Love Endures... (CC,TEEN) COMPLETE - 8/8/13

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Love Endures... (CC,TEEN) COMPLETE - 8/8/13

Post by JanieD » Thu Aug 08, 2013 3:50 pm

Love Endures
A fan fiction by Janie(the characters are based on Roswell and not mine)
rating teen
(This is short story in two part.)

There are two destinies warring with one another and Liz is trapped in the middle. Will Liz be able to find peace or is her life destined to be one of heartbreak and torment?

Part 1

Liz sat there, staring out her bedroom window, the clouds were moving in and the sun was beginning to disappear behind them. It was the third day since Max from the future had come and forced her to end things with her Max. Three days, six hours, twenty-two minutes, and 13 seconds since she saw that look in his eyes. She thought about how stupid she was to think that her Max would still care for her after he saw her with Kyle. That first day was brutal, she waited for him in the hall at school hoping to talk to him, hoping to find some way of easing his pain but his eyes said it all. When he looked at her all she saw was anger and hate. They always say if looks could kill, now she understood what that actually meant. She began writing again in her journal:

I left school early three days ago and haven't gone back yet. My mom thinks I am fighting a bug that’s going around, I hasn't been able to eat, or sleep since that night. Every time I closes my eyes, these sad heartbreaking dreams fill my mind and torment me until I wake up. I feel so empty inside, like there's just nothing left and a part of me has gone missing and I just can't find her again. I thought after a few days I would begin to feel better but it just hasn't happened. Those last words we spoke to each other at school still burn like a knife in my heart. The way he grabbed my arm and practically dragged me into the eraser room left me with little hope that we could ever become friends again. He looked into my eyes and with tears in his own he asked me to explain, to tell him that what he saw wasn't what really happened, but I couldn't. I stood there willing myself not to give in to everything thing I was feeling and then I lied. I told him that I had slept with Kyle that I was sorry it hurt him but that I hoped one day he and I could be friends again. I told him it was a mistake but that it happened and we both needed to move on. IT took every ounce of will power to hear him say that I betrayed him, that I threw away what we shared and then not stop him as he walked away from me.

She had been writing in her journal all day hoping it would some how dull the pain of what she had done to her Max but but it wasn't working. She felt like she was slowly loosing her mind, it was like there were two sides warring around her, in her head she knew she had done the right thing but in her heart she was being pushed harder and harder each minute that passed to go to him, to tell him the truth and try to find a way to make it all work. She shook her head trying again to clear her thoughts, “I have to think of something else.” she mumbled softly. The sound of someone knocking on her bedroom door startled her as she tucked her journal under the pillows and quickly wiped her eyes as she walked over and unlocked her door. “Maria?” she was surprised to see her there. “What are you doing here?” she asked.

Maria gave her a strange look, “Since when do I did a reason to come and see my best friend?” she asked.

Liz swallowed, “You don't!” she told her. “Of course you don't I just was surprised that's all.” she told her as she closed the door and walked back over to her bed.

Maria came into the room and sat down, “Liz you look terrible.” she told her. It was clear that she had been crying, her nose was red and her eyes swollen and puffy with dark circles. “You've been crying talk to me tell me whats wrong.” she asked her.

Liz shook her head and grabbed a tissue to blow her nose. “No I haven't been crying I just have a really bad cold or something.” she lied.

Maria could see she was hurting, “Liz I talked to Max at school today. That's why I am here.” she told her, “That's why I ditched class and came here. He told me he saw you with Kyle. He told me that you were in bed with him.”

Liz felt as if someone had just knocked the wind out of her, “He told you that?” she said stunned that he would tell other people.

“Yeah well after a little prying he finally told me what has been eating at him for the past three days.” she told her, “I told him he had to be mistaken because there is no way that you would ever do that to him.”

Liz's eyes stung with fresh tears, she cleared her throat, “No Maria he didn't make a mistake.” she lied, “I did sleep with Kyle. It was just this really crazy moment that I let myself get caught up in and we slept together.” she told her as she got up and walked over toward the window.

Maria shook her head, “I don't believe you. Your lying something else is going on here.” she told her, “There is no way the Liz Parker I know would do that to Max.” she said then added, “Let alone to herself.”

Liz took in a really deep breath, then turned back around, “Maria I made a mistake but its one I have to live with. It happened and I honestly don't want to talk about it anymore.” she told her as she walked back over to her bed and sat down.

