Unbreakable (AU,M/L,ADULT) [WIP]

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Unbreakable (AU,M/L,ADULT) [WIP]

Post by Itzstacie » Mon Jul 21, 2008 9:32 pm

Title: Unbreakable
Authors: Itzstacie & Behrsgirl77
Category: M/L
Rating: Mature-Adult, when it becomes Adult we will warn you.
Disclaimer: We do not own any rights to Roswell. If we did I am sure there is more entertaining things we could have done with Max Evans. Joshua, Kevin and Chris are from our own imagination

AN: We have been wanting to co-write a story for a long time and we are exicited that we finally get the chance. We have been working on this for a couple of months now. Updates will be every Monday, for the time being I will be writing for Liz and Tanya will be writing for Max.

Winner Round 12
Banner made by Tanya

Summary: They said they would love each other forever, but when tragedy strikes will their love be as unbreakable as they once thought it was?

Chapter One
Good news…takes a turn for the worse

Congratulations Mrs. Evans, you’re pregnant!

Smiling, Liz reached down placing her hand on her abdomen for the hundredth time since she’d left the clinic. She couldn’t believe it, there was actual life growing inside of her.

Stopping in front of the mirror she raised her shirt and turned to the side, she knew it was impossible to see anything this soon but she just couldn’t get over the fact that she was going to have a baby.

Liz had just about given up hope of ever having one of her own. They had been trying for a couple of years now and every time she would get her hopes up thinking it had worked, mother-nature came and forced her to face the cruel fact that she wasn’t.

She didn’t even go to her regular doctor this time; she couldn’t take another talk of adoption or medical treatments she could try if she wasn’t pregnant. She found a free clinic in the yellow pages and didn’t tell anyone she thought she might be because she couldn’t bare the disappointed looks if it turned out she weren’t.

Rubbing her hand softly over the place that would carry her child for the next nine months she thought of her husband, Max. She couldn’t wait to see the look on his face when she told him the news.

She thought about picking up the phone and calling her brother, Chris, to tell him the good news. They were closer than any brother and sister could be. They were only a year apart, but didn’t start hanging out with the same group of people until they were older.

The minute she laid her eyes on his best friend Max, she was a goner. Of course every single time she saw him and talked to him she was too shy to tell him how she really felt. Too scared of rejection because he was the best looking guy in school and she couldn’t see anything about herself that he would be interested in.

Naturally Maria, her best friend did it for her. Soon it came out that Max felt the same way. After that day nothing could pry them apart, their once separate circles became full circle. When their parents died, Max practically lived at the Parker house and refused to leave Liz’s side.

Chris was not happy about the relationship that developed between the two of them. She loved her brother for stepping up and taking the role of caregiver, always making sure she was well taken care of, pushing for her to go to college. She didn’t want that, as soon as high school was over with she married Max and pushed college aside for the time being.

Everyone could tell they only had eyes for each other. There were plenty that tried to come between them but those that did found out quickly that nothing was going to tear these two apart. As her best friend Maria would always say, “When two halves of a soul find each other, not even death could be able to separate them.” Shaking her head she released her shirt, no, she wanted Max to be the first to know. They’d waited too long for this.

Liz walked over to the closet opening it up she grabbed his favorite pair of jeans and a t-shirt, reaching to her side she grabbed herself a pair of jeans and a tank top. Walking back to the bed she folded them up and put them in an overnight bag.

She had big plans to kidnap her husband and steal him away for a romantic weekend, where she would tell him he was going to a daddy. Turning to head to the bathroom she stopped and looked at their wedding photo that sat in a picture frame on the side of the bed.

Picking it up she traced her finger over his smiling face; she loved this man with everything that she had and then some. He never once made her feel inadequate; all this time that they’d been trying he just keep reassuring her that it would happen.

Telling her that if it came down to it and they couldn’t have children, they would adopt. He didn’t care what kind of family he had as long as it was with her because that was all he ever wanted or needed. It made her love him even more, if possible.

She would do it if it came down to that, but deep down inside she wanted one of her own and now that dream was coming true. She would have thought she was dreaming if it wasn’t for the fact that each and every one of his touches were real and made her feel it all the way down to her toes.

Grabbing their toothbrushes and other toiletries, she walked back to the bed and threw the items in the bag, zipping it up she turned off the lights and walked out of the bedroom. Walking around the house she made sure everything was turned off and headed towards the door.

Driving down the highway she rested her hand on her abdomen. “I know you’re no bigger than my pinkie right now, but I want you to know how much I love you already. You’re going to have so much love it’s going to drive you crazy. Your daddy is going to be so happy I’m afraid he might bust.”

She gave a little laugh to herself and rubbed her stomach, “We’ve waited so long for you and you’re our little miracle. I can’t wait for you to get here, for me to hold you and kiss you. You my baby are going to have the most wonderful life.”

Pulling up into the parking lot she checked her hair in the mirror real quick before stepping out and walking into the building. She wondered if people could tell just by the way she couldn’t wipe the grin off her face.

Stepping into the elevator she tried to mask her features, she was going to have to sneak past her brother’s office. If he saw her there was no way she would be able to hide it from him. Chris was the only other person besides Max that knew her inside and out.

It was times like this that she wished they didn’t work for the same company. Michael, another friend from high school, his father owned the company and after high school he gave both Chris and Max a job. Both of them exceeded fast and before they knew it they were made partners and the named changed to CGM Architectural Design.

The doors chimed and she blew out a breath, hiding her smile she stepped out and headed towards Max’s office. She saw Lisa, the receptionist, behind the desk talking on the phone. Lisa told the person to hold on and put the phone down. “Hey Liz, which one are you here to see?”

Liz smiled at her, “I’ve come to kidnap my husband is he around?” she asked. Lisa pointed towards his closed door. “He’s just in there with Veronica, I’ll buzz him.”

Liz shook her head, “No I want to surprise him. He’s not in a meeting is he?” She didn’t want to interrupt if he was, she would just take a seat and wait for him.

Lisa shook her head, “No, I think they are just going over some drawings for the new complex.”

“Thanks,” Liz started to walk towards his door then stopped, “Where is my brother by the way?”

“He headed out for a lunch meeting about thirty minutes ago,” Lisa told her.

“Okay…have a good weekend,” Liz told her heading towards Max’s office.

Stopping in front of it she tried to calm her nerves, it was taking everything in her not to go running in and just blurting out the news. She wanted this to be right, a weekend getaway somewhere in a nice cabin with a fireplace. Where she could tell him by the fire and then proceed to show him just how much she loved him.

Opening the door she prepared to surprise him, but what she saw surprised the hell out of her instead. Her eyes grew wide and it felt like something slammed inside her chest. Closing the door quickly, soundlessly, she hurried past Lisa not saying anything, practically running she punched the elevator button praying it hurried up before he could come out and see her.

Running out into the harsh sunlight she jumped in her car and sped away. She tried to reason with herself that what she saw had to be a misunderstanding; there was no way her husband would cheat on her.

Her heart kept telling her over and over he wouldn’t do that, but her eyes saw something totally opposite. What could be the reason behind him sitting on his desk with that bitch standing in-between his legs kissing?

Her vision blurred until she couldn’t see the road anymore, skidding into a gas station she buried her head inside her hands and cried harder. Had she done something wrong, was he lying to her all this time telling her that it didn’t matter if she couldn’t have children?

Was he just buying his time looking for a replacement, someone who could give him the family he wanted? How could a day that started out so perfectly end in total devastation? She rested her hand on her stomach trying to stop it from jumping as reached into her purse to grab her cell phone.

Flipping it open she scrolled through the numbers until she found her brother’s, before she could hit dial she closed it and threw it on the floorboard. She couldn’t call him. Did he know? Did he know that his brother-in-law was cheating and didn’t tell her?

He had to know right? After all they worked in the same office building. They saw each other every weekend. She started to get angry, were they both in on it? She had never felt so alone in her life, the one person she thought would never hurt her managed to take her heart out and stomp all over it.

Closing her eyes she rested her head on the headrest trying to think. She couldn’t go home; she couldn’t go to her brothers. She didn’t want to face any of their friends right now; she wouldn’t be able to explain what she saw.

Opening her eyes she saw a sign for the hotel down the road, she could go there. She could check herself in for the night and in the morning get the courage to confront him and find out what was going on.

Stopping at the gas station on the side she opened the car door stepping out prepared to go inside to buy something to drink, halfway there she cursed under her breath. She couldn’t even think straight, running back to the car she opened the door and leaned inside to grab her purse.

She never saw them coming, only the feel of cold hard metal pressing into her back and a harsh voice in her ear, “Get in the car lady, you’re our ticket out of here!”


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) Chp 1 7/21/08

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Mon Jul 28, 2008 6:46 am

A/N - It's Monday...normally I'm not excited about that in the least, but today is update day, for you! Stacie and I both thank you for the feedback, and for those of you who were reading it over on RC, there is no difference except its cleaned up abit. And we do have several more chapters written after the last one posted so updates will be regular :wink:

Alex Balex
L-J-L 76

Chapter Two

What was lost…can’t be found

Arriving home at an unusually empty house, he called out for his wife. Nothing. He had taken notice her car wasn’t in the drive, but sometimes she parked in the garage. For some reason a tingle of fear crept up his spine. He didn’t like it.

Storming through the house, his heart punching a hole through his chest, his lungs straining for air, he called out for her over and over again.

Where the hell was she? She wouldn’t leave without calling him; he’d checked his phone when he entered their bedroom; no missed calls. He’d even tried to call her, but there was no answer on her phone. It just rang.

Reluctantly, he knew he didn’t have a choice; he was going to have to call Chris. Liz’s brother and he were best friends, but when he went and fell in love with his sister, well Chris wasn’t so happy. Eventually he got over it, but still felt for some reason that Max was great as his best friend, trustworthy and all, but as a husband to his sister, well Chris felt his sister could do better.

Damn it to hell, he called Chris who said he hadn’t heard from Liz, but would be over in a few minutes.

Max hadn’t remembered an hour lasting as long as it had seemed to be. He watched Chris’ features closely and battled with the inner turmoil of whether or not to tell him that when he’d gone up to their bedroom, he’d noticed with a chill in his bones and an ache too big for words in his heart, that some of Liz’s clothes were missing.

“Nothing? Okay…Right…No…I don’t know…Keep me posted.” Chris finished his conversation and rounded on Max.

“What is it?” Max asked, a fear too real for words crept up his spine. What if something happened to her? He didn’t want to think about it, he couldn’t think about it. She was everything to him, and he couldn’t deal with it.

Tossing the phone to the couch, and pushing both hands through his hair, Chris looked up to Max. This was his best friend; he had to remember that. But Liz was his sister, and she was all that mattered.

“I don’t know how to say this, because honestly I can’t even…” he broke off, his voice not sounding like his own. She was fine. Liz would be just fine. She would smile at him, joke with him and yell at him about meddling in her life. She would punch him in the gut and tell him to give Max a break, that they were married for years, wasn’t he over it already? Apparently not, he thought, balling his fists up.

Why did Chris look worried? Oh God, what the hell happened? Chris took a deep breath and continued, “Eddie says that they found her car a couple of hours ago. He said they called you and left you a message,” he looked up at Max for an explanation of why he hadn’t mentioned that.

“The hell they did! I have no messages!” Max’s anger finally having an outlet, a place he could stamp down and hide his fears and let the…

“It doesn’t matter,” Chris added and then spun on his heels and began to pace. What the hell else could he do? He wanted to question Max, about why he didn’t know where Liz was. But it was pointless; she was already gone.

“What doesn’t matter? Damn it, Chris what the hell…”

“They found the car, but she wasn’t inside. They found it at the gas station off Route 23, a few miles from the office. Anyways, the car was cleaned out and no one saw anything. They can’t figure that one out, but they are questioning everyone in the area, anyone that might have seen anything.” Chris turned to Max, not knowing where to go from here.

“Are you sure she didn’t leave you a note? Maybe you just didn’t find it?”

“Of course I looked. But why would she leave me a note, and why would she just leave her car? She has her phone. And…why was she there anyway?”

“It’s a fucking gas station, maybe she was, I don’t know, getting gas?!” he growled out, stepping up to Max, his frustration and fear finally having an outlet too.

