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Posted: Wed Jul 27, 2016 2:29 am
by Eva
@ Eve: Don’t be sorry. I’m not the most dependable updater either. So I’m surprised that there are still people who want to read my story. :D

I’m glad you like this Tess and that you believe her. You know, that she is a person from flesh and blood. My story is originally a challenge by Killjoy. And I don’t know if you know Rodney but he’s very fond of Tess (to say the least). So I really tried to give her a complete other backstory. She’s now a grown up woman who lived more among humans than she ever lived with Nacedo. She experienced it from first hand that Nacedo’s stories were very coloured and she learned to make her own path in life.

@ Ms_BuffyAnneSummers: Thank you!

@ Carolyn: This was indeed a chapter with a lot of answers and explanations. Discovering their heritage together will make them stronger and unit them more than ever.

@ Sara: Yeah, you’re right. The Royal Four came from far. They all lived a very sheltered life, each one on their own. But there was always something missing. Not only didn’t they have a connection to their origins, they missed out on such simple but o so valuable things as love, understanding and just being themselves.

Chapter 37

The sun was already past its highest point and making its descent on this late afternoon. The laughter on the little patio burbled ceaselessly. Relaxed and slumped down on the bench with his legs stretched in front of him, Kyle had fun just watching as his little niece played some kind of hide and seek with the three other grown-ups. Alternating, she hid herself behind their chairs and like a little jack in the box she popped up and tried to startle them. They had all played along with her until Alex had surprised her. The minute she had tried to peekaboo him, he had grabbed her with both hands. With one swing he let her dangle above his head, much to the joy of her and everyone else.

Man, how could life be so simple and complicated at the same time? He thought while observing the lively girl while she let her feet bounce on her Uncle Alex’s knees now. Was Emily really alien? Or even half alien?

The moment he asked himself that question, the head of the little rascal popped up. “My Michael is here!”

With looks of surprise Maria and the others just stared at Emily. Kyle scrambled to his feet, took the two steps to the garden and went smoothly around the corner of the house. But a quick check of the gate was useless: there was nothing to be seen in the wide span of his surroundings. Pulling his shoulders up in question he returned to the patio.

“Sorry, kiddo, but I think you heard wrong.”

“Uncle Kyle,” Emily answered matter-of-factly while rolling her expressive eyes. “Who said I heard anything?”

Her uptight reaction made them all burst in laughter. A dumbfounded Kyle just looked at her while Alex chuckled next to him. “Man, the apple never falls far from the tree, does it?”

The resemblance between her and Michael, and even more with Isabel, had never been so clear to him. It was the first time that he started to believe that Emily was indeed Michael’s daughter and Isabel’s niece. And it was hilarious and scary at the same time.

Maria ruffled a hand through her daughter’s blond hair. “Emily, dear, why did you say Michael was here then?”

“Because he’s already driving down our street. And now he’s gonna ring at the gate.”

At that moment they all heard the bell. You could hear a pin drop.

“Holy fuck!” Kyle muttered out loud without thinking. It earned him eyebrows pulled down in frowns from his sister and a reprimand from his niece. “Mom says you can’t use ugly words.” After which she trotted away while singing “fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck…” on the melody of ‘five little ducks’.

“Kyle Valenti, you’re in big trouble!”

He flashed Maria a semi-innocent smile “What can I say? Old habits die hard.”

The face of his sister reflected stormy weather but he was literally saved by the bell when the car at the gate honked twice.

“It’s quite safe to say they’re not the most patient people ever.” Kyle snorted. And with a wide smirk on his face he added, “Great match, Deluca!”

A little yellow-green polka dotted pillow from one of the garden chairs flew a couple of inches from his head. With a grin from ear to ear he grabbed it out the air as if it was nothing and threw it back in one smooth motion where it landed right on her lap.

“And he scores! Deluca – Valenti: zero – one!” he mimicked a sports commentator before celebrating his goal with a little routine.

