Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 8/4/19

Fics using the characters from Roswell, but where the plot does not have anything to do with aliens, nor are any of the characters "not of this Earth."

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Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Update 8/4/19

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Title: Every Little Kiss

Author: Tanya

Category: AU w/out Aliens – Dreamer

Rating: Adult

Disclaimer: The characters are not mine, but this story is. I am once again dusting off the characters and taking them on a little journey.

Summary: This is a story about friendship, loss and more importantly, love. It’s a bit fluffy and not meant to answer the questions of the universe…

A/N – I hadn’t decided to post a new story, especially not a story I just wrote a day ago. I had an idea and this is where it lead me. I am just about finished writing it, so that means regular updates. I'm posting 2 parts here just to get things going and just so you know the all the chapters will not bounce around, maybe only 1 or 2 others will, the rest are in order.


Banner by me…it’s been a long time since I’ve made one of these, I almost forgot everything I knew. :roll:

Never Say Never

October 26, 2008
6:12 pm

“What are you so afraid of Max?”

“I’m not the one running from everything.” Was his only retort, what else could he say? Fighting with Liz wasn’t something he enjoyed, and didn’t ever go looking for, but still it was inevitable. Here they were standing in his living room, yelling at a level that made his skull ache.

“Ha! Ha! Max! You know what? Why don’t you just answer this one question? Why did you build a house with five bedrooms, that aren’t even finished? Why build a house with so much room when you are the only one living there?”

“And those questions are relevant to the point you’re trying to make?” he asked, folding his arms across his chest. He didn’t like where the argument was going, and if it continued he knew the things they said could never be taken back.

“Yes, they are. You called me a loose canon right? So I’ll admit to it, so what I’ve had eight jobs in the last year, but at least I know who I am! Your last real girlfriend was three years ago. Three years, and now all you do is sleep around. Way to go! Something all men should achieve at this stage in their life!”

Liz couldn’t remember why they were still arguing, it started when she’d knocked on her best friends door and told him she got fired from her latest job as a massage therapist.

Did it really matter that she didn’t actually have any experience and she lied on her application? It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out the job, but then again, she never really figured on people taking their “massage” so seriously.

Graduating from college didn’t exactly help steer her towards a career, and she wasn’t sure what she was supposed to do with her life, but when she found it she would know.

She knew what really bothered her but she would never admit it. Ever.

“You don’t know who you are. You’re thirty-two and still unsettled and just as confused as you were when I met you sixteen years ago. This latest job stunt is just another in a long list of lies you’ve told to get a job, that you…”

“Why do you live alone? Do you like it? You wanted this huge house so you could walk from room to room and what? Try to decide how to decorate or did you finally realize that you are getting closer everyday to finishing and then what will you have then, Max?”

The topic she seemed to want to linger on had to do with this house, a house he worked his ass off to build, what was the big deal? Why was she so pressed on bringing him down? There were other questions he thought about but wasn’t going to veer down that long road again. It was pointless. He knew how she felt.

The next words left Liz’s mouth before she had a chance to even think about them. “Nothing! You’ll have a big fat house, and cars and vacations, all to share with no one! Oh wait! A string of women do knock on your door, so maybe that’s what you want out of life. To fuck as many whores as possible! Face it Max, no one likes to be alone, but maybe you’ve spent enough time being just that, that you’ve actually convinced yourself that your perfectly made to order life is better spent this way. I’m glad I’m not like you.”

He didn’t know why it pissed him off so much, but her words did exactly that. “Really? You’re happy to roam aimlessly from day to day, no job, evicted from your apartment on a monthly basis, no lights, phone…” with a huff of a laugh Max continued on his tirade, but Liz cut him off.

“That’s right, your life is so much better than mine.”

“Oh no, Liz, you got it all wrong. I envy you Liz, I really do. You have figured it all out!”

“You’re an asshole Max!”

“Yeah well takes one to know one doesn’t it?”

“I hate you! I never want to see you again…ever!” she screamed while making her dramatic exit, lifting a very expensive vase by the door and smashing it against the floor before slamming the door behind her.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Max punched the air forcefully and ran out after her. He would have a hell of a time finding her when she took off in a fit of rage; it was her current tactic for their arguments.

And he would have an even bigger problem if he lost her…now that he realized how much he needed her.

Well, that and the fact that he loved her.


Chapter One
Dear Diary

Roswell, New Mexico
July 15, 1993
3:05 pm

Liz Parker sat underneath a weeping willow…okay so maybe it was just a regular tree, but she wished it were a weeping willow. This was New Mexico after all, and she was staring at the cutest boy in school, Max Evans.

Who, just so happened to be one of her best friends.

She watched him daily under the disguise that she was writing in her journal, a.k.a diary. Liz detested the word, it sounded so immature and she had just turned sixteen yesterday, she was almost a fully-grown woman.

Scribbling a few more thoughts down about the way the wind picked up and when he ran how his hair bounced so naturally, and how when he laughed he tilted his head back and…

“Stop staring, it’s not becoming at all. And what’s that on your shirt?” Liz jumped with a small squeal, dislodging her diary from her lap onto the ground. She narrowed her eyes as she stared up at Serena Rogers.

Serena’s midnight black hair hung up in a high ponytail, her signature black jeans, and her hot pink tank top made Liz jealous of her, even if she was her friend. Serena was perfect in everyway, she had a clear complexion, straight white teeth, and a great smile, and blue eyes, but most importantly…she was the best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Liz couldn’t help but smile as she reached out for her diary, closed it and tucked it into the front pocket of her book bag. Serena took a seat beside her and pointed out once again that she had something on her shirt. Liz looked down and didn’t see anything.

“What are you talking about? I don’t see anything.” Serena tilted her head back and laughed out loud. “I could have sworn I saw a little bit of drool.” Liz narrowed her brown eyes, resisted the urge to pound her friend with her fist and turned her attention back on Max Evans.

“Why don’t you just ask him out?” Serena commented a few minutes later. Liz pretended to ignore her because obviously Serena had lost her damn mind. Max was her best friend, they were just friends, they would only be friends. Period. End of discussion. That is, if she were having a discussion, it would be the end of it.

“Liz, seriously. We know Max likes you. And we know you like him…”

“We, as in who? Max does not know that I like him…besides it’s just a crush. No big deal.”

“Right. So anyways my house at eight tonight? My parents are gone as per usual.”

“Yes, I’ll be there.” Serena stood and dusted off her pants as she said, “So will Max.”

“What!” Liz shot to her feet and then realized how loud she actually was a moment ago, took a look around and noticed that Max was now making his way over. Great! She truly hoped she didn’t have any drool on her shirt.

Serena new damn well she liked to be notified at least an hour before she would be in Max’s presence. It wasn’t that she felt that he would judge her, just the opposite, she would judge herself while in a room with Serena’s goddess good looks and Max’s equally heart-throbbing-in-your-chest, sweaty palm garnering good looks.

“I invited him. What’s the big deal, we’re all friends, and it’s nothing we haven’t done before.”

“Yes, but…but you should have told me. I…I…” She was completely wishing to be swallowed by a whale when she heard his voice. Sadly as her luck would go, she lived in the desert.

“Hey guys!”

“Hi Max.”

“Hey Max,” Liz tried to make her voice sound upbeat but she was a bit stressed out at the moment.

Max noticed immediately, he was so damn perceptive. “What’s wrong?”

Liz shook her head, and excused herself saying she would see them both later.

What she hadn’t realized was that she left her book bag, with her diary sticking out of the front pocket, sitting under the tree.


“Is she okay?” Max asked after Liz made her hasty retreat. Serena stared at Max for a minute, wondering why he couldn’t figure out what she had almost from the first time she met Liz.

They belonged together. It was a shame it would take a small miracle for either of them to ever act on it.

A little push never hurt anyone, in her book.

“Yeah, she was just in a rush to get home. Oh, she left her book bag. Would you mind dropping it off to her? I would do it but I have stuff to do.”

“Sure.” He said as he walked over and hefted the bag over his shoulder. What the hell did she have in it? It was heavy as hell.

“Okay, Max. I’ll see you later.”

Waving her off, he walked in the opposite direction, towards Liz’s house. But first he made a little stop. He knew it was wrong, but he just wondered about something.

He made it to Liz’s house in twenty minutes, but when he got there, the last thing he expected to see was Liz standing outside with a suitcase in her one hand and tears streaming down her face.

He dropped the bag from his shoulders and ran up to her.

“What’s wrong? What happened?” He asked and she simply turned away. Max reached out and gripped her arm firmly, causing her to spin around to face him.

“Tell me,” he demanded softly. He hated to see any girl cry, but especially Liz. She was the sweetest person he ever met; she was his best friend, besides Serena.

“My dad is gone. He left. I don’t understand, I know he hated me but…where am I supposed to go?” she cried brokenly and he pulled her into his embrace. With her head resting against his shoulder, he tried to figure out a solution.

His parents. They loved Liz. She could stay with them.

Stroking her hair, he whispered reassuringly to her that he would make it better. That everything would be okay.

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Pro & 1 2/28/10

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Mon Mar 22, 2010 1:13 pm

A/N -How times flies, when you're working. Now seriously when I said I had most of this written that was the truth, finding the time to post is more difficult. I want to thank you all for your feedback. As I stated in the beginning I only jump around the time line a little, but its with purpose because this is not a long story and its meant to give you a clearer picture.

Until next time...