Max ignored him and pulled out his phone, calling Maria, Liz’s best friend. Maria was of little help except that she said she would call everyone else and see if they’d heard from her and then she would be right over. He was grateful for her help, for her support. Maria was always there without question, she would drop any and everything to be by either he or Liz’s side.

Chris watched Max; he was clearly upset and scared. Chris knew that Max loved his sister but it still bothered him that he didn’t know where she was.

This next conversation was going to be hard; “Max you know I don’t like to get personal,” he paused and took in Max’s knowing glare. He ignored it. “Did you have an argument? Or maybe a misunderstanding?”

“You think she left me? Is that what you’re saying?” Anger flared in Max’s already weakened resolve. Max stood, his face contorted in disbelief.

“No,” Chris waved his hands in front of himself, “That’s not what I’m saying. Liz loves you too damn much, even I know that. I just thought, maybe she needed to cool off for a few hours, that’s all.”

“No, she wouldn’t just leave without saying anything. We didn’t fight, and we didn’t have a disagreement. She was perfectly happy this morning before I left for work. I haven’t seen her since.” Some of Max’s anger deflated, but he was still upset that Chris even mentioned the fact that his wife, whom he adored and who he knew adored him, would have left him. Never. It was impossible.

“You didn’t call her?” Chris questioned, Max always spoke to Liz during the day. Several times a day, it was almost nauseating.

“No. I had meetings all day, I told her that this morning. She knew I wouldn’t be calling her until I got out of work,” he ran a frustrated hand through his hair. Had she mentioned something about going somewhere today? He rattled his brain trying to remember every single word she’d said that morning, but nothing stood out about her not being home when he arrived.

“Damn it! What else did Eddie say?” he asked sighing heavily and sinking into a fluffy mauve couch. The couch his wife insisted they buy, even though he felt the color was too feminine. He ran his hand over of soft fabric, where are you Liz, his mind screamed.

“He said right now they have nothing to go on. They are going to question everyone she knows. He asked for a list, you know the drill. And we can’t file a missing persons report until she’s been missing for twenty—”

“Don’t read me the damn rule book, what I want is the report filed right now! I’ll be damned if they think my wife left me. She didn’t, something is wrong and if I’m the only sane person that can figure that out, then to hell with all of you!” he was enraged, this was his wife! Why did no one think it was important to get the investigation going?

Chris realized that being the devil’s advocate wasn’t helping the situation. Obviously, they needed to work as a team to figure this out and get his sister home a quick as possible. There was no other option; she would come back home.

“Max, you searched the house. You know where she puts things, was anything out of order? Anything at all?” Chris pleaded, because Max was the last person to see his sister, so if there was something to notice, he would.

“Our toothbrushes are missing, and some of her dresses, but they could be at the cleaners. Her favorite one, the red and black one…”

“Was she planning a trip?” he asked, because why else would toothbrushes be missing?

“I don’t know! I’m going back upstairs to look around,” he said and then turned back to Chris who was still currently looking as lost as he felt. “And while I’m gone, get Eddie on the phone and tell him to get someone over here within the hour, and make sure she’s reported missing within five minutes of that. We’re wasting time here talking, instead of looking for her!” he growled and then climbed the staircase, two steps at a time.

“I take it, whatever you said, didn’t go over well?” Maria questioned, as she closed the front door behind her and Michael. Biting sarcasm is how Maria dealt with fear.

“Maria,” Michael, her boyfriend interjected but Chris waived him off.

“She’s right. I mentioned that it might be possible that she left to cool off. Maybe they had a fight or she was upset.” Chris explained.

“Chris, do you really think that’s what happened?” she asked gently.

“I don’t know what the hell happened! Damn it! All I know is that my sister is gone and not a damn one of us has seen or spoken to her since this morning. What the hell happened from then until now?” He was worried, more worried than he wanted to admit, even to himself. But maybe his theory was right, maybe she just needed some time to herself.

“I’m going to get back on the phone with Eddie, in the meantime do you think you guys could scourer the neighborhood, take a look at the places you know she’s goes to often. The coffee shops, restaurants, anything that comes to mind. Give me a call if you find anything.”

“Sure thing, we’ll be in touch.” Michael ushered his worried girlfriend out the front door a few moments later.

Chris dialed the phone quickly and barked out orders to the chief of police, and one of their best friends; this was going to be a very long night.


“God, baby. Where are you?” he half cried, perched up on the edge of their bed. His wife’s blue nightgown now cool, lay half on his side of the bed. He reached for it, gathered the silky material between his fingers and drew it up for a deep breath. It smelled just like her, sweet like berries, and light like powder.

He’d searched the room already, and besides his toothbrush and some of her clothes, he couldn’t find anything else missing. Then again, he hadn’t thought before he left the house this morning to take an inventory of his clothing. Nothing seemed out of place.

God, what happened? If only he had called her in the middle of the day. If only, he didn’t know, but anything would have been better than this moment.

Max placed the nightgown across his lap, and then reached over to the bedside table, and removed the picture frame. He ran his fingers over her smiling face. It was their wedding picture, one of the happiest days of his life.

He was caught between sheer panic and sheer anger. His heart wouldn’t let me even think that she left him. She was happy, they were happy, but maybe she was pretending?

“No,” he answered himself angrily. How dare he think that? Liz loved him, she told him so just that very morning. She wasn’t a liar.

“So what happened, sweetheart?” he looked down at the picture, and noticed that it was covered in tiny drops of water…tears…they were his tears. Tears he hadn’t realized he’d shed until that very moment.

“Max?” Chris called out from behind the door. Max quickly straightened up and swiped his eyes before calling out, “Yeah?”

“Eddie will be here in about fifteen minutes.”

“Good.” It was all he could manage because a moment later, his fear took over once again. He sank back onto the bed, and drew his knees up to his chest. His heart and soul cried out, hoping that she could hear him and come back home.


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) Chp 2 7/28/08 pg 03

Post by Itzstacie » Mon Aug 04, 2008 7:29 am

Thank You for feedback and support. Tanya and I truely appreicate it. Your going to wind up with more questions than answers right now, but we promise the answers will come, they just might not be when you expect them.

L-J-L 76

Chapter Three
Memories…at the corner of my mind
Three Months Later

Stepping into the apartment she closed the door dropping her keys in the bowl on the table and kicking off her shoes, it was a routine for her to do the same thing every day. Rubbing the small of her aching back she stretched trying to work out the kinks.

Reaching down she rubbed her hand softly over the small bump; the doctors guessed she was about four months pregnant. If only she could remember her past, and more importantly who the father was.

For a long time she wondered if she had been raped and beaten to a point that left her with no memory and a baby on the way. She contemplated having an abortion because of it, but in the end decided that no matter what, it wasn’t the baby’s fault and she couldn’t bring herself to get rid of it.

The delicious smell of baked chicken drifted past her nose and her stomach growled. She had forgotten to eat again today, the café was swamped and she hardly had time to catch her breath. Heading towards the kitchen she prayed that it was almost done so she could dig in.

Walking through the doorway she paused when she heard him on the phone, not wanting to interrupt she waited just inside. “I know your doing your best, I just wish there was something.”

Creasing her brows she wondered who he was talking too? The ache in her back forced her to move forward and sit down at the table, she smiled at him when he turned and looked over his shoulder noticing her, “Just keep me up to date, I have to go.”

Hanging up the phone he turned and pulled out the chair across from her, “How was work?”

“Exhausting, they had one of the waitresses quit which meant we had more tables added on.”

He laughed out loud, “I swear, I think it’s Mark running them all off. That man flirts with everyone and everything.”

She smiled, “Well he knows better than to mess with me, is dinner almost done? I’m starving."

Standing up and pushing back his chair he looked at her. “Did you eat today?” the guilty expression gave her away and he frowned. "You need to eat; it’s not healthy for the baby.”

She sighed and ran a hand through her short locks, for some reason it bothered her that the doctors had to cut her hair when she was first brought in. Her hair was so matted and dirty that they had no other choice but to cut it, she remembered crying when they did. Breaking out of her thought she looked at him. “I know, I promise I will do better in the future.”

“Good,” he answered then walked over to the stove to check on dinner. She watched as he pulled out the pan from the oven and placed it on top of the stove.

Biting her lower lip she tapped her fingernails on the table. “Kevin, can I ask you something?”

Walking over to the cabinets he pulled out two plates, “Sure, shoot.”

Looking down at the tabletop she voiced her question, which had been plaguing her for a while now. “Why did you stop and help me that day?”

He paused surprised and turned to look at her,“Why wouldn’t I have?” he countered.

She shrugged and looked out past the open doorway. “Most people don’t walk down alleyways, all they see is homeless people living down there and many don’t even want to be bothered with them.”

Placing the plates on the counter he walked back to the table sitting down he placed his hand over hers. "Okay, first of all I’m not like that and you know it, and second I knew you weren’t homeless, you were bleeding from the head and on the verge of death.”

She nodded her head closing her eyes trying to fight back the tears. She hated this. She wanted so much to remember who she was, where she came from. Was there someone out there looking for her, missing her?

Kevin tapped her hand, “Besides haven’t you ever met someone you just knew deep down inside they were supposed to be a part of your life?”

She narrowed her eyes. “I wouldn’t know,” she said getting mad.

He slapped himself in the forehead. “God, Nancy I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to say that. What I meant to say was that the moment I laid eyes on you in that alley I just knew I had to help you. Like I was meant to find you and make you a part of my life."

Smiling she squeezed his hand. "That means more to me than you will ever know,” reaching up she wiped her eyes, “Sorry didn’t mean to go all weepy on you.” He laughed. “We’ll just chalk it up to hormones.” She laughed out loud and playfully hit his hand “Food now, I’m hungry."

He smiled and got up to fix their plates, afterwards they settled on opposite ends of the couch to watch TV. When a commercial popped on he looked over at her. “So, I was thinking that we needed to start buying things for it.”

Cocking an eyebrow at him she said, “It…It’s a baby not an it.” He smiled sheepishly, "We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl yet so it’s an it.” She slapped him with a pillow, "For your information, he has hands and his wee-wee is already forming.”

Kevin busted out laughing, "His wee-wee? What are you… four? How do you even know it’s a boy?” She jutted up her chin, "I just know, and yes we say wee-wee, we don’t use dirty words around the baby, he can hear us.”

He shook his head, "He cannot hear us and for your information penis is not a dirty word, every male has one honey.” He teased. She rolled her eyes. “I know that okay, what he has is a wee-wee, it does not constitute as a you know,” she gestured towards his lower regions.

He smiled. "A penis, go ahead you can say it. For the record I have never and will never refer to it as a wee-wee. I am very much proud of my penis and so is-”

“And on that note I’m going to bed, I don’t want to know.” She blushed and stood up throwing the pillow at him, "Good night I will see you in the morning.”

“Good night Nancy," he laughed as he watched her walk down the hallway towards her bedroom, when he heard her door close his smile disappeared and he got up walking towards the computer.

Clicking it on, he pulled out the drawer and took his notes out while he waited for the computer to power up. For the last three months he had done the same thing every night he was off of work, he would search missing person reports hoping to help her find out who she was.

He couldn’t let himself believe that she didn’t have any family; someone had to be out there looking for her, missing her. Her heart and soul were too pure and good to be left alone, she was beautiful, smart and funny, any guy would be lucky to have him in their life.

He could still remember the night he found her, beaten and left to die in that alley. What kind of monster could have done that? He had been at the bar and for some reason fate caused him to take the back way out resulting in finding her lying there.

He brought her to the hospital where the doctors immediately took her in and tended to her wounds, she had been hit over the head with a blunt object causing her to need several stitches in the back of her head.

The frightened and panicked look on her face when she woke up caused his heart to call out to her. She looked so confused and he could immediately tell something was not right. When the doctors asked what her name was all she could say was Nancy. When they asked her what happened and who they could contact she had burst into tears saying she didn’t know.

What frightened him the most was the pure look of horror on her face when the doctors told her the baby was fine? She freaked out crying out hysterically that she couldn’t be pregnant. In fear of being sexually assaulted she had let them perform an exam on her and they concluded that they could not find any evidence that she had been assaulted in that way.

