THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Epilogue - 11/6/16

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 61 - 6/5/16

Post by Eva » Mon Jun 06, 2016 1:58 am

They are in real danger now and we can only hope that Val will not want to leave the building without Bane & Kyle. And that they come in time.
So many "if's"....

When is it next week? :twisted:
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 61 - 6/5/16

Post by sarammlover » Mon Jun 06, 2016 11:09 am

Fuck fuck fuck!!!! NOOOOOOO!!!!! I knew it. Nothing can be easy!! How in the hell are they going to get out of this mess??????

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Part 62

Post by Double Trouble » Sun Jun 12, 2016 4:11 am

Roswelllostcause: Yep, and it may not be the last bad thing to happen on this mission.

Earth2Mama: It sure has!

Well... hopefully we’ll find out soon.

Eva: They don’t have much time. Let’s see if they can find a way out of this mess.

sarammlover: Lol, easy? With this group?

Part 62

Michael muttered to himself as he moved around, searching for a way out and not finding it. He glanced back at Kyle, easily reading the barely concealed panic. His head jerked up when voices came over his earpiece and he shook his head when Val spoke to him directly, letting him know they were packing up and moving out, and then asking where they were.

"Just get Whitman and get outta here. We'll follow as soon as we can."

Val killed the audio on her end and looked at Brody. "Get him outta here," she said with a sharp nod at Alex. Something wasn't right and she wasn't leaving without them.

“No way,” Alex denied. "If you go after them, I'm going with you. What happens if you run into a situation where you need my help?"

“They got wherever they are now without your help, didn’t they?”

“Yeah, and wherever they are they’re obviously in trouble “What happens when you run up against their security system? Granted, you can obviously handle yourself, but you know I’ll be faster at getting past the system.”

Val sighed, because she hated to admit he was right. “Alex, this is dangerous.”

“I know, and I promise if I get killed I won’t blame you.”

Brody snorted in amusement. “He comes with us.”

“No.” Alex shook his head and his posture stiffened as he ignored the other man to look at Val. “Yeah, I can walk out that door with him, but you know I’m your best shot at getting past the system. Hell, I might be your only shot.”

“I was talking about exactly that,” Brody said and moved further into the building. “You two coming?”

He rolled his eyes and shifted his backpack into a more comfortable position. He glanced at Val, checking her reaction to Brody’s statement.

Val pressed her lips together for a moment. “You stay between him an’ me.”

“The stuffing in the middle of the Oreo. Just what I always wanted to be.” He nodded and gave her a salute as he took up his position and fell into step behind Brody.

“How many people usually work here?” Val wanted to know while they crept through the hallways.

“A couple dozen doctors and scientists at any given time. Probably twice as many enforcers. Location’s remote so they live onsite.” He grunted and checked the corridor before leading the way out.

“We’ve killed more than that already.”

“All that proves is that you and Bane were making them nervous and they were cautious enough to bring in backup.”

“Where does Baxter operate from?”

“He operates out of DC. Little place called the Pentagon.”

She snorted. “Seriously?”

He shrugged. “He’s back and forth between his offices there and Capitol Hill. Keeps him close to the action. Don’t underestimate his political influence.”

“This is fucked up.” She stopped when she heard a sound further down the corridor. “You see anything?”

He held a hand up, demanding silence, and he motioned for them to move back into the shadows. He pressed his back against the wall and scanned the corridor, catching the faint indication of shadows. “We’ve got movement.” He squinted, studying the light to determine the way it would affect the shadows. “Half a dozen at least heading this way.”

Val glanced around and found a door, opening it quietly and checking the interior. It was small and held only a few empty shelves. “Alex, in here.”

Inside he was rebelling at the thought of hiding while she faced certain danger, but he forced himself to think rationally and do as she said. He swallowed down those thoughts and ducked into the room.

“Do not come out!”

He nodded.

Brody looked at Val. “Get ready.”

She gave him a thumbs-up but her eyes remained locked on the corridor and the shadows that were becoming more prominent.

“I count eight.”

“Easy takedown,” she muttered and her fingers flexed on her weapon.

Brody nodded more to himself than to anyone else and got ready. He aimed for the first man – a direct head shot. “I’ll take the first two, then you join in.”

She gritted her teeth at his order and forced herself to nod.

The first shot was fired and the man hit the ground, immediately followed by the second soon after. Brody aimed for the one at the end of the row, knowing Val was a good enough shot to take the others.

She didn’t miss a beat, taking three of them out before dodging return fire and taking the others down. “How far are we from the prisoner hold?” She’d be surprised if they didn’t run into more resistance the closer they got to their destination.

“A few hallways.”

“Let’s go then.” She rapped her knuckles against the doorframe. “Alex, let’s move.”

He opened the door and walked out again, stepping over a few dead bodies and wondering why he was so cool about it.

Brody didn’t wait for them, knowing they’d be right behind him. He continued on his original path, his eyes constantly scanning the area. There was silence occasionally broken by distant gunfire as other members of the team faced off against the enemy. He slowed to a halt as he approached the corridor that led to the wing that housed prisoners. He knew it existed and on the rare occasion he’d passed by and heard the tortured screams as Janus conducted his sadistic experiments. He took up his position and motioned for Val to go in first.

“What the fuck is this?” She shook her head.

