Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Complete 10/19/16

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 19 10/02/16

Post by Lillmonster » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:16 am

Carolyn & L-J-L: Well maybe Max should figure it out but you have to remember that he is new to the whole alien-thing. When not even Liz knew without Claudia to tell her. How should Max know? But I promise.. things will clear up soon. Someone will tell him. ;)


“Please, sit here in front of the mirror. That way you can see what I'll do and you don't have to worry.” says Granma

Max sits down and sees Granma in the mirror behind him. Liz is sitting on Granma's bed biting her lip in anticipation.

“Lizzie, it will be fine” says Granma. Lizzie had told her all about her talk with Max this morning. She agreed with Liz that it could be the connection between Max and Liz or it could be the baby that is reaching out to it's father. She puts her hand over Max head “Max, look in to my eyes and relax. Try not to think about anything” She looks at Max in the mirror. Max looks straight in Granmas eyes and suddenly he can see her hand start to glow. She moves her hand slowly over his head. From his front to the back of his head. When she comes to the back she stops and he can see her eyes open wide and she looks shocked. Then she collects herself and looks at Max again. “You are healthy” she says “I can't find anything wrong with you”

“Why did you stop when you came to the back of my head” asks Max

“Oh, I'm sorry. When I scan someone or when Liz heals we have to make a connection with the person and sometimes I can see some memories from the persons life. That's what happened. I saw you as a little boy and you were so cute” she says.

“Oh, I hope it was nothing embarrassing” says Max and looks between Granma and Liz. He points out the door. “I'll go see what they are up to. You coming?” he asks Liz

“I just need to ask Granma a thing about the baby. I will be out soon” says Liz

Max walks out and thinks. They are lying to me. But why? Why does they feel that they have to lie to me?

Liz looks at Granma “I was right. Wasn't I?”

“Yes honey bear. This is strong, really strong.”

“What do you mean?”

“He said that he always feels like a little flutter? And that is has been stronger the last couple of days?”

Liz nods her head

“I could feel a connection between you two. That is the constant flutter that he's feeling. My guess is that it wasn't just you that had the feelings when you made this baby.” she pats on Liz round belly “The stronger flutter is this little fellow reaching out to it's father. You can't do anything about this. It's just there and it will never go away. You have to accept that”

Liz sighs “I suspected something like this. I know how it feels inside me. But I thought that he didn't felt the same. And then I found out about this from him.... Granma! What should I do?”

“I can't answer that honey. Only you have the answer to that. You already know what I think about this whole mess but it's up to you. You have to make up your mind by yourself on this topic. What I can say is that whichever way you take, it will be hurdles but don't give up. Never give up”


“I'm gonna miss you so much” cries Liz and hugs her friends.

“We will miss you too but we will be here soon again. You know that” says Alex. “As soon as we can get a full weekend off we will be here”

“And I will be here in four weeks” says Michael “I have already checked my schedule and I can leave Wednesday and don't have to be back until Sunday. Sound good?”

“Sure does” says Liz

“Maybe I will have to lend a wheelbarrow to move you outside the house by then” jokes Michael and move quickly out of Liz's arm reach.

She smiles at him “I know. I will be large as a house then with about 6 weeks left before this fellow shows” she strokes her stomach with a soft smile on her lips.

Max is watching her and he thinks that she is glowing. She looks much better then when we came here. She has some color on her cheeks and that smile could melt ice. I love her like crazy... He moves up to Liz and embrace her hard. Then he laughs and looks down between them to her stomach. Liz does the same. “It has never done that before” she says with a small laugh “I mean I have felt the baby but never this hard” She looks up to Max and sees love in his eyes.

“What happened” asks Alex

“The baby kicked me” says Max with a smile “Must not like that I hugged the mother-to-be”

“Come on. I'm the uncle. Kick me” says Alex and hugs Liz hard one more time. He pulls back and looks down “Nothing”

Liz laughs at his antics and shakes her head. She makes another round to hug them all. “Drive safely Max, Isabel and Michael” and then she turns to Isabel “If you don't want to drive all the way let Alex do it”

When she reach Max again she whispers “You can call me anytime you have a question if you still won't talk to Michael”. She hugs him again and once again the baby kicks hard. Max looks down with wonder in his eyes, he puts his hand om her stomach and feels another kick. “It truly is a little person in there. Wow” He shakes his head and waves goodbye to Granma and they are off.


Six weeks later

Michael bangs on Max's door. “Come on. Open up. I know that you're in there” The door opens and Michael takes one look at Max. “Fuck you look like shit. Take a shower, I'll order pizza and then we can talk” He walks in to Max apartment and gets a shock. There are bear-cans everywhere. What the hell is he doing, he asks himself. He takes a bag and cleans up and wait for Max to be finished in the shower.

Max walk out of the bathroom, feels the smell of the pizza and groans.

