Informed consent (M/L ADULT) [COMPLETE]

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Re: Informed consent AU M/L ADULT 07/12/2010

Post by greywolf » Thu Jul 15, 2010 10:36 am

**The Captain struggled in the hands of the two FBI men as he saw their leader again nod his head - commanding yet another FBI agent to push the wires from the machine against the strange being that was strapped to the gurney. The sparks flew and the being briefly convulsed.

'You are killing him, you bastards,' said the Captain, the senior physician at the base clinic.

The FBI leader turned around toward the doctor suddenly and tossed a vicious punch into his lower abdomen. The Captain felt an explosion of pain and his knees buckled, and he was kept from hitting the floor only by the arms still gripping his as he involuntarily vomited. At least, he told himself, he'd managed to get some of it on the bastards shoes.

The doctor - for all his status as a non-combatant - had helped patch up the men of his unit for all the long fight in Europe. He hadn't given three years of his life to stop those Nazi bastards to let these home-grown fascists get away with something like this. If he got a chance to grab one of their guns, he was going to take it.

The five FBI men had taken over the clinic almost forty-five minutes ago now- ordered everyone out except for the doctor himself, and tried to get him to help them use drugs on the - well, whatever the being was there on the gurney. The doctor had taken an instant disliking to the leader of the FBI unit because of his arrogant attitude toward the strange being - an at the time unreasoning prejudice - which had subsequently been totally justified.

Eventually the team leader had ordered them to get the machine from the base motor pool. It was designed to charge batteries and jump start the big diesel trucks. Exactly why the being was still alive, the doctor wasn't just sure. He was so weak he could barely breathe, even before these bstards started in on him.

The FBI leader turned back toward the gurney and nodded again and the electrodes came forward. The doctor winced in sympathy as the sparks flew and the being convulsed once again.

'Who are you working with here?' screamed the FBI team chief,'...the Japs? The Nazis?? The Rooskies??? We know you've been helping someone, we've seen your damn foo-fighters....'**
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Re: Informed consent AU M/L ADULT 07/17/2010

Post by greywolf » Sat Jul 17, 2010 11:12 am

**The elderly xenologist lay exhausted on the table - as vexed by the periodic shocks as any camper would be by the annoying distraction of a particularly loud mosquito in his tent. Normally he would have either ignored the irritation or promptly stopped the rude creature but these were - after all - the beings that his Choice had loved - that he loved from the wonderful memories of that precious time he'd spent here with her - the very beings that he had worked to make part of her and part of himself. Besides, most of them weren't like this obnoxious fellow. There were a few obnoxious beings in any large group, and despite their recent war and even the use of their primitive fission weapons, these creatures were far more numerous than they had been three hundred years previously. There was, as the Antarean expression went, one in every crowd, and the way the random variation had been going so far on this little excursion it was little wonder that the first petty bureaucrat they ran in to was sort of like a Sirien zigurrt. Besides, the strange galvanic stimulator was doing no serious harm. The problem was he was still exhausted from getting the lifecraft down from orbit.

He'd used as much atmospheric braking as the hull of the damaged craft would tolerate - and apparently a little more than that even. It was sort of like surfing a wave of immense power. But instead of a surf board it was a lifecraft that still massed 25 tons - even after the collision had trimmed a quarter of its mass from it - and it had never been designed for unpowered entry into an atmosphere. The result was a net GAIN in energy - enough to lift 25 tons at rest nearly into orbit. There was no way the elderly Antarean could have actually contained that energy, so he'd channeled it into everything on board that could store energy which was mainly the energy chambers of the four stasis units of the pods and the energy chamber of the stasis unit of the lifecraft itself. The latter had gone into overload and he'd had to eject it - fortunately at an altitude too great to harm anyone below. The four podchambers power was stuffed to the maximum possible - enough to keep the stasis chambers themselves working for millenia - but that power he planned on drawing off to use to construct a safe storage place for the four children - where they could be concealed until a few years had passed and the locals had gotten over the anxiety spawned by their recent war. They would, no doubt, be more institutionally rational at that time.

Still, the species did have innate good - his Choice had been right about that. This young healer for instance, had made several attempts to intervene for an elderly stranger he neither knew nor really understood - risking violence and injury to do so. The people of most races, at this point in their development , would have never done even that much. Of course, greater trials still lay ahead of them. With luck his children would help them with that.

Of course, right now he WAS fatigued - fatigued from just managing all that power. Had that not been the case, he likely still would have made short work of controlling this irritating person and his minions. What he really needed was just about three orbital periods of rest...

As the FBI leader saw the being nod off again, his eyes went to the guy with the power cables. They were winning this fight. If he could just keep the creature fatigued enough they could start to break him. But then he was distracted as the door to the clinic opened and two of the four men he had sent to secure the wreckage came back from the hangar, one of them carrying some strange silver orb.

