You're My Destiny (AU,M/L,TEEN) [COMPLETE]

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You're My Destiny (AU,M/L,TEEN) [COMPLETE]

Post by dreamangel » Tue Sep 02, 2003 5:57 pm

Title: "You're My Destiny"
Author: nicole
Rating: TEEN
Disclaimer: Roswell does not belong to me.
Category: M/L
Summary: Takes place after Summer of '47, kind of AU. Matt Hunter is new to Roswell and he's after Liz, much to Max's displeasure. Alternates two parts present, one part past.
To Allay Confusion: max=zan, matt=zane, isabel=vilandra, sandry=catani, michael=rath, rafe=braiden, tess=ava, liz=verina
Author's Note: I've taken some artistic licensing and made it so EOTW never happened, but Liz and Max still aren't together, they've both just kinda given up. Also, the Dupes as we know them don't exist, I've changed them. And the parts are only two pages in length.

He knew it was her immediately. He stared at her out of emerald green eyes, taking in her big brown eyes and long brown hair. He could tell it would be soft and silky even from this distance. It would be exactly how he remembered it.

He frowned suddenly as her expression dawned on him. She was sad. She looked so, so lost…What had happened in those years he had been gone? He ran his hands through his jet black hair, making the top even more spiky, took a deep breath, and started walking. He needed to see her smile.

“Excuse me?” Maria looked up at the boy before her. God, he was hot! “Can I sit here?”

“Sure,” Alex said as he slid over. Maria was still trying to get her vocal cords to work. “I’m Alex.”

“Matt Hunter.”

“I’m Maria!” She finally got out, trying to sound as sexy and desirable as possible. Kyle and Alex each gave her an amused glance, but Liz didn’t even look in Maria’s direction, she was staring out into space again. Lost in space…Maria thought, giggling, but then sobered. Liz was really lost somewhere, and not even Maria could find her.


There was a pause in which everyone looked to the pale girl in black, who gave no sign of an outward response. “Liz,” Maria whispered as Kyle nudged her best friend.

“What?” she finally asked, acknowledging the real world.

Maria looked pointedly at Matt. Liz’s eyes widened as she looked at him. There was a recognition in her eyes, as if she already knew him. But that’s impossible, Maria thought, I’ve known her forever, and she doesn’t know anybody I don’t know.

“I’m Matt,” he repeated gently.

Liz smiled, “I’m Liz.”

Maria watched her friend in awe. This was the first time she had smiled since last year, when she and Max were officially over, and even though Maria had been thinking of coveting the new hottie all to herself…If he could make Liz happy again, she’d give him up willingly.

Liz felt herself smile at him. It felt strange. She hadn’t smiled in a year. What was it about him? She knew she knew him. She was sure of that fact, but she couldn’t put a finger on where exactly she knew him from.

He remembered that smile from before. He remembered everything about her. The way she tucked her hair behind her ear, the way her nose wrinkled when she was thinking hard…How much she loved the stars, the unknown…He had memorized every tiny detail about her in the years they had spent together that lifetime ago.

Excitement grew as he pictured how pleased Rafe and Sandry would be when they learned Matt had found their fourth. That he had found Verina.

His bride.

Max sat glumly on his lab stool, ignoring Tess' chatter. She had waltzed in here and just sat down in the seat he had been saving for Liz. He didn't even know why she was taking A.P. Biology when she had barely passed Chemistry last year.

"Are you even listening to me?"

He turned his head to stare at her blankly. Obviously not, he thought, but didn't say anything out loud. "What?" he inquired, polite but cold.

"I was saying what a great time I had Saturday." She smiled at him and placed a hand over the one he had resting on the lab table. He stared at it a beat before subtly taking his hand away to get something he didn't actually need, out of his backpack. "Maybe we could do it again Friday? Just the two of us?"

He bit back a groan and gave her a bland smile. The only reason he had gone to the Pizza Pan on Saturday was because they were having an extra karaoke night and he thought maybe Maria would come and Liz would come with her…But it had just been a waste of time. "I have to work."

"Oh," her face fell, "Saturday?"


Tess frowned at him as he averted his head, looking towards the door. Looking for his precious Lizzie. Why can't he see they're over? she wondered, They broke up a year ago and she still won't take him back. It's a no brainer! Then she smirked, because a wake up call just breezed in through the door.

His jaw dropped as he watched her; eyes sparkling, laughing, happy…She looked beautiful. She looked more alive than he'd seen her in a year. But somebody else was making her smile.

Max's suspicious eyes followed the new guy to a lab table right in front of his. He saw Liz hesitate, her brown eyes meeting his for a split second before sliding away, the light dimming. And then his eyes met the vivid green of the boy trying to steal his girl.

Matt smiled at his brother, whether Zan knew it was him or not, and stuck out a hand.
"I'm Matt Hunter," he told him. The eyes that hadn't changed in a lifetime widened, wariness lurking in their depths.

"Max Evans," he replied, gripping the offered hand tighter than necessary. "First day?"

"Yeah. Luckily I found a tour guide." He grinned at Liz and Max wanted to smack him. Liz returned the smile, but it was more forced than it had been five minutes ago. She could tell Max was more upset than a friend should be. "You know Liz?" asked Matt.

Better than you ever will, Max thought bitterly, but all he said was, "Yeah." Liz met his gaze again, and sadness seeped into both sets before she looked away. Matt appeared oblivious to the connection.

"I'm Tess Harding," Tess interrupted, steering the topic away from perfect Liz Parker, and onto a more important person, her. Plus, she hoped flirting would stir up some jealousy in Max. It wasn't as if it was going to be a hardship. Matt was definitely a hottie…

Actually, now that she thought about it, he looked a lot like Max…

"Nice to meet you," he responded. She seemed the same, small and pretty, and he was still feeling the vague attraction they had had before…but Liz was occupying his immediate heart. He smiled at her. He had always liked Ava because her appearance had caused him to find his Verina.

“What do you mean you’re not going to marry Verina?” Queen Melantha demanded of her son. Zane gave his brother a warning glance, one that Zan didn’t heed.

“I’ve met someone Mother,” Zan continued, “Her name is Ava, and we’d like to be married as soon as possible.”

“Absolutely not!” Melantha exclaimed, “You are marrying the Princess Verina of Karrasra. This betrothal had been set since her birth and you will not jeopardize the alliance by rebelling this late in the game. It will simply not do!”

Zan shot his fraternal twin a pleading look, his amber eyes begging Zane to help. “What does Father say?” Zane asked, and his brother sent him a look of relief.

Melantha narrowed her blue-green eyes, “You know very well that your Father does not interfere with your marriages. Zan is heir to Antar, he will marry Verina. Vilandra will marry Rath, and you Zane are free to marry as you choose.”

“That’s not fair!” Zan cried.

“He is the second son,” Melantha scolded, “Zane is-“

“Not of import,” Zane finished for his mother, who shot him a look. He gave her a sad smile. It was true, he was the unneeded child, but maybe he could help his brother in this one thing. “Mother,” he began, “Why don’t I marry Verina?”

She blinked, “You…marry…”

Zan seized the opportunity at once, “Yes, after all, Verina is Hanar’s only child, and she will be expected to rule Karrasra one he passes on, just as I will be expected to take Antar’s throne once you and Father are gone. We can’t rule two planets at once. If I marry Ava and Zane marries Verina, everything works out.”

The boys could see the wheels turning in their mother’s head as she thought about this new argument. It was obvious this dilemma had not occurred to her in the nineteen years this betrothal had been in place. “I would have to discuss this with Hanar…” she said slowly. She gave Zane a look, “Are you quite certain you want to do this Zane?”

He gave her a large grin, “Who am I to stand in the way of true love?”

Zan grinned too, “You’re going to adore Ava, Mother, she’s the perfect Lady, and she’ll make a wonderful queen…”

Zane left the room as his brother went on and on about his new betrothed’s charms. So, as of this moment, he basically had himself a bride. The prospect was a little alarming. He’d never really been interested in girls and now he was practically married to one. He sighed, the things he did for his brother…

“What’s wrong with you?”

He looked up into his best friend’s blue eyes and sighed again. Great, he thought, Braiden was going to have a field-day with this one. “Congratulate me Brai, I’m to be wed.”

His friend blinked and ran a hand through his sandy blonde hair, “Come again?”

“I’m getting married to the Princess Verina of Karrasra,” Zane elaborated.

“I thought she was marrying Zan?” Catani asked as she came up behind the two boys. They spun around and looked at her, Braiden with annoyance and Zane with a smile.

“Zan met some girl and he’s determined to marry her, so I volunteered to marry Verina, and I’m pretty sure I’ll have to go through with it, so you two better pack your bags. You’re coming with me to Karrasra.” They both groaned and Zane smiled, leaving them alone to piss and moan together.

“Thanks Zane.”

He looked up, surprised, and then shrugged, “What are brothers for?” They walked back to their rooms in companionable silence. “Is she really the one, Zan?”

His brother gave one of his slow, half-smiles. “I think so, Zane, I really do. Once you meet her, you’ll understand.”

“I found them,” he announced triumphantly as he walked into the rented house. Sandry raised her red-gold head from the book she was reading.

“Really?” she demanded, blue-green eyes glimmering with hope, “Really, truly Matt? All four of them?”


