Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) COMPLETE 5/5/17

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 116 4/8/17 p. 100

Postby max and liz believer » Thu Apr 13, 2017 10:39 am

Hi everyone!

My computer crashed yesterday. I have been expecting it to happen, it being an 8.5 years old laptop, but I was still a bit taken back when it actually happened. My brother is going to help me extract the hard drive on Sunday to see if anything is lost. Until then there won't be any updates.

Fortunately, the next two chapters have been sent to a friend of mine before this happened and can thus be retrieved, but I've made some changes since I sent them, so I want to wait and see if I need to rewrite some parts before updating.

A new computer has been ordered and will arrive after the Easter holidays. Then I'll be back in business.

Sorry about this, guys. For once I had actually written ahead and then this happens instead :(

Happy Easter!!

- Jo

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 4/13/17 p. 101

Postby Morning Dreamgirl » Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:51 pm

Yay for new computers! Boo for old ones crashing!

It's okay. I'll just cross fingers that it's all saved from the HD. And the fact that they're already written is still a good thing. That means you're finding your groove. Woohoo!

Bouncing around happily like an Easter bunny. :mrgreen:

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 4/13/17 p. 101

Postby SmileeUk » Fri Apr 14, 2017 7:29 pm

Oh No!! :shock: :shock: Computer crash :twisted: :twisted:
I hate it when it happens to me :twisted: Glad your next chapters are saved :) I can't wait to read more :wink:
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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) A/N 4/13/17 p. 101

Postby Natalie36 » Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:32 am

Happy Easter, Good luck with your computer. Hope you can save as much as you can

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So. I'm still without a computer and doing all of this on my iPhone; something that I'm really not used to or comfortable with (everything takes so much longer!). But my new computer probably won't arrive until on Thursday and then I need my brother's help to get organized, assistance I probably won't receive until this weekend.

Therefore, to avoid having you wait so long, I'm gonna attempt to do copy/paste-functions, reply to your feedback and post the next chapter. All on this small device in my hand :wink: :roll:

I hope you all had a great Easter!

Ashley (Morning Dreamgirl) - I'm so happy to hear that the previous update gave you a good start to the day :D

Thank you for the happy bumps and encouragement <3

Eve (begonia9508) - *laughs* The mental image of Jason Behr's body sure is nice :wink: Thank you for the feedback!

SmileeUk - More Michael and Maria is coming up in this next part :D Thank you so much for the feedback!

Carolyn (keepsmiling7) - Thank you so much for the feedback!

Natalie36 - Thank you :D And my hard drive is fine. The computer (the motherboard probably) is gone, but the hard drive is fine, which is a relief.


”Alex…” I warned, expecting disaster to strike.

But then Maria put a hand on Michael’s bicep and right where her hand touched Michael’s skin, his aura started changing. A beautiful green, just like the one surrounding Maria, blossomed in Michael’s aura at the point of contact and slowly spread throughout his whole aura.

Amazed, I observed his body language start to change according to the changes in his aura. He visibly relaxed, his body started to slump with the lack of annoyance, and the redness to his face cooled.

”They’re just trying to get a rise out of you,” Maria told him gently.

He gave her a soft look, reserved only for her, before he raised his eyes and glared at the rest of us.

”Shut the fuck up about Maria and I,” he warned, his voice so gruff and sour that it had the opposite effect of his intention.

Everyone started laughing. Even Maria. Eventually Michael kinda smiled too.




”You got me at the edge of my seat here, Ria.”

I really meant it, too. I was bursting with curiosity, feeling left out of the loop, not knowing if I should be happy or worried.

I was not sure about Michael. I had just started to accept him after he had rescued Maria from those men that had been trying to take her away and do whatever horrible things to her. But before that, and after, things had happened to jostle my already uncertain trust in him.

No, not jostle. Violently rattle.

Before Max had healed me and I had found out his double identity, Michael had intentionally tried to scare me. He had gone out of his way to seek me out in school and act creepy. After I had become a more self-evident fixture in Max’s life, Michael had at times acted downright mean towards me. He had been disrespectful and rough. Sometimes it left me wondering whether Michael might hurt me if Max wasn’t around.

I had hated how he had treated Max. How, as his protector, Michael’s allegiance had been with his superior. He had followed rules and orders, failing to show much loyalty towards Max.

Then there was how he had treated Maria. How she, in his eyes, had been merely a girl. A human girl. And how he, despite the fact that he had - uncharacteristically - rescued her, seemed to have wanted nothing to do with her. How she had seemed a nuisance to him. The way he had addressed her.

Then there was the time when he had almost killed her. When his intention had been to scare Max and I with a blast. That alone was disturbing. But to have injured my best friend because he couldn’t control his feelings, which might have killed her had Max not been a healer, did not sit well with me. Actually, I hadn’t trusted him much since. He never had a chance to fully redeem himself after that, to convince me to think differently, before we had been thrown into full-blown war.

Of course, Michael had seemed very affected by what he had done to Maria when that blast had hit him. It had given me some hope that there was a beating heart in him.

No, sorry. That was rough. But still, he was not the gentlest of persons. He was the kind that you might tell your best friend not to date because he seemed dangerous.

All of this was going through my mind as Maria sat in front of me on the bed, picking at burls in her oversized knitted blue sweater, while avoiding my eyes.

”Well,” she started, dragging the word out into a sigh.

Why was this so hard? I frowned. Everyone else seemed to know about it. Everyone had joked about it previously. About Michael and her being a couple.

”Just tell me, Ria,” I practically begged. I was crawling out of my skin.

There was a knock at the door.

Maria looked up, relief flashing across her face.

Saved by the bell, I thought tightly.

But I already knew who it was. I had felt him waking up a couple of minutes ago and it hadn’t taken him long to figure out where I was.

”Can I come in?” he asked from the other side of the door.

I’m talking to Maria, I told him mildly. So you’ll have to ask her if it’s okay.

