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Bounty On Love{CC, AU, Mature}Chapter 23 Pg4 9/11/19

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Bounty On Love
AU Without Aliens
M/L, M/M, A/I, S/K, Parents, Grandma
Unknown right now
I don’t own these characters. They were created by Jason Katims and staff. I’m just borrowing them for my story. The only characters I own are Snow, Stevens, Uncle Mathew, Steven, Mr, Miller, Amanda, Mr. Filler, Mrs. Filler, Jacks and goons.

Authors Note:
Hey Everyone
I wanted to let everyone know I have rewritten this story. Hopefully everyone will like this better then the last. Please let me know what you think?

Prologue/ chapter 1
Max walked into the apartment he shares with Liz. After he walked in he didn’t see Liz in the living room. Max looked around the apartment and he still didn’t see Liz anywhere. So, Max walked down the hallway to Liz’s bedroom. When he got to the door he knocked and waited a few minutes.

“Go away Max,” Liz yelled

“Liz what is wrong?” Max asked

“Nothing. Can you please just leave me alone,” Liz yelled

“No. Liz I’m coming in,” Max said as he opened the door.

As Max walked in he turned on the light. When he turned on the light he saw Liz sitting on the bed. She had a black eye, busted lip and bruises up and down her arms. Max walked up to Liz and sat beside her.

“Liz what the hell happened?” Max asked

“My self-defense class,” Liz said

“Are you serious?” Max asked

“Yes. Max I’m fine. It’s nothing to worry about,” Liz said

“Why do I not believe you?” Max said

“I don’t know,” Liz said

“Liz look me in the eye and tell me this is from your self-defense class,” Max said

“Max, I swear this is from my self-defense class. Why are you home?” Liz asked

“Oh, our dad’s wants to see all of us tonight,” Max said

“Oh, I didn’t get a call from him. I wonder what it is about,” Liz said

“Who knows with our dad’s. Do you want to go?” Max asked

“Yeah, I better,” Liz said

“What are you going to do about the bruises, black eye and busted lip?” Max asked

“Don’t worry I got it covered,” Liz said

“Liz you know I’m here if you want to talk about it,” Max said

“I know. And thank you,” Liz said

“OK. Then we will be leaving in 10 minutes OK?” Max asked

“OK,” Liz said

Liz watched as Max walked out of her bedroom. After Max was gone Liz walked up to her door and locked it. Then she turned and walked to her closet. Liz reached back into her closet and pulled out a black box. Liz opened the box and pulled out her cover up make up. She started to use her liquid/powder foundation to hide the black eye. After she covered the black eye she started to fix the busted lip. When everything was covered Liz started to look for something to wear. A few seconds later Liz found a black t-shirt with black shear sleeves and dark blue jeans. After Liz got her clothes she changed and walked to her bed to look for her shoes. A few minutes later Liz found her black leather ankle boots. After Liz was dressed she walked out of her room and walked into the living room where she saw Max sitting on the couch. Max turned and looked at Liz and smiled.

“What?” Liz asked

“Nothing. You look nice. Ready to go?” Max asked

“Yeah,” Liz said

“Then lets go,” Max said

“Are we getting Michael and Maria?” Liz asked

“No Maria said she will drive them,” Max said

“That is a change. But I know Maria wants to spend more time with Michael,” Liz said

“That is true,” Max said as he turned and locked the door.

Max and Liz walked down the hallway to the elevator. Max pushed the door button then a few seconds later the elevator door opened and they stepped in.
After they stepped in Max pushed the button down. As the elevator was going down Max and Liz turned and looked at each other and smiled. Then turned and looked at the door again. A few minutes later the elevator door opens and Max and Liz stepped out. Max and Liz walked out the door and walked to Max’s truck. They both got in the truck and drove off.

A little later they drove up the driveway of a big brick house. When they were in front of the house Max and Liz notice all their friends were there. Max parked his truck next to Maria’s car. After Max parked the truck Max and Liz got out of the truck and walked to the door. When Max and Liz got to the door the door opened and there stood Nancy smiling at them.

“Hey mom,” Liz said

“Hey Nancy,” Max said

“Hello Max and Liz. You are both right on time,” Nancy said

“Mom we are always on time,” Liz said

“True,” Nancy said

“Nancy do you know what this is all about?” Max asked

“No Jeff and Philip didn’t say. I guess we will all have to wait and see,” Nancy said

“Yeah,” Max and Liz said

“Come on both of you. You better come in,” Nancy said

Max and Liz walked in and walked down the hallway to the living room. When they walked into the living room they saw Michael, Maria talking in a corner. While Alex, Isabel are sitting on the couch holding hands and looking lost in each others eyes. Max and Liz looked at each other then went to sit down on the love seat. A few minutes later Philip, Diane, Jeff, Nancy all walked into the living room. Max, Liz and friends all looked at the parents. The parents looked at everyone.

“Dad what are we all doing here?” Michael asked

“Well we got a letter from the director of the FBI in California,” Philip said

“What does the FBI want?” Maria asked

“They want us to send 2 people to help them on a case they are working on,” Jeff said

“So, who are you sending?” Alex asked

“We decided to send Max and Michael,” Philip said

“When do we have to leave?” Max asked

“You both leave Friday night,” Jeff said

“So, we got 2 days before we leave,” Michael said

“I’m afraid so. We thought it would be nice to have a family dinner tonight. Then before you leave we have a party for you both,” Philip said

“Oh wow,” Isabel, Maria said

“Yeah that does sound good,” Max said

“So, what are we having for dinner?” Alex asked

“We are having BBQ Ribs, mash potatoes, green beans,” Nancy said

“Wow that sounds good,” Max said

“We thought everyone would like that,” Diane said

“Mom you know we love your cooking. But we are not crazy about when you try your new recipes on us,” Max said

“I know. But I wanted to see if you would eat them,” Diane said

“Mom,” Max, Isabel said

“Come on everyone lets eat,” Philip said

Everyone walked out of the living room and walked down the hallway and walked into the room next to the kitchen. When everyone walked into the dining room everyone, but the moms and girls sat down. Nancy, Diane and girls walked into the kitchen. When they were in the kitchen getting the plates Nancy and Diane noticed how quiet Liz was acting.

“Liz honey are you OK?” Nancy asked

“Mom I’m fine. I’m just a little sore from doing something for dad and Philip today,” Liz said

“Are you sure that is what it is?” Diane asked

“Yes, I’m sure. God you both are bad as Max is,” Liz said

“What do you mean?” Diane asked

“Max asked what happened? If I was OK? And he told me if I want to talk about it he will be around if I need him,” Liz said

“Liz honey you know Max and all of us care for you,” Nancy said

“Mom, Diane and girls I know you all care. And I love you for it. But I promise I’m fine,” Liz said

“As long as you are sure dear,” Diane said

“I’m sure,” Liz said

“OK,” Nancy said

“Come on we better feed the men before they do something dumb,” Isabel said

“Hey Liz question where is Tess by the way?” Maria asked

“Oh, she is with Eric tonight. It’s their year anniversary of dating. He had something romantic planned for them,” Liz said

“Cool,” Maria said

Meanwhile in the dining room:

“Max what is wrong with Liz? She seems quiet tonight,” Jeff asked

“Liz told me she got hurt in her self-defense class. She is a little sore,” Max said

“Do you believe her?” Michael asked

“I don’t know. But I’m not going to keep bothering her until she tells me. Liz will tell me when she wants too,” Max said

“You have too much trust in my sister,” Michael said

“Yeah so?” Max said

“Max are you sure Liz said she got hurt in her self-defense class?” Philip asked

“That is what Liz told me,” Max said

“OK,” Philip, Jeff said

Right at that moment Nancy, Diane and girls walked into the dining room. When Liz walked in she saw that Max, Michael, Jeff and Philip were giving each other a look. Liz rolled her eyes and set her plate and Max’s plate down. After everyone got their plates they all looked at each other and smiled.

“So, Max and Michael what do you want to do before you leave Friday night?” Jeff asked

“Easy till we leave we will probably train a little. Hang out with our friends. Then the night we leave we have a party with the girls and our friends,” Michael said

“Do you agree with Michael Max?” Philip asked

“Yeah, why not. We don’t know when we will be back, and it will be a nice send off,” Max said

“That is true,” Philip, Jeff said

“Oh, Liz before I forget are we still on with Tess and Eric tomorrow?” Maria asked

“Yeah. Tess said she will be at my apartment around 11am to pick us up,” Liz said

“What are you girls up to?” Jeff asked

“Tess wants all of us to go ice skating with her and Eric tomorrow,” Liz said

“So, Tess is still with Eric?” Jeff asked

“Yes, dad she is still with Eric. They love each other. They have been together a year today,” Liz said

“Wow that is great,” Jeff said

“Dad. You know Tess can handle herself,” Liz said

“Yes, I know she can just like you and the girls can,” Jeff said

“Yes, we can,” Liz said

“So, while Max and Michael are training you girls will be with Tess and Eric?” Philip asked

“Yeah. That is what is planned so far,” Liz said

“What about you dad and mom?” Isabel asked

“Oh, we might plan a party for all of you,” Nancy, Diane said

“Um mom I’m sorry to tell you this but we decided that you will be planning your family party while we plan our party,” Isabel said

“Who decided that?” Nancy asked

“Mom you and Diane agreed to let us plan our party after what happened at the last family party. Don’t you remember?” Liz asked

“Oh of course I remember. Sorry it just slipped my mind,” Nancy said

“Mom we are not meaning anything bad by it. We promise,” Isabel said

“We understand,” Diane, Nancy said

“So, is Jim going to be able to come?” Liz asked

“Honey you know how Jim is,” Jeff said

“Yeah. But it would be nice to see him every once in a while,” Liz said

“We agree with you there,” Philip said

“So, what have you kids been up to today?” Jeff asked

“Maria and I went shopping for the apartment,” Isabel said

“Max, Michael and I played a little basketball and watched Brave heart,” Alex said

“I went to self-defense class and then after that to a police training class,” Liz said

“Liz why did you go to the police training class?” Jeff asked

“I wanted to see what their training was like. So, I went to check it out,” Liz said

“Liz that is dangerous and crazy,” Philip said

“All I wanted to do was learn something different. It’s no big deal,” Liz said

“So how was the class?” Nancy asked

“It was good. I kinda knocked 4 guys on their butts though,” Liz said

“Way to go Liz,” Isabel, Maria said

“You did?” Jeff, Philip asked

“Yeah. It was so cool,” Liz said

“Was Jim there when you knocked the guys on their butts?” Michael asked

“No. He didn’t see me knock them down. But the instructor said that I was the first one to be able to knock all of them down with what he taught,” Liz said

“Wow Liz that so cool. Maybe next time you go I’ll go with you,” Maria said

“Yeah me too,” Isabel said

“Sure,” Liz said

“Now that sound like a good plan. I want you girls to be able to protect yourselves no matter what,” Jeff, Philip said

“Really dad?” Liz, girls asked

“Yes really,” Jeff, Philip said

Liz, Isabel, Maria all stood up and ran over to Jeff, Philip and gave them hugs and kisses. A few minutes later the girls went to sit back down.