“What the fuck’s it look like?” Michael snarled, sounding breathless. “Stay back. They’ve got the damned walls electrified with a pretty heavy current.” He shook his head. “They’re also bulletproof so do us all a favor and don’t try to take the walls down that way.”

She frowned when his body jerked. “What’s wrong with you?”

“Besides the lack of oxygen?” He pointed upwards. “The air’s bein’ pulled out and just to make things more fun, it would seem the sadistic bastard somehow engineered this cell system so that when the walls come together the current runs through the floor. Not as strong as what’s runnin’ through the walls, but enough to make things uncomfortable.”

Val looked around the room. There must be a way to cancel it, right? Her eyes landed on Alex when he moved to a small box at the other end of the room. He opened it with a small knife and checked it. “Okay, hold on.”

“How many more prison holds are there in the compound?” Michael asked, trying to focus on anything but the tight sensation in his chest.

“One more,” Brody said.

Then there was still a chance. “We’re gonna have to check it.”

Kyle paced back and forth, his eyes on every move Alex made, silently ordering him to go faster. “We found evidence they were here, but why would they move them to another cell?”

“You found evidence?” Val asked.

“Parker’s shirt was in one of the cells.”

“And there was a lot of blood in the one next to it,” Kyle added. Not necessarily enough to amount to a detrimental loss, but enough nonetheless.

Val’s eyes shifted to Alex. “How much longer do you need?” They were running out of oxygen.

He shook his head, keeping all of his focus on his laptop as he studied the code scrolling up the screen and searching for the string that would allow him to crack it.

Brody stepped out of the room and checked their surroundings. “You have 30 seconds Whitman.”

“Well, as long as there’s no pressure,” he muttered and ran through several more pages of code. “Sonofa...” he shook his head and started typing furiously, glancing over his shoulder when he heard Michael cursing, the clarity easily marking his success.

“Ten seconds,” Brody glanced at him.

He punched in another line of code and hit the enter button, holding his breath as it loaded. His right fist shot into the air when it was accepted. “That’s it.”

“We’ve got company on the way, Bane,” Brody said as soon as they were free. “Get ready.”

He drew in a deep breath in an attempt to clear his head and he shot a quick look at Kyle, nodding when the other man let him know he was okay. The signs of panic had fallen back now that the walls imprisoning them were gone. “We’re ready.”

“Alex,” Val stepped forward and pushed him behind her. “Go an’ hide behind that desk.”

He did as he was told but he grumbled under his breath the whole way. “Hide behind the desk, hide behind the door, hide behind whatever piece of furniture’s handy. If I was an Indian that’d be my damn name. Alex Hide Behind.”

“Don’t gimme that look.”

“There’s no look,” he denied. “I’m obeying orders and hiding like the good little soldier.” He grunted and dropped down behind the desk. “Soldier with a yellow streak up his back.”

“Shut up, Whitman,” Brody shook his head and gave silent signals to Bane and Valenti to move forward.

He sighed and unholstered his gun, the action giving him some small measure of comfort.

Michael leaned around the corner to check the situation. There was no one in sight, but sounds could be heard. “Five to seven?” He looked at Brody.

“That’s my best guess,” the other man agreed.

“Everything set with hacking the signal?”

“The signal’s been blocked,” Val spoke up. “He needs more time to completely disable it, but they won’t be able to get past it. As soon as we’re outta here he’ll get to work on finishing it.”

Kyle shifted around when a sound caught his attention and he was quick enough to fire a shot in that direction, but the other man had already started to fire.

Michael grunted when the bullet slammed into his shoulder, missing the body armor he wore by a scant inch. He could tell it was lodged there but he slammed the door on the pain, refusing to give in to it. He knew he could push through it and go on, knew they couldn’t afford to be a man down while he tended the wound. He counted himself lucky that it was his left shoulder and not the right so at least it didn’t affect his ability to take out as many of the enemy as he could.

Brody looked over his shoulder. “You able to fight?”

“Bullet’s not gonna keep me down unless it kills me.”

There was no time to talk any longer. Guns were fired by the men approaching and they had to focus on their task once more.

Gunfire was exchanged as both sides fought to take the other down. Kyle dropped back, taking cover not far from Alex as he switched magazines.

“You’ve been hit,” Alex said with a nod at the other man’s leg.

“Just a flesh wound.” He didn’t bother waiting for a response, taking up position and diving right back into the fray.

Val stayed back for a bit, letting the men handle most of the action while she watched the other end of the corner in case someone approached from that direction. It would be bad it they were boxed in, so she hoped the odds weren’t against them this time.

Alex glanced at his laptop, his eyes scanning over the blueprints as he searched for the room they were in. It had been altered - obviously, but the main structure itself appeared to be unchanged. His eyes shifted to the back wall and then to the control panel he’d bypassed recently before going to the blueprints again. He moved through the pages and shook his head before motioning to get Val’s attention.

She frowned at him. “What?”

“I need to get back to the control panel. That back wall’s the same as the cell walls.” He shook his head when she shrugged. “It can be moved with the right command. If I can get it to open I can input the command to have the cell walls drop as soon as we make a run for it.”

She looked at the panel and went through the options in her head. “Alright, fine.” She checked the hallway and then waved him over.

He hurried to make the necessary connections and began running through the code, quickly isolating the string he needed. “They’re gonna have to fall back so I can drop that wall.”

