Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 9 ~Complete~ 4/2/15

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 9 ~Complete~ 4/2/15

Post by jake17 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 5:33 pm


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Title: Pulse
Author: jake17
Couple: M/L
Disclaimer: I own nothing Roswell
Rating: Adult
Summary: He knew it was forbidden, but love abides by no rules of man or other such wild things that tempt our fragile hearts...

Chapter one

~ Oh what storms may bring, fate, love and all that’s wild and restless in our beating thundering hearts, awakening the dormant, bringing life to the soulful ache, oh what storms may bring…

The hypnotic sway of the windshield wipers swooshing back and forth against the sideways rain caused his eyelids to feel heavy closing slightly before a sharp elbow to his side jolted him to attention.

“Don’t go falling asleep on me now Max, look we’re here.”

Sure enough Mikey was right as he saw the line of tracker trailer trucks begin to turn off the main highway one by one.

It was the dead of night when the caravan of misfits and so called freaks Max had made his home with pulled into a narrow dirt road lined with thick woods on all sides.

Throwing his truck into park Max sighed heavily as he pushed opened the rusted door of his faded green truck planting his worn work boots down into the muddy ground to look upon the large field littered with garbage and tall brown grass that was lit by the headlights of the rickety vehicles that went before him.

Punishing wind drove the pelting rain against his pensive handsome face immediately soaking his jet black hair causing it to fall across his sad amber eyes that flickered upward towards the starless sky.

Thick clouds hid the impeding mysterious moon from sight but he could feel it there all the same.

Something was coming, just beyond the storm that raged over head, he felt it in his bones as his muscles tensed and his blood rushed like pistons into his heart making it race wildly in a way he had not felt in a long time.

Jarring him out of his troubled thoughts Mikey, his closest and only real friend in this traveling carnival he called home drawled out with his heavy southern accent as he too jumped out of the passenger side of Max’s truck.

“Hell of a night, it’s gonna be a bitch setting up tomorrow in this shitty weather, this here field’s gonna be a giant freakin mud pit come morning. Don’t see how we’re gonna be ready for operation in two days.”

Wiping his forehead with the sleeve from his flannel shirt Max scanned the barren area lit up by dozens of headlights and shrugged somberly.

“It’ll be fine.”

His soft deep rasping tone made him sound as if he were a million miles away.

Laughing a little too loudly Mikey slapped his hand on the Max’s broad shoulder shaking it roughly amused how Max rarely spoke and he when he did it was usually no longer than a one word answer or a muddled poetic reference which made little sense to his six grade education mindset.

Just the same he loved him like a brother and would do anything he asked, Mikey was as loyal a friend as you could hope for.

“Yep I supposed you’re right, besides we’ve seen worse. Better at least get the trailers and the generators hooked up. After an eighteen hour drive I’m guessing everyone’s dying for a hot shower and some grub. I see the boss up ahead I’m gonna find out where he’s fixin’ us to start first, you best get back in the truck and out of this rain while ya still can, I have a feeling it’s gonna be long night.”

Max nodded as he quietly walked back towards the truck but instead of getting in he kept going down back where they came from.

His back was tight as hell from driving so long, he was feeling antsy and tense, he always got that way when they pulled into a new town.

The last place was shithole out in the middle of the boonies somewhere in Pittsburg, but it really didn’t matter, they were all the same to him only the faces changed, and he didn’t pay much attention to that either.

He just needed to keep moving, another town, different state, made no difference to him as long as they didn’t stay too long.

These were the thoughts that were swirling around in his mind when he turned the corner onto the water logged asphalt on the highway.

That’s when he saw her, long dark wavy sopping hair stuck to glistening golden perfect skin that sent and immediate chill up his spine and other places that had gone neglected for far too long.

Her back was too him which made her all that more alluring, her silhouette, the shape of her body the way she carried herself, how completely unaware of the sexuality that steamed off of her warm skin in the cool rain.