Maria couldn’t help but to explode with laughter. Still shaking her head, she got up from her chair to open the gate with a small remote control lying on the windowsill. Within seconds Max’s blue cabriolet turned up around the corner and drove towards the house. Almost in synchronisation the doors of the car opened, both men stepped out and tipped the seat backs forward to let the two blond women out of the car.

The moment Michael slammed his door shut, little Emily charged him and jumped in his wide open arms. Just like she had almost every day for the past week. But instead of swinging her around, he could only look her right in the eyes. In response hers bored into his. Without breaking contact, Emily lifted up her arms and placed her hands on the sides of his face. With the same ‘Here I am. Take it or leave it’ attitude her father had in abundance, she connected with him. In richly coloured projections she gave him glimpses of her afternoon with her Uncle Alex and Uncle Kyle. Tumbling on the green grass together, throwing her bright pink ball towards each other while Kyle tried to catch it with an exaggerated jump.

At first he was speechless. Her trust was amazing. The eternal loner in him had difficulty grasping it. Would she know that he was different too? Or would she be like that with everybody? And wasn’t that dangerous?

Her big soulful eyes waited for his reaction. They made his doubts fly away and disappear into nothingness. Fun sparkled in his eyes when he smirked. “So you wiped the floor with your Uncle Kyle, huh? Classic! Good job! You probably wrapped him around your pretty little finger, didn’t you?” he teased her while tickling her.

Wildly she struggled to get free and after one last toss in the air, he put her safely on the ground. It was only in that moment he saw that they had an audience. An audience staring with wide eyes, observing at the private father-daughter moment they had been privileged to witness. Within that crowd he saw the man who had been on his mind during the ride back.

“Valenti?” he barked out of habit.

Kyle nodded.

“We need to talk. Alone.”

Kyle nodded again and waved towards the house. “Come on, I’ve got an office here.”

Once inside he made a detour by the kitchen and pulled the refrigerator open. Inspecting its content for a sec, he grabbed a couple of beers and put them next to him on the kitchen counter. In one motion he grabbed his Swiss knife out of his pocket, twirled it around his index finger and uncapped one of the bottles. He offered it to Michael.

“No, I don’t drink.”

Michael didn’t miss Kyle’s downturned eyebrows, so he explained. “My system doesn’t mix well with alcohol.”

But the disbelief remained. Thinking back on how they met, he couldn’t blame Kyle’s caution. He wasn’t a man of apologies but he knew he owed the man an explanation.

“I know how I looked when I came here but even then I hadn’t drank that much. Not in human terms anyway. One drink is all it takes to affect me.”

Kyle didn’t understand it completely but that wasn’t new with these people the last two days. So he just nodded, opened the fridge again and held up a bottle of soda. After an approving nod from Michael, he uncapped it and handed it over. The men leaned back against the counter and took a sip of their drinks.

With the back of his hand Kyle wiped some drops from his chin. “Sorry, man. About your girl and your wife.”

“Me too. That’s why I wanted to talk to you.” With a wide smirk he glanced at the kitchen cabinets. “Is this your office?”

Grinning widely Kyle shook his head. “I wish. You can always find something to nibble on in Maria’s closets.” He immediately matched his words to deed while opening up a cabinet to his right and grabbing a package of golden Oreos. “But to my luck she put me not far from the best room in the house. Come on, I’ll show you.”


With envious eyes she couldn’t help watching the two men disappear into the house. Seeing him run away gnawed at her. Damn it! He had seemed to be such a nice guy but he had reacted so badly to everything alien related, on her background, on her. Cause that’s how it felt.

Tess exhaled loudly. She couldn’t deny feeling attracted to him, not even a bit. But she would go out of her mind if she had to ride back with him. After yesterday’s argument she wasn’t up for a second ‘sight without sound’ ride. She blew an escaped curl from her forehead. Maybe she had overreacted a bit but the Kyle that had answered every one of her questions with one-word answers was a far cry from the man she had gotten to know a week ago.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the blond next to her. “Would you guys like something to drink? The last time I checked, deserts can be very thirsty.”

