Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 14 04/30/20 p. 13

Post by SmileeUk » Fri May 08, 2020 7:08 pm

Welcome to our world, little Maxi or Lizzie or both!!
We can’t wait to meet you :D :D
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Post by max and liz believer » Thu May 28, 2020 2:19 pm

Hi everyone!

I really didn't plan for this update to be postponed like this. Especially since it was edited along with the two previous chapters and I just had to post it. But alas, there was not even time to make this post… But here it is! Sorry about the wait :oops:

keepsmiling7 - Thank you for the feedback!

Michelle17 - Thank you for the feedback!

Stefuh - Girl… Wow. Thank you. Again.
I am sad that I'm finally caught up with this story because it means that I will have to wait to read more! :(
Yeah, I know that feeling. I'll try to be quicker at updating though, so all of you won't have to wait so long for updates.
Sorry it took me so long to read it all!
Well, at least then I had time to sort my life out and return to the board :roll:
You're my favorite Roswell Author and I guess I'm going to have to read your older stories instead!! <3
Thank you :oops: :oops: :oops: That's really… Thank you.

Even though they weren’t planning the pregnancy and they are both scared, they both want and will protect their baby. I wonder if the baby will increase their power even more...
Interesting thought… 8) Thank you so much for the feedback!

Welcome to our world, little Maxi or Lizzie or both!!
We can’t wait to meet you :D :D
Well, here she is… Thank you for the feedback :D


How could I already be worrying about this little creature inside of me, when I hadn’t known of its existence until just a few moments ago?

“How are we going to be able to protect a baby?” I whispered, biting my bottom lip. I was thinking of how valuable that child would be to not only Max and I, but the whole alien community. The first child being ‘made’ by two parims.

Would they let us keep the baby? My thought might be ridiculous (because I would never give away my baby), but it came so quickly and instinctively that my rational mind couldn’t stop it.

He put his arms around my upper body and pulled me into a hug. His breath was hot in my ear as he told me fiercely, “I will not let anyone touch a hair on our baby’s head without our permission and
no one is taking our baby, okay? No one.”

I sniffled and nodded against his shoulder, the tears coming without stop now. I fisted his shirt in my hands. Tightly. I hadn’t felt that feeling of hopelessness for many years now. Of not being in control of my own life. But it resettled into my body now like a longtime enemy.



June, 2027

Her hand was so small in mine. I looked down at our hands, at how her small fingers barely reached to curl around the edge of my palm. My hands were small, but hers were tiny.

She had always rejected holding our hands. As though she felt restrained by it. Like she wanted to walk on her own, not hindered by our speed or our direction.

But she was holding my hand now. Without me having asked for it. She had slipped it into mine as soon as we had exited the car.

We were pretty convinced that she was not part of our connection, that she could not engage in our thoughts, but sometimes I wondered. Sometimes she seemed to have a sixth sense. Sometimes she seemed to know what was about to happen.

Max locked the car and came to stand next to us. He glanced down at her hand in mine before looking up and meeting my eyes.

His thought was grave when he told me, Let’s go inside.

I nodded and squeezed my daughter’s hand while looking down at her. She looked up at me. Large dark brown somber eyes. She had picked out a pink bow for her mahogany colored hair this morning and it was still neatly in place on the side of her head. The bows usually remained for a maximum of 40 minutes in her hair before they fell off due to her playing. But not today. It had been on for several hours.

“Grandpa will be there,” I told her, as a means of encouragement. She loved her grandfather.

“And Papa too,” Max filled in, softly.

Our daughter, dressed up in a white cotton dress, reached for her father’s hand without a word. I felt Max’s heart squeeze. Felt his throat close up.

What did she know?

We had waited to see if our daughter, the daughter of two parims, would display any powers, but at the age of 4, nothing had yet happened. She seemed to be a regular kid. A child with a lot of energy, curiosity, ambition and initiative, but nothing out of the ordinary. No extraordinary powers to speak of. Which, to be frank, was a bit odd.

When Willa kept uncharacteristically quiet, I nodded to Max and we commenced the short walk across the graveled driveway to the front door.

It was Isabel who opened. I hadn’t seen her for years.

I lost my momentum, lost my words, as I took in the changes in her. The short hair, colored red. The large loops in her ears. The yellow sundress that enhanced her female curves.

