Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

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Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

Post by Lillmonster » Sun Jul 31, 2016 2:59 am

Title: Here and Now

Author: Lillmonster

Disclaimer: I don't own anything about Roswell. I'm simply borrowing the characters and offers them my imagination.

Parings/Couples: M/L, CC

Category: AuWA

Rating: Adult

Summary: Liz moves with her family to Roswell when she's ten and finds new friends and eventually a love interest. What will happen in their life as they gets older?

A/N: Here and Now is my first story. I haven't written since I was a teenager and that is a long time ago. But I wanted to give it a try and here it is.
English is not my first language so if something sounds funny you know the reason. I did a lot of research to try to make it believable and I hope I managed. /Lillmonster


”Happy birthday”, yelled Maria when she ran up to Liz who was pulling books out of her locker.

”Schhh”, Liz answered, ”the whole school doesn't need to know.”

”But...” Maria started.

”No! I want this day to be like any other day. I mean, come on, fourteen is nothing to celebrate and now when Granma can't be here...”

Maria smiled to herself. She knew that Liz parents and Granma planned a surprise party for her on Saturday. Maria had promised them to not tell Liz anything about it and she had managed to keep the secret and now it was only two days left and she could breath out. Maria had a little problem, or other thought it was a problem, let's just say that keeping secrets wasn't her best asset. Even now she had to tell someone and since it couldn't be Liz... She had told their other best friends, Kyle and Zan.

”Good morning” yelled Kyle when he and Zan strolled up to the girls. ”How are you this beautiful morning?”

Zan didn't wait for an answer, he grabbed Liz and gave her a bear hug, ”happy birthday” he whispered in her ear and kissed her cheek.

”Thanks and it's a morning just like every other mornings” said Liz.

”What's happening tonight?” Kyle asked.

”Well” Maria started ”I guess the usual that always happens this specific day.”

”Hmm, the four of us, dinner at Crash, movie after, ice cream at Liz and then we boys have to go home when you two have your sleepover” Zan summed up. ”It's so boring now when us boys can't have sleepovers with you.”

”Right... I know you would love to have a sleepover” Kyle teased.

They heard the bell and said they would meet for lunch. Liz and Maria had English together and sat down at their desk.

Liz took some notes of what the teacher said and tried to listen to Maria at the same time.

”I think Zan likes you”

Liz swung her head around and stared at Maria. ”What do you mean?”

”Well, he's always hugging you, talks about you and want's to have sleepovers with you. Duh!

”Maria!” Liz hissed ”Zan is hugging you too and you are at the sleepovers with me. He could like you and besides that... You know I'm waiting for someone special.”

”No way. I know that look that he gives you. I got my eye on someone else. Couldn't it be Zan that you are waiting for? How do you know?”

”What! Who? Is it Kyle? Have you been holding out on me” smiled Liz and then sighed “I'm pretty sure it isn't Zan. Granma told me that I would feel it in my whole body when it was the right person, like a tingling feeling and with Zan I don't feel that at all. Zan is simple, nice and safe.”

”Kyle? Are you crazy?! That would be like dating my brother” claimed Maria. ”I have known him since we were toddlers and the way it's going between mom and his dad I guess we really will be brother and sister soon. I like someone but I'm almost sure he doesn't like me. He's always sulky towards me but I will tear him down. Mark my words!” Maria became silent and looked at Liz “Safe huh...”

Liz smiled at her best friend. She was really happy that she had Maria and she knew that she would get Maria to tell her about her eye candy before the week was over.

Liz shrugged her shoulders ”Okey, if you say so” and turned towards the teacher again. She was glad that she already had read the chapter they were working on. When you were in a class with Maria you had to be prepared to miss half.

Liz thought back to when she met Maria for the first time. Now she could admit that she had been scared of the blond, bouncy little girl with all that energy.

Liz had moved to Roswell with her family when she was ten. It was mom Nancy, dad Jeff and her brothers Michael and Alex. Alex was 12 and Michael 14 at the time.
Sometimes Liz hated to be the only girl but in the end her brothers were okey. Alex was tall, skinny with dark brown hair. He was a total computer nerd but had a great sense of humor. Michael then... he too was tall, had light brown hair that not even the strongest comb could take care of, because of that he had started to let his hair grow thinking that it would behave if it was longer. He could be really grumpy towards people he didn't knew but once he was your friend he stood by your side no matter what. And Liz was the youngest, smallest of them all. Come to think about it, everyone was tall but Liz... She had long dark brown hair that reach half way down her back, big dark brown eyes and she could be pretty feisty.

To Liz it had been both scary and thrilling to move. All her life they had lived with Granma Claudia and the rest in the Antarian community outside of Silver City.
Yes, they had lived in a community were almost everyone was like Liz – an alien, or a hybrid to be exact. It was safe to live there and not many outsiders came there. The ones that did all knew about the alien/hybrids that lived there.

Grandma and Granpa had come to Earth with a lot of others one night 60-70 years ago. They had fled from Antar when the royals had been killed in a war. Claudia had been a distant relative to the royals and they knew that if she stayed, she too would be killed so they had fled with the others.
After some years Jeff was born and he had met Nancy, who was human, and after telling her that he was an alien they had married and had kids.

When Liz was born Claudia had told them about a prophecy from home. It was said that one of the royals kindred would give birth to a girl and that girl would be the next queen of the Antarian people.
Liz was the first girl to be born in 90 years time.
It also said that Liz should meet her soul mate when she was in her teens and she should know who it was because she would get a tingling feeling within her.

Jeff and Nancy had decided to leave the community since it would be better for Liz to meet normal human people, and they thought it would help her find her soul mate, but they didn't want to live in a big city. Out of irony they decided to move to Roswell, alien capital of the world, and here they were - aliens living there in plain sight. Just the five of them, 300 miles from everything familiar.

