Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

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AN: Thanks for the feedback and comments.


Four weeks later

Liz wakes up when Max is halfway out the door. “Where are you going?” she asks

“I think Jazmine's hungry or she needs a new diaper” he turns towards Jazmine's room again


“I'm just gonna get her”

“I know. But maybe you should put on some boxers”

Max looks down his naked body and blushes. “Oh, didn't think about that” He walks back in the room and grabs his boxer “Maybe you should put something on as well while I get our honeybee”

Max walks in with a hungry little girl. “Oh, baby. Come here” says Liz and positions her daughter for a feeding time.

“Lean forward” says Max and sits behind Liz as usual. He strokes his hands up and down Liz's arms and over Jazmine's back.

“Max. Did you talk to your dad yesterday?”

“Mmm... He asked me to keep an eye on everything tonight. I told him that I could do that as long as we stayed there and I didn't have other things to do”

“How's your mom?”

Max continues to stroke his hands but he is silent.

“Max. You must have asked”

He sighs “No, I didn't ask but dad told me anyway. She is slowly getting better but they don't know when she can come home”

Liz is silent, she knows that it's very hard for Max to talk about his mother. He feels a bit responsible but the doctors has told him that this would have happened no matter what. It was just a coincident that it happened when it happened. Philip had tried to talk to Dianne several times but after how she treated Max neither of the Evans-kids wanted to stay at home. Maybe it was the thing that pushed her over or maybe not. Nobody knows exactly what happened but she is getting treatment for a nervous breakdown. Philip had told his children that he had known that something wasn't right for many years but he had learned how to handle Dianne. Now it had gone to far and the kids got the short stick of it. It was with a heavy heart he had made the decision to have her admitted.

“Did he say when she can come home” she asks

“No, they don't know. But he didn't think it would be until the end of summer. It feels so strange to not have here there at the house. She has always been there”

“Are you okey with the pool party tonight? We don't have to go if you're not up to it”

Max kisses Liz on her shoulder “Honey-bear. We will go to this pool party. I remember the last one very well. It was a first for us in many ways” He grins at her when he sees that Liz is blushing

“Yes, that was one of the best firsts I've had. First real conversation with you. First time we made love. First time I really felt like home. And don't forget – the first time we created a wonderful child”

Max sighs “I know I'm crazy for saying this but in a way I can't wait until we feel it's the right time to create another wonderful baby. I want to be by your side the whole pregnancy and Granma told us that the next time you won't feel so sick since we will do it together all the way. I missed so much...”

“Max, it wasn't only your fault. It was several people involved and don't forget a big portion of insecurities on both sides”

“Yeah, I know. I will wait. First this little honeybee have to get bigger before she becomes a big sister.” He grins again at Liz. When he's sure he has eye contact with her “I'm not complaining. I love all the practicing we gets to make it perfect” Liz's eyes widen and she gasps. Max has to bite himself in the lip to keep from laughing out loud.

“Oh, sometimes you're just so... so... so...”

“So what honey” asks Max with a snicker

“So... I don't know” she glares at him and then sighs deep “But who am I kidding. I'm not complaining either”

Max just stares at he and then smiles “You little....” Suddenly they hear the most wonderful sound to parents. Jazmine looked up to her mommy and daddy and laughed.

“Did you hear that?” says Liz

“Yeah, lets see if she does it again” says Max with a big smile on his face.


When they arrive to the party it's still pretty early in the afternoon but the backyard is full of people. Max pulls out the stroller and bags from the car while Liz carries Jazmine.

“Seems like it will be a riot” says Liz “Everyone wants to celebrate the end of school”

“I hope not. I'm not gonna spend the evening babysitting a house” says Max “And after we drop honeybee at your parents it will be our night. They said that they could have her until tomorrow”

“It will be fine. I've pumped out a lot of milk so she won't go hungry” says Liz

They walk around the house to the patio. Isabel and Ava sees them first. “Max. Liz. Over here”

“Hey extended family” says Max and then looks around “Where's Zan?”

Ava points to the pool “In there with a groupie gang and he's really enjoying it I can tell you”

Liz laughs “Well that makes it one Evans that likes the attention. I remember that you hated it” she kisses Max who laughs and shrugs. “Yeah, now in hindsight I know that it was you I was waiting for so non of the other girls stood a chance” he says.

“Ahhh, how sweet” says Ava and laughs when Liz gives her Jazmine. Liz turns around and puts her arms around Max neck and kisses him hard.

