Surrender (AUwA/M&M/Mature) [COMPLETE]

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Surrender (AUwA/M&M/Mature) [COMPLETE]

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Author(s): Double Trouble


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Disclaimer: All characters and plot lines that appeared in the series or in the books are not ours. The concept of Roswell does not belong to us either. They all belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, yada, yada, yada…

Pairing(s): M&M

Rating: Mature

Summary: (AU with Aliens) Living on Antar can be pretty exciting when you’re under the protection of Michael Guerin… it’d be a lot more exciting if he’d just surrender to you though.

Author’s note: This fic was written for all of our readers – You guys rock!

Just as a reminder, the final voting results came in for a fic with the following requirements: M&M/AU with Alien/Funny/Romantic/Sexy… so, here’s what we came up with…

Part 1 - Capture

The small group of soldiers moved through the forest silently as they made their way to the clearing by the river where they would make camp for the night. There were six people in all, five soldiers and the woman they had taken captive several hours earlier. She talked incessantly and seemed to take pleasure in striking out at the most unexpected moments, making their trek an aggravating and often painful exercise. The man leading them paused a moment and the others stopped when he held his right fist up, demanding silence.

The woman, of course, refused to acknowledge his orders or comply with them. “I hope you know just how worthless your life is,” she snarled. “When my – “

“Silence her!” the leader snapped under his breath.

22-year-old Maria DeLuca bit the hand that was about to cover her mouth, taking great pleasure in the man’s pained grunt. It only irritated her further when one of the others wrapped something around the lower half of her face and knotted it at the back of her head. She glared at the leader when he turned to face her, his golden eyes flashing dangerously as he cursed in his native language.

She mumbled around the gag, informing him that she knew exactly what he was saying and that she wasn’t the least bit afraid of him. She held herself straight, mutinous expression in place as she did her best to make sure he couldn’t so much as sense her fear and after several moments he shook his head and backed away from her.

How did she get herself into these situations?

“It would be much easier if we silenced her,” the man she had bitten stated. “There would be no permanent damage… she would simply sleep until she is turned over to the Hunter.”

Maria swallowed hard. The Hunter was the leader of her stepfather’s enemies and a man who would have no qualms about hurting her to make a point.

“Do you know what the penalty is for harming the daughter of the king?” one of the men hissed.

The daughter of the king… a year ago such a statement would have made her laugh. She looked around at her captors as they discussed what the Hunter wanted with her, amazed that she was no longer shocked to find herself surrounded by aliens.

Her mother had met and fallen in love with an alien who had been visiting Earth and she had been positive that the woman had lost her mind when she had introduced the man as a king from another planet. Things had happened so fast after that and before she had known it she had found herself living on a planet called Antar with a stepfather who was an Antarian-human hybrid and also the king.

His kingdom was at war with another part of the planet inhabited by full-blooded Antarians who wanted to extinguish the hybrids because they felt that Antar shouldn’t be ruled by a king who was half-human. Not all of them believed that the hybrids were a lesser species and she had gotten to know many of them since her arrival. While her father’s kingdom welcomed full-blooded Antarians she knew that his rivals didn’t tolerate the hybrids and if caught they were dealt with quickly and harshly.

The hybrids were easy to distinguish from the full-blooded Antarians because through the process of hybridization their skin lost its distinct blue color, their hair didn’t grow in white and their eyes weren’t golden, instead their hair and eyes took on its color based on the genetics of the human donor. The men surrounding her were full-blooded Antarians and while they hadn’t harmed her she knew that their capture of her with the intention of turning her over to the Hunter meant that they weren’t from her father’s kingdom.

“The king’s rescue party has moved on,” the leader stated. “We must hurry.”

Maria smirked at the flash of concern visible in his golden eyes. Yeah, she thought, you’d better be worried. You’re dead when my protector gets his hands on you. A feeling of calm washed over her at the thought of the man who had been charged with her safe-keeping since shortly after her arrival on the alien planet.

Michael Guerin had not taken on the role of her bodyguard with the slightest ounce of enthusiasm, but he had taken his job as her protector with extreme devotion. He was a hybrid, a man who carried out his duties to king and country without question and their attraction had been immediate. He had fought it, determined to keep his distance, and remain unaffected by her presence but she had made it her personal goal to knock his walls down and make him accept that he couldn’t just ignore her.

He was stubborn, irritating, and so sexy it made her heart beat faster just thinking about him. He had dropped his defenses on several memorable occasions and his concern that he was going to lose his edge and effectiveness as her protector had made him take measures that she felt were drastic. She had overheard her father’s conversation with the head of his security detail and as soon as she had realized that he was searching for Michael’s replacement she had gone looking for him to demand an explanation.

It had taken her several days to track him down and when she had cornered him he had been angry that she was questioning his decision. She didn’t believe he was angry at her though; he was angry at himself for falling for her. She was certain that he was hiding behind his anger because he didn’t want to admit that he was running from her. He had accused her of taking too many risks, willingly putting herself in danger, and she couldn’t exactly deny the truth in his words.

She could just imagine what he would have to say about her latest escapade. She had staged a capture, intending to lead his security team on a merry chase that would end with him making a rescue that would show her father how invaluable and most importantly, irreplaceable, Michael was. But, those plans had gone right down the drain when she had slipped out without her bodyguards and she had been captured by a group of men that she didn’t recognize.