Maria walked over and sat down next to her, “Liz we are best friends. I know when your holding something back from me so please let me help. I can see your hurting. I can see your upset just tell me what is really going on and I will go and talk to Max. We can make this right.” she told her as she wrapped her arms around her.

Liz smiled and laid her head on her friends shoulder, “Thanks but I am telling you the truth and there is no way that I can ever make this right. Max belongs with Tess, she is his destiny and I am good with that.” she told her as convincingly as she could.

Maria was hurt, she got up and walked over to the door, tears filling her eyes, “I know that there have been times when you kept things from the others people, and your parents but to have you sit there and straight up lie to my face...” she took in a deep breath, “I thought we were best friends...” she told her as she went to leave closing the door behind her.

Liz called out to her, “Maria we are best friends, please just try and understand!” she cried but it was to late she was already gone. Standing there alone in her room she suddenly felt a cold chill run down her neck. She felt more alone then she ever had in her entire life. She walked back over and sat down by her window. She reached down and pulled her journal from beneath the pillows and began writing once again:

Maria came by she wanted to know what was going on. She was worried for me but I couldn't tell her the truth about future Max so I lied. I told her exactly what I told Max, that I slept with Kyle. She knows me to well, she knows I would never do that to Max or to myself. She knows I am lying. That's who I have become the girl who lies to her very best friend and betrays the only boy I will ever love... How could he do this to me! How could he not know how connected we already are to one another! How could he not understand how deeply this hurts to force me to end things with Max!...

Tears filled her eyes as she threw her journal aside, she leaned her head up against the window, the rain had gotten worse. It was coming down so fast that she could barely see the street down below. The wind had picked up and the weather report kept sending her alerts about severe storms in her area. She wiped her eyes and took in a deep breath, she had to stop this she had to stop this daily ritual of breaking down every time she thought about Max. It was so hard he always seemed to be there, in her heart, in her dreams, in her life. Daily it took all that she had to fight against this unseen force pulling her to go and tell him the truth. She was exhausted and no longer had the strength to fight against it. Liz watched out the bedroom window as the skies grew even darker. She watched the rain falling to the ground in tiny droplets only to be lost in the puddles below. That was how she felt, alone and lost like her life, all her dreams and hopes for the future where just being washed away. Tears filled her eyes once again, as she looked up towards the heavens "why, can't I just put him out of my head. If I can't be with him why do I have to love him so much?" But there was no answer. The silence was suddenly broken by the sound of her cell phone ringing. She picked up and saw that it was Max. She took in a deep breath and tried to work up the strength to pretend, and lie to him all over again. “Hello?” she answered the phone.

There was awkward silence, then he asked, “Maria was just here. She's really worried about you.” he told her.

“I'm fine I told her I'm fine.” she repeated herself.

“Why haven't you been at school?” he asked her his voice revealing more of the concern he felt then he meant for it to.

She found herself searching for her voice, “I haven't been feeling so good.” she told him as she struggled to control her emotions.

“Maria said you have been crying, your mom told her your not eating or sleeping.” he told her then asked, “Is that true?”

Liz took in a deep breath and was about to begin the cycle of lies again but that same cold chill ran down her neck and she found she couldn't do it. Her hands began shaking as she tried to speak, fighting within herself for control on what to say.

“Liz are you alright?” he asked his voice softer then before.

"No Max I'm not alright, but I can't talk right now I have to go." Liz choked out the words as tears streamed down her face.

“Liz what's wrong, just tell me.” he told her then said, “Please just talk to me I know your hiding something.”

