Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 60 & Epilogue Complete 7/3/17

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 47 6/19/17

Post by max and liz believer » Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:25 am

*phew* Finally all caught up!

Such a relief to see that Max was able to help Carolyn deliver the twins and that the new little family seem to be doing okay. Great to see how everything develops between Serena and Kyle. Love the interactions between Max and Liz, but not so stoked that the "nurse" overheard about Liz being pregnant. Khivar is not good news and I hope that Serena can help in eliminating that detail before it becomes a problem, seeing that she has some very vital information about Khivar's future plans.


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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 47 6/19/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Jun 20, 2017 4:19 am

Carolyn Liz is very surprised that her sister knows so much about her.

Jo It is good that Max helped Carolyn deliver her babies. How much Serena actually knows about Kivar's plans is only known to her and the granalith. Things are moving forward for Kyle and Serena slowly, but by their wedding night things should be right on track. Not good that the "nurse" found out about Liz's pregnancy.

Part 48

Zane watched as Ava slept next to him. They had married last night in a private ceremony. Ava's father had not been happy to hear that her marriage to Lord Sean DeLuca was made invalid by the King. So the couple had been given a small cottage on the north side of the palace grounds. It was about a mile to the main palace from their cottage. There were a number of cottages like the one they now lived for long term guests of the royal family. These cottages were so that these guests had a safe but private place to stay. Zane smiled as Ava opened her eyes and looked at him.

"Morning beautiful." Said Zane
"Morning Zane."
"Ava, you OK?"
"Yes. Zane, I know that I haven't been making things easy for you."
"It's OK. I know that Sean treated you badly."
"Yeah, now my father is really mad at the King."
"You think that he will try something?"
"He is too much of a coward to do it himself. But he would give Lord Kivar what he needs to go after the king."
"You believe that Kivar will hurt the King?"
"I know he will. The only ones who might make it through are Isabel, cause I think he has a thing for the princess, and possibly Liz. Liz only if she is pregnant. Then Kivar would keep her alive force her to marry him so that the heir would be raised by him."
"Then he would be in control. Liz would not give in easily. Besides Lord Kivar is nearly sixty years old."
"Yeah major creep factor there. Though I get the feeling my sister would rather be with old man Kivar rather then Nicky."
"You do know Nicholas throws a temper tantrum when anyone calls him Nicky."
"Yeah well he is like thirty and still looks fourteen!"
"You are right! He does look like a little boy! Little Nicky Kivar!"

Zane and Ava both laughed at how Nicholas not only looked but acted like a little kid much of the time.


Nicholas walked into his father's office. He wanted to help in bringing down the royals. He had hated them since he was a boy. He also hated that bitch the prince married. Everyone thought Elizabeth was so sweet. Well unless you crossed her! Nicholas dispite being nearly ten years older then the eldest daughter of the house of Parker had more then once been made a fool of by her. Nicholas, had gone after the young daughter of a servent in the palace on a visit. All it was going to be some meaningless sex. His father had given him a whore for his thirteenth birthday. Told him it was time to become a man. That had been one of the best days of his life. Well on that day at the palace Elizabeth was a pain in the ass eleven year old. She heard the servent girl screaming and came running. When she realized what Nicholas had planned she sent a bolt of lighting at him that had nearly taken his dick off. It was then he vowed the bitch would pay for making a fool of him.


Liz smiled as she felt her husband wrap his arms around her. She loved the feel of his arms around her.

"My dad told me that you think Lord Kivar is up to something."
"Yeah. Jada shouldn't be working at the medical center. She was never the brightest girl in school."
"That is for sure."

Max placed a kiss on top of Liz's head and held her in his arms.

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 48 6/20/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Jun 20, 2017 9:04 am

That's scary when Nicholas has so much hate for the royals.

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 48 6/20/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Jun 21, 2017 4:26 am

Carolyn Nicholas is far from a good person.

Part 49

Maria walked into Chris and Carolyn's house looking for her new nieces. While she knew that Carolyn wasn't her sister by blood, she was still family. She walked up the stairs and found a door open. It turned out to be a nursery. Carolyn was sitting in a rocking chair with one of the babies.

"Sorry we didn't send word sooner Maria." Said Carolyn
"It's OK. I know that it was not easy on you."
"If not for Max, I wouldn't have made it. The babies might not have made it either."
"Care, you are OK now right?"
"Yes. Maria, I want you to be part of my girls lives. I want them to know their Aunt Maria."
"That would be great. So who is this in your arms?"
"This is Natasha. She is the younger of the twins and nearly died during birth."
"She is beautiful."
"Want to hold her?"
"You trust me with her?"
"Maria, yes I trust you."

Maria leaned over and took the baby from her sister and held her close. Maria couldn't help the smile that spread across her face as Natasha fell to sleep in her arms.