She literally took his breath away, she was beyond beautiful.

Dressed in a white tank top that was transparent soaked clinging to curves so enticing it nearly distracted him from her frayed jeans that hugged an ass that most men would give their left arm to have in their bed, she stood with her hip cocked out and her thumb wavering up and out angled toward the road.

He stood silently going unnoticed hidden by the relentless pounding of the rain watching as she shifted her weight from one foot to another.

He surmised by the way she was dressed and by the worn flip flops on her feet drenched in shallow puddles that this was not something she had planned.

Trouble was written all over her, it was glaringly blatant and disturbingly ominous in the most intriguing and glorious way, there was no way he could go back now, even though everything inside him was yelling at him to do so.

Rubbing the back of his neck he couldn’t help but wonder what the hell she was doing out in the middle of nowhere hitchhiking with nothing but a back pack slung over her slender shoulder in the pouring rain.

Kicking a rock beneath his foot he silently swore as he looked back at Mikey who was busy directing all the trailers as to where to set up for the night.

Conflicted, knowing that there was no way he could get involved he had just made up his mind to get back to work when he took once last glance in her direction.

She was shivering; he could see it from four feet away, desperate to get out of the rain as she stood on her tip toes catching the lights of a car as it peaked over the crest of the hill.

Shoving his hands in his pockets still completely unnoticed by her he turned back towards the dirt road trying fruitlessly to convince himself that this was none of his business.

Hidden by a group of tall pine trees he heard the screeching brakes of a car as it drove just past her only to slam on its brakes.

Max closed his eyes hearing the rumbling idle of a muscle car and the thumping base of classic rock that was quickly cut off as the window rolled down.

“Hey little lady, you looking for a ride?”

Max’s stomach twisted at the alcohol laced slurred middle aged voice echoing out onto the empty highway.

Out of the corner of his eye Max could see her, she had ran up to the car window but must’ve seen something that alarmed her because she began shaking her head and backing away.

“Sorry thought you were a friend of mine I’ve been waiting for.” She attempted to speak firmly as she turned quickly on her heel.

What Max didn’t see was that there were two other guys in the beaten up black Camaro that had no intentions of just letting her go.

She didn’t get far as one of them whipped open the door and grabbed onto her back pack sending her flying into his arms.

“Where exactly do you think you’re going sweetheart?”

Max turned his face slightly as the rain began to beat down harder sending a clap of thunder and lightning streaking across the dark sky.

He watched as she wriggled her arm out of the back pack but was slammed back into his hard rib cage brutally as he grabbed a hold of her hair twisting it around his fist.

Drunken laughter rang out amongst the older guy and the one younger one as they now all stood around her boxing her in passing a bottle of whiskey between them.

She tried to sound calm but her body gave her away as she shook furiously glaring up and down the road praying that a car would drive by.

“Look, my friend is going to come along any second now and see us, he’ll know something’s wrong. Just let me go and we’ll go our separate ways. This really isn’t worth jail time when you think about it. Besides assault, you’re all clearly intoxicated. I’m guessing this isn’t your first offense, I’m sure the cops are well aware of you in a town this small. J-Just … let me go and I promise I won’t say a word.”

Furrowing his eyebrows Max was shocked expecting her to be crying or trying to fight her way out, no she was smart, too smart to be caught up in this mess.

Regardless it was clear it had escalated into a situation he couldn’t walk away from.

“Ain’t no one coming for you little girl, no need to lie, don’t worry the three of us just wanna have ourselves a little party."

The older one stopped laughing and ordered what turned out to be his eldest son to get the bitch in the car.

Slapping the tall lanky kid, who had her still by the hair, upside the head hard the father swore stumbling towards her clearly bombed.

“God Damn it Carl, grow a pair and throw her in the fucking backseat before someone sees us!”

No one was laughing now as the third son who couldn’t have been older than fifteen lowered his head clearly scared and nervous nudged his older brother.

