Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 23 Pg4 9/11/19

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 18 Pg3 7/16/19

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Hey Everyone
I wanted to say so sorry I have not posted a chapter yet. I have been working really hard on chapters. Hoping to send some chapters to beta this week. And with fingers cross I'm hoping to post a new chapter either this weekend or Monday. I hope everyone will have a chance to read the chapter and let me know what you think. I'm so sorry I have not posted a chapter yet. I hope everyone can forgive me.

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 18 Pg3 7/16/19

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Chapter 19:

“Tess Stevens said either today or tomorrow if you could,” Liz said

“I’ll go later today and fill an application out,” Tess said

“K. Let us know how it goes?” Liz asked

“You know I will. I better go I need to get ready,” Tess said

“K. Bye,” Liz said before ending the call.

After ending the call Liz turned and looked at Stevens and Snow.

“Tess said she is going to let us know how it goes,” Liz said

“Good. Hopefully Tess will be working there by this evening,” Snow said

“Yeah let’s hope,” Liz said

“Liz are you sure you want to do this?” Jeff, Philip asked

“Yes I want to do this,” Liz said

“When does Liz have to start?” Jim asked

“As soon as possible,” Snow said

Right at that moment Philip’s cell phone started to ring. Philip took the phone out of his pocket and saw that it was Michael calling. He pushed the talk button and the speaker button. After he pushed the buttons as he looked at everyone.

“Hello,” Philip said

“Hey dad it’s Michael. How is everything going?” Michael asked

“Everything is good here. Jeff, Jim and I found a place to turn into our offices,” Philip said

“Oh wow that sounds good. Is the place big enough for everyone?” Michael asked

“The place is huge,” Philip said

“That is great. So where is everyone?” Michael asked

“Maria, Liz, Isabel, Serena and guys are here with us looking at the place. The moms are shopping for a new kitchen, living room, dining room for the new building,” Philip said

“Wow. How many floors does the building have?” Max asked

“It has 6 floors and a big kitchen, living room, dining room,” Jeff said

“That sounds great,” Max said

“Yeah yeah Max,” Liz said as she rolled her eyes.

Everyone but Maria and Serena looked at Liz in shock. Liz smiled at everyone then turned and looked at Snow and Stevens.

“Dad I’m going to go ahead and talk to my friends about the thing is that OK with you?” Liz asked

“Sure. Where will you be so we can talk after this?” Jim asked

“Over by the first office door. Is that OK?” Liz asked

“Sure,” Jeff said

Jeff, Philip watched as Snow, Liz, Stevens walk over to the first door. Maria, Isabel, Serena, Alex, Kyle and Jim looked at the phone.

“Hello? What is going on?” Max asked

“Sorry Max, Michael. Liz is working on something with some friends and we are going to be helping if we can,” Jeff said

“What is Liz working on?” Max asked

“That is none of your business Max,” Liz said as she walked up to Philip.

“Liz I was just wondering what you were doing,” Max said

“Max like I said it is none of your business what I’m doing,” Liz said

“Lizzy calm down we were just wondering” Michael said

“Michael honey Liz is just a little moody. So, will you just not start,” Maria said

“Fine. How is everything with you Maria?” Michael asked

“Everything is great here. I’m starting on the planning with Liz, Isabel and Serena’s help. And we are all helping Liz and the dads,” Maria said

“What is Liz doing? Is it dangerous?” Michael asked

“No Liz is not doing anything dangerous. She is helping some friends with something,” Maria said

“Maria why can’t any of you tell me what Liz is really doing?” Michael asked

“Michael I promise I am not doing anything bad,” Liz said

“Why do I find that hard to believe?” Michael asked

“Michael I’m not OK,” Liz said

“Fine,” Michael said

“Thanks,” Liz said

“So how did everything go with the FBI?” Philip asked

“It was very interesting. After we met the boss, we got our first assignment,” Max said

“Why do you not sound happy about it?” Jeff asked

“It’s not that. We’re just trying to get set for the assignment,” Michael said

“Why does it seem there is something you are not telling us?” Jim asked

“Let’s just say that the FBI are full of surprises with what they want for their cases,” Michael said

“You know that does not sound good when you say that,” Jeff said

“Trust us we know,” Max, Michael said

“So when do you start your case?” Maria asked

“We start our case tomorrow. What about you?” Max asked

“We have been working on cases all day,” Jeff said

“Wow that is good. It seemsi9j you have been busy since we have been gone,” Max said/k69km+,

“We have,” Everyone said

“So when are you guys coming back?” Kyle asked

“Um we have to wait and see how our case goes before we know anything for sure,” Michael said

“Michael you and Max are going to be here for the wedding right?” Maria asked

“Maria honey I promise I you will be there for our wedding,” Michael said

“What about you Max? Are you going to be here for Michael and Maria’s wedding?” Isabel asked

All I will say is I will try to be there for the wedding,” Max said

“Why do I have a feeling you won’t Max?” Liz asked

“I don’t know. But I am going to try to be there,” Max said

“I guess we will have to wait and see,” Liz said

“Yeah I guess we will,” Max said

“So what are they having you do?” Jim asked

“We um start our training tomorrow morning. Then after that I guess we start working on our case,” Michael said

“Wow it seems you both are going to be busy there,” Philip said

“Yeah, I guess we will be. What are all of you going to be doing?” Michael asked

“Um get our new place fixed and ready for all of us to move in. While we are doing that Some of us will be trying to work on some cases we just got in,” Jeff said

“Wow now it seems all of you are going to be busy as we are,” Max said

“Yes we all are,” Everyone said

“Maria are you still going to be able to plan the wedding with everything going on?” Michael asked

“Yes I am still going to be able to plan the wedding,” Maria said

“Michael the girls and I are helping her. So, there are no worries. The only thing you and Max are going to have to get are your tuxes, shoes, rings, haircuts,” Liz said

“Wait no one said anything about haircuts,” Max said

“You both need haircuts before the wedding. And there is no getting out of it. So you better have your hair cut before you get here or Jim will shave your heads,” Maria said

“Maria I hope your joking about the haircuts and about shaving out heads,” Michael said

“Michael I am very, very dead serious. So, you better have your hair cut or it will be shaved,” Maria said

“Yes honey,” Michael said

“Yes Maria. Thanks a lot Michael,” Max said

“Hey how was I supposed to know?” Michael asked

“Whatever,” Max said

“Aah is Max scared of a little hair cut?” Liz asked

“Liz shut up. I bet you’re not changing anything for the wedding,” Max said

“Wouldn’t you like to know,” Liz said

“What the hell does that mean?” Max asked

“Nothing. Bye,” Liz said before walking away.

