In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) AN 9/30/19

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 39 9/5/19

Post by RoswellFan68 » Fri Sep 06, 2019 7:14 am

Looks like Serena and Liz were the only members of the family that was involved in something criminal. Both are better off without them.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 39 9/5/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:55 am

Carolyn Yes Kyle has an interesting undercover assignment. Yes Eddie is trouble. It will take time but hopefully Gina will learn to feel safe in her new home. A puppy might just be what she needs.

L-J-L 76 Serena's mother has never been mother of the year. But it seems she very well will be going to prison. As for Sean well..........

RoswellFan68 It does seem that Serena and Liz were the only ones not involved in some kind of crime.

Part 40

Liz had spent a week visiting with her family and friends in Roswell before going home and moving into her new house. Serena had told her about Kyle taking an undercover assignment with the Rangers. Neither knew what he was doing but knew it had to be dangerous. Tonight was the night of her first date with Max since before they had left Roswell for college. It took a little convincing on her part Max being a proper gentleman like his mom taught him. But she was the one paying for their date. She reasoned that she has more money then she would ever need. That was also why she had placed half a million dollars in a college/trust fund for little Gina. The only one that knew of it was Sandra Davis. The Gilcrests would be told only after the time of Gina's adoption becoming final if they did indeed adopt the little girl. Liz had made reservations at a Mexican restaurant that was not super fancy but wasn't cheap either. It was not the kind of place that James would like. But it was the kind of place Max would enjoy. It was also perfect for talking or even dancing. There was something that she needed to talk to Max about. The only thing about this date Liz did agree to was to let him pick her up. She looked at herself in the full length mirror. She was wearing a dark blue knee length dress with spaghetti straps. The first sign of a baby bump was visible. She had left her hair loose but curled it. She knew that Max loved her hair when she wore it down. She applied light makeup. She was just finishing applying her lip gloss when the doorbell rang. She smiled Max was right on time. She grabbed her purse and walked down the stairs. She opened the door and smiled.

“Hey.” Said Liz

Max smiled at Liz. He then handed her a dozen white roses.

“Thank you. Let me put these in water and we can go.” Said Liz
“Sure. By the way you look beautiful.”
“You don't look half bad yourself Dr. Evans.”

Max was dressed in a pair of black dress pants, with a blue shirt and black sport coat.

“Well you did say it was we were going somewhere casual.”
“It is. We are going to Rio Verde.”
“I heard the food is good there. Did James take you there?”
“James hates Mexican. I went a few times with Serena. We will not be going to where James liked to take me.”
“You never have cared for that fancy food.”
“You're right. Let's go"

Max helped Liz into his jeep and he drove them to the restaurant. He then helped her out and offer his arm to her. Liz smiled as she took it. Once inside Liz spoke to the hostess in near perfect Spanish. She then led them to a private table. Max pulled out Liz's chair and pushed her in once she was seated. Liz then ordered a bottle of sparkling apple juice for them.

“I forgot how well you speak Spanish.” Said Max
“It comes in handy. You on the other hand never could get a handle on it.”
“I learned enough.”
“Well just enough from Señor Delgado at the hardware store to serenade me with a mariachi band. Which by the way I still think is the cheesiest thing you ever did.”
“Hey it got you to forgive me for that thing with Pam Troy.”
“I wasn't really mad at you. I knew that it was just Pam trying to make my life hell. She had been doing that since kindergarten.”
“Then why did you stop taking my calls for those two weeks?”
“I listened to Maria. She told me to make you suffer for Pam's stunt.”
“I should have known.”
“Max, while I was in Roswell your mom came to see me.”
“Well she is your lawyer.”
“True. But it had nothing to do with my divorce. Or any form of payment. In fact other than the five dollars I gave her as a retainer she refused to take any money.”
“Now you know where Isabel gets her stubbornness from.”
“Yeah. Max, she wanted to tell me that I have three options when I fill out my baby's birth certificate. One is to put my ex's name on it even though his rights have already been revoked. Two leave the father's name blank, where in when I remarry I can have my husband's name added if he wishes. Or three, name another man that I trust as the father. I have been thinking of going with option three.”
“Did you have someone in mind?”
“Yes but I need to know if he is willing to be a father to a child he knows is not his by blood.”
“Liz, if you are trying to ask me the answer is yes. Don't say anything yet, let me explain.”

