Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt Epilogue 1/15/19 Complete

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 60 12/2/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Dec 02, 2018 10:25 pm

Life for Liz is taking a big turn for the better.
It's about time she had some real happiness and Max is just the one to provide that.
Max and Liz really belong together.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 60 12/2/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Fri Dec 07, 2018 2:59 pm

L-J-L 76 Max and Liz are building a good relationship. It might be a good idea if Kyle watches his mouth around Liz and Serena.

Carolyn Yes Liz's life has taken a turn for the better. Max will do everything he can to make Liz happy.

Part 61

Vinnie picked up the phone and dialed a number. He waited until it was answered.

“Hey Steve how’s my favorite little brother?”
“Vinnie I am your only brother.”
“Yeah I know. You doing ok?”
“As well as I can. Adam and I are talking about moving in together.”
“That's great. I want you to be happy.”
“Vin, you know dad threw me out when he found out I'm gay.”
“The old man is an ass. Look I know I screwed up killing that jerk that beat you up. But I am doing good in here. I am keeping this kid safe. He's gay. I only ask that he tell me who the big scum is.”
“Vin that guy from the University of Texas football team in there with you?”
“Yeah, he beat on his girl and raped her. I got some of the other guys to give him a taste of his own medicine. Now he don't go nowhere with out looking over his shoulder. My crew is going to look out for Ben on the outside. He is a good kid just had the wrong friends. My crew will make sure no one messes with Ben like they do for you.”
“Vin why you care about this guy?”
“He don’t got no one to look out for him. Look Steve I got to go bro. I will call you again soon. I really am happy you found someone you love.”
“Thanks Vin.”

Vinnie hung up the phone and walked off.


Liz kissed Max as they stood by the front door saying goodbye. Kyle had already left and Serena was waiting to talk to Liz upstairs.

“Liz, I never answered your question earlier about putting my name on the birth certificate.”
“You don't have too for a while. She won't be born for four more months.”
“I know but I already made up my mind. I want you to name me as her dad. I know what I am getting into by doing this. That if things don’t work out between us that I will still be responsible for helping to care for this little girl.”
“Do you really think things might not work out between us?”
“Of course not Liz. But I know that not every relationship works out. I know that this is new to you having someone who truly cares about you. Liz, while I do love you and am happy that you felt safe and comfortable enough to be with me today. I want you to know I don't expect us to be together like that all the time. Just spending time with you is enough for me.”
“That is why I wanted us to make love. You don't expect me to just have sex with you as the price of us being a couple. You even agreed to marry me in name only if that was the only way to prevent me from being forced to marry Bobby. Max, I love you. It wasn't until I met you that I knew that my heart could love a man.”
“I love you too Liz. I hated seeing in such a bad relationship. When you admitted to me that you didn't love Bobby, I couldn't understand how you could be in that kind of relationship with him. Serena told me you called her the night you slept with him saying you made a mistake.”
“I was fifteenth I was not ready to have sex. I listened to my mother who told me that Bobby was the best chance for me to have a man. She never believed in love of any kind. I know she hated Serena. I only recently realized that she never loved me either she only saw me as away to get the money that she wanted.”
“You know I will have the kind of money a pro football player will have.”
“I am not my mother Max. I don't care about money like that. As long as we have what we need for a comfortable life I will be happy.”
“Well once I get through school and get a job I want to give you the kind of life you deserve.”
“Max, the life I want is where I am loved and treated with respect. You already are giving me these things. Neither of us can change what happened to me in the past. We just need to look to the future.”

Max kissed Liz happy that the once broken young woman he had met months ago was now put back together.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 61 12/7/18

Postby RoswellFan68 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 5:53 pm

So will Max marry Liz before the baby is born?

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 61 12/7/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Fri Dec 07, 2018 9:33 pm

So glad that Max and Liz talked. And are finally together. Hoping Max and Liz will get married and have a happy ending together.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 61 12/7/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sat Dec 08, 2018 9:10 am

This Vinnie situation causes me some concern. I'm anxious to see how it all plays out.
Max couldn't be sweeter to Liz, of course he will take the responsibility for the little girl. Not many men would step up and do that.
Thanks for the new part, Carolyn

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 61 12/7/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Sun Dec 09, 2018 9:29 am

RoswellFan68 I wouldn't count on Max and Liz tying the knot before the baby is born.

