Feels like home to me (C/C, M/M, Mature) [COMPLETE]

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Feels like home to me (C/C, M/M, Mature) [COMPLETE]

Post by Eva » Wed Jan 28, 2009 6:12 am

Winner Round 13


Title: Feels like home to me
Rating: Mature I think
Pairing: Michael and Maria
Disclaimer: Don't own them. They belong to Katims and Metz.
Extra info: Just so you know, English is not my mother language. That's why I started with a short story.
Summary: The scene happened directly after the departure of Tess (season 2, last episode). Michael and Maria returned to his appartement and ... You can just read the rest yourself.

Michael opened his apartment with his key. Normally he would have used his hand to unlock the door but he didn’t seem to care to use his powers right now. Without saying a word they both walked in. He hadn’t spoken since they saw Tess leaving earth. Afterwards Michael had only taken her hands to lead her to the Jetta to go home. “Home”… The word sounded strange in Maria’s head. As if she could not believe what had just happened. That Michael stayed… With her….

Michael threw his keychain on the table. And still speechless he walked to the coach and lowered himself onto it. With his head in his hands, he just sat there. Alone with his thoughts.
Maria couldn’t take it anymore. The silence crept her out. And his attitude too. She was used to see him acting a bit weird, not to say asocial and inconsiderate of others. But this was different. It was as if he was still in shock. As if he just realized what had happened. That he had given up all his dreams and his real home, just for a stupid human girl.

Maria took a deep breath and forced herself in his direction. She slowly took a seat next to him. Trying to comfort him, she gently grabbed his shoulder. Her fingers ran lightly across his back. But Michael didn’t react.
“Are you all right?” she demanded. He just nodded.
It took some minutes before she moved on. “Why did you stay?” She repeated her question, he didn’t want to answer in the car.

Michael opened his mouth, then closed it and swallowed. As if he couldn’t find the words to explain what was going on inside him.
“You were right all along.” he croaked out. “I was not capable to form an emotional band with anyone.”
“That’s not true! You…” Maria called out.
He interrupted her tightly and took one of her hands in his palms. “Just hear me out, Maria. And it was true, you know. And it was no wonder either. How could I? Where would I have learnt it? You can’t learn what you don’t see. In the past, I was that weird, lonely kid everyone just tolerated. They swept me to so many places, I stopped counting.”
His voice cracked and tears filled his eyes. “And besides Max and Isabel, nobody really cared about me. I was just … there. And then you came along. With your kindness, compassion and your enthusiasm, you were the first person who wouldn’t take no for an answer. You took the time to see beside the stone wall I build. You took the time to really see me. And I’m not talking about the flashes you saw earlier. You saw the real me already the first time on our road trip to Marathon. When we drove back, you literally said, that underneath my weird, poorly bathed exterior, there's was a whole deeply wounded, vulnerable guy.”
“You remembered that,” she wondered.
Through his tears, Michael smiled now. “I remember everything. I… I just wasn’t ready to believe it. And you waited until I was. You waited… Although I gave you a hard time. I know I pushed you a way. That I hurt you several times. But you scared the hell out of me. First by breaking down my stone wall that was supposed to protect me. Later because I cared too much about you. But you stayed. You believed in me. More than I self did. You made me feel complete. You made me feel home. For the first time in my life. And that’s why I stayed… It was you I was looking for.”

Moved by his words, she hugged him tightly and started kissing his tears away. “Maria,” he said. He couldn’t choke out another word. He pulled her closely, wrapping one hand in her blond hair, locking her body to his with the other hand. And then he kissed her. They deepened their kiss. After a while Michael lifted her up in his arms and, without even stopping his kiss, he carried her to his bed.

Afterwards they were still enjoying the moment. While Michael laid down on his back, Maria was curled up in his arms. Her cheek on his chest. She could hear his heart beating. She felt so happy sharing this moment with him. Sharing even her life with Michael.
Softly she murmured “I love you, Michael…”
He immediately rolled over and cupped her face in his hands. He looked her right in the eyes. Made sure she could see he was completely honest while saying “I love you, Maria. I really do.” She smiled and embraced him even closer.

The end.
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