“Five…” she trailed off in confusion, then her eyes widened in understanding. “Verina,” she breathed, “She’s here, too?”

Matt nodded and a dreamy smile claimed his lips, “She’s beautiful, San, and just as warm and loving as she was before.”

Sandry sat up, excited now. She and Verina had become close friends during her stay on Karrasra with Zane and Braiden. But that had been in their past life, when she was Catani, and she hoped Verina and she could connect again. “Oh,” she sighed, “I can’t wait to see her again. Did she ask about me?”

He shook his head, “They don’t remember, any of them. They didn’t recognize me, not even Verina and Zan.” He frowned and sat down next to her. “I don’t know what to do about that.”

“Do about what?” a low voice asked. The two friends looked over as Rafe entered the room, towel drying his long blond hair. One eyebrow was raised over silvery blue eyes.

“Matt found Verina, and the other Four,” Sandry spoke up before Matt could.

Rafe ignored Sandry and looked at Matt. “That true?”

Matt nodded, “But they don’t remember our past lives. I could tell Liz recognized me though, we still have the connection Verina and I had.”

“And the others?”

He shrugged, “I don’t know. Tess, that’s Ava, she seemed the same as before. Zan was more, I don’t know, he seemed more cautious, more world-wise than the Zan I remember. And he looked really sad…” Matt discontinued his contemplation of his newfound brother, “Anyway, Vilandra is still a complete Princess, and Rath still talks in grunts, so at least some things haven’t changed.” He gave his friends a wry grin. “So, what do you guys think?”

“I think we should have gone to school with you,” Sandry muttered, regretting her choice to drop out. But she hadn’t wanted to spend any more time getting an education she already possessed, and what with a ship coming to take them home to Antar…What was the point?

“What do they go by now?” Rafe asked, “We can’t just walk up to them on the street and say ‘Hey’ when they don’t know us or their names. So, Verina’s this Liz girl, and Ava is Tess…What about the others?”

“Zan goes by Max, Vilandra by Isabel, and Rath by Michael. They all seem to be friends. One of Liz’s human friends, Alex, is in a relationship with Vilandra.”

Sandry gave a snort, “And how does Rath feel about this?”

Another shrug on Matt’s part, “He didn’t seem to care. He was too busy arguing with Maria to notice anything, let alone another guy kissing his betrothed.”


“Another of Liz’s human friends. Kyle is the third. By the way, we’ve been invited by Kyle and Alex to hang with ‘the group’ at the Crashdown this afternoon, so get your coats, we’re meeting them at four.”

“We?” Rafe repeated.

“I told them I was living with my older brother and younger sister,” Matt explained sheepishly, “They told me to bring you along.”

“Great,” he muttered, “I’ll go start the car.”

As soon as Rafe was gone Matt turned to Sandry. She was standing, fixing the purple tank top so that it hung right, and straightening her short-shorts. She caught his stare and gave him a smile. “What is it Mattie?” she asked

“I don’t know what to do about Verina-Liz,” he corrected himself, “You’re a girl, San, what should I do?”

Her smile widened, “You’re asking me, the person who can’t even get Rafe to notice her as anything other than a pest in two lifetimes, for relationship advice?”

“Yes,” he confirmed, nodding wildly.

She gave a laugh and patted his dark head. “Ask her out.”

He blinked those emerald eyes at her. “That’s it? Just ask her out?”

Now it was Sandry’s turn to shrug. “Ease her into it, Matt. You can’t very well demand she marry you because it’s your destiny, now can you? She doesn’t remember you, and if you pulled that, she’d probably run screaming and some beefy guys would come and put you in a straight jacket.”

Matt rolled his eyes at the picture she was painting, but nodded, because she had made some good points. “So…Just ask her out?”

“Right.” A loud beeping noise came from the direction of the driveway and Matt and Sandry exchanged glances. “Let’s go before he blows a fuse.”

Matt chuckled and got up, following her out the door and on to the Crashdown Café, where Liz was waiting.

The diner wasn’t that busy, it was, after all, only Monday. There was an older couple sitting in the corner by the window, a couple kids from school at the counter, and the aliens in their regular booth, a table pulled up to it to make room for the humans.

Liz and Maria were bored. So, they sat down at the table with Kyle and Alex, Liz avoiding Max’s gaze. Which was hard to ignore considering its intensity. She was still in love with him, she knew it, even if she had walked away, pushed him toward Tess, and tried to move on. She was still in love with him.

The bell on the door rung and Liz and Maria jumped to their feet. Matt Hunter entered, along with, what she could only assume, were his siblings. They didn’t really look alike, she noted. Matt was lean, with black hair and green eyes. The older boy was compact, with long blonde hair and blue eyes, and the girl… She was petite, with a delicate bone structure, red-gold hair, and blue-green eyes. The blonde boy was hovering over her protectively.

Maria fell in instant lust with the blonde. He was even more of a hottie than Matt, and if Liz was taking the new boy, she’d take his brother! That way, she and Lizzie could be sisters! Yay, fun!

The trio approached the table and booth, smiles on their faces. Max watched with clenched teeth as Matt walked to Liz, never taking his eyes off of her. “Hey,” he said softly to Liz.

“Hi,” she replied, smiling up at him, “Welcome to the Crashdown, please be seated and I’ll take your order.”

Matt grinned and looked around. Zan, Ava, and Vilandra were seated at a booth, Kyle and Alex were beside them at a table they had dragged over. There were empty seats at the table. And Matt took one, Rafe and Sandry following his move.

“So,” Maria said, sauntering up beside them, “Who are your friends, Matt?” She smiled at the cute blonde in a friendly-like way.

“Oh, um…” he blushed, taking his eyes off Liz, “That’s my brother, Rafe, and my sister, Sandry.” He gave a mental apology for lying, considering his real brother and sister were just feet away.

“Why aren’t you two in school?” she continued. Liz glanced at her friend and rolled her eyes, then proceeded to take the newcomer’s orders.

They handed Liz their menus while answering Maria. “I graduated last year,” Rafe explained, “ and San…she’s a genius.”

Sandry blushed with pleasure at Rafe’s praise, “Rafe…”

He looked at her, “You are.”

“Yeah,” Matt put in, “And I’m the ordinary one, so I’m stuck at school.” He gave Liz a shy smile that made her smile back and made Max want to beat the guy to the ground. A hand on his knee stopped him from doing just that, and he looked at his sister.

“They seem familiar,” Isabel whispered, leaning toward him. Tess, who was eavesdropping, nodded vigorously in agreement. “What should we do, Max?”

“Wait,” he murmured back, eyes never leaving Matt and Liz.

Meanwhile, Alex and Kyle were entertaining Sandry with stories of small town life, and Maria was gettin’ her groove thang on with Rafe. Neither alien noticed the looks the other was giving.

“So…” Maria started again, batting her eyelashes at him, “Why-”

“Maria!” The dinging of a bell and the annoyed bellow caused the entire population of restaurant goers to look back at the order-up counter, where Michael was standing, bandana on his head, spatula in hand, and anger in face.

She clicked her tongue against her teeth and gave him an irritated glare, then walked slowly over to him. “What, Spaceboy?”

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” he demanded in a low voice.

Maria blinked, taken aback. “What?”

“You’re flirting with a possibly hostile alien,” he enlightened her. She just looked at him blankly. “Look, Maria, the guy feels familiar to me, they all do, it’s like how I recognized Max and Izzy.”

“Riighhht,” she said slowly, “I totally believe you.”

“Maria!” He slammed the spatula down on the counter, “I’m telling you-”

“You’re just jealous Michael Guerin,” she interrupted, “Well, need I remind you, that it is none of your business who I flirt with, or who I chose to date.”

“Maria-” he tried again

“I’m not finished! Need I remind you, that you were the one who said good-bye, not me. Not me, Michael!”

She glared at him, hands on her hips, and he smiled. Then he grabbed her and pulled her onto the counter, trapping her in a serious lip-lock. She submitted of course, she had only been flirting to provoke this type of a response from him. And she found it very satisfying that her tactic had worked.



Max and Liz looked at each other for a beat, that surprised look they always gave each other when they found they were thinking alike. Then Liz looked away, and back at her friend, who was lying on the counter, Michael over her, both culprits staring at them.

“What?” they both asked.

Liz shook her head and exchanged wry glances with the group. Matt, Rafe, and Sandry look confused, and exchanged their own glances. A consensus was reached between Rafe and Sandry and they glared at Matt until he relented with his eyes. They stood as one, and the original group looked from Maria and Michael to them.

“We’re gonna head out,” Rafe told them, “It was nice meeting you.” He gave them all a nod and then took Sandry’s arm and started leading her out the door. She gave a wave behind her and then disappeared with Rafe.

Matt lingered, looking at Liz. “I’ll see you tomorrow,” he whispered, and then left.

Max stared after him, and when the door closed he spoke. “We need to have a meeting.”
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Zane had been shown to his rooms immediately upon arriving on Karrasra, Braiden and Catani had also been swept away to their own suites, and now a servant was waiting patiently for him at the door. “Yes?”

The man bowed, “If his Highness would follow me, Princess Verina has invited him to join her for dinner in her parlor.”

The Prince blinked, and then nodded, following the man from the rooms. He had wondered where his betrothed was when she had not been in the welcoming party that had greeted the Antarians ship, and now, it seemed he was going to find out.

