Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) [COMPLETE] 5/13/08

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Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) [COMPLETE] 5/13/08

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sat Mar 15, 2008 6:29 pm

Title: Lost Highway

Author: Tanya

Category: Dreamer and some Supporting Candy - AU w/out Aliens

Rating: Adult

Summary: Sometimes you find love, but it’s at the wrong time and the wrong place. Some betrayals can never be forgiven. And sometimes you can’t help the one you love, no matter how they came to be.

Disclaimer: The titles to each chapter as well as the lyrics on the banner, and below each chapter title, were taken from Bon Jovi’s Lost Highway album. While they inspired this story, I do not claim them to be mine. The story however, is all mine.

A/N - Based on my notes, I started this story July of 2007, and I only had the very first page of this written. About a week and a half ago, I lost inspiration and opened this story up, what came from it is what you will read. I hope you indulge me, and in case you needed to ask, this is 100% Dreamer (as if I really needed to state it *lol*) Oh and it will be posted weekly on Saturday. I hope you enjoy.

Banner by Me
Don’t know where I’m going, but I know where I’ve been. But I’m afraid of going back again.

Saturday September 20th
8:30 PM

THE ONLY THING THAT COULD BE HEARD in the quite suburban neighborhood that night was the sound of tires screeching out of a driveway. Her black, four door sedan, pulled from the drive of a moderately sized home in haste. Light beige brick, white shutters and a matching white picket fence blurred before her eyes. A textbook home reflected in her rear view mirror. Mocking her in so many ways, maybe it always did.

She brushed the tears from her eyes. It was time. Tonight was the final push she needed to leave him. She had suffered long enough, endured more than any woman should have, but still a part of her felt guilty.

She was his wife. She was obligated to stay and make things work. But hadn’t she done that for years? Hadn’t she been doing that since the day they met? Why should she be the only one trying to do what was right? Why was she the only one that cared their marriage was over? That their marriage never was?

It was engrained in her from birth. Divorce was not an option. Divorce meant failure, that’s what her mother had said. Then again, now, at thirty Liz wasn’t too sure her mother knew what she was talking about. Hadn’t her parents been married for thirty-one years and hadn’t they argued for most of them?

It was time she made her own decisions, based on what she wanted, not what others thought was right for her.

It was her life, and she was tired of sitting back and watching it pass by.

Determined to make the most of her time, she set her sights on Roswell, New Mexico. The small town she grew up in, the one she had the best friends and the best time of her life. The very same place she left to see the world, instead all she ended up with was a husband who enjoyed making her feel smaller than anyone else ever had.

Living in California afforded her the possibility of driving there in a few hours. The only problem was she knew by morning all she would have was the few clothes she managed to pack and the money in her purse. Thinking quickly, she turned off and headed for the nearest ATM. She could pull out some cash before he even realized she was gone. Of course she was only allotted a small amount of the income he brought in. He was the provider, she wanted for nothing, yet needed more than he could ever give.

Tonight’s argument was no different than any other, except for the fact that Tom decided that Liz hadn’t been earning her keep. And by that he meant to make her understand that she was his wife, and she was obligated to keep him satisfied in every way. It disgusted her; she never knew how cruel one man could be. Thankfully, he’d left the house to run out for some cigarettes, giving her the chance to get away.

She knew she wasn’t the most eager woman in the bedroom, but that was because she spent most of her time trying to figure out what would please him. What he liked and disliked. Tom never really cared about what she liked, never asked her, just assumed that he was a master and was never to be questioned.

Pulling the car to a stop, she pulled down her visor and took a deep, long look at herself. “What were you thinking?” she asked herself with disgust etched in every feature. When they first met, she actually liked how protective he was over her. What a damn fool, she thought.

She knew better now. She was tired of being someone she wasn’t. Tired of trying to figure out how the hell to be happy with him.

It was time for her to find herself. Find out who in the hell Liz Parker was, and where she could find her again.

It was time to go back to where life began for her.


Hazel-brown eyes peered out from beneath midnight black sunglasses, his eyes traveled down a slender back, thin waist and locked onto the most perfectly shaped bottom he’d seen in years, which, luckily for him, was currently on display. Max Evans had just pulled up to the diner, he’d just driven into town and as he stepped out of his black Mercedes, he noticed the brunette across the street, arguing or maybe it was convincing herself to do something.

His lips curled, this was pretty amusing. Who was she? That was the better question; one he knew by tonight he’d have the answer to. With any luck, he’d find out exactly what she was made of and more importantly, what exactly awaited him underneath that prim and proper navy skirt and white silk blouse.

Oh, this would be interesting, he thought, pushing off the car. He jogged breezily across the street, stuffing his shades into his front shirt pocket, and came up beside her. It appeared she had a flat tire, and was…yelling at it.


“Need some help?” He must have startled her, because she let out a squeak and spun on her matching navy heels to face him.

Her hand to her chest, eyes wide, her eyes met his.

“Liz Parker?” he asked, trying to hide his own shock. Despite the stuffy outfit, and pearls, it still looked like her.

He couldn’t forget her.

Max Evans, her mind registered, but good god did he always look that handsome? Her mind raced. He looked the same, his hair just as dark as she remembered, his skin flawless, his lips shaped perfectly, completely kissable and those eyes…the ones she’d see even in her dreams.

When she noticed his amused look, she straightened her shoulders and said, “Max Evans. How are you?” and stuck her hand out. Liz didn’t bother to correct him about her name, she liked that he used her maiden name. It made her feel important, not just someone’s wife, but also a person all her own, with her own name.

He looked down and smiled, before clasping it in his own. He was laughing at her, she knew it but wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. Where on earth did the shy, elusive, Max Evans go?

“I’m doing good, how about you? What brings you to town? I haven’t seen you since, well graduation.” He asked, smoothly, his control slowly sliding back in order.

She couldn’t possibly still affect him. He was just surprised to see her, that’s all.

Max watched as she pushed her hair away from her face, it was shorter than he remembered; to her shoulders and she looked older; more mature, but still the same fresh angel face he remembered. Those big brown eyes, a small perfectly shaped nose, flawless creamy complexion, lips that he’d kill to kiss, even just once and a perfect little body. Perfect for him to loose himself in. God, she was beautiful.

“I’m actually just visiting. It’s been a long time coming and Maria said anytime I was in town I should stop by.” Max nodded his head and noticed how quickly she rushed out her explanation. Another thing he noticed were the dark circles under her eyes, and the sadness that was so clear to read in them. He’d seen it in the past. Then, he had wanted to soothe her pain, find out what made her happy. That was then. Now, he just wanted her.

That was enough for him. All he wanted, in fact.

“Funny you should say that, I’m on my way to see her too. We’ve got a camping trip this coming weekend, and I figured I’d head over here a little sooner. Do you need help changing this tire?”

Liz shook her head, “No, because I don’t have a spare.” Max nodded and before he had a chance to speak she asked, “You don’t live here?” The question stumbled off her lips before she had a chance to think. She shouldn’t care, but she did.

Liz drank in the sight of him, all of him. What a picture he made, so different, yet so much the same as she remembered him all those years ago.

Max laughed a little and shook his head. “No. I live in LA, now. Your home territory, or so Michael tells me.” How much had Michael told him, she wondered worriedly.

“Yes, I moved out there but I’ve never seen you,” she made a point to say that to make herself feel better. The truth was, she was only allowed to leave the house with Tom. If she needed something from the store, she could call in the order and they would deliver it to her doorstep. Knowing that Max was so close to her home and she’d never had a chance to see him, made something in her chest sink.

“I’m pretty busy.”

“What do you do now?” she asked and wanted to kick herself. Why it seemed important for her to know everything about him while standing on the sidewalk of her childhood neighborhood, she didn’t know. But, it felt oddly comforting.

“I own a couple of dealerships throughout California. It’s taken me some time, but it was worth it. How about you? What have you been up to?” he asked the question she was dreading. What answer could she possibly give without looking like a fool?

Max watched her intently; she seemed nervous and timid. He didn’t remember her being timid, and why she would be nervous around him, he couldn’t understand. Then he realized the question he’d asked was what was making her nervous. Maybe the sadness he saw had something to do with it, maybe he shouldn’t pry, no matter how much he wanted to know.

Taking a quick glance at his watch, he interrupted what she would have said, “Damn, if I don’t want Maria on my ass about being late, I’d better run. Want to come with? I can call and have someone tow your car and get a new tire put on. Is that okay with you?” He asked, watching the relief flood her as she nodded.

Not for the first time today did he think, whatever happened to make her into the person he was staring at now?

“Thank you, Max,” was all she could squeeze past the tightness in her throat.

“No problem,” he said and smiled, before turning to cross the street once again.

Pausing for a moment, she reached down and pulled off her wedding ring, stuffing it into her purse, she followed Max Evans across the street.


“Liz!” came Maria’s scream the moment Liz passed the threshold behind Max.

“Thanks, Maria. Really, I’m so happy to see you too,” came Max’s grumbling words as he embraced his best friend’s wife.

Maria’s blonde shoulder length hair, swayed in its ponytail and her bright hazel-green eyes flashed a look of boredom then she let out a bubbly laugh and slapped Max on the chest.

“You wound me woman,” Max said as he turned, giving Liz center stage. She looked like a deer caught in the headlights. It didn’t matter though, because a moment later Maria wrapped her arms around her once best friend and smiled.

Liz’s body relaxed at Maria’s warm embrace. How long had it been since she’d had a hug, a show of any affection? Even her husband didn’t touch her, except to have sex. She was supposed to be a proper woman; she must always dress appropriately, and never, ever show any skin above the knees.

She smiled warmly, and hugged her friend back. “Hi Maria. I hope it’s okay that I came by.”

Maria reared back, placing her hands on Liz’s shoulders, and smiled brightly. “Are you kidding? This is perfect timing. We’re going camping in a few days, and it would be great if you could come along. We can catch up. I’ve missed you, Liz.” Maria told her candidly.

Liz felt the tears burn the back of her eyes, once again she wondered when she became so weak, and since when did kind words from people she hadn’t seen in years, bring her to tears?

“Me too, Maria,” was all she said. Liz was more than a little aware of Max’s eyes on her the entire time. Could he notice how close she was to tears again? It was crazy to think he even noticed her all that much. He was just surprised to see her that was all.

Maria watched Max and Liz for a moment, before an idea popped in her head. She had already promised Michael she wouldn’t play matchmaker for Max again. But, was there anything wrong with simply giving them some time to reacquaint themselves after all these years?

She didn’t think so and she’d be damned if her husband was going to talk her out of it. In fact, what Michael didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him, she thought with a satisfied smile on her face.

“I’ll go get Michael, he’s in the back,” she said, thinking she’d start by giving them some time alone, but Max’s words interrupted that idea.

“Don’t bother, I’ll find him. Liz needs a new tire, so we’ll go take care of that while you guys catch up.”

“Max?” Liz called out, as Max started for the backroom. Max paused, looking over his shoulder at her, and she felt her heartbeat speed up, that’s odd.

“I have my bags in the back, should I take them out?”

And then, if she’d thought her heart was doing anything out of the ordinary, suddenly her knees became weak, because Max Evans had smiled at her the same way he’d done so many years ago. But never was she at the receiving end of it, and then to top it all off, he winked at her before pushing through the back door.

Years ago she had been infatuated with him and would have died if he’d smiled at her like that. Then it was hard to get a smile out of Max, but when he did…it was the most beautiful thing she’d ever seen. She felt like a teenager again, for just that single moment and damn but it felt great.

But she was older now, wiser and she knew damn well Max had better things to do then to…well whatever it was she thought he was doing, because surely he wasn’t flirting.

Maria watched fascinated, Liz Parker, or rather Liz Axlerod, was still affected by Max Evans. While Maria believed in the sanctity of marriage, and the vows taken, Tom Axlerod was a bastard. She’d heard the stories from Michael, and while she knew that Tom never hit Liz, verbal abuse was sometimes worse than physical. In what she’d witnessed with her once outgoing best friend, was a shell of a girl who used to love life and who wanted nothing more than to be happy and have a family. Maria had once tried, pleaded with Liz to leave Tom but she wouldn’t, she wasn’t ready.

Suddenly, Maria wondered how Max would feel if he really knew of Liz’s situation. He’d long ago sworn that he was over Liz, and from the trail of broken hearts, she knew he was giving it the old college try.

Maria had of course insisted that Michael tell Max, and then they could finally be together. Michael however, had refuted and said that Max wasn’t ready for something serious. And in all fairness, Liz probably wasn’t either, she needed time to be herself and if the fact that she wasn’t wearing a wedding ring, and that she was here in Roswell meant anything, then Maria knew it wouldn’t be long before Max Evans was under Liz’s spell once again.

Things this summer were looking up.

Now, if only she could get herself knocked up, all would be right in her world.

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Re: Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) Prologue 3/15/08

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sat Mar 22, 2008 6:14 pm

A/N - Thank you guys so much for the feedback. I can't tell you how glad I am that you all indulge me and keep an outlet open for the whirling ideas in my head :D

L-J-L 76
~ Drea ~

Here we go...

Chapter One

You’re feeling like a stranger, but all your friends are here. Little lines and cracks around your eyes and mouth, something’s trying to give in, something’s trying to get out. It’s okay, to be a little broken, everybody’s broken in this life.