Maria looked at me, questioningly.

I shrugged. ”It’s up to you.”

Max changed his request according to my mental direction. ”Maria? Can I come in?”

Maria looked both troubled and annoyed. Obviously, she was hesitant to tell the truth. Even to me. Telling it to both Max and I might just be too much.

I put my hand on her knee and squeezed it in comfort, while telling the closed door, ”We need some time alone,” helping Maria with her decision.

She looked immediately relieved, letting me know that I had done the right thing.

I need to see you. I need to give you a hug.

His mental request made my heart clench, his words firing up the longing in my body.

Feeling bad, I held my index finger up to Maria and said, ”Just one second.”

I caught her eye roll before I slid off the bed.

Inching the door open, I wasn’t fully prepared for the sight. I inhaled sharply, my heart fluttering.

”Hi,” he said slowly.

I was speechless. Had he always been that good looking? The glow of his skin, the curve of his mouth (I licked my lips), the perfection of those dark long eyelashes, how the edges of his fringe rested against his forehead, the sexy ruffle to the rest of his hair, the color of his skin brought out by the whiteness of his T-shirt.

”Did you sleep well?” he asked, a knowing smile lingering in the corners of his mouth.

He could see straight into my mind. And he was enjoying my reaction.

At this realization, I straightened while clearing my throat. ”Hi.”

The greeting did not come out as assertive as I wanted it to, but it would have to do. It didn’t help the shakiness of my body or lessen the sexiness of his that he chose that moment to lean forward and slowly brush his fingers down the side of my face. ”You look beautiful.”

”You-you too,” I stammered, hating myself for my lack of composure.

He didn’t tease me about it though. Instead he leaned further forward and pressed a gentle kiss to my lips. A kiss that left me longing for more. I found myself chasing after his lips when he leaned back to break the kiss. So he stepped forward with his whole body and gave me a proper kiss. The wood from the door frame jutted into my left cheek and the wood from the door jutted into my right while I kissed Max thoroughly, enjoying every millimeter of his lips.

My heart was pounding in my chest when he pulled back and I knew that it affected him too. I knew how weak his knees felt at the moment; I felt the uncontrolled wild flight of butterflies in his stomach, and the warmth in his cheeks.

”I slept very well, thank you,” I told him breathlessly.

”You fell asleep on the toilet,” he told me. His voice was soft but it was impossible to miss the teasing note.

”I figured as much,” I acknowledged and raised an eyebrow at him, ”And you drool in your sleep.”

Calmly, he shook his head, ”Nah. Must have been you. You were trying to steal my pillow.”

My mouth fell open in indignation. ”Nah-uh. I saw you drool. It was right around the time that your snores were sawing through my ear drums.”

He looked at me, amused, with a sexy half-smile. ”It would be very un-gentlemanly of me to tell you that you snore too.”

I raised my eyebrows. ”You just did.”

He shrugged causally. ”I guess I’m not a gentleman.”

Yes. Yes, you are, Max, I thought fondly. His eyes softened and he pretended to not have heard my thought, instead leaning forward to peck me on the cheek.

”I’ll let you get back to Maria now. Meet you downstairs after?”

A shadow passed in his eyes. I frowned. There was something bugging him. Had been for awhile. I had seen and felt it earlier when we had showered together. It had been camouflaged by the war, but with the situation calming down that nagging feeling was making itself known again. That he was hiding something from me. And I had a feeling that he was keeping information from me to protect me.

He knew what I was thinking, and I could almost hear him move from one line of thinking to the next to conceal it from me. With our more advanced connection, it was almost impossible to directly block information from each other, but if you didn’t think actively about something the other person had to know where to look to find that something. A skill I didn’t yet possess.

It felt ridiculous to pretend like I hadn’t noticed anything amiss when we both knew that I had, but it felt like the thing to do.

Thus, instead of initiating a long line of questioning with my best friend seated a couple of feet behind me, my line of action was to nod in response to his question and offer him a smile.

Our eyes lingered, me trying to read him, him trying to avoid being read, while I slowly closed the door between us.

”You’re hopeless, you know that?” Maria observed from her cross-legged position on the bed.

I brushed the uneasy feeling off and shrugged innocently. ”We just came back from the dead together, what do you expect?”

She pursed her lips in mock contemplation. ”True. You have a point.”

”So,” I took a seat opposite her on the bed, my body position mimicking hers so that our knees were almost touching. Taking a deep breath, I forcefully pushed the bad feeling about Max to the farthest parts of my mind. ”Where were we?” As if we didn’t know. Giving her a meaningful look I answered my own rhetorical question, ”Right. You and Michael. Go.”

”I really didn’t like him, okay,” Maria started, defending herself.

”Right,” I said, hoping that for once Maria was going to start at the beginning and tell the story from point A to point B instead of how she usually did it.

”But then they rushed in and took me and suddenly he was there-”

I guess going from A to B was not how she was planning to do this. I put my hands up to stop her. ”Whoa whoa. Time out. Go back. Start from the beginning.”

She frowned, annoyed, brushing her thick braid off her shoulder and scratching her eyebrow.

I placed my hand on her knee again and softened my voice, ”Start at the point when we went our separate ways, okay?”

Why did I get the feeling that she was about to tell me something horrible? That she had gone through something traumatic.

Forcefully, she blew a breath out through her mouth. ”Okay.”

But when she didn’t say anything else, I tried to guide her, get her going, by prompting, ”So you and dad left with that guy Williams.”

”Yeah,” Maria confirmed and added almost too casually, ”He’s dead now.”

I took a deep breath, shivers running up my spine. ”Okay.”

The alien man that had been sent to protect my father and Maria had been killed. How was it that my family was still alive?

She tucked some errant strands of her golden hair, which had escaped her braid, behind her ears and took one long calming breath. She had once tried to teach me how to meditate. It looked like she was about to apply that knowledge right now on herself. ”I’ll start from the beginning.”