“Where did Liz go?” Max asked

“She needed to talk to her friends about somethings,” Jim said

“What the hell is going on with her?” Max asked

“Max she has a lot on her mind,” Jeff said

“I bet she does,” Max said

“Max just leave her alone. You got things you need to handle,” Michael said

“Whatever,” Max said

“So when are we going to be able to talk to you guys again?” Philip asked

“Dad that is the thing. We won’t be able to call you after today. The FBI has us under some very strict orders,” Max said

“What do you mean you won’t be able to call us? Can we call you?” Isabel asked

“The FBI said we can’t have any contact with anyone till our case is over,” Michael said

“What? Why?” Maria asked

“The FBI said it has to be that way till we finish our case,” Michael said

“How long do you think it will take?” Isabel asked

“We don’t know Isabel,” Max said

“What about our wedding Michael?” Maria asked

“Maria I’m hoping we can have the case done before our wedding,” Michael said

“You do realize that gives us 11 months to plan our wedding if we still want to get married by June 1,” Maria asked

“I know how long it gives. And I say we can do this. Don’t you?” Michael asked

“You bet your sweet ass we can with the help of our family and friends of course,” Maria said

“Of course with the help of our family and friends,” Michael said

As Michael and Maria were talking Liz walked up to Maria and stood next to her.

“You and Max both know you’re going to have to try on tuxes right and send the pictures to Maria?” Liz asked

“Yes we know,” Michael, Max said

“What are the colors of the wedding?” Serena asked

“Oh don’t worry I already know the colors for the wedding,” Maria said

“What color do our tuxes have to be Maria?” Max asked

“I’ll let you know,” Maria said as she smiled at Liz.

Everyone saw the smile Liz and Maria were giving each other and knew that Max and Michael were going to be in for a surprise when they got their tuxes.

“Will someone tell me what Maria and Liz and doing?” Michael, Max asked

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 19 Pg4 7/30/19

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Chapter 20

“Trust me you don’t want to know what they are doing,” Alex, Kyle said

“Why? Is it bad?” Michael asked

“If you call Maria and Liz smiling bad,” Alex said

“Wait. What did Alex say?” Max asked

“Maria and Liz are smiling,” Serena said

“Oh hell all the girls are smiling now. Thanks a lot Max and Michael,” Kyle said

“Oh boy,” Max, Michael said

“Don’t worry everything will be fine here,” Jeff, Philip said

“Are you both sure you can handle the girls when they are planning something?” Michael asked

“Don’t worry it can’t be too bad,” Jim said

“OK. If you are sure. We better go we need to get some sleep for our training in the morning,” Max said

“Good luck guys,” Philip said

“Thanks Philip,” Michael said

“Hope to talk to you soon,” Max said

“Same here. Be safe, Be careful,” Jeff, Philip said

“Same too you guys,” Max, Michael said before ending the call.

After the call was ended Philip put his cell phone back into his pocket and looked up and saw Liz looking at a file Snow and Stevens handed her. While Maria and others were trying to plan what would go in the front room.

“What just happened?” Philip asked

“The girls just played a little trick on the guys. Making them think the girls were up to something when they really were not up to anything,” Jeff said

“That was very sneaky of the girls,” Philip said

“Of course it was. Now Max and Michael are going to be wondering and worried that the girls are up to something. When they really are not doing anything,” Jim said

“Who taught them the trick?” Philip asked

“They taught themselves the trick,” Jeff said

“Very sneaky girls,” Philip said

“Thanks,” Girls said

“So back to the case. Is there anything you both can tell us?” Jeff asked

“Here is the file. You can read everything we have on the guy,” Snow said as he handed Jeff the file.

Jeff opened the file to se-ee what they had one the guy.

“The guy’s name is Grant Swanson. He is 22 years old. He works for Mr. Miller, Mrs. Filler, Mr. Filler in a business/warehouse company downtown. Grant works as their handy man. It seems Grant goes to a club called Hot Bells. You must be 21 to get into the club. He lives in an apartment about 4 blocks from where he works. Grant goes to a gym called Gym 4 you,” Jeff said

“Liz how are you going to meet this guy?” Alex asked

“Easy I’ll go to the club and try to bump into him there. If that doesn’t work, I will I try the gym. There has to be a way to meet him,” Liz said

“Liz is right there must be a way,” Maria said

“Do you think you can get him to notice you?” Philip asked

“With our help any guy will notice Liz,” Isabel, Serena said

“They have a point,” Maria said

“Thanks Maria,” Liz said

“No problem girl,” Maria said

“All we are probably going to have to worry about is Tess getting the secretary job,” Serena said

“Hopefully,” Isabel said

“Isabel be nice,” Maria said

“Sorry,” Isabel said

“We better get started on planning how Liz is going to be meeting this Grant guy,” Jim said

“Snow, Stevens how long are you both going to be here on this case?” Jeff asked

“We can probably be here for a couple of months then we will have to report to our boss,” Snow said

“Good that should give all of us enough time to get Liz close to this Grant guy don’t you think?” Philip asked

“Yes Sir,” Stevens said nervously

Liz, Jeff, Philip, Jim notice how nervous Stevens and Snow were. Liz walked up to Stevens, Snow and grabbed them by their arms and took the across the room. When they were cross the room Liz made sure to block their view of the dads as she looked at them.

“What is going on?” Liz asked

“Nothing,” Snow said

“Bullshit. Why are you both so nervous around Jeff, Philip and Jim?” Liz asked

“Liz you know they always make us nervous,” Stevens said

“I know they can be scary sometimes. But don’t worry if you don’t piss them off they won’t hurt you,” Liz said

“Gee thanks for the cheer up,” Snow said

“Always. Now come on let’s go back,” Liz said

“Fine,” Snow, Stevens said

Snow, Liz, Stevens walked back to Jeff, Philip, Jim and others. They all looked at each other.