Chapter Two
Talking In Your Sleep

February 2, 2000
12:04 pm

“All you do is work. Max, would you just close the computer and get your ass in gear? She is in labor and I don’t want to miss it!” Liz stood behind her best friends desk and tried, without success to pull him from his chair.

“Liz, I told you we wouldn’t miss it. It would help if you had a car so I could have met you there.” He grumbled and she didn’t feel bad at all. The man was work, work, work all the damn time. Their best friend was going to have her first baby and she would damned if either of them missed it.

“Why buy a car when I can get the horse for free? Seriously, if we miss it, I’ll never forgive you.”

“If I had a dollar for every time you’ve said that to me, I’d be a rich man.”

“You are a rich man, who better light a fire under his ass.” Liz smiled when he looked up at her, his black hair; his rich honey brown colored eyes, and perfect smile. It made her remember when she thought she was in love with him. What a silly girl she was. Not that she couldn’t understand the appeal, because he was not only a sexy guy, he was a genuinely great guy, but she realized a long time ago they should never be anything other than friends.

“Grab my jacket, and we’ll be out of here in a minute.” She eyed him carefully; Max had pulled that trick on her before, and then would make a phone call or something. He took his work too seriously.

“How did the interview go?” he asked her after they were driving on the highway, as she flipped through radio stations. She wished he would forget the interview.

“From your silence, I take it not good.” Why did he have to sound so disappointed? Couldn’t he understand that she lacked the necessary skills for certain jobs she applied for and because, through no fault of her own, they didn’t hire her?

She murmured, “It wasn’t my fault.” Max reached out and tilted her chin up, waited until she smiled at him and then said, “It’s okay. You’ll find something, if not you can always work for me again.” He offered and she appreciated it, but working for Max was yet another mistake she had made in a long history of bad decisions.

“Thanks, but I’m sure I’ll get something soon. Besides it’s not like my landlord is going to kick me out,” she said with a bright smile.

“Yeah, because he loves you and wouldn’t ever do that to you. Now, onto other topics. Can you believe Serena; our Serena is having a baby? I feel like no time has passed and we’re still seventeen sitting in her room watching bad horror flicks while you hovered under the covers.” Max laughed at that and Liz smacked his shoulder playfully.

“I know. It’s crazy! First she meets Jared, when she wasn’t even looking, falls in love and gets married in a matter of a few months. Now two years later she’s having a baby. It’s so exciting that we get to be a part of it all, right?” Liz asked, and something in Max’s features changed, like he had stopped listening to her.

“Earth to Max.”

Max shook his head, and looked at Liz, again in a way she couldn’t describe and she smiled. He returned the sentiment and asked her to find a CD he put on the side of her door.

The rest of their ride was met with companionable silence. Just the way Max liked it, at least for the last year or so, that is.


Liz looked at him with tears in her eyes, happy tears, the only kind he would accept from her. His gaze followed the movement just beyond her shoulder. His best friend lay in a hospital bed with a perfect little baby girl in her arms.

His and Liz’s goddaughter, Emily Elizabeth O’Connor.

Max took Liz’s hand and walked over to the bedside. He leaned down and kissed Serena on the forehead and then kissed Emily’s tiny head.

Max didn’t miss Serena’s look, the look she had been giving him every time he took Liz’s hand in his. It was becoming more often lately, and he didn’t know why. He couldn’t explain it.

Liz had moved in with him and it was a very rocky start, but a few months ago she had been having a bad dream. At least that’s what he thought she was having, and he went into her room. She was tossing back and forth on the bed, the bed sheets tangled around her limbs and her whispered words filtered through the air.

He hadn’t been able to make anything out, so he moved closer. And that’s when he heard it… “Max…”

Maybe she was just dreaming about him in a general sense, but a part of him hoped she was remembering him…them.

It was his male ego, he was sure of it. Because honestly, he couldn’t get involved with Liz, not in any way other than friendship. Not only were they too different, she was still on her bad boy kick. She had dated some decent guys, but lately, there have been a string of losers. If there was a deadbeat, dumb ass within a ten-mile radius, Liz could find him.

And sleep with him.

Not that it mattered to him.

They were just friends.

They would only ever be friends. And he was a guy that was not going to lust, or fawn over anyone, least of all his best friend.

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapter 2 3/22/10

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A/N - Okay seriously -- this updating thing has to get better right? It's very sad when I get so little time to do the things I love to do, like write. I haven't sat in front of this computer since my last update, which (tomorrow) would make a month. I need to stop working so many hours and then maybe I'd have time for something other than a shower and work.

Now since it's been a while, I am posting two chapters today, and I will be back next week Wednesday is a good day for my schedule so I'll go with that.

I want to thank you who are reading for your patience and feedback, it means a lot that you still read what I dribble onto the page.

Chapter Three
Goodbye Forever

August 24, 1994
2:06 AM

It had just started to rain; and luckily she’d just made it home. She’d left Serena’s house next door and was climbing through her bedroom window. Liz knew that Max would be asleep, either that or in his bedroom playing video games. She smiled at the thought of him. So her crush was more than a crush, but it would remain one sided because she couldn’t lose Max. Ever.

Liz was just pulling off her shoes when her bedroom door swung open and the light was turned on flooding the room with its brightness. She squinted and hoped it wasn’t Diane catching her sneaking back in.

It was Max. And he looked…upset…no it was something else.

“What’s wrong?” she asked immediately when he remained frozen in place.

“They’re…gone.” He croaked out.

Not understanding, she crossed the room and took his arm, forcing him to cross the threshold.

“Who’s gone?” she asked and watched as his lips trembled and he clenched his jaw staving off what looked like tears.

A second later, she heard Max’s sister Isabel scream. Liz froze, what the hell was going on? She left Max, who didn’t look like he even noticed she was there anymore and ran out the door and down the stairs.

When Liz rounded the corner at the bottom of the stairs, she saw standing in the hallway, two police officers and Isabel in her pajamas, her hands over her mouth and deep sobs escaping her lips.

“W-what happened?” she asked shakily as she approached the two officers.

They looked at her and told her what she already figured out when she looked at Isabel.

They…were Max and Isabel’s parents.

And they were dead.

The sun was shinning brightly the day he buried his parents. While he knew that they were supposed to go before him, it should not have been this soon, not like it happened.

Max turned and looked to his side, Liz and Serena stood hand in hand, his eyes drifted between the two of them and himself. Their hands linked.

No matter what happened, he knew that Liz and Serena would be there for him. Always.

“I love you, Max,” came Liz’s soft whisper as she wrapped her arms around his trembling shoulders and allowed him to cry openly to her that night they’d found out about his parents.

She had run back into her room and jumped into his lap. Held him for hours, allowed him to fall asleep in her arms and kissed him awake when all he wanted to do was stay in bed forever.

Liz had called on Serena early that next morning and together the both of them had made the necessary phone calls, and helped Isabel with whatever she needed. And even though the two of them together couldn’t cook an egg, they tried that morning and every morning there after.

Max looked to his sister who stood at the foot of their parent’s grave site and knew that Isabel was the strong one. She would make it through this and force him to move on from this. A small smile crept its way to his mouth.

Isabel and Liz, now that would be interesting. Isabel felt that Liz was no good for him, even though they were just friends. Isabel was convinced that Liz felt…more for him, but he knew that wasn’t true.

His parents were the buffer for Isabel and Liz, Isabel felt that Liz would never get her act together, and maybe that was true but it didn’t matter to Max. Because no matter what happened in his life, he knew he could always count on Liz.

Chapter Four
Happy Birthday

July 1997
4:03 PM

“Do you really think you need to go to all this trouble, Max? I’m leaving next week, don’t you think you could spare your sister a little time?” Isabel Evans, soon to be Whitman, stood in her brother’s kitchen and watched as he and his best friend Serena finished the arrangements for Liz’s birthday.

Liz Parker, the bane of Isabel’s existence. It wasn’t that she didn’t like Liz, she was a friendly girl, she was funny, at times, and overall a really great person. Narrowing her eyes, she thought, a great person for someone who is not her brother.

Max needed someone whose head was firmly attached to her shoulders. Liz was flighty. Case-in-point the girl was over twenty; with no college education and she couldn’t hold a job to save her life.

Isabel didn’t think that going to college was a prerequisite for dating her brother, but Max had goals, hell he had already started his own business and he was going places. He would forever drag Liz with him, protecting her, and never understanding how detrimental she was to his life.

He hadn’t dated a girl seriously in his entire life, and he wasn’t a player. He wanted to be in love with someone, but Liz was always around. Even Serena backed off, but not Liz, she never took the hint. And Isabel wasn’t sure if Liz was in love with her brother, or what she believed to be love, or just lonely.

She hoped it wasn’t the former. Isabel would not be so opposed to Liz and her brother being together, if Liz showed that she actually could be a companion to anyone. The only constants in Liz’s life were Max and Serena. What did that say about her?

“Isabel, you knew that Liz’s birthday was coming up and you know that Serena and I always do something special for her.” Max said, not even affording his sister a glance. He loved Isabel, he really did, but he just didn’t understand what her problem was with Liz. After years of being around her, they got along just fine, but Isabel always seemed to have a tightness in her voice and a frown etched between her brows whenever he did something for Liz.

“Why? Can you at least explain to me why you do it? She doesn’t do anything for your birthday? Where is your party?”

“I don’t need a party, Isabel,” Max sighed, he really didn’t want to argue with her. She would be leaving to start her new life with Alex and Max just wanted her to be happy, because he was happy for her.

Isabel crossed the room, moved closer and stood beside Serena, who had up to that moment remained completely silent and utterly into the project at hand.