They had bought a house that had an old bar downstairs and an apartment upstairs for them to live in. Jeff and Nancy started Crashdown instead of the bar and made an cafe of it. They served greasy food and of course the standard soda, coffee and pie. Before they decorated the place they had toyed around with a lot of ideas. It was Liz and Alex that had come up with the idea of an alien themed interior. Alien murals on the walls, alien dolls, spaceships and of course - all the names on the food was alien, mostly from movies but some they came up with themselves. And to top it all of, Jeff had put up a half of a spaceship over the door with the name on it. The Crash, as it was called, had very fast become the number one hangout for kids in Roswell.

It was there Liz had met Maria for the first time. Maria’s mom, Amy DeLuca, had come in for a meeting with Jeff about some alien decorations and she had her daughter with her.
Maria had bounced up to Liz and started to blab about what ever entered her mind. Liz wasn't used to meet kids like Maria and became even more silent then regular but her brothers came to her rescue.

”Hi, I'm Alex. Who are you?”

”Do you really expect to get an answer from that motormouth” had been Michael's comment.

Maria had glared at Michael and then she had held her head high and reach out to shake Alex hand and said ” My name is Maria DeLuca, I'm ten years old and I will be Liz best friend in the whole world”

Michael had gotten an surprised look and Alex just laughed at the girl.

”She's got spunk and she knows what she wants” Alex commented and threw in a line for Michael ”And she got you”.

At that moment Liz had laugh out loud and known that Maria was right. They would be the bestest friends in the world and she had told her that.

Liz came back from her thoughts when Maria pushed her.

”No need to disappear in dreamland girlfriend. We need to get out of here.”
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At lunch the four of them sat at a table outside and enjoyed the nice spring day. They talked about summer, less then two months left in school.

”There's the birthday girl!”

Liz heard the very loud comment and knew right away who it was.

”Could you please just shut up Michael. Or should I start to call you Mikey that all the blond bitches do over there in high school?” Liz eyed her brother.

Michael rolls his eyes, turns to his best friend and says in an falsetto voice ”Oh, she's threatening to tell on me... Should I be scared?”

Max, Michael's best friend and Zan's brother, laughed at Michael and sat down with the others. ”Maybe you should. You know your sister can get a bit feisty when you tease her.” She's pretty hot when she's pissed. I haven't noticed that before he thinks.

”Yeah” Maria jumped in. ”Remember she knows secrets about you that no one else does.”

”Yep, better watch out” says Zan and threw his arm around Liz shoulder. ”No messing with my girl.”

”Your girl? Did I miss something little brother?” says Max and looks from Zan to Liz and back again. I don't like that but hey, why should I care, he thinks. What is wrong with me.

”I think I missed that memo too” says Liz smiling.

”Oh, look how cutesie little Zansy is with his ears all red” teased Maria.

Zan blushed even more when everyone at the table laughed.

”What will you guys do tonight? It is a special day after all” says Max.
Before Liz has a chance to answer Zan does it for her. ”Just the usual. The thing we do every time Liz has her birthday. The four of us will hang out together and no – you are not invited.”

”Don't worry. I wouldn't move in on my little brothers girl.” smiles Max and winks to Liz and leans over to kiss her on the cheek. But if she was a bit older and not with Zan I would. Wait! Where did that thought come from? Max shakes his head to clear it from that kind of thoughts.

”Come on” whines Michael, ”that's my little sister you're talking about. And besides... we don't need any jail bates when the whole senior year is willing and able. I don't know why you don't move in on a couple of them.”

”Everyone can't be you Michael” says Max and looks down at the table.

Liz smiles to him and thinks it's impressive that Max still is a virgin since all the blond bimbos chase after him all the time. If she have to admit it she is a bit happy about it as well.

”Yeah, we all know that if you wants a girl who spreads them faster then you can unzip your pants the blond bitches is your girls. Isn't that right Michael? The whole school has heard about Pam, Vicki, Tess and whatever.” says Maria with sarcasm.

Liz gives Maria a startled look but Maria still frowns at Michael. What is going on there? Could Michael be the one that Maria is interested in? I really need to get to the bottom of this she thinks and look over to Michael.

Michael growls out “And what's it to you? What I do and with whoever it would be is my personal business and not yours. Keep your nose out of stuff you're too young to understand kiddo” then he turns to Max “I'm out of here, you coming?”

“Sure. See you guys later and Liz” he looks her straight in her eyes “have a very happy birthday and a nice evening.” he leans in again and gives her another kiss on her cheek, but closer to her mouth, and then he winks at Maria and walks after Michael. “Hey, Mikey. Wait up!”

Zan looks at Liz and ask “What was that about? Why would my brother be kissing you?”

Liz shrugged her shoulders “I don't know” But I sure liked it she thinks. “Don't you think he did it to tease you after your comment. And where did that come from?”

“Oh, that was nothing. You know both you and Maria are my girls” he says. Kyle leans in to whisper in Zans ear “Nice save”


”Why do you pretend to have slept with all the girls?” Liz asks Michael in the car after school.

”What? Is it just rumors? Brother, I was so looking up to you. Now I don't know. This is like the whole world turned or something” Alex jokes.

”Keep your eyes on the road and never mind my business” growls Michael and glares at Liz. ”Why do you think it's just rumors?”

”Come on... I know you and I know that you takes a relationship very seriously. We all should do that after everything we heard about our heritage. Dad fell in love with mom the first time he saw her and Granpa chased after Granma but she has confessed that it was only her way to play hard to get.”

”It doesn't have to be like that to us.” says Michael ”And by the way. You are the one that should be careful. If one of us should fall in love at first sight it should be you. We all have heard about the prophecy.”