“So is everything settled?” Jim asked

“Yes everything is settled,” Liz said

“Good. Now that we got that all settled Liz there is something you need to know,” Jim said

“What?” Liz asked

“Jackson has a hearing in front of the board in a couple of months,” Jim said

“What?” Liz yelled

“Liz you need to calm down. I’m trying to find anything I can to keep him in prison,” Jim said

“Unbelievable,” Liz said

“Um sorry for asking this but who is Jackson?” Stevens asked

“Trust me you don’t want to know,” Maria said

“What will happen if Jackson gets out while Liz is working on this case for us?” Snow asked

“Let’s just hope he won’t,” Jim said

“Jim I agree with Snow and Stevens what will happen if Jackson does get out?” Liz asked

“If Jackson does get out then everything goes out the window,” Jim said

“What?” Snow asked

“It means Liz will have to go into protection,” Serena said

“Liz why would you need to go into protection for?” Stevens asked

“Jackson was a case I was working on a year ago. No one but Dad and Philip knew about it at the time,” Liz said

“Wow you have been very busy,” Snow said

“Of course I have,” Liz said

“Well let’s worry about this Grant Swanson guy first. If Jackson get out we will worry about him then OK,” Jim said

“Fine,” Everyone said

“Good. Liz do you really think Tess will be able to get a job at the office?” Jim asked

“Jim you know Tess will. She types faster than anyone we know,” Liz said

“That is true,” Jim said

“Lets change the subject. So, are you guys really going to buy this place?” Liz asked

“Yes. So, what do you all think?” Jeff, Philip asked

“This is will be great. There is a huge room I was thinking that Alex and Kyle could turn into a tech room. What do you think dad and Philip?” Liz asked

“Now that would be a great idea. We could tint the windows so now one could tell what is going on in the room,” Philip said

“That could work,” Jeff said

“What about the rest of the offices? There is like 6 left,” Alex asked

“Easy 3 offices will be turned into a big training room. So that way all of you will train and be ready for anything. One office will be for Max and Michael whenever they come back. And the last 2 offices will be for Liz and the girls,” Philip said

“Wow you have everything planned,” Kyle said

“Yes we did,” Jeff, Philip said

“What about the above us?” Kyle asked

“Oh that part is easy. Each floor will have 2 apartments,” Jeff said

“Who will be staying where though?” Alex asked

“First Floor will have an apartment and a meeting room. So that means from 2nd floor to the last floor will all have 2 apartments. Now all we must decide is who gets what floor,” Philip said

“I want to be on the first floor,” Liz said

“Why?” Jeff said

“Dad I just want to,” Liz said

“OK,” Jeff said

“So who wants to be on the second floor?” Philip asked

“Me,” Maria, Isabel said

“OK. That was easy,” Philip said

“Who wants to be on the 3rd floor?” Jeff asked

“Serena and I will take that floor,” Kyle said

“So that mean Max will be taking the 4th floor,” Philip said

“What about the rest?” Jim said

“We will just leave them as apartments in case someone has to stay late here to work,” Jeff said

“That sounds like a plan,” Jim said.

“Are you still keeping your homes?” Liz asked

“Yes. These apartments are in case late-night work,” Jeff said

“It seems everything is planned out,” Liz said

“One question though. When do we start?” Alex asked

“Philip, Jim and I were planning on starting this today,” Jeff said

“Good. We want to help,” Everyone said

“What about the Grant Swanson case?” Philip asked

“We will wait to hear from Tess to see if she gets the job before we start on Grant,” Snow said

“OK. If you are all sure,” Jeff said

“We are all sure. So, where do we start?” Alex, Kyle asked

“How about we make some calls for some help and try to start working in the offices, kitchen, dining room, living room. What does everyone say?” Philip asked

“Sounds like a great plan,” Everyone said

“Dad where are mom and Diane?” Liz asked

“Nancy and Diane are shopping for everything for the kitchen, dining room, living room,” Philip said

“Cool. Can’t wait to find out what they will come up with,” Maria said

“I guess we will have to wait and see what they bring back with them,” Jeff said

“Jeff, Philip when are you wanting to open this place up by?” Snow asked

“We are hoping before the end of next month,” Jeff said

“Why are you asking so many questions?” Philip asked

“I am thinking we may need more help if you guys were hoping to open this place sooner,” Snow said

“Oh. That seem like a good idea. We could use all the help we can get,” Jeff said

“Good. Snow while you’re helping I’ll go ahead and make some call then you could can,” Stevens said

“Sound like a plan. So, where do we start?” Snow asked

“I think we need to start with knocking some walls down,” Jim said

“Sounds like a plan. Liz you and the girls need to see if the 2 walls in your office need to be knocked out. Sorry we have not checked it,” Jeff said

“Dad don’t worry we can handle it,” Liz said as she and the girls walked away.

Liz and the girls walked down the hallway to the last 2 offices. Liz, Maria walked in the first office while Isabel and Serena walked into the other office. When the girls looked around the offices, they saw that the wall had to go. After a few minutes looking at the office Isabel and Serena walked out of the office and saw Liz and Maria waiting for them in the hallway.

“So, what do you think?” Liz asked

“I say we got to get rid of the wall. I have a few ideas though,” Isabel said

“Good. I don’t know about the rest if you. But I want to get that wall down,” Liz said

“Let’s do it then,” Maria said

“Really?” Liz asked

“Yeah really. This is going to be our office,” Maria said

“What do you say Isabel and Serena?” Liz asked

“Yes. Let’s do it,” Isabel, Serena said

“OK then,” Liz said

“Come on let’s grab some tools,” Maria said

Liz, Maria, Isabel, Serena walked up the hallway to the front desk. When they got to the front desk the girls saw that the dads and the guys were gone. Maria saw some sledgehammers on the front desk she grabbed her and the girls the sledgehammers. She handed the girls the sledgehammers. The girls walked down the hallway to their office. Liz and Maria walked in the first office while Isabel and Serena walked into the second office. The girls walked up to the wall and started to hit the wall with the sledgehammer.

Meanwhile in Jeff, Philip’s Office:
Jeff, Philip and Jim were on their cell phones calling for workers. While Snow and Stevens were trying to order the tools that would be needed to get everything finished. After being on the phone for while the guys end the calls and looked at each other.

