Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 9 ~Complete~ 4/2/15

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) AN: 1/15/15

Post by AlysLuv » Fri Jan 16, 2015 1:18 am

Great story so far. Thanks

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) AN: 1/15/15

Post by L-J-L 76 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 4:02 am

This is a really really really really great story. I can't wait to read what you will have happen next for Max and Liz. And I think everyone can understand you being busy,. Everyone gets busy with work and life. So there. I'm glad your back. And I can't wait to read what you will have happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) AN: 1/15/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Fri Jan 16, 2015 8:44 am

Of course I'm still interested Carrie.......but I will have to do some review!

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) AN: 1/15/15

Post by SmileeUk » Fri Jan 16, 2015 5:43 pm

Oh YES! I am still interested :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Please hurry back :wink: :wink: :wink:
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Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 8 1/19/15

Post by jake17 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 10:17 pm

Carolyn x3
SmileeUK x2

Wow, thank you so much for your fb! and for the bumps that I found as recently as December, really so nice! Sooo sorry for leaving this for so long. I've gone back and read it all, I'm going to try to give you a condensed recap or you will be completely lost and thinking that I've gone completely crazy, :wink:

Ok, so here it goes...
Max and Michael are part of a traveling carnival headed by a tyrant of a boss who wants to make Max his next big ticket act. Max is a werewolf, in human form he has the heart of a poet, romantic to a fault he is torn between the animal inside and his humanity that he holds dear. He has turned down his boss time and time again, determined not to be the next sideshow freak, also desperate to keep his secret just that, but being a money hungry bastard his boss, Mr. Cleaves has threatened to take his life and more importantly the life of his life long friend, Michael. While Max works behind the scenes at the carnival, Michael is determined to be the next be act, he is oblivious to Mr.Cleaves threats. While knowing he can take care of himself, Max, is frightened for Michael's life who he has vowed to protect. Up until now Max has been able to push off his boss, but time is running out for him.
On the night they come into a new town, Max, sees a beautiful girl by the side of the road, Liz, soon dangerous circumstances leave her to be saved by our hero. She soon joins the troupe developing an act herself. There is an undeniable attraction between Max and Liz but he refuses to give into her advances afraid that she will be hurt when the full moon appears and he is transformed. In the latest chapter we find out that Liz has known all along that he was a werewolf, she has fallen in love with him and in a brave move tells him her secret that she is a succubus, (A beautiful temptress that has the power to seduce men, draining them, harmlessly, of their life force)
Max doesn't take it well misunderstanding the situation, she is very hurt and tells him to leave, he refuses, so I've written more explanations into the chapter to remind anyone of really important things you need to know....and here we are...

Yeah reading this over I may be a little crazy, but I promise in the end its just a dreamer fic :wink:

chapter eight

We live under the delusion that we possess a certain amount of willpower, we need this illusion to feel safe at night, to lull ourselves into restful slumber filled with the absurdity that we can control what can never be controlled, the heart...

Furious at his ignorant reaction to her revelation, Liz angrily responds with every intention of throwing him out of her trailer.

“By the way, a succubus has no power over another supernatural being. That is why I pursued you; I thought that you cared for me… for the real me, as I did for you. It would be impossible for me to seduce you into loving me. What you felt was very much real.”

Holding the edge of the door in her hands she gazed down to the floor as tears spilled from her sorrowful eyes.

“Now please respect my request, leave and never come back.”

Hesitating for a moment he took the door closing it gently before turning towards her to lift her chin tenderly up towards his eyes.

“No, Elizabeth.”

Turning away from him she walked to a small window at the back of the trailer to stare out into the open field and the border of the dark forest just beyond.

Drying her tears she wrapped her arms protectively around herself already accepting that she would be faced living a life without love, just as the women in her family before her.

Closing the door behind him, he breathed out deeply, exhausted by his constant near transitions, which he had only realized now had only begun upon her arrival.

Leaning against the wall by the door he kept his distance feeling the weight of the pain he had caused her.

Sliding to the floor he lowered his head in his hands trying to wrap his mind around her shocking true self.

Attempting to harden her heart, knowing it was the only way to survive, she calmly spoke with little emotion.

“You’re a man of your word Max, I’ve been around you long enough to know that, so please keep your promise and go.”

Clutching the shaggy sides of his jet black hair, he whispered softly as all the pieces began to come together.

“I’m sorry, I can’t.”

Eyeing her suitcase under her bed she solemnly shook her head. “I’m leaving, it’s time to move on, so really there’s no reason to discuss this any further, tomorrow I’ll be gone.”

Lifting his head he stood unable to move as if his feet were cemented to the floor. “You can’t leave, we need to talk about this, about ‘us’.”

His voice was insistent but gentle in its delivery.

Pressing her hands onto the window pane her heart ached already feeling the loss of him.

It was his shy manner, his sensitive, vulnerable soul that drew him to her from the start.

She had experiences with men, their possessive jealous rages, their insecure tantrums, their need to control and dominate by making women feel less than their worth.

