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Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) [WIP]

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 10:08 pm
by DestinyDreamer
keepsmiling7 wrote:So glad you have come back to continue this story.
Max and Liz have serious problems to get together, hope Serena will have the answer.
Writing an new part as we speak just trying to get it right.... will post soon!

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) ch 8

Posted: Wed Apr 18, 2018 11:06 pm
by DestinyDreamer

chapter 8

Serena pov

trying to get this group together is like trying to find needle in a hay stack never going to happen. The group is broken and there is nothing I can do to fix it but right now thats another issue. The seal has now been activated and I dont have much time for the enemy is on our trail and if I dont have the whole group together then were screwed. The signal went out there is nothing I can do about it. Kivar wants war and he will do anything to get his way and if that means someone being killed then so be it.

If I dont have the group here then there is point I need the queen, the king, the princess and our second in command. As glance threw the book I am emersed in memories. This book not only holds prophecies it holds stories, memories of our planet. From what I have read so far its very interesting, so much to read and so little time and Im exhausted. I closed the book and sighed. I look up and see Maria in the kitchen she looks tired and exhausted.

" Hey" She says to me as she sits next to me and hands me a hot cup of tea.

" I need the group" I said.

" Michael, doesnt want to be in the same room as me or max. Isabel wont talk to max Our group is broken. any luck on the book?" She asked.
" yes, but Im running out of time. There is so much to read and deciper this book not only holds prophecies it holds memories and stories of our planet" I said. Maria was intrigued. Maria was human but she had an interest and why was that? My mind started going back to something I read and I looked at maria and a light bulb went off in my head.

" Do you love michael?" I asked she looked at me curiously. I glanced down and saw something glow a slight red on the top of her hand and disappear.

" what does that have to do with anything right now?" She asked.

" talk to him" I said with a smile.


I admire her beauty and Strenth there is alot I know about her that she thinks I doesnt. She is somewhat nervous around me but yet she cant stand me. I like messing around with her ,playing with her head and making her squirm. She isnt like all the other females and thats what I like about her.

" I cant do my job if your staring at me" She said she smoothed down the edges of the sheets of my bed.

" I dont stare" I replied with a smile.

"Oh? Are you too good to stare at someone like me then? " she asked. No not at all. I could actually stare at her all day and watch her change my sheets all day.

" dont for get to fold my laundry maid" I said with a smile as I plopped down on the bed as she was trying to straighten it. She threw the pillows at me and huffed and started to walk to the door to leave.

" too much?" I laughed. she stopped just before the door and turned and smiled.

"no not all, if you werent the second in command to our great leader I would have soume harsh words for you" oh really? I started to reply to that statement but she quickly left my room but in matter of minutes returned with a hand full of clothes and threw them at me.

" fold your own clothes" And she stormed out of the room.

what the hell just happen? Was I dreaming? I was suddenly pulled back to reality when I heard someone pounding on my door.

" coming!" I yelled.

I open the door and found maria staring back at me I sighed and let her in.

"What the hell just happen?" she asked. I looked at her confused. I looked at the clock and it said 3am? So I was dreaming.

" what are you ranting about? And why are you here? Get out" I said motioning to the door.

" If you werent the second in command to our great leader I would have some harsh words for you" I looked at her confused again. Thats what was said in my dream how did she...

" What?" I asked curiously.

" I said that you in a dream I just...I just... Nevermind" She said as she started to walk to the door and leave but i stopped her. I grabbed her arm to pull her back into my apartment and I felt like I was pulled in every direction.

A royal ball, I hate royal balls hate wearing the formal wear it makes me feel all stuffy. I scann the room everyone is dancing and having a great time. My eyes imeet her across the room, she looks so beautiful I cant say a word to her I cant be caught dead eyeing or conversing with a maid or servant. She catches me staring at her and she briefly looks bows and continues with what she doing. I try to keep my eyes off her but its not possible I feel something for something I shouldnt. I see her coming towards me as she approaches me she bows.

" Can I get you anything sir?" She asked.

" No you may go" I waved her off. she bows and leaves.

" I can see the obvious. And some of the servants ihave confided in me I wont say anything. She is very special" I smiled at our future queen who will be marrying my best friend.

"I dont know what your talking about" I said.

I let go maria's arm and tried to take deep breath.

" you saw that?" She said looking at me.

"Leave please" I said practically pushing her out.