His first impression of Verina was one of delicacy and supreme femininity. She was seated in a high-backed chair when he entered, her gown one of flowing beige, her hair was loose and long, a cascade of dark brown curls, her face was almost spritely, with wide eyes and full lips, and her tiny slippered feet swung two inches above the ground as she smiled at him.

He fell in love with her instantly.

“Prince Zane!” she cried, and his name had never sounded so sweet, extending her hands to him. He strode to her and dropped to one knee before her, taking the proferred hands and kissing them softly.

“It is merely Zane, my Princess,” he told her, smiling at her radiant face.

“Then I am merely Verina,” she responded, laughing joyously, “We are to be wed, it is good to be on a first name basis.”

“I agree completely, Verina,” he said. They smiled at one another and she gestured for him to sit in the chair beside hers.

“I am sorry we have not had the chance to meet before now,” she informed him seriously, her dark eyes fixed on his face, “But I am recovering from an illness, Father will not let me out of my rooms until one of the healer’s says I’m absolutely safe.” At his look of surprise she laid a comforting hand on his arm. “It’s not contagious, Zane, there’s no need to look to alarmed.”

He grinned and shook his head, “It’s not me I’m worried about,” he said, “I’m just sorry we received no word of it, I would have come sooner.”

She let out another sparkling laugh, “Oh, I like you,” she giggled, “Very much.”

“I find myself liking you as well,” he retorted, chuckling a bit. Whoever thought arranged marriages could be fun? Certainly Rath and Vilandra never got along this well, they were always bickering like brother and sister.

“That’s fantastic!” she exclaimed, “I was so hoping you would. We are to be wed, after all, having affection for one another is bound to come in handy.”

“I can assure you,” he promised, “I believe myself capable of great affection for you Verina.” She beamed at him, and he found himself blessing his brother for his timely discovery of his true love, because there was no doubt in Zane’s mind that Verina was his destiny.

A knock interrupted further conversation and she clapped her hands. “I’ve invited you’re friends to join us,” she notified him, “I was hoping we could all be friends?” She made the last into a question, as if unsure whether Brai and Catani would like her.

He nodded, “Braiden can be off-putting at first, but Cat’s a sweetheart, and she’s wanted a girl friend for so long… I’m sure the two of you will click right away.” How could they not, he thought smiling, they were both pure sunshine.

“Wonderful!” she asserted, and, as his two best friends came into the room, bowing and curtseying awkwardly, he watched her greet them enthusiastically, starting a discussion with Catani nearly instantaneously.

He and Braiden exchanged looks and then grinned, preparing to chow down as servants brought in a table and food. Verina took the time to thank each one individually, and then went back to consulting Catani over every detail of a royal wedding, as Cat had helped plan Zan and Ava’s. Zane watched his bride-to-be as her face lit up, and fell more deeply into the abyss of adoration.

This could be the start of something that could last lifetimes…

“So what is this meeting about?” Maria demanded from where she was sitting on Michael’s lap. They had just finshed closing up the Crashdown, and now everyone was plopped down in the booth or in a chair nearby.

“Matt, Rafe, and Sandry,” Max said shortly, giving Liz a quick glance. She refused to look at him, concentrating instead on the imaginary lint on her uniform.

“C’mon, Max,” Maria protested, “Don’t tell me you’re giving in to Michael paranoia.”

“Hey!” her boyfriend exclaimed, attempting to push her off his lap. Maria gave a shriek of protest and swatted his chest, causing him to grimace and cease his pushing.

“Maria,” Max said gently, “I felt it when I first met Matt in Bio, Tess did too, and Izzy mentioned something just now. If Michael’s feeling something too,” and he looked at his best friend, who gave a nod of confirmation, “Than something is going on with those three.”

“Great,” she muttered in response, “Here we go again, I can feel the alien abyss starting to suck me dry.” She shook her head, gave Liz a glance, and then looked back at Max. “So is this feeling like how you felt when Tess came, or is it more of an ‘evil-within’ thing?” she asked, referring to the mom-o-gram Liz had told her about.

“They’re not evil,” Isabel declared quickly, and Max backed her up with a nod.

“But it’s not like with Tess,” he murmured, “I feel more of a connection with them…” He didn’t notice Tess’ sharp look, and then the expression of hurt that crossed her face. “Or to Matt at least. He feels…” Max shook his head, “Kinda like Iz, or Michael, he feels like a brother.”

He hated admitting that because regardless of how Matt felt to Max, sibling-like or not, Max was not happy the guy was around. Especially with all the looks he’d been sending Liz’s way. Speaking of Liz, Max looked at her, but she still wouldn’t meet his searching gaze. There was something going on between Matt and Liz, and Max wanted it stopped.

“And Rafe and Sandry,” Isabel mused, “If those two are brother and sister than I’m Max’s girlfriend.”

“Ewww,” Maria squealed, and Max gave her a disgusted grimace.

“Maria,” Isabel said, exasperated, “I just meant they were giving each other looks that weren’t exactly looks a brother and sister should be giving one another.

“Ewww,” Maria said again. Isabel sighed and looked at Alex, who shrugged. There was nothing anyone could do about Maria.

“The point is,” Max stated, “Is that we need to find out who exactly they are, and what exactly they want.”

“Does that mean I get to do some breaking and entering?” Michael inquired, peering around Maria to look at Max, who rolled his eyes.

“No, Michael,” he said sternly, “And no following them around, we all know how well that worked last time.” He glanced at Tess, who gave them a sheepish smile.

“Well than what the hell are we supposed to do, go up and ask: Hey are you guys aliens? And, if so, what do you want? Are you planning to kill us?-“

“Michael,” Max interrupted, “I just meant we have to be more subtle. I realize that it’s going to be tricky, but we can do it. We already know they want to be around us, or they wouldn’t have come.”

“Want to be around Liz,” Maria countered.

“What?” Max asked, and Liz finally looked up from the floor, staring at Maria with a frown on her face.

“What do you mean by that?” she demanded.

Maria shrugged, “Matt likes you. He basically sought you out this afternoon, and I know you think there’s something about him because I saw your face when he introduced himself. You knew him.”

“Is that true?” Tess interrogated, pouncing on Liz’s moment of weakness in front of Max, trying to make her look bad.

“Tess,” Max scolded, and then turned back to Liz, voice gentling, “Liz?”

“Yes,” she said, “No. I don’t know!” She met Max’s eyes, confused, “He feels familiar to me, yes. Do I trust him, yes. But do I know him, no.”

Max frowned and looked at the tabletop, thinking. He knew Matt liked Liz, it was obvious, but that Liz was feeling things back… He hated that, but it might be the only card they had. He clenched his fists and looked around the group, finally, his gaze came back to Liz and softened.

“Are you willing to get to know him?” he asked, and everyone started. Liz didn’t say anything. “I know you don’t want to be involved with us, Liz, but I also know that Maria’s right. If we want to know anything about them, it’ll be through Matt, through you. My only question is, do you want to?”

She sighed, but nodded, causing Max’s heart to ache, but he nodded back. “I’ll do it.”

She felt his presence behind her like a tickle to her senses. The others had gone home not long ago. She had thought he had gone as well. But she had been wrong.

Liz closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The scent of his cologne and his leather jacket whispered through her body, making it tighten and ache. “I thought you went home, Max,” she said, not turning around.

He moved toward her. She could tell by the slithering sound his brown leather jacket made. Her eyes opened, and she stared at her small metal locker, watching his shadow overwhelm hers.

His breath tickled her neck where her hair was pulled up into a careless bun. “Liz…” he murmured.

She turned, and he was there, so close. Their eyes met and held, her brown depths devouring his soul, his amber capturing hers. She wanted to touch him. To reach out and brush his dark bangs from his forehead, to lean into him and just be in his arms once more, to just kiss his soft lips again…

But she couldn’t. He didn’t belong to her.

“What Max?”

A sad smile played over his face, and he went against the rules and reached up, tucking a fallen strand of silky hair back behind her ear. He bit back a sigh and stepped closer. Liz’s breath caught and she stared up at him, wide-eyed.

“I don’t want you to do this,” he told her. He didn’t like the way Matt looked at her. Or the way she looked back sometimes.

“We have to, Max, you know that,” she replied, voice soft, “We have to find out who they are.”

He nodded, “I know, but I don’t like it.”

“They’re not dangerous, Max, you said so yourself,” she reminded him.

“I know that too,” he retorted, voice warm with frustration, “But that doesn’t mean I like it.”

“Max…” She trailed off, taken aback by his vehemence.

“Sorry,” he whispered, stepping away. He looked down at the floor, shuffling his feet, “I’m sorry.”

It was so hard to be around her and know that she wasn’t his anymore. That she didn’t want to be his. When Liz had walked away that day, a part of him had broken. He had wanted to go after her, to wrap her in his arms and hold her there forever, but she wanted space. So he gave her space. There had been no contact between them over the summer, but the need had never left him.

And now he had managed to drag her back into his dangerous life, and she didn’t seem resentful. Of course, he thought bitterly, she was going to be dating someone else. It cut him, deeply.

“I want you to be careful Liz,” he finally said.

She smiled, and it was beautiful. “I will Max, I promise.”