“Here take a slice. You can't live on bear you know” says Michael

Max moans and pulls out some Advil and plops down on the sofa. He waves his hand slowly “Get that away from me. One bite and it will come back up right away”

“Ah, hangover” smirks Michael “But I won't feel sorry for you. Now I have had the whole Evans family calling me worrying about you. Why can't you pick up and answer your phone?” He looks for Max cell and finds it under the table “Dead. What the fuck have you been doing? I know that you haven't been to seminars the last week and I was worried that you was sick or something. And now I find out that you have been drinking like crazy. This isn't you! Talk to me and talk now before I get pissed! And you know I have special powers” he waves his fingers in the air.

Max slumps back and moans at the move “Why do you care? You won't talk about it and answer my questions. I'll bet you too would lie to me just like Liz is doing”

“Wait. What won't I talk about and what is Liz lying about?”

“Whenever I ask you something about your heritage you always says you won't talk about it and when you do answer it's always some half truths always these lies never truths. And I have this fluttering inside me that is slowly driving me crazy since I don't know what it mean. I asked Liz and Granma about it last time I was there and I just know that they lied to me. But why? Could you tell me that? Please?” Max is almost shouting now

Michael looks at him. Oh shit, he thinks. This is driving him crazy, why can't Liz talk to him. He sighs and looks over to Max who has his eyes closed “You still look like something the cat threw up”

“Har-har” smiles Max

“I don't know if and why Liz is lying to you. She won't tell me everything even if you thinks so. Why do you think Maria is so pissed at her? Liz has talked to Kyle and that's the only one. Maria nags her all the time about it but so far Liz hasn't told her shit. Why should she tell me? I can only give you some advice. One is that you call her and talk to her. Ask her why she is lying if that is what you feel. Maybe she will answer or maybe you will get the same treatment like the rest of us. I don't know. The other is that I will talk to you about it. It's kind of hard for me since I have always hid that part of me”

“But you don't have to do that anymore around me”

“I know but it's not an easy thing to do. But I will try more. Okey?”

Max nods. He knows that's all Michael can do and he can't demand him to do more.

“And the third and last advice is STOP drinking!” Max whimper when Michael yells “Drinking won't solve shit and you know that so what the fuck are you doing this for?”

“When I'm drunk I can't feel that flutter and I can get some rest from it”

“Well, maybe you should stop numb it and start to listen to it. Why don't you try to find out where this feeling is coming from? It's not like everyone goes around with flutter inside them” smiles Michael. “Get some sleep and then you call Liz and talk to her. Call me after” He grabs his pizza and walk up to the third floor where his apartment is.

Max takes Michael's advice and calls Liz.


“Hi, Liz. It's Max”

“I know” she whispers

“Oh, why are you whispering”

“I don't feel so well. I was resting”

“Oh, I can call another time”

“No, it will be fine. I guess you have a question since you are calling. Still not talking to Michael about it?”

“Well, we have talked some when he was over here yelling at me”

“Why would he do that?”

“Well, I haven't been myself this past week and I guess he got tired of it”

“What do you mean?”

“You know the fluttering feeling I told you about? It has been stronger this past weeks and I found a way to numb it”

“Max! What did you do?”

“I drank some bears with some guys here and I found out that it numbed that feeling so I drank some more. And today Michael showed up and yelled at me”

Liz sighed “Okey, you got drunk, not a smart move, but why would he yell at you?”

“It's been a week and I didn't notice” whispers Max

“What? Max! No... you can't do that. Promise me you won't do that again”

“Maybe... If you can tell me the truth and be honest with me in your answer to my three questions”

“Oh... Max it depends. I have only talked to Kyle. You know that.”

“Yes, but I thought that maybe, after what we shared last summer. I thought it meant something to you”

“It did” whispers Liz “more than you know”

“So please, be honest with me... Is your soul mate an alien or hybrid?”

Liz is silent

“Liz. Are you there”

“Yes, but I can't answer that question. All I can say is that race isn't whats important here”

“I guess that will do. Next... How long is an pregnancy for hybrids? I know that your doctors doesn't know exactly but what do they think?”

“About 7 months” Liz says without thinking

“Last question. Do you know what this feeling inside me means?”

“I'm sorry but the only answer I can give you is maybe. Sometimes we hybrids knows stuff about others but it's not up to us to tell you about them. It's up to you to find them out. If we tell you everything we will take away your free will and I won't do that to anyone. Can you understand that?” cries Liz

“Please Liz, don't cry. I didn't mean to upset you again. It's just that this is driving me crazy. I can't understand what's happening to me” Now Max was crying too “I know that you are waiting for someone but I just have to tell you this. I love you Liz. I think I always have. But I won't stand in the way of your happiness. Bye” and Max hangs up the phone before he breaks down completely.

