THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Epilogue - 11/6/16

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 35 - 9/27/15

Post by L-J-L 76 » Sun Sep 27, 2015 8:53 pm

So sorry for bothering you will you please post a Max and Liz moment? I thought I would ask.

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 35 - 9/27/15

Post by begonia9508 » Mon Sep 28, 2015 9:49 am

Ah Bane, Bane... why was he so rough? Will be funny to see what Maria will do, if he goes to visit her?! :twisted: 8)

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 35 - 9/27/15

Post by sarammlover » Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:50 pm

And here we are....ANOTHER set back for Maria. Poor girl just can't catch a break. I am glad Kyle and Tess are there. I really like them! I also think Kyle is forgetting, when this is over, Val and Bane may get their memories back and their trackers gone. Maybe they will have a chance at a normal life. Val may find that she actually likes Alex for more than a quick fuck. I also think he has a lot more to offer than Kyle sees.

Great update (is it ever NOT a great update?)

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 35 - 9/27/15

Post by Eva » Mon Sep 28, 2015 2:53 pm

Oh, he cares! He just doesn't realise it yet! 8) In all the misery and stress for the tracker and Maria's condition, you can read between the lines how deep she's already sitting under his skin.

It's good that Kyle & Tess are there. Not only for the medical part, but to get some peace in the house too. They know Michael/Bane and how he stands in life without being too cruel towards Maria, as Val always was. I'm looking forward to the next couple of days but first I'm crossing my fingers that Tess not only will find the damn tracker but that she will be in time too!
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 35 - 9/27/15

Post by Alien_Friend » Mon Sep 28, 2015 5:56 pm

Oh dear. Poor Maria. I'm so glad that as it stands right now it is not more serious. I hope by following Tess' instructions she'll be back to being her old self soon. I can imagine Michael might be at her bedside as soon as he is able to after Tess removes the tracker. I hope she is able to be successful.

I love how Tess picks up on exactly what is going on between Val and Alex. But Kyle just can't even picture it. :lol: I wonder if things have continue now that they are on their own together.

I hope Max and Liz make it through okay.

Great part.

Eagerly awaiting more.

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Part 36

Post by Double Trouble » Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:52 am

Roswelllostcause: We’ll see how that goes today.

Earth2Mama: Yep, that would be a major issue.

Tess is gonna do her best.

keepsmiling7: Thanks for reading!

L-J-L 76: Lol, well... we promise we’ll post one just as soon as we get to it.

begonia9508: Because it’s all he knows. It’s gonna take time for him to change, but if anyone can lead him to his gentler side it’s Maria.

sarammlover: Yeah, she’s definitely being put through the wringer. Kyle and Tess are fun and they provide a little relief from the drama and tension. Lol, Alex would be fine with that. Kyle may just come to that realization down the road where they’re concerned.

Thanks! (We sure hope not!)

Eva: You’re right! Of course, he doesn’t realize it, but eventually it’s gonna hit him and then what’s he gonna do?

Yep, lol, they help break the tension. Val had a very severe edge and thankfully neither Kyle nor Tess share that personality trait. We’ll find out today if luck is with Tess on her mission to find that tracker.

Alien_Friend: Hopefully Maria will avoid having to go under the knife. Tess knows what she’s doing, but her patients need to listen to her instructions. Michael at her bedside, huh? We’ll see.

Lol, well, Kyle isn’t quite picking up on what Tess is seeing. He may change his tune though. We’ll be catching up with Val and Alex soon and then we’ll see how things are going on that front.

Max and Liz are gonna go to ground and hopefully stay off the radar.


Part 36

Maria felt around for the thin blanket and pulled it over her bare legs when she heard footsteps coming closer. “You can leave it on the nightstand,” her voice was raspy from lack of use when the person – Kyle, she thought – entered her room.

“Expecting room service?” he growled as he moved closer to the bed.

Michael. Her eyes snapped open and settled on him when he crouched down in front of her.

“Tess gave me a report on your condition. Make sure you follow her orders to the letter.”

“You came up here to tell me that? It’s a waste of breath because I know I can’t risk any further damage.”