L-J-L 76 It is good Max and Liz are talking and are together.

Carolyn Don't worry about Vinnie too much. He has done bad things but he won't hurt anyone that hasn't hurt people weaker then them. He is also believes that people should not be treated badly because of who they love. Max is the type of man any father would want for his little girl. He is stepping up to be a real man.

Part 62

Liz headed up to her room after Max left to find Serena waiting for her.

“So how was it?” asked Serena
“Rena, I am not talking with you about what Max and I did.”
“Come on Lizzie. Max had to be better then that asshole you use to let fuck you.”
“Rena, I don't want to talk about it.”
“Liz, you know I want you happy. You know that Kyle is not the first guy I have had sex with.”
“Yeah I know. That was Peter Bedford I think.”
“Pete and I got together when we were fifteen. Yes he is the one I lost my virginity too shortly after turning sixteen. We broke up six months later when I caught him in the eraser room fucking Zelda Harris. Turns out they had been fuck buddies since they were fourteen. Then there was Ryan Steward. He was nice but he was never really comfortable with sex. Yeah we had sex but he seemed uncomfortable with seeing me naked. After we broke up after five months I caught him kissing a guy. Turns out Ryan was gay. He told me he was sorry for hurting me.”
“If he was gay how was he able to perform?”
“Even a gay guy can get it up when a girl gives him oral sex or plays with his dick and balls.”
“Bobby, made me give him blow jobs. I hated it. He also once had anal sex with me. That was really painful.”

Serena just shook her head. If Bobby wasn't already in prison for a very long time she would kill him for hurting her twin.

“Kyle is my third lover. He is the best one of the three. We got together not long after Ryan and I went our separate ways. I never felt I made a mistake being with any of them. But Kyle it is different. With Kyle it's not just sex. I really love him. Nancy knows I have been having sex for a while. She actually took me to get birth control, while I know you take pills, I have always used the patch.”
“I know. Max is better then Bobby. Oh and his manhood is bigger than Bobby's.”

Serena's eyes went wide at that news. The big bad sex hog football player had a smaller dick then Max Evans!

“You got to be kidding!”
“Nope. While being with Bobby was almost always painful with Max it felt wonderful.”
“Liz, I am glad that you are finally finding out what it is like to have a caring lover. What is going on with Lisa's trial?”
“Her lawyer convinced her to take a deal. She is going to spend ten years in prison and can never have contact with me or any of my children again. The last part I insisted the D.A. put in any plea bargain.”
“Good. What about a name for my niece?”
“Well I want Max to have some say. I am naming him her father.”
“Liz is that a good idea?”
“What you want me to put that bastard's name on the birth certificate? If I did that Raymond Jackman could try and claim her then do whatever the hell he wants with my daughter. I meant what I told your roommate. If Stacey wants to be my daughter's aunt fine. I will not hold who her sperm donor is against her. As far as I know neither Bobby or his father know anything about her.”
“That wasn't what I was talking about. Liz what if things between you and Max don't work out?”
“Well then my daughter will still have a kind loving father. I love Max. He loves me. I will always be more insecure then you. Lisa made sure of that. But unlike her I am capable of love.”
“I know. I just want what's best for you.”
“I know. But I need to make my owe choices. My shrink pointed out that if I don't start doing that more I will always be controlled. I will never be controlled like I use to be again. Rena, I want to marry Max and have a family with him. Now get out of my room. I'm tired.”
“Yeah well wild monkey sex will do that to you.”

Liz let out a growl and threw a pillow at her sister.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 62 12/9/18

Postby keepsmiling7 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 5:53 pm

Liz is so lucky that Bobby is out of her life.
Serena seems very happy with Kyle and Liz is quite satisfied with Max.
Glad the birth mother of the twins will no longer cause them problems.
Wonder what name Liz and Max will come up with for "their" daughter??
It's good to see the sisters so close and able to share so much.
Thank you, Carolyn

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 62 12/9/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Sun Dec 09, 2018 7:49 pm

Love the talk Liz and Serena had. It is understandable that everyone is worried about Liz. But it seems she is doing really good. So glad Liz made sure Lisa, Raymond and Bobby have no right to see Liz's daughter. Love how Max and Liz are making plans for their future together. Crossing fingers Max and Liz will have a very happy ending together forever.