It was beyond her understanding and nothing that she would ever tolerate, finding him, seeing his caring heart and the fiery ring around that intense amber gaze, she believe she had finally found love.

For a woman of her nature to survive for so long on her own, it was a bitter anguished blow to realize it had all been one sided.

She would never make that mistake again.

Her silence was killing him. “You don’t understand, I didn’t know. What I said was unforgivable, I realize that now. I was ignorant to believe the myths surrounding what you are, but you have no idea what is happening here, there is a reason I reacted that way.”

Concentrating on the next train and where it would take her in the morning she stood her ground.

“None of that matters now, if we were meant to be you would have felt it, you would have seen past everything, you wouldn’t have been able to fight it.”

Sighing Liz grew angry that she need to explain such things.

Shaking his head he took a tentative few steps towards her remembering what she had told him.

“No, that’s not true, you said that your seductive will has no power over another supernatural being, so I was able to fight it, to keep from giving in, but you don't understand -”

Disappointment and regret lined her tone as she emphasized each word casually interrupting him.

“I’m not talking about fighting the power of a succubus, I’m talking about being unable to fight love, it was love that I thought was between us. I know now I was wrong.”

“But I do… I love you Liz.”

“Don’t say that.”

Closing in on her, he towered over her, resting his hands on her shoulders, realizing what had been happening all along.

“It’s true… I remember that night as if it were yesterday. We drove in late, exhausted from a long drive, and the thought of having to put together this dilapidated carnival once again, but then I saw you.”

Pleading now she moved forward unable to handle hearing of their first encounter knowing how much it meant to her.

“It was raining, you were standing on the edge of the road, soaked, your dark hair molded to your shivering skin, you had a duffle bag slung over shoulder, you were hitchhiking. I remember not being able to tear my eyes away from you. You were the most beautiful thing I had ever seen in my life.”

Tilting her head as if needing to force herself not to believe him she became insistent.

“Max… don’t.”

His voice lowered, fixated on that memory.

“A car pulled over, they were on you so fast, drunk, grabbing you, trying to force you into their car against your will. I remember a rage building up inside me, the feeling of such an uncontrollable need to protect you, before I knew it you were in my arms. Something happened… you saw me, the look in your eyes, I’ll never forget it, you knew. You saw the beast in me, the wolf… I couldn’t understand how you figured it out, but I realized then, at that moment that we could never be. I lose myself, when I turn, if that happened with you… there would be no saving you. So I tried, despite your constant advances, and my deep feelings for you, I tried to keep away.”

Huffing insulted she refused to look at him.

“I’m so sorry to have bothered you.”

Growing frustrated he smoothed his hands around her small waist forcing her back against him to rest his mouth close to her ear.

“You are being unfair, you knew what I was, I had no idea, no clue that we could be together, that it was even possible. I was dying every day… every moment we were together. I’ve never wanted anyone so much, it was killing me… to be in so in love, to have found something so precious, only realize you would always be unattainable.”

Frozen by his unexpected and uncharacteristic firm hold on her she allowed his hands to remain hot against the thin material of her nightgown.

“If you’re so in love with me than why? Why, did you accuse me of tricking you, seducing you? You were so cruel. I thought I had finally found the one person I could trust with this secret. I was so wrong, how could I be so wrong?”

His eyes slid shut as guilt washed over him, “Mr. Cleaves, the boss of this hell hole has been threatening me, for years now. He knows what I am, he wants to use me as a freak, he wants to put me in a cage when I turn. He’s sees dollar signs whenever he looks at me. I turned him down flat but he told me that if I didn’t comply that he go after Michael, as in kill him. I’ve been able to stall him up till now but he’s seen the way I’ve been… responding to you. When you told me what you were, I assumed he had hired you, to seduce me, to bring the wolf out for him. I’m so sorry Liz, you just have no idea how long I’ve been running from him.”

Confused Liz edged her eyes up towards the window once more watching as wispy white clouds parted to reveal the beauty of a luminescent full moon.

“What do you mean Mr. Cleaves saw how you responded to me?”

Biting back the change, Max slid his hands down her thighs to reach for her gown gripping it tight in his fingers that were painfully being split apart by razor sharp claws desperate to emerge.

A deep low growl shuddered from his chest as he brushed his mouth along her neck finally understanding the depth of the hold she had on him.

“It was you Liz, for days I was transforming, crazed, lost, as to why it kept happening before the full moon, it made no sense. Now I know the truth, denying myself, running away from such a powerful emotion, thinking that I had the willpower to turn my back on love, the human in me was blind, but the wolf knew there was no controlling it. You were literally tearing me apart.”

Max became breathless as his eyes flashed to the dominating moon looming high in the sky.

“Tonight I’m going to turn, I can’t stop it, I shouldn’t be here.”

Swallowing hard as his soft hands ghosted along the inside of her thighs Liz now understood everything.