When she had asked him who he was and if he knew her, he told her the truth. That he found her and he had never laid eyes on her before. She started crying again and he went to her putting his arms around her letting her know she wasn’t alone.

The doctors said something traumatic happened to her that caused her mind to shut down giving her amnesia, her memory could come back or she could forever wonder who she was.

He vowed after that to help her any way he could, and he wouldn’t stop until he found out where she belonged.

She had been reluctant to come home with him at first, but after swearing that she would be safe with him and she could trust him she had agreed to let him help her. The first month was the hardest, he could hear her crying herself to sleep at night and he wished he could take the pain away for her.

After weeks of solid looking he had convinced her to do something with her time, not to force the issue too much and maybe in time her memory would come back when she wasn’t looking for it.

He helped her get a job at the café where he went to on a daily basis for coffee. He was a friend of the owner and he explained the situation to him and Dave quickly opened his arms and gave her a job.

When the computer was booted up he clicked on the Internet. “You have to belong to someone,” he whispered to himself as he started to work.


Nancy changed into her pajamas and walked over to the window, pulling back the curtains she stared out at the night sky. She wondered if she was going to dream of him again tonight.

For that last couple of weeks she had the same reoccurring dream she couldn’t see his face clearly, but he was so tender in her dreams and made her feel so safe. She would wake up in the middle of the night crying because she wanted desperately to remember.

She wondered if he was someone from her past. She felt he was important to her but as what she didn’t know. Sighing she let the curtains fall back and walked over to the bed, pulling back the covers she lay down and rested her hand on top of her stomach. Staring at the ceiling she let her mind blank out hoping that something would come to her.

A picture of blonde blur flashed before her eyes and she sat up desperately trying to hold onto it. It disappeared as fast as it came and when it wouldn’t come back the tears swelled up in her eyes. Laying back down she tucked her hands underneath her head and drew her knees up as close as she could trying to make the memory come back.

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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) Chp 3 8/4/08 pg 03

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Fri Aug 08, 2008 3:50 pm

A/N Thanks guys, Stacie and I really appreciate it! I'm posting my part early cause I won't be around. We hope you enjoy this next installment. And don't worry...the puzzle will start to come together soon.

Chapter Four

Life goes on…without you

“Max do you need anything else?” Max looked up to find his secretary, Lisa looking in on him. It was the end of the day, he guessed. It was something he didn’t pay much attention to anymore. It had been months since Liz’s disappearance and they were no closer to finding out what happened than before.

“No. Have a good night.”

“You too,” she offered him a weak smile before closing his office door. Max knew she felt guilt, especially in light of the new information that was discovered two days after Liz went missing. News had traveled and Lisa had called Max who then in turn gave the information to the police.

Chris was seething with anger when he’d found out. Leaning back in his chair he could remember every single scathing word he’d said to him. How his brown eyes blazed with the fierce want of strangling him.

“And to think I trusted you! To think my sister trusted you! What the hell were you doing? I hope you’re happy.”

Max had argued back. “You think I cheated on her? Damn you Chris, you know me better than that!”

“Bullshit! I don’t know you! You were my best friend and you went for my sister behind my back! To think, she walked in on you making out with someone else! Of course she left you!”

“Fuck you!” Max had barked back, and finally Michael had stepped between them. Rationalizing that if Liz had walked in on Max she wouldn’t have disappeared. She wouldn’t have left her car in a parking lot and regardless she wouldn’t have them worry about her. It didn’t make sense and if they thought about it, they’d know it.

Of course, some people had their theories in the beginning in light of new information. But to his surprise, Chris was the first one to squash the rumors. He knew, after thinking it over that Max would never cheat on Liz. It wasn’t even remotely a possibility.

Unfortunately, that also left them with their two remaining options; Liz was either kidnapped or dead.

A rattling shudder washed over him. He couldn’t think that. She was still alive. He knew she was. She was his wife, he loved her, and he connected with her like no one else. Max would know if she was dead.

He’d just know.


The sunlight shone through the opened blinds, he never forgot to close them. Especially since getting up in the morning was harder and harder the more time that’d passed. Rolling over onto this stomach, he breathed in deeply, reaching out his hand to the empty space beside him.

His heart broke.

In his mind, she was in the kitchen making breakfast as she did every morning. If he closed his eyes hard enough, opened his mind enough he could almost hear her.

The pots and pans would clank together, while she grumbled about having to clean out the cabinets soon. Even though she’d been saying that for years. Max turned onto his back, his eyes still closed. He could hear the song she would hum, out of tune, but always the same, their wedding song.

“Max!” he could hear her voice as if she were there, rousing him from sleep. A moment later his eyes snapped open. Had that really been her voice? Was she home? He bolted out of bed and ran to the kitchen…only to find it empty.

No pots or pans. No wife with which whom he could wrap his arms around and kiss soundly on the mouth. No brown hair to push his fingers through and no T-shirt to pull up over creamy shoulders.

There would be no morning sex.

There would be no making love on the living room couch.

There would be no more perfect smiles.

No more laughs.

No more arguments.

There would be no make up sex.

There would be none of that, until Liz came home.

Max sagged his back against the wall, and realized that he wasn’t sure how much longer he could go without her.

If they’d had a lead or someone that at least saw her, anything, it would be better than limbo.

But the days turned into weeks, weeks into months and still no word.

What do you do when your heart is torn out? Where do you go? Who can you turn to when your life is taken away and you’re left to pick up pieces you’re not ready to acknowledge actually exist?

Gathering himself Max shuffled back to the bedroom, wishing he could just stay there forever, but realizing begrudgingly that his friends wouldn’t let him; he made his way to the shower.

Another day he’d have to figure out how to get through.


“I think I’ll get the shrimp scampi,” Maria said over her menu. Max just watched her and Michael interact. It reminded him that Liz wasn’t here to stare at her menu and contemplate what she’d have for a good twenty minutes, and then complain that she felt pressured when the waiter would come to the table twice. He would laugh and smile at her, “It’s okay baby. You take all the time you need,” he’d say and she’d lean over, give him a smacking kiss on the lips and settle back in her seat.

Then order the same thing she always did.

“Max, did you hear me?” he heard Michael’s voice.

“What? Sorry.”

“The game? Did you want to come over and watch it tonight?” Max didn’t have to think about it, the game would be a perfect diversion. He was grateful to Michael, always giving Max and easy out of staying home alone. He was also thankful that Maria didn’t mind in the least. In fact, she would come up with things she needed done around the house, that Michael just couldn’t do without him.

“Sounds great. I’ll bring the beer. And wine coolers for Maria,” Max smirked and hid behind his menu.

“Why do you always do that?”

Max looked at Michael, then to Maria. “Do what?”

“That smirk thing you do,” she frowned, feigning hurt.

“It’s just that, does anyone even drink those anymore? How about just a glass of wine?” he asked and she said, it was too strong.

“I’m sure Michael wouldn’t mind,” he muttered, which earned him a smack on the shoulder.

“You know, is that all men think of?”

With a raised eyebrow he asked, “Sex?”

“Yes!” she hissed out. Max turned to Michael and they both shrugged their shoulders.


“I don’t get it.”

“Well maybe Michael can help you with that later,” he winked at her and then looked down at his menu. He already knew what he wanted but wanted something to divert his attention.

God how he missed Liz, he ached. She would have punched his arm for this last comment, but then she would have slipped her hand into his lap, which would have promised of things to come.

She would have thrown her head back, her eyes and lips gleaming with laughter. He missed her laugh. He missed her smile.

Maria and Michael continued to banter back and forth, until the waiter came and took their order.

Game or no, it would be a long night. One that he knew would end the same way he always did, in bed without his wife.


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) Chp 4 8/8/08 pg 04

Post by Itzstacie » Mon Aug 25, 2008 7:40 pm

Since we lost data due to the board down and all the madness with the servers. I am reposting chapter 5. Tanya should be posting the next chapter right after this.

The answer on whether Max cheated or not is in the last chapter, as to what exactly she saw is going to take longer to get.
Behrsgirl77 wrote:
Of course, some people had their theories in the beginning in light of new information. But to his surprise, Chris was the first one to squash the rumors. He knew, after thinking it over that Max would never cheat on Liz. It wasn’t even remotely a possibility.
Chapter Five

Five Months Later
Life begins again
“No, that’s not right either,” she huffed, throwing her hands up she wobbled over to the doorway. Standing there she surveyed the room.

“Maybe if we put it under the window,” she gestured with her hand. Kevin shot her a glare standing up he slapped his hand down on the dresser he had previously moved four times already, “Will you make up your mind on what you like already?”

Nancy stalked over picking up a teddy bear that she had recently purchased for the baby “How am I supposed to know what I like, I don’t remember anything about my life! Maybe I liked a dresser under a window or maybe I liked it by the damn wall. I don’t know!” She flung the teddy bear inside the crib and wobbled out of room.

Kevin’s eyes softened and he sighed moving the dresser underneath the window. It had been like this for months now. He knew she was having a hard time coping with her memory loss and having a baby added onto that stress. He gave up on looking into leads about who she was and started trying to help her on who she was now.

He suggested maybe talking to a therapist but she wouldn’t hear of it, she was determined that her memory would come back on its own. In the meantime he could tell it was doing more damage than good, she was so busy trying to remember who she was that she wasn’t being contentious of the things she was doing now. He could tell she wasn’t eating right, and many days her prenatal vitamins were not being taken.

He walked over to the door and turned to survey the room, it looked perfect to him. They had painted the room a light blue with brown teddy bears painted on the wall. He smiled remembering how much fun they had using the stencils and painting the teddy bears. The crib was a dark cherry wood with a medium blue sheets and comforter. They had found out last month that she was going to have a boy; she had immediately picked Joshua Andrew. They both thought that the name was someone from her past that’s why she picked it so fast, but when she tried to remember nothing would come and she would get upset.

Kevin turned and walked towards the living room, he found her sitting on the couch curled up the best she could in the corner looking out the window. Walking over he sat down next to her. “I think it looks better under the window,” he said softly.

He turned his head to look at her; she nodded her head in acknowledgment but kept staring out the window. Resting his arms on his knees he leaned forward and pressed his fingertips together trudging lightly. “Nancy we need to talk,” he glanced out of the corner of his noticing she hadn’t made any movement. He sat up straight and turned to face her, “Nancy,” he called her name and she finally turned her head towards him. His heart broke at the sheen of tears building up along her eyelids.

Reaching over he placed his hand over hers, “I can’t begin to understand how hard all of this is for you, I won’t pretend that I do. It’s time to realize now that you may never get your memory back, and you need to start living in the now for the sake of you and Joshua,” She trembled and tried to pull her hand away, he held on tighter, “You know I care about you, and it kills me inside when you get like this.”

“I’m fine,” she said through clenched teeth.

“No you’re not,” he argued. “You’re still crying at night, you think that I can’t hear you but I do. You’re so busy with trying to remember that you’re not living in the now. Believe me I want you to remember as much as you do, but I’m also being realistic and realizing that you need to start finding out who you are now.”

A tear leaked out and he reached up wiping it away, “Joshua is going to be here soon, he’s going to depend on you to take care of him. Is being who you are now really that bad? Yes, I understand that who you were is just as important, but is your life right now really that bad?”

Nancy shook her head. “I want to remember so badly, I just need to know who I was, where I came from. What am I supposed to tell my son about his father when he asks, grandparents, about things I liked when I was kid...what am I supposed to tell him?”

Kevin smiled slightly. “Well we still have a ways to go before he can talk.” When she didn’t smile he grew serious, “When the time comes we will deal with it. You are not alone in this; I meant it when I said I would be there for the both of you.”

Nancy stared at him she knew he was sincere; he had been there by her side every step of the way since he had found her in that street alley. He was the one that talked her out of getting rid of the baby when it was born. He was the one that convinced her she could be a great mother and give her baby a great life.

In her head she knew he was right, but her heart was telling her a different story. If he knew the things she did he might understand better. If he knew about the dreams and the soft brown eyes that haunted her, the dreams that made her feel warm and secured but most of all loved he would probably think differently.

Her memories were there she knew it, and it frustrated the hell out of her because if her dreams were that wonderful then her life had to be wonderful too right? If only her dreams would show her a face, a place, anything but those eyes.