He nodded, and looked back down at the floor. He really had no reason to be here. He had just wanted to stay behind, to talk to her now that she was acknowledging him again. But he knew she’d be careful, she was always careful. It was Matt he didn’t trust…

“Hey,” she whispered, and allowed herself to touch his arm. His head shot up, surprised, and their eyes met again, sparks flying. “It’s just a date, Max.”

His eyes darkened, though with pain or passion she wasn’t sure, because he seemed to be staring at her lips. Liz couldn’t breath properly as he retook that one step, her own eyes dropped to his lips, so sensual and inviting…

“Just a date,” he echoed, his head descending inch by slow, tortuous inch. Liz tilted her head upward, standing on tiptoe, and leaned up into him. Her brain was telling her to stop, he had a destiny she wasn’t a part off, but as he got closer, she really didn’t care.

Their lips were millimeters apart, their bodies pressed together, her hands were travelling up the soft, well-worn leather of his coat to wrap around his broad, strong shoulders and tangle in his soft raven dark hair.

“Max,” she breathed…


They broke apart and looked away from each other, blushing. “Yeah, Dad?” she called.

Jeff Parker walked down the stairs and stared at them. “It’s eleven, sweetie, time for Max to head home.”

He ducked his head, “Yes, Mr. Parker.”

They waited, and when it became obvious that her father wasn’t leaving, Max glanced at Liz, “I’ll see you later.”

She nodded, wrapping her arms around her slender body, “Tomorrow,” she agreed.

“Bye, Max,” Jeff said and Max walked out the back door.

He turned back and gave a sheepish wave. Liz walked toward the closing door and locked it, then turned to her father and bounced up the steps, kissing him good-night, and trying to keep her mind off of what had just occurred.

She and Max weren’t meant to be, it was that simple. She wasn’t his destiny. So why wasn’t her heart understanding?

The sky of Karrasra was a dark mauve at night, the clouds that drifted through it were of a dark crimson cast. The stars shining that night were bright white, the moon was a cerulean dream, and the storm was of the gentle summer persuasion.

Verina, Crown Princess of Karrasra, took a deep breath as the breeze, charged with the electrical energy of the thunderstorm swept by her. She loved night storms, there was something magical about the falling of the rain through the stillness, the crash of thunder in the distance, and the brilliant flash of golden lightning.

She was sitting on the stone bench that was a part of her balcony, which overlooked the extensive gardens that made Karrasra famous. The lavender awning kept the soft, warm rain off her dark head and delicate ruby nightgown. The cloth was sermin, and was very expensive and easily ruined. Her grandmother Cladis had had it made for her for her sixteenth birthday and it was one of her most treasured possessions. She loved the feel of it, so smooth and sleek against her bare skin, so thin, and yet it kept her so warm. Verina only wore it when she was thinking deep thoughts. It gave her comfort.

Tonight was one of those deep thoughts nights. She caressed the worn cover of her journal, reviewing what she had wrote in it just a short time before. Thoughts of love and friendship she could never discuss with another being. Her private dreams and fantasies…

With the arrival of the Antarian delegation, some of those dreams had come true, and others had been shattered, but her journal still held all the wistful fantasies of her being. Every vision of her future, from the man she would marry to a peaceful death in her bed, surrounded by her husband, children, and grandchildren.

But the arrival of her betrothed had changed things. Catani and Braiden were wonderful, she finally had a real girl friend to talk to, and Brai was much like a gruff older brother to her, both experiences were ones she cherished. And Zane…

He was everything she could have wished for in a husband. He was handsome, courteous, kind, charming, open, lovable… The list of his virtues could go on forever. In fact, he had no vices that she could discover. Then why, she wondered to herself, am I not madly in love with him?

She held deep affection for him, there was no doubt about that, but she did not love him as a wife should love a husband. Verina mused that perhaps love wasn’t like the flash of lightning that hit the ground hundreds of yards away. Perhaps it wasn’t instantaneous. And, hopefully, it didn’t fizzle out as quickly as that bolt of golden electricity did.

No, maybe love was like a storm. Coming up gradually, the rumblings unheeded, until finally, you were right in the middle of it, with the rain soaking you until you could feel it in your bones and the lightning striking around you, enough to give you that excitement, that passion, but then fading away to the constant resonance of thunder and wind and rain. To that smell of wet, warm earth that always made her feel as if she was home.

Yes, love was not a tiny portion of passion like lightning, it was a lasting, echoing thing like the entire storm. Something that would reverberate into the deepest recesses of her soul, making her feel safe, warm, homey. Something that would comfort her like the feeling she had when she slipped into the sermin nightgown her grandmother had given her.

She smiled and stood. She slipped the journal back into its hiding spot, and then turned back to watch the storm. If love was like the storm, then maybe one day she would find herself in love with Zane. He was someone steady and constant, and she could imagine children and grandchildren with him by her side.

But she could not envision the golden passion, the searing heat, that the lightning represented. Not with Zane.

She lifted her head, closing her eyes as a shift in the wind brought the scent of rain-drenched roses up to her. She felt a few stray droplets on her nose and bare arms, and she opened her eyes, finding the tiny rip in the pale purple canopy. She smiled again and wiped the water away with her slender fingers, bringing the residue to her lips. Her tongue darted out, tasting the sharpness that rain water always carried.


The princess stiffened and stifled an exclamation of surprise as she spun gracefully to meet her intruder. “Zane?” she questioned.

He smiled at her, green eyes twinkling, and held up a rose pink robe that she had left on the divan just inside the door to her balcony. “I came to see if you wanted to get a late night dessert. Aren’t you cold?”

She blinked, then blushed as she realized he was seeing her in clingy nightwear, and allowed him to help her into the robe. She masked a sigh with a smile. “I was just watching the storm,” she murmured, by way of excuse that she wasn’t available when he had knocked.

His nose wrinkled as he stared past her to the darkness beyond. “It looks like it’s over. I dislike storms anyway.” He gave her a grin, “How about that dessert?”

She nodded, though his sentiments left her feeling as bereft as the end of the storm. Verina looked once more at the fleeing clouds, the rumblings fading, and one last arc of golden lightning raced across the sky towards her before she let Zane lead her away.

To be cont'd.

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In honor of Nick Wechsler's birthday, you get a new part. :D Thank you Aprilbaby, roswellian137, Lullaby, and frenchkiss70 for your feedback!


It was a few weeks after Max and Liz’s close encounter at the Crashdown, and she had found herself spending more and more time with Matt and his family. After awhile, it wasn’t so much to find out their secrets, but because she wanted to.

Rafe teased her like the brother she never had, and he and Alex had forged a friendship over computer games and guitars. Sandry, Maria, and she could often be found in one another’s rooms or hanging out at the mall if they had free time.

But Liz had begun to notice how Rafe and Sandry would suddenly have something to do if she was visiting without the other two Musketeers, leaving Liz alone with Matt. It wasn’t like she minded, she enjoyed Matt’s company, and she felt he was a good friend. But the not-so-subtle hints he gave made it obvious that he wasn’t completely satisfied with friendship.

She had been hoping that getting close wouldn’t require dating, as Max had seemed sure it would, but the look in Matt’s eyes as he turned to her proved Max right. Yet again.


“Hmm?” she replied, looking at him as she paused from writing information in her lab booklet. He was blushing and playing with his hands. “What is it, Matt?”

“Um,” he finally looked up at her, “I was wondering if…maybe…you’d want to do something tomorrow night?”

“Do what?’ she inquired softly, the soothing tone in her voice meant not for Matt, but for Max, who was sitting tensed since Matt had first spoken.

“Well I was thinking we could go on a date…” he trailed off, watching her anxiously. What if she said no?

Liz hesitated only a beat, “Okay.”

“Okay,” Matt repeated, sounding surprised, “Okay!”

Liz smiled at his sudden enthusiasm. She tried to help it, but he was too adorable. She felt guilty as well, because she was accepting only because it was necessary, and he didn’t deserve that. Matt was a cheerful, caring, wonderful guy, but…He wasn’t Max.

The snap of a pencil interrupted Liz’s musings on Max and Matt. She and her lab partner looked to the table in front of them, where Max was bent on the floor, picking up the broken pieces of his pencil which had fallen to the floor. When he stood up and saw them staring, he blushed, and his golden-brown eyes were a mixture of embarrassment and anger and pain.

Liz wanted to reach out and hold him. She wanted to tell him that she loved him, and only him. But she couldn’t. She was the one who had walked away, she was the one who had made the final decision regarding Matt, and she would have to deal with the pain it caused her to keep him away when all she wanted was to pull him closer.

“So, can I pick you up at seven for dinner? There’s this Chinese/Mexican place I wanted to try. Senor Chow’s? Have you heard of it?” Matt asked, looking at her.

Liz felt her heart stop as she remembered her first date with Max. It had been so special, so romantic… “No, not Senor Chow’s,” she said sharply.

Matt was puzzled by her tone, but nodded agreeably, “All right, how about-“

“A movie,” she interrupted.


“Let’s go see a movie,” she suggested, “Remember the Titans just came out. It looked good.”

Matt nodded, happy to be spending more time with her. The ship was coming soon, he needed to inform his brother and sister and the other two, but he wanted Liz to know first. To remember him. “That sounds good.”

Max couldn’t relax. He sat rigid in his chair, ears strained to catch every nuance of the conversation going on behind him. He was relieved that Liz had vetoed the suggestion for dinner at Senor Chow’s, that was their restaurant. And it gave him some amount of hope that Liz didn’t want to go there with another guy.

