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Control (AU without A, M/L, Mature) Chapter One 02/26/21

Posted: Sun Jul 19, 2020 4:07 pm
by Stefuh
Title : Control
Category : Alien Abyss (angst), AU without Aliens.
Rating : Mature
Pairing : M/L
Disclaimer : I do not own Roswell nor the characters, those belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN.
Summary : Liz has finally landed the part she was waiting for, but with it, she'll discover that her life in Los Angeles won't be as perfect as she had previously hoped...
Trigger Warning : Eating Disorder, Anorexia, Bulimia, Self-Loathing... Depression maybe.
A/N : English isn't my first language and Control is my first Roswell story, so please be nice! I don't have a beta, so if anyone notices any error, you can tell me! :) The prologue is short, but the chapters will be longer.



Liz dry-heaved one last time into the toilet bowl and then froze as she opened her eyes... Her respiration started to grow shallow as an anxiety attack seized her small body.


There had never been blood before.

Feeling the tears slid down her face both from the vomiting and the anxiety, she quickly flushed down the spoilt water, wishing the guilt to go away with it, as she got to her feet, trembling.

At the same time, the door from the ladies' bathroom opened, and Liz closed her eyes, making herself feel smaller in the stall, hoping no one had heard her, or that it wasn't Maria, Sofia or even Max...

She let a sigh of relief passed her lips as she heard a costumer or employee from the burger joint enter the stall next to her. She quickly opened the door before she made her way to the sink, rinsing her mouth and splashing some water on her face, hoping it would erase the tears along with her sullen expression.

The fake smile she put on didn't reach the brunette's eyes, but she knew that she would be able to rectify it back in front of the cameras after lunch break. Liz popped a mint into her month, sucking on it as the fresh taste invaded her mouth.

She couldn't let the sight of the blood worry her, not now... She had to get back to work, back to pretending everything was fine.

Re: Control (AU without A, M/L, Mature) Prologue 07/19/20

Posted: Mon Jul 20, 2020 8:08 am
by keepsmiling7
Can't wait to see where this goes.....
Thanks for bringing us a new story!

Re: Control (AU without A, M/L, Mature) Chapter One 02/26/21

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 3:54 pm
by Stefuh
Thank you keepsmiling7 for reading! :) I'm truly sorry that it took me so long to write the first chapter, a lot of things happened after I put up the prologue... I promise I'll post the next chapter sooner!

Chapter One


"I want to be an actress."

Nancy blinked as her nine year old daughter appeared in the kitchen in her pink nightgown covered with small white bunnies.

"Aren't you supposed to be in bed, miss Parker?"

"I'm serious, mom, we need to find if anyone is recruiting for a nine year old girl!"

Liz's mom let go of the papers she was looking at as she posed her reading glasses on the table next to her cup of tea.

"Where is this coming from? I thought you wanted to study in science."

At an early age, her daughter had spoken about going to Harvard to study biology and science. Liz's parents had no idea where she had picked that idea from, since they were the owner of a Café, but had guessed a teacher must have impressed her at school.

"Maria is already doing singing contests and she is my age-"

Nancy frowned, "Isn't Maria your new friend at school?"

"Yes, and she has such a beautiful voice! I want to act in movies where she'll sing the theme song!"

The mother sighed, finally understanding where her daughter was coming from. "Liz... I know you won't believe me, but this is just a phase you're going through. Since you're seeing your friend Maria trying to be a star, you want to do the same."

"But mom, I really want to act, I'm sure I'd be good at it, I can make myself cry on command and I have a really good memory to remember the script!" said the nine years old, smiling.

Nancy smiled at her little girl, her eyes were so huge in excitement. "I'll tell you what... If on your 10th birthday, you still want to act, we'll search for an audition."

"But that's in ten months!"

"That's all I can do for you... Now go back to bed, you have school tomorrow."

And with her lip pouting, Liz did as she was told.



Liz screamed in pure joy after she hung up the phone, jumping up and down as her best friend, Maria, did the same next to her.

"You got it? You got the part?"

"Yes! My own TV show, can you believe it?"

