Re: Endless (AU with Aliens) 8-29-2016 Chapter 6 (part 1)

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Re: Endless (AU with Aliens) 8-29-2016 Chapter 6 (part 1)

Post by flyawayraven » Mon Mar 06, 2017 1:14 am

I know it's been months!!! I hit a major writers block...

Finished Part 2...hope you like it. THANK YOU for all who left feed back and didn't give up on me just yet!!

Part 2

I wondered around for a good hour, observing the people who were living their lives around me. The city was not large but big enough that I found myself at the opposite end of the city.

I knew it was the end of the city by the wall of forest tree’s that simply began, so suddenly and dense that I wondered if the forest itself protected Granolith City.

I watched as people scurried about, going on with their daily lives as if the world had never ended. Eventually I made my way to what could only be the town square. A road crowded with carts, and booths of people selling their wares surrounded the large expanse of grass, and I observed the lanes that branched off in a different direction. The buildings stretched back and up, like the sketches of the old west I had seen in some of the books about the old world.

There were people selling flowers, baked goods, gadgets I had never seen before. The smell of roasting meat hung in the air as people gathered around pits dug into the ground, meat strung up above the fire to roast, the fat dripping into the hot coals to sizzle and hiss. It made my mouth water.

I found a boulder to perch on off to one side. I sat in the shade provided by a large oak that extended into the air higher than any of the buildings that bordered the square. It’s low hanging branches offering a hide a way for me to observe without being observed in return.
What a strange place this was.

I pulled by legs up so I could rest my chin on my knee, wrapping myself in a hug as a feeling of complete vulnerability pressed down on me. At least my life in the Capital was structured. I knew who I was and what was expected of me. Accept for throwing a bunch of books at me and telling me figure it out, no one had offered me a lick of help.

As I faced the possibility of failure in figuring out my part in the Granolith I felt anger begin to simmer in my gut. Everyone had said that Ava would have the answers I needed. That she would help me figure out my connection to the Granolith.

So far, aside from my initial meeting with Ava, I hadn’t seen her at all.

Yes, I had been sitting in my room for the past few days, stuffing my brain with as much information as it could hold, but it would have been nice if Ava had at least pointed me in a direction besides ‘Learning the Granolith’s history.’

A tingle foreshadowed the head ace that would soon be pounding in my head. It had been so long since I had suffered from a migraine that I suddenly realized I had been ignoring the signs for days.

Trepidation made me scooch to the edge of the boulder I was perched on. In my rush to gain knowledge I had put myself at risk. Would I have enough time to navigate myself back to my room before my head exploded, because that’s what it was going to feel like.

Trying hard not to jostle myself, I stood, glancing around to get my bearing, fear making my heart race as I noticed my vison already hallowing. I tugged gently on my link with Kyle, a cry choked off, making me gasp as I put my hand on the trunk of the tree. That shouldn’t have hurt, contacting Kyle was as natural as breathing.

My vison blurred, and the last coherent thought being “This is going to hurt” as my body pitched, bouncing me hard off the boulder as I struggled to stay upright. I grappled wildly, reaching for the trunk once again only to miss as the ground rushed up to meet me.

As I lay on the ground, my breath gasping as my heart galloped wildly in my chest I couldn’t help admiring the way the light played through the branches above me. The leaves rustling loudly in my over sensitive ears.

Movement in the branches above me caught my attention as the tingling spread, causing the hand still tightly gripping the trunk of the tree to flop to the ground with a thud. Golden eyes stared down at me as I gasped for breath.

And then he was there.

Dropping lightly beside me with no sound, the tall man glanced around before lightly tracing my face with his hands before cradling the back of my now numb head in one big hand.

“Shhhhhh” He soothed.

Then Ava was there, but I couldn’t make out the words she was saying.

But I could feel the agitation flowing off her like hot waves of lava, each wave making me choke repeatedly. I was suffocating and I didn’t know how to save myself.

“Stop” I tried to say, in fact I was screaming it inside my head.

“Please stop!” I begged. I couldn’t feel my head, where the stranger still cradled it. I couldn’t feel my arm, or the finger tips still lightly caressing the trunk of the giant oak, I couldn’t feel my legs as they kicked weakly, trying in vain to get away from the suffocating emotions flowing between Ava and this stranger.

This stranger, who’s golden eyes were suddenly drilling into mine.

“You need to breath.” His deep voice commanded me.

“I..I…” I tied to communicate that I couldn’t. That my brain was doing it’s thing and maybe this time I wouldn’t survive it.

Suddenly I could hear again. I could make out every whispered word Ava was spewing in her agitation.

I could feel the warmth spreading into my head from where I was being cradled. And it didn’t hurt, not any more.

“You need to stop Max! This is supposed to happen, the granolith wanted this to happen, you can’t interfere.” Ava commanded, as she tried in vain to get the man to drop my head.

“Please don’t” I whispered

Ava stopped, looking down at me with wide eyes.