“No,” he said and shook his head. “No, I’m tellin’ you because I want you to know they can be trusted if anything happens to me. She’s good, but that damn thing’s in there deep and it’s in a pretty dicey location, so if this thing goes south they’ll keep you safe.”

“You won’t go anywhere,” she told him and it sounded like an order.

He smirked. “Doesn’t work if we’re both givin’ the orders, Blondie.”

“Well, then let me hand out the orders for a while. An’ number one is: Don’t you dare die.”

“Not somethin’ I’d ever do by choice.” He shrugged one shoulder and reached out to tip her chin up. “I should’ve waited on those self-defense lessons.”

“It’s not your fault,” she denied.

“I was rougher than I should’ve been... y’know, after.” He cleared his throat and looked down at the hand fisted on his thigh. He didn’t do apologies and this wasn’t an apology, it was just an explanation.

“It’s okay.” She closed her eyes for a moment. “We’re from totally different worlds and there’s not a manual for how to make it right I guess.”

“Yeah, well, sometimes it takes a few tries before you get it right.”

She snorted softly but it ended in a chuckle.

“Anyway, I just wanted you to know that before she cuts into me. I’ve been to hell and back with Valenti and if you’re under fire you definitely want Tess at your back rather than facing you, so anything happens you’re in good hands with them.”

“Okay,” she nodded. “But still! Don’t ya dare die, Guerin. You promised me the Maldives.”

He snorted and shook his head. “How could I forget that? I get you on that beach it’s only a matter of time before I convince you to lose the bathing suit.”

“I don’t even have one right now.”

“Sounds like a time saver.”

“Shut up,” she smirked.

“Can’t blame a guy for tryin’.” He ran a hand through his hair as he lifted his head to grin at her. “And eventually I am gonna get you outta your clothes, beach or no beach.”

Maria gave him a one-shouldered shrug. “Maybe you will.”

His right eyebrow lifted at her response. “Maybe? You drop me from your bucket list?”

“I can’t remember your exact name on it.”

“No? Maybe I need to remind you,” he murmured as he leaned in closer to her.

“Maybe you should,” she agreed. Everything had gone downhill for them since the other day, but she couldn’t just blame him. They had both made mistakes. And he really was a good kisser... although she had nothing to compare it to.

He braced one hand on the bed on her other side and the other cupped her neck, sliding into her hair as his mouth settled over hers. His lips were mobile, questing and demanding as they moved over hers with intent.

He kissed even better than she remembered... or maybe it was the exhaustion. Fisting the collar of his shirt, she didn’t want him to back away too quickly.

Heat surged through him when her hand gripped his shirt, holding him in place. His tongue teased the seam of her lips, requesting entrance and receiving it. He changed the angle of the kiss without breaking contact, deepening it and carefully shifting closer to her.

This could last forever, she thought. But he was sort of a ticking bomb with that device still in him. “Go on an’ get it over with,” she murmured against his lips when his kisses changed and the intensity eased.

“Yeah, better get it over with.” He ran his thumb over her swollen bottom lip. “Save my place. I’m not sleepin’ on the couch tonight.”

“Okay.” She shivered slightly at the thought. “Considering I’ve been doing nothing more than sleeping lately, you should have it easy slipping in without my notice.”

He chuckled and forced himself to his feet, his mind already twisting the context of her words. “Baby, when I slip in you’re gonna notice.”

She groaned slightly. “That sounds more like you.”

He grinned rakishly as he walked backwards to the door. “Just don’t – “ He turned and frowned when he ran into Kyle. “What’re you doin’?” he growled, unnerved by the knowing grin on the guy’s face.

“Bringing up the ice pack that you ignored.”

“I’m not one of your wife’s minions. She orders you around, not me.”

“Uh-huh, better not tell her that so soon before she cuts you open.”

“Hell, I’m not stupid.” He shoved Kyle into the room. “Didn’t you bring that up here for her?”

“Smartass,” the other guy snorted and walked around the bed. “Hey, Maria, long time no see.”