“Fuck Carl just let her go, she’s right… dad’s drunk again. We can’t do this, I can’t hurt nobody, and I know you can’t neither.”

Wanting his presence to remain unknown Max walked silently through the woods around the back of the car.

Appealing to the youngest of the three she desperately tried to remain calm.

“Look you haven’t done anything wrong right now, but if your brother forces me to get into that car you’re going to be an accessory to kidnapping, assault and much more. You are so young, don’t make a mistake that could ruin your life – “

Just than the father grabbed the boy by the back of the neck and shoved him in the back seat.

“Jesus Christ Brandon I shoulda’ left you home wit your momma you useless pieces of shit!”

The next few minutes were a blur to everyone as Max emerged from the driver’s side of the car.

Within what seemed like seconds Carl was bleeding from the side of his temple and sitting back in the passenger seat dazed while Max had the father pinned against the door with a blade to his throat.

In all the chaos the girl had fallen to the ground smacking her head hard on the wet black concrete.

Laying there in a dizzy haze she gazed up to see a tall dark beautiful stranger glaring down into the eyes of the father quietly, calmly speaking so softly she couldn’t hear over the thunder roaring all around her.

Before passing out her breath hitched as the stranger averted his stare from the asshole in his grasp to catch her frightened gaze.

She froze as he focused in on her intensely; his eyes wild like an animal, glowing bright as if on fire, like burning embers piercing straight through her.

It should have terrified her but instead she was pulled in, entranced, unable to look away fixated on what could not have been possible.

It was then that everything began to fade to black her small frame collapsing as she passed out from the bump on her head.

Standing on yellow broken lines in the pouring rain Max watched as the muscle car skidded fishtailing back and forth before speeding off into night.

Sighing to himself as he stripped off his flannel shirt to shield her from the unforgiving cold rain he gently swept her wet tresses from her long dark eyelashes already lost in her.

Cradling her in his arms close to his strong bare chest he gazed up towards the brightly colored bulbs as they lit up one by one ironically spelling out the broken down nearly bankrupted traveling vagabond troupe he called home.

Paradise Carnival
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 1 2/7/14

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:03 pm

Great start to a new story. Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. I think it was good luck that Max was there when he did. Liz could have got hurt or worse if he didn't show up when he did. I'm glad Max did what he did tp get the guys to leave. Now I wonder what will happen when Liz wakes up. Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 1 2/7/14

Post by saori_1902 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 8:54 pm

Great start!!!

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 1 2/7/14

Post by Michelle17 » Fri Feb 07, 2014 9:11 pm

L-J-L 76 wrote:Carrie
Great start to a new story. Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. I think it was good luck that Max was there when he did. Liz could have got hurt or worse if he didn't show up when he did. I'm glad Max did what he did tp get the guys to leave. Now I wonder what will happen when Liz wakes up. Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

L=J=L 76

Special thanks too


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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 1 2/7/14

Post by HypnotiqBlueEyes » Sat Feb 08, 2014 12:28 am


Seems like you have done it again! Another new story that has me instantly captivated! I can't wait to find out the back stories on Max & Liz! Hurry back with more soon!!

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 2 2/8/14

Post by jake17 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 2:32 am


thank you so much!

Chapter two

~ sweet forgiving night take her away somewhere safe and clean, sweet forgiving night I beg of you with urgency from the deepest depths of my heart, have mercy before it is too late, before the moon has it's will, before I can no longer protest...

Dusk fell over the grounds bringing out the sounds of the woods rising in a magical symphony that seemed to hold Max in a reflective pensive state as he stood at the edge of the tree line, eyes closed hands fisted by his side.

He was thinking of her, the warmth of her slick wet skin pressed to his body, the swell of her exquisite breasts with each breath as her back arched in his arms, her raven long hair stuck along her flushed cheek bones and most of all her full parted cherry lips that were painfully impossible not to kiss.

Snapped out of his memory he heard his name over the bullhorn, it was his boss, Mr. Cleaves ordering him to the Ferris wheel for repairs.

