Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 53 & Epilogue Complete 5/3/17

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 38 4/17/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:12 am

L-J-L 76 Maria may never fully understand why Liz is how she is. Liz keeping her piano playing a secret is just one of those things that Maria will never really understand.

Part 39

Maria stood there shocked that Liz was acting that way. She also couldn't believe that Liz didn't want to share her talent with anyone.

"Serena what is Liz's problem? I mean if I could play like she does I would want to share it with everyone." Said Maria

Serena sighed and looked at her friend. Maria still had a very hard time understanding Liz.

"Maria, Liz, is not going to play in public. When she and I took lessons as kids our teacher tried to get her to preform in this concert at the community center. But Liz wouldn't do it. I don't know what it is. But Liz just has this talent. I was playing "Three blind mice", while Liz was playing Beethoven's "Moonlight Sonata". I mean we were seven! Liz is very talented. But she is afraid to put herself out there." Said Serena
"But she should share this with everyone!" Said Maria
"Maria have you forgotten that Liz doesn't like attention?" Asked Isabel
"So? I mean people need to know what she can do!"

Serena looked at Isabel not sure what to do about the hyper blond.

"Maria, let's talk." Said Nancy

Maria followed Nancy into the kitchen.

"Maria, I know you are Liz's friend. But playing the piano is a very private thing for Liz. Her father doesn't even know how well she plays." Said Nancy
"I don't get why she doesn't want to share this with anyone." Said Maria
"Maria, until I heard Liz play the first time I mean really play. Not just her scales and things like that. But play a song. It was six months after she started lessons. It was the most beautiful thing I had heard. I watched her and I could feel how unhappy she was."
"But she is happy now!"
"Maria are there things you don't want everyone to know about you?"
"Yeah. That is how Liz feels about her playing. Once the abuse she went through came out she still needed something for herself."
"I guess that I can let this go for now. But I still think she should share it."
"Maybe one day she will."


Carolyn walked back to her Aunt's after leaving Justin. He was a sweet guy. She wasn't sure how her father would feel about it if she started to date him. He didn't hate other races but he was not found of mixing them either. To her father Justin should just find a nice girl from his family's tribe while she should still to white boys. But she never saw skin color. She on!y saw the person on the inside.

"Hey Care bear."

Carolyn turned to see Brian watching TV.

"Hey Brian. Uh do you remember a guy named Justin White Wolf?"
"Yeah. He's cool. I mean I haven't hung with him in a couple years but he was always cool. Why?"
"I kind of ran into him in the park and we went to the Crashdown and talked."
"Care, if you want to go out with him it will be OK. I don't think he would hurt you. Hell I think he would be one guy that would have no problem with your issues."
"Yeah, I got that impression from him. You know my dad wouldn't like it."
"Yeah well Uncle Matthew is an asshole."
"Yeah I know. He is cool with you as long as you stay with your own kind."
"You like Justin don't you?"
"Yeah I do."
"Do you think you are ready to get into a relationship?"
"Yeah. I mean Justin bought me a coke and we shared a plate of fries and talked. I told him about my schizophrenia and he was cool about it. Told me that his grandfather would say that the spirits were talking to me or giving me visions."
"I met River Dog once. He came to our baseball game. I thought he was strange. But what did I know I was ten."
"Right. Brian, you know that you have become more then my cousin. You are my closest friend."
"Yeah I know. Love you cuz."
"Love you too."
"Oh here. Matt sent you a letter."

Carolyn took the letter and headed up to her room to read it.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 39 4/18/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:04 am

Finally someone got through to Maria. Thank god it was Nancy. Good thing Nancy explained things to Maria where she could understand. Wow Jeff doesn't even know Liz could play. Glad Carolyn and Brain are such great friends and can talk about anything. So glad that Brain is encouraging Carolyn to go out with Just white wolf. Oh cool Carolyn got a letter from her older brother. Wonder what he has to say to Carolyn.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 39 4/18/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Tue Apr 18, 2017 9:39 am

Liz will share when she is ready.
Some things take longer than others.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 39 4/18/17

Postby SmileeUk » Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:37 pm

I am feeling so spoilt :mrgreen: Just caught up the last few parts & things are moving along nicely :mrgreen:

Justin is a surprise :wink: and same as the fire Liz had to experience :( The story line is getting richer as it goes. Well done you :D :D

Good to see Max has put more thoughts into their first date.

Maria is such a pusher & I can see why Liz keeps her distance.

Isabel & Alex were caught kissing :lol: It is about time.

Thank you for writing :wink:
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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 39 4/18/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:16 am

L-J-L 76 Jeff does know that Liz can play, just not how good she really is. Brian and Carolyn are very close. He really is more then her cousin. He maybe her best friend.

Carolyn Liz might never be able to play for her family and friends. But she won't hide it either.