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Chapter 2

After the girls went to sit back down in their chairs. Liz reached into her pocket and pulled out a piece of paper.

“Here Alex I found something you might be interested in,” Liz said as she handed Alex the paper.

“What is it?” Alex asked.

“Alex just look at the paper,” Liz said

Alex unfolded the paper and looked at it. When he looked at the paper his mouth dropped open and he was shocked.

“Alex what is it?” Isabel asked

“Are you serious?” Alex asked

“Yes, I am very serious. I even went and looked at the class and talked to the instructor,” Liz said.

“Alex what is it?” Isabel asked.

“You know how I am into computers and everything about them?” Alex asked.

“Yeah," Isabel said.

“Well Lizzie here got me Police/FBI computer training,” Alex said.

“Cool Alex when do those training start?” Michael asked.

“Next Monday at 9am,” Alex said.

“That is really great,” Max said.

“I know I can’t wait. Thank you, Liz. This is so great,” Alex said.

“No problem,” Liz said.

“Alex you know you are going to pass all the training,” Maria, Isabel said.

“I know. I can’t wait,” Alex said.

“It seems all of you are making some plans,” Diane said.

“Yeah I know but we are wanting to be more help to Jeff and Philip while Max and
Michael are gone,” Isabel said.

“That seem like a good idea,” Philip said.

“Thanks,” Girls said.

“Why are you girls wanting to be more helpful to the dads?” Michael asked.

“Michael all we do is stay in the office we want to do more,” Liz said.

“You know that is dangerous,” Michael said.

“Yeah so. Michael, we want to do more then we usually do,” Maria said.

“Unbelievable,” Michael said.

“Keep telling yourself that Michael honey,” Maria said.

Liz and Isabel smiled at each other then looked at Michael, Maria.

“So mom when do you want to have your family party?” Isabel asked.

“How about tomorrow night? So that way Friday all of you can have your party?”, Diane asked.

“That sounds great. What kind of party are you having tomorrow night?”, Maria asked.

“Dress up party. My friend Amy is coming in tomorrow and I want her to meet all of you,” Diane said.

“And I invited a couple of people to the party also,” Philip said.

“Dad are these business people or friends?”, Max asked.

“Friends,” Philip said.

“Yeah,” Max said.

“And I asked Jim to come to the party. He is not happy right now,” Jeff said.

“Dad why would Jim not be happy?”, Liz asked.

“Remember his son Kyle?” Jeff asked.

“Yeah what about him?” Liz asked.

“Kyle and his girlfriend Serena are eloping,” Jeff said.

“Oh wow. How did Jim find out?” Maria asked.

“Kyle sent Jim a letter. Jim has been trying to get a hold of Kyle since yesterday,” Jeff said.

“Oh boy that is not good,” Liz said.

“Yeah. Jim asked me to ask you if you hear from Kyle let him know. He is worried about them both,” Jeff said.

“Dad you know we will,” Liz said.

“Thanks,” Jeff said.

Diane and Nancy looked around and notice that everyone ate all their dinners. They stood up and stated to take all the plates off the table.

“Mom we will help you,” Isabel said.

“No. You girls stay here with the men,” Diane said.

Liz, Isabel and Maria watched as Nancy and Diane took all the plates and walked into the kitchen. The girls looked at the dads and then the guys.

“Liz did you find out anything about the guy Jacks you followed earlier today?” Philip asked.

“What?” Michael and Max yelled.

“Yeah, I found out a lot of things about Jacks,” Liz said.

“Like what?” Jeff asked.

“Like did you know he has two warehouses full of all kinds of weapons, bombs, cars. It seems like everything a criminal would want,” Liz said.

“No, we didn’t know,” Philip, Jeff said.

“Yeah, I was shocked when I saw it,” Liz said.

“Did you hear anything?” Philip asked.

“Jack and his goons are making plans to rob somewhere. I have everything on tape. If you need it,” Liz said.

“We want to hear the tape. When can you get us the tape?” Jeff asked.

Liz stood up and reached into her pocket and pulled out the tape. Liz handed the tape to Jeff and Philip. Jeff and Philip looked at Liz then the tape. Then looked at Liz again. When they looked at Liz they saw one of her eyes was darker than the other. They watched as Liz sat down again.

“Liz what happened to your eye?” Jeff asked.

“Listen to the tape and you will know,” Liz said.

“Why don’t you just tell us?” Philip asked.

“Fine if you want to know. Jacks and his goons attacked me. I fought back. There may be a chance a couple of Jacks men are in the hospital,” Liz said.

“So that is how you got the black eye, bruises up, down your arm and a busted lip,” Max said.

“What?” everyone yelled.

“Shut the hell up Max. I’m fine,” Liz said.

“Yeah, we can see that,” Max said.

“Max if you have a problem deal with it,” Liz said.

“You are so unbelievable,” Max said.

“No that is you,” Liz said.

“Will you both stop it now? And Liz tell us what happened?” Jeff asked.

“Jacks and his goons found my hiding place and thought I should be taught a lesson. I fought back and a couple of them needed to go to the hospital. I came home and few minutes later Max saw my face. End of story,” Liz said.

“Liz honey are you sure you want to do this?” Jeff asked.

“Yes. Maria, Isabel, Tess and I all talked about it and we agreed to help you and Philip,” Liz said.

Right at that moment Liz’s cell phone started to ring. Liz stood up and reached into her pocket and pulled her cell phone out. Liz touched the talk and speaker phone.

“Hello,” Liz said.

“Liz is that you?” voice asked.

“Yes. Who is this?” Liz asked.

“Liz it is me Kyle Valenti,” Kyle said.

“Kyle where the hell are you? Jim is so worried about you,” Liz said.

“Liz Serena and I are in Vegas. We are getting married here in a few minutes,” Kyle said.

“Wait what?” Liz asked.

“Serena and I are getting married,” Kyle said.

“Oh boy. Kyle you need to call your dad. He is so worried about you,” Liz said.

“Liz don’t worry I’ll talk to my dad later. I just thought I would let you know I’m getting married. And we are coming to see all of you later today,” Kyle said.

“Great,” Liz said.

Liz turned and saw Maria, Isabel, Alex looking at her with shocking look on their faces then she turned away.

“Kyle everyone thinks you are getting married because Serena is pregnant,” Liz said.

“Liz do you think?” Kyle asked.

“No,” Liz said.

“Thanks Liz that means a lot to me. But Serena and I agreed to just get married,” Kyle said.

“Are you going to tell your dad?” Liz asked.

“Yeah. We are going to see him after we get married,” Kyle said.

“Good luck,” Liz said.

“Thanks. I think I’m going to need it when it comes to my dad,” Kyle said.

“True. Jeff, Philip are listening to our call so beware,” Liz said.

“Thanks for the warning,” Kyle said.

“No problem. Tell Serena hi for me and the girls,” Liz said.

“You know I will. Better go it’s time for me to marry the woman I love,” Kyle said.

“Good luck Kyle,” Liz said before ending the call.

After Liz ending the call she put her cell phone back into her pocket then turned and looked at everyone at the table. As Liz looked at everyone she sat down on her chair.

“So that was Kyle calling you?” Jeff asked

“Dad you know it was. Kyle said he is going to see Jim sometime today,” Liz said.

“You know the shit is going to hit the fan when Jim finds out,” Alex said.

“I know. I wouldn’t like to be there when Jim finds out,” Isabel, Maria said.

Right at that moment Nancy and Diane walked out of the kitchen holding a big plate of fruit. They set the plate on the table then sat down looking at everyone.

“What are you talking about?”, Nancy asked

“Well it seems Kyle and Serena are in Vegas getting married as we speak. And Jim doesn’t know what is going on,” Philip said.

“Are you serious?” Diane asked.

“Yes,” Everyone said.

“Oh wow,” Nancy said.

“Yeah that was what we were thinking,” Jeff said.

“Well. Um we better eat our desert before all of you leave,” Nancy said.

“Yeah,” everyone said.

Everyone started to pick the fruit they wanted to eat. After everyone picked their fruit they started to eat. Thirty minutes later all the fruit was gone. Everyone looked at each other as they just sat there.

“Liz honey what are you doing tomorrow?” Nancy asked.

“Mom I’m still working on something. Why?” Liz asked.

“Well Diane and I was thinking of taking you girls shopping for your dresses for tomorrow night,” Nancy said.

“Um I’m guessing if I go early I can maybe be free around 3pm,” Liz said.

“Good. I can’t wait to see what dresses you girls will wear,” Diane said.

“What about the guys?” Maria asked.

“The men are to wear a black tux for the party. Oh, and Michael, Max you both need a haircut before the party too,” Diane said.

“What about Alex?” Michael asked.

“Alex is fine the way he is,” Nancy said.

“Unbelievable,” Max, Michael said.

“Oh, poor Max and Michael,” Liz and Maria said.

“Shut up,” Max, Michael said.

The girls laughed at the guys while they were mad about their haircuts.

“Don’t worry Max, Michael you both will look handsome when you finished,” Diane said.

“Yeah,” Max, Michael said.

“Mom we got to go. It’s 11pm. We need to make sure we get enough sleep before tomorrow night dinner party,” Isabel said.

“Yes, that is true,” Diane said.

Everyone stood up and walked out of the dining room. They walked down the hallway to the entryway. When they were all in the entryway Max, Liz and friends turned and looked at Jeff, Nancy, Diane and Philip.

“Well I guess we will see you tomorrow night,” Jeff said.

“Oh, before I forget we need all of you here by 6pm tomorrow night. So, don’t be late,” Diane said.

“We promise,” Everyone said.

“Good,” Diane said.

“Mom why do we need to be here by 6pm?” Isabel asked.

“Because we want all of you to get ready here for the party,” Nancy said.

“Yes Nancy,” Everyone said.

“Good. Now all of you better get home and get some rest before the party tomorrow night,” Nancy, Diane said.

“OK,” Everyone said.

Diane, Philip, Nancy and Jeff watched as Max and the others walked out the door and got into their cars and drove off. After Max and others were gone Nancy and Diane turned and looked at Philip, Jeff.

“Are you both sure you want to have a dinner party tomorrow night?” Jeff asked.

“Yes, we are sure. This might be the last time we will be able to be all together,” Nancy said.