Liz just nodded.

“Ok. I love you and this baby is part of you. This child is also innocent. He or she is not to blame for your ex's crimes. This child deserves a father. Someone to love and protect them. To chase the monsters from under the bed or out of the closet.”
“Thank you. I always knew that you would make a great dad.”
“Thanks. You are going to be a great mom. By the way I don't know if Ms. Davis told you but Gina is going home to the Gilcrests tomorrow.”
“That is great news. Gina will be in good hands.”
“Sounds like it. But that girl is going to need a lot of time to learn to trust again.”
“I know.”

Max reached across the table and kissed Liz's hand.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 40 9/9/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 2:41 pm

Gina is going to be a lucky little girl, but I'm sure she will still have some issues to overcome first.
That first date sounded just perfect. How could Max refuse Liz's request?
Hope the rest of the evening goes well for these two.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 40 9/9/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Mon Sep 09, 2019 6:59 pm

Love how Max and Liz's date is going so great. Love how Max is going to be the father to Liz's baby. so very glad that the Gilcrests are going to adopt Gina. Hopefully Gina will trust them and have a forever home with the Gilcrests. Can't wait to find out what will happen next on Max and Liz's date.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 40 9/9/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Sep 12, 2019 10:46 am

Carolyn Gina is one lucky girl. Yes how could Max refuse Liz's request? I think things will keep going well for Max and Liz.

L-J-L 76 Well the date continues here.

Part 41

After eating their dinner Max noticed the restaurant had a dance floor.

“Would my lady friend like to dance?” asked Max
“That would be lovely kind sir.” Said Liz

Liz took Max's hand as he led her onto the dance floor. Max held Liz close to him as they began to dance to the music. Liz rested her head on Max as they moved to the music. He had placed his hands gently on her hips while her arms were wrapped around his neck. His grip on her was gentle but firm. When she had danced with James he always held her very tight pressing her into him. Max didn't push her into him like James had. While they were touching it wasn't like he was pressing their bodies together. Max smiled as he held her in his arms as they danced. Liz was very relaxed. Unlike when he had seen her dance with her ex at the fundraiser. She had looked stiff and uncomfortable. But with him it was like it had been every time they had danced like in high school.

“I love you Max.” said Liz
“Love you always Liz.”

Liz looked up at him and they kissed like no time had passed between them.


Sean pulled his pants up as he looked at the girl on the motel room bed. She was crying just like so many in the past three years. He dug into his bag and pulled out a syringe full of a chemical that would burn her blood like every other girl he had raped and killed the last three years. He injected it into her and smiled as she tried to scream through her gag. He capped the syringe tossed it in a plastic bag in his bag so he could get rid of it where it wouldn't be traced back to him. He wasn't as dumb as people thought. He grabbed his bag leaving the dying girl still tied to the bed. He then walked the half mile to the truck stop he had left his rig at to get back on the road.


Kyle watched as a group of girls some as young as nine were led to the truck he was standing next to. The man he was with he only knew as Victor. From what the Rangers had told him Victoria Bower paid to have these girls brought across the boarder by the coyotes. All of them had been told they would be given jobs or schooling in the US. But that was far from the truth. Most would be forced to work in child porn or as prostitutes. He knew this was important to stop. But he hated to be way from Serena. Once the girls were in the cargo area of the truck Victor closed the door locking it.

“They going to be ok in there?” asked Kyle
“Good enough. Look Nick as long as they can do what they were brought here for the boss don't give a shit if they are hurt. Besides if we play our cards rights and don't ask questions we will get to help break them in.” said Victor lighting a cigarette.
“I ain't into little girls.”
“Nick, most of them ain't that young. Besides younger they are more money they make for the boss.”
“Who is this boss?”
“Don't know never met her.”
“It's a woman?”
“Yeah. But seeing as she is the one that pays the coyotes she got money.”
“Where are we taking them?”
“You a cop or something?”
“No of course not.”
“Then what with all the damn questions.”
“Yeah I just thought it would be nice to know where we were going.”
“We take them to some warehouse in Dallas. There unless the order for a girl to have her cherry they will be fucked multiple times a day for at least a month. Some it takes longer to get with the program. The ones that ain't hit puberty will be put aside for special clients.”
“You mean pedophiles.”
“You say that like it was a bad thing. When I was sixteen I screwed this seven year old girl. My old man had brought her home. She was with us for six months before my old man got rid of her.”