SmileeUk Yes Justin is a surprise. Yes Max after a nudge from Isabel put some thought into his date with Liz.

Part 40

Liz paced nervously in her room. It was the night of her date with Max. She had no clue why she agreed to this. She was so not ready to do this. Well Dr. Davis said that she was. But she wasn't so sure.

"Hey Liz, you OK?"

Liz turned to see Serena standing in the doorway.

"Yeah. Just kind of nervous. You know that this is my first date."
"So? Liz, it's Max. He has been part of your life for nearly ten years. He is the only guy besides dad you have ever let touch you. But he is also the only one that you never tried to pull away from either."
"I know. Rena, he loves me."
"That is a good thing."
"I know that."
"Liz, you need to be honest with your feelings. Just with yourself. Do you love Max? You don't have to tell me. Just admit it to yourself."
"I'm not sure I am ready to do that."

Serena nodded knowing that Liz would admit it when she was ready. Just then there was a knock on Liz's door. Both girl turned to see their mom there.

"Liz, Max is here." Said Nancy
"Thanks mom. How do I look?" Said Liz
"You look beautiful." Said Nancy

Liz smiled as she took one last look in her mirror. She was dressed in a knee length jean skirt black ankle boots and a red blouse. She had pulled her hair back in a French twist. She had also applied a little strawberry lip gloss. She hugged both her mom and sister picked up her purse and jean jacket and headed down the stairs to find Max standing in the living room. He held a single white rose. He was dressed in a pair of khakis a dark blue shirt and was giving her a big smile.

"Wow Liz, you look great! I mean not that you don't always look great." Said Max
"Thank you. You look nice yourself." Said Liz
"This is for you." Said Max handing Liz the rose.
"Thank you."
"I will put that in water for you honey." Said Nancy
"Thanks mom."
"Max, make sure you have her home be eleven." Said Nancy
"I will Mrs. Parker. Ready Liz? My dad is going to drop us off. He is picking up dinner for him and my mom." Said Max
"Yeah. Bye Rena. Bye mom." Said Liz

Liz took Max's hand and he led her out to his dad's car. They got in the backseat and Philip Evans drove to Señor Chows.

"You look nice Liz." Said Philip
"Thank you Mr. Evans. Thank you for driving us." Said Liz
"It's not a problem. I was in the mood for Chinese take out anyway." Said Philip
"Anything to get out of having mom cook. Right dad?" Asked Max
"I am not answering that." Said Philip

Liz just shook her head. She had eaten dinner more then once and knew that Diane Evans wasn't the best cook. Philip smiled at the young woman he had seen grown from a scared little girl into a lovely young lady. Philip parked the car and let the two teenager head in before he got out of the car to pick up his dinner. Liz and Max were led to a table where they sat down. They ordered cokes and looked over the menu.

"So my darling what are you in the mood for?" Asked Max
"Uh sweet n sour shrimp and shrimp fried rice."
"I'm going to have pepper stake with steamed white rice. Do you want to share an order of dumplings?"
"Yeah that would be great."

They ordered their food and started to talk.

"I'm happy you agreed to this Liz." Said Max
"Me too. Max, I know I told you before but you really have become my life line. You are one of the reasons that I never wanted to die."
"Liz, you know that I would be broken hearted if you were to die before I had the chance to truly show you how much I really love you."

Liz smiled. She knew in her heart that she loved him. But was not ready yet to say the words out loud.

"Max, how is it that you love me? You don't know everything about me."
"I know more then you think."
"Tell me something that you think you know about me."

Max smiled and reached for her hand.

"I know that you play the piano beautifully. Now before you freak out. No one told me. Remember back in seventh grade when you had broken your ankle when you fell out of a tree?"
"Well you couldn't do anything in gym. Well one day we were running laps outside. I came in to use the bathroom. I heard this piano playing coming from the band room. I peeked in and there you were. I was shocked. Well I must have been gone a while cause Serena came to look for me. She found me. She just smiled and told me not to say anything. That you didn't want anyone to know you could play like that."
"Well that is one secret I won't be able to keep much longer. Isabel and Maria found out last weekend. Now I know your sister will not say anything. But Maria might slip and then not only will Alex, Michael and Kyle find out but the whole school."
"You are OK that I have known this for a while?"
"You are the only one I have ever thought about telling."
"Really? Why?"
"Cause you are my best friend. Max you have never pushed me to tell you anything. But the fact is I don't like to play for anyone. If I had known that Maria and Isabel were there I wouldn't have been playing."