“SO, LIZ AXLEROD," MICHAEL SAID, AS HE AND MAX WAITED for Liz’s tire to be changed. He had wondered how his friend would take her unexpected arrival. In fact, Michael wondered why it took so long for her to get here. It had been years that he’d known about her good for nothing husband, and damn if he didn’t wish he could have dragged her out of that house, but as he’d told Maria, Liz needed to be the one to walk away.

“What?” Max said absentmindedly. Michael smiled at him knowingly and shook his head. Just as he’d suspected, he knew Max still had a thing for Liz. Too bad, he probably didn’t stand a chance. Liz was finally free, at least he hoped that’s what her arrival meant, but she needed to get her life back, Max would be a distraction. That is, if his intentions were more than to get her in bed.

Again, Michael wondered why a guy like Max hadn’t settled down yet. He wanted a family; in fact he’d told Michael he envied his relationship with Maria, so what was stopping him? Or rather, he thought, who was stopping him.

“She’s back, Max. What do you think about that?” he asked his best friend.

Max shrugged his shoulders, pretending it didn’t affect it. He wouldn’t let it. She wasn’t here to stay, she was married and he was very over her. “Nothing. I mean, I think it’s great. I know how long Maria has wanted to see her, so that’s good you know. But I’m fine,” he said tugging on his ear.

Sure, he was fine, Michael thought. “I didn’t ask how you felt. I just asked what you thought about it.”

“What’s with all the questions?” Max asked, a little agitated.

“Hey, calm down. I’m sure she’s just passing through,” Michael said as he turned to walk back in the direction of his car. The sun was already up and the sun was baking everything, including him. He reached into his window, grabbed his sunglasses off the dash, and as he straightened he bumped into someone.

“What do you mean, ‘passing through’?” Max asked, his eyes narrowed, and Michael knew he was in trouble. He’d said too much, he should’ve known, Max was sharper than that. He wouldn’t let it pass.

“Max, let it go. Seriously.” Michael tried to push by him, when he noticed the mechanic waving him back over. But Max would not be put off.

“Damn it, Michael, what do you know? Do you know why she’s here after all this time?” he asked, rounding Michael with a hand on his shoulder.

“Max, I would have told you if I thought it would matter, but…”

“Get to it,” Max ground out, not sure why he even gave a damn, but he did.

Michael pulled off his sunglasses to regard his friend. “Max, I think that Liz left her husband, finally. He was a real ass and he treated her like…well shit is the kindest word I can find.”

“How would you know? You met him?” Max asked sounding not a little pissed off and betrayed. Didn’t Michael know how he felt about Liz, or rather how he used to feel about her? And regardless, if she were being mistreated he would have cared. Or did he convince himself and his friends so well that they actually believed him?

“I met him at a party we threw, don’t you remember? It was about two years ago, we didn’t invite him, but he came with Harry Stromberg and his wife Celia. Celia is the one that told me about Tom, I guess she had witnessed him talking to Liz a few times.” Michael went onto to explain why Liz wasn’t at the party, because Michael had invited her, without Max knowing.

“I just figured I’d invite her, it would be nice to see her and I knew Maria would be glad to see her. Celia told me that they had gone to pick Tom and Liz up, but Liz had appeared to be crying, and she’d taken her to side and asked her what was wrong. Apparently, Tom was furious that she knew me but never introduced us, and as punishment she could stay home. And that she was useless and if she were a better wife she would have let him know or some such nonsense. Celia said then that Tom had asked for her to excuse them, and then she heard him talking to Liz or rather yelling at her for crying and making him look bad. Apparently, appearances mean everything to Tom.”

Max’s pulse was racing and he’d wished that he’d stuck around the party a little longer to hear all this, and then to shove his fist down Tom Axlerod’s throat. How could Liz, the Liz he knew, put up with that?

“So what the hell, Michael, you didn’t think I should know? I could have helped her,” he’d said the words before even thinking about them.

Michael raised a brow, “And what would you have done? Knocked on her door and kidnapped her?”

“It would have been better than knowing she was being abused and doing nothing,” Max spat out, and then realized he was losing control. He ran his hands through his hair and leaned his head back, allowing the sun to hit him full on.

“I tried. Maria called her, practically begged her. But first Liz denied it all, and after a few more conversations we got the whole story. Max, don’t you find it odd that you and Liz live about six blocks from each other, and yet you’ve never even run into her?”

Max nodded. “That’s because she’s not allowed to leave the house without him. Max, I think Liz may have runaway. I don’t know for sure, but I’d hate to think if he comes looking for her, you know?”

“Yeah. Yeah, I know,” was all Max could say; he was drowning in his thoughts.

All this time, he thought Liz was living a happy life. All this time, she’d been living her own private hell.

A hell she didn’t want anyone to know, least of all him.

The next dreaded thought washed over him, “Did he ever…hit her?” the words were wretched from his throat.

Michael turned his face away and said, “I don’t know. She never said it, but I don’t know, Max. To be honest, I don’t know, maybe she’s actually left him, hell they could even be divorced.” Max nodded and followed Michael back over to the mechanic.

So, she left home, and all she had were the three suitcases in her trunk that he’d pulled out. And she may be divorced, or she just ran away in the middle of the night.

No wonder she looked, lost.

Once they reached the sidewalk outside of the Café, Michael placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder stopping his movements.

“What’s wrong?” Max asked, wanting to see Liz, talk to her. Not that it was his business, but a part of him felt he needed to protect her. It irked him too; she wasn’t supposed to affect him. She didn’t, he told himself, it was her situation and they were friends right? Well, not really, but they knew each other and they had mutual friends. That was all it was.

“Be careful,” he warned his friend.

“About what? Liz?”

“I remember, even if you don’t, how you used to trip over yourself when it came to her. How you would watch every move she made. She’s broken Max and you’re not ready for serious, maybe it’s better if you kept your distance.” Michael knew that Liz would be humiliated if she knew that Max knew about her. Maria had explained long ago how Liz felt about Max, and while he knew his friend would never intentionally hurt her, he knew that Max had more power over Liz then he even knew about.

“Are you saying that I can’t control myself, or something?”

“No! Max, she wouldn’t want you to know. You can’t treat her differently.”

“So, I’m supposed to pretend I don’t know her husband is an asshole who mistreats her?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying. I promise you I’ll talk to her, Maria will talk to her, and we’ll come up with something. I’ll tell you everything, but Max she can’t know.” Michael urged his friend to understand Liz’s feelings.

“She’s not the same girl that we remember and knew.”

“I know that Michael. That’s obvious, but…damn how did it get this bad? She’s been married for years,” Max said trying to figure things out in his head, and realized it was pointless.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Michael’s voice grew softer, as he peered inside the windows and saw Liz walking around wearing her old uniform. How many times had he stood out here with Max while he’d worked up the nerve just to go inside and place an order? Michael smiled to himself.

“Damn, you were obsessed with her in high school,” Michael commented offhandedly. Max’s thoughts were broken with his friend’s words. He let out a little laugh, reaching for the door handle, “Yeah. I was. That was so long ago though. I’m a different—” his voice trailed off as he caught sight of Liz Parker in her teal uniform, with a silver collar, and alien-head shaped apron. His eyes roved her body, and suddenly the word obsession was the only thing that came to mind.

“That’s what I thought,” came Michael’s comment as he moved past his friend to greet Liz.

“I can handle this,” Max murmured to himself and stepped fully into the Café.


“Anyway, I think it’s perfect timing on your part,” Maria commented as Liz tried to focus on what her friend was saying.

“Why? Oh, right, camping.”

“Yes, we just need to get you a sleeping bag and a tent. Since everyone else that’s going is paired up.” Liz’s focus went back to the conversation. Everyone as in Max too?

“I actually wasn’t planning on staying that long,” Liz said as she watched her friend fill the milkshake machine. How long had it been that she’d been behind that very counter, making milkshakes, filling drinks and taking orders?

Another lifetime, one she wasn’t too sure she actually lived, she thought.

Maria stopped and turned, “What do you mean? Where are you going?” Liz shrugged, she really had no answer, but she couldn’t tell Maria she’d runaway from her husband. It was better no one here knew the truth. She didn’t want to disrupt anyone’s life.

“I was only passing through. I-I left him Maria. I told him I didn’t want to be married,” she hoped she sounded convincing.

Maria’s piercing eyes, ran over her once, and then asked, “So he was okay with that?”

Liz decided she wouldn’t have to lie about that. “No, he wasn’t happy, but he wasn’t happy with me, and I wasn’t with him. We decided it was better that I leave. Of course he kept everything. But that’s okay. I’m going to start over, somewhere else.” Liz sounded really convincing, to her own ears. Maria wasn’t too sure it was true but what would be the point of Liz lying to her? She and Michael knew what their marriage was like. Maria decided, maybe she’d finally had enough.

“I’m proud of you Liz. You deserve better.” Liz simply nodded, feeling like the phony she was, but it was useless to tell the truth. It was bad enough that Maria and Michael knew the truth, and from what she gathered, thankfully it didn’t look like Max knew anything about it. This way, she could catch up and be on her way.

She would lock this time with her friends away, so when she was alone and starting over, she’d remember that not everything was bad in life. Things would get better.

“I think you should at least stay long enough to come camping, it will be fun. Kyle and Tess are coming, Alex and Isabel are too, that is if they stop disagreeing long enough,” Maria laughed to herself and Liz asked what she was thinking.

Swiping her hands on her apron, Maria rounded the counter and took a seat on the stool next to Liz. “Alex and Isabel have been dating for close to a decade, as you know, and neither of them can decide on whether or not the other is ready to get married. So basically, Isabel says, she’s ready to everyone but Alex. She wants Alex to be really sure, it’s a cycle, no one really understands, but the good thing is they still love each other after all this time. Unlike Michael and I, who fight with each other and Michael just gives in, Alex fights back.”

“Good for Alex,” Liz said with a smile on her face thinking of their friend Alex. He’d come along way from the guy pining after Isabel Evans.

“Yeah. They are going to be so happy to see you. Anyway, like I said we need to get you a tent, otherwise you and Max will be sharing,” Maria smiled brightly before excusing herself to help an older couple at the booth near the door.

Liz’s smile faded the moment Maria walked away. Sharing a tent with Max Evans? Was she insane? That couldn’t happen, but she couldn’t say no, otherwise Michael might ask questions, which might lead to Max asking questions. Which was of course the last thing she wanted.

Mentally Liz went through her finances, she was staying at the local motel and going camping would save her money in not having to pay for the room. However, she’d have to dive into the money she had for a tent and a sleeping bag, not to mention the fact that she didn’t exactly pack for a camping trip. It would be worth it though, she thought.

But there were going to be three couples, then Max and her, unless Max had a date. Liz wondered how many girls Max had dated throughout the years. It was probably more than she could count on one hand, just based on his killer looks and smiles.

Internally, she sighed and rested her chin on her fist. What if she had gone for it with Max? Would she still be in this position? Or would it have worked out? Would they still be together, even now? Would they be happy? Would they have children?

Shaking her head of the nonsensical thoughts, she spun around and found Maria, who looked up at her in that moment and smiled brightly at her.

God, she’d missed Maria.

She’d missed Roswell and all that it held.

Everything, except Tom Axlerod.

She silently cursed the day he walked into the Café. And she cursed her parents, who were unhappily married, living in Jersey, who thrust their young daughter at the hotshot attorney from LA.

It was the reason why she barely spoke to her parents, and it was that very reason she couldn’t run to them. It was why she had to do this alone, start again, alone.

They dated until she finished college, and then moved in together and got married. She thought she was so happy, that Tom was her forever. Boy had she misjudged that one by a long shot.

Finding her focus, she noticed the crowd was picking up and hopped off her seat and made her way across the room to Maria’s side.

“Do you need some help?”

“Are you kidding? You’re a guest, Liz. You can’t possibly want to…”

Liz interrupted, “I do.”

“You sure?” Liz nodded. “Okay then, in the backroom there’s an extra uniform but I don’t have any sneakers to lend you here.”

“That’s okay, I’m a master in heels.” Liz smiled as she made her way to the back. Once again the smile faded. While she was happy, a part of her couldn’t be comfortable, couldn’t settle into the happiness she felt of being there with Maria. Like she had no cares in the world.

Like she didn’t have a husband a few hours away that had probably already discovered that she left. And she wondered, with a deep seeded fear, if he’d even bother coming after her, or if he’d be happy to be free of her?

No, he’d come. Which is why she couldn’t stay long. Once he figured it out, he’d ruin everything. She needed to get lost. Not that she feared he’d hurt her physically, he’d never hit her, in fact sometimes she’d wished he just did it already. Proof, to show everyone.

Instead his words cut like knives, and it was those scars she feared would never heal.

Grabbing the uniform that hung on the familiar hook, she walked over to the bathroom and changed quickly. Looking at herself, she saw the years, the amount of time that she’d aged. She might only be thirty, but if she didn’t start smiling and laughing she knew she’d look sixty, sooner rather than later.

It was terrible, but she felt like her life had already been lived. Now she was just trying to survive, until death.


Heels. She was wearing heels with her short uniform. Max just about tripped over himself to the back room, his eyes watching her every move. Damn, but he did want her still. He could lie all he wanted to himself, but his thoughts from earlier about the woman bent over arguing with her tire, hadn’t changed.

He wanted Liz, badly.

Above him.

Underneath him.

Talk about bad timing. She was having a life crisis and all he could think about was how he was going to sleep with her.