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Chapter 3

“Diane, Nancy you never know maybe Max and Michael will come back home to us,” Philip said

“If Max and Michael do come home they might not be the same,” Diane said

“You don’t know that maybe they will be the same,” Jeff said

“And you don’t know if they will be changed,” Nancy said

“We know that. But all we can do is hope for the best,” Philip said

“I hope you both are right,” Diane said

“You know we will,” Jeff said

“I still can’t believe Liz and the girls agreed to help you when Max and Michael leave,” Nancy said

“I know. But you got to realize that Liz and girls are not kids anymore. They want to be more helpful like Max and Michael are,” Philip said

“I wonder how Max and Michael are taking it. They must be going crazy with all of it,” Nancy said

“All we can do is wait and see how Max and Michael are dealing with it,” Jeff said

“Why do I sudden have a feeling everything is changing?” Diane asked

“Because it is changing. We just don’t know if it is a good thing or a bad thing,” Philip said

“We are hoping for a good thing,” Nancy, Diane said

“I think we are all hoping for a good thing,” Jeff said

“True,” Everyone said

Meanwhile at Max, Liz’s apartment:
Max and Liz walked into the apartment. As Max walked in he slammed the door then turned and looked at Liz.

“What Max?” Liz asked

“When were you going to tell me that you are helping the dads on a cases?” Max asked

“I was planning on telling you. Max you need to stop acting like your my brother. I’m 19. I don’t need another brother,”Liz said

“Liz it seems you do need another brother when you are doing stupid things,” Max said as his voice raised.

“No I don’t. When are you and Michael going to stop thinking of me as a little kid,” Liz yelled back

“When you going stop acting like a child,” Max yelled

“Fine you want to see me act like a child then fine,” Liz said as she walked up to Max.

When Max and Liz were face to face Liz started to push him back harder and hard till his back hit the door.

“Max you have 2 choices here. You can either leave me alone or you can get the hell out of the apartment. So choose?” Liz asked

“You can’t be serious?” Max asked

“I am very serious. I’m tired of you and Michael treating me like a child. When are you both going to realize I’m an adult not a child,” Liz asked

“Liz,” Max said

“No. If you are leaving you got 10 minutes to get what you need. And if you are staying leave me alone,” Liz said as she took a couple of steps back.

Max looked at Liz’s face and notice that she was very mad. He knew it was not good to argue with her when she was mad.

“So Max what are you going to do?” Liz said as she crossed her arms and tapped her foot.

“I’m leaving. I’m not talking to you when you are mad like this,” Max said

“Good. Don’t let the door hit you on your ass when you leave,” Liz said

“God Liz you are blowing this out of portions,” Max said

“No I am not. You and Michael both need to stop thinking that I’m a child. You know you both drive me crazy when you do that,” Liz said

“Liz,” Max said

“Max you need to leave before we say something we will never forgive each other for,” Liz said

“You can’t be serious,”Max said

“Max I am very serious. You need to leave,” Liz said

“Fine I’m going. See you at the dinner party at our parent’s house,” Max said

“Yeah, whatever see you then,” Liz said as she watched Max walk out the door.

After Max was gone Liz slammed and locked the door. She turned and walked down the hallway to her bedroom. Liz walked into her bed room and slammed the door shut. After Liz shut the door she walked to her bed and changed clothes and went to bed.

Meanwhile at Max’s truck:
Max put his bag into his truck. As he got into the truck he reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. Max dialed a number and waited for someone to answer the phone. A few minutes later someone answered the phone.

“Hello.” Voice said

“Hey can I stay over at you place tonight?” Max asked

“What happened?” Voice asked

“Your sister and I got into an argument. And she kicked me out,” Max said

“Yeah sure you can stay in the spare room,” Michael said

“Thanks I guess I will see you in a few,” Max said

“No problem,” Michael said before ending the call.

As Max was driving he thought about what he and Liz argued about. He knew he should have talked to Liz calmly instead of getting mad at her. But he didn’t want to see Liz get hurt or end up dead. Max cared about what happened to Liz even though Liz thinks he is acting like a brother to her. A few minutes later Max pulled up to Michael and Maria’s apartment building. As Max was getting out of his truck he reached back and grabbed his bag. After he got his bag he turned and set the alarm and locked the door. Max then walked into the apartment building and walked to the elevator and pushed the up button. A few seconds later the elevator door opens and Max gets in and pushes the 2 floor. A couple of minutes later Max was on the second floor. He walked down the hallway till he got to Michael and Maria’s apartment. Max knocked on the door. A few minutes later the door opens and there stands Maria and Michael. They took a step back and let Max walk into the apartment. After Max walked in he shut the door. He turned and looked at Maria and Michael who were looking at him.

“Max what did you do this time?”Maria asked

“Liz and I got into an argument about her working a case with our dads,” Max said

“Max you and Michael need to stop being over protective of Liz. She knows how to handle herself,” Maria said

“Maria you know I can’t stop worrying about my sister. I don’t want her to get hurt or end up dead,” Michael said

“I know that honey. But you need to let your sister do what she wants to do. You can’t be with her 24/7. Liz wants to do things. Be her own person. But she can’t with you and Max being over protective of her. Do you both understand that?” Maria asked

“Yes Maria. But Liz needs to realize that we will always worry about what she is doing,” Michael said

“I know that honey,” Maria said before turning to Max.

“Max you need to also realize that Liz is going to do things that might be scary, dangerous. But Liz will be fine. She is 19 she can do whatever she wants. And Liz and us girls decide to help Jeff and Philip,” Maria said

Maria watched as Michael walked to the bed room. Maria turned and looked at Max.

“Max please start seeing Liz as the woman she is? Not a little kid anymore,” Maria said

“Maria that is the problem I don’t see Liz as a kid anymore. I know she is adult. But I don’t want to see her get hurt or worse. Can you understand that?” Max asked

“Yes Max I understand. But you are going to have to get Liz to understand that before you and Michael leave,” Maria said

“I know,” Max said

Someone cleared their throat behind Max and Maria. Max and Maria turned and saw Michael standing behind them holding something in his hand.

“Michael what is that?” Maria asked

“Well since you, Liz, Isabel are wanting to help Jeff and Philip. I want all three of you to takes these classes before you do anything,” Michael said

“What kind of classes?” Maria asked as she looked at Michael and Max.

“We want you girls to take all the self defense classes, boxing classes, Karate classes, gun classes. Do you think you and the girls can do that for us?” Michael asked

“Michael honey you know we will and can. Is that all you both want us to do?” Maria asked

“Yes. Max and I want to make sure all of you girls can take care of yourselves,” Michael said

“Really?” Maria asked

“Yes really,” Michael said

Maria ran and jumped into Michael’s arms kissing him all over the face. After Maria kissed Michael she slid down his body and walked up to Max and gave him a hug. After the hug Maria took a step back and smiled at Max and Michael.

“You both know your going to have to tell Isabel and Liz right?” Maria asked

“Yes we know,” Max, Michael said

“Good. Well we better get some sleep because you guys got to talk to Liz, Isabel. And I got to see if Jim can help us get into these classes next week,” Maria said

“Maria are you seriously going to try to get in the classes next week?” Michael asked

“Yes I am. Michael we want to be ready for anything. And plus you said we need to do all of these classes right?” Maria asked

“Yes I did say that,” Michael said

“Good. Well good night Max and Michael,” Maria said before walking to her room.

After Maria was gone Michael and Max turned and looked at each other.

“What the hell just happened?” Michael asked

“I don’t know. How did Maria do that?” Max asked

“I don’t know. I guess I better get some sleep since we got to talk to Isabel and Liz tomorrow,” Michael said

“I think we are going to need luck with that,” Max said

“I guess we will have to wait and see,” Michael said

“True. Good night Michael,” Max said as he watched Michael start to walking away.

“Good night Max,” Michael said as he walked to his room.

After Michael was gone Max turned and grabbed his bag and went to the spare room. When Max walked in the room he turned and shut the door. Then Max walked up to the bed and changed into his boxer and went to bed. Max thought about Liz as he started to fall asleep.

In the morning:
Max woke up and got dressed. After he had his jeans on Max opened the bed room door and walked across the hall to the bathroom. Max walked into the bathroom and shut the door. A few minutes later Max walked out of the bathroom and walked back into his room to finish getting dressed. Max walked out of the bed room wearing black jeans and a black short sleeve shirt. He walked in the kitchen and saw Michael was on his phone while Maria was cooking. Maria turned away from Michael and saw Max walking in.

“Hey Max,” Maria said

“Hey. What is going on with Michael?” Max asked

“I don’t know. Michael has been on the phone since 8 this morning,” Maria said

“Do you know who he is trying to talk to?” Max asked

“No. I wish I did though,” Maria said

Right at that moment Michael dropped his cell phone on the kitchen counter.

“Damn it,” Michael said

“Michael what is wrong?’ Maria asked

“I just tried to call Liz. And she is not answering her phone,” Michael said

“Michael calm down and try a little later. If you still can’t get a hold of her then you can wait till party tonight,” Maria said

“I know I should be calm. But you never know what Liz could be up to,” Michael said

“Michael honey Liz is just like you. You know she will be fine,” Maria said

“That is what worries me,” Michael said

“Michael please just be calm?” Maria said

“Maria you know I can’t till I talked to Liz. I hope to god she is not doing something dumb,” Michael said

“Michael your sister never does anything dumb. And you know it,” Maria said

“Maria you know Liz has changed since she has graduated school with us,” Max said

“I know. And you both know she is trying to do things to be more helpful,” Maria said

“Maria we know she is trying to be more helpful. But Liz also needs to realize she can’t do anything herself,” Michael said

“Liz knows that. All she wants is to be more out there. Do you understand?” Maria said

“Of course we can understand that. But we both don’t want Liz to put herself in danger,” Max said

“Max, Michael Liz knows what she does. And does what she wants because she knows she can handle it. And if she has problems she comes to Isabel, Alex and I. We try to help her,” Maria said

Maria turned away from Max and Michael to start making french toast for breakfast. As Maria started the french toast Michael’s phone started to ring. Michael touched the talk and speaker phone.

“Hello,” Michael said

“What did you call for Michael?” Liz asked

“Liz?” Michael asked

“Yeah. What did you call me for?” Liz asked

“Where the hell are you?” Michael asked

“Michael a class I’m taking is getting ready to start. So what do you want?” Liz asked

“What classes are you taking?” Michael asked

“None of your business. Why did you call?” Liz asked

“Liz Max and I need to talk to you,” Michael said

“Michael I got classes till 2pm. So can it wait till then?” Liz asked

“Yeah I guess it can wait till then,” Michael said

“Thanks. I got to go. Class is starting,” Liz said

“Liz what classes are you taking?” Michael asked

As Michael asked Liz that question all he heard was a dial tone. Michael touched end call and looked at Max and Maria who were looking at him.

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Chapter 4:

“What Michael?” Maria asked.

