New Gal Season 1,2,3 (AU,CC,Teen/Adult) Completed

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New Gal Season 1,2,3 (AU,CC,Teen/Adult) Completed

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Title: New Gal Season 1,2,3
Author: Spacegal17
Disclaimer: I don’t own the rights to Roswell or it's characters.
Category: AU CC
Rating: Teen-Adult
Summary: Liz is the new girl. Thats all i got to say. If you wanna know more, please read and review thanks.

This is an opposite one around. Tess was shot and Max saved her, they are not in love, well Tess thinks she is in love with Max but he isn’t in love with her, they are going out, NO VISIONS! Maria and Alex are Tess’s friends and Michael is going out with Maria, Alex and Isabel are still friends, they have no idea about the Destiny thing. This happens after sexual healing, its different, and Max, Tess didn’t do anything that Max, and Liz did in the programmes.


Chapter 1

“So how are you dealing with Max/Tess and Michael/Maria?” Alex asked as he sat down next to Isabel, Isabel looked up and saw that Max and Tess were sitting on the bench, Max was looking out into the distance while Tess was trying to kiss him, and rolled her eyes.
“I can cope with Michael and Maria, their arguments are the most interesting thing, but Max and Tess, I don’t know, but somehow it just doesn’t work.” Isabel sighed and Alex nodded.
“Tell me about it.” Isabel noticed a girl of 16 walk up.
“Hi, are you lost?” Isabel asked the girl and the girl turned around to face Isabel with a startled look on her face.
“Oh Hi! No, I was just looking for a seat.” The girl said and Isabel smiled, instantly liking the girl.
“Here, sit here.” Isabel motioned to the seat across from her and the girl shot her a thankful look. “So you are the new girl.” Isabel asked and the girl laughed which provoked smiles from Alex and Isabel.
“Yeah I am, I’m Liz Parker.” Liz said as she held out her hand. Isabel and Alex shook it.
“I’m Isabel and this is Alex.” Isabel introduced and Liz nodded.
“It’s great to meet you.” Liz said as she poured sugar into her yoghurt.
“Oh my god, I do that too.” Isabel said and Liz looked up at her startled.
“You do. I just hate it that there is not enough sugar.” Liz said and Isabel nodded.
“So how is you first day at school?” Alex asked and Liz shrugged.
“It’s okay except that some of the girls are a little wary around me as their boyfriends seems to like me and other girls are just trying to make sure that I’m not going to jump their boyfriends’ bones. While all the other boys are saying how much they like me but all they want to do is get you alone in the janitor closet.” Liz remarked with a roll of her eyes and Alex laughed.
“We have a eraser room.” Isabel said and Liz looked at her.
“Thanks for telling me that.” Liz said which caused Alex and Isabel to laugh.
“So what do you have next?” Alex asked.
“Erm, Maths, Trig.” Liz said as she looked at her timetable and Alex nodded.
“I’m there next, I’ll go with you.” Alex said and Liz nodded with a huge smile.
“Thanks Alex.” Liz said and Isabel smiled, liking that Alex liked Liz.