She consoled herself with the knowledge that Michael would find her and he would severely punish every single one of them for daring to kidnap her. And when he found out that they intended to turn her over to the Hunter? Oh, it was so over for them! He wasn’t a man who took things like that lightly, and the fact that she was the one they had captured… they would regret the day they were hatched.

She stumbled along between the guards as they made their way down the side of a hill and two of them reached out to steady her when she slid on the loose gravel beneath her feet. She jerked her arms free as the ground leveled out and she looked around at the forest that surrounded them. The river, red water choppy and foaming as the waves beat against the shoreline, stretched out in front of them and she knew it wasn’t a viable escape route.

The moons were rising and their silvery light washed over the forest, illuminating the thick foliage and reminding her that the woods of Antar weren’t safe at night. There were several wild animals that inhabited the forest and while they wouldn’t attack full-blooded Antarians they were known to stalk both hybrids and humans. Hybrids had several advantages over humans though; they were super sensitive to sound, they could see in the dark, and even though they weren’t full-blooded Antarian they still possessed powers, three things that came in very handy if one was going to brave the woods at night when the predators came out.

With none of those advantages she knew running into the forest was foolhardy and would most likely end up with her being some predator’s dinner. That left the beach that stretched out far as she could see to the west, but there was no cover, nowhere to hide when her captors pursued her. She looked out at the water again, wondering if there was any chance that she could survive the violent current if she chose that as her means of escape.

“It would tear you to shreds,” the leader warned when he saw where her gaze was. They had been warned that she would do her best to escape and that she wasn’t afraid to risk her own life. She was a fighter, a survivor, and he could respect that, but he had a job to do and turning her over with the slightest injury would likely mean severe punishment for him. He reached up to remove the gag and he motioned to the fire his men were building as they set up camp for the night. “We will eat shortly.”

“What? You’re not gonna tie me up or anything?” she demanded.

“Why?” His tone was amused as he gestured at their surroundings. “Escape is possible but not advisable in these conditions. The river, the forest, the beach… your options are limited and while you’re welcome to try, escape would only lead to another capture or death.”

“You do realize who I am, don’t you?”

“Why else would we have captured you?”

“My protector will come after me… matter of fact, I’m sure he’s already looking for me.” She smirked. “You have no idea what you’ve unleashed by taking me captive.”

Kanan smiled and his golden eyes flashed with humor. “Ah, of course, you speak of the hybrid Guerin, correct?”

She glared at him, her green eyes icy daggers. “You won’t be smiling when he gets finished with you.”

“Have you forgotten that as a hybrid he is prone to the same dangers of the forest at night? Even he will not be able to navigate the river at this location. His only choice would be to approach us from the beach… and as I’m sure you’ve noticed there is no cover, which would leave him open to attack. We’re safe here for the night and only a fool would attempt an escape knowing what awaits her outside the safety of this camp.” He turned and glanced at the fire that was now burning brightly. “We will eat within the hour.”

Maria snorted. “You might eat within the hour… I intend to be on my way home within the hour.”

Kanan shrugged. “Run, your highness. My men could use the exercise.”

His smug tone infuriated Maria and her right hand clenched into a tight fist that she put all of her weight behind as she suddenly turned and punched him. The fact that he barely moved at the impact only angered her more and she moved several feet away to stare at the river as she weighed her options once again.

The leader chuckled under his breath as he turned and walked back to the fire. For just a moment he lifted his head and peered out into the darkness as if searching for something and then he settled in the sand near the fire to clean his weapon.

On a nearby ridge Michael Guerin watched as Maria paced beside the river and he could practically see the wheels turning in her head as she considered her options. Her options were limited to two that were extremely risky and a third that would only lead to her being captured again within minutes of her escape. Oh, he knew she’d make her captors regret chasing her down, but it would only anger her if she attempted to escape only to be caught again.

She knew the beach wasn’t going to provide her with an escape and that’s why she was staring at the river as she paced restlessly. She would risk it, she would attempt to survive the rapids that had killed too many to count because she knew entering the forest at night would mean certain death. The nocturnal dwellers became agitated by the scent of humans and she had no way of defending herself against them so she would choose the option that she thought would have the best potential for escape.

He had learned of her plan to stage a capture by her father’s ‘enemies’ before she had fully put it into motion and on the eve of her ‘capture’ he had spoken with several of his most trusted men and they had stepped in to replace her little group of would-be kidnappers. He smiled to himself when she moved back several feet to study the water. She hated the water on Antar because of its color and since he had never seen water of a different color he didn’t really understand it, but for now it was making her hesitate. He snorted. The rapids could shatter bones and it was the color of the water that was making her take pause. Crazy girl, he thought fondly.

He straightened up from his crouched position and rolled his shoulders back as he prepared to make his ‘rescue’. He knew she would expect nothing less from him and the truth was as much as he prided himself on being a soldier, on being emotionless and a stonewall that no one could scale, she had breached his defenses and he had fallen for her.