Maria Pov

Im not going to let him push me out, not after these freaky visions and dreams I have been having. Sighing I leaned against the door not knowing what to do next. I dont know how Im involved in this I dont have an alien gene in my body Im all human. I banged my head against the door maybe thinking this make Michael let me back in but it didnt. I slumped down in front of the door and just sighed. Why is this happening to me? Why now? It makes no sense to me. I wouldnt be here if it werent for these freaky visions and dreams. I closed my eyes and the visions flooded my eyes......

I hate cleaning after a complete and utterly rude stuck up know it all. I made the mirror so spotless, crystal clean spotless. I looked at myself and sighed I tried to fix my hair so it looked descent but it wont stay descent for long. Im just a servant I tell myself. Just a servant nothing else. I see a spot on the glass I wave my hand over it and it disappears. Servants are not allowed to use their powers but no one is looking. Were considered lower class of the race and population. I didnt ask for this I was forced into this. I admired my work one last time and went to step out of the bathroom when I bumped right into him.....

" I....was just finishing up" I bowed and started to exit the bathroom and he stopped me. He pulled me back into the bathroom and shut the door. I was starting to panic. Did I do something wrong? He had his back to me as he leaned on the door. I wasnt sure what I should do. He did not say a word for what seemed like ever.

"Master,I.." He finally turned to face me and leaned on the door with his feet crossed and his arms crossed.

" you dont have to call me master" He said. what am I suppose to call him?

"ok fine. May I leave I have more work to do" I said politely. He just stood there looking at me and then slowly he came toward me. He reached up and brushed a strand of hair away from my face and tucked it behind my ear.

" you should really do something with your hair" he said as he stepped away and opened the door to let me out of the bathroom.

I open my eyes to sun coming threw the window and I realized this isnt my bedroom. I looked around confused and glanced around when I saw the metallica poster on the wall I knew this was michael's room. what the hell am I doing in michael's room? the door open and michael walked in.

"Morning sunshine" he said.

"What the hell..." I said looking around.

" get up we have things to do" He said throwing me some clean clothes. I looked down at the clothes he handed me. My clothes? How did he get my clothes?

"Michael" I said as he stopped in the door way of his room.

" Just be ready" he said and left the room.

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 8 4-19-18

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 7:08 am
by L-J-L 76
Another good chapter!!!! Wonder if Max and Liz can get everyone together. And wondering if Serena can make the book easy for Max to read.

L-J-L 76

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 8 4-19-18

Posted: Thu Apr 19, 2018 5:35 pm
by keepsmiling7
not easy rounding up everyone........especially when they don't want to be there.

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 8 4-19-18

Posted: Sat Apr 21, 2018 5:31 pm
by Roswelllostcause
Hurry back with more. I want to know what is going to happen next.

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 8 4-19-18

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 6:18 pm
by DestinyDreamer

Chapter 9
"What are we doing?" I aske michael as we stood out in the middle of the desert. He drove me all the way out here and is telling me nothing. He leaned against my car and looked up into the beautiful night sky.

" I thought this would be the best place to talk." he said. I sighed and leaned against the car next to him. We have or had some kind of connection and I think he wants to see if he can get that connection back again.

" I think you want to do more then talk. You want to see if you can bring the connection back" I said.

" thats part of it" he said. I think he has more to say but he isnt sure how to say it. Lately we really have been on the best of terms. Things have been so different between us since the group has been dismantled. I looked up into the night sky watching the stars twinkle as silence fell between us. Finally michael turned to me and broke the silence between us.

" I miss you" he said softly. He reached over and touched my cheek and I suddenly felt and a wave of warmth go threw my body. He leaned in and softly brushed his lips across mine He stopped and his hovered over mine for a moment. It was like he was debating with himself he wanted to continue.

" Kiss me" I whispered on his lips. He leaned in and kissed me and I felt like the world was falling beneath me. He pulled me closer and our bodies met. Suddenly I was being pulled into time and space and everything was morphing around me and changing.

watching him swim across the pool is not what I am suppose to be doing right now. What I am suppose to be doing is getting his afternoon meal ready. Of course he requested me personally to bring it to him after several times I have requested to have my duties changed.

" Want to take a swim?" He asked as she splashed around in the pool.

" I have work to do your meal is ready" I said as I placed everything around the table he asked for.