'What are you two doing back here?' he asked angrily.

The one holding the orb held it out and replied, 'We found this in the wreckage. We thought you ought to see it.'

'What is it?' the team leader asked, not really wanting to be distracted from interrogating the creature. He nodded to the guy with the electrodes and told him,'Shock again - don't let him rest...'

The team leader found out the answer to his question when the orb sent it's own message to the two Guardians pretending to be FBI men.

**Immobilize them all**

The two men from the hangar instantly morphed into - it was hard to describe just what - hard to comprehend it in the moments before the two creatures rendered all of the FBI agents unconscious.

It was perhaps thirty minutes later that the doctor helped the elderly xenologist from the gurney. The orb - and the two Guardians - had allowed him to stay awake on the perhaps universal theory that the enemy of my enemy is at least perhaps my friend. It had turned out pretty well, not that the doctor wasn't still wary - understandable enough in a being in his culture's level of development.

'Look, I'm sorry for what they did, but I really think that you should deal with the government - with the more rational part of the government than these bastards.'

The creature looked at the young healer with kindness, then shook his head gently.

'Your culture has just gone through a terrible ordeal and you are not yet fully accepting of even small differences in your own people - skin tone - eye conformation. The four I bring are children of the Earth, but they are children of my Chosen and myself as well. There are many who would see them as - too alien. Even those who did not wish them ill would never leave them in peace, and children need peace to grow and flourish. I thank you for your kindness to me, but I believe we should leave.'

'Well, here,' said the doctor, pulling some keys off the wall, '...the keys are to the back-up field ambulance. I can help you load the incubators and drive it off base.'

'Thank you again. We will study how you ... this vehicle and once we are off base we will leave you. Perhaps it will be necessary to manipulate your skin capillaries to give you the appearance of having been beaten - for your own safety - but I can assure you you will not be harmed and will feel no pain. Once we have found safety, we will abandon the vehicle where your people can recover it. Again, I regret the unpleasantness these persons caused you when you attempted to intervene on my behalf.'

If the doctor had any doubts, they ended when he saw the care the elderly being took with securing the pods of the embryos in the ambulance. It was clear that the old guy did love them - even if they weren't his species. With lights flashing and siren blaring, the guards waved him through the gates without checking the vehicle.

The young physician told the three beings, the orb, and the four embryos good-bye three miles outside of the gates. He woke up an hour later when the team from the base found him. When they found him, his face and upper body looked like he'd gone twelve rounds with Joe Louis, losing each of them badly - but nothing hurt. He told the Air Corps the truth - he had no idea where the beings had gone. The FBI ranted and raved, but the Air Corps protected their own. The doc went back to his duties.

Two days later the abandoned ambulance was found 15 miles from base. There was no trace of the aliens.


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Re: Informed consent AU M/L ADULT 07/17/2010

Post by greywolf » Sun Jul 18, 2010 3:36 pm

Kyle watched as the flashes that the orb had recorded way back in 1947 showed the xenologist and the two Guardians using part of the power stored in the stasis chambers to carve the chamber out of the cliff face. It was apparent the elderly alien had been fatigued almost past endurance by bringing the lifecraft safely to Earth, but he could feel through the recordings that the professor was driving himself to the point of collapse to carve out a hiding place in the rock cliff - and to automate it so the embryos would stand some sort of a chance, even if he himself did not survive. But a soft sob from next to him made him open his eyes. Open his eyes and look at Tess.

Her eyes were closed, she too was watching the memories, but even through her closed eyes the tears were trickling down over her cheeks.

'He was her father,' thought Kyle, '... at least as much as she ever had a flesh-and-blood father, and he died before she was ever born. The memories of him - locked in the orb - and the character of the orb itself are all that she has left of him. All she ever had. You thought it was crappy to grow up without a mom, but you at least had your father. Tess never had anything - nothing that could really love her back at least...'

That wasn't entirely fair, Kyle thought. The orb seemed not only alive, but almost like a foster-father to Tess. 'But still...., to never be held..., to never know any human presence.....'

Kyle wanted so much to hold her - to reassure her - to tell her everything was going to be alright. But suddenly it wasn't alright for Tess. Suddenly it got worse, as the part she'd no doubt already seen started in the flashes.

**It was the early 1950s. The elderly xenologist and one of the Guardians had hidden out for over five years in this very house while they other had stayed in the pod-chamber guarding Tess and her siblings. Using the Guardian as the front-man, the professor had purchased the house with the proceeds of diamonds he had manufactured and that had been discreetly fenced through a pawn shop in Albuquerque by the Guardian. A trust had been set up to pay the taxes automatically. Had he been younger, the xenologist likely would have waited another dozen years before going back to Roswell, giving the 'Roswell Saucer' incident time to cool off and become just another unexplained incident that the government chose to cover up - this time as a weather balloon.