“Liz just hung up on me,” Michael said.

“So, when are we going to get a chance to talk to her?” Max asked.

“2pm after her classes,” Michael said.

“Do you know what classes Liz is taking?” Michael asked.

“No,” Max, Maria said.

“Well I guess we have to wait and find out,” Michael said.

“Michael you and Max need to remember to be calm when you talk to Liz,” Maria said.

“Maria don’t worry Max and I will be calm when we talk to Liz,” Michael said.

“I’m going to hold you both to that,” Maria said.

“OK,” Max, Michael said.

“So, what are you both going to do for 2 hours?” Maria asked.

“Easy we are going to probably play our play station 4 or watch Brave Heart,” Max said.

“No, I say we do both,” Michael said.

“Are you both still counting bodies in Brave Heart?” Maria asked.

“Yes, we are still counting bodies,” Michael said.

“What was the last number you had when you counted all the bodies?” Maria asked.

“I think the last number was 250,” Max said.

“Oh,” Maria said before walking in the kitchen to make breakfast.

As Maria was making breakfast Max and Michael watched Brave Heart and started to count the bodies again. A few minutes later Maria brought French toast, eggs out to Max and Michael. She set the food in front of them. After she did that she walked back into the kitchen and started to clean up. By the time Brave Heart was over it was 2:15pm. Max and Michael looked at the clock and notice the time.

“Maria has Liz called?” Michael asked.

Right at that moment the apartment door opened and in walked Liz wearing black jogging pants and a black sport bra with her hair in a ponytail. As Liz walked into the kitchen she set her bag down on the couch and walked into the kitchen where she found Maria sitting at the dining table. Liz sat down at the table and looked at Maria.

“Maria what is wrong?” Liz asked.

“Your brother and Max are driving me crazy again,” Maria said.

“Maria when don’t they drive anyone crazy. Let me guess they have been counting dead bodies on Brave Heart and playing Michael’s play station 4 again?” Liz asked.

“How did you know they do that?” Maria asked.

“Maria this is Max and Michael the over protective brothers and boyfriend we are talking about,” Liz said.

“You know they are in the living room right now listening to us,” Maria said.

“Maria you know the only time they don’t listen to us is when we are talking about our periods,” Liz said.

“That is true. So, what is the deal with all the classes you are taking?” Maria asked.

“Oh, I’m just trying to keep in shape. I joined this boot camp thing. And they give you 2 different work outs to push you to your limit,” Liz said.

“Wow. How are you?” Maria asked.

“It was really tough in the beginning. But now I can handle it,” Liz said.

“That is great,” Maria said.

“Yeah it is,” Liz said.

“So, are you going to talk to Max and Michael?” Maria asked.

“If I have to,” Liz said rolling her eyes.

“Liz you know you have to,” Maria said.

“Fine. But if they yell I’m leaving,” Liz said.

“If you yell?” someone asked from behind them.

Liz and Maria turned and saw Max and Michael standing by the stove behind them. Liz and Maria looked at each other. Then turned and looked at Max and Michael.

“If you must know. If you and Max yell at me I’m leaving,” Liz said.

“Liz there will be no yelling. We are just going to sit down and talk,” Max said.

“Fine then let’s talk. Maria remember we got to be at my mom’s in an hour to get ready for this party thing they are doing,” Liz said.

“I know. I better go get ready to go,” Maria said.

“Maria, I got something for you for the thing tonight,” Liz said.

“What is it?” Maria asked.

“Come with me and I will give it to you,” Liz said as she grabbed Maria’s hand and walked out of the kitchen.

Max and Michael watched, and Liz and Maria walked out of the kitchen. After the girls were gone Max and Michael turned and looked at each other.

“What the hell just happened?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know,” Max said.

Meanwhile in the living room:
Liz grabbed her bag as she took Maria to her room. When they got into the room Liz shut the door and turned to look at Maria.

“OK please don’t kill me or anything. But I thought this would be fun for driving Michael a little crazy,” Liz said.

“I’m not going to kill you. Oh, really now I’m wondering,” Maria said.

Liz reached in her bag and grabbed a bag out and handed it to Maria. Maria took the bag and notice it was from Victoria Secret. Maria then looked at Liz as she opened the bag. Maria looked down and pulled out a black lace and silk. She straightened it out and saw it was a silk/lace corset with a lace thong. Maria looked at Liz in shock.

“Liz oh my god,” Maria said.

“I thought you might want to give Michael something to remember you by when he and Max leave Friday night,” Liz said.

“This is so cool. Thank you,” Maria said.

“What are you and Max going to do before he leaves?” Maria asked.

“Probably nothing. Max and I are just friends. That is all he sees me as,” Liz said.

“Maybe the party tonight might change that,” Maria said.

“I highly doubt it. Nothing will change the friend zone Max and I are in,” Liz said.

“Liz you never know it may change tonight or tomorrow night,” Maria said.

“Maria I’m not holding my breath,” Liz said.

“Liz all I am saying is you never know,” Maria said.

There was a knock on the door. Maria hide the corset and thong back in the bag and put the bag under her pillow. Liz walked up to the door.

“Who is it?” Liz asked.

“Liz it’s Michael and Max we need to talk to you before you leave,” Michael said.

“OK. I’ll be out in a minute,” Liz said.

“What are you both talking about?” Michael asked.

“Michael honey it is none of your business. We will be out in a minute,” Maria said.

“OK,” Michael said.

“Come on we better get out there before they try and break the door down,” Liz said.

“True,” Maria said as she got off the bed and walked to the door.

Maria opened the door and there stood Michael and Max looking at them. Liz and Maria crossed their arms and looked at Max and Michael.

“What are you both up to?” Maria asked.

“We wanted to know what was taking you so long,” Michael asked.

“God all we were doing is talking. See what I told you Maria?” Liz said.

I know,” Maria said.

“Come on let’s all go talk in the living room,” Max said as he tried to calm everything down.

“Fine,” Liz, Michael, Maria said before walking out of the room and walked into the living room. When everyone was in the living room they sat down and looked at each other.

“What do we need to talk about?” Liz asked.

“Max and I talked to Maria and we both understand that you want to be more helpful to Jeff and Philip. You want to go out and do some cases by yourself. We can except that. All we want is for you, Maria, Isabel, Tess to take some classes to protect yourself. In case something happens,” Michael said.

“Why did you change your mind?” Liz asked.

“Maria keeps reminding us you are not a little kid anymore. And we need to stop being so protective of you,” Michael said.

“Really?” Liz asked.

“Yes really,” Max said.

“Thanks, I guess. What classes?” Liz asked.

“We want you and the girls to take all the self-defense classes, karate, boxing,” Max said.

“Why all those classes?” Liz asked

“We want you to be ready for anything that may happen,” Michael said.

“I can understand that,” Liz said.

“So, are you and the girls going to take all the classes?” Michael asked.

“Michael there is something you and Max need to know,” Liz said.

“What would that be?” Michael asked.

“Do you remember that drill Sargent that Jim hired for police training?” Liz asked.

“Yeah what about him?” Michael asked.

“Tess and I have been going to 2 or 3 of his training boot camp classes for a month now,” Liz said.

“What? When were you going to tell us?” Max and Michael asked.

“I just did tell you,” Liz said.

“We wish you would have told us sooner is all,” Max said.

“If I told you. You both would have tried to talk me and Tess out of it,” Liz said.

“You don’t know that,” Michael said.

Maria decided it was time to step in and try to calm everything down.

“What classes are you and Tess taking?” Maria asked.

“The Sargent is teaching a mix of marine, police training. The other class he is teaching a mix of karate, boxing and FBI training. Then his last class is a mix of all his classes together,” Liz said.

“You and Tess are taking all these classes?” Max asked.

“Yes, we are taking all the classes,” Liz said.

“How?” Michael asked.

“Remember all those times I was gone for 2 hours?” Liz asked.

“Yeah?” Max said.

“Tess and I was taking those classes,” Liz said.

“Are you and Tess still taking the classes?” Michael asked.

“Yes. We go to class every day at 6pm,” Liz said.

“How hard are the classes?” Maria asked.

“They go from easy to hard depends on your ability,” Liz said.

“Liz did you go to class today?” Max asked.

“Yes. the Sargent offer an early class for Tess and I. And we took it,” Liz said.

“Does anyone know you are taking these classes?” Michael asked.

“Jim is the only one that knows. Our parents don’t know,” Liz said.

“Why?” Max asked.

“Because they would worry just like you both do,” Liz said.

“You know Liz is right,” Maria said.

“Yeah that is true. God I can’t believe you and Tess are taking all those classes though,” Michael said.

“Is that a good thing or a bad thing?” Liz asked.

“It is a good thing Lizzie. I’m very happy that you and Tess can protect yourselves. Now Maria and Isabel need to take the classes,” Michael said.

“Michael don’t worry Isabel and I will start his classes,” Maria said.

“Promise?” Michael asked.

“I promise. Liz when does he start at the very beginning again?” Maria asked.

“I already signed you and Isabel up for the beginning classes which starts next Friday at 6pm,” Liz said.

“Why did you do that?” Maria asked.

“Because I knew Max and Michael would want you and Isabel to protect yourselves in case anything happens,” Liz said.

“You know that was a very sneaky thing to do right?” Maria asked.

“Yes. I know. But I thought the sooner you take the classes the better you and Isabel will be. And the happier Michael and Max will be,” Liz said.

“You got us there,” Michael and Max said.

Right at that moment there was a knock on the door. Everyone watched as Michael stood up and walked to the door. He looked through the peephole and saw it was Diane, Nancy, Isabel. Michael took a step back and opened the door. As Michael opened the door Diane, Isabel and Nancy all walked in. Liz, Max and Maria stood up as they walked in.

“What are you doing here mom?” Liz asked.

“Honey did you forget you and Maria are coming with us to get ready for the party at our house tonight?” Nancy asked.

“Um yeah we both forgot. Let me get my purse and we can go,” Maria said before walking out of the living room to her bed room.

While Maria was gone Isabel noticed Liz was wearing stretch pants and a sport bra.

“Liz what are you wearing?” Isabel asked

“I had to go to a couple of work out classes before I came here,” Liz said

“Oh, and how are they going?” Isabel asked.

“They are going good,” Liz said.

“That is great. So, are you ready for the parent party tonight?” Isabel asked.

“I guess,” Liz said

“Honey our party is going to be nice and relaxing with our friends. So, don’t worry?” Diane said

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Chapter 5

“OK,” Liz said.

Nancy and Diane turned and looked at Max and Michael who were standing there watching everything.

“Oh before I forget Max, Michael the dads and Alex will be picking you both up anytime now,” Diane said.

“What? Why?” Michael asked.

“Because Jeff and Philip want you, Max and Alex to look very handsome when you go to this party,” Diane said.