I nodded, remaining quiet to not interrupt her.

She kept her gaze fixed on a point above my knee as she started talking, her voice even and calm. ”From what I could piece together, the plan was to not take us out of the tunnels. Williams seemed to be of the opinion that we were safer hiding there, since we would be closer to friends if anything were to happen.”

Closer to foes as well, I though grimly, but let her continue.

”So we hid in a lab of some kind. It smelled awful.” She scrunched her nose up at the memory, and normally I would have smiled at her for getting stuck on such a detail, but there was too much of a sinister tone to her tale for me to feel inclined towards humor. ”We hid in some old cold room. I have no idea what they used to store there, but it was not very clean. But I didn’t complain. It was pretty scary actually.”

She started picking at her sweater again. ”And there was this one light that was about to go out and it kept on blinking. It was like being inside a horror movie, just waiting for the monsters to find us. From time to time we could hear voices outside, screams, footsteps. But they all just passed. No one came inside.”

She paused, stilling her restless motions with her hands, and looked up at me. There was something distant in her eyes. It made me cold.

But before I had time to say anything, she continued, ”Well, someone did eventually come in.”

I swallowed. I knew that it was over, that her story was in past tense, that the events she was describing had already happened. I knew that she was unharmed and sitting in front of me. Nevertheless, I feared for her life right then.

I could visualize the room she was painting. Her descriptions blended with my own memories of the bathroom of my prison cell, where I had wished to die. They blended with the white tiles of the bathroom floor where my mother had bled, where her miscarried children had drawn their last breaths in puddles of drying blood.

Take a deep breath, Max told me, and I jumped at his voice. Of course he was there. He was listening to everything. His voice immediately calmed me down. You’re safe. Nothing can happen to you. Or Maria. You’re both safe.

I nodded, catching the fear in Maria’s eyes while I took a deep calming breath.

”What happened?” I asked, needing her to tell me. For her sake. She needed to talk about this. Just like I had the need to one day tell her everything. When she was strong enough to handle it.

”The man was all bloody. Limping. He came out of nowhere. He moved so quickly into the lab and further into the cold room - like he knew that we were there - that I think he took Williams by surprise. He took us all by surprise.”

She interlaced her fingers, wringing her hands, her gaze roving restlessly. ”Williams never had a chance. The man shot his head off.”

She shuddered, a large tear rolling down her cheek and swallowed loudly. ”There was only a stump left. A stump that kept pumping blood.”

I leaned forward and wrapped my arms around her. She folded into my embrace. ”Okay, okay,” I told her. ”No more details. Just move past it, okay?”

I saw Diane’s decapitation in front of me, but Max quickly moved in and replaced it with a smiling Diane. A happy - alive - Diane. The change of memory made me sad, there was no way around it, but it stopped me from fixating on that awful incident.

I let Maria pull back when she felt ready. As she did, she wiped some tears off her cheeks and pulled herself together with a big sigh. ”He came after us next. I thought I was going to die. I was sure of it. I wondered how it felt to have your head blown off. Did Williams feel it hurt? Or would he not kill me immediately? Would he torture me? If I was given a choice, would I choose torture or death?”

I realized then what might have been the first point in her escaping a certain death. ”They wanted you alive? Both you and dad?”

She looked up at me, eyes reddened with tears, nose sniffling and equally red. She sniffed and nodded, her tongue shooting out to lick some tears off her upper lip. ”Yeah. I guess so. At least for a while. I’m still not sure what for.”

Leverage, I thought immediately. It was always a good idea to have a backup plan. Maybe they were counting on my love for my best friend and for my father to have me sacrifice myself for them. That I would help the enemy just to keep Maria and my dad safe.

”Four more men moved in after him. They took your dad. Neither one of us fought them. We thought it unwise to do so. But I could see on your dad’s face that he thought it was over. He was just as scared as I was.”

”They were taking you to Command,” I guessed.

”I’m not sure,” Maria said. ”But Command had an interest in me before, so I guess it wouldn’t have been impossible to assume that he was still trying to get me.”

”Right,” I said calmly, while feeling anything but.

”Then Michael came.”

I straightened in my seat, looking at her intently. ”Okay?”

How the hell did Michael get there?

”He was alone.” She slowly licked her lips and her voice softened, ”He was…amazing.” She blushed at her own choice of word and diverted her eyes. ”He fought like a whole army. He was just one person against so many enemies, still he picked them off, one by one. Like it was nothing. Like a…” She frowned, looking bothered, ”…killing machine.”

This bothered me too. But if it meant that he had saved Maria, I didn’t mind the least that he had been a killing machine.

”I don’t think he noticed me at first,” Maria continued. ”He was completely into what he was doing. He barely looked up.”

He noticed you, I thought. If Michael was a ’killing machine’, an expert at protection and well acquainted with strategy and military battles, he was required to be highly aware of his surroundings. He had most likely done a thorough sweep of the laboratory as he entered it, taking into account how many there were, who they were, if the surroundings would be to his advantage or disadvantage.

He noticed her, Max echoed in my head, agreeing with me.

Before I had a chance to tell her just that, Maria said, ”Michael killed the man that was holding your dad. He shot him without so much as grazing your father, without hesitation. That’s when the guy that was holding me got nervous. He wrapped his arm around my throat and squeezed. I couldn’t breathe. And then he pressed his palm against the side of my head.”

I could tell by the memory of terror in Maria’s eyes that she had known already at that point what that movement meant. It was synonymous with putting a gun to someone’s head. The aliens’ weapon were their hands. He had the power to blast her head off.

”He cried out to Michael to stop or he would kill me.”

I reached out and grabbed Maria’s shaking hand. She was reliving the whole thing and it was tearing me apart. My happy, bubbly, best friend that had been so full of life. Would she ever return? Or had she been murdered by the fact that she had become friends with me? A gaea. A parim. Talk about making friends with the wrong kind of people.


”So Michael stopped.”