“Oh god, are they at it again?” whines Michael “Come on guys. You have your own place. Can't you keep it behind locked doors?”

“Sounds like someone is jealous since he's not getting any” teases Isabel “I must say that I'm pretty happy myself” and then she grabs and kisses Alex

“Somebody shoot me. I'm in the middle of a sex addicts convention” groans Michael

Liz ends the kiss and turns to her brother “Don't be like that. Remember what we talked about last summer”

Michael stares at her and then he sneaks a glance at Maria. He looks back at Liz and shrugs his shoulders “I don't know. We'll see”

At that moment a friend of Zan walks up to Maria “Hi”

“Hi Danny” says Maria “Having fun? Isn't it great that school is over?”

“Sure” says Danny and lets his eyes roam over Marias bikini clad body. He nods “Looking good”

“Thanks, I just needs a little more tan” says Maria and glance at Michael

Michael frowns. What the hell is that guy doing? How dare he talk to Maria that way.

Max sees Michael's eyes and leans down to whisper in Liz ear “Hold on, I think something is about to erupt soon” He nods at Michael's direction.

“Sure is” whispers Liz “Lets enjoy the show” She turns around to check on Jazmine and sees that Ava has her over with Serena. Liz sits down on Max lap and waits...

Maria is giggling at something Danny said and then she touches his arm “You are so funny Danny”

“That's it” says Michael “What do you think you're doing?”

“What? Who?” asks Maria. Danny just looks at Michael “If it's me you're meaning I was talking to Maria”

“That's exactly what I mean. Why do you come over her and flirt with her when you can see she is with her friends”

Danny looks at Maria “Who is this guy? Your boyfriend?”

Maria shakes her head “No, it's Liz's oldest brother. Nothing to worry about” She then asks Danny to join her in the pool. She walks off with a wink at Liz.

Liz has to bury her head in Max chest. She knows that it will only take one look at Michael and then she will laugh her ass off. She can here Max snicker and then.

“What's with you today?” asks Max still snickering

“What's so damn funny?” grumbles Michael and glares after Maria

“Well it could be your reaction. But I'm just guessing” says Max and that does it. Isabel, Alex, Liz and Max laughs until the tears is running down their cheeks

Michael stares hard at them “What's so fucking funny? Is it funny that this Danny-boy came up here to flirt with Maria right in front of us? Is it funny that she was sucking it up? My god. Am I the only one who could see that he's no good for her”

Liz takes one look at Isabel and they laughs even harder.

“That does it” groans Michael and stomps off to the pool. They can here him yell “Maria”

Max hugs Liz harder to him and wipes his eyes. “Oh man, he's in so much trouble and he doesn't even see it”

Alex nods “It looks like it will be an eventful evening” and then he laughs again when they can hear Maria not agreeing with Michael.


Liz and Isabel is sharing a madras in the middle of the pool. “Is Alex staying here tonight” asks Liz

“I think so, Michael too from what I've heard” says Isabel

“Well, they know that mom and dad will have Jaz tonight so I guess they want to sleep elsewhere”

“Come on, Liz. Jazmine is the cutest baby and I think I never have heard her really cry”

“I know, but this will be the first night away from us. I can't help wondering how it will go” says Liz and bites her lip

“It will be just fine. And it's not like you are far away if there is some trouble” smiles Isabel “Remember that your mom took care of you three so I'm positive that she can manage her grandchild”

Liz nods her head, she knows that too but it's hard to leave Jazmine for the first time.

Isabel watch her friend “My guess is that this is something all parents go through. All the firsts with a baby”

Liz sighs “Mm, I guess” and her eyes search after Ava who still is over with Serena playing and talking to Jazmine.

“Shit. What the hell are they doing here” says Isabel “I hoped they wouldn't come”

“Who” says Liz and turns around. She sees them directly. Tess, Pam, Vicki, Sean, Tommy and Paulie. “What are the blond bitches doing here” she asks

Isabel frowns “My guess. To stir up trouble” she follows the blondes with her eyes and sees right away when they lay there eyes on Max and Michael “And here it starts” she hisses

Liz turns around and sees that Tess and Pam has walked up to Max, Alex and Michael who are talking. “Isabel. Do you feel like saving our brothers/boyfriends”

“Sure is. Lets go” says Isabel and swim to get out of the pool.

“Honey, can I have the towel” says Isabel and looks at Alex

“Here you go” says Alex with a smile. He can see that Isabel isn't happy about Tess and Pam being there.