“So what did you find out?” Jeff asked

“Well we will have some help either this evening or tomorrow morning,” Philip said

“Snow, Stevens what about you guys?” Jeff asked

“Everything we will need will be here this evening,” Stevens said

“How did you pull that off?” Philip asked

“I just told our boss what was going on and he said he will get everything we need,” Steven said

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 20 Pg4 8/7/19

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Chapter 21

“Wow that is some boss you have Snow and Stevens,” Jeff said

“Thanks,” Stevens said

“Are Nancy and Diane going to try to make this place homey?” Snow asked

“We think so. But you never know,” Philip said

“Jim just between us in this room do you think Jackson will be free?” Stevens asked

“That is hard to say. I heard he got a new lawyer. So, you never know what is going to happen,” Jim said

“But you are worried though?” Jeff asked

“Yeah I’m worried a little. Because I know Liz won’t stop doing what she does,” Jim said

“Liz is head strong,” Snow said

“Wonder where she got that from?” Philip asked

“I say from Nancy,” Jeff said

“No I say from you and Nancy,” Philip, Jim said

“Is it a good thing or a bad thing that Liz is head strong?” Stevens asked

“Sometimes it is a good thing and other times it is a bad thing,” Jeff said

“Why is it a bad thing?” Snow asked

“Because Liz never wants to back down from anything. She wants to try and do everything she can on her own,” Jeff said

“Jeff I think that is a good thing sometimes,” Snow said

“Don’t get me wrong. Sometimes it is good and sometimes it is not. But you never know with Liz though,” Philip said

“I can understand that. But I think that sometimes it is a good thing too,” Stevens said

“That is true,” Jeff, Philip said

“Come on we better tell Liz and the girls that the contractors will be here to tear down the walls in the morning,” Jim said

As Philip, Jeff, Jim and guys were walking out of the office they heard very loud music and banging. They all looked at each other then followed the noise. When they got to where the noise was coming from Philip, Jeff opened the door and saw Liz, Maria, Serena, Isabel taking sledgehammers to a half wall. Philip, Jeff, Jim and guys walked in and watched as Liz and the girls were hitting the wall very hard with the sledgehammers. The guys all looked at each other then looked at the girls in shocked. They could not believe how Liz and the girls could knock the wall down so easily.

“Um Jeff, Philip if Liz and the girls are hitting the wall like that something has pissed them off,” Snow said

“You think?” Alex, Kyle asked

“Great. Now I wonder what has the girls so mad,” Jim said

“Who knows,” Stevens said

“I say we get out of here before they see us,” Stevens said

“I agree,” Snow, Alex, Kyle said

“Why?” Philip asked

“Trust us you don’t want to know,” Alex said

As the guys were backing away Liz and the girls started to sing” Black Magic by Little Mix”. The dad and the guys were shocked as they watched the girls singing and hitting the wall with sledgehammers. Philip, Jeff, Jim, guys walked backwards out of the office. After they were out of the office Snow shut the door and turned and looked at the dad and the guys.

“What the hell?” Jeff asked

“I guess the girls like to sing while hitting something,” Snow said

“I guess so,” Philip, Jeff, Jim said

“I got an idea let’s put an X on what wall we want knocked down.” Kyle said

“Now that sounds like a plan,” Jeff, Philip said

“Let’s go check the tech room and the workout room,” Jim said

“Good plan,” Jeff said

The guys walked down the hallway to the other offices that they planned to change. Philip, Jeff, Jim took black spray cans and put a huge X on 3 walls. When they walked out of the room, they saw Liz and girls standing in front of them covered in dirt from head to toes.

“What are you girls up to?” Jeff asked

“Dad we knocked down our wall. Tomorrow if it is OK with you, we are going to get some paint for the room,” Liz said

“That is fine,” Jeff said

“What color is the office going to be?” Alex asked

“We agreed to have to walls eggshell white,” Isabel said

“Are you going to have carpet? Curtains? Blinds in the office?” Kyle asked

“We are not going to tell you what we are going to do,” Serena said

“Why?” Jim asked

“We want it to be a surprise,” Maria said

“All of you agreed to this?” Philip asked

“Yes. We are going to start our shopping tomorrow morning,” Isabel said

“After our shopping we come here and work on it. You guys are going to love it,” Liz said

“As long as you girls agree on the decorations and everything it should be fine,” Jeff said

“Cool,” Girls said

“Liz have you heard from Tess yet?” Stevens asked

“No. Don’t worry I will,” Liz said

“Liz tomorrow while we are getting everything for our office we should get you some new clothes to get Grant to notice you,” Isabel said

“Are you sure?” Liz asked

“Yeah we need to get you ready. Plus, we might need to check the club he goes to. So that way we can figure out how we can get him to notice you too,” Serena said

“Um, yeah,” Liz said

“Don’t worry it won’t be that bad,” Isabel said

“We will see,” Liz said

“Liz just think this will help come up with a game plan,” Maria said

“Maybe,” Liz said

“Dad what time are those contractors coming tomorrow?” Isabel asked

“Tomorrow morning why?” Philip asked

“Good. Can you keep them out of our office while we are gone?” Isabel asked

“Yeah,” Philip said

“Thanks dad. Snow, Stevens you are going to be coming with us,” Isabel said

“What? Why?” Snow, Stevens asked

“Because we are going to need your help with everything we need for the office. Since Alex is going to be making some spy gear for Lizzie here,” Isabel said

“Wait. I’m doing what?” Alex asked

Isabel turned and put her hands on Alex’s check and pulled him towards her and kissed him. Then she took a step back and looked at him.

“Let me finish talking honey,” Isabel said before turning and looking at Snow, Stevens.

Everyone stood there in shock as Isabel said that and then looked at guys. Liz, Maria and Serena smiled as they looked at Alex then Isabel. Snow and Stevens looked at Isabel as if she had changed into another person. While Jeff, Philip, Jim just acted like they were not paying attention to what was going on.

“So Snow, Stevens you both need to be at the parents’ house by 8am tomorrow,” Isabel said

“What if we don’t?” Stevens asked

Isabel had a very serious look on her face when she looked at Snow and Stevens. When they saw the look on her face they were both scared to death of her.

“If you don’t then you know that training you went through,” Isabel said

“Yeah,” Snow, Stevens said

“ It will look like a walk in the park when I am done with the both of you,” Isabel said with a smile on her face.

“You wouldn’t do that to us,” Snow said

“Really?” Isabel asked

“Liz wouldn’t let her do that to us. Would you Liz?” Stevens asked

“I’m staying out of this,” Liz said as she raised her hand and took a step back.

