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Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 3 (6/21/2020)

Posted: Mon Jun 22, 2020 8:45 am
by keepsmiling7
This is getting very interesting....
Did Liz find her soul mate??
Break up with Kyle......
Matt has a sister, Serena...

Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 3 (6/21/2020)

Posted: Fri Jul 03, 2020 8:10 pm
by SmileeUk
Just found this interesting story! Great start!

Max is jealous and has competition! :lol:

Liz is already so in love with Matt :P

Love this story!!!

Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 3 (6/21/2020)

Posted: Tue Jul 21, 2020 10:13 pm
by Stargazer's Delight
Great start, i enjoy time travel & alternate universe fics.
Can i assume it's a completely au story? or just a slight variance from canon?
I look forward to see who the four letters were sent to and what they reveal.

Is Matthew the time traveler? if so i wonder what more he hopes to change.
RoswellFan68 wrote:
Mon May 25, 2020 6:25 pm
Did she just find her soul mate? It is obvious that he has feeling for me or he wouldn't have risked his life to save me.
:shock: Please don't leave Max hanging to long :lol:

I look forward to see how the Aliens secret is revealed now that Max didn't have to heal Liz.

He is related to Serena, i hope she involved in the story. I've always like explorations involving her.

Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 3 (6/21/2020)

Posted: Sat Jul 25, 2020 3:58 pm
by Parker1947
Interesting, some competition.... Great story

Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 4 (9/6/2020)

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 7:50 pm
by RoswellFan68
Sorry for the long delay. It seemed like I found so many other things to do this summer.

Chapter 4

Liz went to her room with thoughts of Matt on her mind. She couldn’t believe how lucky she had been. The perfect guy for her just showed up in the nick of time to save her life. Her grandmother has always warned her that it may take her many years and many boyfriends to find the right one. She couldn’t believe that he just walked into her life on the day she needed him most. It was like it was fate or destiny. They were meant to be together. She just knew it. She only hoped he felt the same way.

Across town, Max Evans was thinking out his plan of action. He hoped to get to know the new guy. He had to learn as much about the him as possible. He knew he had to protect Liz. He had to know what his guy wanted with Liz. He hoped it was nothing romantic. Why did him and the others come up with the ridiculous rule about not dating or getting involved with humans? Yes, Isabel did date, but it was only superficial. She was never got serious about any of the guys she went out with. Michael and Isabel knew that he had strong feelings for Liz. What could go wrong if he would have asked Liz out on a date? Scratch that thought. He could never have a real relationship with Liz. She was human and he didn’t know what he was. Sure, he looked human and had human emotions, but it would never work. He didn’t know if they could have a human relationship one day. He wanted a complete life with Liz, the house with a white picket fence, two kids and a dog. He was fooling himself. How could they even have children together?

Back at the Crashdown, Matt settled in for some sleep. It had been days since he was able to sleep on a real bed. They had been making their way to the Granolith the last few days. The survivors had been taking turns sleeping in the old minivan, while someone would be driving. Before he drifted off to sleep, he pulled out only photo of his soulmate that he managed to grab before their rush out of the home. Her green eyes were staring back at him. He missed her so much. He was doing this for her, himself, and his family. He had to make it better. “I promise, Mac, I’m going to get back to you.”

<Monday Morning West Roswell High>
Liz and Matt arrived at West Roswell. It didn't take long for the rumor mill to get going. This was the guy the Liz dumped Kyle for. There were rumors of a passionate kiss after he saved her from the shooting at the Crashdown. Then there was the fact he had moved in with the Parker family.

There was one person in that watched the two intently, Max. He could see the looks that Liz was giving him. He wanted to run up to her and tell her that the new guy was an alien. He didn't know how he could do that without telling her his own secret. Michael knew that Max’s desire to protect Liz could come at the cost of the secret.

Everything went well in the office. Matt has either, Max, Liz or one of the others of the group in each of his classes. In any class that he had with Max, Matt was asked if he was related to Max. He always replied that he only had a sister.

At lunch Liz formally introduced him to Alex and Maria. Alex was another one that did a double take. Liz and Maria told him all about the Crash Festival. Liz invited him to be her date. The entire lunch Max kept a watchful eye on the pair. Isabel was also struck by the resemblance. Michael and Isabel thought they needed to talk to the guy. Max did not want to do anything that would put Liz in danger. They agreed that Michael and Max would follow him and Isabel would attempt to dream walk him that evening. Isabel snapped a quick photo of him with her phone. She would need to a photo to dream walk him.