“Iz. Hi,” Max said next to me and pulled his twin sister into a hug. “I had no idea you would be here today.”

They spoke almost daily on the phone. Their contact was not broken. But the physical miles between had without doubt affected their close relationship.

“I’m glad to see you too,” Isabel said, her voice muffled by the tightness of the hug. She took a step out of the hug and looked at her brother in fondness for a second before turning to me. “Lizzie.”

“Hey,” I said, still a bit flabbergasted. And a bit worried. If Isabel had come here all the way from Paris, this was more than just an update meeting.

Her body was warm and inviting when she pulled me into a hug and I relaxed for a second. She had the same aura of safety around her that Max had. The power to make me feel protected. Out of nowhere, her yoga lessons came to mind. We had been close then, working with both our bodies and our minds.

She pulled back with a smile, her eyes trailing down my front. I had a moment of confusion before I realized that she somehow knew. Because I was pretty sure Max hadn’t told her anything.

But she didn’t say anything, only shifting her eyes to Willa, who was partly hidden behind my leg.

“Willa,” I told her. “This is your aunt Isabel. You recognize her? You have spoken to her on the computer.”

Willa didn’t say anything. But she didn’t move to hide even further, instead peering curiously at her aunt.

“Hi, Willa,” Isabel smiled at her warmly. “You were just a baby when I saw you last.”

Willa nodded. As though she could remember. Which she obviously didn’t.

“She needs some time to warm up to people,” Max jumped in, pointing behind Isabel, “Should we go inside?”

Isabel stepped to the side. “Of course. Everyone’s here.”

My heart skipped a beat at the implication. Philip Evans had invited us for a meeting. We had meetings on a regular basis, although they had become more infrequent the past two years. But at previous meetings, Willa had not reacted the way she was today. She had been a whirlwind of energy and smiles, running around and constantly interrupting the meeting. I had a feeling she wouldn’t be doing that today.

I was automatically searching the room for him. For Alex. Wishing that he was there. Wishing that he had not stayed behind in Paris.

When Isabel and Alex had become an item, and about a year later revealed that they were temporarily moving to France, Philip and George had been fine with my protector moving to another continent. The alien societal instability and the threat of the mayor had simmered down and they reckoned that with my practice of the connection and having Max by my side, I was sufficiently protected without my assigned protector.

So they had packed up their bags and left.

Alex and I had kept in touch, but life had been hectic after Willa was born and our calls had become more infrequent. Lately, my updates about Alex came mostly through Max after he had spoken to Isabel.

“He’s in the kitchen,” Isabel said as she passed by me on her way towards the living room.

I smiled, turning my head to thank her, but she was already several feet away, giving me a knowing smile over her shoulder.

Willa followed, her hand in mine, as I walked towards the kitchen. And there he was. With Maria. They turned in unison at my approach, as if they had heard our quiet steps.

Alex gave me the biggest smile and my heart cramped for a second. Right then, I realized how much I had missed him. How much I missed not having him in my day to day life.

“There she is,” Alex announced, opening his arms wide in invitation. “Come to daddy.”

Maria elbowed him in reprimand at his inappropriate wording, “Hey,” nodding towards my daughter. But my smile was already threatening to stretch my face to a maximum and I did just as he had instructed.

He smelled the same. His hug was just as warm as it used to be. But her squeeze of my hand reminded me that I was not a high school student, oblivious of aliens, hugging one of my best friends, any longer. Pulling out of the hug, I looked down at Willa and then up at Alex. “You remember my daughter?”

He rolled his eyes. “Silly. Of course.” Hunching down in front of Willa, he said softly, “Hi, Willa. You probably don’t remember me, but we have met before. When you were mostly sleeping, pooping and eating.”

I rolled my eyes and gave a short laugh. Willa stepped behind my leg. I frowned. Yes, she was usually shy, but not this much.

“She needs some time,” I said. “She’ll be talking our heads off in no time.”

Alex smiled warmly, not letting Willa go with his eyes. “She looks so much like you, Liz.”

I grimaced. “You think? I only see Max.”

“She’s the perfect blend,” Maria interjected.

“She looked more like Max when she was younger,” Alex said slowly, tracing my daughter’s quiet face. “But she’s looking more and more like you.”