Val nodded and pressed herself against the wall, getting Bane’s attention with a whistle. When he looked at her she gave him the sign to move back in their direction.

He frowned but nodded and passed the signal along, laying down cover fire so the others could get back first. As soon as Kyle returned the signal he fell back, trusting his buddy to have his back.

Brody looked up, sensing what Whitman was up to. They retreated with their guns held at the ready, and as soon as they crossed the barrier, the glass door fell.

“No guarantee what’s waitin’ for us on the other side,” Kyle said when he saw the back wall begin to move.

“Can’t be much worse than what’s behind us,” Bane muttered, ripping a piece of his sleeve from his arm to pack it into the wound the bullet had made. He used the shoulder strap of his holster to fix it as well as possible before his focus went back to the scene.

They all waited with their guns drawn when the door painfully slowly began to move back. Brody went first, giving them a sign to follow when he determined the way was clear for the moment. “That the one you’re lookin’ for?” He pointed his gun at a person lying in the corner at the opposite end of the room.

Val passed him and checked on the woman. A second later she looked at Bane with a nod. “It’s Parker.”

“Is she alive?”

She crouched down and placed two fingers on the other woman’s neck. “Yeah.” Taking her hand away she placed it on her shoulder and rolled Liz onto her back, giving her a slight slap on the cheek. “Parker! You need to wake up.”

Liz recoiled from the contact and tried to pull away from the intrusion. Being conscious brought the pain to the surface and she wanted to avoid it as long as she could. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take the beatings or how much longer she could handle seeing Max tortured before she broke. Rationally, she knew nothing they told these people would stop the torture; it had long since passed the point where they were hurting them to make them talk.

“Parker, wake up!”

“Here, let me get ‘er up,” Alex said as he nudged Val out of the way. ”Liz,” he winced when he got his first look at her. ”Hey, c’mon, you’re gonna have to try to get on your feet so we can get outta here.”

“Alex?” she whispered, scared to believe it could be true, that he could be there. She grabbed his arm in an effort to prove to herself that he was real

”Brought a few friends with me.” He grinned and nodded at the others. “Can you walk?”

“Max!” She looked around frantically.

“We’ve got him,” Michael said, hoping the news would reassure her enough to keep her calm and focused on the objective.

Val hooked one arm around Liz’s small figure when she slowly got up and then nodded at the men wordlessly. They hadn’t found Max yet, but the woman didn’t need to know that.

“Let’s go,” Bane gave Kyle a slight shove in the direction of the next room. They waited until Alex had typed in the command for another wall to move and as soon as it was open wide enough, they checked inside, guns held at the ready.

Max blinked when he saw light in the small room without a window where he had been held for the last few hours. He had thought watching Liz from behind those glass walls had been bad, but not being able to see her had been just as bad, maybe worse. His whole body was in pain, but as soon as he saw movement, it was also on high alert and he stiffened in anticipation of another attack.

“We need to move, people,” Brody said as he scanned over their location. “Whitman, get us outta here.”

Kyle dropped down on his haunches, wincing when he got a look at the guy’s face. He ran his flashlight over him and felt nausea roll through him. The signs of torture were unmistakable. He couldn’t say how the Parker woman had fared, but she probably hadn’t had it much easier. The guy’s pupils were blown and he knew from experience that being exposed to the light hurt like hell. “Easy, Evans.” He looked down when the man latched onto his flak jacket and it was clear it hurt him as he tried to close his abused hand around the material.

“Liz,” he croaked. “Where’s Liz?”

“We’ve got ‘er. We need to get you up on your feet. Think you can walk?”

Michael glanced up when Whitman managed to access the next corridor, motioning to let Brody know they’d be right behind them. He nodded when the other man called back, telling him to bring up the rear. “We’re outta time, let’s get him up.”

They pulled him up between them and they exchanged a look when his knees buckled. “He’s not gonna be able to walk outta here. I’ve got him.” Kyle gave him a shove. “Go.” He secured his weapon, making sure he could get to it if he needed to, and then hauled Evans up over his shoulders.

Brody took the lead, followed by Bane, and the others fell into step behind them.

Kyle could feel the sweat running down his face and back where Evans lay against it. It wasn’t hot by any definition in the compound but the reaction of his body was caused by a mixture of adrenaline and panic.

“Alex,” Val hissed and lifted Liz’ arm up from her shoulders. “Support her. I’m not gonna be able to protect us otherwise.” The woman was weak and clinging to her body only half-conscious.

“Sure.” He moved in and took Liz from her.

Val nodded and checked both of her guns in case they came under fire again. They were still deep inside the building and it was doubtful they had gotten rid of all the Circle members at the facility already.

Brody’s left hand shot up and everyone froze. He grabbed his radio, keying it twice in response to Padre’s rapid fire three-two signal. As soon as his spotter was certain the channel was secure he began to speak.

“They’ve cut off our exit. We’re not goin’ back out the way we came in.”


“The front door or we blow a hole in the rear wall.”

“We’ll never make it through the front. They’ll be ready for us to make a desperate move like that. We’re about three sections south of the infirmary wing.”

“Our best bet in that section is the infirmary supply room. We can blow the rear wall and clear the area.”

“We’ve got company. Give us 15 minutes and blow the wall, Padre. We’ll be there.” He cut the radio and leveled out his breathing as he listened. He hadn’t heard a sound but they were coming. He could feel it.