Max smiled. The two of them talked and ate sharing their meals and enjoying being with each other. After dinner they went for a walk got ice cream and then Max took Liz home. Max kissed Liz goodnight and Liz went in her house knowing for a fact that she was in love with her best friend.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 40 4/19/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 4:56 am

Wow that was a very sweet and romantic first date. So Max already knew about Liz playing the piano and kept the secret. Max and Liz are very sweet together.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 40 4/19/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Wed Apr 19, 2017 8:23 am

Liz couldn't have had a better first date.
I love the Diane reference......not being a good cook. That just makes her more human in my opinion. Not everyone is perfect in every area.
Max knows Liz's piano secret......he does know more about her than she realized.
Great part,

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 40 4/19/17

Postby Roswelllostcause » Thu Apr 20, 2017 5:38 am

L-J-L 76 It was a very romantic date. Liz has no idea how well Max actually knows her.

Carolyn Max really did plan the prefect first date. Max truly is Liz's best friend and knows a lot about her.

Part 41 Three years later

Liz smiled when she saw her boyfriend of three years come up to her. She was working in the Crashdown and the place was nearly empty. It was nearly closing so the only ones there were Alex, Isabel, Kyle, Serena who was also working. Michael was working in the kitchen, Maria who got off an hour before and was waiting on her friends to get off. Carolyn was in the back booth with Justin making out. Then there was Brian who was with his girlfriend of nearly two years Jessica Mason. Max lifted Liz up and put her down on the counter. He leaned in and gave her a deep and passionate kiss. They broke only when the need for air became to much.

"Hey." Said Liz
"Hey. You know prom is in a couple weeks." Said Max
"Yeah I know. In case you were wondering I have not said yes to any of the boys that have asked me yet."
"Really? Why not?"
"Well maybe the right guy hasn't asked me yet."
"So I still have a chance?"
"Oh I think that you have a very good chance."
"Liz Parker will you go to prom with me?"
"Yes. I thought that you would never ask."

Liz kissed him again.

"They are so sickingly sweet." Said Kyle

Serena glared at her boyfriend and then slapped him upside the head as she walked by to clear a table.

"Rena! What you do that for?" Asked Kyle
"If you don't shut up. You will not get laid for a good long time. That does include prom night." Said Serena

Alex just snickered. He knew better then to say anything.

"I think Max and Liz are cute. I love how they can just tease each other like that." Said Jessica
"They are kind of cute. But still that is my brother." Said Isabel
"Yo horn dogs! If you are going to suck face like that don't do it on the counter! People eat there you know!" Yelled Michael from the kitchen.

Michael's yelling at Max and Liz caused Carolyn and Justin to pull apart and Carolyn to knock a half empty glass of coke into Justin's lap. He jumped up trying to get the melting ice off the tight buldge in his jeans. The whole group laughed at his actions. Just then a man in his mid twenties walked in dressed in an army uniform.

"Uh sorry the kitchen is closed." Said Serena
"That's OK. I was told my sister might be here." Said the young man

At his voice Carolyn turn and looked at him.

"Matt?" Asked Carolyn
"Hey Care bear." Said Matt

Carolyn ran to her brother's arms.

"I missed you so much Matt!"
"Missed you too. I am sorry I haven't gotten here to see you sooner."
"It's OK. I understand."
"That's good Care bear."
"Come meet my friends. Everyone this is my big brother Matt. Matt, you know Brian, that's his girlfriend Jessica, at the counter are Max and Liz, over in that booth are Kyle, Liz's sister Serena, Isabel and Alex. Michael is the grumpy looking one in the kitchen. That is Maria and uh this is my boyfriend Justin." Said Carolyn
"Nice to meet you Justin. But remember you hurt my sister and I hurt you." Said Matt
"Don't worry dude. I would never intentionally hurt Care." Said Justin
"So Matt, you here for a reason other then to see me?" Asked Carolyn
"Nope. Well I am on leave until next week when I start my assignment at Fort Sam Houston."
"That's in Texas right?"
"Yeah. Uh dad has extended his stay in Germany."
"That is no surprise. Other then to tell me about his transfer there I haven seen or spoken to him in over three years."
"What about your mom and Amber?"
"Mostly just email with them. Amber has forgiven me for what I did when I got so sick."
"That's great Care bear."
"Even better is I forgive myself."
"That is really good."
"So how long you staying in town?"
"Just a few days. But I promise that I will always be here for you."
"I know. Where are you staying?"
"The Tumbleweed."
"That place is not that great."
"I know. But as long as I can see my little sister I don't care."

Carolyn hugged her brother.

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 41 4/20/17

Postby L-J-L 76 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 7:54 am

Love the way Max and Liz flirt with each other. So glad everyone is happy and together. Wow that was great Carolyn's older brother has come to visit Carolyn like that. Love the way Matt is protective of Carolyn. Can't wait to find out how prom will go!

L-J-L 76

P.S - Please come back with more?????

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Re: Love Can Heal (M/L,AU, Adult) Pt 41 4/20/17

Postby keepsmiling7 » Fri Apr 21, 2017 11:47 am

Prom time is special.......will we read more about it??
It's a great reunion between brother and sister.

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