He had fought his attraction to her, but she had managed to find his heart and flip some hidden switch on the stupid thing and now he couldn’t get her out of his head. It was what had prompted his decision to approach the king and request an assignment that would provide more challenge and put some distance between him and Maria. Not that anything could possibly provide more of a challenge than Maria. Of course he had been careful not to mention the situation between himself and the man’s stepdaughter because he hadn’t been looking to be on the receiving end of the king’s wrath. He was a soldier, a commoner, not a man who would ever be suitable for the daughter of a king. He had long ago accepted his station in life and he had never had any bitter feelings about it… until now.

He sighed as he watched Maria, knowing that she had staged her little plan in order to keep him there and to prove to her father that no one could protect her the way he could. The thing was, he wasn’t leaving because the king felt that he could no longer protect his daughter, he was leaving because he couldn’t continue to guard her and remain distant and closed off. He was going to reveal his true feelings for her one of these days and then he would be forcibly removed from his position… if he didn’t screw up first because he was distracted. He wouldn’t be able to live with himself if she ever got hurt on his watch and the fact that she had been able to make him give in on several occasions gave testimony to his weakness where she was concerned.

He checked his weapon once more before turning to follow the path back down the ridge and into the small valley that separated him from the others. He had intended for her capture by an unknown group of soldiers to strike fear in her and to make her see how foolish her actions were, but as usual, the only predictability to Maria’s actions was her sheer unpredictability, and instead of being scared at the prospect of being turned over to the king’s worst enemy she was pissed off and expecting him to come in and save her.

Michael gripped his weapon firmly as he skirted along the edge of the treeline that bordered the beach, knowing that Kanan would know he was coming. He and his men would put up a ‘fight’ that would end with his escape with their captive and he and Maria would spend the next couple of days evading their pursuers before they arrived back at home where he would turn her over to her parents and he would accept whatever position the king had arranged for him.

He forced his expression into a fierce mask as his thumb switched the setting on his weapon from lethal to merely immobilizing and he hoped the soldiers around the campfire had remembered to do the same on the off chance that one of them missed and actually hit him. The men were under strict orders to ensure Maria’s safety, so if someone was hit with a blast from their weapons, it would be him. He had been on the receiving end of such blasts before and it was anything but pleasant.

He took aim at one of the soldiers standing furthest from the fire and pulled the trigger, wincing at the pained yelp the man gave as he fell to the ground. He shouted for Maria to run to him even as he was running towards her and he took out another of the soldiers as Kanan chased after Maria.

Michael waited until Kanan was inches from Maria and he saw the pure trust in her eyes as her gaze never wavered from him. He took aim on his old friend and at Kanan’s slight nod he pulled the trigger and watched as the man was thrown backwards from the impact of the blast.

“Run!” Michael shouted when Maria reached him, following after her as soon as the last soldier standing fell to the ground. He motioned to the path he had taken, the foliage bent and broken as it lay on the forest floor where he had trampled it on his way down. “Go!” He gave her a rough push as a blast shot past him and hit the sand, sending thousands of the tiny grains into the air around them.

He grinned to himself as they dodged several more blasts before being cocooned in the darkness of the forest.
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Part 2

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Earth2Mother: Thanks! Yep, Michael won’t fall for her little game. Lol.

Hm, who’s gonna win the love battle? We hope both. 

Eva: Thanks!

Michael knows that he can’t do his job right, when he is attracted to her. To bad, Maria is not gonna accept this easily. 

Alien_Friend: Thanks, Novy!

Lol, Michael is to smart to fall for her little game.

Thanks, it was not easy to come up with something AU WITH ALIEN, when the fic is only gonna be short.

mary mary: Nah. The votes were for romantic, sexy, funny! No big drama here. 


Maiqu: Thanks! We are glad ya like this!

Part 2 – Escape

Maria stopped after several minutes as she fought to catch her breath and nearly had the wind knocked out of her when her protector crashed into her from behind. He grunted when their bodies collided and only his quick reflexes kept them from falling to the ground. His arms came around her and he pulled her back into his body as he steadied himself.

“You know better than to stop in the forest,” he growled in her ear, his hot breath tickling her flesh.

She rammed her elbow into his ribs and jerked away from him as her earlier fear welled to the surface to make itself known in the form of anger. “How dare you speak to me like I’m some wayward child?” she hissed.

“We don’t have time for this,” he snapped as he reached out and grabbed her arm. The men chasing after them were only playing the part of their pursuers but there were predators around them that were a real threat.

“What took you so long to find me?”

He bit back the irritated response at her question and he pulled her up against him once more, inhaling her scent and fighting not to react to it or her. “What were you thinkin’, sneakin’ away from your guards and off of the palace grounds? How many times are you gonna do this before you learn that the king’s enemies are not to be toyed with?”

“Would I have gotten off of the premises if you had been where you’re supposed to be?” she challenged.

He sighed raggedly. She didn’t understand and this wasn’t the time or place to try to make her see reason. “Let’s go.” He moved past her, meeting her gaze in the moonlight that filtered through the trees surrounding them. “Stay close.”

Maria shook her head at him and the only thing that stopped her oncoming rant was the sound of something large crashing through the undergrowth not far behind them.

Michael smirked when she crowded close to him as he followed the path the soldiers had taken down to the beach. His mind wandered into dangerous territory as he considered her penchant for getting into trouble. No, he knew she wouldn’t have gotten as far as she had if he had been guarding her. Oh, she had gotten away from him on several occasions when he had been on duty but she had never made it outside the palace grounds before he had caught her and brought her back.