Isabel dries off and turns to Tess and Pam “Oh hey. I didn't see you” she smiles “What's up?”

Liz walks up and takes her towel. She dries off a bit and sits down in the chair next to Max. “Where's Ava” she asks and search after Ava among the people.

“I think she took in Jazmine for a bit. It's cooler inside” says Max with a smile.

Tess sees this and jumps in “Oh hi Isabel, Liz. Having fun? We thought we should check out this party and the guys wanted to get in touch. It's not that easy anymore since we all go to uni” she turns to Max “I guess you know how it is. All alone over there in uni and it's so nice to come home to people you know” She strokes her hand against his arm “And it's even better when you can connect with old friends, if you know what I mean?”

Max frowns at her “I know what your talking about. That's why I moved back here and start uni here in the fall. But if I remember correct, we were never good friends”

“Well I thought that we could change that” she says and winks.

“Tess. Did you get something in your eye” asks Alex

“No, why” asks Tess with a little blush.

Pam smiles at her and says “I'm going over to the guys. Good luck”

“Not that I need it” whispers Tess to Pam “No competition here so I got him bagged and tagged before the night is over”

Liz looks up at them. She heard that and when she looks at Max she sees his grin. He heard it too. Oh boy, this will be fun. Liz leans back in her chair and leaves this to Max. She is going to enjoy watching one of the bitches being knocked down.

Tess turns to Max again and sits on his other side, she moves the chair as close as it gets and then she leans over to whisper in his ear “What do you say we ditch the kids and go somewhere fun?”

“Fun?” asks Max in a laud voice “What should we do for fun?”

“Well...” stutters Tess

“What? Cat got your tongue” asks Isabel

“And why do you care? We are having a private conversation here” snaps Tess

“Doesn't seem private to me” says Michael “Since you came up to us” he makes a hand motion to include them all “when we were talking I would say that you intruded in our private conversation”

Tess rolls her eyes “When will you ever grow up. I wonder why you still hang out with these losers” she asks Max

“Losers? I don't see any losers here. I see a group of friends” says Liz

Tess stares at Liz “And where is Zan?”

“How should I know that” frowns Liz “My guess is flirting with some girl”

Tess laughs “Couldn't keep the baby daddy, could you?”

“What are you talking about?” asks Liz

“Come on. The rumors reached even me back at uni. You had a baby and Zan is the only one you dated so he must be the daddy. So why isn't he here and where is that baby?” she looks around

Liz is getting angry and glares at Tess “For your information. If you are going to throw out accusations be sure you have all the fact right. This is exactly how rumors is created.

“So what are you saying? That you don't have a baby?” asks Tess

“No, I didn't say that. I said that you should have the facts right. You figure out the rest” says Liz

“Liz... I think someone is getting hungry” says Ava and walks up with Jazmine

“Ha” says Tess and points her finger “I was right. You have a baby”

Liz sighs and looks at Max. He holds out his arms “I can take her” he says to Ava. He turns Jazmine towards him. “Hi honeybee. Are you getting hungry? Should we take mommy inside so she can feed you?”

“Ohhh” smiles Tess “What a great uncle you are”

Max looks up at Tess “Are you stupid?” he asks “Liz has said several times that Zan's not the father so how can I be the uncle?”

Tess looks at the others “Then who is” she is getting a bit irritated here

Max doesn't say a word to her, he just shakes his head “Come on honeybee. Daddy will keep mommy company when you eat” and then he takes Liz hand “Come on honey. Our baby is hungry” and walks inside.

Tess stands there with her mouth open.

“Better shut that trap” says Michael “you can catch flies”

Isabel laughs “And by the way, Zan is the uncle”

“What the hell happened here? Why is Max calling himself daddy?” screams Tess

Alex rolls his eyes “Maybe because he is Jazmine's dad” then he shakes his head “It's kind of sad... you were the number one gossip queen and now you got it all wrong. Maybe now you won't listen to rumors”

“Wouldn't hold my breath there” says Michael “some people have such a boring life that they have to gossip about others to make it interesting. And here is a little more info.... Liz and Max lives together” he nods “Yup, now you have something to talk about and you heard it from a reliable source so when you tell your friends we know it's the truth”

“Bye now” says Isabel and waves her hand

Tess is humiliated she stomps off to her friends “Why haven't you told me that it's Max baby?” she growls

“You never asked” says Sean

Tess turns to Pam and Vicki “And you two. You are supposed to be my best friends”

“I really thought you knew” says Vicki

“Yeah, it's common knowledge here you know” says Paulie

“Did you know that they live together” asks Tess

“Sure. Everybody does. And everybody knows that Max is switching school just to be able to be with Liz and the baby” says Sean

“And why the hell didn't you tell me that before I went up there and looked like a fool” yells Tess. She is so angry that she doesn't see that almost everyone is staring at her and listening to what is said

Sean sees that and says with a smirk “Payback's the bitch. Isn't it”

Tess stares at him with wide eyes “Was this some kind of revenge?”