“Did you…have you thought that maybe if you didn’t try so hard they may come back,” Kevin interrupted her thoughts. She knew what he was talking about. “I don’t know,” she sighed putting her feet on the floor. “I know you’re right. I know I need to start thinking about now and I promise I will try harder.”

“Knowing my past is important to me, I feel like it’s all right there on the tip of my brain but something is stopping it from coming back. I feel bad because it’s like something major, but I can’t be sorry that I met you. I know if it wasn’t for this we would probably have never met, and I would have missed out on having a best friend like you.”

Kevin squeezed her hand, “You’re my best friend too.”

She smiled at him and stood up. “All I can do is promise to do better. Thank you for being there for me and knowing when I need a kick in the butt.” Her stomached growled and she smiled bigger, “I think this guy is hungry, what do you want for dinner?”

Kevin jumped up, “I’ll cook what do you feel like eating?”

Nancy glared at him. “A horse! I can cook you know…I’m pregnant, it’s not like I don’t have any arms.”

Kevin raised his eyebrow, “You’re nine months pregnant to be exact; you need to be off your feet as much as possible. How about a compromise I won’t cook either, we can order Chinese.” He started walking over to the desk where they kept the take out menus.

“Fine…I have to pee this kid is doing a tap dance on my bladder.” She started wobbling back to the bathroom. “Make sure you order enough to feed an army, I have a feeling I’m going to need it.”

He smiled as he walked over to phone, she would eat all of it too. He didn’t know where she put it all, personally he would be puking his guts up if he tried to eat that much. After ordering he settled back on the couch reflecting on their conversation, he hoped he had gotten through to her. A part of him still had hope that she would remember even after he had given up searching.

He figured that maybe she came from a small town somewhere and that’s why there wasn’t anything more. He searched through endless missing person reports and each time his heart broke more, he couldn’t believe the amount of missing people out there. He wondered out of all those missing cases how many would be found.

Dinner came and true to her word she ate every last bit of it. “I swear this kid is going to be a butter ball when he comes out,” she said leaning back and rubbing her hand over her swollen belly. Kevin chuckled. “Do I need to have a tow truck standing by?” She grabbed a pillow and tried to smack him but her stomach made it impossible to reach, which caused him to laugh harder.

Later that night he had just fallen into deep sleep when the high-pitched scream of his name had him jumping, so high he tumbled right out of the bed and hit the floor with a loud bang. His heart racing he tried to focus in the darkness of the room, the scream of his name came again and he hopped up only to trip over the sheet tangled in his leg. Catching himself on the end of his bed, “Shit,” he hissed out jumping and hopping on one foot towards the door while trying to untangle his leg, the minute he got his foot untangled he grabbed the door handle only to have it pull back and smack him in the face

“Mother Fu…” he cursed under his breath as he groped for the door handle.

Stumbling he made it out into the living room to find Nancy leaning her back against the wall holding her stomach while her other hand held a suitcase, looking down he noticed the bottom of her nightgown soaked, he knew what was happening but it didn’t stop him from making a joke, “I told you not to drink so much water at dinner.” Nancy gritted her teeth against the contraction, “My water broke you idiot, and I did not wet myself! Now get me to the hospital before I have this kid right here in the living room.”

“Kidding,” he held up his hands, “Give me a minute.” He started walking back towards his room. “Wait…where are you going,” she screamed. Kevin turned, “As much as I would love to show the world my manly physique, I doubt the nurses and doctors would allow me to get very far wearing just boxers.” She glanced down just noticing his lack of attire huffing she started towards the door, “Just hurry the hell up, before I drive myself.” He smiled, “I got the keys sweetheart, unless you know how to hotwire. Relax you’ll get there.”

He ducked into the room just as a book hurled towards his head. Three minutes later they were in the car with his foot pressed on the pedal, he noticed Nancy taking slow deep breaths. “I thought the doctor said you would most likely get false contractions before the actual ones came?” he asked. She turned her head and looked at him, “I have for the last couple of weeks.” He whipped his head towards her surprised, “Why didn’t you say anything?” She reached over keeping her breathing steady and turned his head back towards the traffic, “Because they were false, nothing to get excited about.”

Arriving at the hospital he slammed on the brakes in front of the emergency room, not caring that there was a no parking sign posted. Running around he grabbed the suitcase out of the back and helped her to her feet. Spotting a wheelchair just inside the door, he helped her in it then went running to desk. “She’s having a baby,” he rushed out trying to catch his breath. The nurse picked up a clipboard. “You will need to fill out this information.” Kevin narrowed his eyes, “We don’t have time to fill out freaking paperwork, she’s having a baby… as in NOW!” his voice got higher.

Nancy reached up and placed her hand on his arm to try and calm him down, he was acting like he was the one that was going to be pushing a bowling ball out of his uterus, looking up at the nurse, “My name is Nancy Green, my doctor is Dr. Albert I believe he is on call this weekend. Can you please page him and get me to a room before I start pushing right here and now?” The nurse’s eyes got huge and she immediately came around to grab the handles, Kevin took hold before she could reach them, “I’ll push just run and show me where to go.”

They got her set up in a private room; the baby’s heartbeat came out strong from the monitor. Doctor Albert walked in cheerily. “Hi Nancy, I hear we have someone ready to make their entrance into the world.” He pulled on a pair of gloves as a nurse came to stand by her leg, Kevin’s eyes got big when he realized just what the doctor was going to, he had went with her when they did a ultrasound and found out what the sex was, but he had never gone to one of her exams. Quickly whipping around so his back was facing the doctor he stared at the lines on the monitor watching them do a steady rhythm.

“You’re about seven centimeters,” Dr. Albert saying stepping back and removing the gloves. “A few more then you’ll be ready to push.” She groaned as he walked out of the room, a few more centimeters could take hours, now she was starting to get nervous. “The rooms not done,” she complained.

Kevin turned towards her, “The room is perfect.”

“We don’t have enough diapers.”

“We have enough diapers.”

“I need to buy more clothes.”

“You have plenty of clothes to get started.”


“You’re breastfeeding remember, but we have some just in case.”

He turned and watched the needle on the monitor start to climb.

"I want him out...they should have warned me," she complained.

"Relax it's going to be over with soon," he said turning back towards her.

She glared at him, “Let's see how well you relax when you’re pushing a nine pound bowling ball out.”

"I'm sorry," he walked over and placed his hand on her stomach rubbing in small circles.

“Oh give me drugs… I want drugs right now,” she whined.

“The nurse is calling anesthesiology, they’ll be here soon.”

Just as the words were leaving his mouth, the anesthesiologist walked in, “Your savior has arrived,” he joked.

“Oh thank you…thank you,” she clapped her hands and Kevin raised an eyebrow at her.

The doctor smiled and walked over. “I’m going to need you to sit up on the edge of the bed and bend over as far as you can go,” he said putting on a pair of gloves.

Kevin and the nurse both walked over and helped her into a sitting position.

“I’m going to need you to sit as still as you can, if you feel a contraction coming on I want you to let me know and we will wait until it’s over. I need you as still as possible.”

She shook her head nodding just as she felt the start of one. “What’s your name,” she gritted.

He raised his head and looked at her, “What?”

Nancy glanced behind her shoulder. “You’re about to plunge a big ass needle in my back, I want to know the name of the man that I’m either going to strangle or hug to death depending on if this works or not.”

He laughed as he leaned her over more, “You’re funny…I like you.”

“I’ll let you know if the feelings are mutual in a minute.”

Laughing he placed his hand on her back, looking at Kevin, “I need you to stand in front of her and make sure she doesn’t move.” Nodding he walked over and took her shoulders, “Ready,” he said.

She felt his hands on her back. “Argh contractions…hold on.”

The anesthesiologist watched the monitor as it spiked higher, he turned back watching her grip the sides of the bed harder. “You’re doing well; by the way the name is Max.”

A whisper fluttered across her brain but the contraction peaked to the highest making her forget all about it, “Shit that one was bad,” she blew out her breath and closed her eyes “Okay I’m ready.”

He hurried up and put the epidural in. “You’ll be feeling good in no time.” Disposing of the needle as Kevin helped her lay back down. He picked up her chart and wrote in it “Did I land on your good side or bad side?” he smiled.

“You’re safe,” she said sighing happily. She could already feel the effects taking hold. He laughed and patted her leg. “It’s all up to you now, I’ll see you later.”

Two hours later Kevin alternated between watching the needle jump up and down from the contractions to Nancy who was lying there watching Jeopardy without a care in the world. “That’s amazing,” he exclaimed.

Nancy turned her head from the TV, “What?”

Kevin watched the needle spike higher. “You’re sitting here watching TV and your contractions are doing a dance. You don’t feel any of that?”

She smiled, “The wonderful things drugs do.”

The door opened and the nurse came in holding a pair of scrubs. “You need to put these on for the delivery,” she said holding the pair of scrubs towards him.

“What?” he asked confused.

The nurse shook her head rolling her eyes. “Scrubs…need to put them on. One leg at a time helps.”

He still hadn’t moved just standing there with a confused look on his face, the nurse sighed. “Sir you need to put these scrubs on,” she started getting impatient.

“You want me to what?” he asked dumbfounded taking the scrubs in his hand; he looked at Nancy she really didn’t want him in here with her did she? “I know we never really talked about it…do you really want me in here with you? I thought I was just going to wait in the waiting room?”

“Kevin, put on the damn scrubs…now,” she demanded yanking his arm and pulling her down to her eye level. He gulped and nodded his head in fear of what she might do. Dr. Albert walked back into the room just as he finished putting the booties over his feet.

Kevin hurried up and walked back towards her not wanting to be on that end, he knew what the doctor was checking, picking up her hand he faced her, she was smirking at him “Chicken.” He scowled at her, “That’s a little more than I want to see, Thank you!”

“Alright Nancy, your fully dilated on the next contraction I want you to push.”

The contraction came and she held her breath and pushed, “Alright Nancy that’s it…you’re doing great…take nice deep breaths…ready…push,” the doctor repeated. She thought it was never going to end until finally she heard the cries of her son.

“I need you to take one more final push,” the doctor stated.

“What,” she screamed, “He’s out why do I need to push?”

The doctor smiled at her, “You need to deliver the placenta, just a few more pushes I promise.”

“You said just one,” she whined tightening her grip on Kevin’s hand. “When I find out who did this to me, remind me to kill the bastard.” The doctor raised an eyebrow but ignored her comment not thinking anything of it. “Push…now,” the doctor stated.

After a few minutes she gave one final push and heaved back onto the pillow exhausted. She felt her eyelids drooping but held out so she could see her son. Kevin reached over and wiped her forehead with a damp cloth, “You did great.”

The nurse walked over smiling, “You have a beautiful healthy boy.” Leaning down she placed the baby in her arms. Tears slid down her cheeks as she nuzzled him with her nose. “You my baby are going to have the most wonderful life,” she whispered. Immediately she frowned the words sounded so familiar to her, almost as if she said them before.

“What’s the matter?” Kevin asked seeing the frown on her face, she looked up at him “Nothing,” she shook her head still looking at the baby. Joshua started moving and slowly opened his eyes looking at her, she took her finger and placed it against his closed fist uncurling his fingers she slipped her finger in his palm, automatically he closed his fist around her fingers.

She reached down and kissed his hand continuing to just stare, she couldn’t help noticing his eyes were the same color as the ones that haunted her dreams.


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) Chp 5 8/25/08 pg 6

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A/N - Board restore...and I'm out of the loop. Here is the next part 8)

Chapter Six

Imaginations…run wild

Chris lay in bed, his eyes unblinking, sweat pouring from his body, his breaths uneven and jagged. He’s had the same nightmare again. Liz pleading him to help her as some masked man dragged her down a dark alley. He’d tried to run faster, call out to her, but she couldn’t hear him. The faster he ran, the further away she became…it continued like that until his eyes snapped open.

Running a hand through his soaked hair, he let out a choke of a sob. He always woke up with the same image. Chris would finally catch up to Liz, but it was always too late. He’d find her on the ground, in a pool of blood. He’d reach down to touch her, and she’d disappear. Every night, day after day since she’d been gone, the dream never stopped.