Bane glanced back at the others behind him, the movement shooting straight through his neck and shoulder when it stretched his wound. Sonofabitch. “We need Val at the front,” he muttered and looked around. “Can you move that wall again, Whitman?” He pointed behind them. “Cut whoever might be behind us off so we’re only taking fire from one side?”

Alex followed his hand and nodded. “Sure, but it moves pretty slowly so it means no escape for us either.”

Brody and Michael glanced at each other. “Whatcha think?”

“It’s a risk, but you’re right. We need a good shooter at the front and Val needs to come up without being worried about what’s goin’ on back there.”

Val rolled her eyes when she overheard their conversation. She just loved it when they discussed her as if she wasn’t even there. She barely managed to conceal her shock when her skills were actually recognized by that chauvinistic prick Brody. It was still a man’s world and she’d spent all of her life immersed in a male dominated field so she’d long ago come to the conclusion that she didn’t need approval from any man. But it was a little flattering to hear something favorable about her skills from someone who was likely the best in the world.

She shot a quick look at Alex. ”Can you handle her and the rest?”

He grinned as he lowered Liz to the floor and pulled his laptop out again. He pulled his weapon out and set it down within easy reach. ”I’ll watch your back if you watch my front.”

She chuckled and nodded. ”You’ve got it.”

“Ten seconds until the wall’s closed,” he told them as soon as he had entered the code to make the modifications.

Brody kept an eye on the door’s progress. They didn’t have much time to reach their destination and make their escape. If they didn’t make it out of there soon they were going to be in trouble.

“I don’t like this, man,” Bane shot him a look but then concentrated on the corridor again. They heard sounds indicating reinforcements were coming.

“Neither do I, but we’re backed into a corner at the moment. We’ve got to get to the infirmary. Padre will be there and he’ll have our ticket outta here.”

There was no chance to argue with him. Enemies were rounding the corner and immediately a barrage of bullets went off. It was so loud that Bane’s ears started to ring, but he tried to ignore it, concentrating on bringing down one Circle member after the next.

Pain shot through his leg when they moved forward, but he ignored it for now, the adrenalin pushing him further and further.

Brody staggered backwards when a bullet grazed the right side of his head. He shook it off and took aim at the next in the long line of Circle soldiers coming at them. There was an endless stream of them and he hoped like hell they could push through them soon.

“When will this fuckin’ end?” Val hissed while shooting. She felt the impact of a bullet in her stomach, but the bullet stuck in the vest she wore, leaving behind a nice bruised feeling.

“There’s a lot more of them than there are of us,” Kyle grunted, firing from his crouched position. He was doing his best to shield Evans from the flying bullets.

Alex watched from the back, using his body to protect Liz as good as possible and holding his own weapon firmly in his hand. He didn’t have a good view of the situation though and firing blindly meant he could hit one of his friends.

Brody moved back. “Whitman, do we have any other options besides this route?”

Alex took his laptop and checked the plans again. “Well, with a few more wall moves we could take this route,” he pointed at the screen. “Longer, but maybe safer.”

“Start workin’ on it.” He hurried back to stand next to Bane. “Whitman’s got an alternate route in the works. We need to get a couple grenades down that corridor.” There was no way to do it without taking a bullet... or two, but it had to be done. “If we can drop the ceiling and walls on them we have a chance of takin’ the rest of them out.”

Bane gave a sharp nod. “Let’s do this.”

Brody unclipped a couple of grenades from his flak jacket and tossed one to the other man. He signaled to let Bane know to take the left side and he motioned to Val and Valenti to lay down cover fire.

“Alright, you motherfuckers,” Bane muttered to himself as he and Brody moved in closer to cause the most damage to their enemies. “Now,” he yelled when they were both close enough and tossed his.

He pulled the pin and drew his arm back, finding an opening and aiming for it as he flung the grenade as hard and as far as he could. It only took seconds for the enemy soldiers to realize what had just happened but the dual explosions rocked the building before they could backtrack.

“Shit,” Val got up from the ground and ran towards the men when she saw that debris had hit them as well. She looked at Kyle briefly. “You protect them.”

He nodded silently as he scanned the debris for movement from anyone other than his group.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 62 - 6/12/16

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:40 am

Oh boy this is so not going very well. Good news is they found Max and Liz and they are alive. Not in good shape but alive.
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 62 - 6/12/16

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sun Jun 12, 2016 8:52 am

Parker is alive........great news!
She could feel Alex but was immediately calling for Max.
We're not out of the woods yet!

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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 62 - 6/12/16

Post by Earth2Mama » Sun Jun 12, 2016 10:42 am

Oh lawd...

This is not going to end well is it? Max and Liz are literally dead weight while the rest of the gang is trying to fight their way out.

Please let them make it out safe! *crosses fingers and toes*
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 62 - 6/12/16

Post by Eva » Sun Jun 12, 2016 1:36 pm

This is crazy! What a chaos! My fingers are crossing like hell, just hoping to deliver some good news soon!
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 62 - 6/12/16

Post by sarammlover » Tue Jun 14, 2016 10:11 am

I guess when shit hits the fan, shit really hits the fan. The ONLY good news is they found Max and Liz. I cringe thinking how they are going to recover from this. So sad. I hope Michael and Brody are ok. INTENSE update! WHOA!

