Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 38 - 08/13/16

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 33 - 08/03/2015

Post by begonia9508 » Wed Aug 05, 2015 9:36 am

Loved the new part!

At this point, I have difficulty with their reactions, especially from the aliens! They are all friends and all related in some way and they should go on with this charade of not telling about their alienness?

Maria's daughter took the job in her hands and for a four ears old, she was clever than the adults! :lol: :lol:

Looking for more - EVE :mrgreen:

Hey Eva! I not only live in chocolat land but I love chocolat too... so one in one, it's the same... :wink: :roll:
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 33 - 08/03/2015

Post by sarammlover » Fri Aug 07, 2015 3:13 pm

Well well well....looks like Emily has got it right and good for Isabel. I am glad she got to tell Alex. Shame on her brothers for not allowing it. I am so glad you are still writing!! And I KNOW Tess is still awaiting that apology! HA! Great update.

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 33 - 08/03/2015

Post by Ms_BuffyAnneSummers » Tue Aug 11, 2015 2:12 pm

Loved the update!! So glad you finally got back to the story to update!! Emily breaking up the "fight" between the twins was HILARIOUS!!!! Lol please come back with more soon!! bUMP bump bump ASAP!
MAX: Liz, I just want to put everything that happened behind us.
LIZ: Yeah, you know that I would, too, if I had impregnated an alien killer who murdered one of our best friends and then left the planet with my unborn child.
MAX: So you're still holding on to that?

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) CH 33 - 08/03/2015

Post by Eva » Thu Oct 29, 2015 5:52 am

Sorry for the extreme delay. I hope to restart in november.

For those who celebrate Halloween: have a great weekend!
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 10/29/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Oct 29, 2015 8:00 am

Thanks for the A/N........I will look forward to November and your return!

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 10/29/15

Post by begonia9508 » Thu Oct 29, 2015 9:25 am

keepsmiling7 wrote:Thanks for the A/N........I will look forward to November and your return!

Me too! EVE :mrgreen:
- Les jouissances de l'esprit sont faites pour calmer les orages du coeur!
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) A/N 10/29/15

Post by Eva » Sun Jan 31, 2016 1:15 pm

@ Carolyn: They surely need to talk, now more then even. But who’s going to start?

@ Natalie: Emily is indeed a very smart and lovely kid. She will give Michael another reason to live for

@ Eve: It’s true, you’re right. The aliens are tiptoeing around each other. I think they don’t know who they can’t trust. They never trusted anybody outside their little circle. So taking that step is huge for them. But Emily did the job very well, her spontaneity did wonders.

A/N: Thanks for the waiting. I hope you’ll enjoy!
With stuff from first season’s ‘Independence Day’, ‘Four Square’ and ‘Max to the Max’ in it which I adapted completely on this story’s behalf.

Chapter thirty-four

With his head leaning on his arms he just stared outside. Crammed in Max’s BMW the atmosphere was beyond icy. Luckily the thing had a convertible top that was down for the moment. Once in a while his eyes wandered to check the rearview mirror, just to see his sister. If he was honest with himself, he had to admit that he was seeing his own reflection. As stubborn as a mule, she was glaring at the horizon. If she was seeing anything at all, that was. Somehow that thought made him smirk for a second before sobering up again.

Crap! Crap! Crap!

His jaw hardened when the words kept repeating in his mind. He wasn’t even that mad at Isabel. Or maybe just due to the way she had pulled her little stunt off. But she was the cherry on top of the mess that kept pouring on his head. He could really use a sip right now but his mental control hardened merely by the idea of it. No way was he going down that road again. They were counting on him! His daughter was counting on him!

“Where are you abducting us to?"

The humorous question came from behind his seat where Tess squeezed her head between the two passengers in the front. The silence between the others gave her the creeps. She had stepped in Max’ car because the four of them needed to talk without upsetting Maria’s little girl. So Kyle had suggested staying with the women and the musician whose name she had forgotten already. But so far, nothing had been done. No civil conversation let alone having it all out. It made her even more jumpy than she had been already.