“They still are.” Max chuckled. “If you still got one in the fridge, I’ll take a cherry coke.”

“If Kyle hasn’t plundered my refrigerator, I should have a couple.” Maria smiled at him and counted on her fingers. “So, one cherry coke and – Tess, what can I get you?”

“Something fresh and cool?”

“How does an ice cold homemade lemonade sound?”

“Very refreshing!”

The hopeful intonation made Maria chuckle. “One lemonade coming up.”

“Make it two.” Liz added. “Would you like some help getting everything together?”

Maria just nodded in approval while she glanced at Isabel in question. But the tall woman was deep in thought, her eyes focused on something vague in front of her. “Isabel?”

Alex touched her arm when she didn’t react. He arched his right eyebrow when he felt her quiver under his fingers. She didn’t answer his unspoken question though and just brushed his hand away with a nonchalant move. With a smile she turned to Maria. “No, thank you. If you don’t mind, I’m going to head back. With everything that happened this weekend, I’m behind in my preparations for tomorrow’s class.”

She surprised everybody by embracing her for a moment. “Thanks for taking care of him.” Isabel whispered in Maria’s ear.

With a warm smile Maria returned the hug. “My pleasure. He isn’t an easy man-“

“I know” Isabel half-smiled.

Whispering, Maria flashed a second smile. “But I will keep an eye on him.” After that she whirled around and called out to her daughter. “Emily! Say ‘hi’ to Miss Iz. She’s going any minute now.”

Isabel crouched down on Emily’s level and did a big high five with her. “See you tomorrow in class, Emily! I’m still looking for a nice theme for a story. Any ideas?”

The little girl’s forehead wrinkled for just one second before her eyes started beaming from pleasure. “About princesses!”

“A story about princesses is a very good idea!” The serious way she appreciated Emily’s input made the girl metaphorically grow an inch or two.

She stood again, grabbed her purse and smiled at the others. “I’m out of here. Alex, do you need a ride or are you staying here?”

Alex just needed one look at the smile she had plastered on her face to see that it didn’t reach her eyes. He had observed her numerous times in the past and had learned a thing or two about reading her body language. She wasn’t as much of an open book to him. Therefore she raised her walls a bit too high to protect her feelings. But he knew something was off. Big time.

Normally he would’ve stayed, spending his lazy Sunday with his best friends but he knew he was needed elsewhere. With her. So he didn’t let her leave without him. “Oh, if you could take me back in town, that would be great.”

From the corner of his eye he noticed Max. Even after a small glimpse at the man Alex knew he wasn’t the only one worried about her.

“Gimme a minute and we can go.” With that he started saying his goodbyes and giving the women a kiss on the cheek. The last person he came to was Max. The men shook hands.

With an approving nod Max mouthed a “thank you”. Holding the man’s gaze for a second Alex affirmed his understanding. The small gesture between the two men went unnoticed by the woman they both cared about. Isabel had withdrawn herself already behind her self-built walls and had walked towards her car.

After ruffling Emily’s hair one last time, Alex moved in a relaxed stroll towards the beige Fiat, its burgundy top already down. He hadn’t even completely buckled himself in when she drove off in a hurry. The tires spit gravel up in response to the spinning wheels.

Their exit was however, unnoticed by Liz, who had eyes only for the man in front to her. Gently she touched his arm when she noticed his worried look. “Is she going to be alright?”

Without averting his eyes from the departing car, Max heaved a deep sigh. “Yeah, she will be.”

He knew his sister inside and out and was certain she would land on her feet again. But this time it wasn’t some small futility. Unable to hold it in, another deep exhaled breath escaped. “She just has a lot to take in.”