Mr. Cleaves, or ‘boss’ as everyone called him stood just over four feet tall but his aptitude for verbal abuse and overall disgusting slimy behavior plus his pure love of cruelty made him seem as if he towered over them all with an iron fist.

With a red comb over and pot belly he was never without his walking stick which he used often on animals when they failed to entertain when called upon or any human who got on his wrong side.

Max stayed as far away from him as possible, working behind the scenes as basically a jack of all trades in charge of the upkeep of the rides, or any repairs that arose.

Because of this he was mostly able to stay away from the performers and those who ran the games and concession stands.

He needed it to be that way, staying in the background, basically being invisible to everyone around him.

Adjusting his tool belt as he made his way over to the aged ride Max passed by the bearded lady’s tent, Sally Staples, a sweet older woman who had been with the carnival as far back as anyone could remember.

“Hey Max!”

Surprised to hear his name he stopped at the slightly ajar door of the small broken down trailer nervously as his hand tightened around the wrench he was planning on using.

“Come in here for a sec, someone wants to meet you darlin’. “

Hesitating for a few seconds Max lowered his head as he passed through the small door nodding towards Sally silently before edging his eyes towards the small cot on the opposite side of the trailer.

It was her, sitting on the bed leaning against the wall with her knees pulled up to her chest wearing his flannel shirt that hung down past her knees.

“I guess we never got to officially meet last night.”

Sally, hearing the dinner bell, waved towards the girl before slipping out leaving them alone.

Standing it was now visible that his shirt was the only thing she was wearing as she made her way over to the two burner hot plate flipping over two mugs.

“My name’s Liz…”

She waited for his response staring up at him so close that the edge of her/his shirt brushed against thigh.

Her hair was wild sticking up in every direction; her mascara was smudged beneath big brown eyes that emulated confidence and sensuality too intense to ponder, his blue and green flannel was buttoned just above her navel leaving him a dizzying view of the soft curve of her breasts.

“And you are Max I’ve been told.”

Swallowing hard nodding slightly he focused on her bare feet that were painted bubble gum pink still dirty from standing in the muddy water from the night before.

Laughing softly she poured a cup of coffee raising the mug out towards him.

“I heard you were shy, I don’t mind. I tend to think that men that talk too much have nothing but bullshit to say or they’re trying to hide something they don’t want you to know… coffee?”

Struggling to not run out the door as his heart raced at a furious pace Max lifted his sensitive eyes to meet her bold curious stare.


Narrowing her eyes she flashed a crooked smile raising the mug further up towards him.

“Would. You. Like. Some. Coffee?”

Emphasizing each word softly she moved closer rolling over in her mind if she had ever seen someone as devastatingly handsome in her entire life.

He was like sex on a stick, without an ounce of ego or awareness, the combination was as shocking as it was hot as hell.

It was no act, that much she was sure of as he let out a shudder nervous breath feeling the heat of her gaze as it wandered over him unapologetically.

She bit down hard on her bottom lip as waves of raw sensuality emulated from every part of him, from his big expressive eyes blooming with a color of sweet thick honey so entrancing it was hard to look away, to his body that even through his clothes appeared to be carved from marble like the Greek Gods she read about in school.

“No, I’m good… actually… I need to get back to work.”

Her body nearly seized with pleasure hearing his voice for the first time as he backed away towards the door.

Like velvet wrapped in silk his deep sultry tones washed over her causing her to lean into the counter for support.

Continuing to chew on her lip she tilted her head to get a better view as he turned away from her.

Pushing the door half way open keeping his gaze outside he quietly spoke again before leaving her flushed and deeply unsatisfied.

“You shouldn’t hitchhike; it’s very dangerous, especially for a girl like you.”

Setting the mug down she crossed her arms in front of her chest as a taste of metallic drifted over her tongue.

Swiping her lip with her thumb she smiled widely unaware that she had bitten her lip so hard that she caused herself to bleed.