Boy, he needed to find someone in town to spend some quality time with and get Liz out of his system, if he even remotely hoped to be able to spend the weekend in her company and act civilized.

Of course, Max had to act like he didn’t know anything about Liz’s situation, which pissed him off for some reason, but on the other hand, maybe he could help put her at ease. She seemed so uncomfortable in her own skin.

He chased the thoughts that had run through in his mind on the way back. What if he hadn’t been so shy in school? If he’d worked up enough nerve to just ask her out. Would they have gotten together? Would it have been as great as he’d hoped, then? Would they still be together, even now?

“Max, you want to snap the hell out of it? I told you before…” came Michael’s biting voice when they reached the backroom.

“I heard you. Look, Liz is off limits. I’ll talk to her, but I’m done thinking about her in any other way,” he confessed unwittingly.

Michael’s lips curved. “Max, you can’t have sex with Liz.” He obviously needed to be the voice of reason. If it were any other guy, he would have told him off, but this was Max. And regardless of Max’s playboy ways, he wasn’t into preying on unwilling women.

Max whipped his head around to be sure they were still alone. “Who the hell said I wanted to have sex with Liz?” he hissed out.

“Max, Liz is here. She’s feeling maybe a little bit lonely and you are…well you. You’re different, like you said. She’s not expecting you.”

“Do you honestly think I’d take advantage of her?”

Michael’s face fell, that wasn’t what he meant. “Of course not! Max you’re not cruel and you don’t use people. But, this is Liz we’re talking about. It was an obsession in high school, I can only imagine what it’s manifested itself into over the last two hours.”

Max narrowed his eyes, “It hasn’t turned into anything. For your information, I didn’t even think about having sex with her. She’s Liz, like you said. And she’s going through a lot. Besides who said she’d even have sex with me?”

“Ha! That’s a joke right? Max, I’ve seen you get a woman to go home with you and seal with deal with just a look. So don’t pull that bullshit with me. I know you better than that.”

Max laughed, “Yeah. Okay. Maybe you know me, which is why you know that while I might want to, I’m not even going down that road with her. What she needs is help, and I’d hate for her to leave before she got that. I just need you to promise me something, Michael.”

“Anything,” he answered unwaveringly.

Max smiled, thankful for one of the best friend’s a guy could ever need. “If you suspect anything, like she might leave or anything, tell me. I know you promised her you wouldn’t say anything, and I don’t want her not trusting you, but I need to be in the know. Okay?”

Michael smiled, slapped his friend on the back and said, “Of course.”


“Are you excited?” Max asked Liz and noticed how she jumped slightly at the sound of his voice.

“About what?” she asked, while she wiped down a counter. It was closing time and Maria was locking the doors. They were closing early so they could have dinner at Michael and Maria’s. Liz was hoping that after dinner she could run out of there and excuse herself to her hotel. She needed to be out of the vicinity of Max.

He was causing all of these feelings to enter her mind and body, and she wasn’t sure what they meant or even what they were, but they needed to stop.

It was pointless, wasn’t it, to think of Max in any other way, than as a friend? Soon she’d be leaving and she’d probably never see him again.

Yes, it was, she told herself.

“Camping. I think it’ll be great. Did Maria tell you that Isabel, Alex, Tess and Kyle would be there?”

“Oh yes, she did. I think it will be fun. I actually should run to the store before I head over to Maria’s. I need to get a sleeping bag and a tent,” she said, hoping that’d be a way she could get out of dinner. In fact, it was brilliant really. She could do some shopping and then claim she was tired and retire to her hotel room.


“I think I’ll join you. I forgot my sleeping bag.”

“Max…wait…I…” It was too late; he was already calling out to Maria and Michael, who’d just joined them from the backroom. Telling them he was going to take Liz shopping and they’d meet at their place in about a half hour.

“What about my car?” Liz asked, in a last ditch effort.

“I’ll take it,” came Michael’s reply from behind her. It was going too fast. They moved too fast.

Damn it. She sagged her shoulders in defeat and a moment later experienced something akin to a tiny electric shock. She turned her head and saw Max’s hand on her shoulder; he smiled down at her and said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take care of you.”

How she wished that were true.


Max strolled up the aisles side by side with Liz. It felt less uncomfortable than sitting in his car with her, but he still didn’t like it.

“Do you have a particular color you want?” he’d asked and she’d said, “No.” If they kept up the conversation going at this rate, he may get a whole sentence out of her in an hour. He decided on another route.

“I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get out of this town.” Liz’s head turned to regard him. “Why? You don’t like it here?”

“Nah, it’s not that. Its just being back here brings back memories.”

“Bad?” she asked.

“Not all bad,” he smiled as they kept walking, slowly it was getting comfortable.

“But not all good,” she finished, before she found what they were looking for. She pulled out a purple and blue sleeping bag for her, and then reached out and grabbed the red and blue one for Max. Liz handed it to him and he looked down at it and then up at her.

“What? You don’t like that one?” she asked, and he shook his head.

“No, it’s fine.”

“You sure?” she asked, suddenly feeling really unsure.

“Liz, I’m going to say something and I hope you don’t get upset with me for it.”

“What?” she laughed shakily. And then, Max reached up and removed the sleeping bag from her hands, then with his other hand he reached up and tucked a strand of hair behind her ear and said, “I missed you.” With that he turned on his heels and moved towards the next aisle, for a tent.

Liz stood frozen, all emotions erased from her face, as she watched him walk away.

And then suddenly, for that moment in time, she didn’t feel so broken. She felt the smile lift at the corners of her lips, and embraced it.


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Re: Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) Chp 1 3/22/08 A/N 3/31

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A/N - And so here we go... Welcome to the new readers and to everyone currently reading thank you so much! I hope you enjoy!

Chapter Two


When you're standing on the edge. You don't look down, till you're ready and willing to fly. Now I'm, one step closer, with my arms open wide. And I'm willing to try this time.

any moment; a fact that wasn’t lost on anyone at the dinner table. In fact, Maria had asked Michael to ‘misplace’ Liz’s car keys, so she couldn’t get away.

They were having a good time, and after dinner would come the tour of the house. Liz was more than impressed with Michael and Maria’s home. It was a mansion in comparison to all the other homes in Roswell. But somehow it fit.

“I’m sorry I didn’t cook, Liz. Had I known you were coming I would have dusted off my pots and pans and attempted to think about making you a meal, then I would have just had Michael make you one,” Maria smiled brightly as she tossed a fortune cookie at Max, then her husband and finally at Liz.

“Again, she has no shame, or filter,” Max quipped lightly as he snapped his cookie in half. “I thought you cared, Maria. Really.” Max shook his head and smiled when he heard Liz’s laughter from across the table.

“You two are funny. I don’t know why, but I guess in school Maria and I were always together, now it’s a little weird that you guys are so close and I’m…” Liz trailed off, feeling a little awkward. Why had she opened her mouth again?

“That’s okay, Liz. Trust me, when Max and Maria go at it, they have one-liners that can last all night. Sometimes its funny, other times, they are the only ones enjoying themselves. It can be real easy to feel like a third wheel,” Michael said, trying to ease the tension that had suddenly settled over Liz.

“Yeah. Like for instance, for my birthday, Maria thought it would be funny to get me a singing greeting card.”

“You mean the one that you open up and a song comes on?” Liz asked, but Max shook his head.

“Actually that would have been fun, but no, it was a girl dressed up as a birthday cake who sang…” Max paused and put a fist up to his lips, trying to stifle his laugh.

Liz looked to Michael, and he simply shook his head and said, “This is a good one. Listen up. So Max and I had a meeting, and the boardroom was filled with our employees. This girl comes in, I still don’t know how she got past Max’s secretary; that woman won’t let anyone near him,” he broke off and started to laugh again.

Max broke in, “Liz, don’t listen to him. He can’t tell a story worth a damn. Now this girl is wearing a bright pink hat, shaped like a birthday candle, and a dress shaped like a cake, this thing barely went past her ass. So Michael looks up at me, cause I’m in the middle of talking, my back is to the door. I turn around and this girl, starts singing…Love is a Battlefield.”

“No way!” Liz says, her face alight with laughter and Max thought she never looked prettier.

“Yes! I was being honest. Love is a battlefield, and because I knew how Max was going to celebrate his birthday, I wanted to send him a little message.”

“That must have been embarrassing for you, at least, it would have been years ago. I would imagine you now, would find it funny and laugh,” Liz looked at Max and realized not for the first time how very different he was.

It was as if they’d reversed roles.

“Exactly,” was all Max said, when Maria cut in and asked them all to read their fortunes.

“I think we should ditch the fabricated and mass produced fortunes and take Liz on the tour, so we can get to bed. If I know Tess, she and Kyle will be here first thing in the morning,” said Michael.

“Are they early risers?” Liz asked, as she reached to help clean up the table, which she was promptly dismissed from doing as Max took her plates.

“No, they are free from the kids for a week. That’s a close to a peaceful vacation as they are going to get this year.” Michael said as he grabbed the dishes from his wife and signaled for Max to join him in the kitchen. Give Maria a few times to convince Liz to stay there instead of a hotel.

“Come on, Liz. We’ll get started, I’m sure you’re tired. Did you want to wait for tomorrow?” Maria asked as she grabbed her friend’s hand, guiding her out of the dining room.

“No, I’d love to see the rest. I have to say, Maria it’s beautiful. I’m so happy for you.”

“Thanks babe. I have to say though, our place is nothing compared to Max’s.” Maria gauged her reaction.

A spark of something ignited, and Liz asked, “Really? He does well as a car dealer?”

“Very good. Except that’s not where he makes the bulk of his money. You did hear Max say they were having a meeting the day of his birthday right?”

“Yes, I was a little confused since Michael is in real estate.”

“Right, his business partner is Max. In fact, Max is the one who brought the idea to start down that road. They always knew they wanted to venture into something together. Anyways, Max doesn’t like people knowing how rich he really is. Especially women.”

“I can imagine they probably take advantage of him.”

“Damn right! I’ve had to beat some of them off with a stick…or rather a broom.”


“Yes! It’s a crazy world out there. But Max for the most part keeps that part of his life private. No one is allowed in.”


“Except maybe his closest friends, and maybe a certain brown eyed brunette.” Maria winked and Liz blushed.

“But you guys live here.”

“Yes, Michael commutes during the week. Two days here, three there and weekends here. It took some adjusting.”

“But you’re happy.”


“Max, on the other hand, I’m trying with that one. Maybe you can help.”

“Me? How?” she laughed hesitantly.

“Liz, I’m going to let you in on a secret, and you have to promise not to tell anyone that I told you.”

“I promise, what?”

“Max has a crush on you.” Maria knew she was exaggerating, but it was better to keep it light, she thought for Liz’s sake.

“Me? No, Maria, he can’t…”

“Oh he can, and he does. Now, what was I saying about Max? Right. Charity, he might have money Liz, but he does such good with it. We all try to.”

“That’s really great Maria. But why are you telling me?”

“I just thought you should know that we might not have been around each other for years, but I still know what you’re thinking Liz. I know you think Max is so different, but while he’s not shy anymore, and he’s sure as hell outgoing as hell, he’s still Max Evans. He’s still a great guy.”


“And great guys are so very hard to come by nowadays, wouldn’t you say?” Maria made her one and only dig, and then she leaned in and gave Liz a kiss on her cheek before moving along down the hall to the next room.

“So, Max has always lived alone?” she asked, as she followed Maria down a long hallway and into another guest room.

Maria nodded, “Always.”

Another thought crossed Liz’s mind and she was unsure if she should even voice it. Would Maria think further into it then she meant?

Maria watched her friend closely, how much should she reveal? It wasn’t like Max had his heart broken by a girl, and didn’t trust them. But the truth was something even Max hadn’t admitted to himself yet. Of course Michael and her knew that Liz was the one that got away, and Max, bless his heart, tried like hell to forget her. Which is why Maria suspected Max hadn’t settled down.

Surely, he wasn’t pining after her, but instead trying to find someone that made his few encounters with Liz in the past, make him feel the same.

Too bad Maria thought with a shake of her head, didn’t the poor guy understand that Liz was one of a kind? That she was special, and since Maria believed in fate, that they belonged together? Maybe it was bad, but in a way, if Liz had made a good marriage with Tom, then she wouldn’t be there with Max.

They wouldn’t be getting their second shot. A shot they both not only needed, but deserved. And Maria hoped that they both didn’t waste it. It was that thought, the fear that Liz would leave and never know what it was like to really know Max Evans, the great man he turned out to be, the one he always was, the one that could love her like no other, that made Maria utter her next words.

“He’s still looking for her. The one he was meant to spend the rest of his life with.”

“Do you really believe that it exists, like that?” came Liz’s whispered question, her other thoughts erased by Maria’s words.

Maria turned to her best friend, looked her in the eye and proceeded to tell her exactly what she thought Liz needed to hear.

“I’m with Michael because of it. Liz you know I barely spoke to Michael the first two years of high school, and then we only spoke when I took his order at the diner. It wasn’t love at first sight, but if I’m honest I felt something for him that I couldn’t put into words.”

“Frustration?” Liz added with a genuine smile. How easy it was to smile with Maria, how refreshing.