“How do you do it with Tess?” Michael asked Max as both of them walked into the Evan’s kitchen.
“What do you mean?” Max asked.
“Maria wants us to be a more loving couple, you know all the hand stuff and that.” Michael said and Max looked at him.
“It’s not like there is a handbook.” Max said with a bemused smiled and Michael rolled his eyes.
“I’m serious Maxwell, things are getting frosty, she went to a French club instead of meeting me in the eraser room, what the hell is a French club?” Michael demanded and Max handed him a glass.
“Well, act like she is the only girl in the room,”
“She is usually the only girl in the room.” Michael remarked
“Girls like surprises, give her a flower in the middle of the day or a note in her locker or take her out somewhere nice.” Max finished.
“How do you know women so well?” a voice asked and both men spun around and saw a girl standing there, she had long brown hair and deep brown eyes.
“Who are you?” Max asked
“She’s my friend.” Isabel responded as she came through, she gave Liz a smile and Liz smiled back.
“How come we haven’t met her before?” Michael asked
“God Michael, can you be anymore rude?” Isabel exclaimed and Liz laughed which caught the attention of the three of them, they were stunned at how her laugh sounded so much like an angel.
“It’s okay, it’s refreshing from what all the other guys say, and my name is Liz Parker.” Liz said.
“My brother Max,” Isabel introduced with a nod of her head in Max’s direction “And this is our friend Michael.” Isabel said and Liz nodded.
“It’s really nice to meet you two.” Liz said looking both boys in the eyes and there was a knock on the door.
“Oh excuse me.” Isabel said as she headed toward the front door.
“So where do you come from?” Max asked as he handed Liz a drink, Liz took it was smile and looked around.
“Erm you don’t have any Tabasco sauce do you. It just, well I like it with my drink.” Liz said and both boys looked at her stunned. “It’s a little habit of mine since I was younger.” Liz explained, mistaking the look on their face.
“No, it’s okay, we do it too.” Michael said and Liz looked at him stunned and then an excited look broke over her face.
“You do. Oh thank god, I was getting sick of everyone looking at me like I was another being from somewhere else.” Liz remarked and Max laughed.
“That’s a good way of putting forward what everyone thinks.” Max said as he handed her the bottle of Tabasco sauce.
“Liz, there’s someone to see you.” Isabel said as she came into the kitchen and Liz looked behind her and saw an elderly man come through, her face lit up with happiness.
“Daddy!” Liz squealed as she rushed over to her father and threw her arms around him.
“Oh Lizzie.” Mr. Parker sighed as he kissed the top of her head.
“Oh sorry, Dad I like you to meet Max and Isabel Evans, and Michael Gurien, guys I like you to meet my father, Jeff Parker.” Liz introduced and Jeff shook both boys hands.
“Pleased to meet you, Lizzie, please tell me where you are so I know and wouldn’t panic.” Jeff gently scolded his daughter and Liz nodded.
“I’m really sorry, I forgot to phone you, don’t worry it won’t happen again.” Liz swore and Jeff nodded.
“I’ll see you back at home.” Jeff said as he kissed her forehead once more and exited the house.
“Wow he’s protective of you.” Michael remarked and Max slapped Michael’s arm.
“Stop being rude.” Isabel exclaimed and Liz shook her head.
“No it’s okay, my dad is protective of me because I lost my mom a few years ago, I was in the accident with her, there was a car accident, my mom was killed on impact, I almost died.” Liz said her tone sad. Isabel hugged her.
“Oh I’m sorry.” Isabel said and Liz nodded.
“And the other reason he’s protective of me because I’m adopted, he doesn’t want to lose me.” Liz said and all three of them looked at him stunned.
“Adopted, when?” Max asked and Liz looked at him puzzled.
“Well the people thought I was 6 at the time, you see I have no memories of anything before I was I found.” Liz said and all three of them looked at each other. “Why?” Liz asked.
“It’s nothing, just curious.” Michael said
“Come on Liz, we need to finish our homework.” Isabel said and Liz nodded.
“See you all later I guess.” Liz said with a shrug as she followed Isabel back to her room.