Max turned his head in her direction and gave her a wide smile. “Pohlman Ranch.” He was glad that someone had broken the stillness.

“What?” Tess’ nose crinkled in question.

To her surprise, it was Michael who answered her question. “The four squared symbol in our dreams, that’s where it is.”

“I’ve never heard of it.”

“That’s because the government took it over in 1947. Three guesses why.” Michael snorted sarcastically.

“Close to the crash site?” Tess guessed.

Her question was the beginning of a ping pong conversation between Max and Michael. One she tried to follow by turning her head from one to the other and back again.

“It WAS the crash site, Tess.”

“But it’s not on any maps anymore.”

“It’s like they erased any trace of it.”

“But we found it.”

“And never found any clue on the damn site although Chip ’n Dale over there searched the place over, inch by inch.”

They all turned their heads now to Isabel who had spoken that last sentence while motioning to her two brothers. “It’s true, ain’t it? We fucking sifted the whole area. And for what? To break a billion manicured nails? For getting more frustrated than someone in this car already was?”

A hand slammed on the dashboard. “Don’t get me started! Damn it, Iz! Keep living in your fairy tale! ”

“That’s it!” With squealing tires Max slammed on his brakes and stopped his car in the middle of nowhere. “Now, get out! Both of you!”

With a stormy expression on his face he ushered them all out. “I’ve had it with you guys. Yes, we vowed that we wouldn’t tell anybody. Something Isabel never believed in. But you’re no saint either, Michael. Besides that, you said yourself that you weren’t sure anymore of the decisions we made in the past.”

“But Whitman?”

“But DeLuca and Parker?” Isabel mimicked her brother’s harsh intonation.

“And, Isabel,” Max sternly continued without reacting on their comments, “Let’s face it. It’s true. Michael is right: we had a great childhood. Mom and Dad loved us as if we were their own. Finding our origins was the last thing on our minds. Not everybody had that luck.”

His eyebrows pulled down in a frown, Michael shook his head in an attempt to warn his brother. Max had to stop right here and now before revealing too much. But Max didn’t hold back. As the oldest he felt responsible. In an effort to blend in and live his life as common as possible, he had let everything slacken. But not anymore. It was time to step up. It was time to take the lead.

“Yeah, yeah” Isabel tried to wave off, “I never said that growing up in the trailer park was easy. Doesn’t mean –”


The combination of his voice and the earnest look in his eyes made her stop. “No, it wasn’t easy. Far from it actually!”


But Max didn’t listen to his brother’s warning. Isabel had to know all the ins and outs. Her blinders had to fall off, just as his had done. God, he still felt sick thinking back on the things he had seen while healing Michael. They had both been so completely blind!

“It wasn’t only the food, the clothes and the love that were missing. Hank used him as a personal punching bag, Isabel!

“Damn it, Maxwell!”

In vain Michael tried to stop him. Out of frustration he turned away from them, his foot kicking in the ground so that the dust blew up in a little cloud around his shoes. It didn’t make any impression on his brother.

“He belittled him and he beat the crap out of him. From day one Michael was abused, Isabel! And Goddamn it, we were too blind to see the signals flashing before us like freaking neon signs!”

Max was yelling now, venting his own frustrations and incapacity while Isabel flinched with every word he screamed. As if she was the victim instead of Michael while the real one looked away, his jaw clenched.

Finally she understood things that should’ve made sense so many years ago. The way his face would shutter and then went blank, the way he had kept them away from the trailer park, the way he had swallowed every meal down,… She had always assumed that it had been a piece of his lone wolf character but never ever had she thought twice about it. Softly Isabel tried to make eye contact. “Michael…”

He shook his head and his voice sounded like broken glass when he spoke. “Don't.”


“No!” he barked. “I don't want you feeling sorry for me. I don't want anyone feeling sorry for me.”

“Why didn’t you tell us?”

His voice was calm and strong now. “Look, everybody’s got problems. If it wasn't this, it'd be something else. I was a big boy. I could handle it.”

“But you could’ve reported it. It wasn’t like Hank was your real father.”