Maria laughed at that, as she moved across the room, leaning against the ledge of the window, overlooking the backyard. “Actually, it was love. I loved Michael, he might have pissed me off with his arrogance, but that’s one of the things I came to love most about him. When he told me how he felt about me, which being Michael was a hard feat, he passed with flying colors, and I realized what it all meant. That everything we said, every action, every look meant something more. It was leading up to that moment. Sometimes that’s all you get, Liz. Sometimes all you get are moments. Sometimes the road isn’t laid out for you to follow, sometimes you have to piece it together and figure it out. “

“What if you put it together wrong? What if the road you take, the road you make, is the wrong one? Can you go back? Can you do it over again?” came Liz’s almost desperate words, and she chastised herself for sounding so vulnerable.

Maria, reached out her hand, and Liz took it immediately, moving closer. “You can’t ever go back, Liz. When two people feel a certain way about each other and they don’t act on it, like time, it passes them by. And sometimes, they can’t get it back no matter how hard they try, no matter how long they look; its gone.”

“That’s very discouraging.”

“It is, isn’t it? But you didn’t let me finish.” Maria offered up another smile and scooted over, giving Liz some room to sit beside her.

“I truly believe the best things come to those who wait. And then when it’s right, you’ll know it and you’ll have an opportunity, no matter how small, to feel it, that overwhelming feeling of belonging to someone else, that nothing else matters. It’s not the same for everyone, but you can’t let it pass you by, Liz. Not again.” Maria squeezed her friend’s hand before having Liz rip it away.

“What are we talking about Maria? Surely not Max, because I’m over him. That was a high school thing,” she said, anger, for some unknown reason surfacing. Maybe it was because it was so damn close to the truth, that Liz didn’t want to hear it. While the conversation lead in that direction, it hurt more to hear it aloud. How the choices she made, if she’d done something different, she’d be in a different place.

She didn’t want to hear that she’d let her chance with Max pass her by, wasting the good years of her life away on a man who didn’t deserve an ounce of the love she thought she felt for him? On a man who never wanted children, but only decided to let her in on that bit of information after they were married?

“I won’t argue with you over it. I’ll just say, if it was just a high school thing, then tell me why you never, not once, looked at Tom the way you used to look at Max, even now?” With that Maria stood, leaving Liz alone in the room to ponder her last words, and hoping against all hope that Liz understood what it meant.

What is had to mean, for both of them.


“There you are,” came Max’s voice into her room. He didn’t move past the threshold, but he watched her closely. She was changed into a pair of pajamas that covered her from neck to ankles. Except for the uniform she’d adored earlier in the day, Max hadn’t seen another scrap of flesh, except for her perfectly shaped legs peeking out of her too long skirt.

He noted, not for the first time, how uncomfortable she looked in her own skin. Even covered she was shifting restlessly at the edge of her bed. Maybe the problem wasn’t with her, maybe it was him. Maybe she just didn’t like him…a sinking feeling settled in his chest; lifting a hand he physically tried to rub it away.

“Hi, Max. You still up?” she watched him carefully. His arms, almost too big for the shirt, stretched across his muscled torso, his body carried in such a relaxed way, that she wondered what he’d look like stressed. Did he get stressed? Surely he did, but did he lose his temper? What kind of man had he become?

“I am. I have a hard time sleeping, I was headed downstairs for a drink, want to join me?” he asked, not pressing her, but not wanting her to say no either. He wasn’t sure he should even be there, offering himself to her, but a small part of him, the part that wouldn’t let his body rest for bed until he saw her again, wanted her to tell him everything.

It was an awful feeling of helplessness that’d overcome him since her arrival. He didn’t like it, didn’t need it and wanted it gone for good. Max thought talking to her, getting to know Liz now, maybe it would quell some of the old feelings he had of the kind of person she was. Maybe, in fact, he’d convinced himself before stepping to her door, he wouldn’t even like her.

Fat chance, Evans, he thought, as he watched her stand and smile, moving towards him. “That’d be great,” she said, moving past him, leaving a scent of light soap and cherry vanilla that caused him to suck in a deep breath and brace his hands against the doorframe.

Fat chance in hell, he thought as he finally pulled away and followed her.


She spoke animatedly about her times with Maria at the diner, and Max was an avid listener. To hear all the stories, he’d never had a chance to in high school, was almost therapeutic. He’d longed to be a fly on the wall back then and now he had a front row seat, and that seat never looked so good to him.

At the same time, something came to light, she was thirty years old and her fondest memories, her only happy memories were from high school? That seemed…sad. But wasn’t it? He thought to himself as she paused to take a sip of her drink. He’d made it light, since she’d said she wasn’t much of a drinker.

They sat in silence, minutes passing, until finally he worked up the nerve to ask her, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

Liz’s eyes locked on his, as she said, “I don’t know. But I wish we had.” Max smiled at her and lifted his glass to his lips, allowing the cool liquid to slide down his throat.

“Max, you’re so different. I keep thinking, were you always like this and I just never noticed?”

“No. Sorry, Liz. I was different, but I’m not that different, I don’t think. I’m not shy anymore with…women. But I’m still the same.” The corners of his mouth curled upwards and Liz couldn’t help but let out a soft sigh, and let the next question roll off her heavy tongue.

“So…is there…has there been anyone…you know…special in your life?” she asked for two reasons; one the alcohol was affecting her shyness and the other was because deep down she wanted to know this Max. He fascinated her for some reason. Oh, hell, he’d always fascinated her, but this was her chance to get to know him. Because once she left, it would be the last time.

She had to seize the moment, as Maria had said.

Max leaned forward, and placed his glass on the coffee table. Turning towards Liz on the couch they shared, he waited a moment, drank in her features and wished that his tolerance for alcohol were lower, because he wanted nothing more than to know what she tasted like.

With his senses still in perfect check, he answered her question. “No. No one. I date, but I haven’t had a serious relationship, yet.”

“Really?” she asked, her eyes wide with apparent disbelief.

He raised a brow and asked, “Why do you seem so surprised? I’m just not ready.”

“So you date, but you haven’t found not one person that you liked more than another? Someone that you connected with on another level?” she took another sip, her head was clouding, but she blinked a few times to steady herself.

Max hadn’t been looking, and therefore didn’t notice that was more than a little buzzed. In fact, he hadn’t said anything, he just stared over her shoulder, not moving, just breathing. Liz watched in fascination his chest move, up and down, up and down. What would he feel like against her? Chest to chest, hip to hip…she shook herself back to reality. Where in the hell did those thoughts come from? She had pushed any romantic, physical and even sexual thoughts of Max Evans so deep that she barely remembered having them.

Until now.

“I did once. It was a long time ago, but that ship has sailed. And…”

“That’s not true,” she offered up some encouragement. Max’s head snapped to hers, searching, for something, but she didn’t know what.

“How so?”

“Well,” she said, taking yet another sip before Max pulled the glass from her fingertips, placing it on the table and gave her his undivided attention.

“Maria said that life is made up of moments. And if you let them pass you by sometimes they don’t come back. But sometimes, she said, sometimes you get another chance. She told me not to let the chance get by me again,” Liz whispered playfully, leaning closer to his face.

Max took in a deep breath, vanilla and cherries, and the alcohol on her breath affected him deeply, everything male in him came alive and he wanted nothing more than her.

He whispered back, “What chance, Liz? What did you let pass you by?” Her eyes drifted from his lips to his eyes and she smiled provocatively, and he was fully taken at that moment. Every feeling he had for her, every emotion he tried to bury for the last decade came to head. He moved closer, placed his hands on her shoulders, and waited with baited breath for her answer.

“I let you pass me by,” her lips moved, the words reached his ears, his chest tightened and relief flooded him. It wasn’t one sided, it wasn’t…it…

“Liz?” he said, and moved his hand to the back of her neck, tilting her head ever so slightly, and realized, she’d fallen asleep.

Max smiled and kissed her forehead, before standing and lifting her in his arms. He’d have another chance. They had to have another chance.

And then, well, he didn’t know what would happen, but he knew he wouldn’t let her go so easily, as he had the first time.

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Re: Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapter 2 3/31/08

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A/N - And so here we go...I made it in with both updates before monday...that's a record (of course this update has been typed well over a month ago LOL)

Sorry for any mistakes, today and tomorrow are busy days!! I'm off to the city later today, and tomorrow for the premiere of Jason's movie FROST; I'm so excited!! I hope I don't pass out when I meet him :oops: haha!

Thank you all so much for the feedback, in case you are wondering, this story moves at it's own pace because it's not meant to be more than 7 chapters long. Take it for what it is 8)


Chapter Three
Tell me who you think you see when you look into my eyes. Lets put our two hearts back together and we'll leave the broken pieces on the floor. Make love with me baby.
Till we ain't strangers anymore

THE SUN HAD ALREADY SET, AND THE GUYS were putting the tents together. They’d spent so much time catching up that dinnertime had come and they hadn’t even noticed. That was until Kyle began to grumble.

Maria ordered the guys to put the tents together, while they made the hot dogs and hamburgers. Michael had tried to interrupt saying that Maria didn’t know how, to which she quickly put him in his place saying, “Just because I choose not to, doesn’t mean I don’t know how. Tents. Now!” she growled out and Michael did nothing but smile and kiss her lips before heading off with the guys.

Liz had watched them closely, along with Isabel and Alex, even Kyle and Tess. It was amazing that there was so much apparent love between the couples. Liz felt cold, deep down to her bones. Her relationship with Tom was never like that. Ever.

Turning her attention from Isabel and Maria, who were arguing over the fact that Maria was burning the hamburgers, to where Max was. Her mind was still reeling of what he’d asked her in the car on the way in.

“Liz, do you remember what you told me last night?” She hadn’t, she wished she had, but when she made him aware that the alcohol must have gotten to her, he’d abandoned all talk of last night.

Something she wished not to forget, she was sure. Damn her weak tolerance! But something about the heated glance Max had given her as he waited patiently for her to appear from the house this morning, and the way his hand brushed hers as he grabbed her bag, said it was something important.

Why couldn’t he just tell her?

Then again, another part of her felt this childish, giddy feeling. She was determined to embrace it. It was the last one she would be feeling for a long while, she was sure. Her time with her friends, with Max, was shortening by the hour.

Everyone, thus far had tactfully not asked Liz were Tom was, and she was more than grateful. She could just enjoy her time and not have to think of excuses. She’d already lied to Maria, she didn’t like it, but it was necessary.

“Do you think, we’ll see any bears?” came Tess’ voice, as she took a seat on the log beside Liz.

“Bears? There are bears?” she asked with some suspicion.

“Liz, don’t listen to Tess, she hates camping,” Maria said from behind them.

Liz turned to Tess and watched as she pulled her short, curly blonde hair into a tight ponytail. “You don’t like camping?”

“No. The bugs, the outdoor bathrooms, none of it.”

“But you’re here,” Liz commented.

“I come for Kyle. We don’t get out of the house too much, as you can imagine with three kids, but he enjoys it. He gets to see his friends and I get to see mine.”

“That’s nice, that you do that.” Tess smiled and said, “Of course. He might be a pain in the ass, and sometimes I think I have four kids instead of three, but I love him anyway.”

“Tess! Where did you put the sleeping bags!” came Kyle’s bellowing voice.

“They’re in the car! Where else do you think they would be!” she called back, not moving an inch. Then she looked at Liz, held up her left hand, and began to count.


“Tess! They aren’t there!”

“Men. Liz, why can’t they find anything on their own? Excuse me,” Tess said as she stood and walked over to her husband a few feet away.

Liz smiled as she watched them talk animatedly, and then saw Tess walk away, only to return a few minutes later with sleeping bags in hand. And then, Kyle did the sweetest thing she’d ever seen a man do in her life. He plucked the bags from her hands, tossed them in the tent, and lifted her in his arms, spun her around and kissed her.

To love like that must be amazing, she thought, miserably.

Why hadn’t she seen it sooner? Surely she wasn’t blind. It was clear that Kyle adored Tess, and that Michael adored Maria…and even Alex was head over ass in love with Isabel, she was the sun and the moon to him. Even if he tried to act tough, but when he looked at her, it would take a blind man not to see the adoration he had for her.

Liz sucked in a deep breath, pushed back the tears that were threatening to spill, and stood. Maybe a brisk walk would help.

“Where are you going?” Max, she thought, and closed her eyes. How did he always know where she was? Was he keeping track of her? Nah, that was in her head.

“I was taking a walk, but I realized I’m starving,” she smiled shyly, as he simply nodded his head. He was distracted by something.

“Liz, can I ask you something.” She felt nervous; he was staring at her, or rather, her hand. Left hand.

“I don’t want to pry, so if you don’t want to answer, that’s okay. Why don’t you wear your wedding ring?” Maria hadn’t told him? And more importantly he noticed, that she didn’t wear it?

“Because I’m not married anymore, Max.” It was a lie in the truest sense. However, deep down, she wasn’t married, she’d never had a real marriage. But she didn’t want him to know; she didn’t want the numerous questions that would surely follow. She just wanted this time with him, with her friends, to cherish.

He nodded, his lips curled, and he asked, “How long?” She wasn’t prepared for that question, but she answered, “Two months.”

“I’m sorry, Liz.” She looked up at him, he was standing before her now, and she tilted her head to the side and regarded him. It hurt, almost too much, to look at him. To have him this close, and not have him. And not be his.

She shouldn’t wonder, she shouldn’t care, but she did. She couldn’t stop, in fact. It would be her demise, but she was walking away in a few days.

“I’m not.”

“Liz! Max! Dinner’s ready!” came Michael’s voice from a short distance, breaking their reverie.