But the xenologist wasn't younger. He had been approaching his life expectancy when he'd decided to create the embryos, and the time he had left was going to be insufficient to see the embryos to adulthood. So he instructed the orb with his last wishes as he and the Guardian with him made the journey back to the area just north of Roswell in an old panel truck to pick up the first of the pods. That trip actually seemed to go fine. One pod - Tess's - was safely retrieved and the elderly xenologist and Guardian went back to get the next one following day. That was when disaster struck.

Apparently the strange pod in the back of the panel truck had been seen when they had been leaving the Roswell area by a service station owner in Magdalena - they actually filled the gas tank for you in those days - and the strange color of the metal had reminded the owner of the crash debris he'd had to pick up when he was in the Air Corps at Roswell. A telephone call to the Torrance County Sheriff's department had led to a call to the FBI which had been routinely referred to the Special Unit. It had proven impossible to track the license plates - the xenologist had created them himself - but the Special Unit was lying in wait on their return to Chaves County.

Had the Special Unit merely stopped them, the story might have ended differently. But they waited - and followed - the panel truck until the pod chamber was actually open and one of the pods actually being loaded. Then they attacked in overwhelming force - with automatic weapons and bazookas - and orders to destroy the infestation of aliens.

The old professor had no choice but to allow the three pods in Roswell to be destroyed and allow Tess to be born a half century later in a locked basement room where she would die alone or to stop the Special Unit. He died like an Antarean - saving the children that he had created. When the carnage was over, one Guardian was scattered scraps of fluorosilicon spread over almost an acre, the professor himself was dead, and the other Guardian had taken a bazooka shell to the head and was barely capable of responding - even to the prodding of the orb. But the Special Unit assault force - every member who had seen the door to the podchamber open and knew where it was - was dead.**

The sobs from Tess grew louder and Kyle opened his eyes. Obviously she too had witnessed the carnage the orb had shown - not for the first time - as the man - and whatever his form or origin, Kyle realized he WAS a man. No creature would have loved human children yet unborn enough to do that for them. Kyle wanted to hold Tess - to reassure her - but he couldn't bring himself to do it. His grandfather - he realized - had been on the other side in this fight. This was the time his grandfather had always bragged about - been so proud of - when he'd helped the Special Unit in their big shoot-out with the aliens. His own grandfather had been one of the ones who had watched for that old panel truck - vectored the Special Unit after them back in a time when radios in police cars had been unusual. Kyle shook his head in sorrow. Some of the rest of the story he already knew.....

**It took over an hour of repeated telepathic commands to get the badly injured Guardian to put the pod back into the podchamber and seal the door - another twenty minutes to actually get the Guardian to pick up the orb and get in the panel truck and put it in gear. Only the onset of nightfall - and heading east as far as Plains Texas before heading back west to El Paso and up to Socorro kept them from being recaptured. Several times they were stopped and the Guardian responded to his instincts. If he never got back to Tess, she would eventually die locked in to the basement when she was born. Twice the Guardian killed to keep from being stopped from the quest the orb had put them on - another FBI agent, and an innocent bystander whose car the Guardian had needed when their own badly shot-up panel truck finally broke down. Kyle felt the regret of the orb for the last death - for all the deaths. If only the people could have understood the old professors intentions - if only the brain - well, central nervous system anyway - damaged Guardian had been capable of reason.**

But it had all happened over a half century ago, Kyle knew, and his grandfather had been on the wrong side of this fight morally. It was perhaps just as well that the old guy was too far gone to ever understand that.

**The orb and the damaged Guardian had made it back to Socorro finally. The car had been buried and then the long vigil had begun. To even start to repair the Guardian, the orb needed hands and the power to manipulate matter at the molecular level. He had neither. For nearly a half century the orb waited - its only companion an embryo in stasis and an insane Guardian. But eventually the power to the stasis pods ran out - eventually the emergency program kicked in to start the incubator when it did - and in only six years after that, Tess had reached a size that was too big for the incubator and she'd been decanted out onto the floor. Damaged as he was, the Guardian had served to keep her at least fed and watered until the orb could get her to understand - sort of - what was going on. It hadn't been much of a childhood for Tess, but eventually - under the orb's direction - she'd repaired the Guardian sufficiently that he could at least pass himself off as only a very eccentric human. Fortunately, in a town with a lot of radio-astronomers, that was close enough.**

Kyle looked at Tess who looked like she was emotionally wrung out - going through that again. 'Don't you ever even THINK about bitching about what a rough childhood you had because the other kids had a mom, and you didn't...' he told himself. That's when he felt the orb addressing him specifically.