The men responsible for guarding her weren’t aware of her plan or his knowledge of it and even now they would be scrambling around, searching for her. They had been warned of her reckless behavior and he had no tolerance for such blatant disregard of his orders, especially in regard to her safety.

He led the way to the cave he had already scouted and he moved brush away from the small opening. “Get inside,” he ordered brusquely.

“What?” Maria stared at the blackness of the opening in trepidation. Who knew what sort of creature could be living in there?

“It’s a hunter’s cave, now get inside.”

She swallowed hard. He would never put her in danger and she knew that he wouldn’t tell her to go in the cave if he even had the slightest thought that she could be hurt. “Alright, but just so you know I’m not happy about this.”

He rolled his eyes and waited for her to crawl through the opening before he followed her. He turned and quickly hid the entrance once more before waving his hand over it and creating the illusion of solid rock behind the brush.

“Oh, my God,” she muttered, nearly gagging at the offensive odor that emanated from the main chamber.


She turned to glare at him when the ‘room’ was suddenly filled with light and she saw the Antarian equivalent of a flashlight in his hand. Her right hand was covering her nose and mouth as she tried to avoid inhaling through her nose. “Where’d you bring me?”

“I told you, it’s a hunter’s cave.” He shrugged when she just looked at him with an offended expression.

“What’d they do, kill their prey in here?”

He just chuckled and motioned to the back of the cave. “Head that way; it’ll lead out to the river.” He wrinkled his own nose as he followed her. The stench in the cave was pretty horrendous and he wasn’t looking forward to staying there any longer than necessary either.

Maria hurried to get out of the cave, crawling the last few feet when the cavern suddenly narrowed and the ceiling dropped so low that there was barely enough room to squeeze out through the absurdly tiny opening. She cringed when she realized that the ground below her hands and knees was wet and the pebbles that peppered the dirt floor were slick. She didn’t want to know why it felt like that, she just wanted to be away from here and back in her own room where it was clean and dry.

Michael forced his way through the opening in the rocks and loose dirt and shale rained down over his head as his shoulders disturbed the area surrounding it. He could hear her cursing and muttering as she paced nearby and he watched her for several moments after he stood up. He knew from experience that she had no sense of direction once she stepped out of her element and she had no idea that from their current position they could be back at the palace in a matter of a few hours. Kanan and his men had basically moved around in widening circles since capturing her and she would have no idea that they hadn’t taken her very far.

Maria paused near the riverbank and made a face at the red water before she knelt down beside it and reached into the gently lapping waves to rinse the mud from her hands.

“We should get movin’.”

She looked up at Michael when he spoke and she studied him in the moonlight as he stared at some point in the distance. Her eyes raked over his posture and she frowned when she realized that while he was watchful – he was always watchful, always on guard – he wasn’t as rigid as he normally was when on duty. His right hand rested on his holstered weapon and the fact that he felt safe enough that it wasn’t in his hand, ready to fire, spoke volumes. He wasn’t exactly relaxed, but he wasn’t tensed for a fight either… and if he were that worried about their pursuers he would never have allowed her to leave the cave first.

He knew. The thought hit her like a ton of bricks and fury swept through her. He was playing her, trying to make a point. She didn’t know how, but somehow he had discovered what her plan was and he was the reason she had been captured by a group of men she hadn’t known. A group of men that most likely reported to him, she thought in annoyance. Alright, buddy, two can play this game.

“Where will we spend the night?” she asked, forcing her voice to cooperate and express nothing but the desire to get away from nature.

“There’s an abandoned home near the edge of the forest. We can stay there until just before daybreak and then we’ll see how far we can get tomorrow.”

“Will it take long to get back to the palace?”

“Couple of days… could be less depending on whether or not we run into resistance from the enemy.” He could feel sweat beginning to trickle down his back and it had nothing to do with the heat of the muggy night. The thought of spending a single night with her brought to mind too many temptations to count. He had managed to stay out of her bed so far… he had given in to his weakness where she was concerned on several occasions and they had come close more times than he wanted to remember, but he had at least stopped himself from taking it any further. Not because he wanted to but because his job was to serve as her protector and there would be no tolerance if he were to cross the line and bed the king’s daughter.

“Where would you like me?”

His head snapped up at her sultry tone and he shook his head, certain he must be imagining things. “What?”

Maria hid a smile at his strangled tone. “I asked which direction you’d like for me to take.”

He was certain that wasn’t what she had said but he had no way of knowing for sure so he motioned to the north and followed her.


The little house at the edge of the forest left quite a lot to be desired, but Maria didn’t care as long as it had a roof and she didn’t have to sleep outside. It was small and had most likely been owned by a recluse; the furniture was sparse and in shambles but at least the house was dry and provided protection from the elements. She watched Michael as he ran his hands over the few pieces of furniture, restoring them to workable condition.

He sat down in the chair he had just repaired and it immediately tipped to one side, settling after a moment on the shorter leg. He wasn’t going to win any interior decorating awards for his restoration project but she didn’t really care, she decided as she sat on the bed that looked much better than it had just a few minutes ago. Calling it a bed was probably being too generous, but she supposed beggars really couldn’t be choosers so she left it alone.