The young girl, now seventeen years old, had managed to wait until her ten year old birthday before she began taking acting classes. Her mom had see that it hadn't just been a phase after all and that her baby girl truly wanted to be an actress, so she had made sure that Liz wouldn't regret her choice.

"You just need to promise me one thing... Even if you become a big star tomorrow, I want you to still go to school and study hard. You're a bright young girl, and I know you'll go far in life, as an actress or as a scientist... but you need a plan B in case Hollywood isn't for you."

Liz smiled, school had never been a problem for her, and she was certain she could juggle both acting and schoolwork.

"I promise, mom."

She had had difficulties landing a role at first, but had managed to do commercials here and there, before an agency had recruited her at thirteen years old. Her manager, Sofia, had told her she could see potential in the young girl, and she had found a couple of roles for Liz to star in, mostly guest appearances on TV shows and TV movies... but last week, Liz had auditioned for the lead role in a new comedy series, which would tell the story of Jessica, a fifteen years old who had to move in with her aunt, uncle and cousin in Florida after her parents had to move away for work.

It sounded cliché, but Liz couldn't care at all.

"And guess what?" Liz added, after she had stopped jumping. "They don't have a theme song yet!"

"Oh my God! Are you going to recommend me to Sofia?"

"Of course I will, you're my best friend, Ria, how long have we waited for this moment?"

And as a shrill escaped Maria's lips once more, Maria's mother appeared in Liz's bedroom, frowning. "Girls! What is all this screaming so early in the morning?"

"Liz scored Sunkissed!!"

Amy screamed as well, joining her daughter and Liz in the jumping up and down.

As Liz had began to have more and more roles on the small screen, Nancy and Jeff had agreed that it would be best for their daughter if she moved near Hollywood, after all, if she wanted to make the auditions, the six hour flight between Roswelll and Los Angeles could be done, but it had it's restrictions. Since Liz's parents couldn't leave the CrashDown Café, Amy had suggested that she come live with her and Maria in LA. Liz would have the same personal tutor as Maria so they could both finish High School (with, Nancy hoped, honor for Liz) in a prestigious school in Beverly Hills, and Amy could supervise Liz so her parents wouldn't be worried.

At first, it had took a lot of convincing on Nancy's part, but she had finally agreed, Liz was over the moon at the thought that she would be living in Los Angeles and under the same rooftop as her best friend.

"Have you told you parents yet?" Asked Amy, and Liz shook her head. "Better tell them the good news in person! How about a trip to Roswell this weekend?" She frowned, "When are you due on set?"

"Next week, but Sofia is going to send me the script for the first episode right away."

"Wonderful! Maria will be able to help you with your lines."

"Oh and, Amy? Maria will totally sing the opening song for Sunkissed, I promise you we'll make it happen."

Amy smiled at her daughter and her friend, before she hugged them close to her.

"I'm proud of you, both of you. I can't wait to see where this new adventure will lead us! Now, hurry and go pack, as soon as Sofia delivers you the script and the info on the show, we're out of here!"


Sofia had made her appearance twenty minutes later, so the trio had departed thirty minutes after. Liz couldn't help but flip through the script to see how many lines she had, the audition had only covered two scenes and she was certain there would be changes made at the last minute. A shiver ran down her spine and she smiled, turning toward Maria.

"Sofia said you should send a demo tape of the theme song, she left a demo they already had for another TV show, they want something similar."

"I'll listen to it tonight! Oh, Liz, I can't wait to meet the other actors, especially Isabel Evans, God, can you believe such a popular actress will play beside you?"

Liz squinted her eyes, trying to remember who she was. "I don't think I know her..."

Maria gaped at her best friend, taking the script out of her hands and turning toward the first page which listed the cast and crew. "She's going to play your cousin, Heather, how can you not know who she is, she's this tall, blonde, up and coming actress-"

The young woman continued to talk, but Liz stopped listening after "tall" and "blonde"... She had to become a better actress than this girl, otherwise, the attention of the audience would surely be on miss Evans and not her. Liz shook her head, she knew it was wrong to think that way, but it was her first leading role and she wanted to make sure the producer wouldn't want to decide to focus on Heather instead of Liz's role, Jessica.