“Liz seriously?” Snow asked

“Yes seriously,” Liz said

“What about Jeff, Philip, Jim?” Stevens asked

“Sorry boys we learned a long time ago you never go against a woman,” Jeff said

“Your on your own there,” Philip, Jim said

“Gee thanks,” Snow said

“No problem,” Liz, friends said

“Just tell her you will help us. It will go more smoothly,” Kyle said

“Fine. We will help you girls tomorrow,” Snow said

“But we also want to be here to help the guys with the contractors,” Stevens said

“We know,” Girls said

“What time is it anyway?” Maria asked

“It is 5pm. Nancy and Diane should be here anytime if we are lucky,” Philip said

“Are we waiting for them?” Serena asked

“Yeah we are waiting for them,” Jeff said

“Dad you just want to see what they got,” Liz said

“Yeah that is true.” Jeff said

“Knew it,” Liz said

“I guess you did,” Jeff said

“Jeff, Philip with all the help you are getting how long do you think it will take?” Alex asked

“In a guess I say we will have everything fixed and finished without stopping or problems by 3 to 4 weeks,” Jim said

“Is that what you wanted?” Kyle asked

“No I was hoping sooner. But I guess we will have to wait and see how everything goes,” Jeff said

“True,” Everyone said

“Jeff, Philip do you think it will be OK to paint the walls once they are finished eggshell white?” Isabel asked

“You would need to talk to Nancy, Diane about that. How many of the walls are we talking about?” Philip asked

“I’ll ask mom and Nancy when they get here. But I was thinking of having all the wall white till we get to the inside of the apartments. You know make everything look classic outside and down here. But when we get to where we live, we have it the way we want. What do you think?” Isabel asked

“That does seem nice plan. But like Philip said you need to talk to Nancy and Diane about it,” Jeff said

“I plan too,” Isabel said

Right at that moment Nancy, Diane walked in with 6 Walmart, Lowes bags. They walked up to Philip, Jeff and everyone and set the bags down.

“Hey mom. How was shopping?” Liz asked

“It was great. We got some curtains, blinds and everything we need for the bathrooms, kitchen, waiting room and dining room,” Diane said

“Where is everything?” Kyle asked

“All out in the in the delivery truck,” Nancy said

“Delivery truck?” Snow asked

“Yes delivery truck,” Nancy said

“Oh before we forget we got paint for the wall in the kitchen, hallway, dining room and waiting room,” Diane said

“You did. What color did you pick?” Jim asked

“Nancy and I picked eggshell white for the rooms. We even decided on the color for the wall in the hallways where the apartments are,” Nancy said

“Wow you, Nancy and Isabel all have the same idea,” Snow said

“We did. Great minds think a lot,” Diane said

“So is everyone ready to help us unload the huge delivery truck?” Nancy asked

“Sure,” Everyone said as they walked out to the truck yo start to unload it.

“Oh Nancy, Diane before I forget the contractors will be here tomorrow morning to knock the walls,” Jeff said

“Great. Liz honey why are you and the girls so dirty?” Diane asked as she handed Liz a box.

“Oh um we knocked a wall down to our office,” Liz said before she walked into the building.

“You did?” Nancy asked

“Yes. We were trying to get our office ready,” Isabel said before following Liz into the building.

“Wow already?” Diane asked

“We just wanted to get the office painted and do some other things before we had to put the desks and things in,” Serena said as she was about to walk off.

“Good thinking,” Nancy said before handing the girls another box.

“Thanks,” Girls said before walking away again.

“So did you hear from Max and Michael?” Diane asked

“Yes we heard from them,” Philip said

“How did that go?” Nancy asked

“Well we find out they start their training tomorrow. They also start working on a case,” Jeff said

“Wow,” Diane said

“Will they be coming home to visit?” Nancy asked

As Nancy asked that Liz and others stood next to the truck and looked at Jeff and Philip.

“Um no they won’t be able to come home or contact us for a while after they called us,” Philip said

“What? Are you serious?” Diane, Nancy yelled

“Yes when they told us they were very serious,” Jeff said

“You know that is not a good sign,” Nancy said

“That is how their boss wanted it,” Philip said

“That is so unbelievable,” Diane said

“We know. But what can we do?” Jim asked

“This is so crazy and dangerous what they are doing,” Nancy said

“Mom you know how Max and Michael are,” Isabel said

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 21 Pg4 8/16/19

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Chapter 22

“Of course I know how Max and Michael are. But that still doesn’t make me feel better,” Diane said

“Mom I don’t think anyone feels better about it,” Isabel said

“I hope whatever they are working on they don’t do something stupid or dumb,” Nancy said

“Mom,” Liz said

“You know Diane and I worry about all of you,” Nancy said

“We know mom,” Liz said

“We better get all these boxes unloaded before we leave,” Diane said

“How many boxes do we have left?” Alex asked as he walked up and stood next to Liz.

“I say we got about 50 boxes to unload,” Diane said

“What?” Everyone yelled with shocked looks on their faces.

“Yeah. So, let’s get to work,” Nancy, Diane said as they handed out more boxes.

“Mom are all of these supposed to go in the front room?” Isabel asked

“Yes,” Diane, Nancy said

“OK,” Everyone said

As they unloaded all the boxes from the truck and put them in the front room Jim, Philip, Jeff noticed how the boxes were filling the room quickly. After all the boxes were unloaded and in the room, everyone turned and looked at each other.

“So, everything in the truck is in here?” Philip asked

“Yes. Now we need to put the paint against the wall. We need to figure out where to put the curtains, kitchen ware, dining room things before the contractor come,” Diane said

“Yes dear,” Jeff, Philip said

“Good let’s start,” Diane said

Liz and the girls grabbed the lite stuff while Alex and the guys carried the heavy stuff. After they got everything rearranged Liz and the girls sat on the desk while the guys stood next to them looking at Jeff, Nancy, Philip, Diane and Jim.

“Is that everything?” Alex asked

“Yes. Now all we must do is be here tomorrow. What time did you say the contractors will be here?” Diane asked

“We need to be here before 8am if we don’t want to miss them,” Philip said

“Really?” Nancy asked

“Yes really,” Jeff said

“Well that won’t give us any time to do anything tonight,” Diane asked

“Why do you say that?” Jim asked

“Well if my clock is right it’s already midnight,” Nancy said

“What?” Everyone said

“OK. We need to decide who is staying here and who is going to go home,” Philip said

“Why does anyone need to stay here?” Kyle asked

“To make sure nothing is stolen till we set the alarm system,” Jim said

“When are you getting and setting the alarm system?” Stevens asked

“We already got the alarm system. We are setting it up tomorrow,” Jeff said

“So who is going to stay?” Jim asked

“What are they going to sleep on?” Snow asked

“Snow since you are staying, you will be on an air mattress. So, who is staying with Snow?” Philip asked

“I’ll stay I need to talk to Snow about a few things,” Jim said

“Are you sure Jim?” Philip asked

“Yeah I’m sure,” Jim said

“OK then. Come one everyone we better go,” Jeff said

Liz and Stevens looked at Snow and saw that he was nervous about being left alone with Jim. As everyone was leaving Liz and Stevens stopped in front of Snow.

