Odd one out (repost) M/L & CC Chapter 1 & 2

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Odd one out (repost) M/L & CC Chapter 1 & 2

Post by LovelyPOM83 » Tue Aug 04, 2020 2:02 am

Authors Note: Hi all readers and lurkers, I started writing this year's ago...this isn't supposed to be a long fiction. But I do plan on finishing my story. Hope you all enjoyed it.

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Title: Odd One Out
Disclaimer: I owe nothing.
it's just being used in plain fun.

Rating: Teen
Category: AU without Aliens M/L & CC pairing
Author: POM aka lovelypom83


Liz Parker grew up with and is best friends with four guys....Max,Michael,Kyle and Alex.

She loves her boys dearly and they are more like big brothers to her than friends.But having said that to be honest they are without a doubt slowly driving her insane! They show up at her apartment at all hours of the day/night,eating her out of house and home and all around never giving her any free time. So in order to get the guys out of her hair, Liz has decided to find girlfriends for all of them. In order to regain her life and sanity back, at least that's what she thinks.

Chapter One: Just another Friday night

"Eddie, I had an amazing time. I never knew that art could be so fun." Liz beamed with a bright smile, that she tried to hide but failed miserably. She really tried not to get ahead of herself, but still she couldn't help but think he could be the one. The one, that seems so permanent. She started to think, could she love someone that long? It was hard to imagine. But then again this could be more lust than fact because this was only the third date.

"Liz, I must admit. I was surprised you called the last time we went out you were hesitate about going out again. I got to ask, what made you change your mind?" Liz stood there in awkward silence, not really knowing what to say.

" Ahh...just a change of heart." Liz smiled as she knew from the sparkle glimmering in his eyes, she had a feeling at that very moment. She had his wrapped around her little finger. She relished in the fact.

"Oh, is that so?" He smirked and reached to brush a stran of hair that had fallen loose from the bun that was neatly placed on her head.

"Maybe we can do this again, sometime?" Eddie inquired with a cocky smirk. While all Liz could do was blush, and started to fidget.

Liz nodded with crimson colored cheeks, she forced her lips to work--since all she felt was numb.

"Yeah, that sounds nice." she wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders, and reached up on tip toes and kissed him. She slightly moaned because it mainly felt so good, before things could really get slightly intense, they were jumping apart.

"Max?!!" Liz shouted as her glare on him went from shocked to beyond pissed off in a split second. She shoved Max hard in the chest, causing him to step back a few steps back into her apartment.

"What the hell are you doing here?" Liz demanded in a fierce hushed tone.

"Liz, do you know this guy?" Eddie looked over her shoulder and gave Max a questionable glare, like something fishy was going on.

Liz was quiet for a moment, she was standing in between this two guys. Turning around to Eddie with almost as silent plea gleaming in her eyes to stay, and just let her sort this out. On the other hand, Max took this opportunity to take matters into his own hands.

Just as Max was about to talk, Liz realized something and swore under her breath.

"Max, where the hell are your pants?!" he ignored her and kept his eyes on his mission.

"Sorry, Lizzie has forgotten her manners." Max said introducing himself to Eddie.

"I'm Max, Lizzie's 'Close' friend." Liz pushed Max out of the way, Eddie looked confused. There was no way she was going to let Max ruin this potential relationship.

Liz opened her mouth to say something, but she heard more voices coming from her apartment.

"Hey Max, What's the hold up? " Liz was mortified, this couldn't be happening.

There stood the rest of the boys eager to see what was going on, in a single file line--there was Alex, Michael, and Kyle.

"Oh good God! Where the hell are everyone's pants!!?" Liz shouted.

"Hey who's this?" Michael stood starring at the man that had his eyes locked on Liz, Their Liz.

"Michael, leave him alone." Liz muttered under her breath, trying to control her anger. So, Max answered for her.