“You know Iz, before you judge a book by its cover, as you seem to always want to do with Liz, you should think about everything she has given your brother.”

“Like what?” Isabel couldn’t imagine what Liz Parker could possibly gave given her brother to warrant such devotion from him.

Serena smiled at Max knowing that he wanted to protest but decided for the better he should just keep quiet. Standing up, she pulled Isabel over to the center island counter and turned on her.

“You know that when you lost your parents, that was the hardest thing you would have to go through. Liz had already experienced that kind of loss but in a different way, her parents bailed. Her mother left right after she was born and her father skipped out before she was even eighteen. They are alive somewhere in this world and they don’t want her. I can’t imagine what that must feel like, but you have Max and you have Alex and you have all your friends.

And believe it or not, you have Liz. Liz who you smile at, and laugh with, even, despite the fact that you may want to deny it to yourself. Your brother let’s you get away with it because you’re his misguided sister. But maybe what Liz gives your brother, and she gives me…and even you Isabel, is a kindness and a sincerity lacking in a lot of people. Liz is a great friend, maybe you need to remember that.” Serena’s blue eyes bore into Isabel’s brown and both women smiled in understanding.

“Are you done bonding over there? Sere I need you to help me out here. I have less than two hours to get this place finished,” Max said walking out onto the patio, which was just off the kitchen. Serena followed him out, and after just a moment’s hesitation, Isabel stepped outside, clapped her hands together and said, “How can I help?”

“Surprise!” Every one of their friends called out as Liz stepped into Max’s backyard. She smiled, she even cried a little. She loved her birthday, not because of presents or anything so superficial but because it was a day everyone she cared about got together.

“So how does it feel to be just a little bit older?” Max asked, handing her a glass of white wine. Taking a sip, she puckered her lips at the first taste and then took another sip.

“Personally it doesn’t matter because no matter how much older I get, you and Serena will always be older than me.” Liz smiled up at Max as he tilted his head back and laughed.

She loved his laugh.

She needed more alcohol to get through this day.

“Don’t let Sere hear you,” he said just as the person in question came over. “Oh I heard my name, that means Liz is telling lame jokes again.” Serena smiled as she leaned in to hug Liz.

“Happy Birthday girlie. Were you really surprised? I mean honestly, Max throws you a party every year.” Liz blushed at her friend’s words. It was true but this year she was sure he wasn’t planning anything.

Shaking her head she told them both she was surprised. She never expected anything but their friendship and their love, so anything else was always a surprise.

“Now Liz, come over here. I have a friend for you to meet. A new friend,” Serena wiggled her eyebrows and pulled Liz away, throwing Max a coy smile over her shoulder. She watched with triumph as he lifted his wine glass to his lips and chugged the contents.

“Liz, I want you to smile and I want you to be nice,” Serena guided her.

Liz spun at her, with a teasing smile on her lips she asked, “What is that supposed to mean? That I’m not nice?”

“You are, but when meeting new people you can come off a bit…rough.”

Liz narrowed her eyes and Serena was saved from a rebuttal as the guy she had hand picked out for Liz came into view.

“I’ll introduce you and then I’ll leave.” Liz shook her head; she had absolutely no interest in meeting anyone new.

Why would she?

She had already met the best guy I the world.
“Where’s Mr. Loverboy?” Liz smiled into her mug, as she heard Max come up behind her. All the guests were gone, including Serena and now it was nearly midnight and she should have gone to bed but she couldn’t.

Max hadn’t given her a gift. Not that she wanted one but he always gave her something, last year it was a book he had made for her. A book with her most favorite stories printed. It was a one of a kind. It was special because he had taken the time to learn what her favorites were. He cared.

And so did she, more than she probably should.

“He left. I sent him packing.”

It seemed that he had frozen mid-step and then came around beside her, he sat on the bench they sat at almost everyone Sunday morning.

“Why,” he asked, his voice low. She shrugged her shoulders and allowed him to take the mug of hot chocolate from her. He took a sip, and she watched him carefully. He handed the mug back to her.

“I didn’t give you your present.”

“I know.”

A smile in his voice, he bumped her gently with his shoulder. “I didn’t know what to get you this year. Nothing I chose seemed right.”

Trying to hide the disappointment from her voice, she turned and looked up at him. “I had a great party.”

“Ah Liz, what am I going to do with you?” he said throwing his arm around her shoulders and pulling her towards him. She rested her head against his chest. Against his beating heart and a moment later a small bag was placed in her lap.

She looked up at him from her position and smiled shyly, he smiled back, full grin, and dimple included, and kissed the top of her head.

The bag was yellow and it had white paper, it looked like a flower to Liz. A daisy. She almost didn’t want to open it. But Max nudged her, took her mug and placed it on the ground beside them. She then finally reached inside to find a luggage tag.

“What is this for?” she asked, confusion etched across her face. Max laughed softly and then leaned in and said, “That is for your new luggage Serena bought you that’s inside your room, which you are going to fill with clothes you will buy with your gift cards from tonight, clothes that you will wear when we go to Europe for two weeks.”

Tears filled her eyes, and she shook her head. The gift was too much, and she told him as much.

“Too much? No, Liz. I have wanted to go for almost as long as you have. I want my best friend with me. I want to experience it with you. Say you’ll come,” he whispered against her ear and then pulled her to her feet.

“I’ll come.”

“Happy birthday Liz.” He wrapped his arms around her waist and she linked her hands behind his head and for an undefined amount of time, they stood there, embraced to any passerby.


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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapters 3 & 4 4/21/10

Post by Behrsgirl77 » Wed Apr 28, 2010 8:55 pm

A/N- No you're eyes are not playing tricks, I'm really back with an update :)

Since it's late and I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, I will say this -- Thank you to everyone who is reading, your feedback means a lot and know that I read every single one and enjoy your take on each part.

Now...for the update...until next week.

Chapter Five
College Bound

September 2, 1995
7:06 A.M.

He tried to hide the smile on his face at the sound of her footsteps. She always thought she was as quiet as a mouse. He’d never let her think otherwise. He wondered what she was up to, he heard banging earlier, and then quiet and now she was making her way up the stairs to his bedroom.

“Max?” She tapped on his half-open door. He didn’t answer.

“Max, are you up?” she said again and this time he decided to turn onto his side and call her in.

Liz nearly dropped the serving tray she had in her hands, along with Max’s breakfast. He was shirtless, as he normally was, but she usually didn’t converse with him without a shirt and in a bed. She swallowed back the bubble of excitement and stretched out her arms handing the tray to him.

“What’s this? You cooked?” He crooked his head to the side, regarding her skeptically.

She blushed. He knew her too well. “I tried. But then it was just all wrong. So I ran out and bought it for you.” She smiled, and took a seat at the edge of his bed. Again her eyes drifted down his chest, thankfully he was covered from the waist down, however she had a suspicion there wasn’t anything underneath the bed cloths.

Taking a bite of crisp bacon, he nodded his head. “I figured. But thank you. Now do you want to tell me what all this is for?” He took a gulp of orange juice and watched her carefully.

Shrugging her shoulders, she stood and crossed the room standing in front of the window, she said, “I just wanted to.”

He lifted the tray to place it on the far side of his king sized bed and called her over. She hesitated but then joined him at the bed. He scooted over on mattress and Liz climbed in beside him, above the sheets.

“I know when the wheels in your head are spinning, so tell me, what’s wrong?” Because she wouldn’t meet his eyes, he placed a finger beneath her chin, tilting her face towards his.

She looked sad. He had a suspicion as to why, but he needed to find out from her. Speculation got him nowhere.

“Serena is leaving for college today, and you’re going to be starting next week. I didn’t think it would come this soon.”

He was right and he tried not to smile. She was wearing a pair of baggy blue jeans and a t-shirt that he was pretty sure was his that went missing from last weeks’ laundry.

“It did. It doesn’t feel like we should be going to college already. Almost like it’s too soon. But its not.” Liz nodded. The lump in her throat just wouldn’t subside. She would miss Serena, but she would miss Max more.

Taking a small fortifying breath, she spoke aloud her intentions. “I just want to let you know that I’ll have everything packed by next week. I know now that you’re moving closer to the school, you’ll need some space and the place you picked out is going to be great! I’ll just miss you,” she finished softly, so softly he would have missed it had he been any further away, but he wasn’t.

Max quickly pulled her into his arms, hugged her tightly and tugged her down into the bed with him. Thankfully the bed was large enough that his motions didn’t disturb the food tray.

“Max! What are you doing?!” she squealed and squirmed in his arms. She felt right, he never understood why though. Lately, especially after the death of his parents, Liz had come to mean more than a friend to him. She was his lifeline. She spent the greater part of the months following his and Isabel’s loss cheering them up, trying to make things as easy as possible.

He held her tighter, her body lay flush against his, and his body reacted to her the way it had been over the last few weeks. He tried to stamp down the hunger, the lust, he felt for her. Something he would never inflict upon her. Liz was an innocent, and she would stay that way until she was ready. He was not going to push the issue on what he felt because in the end it would ruin them. And he couldn’t lose her.

Instead he rolled them over so they lay on their sides facing each other. He drew his eyes away from her smiling lips, but then she licked them and he lost any sense of decency. He leaned in, she closed her eyes, and he kissed her.

Her lips had tasted exactly as he thought they would. They felt even better. Soft, full, giving, a hot shiver ran through his body. His hands wandered up the back of her shirt, and found her neck, he tilted her gently with one hand while his other continued to roam the soft expanse of her back and shoulders.