“What did you think of the new girl?” Alex asked Maria as he sat down at the counter and Maria laughed.
“Oh she is really nice, she is a bit wild though.” Maria said and Alex laughed.
“You saw that too.” Alex asked.
“Kinda hard not to, all you have to do is look at the clothes and all the boys drooling over her.” Maria said and Tess came up.
“Well not 3 boys I know.” Tess said as she sat down and Alex looked at her.
“Wanna name those boys?” Alex asked
“You, Michael and Max.” Tess named and Maria nodded.
“Alex is too busy being in love with Izzy.”
“Michael would be too scared to look at another girl because of Maria.”
“Max is too in love with me.” All three of them said and looked at each other and rolled their eyes.
“Whatever.” All three of them said.
Max, Michael, and Isabel entered the Crashdown. Maria, Alex, and Tess headed over to the booth and all of them sat down.
“What are we doing tonight?” Max asked as he looped his arm over the back of the booth.
“Hi, may I take you order or would you like to wait?” a voice said and all of them looked up in a shock.
“Liz!” Alex asked and Liz’s head shot up from her pad with a startled look on her face.
“HI!” Liz said with a huge smile.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” Michael asked.
“Oh I work and live here, my dad bought the Crashdown.” Liz said and Max smiled to himself. ‘I’ll have a good reason to put up with this place’ Max thought to himself.
“Oh that’s so cool! I work here too, we are gonna have a blast.” Maria exclaimed and Liz laughed.
“Sound like it! So you wanna order or wait?” Liz asked.
“We’ll take a round of cherry coke.” Max said and Liz nodded as she wrote it down.
“Erm Tabasco sauce?” Liz asked with a hesitated look and Max smile, which caused Liz to relax.
“Three bottle, Tess will have her with lime.” Max said and Liz nodded.
“Be back soon.” Liz said as she walked off. Isabel, Alex, Tess, and Maria looked at Max stunned.
“She knows you like Tabasco sauce?” Maria demanded.
“She likes it too, she told us after she asked for Tabasco sauce for her drink, she misread our look as we were stunned.” Michael explained.
“When did you talk to her?” Tess asked.
“She was at my house, I was helping her catch up in class.” Isabel said and everyone nodded.
“Here you go guys, enjoy and call me when you need me.” Liz said as she walked over to another table.
“She’s a brave one.” Maria remarked which caused the rest of the gang to chuckle.
“Hi can I take your order?” Liz asked a group of jocks.
“Oh baby, you can take me home.” One of them said and Liz rolled her eyes.
“In your dream.” Liz remarked as she walked off, the jock, not willing to give up, stood up, grabbed her arm, and spun her around to face him.
“You’ll be mine.” He snarled and Liz threw her head back and laughed, her head came back down and she looked into his eyes with a cold death glare, which shook the boy to his core.
“Wanna bet?” Liz whispered as she grabbed the hand that was on her arm and twisted it so hard that it broke, the guy let out a scream of pain and Liz pushed him away. “Hands off.” Liz remarked as she walked over toward the counter. One of the other jock came up behind her, bunching up his fists, Liz spun around and hopped onto the counter and used her feet to punch him in the chest, he went flying out if the open doors. “Anyone else?” Liz asked the other boys, they looked at each other and helped the jock off the floor and ran out of the room. Liz nodded and smiled as she walked over to the hatch to get the order and placed it over at a table.
“Enjoy.” Liz said and the customers nodded and continued doing what they were doing, except from the gang who were stunned.
“Whoa girl, you are gonna have to tell me where you learned that.” Maria said and Liz laughed.
“I didn’t learn it, it came to me naturally, I don’t how but it just did, I seem to do things instinctively.” Liz explained and walked off to a customer.
“Max do you think she might be like us.” Isabel asked and everyone looked toward her.
“What makes you say that?” Max asked.
“Think about it, we don’t even feel threatened by her, it like we know her and trust her, she’s adopted, she likes Tabasco sauce and things too sweet.” Isabel said and Michael nodded.
“You have to admit Max, she even looks like us that it’s a bit freaky.” Michael said and Maria looked at him.
“What do you mean?” Maria asked.
“She has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, If Isabel hadn’t dyed her hair blonde, she would have dark brown hair.” Michael explained and Max nodded.
“Yeah I noticed it, I just want us to be careful around her, just to be on the safe side.” Max said and the others nodded, Tess just looked toward Liz with a cold glare.