Kyle felt sick to his stomach. But said nothing. He just reached into his pocket and turned off his recording device.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 41 9/12/19

Post by L-J-L 76 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 12:41 pm

Love the way Max held Liz gently close to him. Max and Liz are so great together. Loved that they told each other that they love each other. Oh my firkin god Sean needs to be put in prison for raping and killing all those women. The FBI need to stop Sean before he leaves the states. Really Hate Victor. Wanting to tie his penis to a live electrical wire and fry him alive. So glad Kyle recorded Victor saying the boss is a woman and has a lot of money. So they are going to Dallas. Maybe there Kyle will find out who the boss is so he can finally take them down and go home and see Serena.

L-J-L 76

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 41 9/12/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Thu Sep 12, 2019 7:11 pm

Sean couldn't be any worse......using a chemical to burn the blood of his victims.
But then Victoria Bowan tops the cake with female traffecting. How could another woman do that to young girls?
Hope things change soon with these situations.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 41 9/12/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Sep 14, 2019 6:37 am

L-J-L 76 Max and Liz are very sweet together. Sean in very dangerous. But right now they have no proof that he is the rapist/killer. I think Kyle shares your thoughts on Victor.

Carolyn Sean is a horrible person. Victoria Bower only cares about money. She also doesn't see these young girls from Mexico as being women like herself.

Part 42

Serena rolled over in bed. She sighed. She hated waking up without Kyle beside her. She and Kyle had been together nearly three years. This was the longest relationship she had ever been in. She let her mind drift back to the day she and Kyle had met.

Serena watched as Liz walked out of the coffee shop. Liz didn't think that Serena noticed the bruises hidden under her jacket. But Serena wasn't stupid. Serena watched as a cop walked up to Liz and they hugged. Then Liz got in her car and drove off. The cop then walked in. Serena walked over to him and glared at him.

“Is something wrong ma'am?” asked the cop
“First off never call me ma'am. Second you do know that you touching Liz could get you killed or worse her killed.” Said Serena
“Yeah well Liz shouldn't have ever married your ass of a brother.”

Serena was shocked that he knew who she was.

“How do you know who I am?” asked Serena
“I was at Liz's wedding. You were the only bridesmaid I didn't grow up with. I have known Liz's other two since be were all in diapers.”
“Sorry for going off like that. I guess we should introduce ourselves officially. Serena Catherine Beaumont Bower.”
“That is a mouth full. Kyle Walter Valenti.”
“Your dad is the sheriff back in your hometown right?”
“Yeah. Uh you didn't disagree with me calling your brother an ass.”
“What's to disagree with? He is an ass. Liz is way to good for him.”
“I would think that you would be on your family's side.”
“Right now Liz is the only good thing about my family.”
“I got twenty minutes left on my break how about we each grab a coffee and talk?”
“What do you like? I'll get it. I know cops can't accept gifts. Think of it as my way of apologizing for going off on you.”
“Sure just a regular black coffee.”
“No problem.”

They had talked Kyle's whole break and ended up exchanging numbers. Serena had later gone to talk to Liz. Liz told her all about Kyle. Serena called Kyle two days later and went out on their first date. They had been together ever since. They had dated nearly a year before they made love. She had by that time told him about her past of sleeping with random guys. He was understanding and told her that it didn't matter. She knew that he really did love her.


Sandra glanced at the little girl hugging her teddy bear in the backseat. Gina’s left arm was in a pink cast.

“You ok honey?” asked Sandra

Gina didn't say anything just nodded.

“Brian and Emily can't wait to meet you. Gina, I know you are scared. But you will be safe with them.”

Sandra pulled her car into the driveway of the Gilcrest's house and saw the couple waiting on the porch. Sandra got out of the car and then helped Gina out. Brian and Emily walked to the car. Emily knelt down to the little girl's level.

“Hi Gina. My name is Emily. I am very happy to have you here. I like your bear. Brian and I have a bedroom made up just for you. Do you want to see it?”

Gina nodded her head and followed Emily into the house.

“I can take her things.” Said Brian
“She doesn't have much.” Said Sandra

Brian took the small beat up suitcase from Sandra.