That night at the Crashdown had given him a boost of hope as well. They hadn’t talked about it, but he knew she was going to let him kiss her. He knew she would have kissed back as well, he read it in her expressive eyes, in the way she had leaned into him…

“Max,” came the whisper.

Blinking, he came out of his reverie. “What Tess?”

I was wondering if I could come over tomorrow,” she said.

He sighed, “Tess, I don’t-“

“For a memory retrieval session,” she interjected, “To maybe, you know, take your mind off things.” She inclined her head toward Matt and Liz.

He followed the nod and saw the two huddled over the lab booklet, smiling. He looked back at Tess. “That sounds good, how about eight?”


Quick disclaimer; remember the titans doesn't belong to me either.

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Going to the movies had been a good idea. Liz was feeling slightly jittery, and if she had been in a situation where she actually had to sit across from Matt and talk to him, she probably would have seen what that Galaxy Sub she had had for lunch looked like during the digestive process. And that really wouldn’t have been a pretty sight.

As it was, she had been bouncing up and down, full of nervous energy when they had been in line for the tickets, and in line for the concession stand, and when they were seated, she kept jumping up to get more napkins or another straw of making Matt get her some Sno-Caps and Junior Mints…

Matt sighed as Liz left her seat for the kajillionth time. “Bathroom,” she whispered. This was not going how he had planned. Since the lights had dimmed, Liz had shushed him everytime he made a comment, she had drank all her soda at least three times and had to leave for refills, then the bathroom breaks… It was a good thing they were sitting in the back row.

He grabbed a handful of popcorn and started munching on it, wondering how to get this date back on track. First off, Liz would actually have to remain stationary for more than five minutes. Secondly, they had to have a conversation. Thirdly, he had to kiss her into stupefaction so that when he told her he was an alien and her promised husband, she wouldn’t freak out. And finally, get her off the planet.

It was a pretty simple plan, one he had been confident about carrying out before this date had started. It was like the past few weeks of camaraderie had been tossed out the window. There were no easy silence and teasing, it was awkward, and Liz jumped everytime he touched her. He missed the relaxed vibe (I’ve been hanging around Maria too often, he thought with a grimace.) that they shared.

He heard ‘excuse me’s coming down the row, and watched as she navigated through the feet, knees, popcorn buckets, and pops in her way. She sat back down next to him, gave him a weak smile, and turned to watch the movie, which was just ending. Matt sighed again.

“That was a good movie,” Liz commented as they made their way to the Lumina Matt had borrowed from Rafe.

“You mean you actually managed to see some of it?” Matt blurted out before he could stop himself. Liz looked at him, surprised, and he blushed. “Sorry. You wanna go for ice cream?”

Liz bit her lip. It had been a horrible date, and it was her fault. She should make it up to him. “Sure,” she said as she got in the car, “Ice cream sounds good.”

He grinned as he peeled out of the theater parking lot and headed to the DQ, she was sounding a bit more like herself. He started talking, explaining to her all the parts she had missed, and she began to actively participate in the discussion. Asking question, laughing, and acting Liz-like.

Until they stopped at a red light. She had gone abruptly silent, staring striaght ahead. “Are you all right?” he inquired. She looked pale, and her eyes were beginning to shine with what looked like tears.

“Fine,” she whispered hoarsely. Then she pointed, “Green light.” He went, and Liz turned her head, watching the vehicle now stopped at the intersection as they passed it.

Tess moved back into her seat from where she had been fixing Max’s collar. He gave her an annoyed look and flipped it back up. She just smiled. Perfect Parker had just driven by. Tess had gotten adept at spotting Liz, it was necessary to keep track of the other girl if she wanted to do everything right in order to keep she and max split up.

This memory retrieval session was just another way to drive a wedge between the “star-crossed lovers”. If Max would just remember what he and she had been on Antar, if he could recall just an ounce of the love they had held for each other, she knew Liz would never be given a second thought.

“Tess, you know this isn’t a date, right?” Max’s anxious voice intruded on her fantasies of seeing Liz heartbroken and sobbing on the ground as she and Max left earth forever on a spaceship.

“Of course I know, silly!” she exclaimed. What girl in their right mind would think that a guy picking her up, and driving her back to his house to sit together on his bed, was a date? She rolled her eyes, Max was soooo dense. She glanced at his profile from the corner of her eye. But he was soooo fine.

True, he dressed blandly, and never did anything with his hair, but he was still hot. She did wish he’d try a little though. If he just spiked up his hair…like Matt’s. And wore better fitting clothes…like Matt’s. And green eyes were more exotic than plain old brown…Matt’s eyes were like emeralds, so clear and deep.

She sighed. She didn’t know what it was, but she had become slightly obsessed with Max and Matt’s similarities. And then she had started comparing them, alarmed to find out that Matt was more attractive to her than Max.

“Tess?” She blinked and looked at Max, who was standing on the driveway, on his way inside the house. “Are you coming?” he asked impatiently. She nodded, shoved all thoughts of the possibly hostile other alien out of her mind, and got out of the Jeep, walking briskly to catch up with Max, who was already at the door.

“Mom! I’m home!”

Diane Evans, much to Tess’ dismay, as she was hoping to have Max all to herself, came out of the kitchen and greeted her son and his friend. “What are you kid’s up to?”

“Tess wanted to try some meditation techniques to help for the A.P. Biology midterm.”

Tess blinked rapidly, surprised to hear such a lie coming from Max Evans’ mouth. “Meditation?” Mrs. Evans repeated, looking at Tess questioningly.

“Mrs. DeLuca got to her at Maria’s birthday party,” Max said smoothly, before Tess could stutter something inane. And normally she was so good at the sugary lies… “I didn’t have anything better to do tonight, so I thought I’d try it too.”

His mom nodded, “Well then, good luck with your…meditating. If you want snacks, just holler, and I’ll bring you a plate of cookies and some milk.”

“Thanks Mom.”

Tess followed him to his room, still gaping internally. “Do you always make up such ridiculous stories when your mother catches you with a girl in your room?”

“Yes,” he said, not looking at her. He sat down on the bed. “Let’s get started.”

She didn’t say anything, just sat sdown next to him. He still had a picture of Liz sitting framed on his nightstand. She wondered what kind of fibs he had told when she had been over. She wondered if when he said he’d be more comfortable doing this at his house if it was because he knew his mom was there. She snorted, probably.

He cleared his throat, “Tess?”

He wanted to smash something, anything. His mind had been playing on a loop all day, imagining Liz and Matt’s date. If he laid one hand on her…

“Tess,” he tried again, grounding out the name through gritted teeth. Why was she so spaced out? This was her stupid idea.

She finally looked at him, her blue eyes soft, and Max couldn’t help wishing they were brown. He missed Liz so much. Tess shifted so that she was fully on the bed, legs crossed, and then she gestured for him to do the same. Uncomfortable, he mirrored her position.

“Now,” she commanded, “Your mantra will be Zan. You say it over and over again in your mind, until it has cleared of any other thought. Got it?”

He nodded. Zan. “Yes.”

She smiled, closing her eyes. He did the same. They concentrated on their breathing until each intake and outtake was matched. Clear the mind. Zan. Zan. Zan. Zan. Zan...


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Steph and roswellluver: thank you for your feedback! :D
AN: hovar= hover car

The water below Dimaras Rock was blood-red. Zan was swimming with his best friend Larak. It was one of their free days. There were no ambassadors to deal with, and their parents weren’t demanding their presences at some tedious function. Well, at least not Zan’s. Larak had left his planet, Margant, without informing his father to come visit.

His brother and sister were at the palace preparing for Vilandra’s party that night. He grinned as he floated on top of the water, happy that he had managed to escape from his sister’s plans unscathed, and succeeded in draggin Rath along for the fun.

This was a day of relaxation. A day to let the cool water wash over him and to dream. His eyes drooped closed, lulled by the rippling of the small waves Larak was creating with his laps. His life as he knew it would be over in a few short weeks. Just three weeks and he’d be married to a woman he’d never met.

It wasn’t really anyone’s fault that Zan had never met his betrothed, the princess Verina. Circumstances always contrived to keep them apart from scheduled meeting and visitations. Whether it was something as simple as missing a shuttle or as serious as quelling a rebellion, the one had never seen the other face to face in the seventeen years they’d been intended.

He didn’t want to marry someone he didn’t know. What if they had nothing in common? What if it was impossible to get along with her? What if he couldn’t fall in love with her? That was the biggest problem. He had always idealized love in a marriage, always thought it necessary, but love held no place in political alliances.

Zan opened his eyes abruptly, shouting in protest to Larak’s splashing, but the cry died on his lips as he stared up at the gathering of people on the Rock above them.

“Zan? What’s wrong?” Larak asked, surprised when no counterattack had come from his friend.

“She’s beautiful,” he breathed, gazing at the light-haired girl.

“Who?” Larak looked to where Zan’s eyes seemed to be fixed and saw their friend Rath, who had been working on his tan, chatting with a few girls from his planet. They were all pretty nice-looking from this distance. “Which one?”

“The little blond,” Zan told him, as the Antarian prince started swimming to shore. Larak followed a bit belatedly, and ended up on the rose-colored beach as Zan was walking briskly up the stone staircase carved into Dimaras Rock.

