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Vengeance (CC, Max, Teen) 1/1

Posted: Mon Jun 19, 2006 11:39 pm
by Zanity
Vengeance (CC, Max, Teen) 1/1 -- Banner by RosDude

Author: Zanity

Summary: Something prevents Max from healing Liz and he snaps.

Rating: Teen

Disclaimer: The characters of "Roswell" belong to Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, WB, and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement is intended.

The shot rang out and Max was at her side almost instantly. The constricting pain in his chest was unbearable… He couldn’t lose her. He tried to form the connection he knew he needed in order to heal her, but there was another presence there blocking him.

It was another Liz, a Liz from the future. He connected with that Liz and he got a rush of images; images of half a dozen timelines. In each timeline he had saved her… they had loved… and the world had ended.

His mind filled with the beauty of the love they shared. Then the pain coursed through him of the misery that they both suffered each time someone from the future came back and tried to interfere… all in vain. Their love for each other was too strong to be denied.

Then he felt the desperation of the Liz that was preventing him from performing this task… one final chance to prevent destruction.

As the Liz lying before him died, the future Liz vanished as well. The howl of agony that was torn from Max echoed through out the diner. Max cradled Liz’s lifeless body, holding it close to him; still unprepared to let her go. Sobs reverberated through his body. It was the most heart wrenching scene any of the onlookers had ever witnessed.

The paramedics arrived and it took two paramedics and three police officers to pry Liz’s body away from Max. As her body was ripped away from him, so too was everything good, descent, kind and caring inside him. In that moment Max Evans died. In his place stood King Zan… King Zan who swore vengeance for the love that was stolen from him.

As his alien side became prominent memories from his past flooded his mind and he suddenly knew what he should do. He marched out of the diner and drove his jeep out to the Pod Chamber. He was the king. The Granolith was his to command.

Arriving at the Pod Chamber he aimed his hand at the jeep and focused his energy. Seconds later the jeep was a cloud of subatomic particles. No evidence was left behind.

As he entered the Granolith chamber he realized he no longer had any use of his body. For the remainder of his quest the Granolith could be his body and after that he would no longer have a reason to live. Liz was gone, and soon so too would be those responsible for taking her. So he shrugged off his body leaving his lifeless corpse to turn to ash as he transferred his heart, mind, and soul into the powerful machine.

His anger, fury, pain, hatred and quest for vengeance merged with the Granoliths cold, calculating, logical, and mechanical precision. As he merged with the Granolith his powers were amplified beyond reason… he knew they would be.

He reached out with his mind and he scanned the area for the two ultimately responsible for taking Liz from him.

When he found them, he projected an image into their minds of himself standing in front of them. Thanks to the Granolith he could view the scene as if he rather than his image were actually there. Their eyes filled with cold terror were met with his filled with fiery rage.

He paralyzed them with the power of his mind as he pronounced judgment upon them, “I am King Zan of Antar and you are guilty of murdering my chosen Queen. Your sentence is death.”

With that he placed one hand on each of their chests and let loose his fury. Cell by cell; muscle by muscle; organ by organ; he burned them alive… starting with the least vital. He reached into their minds and directly stimulated the pain centers to increase their agony a thousand fold. He tempered his killing energy with just enough healing power so that the death of these two monsters, who took everything good from him, would be prolonged in agony.

With the two charred dead corpses laying on the ground the King once again use his mind to scan the Earth. He found the primary skin encampment at Copper Summit as well as over two dozen other encampments. This was the race that attacked earth. This was the race was just as responsible for taking Liz from him.

He plunged his consciousness deep into the depths of the Earth. His mind moved through layers of dirt, rock, and metal as he manipulated the planets molecular structure. He altered the varying layers of the planet until he’d created a brand new volcano in each of the skin encampments. Burning hot magma spewed forth from the planets surface. The eruptions created a blazing and fiery heat that was lethal to these invaders.

