding breakfast to contend with. It's just you and me and that will always be amazing, right?"

Michael smiled appreciatively and he agreed as he rolled her onto her back and positioned himself on top of her, "Well, when you put it like that, absolutely. Would you like that reminder, right now?"

Maria wrapped her arms and legs around him and nodded, answering against his mouth as she kissed him, "Yes, please, spaceboy. Now would be perfect. It always is with you."

Michael flirted suggestively, "Plus you know there's that thing we're supposed to figure out together. Using my powers to somehow make our sex life even better?"

Maria smirked and commended, "And just like that I forget what we were talking about a minute ago. Nicely done, spaceboy!"

Michael hastly sheathed his erection with a condom and enthusiastically began their third round, enhanced with a side order of experimentation with his powers.


Kyle and Isabel smirked at each other over morning coffee and Isabel joked, "Like clockwork, right? All the way down in the basement, plus sound dampening treatment and we still wouldn't need an alarm clock! If I wasn't already up because of Lex, I mean."

Kyle quipped, "Rather wake up to the Lex alarm, all day, everyday, than to this."

Isabel asked cautiously, "Did he wake you up, this morning?"

Kyle lied with a gentle smile, "Nah. My alarm woke me up."

Liz and Max joined them with their own coffees and mumbled morning greetings. It was clear that Liz and Max could hear what was happening in the basement but they didn't verbally acknowledge it.

Liz gave Lex her finger to grasp in his fist and she jiggled his bouncy seat atop the island counter as she greeted, "Good morning, Mr. Sunshine! Such a handsome boy and so good for your Mommy, aren't you?,

"I hardly ever even hear him cry, Isabel. He's like the happiest baby I've ever met. You've got this Mommy thing in the bag!"

Isabel scoffed, "Oh, it isn't all on me! When would he get a chance to cry? He's like two feet from me when we are in our room and he gets constant attention and affection from you guys, the rest of the time! He's got nothing to cry about except if he's hungry or needs to be changed and that gets dealt with, within seconds of the first sound usually."

Liz asked in concern, "Are we overstepping?"

Isabel hastily refuted, "No, not at all! I can't imagine doing this Mommy thing without you guys! It's been great for me and for him, too, obviously! He is a very happy baby and he knows he is loved."

The sound of the doorbell made all of them freeze and exchange looks. Kyle waited until Liz, Isabel and Lex were out of sight and then he answered the door with Max nearby but hidden.

Kyle asked cautiously as he greeted the man in coveralls, "Yes? Can I help you?"

The man answered as though bored, "Routine building inspection."

Kyle refuted, "I just talked to the landlord yesterday. He never mentioned it?"

The man insisted, "That ain't my problem. I have a job to do. Step aside and let me do it."

Max flanked Kyle then and declined, "I don't think so. I don't know who you are but-"

The man took a step back and exclaimed, "Max?! What the hell are you doing in Oregon?"

Max narrowed his gaze and readied his hand to shield he and Kyle, just in case, as he asked, "How do you know my name? Who are you?"

The man sighed and answered in annoyance, "It's me, Max. Kal Langley."

Max challenged him, skeptically, "Prove it."

The man looked him in the eye and stated, "I'll hate you until my dying breath for ruining my life and making me shift that day, for what turned out to be, absolutely nothing."

Max winced but demanded, "If that's true, then what are you doing here? Let me rephrase. Tell me what you are doing here."

Kal answered tersely, "I'm here to protect the newest arrival. Are you going to let me in?"

Max and Kyle stood aside to let him in. Max demanded in curiosity, "Tell me how you knew about Lex. You seemed surprised to see me."

Kal answered, "I detected the presence of an unfamiliar hybrid and had no choice but to seek it out. I did not expect to find you in it's company, in Oregon. So where is it?"

Isabel appeared then with Lex in her arms and answered, "He, not it, is right here."

Kal blinked at her and asked, "Where?"