"Oh, this is Lizzie's friend. Sorry, I didn't catch your name..." All the boys stood there in there boxers, arms crossed and guarding Liz from this new male.


"Ah, yes...well Edward we were just taking bets on who was going to win this evenings game. The Broncos or the Cowboys--did you want to join in? Alex asked, curiously. The more bets they had, meant more money--Alex and Kyle were thinking on a strategy level, to reel this sucker in.

"What quarter?" Eddie asked, with an eager smirk that consumed his face.

"Actually, it's half time--and the cowboys are in the lead 28 to 16, but you never know how the game will change once they come back." Kyle answered, he was in his area of expertise.

"I'll put one hundred on the Broncos that they win." Eddie answered back in the same excitement.

"You're on!" Kyle shouted , as the guys slapped him on the back, and they all went back into the
apartment with Edward in toe. Leaving a very pissed, lonely Liz in the hallway by herself.

"We're on in five minutes, let's go." She knew in that moment, she knew she'd lost him.

"Hello?! Am I indivisible?" Liz huffed as the boys, including her date had started to raid the fridge.

Even Eddie was stripped down in his boxers, what did that take? All of two seconds, Why do guys watch sports in their underwear?

"Excuse me, Eddie? What about our date?" He didn't even glance away from the television screen, so focused on the game, he did eventually answer.

"Well, it was technically over, wasn't it?" Liz was so beyond pissed...words couldn't form, She nodded furiously. She tried her best to sound calm, but couldn't help it..she hated rejection. At this point she hated Eddie, regardless of what she had thought of him fifteen minutes ago. That was all gone. He fucked up.

"Get out of my house! Get out!" Liz shouted and all the boys stopped their fixation on the t.v. and knew that they had pushed her to her too far.

"But Liz, things are just getting good." Liz closed her eyes and just replied.

"Kyle, be quiet...Now!" He stopped talking and sat back down.

"Eddie, you are not welcome--leave my house NOW!" She swiftly walked to the door and opened it waiting for him to exit.

He collected his shoes and draped his brown khaki pants over his arm and left the apartment, leaving Liz to slam the door behind him.

With a stern look, but tears in her eyes--she said nothing as she almost ran to her room, and slammed the door shut. Michael was used to her dramatic scenes, he paid no attention and turned the game back on--Alex followed suit.

Liz sunk onto the floor and shouted into the air in frustration, "I'm never going to get laid!" The one thing Liz didn't see was the way Max was looking after her as she stormed out of the room with sympathetic eyes.


Chapter two: In the Past


"Michael!!" Liz shouted as she tried to pry him off the boy that kept pulling her hair during their elective class. Michael was too strong for her, even though she was nearly 13 years old, she looked towards Max for help but he was busy cheering Michael on.

"Go Mike! Get him!" Max and Kyle screamed out.

"What is she your girlfriend? Is that why you're protecting her?" Michael punched Troy over and over again until a teacher pulled them off each other.

"Boys! That is enough, Mr. Guerin that is Enough!" Mrs. Johnson struggled a bit, but finally pried them apart.

"Awe, I almost had him!" Troy shouted with disappointment, even though he was the one with the bloody nose. Michael only had a few bruises and a fat lip.

"The only person you boys are going to see is the principal, so if you want to finish it there--go ahead." Mrs. Johnson pulled them both to the main office.

"Max, I called you because you were suppose to stop him! Not cheer him on, we all know how his Dad gets when he gets into trouble." Clearly upset and irritated Liz huffed, and she was glad school was over.

Max didn't know what to say at first, but Kyle stopped him and padded him on the back with a grim look on his face. They both ran to keep up with Liz, " Hey Liz, I'm sorry." It was the only thing he could say. Which got no reaction from Liz, she just kept walking at a fast speed.

"What did I miss?" Alex asked as he caught up with Liz. She didn't want to deal with these boys right now.

"Ask Max, I'm going home." Liz rolled her eyes, heaved her heaving backpack and ran to her moms car. Which was parked out in front of the school.