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Part 63

Post by Double Trouble » Sun Jun 19, 2016 3:10 am

Roswelllostcause: No, it’s not. They’ve still got a ways to go but at least they’ve got a chance now.

keepsmiling7: Very good news!

Liz needs to know that Max is alive, that he’s okay.

Nope, there’s more danger coming their way.

Earth2Mama: Keep those fingers and toes crossed. They’re definitely not out of the woods yet.

Eva: They’re working hard to get to the good news.

sarammlover: Lol, yeah, that’s for sure! It’s not gonna be an easy recovery, but at least they made it out together. We’ll see how Michael and Brody fared in the aftermath of that explosion today.

Part 63

Brody groaned as he pushed a few of the larger pieces of the wall off of him and rolled onto his stomach to use his hands on the floor for support to push him up. “Help Bane,” he pushed Val away when she appeared next to him.

Bane coughed, trying to clear his throat of the thick dust coating everything. His ribs protested and he winced as he wrapped his arm around his body, braced his weight on his left shoulder and tried to get to his feet.

“Easy there,” Val crouched down next to him and looked over his body for any harm. “Bane, you have a piece of rebar in your thigh.”

“Of course I do,” he grunted. “This would’ve been too easy if I didn’t have somethin’ stickin’ outta my body.”

“We’d better leave it there for now.”

“Yeah.” He knew how dangerous it could be to pull an object from a wound like this. He could bleed out in under five minutes if it had nicked an artery. He pulled a kit from one of the pockets in his cargo pants and ran a field dressing around the wound before getting to his feet with her help.

“How’s your shoulder?”

“Probably better than my thigh,” he muttered as he tested it by putting his weight on it. Transferring his weight to that leg put pressure on the pipe impaling his leg and he felt it moving against raw tissue.

“Let’s get outta here,” she muttered and glanced back at the others.

“How bad is it?” Kyle asked as he stood and hefted Evans back up over his shoulders.

Bane just grunted. It was bad enough to slow them down.

“Alex, you got it?” Val asked when she saw her man on the ground with his laptop balanced on his thighs.

“Just about...” he punched in another line of code and hit enter, his eyes locked on the screen. “And... c’mon, c’mon... we’re in!” He hurried to put the laptop away and pull Liz up.

Brody waited when the wall moved again, ready to fire at whatever was behind it, but thankfully it opened to an empty room.

Kyle’s fingertips brushed against the gun strapped to his chest for easy access as he stepped into the room and looked around. “Okay, what next?”

“Just give it about fifteen seconds or so,” Alex advised. “I had to run the code so they opened sequentially. I was afraid if I timed the openings to occur simultaneously we’d have trouble waitin’ for us.”

“Clever boy,” Val smirked,

He grinned at her. “Rewards are welcome. At the appropriate time of course.”

Bane rolled his eyes. “Focus with your brain, not your dick.”

“I’m a multi-tasker,” he said with a smirk. “I can focus on more than one thing at a time.”

“Not requested today.”

Alex just chuckled and nodded. There was no point antagonizing an injured assassin.

Liz groaned and looked up at her man as he hung limp over Kyle’s shoulder. “Max,” she whispered hoarsely.

“Shhh,” the man supporting her shushed her. “We’ll get him to Tess and she’ll fix him up. He’s alive. Just stay focused on that, Liz.”

She nodded, but the words hardly registered because of the sight in front of her eyes.

“Let’s keep movin’,” Brody ordered. He could understand the woman’s concern but there was no time to waste.

Bane nodded when Val checked on him and followed the other man as well as he could.

He checked his watch as they pushed through to the next room. They were cutting it close. He keyed the radio, listening for a response from the other end. Some of the tension left his large frame when he received an answering three-two signal from Padre.

“We’ll hit a bigger hallway now,” Alex warned them.

“How much longer before we reach the infirmary?” Kyle asked. He was so ready to be out of this nightmare.

“After the hallway we should be able to enter it directly.”

He released a pent-up breath at the answer. He shifted Evans and knew if he was conscious the move would’ve drawn a groan from the man.

“Okay, open that door, Whitman.” Brody got into position, preparing to fire.

Alex nodded and eased Liz back against the closest wall so he could retrieve his laptop. When he started running the code he ran into a problem and he frowned as he altered it and tried running it again. He shook his head and crossed the room, going to the panel next to the door and started running the necessary connections. He could feel the tension ratcheting up with every passing second and he knew at any second it was going to explode.

“What’s taking so long?”

“Someone’s doin’ their best to keep us from accessing this door.”

“Yeah, and it’s takin’ too long.”

“I can bypass the locking mechanism this way, it just takes a little longer. Almost there.” He knew they were cutting it close, but he was doing his best.

“Let him work,” Val said before Brody could push further. She shot a worried look at Bane, who was resting his weight against the wall, sweat beading up on his forehead.

“Once Padre blows that wall the cat’s gonna be outta the bag and they’re gonna be on us. If we’re not there just after he takes it down we’re gonna run into more problems and we’ve already taken a damn beating.”

“I know that,” she hissed, her eyes still on Bane.

He fell silent and shot an impatient glance at Whitman. He knew how to use a computer but he knew the guy was well above his skill level. He tensed when Whitman cracked his knuckles and went to work on the keyboard again. Several long minutes later he heard the tumblers inside the locking mechanism turn over and fast on the heels of that an explosion rocked the compound.