**That, young man, is the story - the true story as seen by one who was there and whose function is to remember such things.**

"So what happens now?"

**What happens now is that if you feel you must tell this story to the authorities then we will run. Tess and the Guardian and I will leave the only home that Tess has ever known. I can hardly hurt you and Tess would not allow me to even if I could. She would stop the Guardian as well, although without you actually threatening Tess physically, I doubt that he would attack you in any event. We have the resources to evade capture - that isn't the problem. The problem is that I don't want Tess hurt.**

"Tess hasn't done anything. Even what happened back in the Fifties - that wasn't anyone's fault. Sometimes shit just happens. Besides, I'd never hurt Tess."

**Tess, it would be a good idea if you went up to your room for a moment.**

"I'd rather stay..."

**Tess, it is necessary Kyle and I have a little - guy talk. You know I can't hurt him. Please leave us for a moment.**

"OK I guess," said Tess doubtfully. "Kyle, I'll see you upstairs in just a few minutes, OK?"

"Uh, sure Tess."

**Not being organic myself, I'll probably just take your word about the feces happening, Kyle, but it does conform to my memories of potty-training Tess. But unfortunately you CAN hurt Tess. She cannot hear this conversation, Kyle. This is just the two of us talking man-to- well, molybdenum circuitry actually. But the point is that she cares about you, which means she is vulnerable to her feelings about you. She is hovering on the edge of a decision to Choose you.**

"Choose me? What does that mean?"

"To Choose you as a life-partner. Of course, it has to be mutual. What I would recommend is that both of you do something to help you determine your feelings in this matter. The Antareans call it Relfar - in your language dream-sharing. Your own culture had something similar the first time I visited called bundling.**


**Yes. In the 1600s it was fairly common. An eligible male and female shared a bed so they could talk - share their hopes and dreams and determine if they were appropriate Choices for one another. Appropriate controls were in place to assure that their physical closeness did not go TOO far, of course. Relfar is like that without the physical proximity. I would suggest that you go to the spare bedroom and Tess go to her bedroom and both of you go to sleep - Tess was correct about the hazards of you driving back to Albuquerque at this hour - and once you start to dream, Tess will enter into your dream-orb. Then you can understand what her dreams are and she can understand yours and you can decide what you want to do. **


**Traditionally, the decision would be to be enemies, friends, or Chosen - but that is something that the two of you must determine for yourselves. Consider Relfar an assessment of - compatibility. Whatever happens, you will be free to leave the house in the early morning in time to get back to Albuquerque. I'll even give you a wake-up call.**

Kyle couldn't picture ever being an enemy of Tess. Of course, he wasn't too sure about being a Chosen either - whatever that was. But a hell of a lot had happened in the last half-hour. Maybe it would be a good idea to just sleep on it.

"If it's OK with Tess, I guess it's OK with me..." he said finally.

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Re: Informed consent AU M/L ADULT 07/18/2010

Post by greywolf » Mon Jul 19, 2010 10:12 am

It was an hour later - and Kyle had been staring at the ceiling for at least fifty minutes of that. The discussion with Tess had gone well enough. It was clear that she was somewhat frightened. He was - she said - the only human she'd ever told her secret. He'd told her not to worry - that he'd always be her friend - and she'd given him a worried smile. And he would be her friend - he had no doubt about that. Her Chosen? That he was much less sure about. It wasn't even the part-alien stuff. It was that he was afraid alright - but not of that. Kyle still hurt from his childhood. He had never really gotten over having his mother walk out on him and his father. Would Tess do that? He didn't know, but until he was sure - he didn't know how they could be any more than friends. At least that's what Kyle finally decided - and that's what finally let him fall asleep.

Apparently Tess was having some troubles falling asleep herself. It was another half hour or so before she joined him in his dream-orb.

"Hi Kyle," she said, looking at him nervously.

"Tess," Kyle said, nodding his head, "... I hope you know that I'd never tell. I'd never tell anyone about you. I've seen what the tourists are like at the Crash festival. Nobody should have to put up with being pursued by people like that, and what the FBI did..."

"Kyle, you have to believe that I never wanted all those people to die... and they did die - fourteen of them - just so I could live. I've never felt right about that..."

"Well, as long as we are being truthful... my grandfather helped the Special Unit that day - the day your - your father - was killed. He thought he was doing the right thing - but he wasn't. But really, Tess, none of that matters. You didn't kill those people and you aren't responsible for those deaths - and I'm not responsible for the fact my grandfather helped the Special Unit."