Everyone left apart from Tess Liz was clearing up.
“Tess you do want anything? I’m closing up in a few minutes.” Liz said and Tess walked up to Liz.
“I want you to stay away from Max, Michael, Isabel, Alex, and Maria.” Tess said and Liz looked at her stunned.
“Why?” Liz asked.
“They don’t really like you and to be honest, they are kinda getting fed up with you.” Tess said and Liz looked at her hurt.
“Why didn’t they just tell me that?” Liz asked
“They didn’t want to hurt you, now just stay away from us.” Tess snapped and left. Liz looked after Tess with a stunned hurt look on her face.
Liz locked the door, ran up the stairs to her bedroom, slammed the door, and cried into her pillow. Jeff saw his daughter run into her bedroom and knocked on the door.
“Lizzie?” Jeff asked, his heart breaking at his Daughter’s cries.
Liz kept her head on the pillow but lifted a hand and the door unlocked. Jeff entered.
“What’s wrong?” Jeff asked, Liz sat up and wiped the tears away from her eyes.
“Tess, A friend of Isabel, told me to stay away from the gang, it turns out that they don’t like me!” Liz sobbed and Jeff took her into his arms, he knew how hard it was for Liz not to be accepted, all her life she wanted to be accepted into this world. Jeff was confused at why the gang wouldn’t like her, everywhere she went, people would always remark how bright and beautiful she was, she was caring and loveable.
“Don’t worry sweetie, they are probably not the type of people you want to hang around with, everything will be fine.” Jeff swore and Liz pulled away.
“When do you think we’ll find the other three? I’m tired of not being accepted, I want my brother!” Liz cried and Jeff pulled her into a hug.
“We’ll find them soon, I promise.” Jeff swore and pulled away and wiped her tears away. “Go to sleep honey.” Jeff said and Liz nodded, Jeff waved his hand and Liz was in her sleepwear, her joggers, and t-shirt. Liz lay on the bed and Jeff pulled the covers over her body and kissed her forehead.
Jeff stepped out of the room and tossed a tic-tac into his mouth as he headed toward his room.