“We need to hurry,” Brody muttered and glanced around when the wall moved. “The corridor’s clear for now.”

They moved out into the corridor, fanning out to avoid making themselves a bigger target than they already were. They made their way down the hallway, heading for the infirmary that was getting closer with every step. Smoke and debris littered the area outside the entry to their destination and the door facing the infirmary from across the hall was blocked, but they could hear people on the other side working to get through it.

Stone by stone it came down and Brody could see his spotter’s face. He smirked and helped to free the way. “Good job.”

“You look like you tangled with the devil himself,” Padre said and shook his head as his assessing gaze moved over Brody.

“It was probably worse.”

The shorter man chuckled gruffly and gave the assassin a hand over the debris. “We’re almost outta this shithole. We’ve set explosives throughout their motor pool and taken one of their vehicles to get us back down to our own. Soon as we’re loaded up and on our way we’ll light ‘em up.”

“Good work,” he agreed and as soon as he was on the other side, he turned to help the others.

Kyle waited as Val got Michael out and then Alex and Liz. He nodded when she stepped back to cover him while he exited through the gaping hole in the wall, careful with the man he carried. He knew well enough that the oblivion of unconsciousness would be welcome in his condition but he also knew it could be dangerous after a certain point.

Padre looked at the group. “Still on full count.”

Brody nodded as he followed his spotter’s gaze. Several of the men were a little the worse for wear but so far they were all accounted for and still on their own feet. “Let’s see if our luck holds.”

“Let’s get outta here.” Val went up to Bane to steady him. “We’ve been here for too long already.”

He was doing his best to avoid slowing them down but he knew it was a lost battle. Between the bullet in his shoulder and the piece of rebar in his thigh he was losing more blood than he could keep track of and the grinding pain where his leg was impaled was doing a number on his nerves.

“You just need to hold on a bit longer,” she muttered and pushed him forward, her eyes on Alex to see if he was there too.

“Still here,” Alex said and his stride slowed when he felt Liz falter. They were outside of the compound now and she was getting heavier as her body began to crash. Figuring if they got shot at the attack would come from behind them he hurried to pull his flak jacket off and pull it over her head, securing the sides with the velcro straps. He shifted his stance and lifted her up across his shoulders in a fireman’s carry. At least that way if she took a bullet to the back the Kevlar would stop it from cutting through either of them.

Brody and Padre waited until everyone had made it outside and then followed as well, their eyes remaining on the building while they walked backwards with their weapons held up.

“I’ve got that feeling in my gut that says there’s more comin’,” the shorter man muttered.

“You’re not the only one.”

He nodded. Something just felt off. There was no way they’d killed everyone in the compound in spite of their best efforts to do so. They should be taking fire but suddenly they weren’t being faced with the enemy and no one was taking shots at them. Every hair on his body was standing up, warning him that something big was about to happen.

Brody frowned while his eyes shifted over the building. No movement. Nothing. He tried to make sense of it while he turned his head to look at the others.

His eyes widened suddenly when they met the men who had reached the vehicles again. “Get the hell a-”

His words faded in the massive sound of the explosion that rocked the area when one of them started the engine. He felt the blast tugging on his body and only remained on his feet for another second.

Regardless of his intentions, Bane couldn’t hold it in when the blast threw him back against the rock face and the impact jarred the rebar. He turned the air blue with every filthy word and phrase he’d ever learned. His leg was on fire and he was certain the damn rod had moved, possibly penetrating deeper.

Alex shook his head, instantly regretting the move as he blinked against the wetness dripping into his right eye. He brought a hand up to touch his face and frowned when it came away covered in blood. “Liz...” He shifted into a sitting position, trying to recall what had just happened while looking around for the woman he had been carrying.

“Alex. Alex, look at me.”

He jerked away when something bright hit him in the eyes.

Concussion, Val concluded in a matter of seconds. The wound on the side of his head was going to require stitches or staples, but about the only thing she could do for him now was slap a field dressing on it and keep him conscious.

“Where’s Liz?” he muttered, confused.

“She’s no worse than she was. You took the brunt of the impact.” She reached for his arm. “Can you get to your feet? We’ve gotta get to the vehicles before they take them all out.”

He blinked a few times then got up. “Yeah, yeah, I think I can do it.”

“Good. I’ll help you get Liz up and then you follow me. I’ve gotta get Bane because he’s not gonna be able to walk on his own right now.” She had no idea how many of their team had been lost in the explosion but there were only two vehicles remaining and if they couldn’t get to one of them and get out it was all over.

“Okay, go, I got her,” Alex waved her off, knowing they had no time for fussing and his head was clear enough to work the basics.

She was proud of how he’d handled himself under pressure and she felt that feeling increase with his response now. Shelving those thoughts she hurried back over to Bane and took his hand when he held it out to her, pulling him to his feet and wedging her shoulder up under his arm to support him.

“Where’s Valenti?”

“Valenti’s still kickin’ and thinkin’ it’s time to retire for good when this’s over,” Kyle grunted as he passed them still carrying Evans. He’d been shielded from the worst of the blast but he’d taken a direct hit to his ribs and he suspected several of them were cracked and possibly broken.