“Snow don’t worry Jim won’t hurt you,” Liz said

“Liz I think Jim wants me dead,” Snow said

“Snow just be calm and relax. Jim won’t do anything. He probably has questions about the case he wants to ask you. You know,” Liz said

“Yeah that is true,” Snow said

“See so don’t worry. We’ll see you in the morning,” Liz said as she hugged Snow.

After the hug Liz pulled back and smiled at Snow before walking towards the door. Stevens and Snow watched as Liz walked away. They turned and looked at each other.

“Remember Liz said to be calm. I say try to change the subject as much as you can. If you get into any trouble remember call me and I’ll be here as fast as I can. You know you may have to call the boss if Jim becomes too much right?” Stevens said

“I’ll try and remember what Liz said. Don’t worry You will be the first I will call if I get into trouble. I’m really hoping it won’t come down to me calling the boss. But like you said before you never know with Jim,” Snow said

“That is true. Good luck, see you later,” Stevens said

“Yeah see you later,” Snow said.

Snow watched as everyone but Jim walked out the door. After everyone was out Philip locked the door. Snow and Jim watched as everyone drove off. When everyone was gone Jim and Snow looked at each other.

“So Snow now that there is no one really here you need to tell me the truth,” Jim said

“Truth about what?” Snow asked

“What is really going on with this case?” Jim asked

“Jim we told you everything that is going on,” Snow said

“No you didn’t your hiding something and I want to know what it is,” Jim said

“I don’t know what you mean,” Snow said

“Snow don’t play games with me. I want the truth,” Jim said

“Jim I swear we told you the truth,” Snow said

“No you didn’t your keeping something back. Tell me now or I’m going to shoot your foot,” Jim said as he pulled out his gun and pointed at Snow’s foot.

“Oh shit OK. Put the gun away first,” Snow said

“Start talking,” Jim said as he put the gun away.

“Fine. We heard there may be a chance that Jacks maybe in with Miller, Filler and people. We are not for sure though,” Snow said

“Damn it. You know he will recognize Liz, and everything would be over, right?” Jim asked

“Not really. Jacks has been in prison since Liz was 16. Our inside man told us he doesn’t know what Liz looks like or anything. So, we’re hoping everything will be safe for her,” Snow said

“So what were you planning to do?” Jim asked

“We are wanting Liz to get close to their guy named Grant. See if Liz can find anything out from him while Tess works in the office and get information from the workplace. We are trying to get enough information to bust all of them together,” Snow said

“What are you going to do about Jacks,” Jim asked

“We have some people on him as we speak,” Snow said

“Your people are not going to be able to keep 24/7 watch on him. He will get away from them,” Jim said

“Not with the electric chip we put in his arm, leg and back of his neck,” Snow said

“Wow you guys chipped him. Let’s hope he won’t find them,” Jim said

“He won’t be able to where we put them,” Snow said

“What do you mean?” Jim asked

The chips are in the bones. There is no way he can get them off,” Snow said

“I hope you are right. If he goes after Liz, you better have a way to protect her. Cause if she gets hurt you got Jeff, Philip, Michael and I coming after you. By the way did you let Liz know about this?” Jim asked

“Stevens and I were going to let her know about it in the morning,” Snow said

“You better tell her,” Jim said

“We will. Are you going to tell Jeff and Philip?” Snow asked

“Not yet. But don’t think I won’t tell them,” Jim said

“OK. I understand,” Snow said

“Good. We better get some sleep. We got a very busy day tomorrow,” Jim said

‘Yes we do,” Snow said

Snow and Jim pulled out the air matters and blew them up. After they were blown up Jim put his matters by the door while Snow put his by the desk in case. A few minutes later they were fast asleep.

In the morning:
Snow and Jim were up when the sun rose. When they got up Snow walked down the street and got some coffee and doughnuts. A few minutes later Snow walked back into the building and saw Jim was on the phone with someone. Snow walked up to the desk and set the coffee and doughnuts down. While Jim was on the phone Snow got his coffee and a doughnut started looking around. Right at that moment Snows phone started to buzz. Snow put his coffee and doughnut down and reached into his pocket and pulled his cell phone out. When he pulled his cell phone out, he saw he had a couple of text messages from Liz, Stevens and his boss. Snow pushed a button and called his boss first.

“Hello,” Voice said

“Sir you called,” Snow said

“Yes I wanted to know if everything is a go there yet,” Boss asked

“Liz said she will do it. I’m hoping we can get Tess to work in the office. That is all we are waiting for sir,” Snow said

“When will you find out if she will be able to?” Boss asked

“Hopefully today sir,” Snow said

“Good. Let me know as soon as you find out,” Boss said

“Yes sir. How is everything going there sir,’ Snow asked

“Everything is going smoothly,” boss said

“Good sir,” Snow said

“Talk to you later Snow,” Boss said

“Yes sir,” Snow said before ending the call.

Snow turned and saw Jim looking at him.

“So that was your boss?” Jim asked

“Yes. He got some men checking where Miller and Filler are in California,” Snow said

“Good plan,” Jim said

“Yeah. Hopefully this case will go smoothly, and nothing goes crazy,” Snow said

“Good luck with that,” Jim said

“Thanks. I better see why Liz and Stevens called,” Snow said

“Who knows with them,” Jim said

“True,” Snow said

Snow looked down and pushed a button and called Liz. The phone ringed 3 times before she answered.

“Hello,” Liz said

“Liz you called,” Snow said

“Yeah, I thought you might want to know Tess got an interview this morning with Mr. Miller, Mr. Filler,” Liz said

“She did. What time is her interview?” Snow asked

“Tess’s interview is an hour from now,” Liz said

“Wow. How did she get the interview so quick?” Snow asked

“Don’t know. But she said someone called her and let her know about the interview,” Liz said

“Liz do you think it could be you know a set up or anything?” Snow asked

“If it is Tess will know what to do. So, don’t worry,” Liz said

“Why do I have a bad feeling when you say that?” Snow asked

“Gee I don’t know,” Liz said

“Liz seriously?” Snow asked

“Snow don’t worry OK. Do you want me to call you and let you know how it went
after the interview?” Liz asked

“Yeah, let me know how it goes,” Snow said

“You know I will. How did it go with Jim?” Liz asked

“Everything went fine. So, there is nothing to worry about,” Snow said

“That is great news. I better let you go. We are leaving here in a few minutes,” Liz said

“OK. See you then,” Snow said before ending the call.

