Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 9 ~Complete~ 4/2/15

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 5 2/11/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Feb 13, 2014 1:33 pm

You sure have left us with lots of questions....
What's the deal with the boss.......three days to decide??
But, I love the name Selene......good selection for a stage name.
What is the connection.....??

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by jake17 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 2:07 pm

Sarah :wink: you guessed it! :)

thank you for the awesome fb, this is going to get a little strange, but just go with it and try not to judge me too much :wink: :twisted:

chapter six

~ one can only hope to control what cannot be controlled, for we are made of blood, need, want... things that can never be held back or contained... we are wild in our hearts till the bloody bitter end of our existence

Lifting open the flap to Mikey’s tent Max could feel his chest tighten as Mr. Cleaves threats still rang in his ears.

The deal Mr. Cleaves spoke of was made when they were merely boys orphaned starving and living in the farmland of Pennsylvania.

Barely thirteen they had found each other, Mikey knowing his secret, which was discovered one night when Max couldn’t get away fast enough to the woods vowed to take it to his grave.

In turn Max promised to protect him, never to let any harm come to him.

They were all they had, brothers in their heart if not blood, the only family they had left in this world.

At the age of sixteen they had been caught stealing food from the traveling carnival.

It was just a few apples and a loaf of bread, but to steal from the boss, to take what was his under any circumstances was beyond forgivable.

Mr. Cleaves had his goon’s chase them into the night; Mikey being smaller and weaker fell behind as Max’s transformation had begun to taken over.

Max, refusing to leave his friend staying with him even though he could've been miles away by the time they had caught up to them.

The boss had gotten there just in time to see something that his old weary eyes could not believe, could not fathom to be true.

With greed and blackness in his heart he saw dollars signs, wealth and fame beyond imaginable.

Gone would be the days of living in the swell of trailer parks with broken down aged cliché side show tricks, kiddie rides and fools games.

In those beautiful glowing amber eyes his saw fortunes beyond his wildest dreams.

Knocking Mikey unconscious with his trusty staff his goons held their torches before Max as he turned in agony writhing in the dirt, bones cracking, muscles lengthening, strengthen under the gaze of the massive moon that shone over them all engulfing the woods as if it were daytime.

Twisting his trusty cane at the sharp tip he dislodged a blade and held it to Mikey’s throat.

“NO!” growled Max as claws ripped through tender skin causing him to scream in anguish.

“I will spare your brother’s life on one condition, you both come and work for me, and when the day comes I will call upon you to reveal your true self at my disposal however I see fit, and you will do so without a moment’s hesitation or I swear by the very moon you are enraptured by that I will tear the throat from him leaving him lifeless and you very much alone.”

Not fully transformed Max clawed towards Mikey to save him only to have Mr. Cleaves begin to slice at his neck.

“It is your choice my dear boy, his life in exchange for our deal.”

Backing away knowing he could not live without his friend worse be the cause of his demise Max nodding before his was gripped finally in the throes of the threatening moon and beyond comprehension.

Two years Max lived under threats bound by a promise made out of love, a promise that would reveal his secret, leaving him to be nothing more than a monster and a hefty profit for all to see.

In those two years Mr. Cleaves was patient, bidding his time, letting Max reach an age when he could have some control over the changes that would make him a very rich man.

A trick Max used to hold off his boss, for there is no control, no power to master what he becomes when he is taken over, driven into the woods, altered into something magical, beautiful and exceptionally deadly.

But he was a year passed eighteen now, a man, and in Mr. Cleaves mind capable of such things.

Adjusting his cane to now possess a very obvious silver pointed dagger at the end, he never let Max forget for even a moment of their deal raising it in the air towards his face every chance he got reminding him that he owned him.

The timing was perfect; soon he would have the show of the century, one that would surpass anything that has ever been seen before.

Max was running out of time, looking at his friend, his brother in his heart he felt already trapped, caged knowing he had to spare him at any cost.