“Thanks.” She accepted the ice pack with a brief smile. “I wish it wasn’t under these circumstances.”

“Me too, but hey, at least you have a nice house here so it could be worse.”

She chuckled quietly. “It’s better than the last two.” She sobered after a moment. “She can get that thing out of him, right? He’ll be okay.”

“He will be,” Kyle agreed. “My wife’s stubborn.”

“Yeah, I picked up on that.” She shifted the ice pack in her hands and stared at the empty doorway. “It’s insidious what those people did to him.”

“Yeah,” Kyle scratched his neck, wondering how deeply involved the two of them had gotten.

“How do you even start to take down an organization like that?” she asked.

“Honestly? I don’t know. Maybe if Valkyrie and your friends can find something to threaten them with it’ll give them a leg to stand on.”

“It seems so impossible. The organization is so big and there aren’t that many of us trying to take them down.”

“It’s big, but they’re relying on a few important men and most of them politicians. Uncover one, you’ll be able to bring the whole network down.”

“If we do succeed our lives will never be the same, will they?”

“No, never,” he agreed. “You’ll never know if you were able to take them all down. Sleeper agents could be out there waiting for an opportunity to take revenge. Safest thing is to get a new identity and hide out.”

“My friends that’re involved, that’s true for them too, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, pretty much. You don’t mess with organizations like this and come out the same person.”

What had she done? The only three people close to her and she’d irreversibly changed their lives. “What about you and your wife?”

“I don’t know. Depends on how much they already know about us.”

“When you do that, change your name and go into hiding, you have to cut all ties to your old life, right? I mean, I’ll never get to see or talk to any of them again? They’ll have to give up all contact with their families.”

“Yeah, unless you wanna all hide out together, but that would be a bigger risk.”

She snorted. “I can’t imagine Michael ever wanting that much contact with other people.”

Kyle chuckled roughly. “No, you won’t talk him into such a thing. He’s a loner.”

“With new identities and living in new locations, wouldn’t it be safe for us to have contact with each other?” She couldn’t imagine going the rest of her life without the three of them.

“That could be good or bad. If you don’t know about each other then you can’t reveal anything in the event one of you is compromised.”

“So no matter what we’ll potentially be in danger the rest of our lives.” She sighed tiredly. And it was all because she hadn’t been able to stop asking questions.

“It could also turn out to be okay, Maria.”

“What’ll happen to all the assassins that work for the organization? If they’re all carrying trackers they’re a danger to themselves and anyone they come in contact with. If we succeed it would make sense that the organization would send out that signal and take them out, remove evidence of what they’ve done.”

“You think too much, Maria. This’s nothing we can control right now.”

“Hard not to.” And not knowing what was going on downstairs was driving her crazy.

“Get some rest. I’ll see if I can give Tess a hand with things. Knowing Bane, he refused to take anything that would knock him out completely.”

She winced and nodded. “He’ll be okay.” She needed the reassurance and hearing the words spoken helped, at least for a few moments.

“See you later for some lunch.” Kyle left the room and went down, lifting an eyebrow when he found Bane face-down on the kitchen table, his hands gripping the edges.

“I really wish you’d let me knock your ass out,” Tess muttered as she used a scalpel to reopen the old incision where she’d first attempted to remove the device.

“Not a chance, Harding,” Michael gritted out.

“Stubborn as a goddamned mule. This’s gonna hurt like hell. I’ve gotta go in deeper than I did last time and we’re in trouble if it’s actually fused to the bone.”

“Just get the hell on with it. You’re dragging it out.”

“Well, forgive me for doing this the right way.” She shook her head at him. Stupid ass man! This was so much easier when the patient wasn’t talking back! She widened the incision and used a device to hold it open as she leaned in closer to get a better look. “Damn the bastards who did this,” she muttered as she probed the area, pressing against the soft tissue surrounding it. “Well, it’s not bone it’s fused to, not really. It’s attached to the costal cartilage.” She sighed and leaned back. “I can get it, but it’s gonna take some time so you might as well settle in.”