Max reached out his hand to her; she slipped hers inside, and followed him. In that moment she realized, she’d follow him anywhere he asked.

What a damn fool she was.


It was their second night there, and she and Max had talked into late evening, she looked forward to their talks. Max told her all about his job, his charities, and the children he and Michael sponsor. She reveled in the stories and asked questions until she was hoarse. And she felt like she was a part of it. That she was important enough to Max for him to share things with her, that he’d never shared with anyone else. He’d even told her as much.

And for the first time in a long time, she felt special. How sad, it would never come from her husband, but from a man she’d dreamed and fantasized about for years. A man she wished she’d thrown caution to the wind for.

Digging through her bag, she paused, and closed her eyes. If she ever had the chance again, she’d throw caution out the window and do what she’d wanted for so long. Kiss him. Just once.

Unzipping her tent, she tugged her robe around her tighter. She’d opted for a long t-shirt she’d borrowed from Max the night before, because even though the sun had set, it was a humid night. It was the most risqué thing she’d worn to bed in years.

Shaking her head of the thoughts, she crouched down near Max’s tent and spoke softly, hoping he wasn’t asleep yet. “I have to brush my teeth, Max.”

“Okay. I’ll be right out,” he called out. She heard the rustling and wondered if he was already dressed for bed. She wondered, what he wore to bed. The sound of the zipper on his tent being pulled, caused those thoughts to take on another form, and she licked her dry lips and stood abruptly, when he his peeked out to regard her.

“I’m sorry if I woke you. But will you come with me?” her voice, sounded small even to her own ears. She would ask Maria, or one of the other girls, but they were otherwise occupied. Max must have heard it…them, because he was on his feet a moment later.

“Sure thing, Liz.” He was bare from the waist up and suddenly Liz wasn’t sure if she shouldn’t have walked to the pump by herself.

They began to walk in silence until he asked; “Are you happy?” his voice was gruff.

“Max, do you mean to ask me if I had a happy marriage? Or if I’m happy right now?”

He didn’t break his stride, but didn’t answer her right away. The water pump came into view and she went about her business, his back was turned. She was thankful, that for Tess’ sake, Maria had picked a campground with bathrooms, so she was able to shower earlier in the day. Unfortunately, they were hidden by the darkness and she didn’t want to venture too far out.

Of course, she’d used the excuse of asking Max to go with her, just so they could talk more. She enjoyed it, thoroughly.

After finishing, she moved beside him and they walked in silence until he finally said, “Both. I want the answer to both.”

She sighed, not wanting to discuss her marriage at all, but it was futile to avoid his questions. “Max I didn’t have a happy marriage, and it was finally time that I walked away since it didn’t look like he was leaving anytime soon. Of course, why should he? He had a trophy wife, I smiled when I was supposed to, and I dressed properly. I cooked dinner and kept the house clean. And he had six girlfriends he fucked on the side. What more can a man really need?” bitterness dripped from her voice.

“I’m sorry, Liz. Marriage isn’t like that. Not a real one.”

“Yeah, I’m beginning to see that during this trip out here.”

“I’m glad.”

“What? That I had a bad marriage or that…”

“I’m glad that you’re seeing it doesn’t have to be that way.” Max smiled at her, and realized that they’d walked past their trail, and moved closer to the lake near the bottom of the hill they were situated at.

“They told you didn’t they?”

“Liz,” he sighed and she asked again, softer.

“Yes. I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be, Max. You have a great life, so does Maria and Michael and Alex and Isabel…all of you have done great. I knew I made a mistake in leaving, but it was too late.”

“What about now?”

“Now, I get to start over. I can’t get back all the years I lost but I don’t have to live them the same you know?”


“It’s so peaceful out here, I miss it.” Liz moved to stand beside him as they reached the waters edge. Max agreed, but then moved a little further back, resting his back against a tall tree.

“Come here, Liz,” his voice drifted to her, and as if on autopilot, she followed, standing before him. This was it, she thought. It was finally going to happen.

Max reached out, cupping her face in his hands and kissed her. His lips soft at first, applied more pressure as he dragged them across hers, stealing her breath and her heart.

Her lips, he thought, were soft and perfect. Her little moans, driving him to distraction, and in the next instant, they’d switched positions, her back against the tree and his long, lean body stretched against hers.

Liz couldn’t think, could only feel, lips; hot and damp against her neck, and his body, his perfect body fitting exactly as she always thought it would against hers. Nothing felt better.

Dragging his lips against hers once more before pulling away, Max panted against her cheek, “Liz, tell me to stop.”

“Please…Max…don’t stop…” She hugged him closer, breathed him in deeper. He growled against her ear, his hands sliding down her exposed thighs, lifting them to wrap around his waist. Her robe, already loose hung off her shoulders.

“God, Liz…” he whispered into her mouth before taking it again, wanting her more than his next heartbeat. Her body arching against his, she let out a moan of deep longing. He knew that sound, was familiar with it on other women’s lips…not Liz’s. What the hell was he doing? He’d told Michael he wouldn’t sleep with Liz, he’d even told himself he wouldn’t and yet here he was a moment from taking her.

Max stepped away, letting her legs drop and kissing her lips once more before looking down at her upturned face.

“Why are you stopping?” she said in a panting whisper into the night and was met with his dazzling smile.

His words surprised him, “I’ve waited a decade for this moment, and it’s not going to be here, Liz. Let’s go back.”

“No, here Max. I don’t want to wait. I’ve waited long enough,” and for added measure she added, “Please.” His heartbeat sped up, he looked around and realized they were in the middle of the woods, close to the other tents enough to see them on top of the hill, but still far enough away that they wouldn’t be seen or heard. He moved to the other side of the tree, out of the path they had walked and pulled her against him. Max pulled her robe free and dropped it to the ground, then reached for her.

“Kiss me, Liz,” he asked and she gave everything up to it. His hands moved to her waist, up her ribs, cupping her breasts, his fingers rolling the rounded tip of her nipples around and around until she broke their kiss with another moan, this one more pleading than all the rest. Max pushed his body up against hers harder, letting her know without words there was no turning back now.

She responded with her hands planted firmly around his neck and the sound of his name on her lips.

He worked quickly of removing her shirt, tugging it over her head, so she stood before him in the moonlight, completely and utterly naked. He leaned in and kissed her lips, dragged his lips down her neck, over each breast, down the flat surface of her stomach and below. He kneeled before her, parted her and waited until he felt her relax under his fingers, before he leaned in and tasted her.

The scent of her arousal filled his nostrils as his tongue was filled with the taste of her.

Finally. Finally. That was all he could think in that moment.

Liz drew in a deep breath and bit her bottom lip to stop from crying out. His mouth was on her, in places no one had ever touched. Her fingers dug into his midnight black hair, she gasped for air, and thought, nothing felt as incredible or as erotic to her as Max beneath her, his mouth doing things to her. She tipped her head back, and took everything he gave her, locking it deep inside.

Finally, she thought. Finally, she would know what it was like to be with him. To be with a man who was sensitive and passionate, yet aggressive and outspoken. A man, who knew her. The real her. Who wanted only her, just as she was. Liz Parker.

She’d never known passion, never knew what it would feel like and if she’d even recognize it if it happened.

She was wrong. Max was showing her all the things she’d missed out on. Tears, slowly formed at the corners of her eyes, but she embraced them. They were good tears. This was a great moment. And even better memory.

Her body tensed beneath his tongue and hands, and he pulled away. She cried out over the loss.

“Shh, sweetheart…shh…” He stood, cupped her face gently, and kissed her deeply. Liz wasn’t sure when or how it happened, but when Max pressed himself against her, he was naked from head to toe. Her hands skimmed his back, his shoulders, his neck, and his lips and finally they slid lower. Over his chest, down his abdomen, around his hips, to the tops of his legs and then holding her breath her hands found the place between. The heat radiating off of him, making her lungs grow tight with need, made her burn. She’d never had an urgency to have sex; she thought she wasn’t made that way. She was being proven wrong by him as every second came to pass.

Leaning up on her tiptoes, she kissed him deeply, languidly, allowing her tongue to taste and feel every part of his mouth. One small hand came up to play in his hair, while the other remained below, wrapping around his erection and finally knowing what it felt like to touch him, as she’d never touched another man.

In that moment, she hoped her inexperience didn’t show. It was embarrassing enough that she knew the truth but that Max would know, was mortifying.

Their eyes locked, the moonlight providing just enough light for them to soak in one another. Max leaned in to kiss her, to move her body in just the right spot, but he stopped.

“What?” she asked breathlessly.

He gulped for air. “I don’t have any protection, Liz. We can’t—”

Liz smiled, for the first time; she was one step ahead of him. Keeping her hand around him, stroking him from root to tip, reveling in the sound of his moans, and the deepening of his breathing, she placed a finger against his lips. “It’s okay Max.” She kissed him again, opening her legs and pressing the head of his erection at her entrance. He stopped her, wrenching his lips from hers.

“Liz…we…” he hissed, gritting his teeth, because he knew he wanted her, but he couldn’t have her. Again, another opportunity out the window. But maybe it was for the best, maybe it wasn’t meant to be…maybe…

“I’m on birth control, Max. It’s okay…please…”

He didn’t skip a beat; “You’re sure?” it was all he could think to say. His body was raging to get inside of her, and now knowing he’d have her finally without any barriers, was more than he could concentrate on.

“Yes.” He needed no further words. He spun her around, found her robe and her shirt and laid them out; he took a seat and pulled her into his lap.

“Come here, Liz.” He reached for her, settling her above him, rubbing the fat knob of his erection at her wet entrance, and guided her down.

She was so small…and he was not.

“Yes.” They both hissed out, Max wrapping his arms around her, Liz wrapping her body around his.

With his hands at her waist he moved her, feeling her body stretch to take him. Once she was half way, he leaned up and kissed her, greedily, wanting her body to relax. He wanted to pull her against him, sate himself inside of her, but knew, for some reason, that she might have been married, but she was inexperienced. Knew that he couldn’t take her the first time, couldn’t love her body the way he dreamed, he needed to slow down. More importantly he needed to teach her that he’d never hurt her, that this meant more to him than just sex. He wasn’t sure when, but he had a feeling that anything with Liz would be more.

Always wanting more. Always feeling more. Just more. It was an addictive feeling, one he didn’t plan to let go of for some time. He would figure out his next step, after he’d satisfied her fully.

He placed one hand on her hip, the other on the small of her back, urging her further down. And finally he was fully encased within her wet heat. Liz dug her fingers into his shoulders, allowing her body to take him, as he wanted her. It wasn’t about domination, it was about mutual gratification, something she’d never experienced. He kissed her lips, her breasts, ran his fingers through her hair, there wasn’t one part of her he hadn’t touched or kissed. Not one part of her he hadn’t cherished, she closed her eyes tightly and just felt.

“Jesus baby…you feel amazing….” He panted, sweat dripping from his body, raising her above him, he pulled almost all the way out, and then pulled her harder against him. It wasn’t enough, she felt incredible.

The endearments he threw her way weren’t lost on Liz. She arched her body more fully against his, sweat beading on her brows, forming around her lips.

“Max…oh god!” she moaned, the place they were joined, dripping. Their bodies, straining against one another, trying to get closer, feel harder.

Max felt like he might break her. Her waist was small, her hands even smaller, but she took him without complaint. She’d been married for years. She might not have been a virgin but if he’d had to guess, she’d probably never had an orgasm with a man. The thought alone, cause something inside of him to snap. He didn’t know what her husband was doing with her, but she felt inexperienced and so damn tight. If he closed his mind enough, he could think of being her first…it caused an uncontrollable shudder in his body.

He thrust up harder, feeling her body tense above his, the sweat of their bodies causing the slapping sound to grow louder and louder, and then she let out a long serrated moan. He watched her; her lips parted, her breasts pressed firmly against his chest and with another long thick slide of his erection, he was bathed in the hot, slick heat of her orgasm.

“Fuck!” it was all he could say right before she kissed him, and he felt his resolve melt away, his body jerking in heavy spasms, his body filling her, his orgasm rocking his core.

Max kissed her harder, pressed her against him, harder, felt her body flutter around his once again.

Damn, had anything ever felt better? He searched his mind and came up blank. It was the single most satisfying sexual experience of his life. And that said a lot in his experience.

“Are you okay? I didn’t hurt you did I?” he asked, pulling her down beside him and cradling her against his body.

Their breathing settled, and their bodies no longer connected intimately, he moved and reached for her shirt, drying the sweat from her body.

“I’m great, Max. Thank you. That was a first for me…many actually,” she confessed against his shoulder, he pulled her tighter.

Since he was unclear what she was referring to, he asked, “What?”

“I’ve always used a condom and I’ve never had that…you know…before.”

“I’ll get to my question in a minute but I’ve never had sex without a condom either Liz, are you sure it was okay?” he asked, and a part of him in that second, wished it wasn’t okay. He could see Liz having his children; she was the only one he’d allowed himself to dream about like that.

“Positive.” And before he was able to ask his next question, Liz beat him to the punch line.

“I wasn’t supposed to have kids, it would ruin my body. So I used birth control and condoms.”

“Well…his loss is my gain because you felt incredible Liz.” He kissed her again; he never wanted to relinquish his hold on her. He didn’t want her to leave; he wanted her to stay…with him. Forever

And then his body betrayed him, and did the most unexpected thing; it hardened against her thigh. He’d never been ready that quickly before. He pulled away and looked down at her.