“If this works out how long before we can apply to adopt her?” asked Brian
“Mr. Gilcrest, Gina is emotionally damaged. Her last foster home was not the first time she was abused. You understand that right?”
“Yes. Emily and I will do everything we can to help her heal.”
“You will have to wait at least six months before you can apply to adopt her. But it could take up to three years to be approved.”
“I understand.”

They headed into the house and Sandra smiled when she saw Gina sitting in a rocking chair with Emily reading a book, her teddy bear held in one arm and a stuff dog in the other.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 42 9/14/19

Post by keepsmiling7 » Sat Sep 14, 2019 8:12 am

That was an interesting first meeting between Kyle and Serena.
I sure Gina will be able to adjust to her new home. It might be a tough hill to climb since she was abused.

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Re: In A Gilded Cage (M/L, Adult, AU) Pt 42 9/14/19

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Sep 17, 2019 11:34 am

Carolyn Yes it was an intreasting first meeting between Kyle and Serena. It will take time but Gina may one day learn to love her new family.

Part 43

Two months later

Liz smiled as she woke to strong arms wrapped around her. Last night Max had spent the night for the first time since they had officially gotten back together. They hadn't made love but he had held her all night. Max kissed the back of her head. She rolled over and kissed him softly.

“Morning Max.”
“Morning beautiful.”
“Max, you aren't upset about last night are you?”
“Liz, I admit I was a little disappointed that we didn't make love. But I understand if you aren't ready to take that step with me again.”
“Max, I know I can trust you. It's just I still have issues because of James.”
“Liz, if you just want me to hold you at night until after the baby is born I am ok with that. I just am happy to have you back in my life.”
“Thank you. I was wondering when the lease on your apartment is up.”
“In about two months. I started to look for a different one. My rent is going up and rent is going up. I maybe a doctor but between my student loans and other living expenses I don't bring home a ton of money right now. So I can't afford the rent increase right now.”
“Why don't you move in here? I mean uh after the baby is born I wouldn't mind having you here to help me.”
“Are you sure you want to live with me?”
“Max, I wouldn't have asked if I wasn't sure. I won't charge you rent. I mean I have no problem with you buying groceries or even helping to pay bills. But I will not make you pay rent when most likely you will be sharing my room.”
“I will inform my landlord that I am moving out at the end of my lease.”

Liz kissed Max hard and soon they were pulling at each others clothes not that they had been wearing much. Max had been sleeping in only his boxers, while Liz had on a tank top and shorts. Liz moaned when she felt Max stick his fingers into her. She started to whimper as he pumped them in and out. She had almost forgotten how good this felt. She cried out as her body was hit with a powerful orgasm. Her body had never reacted to James like this.

“Liz, baby are you ok?” asked Max
“Max make love to me.”
“You sure?”
“Yes. Please?”

Max kissed her and ten minutes later he was gently pushing into her tight center. Liz could feel her body tense at first as Max pushed in. But soon relaxed he let her adjust to having him insider her for the first time in nearly seven years. They made love slowly never taking their eyes off each other. It was nearly an hour later that both cried out as they climax together. They laid there wrapped in each others arms breathing hard.

“How are you feeling Liz?” asked Max
“Wonderful. Max, I haven't felt that good in years.”
“That is good. Liz?”
“Are you going to find out if the baby is a boy or girl before you give birth?”
“I think I am going to. I have first names picked out for both a girl and boy.”
“That doesn't surprise me. I know what you won't name a boy. You want to tell me and maybe I can help you come up with a middle name.”
“Well for a girl I was thinking Danielle. For a boy William. Dani for short for the girl and Will for the boy.”
“Danielle, and call her Dani? Why?”
“She was someone special to you. Max, I may never have had the chance to meet her. But from what you told me about her I think she and I would have been friends.”
“I think that you and Dani would have been great friends. What about going with something kinda obvious for a middle name. Maria?”
“Danielle Maria Evans. I like it.”
“How about William Jeffrey. You know after your dad?”
“How could I not have thought of that?”
“I don't know. Now would you rather have a girl or boy?”
“As long as the baby is healthy it doesn't matter to me.”
“You have a doctor appointment today right?”
“Yeah. We can find out today. That is if you can come with me. The appointment is at ten.”
“Well seeing as I don't have to be at work until four this afternoon it shouldn't be a problem.”

Liz kissed Max and got out of bed. Max watched her. At six months pregnant he thought that she was more beautiful then he had ever seen her.

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