Angel Of My Nightmares - CC M/L ADULT - 1/1 [COMPLETE]

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Angel Of My Nightmares - CC M/L ADULT - 1/1 [COMPLETE]

Post by babylisou » Thu Sep 30, 2004 4:27 pm

Title: Angel of my Nightmares

Author: Faithlee/babylisou aka Ann

Rating: ADULT

Disclamers: I don't own roswell and all this stuffs I should put here but never remember... maybe I should just copy/past from another fic... but wouldn't it be considered as Plagiarism... oki, lame joke, I'm tired lol..

Summary: takes place about a week after Destiny, Max and Liz did make love in the van.

A/N: Oki you guys, this lil 1/1 part is dedicated to Lissou and Linds for their support. Lissou coz... well, she knows why and Linds, especially Linds (Applebylicious, I thought it was obvious but since there is 2 Lindsays I prefer precised this) because she took some of her precious time to beta this for me and tell me what she thought of it, if it was worth posting and everything. So HUGE THANK YOU LINDSAY!!!

Thank you all who will take the time to read this. This is my first NC-17...

Here it is:

Angel of my Nightmares


White walls and cold water, is that all I’ll ever see in my dreams? Sweat and fear, is that all I’ll ever feel? Breathing hard and soaking wet, I bolt in my bed, a hand running over my cold forehead. I look above and groan.

What is it with Diane Evans and her 6th sense? She has always felt, always heard my cries. Always comfort me as a child. But this time I wish she would just go away. Leave me alone with this cold lingering pain crushing my chest.

I collapse on my pillow and let her perform her ritual. She runs a cold cloth over my face, lays a tender hand on my hard abs and strokes soothingly. Closing my eyes I try to calm my breathing, try to pry away the fears, to fight against the urge to move away from her touch.

I know she means good, but when I feel her hand on my arms, on my chest or cheeks, I don’t feel her soft warm skin above mine, but the cold pressure of Pierce’s grip instead. When she whispers in my ears, I don’t hear her comforting words but the threatening voice of my torturer instead. When she leans over my shoulder and wraps her arms around me, I don’t feel her gentle movements but the callous pain of the medics prodding my helpless body.

I swallow back a whimper as she leans closer crushing me down into the mattress, before releasing a harsh breath when she stands. I do my best to gulp down the bile rising in the back of my throat until I hear the door closed behind her and her footsteps retreating in the hallway.

I can perceive the sound of her voice filtering through the thin wall separating my room from hers. She talks softly yet worriedly; until the house goes dead again. Silence surrounds me and for a while I feel renewed fears rise in my chest.

Opening my eyes, the outside lights playing against the bared walls of the room are not enough to calm my sudden panic and I quickly reach for the lamp on my nightstand. Switching it off, I breathe a sigh of relief when the room is bashed with yellow light.

For a while I’m tempted to crawl on my hands and knees and check under my bed and in my closet, but I just laugh at my childish thoughts. Stumbling to my feet, I walk to the open window pushing the thick curtain aside to look outside into the quiet night.


Her name escape my lips before I even see her face, before I recognise the outline of her body leaning against the wall across my window. My eyes wander down her sweet curves, her shapely legs until I notice her feet are bared. Shorts and a tank top covered with a thick leather jacket: that’s all she’s wearing.

Her eyes are on me, tears tracks running down her cheeks, a strike contrast with the pale skin of her face. Her lips slightly parted as she inhales harshly, obviously out of breath.

Shaking my head a few times, I wake from my daze and quickly push open the two side-glasses, outstretching my hand to grab hers. She doesn’t move away letting me lead her through the window, her lightweight falling on me as she catches her leg in the sill.

She hasn’t said a word yet, but her eyes say it all. I can see the fears reflecting in their brown pools, the confusion transpiring in their depth. She searches my face, blinking a few times as her hands rise to lay flat on my cheeks, her tips gently grazing my temples and I close my eyes in bliss.

I’ve missed her touch. It has only been a week but the bond we formed that night we spent in the van, brought us closer together than ever before, than ever two humans will be.

No words are necessary as she grabs my hand and leads me to the bed, laying me down above the cover before leaning over my left side, her head resting gently on my bare chest. Her fingers stroke my lower abdomen and it is nothing like my mom’s previous actions, yet it has the same soothing intention.

I feel myself drifting back to sleep, slumber slowing creeping through my brain. It has been a while since I was able to actually close my eyes and not see the frightful sight of Pierce’s hateful gaze looking down at me; a while since I was able to fell asleep without the fear to wake up surrounded by white walls, my hands tightened to a bed.

I keep my lids closed when Liz picks up my right hand, her fingers slowly grazing the still tender skin around my wrist. I know she can feel what I feel, see what I see. She knows my fears because she lives them when I do.

For the last week, her soft presence in my mind has developed to painful proportion. She always seemed so close but never closed enough. Her physical absence was slowly killing me, creeping through my sanity like growing roots.

Her fingers are back on my low abdomen and I feel them slowly gliding downward, grazing my waistband before sliding past it toward my rapidly hardening member. My head shots up from the pillow, my eyes opening wide as I feel her small hand curling around my erection. I meet her gaze, my breathing coming in harsh pants, result of her sudden attack.

“Liz?” My eyes are questioning; I’m confused by the emotions I feel coming from her: her fear a stark contrast with her bold action. Her nervousness washes over me, but the fire burning in her eyes sings a whole different chorus. “Wha- …”

Her free hand reaches for my face and she lays a single finger over my lips apparently silencing me; making my heart speeds to a rate I thought until then, was unhealthy. But there is nothing unhealthy about what Liz is doing to me.