His lips devoured her; his tongue delved deeply, licking and tasting every corner. He wanted her, his body was ready, and then he heard her moan. His body froze.

What the fuck was he doing?

He pulled away abruptly, so much so that he tilted over the food tray, sending orange juice, coffee and an array of food onto the bed and the floor.

“Shit!” he jumped out of bed, and realized too late that he was naked.

Liz lay frozen. Max had just kissed her. She had just had her first kiss! A smile as vast as the ocean spread across her face.

It was over too soon and then Max emerged from the bed like the hounds of hell were after him, and he was naked.

Very naked. So naked that Liz actually sat up and took in the full view, before realizing what the hell she was doing.

“Oh God!” she groaned and then went to throw Max his shorts she’d grabbed off the chair in the corner of his room and then she ran, promptly out of his room and further, out of the house.
“I figured I’d find you here.” She closed her eyes in mortification. What if he noticed her checking him out? If only she could die on the spot.

What could she say? Apologize for oogling his goodies…and they were really really good, goodies.

Shaking her head, she realized he had come to sit beside her and the urge to stand was strong, but she bolted herself to the ground.

“Yeah, sorry. I just needed some air,” she tried to sound casual but she felt really nervous.

“I figured. I’m sorry about what I did back there Liz. I don’t know why I did it…I just I shouldn’t have. I hope you’re not too angry with me,” he said. She turned to him instantly and noticed he was squinting up at the sun, a blade of grass between his index finger and thumb.

“No! Max I’m not angry at all. I just…let’s just forget it, okay?” she asked softly, realizing that her hand was planted firmly on his arm.

It didn’t escape his senses that she was touching him, but he pushed any feeling that went with that away. Far away.

“I wanted to give you something today.”

“Really? For what?”

He resisted the urge to smile, because if he did, she would return the sentiment and they would be back in his bed and kissing wouldn’t be the only thing they’d be doing.

Max wasn’t sure what his problem was but he knew that if he didn’t get laid soon, he’d continue to feed the lust of his intentions on the wrong person. His best friend, which was never going to happen!

No matter how good she felt and tasted and how…


“Right, sorry. I wanted to give you these.” He said as he placed a set of keys in her lap.

She picked up the silver keys and eyed him warily. “What are these for?”

“Our new place, roomy! You look surprised. You honestly didn’t think Isabel and I would sell our parents house, move and that I would leave you.”

She blinked back the tears, she didn’t know how he knew but he knew she was too proud to ask him for help. While she worked two jobs it was hardly enough to afford her own rent. She was going to room with three of their friends. It wasn’t ideal but it was better than a hotel room.

“Liz, who am I going to get to fend off all those college girls? I have to study if I plan to have my own business by the time I graduate.” He winked at her as she punched him in the chest.

“You wound me woman. Now, since I ruined that great breakfast you brought me, how about I drive you and Serena to that wine tasting you both have been talking my ear off about for the last month?”


“Liz,” he admonished, “You should know by now there really isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you,” he said then added for good measure, “and Serena.”

Liz thrust her arms around his neck and kissed his cheek, “Thank you, Max.”

Max closed his eyes wondering how much he’d revealed, and hoped that she wouldn’t read too much into it.

They would always be friends. That’s all they could be, because losing Liz to a relationship that they might screw up, wasn’t an option.


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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapter 5 4/28/10

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A/N - I am sorry I have been away so long, but this story I have a few chapters written and it was taking me a while because I was trying to stick with my original vision (in addition to my lack of time). I was going to change a vital part of this story...and then decided against it.

Since we are only on chapter 5 and we still have a few more to go to see what will happen with Max and Liz...will they remain friends? That is something I hope you will stick around for.

For those of you still out there...i will be updating this tomorrow as I will every Sunday thereafter until it's completion.

I will also be posting a short story...by the end of the summer so keep your eyes open for that.


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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) A/N 7/31/10 pg 5

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---Thanks for your patience...hope you enjoy!

Chapter Six

May 7, 1997
7:43 PM

“Do you think at some point today, you could turn down the damn music? I have a final to study for,” Max tried not to growl out when Liz stepped into the living room with yet another can of soda.

He wondered where she put all that sugar, she was trim and had a perfect complexion but more than that he wanted to wipe that grin off her face. She was pissed, and a part of him could understand why, but the other didn’t give a shit, it was his house too.

“Maybe, you should learn to have sex with the door closed. Honestly, have a little shame, Max.” She tried to make him feel guilty; she hoped he felt guilty. It was a sight she was not soon to forget.

“You are harping on that, still? I said sorry. Get over it. Next time, walk directly to your room which is upstairs on the other end of the house,” he said aggravated and slammed his book closed. He liked to study in the living room; the chairs were perfect for him to not fall asleep. Liz picked them out.

She walked into the kitchen out of earshot, but he heard the can being flung into the sink and then the distinct sound of her mocking him.

Liz trotted back into the living room, not even sparing him a glance and said, “I’ll think about it.” Then walked back up the stairs, to her room and slammed the door, full force, causing Max to jump a little.

She knew how to get under his skin like no other. He slammed his book down to the floor and marched up to her bedroom door, he thought about knocking then thought better.

He swung the door open and there she stood, creamy, perfect…and naked.

He swallowed hard, his eyes took in the canvas of her body and slammed the door shut and he yelled, “I’m sorry!”

She yelled back and then turned the radio on full blast.

Since there would be no studying tonight, he decided he’d head out to the local bar, maybe after a few drinks he’d forget that birthmark near her belly button.
“Wait! Wait, so Max saw you naked? Was this before or after you saw him having sex with what’s her face?” Serena tried not to snicker behind her hand but she couldn’t help it. Max and Liz needed help but that didn’t mean she couldn’t laugh at their own expense. They were idiots.

Liz narrowed her eyes and resisted the urge to stomp her feet. “Sere, it was just…something I never wanted to see.”

“Maybe it was the picture you didn’t like. I could paint you a better one, clearer if you will,” Serena offered helpfully as she sipped her hot coffee.

Liz and her had met up at least twice a week; Serena’s college was only an hour train ride away from Max’s.

“I don’t need your help.”

“Really?” Serena asked, skeptically.

“Yes. Really. Now tell me are you seeing anyone?” Serena shook her head, “Oh no, Liz. We are going to talk about this.”

“I don’t want to. I need chocolate.” Serena watched as Liz bolted from the table. There was something going on, Liz was way too touchy about Max’s sex life. And that could only mean one thing to Serena.

Liz cared more than she wanted.

“Good to see you finally decided to come back to the table,” Serena quipped blandly.

“Whatever,” Liz grumbled and took her seat and began eating her brownie.

“What you are going to do before I let you leave, Liz, is tell me exactly what happened.”

“No,” Liz said around her brownie bite.

“Yes. Now.”

Giving up because she knew Serena could sniff out the truth from people like a police dog could sniff out drugs from locked trunks. Liz divulged everything that happened since their kiss, including all the naked extras.

“Oh my god! Oh my god! I knew something happened! Thanks for holding out on me!” Serena slapped Liz playfully on the arm.

“I couldn’t tell you. Max was always around…”

“Hmm…speaking of Max naked, how was it? I mean I know we’re just friends…but I have often wondered.” Serena continued to glean about what she thought Max would look like and all Liz could do was blush.

Serena’s brows arched in question. “Ohh, really? That good?”

“Better,” Liz murmured and shoved the rest of the brownie in her mouth before she incriminated herself even further.

“I knew it. I mean come on, Max takes care of himself…but…what’s wrong?” she asked when Liz grew quiet.


“That is not a nothing look, Liz. Tell me. I promise I won’t say anything unless you want me to.” Serena reached out a hand to Liz, squeezed it tightly and then released. She knew how hard it was in their delicate situation, trying to remain friends when Serena damn well knew how great Liz and Max would be together. Damn fools, she thought.

Playing with her napkin, Liz admitted what truly bothered her. “I saw him with her, Sere. I mean I know he was dating her and not like it was a surprise, I knew he had slept with her. But I feel like I’ll never erase the image of his body…he was kissing her, she was naked…it was just…just…” she couldn’t continue because she wanted to cry.

“Just what sweetie?”

Liz’s eyes connected with her friends, “Painful. Seeing them together was harder than I could have ever imagined. And now we’re not even talking. Well, that’s not true, we argue, slam things.” She shrugged her shoulder looking to her friend for an answer, for help.

Serena took Liz’s hand once again, “Liz I’m going to say something and you don’t have to say anything just nod your head when I’m done, okay?” Liz agreed.

“I think that a part of you knew what was happening in his room. And that part of you that knew, was also was curious to see if it would bother you. You’re friends, just friends as you both put it, so it really shouldn’t bother you. When you saw him, you wished it was you and him.”

Liz nodded.

Serena scooted closer, and allowed Liz to rest her head on her shoulder.

What both women hadn’t expected was to see, or rather hear their best friend.

“It would seem that no one but me could put that look on Liz’s face. I really messed up didn’t I?” Max said as he took in Liz’s face, surprised as it was now, it hadn’t been a moment ago, and Serena. Oh boy there would be hell to pay, and he knew it.

Girls never let anything drop.

Especially sex.
“Would you stop staring?” Max asked as he pushed his fingers through his hair. He was in Serena’s living room and Liz was down the corner grabbing Chinese food for them.

“Sorry. I just…” Shaking her head, she said, “Never mind.”