"No," Tess agreed, "... I guess not. But it was so horrible. I can't blame my - my father - not really. He was fighting for his children. But in the end, I'm all that's left - and I'm not sure my existence justifies all the carnage of that day."

"It's not a matter of justification. My grandfather did what he thought was right. So did your father. That's all anyone can do. My grandfather just didn't understand the reality of the situation. All your father wanted was for his family to survive. I wish he had.... for your sake."

"Oh, I survived. Actually, all I know about him is what the orb remembers. The orb itself is so alike him it was almost like having a father."

Kyle saw the tears in her eyes. Suddenly he was reaching around her and holding her near. "Tess, I'm sorry. I wish it could have been better for you - growing up I mean. I thought I had it bad - I didn't - I have a father that would do anything for me."

Tess sniffed and wiped a tear away. "I think the orb feels the same way about me. I think it's more alive - more human - than even it knows. I just wish - I wish I had family. I've been watching the newspapers - TV - the internet - ever since I've been able to understand - hoping that somehow one of them made it out. I even had the orb do a DNA simulation logarithm of what they look like so if I ever saw a picture of them...I never have though. I don't think any of them made it - probably just died in that podchamber after their incubators birthed them."

"I wish they had too, Tess."

"Do you want to see them? I can show you a hologram of the DNA reconstructions the orb did."

"Sure, " said Kyle. Tess closed her eyes and three holographic images appeared, rotating slowly to provide a complete view to Kyle. Kyle chuckled - and Tess looked up at him.


"This one here," said Kyle. "He's never worn his hair like that - not that I've ever seen. His hairdo is a little more - radical - than that."

"You KNOW him???"

Kyle nodded. "His name is Michael Guerin and in two months he's going to marry the girl who's going to be my step-sister. Sure hope he told Maria about the alien business - she's a handful if she gets upset."

"I have a BROTHER who is going to marry your SISTER?" Tess's eyes were filled with tears of joy, and her smile seemed to fill his heart with warmth.

"That," said Kyle, " only part of the story. "Maria and Michael and my dad and Maria's mom are getting married in a double wedding ceremony. The one officiating the marriage will be Isabel Evans," Kyle said, pointing at the hologram of Isabel, "... apparently your sister."

"A SISTER? I have a sister????

Kyle smiled. He had never seen anyone so happy. And the fun wasn't over yet.

"Isabel's brother Max Evans - your brother - is already married. He and Liz just got back from - well from wherever they were. They've been gone about six months now. Liz was in an accident and - well, I guess that doesn't matter. They are back now and married and - well, Liz is three months pregnant."

"I'm going to be an AUNT??"

Kyle didn't think he'd ever seen anyone so happy. He looked at her smiling face, tears of joy rolling down her cheeks, and thought he'd never seen anyone so beautiful. Of course, it wasn't just her attractiveness. It was her inner beauty as well. This wasn't somebody that would ever desert her child and husband to run off to try to become an actress. This was the sort of girl - the sort of young lady - that any man would be proud to spend his life with.

"Yes, Tess, you are going to be an aunt."

"This is the happiest day of my life," she said. And Kyle knew - as he held her - that it was the happiest day of his life as well. Seeing her joy - sharing in the joy she experienced actually having a family - it was the happiest he'd ever been as well.

"Tess, I'm glad you have your family finally. I hope you have a wonderful life... and I hope ... if it's what you want - that I'll always be part of that life."

Tess's eyes went wide and she pushed away from him - staring at him disbelievingly for several seconds. Then - without saying a word - her image rippled and disappeared from the dream-orb. Kyle stared at the emptiness in disbelief and sadness, wondering what he'd done or said to drive her away. Perhaps a minute or two went by without him finding any answer to that question.

Then the dream-orb fractured as Kyle was abruptly awakened by the movement next to him - the movement of the mattress caused by a naked Tess sliding between the sheets to press herself against him.

"I Choose you, Kyle, if you are willing - to share my life, my love, myself, and my children - to share my happiness and comfort my sadness for all the days of my life - and to await you - should I go first - in the Great Hereafter."

"Tess, you don't have to do this. I love you - but I can wait until we get married."

Her lips covered his and kissed them softly. Then she pulled back and looked in his eyes.

"I will honor your wishes, Kyle, if that is your choice. I would love to proclaim our oneness - formally and legally before my sister and our family - but the Choice is between us - and I have made mine."

Kyle looked at those beautiful eyes that seemed so full of love. The words seemed to say themselves...

"I Choose you, Tess, if you are willing - to share my life, my love, myself, and my children - to share my happiness and comfort my sadness for all the days of my life - and to await you - should I go first - in the Great Hereafter."

Exactly when during that his underwear dissolved, Kyle really never was sure.