I had stopped breathing. I was hanging on to her every word.

”He just grew still, staring at the man, glancing at me. But mostly looking at the man. He’s told me later that he was calculating the guy’s proximity to me, trying to find holes in his defense, ways to get to the guy without hurting me. But he was too close. So Michael decided to make a deal with the guy.”

I frowned. ”What was the deal?”

Maria licked her lips, wringing her hands. ”That they would take Michael instead of me.”


I was baffled. Shocked actually. Michael, who I viewed as a rather selfish man, had offered to sacrifice himself for someone else? Sacrifice himself for a human?

Maria saw my expression and laughed. A weak, short laugh. ”Yeah. I know. I was surprised too.”

”How? Why? How?” I babbled.

”He tried to sell himself like he was on a job interview, only a very sadistic one. He was talking about how they actually wanted him, not me. How he was closer to Max. How Max was the one with all the power, not Liz. How Max didn’t care about a normal human girl,” she raised her eyebrows disapprovingly, clarifying, ”Me, in other words. That it would be better for them to take Michael to get leverage on Max than taking me as leverage on you.”

I remained silent, waiting for her to continue, at the edge of my seat.

”It kinda backfired,” Maria sighed. ”The guy pointed out that he might as well kill me then, if I was so useless.”

”Right,” I mumbled. Of course.

”I could tell that it threw Michael. That horrible man laughed in my ear, telling me that I was as good as dead. That I was a whore. That I deserved to die. I was worthless.”

I squeezed her hand again. She gave me a wobbly smile of gratitude.

”It was difficult to breathe, his hold was so tight. And I was getting dizzy. But I kept looking at Michael, and for a moment I was convinced that he was only looking at me. As if he was apologizing. It scared me more than anything. I was afraid that it meant that there was nothing to do. That he was sorry about not being able to help me. That I was actually going to die.”

She paused for too long and I became anxious to hear the rest. ”So… What happened?”

Maria looked bothered. Nauseous even. ”Michael changed tactics, I guess. He started to joke. Tell the guy how useless I was. That I was no threat. That I was nothing but a weak human. That I would die down here and that would be more satisfactory to Command, having me starve and be afraid without any protection. That the guy might as well just let me go. That it would be too easy to just kill me. No suffering.”

I can understand why it bothered her. If Max had said that about me, even if it was done with the agenda to ultimately save my life, I’m not sure how I would have felt.

”The guy then came to the conclusion that he might as well keep both of us. If Michael really wanted to tag along, sacrifice himself, the guy was just going to use me to keep Michael in line.”

I sighed. If only the evil guys in the real world were as stupid as those in movies. I guess not. I had it proven to me over and over again, but I still hoped for a stupid criminal that would fall for our traps and misdirections.

”He understood that Michael wanted you alive,” I confirmed.

Maria nodded. ”Yeah. I guess he had seen the look Michael had given me. I think he was apologizing for what he was about to say about me, but the guy read much more into it than I did at the time.”

”He’s in love with you,” I stated quietly, finding it a bit difficult to believe. Not that it was difficult to believe that anyone could be in love with Maria, but difficult to believe that Michael could be in love with someone. Especially that he could be in love with a human.

Maria nodded again and her voice broke as she whispered, ”And I’m in love with him.”

”Hey,” I coaxed softly, making her look at me. ”That’s nothing to be ashamed of. You don’t choose who you fall in love with.”

”But you don’t like him,” Maria said, sadness in her voice. ”I didn’t even like him. I even hated him.” She laughed, not a single trace of humor in her laugh. ”Hell, I’m not even sure I like him, but I know I love him. It’s really confusing.”

”Sweetie,” I mumbled. ”If he treats you right, I will grow to like him. And saving your life is a very good start. If that’s what he did, I mean.”

She nodded. ”He did. To make a long story short, he decided to walk with us. But first, he gave quiet instructions to your father to hide. Neither I nor the guy heard where, and he didn’t hide until we had left. The guy was holding me tightly the whole time and my lungs were starving for air. We walked like that for what felt like an eternity, but it was probably more like twenty minutes. And eventually someone was bound to slip up. You can’t keep your focus up for that long. We hadn’t met a single person during that time. We could hear the battle going on, but I suspect the guy was taking us through a short-cut, where there was no fighting going on, to get to Command as quickly as possible. The second that guy tripped, Michael was there. I barely had time to blink before Michael had obliterated the guy. One second he was there, the next he was dust raining down on me.”

She shuddered at the memory and I looked at her sympathetically.

”I was shocked, obviously, and really scared. And I didn’t know how to react. I was all over the place.” She looked at me sheepishly. ”You know how I get?”

I smiled. ”Yep. Hyperventilating? Babbling? Difficult to talk to? Not listening?”

She grimaced. ”All of the above.”

”Yeah, been there.”

Maria reached over and lightly pinched my arm, making me cry ”Ow,” which rewarded me with a pointed look.

”He calmed down. He protected me from there on. He took out every enemy we encountered, all the while being very protective of me. He didn’t let me out of his sight for a second. He held my hand, like, 98% of the time. He rubbed my hands between his when I was becoming too cold. He gave me my sweater to keep me warm. He carried me when I got tired. He never complained. Barely huffed.” She smiled to herself, lost in her own world of memories. ”Well, maybe he did once or twice.”

”So…” I mused when she grew silent, a dorky dreamy smile on her face. ”Michael came through in the end?”

She looked up at me, torn from her dreamworld. ”Yeah. He really did. I mean, Lizzie, he was willing to sacrifice himself for me. Trade his life for mine! He was willing to face Command, even when he knew what had happened to you guys at Command’s hands.”

I smiled. ”Yeah, that’s something.”

She nodded, eyes wide with pointed meaning. ”It truly is. It’s everything. He’s my knight in shining armor.”

I grimaced. ”Are you sure it’s that clean? Like, I don’t think he’s washed his hair for weeks.”