Empathy washed over her and she gave him a gentle squeeze, letting him know he could count on her. “You find something about your origins?”

His warm hand covered hers and he let it rest there in a comforting gesture. “That too.”

His visible unease and the way Isabel had embraced her, rang a bell. “This is about Michael, huh?” Maria stated with all knowing eyes.

Her understanding hit him and his surprise coloured his response. “He told you?!”

His exclamation made her chuckle out loud. “Not exactly.” At the moment the flashes had grabbed her by the throat, crumbling her heart in a million pieces at the sight of the lost boy Michael had been. But now she treasured his trust in her, although it had been without his consent in the beginning. Unintentionally it had freed him in more than one way. “I found out the same way you did.”


“Yeah, oh!” she smirked when she saw his eyes almost bulge out from surprise.

Max ran his right hand through his raven black hair, unintentionally presenting an external view of the turmoil he felt inside. He knew how dark Michael’s memories had been. He still hated himself for not being there for him. So disbelief continued to tear at him when he looked at the woman again, seeing her warm smile, her friendly understanding glance. “And you’re okay with it?”

“I can’t say I was happy to see it. Any of it.”

He nodded in understanding. The same feeling had burdened him for far too many nights this past week.

“He’s stronger then you give him credit for.”

“I know but he didn’t need to be.” He remarked, barely keeping the desperation out of his voice.

“No, he didn’t.” She agreed. “But he wants to. Nobody deserves to grow up like that. He had no choice but to take it in. Let him choose right now how he wants to deal with it.”

The sun reflected off of his hair when in one motion he combed it out of his eyes while he brushed a single tear away with the palm of his hand. The nonchalant gesture helped him compose. “You’re a smart woman, Maria.” He sent her a wary smile.

Hoping to ease the tension, Maria winked at her best friend. “If you ask my opinion, you’ve got to keep this man, Liz. I like his way of thinking.”

“I know!” Liz twinkled. “Me too!”

Chuckling out loud Maria hooked her arms through hers and led her into the house. “Come on, girl, we promised them drinks.”

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by begonia9508
Thanks a lot for the new part! I waited for it every day...

Coming back to the Story!

I know that Michael's past was bad even if it is a small word for a painful childhood... But it is in the past and Michael seems to deal with it better than his 3 Aliens companions... And this doesn't help him going better, seeing how they are dealing with it...

What is done is done and they can't Change it... nobody could but then, they would have to know or use of the Granolith!

At least, Michael has a really fantastic relationship with Maria's daughter and maybe, it would help him the best!

Thanks and waiting impatiently for more! EVE :wink: :mrgreen:

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by keepsmiling7
You made me so happy today with this new update.
I have loved Emily from the start......and Maria really is a good mother.
But Uncle Kyle is going to have to watch his language around Emily. And that will be a challenge.
I bet you still have some more surprises for us, right?

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Posted: Sun Jul 31, 2016 1:19 pm
by Natalie36
great part. oh kyle why do you teach thing :lol:

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by sarammlover
An udpate!! YAY!! And a great one too. They all have so much to process but it will all work out. They will get through this together. Great job!

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by Eva
@ Eve: You are really one of my most loyal readers. Thank you for doing so. I’ll hope I can keep this tempo up.

True, but on the other hand, it’s a bit expected. Michael dealt with his past already long ago. And he dealt with it like he dealt with everything else: just going ahead, not looking back.
Isabel & Max only learnt about his abuse just now, so they still need some time to process the fact that their brother had a violent youth and that they didn’t saw the signs back then. Above that, Isabel and Max lived their lives differently . They always could depend on each other. And they thought Michael could do the same. So for them the news is very shocking.

@ Carolyn: Thank you, I’ve got a four year old in my house and Emily is die casted to her image. The vibe between Kyle and Emily is very fun to write. I can just see them together and I’m glad you like them together.

@ Natalie36: Kyle is something, huh! His humor together with his niece’s is a great match!