“I need you Max.” she whispers against my shoulder, her hot breathe breezing down my neck in a gentle caress. Swallowing down the lump in my throat, I wish my voice would work but no sounds would come out when I part my lips.

I want to will my body to stop, will my hands to stay away from her subtle skin but the luscious way she licks her lips taunts me viciously. I can see her mouth getting closer and I don’t know if she’s moving or if it’s just me not realising it.

The result is the same anyway: our lips come crashing together, tender at first, more fiercely soon after. Her tongue gently stroke the inner wall of my mouth as mine slide aside from hers, mimicking the movement her hand, still grasping me, has started.

I can’t help the deep moan from escaping my throat when she increases the pressure on my strain flesh and I feel myself get lost into the sensation of her body even more when I hear her answering whimper.

Our mouths part, but only when the air has become necessary. My hands have long found their way around her slim waist, stroking the warm skin under the cotton of her tank top, around her ribs, along the underside of her breast. She exhales deeply when my eager fingers tug at her hardening nipple.

Her sighs and moans are softly driving me insane, matching mine, matching the rhythm of her hand falling up and down. I don’t want her to stop the sweet torture her ministration is causing, but I already recognise the painful tightening in my groin. I manage to unglue my lips from her skin and sputtered in my breath. “Liz, you need to stop… please…”

My hips jerk, my eyes closing blissfully when she gave a hard tug before letting go of my hardness. Her hand is now free to roam over my chest, my already heated skin burning under her palm.

Breathing shakily, I have to calm before things get out of control. It can’t happen right now, not before we talk. There is so much I want to tell her, so much I want her to understand. I want her to see my Destiny, Tess, they mean nothing to me. She’s the only one for me, the only one that matter.

Liz’s light weight settling over my waist brings me back to reality and I quickly open my eyes, finding her bends over my chest, straddling my hips as she nips at my skin tenderly, grazing the tend flesh of my muscle abs with her teeth, her tongue sliding into the recess of my belly button. Her bare breasts catch my skin on fire and I hiss at the feeling, finding it excruciatingly arousing.

I feel myself drown into the feeling of her body surrounding me, her hands leaving trails of glowing heat along my chest, her hips grinding down on my shaft. I can’t help the gasp when her warm liquid sips through the only clothes separating our centers. I lift my hips jerkily; barely able to resist the urge to let myself explode.

God, the things she does to me…

I can’t take it anymore; I reached the limit of my well trained control. There is no way I will survive this night… Unless…

Grabbing her hips tightly I turn her over so she lays flat on the mattress, leaning over her so I’m now on top of her devouring her breast hungrily. I can hear her pleading whimpering, her fierce moaning and I quickly shush her with my lips, swallowing down every single sound of pleasure meaning from her throat. I wish we were alone so I could let her passionate cries echoes against the dark walls, meddling with mine to create the sweetest melody.

When our lips move apart, my fingers are at the waistband of her shorts and I quickly push them aside, down her shapely legs and discard them by the bed. My string pants are soon following down this path and our heated flesh finally meets, leaving us both gasping at the sudden overwhelming sensation.

Wrapping one arm around her slim waist, I wish for the shaking in our bodies to stop so I can love her properly. My free hand comes to lie on her cheek and she pries open her eyes, full of burning fires crossing my lusty gaze. The connection is fast to form and in an instant we are lost in each other. There is no more Her, there is no more Me, there is just an Us.

Her legs part drawing me deeper so that my taunt flesh rubs against her liquid saturated entrance; Time freezes and the noise that can be heard is the sound of our harsh hardly controlled breathing and the soft hum of our connection. Leaning on my forearms, my fingers graze the tender skin of her temples, trying to concentrate on her pleasure only, but the connection is so that you can’t distinguish hers from mine.

My hold weakens and I feel myself sunk deeper into her wet opening, her tight walls gripping my hardness, accommodating to the size of me. A grunt tore from my throat and my mouth finds hers again, gulping down the helpless sounds we can’t contain.

There is no urgency when our lower bodies get together at first, just a slow rhythm we build together. We are in sync; her hips lift to meet mine, her arms circle my shoulder keeping me close. I wouldn’t move away if my life depended on it. But soon the speed increase, desperation taking over, we are both seeking to find this place we shared once, this blissful abyss our souls met and bonded.

It was just a week ago but it seems like forever since I was with her this way. Sharing sensations, both our love rushing through the link that connect us to each other. I can tell she’s nearing release and I pray for it to last, but the little control lingering in me doesn’t allow it. And I pumped harder into her feeling her walls tightening around my slick member. Gritting my teeth, I force our mouths to meet again as I tumbled over the edge unexpectedly, bringing her with me.

The sensation is blinding and it takes sometimes before any of us get down from our high. I lay above her, my weight crushing her down into the mattress but she doesn’t seem to mind too much because I feel her arms tightened around me as I try to move away. So instead I slide to the side, my head reposing on her bosom as her fingers glide through my sweaty hair, soothing me into slumber.

I don’t want to fall asleep, I want to relish this time with her, this aftermath bashed with our love. I wish I could tell nothing will keep us apart now, I wish I could live on the hope we’ll be together forever, that what we did matters too much to break it again; but it has happened before and therefore it is bounded to happen again.

Until then, night will keep our love safe, and she, the Angel of my Nightmares, she will fight for me the demons haunting my dreams…

The End.
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