He loved her. He could think it, but he shouldn’t say it. She would get the wrong idea. But when the time was right…

“Again?” she sounded shocked and excited at the same time.

“Yeah? How about we get a little more comfortable?”

“Okay…” In the next few minutes he dressed her and pulled on his jeans. Helped her clean up, with much reluctance, and they headed back, hand in hand to her tent.

“We have to be quiet.”

“The lantern, Max. You need to turn it off,” she panted against his lips as his body slid over hers. He pulled her into his arms, kissed her, and ignored her protest. “Tell me if I hurt you…”

“I don’t think that’s possible,” she gasped at the feel of him against her. She’d never grow tired, of that she was certain.

Max leaned up, pushed her legs back, her knees to her chest, until she was completely exposed, more than she’d ever been in her life. He entered her in one long thick slide, he was bigger than Tom, in so many ways, but the way he filled her was exquisite. Like he was made for her. She watched as he kept the lantern on, until he was all the way in…then he smiled and leaned over, turning the light off…

Max’s body moved fluidly over hers, over and over…in and out… She took all that he gave, and she gave back as well, after all, she loved him.

It was the truth…she loved this man. She always had, and concluded that she always would.

“Max…yes…” she panted softly, against his ear. He growled, and pulled her hands away from his body, lifted them over her head and issued a command.

“Come for me, Liz.” His thrusts now making her breasts bounce and her body lifted off the ground. It was the best feeling in the world.

The words he whispered were ones she’d never think she’d ever hear out of his mouth. Not the Max Evans she knew, but then again, this was a different Max. He was boy then, now he was a man. A man who knew how to take care of a woman, in and out of bed, she was sure.

His words resounded once again, calling her back to their act, “I love to see you come, Liz. To watch your lips part, your neck strain, your perfect ass tense beneath my fingers…ah God…I want to feel you come all over me…” Again he thrust higher and higher until she had to bite back the scream as she arched her back and came just as he’d demanded.

“Ahh…that’s it. Now, I want you to come again, Liz.”

“No…Max…I can’t…” she gasped breathlessly. She didn’t care if the entire campground heard her at that point. He felt incredible. He loved her so thoroughly.

He took her earlobe between his teeth, bit down gently, and then sucked on it, until her body went lax beneath his. Then he drove in again, gruffly he said, “Yes, you can baby. I’m going to teach you,” he leaned in and whispered, “that it doesn’t have to end.”

He wrapped his arms around her, and rolled them over. Her body above his, she went to lean down but he stopped her. “Ride me, just like that. I want to watch you.” His breathing was so ragged she barely made out the words, but she already knew what he wanted, because she wanted it too.

“Max…” she said, shakily, her entire body tensing at taking him from this angle, but she relaxed and let the feeling and the knowledge that Max Evans, the man she had always loved was beneath her, was making love to her.

Their eyes locked in that moment, and he whispered, “You are so beautiful,” then his voice broke off and he bit back a curse, “That’s it sweetheart,” he moaned out as she began to move over him. She smiled at how she could control him, how he could let himself be controlled by her. How good she was making him feel.

“I wish…I’d told you sooner…all those years ago…like that…god…Liz don’t stop.” Her hands came up to his chest and she moved her knees higher. She began to impale herself on him over and over, her orgasm just in reach, and it seemed that Max knew it because he reached out, touching the wet place they were joined and rubbed her clitoris until she was on edge. He then he trust up into her…once…twice and issued another command one she was eager to fulfill…

“Come with me baby…let go and let me feel you…feel me…” Max gritted his teeth and let out a hiss of pleasure

“Max!” her body arched, her orgasm racing through her and over him, as he filled her from below, their bodies strained in joint satisfaction.

Max pulled her down against his chest, grabbing the edge of the sleeping bag and pulling it over them. He kissed to top of her head, and smiled when she wrapped her arms around his waist, snuggling against him.

“That was another first,” he whispered, as he pushed her matted hair away from her face. She blew his mind and left him sated beyond words. It was never like that.

“A shared one?” she guessed and hoped she was right.

“Yes,” he confessed with a smile.

“Never?” she asked, sounding surprised.

“Ever.” He kissed her, pulling her closer into his arms and holding her.

“I feel like I’ve known you forever, Max. Is that wrong?”

“No sweetheart, it’s not.”

“I’ve had the best night of my life,” she murmured right before he fell asleep. He was too exhausted to respond the way he should have, so instead he said, “Me too, Liz. Me too.”

She cried herself to sleep that night. It wasn’t the first time she’d done that, but it was the first time, the tears were from a feeling of utter happiness and fulfilling love.


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Re: Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) Chpr 3 4/6/08 A/N 4/9

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Sun Apr 13, 2008 4:53 pm

A/N And so, I am finally recovered from last week. I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures and my account, for those of you who haven’t met him, all I can say is I said the same thing, “I’m never going to meet him,” but I did! And you will to! All I can say at this point, is Jason is a freaking sweetheart!

Now…onto the story, for those of you who need a refresher; sex against a tree. That about sums it up and brings us up to speed. Please keep in mind, this is a short story, and while I have said it already, there is ALWAYS dreamer insurance with my stories. We all can’t have a happily ever after in real life, so there is no reason I see why not to write one in each story. Enjoy!

L-J-L 76
Michelle in Yonkers

Chapter Four

There's nothing worst than living less, when you yearn for something more.
Makes no sense, its hard to understand, when there's something that should fill you up,
keeps slipping through your hands.

“SO, WHAT HAPPENS NOW?” MARIA ASKED, when she clearly saw Liz packing her bags. It had been one day since they’d returned from camping. And to the best of Maria’s knowledge, Liz was avoiding Max. Making excuses that she wanted to spend some time with her, but Maria knew better.

“What do you mean? I have to go. It was always the plan.”

“So you’re going to leave just like that? After what you and Max…” Liz spun and eyed Maria suspiciously. How could she know, unless Max told her.

“After me and Max, what?”

“Hey, sweetie, it’s me. You can’t lie. And neither can Max, at least not to Michael. It was obvious that something happened between the two of you. I know it’s only been a few days, all you did was talk and then well…there was your tryst.” Maria winked at her friend and then skipped to the other side of the room.

“I think it’s going to rain later.”

“What? Maria, how can you go from one subject to another, like that?” Liz was torn between feeling angry, and embarrassed even, that everyone knew that Max and her had slept together, and being happy as hell.

“I’m sorry, I just wanted to take your mind off of being angry with me for knowing. I thought you’d be happier, that you’d want to…to…”

“Stay?” Liz offered, with a sigh.

“I want to Maria, but I can’t.”

“Why not? Don’t you love him, Liz?”

“No,” she answered quickly.

“No?” Maria asked skeptically. “Because from what I can tell, Max has never been happier in his life and don’t kid yourself into thinking that it doesn’t have everything to do with you.”

“Maria, you’re not helping. I have to go. I need to go. I need to figure things out, alone.”

“Alone. Funny, you should say that, because haven’t you been living alone for years, Liz? Aren’t you lonely, yet?” Maria asked, having no shame at all. She would pull out all the punches to get Liz to rethink her idea of leaving.

Liz threw her shirt into her suitcase and rammed it shut. She didn’t want to leave, but sooner or later Tom would come, she was surprised he hadn’t shown up yet. But when he did, Max would know that she lied to him. That he’d slept with a married woman, and that she’d had an affair. She wasn’t proud of it, but she would never change or take it back.

Not any of their time together. It was too precious. Too important.

“Of course I’m lonely Maria. Of course I miss all of you. But my life isn’t here, Maria.” She tried to argue her point, but Maria wouldn’t make it easy.

“Where is your life then? Back in LA? With some other guy, who isn’t going to treat you half as great as Max would? He can take care of you Liz, he can give you everything you deserve,” Maria pleaded, but Liz shook her head in defiance.

“I don’t need his money, Maria.”

“I didn’t say that. That’s not what I meant. I’m trying to understand you, Liz. I’m trying, but you’re going to walk away and you’re going to break his heart.”

“Maria, what are you talking about? I’m not going to break his heart. It was just sex! Nothing more! You said it yourself, he’s been with plenty of women, and I’m no different Maria.” Liz didn’t believe it, maybe if it were anyone other than Max she would. But the things he said, the things he did, they were just for her. But if he found out she lied, it would hurt him even more. It was best that she left. She needed to get her life together.

“The hell you’re not! Liz, that guy has waited years for you, years! If you walk away that would have been your last chance.”

“Maybe I don’t want a chance with him, Maria. Maybe I wanted to sleep with him, to know what it felt like, and walk away. Maybe I don’t want him.” That was clearly a lie that was hard, even for her, to say.

Maria, eyed her friend carefully, she knew Liz was lying. But damn it, she couldn’t make her break. She was trying, and other than being completely mean to her, she wasn’t sure what it would take. All she knew was that she was running out of time.

“So, it was just sex?”

“Yes!” Liz hissed out and searched under the bed for her shoes. She needed to leave tonight. Staying another day would just prolong the inevitable.

“You don’t love him?”


“Not even a little?” she prodded on.

“Maria…” Liz became so agitated that she threw herself on the bed and began to cry. She couldn’t take anymore. No more questions. No more lies.

“Okay, Liz. You win. I’ll go. But I have something to say and you’re going to listen whether you like it or not, you’re my best friend. I feel like I failed you because I couldn’t take you away from the situation. Even if I begged, which I did, you would have stayed. But I felt like a part of it was my fault. I should have seen that Tom was never good enough for you. I knew you should have been with Max, but you weren’t ready…and then it was too late. I’m sorry, Liz.”

Wiping her tears away, Liz lifted her head. “What are you sorry for?”

Maria took in a deep breath and moved to the door. “I should have told you a long time ago, that there was always someone, Liz, someone that was eager to love you, if only you could love him back. I hope you say goodbye before you leave,” was all she said before leaving Liz with her thoughts.

Unfortunately, the only thing she could do, was cry harder.

It was a solid hour before she pulled herself from the bed to finish packing. It was done, she’d put all of her belongings into her bags and she was ready to leave. She should say goodbye, but it would hurt too much. It was better to sever all ties. A part of her was thankful that Max had dinner that night at his parents, he wouldn’t be returning until later. They had planned to take a walk, grab a coffee and talk. There was nothing she wanted more than to spend endless nights with Max, but she wasn’t free.

Not yet.

Carrying as many bags as she could at a time, she loaded up her car, pushed the key into the ignition and turned on her lights. What she saw when she looked out of her windshield literally broke her heart.

Max moved around the car, he’d raced over when he’d gotten Maria’s frantic phone call. He pulled open her door and leaned down. “You’re leaving?”

She looked panicked, she hadn’t been expecting him, hell she wasn’t even going to say goodbye.

“I have to go, Max. You knew that from the beginning,” she tried to keep the tears from clogging her voice.

He shook his head, “No. Things changed, Liz. We changed. Was that all just a lie? Was it all one sided?” he asked, accusingly.

“No, Max. It wasn’t, but I can’t stay.”

“Why the hell not?” he asked, his voice growing louder by the second. She noticed that both Michael and Maria were now standing outside, witnessing everything.

She was shaking from head to toe; she didn’t want it to be like this. She didn’t want to have to hurt him. “Max, I have to figure out what I want from my life,” her words were quickly cut off.

“And that doesn’t include me?” the hurt was clear in his voice, but the anger and betrayal was etched in every feature. That was her demise.

She couldn’t hold back, the tears fell and she tried to wipe them away, but it was futile, they fell too hard and too fast. She was going to have to lie; if she didn’t then he would convince her to stay, which wasn’t an option.

“Max, I…”

“I love you, Liz. Damn it, you can’t leave! I finally have you back…” he shook his head, and kneeled before her, “You can’t just walk away.” Covering her face with her hands, she began to cry in earnest, he loved her. She knew he wasn’t just saying it to make her stay, he meant it.

He loved her. He would take care of her. He wanted to and god knew she wanted him too, but it was unfair. She was married, and he didn’t know it.

“I’m sorry, Max. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Tell me you love me, Liz. Tell me, and I promise I’ll never leave you. I promise, I’ll always love you Liz, and I’ll never hurt you. I want to spoil you. I want to…” he pushed his hands through his hair, “I want to have kids with you…I want to have a life with you. Tell me you love me, Liz; just tell me…” he whispered out grasping her hands in his.

She looked down at him, knew he was at his most vulnerable, but knew that while she loved him, she didn’t deserve him.

Finally, she would tell him the truth, the truth that he deserved, even though it would hurt him. The truth that would make him to walk away and never think of her again. A truth, which would break not only his heart, but hers as well, because she wished it weren’t true.

“I’m not divorced, Max. I lied to you. I’m still married to Tom.”

“You’re what! You said you were divorced for two months, so what was I?” he asked, standing and pacing. Michael had moved out and come to his side.

And with a little truth, comes a big lie, she thought.

“It was just sex, Max.” Her voice, foreign to her own ears, carried up to him, and he growled in anger.

“Damn you, Liz! Damn you!” he stormed away, into the house; Maria shook her head sadly and followed him in.

“Liz, you don’t have to go.”

Giving Michael her most encouraging smile, “Yes. I do. I’m still married; he’ll be coming for me. I have to do the right thing.”