Her heart began racing as she suddenly blurted out, “I'm what’s wrong Max. It's me. I feel like I'm half a person, like a part of my heart has been taken away from me and I'm trapped in some kind of an empty void." She sobbed into the telephone. "I know you don't understand, and I can't tell you and it is killing me inside. I have to go now I'm hanging up the phone. Please don't come over just leave me be." Liz hung up the telephone, and walked over to the window. Tears flowed freely as she tried to let go of all the pain she had been carrying. When Max had come back from the future he didn't realize the effects of what he was asking her to do would have on her. She closed her eyes for a few moments, she needed to talk to someone but there was no one she could go to. No one hat would understand the pain and hollowness that ate at her day and night. She lifted her eyes towards the heavens for the second time that day and said a silent prayer. "Help me to know what to do? This pain in my heart is to much to bare." Suddenly the room became quiet and all the noise of storm seemed to fade away. Liz turned toward her door way she heard music playing softly from outside her room. It was a soft, kind of bittersweet sound that played, she had to see where it was coming from. It was almost as if it was drawing her closer with each note that played. The music was soothing and peaceful, unlike anything she had ever heard before. It was strange she knew she should be afraid but she wasn't. She followed the music as it drifted down the hallway, it was coming from the attic. As Liz climbed the stairs the music grew louder. Because of the storm in was dark and made seeing difficult. She carefully made her way across the attic floor until she came to the farthest corner of the room, tucked away in the corner was a large chest and the most beautiful, old, hand carved, wooden music box playing its tune. As the music box finished playing its song she became curious about the large chest that was underneath it. It was covered in dust and cob webs, it looked as if it had not been opened in years. She careful moved the music box off of the top of the chest and tried to open it, but it was locked. She looked around the attic to see if she could find the key but it was so dark it made seeing nearly impossible. She did manage to find an old lantern and some matches. She lite lantern and began looking for the key. After several minutes and no luck she decided to go to her mothers room, she was sure the key was probably in her jewelery box. Using the light of the lantern she made her way back over to the doorway only to have the wind suddenly blow through the window with such force that it popped open and blew the door shut. Liz ran back over and struggled to close the window. As she turned around the music box began to play again, the same beautiful music as before. She walked over and sat down next to it, after examining it more closely she noticed a beautiful heart shaped necklace laying inside. She pulled it out, it was a beautiful silver locket with a small key attached to it. She tried the key and the chest opened easily. Liz was shocked to find that the chest filled with old pictures and keepsakes. Lying on top of the treasures was an old hand stitched quilt. It was so beautiful, she opened it up and looked over the care that was given to each stitch. The storm had grown in ferocity. The once gentle rain drops now turned to torrential down pours as Liz wrapped herself up inside the quilt to keep out the chill. She sat back down and continued her search through the contents of the chest. She wasn't really sure what she was looking for she just knew in her heart she hadn't found it yet. The chest was filled with old photos of her dad when he was a very little boy and her grandmother and grandfather. She found herself laughing at the pictures of her dad, his childhood had been so filled with love and joy. As she dug deeper into the chest she came across an old leather bond journal. This was what she had been searching for, somehow she just knew it as soon as she picked it up. Her finger began to tremble as she opened the journal and the music box began to play softly again. Liz was taken completely by shock as she stared into a picture of a young woman. She examined the photo carefully front and back to try to discover the identity of the girl in the photograph, in the far left corner remained the very faint handwriting of her name, Elizabeth Ann Parker, age 20. Liz couldn't believe it this was a photo of her great Aunt Elizabeth, the one she had been named after. The resemblance they shared was remarkable she wondered why her parents had never mentioned it before. It was like looking at a photo of herself. She put the photo down by the music box and wrapped the quilt tighter around her shoulders. She picked up the journal and began reading through its pages:

September 7th, 1946
My darling Beth, I hurried home to write you, as I promised that I would. I am here now in Phoenix and getting all settled in. I have taken a room in at the boarding house run by Mrs. Tilling. She is a very lovely lady and I know you would like her very much. Its all very nice but its not home.
This town is so different from Roswell and I find myself wishing I was there with you now. I have taken a job with Mr. Harding, a kindly man who pays well. He has given me my first job as a pilot. I am to fly cargo for him from here to a location in Nevada, an airfield that has only been open since 1942 and not very widely used by the public. I can't tell you how happy I was to get this job. Oh Beth I am so excited because this means I will finally have enough money to put away for us to begin our lives together. I know you miss me as much as I do you but trust me my darling we will not be apart for long. I have to close for now as dinner is being served in the main dinning hall and I am told not to be late.
All my love to you,
Your loving fiancee

Liz smiled as she went to the next page and continued reading.

September 23, 1946
I got your letter today and my heart soared, and lifted my spirits. The people are all very nice here and I have made some friends but I miss you every moment of the day. I have gone on three solo flights now and Mr. Harding said he believes I will soon be ready to take some of the night flights in I am interested. I know the night flights can be more dangerous but they do pay more money which means I can put more aside for us. Oh Beth promise me you will not worry. I will be safe and this will get us that much closer to our goal. I have to go now things have gotten so much more busy here of late.
I love you always

Liz thumbed through several more pages but stopped when she came to the one marked October 3, 1946

