The End [ Maria (CC) Teen ] 1/1 - 7/7-2014

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The End [ Maria (CC) Teen ] 1/1 - 7/7-2014

Post by somewhere87 » Mon Jul 07, 2014 1:21 pm

Title: The End
Author: somewhere87
Disclaimer: Characters and plot lines that appeared in the series, the books, and the concept of Roswell are not mine. Belong to Melinda Metz, UPN, etc, etc…

Pairing: MM+ very minor CC I guess, tough the focus is 100% on the amazing Maria DeLuca

Rating: Child/Teen

Summary: Maria (who was seriously neglected in s3, I still cry when I think about it) is thinking back at her life so far and the roles she has played and her future. Takes place somewhere around Behind the music and the Christmas episode. Wherever you find it suitable.

I also apologize for any grammar, I'm swedish and yeah..on to the story:

My roles by Maria DeLuca

Since as long as I can remember I have been playing different roles. I think my first role was the daughter of teen parents Amy and Brian, the mistake of a drunk and maybe high teenage night. You see, Roswell is a small town so it didn’t take long before the residents of Alien town had something new to gossip about before three young kids where found in the desert. It’s funny; I remember my childhood as a happy one, with two young parents who didn’t mind playing hide and seek for hours and who didn’t mind climbing in trees with me. Had I known the reality I might have been more prepared for my next role.

The other role I played was the girl who’s dad left in the middle of the night and never came back. I can still remember the fear growing in me as I ran around the house looking for dad. At first I thought he was playing hide and seek with me but back then we lived in a small apartment and the hiding options were limited. I ran into my parents’ bedroom where mom, as usual, slept alone. Now thinking back, I never thought it was odd that dad usually fell asleep, and woke up on the couch for almost a year prior to him leaving, maybe I should have picked up on that. But I was 6, and I guess thought mom didn’t want his cooties. Sorry, what was I saying? Oh yes, I jumped on my mom’s bed and begged her to wake up, telling her I was scared because daddy was missing. I think mom already knew he had left; she had this look of sadness when she climbed out of bed, opened his closet and found it empty. I screamed and cried for days, refusing to believe my mom, she was wrong, it was her fault, why couldn’t she let him have the bed once in a while? So that became my second role, the girl who got the pity looks around town and in Pre School, now I was the bastard daughter of hippie and single parent Amy DeLuca.

My third role was a lot happier than my previous one. Around age 10 I became the wacky best friend to Liz Parker. We had been best friends before that, but I think it was around time we developed our own personalities. She was the smart, quiet and respectful one, while I was the loud, bubbly and slight obnoxious one. It kind of worked for us, she was able to keep me grounded while I (as our pre-teens would say it) spiced up her life. I was responsible for her first time being grounded for example. Who knew people would have a problem with us replacing the ketchup with a mix of salsa and Tabasco? It sucked not being allowed to play with Liz for a week, but seeing Pam Troy throw up was kind of worth it. So yes, that was my third role and probably the one that has last the longest. And it also gave me the fourth role, which was the hardest and most rewarding so far.

I don’t think I have to tell you the full story, but here’s a recap. It was just another ordinary day in Roswell. Liz and I working at the Crashdown when two guys started to argue and gun were fired. Liz, my best friend and sister in everything but blood was shot. I can still remember the fear in my heart as I saw her falling down on the floor. Seconds later Max Evans, her long time admirer was by her side and the next thing I knew, she was standing up. Max Evans saved her life and soon everything changed. Who could have guessed we actually had aliens in freaking Roswell? I could go on forever, but here’s the story: Max and Isabel Evans along with Michael Guerin were apparently aliens. The five us became a small group, a family, soon joined by Alex Whitman, Kyle and Jim Valenti. It didn’t take very long before thing started to happen between Liz and Max and eventually me and Michael. And that brings me to my last role, being the girlfriend to Michael Guerin. We defined all logic, first it’s whole human with alien thing, but while I was loud he was quiet, I freaked out and he rarely showed any emotion. But some stuff bonded us, our fear of being left alone, and our fear of being forever stuck in Roswell, New Mexico. Our journey have not been an easy one, there were many fights and heartbreaks along the way but we always came back to each other. There were times when I did nothing but fight for us and he fought against us, there were times when I pushed him away and he pulled me back.

Lately however my roles have been reduced from the strong co-star to a guest star to an extra.

My mother doesn’t really live in Roswell anymore, she left with my cousin to start up a new business in Albuquerque, she comes home…back whenever she can but I mostly spend my time in the house alone.

You could ask why I wouldn’t take the opportunity to have my friends and boyfriend over all the time. Well you see, they are all busy as well. Liz and Max have their thing, they have issues.

I don’t even know what’s going on with Liz anymore and that scares me, it scares me that I have to ask her to tell me. It wasn’t long ago when I could tell by just looking her at her, but somewhere along the way I feel like we lost that connection.

That brings me to Michael, my sweet wonderful spaceboy. Oh he has grown up so much and so fast, I almost feel like he’s grown past me. He’s working two jobs, trying to stay in school and he’s just trying. And I love him for it, love him so much that it hurts but I also miss him. When he’s not at the Crashdown, in school, sleeping or at the Meta Chem, he’s with his new friends, his new gang of sorts. I can’t help by wonder if he misses me? I can’t even recall the last time we had me and him time, and I can’t ask for his time again, not when I get feeling he would rather go bowling with his friends or sleep. I feel like my role is just not as important anymore, that maybe I should just have my own spin off.

Does that make me a mean person? Perhaps. Maybe that’s what my role in life is, a selfish person but don’t I deserve to at least try and find out?

The End.
Michael: I NEVER wanted anyone else, I still don't..- BOYA