Sean nods “Yup” then he turns to his friends “This was fun but now on to the next party. I heard about a rave over in Hondo” and they leave.

Tess is looking after them and then she sees that everyone is staring at her. She is getting several shades of red and then she screams “Go to hell all of you” and stomps off

Isabel laughs so hard that she has to lean on Alex “That is what I call great entertainment” she gasps out. Then she looks at Ava and laughs again.


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 27 10/16/16

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All I can say is wow. And laughing so hard at Tess. Finally Michael and Maria are getting somewhere.

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L-J-L 76: Tess is a character that you can have tons of fun with and she is so easy to make "stupid" :)

Last chapter


Max looks over at Liz “It will be fine. Nancy and Jeff can handle Jazmine for the night. I promise”

“I know” sighs Liz “It's just....”

“Honey. I know what you mean but she will be with us tomorrow” He parks the jeep in the driveway outside his old house. “Come on” he hops out and turns to Liz “Come”

Liz smiles at him “Where are we going? I think they are waiting for us” she nods towards the house.

“They can manage without us and I'm not so sure they will miss us. Not with all the people there. Lets go for a walk”

“Where are we going” asks Liz with a smile and remembers that she asked that question last year. The night when everything started.

Max smiles, he too remembers “Just down the block, to the park” He takes her hand and winks at her. “A bit of memory lane you know”

Liz sits down at the swing “It all started here” she says

“Mm, here was our first kiss” nods Max “I couldn't stay away. I just had to kiss you”

“I'm not so sure it was you that kissed me. I think I kissed you” says Liz with a wink

Max leans in and kiss her, a long and passionate kiss that's filled with his love. “You could be right” he says after a while. “No need to argue about that” Then he looks over at the bushes, turns to Liz and grins “Are you up to relive some memories”

“Max. We have our own bed now. Why would you want to be here?” gasps Liz

“Humor me” shrugs Max

“Okey” says Liz and follows Max behind the bushes “And now what she laughs”

Max puts his arms around her and kisses her hard. “I can wake up in the middle of a dream and this is what I'm dreaming about. Our first time, here in the park. When we didn't care if someone saw us or anything. We only cared about each other and the love that we both later on were to insecure to take care of” He takes deep breath “And now I want to create new memories of this place that is so special to me”

“To me too” whispers Liz

“I want us to remember this place forever. I want to tell Jazmine that this is the place we really fell in love” he sees Liz face “But not tell here that this is the place she was conceived” He laughs when he hears Liz exhale loudly

“Max, you must know that this place is truly special and I'm all for making new memories” she flirts “What did you have in mind?”

Max smiles “Oh I promise. I have something in mind” and he kiss her mouth and over to her ear, down her neck. Liz moans and leans her head to the side to give him better access. Max continues to kiss down her shoulder and suddenly he stops.

Liz opens her eyes “Max, why did you...” She looks down and see Max on one knee.

Max looks up in Liz big brown eyes “Lizzie. I have known you since you were only ten and I knew there was something special about you. I didn't know why I felt that but I did. When you turned 14 I knew I was in trouble. I thought that my feelings for you was wrong and I fought them. And then last summer. When I first came home, when we hugged and I gave you that little kiss. You know the one that was supposed to be on the cheek” Liz nods with tears in her eyes “I wouldn't even call it a kiss. It was more like a peck, but that was all it took. I had never felt like that before. It was like a fire inside me and all I wanted to do was be wherever you were. I was still fighting our age but I could feel that is was becoming harder and harder.
When we talked by the pool last summer I was couldn't fight anymore. That's why I asked you to walk with me. I never had any intentions to make love to you but when we kissed, for real this time, there was no turning back. I felt more home with you then I've ever done with my family. And now I know why. You are my family. You and Jazmine are my family and I love you both so much. You said it yourself. I love you so much that it hurts sometimes and the only person that can take that pain away is standing here with me.
I know that you are still only 16 but I love you and I want you to be mine forever. Please my darling honey bear.... Will you marry me?”