And in the light of day, he lived through a different kind of nightmare, one that was more real than the dream. His sister was gone; it had been months, and no word from anyone. In the beginning, he had tried to have faith that she would be found. That someone would know something, but they never came forward.

Now he was dealing with the glaring truth that his sister was probably dead. And his heart broke because he didn’t protect her, like he always promised he would. When their parents died, Chris stepped right in and took over where they left off. It wasn’t easy, but it wasn’t just himself he had to think about, but his younger sister. Chris knew from an early age, bad things happen to everyone, it doesn’t matter if you’re a good person or not…it just does.

Turning over to his side, he knew he had to get out of bed; the task became easier as time went by. He knew there was nothing he could do, nothing Max could do, and sadly nothing the police could do. So he had to accept the fact. Liz was never coming back.

That kind of thinking, however, ended him and his best friend in heated arguments. Max not willing to let go and Chris all to eager. Max didn’t understand why Chris could just walk away.

Chris lost his parents, Max didn’t.

Maybe it was grief he was unable to cope with that allowed him to shut that part of himself off, or maybe it was the simple fact that he was numb to the reality. It was easier to pretend nothing was wrong, even as the world crumbled down before you, wasn’t it?

Letting out a shaky breath he came to his feet, and decided a nice hot shower would do him good. He cringed at the thought of what Maria had planned for him and Max today, shopping, his least favorite thing to do in life.


“You both are no help at all. Why did I even bother asking you to come?” Maria said as she traipsed through another store, looking for the perfect gift for Michaels’ birthday.

Max looked at Chris with an amused gaze, she had been complaining all morning, too bad it fell on deaf ears.

“Maria, just get him some hockey tickets, or basketball tickets, he’ll be ecstatic with either,” Max suggested and Chris simply shoved his hands in his pockets and nodded.

Snapping around to face the both of them, Maria narrowed her eyes in frustration and said, “That’s the obvious gift! I get him that every year. I’m trying to be spontaneous!”

“Good going Max, now you got her all riled up,” Chris joked, and Max pinned him down with a hard glare, indicating he wasn’t helping the cause at all.

“Maria, get him the tickets and buy yourself something nice…for him.” Max gave her a knowing smirk and laughed outright when her eyes widened in surprise.

Lifting her purse up she tossed it over her shoulder and swung it back so it hit Max square in the chest, and when Chris joined in the laughter, Maria reached out and slapped him in the back of the head.

“You’re both useless. Chris you need to get laid and Max…well… I don’t know what to tell you.”

“Actually, I did get laid, two days ago. Thank you very much,” Chris added as he rocked back on his heels.

“Okay, I’m going outside, enough of this sex talk.” Max grumbled as he turned and walked away. Chris watched him closely then turned to Maria, “Maybe we should be more careful what we say. I know Max usually starts it off, but we have to learn to finish it up quickly…or just ignore him.” Maria didn’t say anything just nodded, her face cast in sadness over Max’s departure.

Max made it out of the store and was resting comfortably against the banister, peering down on all the people on the lower level walking by. While he knew he brought sex up more often than not, it wasn’t because he was crass, it was because that’s what he would do to make Liz blush.

But Liz isn’t around; he had to remind himself again. Therapy obviously wasn’t working, he thought with a laugh.

Max knew that Maria and Chris would be right behind him, so he just waited, arms folded on top of one another, and his eyes just scanning the crowds…it was then that he saw her…


His lungs labored for breath, his T-shirt nearly soaked with sweat; he had to catch up to her. When he first spotted her, she was on the first floor, walking towards the exit. He’d run down the escalator, going the wrong way, across the mall floor and finally he made it to the exit doors. He scanned the parking not but came up short. Resting his hands on his knees, he took deep breaths and continued to scan the grounds.

He spotted her dark head of hair, between two parked cars. With a renewed spirit, he ran towards her, in the background he could hear Maria and Chris calling out to him, but he didn’t stop. Didn’t even pause, because if he lost her this time, he might never find her again.

Finally, he came up short, just as she was getting in her car, “Liz,” he whispered out breathlessly causing the woman to stop and turn to face him. She was startled, “Who are you? What do you want?” she’d asked, and he stopped all movement. He had been so sure. So damn sure it was his wife.

She had the same color hair, same height, but not the same eye color. Liz, had a rich brown, this woman had green. He was apologizing profusely by the time his friends caught up to him.

“He’s really sorry, just a case of mistaken identity.” Maria had explained to the woman and she seemed appeased enough to get in her car and take off.

Chris however didn’t give Max a moment to breath. “What the hell are you doing? You scared the hell out of the girl, and for what?”

Max ran both of his shaky hands through his hair, still trying to come to terms that it wasn’t Liz. No matter how much he thought…

“I’m sorry,” was all he said. Maria comforted him while Chris continued on his tirade.

“You can’t just do that to people, Max. And besides what would Liz be doing shopping at the mall, if she’s been missing for so long? You have to think!” Chris ground out as Maria fished out her keys and Max followed silently, caught in his own nightmare.

However, as Chris continued even after they got into the car, Max barked out, “I said I was sorry, what more do you want from me!”

“I want you to wake the fuck up, man! She was my sister and I’ve accepted it. But you have to snap out of it Max. She’s not coming back.”

Max’s eyes narrowed as he turned fully in his seat to regard his friend in rage, “You don’t know that! I’m so damn tired of hearing that shit!”

Chris’s retort was quick and scathing, “How long is it going to take for you to realize that Liz is dead!” Max visibly flinched at the words, it was something he never allowed himself to think about for too long.

Maria quickly interrupted, “Chris damn it! I can’t drive with the two of you arguing. Just relax.”

“Fine, but someone needs to tell him the truth.”

Max was quick to the line, “Truth about what? That you all are so convinced my wife is dead, and because you can’t see past that, it’s wrong of me to think she might actually be alive?” Chris shirked back into his seat, without a retort, thankfully.

“Let’s just calm down,” Maria’s voice was soft, but he didn’t want to hear it. It was the same thing they had been arguing about for months now. Max needed to move on, and accept it. But how could he when he could still feel her, still hear her…No, it didn’t matter how many therapists came and went, or how many arguments he had with his friends; no one was going to convince him that Liz was dead. Until they found a body, she was as good as alive to him, and right now that’s all he needed.


His eyes snapped open, he was awake and he could hear her crying. Jumping up from bed, he looked around but didn’t see her. He quickly got to his feet and made his way into the living room; the light was on.

She was there! Liz was finally home, his heart soared, he made a move towards her, but his feet wouldn’t budge.

What was going on?

“Are you okay, baby? Why are you out here?” Max watched himself talking to Liz, he didn’t blink, didn’t breath.

She wiped her tears before turning to face him, Max sucked in a deep breath, she was more beautiful then he remembered.

“Max, I’m just…I can’t sleep.” Stepping closer, he watched himself reach out to her, pull her into his arms. Liz melted against him and smiled against his chest.

So that’s what she looked like when I held her, he thought to himself watching the scene unfold.

“Is this about the baby?” She nodded against his chest and he pulled back to regard her.

“I told you, it doesn’t matter to me Liz. I didn’t marry you for your ability to have kids or not. That’s not important.”

Liz’s brows furrowed and determination set into her features. “Yes, you told me that already, Max. But you don’t understand what it’s like for me. I’m a woman. I have all the parts. They just don’t work right. It’s frustrating and saddening and I’m angry, Max. I’m so damn angry.”

Max watched himself nod his head; he remembered this conversation clearly. It wasn’t the first time they’d had the discussion, but every time he’d watched her cry over it, it broke his heart. He tried to find the right words, over and over in his head, but they all fell short. They were never good enough to make his wife, the love of his life, feel any better.

Max closed his eyes on the scene, he knew how it ended; thankfully this one ended with them making love on the living room rug. Others however, weren’t so great in their outcome.

He knew the image would fade, and he would wake up, for now though, he watched every detail of Liz’s face, and burned it into his mind. It was all he had left of her.


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) AN 8/29/08 pg 7

Post by Itzstacie » Mon Sep 15, 2008 8:04 pm

Thank you everyone for your patience and prayers during the Hurricane, We didn't get hit with Ike like we did with Gustav, the most we got here was some tropical storm rain and wind. No damage to my house, my thoughts go out to those that were effected by Ike in Texas. I know people wonder why we choose to live in these areas, well it's home and it's hard to leave the place you've grown up in and when your family is here.

Now to what you have been waiting for, small note I know what most will be thinking after this chapter. I just wanted to clarify that it is not the same place. Someone asked where exactly is she, well that will be answered in about four chapters.

Chapter Seven

Six months later

The past comes…crashing home

Nancy stepped out of the shower wrapping the towel around her body as she walked towards the mirror; using her bare hand she wiped away the moisture that built up. Staring at herself she saw it was the same as yesterday, the same brown hair, brown eyes everything on the outside the same. Nancy sighed to herself, everything on the inside was the same too, this black hole inside her mind whenever she tried to remember her past

Shaking her train of thought she squared her shoulders and looked in the mirror “Today is going to be a good day, you have people who love you, you are not alone.”

For the last four months it was something she said every single day, it was what her therapist said to do. She still had not fully accepted she would get her memory back, as long as her dreams kept haunting her she would not give up.

Sighing she cleared her head and started getting dressed, after blowing drying her hair and brushing her hair she walked into her room and put on her uniform and shoes. Walking into the living room she spotted Kevin laying flat on his back on the couch with Joshua nestled on top of his chest. He had one hand wrapped around Joshua’s back and the other softly held his head. Walking over she tapped his leg lightly.

Kevin cracked opened his eyes yawning he stretched his legs making sure he held onto to Joshua. “Just wanted to let you know I’m leaving and wanted to make sure you had him.” Kevin nodded his head glancing at the clock that read seven AM, “You know I do, get out of here,” he smiled.

She nodded her head, “Go back to sleep while you can.” She bent down picking up Kevin’s hand she kissed the top of Joshua’s head and placed Kevin’s hand back down; she stood up seeing Kevin pout. “Where’s mine,” he said playfully.

Rolling her eyes she bent down and pecked his forehead, “I’m going to work.”

The café was busy as usual, her feet always killed her at the end of the day but the tips and fast paced made her happy. It stayed busy so the day always went by fast. Stopping by the counter she leaned against the open way. “How’s that baby doing?” Mark asked her from behind the window.

“He’s doing great, finally starting to sleep through the night,” she answered as she watched him put together a sandwich.

“When are you going to bring him by so I can give him his first taste of something sweet,” he smiled.

“Kevin already beat you to it, he tried to let him taste some ice cream,” she said remembering how she hollered at him for thirty minutes afterwards.

“He spoils everything, if he wasn’t such a good friend I would have to kick his butt,” he teased. “Well make sure you bring him by anyways.” Placing the sandwich on the pickup window he smiled and turned back towards the grill.

Stopping half way he turned back towards her. “When are you going to let me take you out for something sweet," he winked at her.

She rolled her eyes, "I'll get back to you," she grabbed the plate and walked off. Getting involved with someone was the last thing on her mind. Kevin had tried to set her up a couple of times and she turned him down every time. The result would lead to huge arguments about her moving on, but this was one thing she wasn't going to budge on.

Lunch crowd came and went Nancy walked to the back to clock out. Grabbing her things out of her locker she walked to the restroom to get ready for the afternoon. First stop therapy. Then home to get Kevin and Joshua for a trip to the mall.

“How have you been the last week,” Dr. Jones asked.

Nancy shrugged her shoulders, “The same, my life consists of going to work and taking care of Joshua.”

He nodded his head. “You need to take time for yourself too.”

“Life is too busy,” she replied.

He jotted something down on his notepad, whenever he did that she was curious to yank it out of his hands and see what he was writing about. “Still having the dreams?”

She looked up from picking her fingernails. “They don’t come as often.”

“Still just the eyes?”

She nodded her head. “I don’t know why I can’t see more, I try to look for other things but…”

“Don’t push it.”

Getting frustrated she said, “You’ve been saying that for months now, I don’t push myself and still I get nothing.”