My darling Beth, something strange has happened to me tonight. I can't remember all of it and even has I am writing to you the images in my mind are becoming vague. I took on the nighttime flights as I mentioned for Mr. Harding, and this was my first mission. He said he needed some cargo delivered by 6:00 am so he called and asked if I would be willing to make the flight. He offered double the money so I agreed thinking of how this would help us to pay for the wedding. The flight was very strange to begin with Mr. Harding was unwilling to tell me what I would be transporting. He said it was top secret for the government. I told him I would not take part in any illegal activity but he assured me this was not. I agreed only because of the money. It was just to good to pass up. I miss you terrible and each day parted from you makes me willing to work that much harder to reach my goal and make you my bride. Beth, everything was going fine the work I had done on the plane had helped so much she took off like a dream. I was about 20 minutes into the flight when I saw a strange flash of light. It was the oddest thing, it flashed from one end of the sky to the other diagonally, then it was gone. Then the sky grew very dark and I began to feel very strange. The light flashed again and this time it hovered directly over the plane. Beth I don't remember anything that happened after that. I woke up in my plane; I was back in the hanger at the airfields in Phoenix. I checked the cargo bay and it was completely empty. I panicked not knowing what could have happened I got on the telephone at once and called Mr. Harding. I woke him up from a sound sleep and he had no idea what I was talking about. Beth he said I delivered the cargo and refueled then headed out on schedule. He thought I was trying to play some kind of early Halloween joke on him. Beth, I wasn't joking, I promise you. I know this sounds crazy but I think that something happened to me during the flight tonight. I don't know what though. I hope this letter does not alarm you. I just needed to share it with someone before I forget everything. I look forward to seeing you at Christmas. I will be coming to then my love. The spring can not come fast enough for me as I long to hold you in my arms as my bride. I look at your picture so often that I have worn it I am afraid. I love you my darling Beth.
Your loving fiancee

Liz' heart began beating faster, her hands were shaking as she read the next pages.

October 14, 1946.
My dearest Beth, It happened again last night, the same terrible dreams as before. My dearest love I fear I am loosing my mind for the events that occurred are becoming more and more vivid to me. I often find myself wondering if they are a dream or if some how they are really happening. Oh my love I have been ill. What ever they have been doing to me has left me so ill. I was unable to get out of bed for each time I tried the vomiting and sweats over came me to such a degree that I would instantly pass out. I know you grow impatient with me, I know that you want me to believe that this is all just a terrible nightmare but my darling the effects on my physical body would point to the contrary. I was feeling so disheartened and then your letter came and I knew I had to find the strength to go on. I love you Beth I will always love you for a lifetime and beyond. Please be patient with me I beg of you. I know this all sounds so crazy. I keep thinking how could this be possible, how could any of this be true? How could these beings I describe be real and yet I believe it to be so. Pray for me my love. Pray for me. I do not even remember falling asleep only the events that happened latter that night. They haunt me my love, the images, the sounds, and the terrible pain. I did as you suggested this time I forced myself to endure the pain to remain awake and to take notice of my surroundings. As I lay on a cold glass table I noticed many of them in the room this time. There were at least 5 maybe even six of them. They were tall in statue, with a somewhat human appearance. They seem to wear no clothing and yet their bodies where covered in a white light that glowed about them. I still did not see their mouths move when they spoke and yet I could hear them talking. They ran tests on me again, taking samples of my hair, blood, and skin tissue. The needles they plunged into my head caused such severe pain that I may have blacked out for a time. When I awoke I heard them talking. I did not fully understand what they were saying. One of them said that there early attempts at creating what he called a clone had failed and that they had to make this experiment work soon because time was running out for them. The other was hopeful this time they would succeed because he said I had been a perfect match. My dear sweet and loving Beth it is only your strength that keeps me from going completely insane. Please do not abandon our love or me as I pray soon these hellish nightmares will come to an end and we will be able to go forward with our plans to be wed. I am weak and exhausted so I must rest for now. I will write you again in the morning.
I love you my darling forever
Your beloved Jonathan

Liz felt sick inside as she read the letter. As she scanned ahead a few more pages she realized that this was not a journal that someone kept but a collections of love letters from a young man named Jonathon to her great Aunt Elizabeth. Her heart was beating so fast as she read several more of the letters detailing Jonathan’s ordeals with the beings that had taken him night after night. Liz put the journal down for a moment wondering if what was happening to Jonathan could possibly have anything to do with Max and the others. She searched through the chest to see what else remained inside. At the bottom of the trunk was a bundle of letters tide with a purple ribbon. She open them up and read the address they were from her Aunt Elizabeth to Jonathon. She was living in Roswell at the time. Liz read the post marks and found that the letters were sent between October of 1946 until after Christmas. She carefully opened another letter and began reading,