“She told you about me and Cindy, right? That she found us…”

“Having sex? Come now, Max. You aren’t going to turn shy now, are you?”

“Fuck! Look, I know I should have closed the damn door, but one thing led to another and we…” Max swallowed his embarrassment; he didn’t talk to Serena about sex…well maybe once but that was it.

Having to teach one of your best girl friends about sex was beyond awkward. But Serena could not talk to any of their other friends, they were not smart about it, and Liz…well Liz was still a virgin as far as Max and Serena knew. There was no one to teach her about protecting herself and Max felt it was his responsibility to not let his best friend get hurt.

“Bumped uglies? Ran the bases? Road horses? Laid the…” Serena continued to tick off the phrases with her fingers.

“What?! Good lord, what kind of moron are you dating now? Did he teach you those? Dump him. Fast.” Max shook his head, were there no decent men out there left?

“I did already, but thanks for the advice. Now back to you and what was her name? Cindy?”

“We aren’t talking about it. I apologized to Liz.”

“You didn’t mean it.”

“Of course I did!” he gaped at her, was she crazy, he wouldn’t hurt Liz.

Serena knew him, so well, that she managed to point out something he hadn’t even allowed to come to light, even in his own mind.

She shook her head; she always made him feel bad. And she always was quick to show him the error of his ways.

When it came to Liz, that is.

“Fine, why don’t you school me Sere,” he said with a wave of his hand, trying to sound bored.

“Thank you, I will.” She smiled and then stood up and began to pace.

“While I have my theories, what I can’t figure out is why you of all people didn’t come to the same conclusion. See, Max this is what I’m thinking. You took Cindy to your place, purposely left the door open, hoping that Liz would come home and find out. Not because you’re all into voyeurism…although maybe I’m wrong maybe you want to rock with your co—”

“Stop! Way off base, focus Serena.”

“Oh right! Sorry! What I’m trying to say is that you wanted a reaction out of Liz. In your own way, you thought that allowing her into your bedroom, into that act, that you would be able to garner a reaction. And guess what?”

“What?” he said, already knowing she was right. But why hadn’t he realized it?

“You got it. Now what, Max? Do you act on it?” Serena asked standing before him, hands on her hips just waiting for him to pick wrong, so she could tell him he was wrong. She loved pointing out how wrong people were. She took such great triumph in knowing people better than they knew themselves. She was going to be a great psychologist.

Staving off his response with her hand, Serena advised him accordingly. “No…don’t speak. Just shake your head.”

He did.

“Figures, I’m surrounded by idiots!”

“Who’s an idiot?” came Liz’s voice, followed by the closing of Serena’s front door.

Serena resisted the urge to groan and pull her hair out. She did have great hair; maybe she would pull out Max’s.

That brought a smile to her face.

“No one. Let’s eat I’m hungry,” Serena said and Max and Liz looked at each other, shrugged their shoulders and Max stood to help Liz with the bags.

“Thanks Max,” she said following him into the kitchen, he stopped, placed the bags on the counter and turned to face her.

“I’m sorry. I hope you know that.”

Their eyes locked for a moment…maybe longer and then a crackle sounded loudly in both their ears.

It took them a moment to realize that it was Serena clapping her hands beside them. “Finally you have made up! How about a kiss?”

Serena laughed at their expressions and thought, a girl can wish can’t she?


See you next week!

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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapter 6 8/1/10

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A/N - I'm back as promised with an update! Well I see you guys noted that you thought it was either gross or funny for Liz to see Max...well maybe this part will make up for that.


Chapter Seven
Falling In Love

March 15, 1998
8:02 PM

Serena flung herself onto Max’s bed a smile on her face and a bright tinge of happiness to her laugh.

“Are you okay?” he asked, skeptically, she looked more than okay. Max wondered where the hell Liz was. She said she would be done with her ‘date’ with Roger, or Robert, regardless the guy was an ass, early.

“I am more than okay! Max, I’m in love!” she squealed and he winced.

“Good to know things with Jared are going so well.” Max said genuinely happy for his friend.

Serena turned over onto her stomach to regard Max. She could not stop smiling. “I love him, Max. Not that, schoolgirl crush feeling. But I really love him. He asked me to move in.”

Max’s brows arched in concern. They had only been dating for a few months, or had it been longer?


“Yes! I am going to give Liz my place. The rent is low and you know my parents pay for it anyway, they won’t ever have to know I don’t live there.”

This was news to him. “Serena…” Max was interrupted by Liz’s arrival by the slam of a door.

He smiled. He couldn’t help it. The date went badly.

“I hate men!” Liz said stomping into his room, which for the past month had become both girls’ sanctuary to discuss their women problems…with him.

She too flung herself onto his bed. Thankfully he bought a king sized one for this new place. What was this talk of Liz moving out, he wasn’t sure he liked it.

“Aww sweetie, what happened?” Serena asked, pulling Liz to her side. Max surveyed both girls together. They could be sisters, he thought, both with dark hair, but eyes as different as night and day. Serena was taller than Liz but not by much, she was very curvy and voluptuous where Liz was lean and firm but at the same time soft and warm and…

He shook his head, tried to focus back on the two women’s whose heads were bent together.

“Wanna let me in on your secret Liz?” he asked not realizing he was as irritated as he was.

“What?” she asked confused, and then she looked at Serena.

“I’m sorry! I am in love! You can’t blame me!” she said and then ran out of the room at the sound of the phone ringing. “I’ll get it,” she called out over her shoulder.

“Does she know she’s answering your phone?” Liz asked trying to break the tension. No such luck.


Liz rolled onto her back. “I’m sorry, Max. I wanted to tell you when I was ready. I just thought that you needed your own space. You’re going to be a senior and I’m sure you are tired of having a roommate and…”

“And you still haven’t forgiven me for last year,” he surmised. And that’s what it came down to.

“I do!” she protested, but half –heartily. Because while she can forgive him and had already…she had wished for things she shouldn’t. That’s what upset her the most.

“I’m so sorry. I was stupid Liz. Hell I dumped her, and…” he had so much to say and no way of saying it.

He came to the bed, rested beside her on his back. “I guess it’s for the better. We have been dating more often and it’s sometimes difficult to explain…”

“Yeah,” she said softly.

“Exactly,” he said.

“Don’t think I’m not grateful Max. For all the years you let me have a free ride…I just want to see if I can make it on my own.”

He nodded in understanding, but said, “It wasn’t a free ride.” She smiled and he returned the sentiment.

Except he hated pretending that he understood because all it felt like to him was that he was losing yet another friend.

First Serena, and now Liz.

“It is amazing Liz. I don’t know how else to explain it.” Serena continued to go on and on about sex with Jared.

Not that Liz wasn’t interested, but it was something she had yet to experience. And she wanted to experience it…but not with just anyone.

“I can’t believe you haven’t with anyone yet, Liz. But that’s good. You should wait for the right guy. I wish I had. Thankfully, I avoided a lot of bad ones with Max’s help,” she said as she sank to the floor in Liz’s bedroom.

Liz’s ears perked up. “What do you mean with his help?”

Serena waved a dismissive hand and tried not to smile. Liz was so gullible; she loved her so much for that.

“Oh just that before I slept with anyone I needed advice, and I couldn’t go to my mom, so Max said he would talk to me about it, no matter how awkward it was for him.”

“Well…” Liz cleared her throat as she edged closer to the end of the bed. This time Serena couldn’t help but smile. Poor girl almost took a head dive off the foot of the bed.


“It’s just that…what did he tell you?”

“I think it would be best if maybe he spoke to you about it. He has a great way with words.” Serena honestly thought Liz would throttle her but she gave up with a wave of her hands.

“Okay I guess I could share with you. Someone has to teach you what to do.”

Liz nodded and Serena turned to her and explained everything Liz needed to know. Liz absorbed it like a sponge and then asked a question that caused Serena to choke and cough.

“Are you serious?”

“What? I don’t know! So I’m asking you…as a friend.” Liz nearly begged. Serena honestly didn’t have a problem talking about sex but she hadn’t realized just how green Liz was.

“I think that might be a question for Max,” she said with the pure enjoyment of seeing Liz’s expression.

“Liz I really can’t tell you because every guy is different but I will tell you every guy I’ve been with has enjoyed it…thoroughly.” Serena wiggled her brows and tossed her long black hair over her shoulder. She watched the curiosity on Liz’s face and wished that Max would walk in; boy the look on his face would be priceless!

Liz sat back and thought about it for a minute. While she had seen movies and read books, nothing really measured up to the actual act and she just wanted to know so badly.

“What do you do? Just like…lay there and spread your legs or do they do it for you? And honestly, I don’t know if I could just be okay with it. I’ve heard that some girls don’t even like it…”

Serena had to cut her off; Liz would ramble all night, “Oh my god! Liz…Liz I love you. But you are thinking way too much into this. And as far as the girls that don’t like it…they must be dying breed Liz. I can’t explain the feeling to you, but trust me you don’t want to skip it.” Serena winked and excused herself to run to the bathroom.

Liz leaned back on the bed thinking about what Serena said. She wondered what it would feel and be like if it were…no! She closed her eyes and willed the thoughts, the pictures out of her mind.

Max had a girlfriend…well if you could call her that. She was his for a month. Max had gone on this dating spree; he’d had spurts of them for as long as she’d known him. She didn’t like it. She felt that sex was special…apparently Max and Serena took it a bit more lightly.

Not that there was anything wrong with that.

Popping back in the room, Serena drew her away from her inner thoughts. “Now do you have any more questions?”