Liz is crying as she looks down to at the love of her life. She sees that he is holding up a lovely ring with three little diamonds on it. She nods and throws herself around his neck. “I love you. I love you. I love you” she mumbles

“Is that a yes” asks Max

Liz leans back and looks in to his amber eyes “It's a yes” she says “I love you forever”

Max laughs at her and puts the ring on her left hand. Liz looks at the ring and admires it.

“I wanted the diamonds to represent our family and I wanted them small so you won't be afraid to wear it when you have Jazmine”

“I love it. It's perfect. Just like you” she says and kisses him hard “Now, what about the new memories... Want some to go with this?” She laughs when Max slowly sinks her to the ground.


Isabel walks up to Maria “Shouldn't Liz and Max be back by now?”

“I guess. I mean if there is a problem leaving Jazmine to Liz' mom and dad I'll bet it's Liz that is the problem. You know how she is about there honey bee” says Maria “Michael, have you heard from Liz and Max?”

Michael shakes his head “I'm sure they will be back soon”.

At that moment Alex walks out with some ice “The jeep is out front, maybe they went for a walk”

Maria starts laughing and Zan groans “I can't believe it”

Isabel, Michael and Alex looks at them. “What are you laughing about” asks Alex. “What do you mean?” asks Isabel

Maria looks at Zan “You don't think...”

Zan shakes his head “Na-ha, but it's them. You know how they are...”

“Yeah” nods Maria “Maybe relive some memories”

“Okey, that's it! What are you talking about?” says Michael

Maria turns to Zan “Why don't you enlighten them. I know since Liz told me what happened but from what I heard you found out from visual contact” and she laughs out loud

“Thanks a lot” mumbles Zan “That was something I didn't want to see”

“See what?” asks Isabel “Could you please just tell us what you know”

Zan looks at them “Are you really sure? Once you know there is no going back. I can guarantee that you will have the image in your head forever”

Michael looks at Alex who nods his head. This is about their sister and of course they want to know. “Tell us” says Michael

“Well, you remember our pool party last summer, before school started?” Everyone nods except Maria who is still laughing “Well I was on my way home from another party late that evening and I walked through the park down the block. You know there are some bushes right next to the playground” They still nods their heads “When I was almost by those bushes I first saw Max step out from them and after him came Liz. Both of them were fixing their clothes and kissing and stuff”

“Wait a minute! What are you implying here? Are you saying...” asks Michael

Zan raises his eyebrow “What do you think I mean?”

“Do you mean? I mean... Are you saying that they.. In the park... Is that it?” asks Isabel

“Sure is” says Zan and when he see the faces on Isabel - grossed, Michael and Alex – chocked he too starts to laugh “Oh my god. You should see yourself”

“And you knew about this” says Michael to Maria “You knew that Max and my sister slept together that night”

Maria shakes her head “No, I didn't know it was Max but Liz told me later that it was that night she got pregnant”

“And you didn't tell me” growls Michael

“What's your problem? Max is Liz soul mate. Yes they slept with each other that night and yes, she got pregnant. And now they live together with their daughter” says Maria. She can't see any problem.

“My problem is that... It's...” stutters Michael

“Yes...What?” asks Maria

“He is four years older then she” says Michael

Maria stares at him like he is crazy. “And it is still four years. That will never change” she's starting to get angry and puts her hand on the hip “Do you want to know what I think is your problem? I think that the person that has a problem with four years difference is you, Michael. Only you” and then she storms off inside the house.

Michael see that the other is looking at him. He shrugs his shoulders “What's her problem?”

Alex slaps his brother on the shoulder “My god. She is right. You're the one with problems. My advice is that you solve them quickly or you will loose the best thing before you even got it”

Michael opens his mouth to retort when he sees Max and Liz “Where have you been” he asks them

Max looks at Liz “We left Jazmine with Nancy and Jeff. You know that” says Liz

“But that was ages ago” giggles Maria “The jeep has been out front like forever”

“We took a walk” says Max “What's so funny?”

Isabel turns to Liz and picks off a sprig from her hair “Must have been some walk”

Liz blushes and turns to Max to hide her face. When she does that Ava sees the ring “Liz! Oh..oh..oh” Ava jumps up and down. Isabel stares at her “What?” Ava points her finger toward Liz hand and Isabel is next to squeal and point.

“I don't get it” says Michael “Do you?” he turns to Alex and Zan. They shake their heads.