It was the night before they opened for business, and it was Max’s job to test each and every ride.

He had been working eight hours straight covered in grease and oil making sure all the gears were running smooth and every bolt was fastened tight.

He was underneath one of the bumper cars when he heard Mikey calling out his name.

Wiping his brow with a red rag he kept in his back pocket Max jumped up on the rim of one of the cars as Mikey handed him a plate of fried chicken and fries.

“Thanks.” He uttered politely as he took the paper plate and a plastic cup of beer setting it down on the control panel.

Shaking his head Mikey nodded towards the food, “I never see you eat, I don’t know how you don’t just waste away.”

Just as Max was about to open his mouth to respond Mikey’s eyes widened as he ran back towards the bench just outside the bumper cars. “Hold on, you have to see this!”

Returning with a long felt case he laid it on the ground opening it carefully if it were precious.

Three long ornate shiny silver swords glimmered amongst the string of blinking lights that surrounded them.

Mikey had been trying to get the boss to showcase his talent for two years now and finally after saving all his earnings for the past year he was able to buy the perfect swords for his act.

Jumping down to admire the engraved blades Max ran his finger down the length to the sharp pointed edge.

“Mikey are you sure about this, I’ve never seen it done with swords quite so long.”

With beaming confidence his friend reached for the longest one looming it first over his head dramatically before edging it slowly easing it down his throat until all that remained was the embossed handle.

Holding his breath Max watching in awe as Mikey withdrew the sword with as much style and theatrical grace as a seasoned professional.

Clapping enthusiastically Max laughed as Mikey took a bow.

“The boss is setting me up tomorrow night! In fact my tent will be right beside the new girl once she gets her act down. It’s supposed to be a real crowd pleaser; hopefully it won’t take her too long to hone her act. I know that Missy lane is doing everything to help her, I hear she’s fixin’ on settling down soon, want’s out of the show somethin' bad.”

Holding out his hand Max attempted to get a word in edge wise as his anxiety began to rise out of control.

“Wait a second; tell me this isn’t the girl I brought back last night you’re talking about.”

Carefully placing his sword back in its case Mikey winked up at Max.

“Sure is, I hear the boss hired her on the spot, no talent or nothin’. I guess when you’re that gorgeous it doesn’t take much convincing that you can pull in a crowd.”

Max began pacing glaring nervously up at the crescent shaped moon that shone bright in the sky.

Timidly he whispered as his imagination began to wander.

“So she’ll be taking over Missy’s act?”

Nodding shaking his head in disbelief Mikey cringed squeamishly just thinking about it.

“She must have nerves of steel to work with that freakin huge snake; of course if she pulls it off it’ll be the sexiest damn thing we’ll ever lay our eyes on. Maybe the boss does know a thing or two about raw talent.”


Back in his trailer Max tossed and turned in bed restlessly imaging Liz dancing barely clothed as the giant albino snake wrapped around the curves of her body…

Taking a deep breath he swung his legs off the edge of his bed unable to sleep, unable to think of anything but her.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 2 2/8/14

Post by begonia9508 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 11:06 am

Hey Carrie,

Another great but dark story again... Wondering who they are, these people who travel; gypsies people maybe?...

Thanks waiting for more! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 2 2/8/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 1:57 pm

Almost sounds like a group of circus misfits traveling across the country.....
Liz was really lucky those men changed their minds and went on.......that was sure dangerous to be out hitchhiking.
Sure glad Max was around.....
Carrie, I can't wait for more of your magic words.

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 2 2/8/14

Post by saori_1902 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:05 pm

Great part. :wink:

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 2 2/8/14

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:26 pm

saori_1902 wrote:Great part. :wink:

I agree with saori_ 1902. I just hope Liz can get the act down good. I waonder why Max is having problems with Liz being in the act. I hope Max and Liz will be there for each other. And I'm hoping Max will be able to help Liz. Can't wait to read what will happen next. Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

L-J-L 76

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