“I already have something to wear,” Michael said.

“No Philip and Jeff wanted to pick something out. Now deal with it,” Nancy said.

“This is bull,” Michael said.

“Whatever you say honey,” Nancy said.

Maria walked back into the living room and saw Michael looking upset about something. While Liz, Max and Isabel rolled their eyes.

“What happened now?” Maria asked.

“Michael is upset that Jeff, Alex and Philip will be here anytime now to take Max and Michael out,” Isabel said.

“That is good. Michael just go with it,” Maria said.

“Fine,” Michael said.

“Good. Maybe you will find something you like,” Maria said.

“I doubt it,” Michael said.

Michael and Maria looked at each other. Then turned away from each other.

“Thank you Michael,” Maria said.

“What just happened?” Diane asked.

“They just had a staring thing going on. If Michael broke it. He has to agree with Maria and do whatever it is she wants,” Max said.

“Oh,” Diane, Nancy said.

“Yeah,” Max, Liz said.

“So Liz, Maria are you both ready to go?” Diane asked.

“Yeah, Let’s go,” Maria and Liz said.

Diane, Nancy turned and opened the door. When they opened they saw Philip, Alex and Jeff standing in the doorway.

“Oh we didn’t know you were still here,” Philip said.

“We were just leaving. Good luck with Max and Michael. Please do something about their hair?” Diane asked.

“You know we will,” Philip said.

Philip, Alex and Jeff took a step to the side and let the ladies through. After the ladies past them they walked more towards the door. Diane turned and walked up to Philip. Philip turned and looked at Diane.

“Philip please do something about their hair?” Diane asked.

“Of course,” Philip said.

“Thank you. Love you,” Diane said.

“Love you too,” Philip said.

Philip watched as Diane walked away from him. After Diane was gone Philip, Alex and Jeff walked into the apartment. When they walked in they saw Max and Michael standing in the living room looking at them.

“Are you both ready to go?” Jeff asked.

“Dad where are we going?” Max asked.

“Sorry boys can’t tell you. Get your things and come on,” Philip said.

“Fine,” Michael, Max said as they got their things.

After Max and Michael got everything they followed the dads out the door. As Michael walked out the door he shut it and locked it. After the door was locked he followed Max and others down the hallway and out the building door. When they were outside they all walked to Philip’s Tahoe and got in. After everyone was in Philip drove off.

A few minutes later Philip parked in front of a tux store. Max, Michael turned and looked at the store then looked at Jeff, Philip.

“What are we doing here?” Michael asked

“Michael you, Max and Alex need to wear a tux at the party tonight,” Jeff said.

“Please tell me you are joking?” Michael asked.

“No we are not joking. Come on we need to go in,” Philip said.

“Fine,” Michael said.

Jeff, Philip and guys got out of the Tahoe and walked into the tux store. When they walked in they saw a man at the front desk. The man looked at them and smiled.

“My name is Mr. Jackson, Can I help you,” Mr. Jackson asked.

“Yes. My wife called here making an appointment for all of us,” Jeff said.

“What is your wife’s name?” Mr. Jackson asked.

“It will either be in the name Parker or Evans,” Philip said.

“Hold on please and let me check,” Mr. Jackson said as he opened the appointment book and started to check.

A few minutes later the man looked up at Jeff and the others and smiled.

“Yes. You have an appointment with us. Come with me,” Mr. Jackson said

As they walked towards the back room they past some very nice tuxes and suits. When they finally got in the back room the man turned and looked at all of them.

“Your wives picked out some tuxes and suit for you all of you to try on,” Mr. Jackson said.

“How many suits and Tuxes do we need to try on?” Alex asked.

“The wives gave us 10 of each for all of you to try on,” Mr. Jackson said.

“Seriously?” Michael asked.

“Yes they are very serious,” Mr. Jackson said.

“How do we know which one to pick?” Alex asked.

“Oh that will be easy. That is why I am here. Hello guys,” Jim said as he walked in
and looked at them.

Max, Alex, Michael looked surprised to see Jim standing in front of them wearing black dress pants and a white button-down shirt.

“What are you doing here Jim?” Michael asked.

“Oh your wives sent me here to get a tux or suit. And to help you with picking yours,” Jim said.

“Unbelievable,” Max and Michael said.

“Don’t worry guys it won’t be so painful,” Jim said.

“Thanks I think,” Max and Michael said.

As Max and Michael were trying on suits and tuxes their pagers went off. Max and Michael reached into their pockets and pulled out their pagers. They looked down and saw it was someone from a case they were working on. Max and Michael noticed that the person wanted to meet in 15 minutes. Max and Michael looked at each other then turned and looked at Jeff and Philip who were trying on suits and tuxes.

“Great now what are we going to do?” Michael asked.

“Let’s try and hurry and pick something here and see if we can leave,” Max said.

“Why are you both leaving?” Voice said behind them.

Max and Michael turned and saw Jim, Jeff standing behind them.

“What is going on Michael and Max?” Jeff asked.

“Jim remember that suitcase case you have Michael and I working on?” Max asked.

“Yes. What about it?” Jim asked.

“Well the man that is holding the suitcase he wants to meet with us in 15 minutes,” Michael said.

“Do you know why?” Jeff asked.

“No. But it must be very important if he wants to meet today,” Max said.

“That is possible. So, what are you both planning?” Jim asked.

“We need to meet with him and find out what is going on. Then we meet up with you and get everything finished before the party,” Michael said.

“Do you think you can really meet this guy then meet up with us?” Jim asked.

“Yes,” Michael and Max said.

“What do we tell Nancy and Diane if you don’t make it back?” Jeff asked.

“Just tell them we had to take care of a couple of things really quick,” Michael said.

“Do you really think Nancy and Diane are going to believe that?” Jim asked.

“Hopefully they will,” Michael said.

“Fine. We will cover for you. But you need to be back in 45 minutes or less,” Jeff said.

“We are hoping for less,” Max said.

“Yeah. Look at the tuxes and find something,” Jim said.

Jeff, Jim watched as Max and Michael walked away and started to look for a tux for the party.

“Wonder how Diane, Nancy and girls are doing?” Jeff asked.

“Hopefully better than we are,” Jim said.

“True,” Jeff said.

Jeff and Jim watched as Max Michael grabbed 2 tuxes each and went to try them on. A few minutes later Max walked out wearing a Stafford signature black cotton sport coat with white button-down dress shirt and black dress pants. After Max walked out Michael walked out wearing the same black cotton sports coat with black jeans.

“Well what do you think?” Michael asked.

“Michael no on the jeans with the sport jacket. You both go ahead and try on another tux, “Jeff said.

“Fine,” Michael said.

Jeff and Jim watched as Michael and Max walked back into the change room. After they were gone Philip and Alex walked up to Jeff and Jim.

“So how did it go,” Jim asked.

“Alex knew what Tux he wanted, and he got it. How is it going with Max and Michael?” Philip asked.

“Don’t ask. Max is doing OK. While Michael is being a pain in the ass,” Jim said.

“That is Michael for you,” Philip said.

“Philip sorry but I got to leave. I need to get a couple of things finished before the party,” Alex said.

“Do you need one of us to go with you?” Philip asked.

“No. I asked Liz to come with me. I got to go and meet her now,” Alex said.

“How is she supposed to get here?” Jim asked.

Right at that moment Liz walked in wearing a black spaghetti strap sundress that went to her knees. Her hair was up in curlers.

“Hey dad, Jim and Philip. Here mom told me to give this to you,” Liz said as she handed her dad a piece of paper.

Jeff took the paper and opened it. After he read the paper he looked at Liz.

“Alex come on. I got to be back with Nancy, Diane and girls within an hour. So let’s go,” Liz said.

“OK. See you back at the house,” Alex said before he and Liz walked out of the store.

After Alex and Liz were gone Jim and Philip turned and looked at Jeff.

“What was that about?” Jim asked.

“Nancy told Liz she had an hour to help Alex then she has to be back with them to finish getting ready for the party,” Jeff said.

“Oh,” Philip, Jim said.

“Yeah,” Jeff said.

Jeff, Philip and Jim turned and looked at the changing room. When they turned they saw Max and Michael standing in front of them.

“Did we hear Liz’s voice a few seconds ago?” Max asked.

“Yeah you did. She just left with Alex a few seconds ago,” Philip said.

“Oh,” Max, Michael said.

“So let’s see the tuxes,” Jeff said.

Max waked up wearing JFJ black tuxedo jacket slim with a black button up dress top and black slim fit suit pants.

“That will be good for the party now go change,” Philip said

Max walked in the changing room to change into his regular clothes while Michael was with Jeff, Philip and Jim. After Max changed he saw Michael walking in.

“So?” Max asked.

“This is the tux I’m wearing to the party tonight,” Michael said.

“Good. Now go change we got to meet someone in a few minutes,” Max said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot about the meeting we have to get to,” Michael said.

“Yeah. Hurry up. I’m going to talk to Jeff, Philip, Jim before we leave,” Max said.

“OK,” Michael said as he walked past Max to his changing room.

Max walked out of the changing room and walked up to Jeff, Philip and Jim. When he walked out he saw them turned and looked at him.

“Dad can you take my tux to your house?” Max asked.

“Sure. Why?” Philip asked.

“A case we are working on wants to meet with us,” Max said.

“Max you and Michael need to be at the party tonight,” Philip said.

“Dad don’t worry we will be there,” Max said.

“Fine. If your late then your both going to have to tell Nancy and Diane why your late,” Jeff said.

“You know we will be there on time,” Michael said.

“Remember the party starts at 8pm. That gives you 4 hours till the party,” Philip said.

“Don’t worry we will be there,” Max said before he and Michael walked out the door.

“You better,” Philip yelled.

After Max and Michael were gone. Philip turned and looked at Jeff and Jim.

“So now what do we do?” Philip asked.

“Philip remember we have to meet with the Realtor in 30 minutes to find a bigger place for our business,” Jeff said.

“I didn’t forget. Jim do you want to check some places with us?” Philip asked.

“Sure,” Jim said.

“Good. Come on we better go. We need to meet the Realtor at some fire house 2 blocks north of here,” Jeff said.

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Author's Note:
Hey everyone I just wanted you to know I will be posting a new chapter either tonight or tomorrow. I hope everyone will keep an eye out for the new chapter. And I hope everyone will like the new chapter.

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Hey Everyone
I promise I didn't forget to post a new chapter. Right now I am working on chapters. Please keep an eye out for the new chapter?

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Bounty On Love
Chapter 6

Jeff, Philip, Jim walked out of the store and walked to Philip’s black Tahoe. They get in and drove off. A few minutes later they pulled up and parked in front of the fire house. As they are getting out of the Tahoe Jeff and Philip notice Alex and Liz coming out of the jewelry store. They watched as Liz and Alex smiled then got into Liz’s car and drove off.