With the bulk of the skins dead he went after the few who would remain. He knew at least Senator Whitaker would not have been at one of the encampments when he attacked… and if one of them was of infiltrating our government he could bet more were.

He came up with a solution…he searched for and found Agent Pierce, the man who had been his tormentor in every past timeline. He waited till Pierce was asleep then visited him on the dream plane. He molded Pierce’s dreams exacting revenge, an eye for an eye, until Pierce had endured every second of his torture. Then he shredded Pierce’s mind and took possession of his body. Now that he was in charge of the Special Unit, he used their resources, as well as his own powers, to track down and exterminate every last surviving skin.

When he was satisfied that the Earth was safe from the enemy race, he turned his attention on the two protectors who consistently failed him. Soon Ed Harding and Cal Langley were both executed by FBI swat teams. Immediately following their executions he made sure the bodies were destroyed so the two shape shifters would stay dead.

Then this being, who once had been Max Evans, left Pierce; allowing his body to fall into a brain dead coma. He entered the minds of the rest of the unit and one by one altered their memories so instead of aliens they thought they were hunting terrorists.

King Zan next visited the witch who had caused him so much pain in so many timelines. He projected himself in front of her, just as he had the two who had murdered his love, and pronounced his sentence. “Tess Harding, you are guilty of treason against the Antarian Crown, I hereby sentence you to live out the remainder of your life as a member of the race you so despise. From this day forward you will be completely human.” Then he moved through her altering her DNA and her cellular makeup, carrying out his sentence, stripping her of all her powers.

He then visited New York and made the same changes to Rath and Lonnie. Only Rath and Lonnie he didn’t warn. Less than a month later, Rath was in jail for multiple counts of rape. Lonnie was arrested shortly thereafter on theft charges.

King Zan stuck around long enough to see that his dupe and Ava moved to Seattle to start a new life together.

Now finally certain that Earth was safe and that his friends would be safe, he powered up the Granolith for the return home. For he knew that, while it may be safe for now, the skins were sent by Khivar. That gave him two reasons to go home and see Khivar dead. One he could send more and two since he is in charge he is the one ultimately responsible for Liz’s death.

He landed the Granolith in the temple where it had been stored for millennia before its sojourn to Earth. Once back on Antar, King Zan assaulted Khivar’s mind. Khivar was strong but he was no match for the combined might of the Granolith and King Zan. King Zan searched through his mind and memory by memory, thought by thought, synapse by synapse, he ripped it apart until Khivar died of such massive brain damage that even the advanced medical technology available on Antar couldn’t save him.

Using the information he learned from Khivar’s memories, he knew which men Khivar considered the most loyal; so King Zan replicated the attack on Khivar’s inner circle. One by one men loyal to Khivar died until his forces held no more power.

Then Zan performed one last task. He projected his image across the sky and delivered a nine word address to his planet. “Khivar is dead. I am dead. Antar is free.”

His final task completed, his thirst for vengeance satisfied he released his soul into the next life, prepared to meet his maker and face judgment for his crimes. But she was waiting for him instead.

He no longer felt worthy of her… he was no longer the kind and gentle soul that she had once loved. But she was waiting for him. He had become a consummate killer. But she was waiting for him. He had become a genocidal monster. But she was waiting for him.

As she approached him, her love scorched him like a blazing fire. He briefly thought maybe he was facing judgment after all. But the blaze of her love for him burned brightly and consumed him; burning away all the impurities, cleansing him until his love for her once again ignited into its own flame.

She was his salvation; his redemption.

The fire of his love merged with hers and their love burned even brighter burning away everything until there was nothing left but two souls and their love for each other. The memories of the past were gone and the time for judgment was not yet. Now was the time to reclaim that which was lost.

These two souls were sent back to the mortal realm… back to Earth. One month later two hybrid soul mates were born… Elizabeth Guerin and Maxwell Whitman.