This fear has me chilled down to the bone
And I have been haunted by these things I still have left to say
I’m weary of fighting this alone
So tired of holding on to strings much better left to fray

And I said
Hear me now here and now I’m calling
Memories wear me down
And this seems so complicated
When all I want is just the truth

Max curls up on his bed and cries hard. He thinks about what she said and he still has that feeling of lying inside him. How can I let her go? How can I live and see her with someone else?

I’m wilted and faded after all
Too strung out and burnt out to be half the man that I could be
I’ll never belong inside your world
So black out the sun and leave me to play out the same old tragedy

And I said
Hear me now here and now I’m calling
Memories wear me out
And this seems too complicated
When all I want is just the truth

Why can't I be enough for her? Who am I kidding. What have I to offer her? She needs someone who can be king not someone who's gonna be a lawyer. But I need her. I know I need her for everything to feel right.

You’re my savior after all
Use your flame to guide me home
And then lay your hand on me

And I said
Hear me now here and now I’m calling
Memories wear me down
And this seems so complicated
When all I want is just the truth

Hear me now here and now I’m calling
Memories wear me out
And this seems too complicated
When all I want is a part of you

(Here and Now by Seether)


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 20 10/05/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Oct 05, 2016 7:55 am

Max still isn't there......
The baby is reaching out for his daddy.......and only his daddy.
Yes, there are always hurdles to take.......welcome to the real world.
I really loved it when the baby kicked Max........but I'm sorry he felt he had to get drunk to avoid feeling the flutters.
Can't wait for more,

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 20 10/05/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Oct 06, 2016 9:04 am

Wow loved when the baby kicked when Max and Liz hugged twice. Poor Max he feels the flutter and doesn't realize that it is his baby calling to him. So glad Michael went to check on Max when he did. Max did a bad thing by getting drunk like he did. Way to go Michael yell at Max more. Finally Max is going to call Liz and get some answers. Poor Max and Liz they are both crying because they are not together. Liz needs to tell Max the truth. And Max needs to talk to Liz about what he feels.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 21 10/07/16

Post by Lillmonster » Thu Oct 06, 2016 11:37 pm


Three weeks later

Michael wakes up by a ringing “This better be good” he growls in the phone

“It's Granma. Grab Max and drive here as fast as you can”

“Wait. What happened?” asks Michael sitting up wide awake. He looks around for his clothes.

“Just do as I said. Grab Max and get here. Liz is in the hospital. She passed out and now she won't wake up. Hurry”

“On my way”

Michael grabs some clothes and runs out of his apartment and down to Max. He looks around the corridor and lets himself in with the help of his hand. He rushes in to Max and screams “Wake the fuck up. We are leaving in five minutes or as soon as I get these fucking clothes on me”

“What? Michael. What are you doing here” mumbles Max and tries to wake up

“Didn't you hear me. Get the fuck up, grab some clothes and come. We're leaving”

Max stands up and grabs his jeans. “Leaving where?”

“Liz” says Michael and stares at his friend. “And if you love her as much as I think you do you will do as I say. Now, come on. Lets go” and he is out the door

Max looks around and grabs his shirt, pulls it over his head and grabs his phone, wallet and keys at the same time and then they are off.

“Buckle up” yells Michael as he drives out of Albuquerque. When he's out of city limits he floors the gas pedal. Right now all he can think about is getting to his sister as fast as he can.

Max is trying to tie his shoes and fix his clothes at the same time. He looks over at Michael “Can you please tell me what's going on? What can I do? You need me to drive?”

Michael shakes his head “No, can't make any stop to change place. I want to be there in three hours top.”

“You know it takes close to four hours”

Michael smirks “If you drive legally”

“Lets hope their isn't any patrols out” says Max

“I don't give a fuck” growls Michael “I'll use my powers if I have to. Now I'm gonna get to Liz as fast as I can”

“WHAT HAPPENED?” yells Max.

“I don't know much. Granma called right before I came down to get you. She said that Liz passed out and won't wake up. She's in the hospital. And I should grab you and come as fast as I could. So that is what I'm doing. Got it?” Michael glares at Max and then he mumbles “And if anything happens to her you'll wish you were dead”

Max starts “Why are you threatening me?”

“Oh Fuck” yells Michael and slams his hand om the wheel “Are all humans as fucking stupid or is it only you? How many leads do we have to give you? I used to think that you were smart but nooo... Now it proves to me that you are more fucked up then argh.... I don't know what. We have about 2½ hours left. Use them to think about everything we has said. And stop with the fucking buhu-self-pitying ego trip you got going. I can't stand it any more. The only sad thing about you is your own stupidity” Michael continues to mutter obscenites.

Max is stunned. What the hell was that? Insult-Max-night? But in the back of his head the feeling is growing stronger then before. He sigh and stares out the windscreen. What is he talking about? Think about what? What who said? Maybe Liz. Why did Granma say that he should grab me? What can I do? Oh god, don't let anything happen to Liz.