“Here, you need to eat.”

She looked up when he tossed her a bar and she grimaced at the thought of actually ingesting it. She had eaten them before and she had yet to be impressed by their lack of flavor. They were a lot like some of the granola bars back on Earth… just without any taste. “I’m not really hungry.” She shrugged out of her jacket, revealing the thin tank top that pulled taut against her skin as she stretched before she lay back on the bed.

She could feel his heated gaze as it followed her every movement and she knew she was driving him crazy. She had done everything she could think of to get the stubborn soldier into her bed and she couldn’t believe how many times he had regained his senses at the last minute and pulled away from her. Oh, she knew it took a monumental effort for him to walk away; it was always evident in his posture and most importantly, she could see the struggle and the regret in his dark eyes every time he turned her down.

“So, what should we do while we’re waiting for morning?” she asked.

Michael slowly lifted his head and he swallowed hard when he saw the mischievous glint in her green eyes. He was so tired of fighting what they both wanted. He reached for the canteen on his belt, removing the cap and taking a drink of the lukewarm liquid before leaning forward to offer it to her. Her fingers nearly scorched him when they brushed against his as she accepted it from him and he hardened behind the fastening on his pants when she took a drink and then tipped her head back to let some of the clear liquid splash against her throat. His eyes locked on the droplets that dared to trickle down over the swell of her breasts before disappearing in the shadowed valley between them and his hands clenched around the arms of the chair so tightly he heard the wood splintering under the pressure.

What had he been thinking when he had decided to teach her a lesson? He should’ve known better by now. She’d had no way of knowing that her capture would end up like this but she still had control of the situation. He knew it wasn’t so much an issue of control because with the slightest word or move of acquiescence on his part she would abandon this game and give herself to him wholeheartedly. Her teasing was merciless but it wasn’t malicious. She wanted him to finally drop the wall that he tried so desperately to keep between them and to allow them to reach for the passion they stirred in each other.

“You set this up,” she accused softly after several very long tense and silent minutes had passed. “I may have put it into action, but you’re the one who changed the plan… stop fighting it, Michael.”

He moved so quickly that if she hadn’t known better she would have thought he had used his powers to teleport. She barely had time to inhale before he was lying over her, his big body pinning her to the bed in the most delicious manner. He met her gaze, holding it as he lowered his head and his lips crashed onto hers in a hard, heated kiss.

He was a man who had a sense of humor that wasn’t always obvious and he didn’t often carry on long, drawn-out conversations with very many people, though he was capable of holding his own in a social setting, but in those rare moments that she had been able to get him to drop his guard in the past he had been surprisingly silent. He focused on her so intently that she felt as if no one else existed in the universe and she only hoped that he felt the same way.

Maria moaned when his hands quickly rid her of her clothing so that she could feel his rougher skin as he stroked her flesh, inciting her desire to a fever pitch. She tore at the fastenings of his clothes, pushing and shoving the material out of the way so that she could touch him and her fingers splayed against his back as her right hand reached between them to wrap around his erection.

She could feel the growl that reverberated through his entire body at her touch and she smiled against his lips. The sound was feral and she watched his eyes as they dilated and changed until they resembled pools of black liquid. His breathing was harsh, his breath being panted out in time with each stroke of her hand.

Michael had known since his first meeting with Maria that if they ever mated… made love, her voice corrected in his head. He had known that if they ever made love he would be bonded to her for life. It wasn’t something that full-blooded Antarians were able to experience because it was unique to hybrids and their human mates. It was one of the things that terrified him about giving himself over to her this way; surviving without her would no longer be an option and he would have no choice but to go to the king and make a request that had never been granted in his lifetime.

His thoughts came back to the moment when she shifted beneath him in a way that was unmistakable and he quirked an eyebrow at her impatience. He had been with other women, but not a single one of them had ever set his blood on fire the way she did. His right hand slid over her thigh, exerting just enough pressure to get her attention and with a barely imperceptible nod her legs came around him as he entered her slowly. Her head dropped back against the worn mattress as her back bowed up and his blood roared between his ears as he took in the expression on her face.

“I love you,” she whispered.

Her hands roamed over his body, touching and stroking any part of him she could reach, and he felt something he had never experienced before as the pressure in his chest suddenly burst free in response to her words and he felt the connection open between them. Had it occurred with anyone else he would’ve felt as if he had been stripped naked and left exposed and vulnerable, but sharing it with her was different because it was a connection that went both ways.

Antarians didn’t use such sentimental and antiquated phrases and he wasn’t sure he really understood their meaning. He tried to convey his feelings with every touch, with every emotion their connection revealed, hoping that she would be able to understand that it was his way of expressing himself.

Maria felt as if her body were flying apart in about a million fragmented pieces as her orgasm hit her with the speed of a freight train and she held onto Michael tightly. She had heard about the connection of course, but experiencing it was something else altogether. Thoughts, feelings, emotions… his and hers… they intermingled and created the most intense and lasting orgasm she had ever experienced and when he collapsed on top of her she didn’t even have the strength to complain or shove him over onto his back.

It took several minutes for Michael to get his breathing under control and little by little he eased his weight off of her until he rested on his side next to her. He gathered her in his arms and held her against his body as he waved his hand over his discarded shirt, shifting the material until it was large enough to cover both of them.