"She likes you." Said Carolyn checking on Jessica.
"How can you tell?" Asked Maria
"She isn't crying. She cries for the nanny."
"Yeah. Maria, I honestly think that you will make a good mom. I know I haven't always been easy on your mom. But she really is a good person. She has also always treated Kyle and me like we were hers."
"To her you both are."

Carolyn smiled it felt really good to have a good relationship with her sister.


Michael watched Chris as he they patrolled the palace grounds. The King had ordered tighter security of the palace after Liz told him that Lord Kivar had Jada possibly spying at the medical center. That of course worried Michael since his only sister Kara worked there. But until the got the proof needed there wasn't a lot they could do.

"So Chris how is fatherhood treating you?" Asked Michael
"It is going well. The twins are doing really well. I will forever be greatful to Max for saving all three of my girls."
"Well from what I hear your baby sister should get some of the credit."
"True. Michael, I am sure you will be a very good father."
"I am not so sure. My father was never around much. So I really don't know how to be a father. Maria deserves to have a good father figure for her children."
"Michael, you met my father right?"
"Yeah. Big asshole if you ask me."
"I agree. He was a bad father. He has been abusive to both Liz and Serena."
"I know the King has ordered that Lord Parker to never be left alone with either of them."
"I know. Michael all I can tell you is to teach your sons to respect women and teach your daughters that they are as good as any man."
"I plan to. Tell me something Chris. How did you not turn out like your father?"
"Easy, my nanny told me that as a man I would be bigger and stronger then most women. That it is wrong to hurt someone that won't be able to fight back."
"Liz is not exactly defenceless."
"True. But she hates the idea of hurting anyone. Why do you think she has never fought back against our father?"
"She should have."
"I agree. But you know Liz."
"Yeah I do. You know Maria would fight back."
"True. But you still care for her."
"Yes I do Chris."

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 49 6/21/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Wed Jun 21, 2017 12:45 pm

great part,

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 49 6/21/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Jun 22, 2017 4:15 am

Carolyn Thanks!

Part 50

Liz watched as her sister danced with Kyle. She couldn't help but smile at how happy Serena was with Kyle. They had just married earlier in the day. Liz looked around the the ballroom in her parents home. Today had been the first time she had been back in the house since she moved out.

"Your sister seems happy."

Liz turned to see that her mother had come up to her.

"Yes she does mother."
"Liz, do you mind if I sit and talk with you?"
"Go a head."

Nancy sat down and looked at the older of her two girls. The one that she may live to see become her Queen.

"What did you want to talk to me about mother?" Asked Liz
"I wanted to tell you that I am sorry that I let things get so bad with your father."
"You are not responsible for what he did."
"I know but I let him treat you and Serena the same way my father treated me. That women were not nearly as good as men. But you never let him get away with it. You were always so independent and that makes me proud."
"Mother, what is it you want?"
"I would like it if you let me be apart of your child's life. Your brother has only let me have limited contact with his girls."
"I might be willing to let you see my daughter. But I will not have father anywhere near her."
"The baby is a girl?"
"Yes. I am due in two months."
"When she is born it will be a great day for all of Antar. It has long been told that the first born Queen of royal blood will be the one that brings a golden age to all of Antar."
"How do you know this?"
"I was studying history before I was forced to become your father's wife."
"He made you quit?"
"Yes. Liz, your father does not like change, and that is what is happening. King Philip has a very strong Queen in Diane. Maxwell will have a strong Queen in you."
"Mother, things will happen as they are meant to. I don't know what is going to happen. I am no longer concerned with father. If he can't change then he will never be part of my life again. Now if you excuse me I am going to find my husband."

Liz got up and walked away leaving her mother alone.

"That girl has no respect for her father. A girl should always listen and do as she is told by the men in her life."

Nancy turned to see Vincent Kivar standing behind her. A man that sent chills through her body.

"Lord Kivar, that young woman is the future Queen." Said Nancy
"Still needs to learn her place."

Kivar walked off and Nancy prayed that her daughter would live to see her own daughter become a loving and just Queen. But Kivar could be a danger to that.


Serena rested her head on Kyle's shoulder. It was only a matter of time before they would leave the party for the cottage that was to be there home on the palace grounds.

"You are so beautiful Serena." Said Kyle
"Kyle, I am nervous about tonight."
"Sweetie, we can take things slow. There is no need to rush anything."
"Kyle, I can't explain it but it is important that we consummate our marriage tonight."
"I don't understand."
"The granalith gives me visions. All I know is that we need to do this tonight or we might not be strong enough for what is to come."

Kyle looked into his new wife's eyes and saw the fear that something bad was about to happen.

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 50 6/22/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jun 22, 2017 8:28 am

Nancy and Liz had a good talk.
Liz is right, her father will never change and I don't blame her for not wanting her father in her daughter's life.