“Hello, Willa,” a deep man’s voice said behind me.

Willa came to life. Slightly. But she didn’t let go of my hand. I looked over my shoulder at Willa’s approaching grandfather. Willa had stolen Philip Evans’ heart when he first laid his eyes on her.

I squeezed her hand, shaking the hold in encouragement, “Go give your grandpa a hug.”

But she wouldn’t. She stood rooted next to me.

An ice cold shiver raced up my spine and I turned to face Mr. Evans more fully. Giving him an apologetic smile, I said, “Hi.”

But Mr. Evans was not paying me much heed, instead focusing on his granddaughter. He got down on one knee, opening his arms, “Give me a hug, Willa.”

With a pause, she slowly released my hand and equally slowly moved towards her grandfather to give him a hug.

“Is she okay?” Maria asked next to me.

Worry had started to gnaw on my heart. Was she sick? Maybe she was running a fever. But she didn’t feel hot.

“No,” I answered.

I felt Maria’s questioning eyes on the side of my face and saw her mouth open to, probably, ask some follow-up questions, but was interrupted by Mr. Evans getting to his feet, taking Willa’s hand and guiding her towards the living room, telling us over the shoulder, “Let’s get started.”

The blood was rushing in my head. I hadn’t felt like this in ages. Anxiety. Concern. Confusion. Outright fear.

“Elizabeth,” a warm voice announced behind me as I crossed the hallway towards the living room. I smiled at George Evans, Max’s grandfather, as he strode towards me. He had more or less become like a grandfather to me as well in the years that I had known him. It was impossible to not feel that way about him. He was warm and caring, attentive and intuitive. You never felt alone in his company

“Hi, George,” I said, accepting his greeting hug. “How are you?”

He smiled. Not politely. But with that genuine warmth that was almost uniquely him. “Oh, I’m fine. Chugging along.”

His answer was standard, though. So standard that it made me relax some in my momentary anxiety. Maybe I was making things up in my mind. This was probably just a regular meeting. Alex and Isabel were probably just home on a visit. And Willa might have just caught some bug or was just not feeling herself today. Maybe everything was really okay.

“Take a seat, everyone,” Mr. Evans instructed, picked Willa up to place her on his lap. But Willa caught sight of her Papa George and immediately climbed off Mr. Evans knee and ran up to George.

I saw the brief darkness in Mr. Evans’ eyes. He had never liked competing with his father, and when it concerned his granddaughter, there was distinct jealousy involved.

Willa took a seat on George’s lap instead and I sank down on the sofa next to Max. His hand stroke the length of my thigh in question, his mind asking, You okay?

I shook my head scanning the group of people in the living room, my eyes stopping at Willa. Willa, who normally would run around, unable to sit still for more than a minute, now seated still as a statue on George’s lap.

Something’s wrong with Willa.

I saw his nod at the corner of my eye. I feel it too.

Is it just because Alex and Isabel are here? Is she only shy?

But she’s seen them on the computer. We talk about them all the time. She’s even spoken to them on the phone.

I swallowed. I know. I didn’t make sense. Something was very off.

“Okay, let’s get started,” Mr. Evans announced. “I’ll get right to the point.”

I almost rolled my eyes at this. Of course. No beating around the bush when it came to Mr. Evans. No introducing pleasantries or announcements of how nice it was that we were all together again under the same roof.

“There have been several sightings of the mayor.”

My heart froze. It might have stopped beating for a second.

This was it. This was what we had been waiting for ever since Max and I had killed Command.

I looked at my daughter and I automatically placed my hand on my lower abdomen, where our second child was growing.

We had been young that last time we had been part of an alien war. We had seen things no one should see. Not at our age, not at any age. But at least we were not parents then. We did not have anyone’s life depend on us. What would happen were we to die this time around? What would happen to our children? Would they go after Willa next? Who would protect her?

Tears welled up in my eyes at the thought. At the realization that Willa might become an orphan in a close future. That I might not see her grow up. Tuck her in at night. Help her with her homework. Talk to her about boys. Watch her fall in love. Be at her wedding. Meet her children. That Willa would not have her parents growing up.

I was barely aware of Max squeezing my hand, of his own sorrow echoing mine. I was not aware of much outside of my own fears and the ice cold grip around my heart. Until Maria whispered, “Are you okay?”