After Snow pushed the end button he looked up and saw Jim looking at him.

“So what did Liz have to say?” Jim asked

“Liz said that Tess has an interview with Mr. Miller. Mr. Filler’s office here in a few minutes,” Snow said

“She does? Wow that was quick,” Jim said

“Yeah, we know. We are both hoping that the interview will be something she can handle you know,” Snow said

“Yeah, I know. How long do you think before Liz will hear from Tess?” Jim asked

“Liz didn’t say. But I am hoping maybe less than 2 hours,” Snow said

“Yeah let’s hope. We better get everything cleaned up before everyone gets here,” Jim said

“Yes sir,” Snow said as he started to clean up his mess.

A few minutes later everything was cleaned up and ready for when the contractors, Jeff, Philip and others get there. While Snow and Jim were waiting, they saw a man across the street watching them. Jim and Snow knew that the man could cause trouble.

“Who do you think that man is across the street?” Snow asked

“I don’t know. But I don’t like the way he is looking at this place,” Jim said

“Do you think he will cause some problems?” Snow asked

“We better keep a look out for this guy,” Jim said

“Glad we agree on something. Are you going to let Jeff and Philip know?” Snow asked

“No. Not yet I want to find out who this person is and what the person is up to,” Jim said

“We need to find a surveillance cameras for this place,” Snow said

“That is a good plan. Do you think you and Stevens can get some while I see if the police station has any?” Jim asked

“I’ll call Stevens now and find out,” Snow said

“You do that,” Jim said as he kept watching the man.

Snow pulled out his cell phone out of his pocket and dialed Stevens number. The phone ringed 3 times before Stevens answered the phone.

“Hello,” Stevens said

“Stevens do you have any surveillance cameras with you?” Snow asked

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Re: Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 22 Pg4 9/1/19

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Chapter 23

“Yes I think we got about 10 of them with us why? What is going on?” Stevens asked

“We need to put some in the new place,” Snow said

“Why? What happened?” Stevens asked

“There is a person watching the place,” Snow said

“You mean shady character has been watching you guys?” Stevens asked

“Yes. And before you ask, we don’t know how long he has been across the street watching,”
Snow said

“We are about 10 minutes away now. We should be there soon,” Stevens said

“Did you bring the cameras with you?” Snow asked

“Yes I brought them with me. See if you one you can take a picture or remember his face
so one of us can draw him,” Stevens said

“Don’t worry we won’t be forgetting this guy at all,” Snow said

“Why do you say that?” Stevens asked

“There is something about this guy that is very off if you know what I mean,” Snow said

“You know that doesn’t sound good,” Stevens said

“Well if you saw this guy you would know what I’m talking about,” Snow said

“What is Jim saying about the guy?” Stevens asked

“Hold on,” Snow said as he pulled the phone away and looked at Jim.

“They want to know what you think of the guy,” Snow said

“He looks suspicious to me. I don’t know what he is up to and I don’t like it,” Jim said

“Did you hear what Jim said?” Snow asked

“Yeah I heard. We are 5 minutes away now,” Stevens said

“Good when you get here look across the street and see if the guy is here,” Snow said

“You know I will,” Stevens said

Snow and Jim watched as Jeff, Liz, Philip’s truck pulled up in front of the building. As everyone was getting out of the trucks Snow saw Stevens turned and looked across the street. When Stevens looked across the street he didn’t see anyone there. Stevens walked across the street and looked around to see if there was any sign of a man standing there. The only thing he found was cigarette butts and foot steps. Stevens reached into his pocket and pulled out a zip lock bag and put the cigarette butts in the bag and took pictures of the footsteps. After he was sure he got everything Stevens walked across the street and walked into the building. When Stevens walked into the walked into the building he saw Snow, Jim Jeff, Philip waiting for him.

“Where are Liz and the others?” Stevens asked

“Liz and the others wanted to go check out their apartments while we are waiting for the contractors,” Philip said

“So what did you find?” Jim asked

“All I found was cigarette butts and footprints. I didn’t see anyone there,” Stevens said

“We need to find out who those cigarette butts belong too,” Philip said

“I know. Let’s see if we can get Alex on it,” Jeff said

“Yeah we better,” Philip said

“We need to let our boss know what is going on,” Snow said

“You know he is going to want is to keep working on this right?” Stevens said

“Yeah I know he will. But we should let him know though,” Snow said

“True,” Stevens said

“When did you say the contractor will be here?” Jim asked

“They should be here any time,” Philip said

“Good,” Steven said

Right at that moment Liz and the others were walking down the stairs when Liz’s phone started to ring. She reached into her pocket and pulled out her cell phone. She pushed the talk button.

“Hello,” Liz said

“Liz I got some news for you,” Voice said

“What is your news Tess?” Liz asked

“I got the job. I’m going to be starting today in 2 hours,” Tess said

“Really?” Liz asked

“Yes. I’m Grant’s secretary. Let’s hope this will get all the information Snow and Stevens need,” Tess said

“You know it will. How was the interview?” Liz asked

“You know that was the strange part for me,” Tess said

“Why was it strange for you?” Liz asked

“Liz there were 3 men doing the interview all at once,” Tess said

“Did you get their names?” Liz asked

“Yeah I got their names. But it was weird,” Tess said

“Who were the other 2 men?” Liz asked

“One man’s name was Mr. Miller and the other man’s name was Mr. Filler. They said I could be working for all of them. Could you believe that?” Tess asked

“No. I can’t believe it. I’m thinking whatever they are doing they are wanting to keep it just to them,” Liz said

“So that means whatever they are doing is against the law then,” Tess said

“Yeah, But the question is what are they doing?” Liz asked

“I guess we are about to find out,” Tess said

“Yeah. But whatever they are up to could also be dangerous and crazy,” Liz said

“I know. Eric wants me to carry protection with me. He thinks I’m going to get hurt or something,” Tess said

“Tess I maybe agreeing with Eric on you carrying protection. Because you never know what is going to be happening while you are working for Grant,” Liz said

“Liz don’t worry I know how to handle myself. I should be fine,” Tess said

“Tess I’m serious you never you what could happen while you’re in the office,” Liz said

“Liz don’t tell anyone this. But I’m bring my taser gun with me,” Tess said

“Is that all you are going to bring with you?” Liz asked

“For my first day yeah that is what I’m thinking,” Tess said

“What about after that?” Liz asked

“I guess I am going to have to wait and see how my first day goes before I take anything else with me,” Tess said

“Do you think that is wise?” Liz asked

“Liz don’t worry I’ll be fine,” Tess said

“OK. Tess after work can you stop by the old fire that is a couple of blocks from the house?” Liz asked

“Wait you mean the one on that leads to that beach we use to go to?” Tess asked

“Yeah that fire house. So, can you?” Liz asked

“Yeah I can be there,” Tess said

“Good. I better let you go so you can go to work,” Liz said

“Yeah thanks. I’ll see you after work. Wish me luck,” Tess said

“Good luck,” Liz said before ending the call.