“Hi guys” says Kyle when he walks up to them drying his hair with a towel “Why are you standing here for? The water is great” Then he turns to Liz and sees her hand “Well well well... I guess a congratulation in in order” and then he holds out his arms for a hug.

Liz turns to Kyle and hugs him hard “Thanks. You're the first”

“First? You mean nobody has said anything?” he looks at her brothers “Boy, you must be both dumb and blind. Max! I knew it would happen sooner rather then later and I guess I was right. Just remember to invite me”

“Sure thing. Can't forget the guy that was there for my love when I wasn't. But enough of hugging my fiance. Give her back” snickers Max

“Fiance?” yells three boys. “You proposed?”

Liz holds out her hand with the ring on it. “He sure did” she says with a smile a mile wide

“I guess it must have been a hot proposal regarding the sprigs in your hair” laughs Isabel

“Yeah, relived some memories or maybe you made some new ones” says Zan

Max stares at Zan and hears the rest laugh “You didn't”

“Sure did” laughs Alex “If you want to keep a secret there are two rules. #1 never tell Maria and #2 be sure that Zan doesn't see you”

“Have you set a date” asks Ava

“No, not yet” says Max “But I would like to have it done before school starts again”

“You can't be serious” chokes Isabel “That's two months! You can't plan a wedding in two months. There is the church, wedding dress, tux, brides maids, best men, food, reception, flowers... That can't be done”

“Yes it can” says Liz “We don't want to have a big wedding. Family and friends will be enough. If Max won't mind I would like to have the wedding outdoors, maybe here in this backyard. And we can have the reception here too. I'm sure we can find a dress and tux for us. And flowers won't be a problem”

“See, it can be done” smiles Max at Isabel who just shakes her head.

Liz wraps her arms around Max neck “Do you like the idea of a wedding here” she asks

Max leans down and kisses her “If it will get me married to you in two months it will be perfect”

“Are you sure? I want us to plan our wedding together”

“Anything for you, Liz. Anything for you” and he kisses her again.


Mars – 9 months later

“Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you” sings Liz and Max when they enters Jazmine's little bedroom with cake and presents.

“Mommy. Daddy” smiles Jazmine

“Morning my little birthday girl” says Liz.

Max puts all the presents on the floor and reaches for his baby “Come here honey bee. Let me give you a big birthday hug”

“Do you want to open your presents” asks Liz

Jazmine nods “All me” she asks

“Yes, baby. They are all for you and later I know you will get many more” laughs Max. Their family and friends kept their promise when it came to try to spoil her.

Liz helps Jazmine open her presents “I can't believe that she's one already. She's getting so big” she says and feels a little sad

“Oh honey, she will always be our little girl. But I agree that this year has gone by so fast. And we will have many many many more years together with our baby” He looks at Liz “And when we decide that it's time for Jazmine to become a big sister, I will be by your side the whole time”

“I know” says Liz and then she can't help but tease Max a little “But the next time it could be two”

Max who is helping Jazmine with her new doll looks up “Two? Do you know something I don't” he asks

Liz smiles “Honey, you know that I dream sometimes...” Max nods “...and sometimes the things I dream becomes true”

Max swallows loudly “Are we hoping for this dream to be true” he asks

Liz laughs “Only time will tell, honey. Only time. But I don't think that will be your biggest concern. Do I have to remember you that next year you will be coronated king. My king!”

Max shakes his head and pulls both Liz and Jazmine in his lap “No need to remind me of that. But for you I'll do anything. You're my queen” he takes Liz hand and kiss her rings “and everyone knows that” Then he kiss her deeply on her mouth

“Kissie. Kissie” laughs Jazmine and clap her hands

Max smiles at Liz and then both of then turns to Jazmine “Kissie kissie” asks Max and then Jazmine is full of kisses from her mom and dad.


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Wed Oct 19, 2016 9:28 pm

Love the ending!!!! Loved how Max asked Liz to marry him and how they wanted their wedding. Wow Max is going to be crowned king. So you left it where Liz could be pregnant with twins. Now that was not very nice. but I did love the ending!!!!

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:15 am

Been gone but finally back and caught up....
Just in time for a very happy ending.
Liz and Max are making the perfect parents, to heck with the four years age difference.
Loved the story,

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

Post by SmileeUk » Sat Nov 05, 2016 8:43 am

Thank you for this lovely story especially it is your first one on English :D
I really enjoyed reading this & could not rest until I finished it :oops:
See you around :wink
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