His features softened and he smiled gently when she snuggled into his side and closed her eyes. It was a matter of minutes before she was asleep with a satisfied, happy smile gracing her features. He blindly reached for his weapon, instinctively knowing where it was and placing it within easy reach should he need it. He didn’t sleep as the night wore on and the moons began their descent. His mind was too active, trying to come up with the best way to approach her father, the king he had sworn his loyalty to, and convince the man that he was worthy of her.
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Part 3

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Earth2Mama: Huh, imagine that… well, it is just a ficlet, so that doesn’t leave us much room for torture, lol.

Lol, well, as long as it was worthy of M&M, that’s all that matters! :)

We’ll see what the king decides soon. Amy? Well, she merely gets an honorable mention in the fic… no actual appearance.

We’re glad you enjoyed the update!

mary mary: Lol, hopefully the king knows what’s good for him then. Well, Michael… the only one who didn’t know he was a goner was him, but we’re pretty sure he’s past that denial stage now.

Alien_Friend: Thanks! Lol, well, ya know… Maria has a very sharp mind and she’s spent quite some time studying her protector.

The connection is important between humans and hybrids.

There is more… but not much. Sadly, it is only a ficlet, so this next part will be the final part.

A/N: Since this is just a ficlet, we already reached the last part. Let’s see, we had a little fun, a little sex, seems like only the romantic part’s missing now... :)

Part 3 – Surrender

Maria moped around for a couple of days after being returned to the safety of her father’s palace. She and Michael had stayed at the small house at the edge of the forest for two days before leaving and making the relatively short journey back home. She had asked him to retract his request for his new post because she didn’t want to think about living without him after finally getting past his defenses. He had admitted that he didn’t want to go but that he had his doubts that the king would ever agree to letting her get involved with someone who held his position.

Michael was a proud man and she knew how seriously he took his loyalty to the king. She also knew just how the king viewed his position as the ruler of his territory and she was aware of his past refusals to allow those of a common upbringing to become involved with those who held a place in the royal family. Which was such a load of bull, she suddenly realized as she froze in her tracks. She turned and stalked through the corridors, the heels of her shoes striking the floor and echoing off of the walls.

The king raised his head when his stepdaughter entered the meeting hall without so much as a knock to announce her arrival. He controlled his expression as he met her mutinous gaze and he motioned for the others in the room to make themselves scarce. “Maria,” he greeted with a welcoming smile. “Your mother is – “

“I’m not here to see my mother,” she interrupted. “Michael said he was planning to come and speak with you and I haven’t seen him since we returned.”

“Ah, your protector, yes. We spoke,” he said as he went back to studying the information laid out across the table.

Maria frowned and threw her hands up in the air. “And? Where is he?”

“He had things to attend to before assuming his new post.” He leaned over and followed some markings on a large map with his forefinger as he waited for the inevitable. Within seconds the map was yanked out of his reach and papers flew up into the air as the motion disrupted them.

“What do you mean? He came to speak with you because he no longer wishes to be moved.”

“His request has already been put into motion, Maria.”

“You can’t send him away!” she yelled angrily. “You don’t understand… and you’re the one who should understand better than anyone! You married a human, a commoner, a woman without an ounce of royalty running through her veins.”

“I will not defend my decisions. Not even to you.”

“Then I’ll go with him. We’ll find someplace where we can be together even if we have to go to Earth to make it happen. Where is he?”

The king straightened up and looked at her directly. “As I said before, he has gone to prepare for his new post.”

Maria made a sound that was somewhere between irritation and outright anger. “I can’t believe your double standards. I’ll find him myself.”

He winced when she stalked out of the room and slammed the door behind her. He was smiling to himself when one of the guards posted at the entry approached him. Reza was a full-blooded Antarian and understood very little of human emotion, but he was a loyal man who would do whatever was necessary to protect the king he had sworn to serve.

“Do you wish protection for your offspring?” the man asked quietly. He knew Maria wasn’t a blood relative of the king, but she had been brought into the royal family and to his way of thinking it made her the king’s child.

“That won’t be necessary, Reza.” The older man smiled and shook his head.

“The young one reacts emotionally,” he said knowingly. He had been assigned to watch over her on many occasions and he knew from past experience that she often did something foolish when she was displeased.

“She will be fine.”

“As you wish.” Reza nodded and resumed his post at the entry.

The king just chuckled to himself and moved around the table to collect the papers Maria had scattered everywhere in her fit of anger. The girl was so much like her mother, he thought with a fond smile.


Maria glanced around the corner of the building as she looked for any unwanted company. She had used an old passageway to escape the palace, following the underground path to its conclusion at the outer edge of the grounds. She had discovered the hidden tunnel behind a wall in the hall of records when she had been moving around the room one afternoon, restlessly touching everything in sight because she was going stir-crazy under the constant watchful eye of the endless supply of bodyguards.

When the doorway had suddenly materialized her natural curiosity had taken over and she had grabbed a light and stepped into the darkness. She had been fascinated by the twists and turns the tunnel had taken and she had been excited when she had stepped outside at its end and realized that she was free of the confines of the palace and the grounds surrounding it. No one had discovered exactly how she was escaping and getting out of the city walls and it had quickly become an adventure. One that was more often than not cut short by her over-protective protector Michael, but there were times she had escaped just to make him come and get her.

