Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 38 - 08/13/16

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 17, 02/21/14

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:17 pm

Excellent update and wondering how Michael is going to find out where Maria's daughter originated from
I love this and please come back soon.

<3 POM :D

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 17, 02/21/14

Post by Natalie36 » Sat Feb 22, 2014 8:04 am

oh wow. now this is a mystery. :wink:

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 17, 02/21/14

Post by sarammlover » Sun Feb 23, 2014 10:12 pm

Well I had to go back and re read the whole story !!! And I still love it as much as the first time. I'm glad you are back writing again and I hope your little one is doing well!!

So glad Tess is good in this! I'm excited to see more of hers and Myles storyline. Max is so funny with Liz now. He's open and engaging and absolutely wonderful.

I can't wait to see more of Alex and Isabel. The ice queen and rock nerd. So great. And of course M&M.... I'm not saraMMlover for nothing! I am excited to see what happens of Emily and how this all came about.

Welcome back!!!! Hugs, sara

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 17, 02/21/14

Post by Eva » Fri Mar 07, 2014 10:57 am

@ Carolyn: I’m afraid you’ll have to be a bit more patient. First we’re going to dive in Alex & Isabel’s storyline.

@ Pom: Thank you!
Michael has indeed a quest on his hands but he promised Max to take baby steps and for once he will listen. But the truth is out there! 8)

@ Natalie: I can only second you!

@ Sara: I wasn’t surprised that you had to reread the whole thing. My last update before my restart had been more than a while ago.

I will show each and every single story line in this story. The first ones to come up in this chapter will be Isabel & Alex. And I wouldn’t be a candy if there weren’t some M&M moments coming up in the next ones. Hope you’ll enjoy!

A/N: In this chapter you’ll find references and quotes from first season’s episode “Heat Wave”

Chapter eighteen

This was now the second time that she had organized the annual Thanksgiving show and once again Isabel was overwhelmed with the bright ideas people had to make the show unforgettable. A varied group of parents, grandparents and other family members of her children couldn’t stop discussing every detail possible of the show: costumes, scene decorations… The first year she had asked the support of the children’s families because it had been a tradition in their school. She had thought to find some moms to help her out with the clothes. But to her surprise a group of volunteers had taken over the complete organization of the costumes and decoration. What a difference with the shallow world she came from, where co-workers would drop dead before helping each other out.

This year she was more prepared to have backup with the organization. So, she had already written down every single detail she needed to have done, the way she liked it to be done. She was delighted that the group had taken her to do-list to a higher level and she felt more alive than ever. Even the musician, who had insulted her twice now, had been cooperating.

She had glanced several times in his direction. Alex Whitman. She had vague memories about him from her years at West Roswell High but she had absolutely no clue why she merited his offensive behavior.

After observing him for the umpteenth time, Isabel felt more intrigued than ever. His funny remarks broke the ice in several discussions. But at the same time he had a listening ear too. With small comments he encouraged the timid people to step into the discussion. Even Brent’s mother, a stay at home mom who she had convinced to come out of her house more often, became more at ease. The woman turned out to be a very good stitcher. Isabel couldn’t help smiling when the woman flourished more and more when her practical ideas about the costumes were appreciated by the group.

Isabel’s eyes fell once again on Alex. Unconsciously she opened her shield to feel his emotions. A mixture of grudging and bitterness was tangible. But at the same time she sensed his confusion, even a hint of admiration. She made an inner note to dreamwalk him tonight.

At that moment Alex felt her gaze. He looked up and their eyes locked. Even more confused he stared at her.

During the meeting Alex had gone from one surprise to the next. Not only was Isabel Emily’s kindergarten teacher, she was also very good at her job. Her love for the kids was evident in every word she said. With enthusiasm she enlightened the group with her ideas about the show and what needed to be done. And although she was very precise about her wishes, she was open to new insights and comments. It was as if he saw another woman, another Isabel he hadn’t met before. Had he been wrong?

Isabel was pulled back to the present as the people started talking randomly. The gathering almost reached the end. She grabbed her papers together while thanking the parents and volunteers. “I want to thank everyone here again, not only for coming but also for contributing. Your input was priceless! I had not only a productive but also a very pleasant evening. I can feel that this group will surely bring our annual Thanksgiving to a good end. The children will sparkle!”

Her little speech was answered with applause. Isabel smiled. “Like we discussed we will divide the group into two working groups. Mrs. Hanover will lead the ladies, so the kids will perform in beautifully designed costumes.”