She punched my arm lightly, causing us both to laugh.

”You’re probably right,” she admitted between giggles.

When we calmed down, I looked at her somberly. ”I’m happy for you, Maria. I really am. I hope he’ll deserve you one day.”

”I’ll make sure he does,” she said, with that beautiful confidence that was all Maria DeLuca.

I chuckled and spread my arms out in invitation, ”Give me some love, babe,” and she melted in my arms in a long sisterly hug.

Maybe there was hope for us. Maybe there was hope for us all.

Even Michael Guerin.

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 117 4/18/17 p. 101

Postby Morning Dreamgirl » Tue Apr 18, 2017 10:11 am

Woohoo! New chapter.

Happy dance!

Off to read!

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 117 4/18/17 p. 101

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Outstanding part!
I especially loved the Max/Liz time together......
Now what is bugging Max, or what is he hiding?
It's good Max has those special powers!

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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 117 4/18/17 p. 101

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keepsmiling7 wrote
Outstanding part!
I especially loved the Max/Liz time together......
Now what is bugging Max, or what is he hiding?
It's good Max has those special powers!

I can't agree more :mrgreen:
Love the talk between Maria & Liz too
I can't believe you wrote this whole chapter using your "little machine". You have so many talents! :wink:
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Re: Unbreakable - A Beautiful Lie (AU M/L ADULT) Ch 117 4/18/17 p. 101

Postby Natalie36 » Sun Apr 23, 2017 7:44 pm

Great part. Love Maria and Micheal

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Morning Dreamgirl (Ashley) - Thank you, dear :D <3

keepsmiling7 (Carolyn)

Outstanding part!

Thank you :oops: :D

Now what is bugging Max, or what is he hiding?

Hmm... That is the question, isn't it...

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”He calmed down. He protected me from there on. He took out every enemy we encountered, all the while being very protective of me. He didn’t let me out of his sight for a second. He held my hand, like, 98% of the time. He rubbed my hands between his when I was becoming too cold. He gave me my sweater to keep me warm. He carried me when I got tired. He never complained. Barely huffed.” She smiled to herself, lost in her own world of memories. ”Well, maybe he did once or twice.”

”So…” I mused when she grew silent, a dorky dreamy smile on her face. ”Michael came through in the end?”

She looked up at me, torn from her dreamworld. ”Yeah. He really did. I mean, Lizzie, he was willing to sacrifice himself for me. Trade his life for mine! He was willing to face Command, even when he knew what had happened to you guys at Command’s hands.”

I smiled. ”Yeah, that’s something.”

She nodded, eyes wide with pointed meaning. ”It truly is. It’s everything. He’s my knight in shining armor.”

I grimaced. ”Are you sure it’s that clean? Like, I don’t think he’s washed his hair for weeks.”

She punched my arm lightly, causing us both to laugh.

”You’re probably right,” she admitted between giggles.

When we calmed down, I looked at her somberly. ”I’m happy for you, Maria. I really am. I hope he’ll deserve you one day.”

”I’ll make sure he does,” she said, with that beautiful confidence that was all Maria DeLuca.

I chuckled and spread my arms out in invitation, ”Give me some love, babe,” and she melted in my arms in a long sisterly hug.

Maybe there was hope for us. Maybe there was hope for us all.

Even Michael Guerin.




The Institute was much bigger than I had envisioned.

It was a labyrinth of corridors, rooms and secret corners. The walls were plastered white, the flooring a light brown linoleum. The offices were small, the labs were large. The floors were divided up according to their ’guests’. There was one for ’traitors’, one for the ’delusional’, one for the ’test subjects’ and one very small area for ’children’. Of course, this is not what they were officially called. But that’s how it translated when I was briefly informed of the different levels.

Waiting for the elevator, my eyes fixated on the label for the 2nd floor.


That was probably where they had kept Max when he was young.

Max squeezed my hand and I looked up at him. He gave me a smile that didn’t quite reach his eyes. He was nervous. As nervous as I was. But as usual, it didn’t show on the outside. On the outside he was the epitome of calmness.

We weren’t going to the 2nd floor. We were visiting the 4th.

I glanced at the label, just as the elevator dinged, announcing its arrival and the opening of the doors.


What Command would call traitors. The ones they would reprogram to believe that humans were to be used for their own benefit and make them follow Command’s laws without blinking. The ones that had become rebels but were forced, through mind manipulation, to lose their own free will of thought and deduction.

Fortunately, a lot of those dissidents had been treated by James Dresden, the leader of the rebellion. He had made them temporarily forget what they were fighting for, making them believe that Command was correct, until their minds were unlocked at the right time. Hiding them in plain sight like a Trojan Horse.

Like they had done with my father. Locked away the information about aliens until a time when he might need it to protect his daughter.

The elevator was empty and quiet. No music to calm your nerves. Just a big metal box with buttons on the side wall.

I stepped close to Max as we entered. There were five of us; Dresden, Max’s father, an Institute worker, Max, and me.

My jacket was too warm. It was bothering me. But before I had the chance to do anything about it, Max had reached over and pulled down on the zipper, opening it. I gave him a half-hearted smile, feeling stupid.

But ever since being a prisoners at the hands of aliens, small confined spaces made me nervous. I wouldn’t call myself claustrophobic, but that might just be exactly what I had become.

Are you nervous? Max asked, despite knowing the answer.

I answered just to have something to talk about, Terribly.

Me too, he admitted.

He looped an arm around my waist and pressed me into his body. At first, I was afraid it would make me feel even more confined, but his proximity only calmed me.

We don’t even know what we’re doing. We don’t know how we did what we did.

No. He was troubled. He was used to this place. However, undeterred by the fact that he had been held captive somewhere in this building and having spent time here as a child, it wasn’t the surroundings that were troubling him. He was bothered by the fact that I was here. That his people were still demanding things from me. Demanding acts and favors. As if it was our duty to dance to their tune.