She inhaled a deep breath of the fresh air as she eyed the edge of the forest ahead of her. She glanced up at the sky, trying to determine if she had enough time to reach the little house before darkness fell. She wasn’t stupid; she had no intention of entering the forest at night when the predators awakened and became crazed at the scent of a human in their midst. She decided she could make it and after another quick look around to make sure she wasn’t being followed she struck out for the little house.

Less than two hours passed before she realized that she was hopelessly turned around and lost in the middle of the forest and darkness was quickly falling around her. Every sound seemed to be magnified and she could feel the fear beginning to build as the moons started to rise higher in the sky in the distance. She heard a twig snap behind her but before she could turn around an arm came around her and a large hand covered her mouth to muffle her screams. Something was quickly brought up to cover her eyes and she felt her arms become immobile in spite of the lack of bindings – a clear indicator that her captor was Antarian. She swallowed with difficulty and as hard as she wanted to fight him… or was it them? she had no choice but to walk when a hand settled on her arm and pulled her along beside him.


As hard as it was Maria tried to relax. Maybe being captured wasn’t as bad as being alone outside in the woods at night. She snorted silently. Yeah, keep telling yourself that, DeLuca.

The man at her side remained silent as he guided her through the forest. He was constantly alert to every sound, every scent around him and he bit back the urge to pick her up and carry her when she stumbled, further slowing him down. He had no interest in opposing the predators in the forest and he would prefer to escape with his own hide intact.

Maria was surprised when they suddenly stopped after walking for a short while. She could hear a door being opened with a soft creak. Should she be scared or relieved that they seemed to have finally reached their destination?

He stepped into the room and his golden eyes flicked over the objects set up in a manner he didn’t understand. He maneuvered his captive to the center of the room and released her before moving back to the entrance and nodding once before taking his leave.

Maria turned around in a circle. Where did he go? Where was she? She had no way of knowing because he had left her blindfolded and bound by her invisible shackles.

A soft chuckle came from one of the shadowed corners. “Your impatience knows no limits, does it?” a male voice asked.

Maria knew without a doubt that the voice belonged to Michael and relief washed over her. Of course she wouldn’t tell him that. “I knew you were behind this, Guerin. Why do ya keep pretending to kidnap me? It’s getting old.”

“Why do you keep takin’ off and puttin’ yourself in these situations?” he countered. “What happens if I’m not here to save you from yourself?”

“Well, then it’s your fault ‘cause it was your damn decision to leave me.”

“I think you give me too much credit,” he said as he moved around her. “I can’t imagine that I make you do anything you do.”

“Sorry, but you’re wrong. I was out looking for you because my stepfather told me you were leaving and you didn’t even say goodbye to me.”

“You came lookin’ for me?” he asked, surprised. He had been under the assumption that she had just been doing what she always did when things didn’t go her way. He raised his right hand and waved it over her, releasing the bindings and blindfold. His hand gently cupped her chin as he met her accusing, hurt gaze. “If I were leaving... I wouldn’t just leave without seeing you first,” he said with a gentle shake of his head.

She could see lit candles all over the room and her eyes watered. “What is this, Michael? Is it your way of saying goodbye to me?”

He had done his research, sought out the information he needed to help him with this step of his plan. He was a hybrid; he was half human, but that didn’t automatically mean he knew what to do in these situations. “If my understanding is correct, on your planet it is customary for the male to create such a setting to request the female’s acceptance of his proposal.” He frowned as he glanced around. Maybe he had gotten it wrong?

Maria was so busy trying to figure out what he was up to that she didn’t listen to his words at first. She frowned. “Wait, what did you say?”

He shifted uncomfortably and just barely caught himself before he reached up to scratch his eyebrow. He was a grown man, but there were times when she made him feel younger than his years and he had to remember to control old habits that he had grown out of. “My people call it bonding, yours call it a proposal... I’m askin’ you to be my...” What was the Earth term again? “My wife... I believe that’s correct.”

Her lips started to open and close several times, but she couldn’t get one single word out. It all came out sounding like stuttered nonsense.

Michael stared at her, wondering if her sudden case of a lack of articulation was a good thing or a bad thing. His people didn’t go through such rituals... bonding of mates occurred naturally, without fanfare or ceremony so he had no idea if he was even doing this right. He could understand now why his people had chosen to approach this from a completely different angle.
“Human males must require a lot of practice to approach females in this manner,” he muttered after a few minutes.

Reality finally came back to Maria and she shook her surprise off. “You’re asking me to marry you,” she stated stupidly.

He actually took a step back, his expression a combination of surprise and offense. “Isn’t that what I just did?”

She nodded. “I... I just can’t believe it.”

What did she mean she couldn’t believe it? He had taken the time to make sure he got this right. He wouldn’t have done all of this if he wasn’t sure it was the right thing to do. “You don’t believe I wish to marry you?” He had become quite fond of Earth’s language and all of its oddities, but at times like this when he wasn’t 100% certain of himself he fell back on his own dialect out of habit.

“No, no… um,” she took his hands, “I was just certain you were going to leave me. My father told me you were already preparing for your new job.”