Mrs. Hanover, Brent’s mom, beamed while smiling at the other ladies. She had never expected to find some common ground with the local women after moving to Roswell a couple of years ago.

“Mr. Greenwich –”

“Please, call me Grandpa Will. Everyone does around here,” the man interrupted.

Isabel smiled politely at him and nodded. “So, Mr. uh, Grandpa Will, will lead our creative scene builders in the wonderful world of Thanksgiving.”

Again a warm applause followed.

“To end, I would like to thank Mr. Whitman for coming by. Together with Maria DeLuca, Emily’s mom, he will rewrite the compositions of the songs.”

The unexpected thank you made Alex blush. He knew he had done nothing to earn Isabel’s tribute, certainly after his harsh remarks towards her.

He reddened even a shade more when Isabel continued. “With their knowledge and professionalism, I’m sure they will deliver some beautiful pearls. If someone wants to play music in our show, I suggest that they sign up with me. I’ll pass their names to Mrs. DeLuca. Is that ok, Mr. – ”

“Alex.” He corrected her. “And it’s ok for me. Like Maria said to Emily, I’m just her assistant.” The less he had to encounter Isabel the better he felt.

Uncomfortable he shook hands with her when she let everyone out.


Isabel took a seat on the couch, arranging the little pillows to make it as comfortable as possible. When everything was as she wanted them to be, she grabbed the mug with hot chocolate in her hands. Gently she laid back, trying to find some ease after a long working day.

In her head she relived the day once more. The way she had taught the children a new song, the small talk between them… She laughed out loud when she remembered the words little Aaron had spoken. After she had lectured another kid because she hadn’t listened, the smart little kiddo had remarked: “I already listen… but not always, huh, Miss Isabel?”
She really had to keep her most serious face on to not burst out laughing.

She curled her legs under her and took another sip.

Afterwards she had the meeting for the show and that one had also gone well. Organizing such an event always reminded her of her teen years when she had taken the lead for the Christmas celebrations. Making sure that every little detail was taken care of had always made her feel meaningful. An attitude from which she now reaped the benefits.

The presence of Alex Whitman had surprised her enormously. To her astonishment, that surprise had been likewise. Maria DeLuca sure as hell had put Alex for an accomplished fact by confronting him with her without letting him know up front.

Alex Whitman.

What had she done to him to make him so hostile? Should she dreamwalk him and visit him in his dreams? It had been a long time since she had screened people with that specific asset of her alien origin. Lately she used her great sense of picking up other people’s emotions more than digging right into them. Certainly after Michael had been more than pissed after she had tried it out on him.

Her curiosity to find some answers won over her doubts.

She opened her tablet and googled his name online. Flabbergasted about the amount of information she found, she took some time to read some pieces. When she encountered a picture of him with bare upper body, it dawned on her that his tattoo covered body somehow looked familiar. But where had she met him?

Gently she touched the screen and used her power to go to sleep.

She woke up in Alex's dream and found herself in an empty concert hall. An Alex she hadn’t seen yet stood onstage. He had a short sleeved jacket on, so you could clearly see the tats on his arms. While playing his guitar he sang a song for the only woman present.

After playing the last chords he directed his gaze to the blond woman. To Isabel’s surprise she found herself looking at an exact copy of herself in his dream.

“Hi, Isabel, you came back to haunt me again, I see.” he accused her dream version.

“Why do you think that?” she heard herself answer.

He scratched his eyebrows. “Cause that’s what you do.” With that he went backstage. The two Isabel’s followed him.

“You see?” Alex accused her. “You’re following me again. What’s next? Are you going to make me fall back in love with you again?”

Had he been in love with her? She couldn’t believe her ears! Had he been one of the pervs who had lusted after her? Or had he genuinely cared for her?

Immediately the backstage changed into a big ballroom.

“Oh, here we go again,” Alex mumbled, “why do I always dream the same thing?”

While a band started playing a romantic song, Alex invited dream Isabel to dance.

Her dream version gently caressed the collar of his vest. “Thank you for inviting me.”

Alex snorted, “I would like to say it was my pleasure but we both know it’s not. Though I’ve got to admit you surprised me today. You reminded me of the woman I thought you once were.”

“Who is that woman?”

“I used to think that underneath that beautiful exterior is an even more beautiful interior.” He looked her right in her eyes now. “But I have a feeling that not too many people get to see that interior, do they?”

The dream Isabel shook her head. “No, they don’t.”

Her honest answer softened his harsh expression. “Cuz it’s too scary to show who you really are. I always thought you could show me.”

“What changed?” she asked.

The lines around his mouth hardened. “Do you have to ask that, Isabel? Really?”