“Okay, shoot!”

“I want to know what it feels like, the first time. It hurts right? But what else?”

Serena leaned back and asked for some pillows, Liz threw them down at her and joined her on the rug.

“Let me think. It has been a while,” she said smiling.

“Ah yes. The first time hurt, but if the guy is good, then he’ll not only take his time but he’ll make it worth your while.”

Liz shook her head. She didn’t understand the innuendos. She needed plain English.

“What I mean is, he won’t rush it along and tell you, its easier if you get it over with. He’ll wait, he’ll kiss you and he’ll make you as comfortable as possible. He’ll make it so that the only thing you feel is…this amazing rush!” Serena said with brightness in her eyes and voice that made Liz understand exactly what her friend was referring to.

“And do you always feel that?”

“No. Some guys are just pigs, as Max would put it. And he was right. I will tell you Liz; some guys just don’t care about how a woman feels. It takes us so much longer to get revved up…and some just aren’t willing to get you to the point that they’re at. They want to race to the finish line without pit stops.”

“Must you always speak about sex using such lingo?” Liz asked and when Serena told her Max had said a similar thing to her once, Liz couldn’t help but speak out.

“Did he ever tell you about…about himself?”

Serena could understand Liz’s need to know. She didn’t understand why Max and Liz didn’t just crawl into bed so that Max could teach her a thing or…fifty about the art of what Liz is missing in her life.

“No. Honestly, though Liz…I know it was long ago and you hate to think about it. But did Max look like he needed any help in that regard that day you saw him?” Liz blushed crimson and threw a pillow at Serena.

Liz couldn’t forget how he looked. She could now picture him without the girl. Just his sweat slicked back, his hips thrusting up and down, his firm ass, his chest heaving from exertion and his features determined.

She wondered what it would be like to be on the receiving end of that kind of determination.


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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Chapter 7 8/8/10

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A/N - You guys are great! Thank you for sticking with me through my rough patches, now I think you all deserve some much needed determination :)

Hope you enjoy!

Chapter Eight
A Virgin Is Lost At The Wedding

June 12, 1999
5:55 PM

“I can’t believe it, Sere. I never thought when I met you when we were little girls that I would be standing here, watching you get married. That I would be your maid of honor and that…that we would grow up and apart.”

“Liz, we are not growing apart. We are growing up though. I’m glad you and Max are on better terms; better friends now than I have ever seen you. I just wish so much for the both of you.” Liz smiled, she didn’t want to think about her and Max. There was no her and Max. And she had decided that after nearly obsessing over him that they were great friends. They were perfect friends and she wouldn’t ruin it for anything.

She watched as Serena’s mother placed a row of pearls around her daughter’s neck. And Liz took a quick glance at herself in the mirror. She wore yellow today, her favorite color. It was a beautiful dress and Liz hoped that she wouldn’t trip and fall in it.

“You look beautiful. I knew when I saw you try it on that it was the dress,” Liz said, tears in her eyes.

“Don’t you cry! If you cry then I will cry and we will look terrible. And today is not a day of tears. Now, I have ten minutes to get downstairs.”

Liz nodded and blinked back her tears. “You’re right.”

Serena took a deep breath and turned towards the door, Liz leading the way, but there was a knock before it was opened.

“Max? What are you doing here?” Liz asked as he pushed his way into the room.

“I wanted to talk to Serena before…before she got married.” Liz couldn’t help but smile. Look at them, three friends who had been through everything together and now as one of them was moving on to start a new life, he was trying to make peace with it.

He looked so good in his tux. No…she scolded herself. She would not think of that.

“Hi Max, good to see you.” Serena teased.

Max leaned in and kissed her cheek. “Can I talk to you for a minute?” he asked and she nodded and they walked into the attached sitting room, closing the door behind them.

Liz waited outside; she wondered what they were talking about. To say she was jealous would be an understatement.

“I wanted to tell you how proud of I am of you. I know I have Isabel, but she’s my older sister, I never had to look out for her. But you and Liz, I grew up with you and I’m closer to you and her more than any of my guy friends. I want you to know that, I’m so damn happy you’re getting your happy ending Sere. I really am.”

“Thank you, Max but I will beat you with my flowers if you make me cry. However, I am sensing a but.”

Max smiled, shaking his head, “You do know me so well,” he paced past her and wrung his hands.

“Max? You’re making me nervous and that takes a lot.”

She could tell he was resisting the urge to run his hand through his hair. “Sorry. Sorry. I need to ask you a question and maybe I should have asked you a while ago but I think I have an idea what the answer might be, but I’m not sure. And if anyone would know, it would be you.”

“O-kay, what is it Max?” Serena came to his side, stopped his pacing and forced him to look at her.

“Is Liz…has Liz ever mentioned me? Not as a friend I mean? Has she ever…”

“Before I answer you Max, I need to know where you’re going with this.” Serena was serious; she would only divulge the answer to Max’s question if she knew what he wanted with the information. She hoped for one thing, but in the end Max was a guy so she had to be sure.

Max sighed, and that was definitely not like him, “I…I…never mind. It was stupid. Just forget it. We have a wedding to attend.”

Max began to sidestep her but she pulled him back, gripping his arm firmly. She looked him in the eyes and she knew he was fighting the same thing Liz had been for sometime, longer than him she was sure of.

“I love you, Max. I really do. I’m so happy that both you and Liz are here to share this day with me. And I’ve never seen that look in your eyes before, not like that so I’ll tell you one thing. If you repeat it, I’ll kill you and if you forget it, I’ll kill you. Got that?” she asked seriously.

“I promise.”

And in that moment, Liz knocked on the door announcing that the ceremony was going to start and Jared would not be happy that Max made her late.

If she didn’t know Max better she would have missed the look in his eyes, it was just a flash but it was there.

“Max, I have to get married now, if that’s okay with you.” Max managed smile and escorted her to the door.

Serena paused before turning the handle.

She looked up at Max and said, “To answer your question. Yes.”

Max watched her walk through the door and there standing looking at him expectantly was Liz.

Would she always be on the other side of the door, waiting for him?
“Max what are you doing?” she whispered out, as he tugged her out of bed early in the morning. Liz had just closed her eyes after an hour of thinking about Serena’s wedding. It was beautiful and perfect.

“Why are you whispering in your hotel room, Liz?” He shook his head; he hoped he was doing the right thing.

It felt right.

“Max why are you taking your clothes off!” she said with surprise. They had the best hotel suite (with the exception of the honeymoon suite); Serena had picked it out for them. It had a large heated pool right off of the living room.

He regarded her with a sly grin. “Liz, have you ever gone skinny dipping?”

“No! And I’m not about to start, now…with you…in there.” She pointed to the water as if were swarming with sharks. He tilted his head back and laughed.

“This isn’t funny! You need to put your clothes on…now…” she swallowed as she watched him drop his pants and then step into the water with his boxers on…and then followed closely as he disappeared under water and came up throwing his boxers near her feet.

She jumped.

Max laughed at the horrified look on her face, but he wouldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want. So instead of asking her to join him, he tipped his head back under the water and then looked up at her.

“I’m going to take a little swim, if you want you can join me, if not have a good night, Liz.”

He then turned and began to do laps in the pool.

Liz watched his retreating back, his rippling muscles as he swam away from her. She bit her bottom lip and wished she could call Serena and ask her what she should do. Was Max asking her just to swim…or something more? And despite all of her resignations, she knew without a doubt what Serena would tell her.

Jump the hell in!

And so, she did, after she saw that Max was far enough away not to really notice that she was taking her clothes off, or that she was actually getting into the pool…with him…naked.

He was breathing hard and it had nothing to do with his short swim, but everything to do with Liz at the other end of the pool, shoulders deep in water. He swallowed. And then started to swim back in her direction, trying not to drown.

“So you do have a little daredevil in you,” he smiled softly and watched how she blushed. He wanted to kiss her, he wanted to touch her, but he didn’t want her running. So he just stopped in front of her and waited.

She couldn’t meet his eyes, and then she realized half horrified she was trying to see him under the water. Finally her brown eyes reached his and she smiled nervously, and that’s when he knew he couldn’t let her leave.

“Come here, Liz.” Max reached out his arm to her and she took it, he walked them to the deeper section and then stopped, less than an inch apart they stood and she needed to hold onto his shoulders to stay above water.

Nervously, she asked, “Now what?” Which was exactly what he was waiting for; he leaned in, cupped her face between his wet hands and kissed her.

The kiss started off soft, gentle and then when her fingers dug into his arms, and her body pressed against his, he groaned and tilted her head for deeper assault. His tongue swept inside her hot lips, their kiss grew hotter, wetter and when it couldn’t be avoided, he reached one arm down and wrapped it around her waist, pulling her closer.

Her heart pumped hard, forceful even, against her chest. His lips were demanding things from her, that God help her; she wanted to give more than she would ever admit. Max’s arm trapped her against his hard body; every inch of his chest, his thighs…and his erection was pressed deliciously against her body.

Max broke the kiss, moving them slowly closer to the steps, and then he stopped and looked down into her big brown eyes, her heaving chest, her breasts and knew he was the luckiest guy in the world. He took her hand and willed her with his eyes to trust him.

She clutched his hand and followed him out of the pool and into his bedroom.

“Are you cold?” he whispered as he sat at the edge of the mattress, she nodded her head and he urged her down into his lap. “Come here, baby,” he said as he wrapped his arms around her, kissed her and drew out the sweetest sounds he’d ever heard from her lips.