Liz grumbles ”I'm so sick and tired of that damn prophecy. Some days it feels like I can't take it any more. I'm only fourteen and I just want to live my life the way I want to live it.” She sinks further down in her seat and mumbles “I hate that fucking prophecy. They can take it and stick it where the sun don't shine”

Alex looks at Michael who shrugs his shoulders. They feel bad for Liz but at the same time they are relived that it's her and not them the prophecy speaks about. They know that they too can fall in love at first sight, just like their dad and granpa did. But they will still have some say in it. Both of them sighs and thinks it's good to be off the hook.


”See you later” yells Liz and opens the door later that evening.

”Lizzie, wait a minute” says Nancy, ”your dad and I want to talk to you.”

”Can't we do it later? They are waiting for me downstairs.”

”Liz! This is important. I wouldn't ask you otherwise. You know that.” says Nancy.

Jeff walks in. ”Oh great, you could wait for me” he says.

”Like I had a choice” grumble Liz.

”Come and sit down with us for a moment. I will just get your brothers.” says Jeff.

Liz sighs high but sits down. Michael and Alex comes in the room. ”What is it about now?” Michael whines. ”I was on my way out to meet the guys”.

”That have to wait since this is important. We have to address this topic today. Maybe we should have done this earlier but I really hope that we aren't to late.” says Jeff cryptic.

”Oh not again. You will come dragging that damn prophecy again. Isn't it?” says Liz. “My whole life I have heard about that shit. Would it be too much to ask if I didn't today? I mean, it is my birthday and I have plans with my friends.”

”Lizzie, please. Just listen to us and after that you can make your own decision if it's shit, like you think, or not. I, myself, think this prophecy is accurate after everything Granma has told us or the elders at the community. But please have a open mind to this.” begs Nancy.

Liz rolls her eyes but sits back in the chair.

”Today is your fourteenth birthday and to us aliens that is a big milestone especially to the female aliens. I must admit that I really don't know if it would be the same for you since you are a hybrid but I know how it is for others.” Jeff takes a deep breath. ”I really don't know how to say this since your Granma and I had agreed that it should be her job to tell you. Now she couldn't be here and this has to be done today.”

”Dad. What is it that you are saying. My friends are waiting for me downstairs so could you just say it so I can leave.” says Liz.

”Okey, here goes...” Jeff takes Nancy's hand and looks her in the eye. Nancy nods to let Jeff know that she is here for him. ”For female aliens fourteen is the age when their sexuality is awaken. They start to look for a compatible mate and it's not uncommon for female aliens to have their first child as young as 15.”

”What?!” shouts all the siblings. Alex and Michael turns to Liz and sees that she looks like she will faint or throw up any second.

Liz takes a deep breath to collect herself. ”What does this mean for me? Are you saying that I will start to hunt every guy I see? What about my education? My life? My decisions?”

”I'm sorry Liz. Like I said we don't know if this will happen to you or if it will be later on. What we do know is that according to the prophecy...” Liz rolls her eyes. ”.... I know Lizzie. Believe me I know you don't want to hear anymore about the prophecy but fact stands. You are the first female to be born, you are a relative to the royals of Antar and you are destined to be our queen. It will not happen before you turn 18 but you will be the queen” says Jeff. ”What I was about to say is that according to the prophecy this is the time when your body will start to recognize when your soul mate is close to you. Your body will get a tingling feeling and it will start to crave for... intimacy... and prepare for pregnancy” Jeff holds his hand up and continues. “I know you don't want to hear this but it's important. I have to agree with your Granma here. The best advise to give you right now is - listen to your heart. It will tell you what to do and everything will turn out okey.”

”What if Liz doesn't find her soul mate before 18. What will happen then?” asks Michael.

”Yeah, will someone else be called queen?” Alex continues.

”No, no other then Liz can be queen but if she can't find her soul mate before 18 she will have to be with the second best. A queen needs her king. I know is doesn't sound right but it's tradition and how our people function. That will be a happy life but there will always feel like something is missing.” says Nancy. ”That is what Claudia has told me.”

”Can I go now?” asks Liz.

”Yes but promise me that you will listen to your heart.” says Nancy.

”I promise” says Liz and runs out the door.

Jeff looks at Nancy and sighs and then turns to their sons.

”You two will have to protect Liz from now on. Make sure no one takes advantage of her or that she does something stupid just because she's mad at the moment. Can you do that?” asks Jeff.

Michael and Alex agrees and leave to do some talking.

”What will we do?” asks Alex. ”Follow Liz around all the time? Take shifts?”

”Hell I don't know” Michael grumble. ”I mean.... I will leave for UNM in the fall. Can you take all this on yourself or what? I really love Lizzie but I also want to live my life without being a bodyguard to my sister.”

”And you think I want to do that? Fuck! I have a date with Isabel on Friday and now this gets thrown in my lap. Oh, sorry Isabel but I have to cancel my date... Why?.... Well.... I have to babysit my fourteen year old sister! Yeah that will work just fine.”

”You have a date with Isabel?”

”Is that so unbelievable that you have to look so surprised Michael. God what is it with people?”

”No, it's nothing like that. I like Isabel and she is Max sister. The whole family is cool but honestly I thought she would go more for one of the jocks. Not the nerdy kind like you.”

”Oh thanks. You are really making me confident to date her now. Thanks a lot.” says Alex irritated. ”Now, get out of my room!”

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Liz walks down the stair with her head full of everything her parents told her. What the hell should I do she asks her self. Should I start looking or should I wait? Do I really want to know? Is my soul mate someone I already met but since I'm not awaken yet I don't know about it? Someone in school or someone else? What if he doesn't live around here? She takes a deep breath, pastes on a smile and walks out to the Crash to meet her friends.

”There you are. We have been waiting forever” whines Maria.

”Sorry but the mom and dad wanted to talk to me and the brothers”

”Hi Lizzie. Is Michael coming down soon?” asks Max as he approach her. ”I have been waiting for a while but I overheard that you had a talk upstairs.”

”Oh yeah. I think he will be down soon. When I left they were still talking. Do you want to sit down and wait with us?”