He was annoyed that we were still being used. That the war had not ended with the end of the battle.

Now we had to meet the remainder of Command’s army. The men that Dresden and his men had spent the past two weeks rounding up. The men that were still hostile and firm believers in Command’s rule.

Command’s men didn’t even try to hide it. Not even to save their own lives. They were willing to die for a man that was already dead. Like they knew something, like they knew that it wasn’t over.

This troubled Max.

Our purpose today was to attempt to eradicate the evil out of those few remnants of Command’s league of terror. Like our shockwave seemed to have done at the time of our death. But no one really had a clue as to how that should be done. Not even Max and I.

But they expected us to do it. To free Earth from the last evil aliens.

The elevator dinged, signaling the arrival at our destination. The doors slid open and shouts and arguing voices hit us like a wave. This was a loud floor.

I froze. Max grew still.

The rest of the men left the elevator while we remained. I considered reaching over and pressing the button for ’Ground Level’, but my pounding heart was paralyzing me into inaction.

”Come on, Max. Liz.” Philip Evans looked at us pointedly.

Yes, this was expected of us.

I looked at Max and mumbled bitterly, ”Let’s just get it over with.”

He gave a short nod, slowly removing his arm from my waist, leaving a warm trail, before moving down my wrist and grabbing my hand. Our fingers interlaced, instinctively, comfortably.

The walls were darker on this floor. Not plastered. Wooden panels. It didn’t take me long to recognize the corridors, the smell.

This is where Command had kept Max. This is where I had run to find help when he had been stabbed by Sean. My throat constricted, my steps halted, and Max couldn’t comfort me this time. Max was recognizing the milieu as well. Especially the smell.

”We can’t be here,” Max got out through clenched jaws. I heard the unmistakable anguish in his voice. His determined protest.

Dresden looked back at us, his purposeful steps faltering. He frowned. ”You-”

”Max almost died here,” I said, anger creeping up my scalding throat.

They knew this! They must know this!

Why would they take us here? So casually. As if we wouldn’t be uncomfortable by it. As if it would not bring forward horrible memories.

”We can’t be here,” Max repeated, more forcibly this time, and without further ado, he turned us around and pulled me towards the elevators.

No one said anything. No one yelled after us or ordered us to turn around. Maybe they got it.

I clenched my fists tightly together. Maybe those stupid idiots were finally putting two and two together.

But there were shuffling steps behind us, following us. The elevator was still at our floor, doors open. Max pulled me inside and pressed ’Ground Level’. We saw them on the other side, just reaching the elevator as the doors were closing.

”Max, ple-”

Mr. Evans’ voice was cut off by the closing of the elevators and Max pulled me to him. I tucked perfectly beneath his chin, and I wrapped my arms tightly around his middle and buried my face in his shirt. The thumping of his heart against my ear was harsh as he enfolded me in the safety of his arms.

We stood like that, breathing heavily, wishing our mental demons away, until that ’Ping’ announced the opening of the doors. Separating, he grabbed my hand and together we strode down the corridor towards the entrance.

Mr. Evans and Dresden caught up with us outside. By then, Max was livid.

”Are you fucking insane?!” he bellowed before the men had a chance to open their mouths.

Faced with Max’s anger, they automatically took a step back.

”Calm down,” Mr. Evans said, voice soft and calm.

”Do you have any fucking idea what happened to us in there?! On that floor?”

”Of course we do,” Max’s father tried to meddle. ”I was there, remember? I was there during your captivity and I was there to heal you when Sean hurt you.”

”Exactly!” Max sputtered, saliva flying from his mouth with his rage. He was still holding onto my hand, amazingly enough not squeezing me too tightly, his hold as comforting as it always was. ”Then you should know better than anyone what a sick joke it is to bring us back there.”

”We didn’t think it would be that traumatizing for you,” Dresden tried.

I huffed incredulously. ”Not traumatizing?”

”It would be complicated to move the prisoners to other locations for you to treat them. It was easier to bring you to them than to-”

Easier?!” Max demanded, looking like he wanted to simultaneously laugh and scream. ”What about our well-being? Do you ever think about that? Or is it always going to be about your cause and what you want?!”

Before they had a chance to answer, Max shook his head and mumbled, ”Fucking unbelievable.” Turning to me, his eyes black with betrayal and hurt, he said, ”Come on, Liz. Let’s go.”

”Max, Max,” Dresden tried. ”Come on. How are you going to get out of here? You have no car.”

”We’ll find a way,” Max grumbled, already walking away, me in tow.

”Come inside and calm down,” Mr. Evans all but pleaded. ”We’ll work something out.”

There was almost desperation in his voice when Dresden said, ”Please, Max. We’re sorry. We’ll arrange to get them to you. Whatever room you find comfortable.”

Max’s steps slowed.

What do you think? he asked me. Should we trust them?

I swallowed back my anger and my need to flee. Tried to suppress my desire to bury my head in the sand. They won’t give up. We might as well do it today. But they should at least do it on our terms.

Right, Max agreed, his demeanor softening.

We came to a halt, our backs to Max’s father and the leader of the rebellion, while Max took one deep breath after the other. After the fourth one, he turned.

”We do it our way or not at all,” he said.

The relief was visible on both Mr. Evans’ and Dresden’s faces. Dresden was the one to voice their agreement, ”Right. We’ll work something out.”

35 minutes later, our first ’patient’ was seated in front of us, in a room of our choice (large area, with lots of windows), surrounding by eight Institute workers, prepared to interfere if something went wrong.

The man, a bearded dirty blond in his 40s with an evil grin and cold dark blue eyes, was restrained to the chair by velcro bands, wrapping all around him and the chair at his waist, upper chest and shins. One of rebellion’s top military men was holding his arm up, aiming straight at the man’s head, prepared to shoot at any moment.

All this commotion and the precautions they had taken made me nervous, made me think this was a very dangerous man. Most likely he was.