After the call ended Liz put her phone back into her pocket. She saw Snow and Steven talking to Jeff, Philip, Jim. Liz walked up to Snow and Stevens and tapped them on the shoulder. Snow, Stevens and the dads all looked at Liz.

“Liz what is it?” Snow asked

“Tess called me,” Liz said

“So how did it go with her?” Stevens asked

“Tess had a surprising interview,” Liz said

“What does that mean?” Jim asked

“It seems that there was a Mr. Miller and Mr. Filler there while Grant gave Tess an interview,” Liz said

“How did it go?” Stevens asked

“Tess got the job. She starts in 2 hours,” Liz said

“Wait Liz are you telling me that Mr. Miller and Mr. Filler are here?” Snow asked

“Yeah. Tess doesn’t know if she is going to see them today or not why?” Liz asked

“Liz it seems the stakes just raised,” Snow said

“What is that suppose to mean?” Jim asked

“It means that something maybe going down sooner then we thought,” Stevens said

“We better let the boss know what is going down,” Snow said

“Why?” Jeff asked

“It is kind of strange that they are both here with Grant,” Stevens said

Snow reached into his pocket and pulled out his phone and walked towards the door. Snow dialed the boss’s number and waited for him to answer. A few minutes later the boss answered the phone.

“Hello,” Boss said

“Sir, you’re never going to believe this,” Snow said

“What is it Snow?” Boss asked

“Tess had an interview yesterday with Mr. Miller, Mr. Filler and Grant,” Snow said

“What? With all 3 of them?” Boss asked

“Yes sir,” Snow said

“Did Tess get the job?” Boss asked

“Yes Tess got the job she starts in 2 hours from now sir. Sir Stevens and I was thinking if Mr. Miller and Mr. Filler are here then something must be going on,” Snow said

“That may be true. Be ready for anything that may happen,” Boss said

“You know we will sir. Sir did you find anything out about Jacks?” Snow asked

“No. I got the guards, police and FBI looking. Don’t say a word to Liz and family about Jacks,” Boss said

“Sir she is you niece. I think you should let her know,” Snow said

“No. We don’t even know if Jacks is going there as of yet,” Boss said

“But sir we are putting Liz in danger by not telling her,” Snow said

“Don’t you think I know that?” Boss said

“Yes of course sir. What do we do if he shows up here?” Snow asked

“Do whatever it takes to protect Liz, family, friends do you understand me?” Boss said

“Yes sir. Sir how long has Jacks been out? If you don’t mind me asking,” Snow said

“We are thinking Jacks has been out for a couple of days now. But we are not for sure yet. When we
find out I’ll let you both know,” Boss said

“Yes sir. Oh, before I forget how it is going with Max and Michael sir?” Snow asked

“It is going good. Michael goes to Miller and filler’s office today. Max is going to work his assignment this evening. Hopefully Max’s will go as planned,” Boss said

“Yes sir. Talk to you later sir,” Snow said before ending his call.

After Snow ended his call, he looked out the glass door and saw the same man from before looking from across the street. Snow lift his cell phone and took a picture of the guy and send it to his boss. After Snow took the picture, he just looked at the guys and thought the guy looked strange to him. As Snow was looking at the guy Liz walked up to Snow and stood beside him. When she stood beside him, she saw he was looking outside across the street. Liz looked across the street and saw a man looking at them. When Liz got a look at the guy she gasped. Snow turned and looked between Liz and the guy.

“Liz are you alright? What is it? What is wrong?” Snow asked

“No I’m not alright. It can’t be him. He’s gone,” Liz whispered

“Liz who are you talking about?” Snow asked

“Oh my god,” Liz said

“Liz calm down who are you talking about?” Snow asked

Snow looked at Liz then turned and saw that the man was still across the street looking at them. But this time the man was smiling at them. Snow then turned and looked at Liz again.

“Liz seriously who are you talking about? Tell me?” Snow asked

“Snow let’s just say that guy across the street is related to Jacks and he like him,” Liz said

“Why does that not sound good?” Snow said

“Trust me it is not. Oh god if he is here then that means Jacks is,” Liz said

“Liz what are you talking about?” Snow asked

Liz turned and looked at Snow. When Liz looked at Snow she knew that he knew something about Jacks. But he didn’t know about this guy being here and what it meant. Liz then looked out the glass door and saw the guy was still looking at them.

“Liz who the hell is that guy? Why is he smiling and watching us?” Snow asked

“Snow trust me you don’t want to know anything about that guy. The reason why he is smiling and watching us is because he finally found me and he can let his boss know where I am,” Liz said

“Liz tell me what you know about this guy and his boss? Maybe we can help you,” Snow said

“There is no way anyone can help,” Liz said

“What is going on?” Jim, Stevens asked

“Jim look across the street,” Liz said

Jim and Stevens looked across the street and saw a man standing there watching them. When Jim saw the man, he knew who it could be. Jim looked at Liz.

“Are you serious?” Jim asked

“It looks like he is back,” Liz said

“Liz are you sure you still want to work the case while crazy might be out there?” Jim asked

“Yes I still want to work the case,” Liz said

“Stevens, Snow you better protect Liz, Tess with your lives or you are going to be very sorry for not protecting them. Do I make myself clear?” Jim asked

“Yes sir,” Stevens, Snow said

“Good. Because if Liz, Tess get hurt or anything working this case with you will be put in a wheel chair got?” Jim asked

“Yes Jim,” Stevens, Snow said

“Good. As long as we are clear,” Jim said

“Jim who is that guy? Who is his boss?” Snow asked

“That guy across the street is Jacks brother Mac. Mac is just like his brother. Mac’s boss is brother Jacks. They somehow have like a business thing going on,” Jim said

“Let me guess Mac is going to let his brother know where is Liz, right?” Stevens asked

“Yes. As soon as Jacks knows where Liz is he is going to start trouble for everyone,” Jim said

“Great we don’t need this,” Snow said

“Good thing the video cameras are going to be working soon,” Jim said

“Jim about that there is something you need to know about the security we have for this place,” Stevens said

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