“Sure, thanks” Max takes a chair and sits down. ”Hi guys” he says to Kyle and Zan. ”How are you Maria?”

”I'm fine. So, off to chase down some new skirts for Michael or will it be the same old blondes?” asks Maria.

Max laughs to himself when he see the jealousy in Maria's eyes. ”I don't know anything about chasing skirts tonight. I think we will be going to the movies.”

”Oh, we too. Well after we have eaten that is.” says Liz and looks over to Kyle and Zan. ”What will you have? I'm not so hungry but go ahead and order what you want. You know the drill.”

”Are you okey?” asks Maria and looks concerned at Liz.

”Nah, it's nothing. A lot on my mind that's all. But we have to keep up the tradition. So order, eat and off to the movie.”

Michael burst through the door and stalks up to Max. ”Come on now. Let's leave. And you.... he says to Liz …. Behave.”

“Michael” Liz says in a warning voice “just don't!” she shakes her head “You don't want to start something now. It's enough with the talk so just don't”

”Everything okey?” says Max and looks worried between Liz and Michael.

”Yeah, come on now. Let the kids eat alone”

”Rude much? You are only four years older than us and that is not much” says Maria.

Michael turns to Maria ”Motormouth! In our age four years is almost half your life” and then they leave.

”What was all that about? Did you understand anything?” Kyle asks and look around on the others.

Zan shrugs ”Let's order”

Later that evening Liz and Maria is out on her balcony. They have lit all the candles Liz has there and the christmas lights on the wall is shining.

”Catch” says Maria as she throws some pillows and blankets through the window. ”It's getting a bit chilly and I want to be warm for our chat”

Liz takes the stuff and puts them down on the lawn chairs that she has there. Maria comes out with two cups of hot chocolate.

”Did you remember to put Tabasco in mine?” asks Liz.

”Chica. I have watched you and the rest of your family put Tabasco on everything since we became friends when we were ten. And since you told me about your secret last year I understand it better. I'm not saying I understand in liking it, because it's just nasty... But I understand why you would eat it. And to sum it up... Do you really think I would forget what my best friend likes? That was almost an insult”

Liz smiles and takes a sip. ”Perfect. Now... What the hell is going on between you and my oldest brother? Don't get med wrong. I love my brother but he is even more grumpy to you then usual and don't get me started on your act”

”My act? What are you talking about? I'm the same as I have always been it's Mr spaceboy that has changed.”

”Okeey, if you says so. Anyhow... I need your help.”

”Has it something to do with the talk tonight? You looked a bit stressed when you joined us at the table.”

”Yeah, dad kind of ambushed me with some more info about female aliens, the prophecy and stuff. According to him I will start to come into my sexuality, be awaken was the word he used, and start to look for my soul mate, fall in love and start produce kids. Nothing more and nothing less.”

”Oh!” was all Maria could say.

Liz was on a roll ”I mean... who is this guy. Someone I know? Someone in school? Some new guy? And produce babies when I'm this age? Are they nuts? And the only advise I got was – follow your heart! What the fuck. Is that an advise? Follow your heart! Argh!!!”

”Girlfriend. Calm down. You know that it's my job to freak out. Remember? You are the calm but feisty one and I'm the hysterical wacky one. I'm not allowing you to take my place. What should I do then?” Maria smiles.

”I can always count on you” says Liz with a laugh. ”You can always make me smile in spite of every shit they throw at me. Do you remember when I told you about us?”

”Remember? Hell I ran out in the streets screaming. Luckily Michael could stop me before someone saw me. Come to think about it. He changed after that. Maybe he doesn't like that we know about you guys.”

”I really cant say. I know that he hasn't told anyone I don't even think Max knows even if Zan does now. But Zan swore not to tell anyone and I believe him. And besides dad and mom both said it was only natural that I would tell my best friends” says Liz ”But I must say you looked pretty funny running out in the street in just your pajamas, waiving your arms around and sounding like a foghorn.”

”I did not sound like that!!” says Maria with a smile ”I was just a bit upset.”

”Yeah, if you can call it that...” The girls thinks back to that special evening last year.

Liz, Alex and Maria was home alone at Liz house. Kyle and Zan had left after an evening with movies and snack. Michael was out somewhere with Max as usual and their parents was at the community visiting. Alex and Liz was in the kitchen washing up and Maria cleaned up in the living room.

”I wash and you dry them” said Alex and put his hand down in the dishwater.

They talked a bit about their day when Alex suddenly swore loudly and grabbed his hand.

”What happened?” asked Liz alarmed.

”A glass broke and I cut my self. Fuck, it hurts.”

Alex lifted his hand from the water and they could see that it was a deep cut. Liz reacted instinctive to heal Alex hand. She reached out and put her hand over his wound.

”Come on, you know the drill” she said.

Alex looked in Liz eyes and her hand started to glow slowly. It only took half a minute, tops. But that was all it took. Both Liz and Alex jumped apart when they heard a loud gasp from the door. Maria was looking at them, pointing her finger at them and stammered.

”Wh-wh-wha-what wa-was th-tha-that?

”Shit. I knew this would happen one day but I hoped it would be years from now.” Liz turned to Alex and said “We have to tell her” Alex slowly nodded. “I don't want to keep secrets from her, she's my best friend.” then she turned to Maria and said ”Maria, please sit down and we will tell you.”

”Sit down? You want me to sit down? After what I saw. Liz, your hand was glowing and Alex was bleeding.” she furrowed her brows ”But not now.... I know I saw those things. What the hell are you? Some kind of superheroes? Wonder woman? Flash? What?”

”No, we are no superheroes we don't have powers like them. Or maybe.... “ Liz shakes her head “Well, that's not the point here. We, as in me, Alex and Michael are hybrids....”

”Hybrids? Hybrids of what?” Maria interrupted.