“I love her more then you can understand” he whispers “I know she's your sister and I know she is four years younger but I can't help it. I feel like I'm going crazy without her. If something happens to her you won't have to kill me. I can tell you I will die anyway. I can't go on without her”

Michael sits quiet for a long time “Have you told her this?”

“I told her the last time we talked on the phone after I asked her my questions” he turns away from Michael “and I told her last summer when we...” The tears starts to fall down his cheeks when he remembers how complete he felt when he made love with Liz. The love of his life. How right it felt and that strong feeling of being home.

“I already know that you made love”

Max turns to Michael and dries his cheeks but the tears won't stop “How?”

Michael sighs “Max, we have been friends since we were 14 and I think I knew that you loved my sister before you did. Now I want you to sit here and think about that love. Think about how it makes you feel and think about how it felt last summer. Please, as your best friend and as Liz brother I'm begging you to do this”

Max nods and turns away again. He closes his eyes but the tears are still falling but he couldn't care less right now. He is deep in his thoughts and feelings. He goes back to that feeling he had when they made love and his eyes opens in shock. Something happened there. Something between him and Liz. Then he thinks about when this fluttering feeling started. He tries to figure it out and he has to go way back to the first time he saw Liz. It had always been there. When did it become stronger? He continues his way through memories and thoughts. Right after we made love he decides. Was it because they made love? What was it Granma called it when she scanned. A connection. That's it. Could it be that he and Liz had a connection. I would love to have that he thinks and then he continues. Why is it important that he comes tonight? 6 months. No, 7 months. She changed her answer to 7 months. Why did she change her answer. Is she lying? Why would she lie?Suddenly his thoughts races and he counts and counts again and recounts yet again. Then his eyes opens wide and he turns to Michael

“The baby is mine”

Michael is silent and doesn't even look at Max

“TELL ME” yells Max “Liz baby is mine! She hasn't been with anyone else? Why would she do this to me? I fucking love her and she does this to me”

“And what did you do to her” asks Michael

“What do you mean? What have I done against her. I love her for fucks sake”

“And she loves you but for you to get through to her you have to acknowledge your part in this damn mess. I must say that you are the two smartest people I know but you made this whole fucking stupid mess and now it's up to you to start fix this”

“How can I fix this when I don't know what I did?” asks Max desperately

“Then you needs to think some more. You got less then two hours now”

What did I do? What did I do? What the fuck did I do? Max wrecks his brain... We made love and the day after she left and... I left... Zan! I believed Zan's lies. And I didn't let her explain when she called. Oh fuck... I lied to her... What have I done? How can I fix this? I must fix this. There isn't any other option. He turns to Michael again

“Okey, I trusted my jealous little brother and believed his lies and I didn't make things better when Liz called. I was so upset and sad that I lied to her about dating. Are you telling me that this is the reason to all this?”

“Mostly. When you trusted Zan after everything she told you and then said that you were dating she convinced herself that you didn't love her. She has done whatever she can to try to put her heart back together and protect it from more hurt. And she did this because she wants you to love her even if there weren't any baby. I know that you do but you have to convince her now. She has told herself that it's impossible”

Max eyes open wide “I'm the soul mate” he whispers

Michael nod his head “Yes and you are the most stupid soul mate I have ever heard of”

I'm the soul mate, Max thinks to himself. I hope we are there soon. I must tell her how I feel. I want to hug her, kiss her. Prove that I love her. I wanna.... Shit.

Max turns to Michael again and this time he is totally white in his face making his amber eyes glowing brighter then before. He opens and closes his mouth several times.

“Max. Man... Come on. Do you feel good. Gonna hurl?”

Max shakes his head slowly from side to side and then he stutters “I-I-I'm g-g-g-go-gon-gonna be a-a-a fat-father”

Michael turns to him and smiles wide “Yeah, I know. Isn't it great? I'm gonna be an uncle. Uncle Michael” and then he takes in Max expression “Max. Damn. Put your head down” He grabs Max neck and pushes his head down between his knees. “Come on now. Take deep breaths. Don't you dare pass out on me right now. Shit. I don't have time for this right now. We will be there soon. Try to collect yourself. I must call Granma”

“Hi, we will be there soon... Yeah, I know I didn't drive legally but I don't care. How is she?... Shit. Yeah I will tell him... Yes he figured it all out now in the car... Well, he is currently sitting with his head between his knees... I had to do something, couldn't have him pass out in the car or puke... See you soon... Bye”

Max takes some deep breaths before he sits up again. He leans his head back and concentrates on breathing.

“Granma says hello and that you should take it easy. You are needed with Liz and the baby so you can't pass out now. She said that if you still had the urge to do so you are free to do that after the delivery”

“Delivery?” mumbles Max

“Hey man... Are you listening to me? Liz is having the baby. That's why you have to be there. You know, delivery. Birth. Your baby is coming. Your gonna be a dad”

“Baby is coming? Now?” and then Max puts his head between his legs again.