" Im not hungry" he said. Of course. I dropped everything and decided im not going to deal with this. I started to walk away but of course he stopped me.

" I know Im being a complete jerk but your the only servant that can handle me. Come take a break and swim with me. you know servants are allowed at least one break" he said with a smile. what is he doing?

"no" I said as I walked away. The next thing I knew Im being grabbed and thrown into the pool. I came back up for air splashing around frantically does he not realize I dont swim that well? I frantically Im trying to not to panic, he grabs and holds me tightly to his body.

"you could of told me you dont swim that well" he said. I want to hit him right now but all i could do was look into his eyes and fall blissfully into them. I wrapped my arms around his neck for safety. He never once took his eyes off me my heart is racing. Why is it racing like this?

" I can feel your heart racing against mine" he said softly. he leaned in and brushed his lips across mine. Just innocent brush with his lips and he looked at me as if he was asking for permission. I found myself saying yes and leaned in again and softly kissed me. I was suprised and shocked. He smiled and leaned his forehead against mine.

" I have been wanting to do that for a while" He said softly. I didnt know what to say or do, the second in command just kissed me.

"I...think I better Get back to my duties" I said.

Suddenly I was pulled back and michael was pulling at the hem of my shirt. I Pulled away and stepped back not sure as to what was happening. He looked me in the eyes and I knew he saw what I just saw.

" We have to control this some how" I said trying to control my breathing.

" I dont know what this all means or whats going on" He said as he leaned back on the car. All I know is I feel even more connected to michael then ever. Could have lived a past life as an Alien on his home planet? Was this what Serena was meaning by When she said talk to him? My mind is scrambling with questions and no answers.

" Maybe if serena can translate the Book It will tell us something" Michael looked at me curiously. I now realiz he knows nothing about the book or serena translating it.

" was that something you were going to tell me before know.." he said. He is angry with me now. Everything was going so good until now.

" I have to get the group back together we are more powerful together" I said.

"now your withholding information from me?" he said getting upset with me. I didnt want ti fight with him not after what I just visioned and felt with him. I turned started to head to the passengers side of the car.

" Take me to max's" I said. He got in the car and we sat in silence for a moment.

"Dam it michael take to me max's place" I said. I dont want to fight with him.

" No" he said softly. he wants to fight now?

" I really dont want to fight with you" I said. I looked down and saw something red on my hand. I held my hand up and a glowing red symbol appeared on it. Michael took my hand and examined it and it suddenly disappeared.

" Drive" I said as he started the car and speed off down the highway.
Serena is exhausted from trying to translate the book she curled up on the sofa and Fell asleep. Liz curled up in my bed and went fast asleep and here I am not able to sleep a wink. I have so much weighing on myself right now I dont know how I am holding on. I sat and watched Liz sleep for the longest time hoping and praying that she doesnt just up and leave me again. Without her I am incomplete, its like I have this gaping hole I cant feel and its an empty void that only she can fill.
I reached over and brushed her hair away from her face. I know we can fight whatever is going to come our way. Im not going to let nothing or no one take away what I have with Liz. I will fight for my future and for her future.

"max" She whispered softly.

"Go back to sleep" i said softly. I climbed into the bed next to her and she curled up next to me and went back to sleep. Having her next to me is all I need to make myself complete. I closed my eyes and I suddenly found myself asleep and Dreams or started to invade my mind.

Bodies everywhere, its a blood bath and there was no way to stop it. How was I suppose to stop this? I failed as a leader, a king, I failed and Ive lost everything. I look down and I see my queens Lifeless body laying on the ground. I fell to my knees in front of her no, she cant be gone. She cant be, I held her lifeless body in my arms. I heard a soft cry from behind me I turned around and saw My son standing there watching.
" Mommy" he cried. He started to run toward me But I stopped him. He cant see his mommy like this. I scooped him up and carried him back to the headquarters. All he did was fight me to try to go back to his mother. All I could do was hold him tight and never let him go.
I entered the head quarters and Michael looked up and saw me and he knew. All I could do was fall to my knees with my son in my arms.

"No!" I woke I screaming and scrambling in the bed gasping for breath. I reached over to the other side of the bed and it was empty. I put my head between my legs and tried to breath. Was that a dream or some kind flash from my past life? The image of Liz laying on that cold ground dead haunts me now. I took slow deep breaths trying to block out the images from the so called dreams.