“I wonder what that was about,” Jeff said.

“I guess we are going to have to wait and find out,” Philip said.

“Yeah, I guess we will,” Jeff said.

Jeff, Philip and Jim turned and saw a woman standing in front of the fire house. They walked up to her and stood in front of her.

“Hello I’m Beth I’m the Realtor. I’m here to show you this place. Please come with me?” Beth asked.

Jeff, Philip and Jim followed Beth into the building. When they walked in they saw the front area was huge with a lot of space.

“This is the front area as you can see there is a lot of space here. Come with me and I will show you the rest,” Beth said.

Beth and the men turned left and walked towards the kitchen. When they walked into the kitchen they saw that it was also a big room. The kitchen had I microwave, oven/stove and a fridge. The room had a medium size sinks and dish washer. The counter was a half wrap counter. As Jeff and Philip looked at everything they knew what they could do to make the kitchen better.

“Do you want to keep looking around?” Beth asked.

“Yes please?” Jim asked.

“After we pass where the front desk usually is there is a hallway with rooms,” Beth said.

“Lead the way ma’am,” Jeff said.

They walked out of the kitchen and walked towards the back. Beth turned left again and walked down the hallway. As they were walking down the hallway Jeff, Philip, Jim notice all the rooms.

“What are these room used for?” Jim asked.

“Oh these were classes to teach more things. So, the firemen could be ready for anything,” Beth said.

“Good to know. Wow these rooms look big,” Philip said.

“Well the firemen had about 25 people in all the classes they taught,” Beth said.

“That seems like a lot of people,” Jim said.

“Yes it does. Are you ready to see upstairs?” Beth asked.

“Sure. By the way how many floors does this fire house have?” Philip asked.

“There are 6 floors. Each floor as 2 rooms on the floor,” Beth said.

“How big are the rooms?” Jim asked.

“If you come with me I will show you,” Beth said.

“Lead the way,” Philip said.

The men followed Beth up the hallway and cross the room to the stairs. Beth and the men walked up the stairs to the first floor. When they got to the first floor Beth and the men walked to the first door. Beth unlocked the door and let the men walked in. when they walked in they saw the room was big and there was a lot of room. So, Jeff and Philip knew they could turn the room into an apartment. Jeff and Philip turned and looked at Beth who was looking at them.

“So?” Beth asked.

“Are all the rooms this size?” Philip asked.

“All the rooms are the same till you get to the 6th floor,” Beth said.

“What is different about the 6th floor rooms?” Jim asked.

“I need to show you to know. So, if you follow me I’ll take you there,” Beth said.

“Sure,” Men said.

The men followed Beth up the stairs to the 6th floor. When they got to the 6th floor they saw 2 doors on either side. Beth opened the door on the right and the men saw that the room was all glass and a garden. They turned and looked at Beth.

“The firemen were into using this room as a garden to grow flowers and food,” Beth said.

“What about the other room?” Jim asked.

They watched as Beth walked out of the room and walked across the room to the other door. Beth unlocked the door and opened it. When Beth opened the door, the men saw that the room looked like a relaxing room. There were two love seats, two couches, six tables and a daybed that was a couch. The glass windows were covered with black lace curtains.

“What did the firemen use this for?” Jim asked.

“The fire women used this room as their space,” Beth said.

“Oh,” Men said.

“Are you ready to go down stairs?” Beth asked.

“Yes,” Men said.

Beth and the men walked down the stars to the first floor. When they got to the first floor they all turned and looked at each other.

“So what do you think?” Beth said as she looked at the three men.

Jeff, Philip and Jim looked at each other then looked at Beth the Realtor.

“We will take it,” Jeff, Philip said.

“Good. I got some papers for you both to sign if you don’t mind,” Beth said.

“OK,” Philip, Jeff said.

Beth turned and walked up to the front desk and opened up her bag and pulled out some papers for the men to sign. After Beth got the papers she walked back up to the men. When she walked up to the men she handed them papers to sign.

“Here are the papers you all need to sign before we leave,” Beth said as she handed the papers to the men.

Jeff, Philip and Jim each took the papers and signed them. After they signed the papers they gave them back to Beth. Beth took the papers and looked at the three men.

“So how long will we have to wait till we know?” Jeff asked.

“I’ll put a rush on it. And I will talk to my boss to see what he said,” Beth said.

“Good,” Philip said.

“Yes that is good,” Beth said.

Beth turned and walked up to the front desk and put the papers back in her bag. After the papers were in her bag. She grabbed the bag and walked up to the men. When she stood next to the men they all looked at each other.

“So that is everything. Now all you must do is wait till I call,” Beth said.

“Thank you Beth,” Jim said.

“Your welcome. Now let’s get back to our jobs,” Beth said.

Jeff, Philip, Jim, Beth all smiled and walked out the door. After they walked out the door Beth turned and locked the door. After the door was locked Beth and the men walked to their automobiles. They got in their cars and drove off. Jeff and Philip were driving back to the police station to drop off Jim. A few minutes later they pulled in front of the police station.

“So, what are the ladies and others doing?” Jim asked.

“They are trying to get ready for the party tonight,” Philip said.

“That sounds interesting. Are they getting ready at the house?” Jim asked.

“No. The guys are getting ready at Alex’s place. While Nancy, Diane and girls getting ready at the house,” Jeff said.

“And let me guess you got to meet the guys to get ready,” Jim said.

“Yes. What about you and Kyle,” Philip asked.

“Well I am going to get ready at the station. Kyle and his wife Serena are going to be getting ready at the apartment,” Jim said.

“Have you heard from Max and Michael?” Philip asked.

“No. I was hoping they are with Alex getting ready at his house,” Jim said.

“That is what we are hoping for too. But we have not heard anything from them,” Jeff said.

“I say we give them an hour. If we don’t hear from them we call them,” Philip said.

“That sounds like a good plan,” Jeff and Jim said.

A few minutes later they pulled in front of the police station. Jim had his hand on the doctor door and looked at Jeff and Philip.

“I’ll let you know if I hear from them. Don’t worry you know Max and Michael can handle themselves,” Jim said.

“That is what worries us,” Jeff said.

“That is understandable. Let me know if you hear from them first,” Jim said.

“You know we will,” Jeff said.

Jim shut the door and walked up to the door. When he got to the door he turned and watched as Jeff and Philip drove off. After Philip and Jeff were gone he walked into the police station. Jim walked to his office and shut the door. As Jim shut the door his cell phone started to ring. Jim reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone and put it to his ear.

“This is Jim,” Jim said.

“Jim it’s Max,” Max said.

“Max where the hell are you and Michael right now?” Jim asked

“We are waiting to meet someone. He should be here any minute now,” Max said.

“Your dads thought you were at Alex’s house getting ready for the party.” Jim said.

“No not yet. We are going after our meeting,” Max said.

“Max we have an hour till the party. I think that is enough time,” Michael said.

“Did you hear what Michael said.?” Max asked

“Yeah I heard him. Who are you supposed to be meeting?” Jim asked.

“We don’t know. We are hoping whoever it is will show up soon,” Max said.

“Good luck with that. I better go. See you both at the party,” Jim said.

“See you then,” Max said before ending the call.

After the call ended Max put his cell phone back into his pocket. Max and Michael started to look around as they were waiting.

“This is taking forever,” Michael said.

“I know. But we need to wait and see who it is that we are meeting,” Max said.

A few minutes later Max and Michael turned and saw a man running towards them carrying a suitcase. The man ran up to Max and handed him the suitcase. Max took the suitcase and looked at the man.

“What is in this case?” Max asked

“You have everything you need to bring down the mob boss. You need to put it somewhere safe till the trail,” the informant said.

“Wait what trail? What mob boss?” Michael asked

“Just read what is in the case and you will know everything,” the informant said.

As they were talking a car drove up shooting at them. Max and Michael hid behind
a brick wall while the informant was hiding beside the broken-down car. The car kept circling and shooting at them. Max and Michael pulled out their guns and started to shoot back at the car while they were trying to protect the informant hiding beside the broke down car.

“Max we need to do something quickly,” Michael said as he ducked his head as a bullet went flying by.

“Don’t you think I know that. Let’s try shooting the tires. Maybe then we can stop this,” Max said as he lowered his head as a bullet went past him.

“Sounds like a plan,” Michael said.

Max and Michael turned and started shoot at the car’s tires. As they were shooting at the car’s tires then men in the car kept shooting at Max and Michael. The men in the car watched as the bullets grazed Max and Michael on the arms and head before they drove off thinking they shot them. After the men were gone Max and Michael turned and saw the man that was hiding beside the car was now hiding under the car. They walked up to the car and helped the man out from under the car. When the man stood up he looked at both Max and Michael.

“Thank you,” the informant said.

“Who the hell was shooting at us?” Michael asked

“Those are a couple of men that probably work for the mob boss,” the informant said.

“Who the hell is the mob boss?” Max asked

“All I know is it’s not just one person. It is five people working and go by the mob boss,” the informant said.

“What do you have on this so-called mob boss to make them come after you?” Michael asked

“Everything you need to know is in the suitcase. And plus, I stole something they are wanting back,” the informant said.

“What did you take?” Max asked

“When you look in the suitcase you will know,” the informant said.

“What are we going to do with you now?” Michael asked

“Nothing. After this I’m outta here. No one is going to be able to find me,” the informant said.

“You told us they can find out anywhere and anytime they want,” Max said.

“Not with what I’m planning to do,” the informant said.

“What is that?” Michael asked.

Right at that moment a black van drove up and pulled in front of them. The side door opened, and a man dressed in black came out of the van and walked up to the man, Max and Michael.

“Mr. Smith it is time to come with us,” the man dressed in black said.

“What the hell is going on here?” Michael asked.

“We are here to place this man into the witness protection,” the man in black said.

“We are working this case,” Michael said.

“Michael let it go. Come on we need to go. We are running a little late,” Max said.

“Whatever,” Michael said.

Max and Michael watched as the black van drove off. Max and Michael walked to Michael’s car got in and drove off. A few minutes later Michael pulled up the drive way and parked the car next to Liz’s car. Max and Michael both got out of the car and walked into the house. When Max and Michael walked into the house they saw the entryway had a lot of tall candle stands. They walked past the candle stands and started to walk to Jeff and Philip’s office. When they got to the office they knocked on the door.

“Come in,” Jeff yelled.

Max and Michael walked into the office and saw Jeff and Philip in their tuxes. Max and Michael walked to the couch next to the door and sat down.

“So how did your case go?” Philip asked.

“Fucked up,” Michael said.

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked

“Well we got the case from the informant. Then all of a sudden, we are in a shootout with the men that followed him. Then when the shooting is over a black van comes for the guy,” Michael said.