In the basement, the orb radiated it's own happiness. OK, Tess had cheated a little bit on the Relfar business - Tess really was supposed to wait until he had actually Chosen before climbing in bed with him - but the orb supposed that she would always be the most Antarean of the four children She wanted him greatly and if you weren't cheating a little on the rules, you weren't REALLY trying. At least she hadn't actually mindwarped the young man, and of course he really was an excellent match for her. They would - the orb was certain - be very happy together.

But now they needed their privacy and he needed to contact the Guardian and make sure the addled creature didn't misinterpret what was going on when it returned from the observatory as an attack on Tess by her co-Chosen.

Even damaged, the Guardian could be a formidable fighter, but it was unlikely it would survive an attempted attack on Tess's co-Chosen, not with Tess by his side, ....or even in their current position for that matter....

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Re: Informed consent AU M/L ADULT 07/19/2010

Post by greywolf » Wed Jul 21, 2010 12:38 am

It was 7:30 AM on Interstate 25 - and the red Mustang was going past Bosque NM and Kyle was hoping he wouldn't see a cop.

It wasn't that Kyle actually had anything against law enforcement normally - his family had been in law enforcement for three generations and - while he actually had hopes of doing pretty well quarterbacking the UNM Lobos - he did realize he was a little on the small side for an NFL quarterback so he was planning on hedging his bets with his college courses and a law enforcement career for him wasn't entirely out of the picture either. It was just that he didn't want to see a cop now - doing 105mph on an 80mph road. Oh, the car was in good enough condition and the road was wide and straight as an arrow, and there was no traffic to speak of - not that any of that would do any good if he hit a speed trap. Those were about revenue - not safety.

He actually hadn't expected to be going this fast -trying to get back on schedule - it was just that he was in a fair amount of trouble. The coach of the clinic had made it clear - twenty pushups for every minute you were late showing up in the morning. Even at this speed he was going to be at least a half hour late and 600 hundred pushups would be the price he would pay for those thirty minutes. That would be reasonably agonizing - but even still - he didn't regret it a bit.

The orb had actually awakened him in plenty of time. It had required a little more time than he would have expected to disentangle himself from Tess - not that he regretted a second of that either - but he was only reasonably behind schedule when he'd gotten into the shower. That's when it had all fallen apart - when Tess had joined him there. Not that he regretted a second of that time either. But one thing had led to another and - well, here he was, going hell-for-leather for Albuquerque, knowing he was going to be late.

Patrolman Robert Amesly had been a New Mexico State Policeman for over five years and this part of the state had been his territory. The patrol car was nestled into the brush alongside Interstate 25. It was his favorite spot for catching speeders. He was pointed north - toward Albuquerque - and he would hit the passing cars with his radar gun. Traffic was light out here and virtually everyone took liberties with the speed limit. During the daytime he'd actually give them up to 90mph - but past that they got hammered. The police interceptor engine of his Crown Victoria patrol car would have him doing 100mph in just 11 seconds and he'd have almost 10 miles to pull them over before the next exit, and he could always radio ahead for backup if anyone was silly enough to try to outrun him. He was waiting and watching - knowing that sooner or later his next victim would flash by. He wasn't going to have to wait very long.

As the red Mustang came up behind Amesly the digital readout on his dash mounted radar said 106 mph and he shook his head as the car passed him and he read the bumper sticker on the back. If the driver thought his 'support law enforcement' sticker was going to keep him from getting a ticket, he was seriously mistaken. Although Amesly hadn't gotten a good look at the driver, the young blond passenger couldn't have been more than seventeen or eighteen.

'Probably some punk kid, showing off for his girlfriend,'
Amesly thought as he accelerated rapidly and turned on the lights. He accelerated the car hard - he'd need to catch up a lot closer before he could even expect the kid to hear the siren. He pushed the car faster and faster - hitting 130mph briefly before pulling his foot off the gas and wondering in bewilderment what he thought he was doing.

'What in HELL are you doing, Bobby?' he asked himself. He eased up on the gas and slowed - oblivious to the red Mustang pulling quickly away - before making a U-turn over the median and heading back south toward Veguita. The place had an awesome bakery and all of the local police tended to frequent it for coffee and doughnuts. 'Sure hope they aren't out of maple bars,' he thought to himself.

Kyle drove on - oblivious to the policeman now slowed to a sedate 70 mph and heading for the bakery. He looked instead at the young blond lady beside him who appeared to be looking over her shoulder out the back window. She was, he told himself, the most beautiful thing he'd ever seen. He'd had his doubts about her coming along, but they had been assured by the orb that both it and the Guardian would be fine in their absence, and that they both ought to enjoy a day in the big city. Kyle had plans to take Tess searching for a ring after the day's workout was done, then dinner in a nice restaurant before taking her back to Socorro.