Max supplied, "In her arms, Kal. His name is Lex."

Kal scoffed, "Very funny. That is an infant. The new ones are generally upwardly mobile and can communicate. Hybrids don't hatch as infants."

Isabel said irritably, "My son did not hatch! I gave birth to him!"

Kal scoffed again, "Impossible. You and Michael won't be ready to breed for another three years, yet."

Isabel exclaimed, "First of all eww, gross and second of all, Michael isn't Lex's father."

Kal looked perplexed and he processed aloud, "Well, surely it's not Max's, so it has to be Michael's. Or perhaps Rath's. Genetically identical and interchangeable, in theory."

Isabel reacted, "Okay, triple gross! My husband Jesse Ramirez is the father, thank-you very much!"

Michael and Maria joined them, making it obvious they'd been eavesdropping. Kal didn't notice and he again refuted Isabel's claim, "That is definitely not possible. The royal four can only breed with their intended mates, or the copies of their intended mates."

Michael chimed in argumentatively, "Guess you've never watched Jurassic Park or you'd already know that life finds a way."

Kal startled and turned to look at Michael. He became visibly flustered as he noticed Maria and he averted his gaze from her.

Max noticed and demanded, "Tell me what problem you have with Maria."

Kal answered cryptically, "Those eyes are out of context. It wasn't supposed to be like this. Everything is going wrong. It's utter chaos. None of this is in my job description. I have to go. I'll be in touch. Stay put for your own safety."

Max halted him, "Kal! Choose a password phrase, to avoid recognition problems the next time we see you."

Kal looked at him, with unbridled hatred, as he said tersely, "Lemons took fifty years.", and then he was gone.

Michael objected, "Why didn't you make him explain that crap he said about Maria, Maxwell?"

Max shrugged and confessed, "I don't like the guy and I just didn't feel like detaining him and grilling him, only to get more questions than answers. He's good at that. He'll be back. We can try to get more out of him then, but I gotta tell you, Michael, I'm not holding out hope that he'll be any more forthcoming."

Michael sighed in exasperation, kissed Maria's cheek and announced, "Whatever, Maxwell. I'm gonna go crash now. Later.,

"'Night, angel. Love you."

Maria smiled and said back, "Love you, too, spaceboy. Have a good sleep! I'll wake you up-"

Michael interrupted her to supply, "Whenever you want? Yeah, I know. I'm good with that."

Maria didn't refute his prediction and just smiled proudly, as he bounded down the stairs out of sight.

Once Michael was gone, she turned to Isabel who was already holding Lex out to her. Maria grinned and said appreciatively, as she accepted Lex from her, "It's so great to be with people who understand me!,

"Good morning Auntie Maria's sweet precious boy! Did you grow overnight? I think you did! Gotta kiss those cheeks, oh yes I do! You are the best baby ever!"

Liz commented quietly, "And apparently hybrid blooded like Max, Isabel, Ava, and Michael, or Kal wouldn't have shown up. No microscope needed."

Isabel looked stricken suddenly and she lamented, "Jesse will just use this as one more reason to keep his son at a distance."

Kyle hastily tried to console her, "His loss. Lex is awesome! Maybe in time, Jesse will come around. Family is family. If he doesn't, you and Lex still have all of us. Hopefully our acceptance and presence in his life can counter balance his father's indifferent absence, in some small way."

Though nobody argued with him, their exchanged looks made it clear that they all knew better; when Lex was old enough to understand, nothing would stop him from feeling the pain of his father's rejection.

TBC ...
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Re: Finding Something Better by Fidomom (AU,M/M,TEEN/ADULT) Ch1-7/? - 10/07/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 5:49 pm

Isabel's little Lex couldn't have any more attention anywhere.
All of the women, especially Liz are getting baby fever. I know Max thinks about Zan, but he shouldn't shut Liz out completely.
It's a nice touch having Ava along on this adventure! I like her,
And who arrives but Kal.
Can't wait for more,

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