Michael looks at him, shakes his head and chuckles. “Yeah, dad. Buckle up, the baby is coming and my guess with built-in powers” He can hear Max moan and laughs so hard that it looks like he's crying.

After a little while he pats Max on his back. “Hey, daddy. Come on. Where here. Liz is waiting” and then he laughs again.


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 21 10/07/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 8:17 am

Bingo Max!
You are not only the soul mate but you are about to be a father.
That's what you get for listening to a jealous Zan.........
Hurry and get there for Liz.....she needs you now.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 21 10/07/16

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Oct 07, 2016 11:10 am

Finally Max figured it out he is Liz's soul mate and he is going to be a father all on the way to see Liz. Poor Max he doesn't know what he feels. But at least he knows he is Liz's soul mate and a father.
Loved how Michael got Max to the hospital so very quickly. Can't wait to find out what will happen when Max and Liz see each other.

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 22 10/08/16

Post by Lillmonster » Sat Oct 08, 2016 1:50 am


Granma Claudia sees them running towards her. “She's in here” she opens a door behind her. Liz is lying on a bed hooked up to an IV.

Michael pulls up short, turns to Granma “What the hell happened? You said she was better the last time we talked”

“She was” says Granma “After she talked to Max she was feeling better but last night she passed out on her way to her bed. The only guess the doctors have is that this is the baby's way to tell it wants the father to be here. Keep your fingers crossed.” she turns to Max who is standing by Liz side “We will wait outside. Holler if you needs us”

Max nods his head but his eyes wont leave Liz. His biggest love is lying in this bed and he can't help but feel that it's his fault. Or.... No. It's Zan's fault this whole mess started. Deep down he knows that it wasn't entirely Zan's fault but right now it felt fine to put the blame on someone.

He pulls up a chair and sits beside the bed, takes one of Liz hands and leans over to kiss her forehead and then he can't resist and kiss her lightly on her soft lips. “Lizzie. It's Max” he whispers “Please sweet Lizzie, you have to wake up now” he looks down towards her large round stomach and strokes his other hand over it. Feels the warmth and then – a kick. He smiles with tears in his eyes and holds his hand still, in case he would feel another kick. “Please Lizzie. Our beautiful baby will be born soon and we both need it's mommy” He turns towards Liz again and gently strokes back her hair and leans forward to put his head down on her chest.

Granma opens the door slightly and sees them both asleep. She leaves them alone and walks back to Michael.

“I think it's time to call the rest of the family so they will be here on time”

“On time” asks Michael

“Yeah, my guess is that in the next 24-36 hours you will be an uncle. Max is here now and that was the only thing this baby was waiting for”

“Oh, okey, if you say so” says a baffled Michael

“Wait. I'll call Jeff and Nancy. You can take care of your friends. I know that Liz would want them here for this but only if it's okey with their parents” says Granma and walks away to make a phone call.

“Nancy?... Sorry to call so late but it's Liz... She passed out earlier and is in the hospital... Everything will be fine but we need you to get up here as fast as you can... Yes, the baby will be born soon... No need to call Michael, he's already here... Yes I called him first... I had to get Max over here right away... No need to use that tone with me. I did what was necessary... Yes. Max is more important than you... I know you are her mother... You can't help her... Look, let me talk to Jeff... I won't argue any more with you. Put Jeff on the phone” she sighs at the phone. She knew this wouldn't be easy but it's what had to be done.

“Hi Jeff... I know... She got a bit upset about me... Yes” she shakes her head “I called Michael and him and Max is here... What do you mean?... Shouldn't I care?... Look here, Jeffrey. I haven't slept since last night. I'm tired. I was worried as hell before Michael could get Max here... Yes, he's with her now... Yes, he knows everything... Can you listen for a moment?... Okey, my guess is that this baby will be born in, lets say, 24 hours. That gives you some time to collect yourself, calm Nancy down and go over to the Evans to first of all collect the kids there and secondly... You have to tell them about us... I know you don't want to do that but right now you don't have a choice... They need to know and my guess is that they want to be here when their grandchild is born... Jeff!... Come on now... It's their grandchild too... I know that they haven't been there for Liz but how could they. They don't know anything... Now your not being reasonable... Well, you sound like a kid that is saying “dibs on the baby”... Alright. You will do this... Great, call me when you leave Roswell... Bye” She sighs heavy and looks up to the stars. Sometimes I wonder, she thinks and then she smiles to herself. Jeff can say whatever he want's. She knows that he's already adoring that baby.

Michael walks out to make his call.

“You only have to call Maria and Kyle” says Granma

“Why? What about the other?”

“Your dad is on his way over there to tell them all there is to know about us”

“What the hell for? They don't have to know shit”

“Michael! Max is this baby's father. He is still 19 and the mother-to-be is still 15. Don't you think that they will react to that? If they know the whole story maybe they can be a bit more understanding. Don't you think?”

