Alternate Universe With Aliens -MOD NOTE 1/18/06

This is the place to post stories that significantly alter the show's canon or mythology such as prequels, backgrounds for the characters that differ from on the show, fics where different characters are alien, and alternative family relationships. These fics must contain aliens or alien storylines as part of their plot.

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Alternate Universe With Aliens -MOD NOTE 1/18/06

Post by Itzstacie » Wed Jan 18, 2006 7:58 pm

I've noticed latey that there are some fics being put into this forum where the characters explore some UC realtionships in depth. This Forum is not for that, this forum is a CC coupling. Since it seems to becoming an issue I am going to post the following where a fic belongs from the Board Posting Guidelines, If your story is going to fully explore a UC realtionship then go back to CC or vice versa please post it in the AA forum. If its going to stay a UC fic then it belongs in the UC Forum

Alternate Universe FanFic - This forum is for any conventional couple story that does not follow the show's "canon" up to a certain point. Basically, prequels, different timelines, different family relationships (e.g. Michael and Liz are brother and sister from the beginning of the story), different premises (e.g. M/M/I are humans, L/M/A are aliens), etc. belong here. Please be sure to note your major coupling (e.g. M/L etc.) in the title and/or the header of the first post of your fic. RULE of THUMB: If Max Evans did NOT heal Liz Parker in the Crashdown in Sept. 1999, your fic belongs here.

[*]Alien Abyss - This forum is for those Conventional Couple stories that tend to be controversial in nature; the storylines are mostly CC but with a twist. Do you have a story that doesn't quite fit into CC or AU? Do you have a CC fic that you know is going to cause a riot if you put it in CC? Is your story CC, but you explore a UC relationship as well? You say you don't want to tell the couplings in your Summary, because it would spoil the plot? Your fic only focuses on one character? This is the place to post those fics. This is a "read at your own risk" forum. See the guidelines in that forum for more details.

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