We pulled up in front of max's place And i quickly jumped out I dont really care what time it is I need answers. Michael hestiated following me up to the door he stood back leaning against my car watching me pound on the front door. Liz came to the door and I pushed my way in. When I walked in I heard screaming coming from the bedroom Liz rushed to the room and I followed her.
We found max sitting on the bed with his head between his legs gasping for breath.

"max?" Liz said as she sat down next to him Liz tried to reach over and touch him and he lashed out furiously. Liz tried to push him down to keep him calm but it made him lash out more. Michael came into the room and rushed over to the bed and grabbed Liz and pulled her away from the bed.

"Maxwell!" Michael yelled as he tried to calm max down.

" Michael?" Max looked at him curiously and pushed off himself and sat up in the bed.

" What the hell just happen?" I asked. Liz looked scared out of her mind. Serena rushed into the room she went over to the bed and seemed to be examining max.

" Night terrors" she said.

" Night terrors?" I asked serena as we sat in the living room trying to process everything.

" something traumatic that happen to him is causing him to have night terrors" something traumatic? Could it because liz left and came back? Or is it something else? Maybe that is why he has been lashing out in anger and hurting everyone he loves? Or maybe its...

" The flashes" I blurted out. Serena looked at me curiously.

"Are you and michael having flashes?" She asked. I looked over at michael and then back at Serena. I lifted up my hand and showed her the glowing mark.

" We have alot to talk about" she said with a smile as she glanced at me then at michael. Oh god.

" Im not worried about that. Im worried about max" Michael said. Serena sighed.

" He is probably having dreams, or flashes of his past life. What ever happen in his past life stayed dormant for so long and Now its been brought back" Serena said as open the book and started flipping threw it.

" How do we stop it?" Michael asked.

" We dont" Serena replied.

" Then what do we do?" I asked her. Serena closed the book and looked up at me and michael.

" liz is the only one who can help him right now. The dreams are scaring him and he needs her to make himself complete. Without her it scares him, and not sleeping doesnt help matters either" She said.

" Im going to go check on Liz" I said. I found liz in the bedroom with max. He was sitting on the edge of the bed sobbing in her shoulder. Liz just held him tightly looking helpless as she tried to sooth him. I Decided not to bother them and I stepped out of the room and closed the door.

" hey" Michael said as he leaned against the wall watching me.

"They need some privacy. I need sleep" I said.

"you want me to take you home?" he asked. Before I could answer serena stepped in between us.

" We really have to talk" She said. My head is spinning and I am tired and talking right now wont get me anywhere.

" I need sleep" I said.

" Get some rest we will talk soon. I will keep an eye on max and I need to update Liz on some things" She said. Good. Michael drove me home and we were silent all the way there. He pulled up in front of my place and I jumped out and headed up to my front door.

" I really dont like whats going on with max. what if he hurts Liz like he hurt isabel" Michael said. I hate thought of max hurting liz but he loves her and I dont think he could ever hurt her. They need time to work through this and we all need time to figure out whats really going on.

" He wont hurt her" I said.

" All this is crazy to me and I feel like I shouldnt leave you alone" Michael said. What? Im not in danger? And I dont need a bodyguard, but if it makes him feel better he can stay.

" Im not in danger but if it makes you feel any better you can stay" I said letting him in. Am I going to regret this? I dont know. But in a way I do miss him and I wish things were different between us and they were for just a moment.

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 9 7-22-18

Posted: Sun Jul 22, 2018 8:05 pm
by keepsmiling7
This is really getting crazy........night terrors, weird dreams.....
Serena needs to get that book translated.
Can't wait for more,

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 9 7-22-18

Posted: Mon Jul 30, 2018 8:43 am
by SmileeUk
So happy I have caught up from the start.
So much is going on!
Everyone needs to get together and hear what Serena has to say and BE QUICK! :mrgreen:

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 9 7-22-18

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 5:32 pm
by DestinyDreamer
SmileeUk wrote:So happy I have caught up from the start.
So much is going on!
Everyone needs to get together and hear what Serena has to say and BE QUICK! :mrgreen:

Ohhh there is more to come! starting the new chapter right now. Lets just say there will be a new character drawn into the mix (one that I created myself) I think you will love it!

Re: Incomplete (AU M/L Mature) updated! ch 9 7-22-18

Posted: Fri Aug 31, 2018 5:19 pm
by RoswellFan68
This is great. Can't wait for more.