Liz drew her hands around his shoulders, down his back; his skin was smooth and hot to the touch. And his tongue, good lord, his tongue was causing her body to writhe against his equally naked one.

Running his hands down her slender back, Max reached the soft globes of her ass and squeezed them gently teaching her how to move her body against his. He tore his lips from hers and rested his head against her shoulder; it was so overwhelming finally being with her that he had to calm himself down. He wanted to bury himself inside of her, all night, all day…forever.

Her fingers dug into his scalp and her breathing was heavy and erotically laced with a wanting he’d never heard before, but one that tore straight through his soul causing an ache of desperation to take root. He had to have her. Not for a few minutes, but for a damn lifetime, and that scared the shit out of him.

Liz felt Max’s hips buck up into hers, he was teaching her what to do, how to please him and she arched her back, knowing that she couldn’t stop now, no matter what the voice in the back of her mind was saying. She closed her eyes tightly and just felt. Tracing the shell of his ear and enjoying the sounds of his moaning, he wanted her as much as she did him.

“Liz…” he whispered into her neck and reached to wrap her legs around his waist, and then turned her gently, easing her further up on the bed. Onto her back.

He rested half is body against hers, his mouth drawing kissing all over her body. The tips of her nipples were sucked, licked and tormented until she was bowing off the bed, clenching the sheets and nearly begging him to make the ache stop.

“I want you so much…but you have to be ready…I would never hurt you, you know that right?” He asked, kissed her lips and waited until she took a deep breath and opened her eyes to look up at him.

“Yes, I know. Max…I just…I need…” Placing a finger against her lips, he smiled in the darkness and although it was nearly three a.m., the moonlight cast a beautiful blue glow into the room. And over their naked bodies.

Max kissed her neck, her breasts, her stomach…and lower. His hands were not idle, they roved her body, marking it, branding her in ways she wouldn’t even begin to understand, not until later, he thought with a smile.

His clever fingers found the delicate place between her thighs; a place he knew was untouched by any man, (a fact that Serena had hinted at during their conversation at the wedding reception). A sense of overwhelming protectiveness rolled over him and he knew that if any man ever touched her like this, he would kill him.

Feeling her body tense, her intake of breath he whispered up to her, to close her eyes and just feel.

Liz did exactly as she was told…she felt the intimate kiss take hold of her body and the sheer pleasure of it shot up from her toes to her fingertips. She gasped and then moaned out during the hottest, most erotic kiss of her life as Max used his tongue, his lips and his fingers to draw out the hardest climax of her life.

Placing a wet kiss against each thigh, Max slid back up her body, kissing her lips, asking for her permission. “Yes…please Max…” she clawed his back, but froze when she felt him retreating.

“W-what’s wrong?” she asked in the darkness. “Condom…I need a damn condom…” she heard him mutter and rifle in his drawer, did he keep them there…was he expecting she would come to him, that this would happen?

Did it really matter? She didn’t regret anything they’d done. Besides that, she knew Max. There was no ulterior motive.

When he didn’t come back to her right away, she reached for him and urged him back to bed. Liz found his thick cock in the darkness and wrapped her hand around him and began to pump; he hissed and bucked his hips towards her, “Sweet Jesus, baby…I need to find…”

“It’s okay, Max. I’m on the pill.” She didn’t have to wait another second, because he had on her back, his lips fastened to hers, eating at her, devouring her moans and her cries when he pushed into her untried flesh. He groaned staving off the utter instinct to bury himself in her wet heat. He never felt anything better than being inside her. Nothing. Ever. Felt. Better. He thought as he kissed her temple, swiping her tears and asked her if she wanted him to stop.

“No. God no, Max, please don’t stop.”

Max smiled against her lips, and then pushed himself onto his fists, he then asked her to take what she wanted. She arched her hips off the bed towards him; he waited nearly dying with the aching need to slam into her. He’d never had sex without protection; he was so damn happy it was with Liz. Her moans rose in pitch and he knew she was close, he continued to cajole her into riding him and then finally when he knew she was tiring out, he pressed his entire body down into hers.

Her breath, and a long serrated moan broke past her lips and Max groaned into her neck, relishing in the feel of her orgasm wrapping around his cock and her hot wet rushing heat encompassing him. Drawing him in further and further. Deeper, he pushed, harder he pumped as her legs opened and wrapped around his waist. He pushed onto his elbow and drew his other hand down her leg, angling it higher against his body, opening her body wider.

Sweat dampened his back, his thighs, his face, his chest, and she was quick to run her hands all over the parts she could reach, and further as he opened her willing body. Her hands ran down his ass, her fingers digging into the fleshy mounds as another orgasm hit at the feel of his heavy, slapping thrusts. His cock was thick and full inside her, she urged him on, she loved that she made him that excited. Maybe because she never thought Max would be attracted to her enough to want her this way.

And then, he lifted his head from her neck and faced her, his breath rushing out, the muscles in his neck and shoulders strained, and that’s when she realized, she was finally…finally on the receiving end of that well earned determination.

Another orgasm hit her, and Max groaned, slamming his hips into hers and she felt the hot rush of his release bath her no longer virginal walls and she couldn’t help but smile up at him, he smiled back and they both laughed softly. He leaned in and kissed her lips softly and pulled her into an embrace.

“You okay?” he asked, in the darkness. He had pulled the covers over their cooling bodies and held her against his chest. “Yes, I’m great,” she’d whispered. “Hmm…good that was amazing.” He kissed her temple and wrapped his arms around her.


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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) A/N 1/2/11

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A/N - Back with an update! I hope it's not too rusty, it's been months since I've been able to write anything!

Alien_Friend - Thanks girlie...
keepsmiling7 - Carolyn, thank you, I'm glad to hear it!
rosyrosy2882 - Much appreciated, I hope you enjoy.
Roswell_Dreamer - I am back...now if this board would stop acting up I could get here sooner.
Earth2Mama - Can you believe I have NEVER had a story to got D&B section...it saddened me when I started up my laptop came to the site and saw it! But it's back and will be finished before the end of this month!
Tessa982 - Thank you for the kind words...hope I don't disappoint :)

To any others reading..thank you...I hope you enjoy!

Chapter Nine
The Morning After…Kiss

June 13, 1999
10:14 AM

It was the biggest mistake of her life. She knew it was wrong but there was no way she could or would take it back. Having to look herself in the mirror and know that she had slept with her best friend…and enjoyed it, was not an easy pill to swallow.

What was she thinking? Or not, for that matter. She and Max couldn’t go around sleeping with each other. Yes, he gave her, her first time and it was perfect. He was perfect. It was everything she had imagined and more…well except for the fact that now she had to face him and act as if nothing had happened.

It would be the most difficult performance of her life. Max couldn’t know how much last night affected her. She had to let go because if she didn’t, if she held on, she knew deep down she would end up losing Max in the end.

And that, losing him, was the worst thing she could imagine.

So, knowing how he would take it, she snuck out of his bed this morning and back into her own room. Showered and dressed and when Max approached, she would brush it off as them getting caught up in the moment of the wedding.

Because that’s all it was…he could never know how she really felt. If she voiced it, she would be left standing alone.

Max rolled to his side, reached out an arm…and felt nothing. His eyes and head snapped up almost at the same time.

Liz was gone.

Or maybe she just went to the bathroom, he thought, with a smile forming on his lips. Last night, it was the start of something that he was terrified to admit out loud. Maybe he was afraid of nothing. He and Liz had been friends for as long as he could remember, she was finally on track getting her Associates degree and thinking about the future.

So maybe she was ready to move forward with him.
Max pulled the covers from his body, looked down at the evidence of last night and while he was probably an asshole for thinking it, he was damn happy about being Liz’s first. For her to have given him that, he knew it meant something more to her.

It had to.

“Morning,” Max said and leaned in to kiss Liz, after a proper shower and tooth brushing, but she recoiled.

“What’s wrong?” he asked, reaching out to touch her diverted face, tilting her chin gently to face him.

Her face was all wrong, his brows furrowed in confusion and he asked again.

“Nothing, Max. It’s just…well…let’s talk about it later.” Liz couldn’t hide her anxiety; she was scared of his reaction. Not that he would physically hurt her, but that she would hurt his feelings and he wouldn’t understand that sleeping together was wrong.

“We’re talking about it now. Was it last night?” he asked hesitantly. She only nodded.

“Was I…God…Liz, did I hurt you? Are you okay?” he moved in to wrap his arms around her, but she took two steps back.

His stance, she saw the moment it changed. Max’s back straightened and his nostrils were flaring, right along with those golden-honey eyes. She bit the inside of her cheek knowing his anger was just boiling beneath.

“Max, what happened last night…this morning, can’t happen ever again.” Liz thought her voice sounded firm enough. Although, her eyes still couldn’t meet his.

Max wouldn’t allow his emotions rule this conversation; he took two steps and stood directly in front of her. He had to see it in her eyes; he had to know that what she was saying wasn’t bullshit.

“You didn’t like it?”

Liz looked shocked by the question, good, he thought, some kind of positive reaction.

“Of course I did, you know that.”

“I’m sensing a ‘but’ somewhere in there, Liz.”

Liz nodded again, her eyes met his and she told him, “But, I won’t let this ruin us.”

“And what makes you so damn sure it will?” he couldn’t hide the anger from his voice, or the irritation that he felt she was being a coward.

Or maybe he was just being an idiot. Something he was discovering about himself in conjunction with Liz Parker.