@ Sara: You nailed it!

Chapter 38

“Slow down, will you!” he urged her while trying to get his seatbelt buckled up as swiftly as possible

With her lips pressed into a thin line Isabel did as she was told. It took every shred of her strength to keep the storm inside in check. With a controlled gesture she was able to wheel her car out of the driveway onto the street. But with every mile she drove, she felt her self-control fly away, giving her car more wind in the sails. She didn’t notice that her foot pushed itself harder and harder on the gas pedal. Far away she heard blurry words rambling around her head. It seemed to take her forever before the words finally made sense to her.

“PULL. OVER.” Beside her Alex was now yelling. “NOW!”

To his surprise Isabel finally reacted. He wasn’t a scaredy cat by any means. He didn’t flare-up quickly either. But he had seen her skid the other day in almost the same mental condition and he didn’t have a death wish. Far from it actually. He enjoyed life to the fullest and that’s how he wanted to keep it.

When Isabel had started to accelerate he had tried to talk. But talking to her was like pulling teeth. A very hard job. So when he couldn’t reach her, there was nothing to do but to scream at her. Hoping to get through to her. It had fueled his own temper at the same time. So when she finally stopped the car, he could only bark at her. “Out!”

For the second time she obeyed him without protest. His wildcat was gone. That warned him already like nothing had before. Before opening his own door, Alex took a deep breath. Leaving the door wide open, he walked around the small vehicle while he shoved both hands roughly through his hair. A million ways to approach her tumbled through his head. But when he reached her, he had himself in check again.

Stopping himself right in front of her, he just opened his right hand. “Gimme the keys, Isabel.”

With a shaking hand she did.

Alex knew it was a rhetorical question but he asked anyway.

Just like he expected, she shook her head at his gentle “You alright


“You wanna talk about it?”

Again he knew the answer before she shook her head again.

Stubborn woman. She really was a pain in the ass, a stubborn wildcat with a strong will of her own. But if he could have it his way, she was his stubborn wildcat.

Patience was the key with a woman like her, so he just nodded. “Ok. Have it your way”. A bit softer he went on. “Come on, I’ll drive.”

Self-assured Alex walked towards the car, got in and stuck the key in the ignition. He waited until she had fastened her belt before turning the key over. After pressing the accelerator a couple of time, he let the car roar.

“Nice motor, great sound” he smirked but she didn’t react to his bravado.

When he finally managed to get the car rolling, he drove it a couple of bumping feet further before it fall silent. The additional shakes woke her up from her daze. “You can’t drive!”

“No, I can’t. I don’t even have a driver’s license.” He confessed with his most charming of boyish smiles.

“What? How?”

Alex shrugged his shoulders. “I stepped straight from my bicycle onto a tour bus. I never needed to drive after that.”

Out of nervousness Isabel started to giggle. Gently at first, as if she didn’t believe her own ears. Her giggly laughter soon turned hysterical. And then moved on to crying. Knowing she had to let it out of her system, Alex let her. Waiting calmly until she was ready to talk. Stroking his thumb against her neck in support.

At last her sobs calmed down. The sadness in her features gave him goose bumps when she gently asked him. “Who am I, Alex?”

“You’re Isabel Evans!” he smiled tenderly at her.

She shook her head in distress. “No, really, who am I?”

Before he could even come up with an answer, Isabel answered her own question in one breath. “I’m an alien freak show trying to blend in and doing an awful job of it.”

The bitterness came back in every word she threw out while a single tear made its way over her pale face.

How could he have been so mistaken? How had he been so mistaken with Isabel? Somehow she just seemed to bring out the worst in him. Believing the worst about her. But these last encounters had blown him away, allowing him to see her differently. And even then she remained an enigma: ping ponging between a very vulnerable woman with a shattered soul and a frosty ice queen. Alex couldn’t take it anymore.