Michael glares at her and turns away to call Kyle. He can't believe that they are telling even more people about them. Why not put and ad in the paper. Or even better. Put up a billboard next to the entry to Crash that says – Real alien lives here, Come and take a look!.

He hears Kyle answer the phone “Kyle, it's Michael. Call Maria and get up here as fast as you can. Liz is having the baby... Call Alex and see if you can ride with them... Great. Bye”


Max is awaken by the feel of a hand in his hair. He looks up and sees Liz lying there with a serene look. Her eyes are closed but she smiles. Max thinks that she's practically glowing and he can't help the happy and content feeling inside him. When he's near Liz, he's home.

“Did you mean it” asks Liz without opening her eyes

Max knows straight away what she is asking him “Love you? Oh yes. I love you with all my heart”

Liz smile is widened “I love you too”

“Lizzie. I know we have a lot to talk about but Michael kind of put me in my place. Or I should say, forced me to start using my brain and listen to myself.”

“And what did you discover?”

“That I love you. I have always loved you even when I didn't know it myself. You know that feeling I was talking about. I ransacked my soul and found out that it's been there since the first time I saw you. I was too caught up in our age difference to listen to what my heart and soul told me. Can you forgive me?”

“I can forgive you if you can forgive me. I should have told you about me before we made love”

Max laughs “I don't think I gave you much chance to do that”

Liz opens her eyes and looks at Max with love in her eyes. “That night was the best night of my life. It was a confirmation that what I felt was real and that you are my soul mate”

“I knew there had to be a reason why I didn't date like everybody else. I was waiting for you” and Max leans over to kiss her lightly. He moves back a bit and sees Liz glowing with her eyes close and just has to kiss her again.

“Oops... He... That's my sister!” whines Michael as he enters the room.

“Hi big bro. Thanks for bringing Max over here” says Liz with a wide smile.

“I told you in the car... I thought that warned you” jokes Max

“It's one thing the hear things and a totally different thing to see them. I mean – my little sister and my best friend” Michael shakes his head “But I'm happy for you, even if it will take some time to get used to this”

“Better get used to it fast” says Liz “Now that I got him I won't let him go. Not for... ouch”

Both boys look at her. “What is it? What hurts?” Michael looks at her from head to toe.

“I think that was the baby” says Liz

“Now? It's starting now?” freaks Max

Michael laughs at him. “You should have seen him in the car when he realized that he would be a daddy soon. It was priceless”

Liz grabs Max hand “It will be alright. As long as you are here I know we can do this. Remember how much fun we had making this baby” she smiles when Max eyes opens wide and then they can here

“La-la-la-la-la I sooooo didn't want to hear that.... I'm getting the doctor” and Michael walks out of the room with his hands covering his ears.

Max snickers at his best friend and then he turns to Liz. Only one more kiss before the doctor gets here.


Several hours later

Michael opens the door and peeks in. “I just wanted to tell you that everyone is here. Max, your parents too. Your mom wants to talk to you”

Max keeps his eyes on Liz and dries her forehead with a towel “Can't you see that she has to wait” says Max “We're kind of in the middle of something”

“But she said...” says Michael

Liz glares at Michael and growls “Get the fuck out of here” and then she starts to pant again.

“Come on Lizzie, you know what the nurse told you. Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth. Come on... Do it with me” says Max and starts to breath with Liz

Michael looks at them and slowly turns around. He walks back to the waiting room.

“Is he coming out” asks Dianne

“Hrmm... No. I'm sorry Mrs Evans but he said that you have to wait”

“Did you tell him that I wanted to talk to him” says Dianne a bit perplexed.

“Yes I did and he said you have to wait and Liz growled at me. What was that about?” Michael shakes his head.

Nancy looks at her son “Did she have a contraction when you talked to them?”

“No, I don't know... They both started to pant like crazy when I left” says Michael

Nancy looks over to Dianne and say “Contraction”

Dianne just nods her head. She's proud of her son that won't leave Liz side. But she is his mother and she wants to talk to him... This is gonna take some time to get used to she thinks. From nowhere he's getting a family of his own... Well, not from nowhere. Jeff and Nancy had told them the whole story. And even after what they had been told about the prophecy and that no birth control would have worked, she still felt that her son had been a bit reckless. My god, Liz is still 15... What will people think? She shakes her head and looks over to her husband. Philip hadn't said much about anything. He listened to the Parkers and then to his own children who knew about this. Why hadn't they told them? He looks back to his wife and takes her hand. “It will be fine, Dianne. He will come out and talk to us when he has the time. Right now Liz and their baby is more important and that is how it should be”

Dianne turns her head away to not show him her emotions. At the moment they are running pretty high inside her.


“Come on now. Only one more push and your baby will be here” encourages the doctor with a smile.