“Because, it always does. And Max, I can’t be that girl you sleep with and then walk away from.”

Max flinched as if she had physically struck him across the face. “Is that what you think of me? Is that how you think I would treat you?”

“No, actually I know you would never intentionally hurt me. But that just means you would stay with me to avoid hurting my feelings, or our friendship. This way…neither of us has to worry about any awkwardness or anything.”

“I’m so glad your faith in me as a friend, is so strong. Did you ever think that those girls meant nothing to me? How about the fact that I was your first? That means nothing? Because I’ll tell you what I felt for you last night…was not friendship,” his voice was sarcastic as best, scathing at worst and he knew it.

How could she be so nonchalant about the entire situation?

Liz closed her eyes, allowed the tears that had been building to slip down the corners and pleaded with Max to just understand.

“I can’t lose you. This changes us if we allow anything to continue. I won’t lose you. This morning meant more to me than I can even put into words, but I need you to just let it go. Not to forget, but don’t put more importance on it than necessary. Max, I love you. You’re by best friend and I can’t…I just can’t let anything come between us. Especially us.” Her tears fell and her shoulders shook and she feared her words would push Max away for good.

Max closed his eyes, tightened his fists at his sides and prayed for the patience to accept Liz’s request. He would need to bury his feelings, and he just didn’t know if he could do it. All he could think of was the feel of her lips, her breath, her body moving against his…it was so right, so damn right.

And then he opened his eyes, and saw her tears and knew that he would do anything for her. Anything, including letting this moment and all the feelings that he’d suppressed over the years for her, go.

He’d kiss her one last time…and then he’d let go.


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Re: Every Little Kiss (M/L,AU,Adult) Chp 9 1/8/11

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A/N Thanks for your patience, it took me 2 hours to try and post this...the website is most irritating...

Chapter 10

The Heart Won’t Lie
July 13, 1999

“When are you going to tell me your secret? I don’t like this tiptoeing around you and Max are doing behind my back.”

Liz sat perched on the edge of her seat as she looked out at the football game that was taking place in front of her and Serena. She had kept the secret of that night a month ago, to the day, to herself. But, if she was honest, it was eating her alive.

Especially since it seemed like it didn’t affect Max at all. He acted like nothing changed between them, not that it had. Damn it, she was just so confused. Maybe it was time to tell Serena.

Taking a sip of iced tea, she turned to face Serena. God, she truly loved her, she didn’t know what she would have done without her in her life.

“I slept with Max.”

“What the fuck! You slept with…” Liz jumped out of her chair and muffled Serena’s words with her hand.

“Don’t say it.” Serena’s eyes were wild, but she nodded.

“We need to walk; we need to…damn I should have brought some beers. I need a long cold drink.” Serena stood pacing in front of her lounge chair. Her mind went around and around Liz’s words, then she looked up and sought the man in question. Max’s eyes met hers, and he knew…she let him know, with just a look that she knew.

“Serena, can you please sit?”

“No. I need to know when, where, how…I need…I need…to sit. I think I’m going to faint.” Liz reached out and led her to the chair, waiting until Serena looked like she could carry on a conversation.

“I can’t believe you guys have been keeping your relationship a secret from me. I am hurt. I mean am I not the one that’s been pushing for you guys over the years? I…”

“We’re not together. And we certainly aren’t in a relationship,” Liz was quick to correct.

Serena whipped her head around, and narrowed her eyes, “What do you mean?”

Liz looked away nervously, wringing her hands in her lap, how could she explain so that her friend would understand.
“We slept together once. And we both know what a mistake it was. I mean it was great…but we just feel that what we have is not worth destroying,” Liz was immediately cut off.

“You’ve lost your damn mind, you know that right? You and Max belong together, I wish you could see what I see when you are both together. You aren’t destroying anything, you have a chance at something great, and you’re just going to brush it off as if it’s nothing? I thought you were smarter than this. And Max, what in the hell is he thinking…doesn’t he…wait a minute. Did he tell you this? If he did, I swear to God, Liz, I love him but I will kill him.”

Liz shook her head and Serena sighed and slid down in her chair. “Start from the beginning, leaving nothing out.”

So, Liz did exactly that, with all the details because Serena insisted on it. She said that she needed details to tide her over until she could figure out what to do with the both of them.

It took longer than Liz expected, but she finally got it all out, right around the time the game ended.

“You’re both idiots and I’m not talking to either of you until…until…well I don’t know when, but not for a while.” With that Serena stood, wrapped her arms around her sweaty husband and allowed him to escort her to their car.

Liz stood; rooted in her spot, so still that Max was sure she would sprout roots soon. “You okay?” he asked softly, as to not startle her.

It took her a minute, but she responded. “So…uhm…you told her?” He was smart to avoid looking at her. He couldn’t really look her in the eyes, it was only then that he wanted to wrap her in his arms and do things he knew she didn’t want.

“Yes. And before you get upset, she’s my friend, I needed to tell someone.”

Max cocked his head to the side, “Yeah? I wonder why you would feel the need to tell her anything, since you’ve already forgotten it. Or was it that I was supposed to forget it?” He couldn’t hide his bitterness. Not even possible.

He knew it was wrong, he had promised himself he wouldn’t bring it up, wouldn’t think about it, ever, even when he was sleeping. But the fact that she felt it was worthwhile news to tell Serena, well hell, he was pissed about it.

Max wasn’t allowed to even breathe a word of it, but Liz, she could do with it what she wanted.

“What is that supposed to mean? I told you before…”

“Yeah, I got it Liz. I’m just a love them and leave them kind of guy, what the hell would I know about feelings? Sorry I bothered you.” Max bent over to grab his gym bag and strode off without another word to her.

Damn, she knew it was a mistake, but she had to tell Serena.

What Liz couldn’t figure out was if she was telling herself to forget it, and told Max to forget it, why couldn’t she stop thinking about that night?
“I want to be angry with you,” Serena said the next day as Max answered his door. This was the one person he didn’t want to know about what happened between him and Liz. Serena wouldn’t understand and he would have a fat chance of trying to explain it.

Max’s lips quirked up a little, “I hope that means you’re not mad.”

“I’m sure that if I think about it longer, I could be. But, for some reason this has Liz Parker written all over it.” Serena, reached out and pulled Max into a hug, one that he hadn’t realized he needed.

“Thanks. You want something to drink?”

“I’ll take some water, please.” She followed him into the kitchen and took a seat at one of the stools at the counter. After Max pushed a glass in front of her, and took a swig of his own, her eyes met his.

It was sympathy, he didn’t want it. But he rationalized that he needed it.

“So tell me what happened. I got the details; I need to know how it really went afterwards.”

Max sighed, he hating thinking about that morning but Serena wasn’t asking to hurt him; it was to try and help him.

“She just didn’t even want me to touch her. Sere, I know that my reputation isn’t great with girls, but she had to know that if we slept together it meant something. I wouldn’t do that to her, but I felt…I don’t know. I was just angry with her for even thinking that.”

Serena just nodded her understanding, and motioned for him to continue.

“She practically begged me to forget it. To not talk about it, to just pretend nothing happened. I know she’s afraid of losing me, but I didn’t see it like that. I saw it as; finally I could tell her how I felt.”

“Max, can I ask you a question?”


“Do you love her?”

“Of course, I love her.”

“No, that’s not what I’m asking. Max, are you in love with her?”

Max wasn’t sure how to answer, he loved Liz, would do anything for her. Loved spending time with her, just…loved everything about her, except for her stubbornness of course.

“Yeah, I am.”

“So why didn’t you tell her?” Serena knew that Max and Liz had a long way to go, because if Max couldn’t tell Liz how he really felt, there was no point in pursing anything further because Liz wouldn’t lose Max. And Serena knew Liz would push Max away to the point of making him regret he even cared for her in the first place.

Was there an easy solution? She didn’t think so and she hated to see what became of them next.

“Why? Because she didn’t give me a chance, she just laid out her rules, forget it because she sure as hell was going to.” Max knew he sounded bitter and he was. He was also angry with himself for not getting in Liz’s face and telling her exactly how he felt.

Damn, too late to go back now. What was done was done.

“So you realize it too.” Serena stated more than question and Max nodded.

“And now what do I do?”

Serena stood, crossed the distance and stood on her tiptoes to wrap her arms around his neck.

“Now, you let her go. I wish it didn’t happen the way it did, but Liz needs time. Until she feels safe enough to let you have her heart, she won’t let you in.”

Max stiffened and pulled her back, “After all these years, you’re telling me to just give up?” Serena laid a hand over his heart and looked up at him.

“I’m not saying give up, I’m saying give her time. Show her you’re not going to leave her, show her that you want to stick around, Max. Show her that no matter what she does, and I hate to say it, she’s going to do things that will bring you to the point of wanting to strangle her, but show her it doesn’t matter. Because, if you really love her, then you’ll wait.”

“You are expecting me to just sit on my ass, let her do and see whoever the hell she wants and be okay with it? What if I’m not? What if my feelings change?” he asked heatedly, still realizing she held onto him.

“What I’m saying is that when she’s ready, you’ll know and if you’re not…then I was wrong.”

Serena moved to step away, but Max placed a hand on her shoulder, and asked her what she was wrong about.

Serena smiled, “That from the time you were sixteen, you and Liz, belonged together.”


And as promised..this the link to the Teaser chapter of And Still ...the chapter is several pages longer, but this is just a sample, let me know if you want me to continue. :) http://www.roswellfanatics.net/viewtopi ... &start=110
It's at the bottom of the page.


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