October 30, 1946.
My Darling Jonathan, I have missed you so desperately. If I could I would travel through time to before this all happened. I feel so much guilt. I know you only flew that night in order to put more money away for our wedding and our life together. If only I could change things. If only someone else had been flying that route that night maybe you would be free from this torment now. Why did they choose you and for what reason do they keep coming for you. I worry for you day and night. Please be careful, perhaps if you left Phoenix altogether they would not be able to find you. My darling, I love you now and forever please do not doubt this to be true. Some how we will get through this. Rest my love rest and try to fight what ever is happening to you I will come to you shortly. Papas condition continues to improve so I may be able to come to Phoenix sooner. Know my love that even though I am not there with you in body, I am there with you in spirit and as always you know you carry with you my heart.
Love to you always
you own Beth

Liz opened the journal and went through the letters, she sorted them by date so she could read them as they corresponded with Beth’s letters. Her eyes filled with tears as the story between the two young lovers unfolded. The heartache and the pain that they shared over the occurrence that happened to Jonathan and their inability to explain any of it. The storm outside grew worse. Lightening flashed across the sky as Liz looked out the small attic window. The rain was still coming down and the wind had pick up in strength. Liz pulled the quilt tighter around her and sat the lamp down on top of the chest so she could read the letters. Tears fell from her eyes as she read the next letter.


Max couldn't get Liz out of his thoughts no matter how hard he tried. Why was she so upset, he could hear in her voice she had been crying. All day the pull to go and talk with her again had been there but he kept pushing it away. The more he tried to fight against it the stronger the connection to her he felt. There was something happening to him, something pulling him to go and be with Liz and he was unable to fight it any longer. Max grabbed his jacket and headed out his bedroom window. He drove to the Crashdown through the pouring rain, debating with himself the entire way. What was he doing, why was he going to her after she told him to stay away? He kept asking himself that question even as he pulled up behind the back of the Crashdown. What would she say to him? Would she be angry and would he be able to look her in the eyes with out seeing images of her and Kyle in bed together. He took in a deep breath and then got out of the jeep and climbed the ladder to her balcony. He stood there for a moment in the pouring rain wondering again why he was there and what was he going to say to her. He didn't know the answers he only knew that something larger then himself was drawing him to her and he couldn't deny it. He walked over to her window and looked in. The room was empty, Liz wasn't there. He knocked against the wet glass hoping to attract her attention but no one came. As he turned to leave he heard the sweet soft sound of music playing from inside her room. His heart began to beat faster, he felt as if he recognized the melody but he wasn't sure how. He felt drawn by the bittersweet sound, and found himself unable to leave. He knocked against the window again but there still was no response. He was just about to turn and go when Liz's journal caught his attention, it was sitting on the windowsill where she had left it. The journal lay open to the entry written three days ago. Max couldn't help himself he had to know what was causing Liz to be so upset. He peered through the glass and read the words she had written.

I thought tonight that I should just pack my bags and leave Roswell forever and never look back. I can't seem to stop these torturous dreams that keep filling my mind. I love Max so much but I can't tell him, I can't tell him how sorry I am and how much I want to be with him. I find the pull to tell him the truth about what happened with Kyle growing stronger but I know if I do, the world ends. I am such a wreck I feel as if I can't breathe and my mind is slowly slipping into a dark place filled with loneliness and sorrow. I feel like my heart has stopped beating and I have no way of going forward. What is happening
to me?

The entry ended there Max felt so confused by what he read. If Liz was truly still so in love with him why did she sleep with Kyle and what did she mean about telling him everything that happened with Kyle. He was just about to open the window and read the rest of her journal when her mom came into the room. Seeing her, Max stepped back into the shadows and waited for her to leave. He felt frustrated and confused by what he read. Liz wrote of how much she loved him and yet she kept telling him she only wanted to be friends what was really going on? He took in a deep breath and closed his, the rain was still coming down at a steady pace as lightening flashed across the sky. He decided it would be better if he just went home, it seemed that coming had been another mistake. He checked to see if Mrs. Parker was gone and then he turned to leave. He got to the ladder and turned to go when he heard his name being called. It was Liz voice calling out to him, he turned back around as the lightening flashed again and the lights suddenly went out. He shook his head thinking he must of imagined it all when suddenly she appeared in her window. There she was standing near her window, there was soft light that seemed to be all around her. She was wearing a beautiful red dress, it had a kind of 1940's vintage look to it, and her hair was done up different then he had ever seen before. He stared into her eye as she waved for him to come back over to the window. For a moment he hesitated, it was like he was seeing someone else, someone that looked exactly like his Liz but it wasn't her. Slowly he made his way toward her room the lightening flashed again and the lights came back on. Liz was gone, the room was empty but her journal was open to a different page then it had been on before. He looked at the entry through the glass it was the one she had written today. He read over what she wrote again and again with the last few lines lingering in his thoughts.