Liz grabs Max hand and squeezes hard and then she push with everything she's got. She can feel the baby's warm body slip out of her and it that second all her pain is gone. She falls back against the pillows panting. Max hand is stroking her hair but his eyes can't leave the little baby that lays in the doctor's hands. He follows it with his eyes as the doctor stands up and puts the baby naked on Liz chest. It's still slippery with a little blood here and there. A nurse puts a warm towel over the baby to dry it and keep it warm. He watches Liz hand stroke the baby's cheek, how she studies the tiny fingers and toes. Then she leans up and kisses the baby on it's head before she looks up at Max with love and happiness.

“We did it” she says. Then she takes another look at him... “Max. Honey. I think it's better you sit down for a while. You're very pale” She watches him nod his head and start to sit down. Suddenly his gone and she hears a loud thump followed by “Ouch!”

“Max? Are you alright? What happened?” She tries to look over the edge of the bed.

“I think I missed the chair” says Max from the floor.

“You think?!”laughs Liz. “Can you stand up?”

“In a while” she hears and laughs again. She makes eye contact with the nurse who walks around the bed and bends down to Max

“Come on now daddy. Lets put you up on the chair so you can see your lovely family” says the nurse with a smile “This happens all the time. Nothing to worry about”

“Thanks” says a slightly embarrassed Max. Then he looks over to Liz and sees her happy bright eyes and how she is biting her lip to stop her from laughing again.

“Har-har-har” he says “I will never live that down, right?”

Liz shakes her head “That made it a too good story not to tell” she giggles

Max shrugs his shoulder, shakes his head slowly and then leans in to kiss her “I love you beautiful. And now we have this precious gift” He turns his head and kisses the baby on top of the head. Then he sits up and looks at Liz. “Lizzie? What did we get?”


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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 22 10/08/16

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oh you :twisted: i want to know

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 22 10/08/16

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Cliff hanger here.......
Poor Michael had quite a job getting Max to be with Liz.
And Diane wants to talk to Max.........maybe later......
Great part, but hurry back!

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Re: Here and Now (AuWa, M/L, Adult) Chapter 22 10/08/16

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Natalie: :D Got to keep you reading. :wink:

Carolyn: Yes, Michael did all the work with Max but he got him there in time and he got him to think. Mission accomplished.


Max enters the waiting room and sees both his and Liz families and their friends. He has the biggest smiles on his face and he yells “I'm a daddy!”

Everyone started to laugh and then came the questions. “Is Liz alright? Am I an uncle? What is it? How big? What time? Can we see them? Did everything go well? When can Liz go home?”

Max laughs and holds up his hands to stop them. “Liz is a bit tired but fine, she's glowing”

“And so do you” smiles Isabel

Max smiles to her “I'm sure I do. This is the best day of my life or... Well, they are moving Liz to another room and then you can see her. They will keep us here until tomorrow.”

“Come on now” whines Michael “A boy or a girl”

“Ah, you want to know that? Can't you wait until you see Liz?” Max smiles, he loves to tease them right now. At this moment his life is perfect. “Liz and I decided that you have to wait until you can see for yourself” He can hear a lot of whining about it “Come on now. You will soon see. Can't you wait another 15 minutes? I have to go back now but we will be in room 216, it's at the end to the right” and then he leaves.

“Oh my god. Lizzie's got a baby” says Maria

“Now we got two things to celebrate next Friday” says Isabel

“What? Two things?” asks Kyle

“Of course, first it's Liz sweet 16 and now the baby. We didn't have any baby shower before since Liz has been so sick but what's stopping us from having one now” says Isabel

Nancy looks at Isabel. “You know, that would be a great idea. We just have to talk to Liz if it will be here or at home in Roswell”

Dianne looks at Nancy “What do you mean? Isn't Liz coming back to Roswell?”

“I really don't know at this point. What I do know is that Liz and Max needs to be together and take care of the baby. We have to talk to them later and see how they will solve that”

Dianne is silent. I was sure Liz was coming back with the baby and that Max would go back to UNM. What about his school? Liz school? Where will Liz be living? I really must talk to Max about this. I don't think that he has thought about this at all. She looks at Philip that is off to the side talking to Jeff. I have to talk to him about this.

Philip and Jeff are laughing in one corner. “Did you see that smile on Max face” says Jeff

“Sure did” says Philip “Max used to smile a lot but since last summer he has been broody. But on the other side, I don't think that I have seen him smile that big, ever”

Jeff sighed “I know they have had a ruff patch getting here and it won't be easy with a baby. But I have promised Liz that I will do everything in my power to help her and now Max. They need to be together and I hope that I can count on you to do the same?” He looks at Philip to see what he thinks.

