Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 9 ~Complete~ 4/2/15

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by jake17 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 6:55 pm

thank you so much for your sweet fb

Chapter three

~ there is no wisdom in love, no warmth in it's callous grip, on our knees we fall to its demands begging for mercy ... mercy that will never come

Hell bent on keeping himself busy Max had been through all of the rides making sure they were all set for opening night.

Walking through the faded colored striped tents he checked the stakes making sure they were all securely anchored in the ground as darkness began to fall over the large field encased in miles of winding dense woods.

It wasn’t until he heard Missy’s voice that he held back hidden behind the safety of the orange and red stripped canvas.

Suddenly a provocative song drifted through the night air, soft and slow, a swaying hypnotic rhythmic beat used purposely for the act that Missy in her own right had perfected over the years.

In her thick Russian accent Missy began to speak instructing Liz in the art of seduction.

Max felt guilty watching the shadow of the Tall Russian move languidly back and forth in front of Liz teaching her the ways of the Snake Charmer that had been passed down throughout the generations of her family back in Moscow.

“You have to become one with the music, allowing it to possess you giving it permission to take you over, you must be able to put yourself in another place in time blocking out the audience completely so that it is only you, you and the snake.”

Max placed his hand unintentionally onto the tent hearing Liz gasp as the ten foot albino snake hissed as Missy lifted it from its tank.

“There is nothing to fear my dear little one, he will not hurt you, think of the snake as your lover giving him complete freedom to caress your body, to wrap around you as if you have him under your spell, I promise once you master the dance it will be the most erotic powerful feeling you will ever experience.”

Stepping silently away Max could barely think straight imaging Liz moving side by side with Missy.

Furious at himself for spying on her this way he began to feel the pull, the uncontrollable wave of rage as he peered up at the half moon.

Running fast towards his small trailer on the far edge of field away from everyone else he forcibly shoved open the door and collapsed on his bed trying with little effect to calm down.

Leaning over he braced his elbows on his knees taking long deep breaths before his eyes caught a book lying at the foot of his bed.

Reaching for the tattered worn cover he flipped through the pages till he settled on one particular poem that he hoped would calm him, releasing him at least momentarily from the grip of the night that would soon be upon him.

Letting his head fall back against the wall he held the loose fragile spine in his large gentle hand as his fingertips drifted over the words.

Allowing the book to fall to his lap he whispered out in raspy deep tones verses he knew by heart as his eyes slowly closed.

“She walks in beauty, like the night of cloudless climes and starry skies, and all that’s best of dark and bright meets in her aspect and her eyes. Thus mellow’d to that tender light which heaven to gaudy day denies – “

“Lord Byron, wow… I’m impressed, I have to say that’s the last thing I expected to hear coming from you, but then you are a man of few words… or is that just when you’re around me.”

Snapping open his eyes stunned as she stood before him he threw the book on the bed and stood nervously, his eyes darting back and forth around his trailer that no one besides Mikey had ever seen.

“Is there something you need?”

Bashfully backing up against the wall he couldn't help but take her in.

Her long raven hair was piled high upon her head in loose curls leaving her graceful neck and shoulders bare to his admiring gaze.

Wearing one of Missy’s old gypsy dresses that hung off her slender shoulders settling high above her knee Max was instantly captivated, his words stripped from his throat knowing there could be nothing worthy of description.

Her feet had been scrubbed clean as she wandered around the small space in black sandals that matched the midnight cotton embroidered thin dress that wafted in the air as she moved passed him.

Besides a small makeshift kitchen that contained a hotplate a large cooler and three shelves containing various cans of soups and beans that was layered with dust as though they hadn’t been touched in months his trailer was bare besides hundreds of books and candles.

They were everywhere, some on shelves most piled thigh high covering every available space except for beneath his bed where from what she could tell was where he kept his clothes.

Lazily she ran her finger along the author’s names one by one sometimes stopping to skim through one in particular that struck her fancy.

“My, my... Keats, Shelley, Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Frost … you are just full of surprises aren’t you Max.”

Feeling the heat of his intense embarrassment flush his handsome face he walked awkwardly towards the door holding it open for her.

“I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t feel comfortable having strangers in my home.”

Rolling her eyes as always in complete command over him she smiled a smile of secrets and determination making her way to his bed dismissing his blatant request for her to leave.

Leaning back with the palms of her hands pressed into his thin mattress she crossed her legs giving him a full view of her supple thighs as she edged her toe directing him to take a seat next to her.

“I don’t really see us as strangers, do you Max? I mean considering the fact that you saved my life an all, I would like to think that we can at least be thought of as friends.”

Closing the door Max leaned against the wall at the end of the bed closing his eyes as the moonlight poured in from a long narrow window directly across from him casting a luminous light across his expressive eyes.

He wanted nothing more than to know everything about her, he longed to hear her story, listen to her go on about her life and how she ended up on that highway. He knew there was so much more to her than her stunning beauty; she was educated, clever, bold in her opinions confident in her ways.