He relaxed slightly as understanding dawned with her explanation. “I have completed preparations to assume my new post. The position of garrison commander needed to be filled here in the city – the post was assigned to me along with a promotion in rank.”

“You won’t leave the city?” she asked, smiling.

He shook his head. He had nearly turned the king’s offer down because of his concern that the position as garrison commander was only being offered to give him a job that would make him appear more worthy of the man’s daughter. The king had assured him that he had been considered for the position prior to his request for reassignment, but that the request had led the king to believe that he was not interested in remaining in the city.

“Did you talk to my father about us?”

“I have spoken with the king, yes.” He straightened up, head held up proudly. “I earned the promotion.”

Maria smiled. “I know, and I would be very proud to be your wife, Michael Guerin.”

He nodded dumbly. His mind was scrambling madly as he tried to remember what he was supposed to do next. “I read that humans exchange rings as a sign of their bond... that is the correct custom?”

She nodded, wondering how long it had taken for him to learn about all of these human rituals. “But you don’t have to do that, Michael. We’re here on Antar, so if ya want, we can just do it the way the people here do it.”

He nodded slowly and turned to pick up his uniform jacket. He removed one of the medals attached to it and then he crossed the room to pick up one of the blue crystals unique to Antar. He placed them in his palm and curled his fingers over them, using his powers to merge the objects and form them into a ring. When he was finished he held it out to her, waiting nervously for her reaction.

She raised her hand up to him, waiting for him to put the ring on her finger.

Michael stared at her hand for several long minutes before he lifted his gaze to hers. “I know I read about it, but I don’t remember which finger is to bear the weight of the ring.” He cringed internally when he fell back on Antarian terminology.

She chuckled. “This one,” she waggled her ring finger.

“It’s no wonder my people have chosen to forego this ritual in favor of bonding... the men on your planet must have nerves of steel to endure this ritual.”

She just rolled her eyes at him. “Don’t ruin the moment.”

He chuckled at her chastising tone. “You have another suggestion?”

“Yeah, kiss me.”

This was an area that made him very glad he was a hybrid. Full-blooded Antarians had become slaves to progress and technology and many of them had no use for physical exchanges of any kind. He smiled as he took her hand and as he stared down at the ring he felt the strangest sense of... belonging. He didn’t understand it but he accepted it. His thumb rubbed over it as he pulled her closer and lowered his head to fulfill her request.

“Wait.” She gently placed her index finger against his lips.

He frowned at her and sighed impatiently when he saw that she was serious.

“I have to tell you something first,” she told him quietly.

He straightened up when he heard the solemn note in her voice. He took a deep breath and motioned for her to continue.

She took his hand that rested on her hip and pulled it upwards, pressing it against her stomach in hopes that he would understand without a word.

Michael swallowed hard as he realized the significance of her placement of his hand. “You carry our child?”

She nodded. “I think so.”

His eyes lifted to hers. “You can know this soon?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know, Michael, but I felt something right after we were together that night.” She bit her lip. What if she was wrong and her mind was just making something up?

He was fascinated by the possibility that their child already existed, safely cradled in her womb as she nurtured the tiny life. He moved his hand, sliding it under her shirt to rest flat against her belly as he sought out a connection. The baby would be much too small to truly connect, but... He froze when he felt the smallest flicker of connection and he smiled as he met her gaze once more.

“Did you feel something?” she asked, excited.

He took her hand, pressing it to her belly under his as he opened the connection and after several moments the faint, but distinct sound of the tiny heartbeat could be heard and felt.

Maria’s eyes watered again. “Oh, my God.”

“No more sneaking out of the city on your own,” he warned with a teasing smile. “You think I was overprotective before? It’s only gonna get worse now.”

She smiled. “No reason to sneak out if we live together.”

He feigned a look of surprise. “Live together?”

She smacked his shoulder. “Don’t fool me.”

He grinned. “So, I could’ve stopped you from runnin’ simply by bonding with you earlier?”

“Surprise, surprise!”

“Then I suppose you’ll never have to run again,” he murmured against her lips. “Because you’ll be otherwise occupied.”

“I can live with that.”

“You have no choice,” he teased. “The bond is for a lifetime.”


Michael met her gaze seriously. “Longer than that if it’s possible.”

A shiver ran down her spine and she nodded. “You’ll be a great husband and father.”

Husband, wife, father, and mother... their lives were going to be full and that made him happy. He felt the slight shiver and he held her closer. “Will you be happy here? On Antar?”

She nodded. “Of course. I don’t care about the planet as long as you’re with me, Michael.”

He smiled and tipped her chin up as he lowered his head to kiss her once more. “I have a feelin’ life is about to get very interesting,” he joked quietly.

She grinned. “Glad you finally surrendered, Michael Guerin. Took ya long enough!”

“Garrison commanders do not surrender,” he denied as he rolled his eyes.

“Maybe not when it comes to their job, but...” she let the rest go unspoken.

Ah, she was speaking in a figurative manner, he realized. He was still learning the differences between figurative and literal when it came to conversation. His people were very literal so sometimes it took him a few minutes to understand what she was trying to communicate to him. “Then this garrison commander willingly surrenders his heart to you... and only you,” he said softly.

The End
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