Dr. Jones set his pen down. “Nancy I’ve told you sometimes these things take time, l told you before given the state Kevin found you in something very traumatic happened to you. This is your brains way of dealing with it. I’ve heard of other cases where the person developed a totally different personality. Someone that is stronger, braver to protect the other personality.”

“I’d rather the weaker one, at least then I would know who I am.”

“Don’t waste so much time on who you were, worry about who you are now, who you can become. “How is motherhood working out?”

She couldn’t help but smile when it came to her son, “It’s great, he’s finally sleeping longer and he is always happy. When he looks at me he knows who I am, he’s so alert of everything around him.”

“Does it still hurt to look at him?”

“No, I know deep down that whoever this person is in my dreams is the father. The eyes are identical and in my dreams I don’t feel threatened or scared, I feel loved, I feel safe, I know that Joshua was created out of love.”

“Have you told Kevin about the dreams and the connection with Joshua?”

Shaking her head she said, “What would I tell him? It doesn’t get me any closer to who I am?”

“It proves that there was someone in your past, someone important enough for you to have a child with. It erases the doubt that there was foul sexual play involved in your attack.”

“I told you that the doctors confirmed that the night I was in the hospital. I don’t know who this person is in my dreams. It hurts that I may never know, it hurts more knowing that this person may never know he has a son.” She turned her head towards the window feeling the tears build up.

“What are you thinking?” he asked.

“I think part of me is scared too, what if I do get my memory back and I remember everything? What if I go to him and everything’s changed, he doesn’t want a son, doesn’t want me? I mean you can’t wait forever right?”

“I think you said it best right there, you can’t wait for forever. I think you need to take that advice and move on. Our time is up I think you’re making progress. I’ll see you next week.”

Nancy nodded her head and grabbed her stuff. Walking out to the elevators she thought about what he said as she waited, it was time she looked to the future.

Arriving home she could hear Kevin, “Owe, okay little buddy I don’t have much left so the amount I do have I need okay.”

She bit back a smile as she saw Joshua laying on his back on the floor with Kevin bending over him, he had a fist full of Kevin’s hair and wasn’t letting go, “Are we having fun?” she laughed.

Kevin looked at her out of the corner of his eye. “We were till he decided to play tug of war with my hair,” he winced when Joshua tugged on it. “A little help here please.”

Laughing harder she walked over towards them and knelt down, the minute Joshua saw her he let go and smiled a toothless grin at her. Kevin pushed himself backwards rubbing the top of his head, “Man he had a grip there.”

She scooped Joshua up in her arms and proceeded to pepper little kisses on his face, when she got to his chin he opened his mouth and gummed her nose. Kevin started laughing as she made a face. “Nothing like baby drool,” Joshua chose to coo in agreement.

Walking towards the back to change his clothes she asked, “Have you fed him?”

He followed behind her, “Fed and bathed.”

“Is his diaper bag ready?”

“Nancy how long have we been doing this, you know I have everything under control.”

She smiled, “Just making sure, we don’t know how long we are going to be at the mall.”

He smiled as he watched her change him into a little jumper outfit, laughing when Joshua would kick his legs making it difficult for her. Once she finally managed to dress him he followed her out of the bedroom grabbing the diaper bag on the way.

Finding a parking space at the mall was a chore and Kevin gripped the whole time, “I hate coming to this place.”

“Hopefully we won’t be here too long.”

“I don’t see why we couldn’t go somewhere else,” he complained.

“The shop where Samantha is registered at is in here, her wedding is four weeks away I don’t want to be the only one who didn’t get her a wedding present,” she answered as she opened the car door.

“However will Mark handle being a short a waitress,” he commented sarcastically.

“He hired a temp; now help me with the stroller.”

Getting Joshua settled they walked towards the doors. Heading straight to the store she got Samantha out of the way and decided to window shop a little. Groaning when Kevin made a beeline for the toy store, then proceeded to play with everything in sight.

After about twenty minutes she managed to pull him out but not before he proceeded to buy a stuffed Tonka truck, “He’s only six months old, how do you expect him to play with that?” she asked.

He just smiled at her, “He can gum it to death.”

She laughed and rolled her eyes, they continued to walk around just looking at things, walking into a jewelry store she let her fingers glide along the glass countertop admiring the beautiful rings and bracelets that lay out on display. Stopping next to a glass case setting on top she eyed the necklaces that were shown. Out of the corner of her eye she spotted the tiny angel holding a rose and her world slowly disappeared.

She was dressed in black, the grass was still damp from the morning rains, no one else was around. Hundreds of flowers covered two graves. A wreath covered in lilies lay over the top of one, blocking all but the name, Nancy. The second one was covered completely.

Reaching up she could feel her cheeks wet from crying, she wondered what was going to happen to her now, who would take care of her. Why did he have to take them away, why would God be so mean?

She felt something slip on her neck and looked down to see a tiny gold angel holding a rose. Her hair was swept up and a whisper from behind floated in her ear ‘A guardian angel to watch over you when I’m not here. I promise we will be okay, nothing is going to happened to us lil sis.”

A touch on her shoulder jolted her out of the memory, she jumped looking into Kevin’s worried eyes, “What happened?”

“I…I,” she couldn’t form a word, shaken by her first real memory.

Kevin grabbed her elbow and turned the stroller with the other. “Come on,” he ushered her out of the store to the nearest bench. “Take a deep breath,” he coaxed leaning down in front of her and taking both of her hands into his.

The tears building up in her eyes made him worry, “Nancy what happened?”

She took her hand out of his and raised her finger towards the store. “The necklace,” she whispered not really believing it. Kevin waited for her to continue, rubbing the back of her other hand trying to stop her shaking. The tears rolled down as she brought her eyes up to meet his. “I think I have a brother,” she whispered shakily.

He swayed backwards a little, “What?”

“Kevin I have a brother…the necklace…I remembered…I—”

He cut her off, “Which one?”

“The angel with the rose.”

He jumped up and dashed back into the store, she watched him talk rapidly to the clerk as she unlocked the glass case. He purchased the necklace and ran back towards her taking it out of the bag. Opening the box he handed it to her, “This one?”

She nodded her head and fingered the tiny angel. “I was a funeral, my brother gave me one just like this.”

“Did you see what he looked like,” he asked, then rushed out, “Do you remember anything else?”

Raising her eyes to meet his she slowly nodded her head, “I think my mother’s name was Nancy.”


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) Ch 7 9/15/08 pg 09

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Mon Sep 22, 2008 7:06 pm

A/N - Oh lookie, it's my turn to update. Well Stacie is not home right now so that means the header of this isn't going to be updated yet. But I do have a new part, so that's a plus right?

Anyways, here is some much needed info about Chris/Max and Liz.

Stacie and I both thank you for the support, and are glad you are enjoying.

P.S. I posted a note on my Work By Author page, but for those of you who haven't read it. This will be my last story (aside of my author auction winner story), in the Roswell World. I'm glad that I'm sharing this last story with Stacie. It's the first and last story we will write together, so it's pretty damn special to me. If anyone has any questions/comments, please post them on my WBA page or PM me. Let's leave this forum for feedback, which is always nice to receive :wink:

Now, back to the story....

Chapter Eight
Friends…can’t live without them
Dread seeped into Max’s bones as he stared at the calendar in the kitchen. In two weeks, he’d have to pull off the greatest acting job of his life. It was the semi-annual family and friends barbeque. Normally it was something he looked forward to, but this time would be different. They had already skipped it, due to Liz’s disappearance, but this time his friends thought it would be a good idea to continue with tradition.

Didn’t they understand; there wasn’t tradition left for him? Not without Liz. It would never be the same, it would never feel or taste or amount to being in the vicinity of the same without his wife.

The barbeque was a time where friends and family got together and laughed and joked. Max didn’t see anything to laugh or joke about. Moving on just wasn’t in the cards for him. Why couldn’t anyone see that? No matter how many times he tried to explain, no one understood how he felt.

It wasn’t as if Liz died, and he buried her. There was no closure; there was nothing, just emptiness. An emptiness that simply grew by the day, and never stopped hurting. His mind never stopped trying to figure things out. Now he understood why it was so important for families to know what happened, to see the body…

Shaking his head of his morbid thoughts, he walked into his bathroom, discarded his clothes into a pile on the floor and turned the shower on as hot as he could take it. He dipped his head back into the spray. He’d decided he would make his appearance and then slip out the back door before anyone missed him. There would be a slew of people; it would be easy, he thought with some triumph.

Nowadays, the battles that he won were few and far between. He’d long since given up even mentioning Liz to anyone. He stopped going to therapy, lying to his family and saying that he had accepted his wife wasn’t coming back and he may never know what happened, and most of all he’d started dating again, strictly for their benefit, not his own.

They were all so worried, they were concerned, it didn’t matter how he looked at it, because to him it was all nonsense. Why did they have such little faith? Why was he the only one willing to not turn his back? Maybe they were afraid of the truth, and maybe he was too, but for now, until he was ready the only thing that mattered is that he truly believed that Liz was still alive.

The only problem was after posting listings in the newspapers and on TV, no one had come forward with any information. According to the police, that really didn’t mean anything. She could be anywhere and if she was injured well that would make sense that she hadn’t come home. She would be thousands of miles away somewhere, healing. Or maybe they were just being nice, because they were his friends and they knew Liz just as well. A part of Max sometimes, just sometimes, when he was alone in bed thought that maybe she was unhappy with her life, and maybe she did need to get away.

But, then he thought, she wouldn’t leave her family and friends. She wouldn’t put them through the pain unnecessarily. That wasn’t Liz, and no matter how many times people tried to persuade him to think otherwise, he knew Liz. He knew her and he knew she would never leave him, not like that. Just disappear into thin air.

And until the day he found out otherwise, he would continue to lie as a means to an end of the arguments with everyone.


Taking a deep breath he lifted his hand to the door, then hesitated. Shaking his head he laughed softly to himself. What was he doing here? Why had he let Maria talk him into coming over? He didn’t want to discuss Liz anymore, with anyone, especially with Max.

Liz was a topic of conversation they agreed to disagree on, but in two weeks their family barbeque was going to happen, and even though Max put up a good front, even Chris knew better. Max wasn’t any better off today, than he was the day Liz went missing.

Chris had been Max’s best friend years before Liz was even old enough to think about boys. And ever since Max had made a move for his sister, Chris couldn’t think about him the same. How could he be expected to? The entire dynamic of their friendship, changed in a major way.

It didn’t matter right now though, what his feelings of the past were. Liz was gone and as much as he hated to think about it, she was probably never going to return. He owed it to his sister to try and reclaim what was left of his friendship with Max.

Chris knocked on the door, once, twice and after the third Max swung the door open. Instantaneously, he could tell that his friend hadn’t been sleeping and he was more than sure that skipping meals had become a daily activity for him. Swallowing thickly, he brushed past Max and let himself into the house.

It had been a few weeks since he’d last seen Max. After their time at the mall they grew further apart, and barely spoke without others present. It was safer that way; they wouldn’t say things they both regretted.

Max stood watching Chris relax on his couch, wordlessly with a smile on his face. “What do you want?” he asked, his voice sounding tired, despite the full night of sleep he had, for a change.

Folding his arms behind his head, he looked up at Max and said, “Nothing, just wanted to see what you were up to.”

“I have a date in an hour,” he responded emotionlessly and took at seat beside Chris. Max watched his once best friend’s features closely, hoping that he’d leave shortly knowing he had to be somewhere. Despite the fact that Max was going to have to drag himself out of the house and pretend to enjoy spending time with someone else, he wanted to talk to Chris even less.

Raising his brows, Chris watched Max closely. The guy hated dating, Chris knew it. Deep down everyone knew it, but they pretended for the sake of not falling apart knowing Max couldn’t move on.

“Who is it with? Anyone I know?” he asked, sounding disinterested, when he was anything but.

Max shrugged his shoulders, “Some girl Maria works with. I think I’ve gone out on a date with just about everyone in her building. I wish she’d give up.”

Hearing the desperation in his voice, Chris offered, “So don’t go.”

Max’s eyes flicked over his friends features, so much like his wife’s but not. Liz was softer, her smiles came easy, and when she looked at him…it was perfect. It was the only way for him to describe it, and he remembered it. Maybe if he’d lost his memory and couldn’t remember it would be easy, he wouldn’t know what he was missing…but he did and every day it chipped away at him. Leaving him raw.