”If you could calm down and let me talk I will explain” said Liz with a sigh. This was the moment she had feared. That her best friend would find out and be scared of her. Liz couldn't go on if Maria wanted nothing to do with her after she told her. ”As I was saying. We are hybrids. Alien hybrids to be exact. Mom is totally human and dad is alien but he was born here on earth.”

”Alien? Born here? Are there others? My god! This isn't how you look is is? What will you do to me? Argh....” and then Maria ran.
Liz looked at Alex with tears falling down her cheeks. Alex looked really surprised and then he ran after Maria. Liz sank down to the floor and she could feel her heart breaking. Her best friend was terrified of her. They would have to move away and Liz really liked to live in Roswell with her friends and family.

When Alex came downstairs he could hear Maria screaming and then it became quiet. He looked out the window and saw that Michael had grabbed Maria. But what the hell..... He was kissing her! Why would he kiss her? Alex backed away from the window, waited a few seconds before he opened the door.

”What did you do that for?” he heard Maria ask.

”To keep you quiet, don't want to wake the whole neighborhood” Michael answered.

Alex cleared his throat and they looked over at him.

”Maria, has you calmed down enough so we can talk properly? Liz is upstairs crying her eyes out and thinks that she has lost her best friend forever.”

”What the hell happened?” asked Michael. “I heard motormouth scream her lungs out a long way from here” Maria glared at Michael but kept quiet.

”Short version. I cut myself, Liz healed it and Maria saw it. We had to tell her.” said Alex ”And you could see for yourself how good she handled that.” He smiled at Maria. “Should we go back upstairs and calm my sister. Maria, you have to tell her that you will still be her friend. Just promise to hear us out and I can guarantee that you will understand where we are coming from.”

The three of them went upstairs to Liz, Maria talked and calmed her down. “And now I want to know everything” demanded Maria. “If you lie to me or hold out on me I will go to the Sheriff, remember that he is first of all Kyles dad and second, he is dating my mom.”

“We will tell you what ever you want to know” said Liz.

Michael just rolled his eyes “This is gonna be a long night” he said.

“Hmmm... Okey. Where do you come from? How many of you are there? What did you mean with hybrids? Do you have more superpowers? Secret names? Why did you move here? And...”

Liz holds her hand up to stop Maria “My god Maria. When I said we would answer everything I didn't mean that you should ask it all at the same time” She smiles “But I will try to answer. Let's see. Our home planet is Antar and it was a war there so many fled and came to earth, among them Granma and Granpa.”

“Wait! Are you saying that Granma Claudia is alien too?” Maria asked

“Yeah, how else could dad be alien? Did you even listen before you ran out” Alex asked.

“Well, no. But I was busy at the moment”

“Let me guess” said Michael “To busy to scream and run”

“Come on now guys. Leave her alone. Let's see... what else... Oh, in the community I think the last count was somewhere around 800 but that includes aliens, hybrids and the humans that are living there. But then there is a lot of us that are not living there. Remember it was a long time ago since they came here. We are hybrids because dad is a full alien and mom is a full human. We are half of each – hybrids. And we don't have superpowers. Granma is calling them gifts but Michael thinks of them as powers.” she smiled at her brother.

“Well with my blast it can only be a power as in powerful that is” he said

“You are so lame” said Alex “As they were saying, Granma calls them gifts and we have some that everyone of us have and then some more personal ones. You saw Liz heal my hand and that is one of her personal ones. We all can change molecular structure like the color on your shirt or change the appearance of a thing. I can move things with my thought, very useful when you are a bit lazy like me, the stuff comes to me and I don't have to move to get them”

Liz shakes her head “As I was saying. We are no superheroes so we don't have secret names and before you ask again. This is what we look like. Does dad look any less human to you now that you know he's an alien?”

“Uhm.... No, I don't think so” mumbled Maria.

“And the reason we moved her was because of...” They told Maria everything she wanted to know and then some. Like the prophecy, Liz part in it all and of course that this had to be kept a secret from others but after that night Liz and Maria didn't have any more secrets between them. They became even closer friends now that they shared everything. It was only a couple of weeks later that Kyle and Zan found out. Liz talked with her parents about it and they thought it would be best if they knew. But the three was the only one that knew.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 4 8/26/16

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”Hmm, should we start to go through the guys” Maria asked.

”What do you mean?”

”Come on. You must have thought about the guys and felt something for them.” says Maria. ”I know I do” she whispered.

”Oh this should be good. Come on now. Spill. No secrets. Remember,”

”Fine. If I tell you will you tell me? Maybe we can get your heart to listen.” Maria says with a laugh.

”Okey,. You first. Who is it that you have your eyes on?”

Maria looked away and sighed. There was noway out of this so she confessed ”It's Michael.”

”Michael? My bonehead brother? The grumpy guy that even gives Grumpy the dwarf a run for the money?”

”I knew you would react this way. That is why I didn't tell you....”

”Oh Maria. I'm sorry. It's just... I'm surprised.”

”Well the night you told me, when I ran out the door Michael grabbed me....”

”Yeah, I know. You told us.”

”Well what we didn't tell you was that he kissed me....”

”He kissed you!!!”

”Yes, only to keep me quiet or that was what he said anyway. And after that I have looked at him in a different way but I'm just a kid to him. You heard him earlier tonight.” Maria sighed. ”And that was my confession. Now on to you when we will weed through the guys.”

”No not gonna happen before you tell me what it is about Michael that you fell for.”

”What can I say. I like his hair now that he has let it grow out. I like his lips, they are kissable....”

”And you should now” says Liz slyly.

Maria blushed and admitted ”I would like to do that again and again and again....”

”Okey I think I got the picture.”

Maria looked over to Liz. ”Now, your turn”

”Alright. Shoot.... Where do I start?”

”Let's make it easy on you. Kyle?”

”That's easy. He's like a brother to me. Nothing romantic there. But I have to admit that he ha some piercing blue eyes, he is one of the nicer jocks. And you have to agree with me that you can tell that he will get a great body when he puts on some more muscles.”