A sob got stuck in my throat as I jumped at her voice. Nodding quickly, blinking rapidly to remove any tears, I tried to force a smile on my lips. But my whispered answer was broken and told the questioner that my answer was a straight out lie, “Yeah. Yes.” I mustered up the courage to turn and look at her, adding quietly with a weak smile, “Thank you.”

I rather quickly turned my face away, knowing that she could see straight through me. No one seemed to have noticed our interaction. Tuning into the meeting, Mr. Evans seemed to be going through different events at where the mayor had been sighted. I hadn’t even realized that he had continued to talk. My own world had been paused while everything else around me had continued at full speed.

“What does all of this mean?” Isabel asked when Mr. Evans stopped talking. “Are we under attack? Should we prepare ourselves for war?”

“Should we move back to the US?” Alex interjected, his hand resting on Isabel’s knee.

The sight of Alex and Isabel being so…together made me sad. Under other circumstances, it certainly would not have given me that feeling, but right then the sight of them being a couple only emphasized how much everyone had to lose were we to go into another war.

“Yes,” a gruff voice answered from the far side of the room.

I knew very well that it was Michael, but I still looked at him. We all did. Maria tensed next to me. Their history as a couple had been nothing short of a rollercoaster. Right now, they were not a couple. They had broken up - for the fifth time, I think - about a month ago. Since then, Michael had not been very social.

I had not even seen him arrive. Had he been hiding behind the curtains like some weirdo?

“We should all be within a reasonable radius, yes,” Mr. Evans agreed.

“Do we know how many troops he has?” Max asked.

I looked back at Mr. Evans, awaiting his answer, while all this time keeping an eye on my daughter. She had not made a sound. Had barely moved a muscle. It was almost eerie. Kicking my maternal instinct into high gear and itching to take her away from here. To make her herself again. To protect her from all of this.

“We estimate around 100,” Mr. Evans answered. “But it could be 200 or 500.”

I frowned. “Why the large variance?”

“We suspect he might have gathered men from Antar,” George replied and my heart dropped into my stomach.


“Is that where he’s been hiding?” Maria asked. “That’s why you couldn’t keep track of him?”

“That’s our suspicion, yes,” Mr. Evans confirmed.

The mayor had recruited pure aliens from Antar. Who had no feelings for Earthlings at all. Who probably did not even know our languages. Who would probably just go for the kill. No questions asked.

“I presume you need Liz and I in direct combat?” Max asked. His voice was harsh and cold.

Mr. Evans had the courtesy to look at his granddaughter for a moment, as if his answer had direct implications for her. Turning back to us, he replied head on, “Yes.”

They need our connection. Again.

Sweat was breaking out along my hairline and without a word, I started to rise from my seat.

“Liz,” Max whispered, tugging on my hand, intending to hinder my intended departure.

“Liz?” George asked, voice worried, eyes bearing so much concern that I almost broke.

My body was shaking as I looked around the room, at each and every face there. “I can’t.” My voice shook. “I’m sorry, but I can’t fight for you again.”

“Elizabeth, we-“ Mr. Evans started, but I didn’t want to hear it.

“I can’t do that to Willa. There’s a very high risk that something might happen to me or to Max. I’m a mother now. I have my children to think about.”

“Our chances of defeating Eugene are greatly reduced without your connection,” Mr. Evans tried, his voice as firm as ever, not budging.

My hand was trembling as I placed my palm against my lower abdomen. Gathering my voice, I looked at him firmly and announced, “I’m pregnant. I can’t go to war. I can’t.”

I didn’t have any other option for them. I didn’t have an alternative solution. It was not my job to figure one out. All I knew was that I couldn’t do this. I couldn’t.

I reached my hand out for Willa. “Come, Willa. Let’s go and make some cocoa.”

The room was silent after my revelation. No one knew that we were expecting again. I had not even told Maria yet. Willa jumped off George’s knee and ran up to me, taking my hand firmly and looking up at me with warmth in those big eyes of her.

It instantly made me feel better. This was the right thing to do. My fight was no longer with the aliens. My fight was for my children. To protect them. To give them a safe home and a safe upbringing.