How could he do this to me! How could he not know how connected we already are to one another! How could he not understand how deeply this hurts to force me to end things with Max!...

He turned and headed back down to his jeep as lightening flashed across the sky and thunder rumbled in the distance. He was dripping wet, and completely confused by what he had seen. Who was that in the window? Was it Liz and did she mean for him to see that particular page in her journal? If she did why did she leave? He picked up the phone and tried to call her again but he only got her voice mail. Why wasn't she taking his calls, he took in a deep breath trying to understand what he had seen. The one thing he knew for sure was Liz had lied to him about sleeping with Kyle, and someone was forcing her to do these things. He sat there torn about what to do next, should he stay and wait for her or just go.

Liz pulled the quilt tighter as she began reading the next letter. She noticed that it was different then the others. The hand writing had changed drastically. She knew that something had happened to Jonathan. She could tell the writing had changed and become more panicked and fearful. Her heart skipped a beat as she read the words on the page. As she read the letter she felt the anguish that Jonathan was going through as he wrote it.

November 22, 1946
My dearest Beth my worst fear as happened. Proof of what has been happening to me is real. I was at the diner this evening sipping on some coffee trying to stay awake when two young girls came in. I know this will sound strange but Beth I have seen them before. They were not very old probably just teenagers. They were very quiet and kept to themselves. I watched as they both ordered their dinner and ate it without talking at all. I found this very strange they did not behave at all like the other teenagers that popped in and out for sodas and burgers. As I was about to leave the younger girl grabbed me by the hand. She asked me quietly if I had recognized either of them. I shook my head that I did not and was about to leave when the other girl whispered softly, “please, look again, do either of us look familiar?” Her voice trembled when she spoke and her eyes where filled with tears. The truth was Beth I did recognize both of them. The last time it happened I told you about the others the two young girls and the other young man that was in the room with me. We were all strapped down in the same manner on glass tables. I saw them they were there. Beth it was them. I sat down at their table and we began to
talk. It turned out that the two girls where cousins. The same thing that has been happening to me has been happening to the both of them. The older girl’s name is Rebecca, the younger one is Sara. They were driving home together late one night alone after a school dance when they saw a flash of light zip from one end of the sky to the other. Becky said that the sky grew dark after that then out of no where the light stopped directly over them and that was all they could remember happening. When they woke up they found themselves in their parked car in their driveway. The nightmares began shortly there after just as they did with me. After talking to Becky and Sara I realize that what has been happening is real. These beings, these aliens have been taking samples of us of our skin, hair, blood and brain tissue. From what I have heard when they take me I now know that there plan is to create some kind of being that is half-alien, half-human. I know this sounds crazy but you must believe me. I am not making this up. The girls said they have tried to fight it to stop it from happening but they are taken any way. Beth,
they are just kids and they are so afraid I think they were hoping that I would have some answers for them but I don't. Sara said that she overheard them calling that the created beings hybrids and that they would look exactly as we look. They will be copies of us in all out ward appearances. I know this sounds so far fetched I can hardly believe it myself and I am going through it. Beth no matter what happens just know that I will love you forever.

Liz closed her eyes for a moment. Tears streamed down her face as the truth sunk in. She knew in her heart that Jonathan was one of the human DNA donors for either Michael or Max. The two girls he mentioned must have been the donors for Tess and Isabel. She put the letters down and began looking for some clue that would tell her which one he was. As she searched the music box she noticed that the top of the box had a beautifully hand stitched velvet pocket sewn into it. Liz reached in and pulled a old photo from inside. Her breath caught in her chest as she looked at the picture it was of a handsomely dressed young man standing in front of an old airplane. The young man looked exactly like Max. Her heart broke for Jonathan and Beth. She held the picture up to her heart and closed her eyes, with tears falling freely she whispered his name, "Max". Liz picked up the letters and began reading once again.