“What? Stay with him? Wait until he decides that ripping into you with words isn’t enough for him? Liz, you might be hurt, but you’re not stupid. You have to know if you go back…”

“Don’t worry about me. I can take care of myself. But I appreciate everything you’ve done over the years, don’t think I don’t know how you would hang things over Tom’s head, thereby making sure he never hit me. You might not have thought it was much, but it was more than I can say. I’m sorry about Max.”

“Me too. I’m sorry you felt you had to lie to him.” Liz’s eyes moved to his, searchingly.

“He’s angry right now, but he knows you love him Liz. You might be different, but you’re not a mean person, and anything between you and Max…” he paused and let out a huff of a laugh, “could never be just sex.” And with that, he turned and left her.

She was alone again. Just as she had claimed she wanted to be.

Closing her door, she wiped her remaining tears, and pulled out the driveway, the house fading the further she went. And as it did, she made a vow to herself; it was the last night for the rest of her life that she’d feel alone.


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Re: Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapter 4 4/13/08

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A/N - Hey guys...It took me a while to get this up, and I've been sick the last few days which didn't help so this is going to be a quick post because well I can't sit upright for much longer. Anyways...enough of that! One more part to go, and I want to thank you all for sticking around, reading and leaving very insightful feedback! I hope you enjoy and since I have furniture being delivered next weekend, expect the last part of this the following week (if I'm lucky I'll get to it sooner...)

L-J-L 76


RebeccaBehrEvans - OMG is that you? hahaha! Girl where you been? And Jason will visit France...let's not think negatively! Don't get lost again :wink:

Michelle in Yonkers - I'm sad I missed last weekend :( Hope it was great for all! I'll have to join next time!




Chapter Five

On an old park bench, in the middle of December, cold hard rain falling, can't find no cover; that would be all right with me. Hard days, good times, blue skies, dark nights

Baby, I want you to take me ...Wherever you're going to.
Maybe say that you'll save me ...A seat next to you.

TIME TICKED BY ONE LONG SECOND AT A TIME; she wasn’t sure what she was doing anymore. Everything inside of her told her she was doing the right thing by Max. She didn’t know how to be in a normal relationship, which was everything he deserved.

At the same time, she knew she wanted to be selfish and keep him for herself. Truth be told she wanted nothing more than to be with him. Nothing more, than to hear him tell her he loved her every day for the rest of her life.

Running was easy.

Being alone wasn’t.

Maria’s words echoed in her head, “Aren’t you lonely yet, Liz?” Damn, she was lonely even when she was in a crowded room. Lonely, until she ached inside from the emptiness, from the coldness that no heat could ever warm.

For the first time in a long time someone warmed her from the inside out. Being with Max, even for the few short days, was enough to give her a taste of what she’d missed all these years. Years she wasted. Years that she may never recover from.

She felt more like herself, the old Liz, than ever before, when she was with him. He made her feel special, with just a look. How could someone have that much of a hold on her heart, so quickly? With a teary smile, she thought, only Max Evans could make her smile and cry all at the same time.

This time, however, her tears were her own doing. Max only made her cry the good tears. The tears, she hadn’t cried in…ever.

He wanted a family with her. He wanted to take care of her. God, it was everything she ever dreamed of having a man say to her, and for it to be Max Evans, it was enough for her to reach out and pinch herself.

Yes, it was really happening.

Was she really ready to leave him behind forever? Was she really ready to let her second chance go, without even a glance back? Was she ready to let the best damn thing that ever happened to her go, without even trying?

Liz knew she had to make up for her lies, and for walking away and she knew that she needed help. Help not only from Max, but from Maria and Michael as well. Help to figure out what she would do with the rest of her life. Professional help, so that she could understand why she stayed in a worthless relationship for so long, something she promised herself she would never repeat.

Then again, she had a strong feeling that being in a relationship with Max, wouldn’t be anything close to what she and Tom had. Max and her together were just…more. Without even speaking, just looking at him made her smile, it made her happy. Happier then she can ever remember being in her life. That said something.

Life, Max had shown her in a few short days, was really worth living after all. It was worth joining in the world, participating in the sunshine and rain. Being a part of something special, a part of Max.

He wouldn’t forgive her. She was cruel when she should have been kind. Words left unspoken simply linger, and she didn’t want her words to linger. She didn’t want to linger.

With a defiant swipe of her eyes, she focused her attention on the road…


“Max, you need to calm down,” Maria tried to be rational, knowing it was too late for that. She knew that Liz’s words burned deeply. Max wouldn’t recover, not the same. He’d given her his all and she dumped it on the side of the road.

Maria knew Liz had it in her to stay, but she ran. She wondered if she’d find what she was looking for. Too bad, she thought, the thing Liz needed was waiting right here for her. Max wouldn’t go to her; Maria knew that. He’d put his heart out there, after a few short days, and expected something in return. Instead it was thrown back in his face, as if it were nothing for him to have let those words be spoken aloud.

Maria’s gaze slipped towards Michael’s and he caught on quickly, for a change, she thought with a smile.

Michael moved in front of Max’s rabid pacing, placed and arm on his friends shoulder and pleaded with him to think rationally. And understand that Liz needed to figure things out by herself.

Max’s shoulder shagged, running both of his hands through his hair, he knew Michael was right. It didn’t make it better. It sure as hell didn’t bring Liz back and damn her for that.

He knew she was lying. He knew she loved him; it was there all over her face. Every look she gave him, every touch they shared, and every kiss they’d had and stolen already told him how Liz felt about him.

But to go back to her abusive husband when he was offering her an out? He couldn’t understand that.

“Max, I don’t trust the guy and knowing that she’s going to face him alone, doesn’t sit well with me,” Maria came up beside both men. Max turned to her first, his eyes narrowing. “Don’t you think that every time I close my eyes I just imagine what he’s going to say, or god forbid, do to her? Don’t you think I want to get my ass on a plane and race her home? But I can’t Maria, because all it will mean to her is that I’ve stepped into something that isn’t my business.” Letting out a defeated sigh, Max walked over to the couch and dropped himself down on it.

Michael looked at Maria and nodded for her to give them some privacy. Maria was reluctant, why did she have to go, now? Liz was her friend too and…oh, she thought, pressing her palm to her mouth, maybe leaving wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all.

With a little bit of a skip, Maria left the room.

Michael watched his wife curiously, Maria was Maria, but the face she just made, it was a mixture of sickness and giddiness, odd. Shaking the puzzle that is Maria from his mind, he turned back to his best friend. Trying to find the right words, but hating that they didn’t come as smoothly as they would from Max. He was always better with his feelings…at least he used to be. Michael didn’t know what this blow would do to his ego; many would be surprised by how sensitive Max really was.

Not that they ever got to see it, but Liz did.

“Look, Max. I’m not gonna blow smoke up your ass here. What she did was wrong, but she did it out of impulse. I think if she had really stopped to think about it, she wouldn’t have taken off. But she did, and you have to figure out what you’re going to do about it.”

Max whipped his head up; his eyes piercing through Michael’s like mini daggers. Did Michael think he didn’t want to do anything? Was he not listening when he told Maria that he wanted to be there for her? It didn’t matter, any move he made towards getting involved in Liz’s marriage would be destructive for both him and her.

His voice depleted of fight he said, “I don’t want to talk about it anymore, Michael. I’m going to bed.” Max made a move to stand, but Michael stopped him.

“So you’re going back into hiding? How many girls do you think you’ll have to fuck in order to forget her, this time?” Crude, but true, Michael thought. Sadly, so did Max.

“None of your damn business,” Max nearly growled out, pushing to his feet and turning on his friend. Why did he also have to pick a fight with him? He was exhausted mentally and physically to even want to try.

Michael leaned back, crossed his arms over his chest and thought it over. “It’s over Max.”

“What’s over?”

“This game you’ve been playing in life. Trust me a few years ago; I was primed to walk down that path with you. It was fun, but it got old. It got damned unfulfilling. Aren’t you tired of it?”

“Of what? Sex? No, Michael, sorry I’m not.” Max chose to answer only the superficial part of the question, because anything else hit too close to home.

Michael gave him a pointed look, and said, “You know damn well I’m not talking about sex. I’m talking of not having any connection to the person you’re with. Years ago, when you were pining over Liz, you took pleasure in everyday things, like just seeing her was enough.”

“Yeah well, I was sixteen, and I’ve come a long way. I even graduated college too…big world out there,” sarcasm, his forum of choice when he wanted to avoid something, especially Michael’s questions and analysis.

“Bullshit yourself all you want, but I know how you feel about Liz so don’t lie. I know it’s got to hurt, what she did but…”

“But what? There is nothing after that. Don’t you get it? She left…again. She left me, again. There’s only so many times you can beat a dog down before he realizes he’s getting his ass beat on purpose.”

Shaking his head, Michael said, “Not on purpose. You’re just pissed off, but when you calm down you’ll realize that she couldn’t have meant it.”

Max grew silent for a few minutes. He knew his anger was overshadowing the truth. Liz did care about him; she wouldn’t have just used him for sex. God, how it had hurt, those words from her mouth, even if they were a blatant lie.

No, Max knew deep down, but right now he was angry with her; more than that though, he was worried for her. Maybe he should leave after her, maybe he should force her to stay…maybe…he was tired of waiting for Liz to realize what they could be together.

They had their second chance and she walked away.

Was it his pride? Was that what was stopping him from going after her? Probably.

“Max, did you hear me?” Maria yelled again from the doorway. Shaking his head he focused on her, “What?” he said.

“Someone just pulled up the driveway…” Maria had to grip the wall when Max ran past her and out the front door.

With a smile on her face, she strolled over to her husband and offered him up a wink.

“What’s going on?” asked Michael with suspicion lacing his words.

“Nothing,” she said as she moved closer, and then straddled him on the couch.

“Maria…” his tone demanding, she shivered and leaned in to whisper something into his ear.

Michael’s entire body froze, he reared back, searching his wife’s face for any hint of humor, but saw none.

“You’re sure?”

“Yes, the doctor called me earlier, but there was no time to talk to you in private. And since we have the dreamer frenzy currently going on, I didn’t want to wait any longer.”

“Dreamer frenzy?” he asked, then shook his head; that was Maria’s way of describing Max and Liz’s relationship or lack there of.

“So a baby?” he said, happiness rolling over him in waves.

Maria smiled and nodded her head, “A baby.”

“If I don’t tell you how much I love you every day, forgive me. I’m a guy. But I do love you, Maria.” Leaning in he kissed her lips, cupping the back of her head and wrapping an arm around her slim waist. It would grow soon and deep down he couldn’t wait.

Maria let out a laugh when Michael suggested they find a more secluded place, like their bedroom. “We can’t!”

“Oh, we can and we will. Upstairs. Now.” Michael didn’t wait for her protests; instead he scooped her up into his arms and practically ran up the stairs.

He just hoped that Max and Liz had a better outcome than the last, because he knew, for sure, that Liz was the one that drove up a few minutes ago. With a smile on his face for more than one reason, Michael carried his newly pregnant wife up the stairs for some much-needed privacy.


Her entire body shook. Gripping the steering wheel one last time, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes and willed her heart to slow down enough so she could stand without falling over from fear.

Fear of how Max would react. Fear that he may not forgive her. Fear that she’d destroyed everything they could have had.

Turning the ignition off, she knew what she had to do; she hadn’t come all this way to runaway again. It was time she took control of her life.

Movement from the front of the car gave her pause. Deep sadness overtook all her current emotions. She’d put that look on his face. And it hurt like hell. How was she ever going to make this better, she wondered with a thick ball of emotions clogging her throat. Tears, already brimming her eyes, were the last thing she needed right now.

Liz tried to focus on something other than the somber, hurt and confused face that was Max Evans standing in front of her car, without blinking. As if he didn’t believe his own eyes.

With a deep breath, she made a move to open her door, but he beat her to it.


His voice tight, as if it were causing him a great strain to release the words, he said, “Don’t say anything. Move over. I’m getting in.”

Liz obeyed, because honestly what else could she do? Emotionally she couldn’t challenge him, and damn it, she didn’t want to. She would go anywhere with him. Anywhere.

That thought alone gave her strength to follow through with her plans. If necessary, to beg him for forgiveness and to never let her go.

Max drove for minutes, just watching the scenery until he’d found the spot. Their time in the car could only be described as an electric silence.

When he’d finally found the spot, he pulled over, asked Liz to wait for him and then reached out his hand to her. Waiting to see if she’d take it. Waiting to see if maybe he was giving his hopes up too soon. Maybe she wanted to explain, maybe she wasn’t going to say she was sorry she left, just the way she did.

A small triumph, she took it and followed him deeper into the park. He’d come here with his family years ago and then with Michael and some guys from school to play touch football. Liz would sometimes show up with Maria in tow, and now he knew that it was to see him after all. Biting back his smile he continued to search for the most secluded bench, one where the passerby couldn’t see them on the street or the sidewalk.

Liz waited, patiently for Max’s next move. He settled himself atop a park bench, it was dark, but not dark enough that she couldn’t make out his face or his body, she swallowed, hard.

She stood with her hands clasped together, resting on her skirt and tried not to throw out her apologies.

“Why did you come back, Liz?” he asked, shifting his body so that his elbows rested on his knees.

Her legs shook, and not from being cold.

“I…I’m sor—”

His voice, a whispered growl cut into her words, “I don’t want an apology. I want an answer. What made you turn around and come back?”

