A Death Under the Stars (CC/ Teen) 1/1 - 08/31/12

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A Death Under the Stars (CC/ Teen) 1/1 - 08/31/12

Post by PML » Fri Aug 31, 2012 10:46 am

Title- A

Author- PML

Disclaimer- Roswell is not mine. It is owned by Jason Katims, Melinda Metz, and Fox. This is for entertainment only and no infringement is intended.

Category- CC

Rating- Mature

Summary- This story is in response to a challenge posted on Roswell Heaven, to have a story of at least a thousand words surrounding one of the deadly sins. In this one it is Wrath, although a few others may be touched on…..

It takes place on a warm Spring night, where Tess awaits Max at the Observatory.


Tess hid in the shadows waiting. She wasn’t entirely sure her plan with Liz would work. It could easily backfire if she did truly manage to find that Alex hadn’t gone to Sweden. But to be honest she doubted that Liz would be able to do so quickly.

And time was very much of the essence. Tonight was the night. She had waited until tonight to snare Max. She was at maximum fertility, augmented by her powers. With minimal luck, within the next few days she would be pregnant.

That would tie Max to her forever. Even if he managed to break free of all the mental web work tying her to him, even if he managed to stay on Earth, he would be tied to her.

She had used Nasedo’s old contacts, had taken a Communicator to talk to them. And they had agreed. She simply needed to provide and heir and she could go home.

Tess closed her eyes. There had been a time when that had been her soul dream. To return to Antar, hopefully in glory, but fully willing to cut a deal to return. Because even if she had to scrap a little, even if it took a generation or two for her children to break free of the patronage that would no doubt be endemic to such a deal….

She would be the mother to kings. She would finally fulfil her purpose, the whole reason she had been born. The reason she had tried so hard to make the contact with the King on Antar in the first place as Ava. Those links would raise her family out of genteel poverty forever.

Even now her family was willing to take her in if she would bring an heir back. And they had contacts good enough to protect her from Khivar. Protect her future baby from Khivar.

Who knew, Khivar himself might be willing to cut a deal if there was a viable Heir.

The Jeep pulled up. A dazed Max crawling out of the battered old vehicle. Seriously, why Max loved that beat up piece of junk escaped Tess. His parents were well off enough to provide him with a different vehicle, Tess was sure.

For just a moment she thought she saw a flicker of movement in the Jeep.

She used her powers to look again.

Just her imagination.

She crept out of her hiding space and approached Max. “I thought I might find you here.”

She darn well had. She had been slowly and meticulously planting a series of control points inside Max’s mind over the last few months.

Visions of Antar, pah. The fool had lowered his defences to allow her in. Allowing her past the formidable defences that the King had by right and Seal.

Max looked up at her, his face sheeted with tears, “Why, Tess? Have we truly been that cruel to you? I have tried to make you comfortable here. I, I thought we were friends.”

Tess took a step back. What was going on? This wasn’t part of the script. HE was supposed to comment on how this world was a dream. That it was time to wake up.

And they would kiss. Kiss and shortly more. She would finally have him. Finally feel his arms surround her, finally feel safe. Finally feel him move inside of her, feel as he burst in ecstasy, providing the seed that was the foundation of her hopes and schemes.

No. This wasn’t possible!

A small chocolate haired girl got out of the Jeep and walked swiftly to Max.


Liz was here.

This was an utter disaster.

Without a thought she blasted the upstart. Tried to kill her. She was not going to let her rival steal Max from her at the moment of her triumph.

Max simply raised his hand and green light shielded both him and Liz. Both of them looked at each other, a mix of love and longing and hate and despair.

Tess stopped her blast.

Liz looked over at Tess and curved her palm, “It’s done like this!”

Tess stared in shock as Liz’s palm bloomed with a greenish light spawning a bolt of golden light that hit her in the chest. She was flung back and to the ground.

Impossible! Even the document Alex had translated had stated it would take longer for Liz to develop any active abilities.

Impossible…. Unless.

A taller figure got out of the Jeep.


How had she missed her? How had she missed Liz?

Isabel broke the silence, “The game is up Tess. Alex couldn’t tell me while he was alive. All your little mind warps made that certain. But good old Alex was a fan of so much crap, including bad espionage films.” She rolled her eyes. “So he left me a message to be delivered in the event of his death.”