"I'm going to learn my lines so well, I'll impress them." murmured Liz as she took the script back of Maria's hands, studying the first page, trying to process how she'll play the role.

They must have loved what she had done at the audition, but this was just a small part of Jessica's personality, Liz had to flesh her out, giver her life, and be sure that she wouldn't be two dimensional. Even if the script turned toward this direction, Liz promised herself that should asked to make changes if she could.

"You look so serious," Maria said, smiling at her best friend before she took Liz's hand in her. "I'm really proud of you, Liz. We'll look back at this moment later in life, remembering how happy and excited we were at our beginning."

Liz smiled brightly, forgetting everything about Isabel Evans. "True, it's time to realize our dreams, Maria."


The young woman was so happy to be standing in front of her parent's café. She hadn't been in Roswell in a couple of months and she missed both her parents and their workplace, she had so much childhood memories here. It was evening time and it looked like it was a slow night at the CrashDown as she made her way in, followed by Maria - they both knew that the Parkers would agree to let her stay with their daughter for the weekend, and Amy had told them that she would be back tomorrow morning to have a chat with Nancy and Jeff. As Liz saw her dad behind the counter, counting the money in the cash register, her eyes swelled with tears as she knew that her parents would be proud that she finally had found a leading part. As they entered, Jeff looked up from the register and his eyes widened at the sight of his daughter before a smile appeared on his face. "Liz!" He put the cash back in and went to the young woman, hugging her tightly. "What are you doing here?" He asked, before he said hello to Maria.

"Well... I have something to tell you, but I want mom to be there too!"

Seeing the joy in Liz's eyes, he nodded. "Alright, I'll go warn Carrie to take over for closing the café and we'll go see up to see your mother."

As Jeff made his way to the waitress, Liz turned to Maria. "I want us to listen to that demo tonight," she said to her best friend. "I'm inspired right now and I'm sure we can come up with the right lyrics for the song."

Maria felt a shiver of anticipation ran down her spine as she tried not to giggle, she was so happy to finally have the opportunity to sing a theme song! Of course, her dream was to go on tours and make CD that people would love to listen to, but it had been also a dream of her to work on a project with Liz.

"Yes! I'm inspired too."

"Alright, let's go." Jeff said and the two girls followed him into the apartment.

Liz first went to her bedroom with Maria so they could put their stuff in there while Jeff was going to search for his wife. After Nancy had hugged her daughter tightly and they had all sat in the living room, Liz finally delivered the news.

"I landed a leading part in a new TV show called SunKissed! We will start filming next week!"

Her mom gasped as Jeff got up and went to hug his daughter.

"Wow, Liz, that's amazing!" He announced and as Liz looked back to her mom, she saw that she had tears in her eyes as she looked proudly at her daughter.

"I always knew you could do it." Nancy said, before she went to sat on the couch with the rest of her family.

"Thanks, mom, thanks, dad..." Liz said. "And Maria will hopefully sing the song... We have to start right away and practice!" She announced, but her mom stopped her from getting up and sprinting to her room.

"After dinner, girls..." Nancy said and Liz reluctantly agreed.

She had missed her parents' cooking but she was too hyped right now to eat... but after all, the girls would be able to think more clearly with their stomachs full.

"Alright, mom, but after that, don't interrupt us, this is as important to me as it is for you that I succeed in school."

Nancy smiled, she couldn't agree more, but at the same time, she was beginning to think that acting was truly her daughter's calling and that she wouldn't really need her degree in biology after all. All that mattered to her was that Liz was happy with whatever she chose to do with her life.

Re: Control (AU without A, M/L, Mature) Chapter One 02/26/21

Posted: Fri Feb 26, 2021 8:25 pm
by keepsmiling7
Welcome back, I was hoping you'd come back and work on this story.
Nine year old Liz really did have big plans, along with her friend Maria.
It's always good to study hard in school just in case plan B is needed.
Lucky arrangement with Amy and Maria in LA.
Looking forward to more.