“I can admit that this is not what I wanted for my son. But... After hearing your story and then talked to my kids I can try to understand. I'm not saying that I do. I think it will take some time to sink in but I will try. I don't know what I can do but if they need help I will try to help.” He glance over to his wife who stands by herself with her arms crossed and sighs “As I was saying. I will try but I can't tell what my wife thinks of this. I know that she had made all these plans for the kids and since Max is the oldest.” he sighs “Lets just say that when it comes to the kids we often don't see eye to eye” Jeff looks over at Dianne and nods.


Max is slowly pacing the floor with his baby in his arms. He whispers softly about how happy he is and how much he loves them. Liz watches from her bed and her eyes tear up when she sees him lean down to kiss the baby's head.

She can here a knock and then the door opens and reveals everyone. She smiles wide and is quickly surrounded by her family and friends. Max looks up and smiles at them but continues to pace with his baby.

“Max come here with the baby” says Liz and pats on the bed besides her. Max sits down but he won't let go of the baby. He holds the baby against him and wraps his other arm around Liz and kisses her on her forehead. He looks up and see all look at them.

“Oh, come on now.... Boy or girl?” asks Michael

Max laughs “Wow, you are so inpatient. Who would have guessed?” He looks at the other and asks “Are you sure you want to know?”

They all nod there heads. Liz pushes him slightly “Stop teasing them. Just tell them already”

Max kisses her again and then turns the baby around and says “May I introduce you all to our daughter, Jazmine, or Jaz as we will call her.”

Everyone oohs and aahs over the pretty baby that is sleeping in her daddy's arms. She is a perfect match of her parents. On her head is long dark, almost black, hair, she has a little red mouth and a button nose.

“What's color are her eyes” asks Ava. “Golden brown or dark brown”

“At the moment they are dark blue but the doctor said it would change in a couple of months. Apparently babies are born with blue eyes” says Liz

“I can see that she didn't get Max ears” jokes Maria

“And I'm glad for that” says Max

“Hey, I like your ears” says Liz “But I will agree with you that on a girl it's not as suitable as on a boy”

“Maybe the next one will be a boy with Max ears” jokes Kyle. Zan laughs but no one else is laughing.

“I really hope that there won't be another in the near future” says Dianne who is still standing by the door. She wanted Max to come up to her so she could see the baby and when he didn't she got a little irritated.

Nancy has come over to Max side and asks “Can I hold my grandchild” She holds out her arms and Max places his treasure in her arms. “Oh, my” whispers Nancy “Aren't you a real beauty? Yes, I think you are and we are gonna spoil you. That's my job as a Nona so don't listen to what mommy and daddy says. Okey?” She walks over to Jeff “And this big lug here is your Poppa but if your nice I bet you can call him Pops. Right?” She looks at Jeff who nods.
She then walks over to Philip who is standing next to his children. “And what should we call your other Granddad.” She looks at Philip who answers “Granpa will be fine”. Then he leans over and touches Jaz little hand “You sure are a little cutie” He lifts his head and looks at Dianne who is still standing by the door and then he asks Nancy “Can I hold her?” They look over to Max and Liz who nods their head.

Philip takes Jaz in his arms with experience and walks over to Dianne. “Some things you never forget” he smiles “Do you want to hold her?”

Dianne looks at the baby and shakes her head. “She looks fine where she is”

Philip looks at Dianne and shakes his head slightly “Don't do this” he says.

Dianne looks over to the bed where Max is watching them. He can't believe his mother. What is her problem? Sure, this wasn't planned but she could at least pretend to be happy for him. He feels Liz hand on his leg and turns to her.

“It will be alright” she whispers “Remember that I love you and we have the support from everyone else. You and Jazmine are the most important persons in my life”

“I love you too” says Max and then he leans over to kiss her. He don't care if the other sees them. He needs to kiss her now so that's what he will do.

Isabel walks up to Philip “Come on your baby-hog. Give me my niece. Wow! I got a niece, I'm an aunt” and then she laughs and turns to her friends with Jazmine. “Let me introduce you to the rest of our crazy but lovable gang. On daddy's side we have Aunt Ava and Uncle Zan. On mommy's side we have Uncle Michael and Uncle Alex. And then of course Aunt Maria and Uncle Kyle, they are your mommy's best friends.”

Granma Claudia walks up to Liz and Max “I will try to get all out of here now so you can rest. Call me when you want to go home tomorrow and I will pick you up. Love you” Then she turns to the talking bunch “Alright, let them get some peace and quiet know. Out the door and off to my house. Philip and Dianne, you can follow our cars and we will find room for you tonight”


That night Max was awaken by Jazmine's little cries and Liz's hushed whispers. He lifts his head to look at them. Liz is sitting up in her bed with Jazmine at her breast. “What a beautiful sight” he says in a hushed voice.

Liz looks up and blushes “How can you say that?”

“It's easy. My love is feeding our child. It can't be a more beautiful sight for a daddy”

“Come here”

Max moves over to Liz bed and moves in behind her. Liz leans back at his chest and together they cradle their baby girl that is happy eating and feeling her parents love around her.


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