"What's her deal?" Alex looked confused.

"Hormones" Max bluntly said. All the boys rolled their eyes, they all knew from their sex education class.

"Max, what do you know about girls hormones?" Kyle asked curiously.

"My older sister Pam, she has raging hormones." He sighed and shook his head.

"That's why we feel sorry for you." Kyle started to laugh as he padded Max on the back, and Alex followed suit. As they started to walk home.
(Later that night...)

"Liz?" Michael knocked on her window quietly, making sure not to wake up her parents.

He saw her start to stir, and look towards the window. "Michael?" Liz tried her best to rub the sleep from her eyes, glancing at the clock which read 3 am. Quickly getting out of bed and unlocking the window, a rush of cool air spun through the room.

"Can I stay here tonight? My Dads in one of those moods again." Liz nodded and smiled sadly.
Getting the spare sleeping bag out of her closet, and handed it to him. He carefully laid it out besides her own bed, she tossed him a pillow. They both got situated and laid back down.

"Mike, thank you for defending me today." Liz's voice was meek, but still he heard her.

"It was nothing, no biggie--you're practically my sister." Liz giggled, at that fact.

"Well, we are cousins Mike. We're family, we're suppose to have each other's back." Liz knew Michael heard him, but she knew he didn't want to talk any further. He was a boy, boys didn't like talking about their feelings. But she really was grateful they always had each other's backs.

(Present day)

Liz woke up in a cold sweat, she looked at the clock...it read 12:30 am. She cursed, she'd only been asleep for 2 hours. Feeling the dryness of her throat, she got her robe and started to head toward the kitchen. She stopped in her tracks, there was Max in her kitchen emptying her dishwasher.

"Max, you're still here?" he spun around, not expecting anyone to find him.

"Um yeah, Mike and I felt sorry for barging in on you. I volunteered to clean up, Mike wanted to help but he has an early shift tomorrow--so I hope you accept this apology." He looked at Liz, tried to read the expression on her face.

"It's not like this is the first time you've guys done this, I always accept your apology. No matter how bone headed all you boys are." she rolled her eyes and Max's smile. She reached into the fridge and retrieved a pitcher of cold water, to quench her thirst.

There was a moment of awkward silence before Max tried to clear the air, "Eddie seemed like a cool guy, when are you guys going out again?" Liz looked confused.

"So, you're now interested in my love life? Oh, wait...I don't have one--because you guys ruined my date." Liz just stood there next to Max, arms crossed--waiting to hear what he had to say about that fact.

"Yes, but if he really wanted to be with you, he would have blown off Kyle and Alex and just been with you. That says something about his character. His loss, and you can do better Lizzie. " Liz half blushed in realization because she knew he was right. She was just too blind to see it and she really wanted him to mold into the perfect guy, tired of waiting.

"Thanks Max...you're sweet. You always know what to say to make me see what's right in front of me. I don't know what I'd do without you." She turned toward him, and she embraced him. She had no idea why his embrace has always calmed her nerves, even as a child--she never could put her finger on it. But he was definitely her best friend by far.

They pulled apart, "So, are you done? Cleaning?" Liz laughed as Max put the pitcher of water back in the fridge.

" You know you can stay in the guest room, on one circumstance..." Liz's eyes gleamed and she smiled.

"Let me guess, I'd have to make you breakfast?" Max sighed as he knew that Liz had him wrapped around her little finger, and secretly he liked it like that.

"French toast or Pancakes?"

"Surprise me." Liz beamed, as she kissed him on the cheek and bid him a good night.

Liz's door closed and Max went into the semi spacious guest room, laid on the bed and sighed. She would be the death of him, if she didn't know by now that he's loved her since, forever--he didn't know when or how to tell her.


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Re: Odd one out (repost) M/L & CC Chapter 1 & 2

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This is a cute story......can't wait for more.

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