“Who was the black van?” Philip asked.

“They said they were the FBI and they were taking the suitcase guy into their protection. And then they left,” Max said.

“That is strange,” Jeff said.

“We know,” Michael said.

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Chapter 7
Right at that moment there was knock on the door.

“Come in,” Jeff yelled.

The door opened and in walked Liz wearing a white rob with her hair up in curlers. Liz walked up to Jeff and Philip. Jeff and Philip looked at Liz as she stood in front of them.

“Dad, Philip can you please make sure the candles in the living room are lit after dinner?” Liz asked.

“Why? What are you up to?” Jeff asked.

“Dad Alex has a surprise for Isabel and we all need to be there. And that does mean you Max and Michael,” Liz said.

“Does this have anything to do with us seeing you and Alex in town earlier?” Philip asked.

“Yes. And I’m sorry I can’t say any more than that. I promised Alex. So please will you make sure the candles are lit in the living room after dinner?” Liz asked.

“Of course we will,” Jeff, Philip said.

“Thanks,” Liz said

Liz then turned and looked at Max and Michael who had mud and blood on them.

“What the hell happen to the both of you?” Liz asked.

“Let’s leave it as a case thing,” Michael said.

“Whatever. You both better hurry and get ready before Maria and Isabel find out,” Liz said.

“We will be ready in time. What is the surprise that Alex has for Isabel?” Michael asked.

“I’m not telling you. I guess you will have to wait and see,” Liz said.

“Liz get up here we need to do your hair,” Isabel yelled

Liz walked up to the door and opened it.

“Just a minute Isabel,” Liz yelled back.

Liz turned and looked at the dads and guys.

“Isabel. I better go. Thanks dad and Philip,” Liz said.

“No problem. See you a little later,” Jeff said.

“If I survive what Isabel as planned,” Liz said before walking out of the room.

After Liz walked out of the room Jeff, Philip, Michael and Max all turned and looked at each other.

“What does Isabel have planned for the girls?” Michael asked.

“I don’t know. And I have a feeling I don’t want to know,” Philip said.

“Hopefully it won’t be that bad,” Max said.

“Max you never know what your sister is up to,” Jeff said.

“That is true,” Max said.

“Before I forget what did you do with the suitcase?” Philip asked.

“We put it somewhere safe till tomorrow,” Michael said.

“What do you mean?” Jeff asked.

“Tomorrow we are going to put the suitcase somewhere more safe and guarded,” Max said.

“Sounds like you both have a plan,” Philip said.

“Dad you always said make sure to have plans and backup plans if things don’t go the way you want or hope they will go,” Michael said.

“That is true,” Jeff, Philip said.

Philip turned and looked at the clock and notice that all the guest will be there in an hour. Then he turned back and looked at Jeff, Max and Michael.

“We better go get ready our guest will be here in an hour,” Philip said.

“Oh shit,” Max and Michael said.

They all stood up and walked to the door. When they opened the door, they saw Nancy and Diane standing in front of them looking very mad.

“Nancy, Diane we know we are running late. We are going right now to get ready,” Philip said.

“You four better,” Diane said.

“We are,” Philip, Jeff, Max, Michael said as they ran past Nancy and Diane.

Nancy and Diane turned and watched as the men ran upstairs to their rooms to get ready. After they heard the doors slam they walked out of the doorway and walked to the kitchen. When Nancy and Diane walked into the kitchen they saw both caterers working hard on the menu. Diane walked up to the cooks.

“It smells wonderful. What are you making?” Diane asked.

“In the oven there is chicken baking. The side dishes with the chicken is green beans and baked potatoes,” Katie Thompson from the catering company said.

“What are you making? Nancy asked as she walked up to the other member of the catering crew, Alexis Thompson.

“Easy I’m making brisket with salad and mash potatoes,” said Alexis Thompson. The sisters had started their catering business by helping their friends. Soon word of mouth spread of their abilities and they were doing work for others in town.

“Wow they both sound so good. Thank you for making such wonderful meals for us,” Diane said.

“It is no problem ma'ams. We are happy to help if we can,” the Thompson sisters said.

“Thank you again,” Nancy, Diane said.

After Nancy, Diane talked to the caterers they walked out of the kitchen and walked to the living room. When they walked into the living room the saw Liz and Alex trying to move some candle holders and the red roses to a certain place.

“Alex, I hope this plan and surprise goes the way you want,” Liz said.

“You know it will. Question who did your hair and makeup?” Alex asked.

“Isabel. She thought that my hair would be beautiful if my hair was curled and up on top of my head. And to my surprise she only did a little make up,” Liz said.

“Well I think you look beautiful. I bet you will get some people to notice you,” Alex said.

“I doubt it. But thank you for saying that,” Liz said.

“Liz I am only telling you the truth,” Alex said.

“What are you both doing?” Nancy asked.

Alex and Liz stop moving things. They turned and saw Nancy and Diane standing in the doorway looking at them.

“So what are you both doing?” Nancy asked.

“Oh um I’m trying to make this room very romantic. I need to ask Isabel something,” Alex said.

“You do?” Diane asked.

“Yes,” Alex said.

“Is that why Liz is helping you?” Nancy asked.

“Yes,” Alex said.

“Mom, Diane please don’t be upset. I told Alex I would help him with this,” Liz said.

“Oh Liz honey we are not upset. We are just trying to figure out what you both are doing,” Nancy said.

“Good. So, what do you think? Is it romantic enough?” Liz asked.

“Yes. I think it would be good to have to fire place lit too,” Diane said.

“Really?” Alex asked.

“Yes really,” Nancy said.

“Thank you,” Alex said.

“No problem. Liz are you wearing your dress under your robe?” Nancy asked.

“Yes,” Liz said.

“Good to know,” Diane asked.

“Remember to go and take the robe off before people arrive,” Nancy said.

“I will. I got 20 minutes till our guest get here,” Liz said.

“Good to know,” Diane said.

“Liz will you go to the door and see how it looks?” Alex asked.

“Sure. Alex is a little nervous,” Liz said before walking to the doorway.

“That is understandable,” Nancy, Diane said.

“All I am trying to do is make this very romantic and perfect for Isabel,” Alex said.

“Alex I understand that. But you need to talk to Isabel from your heart. Tell her what you feel for her,” Liz said.

“I am trying but it is hard to do that sometimes,” Alex said.

“I know but you know you can do this,” Liz said.

“True. So, what do you think from the door way?” Alex asked.

“It is very romantic,” Liz said.

“Good. Remember I want you, parents and friends here when I ask,” Alex said.

“You know we will be here,” Liz said.

“Now we just got to keep everyone out till then,” Alex said.

“Don’t worry Alex Diane and I will do that,” Nancy said.

“Thanks,” Alex said.

“No problem. Now you both better go get ready,” Diane said.

“Yes Diane,” Liz, Alex said before walking away.

After Liz and Alex were gone. Diane and Nancy looked around the room and saw the room was ready for whatever Alex had planned for Isabel.

“I wonder what Alex has planned for Isabel,” Diane said.

“I guess we are going to have to wait and see,” Nancy said.

“True. Come on we better go and check on Jeff and Philip,” Diane said.

“Yes we better,” Nancy said.

Nancy and Diane walked out of the room and walked up the stairs to their rooms. When Nancy walked into her room she shares with Jeff he saw that he was dressed and ready. Nancy walked up to Jeff and helped him with his tie.

“You look very handsome,” Nancy said.

“Thank you. You look very beautiful,” Jeff said.

“Thank you. Are you ready for tonight?” Nancy asked.

“Yes. Are you?” Jeff said.

“I guess. I just can’t believe Max and Michael leave tomorrow night,” Nancy said.

“I know. But they are needed,” Jeff said.

“I know your right. But I’m going to miss them,” Nancy said.

“I think we are all going to miss them,” Jeff said.

“Do you know how long Max and Michael are going to be gone for?” Nancy asked.

“The letter didn’t say. But Philip and I are guessing maybe 6 months to a year,” Jeff said.

“Seriously?” Nancy asked.

“That is just the guess Philip and I made,” Jeff said.

“Oh dear,” Nancy said.

“Honey you know they will be fine,” Jeff said.

“I hope you and Philip are right,” Nancy said.

“I guess that is what we are all hoping for. Come on we better go and see Diane and Philip,” Jeff said.

“Yeah we better,” Nancy said.

Jeff and Nancy walked to the door and opened it. When they opened the door, they saw Philip and Diane standing in front of them.

“Ready?” Philip asked.

“As ready as we can be,” Jeff said.

Right at that moment the doorbell ringed. Jeff, Nancy, Philip, Diane turned and looked at the door. Then they turned and looked at each other before walking down stairs to the door. Philip and Jeff walked to the door while Diane and Nancy stood at the bottom of the stairs. When the door opened they saw men in their tuxes and women in their dressy dresses. The men and women walked in and handed a man standing next to Philip their coats.

“Welcome to our little dinner party,” Diane said.

“Please come with us and we will all go to the sitting room where there is a bar,” Jeff asked.

“Why can’t we go into the living room?” a lady asked.

“Um our daughter’s boyfriend has something planned for our daughter and friends a little later,” Diane said.

“Oh I wonder what it could be,” another lady said.

“I guess we will have to wait and see,” Nancy said.

“True true,” the second woman said.

Everyone walked into the sitting room and saw a bar at the end of the room. And in front of the room was a 90’ inch flat screen TV. Philip, Diane, Nancy, Jeff watched as the men went to the bar while the women went to sit in chairs in front of the TV. Diane, Philip, Nancy, Jeff looked at each other than split into the groups. It was a few minutes later when Max, Alex, Michael walked into the room and went to the bar. Then a couple of minutes later Isabel and Maria walked into the room. When Isabel, Maria walked in Nancy and Diane walked up to them.

“Where is Liz?” Nancy asked.

“She is sitting on the stairs talking to someone,” Isabel asked.

“Do you know who she is talking to?” Diane asked.

“We didn’t ask,” Maria said.

“Why?” Nancy asked.

“Because Liz was a little stressed out. And only one person can do that to her,” Isabel said.

“Who would that be?” Diane asked.

“Kyle,” Isabel, Maria said.

“Why would Kyle be stressing Liz out for?” Nancy asked.

“We never know till Liz tells us what Kyle did this time,” Maria said.

“Why doesn’t Kyle talk to his dad?” Nancy asked.

“Who knows why he doesn’t talk to Jim,” Maria said.

“Isn’t Jim coming here tonight?” Isabel asked.

“Yeah. Jim is running a little late,” Diane said.

Isabel and Maria saw how worried Diane and Nancy were about Liz.

“We’ll be right back. We’re going to go check on her,” Isabel said before her and Maria walked out of the room.