But within these years he had found no other way to do it, for if they ran Mr. Cleaves and his lackey’s would hunt them down to the ends of the Earth, Max was more than capable at disappearing but he knew Mikey didn’t have a chance.

His fate was sealed.

Startled out of memories too painful to grasp Max stepped further into the tent when Mikey discovered him there.

“Well don’t just stand there, I’m on in less than an hour, I need your opinion!”

Fighting back a smile Max shook his head admiring Mikey’s flamboyant appearance.

Waving his finger in the air in a circle around him, Max sighed, “Love the spikey hair, seriously the green and blue streaks make you look very edgy, dangerous even, and that costume… you will definitely grab their attention, it’s perfect for the act.”

Scowling Mikey jumped in front of the mirror attending to every colored strand making sure it stood high and tall giving a dramatic touch to the intense daring character he would be playing tonight.

“Don’t fuck around I’m nervous as hell, what if I screw up, drop a sword or stutter during my speech, the boss will never let me perform again.”

Raising his eyebrows Max ran his finger across the blade to the pointed edge of the longest sword cringing.

“I’d be more worried about piercing your throat, Jesus Mikey are you sure about this?”

With intense excitement Mikey jumped around from the mirror to swipe the sword flipping it skillfully in the air.

“It’s all in the gag reflex Max! Let’s just say if I were a girl or gay I’d be very popular.”

Backing away with his hands up in the air Max laughed uncomfortably, “Well Okay on that note I will see you at ten.”

Dropping the blade his expression darkened with disappointment. “So you’re not coming to the first show?”

Staring down at the ground Max shrugged, his expressive eyes flickering up to the sky as if he could see right through the canvas ceiling. It was a subtle move but his best friend knew exactly what was going through his mind.

“Damn Max, you’re fixin’ to see her aren’t you? Why are you doing this to yourself, it’s only going to hurt more in the end and you know it.”

Softly Max replied as her image drifted through his mind. “I love her.”

Angered and worried for his friend and his foolish heart Mikey raised his voice causing Max to cower.

“No, you’re just a romantic fool who’s gonna get his heart trashed.”

Stepping closer Mikey’s voice grew serious more urgent as his concern grew to an alarming level.

“Max, you can’t hide what you are… we’ve been down this road before, you know where it leads.
Find some oblivious blonde townie to fulfill your needs tonight, but don’t go to Liz, it will only end in tragedy. I’m sorry Max; I know you have a gentle soul but love is something you can’t have, for your sake and definitely for hers.”

Softening his voice knowing how much the truth hurt Mikey whispered hoping his words would make a difference. “If you truly care for her then you will leave her alone.”

Turning to walk away Max looked back forcing a smile of encouragement as his heart broke.

“Good luck tonight Sebastian the sword swallowing sensation, not that you need it, you’re going to be amazing, I can feel it.”

Glancing at his cellphone for the time Mikey knew the point was mute but he had to try. “Stay, hang out till I go on, we’ll talk. I know you’re starting to feel it; it’s bright as hell out there. What are you two nights away?”

Shaking his head slowly feeling a slow burn crawl up his spine Max breathed out in pain. “Three, but there’s something different about this cycle… it’s stronger. I feel like I’m being pulled apart inside. I-I… I gotta go Mikey… I’ll see you at ten, promise.”


Stumbling into the narrow shower in his trailer he turned the nozzle to ice cold as he leaned forward jamming his hands into the wall breathlessly.

“What the hell is happening to me?”

Max’s gruff rough voice reverberated throughout his small trailer as he dug his nails leaving etched markings across the cheap fiberglass.

Falling to his knees he used all his will to hold back the change that was coming all too soon.

Gripping his thick black wet hair tight he rocked back and forth willing himself to calm down.

Taking deep breathes he ran through all the poems and verses of his beloved books that always helped push back the brutal beast inside him.

Guttural groans of Frost, Shakespeare, Keats and many others fell from his lips as water droplets smoothed down his heated skin lifting the scorching hostility away from his gentle being.

Words of passion, love, devotion and eternity wrapped around his hard muscular shell of a body that encased a heart as pure and tragic one could ever imagine.