“Do whatever’s necessary, Harding,” he said and tried to relax as much as possible. “An’ tell your husband to chill a beer for me.”

“Maybe you’d like to sip it through a straw while I’m working,” she bit out and reached for another instrument.

“Can I help you, babe?”

“Yeah, hold him down.” Bane was a strong man and she knew he had a high threshold for pain, but one slip and she could do irreparable damage. “I’m gonna cut it free of the surrounding tissue before I go after the cartilage.”

Kyle swallowed and kept his gaze averted. He had helped out before but he didn’t need to see it.

Michael snorted. Kyle was deadly in the field but put him in a situation like this and it turned his stomach.

“Don’t faint on me, Valenti,” Tess muttered.

“I’m not gonna faint,” he denied, keeping his eyes focused on the ceiling.

“Whatever,” she said in a sing-song voice.

He had no idea how she could carry on a conversation while she had her hands in someone else’s body. Just the thought was enough to make him want to blow chow. His grip tightened on Bane’s shoulders when he felt him tense. “So, what’re we gonna do with that thing once it’s out of you?”

“We’re gonna destroy it, what else?” Michael muttered.

“I dunno,” he mused aloud. “Do we know if it can carry a signal out of the body?”

“Not for sure,” Tess muttered.

“Too bad. We could always plant it somewhere else, lead them to believe you’re nowhere near this location.”

“If it works that way then we could give it a chance,” Michael agreed.

“Alex seems to be the one with the information about this stuff.” He made a face when he heard a wet sucking sound barely a second before his wife cursed. His eyes dropped out of habit and they quickly shot skyward again. Ungh, that was so gross! He’d never be able to eat at this table.

“It’s fine,” Tess said, familiar with her husband’s reactions to seeing things like this. “Just a little bleeder, all taken care of now.”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Well, it’d be hard to have surgery if no one was able to look, huh?”

“They need to speed technology up, do it like they did on Star Trek. No incisions, no blood...”

“We’re not in a movie here,” she groaned.

“Feels like it,” he snorted. Seriously? Assassins, agents, transponders and criminal organizations? What wasn’t a movie here?

“Star Trek?” Michael snorted. “Do you seriously still watch that crap?”

“It’s not crap.”

“Yeah, okay.” He would’ve shaken his head but he could barely move.

“We’re clear of the soft tissue. Now for the hard part.”

“You’re not done yet?” Kyle groaned.

“What part of ‘it’s gonna take some time’ did you not understand? You see this fusion right here? I can’t just snap it off and be done with it.”

No, he didn’t want to see this ‘fusion’. Not at all!

She rolled her eyes and went back to work, switching instruments and carefully using it to free the device from the cartilage. It took nearly thirty minutes of the delicate work before the device came free. “I’ve got it!” She dropped it in the saucer the surgical instruments were resting on. “I’ve gotta close the incision and bandage him up and then you can put him to bed while I clean up in here. He might think he’s made of steel but his body’s gonna crash on him pretty soon.”

“I can hear you, ya know?” he muttered.

“Yeah, but you refuse to listen to anything I tell you and if I tell you to go to bed when I’m finished here all you’re gonna do is ignore me and do a perimeter check.”

“Maybe I will go to bed.”

She smirked as she started closing the incision. He’d say anything just to be contrary. “Yeah, sure you will.”

“Maybe he will,” Kyle mused aloud, remembering how cozy he seemed to be with Maria.

She lifted her gaze to him, trying not to laugh. He was gonna need a massage after keeping his neck in that position for more than an hour. “Think so?”

“Yeah, who knows?”

“He needs the rest. It’s gonna take a little time for his body to recover from this, especially since I used the bare minimum for anesthetic. It would’ve slightly softened the blow of trauma his body’s experienced.” Regardless of his ability to withstand pain, when he went out she fully expected him to be out for a good twelve hours or so.

“Just sew me shut, Harding.”

“What do you think I’m doin’ back here? Playin’ tic tac toe?”

“You’re talkin’ too much for my taste.”

“You wanna sew yourself shut, smart ass?”

“I would if I could.”