Isabel, Maria walked out of the room and walked to the stairs where they saw Liz still on the phone. They walked up to Liz and sat on either side of her. Liz turned and saw Isabel and Maria looking at her.

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Chapter 8

“Kyle how far are you and Serena from our house?” Liz asked.

“We should be there in 10 to 20 minutes,” Kyle said.

“Good. Oh, before I forget your dad is going to be here too,” Liz said.

“Good. When we get there we can talk,” Kyle said.

“Kyle please don’t do anything to make Jim mad,” Liz asked.

“I promise I won’t make my dad mad,” Kyle said.

“Good I better go. See you when you get here in a few minutes,” Liz said.

“See you then Lizzie,” Kyle said before ending the call.

After the call was over Liz turned and looked at Maria and Isabel.

“What do you girls need?” Liz asked.

“Diane, Nancy are wondering you are doing,” Maria said.

“I was talking to Kyle. He and Serena will be here anytime,” Liz said.

“That is good to know. Now we just got to see if Jim will show up,” Isabel said.

“You know Jim will be here,” Liz said.

“That is true,” Maria said.

“Come on we better go to the party before someone thinks we’re gone,” Isabel said.

“OK OK,” Liz, Maria said as they stood up.

Isabel, Liz, Maria were about to walk into the room when someone grabbed Liz and pulled her back. She twisted free out of the hold. She turned and saw Kyle and Serena standing behind her. Kyle had his hands raised as he looked at Liz.

“Kyle you scared the crap out of me,” Liz said.

“Sorry Lizzie. I wanted it to be a surprise,” Kyle said.

“You sure did surprise us,” Maria said.

“Hey Maria and Isabel. It is good to see the both of you,” Kyle said.

“It is good to see you too. So how long are you and Serena here for?” Maria asked.

Liz, Isabel, Maria watched as Kyle and Serena looked at each other and nodded their heads before turning and looking at Liz, Isabel, Maria.

“What?” Liz asked as she looked at Kyle and Serena.

“We are planning to stay for good,” Kyle said.

“Really?” Liz asked.

“Yes really,” Kyle said.

Liz, Isabel, Maria walked up to Kyle and gave him hugs. After Liz and the girls hugged Kyle they walked up to Serena and hugged her. After the hugs Liz and girls took a step back and looked at Kyle and Serena.

“We are so glad that you both are going to be here,” Isabel said.

“That is what I’m hoping dad will say,” Kyle said.

“Your hoping I would say what?” Voice said from behind them

Liz, Isabel, Maria, Kyle and Serena turned and saw Jim standing behind them.

“Hi dad,” Kyle said.

Hello Kyle, Serena,” Jim said.

“Um we are going to go back to the party. See all of you in there,” Liz said as she pulled Isabel and Maria away.

Isabel and Maria walked into the room where the party was while Liz turned and looked at Kyle and Serena. Then she turned and walked into the room. When Liz walked into the room she saw that Men and women were wearing their dressy clothes. A man walked up to Liz. They were both face to face.

“Hello, my dear who are you?” the stranger asked.

“I’m Jeff and Nancy’s daughter Liz. You, are you?” Liz asked.

“Oh, dear my name is Derek Davis,” Derek said.

“Well hello Mr. Davis,” Liz said.

“Hello to you Miss Parker,” Mr. Davis said.

“Are you having fun at this party?” Liz asked.

“It seems to be a great party. Don’t you think?” Mr. Davis asked.

“Yes, I think it is. Please excuse me I need to go get a drink?” Liz asked before walking away.

“Yes, my dear,” Mr. Davis said before Liz walked away.

Liz walked up to the bar and waited for the bartender. As Liz was waiting for the bartender she turned and saw Max and Michael drinking a beer and talking about something. Liz turned to look in front of her and saw the bartender standing in front of her.

“What would you like to drink miss?” the bartender asked.

“I would like a shot of whiskey then a beer please?” Liz asked.

“Yes ma’am,” the bartender said.

A few seconds later Liz had her shot of whiskey and beer. Liz raised the shot glass and a few seconds later the glass was empty. After Liz drank the shot she started to drink her beer. Liz then turned and saw that Max and Michael looked like they were having a very serious talk. Liz decided to find out what was going on, so she walked up to Max and Michael. When she stood beside them Liz tapped Max on the shoulder. Max and Michael turned and saw Liz wearing a black casual cocktail
halter dress with neck a line with a skater skirt that was a couple of inches above her knees. They saw Liz’s hair was curled up and she looked like she didn’t have any makeup on.

“Liz is that you?” Max asked.

“Yes. So, what do you think?” Liz asked.

“I think we are going to have to keep an eye on you now,” Michael said.

“Michael, you and Max know I can take care of myself,” Liz said.

“We know. But I still think it might be good idea to keep an eye on you,” Michael said.

“Michael I’m 19. I think I can handle myself just fine,” Liz said.

“Maybe. Liz what are you drinking?” Max asked.

“I’m drinking a beer. Why do you both have a problem with that too?” Liz asked.

“No, we don’t. We just want to make sure you don’t have too much,” Max said.

“This is the only beer I am going to have. After this I am going to have Pepsi,” Liz said.

“OK,” Max, Michael said.

“You know you both are assholes, right?” Liz said before walking away.

Max and Michael watched as Liz walked up to Maria and Isabel. They watched as Liz was telling them something. Then watched as the girls turned and looked at them with pissed off looks on their faces. Max and Michael knew they were in deep shit.

“Great, Liz got Maria and Isabel mad at us now,” Michael said.

“We so don’t need this right now,” Max said.

“No, we don’t,” Michael said.

Right at that moment Alex walked up to Max and Michael and sat down next to them. He turned and saw that Liz, Isabel, Maria were mad. Alex turned and looked at Max and Michael.

“What did you both do to piss the girls off this time?” Alex asked.

“Why do you think we did anything?” Michael asked.

“Because the girls are pissed and are looking at you. They only get that way with the both of you if you did something. So, what did you do?” Alex asked.

“We told Liz that we will be keeping an eye on her. And then we saw her drinking a beer and told her not to drink too much,” Max said.

“Max and Michael, you know Liz will be fine and she knows how to take care of herself,” Alex said.

“We know that. We just worry about her,” Michael said.

“What are you both going to do while you are gone? You know you can’t worry about Liz and the girls,” Alex said.

“We know. But till we leave we are going to worry about them,” Michael said.

“I know. But you both need to stop trying to treat Liz as a little girl. She is 19 now. She is an adult,” Alex said.

“She is always going to be my little sister no matter how old she gets,” Michael said.

“And what about you Max? What do you think of Liz?” Alex asked.

“Liz is my best friend. And yes, she is a year younger than me, but I feel protective of her,” Max said.

“You both start treating Liz like an adult before you leave or you will regret it,” Alex said.

“Alex that is easier said than done,” Michael said.

“You better start,” Alex said.

Liz walked up to Alex and tapped him on his shoulder. Alex turned and looked at Liz. When he looked at Liz he saw that she looked beautiful in her dress and her hair curled.

“Wow Liz you look so different,” Alex said.

“In a good way or bad?” Liz asked.

“In a good way. So, let me guess no more tomboy look?” Alex asked.

“No more tomboy-look,” Liz said.

“Wow I can’t believe how grown up you look. No more tomboy. But a beautiful woman standing in front of me,” Alex said.

“Thanks,” Liz said.

“No problem. So, does Isabel know what I have planned?” Alex asked.

“No. I have not said anything. Mom said dinner should be ready anytime now,” Liz said.

“Good. Wow I am so nervous,” Alex said.

“Alex don’t worry. Just be calm and relaxed,” Liz said.

“I will try,” Alex said.

“Good,” Liz said.

“What are you both talking about?” Max, Michael asked.

“It is none of your damn business,” Liz said.

“Liz?” Alex said.

“No. They need to mind their own business. This is between us not you,” Liz said.

“Liz don’t worry about them. So, do you know what to do right?” Alex asked.

“Yes, I know,” Liz said.

“Good,” Alex said.

“Alex do you have it on you?” Liz asked.

“Yes, it is in my pocket,” Alex said.

“Good. I still can’t believe you are doing this,” Liz said.

“Thanks,” Alex said.

“No problem,” Liz said.

“I’m just hoping she will say yes,” Alex said.

“Alex stop worrying you know Isabel will say yes to you,” Liz said.

“Yeah, your right,” Alex said.

“You know I am. Now relax and enjoy the party,” Liz said.

“I’ll try,” Alex said.

“Good,” Liz said as she shook her head and smiled.

Liz turned and saw Max and Michael staring at her.

“What?” Liz asked.

“Does anyone know what you and Alex are planning?” Michael asked.

“The only ones that knows anything are the parents. And they promise not to say a word of what Alex and I are up to,” Liz said.

“Why does that not make me feel better?” Michael asked.

“Gee I don’t know. Let me know when you figure it out,” Liz said.

“Michael you know our parents wouldn’t let Liz do anything stupid and dangerous,” Max said.

“That is true,” Michael said.

“You both are unbelievable you know?” Liz asked.

“Liz we just want to make sure you and the girls are safe is all,” Michael said.

“What do you think we are going to do while you are gone? Be like we are now?” Liz asked.

“Yes,” Max and Michael said.

“Unbelievable,” Liz said.

“Liz we just worry about you and the girls. We want all of you to be safe,” Max said.

“Max you can’t get what you want all the time. I hope you realize that soon,” Liz said.

“What are you talking about?” Max asked.

“I guess you will have to wait and find out,” Liz said.

Right at that moment Diane and Nancy stood by the door and looked around.

“Excuse me everyone it is time to eat,” Diane, Nancy yelled

Philip, Diane, Nancy and Jeff watched as everyone, but Max and Liz were walking out of the room. Philip and Jeff walked up to Max and Liz.

“What is going on?” Philip asked.

Max and Liz turned and looked at Philip and Jeff then looked at each other. Then turned and looked at Philip and Jeff.

“I was just wanting to know what Liz meant when she said that I can’t get what I want all the time. When I asked her, she said she guess I will have to wait and find out,” Max said.

“All I was meaning is you have to stop thinking we are always going to be like we are now. When you and Michael are gone things are probably going to change. And now your both going to have to realize change will happen,” Liz said.

“Liz, I realize things are going to change. The change maybe for good or for bad. But whatever it is Michael and I are going to deal with it,” Max said.

“Yes, you are. I hope you both are ready,” Liz said.

“I guess we will have to wait and see,” Max said.

“Yeah, I guess you will,” Liz said.

Philip and Jeff notice how it went from hot headed to a calm between Max and Liz in minutes. And they also notice that Max and Liz kept staring at each other. Philip and Jeff knew they needed to break the staring contest before something happened.

“OK. So, are you both going to go eat with everyone else?” Philip asked.

“Yes,” Max, Liz said.

“Then come on,” Jeff said.