”And how do you now that?” Maria laughed.

”Duh... Weren't you with us swimming?”

”Okey, Kyle is a no... Zan?

”Zan is nice. I like his greenish eyes and his hair that's always stands up. Do you think he puts his fingers in the socket every morning to get it like that? I must remember to ask him.” smiled Liz. ”I like Zan, I like when he hugs me but I don't think it could be something more then that.”

”So if Zan came clean and told you he liked you would you go for it?”

”I don't know. Maybe. Like I said I feel safe with him and I just wants to have fun while I can. Some casual dating before all the seriousness sets in. Next”

”Tommy? Paulie? Mark? Sean? The other jocks?”

”No. No. No. And hell no, sorry I know he's you cuz. And no. Can't say I'm into the jocks of school. Sure some of them have some nice bods but I think I would like a little more brain. Oh god, I hope my so called soul mate has a brain and not only muscles. I want to be able to talk to the guy.”

Maria smiles at Liz’s rambling ”Who else? Oh I know.... Max”

”Max? Max Evans?” asks Liz with big eyes.

”Do you know any other named Max?”

”No.... no I don't but.... Okey,....” Liz looked a bit uncomfortable ”Max... I can admit that I love his eyes. That honey-gold-brown eyes with the long lashes. Hell I want those lashes. They just kind of suck you in and then you can get lost in there....”

”Hrmm, you are still talking about Max eyes are you?” laughed Maria.

”Yes” blushed Liz ”What else is there to talk about?”

”Maybe his other looks if you can manage to look away from the eyes....”

”Oh, yeah. He has nice hair and it's so dark that it almost looks raven black. Where Zan wears it up Max keeps it down and I like his bangs that keeps getting in his eyes. And... okey.... He has a very nice or should I say hot body. Now, are you satisfied? Anyone else?” Liz asked with red cheeks. I can't believe I said that about Max, but it's true. He's hot and I wouldn't mind... Na-ha, little Lizzie. Don't even go there, she argued with herself.

Maria just smiled at her ”No, I don't think so”. But in her head she thought that this could be interesting. She knew that the whole Evans family would be at the surprise party in a couple of days. Maria remembered when she introduced the Parker kids to the Evans kids. “Liz! Do you remember the first time you met the Evans kids and Kyle?”

“Sure, how can I forget. Ava made some feisty first impression” smiled Liz.

Liz had been Maria’s friend for a couple of weeks and now she wanted for her to get to know her other friends, Kyle and Zan.
Kyle Valenti and Zan Evans had been friends with Maria for as long as they could remember. Their parents had been friends so naturally the kids would be it too. They were the same age and hung out all the time.
Kyle lived alone with his dad, Sheriff Jim Valenti. His mom left them when he was about 5 years but the last couple of years his dad had been dating Maria’s mom. Kyle had light brown hair and blue eyes. He loved sports and was already considered as a jock. Maria’s mom used to call him an all American boy.
Zan Evans was one of four siblings. The oldest was Max, then came Isabel, Zan and last Ava. Zan had dark brown hair that he always wore straight up. He and Max looked alike and sometimes Dianne, their mom, teased him about the hair and told him that was the biggest difference between them. Zan didn't like that but he liked his brother no less. He had greenish eyes and was tall for his age. He was a funny guy but had a bit of temper.
Max Evans was pretty tall already, had honey-amber eyes with long thick lashes. He liked to work out but was not one of the jocks. He only did that for himself. Max was the oldest and that could be shown in his personality. He took care of his siblings and helped them whenever he could.
Isabel Evans was a very pretty girl with brown eyes and blond hair. She already belonged among the a-list people in school. She was two years younger then Max and two years older then Zan – a middle child.
Ava Evans was the youngest, two years younger than Zan. She had blond curly hair and blue eyes. Their parents Dianne and Philip, used to say that it was the mailman’s child. But Dianne’s mother had blue eyes and blond hair too. Ava was shorter then her friends and she had a bit of attitude. She knew what she wanted and as the youngest Evans kid that was almost an must.

Liz parents didn't let Liz go anywhere without her brothers since they were new in town so Maria had told Kyle and Zan to meet them in the park by the school. Liz wanted to see the school that should start soon. When Maria had complained about going by the school when it was summer still Liz had simply told her that she liked school.

When the four of them arrived the others were already there waiting for them. But it was not only Kyle and Zan. It was the rest of the Evan kids as well. Dianne hadn't let Zan go alone so here they all were. A bit curious about the new kids.

”I can't believe I had to go to the park with you” whined Isabel. “I had more important things to do”

”Shut up” said Zan ”Like I wanted you to tag along”

”Tag along” asked Max ”Wake up little brother. It was mom who told us to go with you since you are too little to go by yourself. And this way we can all meet and get to know each others. Easier, quicker and less painful”

”Hey guys” yelled Maria. She knew that when the brothers started there was almost no stopping them.

”This is my new best friend, Liz and her brothers Michael and Alex” said Maria and felt proud of herself.

”Hi, I'm Kyle and I don't belong to their family. I live with my dad, the Sheriff in town and I'm ten like Maria”

”But you will when you are much older” said a little girl.

”What? What are you talking about? Belong to your family? How will that be?” Kyle asked.

”Because I will marry you” said the girl and giggled to Kyles startled look.

”No way... ” he screamed but the girl ignored him. ”Hi” she said ”I'm Ava and I'm eight. The little-est Evans. Always the little-est but NOT a baby” she threw the evil eye at her siblings.

”I know what you mean” said Liz ”I'm the youngest too. Not a funny place to be. I'm Liz and I'm ten like Maria. But you at least have a sister. I only have brothers”

“Like she would let me do things with her? No Ava, you're too small. No Ava, you can't swim with us. No Ava, get out of my room... That is what I hear all days from her. She's no fun.” muttered Ava.