Chapter 2

Liz was standing in front of her locker, in a daze as she looked into the small room and took out her biology book. She heard laugher coming down the hallway and saw Isabel, Max, and Michael heading her way, she panicked and slammed her locker door shut and ran off which caused Max, Michael and Isabel to stop in their track and look at her with confusement on their face.
“What was that all about?” Isabel asked, the two boys shrugged.
“Maybe she didn’t see us.” Michael asked and the two of them looked at Michael.
“She saw us.” Max said and all of them went into their classes. Max saw Liz was standing next to the teacher’s desk and stopped in his track, he didn’t know that she was in his class. Liz froze and turned around and her eyes locked with Max’. Max could see the pain in her eyes as well as confusion and wondered what had happened between last night and this morning. He was about to go to her when he felt someone tugging on his arm.
“Come on Max, we have to sit down.” Tess said and Max let her pull him toward their table.
“Settle down class!” Ms. Hardy shouted and the class settled down. “As we have a new student joining us today, she is going to need a partner, Max Evans, you will be her partner for the rest of the semester, Tess you will help John.” Ms. Hardy ordered and both girls froze.
“Why can’t Max work with John and I’ll work with Liz?” Tess exclaimed.
“Because you know very well that it is a boy/girl routine, now would you please swap partners?” Ms. Hardy demanded, cutting off any more arguments and everyone shuffled. Liz sat next to Max and took out her notebook and biology book to avoid eye contact with Max.
“Looks like we meet again, if we don’t stop meeting each other like this, I’m going to think that you were stalking me.” Max teased.
“In your dreams.” Liz snapped back with a glare and turned back to the teacher, leaving Max staring at her with a stunned hurt look. He was wondering what he had done to hurt her,
“Liz, what did I do?” Max whispered, Liz just turned to her bag and pulled out her folder so she could start taking notes, ignoring Max.
Max looked behind him and met Maria’s eyes; he shrugged helplessly; not knowing what to do while Maria looked at him with sympathy. She made a motion with her hand, telling him to carry on. Max turned back to Liz with renew determine but faltered when he saw the hurt in her eyes. He wondered what happened to make her so sad and angry.
Liz was looking at the board, Max was trying very hard to get her to talk to him, she almost smiled but Tess words rang in her mind once more.
“They don’t really like you and to be honest, they are kinda getting fed up with you.”
She was confused by their actions; she didn’t know what to think anymore. Tess told them that they didn’t like her yet Max was being friendly, either that Tess was lying or Max was a very good actor.
The bell went, signally lunch time and she packed up her stuff, taking as long as she wanted, the teacher had asked her to stay behind class to go over some of the stuff that she had missed. Max packed his stuff up and waited, he looked at Maria, caught her eyes, and nodded his head toward Tess and Maria nodded, she grabbed Tess and pulled her out of the room toward the lunch, telling her that Max wanted to talk to the teacher.
“Liz are you mad at me for something?” Max whispered but Liz just ignored him. Max sighed and shook his head and proceeds to go out of the classroom.
“Mr. Evans, please wait a moment, this concerned you as well.” Ms. Hardy said and Max looked at her. “I want Liz to take the lab during some lunch time to catch on the stuff that she had missed, you are her partner so I want you to help her in the lab as well.” Ms. Hardy said and Max nodded. “Good, I will see you later.”
Liz slumped her shoulders and sat back on her stool and started to cry, she placed her head in her arms as she sobbed. Max was confused; he walked over to her and sat next to her.
“Liz is everything okay?” Max asked as he placed a hand on her back, Liz sat up and shrugged his hand off her.
“I’m fine, you don’t need to bother Max, just leave me alone.” Liz snapped, not looking at him.
“Liz what have I done?” Max asked and Liz looked at him with all the anger she felt toward him showing in her eyes.
“How about the group of people I really thought I could be come friends with are only putting up with me because they don’t want to hurt my feelings? You know, if you don’t like me and are getting fed up with me you should have told me, not just string me along for the ride!” Liz snapped and Max looked at her confused and stunned.
“Liz we do like you!” Max cried and Liz sobbed once more.
“That not what I heard.” Liz snapped
“Who told you that?” Max snapped at her, Liz picked up her bag and looked at him.
“Ask your precious girlfriend, have a nice life Max, I feel sorry for the next new person to come along and get sucked into your little game.” Liz snapped and stormed out.
Max just sat there stunned, soon his brain started to process and his vein began to boil up with anger, he stood up, grabbed his bag and stormed after Liz, he soon caught her hurrying over to her car and grabbed her arm and pulled her over to his jeep.
“Max! What are you doing? Let of me!” Liz snapped.
“Not till we have a nice little talk.” Max snapped back as he thrusted her into the seat, hurried over to his side, and drove off.
Liz stayed silent during the whole ride as she refused to talk, Max soon pulled the jeep to a stop and Liz looked out of the front window and gasped, there was a huge lake in front of them and it was gorgeous. (Think about the lake in Crazy after Alex confronted by F.B.I)
“Wow!” Liz exclaimed and Max smiled as he saw the awe look on her face.
“I come out here as much I can, it’s the only place you can really be alone and just think about things.” Max explained and Liz nodded. “Right I want you tell me what is going on.” Max demanded and Liz shook her head.
“Last night, after you all left, Tess stayed behind and she told me to stay away from you all as you were getting fed up with me. I was hurt because I didn’t get it. I mean you all acted like you liked me now she was telling me that you didn’t and I hate it when people act like they like someone but they really don’t.” Liz said and Max was stunned.
“Liz, we like you, I promise you that we like you, I think Tess is just jealous because you are new so everyone is paying you more attention than her.” Max said.
“Everyone or you?” Liz asked and Max looked at her.
“What do you mean?” Max asked.
“Come on Max, I’m not blind, I saw how you act around me and her, you don’t really give her the time of day but with me, you are chasing me all over the place to get me to answer one of your questions and you, Michael and Isabel are really interested in my past.” Liz said and Max nodded.
“You see, we are adopted too, you see that social people thought we were six and we have no memories before that.” Max said and Liz looked at him stunned.
“Must be a coincidence.” Liz muttered.
“Liz what I’m about to ask you is a little strange…” Max started but cut off when her phone rang; she picked it up and answered it.
“Hello?” Liz asked. “Oh hi daddy what’s wrong? … No I’m with Max, you remember him…really, but it’s lunch time…Yes daddy I will call you if going to be late…okay love you too.” Liz said and hung up the phone with a roll of her eyes. “Sorry about that, anyway what were you going to ask?” Liz asked and Max shook his head.
“It doesn’t matter, anyway what was up with your dad?” Max asked
“Oh I forgot to phone him earlier to let him know that I was safe.” Liz said and Max nodded.
“He really loves you doesn’t he?” Max asked and Liz giggled.
“He dotes on me, he is a big pussy cat underneath his tough exterior, its only because he wants to keep me safe.” Liz said and Max nodded. Both of them sat there in the jeep staring into the water.
Later that night, Liz was cleaning up and the jukebox was playing music, soon her favourite music came on.
“Yes, finally.” Liz muttered as she ran over and turned up the music. Max, Michael, Alex, Tess, Maria, and Isabel appeared at the door and were watching with amusement as Liz danced and shook her hips as she listened to the music.
Michael knocked on the door, Liz looked up, and smiled as she walked over while singing the song, she unlocked the door