December 2, 1946
Oh my darling Jonathan leave Phoenix today. Please come to be with me here in Roswell perhaps they will not be able to find you. Oh Jonathan I am terribly afraid of what will happen to you next. What of our life together, our hopes and dreams. Please Jonathan come to me quickly.
I Love you always my darling.

Tear drops fell from Liz eyes smearing the ink as it landed on the old and faded letter. She didn't know what to do she felt so bad for both Beth and Jonathan. She riffled through the rest of the letters. The last letter was dated just after Christmas. It was from Jonathan.

December 30, 1946
Beth, I am writing to you maybe for the last time. I do not know what will happen next. They took me again just a few days before Christmas that is why I was unable to come to be with you. I was gone for days and I remember only parts of what happened. I can not ask you to live your life this way never knowing if they will come for me. I fear that once we are wed they may choose to take you as well and I can not live with the thought of you suffering as I have suffered these past few months. Please forgive me my love. I do this in order to protect you from what ever hellish plan these things have in store for me. I only hope you will forgive me. Always know that I love you and that you alone hold my heart. Your beautiful face is forever etched into my memory our love alone binds my heart. They may have taken my life from me and robbed me of the hopes and dreams that I longed to live out with you but they will never have my heart. I know that this hybrid they are trying to create will never be free from the love that we share, for he has my heart beating inside of him. The human heart endures and our love will endure. It will not die here, I promise you that. One day, somehow I will come for you. I will love you for eternity.
Forever yours Jonathan.

Liz placed the letters back inside of the music box and closed it tight. She knew how Beth must have felt, loosing her one true love. She felt angry, angry that they had done this to Beth, Jonathan and the others. She didn't blame Max for what his people had done to save him, but she was angry that they so cruelly destroyed the lives of these people without any thought or regard to what it would mean to them. She felt angry that the love that she shared with Max was being destroyed because of some alien destiny. Liz was closing the chest when she heard someone calling to her, “Please Liz go to him, please follow your heart and help me be reunited to my beloved Jonathan.”

Liz turned to see the shadowy figure of a young woman who looked very much like herself standing near the doorway. “Aunt Elizabeth?” she whispered her name. The door to the attic suddenly swung open as Liz grabbed the music box and headed back into her bedroom. She gabbed her keys and jacket and climbed out her bedroom window as she turned she saw Max standing there. “Max?” she whispered his name.

“Liz I know you told me not to come but I had to. I just had to.” he tried to explain. “Its like something or someone keeps drawing me back here, to you.”

Liz looked into his eyes and she ran over to him and hugged him as tight as she could. He wrapped his arms around her and held her. They stood there just holding each other as the rain poured down around them. She pulled back from him, she smiled, “Can we talk, will you come inside?” she asked.

Max nodded his head and followed her back into her room. They were both soaking wet, she carefully put the music box down on her dresser and then went into the bathroom to get them each a towel. She came back out and handed Max his, then began drying herself off as well. He watched her as she took off her jacket and dried her hair, even with her swollen and puffy eyes she was still so beautiful to him. He finished drying himself off then slipped out of his jacket and walked over toward her, “You have been crying.” he said softly. “Liz I came over here because something strange has been happening to me tonight and I think your feeling it too. Please talk to me.”

Liz took in a deep breath and the words just came rushing out as she paced back and forth, "OH Max its was so awful. I had to come and talk to you. I know I told you I wouldn't that I would leave you to your alien destiny with Tess, but Max what about us? What about human destiny? I mean I know your alien destiny is important but that's not the only part of you. I mean your human too, at least a part of you is. That part of you that came from Jonathan is human and that part of you deserves to be happy too. I know that a whole race of beings is counting on you some where out there but what about Beth she is counting on me and she has been waiting this really long time to finally be able to find him. I know she is waiting for us so she can finally be with Jonathan. I mean I know that your not Jonathan and I am not Beth but still their love it deserves a chance right? Their love it does matter right? It should matter at least I think it should. Max they loved each other so much but they couldn't be together and Beth was so heart broken and I know what that feels like Max , I know. I don't want to spend the rest of my life alone." Liz told him all at once the words coming out in jumbled confession.

He looked at her, not really understanding anything she was trying to tell him. "Liz calm down I don't understand what your trying to say. Who is Jonathan and Beth, and what has this got to do with us? Does this have anything to do with what I read in your journal tonight?" Max told her. “Is someone name Jonathan some forcing you to end things with me?”

Liz shook her head. "No! It wasn't Jonathan who forced me to end things with you.” she told him then said, “It was you.”