“But I let you tag along sometimes. Leave Izzie alone” said Max to Ava and then turned to Liz, Michael and Alex. “Hi. I'm Max and the oldest and the one who keeps these rugrats in order.”

”You wish! I'm Zan and I'm the one Evans you came to meet the others are only here because of mom and they can leave now. I have known Maria forever and I can tell you some horrible stories about her....”

”No way. Shut up Zan Evans”

Liz laughed at Maria and said ”I think we will be good friends”

As it turned out that day they all became friends. Michael and Max, Alex and Isabel even though Isabel wouldn't admit it in the beginning. Maria, Liz, Kyle and Zan and then Ava could tag along with them sometimes.

And now they have been best friends in almost four years. Sometime Liz thought it was a miracle that they had become so good friends.
Maria was blond with green eyes, had full lips that Liz knew the boys talked about. She was a little bit longer then Liz. And as she would describe herself, a bit wacky. She had a lovely voice and she had admitted to Liz that she wanted to be a professional singer.
Liz was almost the opposite, with her dark brown colors. She was small all over but it's suited her so she was pretty satisfied with how she looked. She had all the good grades and loved science. In the beginning it had started with her trying to understand things about her self but now she wanted to work as a microbiologist.
The two girls completed each others and their friendship was really special to them.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 4 8/26/16

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Hey Lillmonster
Great start to the story. I see you have posted the story here. Love the story. Just wondering what happened to chapter 1 to Here and Now? Sorry I was just wondering. I better go back and re read the story again.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 4 8/26/16

Post by Lillmonster » Sat Aug 27, 2016 1:37 am

L-J-L 76 wrote:Hey Lillmonster
Great start to the story. I see you have posted the story here. Love the story. Just wondering what happened to chapter 1 to Here and Now? Sorry I was just wondering. I better go back and re read the story again.

L-J-L 76

Thanks. I guess the chapter will be up again as soon as my changes are approved or something. ;) But I can't tell you how long it will take. It's out of my control but I will continue to post new chapters so who knows. One day it will be a whole bunch of them at the same time. :)

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 5 8/27/16

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Nancy barged in Michael's room early Saturday morning.

”Michael, wake up. You have to help me”

”Moo-om... Let me sleep.... it's Saturday...”

”Michael. I need you to take Liz and Maria to the mall. I have to stay here and help so I can't take them. Come on, let me see what a nice big brother you are before you leave for UNM.”

”Umph, you know were to turn the knife.... Okey, I will take them but it will not be free.”

”Name your price and we can talk”

”You will let me go to LA with Max and the guys”

”I don't know about that....”

”Come on... I will leave for UNM in the end of summer so what will a weekend in LA do?”

”Okey, I will talk with your dad about that. But I'm not making any promises. Be ready to leave in 45 minutes”

”Nice warning” mumbled Michael and reached out for his phone. No way he would be stuck in the mall with those two girls alone.


”Max? Wake up man. We are going to the mall. I'll pick you up in 50 minutes” and then he hung up.

Max just stared at the phone. Was that Michael and what was it about the mall? What the hell is going on? He looked at the clock. “Only 9... Is he crazy?” he complained out loud.

”You're going the wrong way” says Maria and looks around. This isn't the way to the mall.

”Duh, I know that. We are picking up Max. I need some reinforcement in the mall with you two yapping kids”

”Yapping? Yapping? What the hell are you talking about? Let me tell you Spaceboy that I don't yap. I use my mouth to talk with. No yapping here....”

”And you never stop” mumbled Michael and shook his head. Then he looked over to Liz and smiled. He knew that even if mom hadn't asked him to go with Liz he would have been there to look out for her. She was his little sister after all and he would be leaving soon. He knew that he had to do that but it didn't make it any easier. He didn't like to leave all the responsibility to Alex. Not that he didn't trust him. Alex could take care of them but he was leaving...

”Maria. Move to the backseat with Liz. Max will sit up front” says Michael when he parks in front of Evans house.

”Nope, not gonna happen. I get carsick when I ride in the backseat. I have to look out and concentrate on the road.”

”And how do you manage to do that since your yapping all the time?”

”Guys, come one. No more. I can't take it” says Liz from the backseat as she slumps further down. ”You guys make War of the Roses to look like a kids movie.”

”They are here so I'm leaving. See you at the Crash” says Max to his siblings. ”Looks like I need to rescue Lizzie from the arguing couple”

”Yeah, what's going on between those two” asked Isabel.

”I don't think they even know that” smiled Max but the smile disappeared when he met Zan's eyes.

”Why do you always call her Lizzie? You know she doesn't like that.” says Zan.

”She doesn't? Never heard anything about that and besides Michael says it all the time. I guess it got stuck” says Max and walks out the door. And besides I like to call her that. It feels like we have something special when I can do that, he thinks.

Max smiles when he see Liz with her hand over her ears in the backseat and the arguing couple in the front.

”Hi guys” he interrupts ”Where do I sit”

”I'm trying to make Maria to move” growls Michael

”And I have told him time and time again that I get carsick in the back” argues Maria

”Hey, I don't wanna ride in a puke car. I sit in the back and everybody will be happy” says Max

”You wish” hisses Michael and starts the car.

”Hi Lizzie. How are you?” asks Max

”Morning” says Liz ”I would be better if I didn't have to listen to those two. But I guess you can't have everything.” She smiles at Max and then look out the window.

Max looks at her and feels the familiar pang inside him. He doesn't know what it is about her but he always feel happy when he is around her. He looks up front to see if Michael is watching and when he sees his friend busy growling answers to Maria he continues to look at Liz.
I just want to figure out what is going on he says to himself. Hmm, I must admit she is really pretty. She has grown up and I can tell she will be even more beautiful when she gets older. Too bad she is four years younger.... Wow.... Where the hell did that thought come from... What the fuck am I doing? I can't think about Michael's little sister like that. Hmmm... I wonder if her hair is as soft as it looks.... Stop it with the thoughts, he can feel himself get aroused and this is not helping. Max turns to look out the window on his side and continues to argue with himself.