Kyle and a few of the football team members also quietly watch Liz, Matt, Maria and Alex. Kyle told them that Liz dumped him when this guy came to town. His friends shared his outrage that Liz could leave him for Max Evans' near duplicate. Paulie, Kenny and Tommy decided to get even. They were going to give the new guy their own personal greeting to Roswell.

After school, Max and Michael followed their normal routine and went to the Crashdown. When Max got there, he was disappointed that Matt was already in his favorite booth. Max had picked this booth years ago. It gave him the best view of Liz the majority of the time. Liz still seemed to be flirting with Matt. She was still her friendly self to him and Michael, but he could tell something had changed in their relationship. A couple of Kyle's football teammates also were in the restaurant to observe. They witnessed Liz's interactions with both Matt and Max. They wondered if she was interested in both Matt and Max.

Maria stopped to talk to him briefly to warn him not to hurt Liz. He assured her that he had Liz’s best interest at heart. Maria shared the fact that Liz had a major crush on Max as long as she could remember. Matt told her that he thought Max and Liz would be the perfect couple. Maria questioned why he was not interested in Liz. He told he only saw Liz in a sisterly role. Maria wondered if he was gay.

Later Matt excused himself so he could go to the library and get some books for a school project. Once outside he placed a call. He found out she had just arrived in town and had rented a small house. It helped that she had access to her dad's fortune. He got the address and agreed to meet her there.
Once he arrived at her house, he gave her his whole story.

Max and Michael had followed him to the house but had not been able to find out what the two were discussing. They followed him back on his way to the Crashdown. He was in the alley headed to the main apartment entrance when three of Kyle's friends confronted him. Max felt this overwhelming need to protect his rival for Liz's affections. Max announced his presence to Kyle's friends. Paulie made a comment about the two of them sharing Liz. This pissed off both Max and Matt for different reasons. Matt didn't want anyone talking about Liz like that. Max knew deep down that Liz would be faithful to whoever she was dating. It didn't take long before Matt and Max threw a few punches. Michael stepped in make the fight fair. The three aliens maintained their control and didn't use any of their abilities. Kyle's friends didn't expect Matt to fight back so they quickly exited the situation.

“Thanks. I don't think I could have taken on all three of them.”

“No problem. I have had issues with Paulie for years. He got a little too friendly with my sister Isabel. Isabel kicked him in the crotch and Paulie never said another thing to her. He actually thought she would put out on the first date.”

“Is everyone at your school obsessed with sex? Pam Troy groped me today in between classes and invited me to the eraser room.”

“I see you have been officially introduced to Pam. That girl keeps the eraser room busy.” Michael shared.

“What's the eraser room?”

“The preferred make out location at school.”

“The equivalent of the janitor's closet at my old school.”

“By the way this is my friend Michael Guerin.”

“Nice to meet you Michael. I'm Matt Conway. Thanks again for helping me out with those jocks. I don’t think they will remember anything from this night since it seemed like they had already had a few beers.”

“See you in school tomorrow.”

“I better get in before Mr. Parker sends out a search party.”

Once he verified that Max and Michael were gone, he quickly healed his bruises and cuts. There was no need to worry the Parkers for nothing. Matt decided he would pay Max a visit later this evening and hoped to talk to him alone. Based on his information, he only had until the end of the week to complete his matchmaking. His future and friends’ future depended on it. He knew he had his work cut out for him.
Max was still trying to figure why he had this need to protect this guy. The connection to Matt was only growing stronger with each interaction.

Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 4 (9/6/2020)

Posted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 10:51 pm
by Nz_Roswell
Sisterly love? Soooo...wait? Matt may NOT be Liz's love interest at all? and who is this green eyed girl from the photo? actually! what Year did matt come from??I'm so confused but I love it! :P

Re: The Power of Love - AUwA Teen to Mature M/L Chapter 4 (9/6/2020)

Posted: Mon Sep 07, 2020 10:51 am
by keepsmiling7
With Matt's arrival Max has started making plans.
Lots of talk when Matt moved in with the Parkers.......
Of course he's alien, now what is the connection between Max and Matt???