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Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 7 4/12/19

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 4:47 pm
by L-J-L 76
Great story!!! Have so many questions Is Liz and Serena going to be friends? Will Liz and Serena talk and get to know each other? What will happen when Max and Liz meet? What will happen when Max and Liz meet? Will Max and Liz fall in love at first sight? Will Max and Liz get to talk before they bond? What will Max and Liz say? Sorry for the questions. But I was just wondering. I'm glad that Liz and Serena are kind of friends and talking. Hopefully they will have a great friendship.

L-J-L 76

Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 7 4/12/19

Posted: Fri Apr 12, 2019 8:22 pm
by keepsmiling7
I can't even image what Liz is feeling at this be a princess?
Seems like Max will someday change all of Phillip's slavery ideas.........the sooner the better.
Serena is honest with Liz, and that's not always easy.

Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 7 4/12/19

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 5:38 am
by Roswelllostcause
RoswellFan68 Liz will be given time to adjust to being on Antar before she has to bond with Max.

L-J-L 76 Answers are coming you are just going to have to wait for them.

Carolyn Liz has no idea what to think right now. Max has plans to change things when he becomes King. But he will have to go slow. Change takes time. Serena is only being honest because she is scared of being punished and being sent away where she will be treated much worse then she is now.

Part 8

Max watched as the transport arrived from the ship landing field. Serena climbed out first and waited for his bride to exit. She exited moments later and looked around in awe. Serena spoke softly to her and the led her into the palace. Once inside Liz followed Serena to her room.

"In two hours someone will take you to meet the prince. It most likely will not be me." Said Serena
"What do I do until then?" Asked Liz
"Get cleaned up and change into one of the sundresses in your wardrobe. The Prince wants to have dinner and get to know you. You will have your bonding ceremony in two months time."

Liz nodded. Serena started to leave but Liz stopped her.

"Yes ma'am?"

Liz started to raise an eyebrow until she noticed the cold stare of a guard through the open door.

"Nothing Serena. You may go."
"Yes ma'am."

Serena left closing the door behind her. As soon as she was out the door the guard shoved her against the wall roughly.

"I can't wait until you screw up Paylor. You will screw up and then before the King sends you for hard labor I will ask to fuck you until you can't walk."

Serena bit her lip trying not to say or do anything that would get her into trouble.


Both turned to see a man in a Captain's uniform glaring at them. Vincent let go of Serena. Serena lowered her gaze not meeting the officer's eyes.

"Vincent, you don't belong here get where you belong now."

Vincent saluted and headed off. Serena watched as the Captain came up to her.

"You ok Serena?" He asked softly
"Yes sir." Said Serena
"Serena, if he tries anything or anyone else you need to tell someone."
"I can't cause trouble. The Prince wants me to be his bride's companion. She is starting to trust me."
"You can come to me or Max. Serena, I know you are unhappy with your situation. But the Royal seal on your arm means that without the permission of a member of the Royal family you can't be touched."
"The King hates my people."
"I know. Serena, that young lady needs you to be there to help her adjust to her life here."
"I understand sir."
"Good, now go do whatever it is you should be doing."
"Yes sir."

Serena headed off.

"Michael, you have just helped Serena more then you will ever know."

Michael turned snapped to attention and bowed to the Queen.

"Your highness."
"At ease. Serena, is still learning her place. Her people have been done a major deserves since we took her planet. Paylors are still seen as less then people. But she is important to what is to come, as is Liz and your new friend Maria."
“What do you mean?”
“Maxwell and Elizabeth will have a son that will fall in love with the daughter of Serena and her human lover. That daughter will be the one destined to make Paylors true equals in the empire.”
“How do Maria and I fit in?”
“That is for you to learn in time.”

Michael watched as the Queen walked off leaving him with more questions then answers. He then headed to his room to get ready for his date.


Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 8 4/14/19

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 8:30 am
by keepsmiling7
I can see that there will be lots of changes that need to be time that is.
Can't wait for Liz to meet the Prince........what will their reactions be??

Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 8 4/14/19

Posted: Sun Apr 14, 2019 7:40 pm
by RoswellFan68
I wonder how long it will before Max and Liz get to meet.

Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 8 4/14/19

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 12:20 pm
by Roswelllostcause
Carolyn Changes will take time. Well here is what you are waiting for.

RoswellFan68 How about now!

Part 9

Liz followed a guard into a garden where a man was waiting. She saw a table with candles set up. The man waved his hand and the guard turned and walked out of sight. Liz took a moment to look at the man standing in front of her. He appeared to be a little older then she was. He was nearly a foot taller than her with dark hair and warm honey colored eyes. He was dressed in a white shirt with a dark blue sports coat and dark blue pants.

“I am pleased that you have joined me for dinner Elizabeth. I realize that two months is not a lot of time to get to know each other but there is little I can do about that. My father is the one that set that time table.” Said the man
“I understood what I was getting into when I agreed to the contract. I just wish I knew how to address you.” Said Liz
“Sorry. I am normally better at talking to others. Call me Max. Though I am officially referred to as Crown Prince Maxwell.”
“Please in non-formal situations call me Liz.”
“Of course. Did Serena inform you that she is to be your companion?”
“Yes. But I am not comfortable with the whole slave thing.”
“I plan to slowly change that once I am able to. I have found that if you treat Serena well she won't act out. I promised her that she would be the first to be freed once I am King.”
“She was very helpful on the trip here.”
“That is good. But she did tell you I was the prince didn't she?”
“If I confirm that will she be in trouble?”

Max smiled and let out a soft chuckle. He liked this woman.