Liz is a very happy camper at the mall. She had gotten quite a bit of money from her parents, Granma and friends in the community. They had all agreed that since 14 is such a big age for their kind of girl she should have money to shop with. Which 14 year old girl didn't like to shop?

Liz and Maria visits almost every shop in the mall and have bags with shoes, clothes, makeup, that kind of small stuff that could come in handy some time, a couple of things for Liz room. Michael was their burro and he gets more and more irritated. He looks at Max who wears a big smile. Michael stares at him.

”What have you to be happy about?” he asks

”Well it's just funny to watch those two do almost anything to get rise out of you and I must say they are doing a very fine job. You should see yourself” laughs Max and thinks to himself, nice save. I can't explain why I smile so much when I'm around Liz and I don't think Michael would be so understanding if I told him.

“Well if it's so funny. Here! Grab some bags before I drown in them.”

Liz looks around and search the stores there. It should be here she's mumbling. Oh, there it is. Nancy told her that she could go in there and but some nice stuff, not sexy - nice. But Liz don't care. First of all she wants to go in there to see what the older girls are talking about. Second she wants to be alone with Maria and is there a better way then to get your brother so embarrassed that he hopeful will leave them alone. And third she could find something she like. She grabs Maria’s arm and drags her toward the shop.

”Where are we going?” Maria asks

”Victoria’s Secret” says Liz with a smile

”We can't go in there. Mom will kill me if she finds out. I can hear her all the way here. You are too young. Wait until your 30 to go in there... As if!”

”No problem. Mom even gave me some money to buy some nice stuff but maybe we can find some nice stuff that are a bit sexy. Lets see to what length my dear brother will go to just to protect me. I mean it's not like there is many guys in that shop. And if he stays outside maybe I can get some answers from you” Liz says and stares at Maria

”From me? What have I done? I have no idea what you're talking about” says Maria but knows that Liz knows something.

”Hey where are you going?”

”Oh dear brother. We are going in to that little shop over there. I guess you have heard about it” says Liz with a smile.

”Victoria’s Secret? No way mom will let you go in there” says Michael with a blush.

Max just looks at Liz and his head is spinning of all the images he's getting right now. Images of Liz in the lingerie that is in there... Hell, no! Not again, he thinks and move the bags in front of him.

”For your information, Michael. Mom even gave me some money for this particular shop. You know since I'm 14 now and it has been my birthday recently.”

Michael catches on on the double meaning and he doesn't like it. No, he doesn't like it one bit. But what can he say. His own mother is working against him.

”So... are you guys coming?” says Maria

”Yeah yeah, we are coming” mumbles Michael and glares at Max that is loosing the battle to laugh out loud at the three of them pretty quick.

Inside the shop Liz and Maria is looking at almost everything. Michael and Max are standing a little bit on the side but they are watching the girls. Suddenly Liz winks to Maria and holds up at very sexy, but still nice, set in black satin with little pink flowers on it, in front of the bra and panties was a little pink bow.

”Maria. What do you think about this one?”

Michael and Max sees what she holds up and they look at each other with startled looks.

”I don't know” says Maria ”is it a thong? Turn it around so I can see”

Liz does and they all can see it is a thong....

”Girls I think we will be waiting outside the door” says Michael and disappear quickly.

”Yeah, what he said” says Max with a smile and strolls after Michael.

Maria watch them leave and then bursts out in laughter.

”Boy did they disappear quickly or what”

”Was is something I said” asks Liz with a big smile. ”But now that they are out of the way. Really what do you think of this set?”

”I don't think that is what Nancy had in mind, at least not a thong.”

”But this is the good part” says Liz ”You can choose between a thong or regular thai and I think I will go with thai. I really don't think I would like to walk around with my as out in the open”

Maria laughs ”Hopefully you will have pants over them”

”Oh, you know what I mean.... But now. What the hell was that about you being carsick to ride in the backseat. I know you, Maria. And you never get carsick. Hell I remember last year at the festival. You rode everything more times than both Kyle and Zan and it was them that ended up being sick in the bushes. Not you my friend.”

”Yeah, I know.... But Michael doesn't and I got to ride up front with him” says Maria with a big sunny smile.

”You are baaaad” says Liz and shakes her head. “Let's find some more stuff to bye.”

Michael stops outside the doors and looks at Max. “Do you believe them? Why did they show me that? I don't need or want to know what my sister is wearing under her clothes. That was just cruel”

Max smiles and thinks he wants to know and now maybe he do. “I think they wanted you out of there” he says and looks in through the window and sees the girls holding up different things. “It looks like they are having a good time. Now that the protective brother is out of the way.”

“And you are not protective over Isabel?”

“Nah, she can take care of herself. Hell, I think everyone is scared of her” laughs Max “Maybe if it was Ava, but she is both witty and feisty so I bet she can manage without me.”

Liz and Maria walks out to the boys. “Hey, Michael. Do you want to see what I got?” says Liz and opens her big bag.

“No way!” yells Michael “Are we done? Can we leave now? And I'm not carrying that bag”

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 4 8/26/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Aug 27, 2016 12:16 pm

I was wondering about the first chapter too.
Poor Liz, what a shock to get the news. She would soon have to find a compatible mate.
And she's way too young to think about babies when education is important.
Why would she have to settle for second best??
Maria didn't take the news well at first, but now they have no more secrets between them
Great parts,

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 4 8/26/16

Post by Ampare » Wed Sep 07, 2016 4:01 am

I was wondering about the first chapter too.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 4 8/26/16

Post by Lillmonster » Mon Sep 12, 2016 12:40 am

Now it's up again. And I hope that I can give you the rest of the story without waiting for approval. ;)

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