"Tess, I'm glad you came along - but I feel bad that I got so - distracted - and lost track of time to get us both in a time bind like this. I wanted a more sedate trip - and a chance to sit down with you over a cup of coffee and talk. Not a frantic drive like this and then having to ditch you until the clinic is over at 4PM."

"Kyle, it isn't like that was ENTIRELY your idea - what transpired in the shower I mean."

"Clearly, I got carried away though. You went along with it, but it was my idea."

"That doesn't mean it was a BAD idea though," she said.

Actually, she felt a little guilty. She hadn't MEANT to mindbend him - in fact hadn't even realized she was doing it. They'd sort of got caught up in a positive feedback loop - she'd have to be more careful about that in the future - but when giving your co-Choice pleasure gives you pleasure which gives him pleasure.... well, you get the idea, and the whole thing involves a loss of self control that occurs when you totally trust someone - and she had. She just didn't want to risk losing that trust by getting carried away and accidentally mindbending him in the future.

"...besides," she continued, "...I need to tell the UNM admissions office that I've changed my mind and decided I will be going to UNM instead of New Mexico State."

That wasn't the whole truth either - in fact she hadn't even applied to UNM - but she'd be accepted for admission long before Kyle was done with his workout on the football field. She looked back - no longer able to see the police car that was now heading south in the other lane. That was the third police officer she'd sent to the bakery in Vequita.

"Sure hope they don't run out of maple bars," she said softly - under her breath.

"Did you say something, Tess?" Kyle asked.

She looked up at him - her eyes sparking with love. "Nothing important, dear...."

Kyle would be thirty-five minutes late by the time he actually got to the practice field - taking an extra five minutes to kiss Tess good-bye. But he'd only do about 15 push-ups before a football being kicked by a guy practicing punting would catch a freak wind and curve wildly - to bounce off the coach's back. By the time the coach had gotten done screaming at the punter, he'd forgotten all about Kyle being late.

"Valenti," he screamed, "...get up off the ground. You can't be that tired already. Get back with the other guys and lead them in an agility drill...."

"Yes, coach," said Kyle with a grinning look at Tess up in the stands. She shrugged her shoulders - trying to look innocent. This time even Kyle knew better.
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Re: Informed consent AU M/L ADULT 07/20/2010

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It was three days later on Saturday morning as the red Mustang pulled up to the Valenti house in Roswell. Jim was there - as well as Amy and Maria and - especially - Michael. The idea was to break the news to Kyle in person that his future brother-in-law was ' not of this Earth.'

Jim had planned a rather gradual introduction. His fear was that since Kyle had been raised practically at his grandfather's knee - a grandfather who loved to spin yarns about how wonderful the Special Unit had been - That Kyle would be reluctant to accept Michael, or Max and Isabel either, for that matter. Jim's plan was to let him see the paperwork Donovan had provided about the crimes of the Special Unit and gradually work up to telling Kyle that maybe aliens weren't really all that bad.

Of course, nobody had anticipated that Kyle would have important news of his own to break - not until they saw him open the passenger door and take the right hand of the young blond teenager. The body language made his feelings for her obvious but even if it hadn't, the rock in the ring on the left hand would have. Of course it really hadn't cost nearly what Jim assumed. Oh, Kyle had wanted to splurge, but Tess had made him buy the smallest diamond available - then used it as a seed to condense crystalline carbon taken from the carbon dioxide in the air to enlarge it, perhaps Tess's idea of offsetting the carbon footprint they were laying down with their daily trips to Albuquerque.

So Jim and Amy and Maria and Michael's big surprise was sort of overtaken by Kyle's even bigger surprise - that he had somehow become engaged during his two week sports camp.. As Kyle introduced Tess to each of them, Jim really didn't know what to say. Not only was this totally unexpected, but he knew almost nothing about the girl - just someone that Kyle had spent a few months texting.

How much could she be trusted? And more importantly, could she be trusted at all with the information that there were intelligent aliens in the universe and that alien-human hybrids lived in Roswell. Jim hadn't expected the knowledge about Michael to be all that easy even for Kyle, but this Tess person - Hell, she MIGHT freak out altogether.....

But as Kyle finished the introductions with Michael, all that changed.

"...and this, Tess, is Michael Guerin. He's Maria's fiance'...."

"And one of my long lost brothers," finished Tess as she hugged him to her , before looking up with a brilliant smile and tears of joy in her eyes. "Can we get Max and Isabel over too? And especially Liz - the future mom of my niece or nephew?"

Jim looked at Amy and shrugged his shoulders. "That went easier than I expected...."

Amy only laughed. "She seems to be very big on family..."