“Zan, wait!” he called, running to catch up. His friend paused, and waited impatiently for the other royal to reach him, then he was trotting up ward again. Larak resigned himself to the pace and kept it admirably.


The prince stooped again and turned, Larak echoing the movement. A hovar was parked at the bottom of the trail, Zan’s older sister in the front seat. “Great,” Zan muttered, then yelled, “Vilandra, may I help you?”

“Yes,” the princess bit out, “You can march straight down those steps young man and help your twin with decorating the hall! I can’t believe you didn’t stay to help. Zane has been doing it all himself without one word of complaint. I hope your happy!”

“I was,” he murmured to Larak, though guilt was starting to eat at him. He had thought Zane would enlist Catani or Braiden to help him when Zan didn’t show up.

“What was that?” she demanded.


“Never mind, just get down here this instant!”

Shoulders slumped, Zan cast one last look up the cliff face, where the blond girl was, sent an apologetic look at Larak, and began to trudge down the steps at a pace that contrated his earlier one to an alarming degree.

“What about Rath?” Larak asked, stepping down himself.

Zan sighed, “He can stay. At least one of us should enjoy ourselves.” And then he started towards the hovar again. Larak waited for a bit, watching as his friend left, and then continued up the Rock.

“Where’s Zan?” Rath questioned when he noticed the prince’s presence.

“Vilandra caught him,” Larak said.

“Ah.” Rath understood the explanation without elaboration. After all, he was betrothed to the princess. “Did he want me?”

Larak shook his head to negate the offer and then turned to the girls Rath had been talking to. “Hello,” he said, smiling, “I’m Larak, and I believe I saw you three on the shuttle here from Margant.”

The blond that had caught Zan’s attention laughed, “We are, though none of us could work up the courage to talk to our prince.” She bowed slightly, “I’m Ava. This is Nessa and Tney.” The other two girls nodded at him and then drifted off to find some loungers in order to collect some sun. Ava moved to follow, but Larak lifted a hand to stop her.

“It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance Ava,” he said, “But truthfully, the only reason I came up here was to speak with you.”

Her blue eyes widened in shock. “Me?”

He nodded, eyes twinkling. “You,” he confirmed. Then he shot Rath a glance, “It is a delicate matter, privacy would be appreciated.” The other man snorted, but left.

“What is it?” Ava inquired.

“Do you know who I was swimming with earlier?” he countered.

A smile curved bow-shaped lips. “From the conversation, I would assume Prince Zan.”

“Exactly,” Larak said, “He saw you from down there and nearly drown.” Her eyes widened again. “If his sister hadn’t caught him, you’d be speaking to him right now.”

“I…I don’t know what to say…”

“Say you’ll come to Vilandra’s party tonight.”


“I can get you on the guest list. Please come,” he begged, “For Zan.”

“Um…I guess, if my friends are welcome too.” She looked over to where Tney was flirting with Rath. I can’t believe something this amazing is happening to me! She thought.

“Deal,” Larak proclaimed, then turned, “Rath, we need to go rescue Zan from your bride-to-be’s clutches!”

Rath wondered at the sudden change of tune, but nodded. Vilandra was over-bearing, and he hated thinking of Zan stuck with her tyrannical self for a long period of time. He said a quick good-bye to the girls and followed Larak to the prince’s rented hovar.

That night, after Larak had raided Zan’s closet for something suitable for Zan to meet his future love in, and had introduced the soon-to-be happy couple, Zan and Ava were seated on a bench on a balcony, watching the party while the night air cooled their skin.

Ava was a lovely person to be around, and Zan, blushing, felt that he could marry no other than the beautiful girl sitting at her side. “Ava?” he whispered.

“Hmm?” She turned her head, blue eyes soft and interested. He leaned closer, and she, eyes widening, tilted her chin up. Their lips met in a gentle kiss and when they pulled away, and turned their attention back to the party, their hands were entwined.


I know, I know, eww. But Zan and Ava did happen, and we have to deal with it.

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The balcony was as it had always been, her haven, but tonight it seemed foreign. Tonight it seemed small.

“This is nice,” Matt commented as he looked around her very personalized balcony. He remembered how often he had found Verina out on her gilded one, daydreaming.

“Thanks,” she replied, standing awkwardly near her bedroom window. Why her father had suggested Liz show Matt her view was beyond her. He and Mom had always been so nervous about Max being alone with her. It was odd to see him smiling about a boy in his baby girl’s room.

It had gotten uncomfortable again. At least for her. Matt seemed perfectly at ease, examining her little end table, running a hand down her blanket, and laughing over her strings of lights. He finally stopped at her telescope. “May I?” he asked.

She nodded and walked over, explaining to him how to work the knobs. “It’s the wrong time of year,” she said, “But last December we had a heat wave, and Venus was so clear… My parents went away for a weekend to see it in the morning sky, away from the ‘city lights’.”

“Venus is nice,” He told her, looking through the eyepiece and positioning the telescope to get the constellation he wanted, “I always thought the myth about her and Vulcan was sweet, if implausible.”

Surprised, Liz shook her head when he looked at her. “It is not implausible,” she protested, “If people can see through physical disfigurements to an individual’s soul, and come to love them for who they are inside, I’ve no doubt goddesses can do the same!”

He was grinning at her. “Always the philosophical one.”

She stiffened at his condescending tone. “I don’t appreciate being patronized,” she informed him coldly.

Matt felt his eyes widen, and, afraid the date would turn sour once again, held up both hands in a gesture of peace. “I’m sorry, I don’t want to argue with you, Liz.” Before she could respond he grasped her hand and tugged her toward him and the telescope, “Come see.”

She let him lead her, but was feeling resentful. It didn’t happen often, but there were some times when he treated her like a little girl. Something malleable and pretty, like a doll. She hated being treated that way.

Bending down, she told herself to calm down. Obviously she was just upset about dating someone other than Max. She was also upset that nothing she did could take her mind off her ex-boyfriend because more than half of her didn’t want to keep him away.

She focused on the constellation Matt had wanted to show her and froze. Five stars forming a perfect V were magnified to her eyes. Well, that settled that question. He did want them to know he, Rafe, and Sandry were aliens. Liz straightened and turned to him, “They’re bright,” she commented neutrally.

“They’re home,” he returned. Matt watched her eyes widened, knew she understood, and was confused when she turned away and headed back toward her bedroom. “Liz?”

She paused, gripping the windowsill. “I don’t understand what you’re saying Matt.” She could feel him moving toward her, as she had felt Max in the Crashdown that night, but the rush she felt now was panic, not excitement. Why had he chosen her? Why not Max or Isabel? Why not Michael or Tess? Why her?

“Yes you do, Liz,” he said softly, and turned her around. Her lips were pressed together in a thin line, and her eyes were wider than he’d ever seen them. “You’re my destiny.”

Her expression darkened. “I hate that word,” she notified him.

He laughed as he had at her silly lights and captured her mouth in his before she had a chance to yell at him for treating her like a child. Matt wrapped his arms around her waist, dragging her up against him. She tasted warm and sweet…

“Ma…ax,” she gasped. She held the tears back, and hoped he hadn’t noticed that she’d just said another man’s name. It wasn’t a bad kiss, nicer than Kyle’s, but there was no…flash. He didn’t make her feel on iota of what Max made her feel with just a glance. She broke away, staring at him.

His green eyes were intense. “We’re not normal, Liz,” he said softly, “You already know that.”

“How do you know I know?” she inquired, gazing back up at him.

A small quirk, “Max is my twin brother, Liz. Isabel is my real sister.” He lifted a finger and closed her jaw before it fell on the floor. “There is no way you could hang around those four and not find out eventually. They were all terrible at keeping secrets on Antar.”

Twins… “You remember Antar?”

He nodded, tangling his fingers in her hair. She was too busy processing his words to move away. “And Karrasra. Your planet.”

Liz looked up sharply, obviously he had mistaken something. “You’re right about Max, Matt, but I’m human.”

“No,” he refuted, “you’re not. Your name is Verina, you are the crown princess of Karrasra, and my wife.”

Stuck, she was stuck, panic freezing her insides. “No, I…I’m human. My parents conceived me, I had a childhood before six…We have pictures!”

“I know who you are,” he said stubbornly. No wonder she had been so hesitant around him if she thought she was human. The connection had probably unnerved her. “You are Verina.” She was going to protest again, but he stopped her with a hand to her mouth. “Argue all you want, Liz, but I know. And somewhere deep inside you, you know. The ship is coming in three days. Tell the others, they won’t believe me. It will land where they set off the signal. Midnight, earth standard time. Tell them, Liz. I have to get home, San’ll be worried, and it looks like rain.” He moved his hand.


“I had a nice time, Liz,” he interrupted. He gave her another swift kiss that she didn’t respond to, and headed down the fire escape. “I hate storms.”

She staggered back against the brick wall as raindrops began to gently fall. A red light came from behind her, and she spun. M.E. + L.P. glowed at her, surrounded by a heart. Max had gotten rid of the evidence of his drunken night ages ago. She stared at her hands, a faint silver glow still emitting from them.

He hated storms.

But she had already known that.


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The picture explanation was sparked from Caroline B. Cooney's(sp?) The Face on the Milkcarton, which I haven't read since like 6th grade, but it was a good book, and so were the rest of the stories.