Gentle but firm he pulled her into his arms. Her head quickly found a hide-out in the nook of his shoulder. Alex just held her close, soothing her with careful strokes before he started whispering in her ear. “You’re wronging yourself. You’re a great person, Isabel.”

He felt her stiffen in his arms. Determined to get through to her, he cupped her pale face in the palms of his hands. With his thumbs he caressed her delicate features and bent his head so that he could meet her eyes. “Believe me, Isabel, you’re a great person. You’re living to the fullest for your family and your children in your classroom. They all adore you. They even worship you.”

Pain was visible in her red tearstained eyes while she grabbed his hands with her own. “And yet I let my brother live in hell.”

“Michael?” he guessed.

Wordlessly she just nodded.

“I can’t say I’m that surprised. It explains a lot.” Alex mused out loud, thinking back on his asocial way and the ghosts you could see in his eyes, once in a while.

“You see,” Isabel straightened while breaking free of his embrace, “even you saw that something was wrong with him. And me? I just watched and didn’t raise a finger. I let him down. Hell, I even kicked his ass when he kept on harping about our origins. I-”

Alex ignored her rambling and just drew her back into his arms. Resolutely he laid a finger over her lips. “You probably did him a favor. I don’t know him that well but he doesn’t strike me as someone who likes to share his burden.”

“No, but-”

He silenced her again with his finger. “And in your defense, I’m very observant. It’s like a hobby. I like to watch people, see how they react to each other. Look at their body language, at their eyes. Especially their eyes. You can’t imagine what you can see just by looking into them.”

She gazed at him as if she was looking at him for the first time but he didn’t notice. He closed his statement by quoting. “The eyes are the windows to the soul. You may believe it’s complete nonsense but scientists have proven that as a fact.”

“How do you-?”

“Know all this shit?” Alex finished her sentence with a grin. He shrugged his shoulders. “I’m working on a second major in psychology.”

“You wanna be a shrink?” She looked up astonished.

He rolled his eyes. “Do I look like a shrink?”

Although he had said is as a joke, her eyes couldn’t help wandering over his body. He wasn’t handsome by all means. But there was something about him that drew her closer. His tattooed arms were taut and in fine shape. His body looked quite in tone, certainly when he was wearing a short sleeved dark singlet and black baggy shorts like he was today.

“You don’t have to answer that one.” He smiled at her confused face. “Like I said, it’s a hobby. Interactions and behavior have interested me from an early age. Time flies on a tour bus if you’ve got something to do. Anyway, I can read and pinpoint people very quickly. Most of the time I nail them perfectly.”

He wasn’t exaggerating. His almost indispensable skill had saved him numerous times when he had to separate chaff from wheat while finding a trustworthy support system behind the famous singer he had become. And each time his gut feeling – right or wrong – had been confirmed by the external firm he hired.

“There’s only one person I can’t read.” Alex took a breath to emphasize. “You!”

The same finger that had silenced her earlier caressed her cheek now. Flashing his gaze back up to her eyes he brought his thumb up and ran it across her bottom lip. His eyes burned themselves into hers. Her shaky breath almost did him in but he knew he had to take his time with her.

His intense gaze thrilled her, awakening feelings she had never imagined. Never believed she had. It frightened the hell out of her. She looked away, ready to get out the car again to swap places. And most of all, to get as far away as possible.

Before she could, Alex grabbed her chin and looked her straight in the eye. “I’ll wait for you.” His warm sensual whispered words were all knowing, leaving little room for interpretation.

“Yeah, yeah, you can stand in line!” Although Alex had somehow reached through her shield, she felt on familiar territory again. So she brushed him off with a smooth gesture and whirled out of the car. ‘Now get your ass out from behind the wheel, Whitman! If it’s all the same to you, we’re not camping here.”

With a boyish laugh he moved aside and in that way, he let her flee.


She laid one hand on her daughter’s shoulder while they both waved the car away. Emily lifted her head to her mom. “Why doesn’t Tess ride back with Uncle Kyle?”