L-J-L 76

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 62 12/9/18

Postby Roswelllostcause » Tue Dec 11, 2018 2:07 pm

Carolyn Liz is lucky that Bobby is out of her life. Serena is very happy with Kyle and Liz is very, very satisfied with Max. Lisa is now gone from her daughter's lives for good. You just got to wait to find out what Max and Liz name their daughter.

L-J-L 76 Liz is doing very well now that she has a real family in her life.

Part 63

Three and a half months later

Liz waddled to the front door after the doorbell rang. Nancy had to go help her dad at the restaurant. Liz sighed her dad was short handed with her out on maternity leave and Karen out with a broken leg. She looked out the window and smiled at seeing Max standing there. She opened the door wincing as she felt a cramp in her lower body. She had been having them ever so often since last night.

“Liz are you ok?” asked Max
“Yeah just a cramp. I have been cramping since last night. I didn't get much sleep.”
“Are you sure that you aren't going into labor?”
“I'm not due for like two more weeks. The doctor told me that most first borns are a little late.”
“Liz, doesn't mean that they can't be early.”
“I will be fine as long as I sit down.”
“Fine but if this keeps up I will take you to get checked out.”
“Max, I don't need to go to a doctor.”
“We will see.”

Liz glared at Max. She couldn't believe that he was treating her like this.

“Why don't we go to my room to lay down?” asked Liz
“Sounds good. Maybe you can get some rest.”
“I was thinking of something else.”

Max raised an eyebrow at her. Liz just started to head up the stairs. He had to admit that since they made love the first time a little over three months ago his sex life had not been lacking. Unlike the past two years. They had made love at least once every time they were together. One night a month ago they had made love four times in one night. Once they reached Liz's room she closed the door and glared at him.

“Liz are you sure?”
“You seem to think I might be going into labor. I read somewhere that sex can bring it on faster. Want to give it a try?”

Max groaned knowing that unless Liz did go into labor it might be a long day. He pulled off his shirt. Liz unbuckled his belt and undid his jeans pushing them down. He stepped out of them and soon Liz was pulling her shirt off and pushing the pajama pants she was wearing down. Liz shoved him down on the bed and grabbed his dick and began to pump it while squeezing his balls causing him to groan. Once she let go seeing her desired effect on him she embedded herself on him. He grabbed her hips as she began to bounce up and down on him. His hips rocked up to meet her plunging deeper and harder into her sex.

“Max, keep going harder. You feel so good inside me.”
“Liz, you are so hot, wet and tight.”

Max began to pull her closer as he took one of her breasts in his mouth and began sucking on it. Liz lowered her mouth to his shoulder and gently started to bite down on it as each time they slammed together became harder and deeper. Finally both let out a cry as they climaxed together. They pulled apart breathing hard.

“Max?” asked Liz gasping for her breath.
“That was great. It has always been great with you. But that was….”
“I know what you are saying. You think that it will be like that after you give birth?”
“I hope it will be even better. But I will have to wait like two months after I give birth to make love to you.”
“We will have to be more careful then too. Wouldn't want you to get pregnant again right away. Besides you need time to start taking classes again even if it is only online.”
“You really don't want me to give up on my dreams do you?”
“Of course not. Liz you are this smart woman besides being beautiful. You deserve to have your dreams come true.”

Liz kissed Max then climbed out of bed and headed for the bathroom. Max just laid there with a smile on his face.

“Uh Max pass me my clothes and get dressed.” Yelled Liz
“Liz is everything ok?” asked Max pulling on his boxers and grabbing her clothes.
“Uh yeah. My water just broke is all. I need you to drive me to the hospital. You were right I was having labor pains.”
“Well seems you were right about us having sex to speed it up a little.”
“Max, we don't have sex. We make love. Sex is just an emotionless act of two people having intercourse. We love each other so we make love.”

Max smiled. He knew better then to argue with her. He finished dressing and helped Liz into his jeep. On the way to the hospital Liz called her doctor who was going to meet them there. Liz then called Serena and left her a message knowing she had gone to a movie with Kyle telling her what was going on. Then she called her dad. He told her that he and Nancy would be there as soon as they could but Michael who had come by the restaurant was on his way.

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Re: Money or Love (AU, Adult, M/L) Pt 63 12/11/18

Postby L-J-L 76 » Tue Dec 11, 2018 6:49 pm

Oh my god Liz is having her baby!

L-J-L 76

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