And in fact, Amy had pinpointed the essence of Tess. She went so far as to go with Kyle the next day to see his grandfather in the Alzheimer's residence. The subject of aliens didn't really come up, but by really straining, Tess could ward off the Alzheimers - just for fifteen minutes or so - but time enough for the elderly Valenti patriarch to understand that his son was finally getting a woman who would stick by him, and that his grandson would never know any other kind of woman.

Within 30 minutes Kyle and Tess' arrival, Max and Isabel and Liz were at the Valenti residence, and soon joined by Jeff and Nancy and Diane and Philip. Alex was there - although his parents weren't. They weren't in on the secret yet. They were still sort of flabbergasted that Alex had wound up with the Ice Princess who seemed not only genuinely fond of their son but unable to be away from him. It would be three years - and one grandchild - later when the senior Whitman's learned the truth about their daughter-in-law.

The weddings occurred two months later and the blended Valenti family had three of them. Jim to Amy, Kyle to Tess, and Maria to Michael - all three on the same day and all three officiated by Isabel Evans - the last marriages ever to be performed by Isabel Evans, since she and Alex were married later that same day.

The rest of the story is pretty much as one would have guessed. Liz and Max finished their remaining high school in one year with credit for AP testing and internet courses - despite having a beautiful baby daughter four months into the school year. They then did four years of college in three at UNM - despite having a second child - a little boy this time - about three months before college graduation. The junior Evans family moved to the East coast after that for Liz to get her PhD in molecular biology at Harvard while Max went to medical school. They would eventually return to New Mexico to the delight of the senior Evanses and the Parkers.

Kyle and Tess would actually live in Socorro while they commuted to UNM. No doubt a lot of police officers got fat on maple bars on their long distance high speed commute. Alex and Isabel would visit them on weekends from NMSU, and Maria and Michael would both interrupt their singing and acting careers to visit as well.

There was one MINOR incident that occurred about two years after the marriages of Tess and Kyle.and the others. That signal sent out on the VLA radiotelescope actually did get picked up by a small patrol vessel of the Antarean Consortium. The damaged Guardian was picked up to be taken home for a complete rehabilitation. This happened during a weekend when everyone - parents included (except for the senior Whitmans) was visiting Socorro. While willing to let bygones be bygones on the elderly xenologist tampering with the genetic stock of the Earth, unfortunately the commander of the small naval vessel did decide that the orb was contraband - a class V technological device not allowed on a class III planet in its unstable post nuclear pre-star travel period. The fear was that the orb would transfer technology to the Earth - technology that Terrans were not yet ready for.

The orb had become somewhat of a foster parent and mentor to all of the alien-human hybrids, and even to Liz who by this time was essentially an alien-human hybrid herself. Both Diane and Philip tried to intervene under the novel legal theory that the orb was a human being under the laws of the US and Mexico, and Jim Valenti actually tried to keep the orb into protective custody. And even under the laws of the Consortium, that should have been enough to stop the commander from taking the orb until the legal issues were settled - Diane and Philip were planning on the energy death of the universe coming first, actually. Besides, the orb made a sacred vow that it wouldn't transfer any advanced technology to the hybrids or the Earthlings.

But the commander of the small warcraft was an Antarean - if you aren't cheating you aren't trying and all that - and took physical possession of the orb. Possession, as they say, is nine tenths of the law, and the ship commander had every intention of returning the orb to Consortium custody UNTIL the legal issues were decided - once more long after anyone currently alive would have been there.

He was making good on this quasi-legal theft - careful to keep the orb between him and the four alien-human hybrids and Liz, when he was taken by surprise from the rear by a 'powerbwast' from not quite two year-old Ella Evans in defense of her 'gwanpa owub.' The fact that Ella knew how to powerblast was a complete surprise - both to her parents and to Maria Guerin, who had rather SPECIFICALLY told Michael he shouldn't teach little Ella how to do that - but that's another story.

By the time the commander had recovered his senses, Ella was cradling 'gwanpaw owub,' in her arms and just radiating cuteness to the point where even the commanders own orb was threatening to tell the commander's co-Choice's orb if he didn't ease up and let the kid have the orb. The commander decided that was grief he didn't need, and - expressing to the orb how important it was that there be NO technology transfer - got back in his ship and left.

So, in the end, everyone did live happily after, all of the hybrids and their spouses and their offspring eventually moving back to Roswell after college and a few yeas of establishing their careers. Perhaps they would save the entire human race in the future when humanity reached out for the stars. Right now they were just living their lives - and pretty good ones at that.

And OF COURSE the orb transferred advanced technology to them, Why would you think otherwise??
If you aren't cheating, you aren't REALLY trying, and somewhere in some other plane of existence the elderly xenologist and his co-Choice were no doubt very happy with the way the orb was caring for their hybrid children.

The End
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