A good question, one she had asked herself too. Knowing her brother she could think of a couple scenarios but she couldn’t share those with the little girl.

So with a smile she adopted the excuse the blond woman had used herself. “Tess needed to catch her plane. So Auntie Liz and Max gave her a lift.” In her mind she completed her thought with a “so she could escape from your Uncle Kyle. God knows what he said to her.”

“Come on, girl,” she winked her daughter, “I promised you a game. What do you want to do?”

Five minutes later they were both sitting on the lawn, legs open and with their feet against each other. Emily pushed her little toes into her mom’s larger feet while they rolled a rainbow-colored ball towards each other. Once in a while their shouts of laughter echoed in the large garden, certainly when the ball had flown over Emily’s legs or had bounced unexpectedly.

Maria had lost track of time when she heard back door squeak behind her. But she didn’t look up. The noise told her that one of the men had stepped outside and was now leaning against the wooden fence around her porch.

“Uncle Kyle!” Emily jumped up. With her ball pressed under her arm, she ran towards him. “Are you gonna play with us?”

“Haven’t I played enough with you already?”

“Nooo!” Emily shook her head in full conviction.

With a grin he watched as Maria crawled back up and came towards them while she did a couple hip hop dance steps. But his smile disappeared quickly when she teasingly suggested. “Maybe he wants to dance with us?”

“Oh no, no, no! You’re doing the girly stuff.” He pointed at her chest before redirecting his index towards himself. “I’m responsible for the boys department. My niece is going to be a tough girly-girl.”

With one smooth movement he squatted for his niece. “Squirt, we’re going to wipe the floor with your mom.”

“Why? You don’t like to clean.” Her frowning expression was priceless while she complained, her lower lip trembling. “And me neither. I wanna play!”

Maria couldn’t get this pass by without reacting. With crossed over arms she beamed with pleasure. “Yeah, she wants to play, Uncle Kyle!”

Making some funny faces, he showed her his tongue. A gesture that made Emily giggle out loud.

“Are you laughing at me?” Kyle pulled his most stern expression. But the twinkle in his eyes did him in. On her turn Emily made some faces of her own, daring her uncle to go further with his teasing. When he attempted to grab her, she was one second ahead of him. Jumping up she was just out of his reach.

“You get faster every day, girl!”

His compliment made her chuckle again. Provokingly she stood in front of him, her two little legs widespread, and her hips shaking. “Catch me if you can! Catch me if you can!”

Playing tag with her was a favorite game. The playful give and take between them was always very hilarious. But very fatiguing too. Especially after an afternoon where he had done already some crazy stuff with her and Alex. He really didn’t understand where a short stuff like her got all that energy. So he knew he had to give it a slight twist.

Pretending not to hear her, he let her come closer and closer while she was chanting her dare in a sing-song voice. And just when she thought she could give him a push, Kyle surprised her by grabbing her waist. He picked her up and nuzzled his nose against her tummy. “Mmm, a fresh girl! That’s going to be tasty.” Smacking his lips he snapped playfully at her belly.

“No, Uncle Kyle! I’m not good!”

Her high-pitched shrieks made him pretend even more. With a devilish smile he tried to soothe her. “Ohh, you’re the best Emily I ever ate!”

Emily was squirming in his arms now. “No! I’m not food!”

“You’re not?” With a semi-amazed look he stopped right in his tracks and looked at her.


Disappointed he gave a theatrical pout. “Oh, that’s a pity!”

Good-natured the child laid her hand on his arm. “But we can play together! Is that good too?”

“That’s fantastic!” He grinned at her. “Go get our softball and bat. What do’ya think?”

“Yeaah! Good idea, Uncle Kyle!” Emily wriggled out his arms and ran as fast as her little legs could to the house to get her toys.

With a smile on his face for his niece, he grumbled under his breath “Watch your back, Deluca. Payback’s a bitch.”