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 50 6/22/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Jun 23, 2017 4:11 am

Carolyn yes Liz did have a nice talk with her mother. Liz's father will never change.

Part 51

Kivar paced in his office after returning home from the wedding. He had no interest in being at the wedding other then seeing for himself that Elizabeth was due in a couple months. He had to wonder what made members of the Parker family so easy to have children. First the boy was able to knock up his wife almost right away, and now the eldest daughter is carrying the future of Antar within her.

"What is bothering you father?"

Kivar turned to see his daughter. His worthless daughter standing there.

"You should be in bed girl."
"Father, you aren't going to harm the princess are you?"
"Jada, nothing will happen to Elizabeth. I need her alive. But that is only until the child is born."
"Father, why do you hate the royal family so much?"
"That is none of your business. Now get to bed!"

Jada walked out of her father's office. She was scared as hell. She had only done what her father told her to because he promised to find her a husband that she would be able to spend her life with. But she had learned that he was looking at having her marry a man nearly thirty years older then her. A man that had no son. She had to make a choice. Either she let him kill the royals or she had to betray her father and go to them with what she knew. She had to go and beg the King for mercy.


Serena let Kyle lead her into the master bedroom of their cottage. She could feel her heart racing. She understood what was to happen. But that didn't make her any less nervous. Kyle closed the door. He watch as Serena walked over to the window and she stared out it. He walked over to her and gently wrapped his arms around her.

"Rena, are you unhappy?"

Serena turned to look at him with a smile.

"No. Kyle how can you ask that? I love you."
"You seem to be pulling away from me."
"I am sorry. But it isn't easy on me to get visions."
"You had a vision about us?"
"Yes. That is why it is so important that we consummate our marriage tonight."
"Is something going to happen?"
"That part is not clear yet. But I think that once we make love it will be clear."

Kyle pulled Serena close and very gently placed his lips on hers. Serena closed her eyes and let the feeling wash over her. After breaking the kiss Serena turned her back to Kyle.

"I need your help with this dress."

Kyle nodded and in did the button and pulled the zipper down. He slowly helped her to remove the dress. Serena let the dress fall from her body. Kyle looked over his wife dressed only in her underwear and bra.

"You are so beautiful Rena."

Serena didn't say a word as she helped him remove his formal uniform. They made their way to the bed and finished undressing. They made love and Kyle fell to sleep next to his bride. Serena rolled over and as far from him as she could get. She placed her hand on her stomach and wondered if tonight was the night that she had would have her son start growing inside of her.

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 51 6/23/17

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 6:52 am

Jada just might be beginning to realize how bad her father really is......
Sure hope so!

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Re: Bitter Love (M/L, AU, Adult) Pt 51 6/23/17

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Jun 24, 2017 5:35 am

Carolyn We have to wait and see if Jada does the right thing or not.

Part 52 One month later

Liz walked through the garden thinking about her sister who had been acting different since the wedding. She was so lost in though she didn't notice Kyle until she nearly knocked him over.

"Hey Princess want to watch where you are aiming that thing?"

Liz glared at Kyle and then dumped water over him.

"Sorry Liz."
"What is your problem Kyle?"
"Nothing important."

Kyle started to walk away but Liz called after him.

"Kyle wait! I am sorry."
"Liz, it's OK. I know that you're not always yourself do to the pregnancy. Carolyn nearly fried me when she was pregnant."
"Kyle is everything OK with you and my sister?"
"Liz, Serena has been different since we left the wedding ball."
"You know the granalith is giving her visions right?"
"Yeah. I saw her get a vision. She like blacks out or something."
"I was afraid of that. Only one guardian every fifty years or so is give the visions from what I have read."
"Why was she chosen?"
"From what a read only someone with strong empathy can get the visions."
"Will she be OK?"
"I don't know."


Serena wiped the tears from her eyes as she listened to her husband talk with her sister. She knew that she was pulling away. But it was because she was scared. The vision she had gotten the night of her wedding was bad and there was no way to stop it from coming true. It would not be long before Antar would have a new King and Queen. She will never understand why she was shown things if she was not to stop the events from happening.


Kivar grunted as he pounded into his whore hard. It wouldn't be long before he took his first step in bringing down the Royals. Months of planning were about to pay off. His son had finally planted his seed in his stupid wife. Hopefully the gods would be with him and the child would be a boy. A boy that will one day rule with an iron fist. In a way he hoped the idiot prince was having a girl that way he could have his grandson marry the stupid girl and have a true claim to the throne.


Jada sat in the waiting room of the medical center. She had made a choice. A choice that her father would kill her for. But she was not going to let him get away with killing the Royal family. While she had never gotten a long as a child with the prince's wife, she did not want her to die. Taking a deep breath she headed for Kara's office.

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