“No kidding” he snorted sarcastically. When he saw the disbelief in their features, he moved. “What? What were my options? Bringing more attention to us? Being a poster child for domestic abuse? That wasn’t going to happen! The first moment I could, I was outta there.”

Max nodded in understanding. He didn’t know if he would’ve reacted the same way but he could see the reasons.

Next to him Isabel couldn’t help muttering out loud. “That’s why you were so desperate to find our roots. I still believe you should have told us. We could’ve helped you out! We could’ve supported you more. We’re your family. I’m your sister, your twin sister!” She emphasized the last words, her voice thick from the unshed tears.

With frustration he ran a hand through his hair before scratching his right eyebrow with his thumb. “Look, I left that behind me ten years ago. If I can, you can too. We’ve got bigger problems now. I lost already a daughter and the woman I loved, I’ll be damned if I have to lose one again!”

“That’s why we have to go back to Pohlman Ranch.”

“Why? We searched the place down ten years ago.” Isabel raised her hands to underline the craziness of Max’s plan.

“Well, we talked yesterday,” Max motioned to Tess and himself.

Tess spoke up now. She had withdrawn herself from the emotional dispute between the siblings. It hadn’t been her battle to fight but she was glad to witness it. Finally she understood now more why they all had acted like they had. The fact that they all had their history shouldn’t have surprised her but somehow it did. She had always been alone with her fears, her questions, her search, Nacedo’s abusive nature,… She had always thought that she had been dealt the worst cards. But now she was realising that they all had their own battles and worries, some more than others. And they were all in this thing together.

“Nacedo explained to me what I could find and how I could access it. I was too young to understand fully where I needed to search though. Apparently you guys figured out that one. Max and I are hoping that our combined clues can piece the puzzle together.”

“Why are we here standing then! Let’s move, people! History lesson’s over now! We’ve got no time to lose!”

With his famous impatience Michael rooted them firm back in the car.


The last miles brought them from gravel roads to something dusty. With concentration Max guided his BMW along the bumpy road. Not that anybody could call this a road anymore. Once in a while he could still see some remainders of it but it was all covered by sand, as if the desert had claimed this territory back after mankind had abandoned it.

It felt weird to return to the place where they had spent most of their free time in their teens. And on the other hand it felt as if he had only been here yesterday. A hole in the surface startled him. With a shake of his head he tried to lose the weird feeling inside so he could concentrate again.

“There it is!” Michael’s deep voice indicated his own impatience and excitement. Would they finally find what they had been looking for so long?

Just like he had done it a million times before, Max manoeuvred his car close to the mountains. As if they had arranged it before, they all stepped out of the car in silence, each and every one of them deep in thought.

“This is it. This is what I saw in my dream!” The surprise in Tess’s voice made them all loosen up.

Max nodded to her. “We’ve all seen it. We’ve all been here before.”

“We even almost lived here for months and months.” Isabel exaggerated, thinking back on the countless times the boys had dragged her with them.

“Still that upset about the broken nails?” Michael smirked. “It’s not like you couldn’t restore them, you know.”

“Right.” Her dry remark combined with her rolling eyes made them all laugh out loud. Even she couldn’t keep it together before refocusing. “Just admit it, Michael, it was beyond boring. You couldn’t have possible found our digging appealing!”

“Well, yeah actually.” Sternly he looked her. Now that Max had revealed his childhood from hell, Michael felt no need to hold in. “In comparison with the rest of my life, it was the most fun time of the day. That and the sleepovers on Max’ floor.” He lifted his eyebrows to make his point. And judging by the look on his sister’s face his message had come through loud and clear.

She held up her hands. “Ok, point taken. But we are not going to probe this place to the bottom again, are we? ‘Cause you can count me out.” Isabel looked him right in the eyes now. “I’m very sorry, Michael. As her teacher and above that, as her aunt, I’m the first to say we have to protect Emily but there has to be another way. There just has to be.”

“There is.”

Max’s unexpected intervention made her look up. “Is there?”

Affirming he nodded. “We know now what we’re looking for. Right, Tess?”