Michael groaned when he was pulled to his feet and nausea rushed through him for a second.

“You’ve been smacked around good today,” Brody appeared on his other side to help. “Let’s move.”

“Did anyone see Janus go down?” he grunted.

“Didn’t see the motherfucker and neither did Padre. Probably wasn’t here.”

“Damn shame. I’d like to put a bullet between his eyes and watch the lights go out.”

“Maybe you’ll get your chance, Bane.”

They moved closer to the vehicles and Brody kept his eyes out for any sign that another explosion would rattle them, but so far nothing.

“No maybe about it.” He grabbed onto the roll bar and hauled himself up into the seat when they reached the one farthest back. He’d see Janus dead.

Val crouched down at the open door and ripped a piece of her shirt off to tie it above the iron rod in Bane’s thigh. His pants were soaked in blood and they needed to stop the bleeding now.

He was feeling a little lightheaded and he knew it was due to blood loss. “How long before we’re back home?” It wasn’t a word that had ever held any significance for him but somehow it was different this time. It wasn’t the location; it was who was waiting there at that location that made it home. And somehow that scared him more than any bullet ever had.

“About three hours, give or take a bit.”

He nodded, wondering if he could stay conscious that long. “What’s our casualty count?”

“Can’t say for certain,” she said when she went to sit behind him. “Five to ten.”

Considering their numbers that was fairly high. “And our team?” He was only referring to the four of them and their two civilians. He rubbed his temples and wondered when Whitman had stopped being a civilian to his way of thinking.

“Hearts are beating, Bane,” Kyle checked the review mirror before he started the engine, silently praying there was no bomb attached to it.

He dropped his head back against the headrest and sighed tiredly. This one had been close. It wasn’t like they hadn’t gone up against tough odds before, wasn’t like they hadn’t had close calls before, but this was the first time he’d ever just wanted it to be over. “What about you?” he asked as he rolled his head to look at his friend. “Any new ventilation holes in that thick hide?”

“I’m by far better than you, dickhead.”

He laughed at the normal response in a situation that was far from normal. “That any way to talk to a guy with a piece of rebar stickin’ outta his body?”

“It’s just a small one,” Kyle shrugged. He knew his friend’s condition was serious, they all knew it.

“Yeah, just an oversized iron splinter.” He closed his eyes and let the rhythm of the tires on the rutted road lull him into a restless doze. There was no way to fall asleep with the vehicle bouncing around because of all the ruts the tires kept running through and he knew it couldn’t be avoided.

Val leaned back over the seat to look into the last row of seats in the truck, where Max and Liz were lying. Neither of them was conscious at this point and she checked their pulses with two of her fingers.

“You need any help?” Alex asked.

“No,” she muttered while pulling the seatbelts tighter around them. “There’s not much we can do for them until we reach a safer location. Their wounds are bleeding but not to a degree that puts them in danger. Their pulse is weak but not alarmingly weak.” She moved back to sit in her seat and used both of her hands to brush the straps of the backpack and the loose panels of his jacket away. “You okay? Any wounds that-”

Alex stilled her hands. “I’m okay. Just a few bruises. No bullets in me.”

Her eyes met his and she nodded wordlessly before pulling back.

“What about you?”

“Nothing major,” she waved him off.

He met her gaze evenly. “Would you tell me if there was?”

“What’d I just say?” she bit out.

“She took a bullet to the gut,” Kyle answered when she started to get pissy.

“If I need you to answer for me I’ll let you know, Valenti.”

He shrugged, unconcerned with her attitude. “It impacted with the vest, just don’t know if it was a ribcage hit or soft tissue. Could be just bruising or could be cracked ribs.”

“Whatever it is, it’s nothing major,” Val pressed again and checked the car behind them where Brody was following. They still weren’t out of the danger zone and an attack by the enemy was possible. “Gimme your gun,” she smacked Kyle’s shoulder.

“You see somethin’?” he asked, checking the rearview mirror while handing her what she had asked for.

“Not yet, but in case we run up against them, let me handle it. You just focus on driving on this shitty road, clear?”

“Aye aye,” he saluted.

She rolled her eyes and one hand moved to the front seat to check on Bane. He smacked it away halfheartedly. “I’m not dead, yet.”

“Yeah, well, I’d like to make sure you stay that way.” She wasn’t sure she and Bane could be called friends but she knew without a doubt she could trust him to have her back and he’d trusted her for the same on more than one occasion. She couldn’t even say she could define the word friend but she supposed if anyone came close it would be him.

Alex pulled his laptop out and opened it up, frowning at the crack in the screen. “I had a feeling,” he muttered more to himself than anyone else.


He glanced at Val and turned the laptop in her direction so she could see the damage for herself.

“Better the laptop than you,” was all she said as she turned to scan the landscape again.

“What is it?”

She shook her head when Kyle spoke up and she met his gaze in the rear view mirror. “I don’t know, just got a bad feeling.”

The sound of helicopter rotors suddenly became audible and she whipped her head around in an effort to locate the source of the sound. “Shit!”

“What?” Bane shifted around to get a look and pain shot through his leg, drawing a guttural curse from him. “Sonofabitch,” he swore when he caught sight of the M230 Chain Gun mounted and prepared to fire. “That thing fires 600 plus rounds per minute.”