“I can feel you” I whispered in a daze as I reached up to touch Ava’s cheek. My reach didn’t quite allow me to touch her, but my intention was clear.

Suddenly, every other function came crashing back. All feeling, all hearing and the halo’s disappeared so quickly I felt my stomach lurch.

With a gasp I clutched the forearm of the stranger, twisting my body away from him in a last ditch effort to save myself some embarrassment.

Easing me over to my side, he held my hair as I emptied my stomach. I spotted Kyle across the square, on the other side of the boulder. From the tension on his face, I knew he was actively looking for me, and I reached out to him through our link.

It took more effort than it should have.

I was gently placed on the ground, before the man quickly backed away from me, spreading his arms in a obvious gesture to placate Ava, who paced back and forth between us like a caged lion.

How did I know what a caged lion was?

“You shouldn’t be here Max! What are you thinking!” She growled

Max, as that’s what Ava was calling him, stood to his full height, backing up into the shadows of the tree before crossing his arms over his muscular chest, leaning a shoulder on the trunk and crossing one ankle over the other.

“Is this her then?” His deep voice inquired.

Ava didn’t answer, taking a step closer to him, she once again lowered her voice so low it sounded like grated sandpaper. “You shouldn’t be here, what were you thinking?!”

Max snorted, “I’m thinking you were supposed to meet Michael two days ago, and you didn’t show. I’m thinking maybe something happened to you. I’m thinking next time you miss check in, I won’t worry that Khivar has you tied up in some dungeon, to rot.”

Kyle’s head turned our way, and I knew although something seemed wrong with our connection, it wouldn’t stop him from finding me. Even hidden between the trunk and the large boulder. I also knew, that even if I didn’t understand what was going on here, Ava wouldn’t want Kyle to catch Max here, doing whatever it was he was doing here.

“Incoming” I muttered, seconds before Kyle leaned his body over the boulder

I glanced to where Max had been standing, surprised for a second that he was no longer standing there. Shifting my body so I was once again laying on my back, staring up at the leaves I was amused to see the slight outline of what only could be Max hiding once again in the branches.

I shifted just my eyes to Ava, only to see her huff in obvious annoyance before dropping down beside me just as Kyle vaulted over the boulder, a concerned look on his face.

“0h Liz” He muttered, going to pick me up. Ava stopped him with a hand to his forearm.

“She shouldn’t be moved yet.” Ava muttered.

I attempted to communicate that I was fine, but all that came out of my mouth was a jumbled slew of vowels and consonants.

Kyle looked down at me, smoothing the loose stands of my hair away from my face. “I would have escorted you around the town, if you had only indicated you were willing to leave the labyrinth that has become your room.”

Sighing, he glanced at Ava. “It’s been a few years since she’s had one of these attacks. In a few moments, she’ll be ok again.”

Ava nodded her head, her eyes boring into me from her kneeled position. “I was looking for you.” I once again tried to say.

It came out a slurred mess to me, but Ava obviously understood me as she nodded once. “Well, you found me.”

Smirking lightly, she nodded at Kyle to pick me up. “Let’s get our girl back to her room.”

I shook my head slightly in denial as Kyle scooped me up into his arms. Ava helping to stabilize me as they both stood.

As Kyle left the protection of the Oak, I took once last look up into the branches, hoping to see a set of amused golden eyes. But he was gone, and all that was left was the light, shining through the leaves to cast shadows across my face as Kyle carried me away.

Let me know what you think!! I am going to try to get another chapter up in a few days!!!

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Re: Endless (AU with Aliens) 8-29-2016 Chapter 6 (part 1)

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Mar 06, 2017 2:49 pm

great part.....can't wait for more.

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Re: Endless (AU with Aliens) 8-29-2016 Chapter 6 (part 1)

Post by begonia9508 » Fri Mar 24, 2017 11:22 am

Wow! That was really intergalactic, this part! as it really felt like an Alien world and poor liz has already to endure the bitch Tess...
What's a cold world...

Then part 2 - really interesting - at this time in your Story, I have some difficulty to understand what Liz is... but she must be something really Special or even important that could explain Tess's bitchiness... otherwise Liz would never be so controlled and at this time of the Story, I feel really sorry for her!
Another mystery... Max!! who is he and why Ava is so afraid of Liz... she must be a Seer or someone with Special abilities...

So thanks and waiting for more EVE :shock:
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Re: Endless (AU with Aliens) 8-29-2016 Chapter 6 (part 1)

Post by Diana28 » Sun Jul 09, 2017 8:09 am

Wow! I read all of your chapters and they are incredible! What is Granolith? What is wrong with Liz? What is the truth with Liz and Max? Hmmm.....I love this story already! Please, please, please hurry and post new chapters! :D :D :D

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Re: Endless (AU with Aliens) 8-29-2016 Chapter 6 (part 1)

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jul 22, 2017 7:49 pm

Please come back soon! I really want to know what is really going on!
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