Once again the scenery around them changed.

Isabel instantly recognized the foyer of a very exclusive hotel. In his dream Alex had sent them all back in time. Her dream version wore an exact copy of the expensive designer dress she had been dressed in at one of the benefits her agency had supported.

She saw herself standing, boredom and misfortune written all over her face.

The memories of that night alternated rapidly in her mind. The night hadn’t been one of her best nights. Far from it actually. A handful of wealthy and spoiled men had made it memorably rotten. The guys making a pass at her were still the nice ones. Most of them though had presumed that models were there for their own personal entertainment. She still shivered when she remembered the humiliating intimidations she had to strike off constantly. It was the straw that broke the camel's back. Not much later she had turned her back on her modeling career.

When she saw Alex standing next to her, it all made sense to her. In all that chaos and misery she had met him. And told him to go to hell, in her own Isabel way!

Abruptly Alex’s dream stopped and Isabel was thrown back into real life. Gasping for air she tried to regain control.
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 18, 03/07/14

Post by begonia9508 » Sat Mar 08, 2014 12:18 pm

FB tomorrow! I am reading all the story again, because I was lost... EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 18, 03/07/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Mar 08, 2014 3:43 pm

WOW....that was a surprise ending to the dream......
Yes, I'll be patient regarding Max and Liz.........
Thanks for bringing this group together!

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 18, 03/07/14

Post by begonia9508 » Mon Mar 10, 2014 7:05 am

Ok, Eva! It tooks me two days to read the story again and now, it makes sense to me!

I like the change from the show. Even if they met at school in Roswell, life treatened them differently and I am waiting impatiently to know what's happened to Michael because, apart of living with Courtney, we don't know much! Maybe Courtney never told him she was pregnant and Maria's kid is his... or maybe is she the kid from one of the dupes? Anyway, Michael was the one with the hardest life and it certainly influenced his life terribly!

And Alex... Ok, I know pains which were made from others kids, when we were kids or teenagers, are hard to deal with and leave sometimes bad remembers or injuries to the soul but Isabel isn't the same as before and maybe he will finally see it!
Anyway, at least, I love that Tess isn't the bitch we knew on the show!

Max and Liz! Let see how things are going because your Liz isn't the one from the show! She did have a crush on Max, back then, but not the same way as she will have, now that she knows the truth!

Or am I wrong?

Waiting for more and thanks! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 18, 03/07/14

Post by sarammlover » Mon Mar 10, 2014 2:34 pm

Oooh! I am so glad Isabel went into Alex's dream. She now knows what she did wrong and she can work to rectify the situation. I am so glad you are back and writing this!

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 18, 03/07/14

Post by Eva » Fri Mar 28, 2014 4:03 am

@ Carolyn: Thank you! With small bits we discover every little detail. You’ll see Liz in this chapter, for the both of them together you’ll need to be a bit more patient. I’m writing pieces of their story right now.

@ Eve: :lol:

I kept the basis characters from the original but let them grow. They are all ten years older and you can clearly see that in their reactions and how they embrace life.
Michael had indeed the hardest life, which wasn’t that surprising: from the beginning life had dealt him the worst cards of all. He tried to escape that, with his career, with Courtney,… but he never found inner peace.

Alex begins to see Isabel differently but it will take a while to see her the way she is right now. Cause you’re right: she too had to find her way and that changed her.

No, Tess will be totally different. I truly believe she would’ve been another person, if she hadn’t been raised by a nutcase as Nacedo. And that’s the way I’m trying to describe her.

Both Max & Liz studied medicines. Max did it because it suits him greatly. Above that, he wanted to learn the “earthly way” of healing people and at the same time he wanted to hide his own healing powers.
Liz had always been an analyst. Her studies reinforced that even more. So for her it’s harder to understand and to trust something so unreal as an alien than when she was a teenager. But like always she follows her gut feeling too. She sees that Max is a person too, with feelings, with his positive and negative abilities. And maybe that will help them both out?

@ Sara: Isabel knew that she was the one holding the keys to unravel the truth and for the first time she used it. She’s at an age where she wants to change her acts. Her alien background didn’t bring her anywhere, she’s a lonely woman who has nobody outside her family. For the first time in her life, she finds happiness with the kids in her class and that makes her long for more.

Author’s note: I reused some quotes from the second episode “The Morning After.” I only reversed some conversations, because things turned out differently in this timeline.