Posters of love surrounding me, lost in the world of fantasy
Every night she comes to me and gives me, all the love I need.

Now this hot girl, she's not your average girl – Maria and Liz began singing the chorus, which provoked smiles from the rest of the gang apart from Tess.
She's a morpharotic dream from a magazine
And she's so fine designed to blow your mind
She's a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen

I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just a little touch Madonna's wild style
With Janet Jackson's smile, throw in a body like Jennifer’s'
You've got the star of my liquid dream

Angelina Jolie's lips to kiss in the dark
Underneath Cindy C's beauty mark
When it comes to the test well, Tyra's the best
And Salma Hayek brings the rest

Now this hot girl, she's not your average girl
She's a morpharotic dream from a magazine
And she's so fine designed to blow your mind
She's a dominatrix supermodel beauty queen

I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just a little touch Madonna's wild style
And Janet Jackson's smile; throw in a body like Jennifer’s'
You've got the star of my liquid dreams

Looks ain't everything she's got the sweetest personality
Like Halle B
My mama thinks I'm lazy, my friend all think I'm crazy
But in my mind, I leave the world behind every night I dream

Liquid Dreams, my Liquid Dreams
Waterfall and streams, these liquid dreams

I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just little, touch of Madonna's wild style
With Janet Jackson's smile
Throw in a body like Jennifer's
You've got the star of my liquid dreams
My liquid dreams

I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just little touch of Madonna's wild style
With Janet Jackson's smile
Throw in a body like Jennifer's
You've got the star of my liquid dreams
My liquid dreams

I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just little, touch of Madonna's wild style
With Janet Jackson's smile
Throw in a body like Jennifer's
You've got the star of my liquid dreams
My liquid dreams

I dream about a girl who's a mix of Destiny's Child
Just little, touch of Madonna's wild style
With Janet Jackson's smile
Throw in a body like Jennifer's
You've got the star of my liquid dreams
My liquid dreams

Everyone was laughing and having fun apart from Tess, who hated the fact that Liz was still hanging around and didn’t take what Tess told her seriously.
“Where’s your dad?” Maria asked Liz as Liz picked up the tray of sugar containers.
“He at a convention right now, he should be back tomorrow.” Liz said as she headed into the back room.
“So does you dad leave you alone often?” Isabel asked and Liz came through while taking her hair band off.
“Yeah he does, it unavoidable.” Liz said and everyone nodded.
“But doesn’t it kinda get a bit lonely?” Alex asked and Liz giggles.
“No not really, to be honest I like it when I’m on my own, I can just relax and think about anything I want to think about and do anything I want, it’s really peaceful.” Liz said and everyone nodded.
“So, how come you are adopted?” Alex as Liz headed into the backroom.
“Well when I was, well everyone thought I was six at the time, I was found wandering around on the highway, that’s when dad found me, he took me to the adopting centre and they checked me out, he had the feeling that he knew me so he adopted me.” Liz called out as she got changed then came out, running her hand through her hair to smooth it out.
“Must have been terrible wandering around all alone.” Maria mused as she took a sip of her drink and Liz shrugged.
“I don’t really remember much so it’s make it easier.” Liz answered truthfully.
“So why did you move here?” Tess asked and everyone threw her a glare apart from Liz, who was deep in thought.
“That’s a good question, I don’t really know why I’m out here, all I knew that my dad came home one night and said that we were moving so everything was packed and here I was. Dad is trying to find if I’ve have a brother or sister out there but we haven’t got any conclusion yet.” Liz explained with a shrug, she missed the look that everyone gave to each other.