Tess slowly stood up, “What?”

Isabel smiled and said, “I know, the boy’s sense of melodrama was simply absurd.”

Tess quickly thought of how she could salvage this situation. If Alex had truly sent her a letter…. How much had he given Isabel? How much did she know?

Enough to hide herself and Liz in the Jeep. But she had only had that information for a few days. Certainly she wouldn’t be able to stop a full bore Mind Warp. Tess’s current plans might be ruined, but she could still start over. Her contacts would be disappointed, but then they had waited over fifty years already, a few more weren’t going to kill them.

Tess scrunched her face, imagining what she would have them see so she could make her escape….

Max and Liz stood there, not quite touching, no longer sure where they were with each other. But even Tess could feel the underlying love that even now lingered there.

Damn them! This should have been so easy. Max should have simply remembered her and everything would have been fine. But no, Liz had to be in the way.

Tess turned to face her rival and prepared to blast her as she left.


Why was she lying on the floor? Why did it feel so cold all of a sudden? Tess coughed weakly. It hurt, oh how it HURT! She wiped her mouth.

Blood. She was coughing up blood.

She looked up at Liz and Max. Max was crying. Liz was simply staring at her. A mixture of sympathy and anger filled her gaze.

Liz was holding Max back. Max always wanted to save everyone he could. Always wanted to heal whenever he could get away with it.

That damn tender heart of his. It was half the reason they had died on Antar. That and Isabel’s passion. When she fell she had always fell hard. Ava had tried to warn her about Khivar, about some of her suspicions. But did Vilandra listen? No.

No one listened to little Ava.

She reached weakly towards Max. “Help me? Please?”

Max turned away and cried.

Liz held him and looked away from Tess.

Her voice was weak and the lights were starting to dim. “Why aren’t you helping me Max? Please, it hurts, Max. It HURTS! Why don’t you love me?” A wracking cough, “Why was it always her?”

A kick to her stomach, turning her a different way. To face a different face.

Isabel. Her face was contorted with rage. “You want them to help you? After what you have done?”

Tess looked up at Isabel weakly. Why was she so mad? Isabel was her friend. Why was she hurting her? Why were they all betraying her now?


Tess watched as Isabel raised the gun and pointed it at her head.


She had killed Alex. Isabel was never reasonable about things where her passions were involved. She would never understand how while tragic, Alex’s death wasn’t that major of an event on an interstellar level.

Tess felt very distant as she looked at her former friend. At the one she had betrayed. For just a moment she wondered why Isabel was so worked up over a human. And then the thought came to her, of what she would feel if Kyle died. If the Sherriff died.

And so her last words were heartfelt as she finally truly understood the magnitude of her sins, “I am sorry.”

Another loud BOOM.

Tess died.

-Excerpt from a document sent to his lover Isabel Amanda Evans by Alexander Charles Whitman after his tragic death.
My Dearest Isabel,
If you are reading this, I am dead. I didn’t want to go, that much I can assure you. I was very much afraid that being with you would trigger something inside of me. Some inadvertent trap that lay deep in my subconscious.

It is not your fault, my dear. Nor to be honest, do I believe that I was deliberately targeted outside of the information that is included in this document. I do not believe that she means, sorry, meant to kill me.

But that doesn’t change the fact that she did.

It was Tess. I am sorry. I know she is your friend and that you trust her. In many ways over the past half year, as I have gotten to know her, I too consider her a friend. Even with the lengths she has gone to alter my mind to allow me to translate the Destiny Book…. Even now I do believe there is good in her.

Simply not enough.

At this point, I am sure you are dumbfounded, uncertain and unsure of what to do next. As a rage builds in you. Yes, I know you well, my love.

And while I do not like the idea of you killing another, of you taking another’s life, even in revenge for the loss of mine; in this case, I must implore you to do so. It is not that she is evil. Nor even that she is wrong, given her set of priorities and background. It is that she is a danger to all of my friends and loved ones. Perhaps even to my world.

But before you go, I need you to read some of the contents of this book. To be prepared for what you face. For she is mightier than she has let on. All of you are stronger than you know.

Know that I will always love you,
Alex Whitman