Chapter nineteen

With eyes still weary from sleep, Kyle stumbled through his house on autopilot. Actually it was his dad’s house, but after Jim’s marriage to Maria’s mom Amy, Kyle had inherited the place. It was still the same masculine furnished home he had grew up in. He had never felt the need to put his mark on the interior.

Kyle rubbed his face while entering the kitchen. He pushed his coffee machine on and while the thing started to simmer, he checked out his refrigerator to examine its contents. He bumped his head against the thing when the doorbell woke him out of his morning doze.

“Fuck!” he hissed while rubbing the painful spot on his head.

“Yeah?” he barked while pulling his front door open.

An extremely polite courier flashed his white teeth. “Hello sir, UPS at your service! I’m happy to deliver this express delivery to you, sir!

Just as the guy pushed the parcel into his hands, Kyle’s mobile rang.

With a quick node he thanked the man while he unlocked his cell phone. “Valenti.”

“Did you receive the file?”

Kyle looked at the envelope in his hands. “Yeah, I think I just did. And a good morning to you too, Tess,” he teased her. The sexy voice of the beautiful blond woman made his morning mood vanish into thin air.

She laughed. “Thank you, mister Valenti.”

“God no, that sounds like you’re talking to my old man.”

It made Tess laugh even harder.

With his cell squeezed between his ear and shoulder, Kyle ripped the envelope open. “But to answer your question: I got the file!”

Tess immediately became serious. “What you’re holding in your hands is everything I could lay my hands on regarding Michael Guerin. Biography, last known address, curriculum… the whole kit and caboodle.”

Kyle reviewed some of the papers and whistled. “Indeed, quit complete. Nice work! I’m not happy with it though.”

Tess furrowed her brow. “Why? What’s wrong?”

She knew she hadn’t put anything in the report that would raise questions. This Michael Guerin had led a pretty normal life as a human, keeping low profile as much as possible.

“I haven’t read everything yet but it seems that Guerin didn’t turn into the trailer park trash I thought he had. Now I’ve got no reason to kick him out of my sister’s house,” Kyle grumbled. “But I’m going to dig through this thing from front to back. And oh boy, when I find something…”

Tess had to smirk at his big brother attitude. It reminded her a lot of her own over-protective brothers. She could only hope Kyle wouldn’t find out more about Michael before she did. So she resumed her professional attitude.

“The quest for the car is still rolling as we speak. I hope to find some answers soon. If I do, you’ll be the first to know.”

Kyle nodded. “I couldn’t ask for more. And thanks for the quick service, Tess.”

“That’s what you’re paying me for, Kyle! I’ll make sure you get your money's worth and even keep some extra to buy me dinner.”


Kyle’s laugh sounded like music to her ears. To her surprise he took her witty remark for granted.


After dropping Emily off at Kindergarten, Maria dropped down in her favourite booth in the Crashdown Café. Although she knew the whole menu inside out, she played with the card while going over the possibilities.

“You are an evil woman, Maria Deluca!”

The mock harsh comment made Maria look right up into her best friend’s eyes.

“Hi, Alex. How did your meeting go?” she asked without going into his remark.

‘How did the meeting go?” Alex snorted. “Why didn’t you tell me Miss Izzy is actually Isabel Evans?”

“Oh,” she answered innocently, “I didn’t know that was important. Was there anything wrong? Was she rude to you?”

“No, I was.” And with that he slumped next to her.

“Oh no, don’t tell me you’re still not over Isabel Evans!” Liz shouted out loud while eavesdropping the last minute.

“Could you yell it any louder?” he hissed but that didn’t stop Maria from throwing more oil on the fire.

“Why didn’t you tell me you lust for Isabel?”

“God, rescue me from these two.” Alex tried to hide under the table.

Maria and Liz looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing. While Liz took a seat, Maria grabbed Alex by his collar. “Come on, goofball, tell us every sloppy detail.”

With a dramatic move he closed his mouth, locking it with an imaginary key and throwing it away.

A conspiring Liz winked at Maria to come closer. “Isabel is Alex’s unattainable love. He’s been thinking about her since forever.”

“Correction: until I was smart enough to see her like she actually is: a heart breaking ice queen!” His head appeared next to his friends.

“You never mentioned her.” Maria reprimanded him playfully.

“Because there was nothing to mention!” he exclaimed.

“Not completely true, Alex,” Liz teased him.

“No, no, Parker, I –,” Alex tried to interfere but he couldn’t stop the girls.

With a wicked gleam in her eyes, Maria smiled devilishly at Liz. “Give me all the facts, girl!”

“Well, Isabel was Alex’s high school crush. But she was totally out of his league. She never noticed him, let alone considered him. On her behalf I’ve got to say he didn’t make any efforts either.”