Chapter 3

“So you really think that she could be the fourth alien.” Alex asked. The gang were sitting about in Michael’s apartment, looking at each other.
“It can’t just be a coincidence that she’s been adopted after being found on the highway.” Isabel put forward.
“How do you know that she’s not an F.B.I agent?” Tess demanded. “You heard what Toloposky said, she told us that we couldn’t trust anyone.” Tess snapped.
They all thought back to the time when they all went to see a movie, they were all walking home when Toloposky had ambushed them.
“We’re not trusting her and I seriously doubt that the F.B.I would use a student to get close to us.” Maria explained.
“Yeah, I mean, she hasn’t even asked any questions about the shooting or Max healing you.” Michael stated.
“Max, you’re being quiet. Any reason?” Tess asked
“Just thinking.” Max replied honestly.
“About Liz?” She snapped out, disgusted.
“Well, she is the main topic of this conversation isn’t she?” Maria asked innocently, causing Tess to glare at her.
“Max, I’m your girlfriend!” she exclaimed and Max shrugged.
“I’m sorry, but for some reason, I’m drawn to her. Maybe I knew her from my past life.” Max suggested.
“We must have known her!” Michael exclaimed. “If the three of us were sent down together, maybe she was sent down with us!” Michael stated.
“Why would you say that?” Isabel asked.
“Listen, even though I have you two, I always felt like something was missing, then she turned up and I felt like this hole just filled in.” Michael explained and Max nodded in agreement.
“I agree, how does it feel to you.” Max asked.
“Like that she’s my real sister.” Michael admitted and everyone gasped. “You?” Michael asked, looking at Max.
“Like we were together in our past life. I think I was in love with her.” Max admitted and everyone just stared at him.
“Max!” Tess exclaimed and Max looked at her.
“I’m sorry Tess, but I really do feel that way and to be honest, I’m really attracted to her.” Max replied.
“I feel like the two of us were very close, like we were sisters.” Isabel added and Michael nodded.
“The three of us were closed in our past life, that much we can remember so it makes sense that we’re close in this life, who to say it’s not the same for Liz?” Michael explained
“You have to admit, it does make sense.” Alex agreed, thinking.
“So what do we do know?” Maria asked.
“We need to confront Liz as soon as possible. I still believe that she is an F.B.I” Tess stubbornly stated while everyone rolled their eyes and shook their head.
Liz was humming, as she got ready for her bed, she smiled lightly at the photograph that framed on her desk, which contained Nancy Parker and Liz Parker. Liz was seven at the time and both of them were laughing and waving into the picture.
The phone rang; causing Liz to lean over her bed to reach her bedside table, she picked up the phone.
“Hello, Parker resident.” Liz greeted.
“Hi honey, how is everything?” Jeff greeted and Liz smiled brightly.
“Hi daddy! Everything’s fine. How’s it going at the convention?” Liz asked.
“Fine honey, I should be back tomorrow night at the latest.” Jeff explained and Liz nodded.
“That’s great. See you tomorrow.”
“Night honey and don’t use your powers too much, you know how it tires you out.” Jeff warned gently.
“Okay, night daddy.” Liz finished and hung up the phone.
The next morning, Max, Michael, Isabel, Tess, Maria, and Alex were sitting in the Crashdown at their usual booth.
Liz was setting up the coffee machine while laughing at something Jose said to her.
“It’s amazing isn’t it?” Maria asked; everyone looked at her with a puzzled look. “It’s amazing how working here can just put a smile on her face.” Maria explained.
I woke up today with this feeling
That better things are coming my way (way)
And if the sunshine has a meaning
Telling me not to let things get in my way

When the rainy days are dying
Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in
Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)

Get on up when you're down – Liz and Melissa (one of the waitress) started dancing and singing to the chorus.
Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay
Keep on moving anyway