Alex swallowed. It was one thing to be out there in the danger when you had stuff to concentrate on, but it couldn’t be compared with the feeling of being trapped in a car while death was literally hovering over their heads.

“I can’t take this shit any longer,” Val groaned about the same time as the radio crackled and Brody’s voice came over it. “Got enough ammo left to give us some cover?”

She frowned and keyed the mike when it became hard to understand everything he was saying because of the sounds of the vehicles as well as the helicopter. “It won’t last long. What’s the plan?”

“Fire on them with everything you’ve got. It’ll hopefully be enough to make them follow you while we fall back. I’ll take care of the rest.”

Bane grunted at the man’s words. He knew they didn’t have much choice but to trust the man, there was no time for questions. “Let’s give ‘em hell.” He bent to grab the machine gun at his feet and rolled the window down before checking on Val. “You ready?”

She nodded in determination and did the same. In the space of a heartbeat they started to fire and it only took seconds before the man behind the loaded weapon on the helicopter started to fire back.

Kyle made a face. It was next to impossible to keep the vehicle at a steady pace on the pitted road and it made avoiding the flying bullets a challenge. “Sorry about the bumps, guys,” he yelled over the noise, “they should’ve used some of that dirty money to fuckin’ pave the road.”

Bane could feel the protest in his body with every shot he fired. The loss of blood had reached a level where he would soon be fighting for consciousness. His eyes moved to the other vehicle quickly while he reloaded and he watched as Brody leaned out the window with a rocket launcher in his hands.

Alex leaned forward over the seat. “How much force can this vehicle take?” He’d read up on bulletproof glass and was disappointed to learn that the term wasn’t quite as true as people believed. The glass could provide enhanced protection but it wasn’t guaranteed to stop a bullet – and they weren’t being targeted by someone intending to fire off a single shot. Even glass that was bullet resistant could be penetrated if the force was great enough.

“They’ll be using 30mm rounds.” He glanced at the man in the rearview mirror. “They’re used because of their ability to pierce armored vehicles.”

He nodded and leaned back, shifting in an effort to get a look at the vehicle following them at a distance. He strained to see what was going on and after a few seconds his eyes locked on Brody’s form and the weapon he was balancing on his right shoulder. The man was sitting on the open window frame as he drew a bead on the enemy aircraft. He was mentally scrambling as he tried to identify the weapon. He’d been studying everything about weapons that he could get his hands on, wanting to have an idea of what was being used during the mission since he never knew when one of them might insist he use something he’d never before held in his hands.

FIM-92B… or was it one of the upgraded versions? He shook his head. From this distance he didn’t have a prayer of identifying it beyond it being one of the FIM-92 models. He jumped when he felt a searing heat against his left calf and he looked down, his eyes widening at the smoking hole in the floorboard between his feet. He reached out, carefully pressing his palm against his leg and frowning when he felt the burning sensation. He snapped his flashlight on and checked, feeling his stomach roll nauseatingly when he saw the wound. The heat from the bullet had been hot enough to cauterize the wound before it even had time to start bleeding.

His head smacked into the seat in front of him when the brakes were suddenly applied with force seconds before the vehicle was violently turned. He sat up in time to see the night sky lit up by a bright flare of light and his eyes widened as a secondary explosion quickly followed the first and the burning wreckage of the helicopter crashed to the desert floor.

“Bulls eye,” Kyle raised a fist and grinned at Val in the rearview mirror.

“Right on time,” Val said with relief and radioed Brody. “Nice job.”

It crackled a few times before the man’s voice could be heard. “We’d better get outta here before they send another one up. Go right at the rock formation. You’ll see a narrow path open up between them.”

“What if they’re waitin’ for us in there?”

Although the connection was bad, it was easy to hear the pissed off tone in Brody’s voice when he responded. “I wouldn’t suggest it if I wasn’t sure it was clear.”

She rolled her eyes and looked at Kyle briefly. “You heard him.”

“Val,” Alex called her to get her attention and when she looked at him he nodded in Bane’s direction.

Frowning, she leaned between the seats to have a look at him and when he didn’t toss a smart ass comment out, the lines on her forehead deepened. Grabbing the radio again, she used her free hand to check his pulse. “Brody, we need to take proper care of Bane’s wound or he’s gonna bleed to death before we make it outta here.”

Brody shot a look at his spotter. “We can’t hold ‘em off indefinitely.”

Padre pulled his eyes from the road for a moment to look at the other man. “No,” he muttered in agreement. He waited to see if his companion would continue. He’d learned to read Brody over the years and if he spoke up then he’d know his input wasn’t needed. If the man didn’t speak it would be a silent invitation to share his opinion. When he didn’t speak he nodded. “The best that can be done for him at this point is to try to stabilize him. He was bleeding badly when we left the compound and like you, Amigo, he won’t ask anyone to stop for him. Not even if that stubbornness costs him his life.”

“The mission has to be carried out at all cost.”

“The mission will be useless if we lose a key component to the fight.”

“It’ll also be useless if they pin us down and take us out. We’re not in an area that could in any way be considered secure.”

Padre motioned to the vehicle ahead of them when it slowed as they neared the rock formation. “If he isn’t stabilized before we take off he’ll die on the flight.”
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Re: THE ASSASSIN - AU/CC/Adult - Part 63 - 6/19/16

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Well things could be worse. Not sure other then them being dead how. But they could be worse.
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