She flashed him a broad smile. “To say it in a way you would understand. The ball was lying in front of me. I just had to kick it in!”

“Yeah, yeah, not that I like playing with her but-” He looked around but didn’t see what he was looking for. Or better yet who. Doing his best to observe every small detail in the garden, he looked around again. Eventually he demanded, “Where is she?”

“Who?” Maria played the dumb-ass.

“Tess, of course!” His frustration couldn’t be missed. “Is she gone?””

“Of course she’s gone!” Maria couldn’t contain the matter-of-factness of the whole situation. “What’d you expect? That she’d wait until you crawled out of your hole again?” With arms on her hips she glared at him. “What did you say to the girl anyway?”

Kyle scratched the back of his head. “It’s kinda complicated.”

Maria snored out loud. “You don’t say.”

“Hey, you may be light about all this but at the least I’ve got some doubts. They’re aliens, Maria!” He defended himself.


“Well, I need more time to adjust.”

“Well, apparently so does she.”

Baffled he just looked at her.

She shook her head at seeing so much incomprehension. If you asked her, men could be very daft, not seeing the obvious things in situations. Why didn’t they just open their eyes? Trying to draw him the whole picture, she asked him plainly. “Well, did you ever put yourself in her place?”

He stayed quiet.

“I thought so. Anyway, she drove off with Max and Liz. She wanted to take the first plane back to L.A., so she could check the last trail she found.”

“Oh.” Although he had difficulties coping with the weirdness of it all, he couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Maria knew her comment had been a straight hit. Now her brother had something to crack his brains loose, she smirked at the thought before changing the subject. “Anyway, where’s Michael?”

“He’s doing a perimeter check around the house. We’re working together now.”

“Will wonders never cease!” Maria snorted out loud.

“Don’t get me started” he threw back at her. “When it comes to the point, I was damn right about him!” With both hands on his hips he glanced at her. “He may be a successful architect who bore a heavy cross. But he is trouble! And alien! And Goddamned Maria, you knew it!” Kyle’s voice grew louder with every word he growled.

Inwardly Maria had to smile. She knew Kyle inside out. From the first moment she had learned about the alien secret, she had known he would go bananas. To her feeling, he had taken his time confronting her with it. “You are no angel either, Kyle.”

“But I’m not one of the little green men!”

“Neither are they. They’re as human as we are.”

Kyle frowned expressive. “Yeah, right! And I’m E.T.”

“Well, sometimes you seriously make me doubt.” She looked at him meaningful.

The way she went straight against his advice, made him want to give her a thrashing. God, she was stubborn! “Who says he didn’t do his mumbo-jumbo on you?” he tried again.

“Trust me on this one, Kyle. I saw Michael in such an emotional and somber state. He’s absolutely not the soulless creature you want him to be. He lived his life here on earth and he feels the same things you feel: loneliness, fear, love. As I see it, he’s actually just like you: trying to protect the people he cares about. You can’t deny that.”

His sister was in top-notch form while she rattled his ears off. The objection of “But he’s dangerous” that he managed to utter between two breaths, was immediately overruled with another reasoning.

“Walking on the street is dangerous too. Just like driving and everything else you can do. You can’t put us under a glass bell, Kyle! If you do that, you can pull the plug on my life for all I care! Am I clear?!”

Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 38 - 08/13/16

Posted: Sun Aug 14, 2016 4:59 pm
by keepsmiling7
Loved Emily and Uncle Kyle together.
Of course things are different with Michael, he wasn't raised like Max and Isabel.
Thanks, great new part,

Re: Twined Roads (AU, CC, Adult) ch. 38 - 08/13/16

Posted: Tue Aug 16, 2016 3:18 pm
by sarammlover
Overprotective Kyle.....good! HA! But I hope to hell he goes after Tess!!!! And I loved confident stern Alex. WHat a turn on! I can't wait for more!