“Come with me tomorrow, we’ll take Michael, we can leave this place. Max, you can’t let him cage you, we have to run.”

Struggling against ancient animistic forces too powerful for him to control, Max groaned knowing that the animal within him was desperate to feel her inside.

“I have to leave, now!”

Reaching back Liz held onto his strong thighs as she gazed over her shoulder into the eyes that flickered with that fiery ring of amber she had seen that very first night.

“You still have time, please, I’ve been waiting for you to come to me for so long.”

His forehead fell between her shoulder blades as sweat glistened off his body straining to keep the wolf at bay.

His romantic heart that lived in between the lines of poems and sonnets refused to make love to her like this, their first time would not happen while the minutes ticked away by the force of the wicked moon, he would never rush such a precious moment.

“Max, please… I need… “

Cringing in pain as his bones began to crack he gripped her silky hair, the human in him refused to give in but the beast was determined to satisfy her.

Roughly grabbing her wrist he spun her around bringing her flush to his chest.

Hovering over her he took her mouth in a passionate kiss that had been long over due.

He wanted to be gentle, to be loving, showing her how full his heart was, proving to her how she brought to life words that had captured his heart, words lifted from the pages of his many books of poets and lovers but time was running out along with his humanity.

Hesitating he pulled back staring into her eyes silently waiting for permission, letting her know his touch would be fast and rough.

Answering him by reaching for the back of his head to pull him in for another more intense, deeper kiss, she told him all he needed to know.

His hands sought her out beneath her gown, caressing her breasts, flicking his thumb over her nipples forcing her to break from him to cry out his name.

His tongue soon replaced his fingers, pulled her peaks inside his warm mouth, causing her to arch her back falling against the wall, taking him with her.

He gasped as he felt the familiar tear of his muscles as they separated one by one from his bones.

With no time left he reached down between her thighs, the first touch was light, teasing, he wanted to trace her with his fingertips burning the image of her into his mind forever.

His heart clenched feeling how wet she was for him, the pain raging inside him from his struggle to hold back the turn was a small price to pay to hear her nearly reduced to tears as she cry out for more.

Delving inside several times he set a fast pace stroking her until he began to feel her shiver in his arms.

His lips parted on her neck tasting her there as he vibrated the tip of his finger on her sensitive clit.

All at once she shattered into pieces as waves of pleasure washed over her, the animal inside him responded in turn demanding to rip its way to the surface as his eyes flashed to the window.

A cloudless sky glared before his glowing beautiful eyes as they altered between man and beast.

As if daring him to try any longer, the defiant full moon shimmered with intensity poised high in the sky lighting the night as if it were day.

Falling backwards he pushed her away as punishing claws ripped through his fingertips.

His chest heaved rapidly while searing agony seized his body as his spine cracked bowing his torso in half.

Reaching out to her he strained to speak as he stumbled towards the door.

“I… love… you.

Within a blink of an eye he was gone leaving the metal door to the trailer torn from its hinges.

Breathless, Liz ran to her window, watching just in time to see the graceful, powerful stride of her wolf disappear into the woods.

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 8 1/19/15

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Jan 19, 2015 11:14 pm

Great chapter!!!! Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next between Max and Liz. I'm glad that Max and Liz finally talked things out. And I'm glad that Max and Liz admitted their feelings for each other. I think I agree with Liz Max, her and Michael should leave before the boss hurts them. Will Liz follow Max into the woods? Will Max come back to see Liz? What will happen the next day for Max and Liz? Will the boss find out about Liz? Will Max be able to protect Liz and Michael? Will Max, Liz and Michael leave? Will Max and Liz spend time together and talk? Will Max and Liz kiss? Will Max tell Michael about Liz? Will Michael trust Liz? Will Max and Liz sleep together? Will Michael find love? Will Max and Liz get married and have kids? Will Max, Liz and Michael all have a happy ending away form their boss? Sorry for all the questions I was just wondering. Please please please please please please please please please please come back and post more really really really really soon? I can't wait to read what will happen next for Max and Liz.

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 8 1/19/15

Post by begonia9508 » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:01 am

Wow! Carrie... impossible love, that's it! :? :cry:

It's a pity but I guess - in the long run - it is a fact... :?

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 8 1/19/15

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Jan 20, 2015 4:30 am

Great part hurry back Carrie!
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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 8 1/19/15

Post by HypnotiqBlueEyes » Wed Jan 21, 2015 10:17 pm


Amazing update! I love a epic love & them finally uniting (even briefly) was wonderful! I can't wait to read more! Hurry back soon!!

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Re: Pulse (M/L,Adult,AU) chpt 8 1/19/15

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Jan 22, 2015 8:31 pm

You are so good to give us a recap Carrie. I do forget lots of things.........even if I have just read them.
Of course Max would be a man of his word.
I'm so glad Liz knows Max's true identity......... and that LONG OVERDUE KISS........so much passion.....
Then he runs off.
Okay, can't wait until the next part!
Thanks for this part,

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