Maria wrinkled her nose. “But why haven’t I met her before?”

“Hey, I’m still sitting her, you know.” Alex acted offended.

But the girls deliberately didn’t pay any attention to him. In full gossip-mode the teenagers in them came above.

“Alex’s crush suffered a big dent when he saw her kissing another guy at our last prom. The summer after, when you came into town, Isabel was out of town on a family trip and he –” Liz nodded at Alex, “He was trying to forget her. In September we all moved to Boston and the rest is history as they say.”

“Not completely” Alex mumbled out loud.

“Alexander Charles Whitman? What aren’t you telling us?” Maria’s exuberant voice attracted everyone’s attention.

“Okay, that’s it.” Firmly he stood up and started lecturing them. “Now, girls, you’re cornering me. Again! And you both know I don’t like that.” He glared at them. “Actually I hate it. So I’m going to the men’s rooms and when I come back you’ll be talking about something else or I’ll open up a book or two about you,” he pointed at Liz, “and Mister Evans.”

When the door clicked back, Liz and Maria looked at each other and couldn’t help giggling out loud.

“It’s true. We were driving him up the wall again.” Liz admitted with twinkling eyes.

“Yeah, we were.” Maria chuckled. “But you have to admit he’s an easy target.”

“True again, but let’s talk about something else. I’m not ready for him to start chitchatting about Max Evans.”

Maria snorted. “’Cause you got more than you bargained for?”

Liz almost choked. “Why do you say that?”

“Because I know the secret too,” Maria whispered.

An astonished Liz looked wide-eyed at Maria. “How? I didn’t say anything.”

“No, Michael did.” Maria rolled her eyes. “Actually, he didn’t. He isn’t much of a talker. Let’s say he couldn’t hide it anymore after his breakdown.”

“What did he do?”

“The question is what didn’t he do. Besides breaking down the place, collapsing in my arms, sending me weird lifelike imagines, repairing all the damages in a flick…”

The more she said, the more Liz looked at her as if she herself had come from outer space.

“What? I think I've earned the right to babble, all right? So just deal with it.”

“Babble all you want. It means I’ve still got my best friend. For a moment I thought they’d changed you or something like that.”

Liz sighed in frustration. “You’re being like so casual about this, I want to choke you! You should be sniffing some oils or didn’t you get it at all? Maria, we’re dealing with alie-”

Maria immediately clapped her hand over Liz’s mouth as another client strolled by their table.

“Can you please not say that word in public?” she hissed. She took in the stubborn look on her best friend’s face. Liz had always been the rational one, the one who loved to explain everything in life by scientific facts, considering all the pros and cons.

But she had to acknowledge that Liz was right too. The fact that she had seen glimpses of Michael’s shattered soul had made her react very out of character.

“Look, I understand that you don’t know anything about these Czechoslovakians. Are they good Czechoslovakians? Bad Czechoslovakians? You don’t know. But take my word, the one I encountered is a random one. And if you’re honest with yourself, the one you talked to is the same way.”

Liz nodded. Although every fiber in her body demanded reasonable answers, she had to admit Maria was right. The last three days had felt as if she had been on a rollercoaster but in the end Max was still the same person. She still couldn’t explain everything completely, but every word or detail Max had said or shown her, had convinced her about his sincerity. Although she could’ve strangled him a million times in the past for his evasive behavior, she understood his motives now. A blush appeared when she recalled their last conversation but with her zappy attitude Maria luckily didn’t notice.

“And maybe they don’t have their passports. But in the end these Czechoslovakians are just like us. For the greater part anyway.”

In that moment Alex popped up from the front booth. “Who’s Czechoslovakian?”

Trying to come up with a reasonable explanation, Liz and Maria answered simultaneously. “A new neighbor” and, “The guy at the hardware store.”

Liz had the awareness to correct herself instantly. “The new neighbor who works at the hardware store.”

Relived, Maria agreed. “Exactly.”

“Oh. What about him?” Alex asked while he retook his place at the booth.

“Oh, he’s a cutie. His blue eyes –” Maria fantasized.

Alex rolled his eyes when he heard the direction the conversation was headed. “Fantastic,” he snorted, “Can we now order?”
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 19, 03/28/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Mar 28, 2014 7:37 am

I like the way your are unfolding the characters........we continue to learn more each week. I do get inpatient to know it all right away. Oh well...
The friendship between Liz, Maria and Alex is and always been special.
Loved the "Morning After" reference......those were such great times.
Thanks for the new part,

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