“No. She won't be in any trouble.”
“Ok she didn't actually tell me. But when I asked if the family crest we both wore was that of the Royal family she did admit it was. She also told me that you were not a royal she out righted hated.”
“I don't blame her for her feelings. My ancestors as well as my father have not treated her people well. Most people of the Antarian Empire have skin tones much lighter then hers. Her people are much like your Native Americans once were. They lived mostly off the land and in harmony with their environment.”
“She told me that she became a slave as punishment for destroying at statue of some past king.”
“Yes after she was denied entrance into any university based on her race. She is brilliant. I mean her IQ is much higher then mine. But just because she is a Paylor she can't go to a school of high learning.”
“Don't you think that is wrong?”
“Yes. I plan to change that. But it still will be to late for Serena. Even after I free her, because she was convicted of a crime she would be bared from the university. No one convicted of a crime may enter university.”
“That I can understand.”
“Liz, I want you to know that I am not going to force you right away to be with me sexually after the bonding ceremony.”
“Max, I am ok with it. I came to terms with this on the trip here. When I signed my name to the contract I agreed to be your wife in every way.”
“Take your time to think about it.”
“I don't need to think about it. Max, I knew what I was signing.”
“Liz, I know you did. I want you to be sure you are ready. While my race doesn't see sex as a big deal, I know that for a lot of humans, human women in particular in can be a big deal. Especially their first time.”

Liz couldn't help herself but smile. Max had to be one of the most considerate men she had ever met.


Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 9 4/15/19

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 2:42 pm
by keepsmiling7
The Crown Prince is very considerate.......
And Liz knew what she was getting into when she signed that contract.
Their first meeting went well it appears.
Does the bonding take place in two month??

Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 9 4/15/19

Posted: Mon Apr 15, 2019 5:06 pm
by RoswellFan68
I think Max made a great impression with Liz. Liz definitely impressed Max.

Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 9 4/15/19

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 10:29 am
by Roswelllostcause
Carolyn The Crowned Price is very consiterate. Liz knew what she was signing from the start. The first meeting did go very well.

RoswellFan68 Max defiantly made an impression on Liz. Liz is impressed with him. Though I believe he is just impressed with her.

Part 10

Alex walked through the palace garden. It had been a long time since he had seen flowers of any kind. The garden was beautiful.

“What do you think of Antar so far?”

Alex turned to see a blond goddess watching him. Next to her stood another woman with a gold ban on her arm. The slave had pale purple skin and he knew she was not a native of Antar.

“Well it's very different then earth.” Said Alex
“I am sure it is. This is my companion Ginta, think of her as my personal handmaiden. I am Isabel princess of the Antarian Empire.”
“It is a pleasure to meet you Princess. I am Alex Whitman.”
“One of the new contracts holders. Tell me Mr. Whitman do you think you will like it here?”
“So far I believe I will, even if I don't agree with everything.”
“Such as us having slaves. I can't say I agree with it either.”
“Yet, Ginta is your slave.”
“Ginta, became a slave because her family could not pay a debt. I am not her first owner. I am in fact her second. Her first mistreated her. Because of that mistreatment she is now unable to speak with her voice.”
“How does she give you messages or pass them for you?”
“Ginta, is from a race of strong telepaths. You need not be telepathic for her to speak to you. Though she will not enter your mind to speak unless you tell her she can.”
“That is good to know. Uh if you don't mind Princess I think that I will head in to bed.”
“Goodnight Mr. Whitman.”

*Goodnight Mr. Whitman* Thought Ginta

Isabel watched as Alex walked off.

“Did you get anything off him Ginta?” asked Isabel
*Princess, he is very attracted to you. Though from what I was able to find out without invading his deep thoughts he does not think a woman like you would ever consider being with someone like him. He calls himself a geek. I don't understand what humans mean by that.*
“He is here on contract for computer technology. I believe that humans consider those gifted in science and technology to be a geek because they are different from most people.”
*That is understandable. If I am reading you right Princess you think he is good looking.*
“You are reading me right. I am going to retire for the night. You may go.”
*Goodnight Princess.*


Liz returned to her room with who she learned was one of her personal guards following. This was actually the head guard. He like the other Antarians looked human. The only difference she noticed was his eyes were purple. Liz reached her room and started to enter when her guard spoke.

“My Lady, sleep well. There will be two guards outside your room. You are not a prisoner. They are for your safety. You are a very important woman being the future mate of the Crowned Prince.”
“I understand. May I ask your name Lieutenant? The Prince didn't tell me.” Said Liz
“My Lady, I am Lt. Zane of the Antarian Royal Guard.”
“Pleased to meet you Lieutenant. May I ask how you feel about Serena and her people?”

Zane smiled at Liz.

“I wish her people were treated better then they are. I actually like Serena. She is smart and should have been able to go to the University.”
“Thank you for your honesty.”

Liz noticed two guards come down the hall and salute Zane. She was surprised to see one that had the same bronze skin as Serena, maybe a little darker.

“Private Stephan and Corporal Bangor. Serena is the only one besides the Royal Family or Captain Michael who may enter Lady Elizabeth's room is that clear?” said Zane
“Yes sir!” said both men.

Liz entered her room closing the door behind her. She noticed that her bed had been turned down while she was gone and a night gown was laying over the end of the bed. She found a note from Serena telling her if she needed anything during the night to use the intercom to call her. Liz knew that she wouldn't call on Serena at night unless she really needed her.


Re: Building A New Life (AU, M/L, Adult) Pt 10 4/17/19

Posted: Wed Apr 17, 2019 5:46 pm
by keepsmiling7
Loved the first meeting between Princess Isabel and the nerd.
It was handy to have Ginta to interpret the feelings.
Will the Crown Price and Liz be able to spend some time together, getting to know each other?
Looking forward to more.