She was obviously raised in environment of culture and means. So why was she here, she was so much more than this, so much more than dancing for drunk middle aged scumbags who only looked upon her as an object to be used.

He yearned to know all of her, every last mesmerizing magnificent detail, but he knew it was too dangerous, he knew that fate in all its cruelty had given her to him without the possibly of ever having her.

He knew he had no choice.

“I think it’s best that we maintain a working relationship.”

Although she found his bashfulness extremely sexy it was beginning to wear on her, especially since she knew he felt the chemistry between them, it was undeniable like crackling waves of sexual energy passing through them whenever they were close.

Sighing with obvious frustration she figured she’d get right to the point, being a girl who didn’t mince words or was easily intimidated she stood up walking close, staring him down giving him no room to maneuver away from her.

“Fine, a working relationship it is, on two conditions.”

Rubbing the back of his neck anxiously he figured at that moment that he would agree to anything just to release him from the torture of having her so close.

“Two conditions… “He repeated defeated barely able to breathe.

Taking one hand she brought his fingertips to her parted pale lips brushing them gently back and forth as her heavily dark lined smoky eyes trapped him in her gaze.

“One, you must attend my first performance tomorrow night, and that means staying till the very end.”

Feeling his body begin to betray him he quickly breathed out hoping she would have mercy on him and speak her second condition.

Moving his hand along to cup her face as she leaned into his palm she dropped her voice and all the amusement that went along with it.

“Two, you explain to me what happened the night you saved me…. “

Dropping his hand from her warm skin she finally released him averting her eyes towards the blinking lights just outside his open door.

“Before I passed out you looked right at me, I had never seen anything like it in my life… your eyes they were glowing, like flames of a fire. You were fierce, beautiful; you held that man’s life in your hands. You could have crushed him like a bug, whatever you are... it is not human Max.
I want to know what you are… I need to know.”

Looking back at him as he shivered in her wake within the truth of her words she nodded as if they had made an unbreakable agreement.

“Tomorrow night, after my performance we will meet again and you will tell me everything.”
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sat Feb 08, 2014 7:40 pm

Great new chapter!!!! Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next between Max and Liz.
I can't believe Max was watching Liz try to learn the dance. I'm glad Liz went and confront Max. I can't believe Max is trying to fight his feeling for Liz. I hope Max will tell Liz what is going on. Will Max go to see Liz perform? Will Liz do a good job? Will Max and Liz talk? Will Max and Liz become friends? Will Max and Liz become more then friends? Will Max and Liz get together? Will Max and Liz admit their feelings? Will Max or Liz get hurt? Will Max and Liz be there for each other? Will Max and Liz try and get to know each other? Will Max and Liz have a happy ending together? Please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by Natalie36 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:33 am

wow a very interesting story. :shock: :D

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by Michelle17 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 12:18 pm

Love the update Carrie can't Waite to see what happens next between Max and Liz.

Special thanks too


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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 1:55 pm

This is a great story you have going here. I just gave my mom a circus themed party, that went off without a hitch. (Thank goodness) so this theme is all too familiar with me. Cant wait to see what happens next. :)
<3 POM aka Erica

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 2:50 pm

Snake charmer......no thanks for me! Not even with the snake caressing my body like a lover......
Makes me wonder, where do you get these ideas Carrie??
Thanks for the update,

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 3 2/8/14

Post by saori_1902 » Sun Feb 09, 2014 7:46 pm

Thanks for the update :)

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 4 2/10/14

Post by jake17 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 3:40 am

thank you so much for your amazing fb, I know this is a strange one, I've gotten some very bad news thrown into some nightmarish months so I'm having a lot of sleepless nights. I'm kind of writing this out of necessity, I hope the story is making sense, but please if its getting hard to follow let me know. thanks so much.

I hope this much is clear, they're in a traveling carnival, like the old ones with the creepy freaky side shows, and Max is a very gentle sensitive romantic soul who happens to be harboring a very dark secret.

chapter four

~ the beast it sleeps, it slumbers and waits surrounded by the most tender of heart, the most purest of soul... but once awaken it will gnash its teeth and scrape it's claws, the beast it sleeps and sleeps until is opens its eyes and hears the call ...

He lays on his back staring out the window at the half moon feeling its pull, fearing its toll.

Searching for solace he holds his favorite book tight against his chest.

Sleep would not be coming tonight that much was clear as he turned to his side pulling the sheet over his hip fisting it tight in his hand.

Pulling his shirt over his head as the heat of the night and her memory lingers he leans on his elbow and flips through the pages as several candles flicker on a milk crate next to his bed.

Tis torture,
and not mercy.
Heaven is here,
Where Juliet lives;
and every cat and dog
And little mouse,
every unworthy thing,
Live here in heaven
and may look on her;
But Romeo may not.
Wisely and slow;
they stumble that run fast

Sighing picturing her lips as they moved like two soft petals moist with morning dew bent on the sweetest torture; oh he was sure that she knew.

So aware of the spell she had wrapped around his frail heart her confidence was almost blinding, her determination as steady as a speeding train blazing down steel tracks.