Liz’s eyes dropped to the ground in front of her, that she couldn’t make out, but it didn’t matter, she wasn’t focused on anything but not loosing Max. Not when she was so close to having him.

“I did what I thought I had to do, before but I…I came back for you. For us. If there even is an us. I thought about what happened between us, about what I was running back to and I hated myself for being weak. For lying to you, for…”

Max didn’t move, but his heart jumped in his chest. She came back for him, while it made him happy at the same time, was she there for the wrong reasons? Was she running from Tom to be with him because it was easy?

Why did he have to make this so much more complicated, he wondered. Couldn’t he just accept that Liz was back and wanted to be with him? Sardonically, he knew he couldn’t just accept this with her without knowing if she was here for herself, to make herself happy, as well as being with him.

“Do I make you happy?” The question was out of left field for her, but he knew where he was going with it and that was all that mattered right now.

Well, that and the fact that she’d stepped closer, her hands braced on his knees. He could smell her light floral scent from this proximity. Closing his eyes briefly, he took a deep breath.

To hell with it, he wasn’t ready to let her go, call it selfishness but he couldn’t let her go again.

Had there been better light, she would have seen how dark his eyes had grown, but maybe it was better she didn’t get a glimpse of his raw passion and ache for her, just yet.

Nodding her head, she said, “Yes. Max, I know we’ve only been reunited for a few days, but it feels like we’ve always known each other. I feel so…comfortable with you and everything just feels…it feels…” she grasped for the words and then smiled when she looked at him, “Right.”

He was still silent and she had wanted to apologize, to explain better why she left. Abruptly, Max leaned back resting his hands on the table behind him and surveyed her in the moonlight.

“Do you know how beautiful you look?”

Blushing, and more blushing, thank goodness for the darkness.

“Let me ask you something, Liz. And I want an honest answer, even if you think it’s not something I want to hear. I promise I won’t get upset. Okay?”

Emotions gripped her from her fingertips to her toes, she wasn’t sure she could handle the question. All she wanted was to throw her arms around his neck and never let go. It hurt to be away from him.

“Okay,” she whispered, nearly breaking down to tears. This was torture.

“If you came back to the house now, and found I wasn’t there, what would you have done?”

Heart pounding silence.

Liz didn’t take long with her answer, something he was thankful for. “I would have done whatever I could to find you. To explain to you that I was sorry and…”

“Don’t apologize. Just answer the question sweetheart,” he murmured, reaching out one hand tangling it in her hair and bringing their faces closer together.

Her breath fanned his cheek and he could feel her body shaking. He hated it, but knew it was necessary.

Closing her eyes, fighting the urgency to cry, she bit her bottom lip and composed herself enough to try and answer the question; without apologizing. “After I found you, I would have asked for your help, to get out of my marriage. I would have asked that you hold me, and never let go. I would have told you that I love you, that I realized I let you down, but all I needed was a chance to show you how great we are together.”

Max smiled, swiped the tears from the corner of her eye and asked, “And what do you think I would have done?”

Liz looked at him, blinking in confusion. What would he have done? She wasn’t sure how to answer and then it hit her, she understood what he was really asking her.

“You would have done it all, and you would have loved me despite all the mistakes I may have made, and will make. Because you wouldn’t expect me to be perfect, just to be…me.” Liz looked expectantly at him, and he smiled, kissing her lips gently.

Pulling back he said, “Good girl. I knew you had it in you.”

“I know you’re not him, Max.”

“I knew you did, I just had to make sure you didn’t have any doubts, Liz. Because…” he trailed off, kissing her cheek, unable to resist kissing and touching her.

“Because what?” she whispered out against his neck.

“Because you’re it for me, no one else, Liz. I’ve searched for years for someone who reminded me of you, but I never found her. No one will ever be you to me, Liz.”

Never were there more beautiful words spoken in her life. Liz leaned in closer, wrapping her arms around his neck as his arms lifted her and settled her up on his lap. Squeezing him tightly, never wanting to let go, Liz whispered into his ear, “No one is going to love you more than me, Max.”

She felt him smile against her neck and she fell even more in love with him.


P.S. I know a lot of you had ideas on how this part might end up, however it's all up to me as the writer, right? With that said, the only thing I can say is, the writing world is the only one I can actually control; and in this world, not all things have to be so hard, all the time.
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Re: Lost Highway (M/L,AU,Adult) A/N 5/9/08

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A/N - Hello...okay so I'm 2 days late, but alas I am here with the end. Again, this story was to remain short and never to answer all the questions of the universe...basically to get Liz and Max on solid ground.

Starjet...welcome and thanks! That front banner is my own hours of creation *lol*

To everyone that has read, left feedback or otherwise, I thank you for reading and sticking with.


Chapter Six


If you don't know if you should stay. If you don't say what's on your mind. Baby just breathe. There's nowhere else tonight we should be. You wanna make a memory?

Saturday March 8th
4:55 PM

MAX CUT THE ENGINE AND DREW IN A DEEP BREATH. Liz had asked him over for dinner, but he was early, really early. It was something he couldn’t help; not seeing her was hard enough when he was working, but when the weekend came, he could hardly wait the flight to see her.

Her divorce had been final for a few months, and afterwards Max had asked her what she wanted for herself, and she’d smiled up at him and said, “I want my own home in Roswell, near Maria.” And that was that. He’d helped her, but with the divorce settlement, she had enough money to buy the house, furnish it and take a few months to decide what she wanted to do with the rest of her life.

Liz had decided she wanted to maybe open up her own bakery; which Max was more than willing to be a silent partner in. For now though, she worked at the diner, helping Maria and getting accustomed to having people around, visiting and just living free for the first time in a long time. More importantly Michael and Maria were expecting their first child shortly and Liz was going to be an aunt, a role she had been very serious in up keeping. She’d been planning the baby shower, and helping Maria with whatever she needed.

And Max was happy for her, so very happy.

He just wondered where he’d fit in.

Liz was busy making plans for her life, and they were dating which was great, but he wanted more. He didn’t want Liz living in a home that wasn’t theirs; he didn’t want her going to bed without him next to her, and waking up in the morning to cold bed sheets.

He wanted to marry her. He wasn’t sure, however, if Liz was willing to walk down that road again, so soon.

So he’d wait patiently and take what he could get from her.

Max finally made his way to her front door, knocked, because he didn’t have a key and waited until he heard her voice saying, “I’m coming!” When she swung open the door, he couldn’t help the bright smile that formed on his lips as she let out a squeal of delight and jumped into his arms.

“I missed you! You’re early!” she said, kissing his lips.

“Me too, and I know. I figured seeing you early wouldn’t hurt, unless you’re busy.”

“Never too busy for you,” she said as she slid down to the ground and ushered him inside.

Max watched as she tried to remove her apron, and couldn’t help reaching out, tugging her against his body.

“Don’t take it off…in fact, I think you shouldn’t be wearing anything underneath that.”

“Max!” she swatted him away playfully, and slid out of his arms and ran into the kitchen.

So, she was in the mood for a chase. That, he could handle.


Liz felt the burn in her lungs; Max had been chasing her around the house for the past fifteen minutes. She was going to have to give up, sooner rather than later.

“Take them off Parker,” he growled as she ran behind the couch.


Max’s head tilted back and a bark of laughter escaped. “Liz, you do know if I wanted to catch you I could. So give it up baby.”

“Why do I have to be naked and you don’t?” she asked, a pout forming on her lips. She knew it turned him on so she played it up to the fullest.

With his brow raised, he reached for the button on his jeans and within a blink of an eye; he was standing before her naked. She quickly looked around to see that her curtains were closed, and then she plastered a sweet smile on her face.

“You been working out, Evans?” she asked, from her position behind the couch.

“Yeah, I’ve been working you, now get your sexy ass over here.”

“No. I’m making dinner and it’s going to burn…”

“I’m burning,” he growled and within another second he was standing against her behind the couch. How the hell did he do that?

“Give it up Parker and show me how much you missed me,” he whispered into her ear, as his hands skimmed down her back, lifting under her skirt. At least he didn’t waste time, she thought with a wicked smile.

She loved him so much. He’d allowed her the time to get through her divorce and to figure out what she wanted, and more than that, he didn’t have a problem when she wanted to move out on her own. Max told her he realized her need for some kind of independence, and she loved him more for all of that.

Now, though, she was ready to ask him to move in. Max had his own home in LA, but this place they had picked out together, and he’d helped her with everything. She knew that his job was in LA, but just like Michael and Maria, he traveled to be with her.

Liz knew they could make it work. Her heart was here in Roswell, but if Max asked her she would move back to LA in a heartbeat.

Max had stopped kissing her long enough to ask, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothing much,” she evaded and kissed him back.

“Tell me,” he pleaded, slipping her skirt down to the floor, helping her step out of it.

“Right here?” she asked, gasping.

“Here and now, but answer my question first.”

Breathlessly, she responded, “After.” With another growl under his breath, he lifted her up onto the edge of the couch. She waited with baited breath for the feel of him, the stretch of her body as he entered hers, the heat of their bodies coming together.

“You are so wet already, you were waiting for me weren’t you?”

“Hmm…maybe,” she gasped as she wrapped her arms around his neck, and arched her back as he entered her.

“Damn…” he whispered out into her ear, as he slid fluidly in and out of her body.

“Never enough, Liz…I can’t wait a week to have you…” His body thrust roughly into hers and she simply crushed her lips to his, allowing him to swallow her moans, taking everything he gave.

It didn’t take long for her to reach the finish line, and just as she arched her entire body towards his, he ground down deeply into hers, their bodies shuddering and their kisses growing from hungry to gentle within minutes.

“God, I’m ready to go again, you better go check on dinner,” he said, while trailing wet kisses down her exposed neck. Max let her legs go, letting them hit the rug and felt how unsteady she was.

“I can…” she swallowed, “turn it off, it should be done and we can always re-heat it…later.”

Max leaned back, looked down at her upturned face. “Yeah?” he asked, a satisfied smile forming on the corners of his lips.

“Hmm…yeah.” Liz said as she wobbled out of the room on unsteady legs towards the kitchen.

She hoped he’d make his way upstairs and find what she left him on the bed.


Max quickly grabbed his jeans and made his way upstairs. He swung her bedroom door open and saw a big white box with a silver bow sitting on top.

What the hell? He made his way over, sat atop the bed and saw his name written on a plain white square card.

He pulled the box top off and peered inside, and his breath actually caught in his throat.

“I thought, maybe you’d like to move in with me…here,” came his girlfriend’s voice from beside him. He’d been so entranced by the two small silver keys that he hadn’t heard her enter the room.

He swallowed; “Are you sure?” he turned and pulled her into his lap.

“Never more sure than anything. I know you have a business to run, but I thought maybe at the end of the week you could rest your head, here, with me.” Liz looked at him hopeful, and didn’t have to wait for an answer, because a moment later she was pinned beneath him, he was poised at her entrance and waited until their eyes locked.

“Does this answer your question?” he asked, thrusting into her. Her legs wrapped around his back, her arms around his shoulders, holding on.


“God, Liz…It’s never enough…” he panted against her breast, taking it in his mouth, licking, sucking and tasting every part of it. Sweat forming over his body, their bodies straining against each other, never deep enough, never hard enough…never enough.

“Max!” she screamed, her nails biting into his shoulder, her back arching and his body relentlessly filling her, over and over, pushing over the edge, once…and then again…and finally his entire body stiffened as he filled her in a hot rush.

Max threw himself onto his back, panting for air. Trying to figure out how the hell they could continue at the pace they have. Liz was on the pill, thankfully because while he wanted children, he wanted to enjoy Liz, and he knew she felt the same way.

But damn, the sex was great. He loved her; she wanted him to move in, his mind jumped into alert.

Liz was stirring slightly beside him and he instantly pulled her closer, kissed her lips and moved from the bed.

“Where are you going?” she asked, her voice soft.

“Just to get something from my jeans,” he said as he leaned down and picked up the discarded denim, reached in his pocket and pulled out what he needed.

Max turned towards her on the bed, her eyes were closed and she was still breathing hard. He smiled; she was pink and naked…just perfect.

Without a sound he placed the object on her belly button and waited for her reaction.

Liz felt the cool metal on her skin, and quickly looked down…

“Oh my God! Max…Are you…” she leaned up, plucked the diamond ring from herself, and held it up.

Max dropped to his knee, and smiled. “I didn’t think I’d be doing this naked, but I can’t wait any longer.”

Liz smiled, and cried as he reached for her hand and asked her, “Liz Parker, will you marry me?”

“Yes!” she screamed and jumped from the bed into his arms, they tumbled to the ground and she peppered his face with kisses.

“I love you so much, Max. And I’m going to make you so happy.” Max held her tighter, “You already do.”

They lay kissing for an undefined time, before Liz raised her head and said, “You never answered my question.”

“Oh, that one?”

“Yes, that one!”

“I would love to live with you Liz. I want to make memories with you Liz.”

“Well, Mr. Evans, I’d say we’ve already made a few.”

“Yeah? You think?”

“Hmm…In case you need a reminder, dessert later should help jog your memory.”

Max smiled, pulled her tighter against him and she closed her eyes, thanking whoever was listening for this second chance with him. She was lucky, she was happy and she was more than ready to make quite a few memories in this man’s arms.

Not everything was perfect, but she didn't need it to be. For Liz, all she needed was the one thing she once believed she could never have, Max Evans.

The End
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