Instead of responding to Chris and telling him how much he didn’t want to go, he said, “I don’t want to let Maria down.”

“She’ll live,” Chris muttered out under his breath.

“What was that?” Max asked.

“Nothing. Look, all I’m saying is that you don’t have to do anything you don’t want. People have been pushing you around for well over a year, Max. This isn’t like you.”

“What would you know about who I am? You gave up a long time ago on our friendship…and,” he paused, choosing his words carefully. Letting out a sigh he leaned back against the couch, staring across the room to the mantel above the fireplace.

His wedding picture stared back at him, almost as if giving him a sign to get this right. To make things right between him and Chris. For his wife, because it was what she would want if she were here right now.

How he longed for that.

Chris waited expectantly for Max to burst into defense mode. He was prepared for it, because whether Max knew it or not, he wasn’t leaving until they figured out how to make their friendship resemble what it was. It was all Chris had left.

For his sister, for the love she obviously had for Max, he owed it to her. It was all he could do for her, even if she wasn’t here to see it.

“I go because I’m afraid if I stop for a minute, and I spend too much time alone that I’ll never come back. I dream about her every night. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes not so good. I’m afraid I don’t know how to live without her,” Max’s voice caught on the last sentence and as Chris was about to interrupt, he waved him off to finish.

“I know you don’t want to hear about it, but there isn’t anyone else that knows Liz like we know her. I’ve thought about the day you found out I was dating her behind your back. I should have told you before it even happened, but how do you tell your best friend that you’re in love with his sister?”

“You say it, just like that. And if he didn’t listen, then he was a damn fool. Especially, when his sister was so happy with him. Max, Liz was all I had left after our parents died. It was me and her and I promised her that I would always take care of her, you were around, but at night it was me she would talk to about her fears. I feel like I raised her and then you came in and swept her off her feet and she didn’t…I didn’t…”

“Matter anymore?” Max added. Chris nodded looking at him from over his shoulder. Max leaned up mirroring Chris’ position, elbows on his knees and his back slightly hunched over.

“You’re wrong. Liz talked about you all the time. She felt like she was your burden…she’d kill me if she knew I told you that. She never wanted you to miss out living your life, taking care of hers. She didn’t come to me because of that, in fact I actually pursued her.”

A growl resounded in Chris’ chest but he didn’t say anything, didn’t look up. Just listened. No matter how difficult it would be to have this conversation, it was necessary. He had to know that he hadn’t failed his sister, that she didn’t go to Max for his sake, for his lack of caring for her. Because in the end that’s exactly what he thought.

“I remember the day we were hanging out in your living room, and she didn’t know I was over. She’d come down the stairs, wearing one of your T-shirts, and a baggy pair of shorts, she’d just woken up from her late night. She was grumbling about being hungry and wanting pizza. She’d plopped herself down on the couch opposite me, while you got up and went to the kitchen to order. I watched her for just a minute, and just as I was turning to look away, because I never, ever, allowed myself to think of Liz outside of the fact that she was my best friend’s sister, she looked at me. She smiled this smile that…stopped my heart for that one moment. And that’s when I knew, just knew that I’d always felt something for her, but I never had words for it. She was younger and not my current type…but when she looked at me I realized the person I was looking for all this time, was right in front of me.”

Chris swallowed the lump in his throat. While he knew Max loved his sister, he never knew how it all began. Chris was just expected to accept it and he had a sinking feeling that Max had shouldered the blame for years, a blame that belonged on his sister’s shoulders. Max would never let her take it; he shouldered the accusations Chris had thrust at him. Going after his younger, vulnerable sister. Ruining their friendship…all of it. Every bad and vicious word he’d uttered was sadly directed at the wrong person.

Running a hand through his hair, he laughed, “I should have known it was Liz. She is so damn stubborn.” Max allowed an easy smile to form and realized that Chris had for the first time in a long time spoke of Liz in the present tense, as it should be.

“Yes, she is. She wanted to tell you herself, but I told her not to. It was easier than to watch her and you fight. So she made it a point to thrust us together, trying to get you to just let it go. But I understood the reason why you were so angry. You don’t go after your best friend’s sister. I just…”

Chris looked at his friend, watching him struggle for the right words and coming up short. He placed a hand on Max’s shoulder, letting him know he understood.

“I’m not sorry that I fell in love with her, but I am sorry where it left us. But I wouldn’t take it back.”

Nodding his head Chris said, “I know. And I’m sorry. I was blaming you for giving Liz the things that I couldn’t. For filling the gapping hole left from our parent’s death. I couldn’t be enough for her and I never had any right to be, so I blamed you because it was easier to look at myself in the mirror. It was easier than accepting the fact that I had lost Liz to a man who was going…who is the love of her life. The man who even after she’s gone missing for so long, still loves her…like she never went away. A man, who despite the fact that he hates it, pretends to move on to make other people feel better. I get it Max. More than you know.”

Max watched Chris stand, pace, and then lean his back against the mantel, taking Liz’s picture in hand, a picture of the two of them. Max had taken it on Liz’s birthday four years ago.

“I miss her, so damn much. And thinking about it…I try not to. It’s easier for me to try and let her go then to hold on.”

Proceeding with caution, Max asked, “And you understand why I can’t?” Chris nodded his head.

“I wish I could be strong, Max. I wish I could believe, the way you believe. Because then, I wouldn’t feel like I was letting Liz down, again.” Turning, Chris placed the picture back and walked from the room.

Max stood immediately and followed him out into the kitchen. Chris and he only ever had heated conversations about Liz, because of Liz…for Liz. Never anything dramatic and deep, it was new and it wasn’t all the comfortable but they were both grieving in their own way.

He couldn’t let Chris go on thinking the way he did. Liz wouldn’t want it. “You’re wrong. You didn’t let her down. She loved you so damn much. The reason why she wanted us to get along wasn’t because she wanted to see us be best friends again. She would have liked it, but she realized that it was out of her control. Liz did it because to her, you and I were her family. We were the two most precious people in the world to her, and having them fight broke her heart. No one would ever replace you, to her…not even me.”

Chris fought back the surge of tears. He didn’t cry, not in front of anyone, but damn if it wasn’t near impossible hearing what his sister thought of him.

Max didn’t know where the flood of words came from, but he felt he owed it to Chris to make him understand what motivated his sister. Maybe he could accept he’d never see Liz again, and maybe he couldn’t. But for Chris, his sister was gone and she wasn’t coming back…so Max would give him this because maybe Chris couldn’t live not knowing.

“Liz is so proud of you. She does things and asks me, what would Chris think? A part of her felt like she’d let you down, just as much as me, when we couldn’t have children. I told her she was insane, and that just like it didn’t matter one way or another to me, it would be the same for you. She thought that by having children, she could help rebuild her family. I’m not telling you this to make you feel bad…I’m telling you because…”

“Because I need to know Liz, as you know Liz. I need to know because I can’t live without knowing.”

Max smiled at Chris and nodded his head. They both understood their circumstance, and maybe they couldn’t change each other’s minds but at least they could see eye to eye. At least they both, in their own way could make living each day a little bit easier.

“So was Natasha upset that you broke the date?” Chris asked tipping his head back and swigging half a beer.

“Yeah, but she’ll get over it. Maria, well she’s another story,” Max mumbled out as he popped open another beer.

“I’m gonna tell her tomorrow to leave you the hell alone. You don’t want to date, who the hell says you have to? Besides she’s going away for work in a few months, that ought to keep her busy and out of your life for awhile, with all the prep work she has to do.” Max smiled, thankful for an ally, for a change.

“Good. I’ll remember not to answer my phone.” They both chuckled.

“So I had wanted to ask you, when you go out on dates, who pays?” Max asked inquisitively.

Chris’s brow raised and then he rolled his eyes. This was a first; they never spoke about their dates, not in a long time.

Max took his silence as reluctance, so he hedged him on. “I mean it must be tough. Two guys. What to do? You pay this time? He pays the next? Or do you just share?” Max continued to rib him and Chris just laughed enjoying the ease of their conversation.

A long time coming. Something that Liz would have enjoyed seeing.

Chris closed his eyes for a minute and allowed himself to think of Liz, still alive, still breathing.

And then he turned his head to continue what would be a long night of drinking with his newly returned best friend.


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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) AN 10/15/08 pg 12

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sorry about the delay with this, cheerleading ended a week ago but I caught pneumonia and was out of commission all last week. I don't want to make you wait any longer so not even sending it to Tanya first, sorry if there are any errors, I did run it through spell check but doesn't always catch everything. Also wanted to drop this off, thank you guys so much for voting for us, I can't begin to tell you how much it means to the both of us.


After this chapter, it will move into present day (so you all know what that means :) )

Here you go.

Chapter 9

Six months later

Kevin grumbled as he laid flat on his stomach to reach the offending object under the sofa, stretching his hand his fingertips caught the tip “come here you little bastard” as he drug it out. Kneeling up he threw it in the pile already formed on the coffee table.

Inside he felt a little guilty about was going to happen and the two golden eyes staring at him curiously didn’t help it either. It was almost as if he knew what was going to happen and he was daring him to do it.

Standing up he bent and picked up the pile of pacifiers as Nancy walked from the back with about five more in her hands “I think I got them all”. Kevin looked at her then looked at Joshua who had a pacifier in his mouth and one in each hand holding on to them for dear life “well good luck getting those three away from him.”

Sighing she walked towards the kitchen motioning him to follow her “he’s going to be two; he’s too old for them.” Kevin took a step and noticed Joshua took one too, testing him he took another only to see Joshua take another one in the same direction “you’re not going to make this easy are you kid?” Joshua continued to stare at him; he glanced down at the objects in Kevin’s hands then back to his face while sucking hard on the pacifier in his mouth.

“A little help here please” he yelled!

Nancy walked back in the living room holding a sippie cup in her hand “I swear I don’t who is the bigger baby sometimes you or him, just walk in there and dump them.”

“Look at the look he’s giving me, he knows what is going on and if looks could kill I would be dead right now” he whined. Taking another step towards the kitchen Joshua took one too “see…look he knows. Why can’t we do this when he’s not here or even better when he’s sleeping?”

Nancy walked over and picked Joshua up “he’s going to fuss either way, so just might as well deal with it now” walking over to the couch she sat down with him on her lap, holding the sippie cup up to him, he opened his mouth and the pacifier dropped out. “Oh no you’re going to hold it” she told him taking the other two pacifiers out of his hands and handing him the cup.

Joshua leaned back against her leading the cup up to his mouth “Quick go dump those and come back to get these.” Kevin sighed as he went and tossed them, walking back into the living room he headed for the three on the floor, as he got closer Joshua pulled the cup away from his mouth and looked at him.

“Okay I can’t do it, we can’t make him quit cold turkey, we can at least leave him these three and gradually break him of it” he moaned as he set them on the table.

Nancy shook her head “you are pathetic you know that, no wonder he is so spoiled you give him everything he wants.”

Kevin flopped down next her on the couch “well I’m not going to have him hating me, he will love you regardless you’re his mother, and those things are the first thing he looks for when he wakes up and the last when he goes to bed.”

Shaking her head she leaned back and pulled Joshua up higher “you’re absurd he loves you, getting rid of his pacifiers will not make him hate you.”

Sighing he looked at her ‘fine, when you take him to the park I’ll be the evil doer and get rid of the rest of them.”
Sitting on the grass she rolled the ball toward Joshua, smiling as he caught it and attempted to roll it back towards her.

Glancing around she watched the people around her, one family was having a picnic near the water, and another was playing Frisbee. She watched as a father and son attempted to fly a kite until movement by a tree caught her attention.

It was a young couple, she was leaning against the tree and he was standing before her handing her a daisy, she watched as the girl took the daisy and smiled shyly up at the boy. She watched as he moved in and placed a kiss on her lips, pulling back the boy smiled at the girl until she pulled him back and returned the kiss deeper this time.

She couldn’t help slipping into her own little daydream.

Standing at the counter she felt a pair of strong arms wrap around her ‘have I told you how much I love you today?”

Leaning back she closed her eyes ‘yes, but I’ll never get tired of hearing it.”