He wondered if he were that transparent, if she could see how deeply he longed to touch, to taste to feel her in that way that completely consumed every waking and dreaming moment.

Closing his eyes he let his hand wander downward stroking softly picturing her standing in the rain, droplets sliding, caressing over and down disappearing to places hidden and treasured, to where dreams are realized and savored with each passing breath.

'Oh sweet torture I welcome you, I beg of you, come to me once again, let me recall the gentle curve of her hip, the glorious swell of her breasts, the clever sharp tongue of her wit that slices through me leaving me speechless and falling...falling in love.'

“You know you’re playin’ with fire, and it may not be just someone’s heart that gets burned.”

Releasing his elbow flipping over on his stomach as embarrassment and guilt washed over him, Mikey smacked his thigh urging him to move over so he could sit.

“I know it hurts like a bitch my friend but you have to let this one go.”

Averting his gaze back to the foreboding moon Max's eyes filled with tears of anguish.

“How am I supposed to live out my life this way empty and alone, never to feel a woman’s touch again, never to be loved or give love in return?”

Sighing in frustration Mikey walked to the small fridge and took out a cold beer downing most of it in one swig.

“Max I love ya like a brother, but this is your choice, you know you can have your pick of any woman you lay those dreamy eyes on. Good god you barely have to speak and girls are dropping their panties begging for it. You just have to ... take your heart out of the equation, be a guy, just get off and get gone.”

Leaning up on his elbows Max’s pained expression is all that his friend needed to see before nodding as he grabbed the book from the bed that Max has been reading.

“Romeo and Juliet… you know it’s a god damn tragedy, there is no happy ending, which is exactly what will happen if you don’t cut this off right now.”

Lowering his voice to barely a whisper Max glanced at Mikey waiting for his disapproval at what he was about to tell him.

“She saw ‘me’ that night, my eyes, I let my emotions take control, I thought she had passed, she hit the ground so hard. I didn’t even feel it happening until our eyes met and I saw her reaction.”

Mikey almost dropped his beer as he began pacing the small trailer.

“What?? Oh lord Max, this is bad, like really bad, how the hell you gonna fix this?”

“I told her that we needed to have a strictly professional relationship.”

Scoffing Mikey raised his eyebrows, “ Max I saw her walk out of here, she was dressed to kill, that girl has her sights locked on you, she don’t seem the type that takes no for an answer.”

Nodding slowly focusing on his hands watching as they trembled at just the thought of seeing her again…

“She said she’d agree, but on two conditions.”

Flipping his baseball cap backwards Mikey sat next to Max looking at him skeptically. “I can’t wait to hear this.”

“One she wants me to see her first performance tomorrow night, and second … well she wants me to explain what happened that night.”

Letting his head fall in his hands Mikey groaned. “Oh hell Max what are you gonna tell her?”

Throwing the book in the pile next to his bed Max shrugged his shoulders as if that was the least of his problems.

“Mikey all I have to do it deny it, she hit her head hard, she was unconscious for a long time. She was hallucinating, dreaming, whatever… there’s nothing she can say if I just deny it.”

Looking up at the window soberly Mikey placed his hand gently on Max’s shoulder knowing just how hard this was for him.

“I’ve known you for ten years now; you wear your heart on your sleeve Max. I can tell you have feelings for her already. You’ve got to stop this now before it’s too late.”

Glancing up at his friend with forced optimism Max rung his hands together trying to figure a way around his heart…

“Maybe I can control it, I could just be her friend, help her adjust here, protect her … look after her.”

Tossing his empty beer bottle in the trash Mikey stood hating to be the one to tell him the hard truth.

“Max you’ve got the biggest heart of anyone I know, but you are cursed, there is no controlling it. We both know it feeds off your emotions, the more you grow to care about her, the more danger you put her in. If you really feel for her you need to let her go. You know I’m right, you have no choice.”

Max didn’t watch his friend leave; he barely heard the door swing shut feeling a sharp pain in his heart.

The irony of who he was and the curse he was damned to carry with him the rest of his days.

It was almost too much as he once again considered the alternative, the one thing he promised Mikey he would never do.

It wasn’t until he set his eyes on her that it all became too real, too raw.

To only feel the warmth of another’s touch as long as he felt nothing for that person would most likely not be a problem for most men walking this Earth.

But Max was not like most men, the thought of kissing, touching, making love was impossible without that connection, without the involvement of his heart, and as much as he wanted to deny the truth, it was clear from that first night.

She held it in her hands, and that was truly a tragedy.

"Doubt thou the stars are fire; Doubt that the sun doth move; Doubt truth to be a liar; But never doubt I love."

Hamlet, by William Shakespeare

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 4 2/10/14

Post by Natalie36 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 7:08 am

oh my, the twist in turns. Can't wait for the dance

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 4 2/10/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Feb 10, 2014 8:02 am

Had to laugh at Mikey's brotherly advice.......
Max declared a strickly professional relationship......wonder how long he can hold to that??
Great part Carrie,

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