Soon his harsh severe voice was smoothed out, soothed by the tender romantic verses, impassioned expressions of tortured writers and desperate souls until he was whispering softly.

His mind full of visions of her, silky raven hair tangled within his fingers, dark long eyes lashes lifting towards him boldly, shamelessly seducing him into a state he had never felt before.

How could a man possessing such a passionate fervent heart turn his back on what he had been searching for his entire life.

It was out of his control, an all-consuming need to just be in her presence, to be near her.

With fevered intensity he stepped out of the pounding chilled water knowing he had no choice, he would have to do the impossible, he would have to control the uncontrollable monster inside himself, for as long as he could.

And then he would have to run.

Staring into the small cracked mirror in his trailer he brushed his wet hair back with his fingers as he pulled a black tee shirt over his head.

Clenching his jaw he moved closer to the reflection staring back at him watching as the edges of his honey glinted irises began to flicker with a fiery amber glow.

Wiping his damp hands on his dark jeans he moved away from his tent pulled, drawn by her in ways that tore at his resolve.

Hearing the seductive Indian music glaring from her tent that displayed exotic posters of the snake charmer, Selene he helplessly went inside.

The show had already began as he made his way past old porky balding men, past teenage boys grinning with insolence as grubby hands perched upon their hard cocks.

Moving through the huge crowd huddle in the modest tent he spotted a single folded chair positioned in a spot where only the employed are allowed on the edge of the rickety stage.

Sitting nervously, shyly he chewed on his bottom lip as he slowly lifted his dark eyelashes up towards the center of the platform.

Through the thick haze of cigar smoke he looked upon her.

Standing head position to the ceiling, eyes closed, long lustrous hair fell in in lose glorious curls skimming the bare skin of her arched back.

Wondrous hips swaying to a rhythm of ancient mystical music took over her as she raised her arms out to the side.

Dressed in scarlet red, silk material barely covered sun kissed breasts that spilled out in such a way that made grown men shiver in awe.

Crystal beads lined the material that stretched over her lying across her bare tight stomach, gold and scarlet again was draped just below the curve of her hips barely covering the treasure between her legs.

Diamonds like jewels danced across her thighs as she moved barefoot entranced within her music, in the dance of ages passed down from gypsies and old ways.

Intricate designs were painted delicately over her forehead, around large endless pools of ebony enraptured by black eyelashes that when on forever kissing her rosy cheeks.

Alluring exotic eyes that were a million miles far away lingered past piggish devious glares of old guys and young boys straight to the heart of the man who came to see her.

His vulnerable romantic heart nearly stopped in the wake of her sultry stare as she turned parting her shiny ruby lips.

From this point on the show was clearly just for him as if he was the only person in the room.

A slight gasp left his lips as a loud lingering terrifying hiss was heard from a large circular basket nearly four feet tall to the side of where Liz, or ‘Selene’ was hypnotically dancing.

Ivan, a tall ball headed Ukrainian man who assisted Missy suddenly appeared on stage as the top of the basket popped off exposing a large red eyed head of a white albino pylon.

Selene (Liz), didn’t as much as flinch as Ivan lifted the snake out of its confines placing it over her slender shoulders.

Eerie Moroccan music continued to mystify the crowd as Selene sustained her dance while her half lidded eyes stayed focused on Max burning into him in ways that caused his lips to shiver as his hands clenched into tight fists by his side.

Selene rolled her head slightly back and forth as her hips and shoulders drifted to the music caressing the air around her causing the heat in the tent to rise to an unbearable temperature.

Letting out a shaky breath she stared into Max’s eyes as she did that night when she has seen them glow with flickering flames brightly beautifully, in an almost animalistic way.

Swallowing hard he watched barely holding on as the snake curled its thick sleek body around her waist lifting its tail up between her thighs.

Breathless as if it were Max that was entangled around her she closed her eyes taken over by centuries of myths and legends dating far back as time itself.