Which didn’t comfort me much when I knew that our plan constituted touching that man.

What if he bites us? was my errant thought when we stood there, looking the guy over.

Max laughed, causing the personnel in the room to stare at us in bewilderment.

I mean, we’re touching his shoulders. His head is still free to move. What if he turns his head and bites us?

And infects us with rabies? Max asked, amused.

I’m glad you’re finding this so amusing, I grumbled.

He glanced down at me, squeezing my hand. He won’t bite us.

I frowned. How can you be so-

He won’t bite us, Max repeated.

I wouldn’t just give in. I hope you’re right, I told him.

I can heal, you know, he reminded me, winking at me.

It’ll still hurt, I retorted.

Dresden cleared his throat. ”Um, guys. Are you ready?”

I gave Max a glare I didn’t mean. Secretly I was relieved that our conversation had lightened the seriousness of the situation.

”Sure,” Max said reluctantly.

We approached the man with caution, as if he might indeed fly off the chair and start chewing on us.

As we took one side each of the man and placed our hands on top of each respective shoulder, the man threateningly bit out, ”Don’t touch me, mutants!”

We ignored him, but I made sure that my hand was at a safe distance from his mouth.

Ready? Max asked me and I gave a nod.

In unison, we closed our eyes and focused. Focused on each other. On each others’ breathing. On the feel of each other. On how we felt when we were around each other. We remembered the light that we had become when we had died. We thought of the light we emitted when we made love. We thought of our love for our family and friends, of every good act we could think of. We thought of our moms and what they had meant to us. We thought of kissing, of making love, of sleeping close together with our bare skins touching.

At first the man felt cold. We were inside of his dark and monochromatic aura. We felt his anger and his need for revenge. We felt his sinister ideas and plans. But slowly, he became warmer. Slowly his feelings grew lighter and more vibrant. More alive. Better.

Once the temperature of his aura - once the feel of him - had reached our level of warmth, we opened our eyes.

Our gazes met first, smiles were exchanged, a private feeling of having shared and relived something very private. Something that meant a lot even to ourselves.

Next we removed our hands and took a step back while looking at the man.

He had lost his boastful expression. He looked as confused as the man that approached us after Command’s death. The man that had told us to run.

We started to walk away from him, our hands finding the other when we came together, scanning the silent crowd. They were all looking at the man, frowning, trying to decide if something was different.

Then he started to speak. It started by asking questions about where he was. What had happened.

I looked at his aura, noticed the colors in the previously grey and black aura. They were bleak and washed out, still not fully recuperated, but they were there.

”Did it work?” Dresden asked us.

”We don't know,” Max answered truthfully.

Dresden looked past us at the man, his forehead wrinkled in contemplation.

”I think it worked,” Mr. Evans said.

Mr. Evans was seeing the man’s aura. He was the only one, besides Max and I, who could see it.

”How…?” Dresden mumbled. ”How are you doing this?”

Max almost smirked at him, looking mighty pleased. He didn’t mind baffling those big leaders. He didn’t mind leaving them confused and lacking answers. He certainly didn’t mind putting them in their place. ”We infuse them with goodness.”

Mr. Evans looked at his son, concern in his eyes. ”By doing so, does it deplete your own goodness?”

I reflected on the lightness of my heart, of how good I felt, of how the whole procedure had helped us almost as much as it seemed to have helped the man. It had forced us to focus on the good things.

”No,” I replied in Max’s place. ”It doesn’t.”

Mr. Evans’ right eye twitched as he observed me dubiously. ”Huh,” was all he said to that, before he diverted his attention to the prisoner, who was smiling at one of the workers, apparently recognizing him as an old classmate.

”We can’t be sure yet. He can’t be trusted yet.” Dresden turned to Mr. Evans, pointing towards the man as he continued. ”He should be put in quarantine to be evaluated in the same manner as the men from Dulce Base before we release him.”

”Yes, I agree,” Mr. Evans said.

”Do you have the energy to treat more prisoners?” Dresden asked, turning to us.

Max and I looked at each other and it only took one look to decide. ”Okay,” we answered in chorus.

We didn’t have time to ’treat’ all of the prisoners on that one day, halted by the fact that some of them actually died by the ’treatment’. Something that both frightened and upset Max and I, resulting in us having a lengthy meeting with some important men about what this could mean.

The only common pattern we found to the prisoners that would either die or frankly turn into ashes at our touch, was that they were all the worst prisoners of the lot. They were the darkest, the most evil, the most cunning, the ones closest to Command in degree of malevolence.

We reached the conclusion that in the case of all-consuming evil, when there was too much malice in the soul and in the body, it could not be healed. Once the light moved in and removed the darkness, there was nothing left of the person. So he died.

This lead us to a hypothesis about how we had conquered Command. About how he had died. Earlier, we had told Max’s father and Dresden that Command seemed to have attempted to steal our essence to gain access to our connection, to our strength and abilities. Maybe by doing so, he had been infected with goodness - with light - and it had broken him apart like it was doing to his most vicious men. The shockwave emitted from our floating souls had been the final hit for Command, killing him instantly when already weakened by our light. The shockwave had treated the men not fully consumed by darkness and had made them alright again, but the ones too far gone - the ones too ‘dark’ - had been killed. Just like Command.

We killed them with kindness. Literally.

By the end of that day, Max and I felt concurrently rejuvenated and bone-tired. The light we had infused in the prisoners had been good for us, reminding us that life was worth fighting for. That our future was worth fighting for. We had beautiful friends and family, and we had each other.

Hopefully, that would be enough.

After a large supper at the Evans’ residence, Max and I went upstairs to Max’s room. We had filled the rest of the group in on what had happened today and the news had brought everyone hope. We had seen it on their faces. That tentative hope.

Michael had even kissed Maria on the lips. Right in front of everyone. Which had elicited cat calls from Alex and whistles from Max. Michael had used his trademark glare before he had pulled Maria into his side on the kitchen bench they were sharing and pressed a kiss to her hair.