He leaned in closer whispering in her ear “I love you…I adore you” kissing the tip of her ear he moved lower ‘everyday I love you more and more”. Tilting her head so he could have access he moved to the slope of her neck “This is my favorite part of your body’ he sucked lightly causing her to moan.

“Hmm what about the other parts” she smiled looking over her shoulder.

His nose nuzzled her neck “hmm… I love every part of your body…but when I do this” he placed a soft kiss at the base of her neck making her whimper ‘makes you do that, and I love hearing it. Hearing how much you want me.”

She whispered breathlessly as she snaked her hand behind his head holding him to her neck “I always want you.”

“Can I have you now” he whispered pressing her harder against his body, letting her feel just how much he wanted her right there.

Closing her eyes she turned around and caught his lips as he hoisted her up, wrapping her legs around his waist he sat her on the counter grinding his erection into her core he moved his lips down her neck as his hands snaked up under her shirt.

Gasping she threw her head back “mmmiss”

“Hmm” she moaned sliding her hands to the waistband of his jeans.

…miss…excuse me miss”

Popping her eyes opened she jerked out of her daydream and looked up to see a young man standing before her holding a ball “I think this is yours.”

Confusion clouded her eyes as she stared at him “what”

“Your son rolled the ball toward the water, I caught it before it landed there” he smiled.

Turning she looked and saw Joshua reaching for the ball in his hands, taking it from the guy she handed it to Joshua ‘thank you.”

“No problem, have a nice day.”

She watched him walk towards a pretty blonde standing on the sidewalk, she watched as he grabbed her hand and placed a kiss on her forehead tenderly before leading her down the path.

She bit her lip and looked back toward Joshua, she couldn’t help but feel lonely on the inside wishing she had someone who would kiss her like that.
Two days later

Walking into the apartment, he heard cussing come from the kitchen followed by a loud bang, throwing his keys down he raced into the kitchen to find Nancy slamming cupboards and drawers “what is going on?”

She stalked over towards the cupboard on the other side “I’m can’t find the damn garlic salt, I know I bought some.”

He looked over and noticed something cooking on the stove, walking to the cabinet above the stove he opened it and pulled down the plastic container ‘it’s right here; is it that important that you have to slam all the cabinets.”

Stalking over she yanked the container from his hand and proceeded to dump some in the pot. Sniffing she put it down and picked up a wooden spoon.

Frowning he looked at her “what happened, I know you’re not upset over a spice.”

“Nothing” she mumbled as she started stirring the pot.

“Nancy” he sighed as he started to get frustrated, all day she had been in a grumpy mood, he really didn’t feel like fighting with her so he had left for the day to avoid it.

“Don’t call me that” she mumbled.

“What did you say” she had said it so low that he didn’t catch it.

She ignored him and walked towards the fridge, pulling it open she grabbed a bottle of water.

“Nancy” he tried again.

“Stop calling me that, it’s not my name” she turned and screamed.

Too stunned to say anything he stared at her like she lost her mind.

“My name is not Nancy so stop calling me by a damn name that is not mine.”

“It’s the name you’ve used for the last two years, what the hell do you want to be called then” he screamed when the shock wore off.


“That’s your freaking answer for everything” throwing his hands up he stalked towards the counter and leaned against it “well when you make up your damn mind about what you DO want, let me know.”

Chest heaving she stared at him ‘what I want… you want to know what I want. Fine! I’ll tell you, I want to know my freaking birth name; I want to know why I haven’t had any more memories come to me. I want to know where the hell my brother is and why hasn’t he bothered to look for me these past two years, or anyone for that matter. What the hell happened to my friends, to the man that is Joshua’s father? There’s not one fucking missing person report on me in this town, no one knows who the hell I am!”

Kevin ran his hand down his face sighing ‘we’ve been over and over this how many times now, you didn’t live here it’s the only thing that makes sense, I’m sorry I don’t have the money or the resources to drive all over the United States trying to find someone who might know who you are. Why are you bringing this all up again, I thought you were happy here, I thought you had agreed to move on.”

Walking towards her he stopped right in front of her “I’m sorry I don’t have the answers for you, do you even care about how this affects me when you get like this. I know all that stuff is important to you, I know it okay! You make me feel like I mean nothing to you and it hurts.” Tapping his heart “in here you are someone, to me your family.”

Tears escaping she sunk down to the ground “I’m sorry…I’m sorry, I never meant to make you feel like that, you are important to me. I don’t know where I would have ended up if it had not been for you; please don’t ever think you don’t mean anything. “

Sliding down to her he wrapped his arms around her “please tell me what I can do to help you, I just don’t know anymore. I hate seeing you like this.”

She shook her head ‘there’s nothing, I’m sorry most days I’m fine with the way things are. Every now and then it just hits me; I want to know where I belong.”

He pulled back and reached up wiping her tears ‘you and Joshua belong here with me.”

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Re: Unbreakable (ML, Mature/Adult) AN 1/4/09 pg 14

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A/N - And so FINALLY I have an update. Stacie and I are going to work hard to get this story finished...it has gone on for too long now. We want to thank all of you for reading, hanging in there between the long posting times and for your bumps!

Here we go...

Chapter 10
Out From Under
6 months later

“I don’t feel right about it. I let it slide last time, but this time, Maria, I can’t. You’re all going to have to do it without me.” Max said as he hoisted a box onto the top shelve in his bedroom closet.

He had been delaying the inevitable talk with Maria, hoping that he could find the right words and then have her relay the information to everyone else. He didn’t want to deal with anything, especially today.

Taking on the task of cleaning out all the closets in the house, the garage and basement would drain him to exhaustion, which is the exact antidote for today. It was the only way he would survive. He wasn’t sure how much longer he would be able to survive, because he gave up living long ago. How could he, with no answers?

That’s all he did now, find ways to survive from one day to the next. His family was worried that he was falling into a deep depression, but it wasn’t depression…not exactly. It was a broken heart, as sappy as it sounded; Liz was his whole world. How do you stop living when half of your world is gone? How do you remember to breath without that other person? How could he just move on and forget all of their plans all of their dreams?

You don’t, he realized after two years. He wasn’t built that way. Survival that was what he focused on. He gets up because that’s what Liz would have wanted, he went to work because he had to, and he continued to look for her no matter how daunting the task might be.

“Max, I’m not going to say I understand but she was my best friend and…”

Whipping his head around, his voice near a growl, Max said, “Could you stop referring to her as if she is dead? I may not know where the hell she is, but I know she’s not dead!” Maria reached out and placed a hand on his shoulder, “I’m sorry…but what…what if we never find out what happened? Max you have to…”

Dropping the heavy box he was carrying on the floor he shoved his hands through his hair and began to pace. “I have to what? Forget her? Forget that I don’t know where the hell she is? Forget that I may never know what happened? I can’t!” Balling his fists at his sides, he moved across the room, his knees giving out and made it to a chair. The next time he spoke his voice was hoarse and his breath was ragged.

“Maria, don’t you understand? I’m not stupid or delusional, although right now those are two things would I welcome with open arms. The fact that there were a few leads, the car; lead to nothing, the blood; lead to nothing. It’s like she just disappeared, which I won’t accept. I am paying someone around the clock to find something out on her, but no one even saw her after she left my office. All I get told is if she isn’t using her social, or any of her credit cards, which are already cancelled, or even trying to open up a checking account, she remains ‘off the grid’. What if she looks different, what if she doesn’t know who she is?”

Maria had moved beside him, kneeling down in front of him, she looked up at him with sad green eyes, “I don’t understand how it could be that hard, Max. That’s what; I guess we all are thinking. There is the Internet if you search her she pops up and…”

“And what if she doesn’t even know her own name? What if she’s sick? What if she’s hurt? I can’t stop thinking about all the other possibilities. I know, trust me, everyone said if she were out there they would find her. What if she’s somewhere just wandering from place to place, or what if it’s been so long, she’s given up looking for who she is? Maria, she could be anywhere. But that’s not what scares me the most.”

“What does,” she asked in a whisper, her hands on his knees trying to offer support, which he appreciated.

“What if she’s living right down the block and I never noticed? You see it all the time.”

Shaking her head, she admonished, “You can’t think that. People in the neighborhood know Liz, Max.”

“That’s not my point. The point is, she could be close or so far away and never know how much…how much I miss her. And how much I love her. Maybe she thinks whoever is out there that knows her doesn’t care.”

“Max, you’re making the assumption that Liz doesn’t know who she is, there are a lot of things that…well she may…” Maria’s words drifted off and Max knew where she was going he stood abruptly.

“Look, she’s not dead. If I’m the only one that can deal with that then so be it. But I’m not going to the barbecue and you can pass that along. Now, I’ve got cleaning to finish, so if you wouldn’t mind leaving me to it.”

“You’re going.”

“No, I’m not.”

“Max, it’s a family tradition, you’re not backing out.”

“What don’t you understand? I’m. Not. Going.”

“No. You don’t get to walk out on the rest of us, Max. We love you and hiding out here isn’t going to make you hurt any less. Your parents miss you, I miss you and so do your friends. Do you remember them, Max? Because they love Liz too, but she’s not here…right now…and you are. Don’t do that to them. I’m leaving tomorrow and when I get back I expect to see you at your parents house.”

With disgust in his chest, Max ducked his head and murmured an, “I’ll be there,” without ever turning around or seeing Maria out.

Two hours later he was done, he didn’t know what he would do to fill his day tomorrow, but one day at a time.

After showering he crawled into bed and prayed for sleep. Prayed for his sleep to be dreamless, especially tonight.

It was their anniversary. Another one he would live through, without her to celebrate.


“Marry me, Liz.”


A smile in her voice, he knew she was playing up to the game they had started years before.

“Because it would piss your brother off.”

“What do I care what he thinks?”

“Because you love him.”

“I don’t know, Max, your argument isn’t very convincing or…what’s the word? Romantic!”

Stifling a laugh, he looked up at his beautiful girlfriend, her cheeks were flush from their activities a few minutes ago, her body naked and he swallowed back a groan and the urgent need to get her back into bed.

“I just made love to you, isn’t that enough?” he asked, with a smirk on his lips and he knew damn well that Liz was loving the game. Her eyes were tearing up around the edges but she waited.

“I think you need to try harder.”

His eyebrow quirked up, “Harder? What exactly are we talking about Miss Parker?”

She giggled and covered her mouth swiftly.

Reaching under the bed, where he placed the ring before he’d crawled into bed with her, he pulled out a black velvet box. Inside was a ring that belonged to his great, great grandmother, a ring that he knew he would give to her the first time he kissed her.

“I love you, Liz. The first time I saw you, I knew I wanted to be with you. The first time I held your hand, I knew I never wanted to let go. The first time I kissed you, I knew…I just knew you were the one I wanted to marry, and your lips were the only ones I ever wanted to kiss again. Marry me, Liz because you make me so incredibly happy, you make me want to be a better person. Marry me for all those reasons, and marry me because I can’t live without knowing your going to be mine to make happy, to build a life with, for the rest of our lives.”

She was crying, her body shaking as she threw her arms around him and cried; happy tears, and delivered a watery, “Yes! I’ll marry you!”


Bolting out of his dream, Max rolled over and switched on his light. Clearing his eyes, and the sweat on his face, he saw it was not even eleven. The day wasn’t over yet.

Not knowing what else to do, but knowing he had to see her again, he padded across the bedroom and reached out for a slim movie case, one he promised himself he wouldn’t look at today.

He popped open the container, pushed a few buttons on his DVD player and TV and then turned and got back into bed. He waited, nervous, anxiously, and a lot lonely for it to start. He watched motionless, the faces the laughter the tears…but then before he even knew it he was at the end…

His chest expanded as he watched the final scene…

Liz’s face filled the screen; Max couldn’t help but hold his breath. He remembered it all so clearly, he was taping her and she paused right in front of the camera, her eyes smiling at him, her lips curled in a way that always made his heart beat quicker.

“Max, I forgot to tell you something.”

“Yeah? What’s that baby?”

“I love you!”

She smiled then, he watched, and blew him a kiss. He paused it right there and with tears slipping down his face, he whispered, “Happy Anniversary, Liz. I love you.”