“What if the mayor wins?” Michael’s voice stopped me dead in the tracks. “Do you really think he will spare your children?”

Michael,” Maria hissed.

But before I could reply, before Max could get up from his seat to take his place next to me and our daughter in silent support, George spoke up. “There’s something else you should know.”

I closed my eyes for a second, willing my body to relax, before opening them to look straight at Willa. Squeezing her hand, I turned us towards George hoping that he had some good news. Maybe something that would support the decision I had just made. Maybe some back up on the fact that going into a war while pregnant was not a good thing.

“We have known of this for some time, but have not wanted to worry you,” George continued and my heart sank.

Of course. This was not going to be good news.

“What is it?” Max asked, rising from his seat.

“The day Willa was born, there were more babies born at the exact same time.”

I didn’t know how to react to that piece of information. Didn’t know which question to ask first.

“On the same day?” Max asked.

“Around the world, a total of eight children - including Willa - were born at 2.47 a.m. on the 10th of November 2022.”

I frowned. Eight children. Hundred of thousands of children were born each day. Surely some of them had to be born at the exact time. That was probably not something out of the ordinary.

“They were all children of gaeas, Antarians and suspected parims. Couples that previously had been experiencing difficulties conceiving.”

Okay. I licked my lips slowly. That piece of information was making this whole thing a lot weirder.

“So…” Isabel spoke up. “This means something, right? It couldn’t only be a coincidence.”

Mr. Evans shook his head. “Right, it can’t be.”

I heard Max’s thought in my head before he said it out loud. An explanation that threatened to break me apart.

“You think the children have a purpose. That they were born for a reason.” I felt the chill go through his body before he finished with, “You think they have a role in the fight against the mayor and his men.”

I put my arm around my daughter. My warm, living, and real daughter. My innocent and defenseless baby girl.

George’s eyes were on Willa as he answered, “Yes.”

Unbreakable (M/L, AU)
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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

Post by Stefuh » Thu May 28, 2020 7:57 pm

Oh God, this is so scary, do they really want to send eight children against the mayor and antarians? I know she's special, but she's still so young. I know Liz won't let them take Willa, but I'm still scared. :( For their unborn baby too. But that was a smart move from the mayor, going back to Antar. I'm really happy about Isabel and Alex too!

Can't wait to see how all this will unfold. Take your time on updating, I understand that life gets in the wait, I'll wait patiently. <3 :)
And that picture of baby Shiri is just soooo cute!! :D
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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu May 28, 2020 8:07 pm

It appears Max and Liz are the only two parims to have children.....
The meeting seems tense....something was wrong. The Mayor had been sighted with troops.....
So Max and Liz are to direct combat?
Liz is sad about this, and questioned what purpose the children had ?
Looking forward to more.

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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

Post by SmileeUk » Sun Jun 28, 2020 8:15 pm

Sorry :oops:
Just realised I forgot to leave my feedback :roll: :roll: :roll:

Like everyone else here I also wonder what the purpose of these children would be. Their combined power would probably be 4x M&L’s or more :!: :?: :!: :?:

Curious! Curious!! Curious!!!

Jo, please update soon :mrgreen:
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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

Post by SmileeUk » Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:28 pm

Hello Jo
Just wondering how you are. Hope all is well with you and the family!
We miss you a lot!!!
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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

Post by max and liz believer » Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:50 pm

SmileeUk wrote:
Fri Nov 06, 2020 2:28 pm
Hello Jo
Just wondering how you are. Hope all is well with you and the family!
We miss you a lot!!!

I'm so sorry for not being around. It's a lot going on in my personal life. We are trying to have another baby and it's not going so well, so it's taking a toll on me. As a consequence, I don't have much energy to write (even though I usually write the best when I'm miserable :roll: ) but I hope that will change soon. All is well otherwise. My family is staying healthy. How about you?

- Jo
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Re: Unbreakable - Surviving the Truth (AU M/L ADULT) Ch. 15 05/28/20 p. 14

Post by SmileeUk » Fri Nov 20, 2020 9:27 am

Hi Jo
So glad to hear you are ok and coping.
Sorry for not replying sooner. Been busy in new norm! Hopefully back to our usual routines sometimes next year!!
Do relax and you may be surprised when you least expect it!!! You are in my prayers.
All the best :wink:
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