No one had said anything about that. The act had been too endearing.

Once we closed the door behind us and the tranquility of the bedroom welcomed us, I put my arms around Max and hugged him close. We stood like that for several minutes, just inside the closed door, breathing each other in. Being alone for the first time since this morning.

The white light was already surrounding us, even if we were only standing like this. We were tapped up on light from the day.

Quietly, Max grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it over my head. I did the same with his. Step by step, we alternated between undressing one item of clothing until we were standing naked in front of each other.

Max put his hand over the lock to lock it, while his eyes never trailed from my frame. His eyes were dark with desire, his breathing quickening. I felt the same quickening in my own chest, the strength of my blood rushing through the blood vessels. My longing for him was pounding between my legs, my breasts aching for his touch.

Gently, in strong contrast to the passion in his eyes, he took one of my hands and started walking towards the bed. I followed, admiring his toned behind, admiring how the muscles of his back rippled with his movements, admiring the well-defined muscles of his thighs and calves.

He sure was one beautiful and well-sculptured specimen of a man.

While he leaned forward to pull the bed covers back, I came to stand behind him and ran my hands down his beautiful back. I pressed my aching center against his well-shaped ass right before bending forward and pressing my front against his back in a backwards hug.

I loved him so much.

He raised up slightly, putting his hands on top of mine where they pressed against his abdomen.

”Are you okay?” he asked quietly, concerned.

He knew my mind. Felt it being filled up with lust for him. But sometimes, with intense emotions, it was difficult to read the other. Everything got so overwhelming. At those times, it was good that we could still talk to each other, in that normal human way.

”I just love you so much,” I mumbled, cheek pressed against his left lumbar musculature.

”I love you too, Lizzie,” he said. ”Forever.”

He smoothly turned in my arms and pulled me with him onto the bed. Our lips were hot and fiery as they came together, moving in a beautiful dance, tasting and loving. The movements of our mouths spurred on what our bodies wanted.

I rubbed against him, loving the feeling of his body, fueling our passion. With one easy lift of my hips, he settled me in a seated position on top of him. I kissed down the center of his chest, circled my tongue around his nipples and kneaded his toned flesh in my hands. I couldn’t get enough of him.

I moaned as he took my breasts in both of his hands, brought his mouth to my nipple, sending fire in a line from the point where his tongue touched me to the apex at the top of my legs.

Me head fell backwards and I lost track of time and space. I was lost in him. Lost in Max Evans.

His hips moved up against mine, searching for that final contact between us. Lifting my hips and positioned myself above him, he easily slipped inside of me. We gasped at the sensation, at him stretching inside of me, of us connecting fully. At the love that surrounded us, mixing with our passion, making us float while we moved against each other. Faster, slower, pausing, kissing, faster, falling, kissing, slower, falling again. A beautiful ungoverned dance, made just for us.

Afterwards, we laid spent next to each other, our legs intertwined, drawing invisible doodles on each other’s skin with our fingers, contented smiles on our faces, talking about everything and nothing.

Until someone knocked at the door.

”Max? Liz?”

Mr. Evans.

We went with the plan to pretend we were already asleep, until there was another knock.

”Max? Liz? It’s urgent.”

Sighing, Max mumbled, ”It’s always ’urgent’,” and rolled out of bed.

He caught me looking at his butt with a satisfied smile on my face and winked at me, ”You like?”

”I love,” I admitted, my smile widening.

He pulled his boxers over his hips and leaned in for a kiss. ”I love your tush too.”

I laughed. ”My tush?”

Another knock. Now more impatient than ever. ”Max?”

Max rolled his eyes, stole another kiss, and picked his T-shirt off the floor, pulling it over his head as he walked towards the door.

I pulled the comforter up to my chin, hiding beneath the concealing covers. Even if I was covered up, it felt odd to be naked under the covers while my future father-in-law was standing mere feet away.

The oddity factor spiked up to horribly uncomfortable levels when Mr. Evans basically stormed into the room as soon as Max opened the room.

And I was suddenly worried that he could smell that we had just had sex.

Max gave me a look that said, Don’t ask me what’s wrong with him, gesturing in resignation with his hands.

”Please, do come in, Father,” Max said sarcastically.

The sarcasm went straight over Evans Senior’s head as he started pacing in front of the bed. I carefully pushed myself up into a seated position, extremely conscientious to hold onto the covers and keep them up to my chin.

”A moment ago, we received a disturbing piece of information.” He stopped pacing, looking at us seriously, his eyes flickering from Max’s to my face back to Max’s.

Max slowly moved towards the bed and sank down next to me. He was serious when he asked, ”What’s wrong, Dad?”

”We are missing someone.”

I frowned. ”Who?”

”Everyone else is accounted for. Even the ashes in the tunnels from the shockwave has been identified. We thought he was one of those piles. But he’s not. And some of the men you have been treating today told us some troubling things.”

”Who, Dad?” Max insisted.

”The mayor. Eugene Bleeker.”

I felt the blood drain from my face while the remnants of a conversation between Max and I rushed through my memory.

Never look the mayor in the eyes.


Because he can do what Command can do, as long as he has eye contact. He likes to play, like a cat does with its prey. He’ll kill you for his own sinister pleasure, rather than just kill you. He’ll like to torture you first.

”What?” Max breathed with a mixture of annoyance and anger.

”Some of Command’s men saw the mayor flee when Command started to become ill from trying to steal your abilities. Right before the shockwave.”

I licked my lips. ”What does this mean?”

I knew what it meant, but I was hoping Max’s father would tell us something completely different and kill my fears.

Mr. Evans looked grim. ”It means that we have no idea of Mr. Bleeker’s current location.” He sighed, tiredly. ”It means that we have no idea where the most dangerous man, after Command, is.”

Max looked at me, disappointment in his eyes, and confirmed in a low tone what I already knew, ”It means that the war is not over.”



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