“Yeah, well, you can’t so suck it up.” She finished closing the incision and coated it with antiseptic before placing a bandage over it and taping it down. “Okay,” she looked at her husband, “your turn. Get him upstairs before he passes out.” The blood loss had been minimal, but it was still enough to weaken him.

“Come on, Bane. Time for you to take a nap.”

“I’m fine,” he bit out as Valenti hauled him to his feet. The room started to spin around him and he closed his eyes for a moment, pressing his fingers to them before opening them again. It didn’t help. “But if it’ll get the two of you off my back I’ll...” he shook his head, trying to clear his thoughts up. “Maintain the perimeter checks... regular intervals... security...” Security something, he thought, barely aware of the steps under his feet.

“Uh-huh, come on, Michael.” He shot a look at Tess and gestured for her to help him in case the guy fainted.

“Security...” he frowned when Tess suddenly appeared on his other side. “I can do this,” he insisted.

“No, you can’t. Now don’t be so stubborn,” she told him sternly.

“Bossy woman,” he huffed and tried to focus on his feet. There was something about the security that he was trying to remember. “Yard lights,” he blurted out. “Sensitive to motion.”

“Okay, we got it.”

“Fingerprint sensors.” He fought down a wave of dizziness as the room started to spin again. “Can’t disarm alarm without ‘em.” He flexed the hand dangling over Kyle’s shoulder.

“We won’t leave the house,” she nodded.

“We should put him down in there,” Kyle said with a nod at the first door on the left when they finally made it to the second floor.

“You wanna bunk them together?”

“Trust me, it’s where he needs to be.”

“Well,” she frowned, “okay. Does Maria see it the same way?”

“I think we put him anywhere else and we’re gonna have two very unhappy patients on our hands.”

“Okay.” She shook her head and shoved the door open quietly.

“Looks like she’s down for the count too,” Kyle whispered when he saw Maria sleeping, the ice pack abandoned next to her.

“Then we’d better not wake her.”

They maneuvered him over to the bed, ignoring his muttering because he was out of it and only minutes from unconsciousness. Getting him into bed without jostling it too much proved to be a feat in itself, but they finally managed. They stood back and looked at the couple in the bed and Kyle shook his head.

“Who could’ve ever seen this comin’?”

“No one,” Tess snorted. “That’s about the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.”

“One of the deadliest assassins alive sleepin’ like a baby with a woman he was hired to kill.”

“Sounds like material for a romance novel,” she snorted.

He choked down a laugh. “Oh, yeah, can you just imagine his reaction to that?”

She smirked. “Let them get some rest while we prepare a decent meal. The poor girl looks too damn thin already.”

He nodded. “I’ll haul in the rest of the stuff from the car. At least it’s cold enough out there that the groceries we picked up will be fine.” He shot one more look at his buddy before following his wife out of the room. Yeah, he never would’ve seen this one coming.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 36 - 10/4/15

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Oct 04, 2015 6:01 am

Well the good news is the tracker is now out of Michael. But things are still not good for any not them.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 36 - 10/4/15

Post by begonia9508 » Sun Oct 04, 2015 8:22 am

They should really put the capter into a car or whatever, to counter the ones who are behind them!

I wonder why they did not get together the fact that they are no stranger but grew up together...

Thanks EVE :mrgreen:
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 36 - 10/4/15

Post by Earth2Mama » Sun Oct 04, 2015 3:22 pm

At least it's now out of his head. But what to do with this device that can still be remote activated to detonate?

Michael is sweet when he wants to be, especially where Maria is concerned.

Hope they all stay safe until they've had a chance to recover.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 36 - 10/4/15

Post by Eva » Mon Oct 05, 2015 1:43 am

The hints to the movie and the novel made me smirk. It really is a romantic novel and it reads like nothing has before. And It would be beautiful and thrilling to film. Don't you two have some contacts in the movie world? 8)

Michael was great with Maria. The way he crunched down next to her and talked to her. It was one of the first times he really talked to her. The way he is with her, is completely new territory for him and his close circle. It's more than funny to see Kyle and Tess at the side line with their eyes wide open!
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