When Nancy and Jeff Parker returned from working in the restaurant, the last thing they expected to find was a hysterical daughter and picture albums strewn about the room.

Jeff stared at his baby girl, confused as she tore yet another picture out of an old album, stared at it, and then threw it with a frustrated sob. She had seemed so happy when she had come home earlier with her new boyfriend. What had changed?

He liked Matt Hunter. The boy was friendly and open and honest, the complete opposite from Max Evans, who had a tendency to be quiet and mysterious and got Liz into all sorts of trouble. But if Matt had done something…

But what on earth could the boy have done to provoke this type of reaction? Not even Max had triggered such a violent response in her. Crying and depression yes, but never destruction of property.

“Honeybear?” he asked, his voice soft.

Liz’s head shot up, her eyes bloodshot. She stared at her father, who wasn’t really her father, and her mother who wasn’t really her mother, and felt angry. They had been lying to her throughout her entire life. “Why don’t I have baby pictures?’ she demanded.

Nancy went pale and looked beseechingly at Jeff, who glanced back at her helplessly. “What brought this on, honeybear?” he inquired, moving to sit on the worn brown couch she was kneeling by.

“Does it matter?” she asked bitterly, “Why don’t I have baby pictures? I’ve looked through all the albums from 1984, and even 1985 and 1986. There’s nothing from my first two years of life. Why is that?” She threw a book in frustration and it shattered a lamp.

“Liz!” her father shouted when her mother jumped in surprise, “That was a wedding present from my mother. Apologize at once.”

“Tell me why there aren’t any pictures,” she said defiantly, refusing to feel guilty. She could probably fix it anyway, what with her being an alien and all.

“Your mother and I didn’t take any.”

He wasn’t looking at her and she knew he was lying. A part of her wanted to kick and scream. She had wanted her daddy to tell her she was being ridiculous, to prove that she really was his and mommy’s daughter. “Bullshit.”

“Watch your mouth, young lady!” Jeff scolded.

“No,” she hissed, standing up, “Why are you lying to me?”

Jeff stood too, his face red with anger. “Elizabeth Parker, I am your father and what I say goes, is that understood?!”

She clenched her fists, “You’re not my father.” It scared her, how calmly she said it. It scared her when her dad lost his bluster and sat back down, defeated. It scared her when her mom fainted. It scared her, knowing in her heart of hearts that with the acknowledgment she was different now. She wasn’t really Liz Parker. Verina… That was what Matt had called her. She was alien.

Liz felt numb as she watched her father bring her mom back to consciousness. This was her family, and yet they weren’t. She wasn’t really their daughter, and they weren’t her parents.

Jeff was talking, she could see his lips moving, but all she could hear was static. Nancy was clinging to him for support, her normally stern blue eyes were clouded with pain. It was her voice that came through.

“What do you want to know?” Nancy asked, her voice sounding broken.

“How?” Liz said weakly, “and why. I want to know why you lied to me for so long.” She sat on the couch and felt tears drift down her cheeks. “I want to know the truth.” Liz looked at them, “Please?”

Nancy nodded and sat down, taking her daughter’s hands. “All right.”


“Hush Jeff, she deserves to know.” Her husband stood by her side as she started the story of how Liz had come into their lives, and she kept hold if those small hands even when they tried to jerk away. Nancy gazed into her daughter’s beautiful eyes as they crumbled. And both Parker women wept.

An hour later, when the truth had been told, Liz was walking down Main Street in her pajamas. She had left. She had walked out of that apartment and just went. She needed to think. She felt so alone, so unsafe.

It took two knocks to the window before Max opened it, bare-chested and sleepy-eyed. “Liz?” he queried, blinking in shock. “What happened?” he asked, noticing the tears running down her cheeks. Had Matt done something, he wondered.

Liz shook her head and climbed in through the window, letting Max catch her when she stumbled. She wrapped her arms around him and breathed in his scent. Now she wasn’t alone. Liz looked up into his warm, anxious honey-brown eyes. Now she was safe.

“Can I stay here tonight?”

Astonishment froze his face, but he relaxed again almost immediately. He gave her that special half-smile and said, “Sure.”

To be continued...

I realize it wasn't the best, but feedback would still be appreciated.

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Zan sat on a bench in the Karrasra royal gardens. They were large and intricate, and known as the having the most comprehensive collection of plant life in the universe. They were also a fabulous place to hide from one’s wife.

He had been too hasty in marrying Ava, he knew that now. He had been too infatuated with her beauty and modesty and the possibility escaping an arranged marriage for love that he had not gotten to know her. She was still beautiful, yes, but it was a superficial beauty, and her modesty had given way to a hidden arrogance, and he was no longer in love to justify her quirks to himself.

It had been hard to recognize that the dream of true love had ended; leaving him with a wife he could no longer stand to be around. He hoped his brother had better luck with Princess Verina.

Sighing, he looked up at the lavender sky. The wedding was to be held in one week. The Antarians had come to help prepare for the ceremony, much to Zane and his companions’ pleasure. He had missed his twin, and it had been wonderful to see him again.

Zane had spent yesterday showing he and Ava, who had been clinging to his arm, the palace and introducing them to various people living there. Zan had yet to meet his former betrothed however. His brother had trouble shutting up about his good fortune and Zan’s loss. The prince of Antar had laughed off the playful teasing, trying not to show his agreement, and working hard not to cringe at Ava’s high-pitched giggle.

Footfalls on the path came into his range of hearing and he rose quickly, only to be crashed into by a small, warm form.

Verina gasped as she ran into a hard obstacle. Arms encircled her, steadying her body. The princess looked up into amber eyes and lightning stuck.

“Are you all right?” he inquired, staring into the dark eyes of the woman. The world had seemed to fade away, leaving him only with the feeling of her in his arms and the warmth she radiated.

She nodded, still entranced. “I’m fine, thank you.” A blush of embarrassment flushed her cheeks. “I’m very sorry, my father is forever telling me I have no sense of propriety. I did not hurt you, did I?” she asked breathlessly.

He shook his head, “I’m fine as well.” He suddenly became aware of his own impropriety and removed his arms from her body. “I beg your pardon, I’m-”

“Zan,” she finished for him, smiling, “I know, Zane mentions you often.”

Her lack of formality and the reference to his brother gave Zan the identity of the ethereal creature. “You must be Verina then,” he said, her name a mere whisper as her spoke it. She shivered.


They stared at each other, and no words were necessary. They were both aware of what their hearts were telling them. They both knew that their dream love stood before them. And they both knew it was too late.

“I’m sorry I was unable to attend your wedding, your Highness,” she said awkwardly, “I heard it was very lovely.”

“It was,” he agreed, scratching one ear, a nervous gesture, at the uncomfortable topic. He had still held onto all his ideals about Ava then. He had been such a fool. “Your own wedding is going to be very nice according to Vilandra.”

“It should prove to be,” she concurred. She saw the regret in his exquisite eyes, and felt her own stir. He was her storm, she knew instinctively, loving and lasting, but he was also her lightning, promising golden passion. How could something so right have gone so awry?

He did not wish to talk of Ava and Zane. He did not wish to acknowledge their commitments. What he wished was to turn back time and prevent himself from making the glaring mistake of marrying a woman he had come to dislike. Destiny, he thought, was a cruel mistress to take away a chance of such happiness.


The shout came from behind them. He stiffened at the sound of his wife’s grating voice. “Who is it?” Verina asked as she peered curiously in the direction the cry had come from.

“Ava,” he replied tersely. She blinked in surprise at his tone. “I do not really wish to be found at this moment,” he explained, looking for a place to conceal himself.


Her own expression became hunted as Zane’s yell sounded from the direction she had run from. She met his questioning gaze sheepishly, “I do not particularly want to be found either.” Verina held out her hand, “Come, I know a place we can hide.”

Zan took it, gripping the small paw securely, and followed her into the Earthian roses. They had just settled themselves behind a broad pillar when Ava and Zan rushed into the space they had previously occupied. The two fugitives watched silently.

“Princess Ava,” Zan exclaimed, surprised. The small blonde looked equally astonished, but she smiled at him. He couldn’t help but notice how her blue eyes twinkled.

“Prince Zane,” she responded, dropping a slight curtsey. Zan’s brother had the most amazing green eyes…

They had both taken to each other right away when Zan introduced her to his family. She and Zane had chatted most of the night, and he had walked her down the aisle at her wedding. She considered them very close friends.

“I was looking for my betrothed,” he informed her.

“And I was looking for my husband,” she told him.

He smiled at her and offered an arm, “Perhaps we could help each other. Two heads are better than one after all.”

She laughed and took the proffered arm, “I would be delighted to accept your proposal.” They walked away slower than they had come, commenting on the gardens, their original purpose from coming there drifting to the back of their minds.

From the hiding place among the roses, there came no sound for several minutes. Once Zan was certain the two had gone, he looked down at Verina. Her charming face was mere inches from his own, close enough to kiss. He gave into the overwhelming urge and cupped her face, crossing those scant inches and capturing her sweet lips with his own.

“Can you forgive me?” he asked softly when he pulled away, resting his forehead against hers.

She met his eyes soberly. “Yes,” she murmured, “I will always forgive you.”