“Let’s hope so.” With a fine gesture of her hand she swept some curls from her forehead before she retrieved a folded brown paper out of her little purse. With emphasis she opened the thing on the hood of the car.

Within seconds she could feel them all gathering around her to explore the document. To their surprise they didn’t see a map but just a bunch of numbers aligned with a series of alien symbols.

“That’s it?” A frustrated Isabel vocalized their combined disappointment.

A little smile on her lips revealed Tess’s hopeful spirit and joy. “That’s it!” Again a curl escaped from behind her ear but now she just blew it out of her way. And without further delay she started climbing. Just to stop when she noticed that the others stayed rooted to the spot. “Come on, are you waiting for a signed invitation or what?”

He didn’t let her say that again. With two large strides Michael kept pace with her. Behind him he heard the others moving although he just could imagine the way Isabel had shot a questioning look at Max before finally going up the path herself.

Every once in a while Tess stopped and checked her papers before focusing back on her surroundings.

“Can you read those signs?”

Tess nodded at Max’s question. When she saw his curiosity radiating in his features, she tried to explain. “Well, see this symbol…”

“Not to disturb this interesting topic but could you like shift it to some other moment? You know a moment in which it isn’t so important to find the goddamn place that contains the key to our past?” With a stoic expression Michael interrupted them.

“Oh! Ok.” With ease Tess refocused. “We’re right where we needed to be if I remembered the meaning of this thing correctly.” She pointed to a pointed rock at the skyline. “There should be an entrance.”

As a four square they stopped before the rock formation. Cautious they let their hands wander over the surface until Max stopped them by bringing his arm up. With a surprising steadiness he waved that same arm before a particular spot on the rock-face. Their eyes grew wide when they all saw the glowing reflection of his hand. In that same nanosecond the cave in front of them opened and revealed its contents to them.

With awe they just stared at Max and back to the entrance. Out of nervousness Michael scratched his right eyebrow again. “How did you…?”

Max shrugged his shoulders. “I just knew.”


“I don’t know. I just remembered, I guess.” Max confessed before taking a step closer.

Isabel grabbed his arm. “Max, we can’t…”

Reassuring he covered her hand with his. “We have to Isabel. We have to find out.”

In silence they all entered the cave. Completely impressed by the scenery their eyes wandered around, taking in every detail from the cobwebs in the corners to a giant fluorescent thing in the middle.

“What is this place, Max?” Isabel’s voice resonated in the high ceiling.

Tess furrowed her nose. “Nacedo always told me that we were all born in the cave. But I… I don’t know. He told me so many things that turned out to be wrong. He was so skilful at exploiting situations that he manipulated everything on his own behalf.”

“You were too young. You could not know the difference between truth and lies.” Max tried to support her.

“But I should’ve. Man, I remember this place…”

Michael took some steps closer to the transparent membranes of the cocoons that once had been their cradle. “We all remember it.”

His deep voice triggered long repressed memories. Flashes of their hatching came above. The way the three of them had helped each other out, the small face of another girl still asleep in her little pod...

“No. No. No, I don’t believe this.”

With her hands pressed to her ears Isabel fled from the cave.
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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 34 - 01/31/16

Post by sarammlover » Mon Feb 01, 2016 2:50 pm

Whoa! Quite crazy!!! They found the cave and it seems to all be too much for Isabel right now. Glad you are back writing! I am excited for more.

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 34 - 01/31/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Feb 02, 2016 7:09 pm

So glad you updated this story!
Sure felt sorry for Max's BMW on that dusty old road........
The birth place is now discovered, very emotional feelings.

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Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 34 - 01/31/16

Post by flyawayraven » Sat Jun 04, 2016 11:10 am

wow, this story is amazing! I love how everything is so similar to the show, and yet pushed back a few years they are making it work. I also like how the main drama is centered around M and M instead of M and L like so many stories. If I am understanding this correctly, Hanna was born after Emily right? How old was Hanna when she was killed? I just wonder how Michael wouldn't have known about the fact that Courtney was pregnant.

Anyway, great writing! I really like your style and can't wait for more!!


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