“Liz your not making any sense?” he told her as he ran his hands through his hair feeling frustrated.

Liz tried to calm her racing heart, “I know I'm not, its just so much has happened and I don't want to leave anything out its all so important.” she told him then asked, “When were you at my house to read my journal?"

Max looked at her anxiously wondering if she were going to be mad at him. "I came by after I called. You just sounded so upset and I found myself unable to stay away. It was almost like I was being drawn to come here. I knocked on the window a few times but you didn't answer. I saw your journal next to the window and I read the page that you left it on. I know I probably shouldn't have but I was just so worried about you.” he told her then continued on, “The first page I read you wrote about how much you still care about me and I just found it all so confusing but then your mom came in and I was about to leave when your room went dark and then there you were in the window. You motioned for me to come back so you must have wanted me to read the journal you left it open for me to.” he told her.

Liz shook her head and smiled, “That was Beth.” she whispered.

Max didn't know what she meant, “Liz I read in your last entry that you didn't sleep with Kyle so I know you lied to both Maria and I. I know its eating you up inside and someone is forcing you to do this but what I don't understand is who and why you ever thought I wanted to be with Tess?” he told her coming directly to the point.

Liz didn't say anything at first her heart was racing she wasn't sure where to begin. She wanted to explain everything to him about Kyle and Tess. She wanted him to know how much she loved him but most of all she wanted him to understand how much was sacrificed so that he could be here now. She wanted him to know all about Jonathan and her Aunt Beth.

Max sensed her hesitation and became impatient thinking she was going to shut him out again as she had done in the past. He walked away from her and sat down on the bed. "Liz I can't keep doing this, if you won't talk to me now, if you won't trust me enough to let me help you then I'm done.” he told her his voice filled with emotions he was struggling to keep under control.

Liz saw the hurt look in his eyes, she walked over and took his hand in hers, “I want to tell you everything. I was just trying to think where do I begin.”

He looked into her eyes and whispered softly, “How about start with who is forcing you to lie to me?” he asked her.

Liz took in a deep breath and then said, "Max you came back from the future, you traveled through time using the Granilith. You came back from the year 2024 and you told me that because we were together Tess left Roswell. You said that you had to be with Tess because the four of you had to be together in order to complete the balance in power that you have. With out her you lost the war against the skins and Michael and Isabel were both killed. I felt like I had to do what you told me. I am so sorry I didn't trust you enough to just come and tell you what was happening.”

He pulled her into his arms, “So to get me to break things off with you, you pretended to sleep with Kyle.” he finally understood. “Liz I am the one who is sorry.” he told her.

Tears formed in her eyes as she pulled away from him, “Max I found something, some old letters from my great Aunt Elizabeth and her fiancee Jonathan, they were dated in October of 1946. Max my heart broke as I read the letters they were all about how Jonathan had been taken and he was beings used to create a hybrid. They took him as a DNA donor for you Max." She told him as she walked over and opened the music box and pulled out the picture of Jonathan. She turned back and gave it to Max. “This was Jonathan, he was the man they took DNA from in order to create you.”

Max sat down still reeling from everything that Liz had told him. "Liz I look exactly like him."

Liz pulled another picture out of the music box and handed it to him. "This was my Aunt Elizabeth. They were in love, they were going to be married but after Jonathan was abducted everything changed. They never had their chance to be together."

Max looked at the two pictures closely. The resemblance between Liz and her Aunt was amazing. He felt a connection to the man in the picture it was beyond anything he could explain. "Liz, this could be us, I mean you look so much like your Aunt and ...." Max said as he continued to stare at the photos.

“Max I know this is all so confusing and we still have so much to figure out with Tess and the future but I had to talk to you tonight. I still love you, I want more then anything to be with you. I know what the future you told me and I know that matters to but in my heart I just know there has to be a way we can make this all work. I know that your alien destiny is important but isn't our human destiny important to?" Liz told him as she took his hands in hers.

Max walked over and looked into her eyes for along time. He loved her more then ever for all the pain she had gone through for all the unselfish devotion she had always given him. “You, Elizabeth Parker are the best thing I have ever done, you are my only destiny alien or human. My heart could only ever beat for you.” he whispered softly as he pulled Liz into his arms and captured her mouth with his. As their kiss deepened Max saw flashes of Jonathan and Beth together. They were dancing amongst the stars. Two young lovers embracing one another for all eternity to come.

(the end. I hope you enjoyed reading this short story)
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