Yea! The soulmates have met, all rejoice! As we know, Liz is forever forgiving Max for doing stupid stuff, I figure it's a carry over from her past life. *sigh* Please leave feedback.
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Thanks to my feedbackers! You guys rule!

Things to note (1) Yes, Max/Zan is a dumbass, but we love him anyway. :wink: , (2) These flashbacks are not dreams, the only memory that actually occured to a member of the pod squad was with Max from his memory retrival session. and (3) In the matter of past lives, death solves everything.

Max woke up slowly, the scent of vanilla teasing his senses. He froze, afraid to open his eyes, when he became aware of the arm wrapped around his waist and the warm body snuggled next to his. He didn’t want last night to be a dream.

He let his eyelids open a millimeter at a time, and when he discovered that Liz’s presence in his bed was not a dream, they flew open. His breathing stopped for a long moment as he stared at her. He wanted nothing to wake her up, not for a while at least.

He watched her as she slept. There hadn’t been time that morning last year when they woke in the desert. It had been simultaneous, and no meaningful words had been exchanged. He memorized the planes of her face and the way she breathed, the way her eyelashes fluttered slightly and how he tongue slipped out to wet her lips. Max never wanted to forget this morning if she told him she wanted to be with Matt.


The thought of Matt Hunter made Max’s fists clench. No matter how good a connection his past self had with the other alien, Max would never trust him completely. Liz stirred, and Max forced himself to relax. He knew he wouldn’t be able to abide by the decision if Liz walked away from him. He wouldn’t wait passively a second time. If Matt wanted Liz, he would have to fight for her.

The rush of the awareness of warmth and love was what finally made her open her eyes. Max was staring at her, his amber eyes unblinking. She couldn’t help her smile. “Good morning,” she whispered.

“Morning,” he replied, equally as soft. He lifted the arm her head was resting on and stroked her hair. Liz’s eyes drooped with pleasure, and she cuddled closer to him. “Not that I’m complaining,” he murmured, running his other hand along her arm, “but how exactly did we get into this position?”

Liz shrugged and managed to climb to her knees. Max’s arms fell to his sides, and he gazed up at her, smiling at the blush that crossed her cheeks at the realization that he was shirtless. She met his eyes again, this time more shyly. “I think it was natural.” She tentatively placed a small hand on the skin above his heart.

Max sucked in his breath hard at the sensation, one he hadn’t felt in what seemed like forever, and his eyes were again drawn to her face. She appeared serious now, biting her upper lip in a look of concentration. His heart began racing as her hand caressed his skin, and a tingling feeling started. He looked down and gasped. “Liz!”

Her smile was triumphant and tender all in one as she traced his golden skin, leaving a trail of silver fire in her wake. “I can make you glow now,” she told him.

Both sets of eyes held a deeper meaning in them. “You always made me glow, Liz,” Max replied, drawing her down to him. The kiss was more gentle than passionate, and Liz sighed when they broke apart. She rested her head on his chest, content as his hands ran up and down her back in comforting circles. “How?” he asked.

“I’m an alien.”

“What?” He shot up, and Liz was sent careening backwards, managing to catch herself before she fell off the bed.

“Alien,” Liz said, amused at his wide-eyed reaction, “As in not-of-this-earth, from ’up north’, a Czechoslovakian…” Did he get this much gratification telling me? she wondered. Probably not. After all, he was panicking and scared for his life.

“How? When? What?” he concluded, bewildered.

Remembering last night’s conversation with Matt and her confrontation with her parents chased the smile away from her face. She remembered why she had run here in the first place. She needed Max’s solid strength and unconditional patience.

“I don’t want to talk about the how. And the when is last night. The what is me,” she said, creeping back up into his arms, “Matt told me, and I know it’s true Max. I’m an alien, like you. We knew each other in our past lives, at least I’m assuming so, since Matt was you and Isabel’s brother-“

“What?” he interrupted, “Brother?”

She nodded, “Your twin.”

“Twin,” he echoed, looking faint. He shook himself out of it and met her guarded gaze, “Where do you fit in?”

Liz looked away from him, picking at his comforter instead. “My name was Verina. I was princess of some planet, Kasara, or something,” she waved her hand around as if the name didn’t really matter, “I was Matt’s,” she hesitated, but worked up the courage to finish, “wife.”

Max didn’t say anything aloud, but inside his entire being was rejecting the thought of Liz and Matt together. “And do you believe him?” he managed to inquire calmly.

She nodded, “I trust him, Max.” Liz searched his face, and nearly had an anxiety attack when she saw him so closed off. “I don’t remember that life, Max. I don’t remember being his wife.” She took his face in her hands and looked at him earnestly. “What I know is that I love you, Max Evans. You’re my destiny.”

She kissed him with everything she had, and he responded in turn. When they parted, gasping for breath, his eyes had melted into honey-brown pools. “I love you Liz,” he said, “Destiny or not.” Max leaned into her for another kiss and another, until they had forgotten the entire conversation.

“Oh!” Liz exclaimed, breaking away, “I forgot!”

“Forgot what?” Max asked absentmindedly, intent on her tempting lips.

“There’s a spaceship coming on Tuesday to bring you…us back to Antar.”

The comment blew thoughts of making out all to hell. Max stared at her. “Well,” he said, “I guess we know what this means.”

Liz nodded and reached for his phone as he started getting dressed. “Meeting,” she confirmed, dialing Maria, “Always a meeting.”


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“What is this about, Maxwell?” Michael demanded as he entered the Evans’ living room, “There’s a hockey game on.”

“Sit down, Michael,” Max commanded. Michael sat and scowled.

“Well,” Isabel put in, her eyes drifting to the small brunette sitting closer than usual to her brother. She was wearing one of Isabel’s old sundresses. “I’d like to know why Liz spent the night.”

“What?” Michael exploded, standing quickly.

“Lizzie!” Maria gasped, staring openmouthed at her best friend.

Alex, seated next to Maria, gave her a thumbs up.

“Evans,” Kyle crowed, smirking.

“Max?” Tess piped up, staring at him.

Liz blushed a bright pink and muttered something about a glass of water as she fled the room. Max stayed seated in the La-Z-Boy, expression serene, though his red-tinged ears gave away his embarrassment. “That’s part of why I called you all here today.”

“Eww,” Maria and Isabel chorused.

Michael glared. “No offense Maxwell, but I don’t give a shit about your sex life.”

“I do!” Kyle piped up eagerly, “All the gory details please.”

“Eww,” the two girls chorused again.

“What?” he said defensively, “My dad told me to report everything.” Tess slapped him absentmindedly. “Ow.” He shot her an injured glance, but she wasn’t paying attention. She had this little girl lost look in her blue eyes as she stared at her destined mate.

Liz, who had spit up her water in the kitchen when the word ‘sex’ reached her ears, came storming back now, her brown eyes shooting alien death rays at Kyle. “You!” she pointed, “Shut up! There was no – absolutely no – SEX!” she screeched in a very un-Liz-like manner.

“Woah.” Her ex-boyfriend put his hands up in placation. “Sorry.” She was calming down when he muttered in an aside to Alex, “I only got to second, forgive a guy for-“

“Valenti.” Max’s voice was very, very quiet.

Isabel was getting impatient. “Just tell us already.”

Max let his eyes drift from Valenti to his sister, the look in them turning from threatening to reproachful. “There’s a ship coming Tuesday to bring us back to Antar,” he stated bluntly.

Silence reigned as he watched them, Liz coming to sit on the arm of his seat. Max gazed up into her brown eyes and she smiled at him, moving a hand to brush his bangs away from his eyes. He gave her a small smile back, taking the hand and keeping it in his.

Maria was the first to explode. “WHAT?!” she shrieked and then jumped up, pacing the room and sniffing cedar oil.

“Explain,” Michael said tersely, his eyes not on his fearless leader, but on his newly reacquired girlfriend.

Max sighed and looked to Liz. “Would you care to field this one?” he asked softly.

“What?” Maria stopped pacing and stared at them. “What does Liz have to do with any of this? Unless she had a flash?” Her eyes narrowed suspiciously, “No sex?”

“None!” Liz replied quickly, blushing again.

“Was it a flash?” Alex asked quietly.

“What’s a flash?” Kyle asked, speaking for the first time since Max had given him attention. Scary attention. He had not been privy to the I Know an Alien Club during that escapade.

Isabel distracted him with a hand on his thigh. “I’ll explain later,” she murmured.

“No,” Liz said, not looking at any of them, “Matt told me.” Max’s hand tightened on hers. She squeezed back reassuringly. “He told me a lot of things.”

Alien status of the new kids confirmed, Michael ignored the tense look on Max face and focused on Liz. “Why you?”

She met his gaze forthrightly, “Because I was his wife.” Max flinched. “Because I’m an,” deep breath, “alien.”

Chaos erupted around them and Liz found herself being dragged away from Max by Maria, the blonde had a death grip on her arm. “Maria,” Max said in protest, not releasing Liz’s hand.

She glared. “Let go, I need to talk to Lizzie now.”

“But…” He trailed off as Maria finally ripped Liz away down the hallway. His head swung back to the heated explosions and arguments now occupying the group. Left alone to fend for himself, Max sighed, and then regretted it as they all shut up and stared at him, waiting for an explanation.

Whoever had made him king ought to be drug out into the street and shot.


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I'm contemplating making this fic a few parts longer than the twenty originally planned. Is that all right with everyone?