From India, Morocco, Malaysia, Egypt ancestors danced through her charming the slithering serpent into a hypnotic state as it smoothed its scales along her decadent body.

Max was shaking now, moved from the depths of his soul to places of need and want so carnal it could hardly be contained.

It was the most erotic, captivating, sinfully sexual experience of his young life, and it was all for him.

Blood pumped like pistons hard and fast in and out of his heart pulsating in his ears pounding in his chest as waves of unimaginable yearning took him over.

The craving to have her was visceral, primal.

Slowly the snake curled itself around her ever moving until it was gazing into her eyes.

Slamming his fists on his thighs Max rose as the serpent’s forked tongue flickered against her rosy cheek.

It was all Max could physically take as he ran out of there flipping the chair over in his hast.

Bending over out of breath he leaned against his knees as sweat lined his handsome face and dirt kicked up around his boots.

The change was pulling at his insides ripping apart his muscles tendons, detaching his bones.

He was blinded by her, seeing her everywhere as he took off again running through the maze of trailers and tents desperate to fight back the wild urges rushing through him.

Slamming his back against the hard metal of one of the trailers he felt as if he would burst into flames, his body was engulfed in heat, desire, need.

Looking off into the border of the woods he knew he must go unable to control the transformation any longer.

It was then that she appeared out of the fog and shadows, drifting towards him as if she were floating.

Her hooded eyes set on his with understanding and acceptance.

Shaking his head as she moved close to him bracing each hand on the cool steel of the trailer beside his face he tried to warn her.

“Liz, please…y-you have to get away from me.”

A slight wave of a smile wafted across her sinning lips as she leaned up on her toes to press her mouth close to his ear.

Whispering softly, rasping hotly against his skin she spoke.

“Take me, right now; it’s what we both need. Don’t deny what is happening between us.”

A throaty ‘please’ escaped her throat just before a low growl echoed into the bright night.

Gripping her with razor sharp nails he flipped her around throwing her hard against the trailer tearing her silky clothes leaving her bare to his fiery eyes.


In the blink of an eye he was gone, only a flash of the brilliant color of his eyes still lifting in the air was all that remained as he ran off into the woods and out of her sight.

Panting clawing at her clothes Liz let her head fall back against the trailer as her hands smoothed along the heated curves of her unsatisfied trembling body.

“Soon, Max…soon.”
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by keepsmiling7 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 6:57 pm

Strange..... a little......but we knew Max was different.
He saved Mikey and will always protect him. Wonder how long it will be that the boss hides what Max is??
But now he is getting ready to change.....muscles and bones......must be night fall for him now.
I'm anxious to see how Liz fits into this....
Thanks Carrie,

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by L-J-L 76 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:00 pm

Please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really son? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz. I feel so sorry for what Max and Michael had to go through. And what their boss did before they went to work for him. Poor Max he needs to do something before he hurts Liz. And I all I can say about what happened between Max and Liz is..... OH MY GOD!!!!

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by Natalie36 » Tue Feb 18, 2014 7:04 pm

wonderful post. can't wait until max lets liz in. :mrgreen:

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by begonia9508 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 4:45 am

What is Max for a creature? maybe a werewolf? Anyway, he won't resist Liz once and then, hopefully the mystery will be known! Anyway great part, like always! EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by saori_1902 » Wed Feb 19, 2014 8:08 am

Great part! Sooner or later Max will lets Liz in. :mrgreen:

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by HypnotiqBlueEyes » Wed Feb 19, 2014 6:12 pm


That update was AMAZING! Poor Max is in hell trying not to change and apparently something about Liz is making the beast come out sooner than expected! Makes me wonder if Liz possibly knows what Max is.. But, then again, she wouldn't have questioned his eyes changing if she knew.... But that dance seemed to push him over the edge. I can't wait till he finally gives into her! Please hurry back with more, I have to know what happens next!

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by MLfan » Wed Feb 19, 2014 10:17 pm

Great chapter

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 6 2/18/14

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Thu Feb 20, 2014 8:27 pm

Im so loving this story, very addictive. Please come back soon.

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