Feels like I should be screaming
Trying to get it through to my friends
Sometimes it feels that life has no meaning
But I know things will be alright in the end

When the rainy days are dying
Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in
Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)

Get on up when you're down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay
Keep on moving anyway

When the rainy days are dying
Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in
Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)

Get on up when you're down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay
Keep on moving anyway

Get on up when you're down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay
Keep on moving anyway

When the rainy days are dying
Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in
Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'

Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)

Get on up when you're down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay
Keep on moving anyway

Get on up when you're down
Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay
Keep on moving anyway... The two girls were laughing as they finished the song. The gang smiled, except from Tess, at Liz’s obvious happiness.
The doorbell jingled, attracting everyone’s attention. Max, Michael, Maria and Tess looked at each other with fear in their eyes.
“What?” Isabel and Alex asked.
“Those are the two tourist that were here during the shooting and they raised a lot of questions.” Max explained.
“Hi would you like a booth?” Liz asked as she greeted the two newest customers with a warm smile. Both of them just smiled as they followed Liz to the booth behind the gang. “Take a look at the menus and I will be back soon to collect your order.” Liz explained as she moved between the tables to collect up the order that Jose had left out for her.
“Damn, figures she’ll put them behind us.” Tess hissed. “This proves that she is an F.B.I.” Tess exclaimed and Isabel scoffed as she leaned over to the tourist.
“Excuse me, do you know her?” Isabel asked, pointing toward Liz and the woman nodded.
“Yeah, her name is Liz…” she replied but cut off with a triumphed cheer.
“Told you, F.B.I” Tess replied and they all hear a clatter, they all turned and saw Liz standing there with broken plates and glasses as her feet.
“F.B.I? Where?” Liz whispered while looking around the building.
“We know her name because it was on her name tag.” The lady finished off, glaring at Tess.
Alex climbed out of the booth and got to his knees to help Liz clear up the mess she made.
“There is no F.B.I, Tess was just practising her lines for a drama class.” Alex covered up quickly and noticed the unmistakable relief in her eyes.
“Sorry, I guessed I just panicked slightly.” Liz apologised as she took the tray to the back room while Alex got back on to the booth.
“Panicked my ass, she was downright petrified.” Alex muttered to himself. A thought hit him. What if she had been captured by the F.B.I. He had wondered what they would do if they ever caught Max, Isabel or Michael, but seeing Liz. He didn’t want to know.
“I think that Jeff might be Naseco.” Alex exclaimed as they entered the Evan’s house. Max just looked at Alex with a thoughtful look.
“That makes sense, I mean, it was him who found her and he was the one who brought her here.” Max explained.
“But it doesn’t make sense, I mean, all we knew that there was one alien out there now there seems to be two?” Maria asked and Michael shrugged.
“Then why wouldn’t they just come forward?” Tess asked. “I still think they are F.B.I.” She responded stubbornly.
“No, didn’t you see the fear in her eyes when we mentioned them?” Alex asked and everyone looked at him. “When Liz overheard us talking about the F.B.I, there was fear in her eyes, she looked positively terrified at the name of them.” Alex explained.
“Max, what if she had been captured by them before?” Isabel asked Max, scared for Liz and Max shrugged.
“We can only hope that she hadn’t. God I just wish there was someway to tell that she is an alien instead of all these questions!” Max burst out, frustrated.
Amy sighed as she sat down at the counter. Liz noticed her and smiled gently as she made a chocolate milkshake and placed the glass in front of the woman.
“Here, drown your sorrows and don’t worry about paying, it’s on the house.” Liz explained.
Amy looked up at the young woman in front of her, startled and smiled wryly.
“That’s obvious huh?” Amy asked and Liz giggled.
“No, I’m just observant.” Liz explained with a wink.
Maria, Michael, Max and Alex came into the Crashdown and sat down at the counter. Maria sat next to her mother.
“If I knew that life was going to be hard, I wouldn’t have signed up!” Amy exclaimed and Liz smiled gently.
“If you are here, then you must be here for a reason. Life is hard, it’s a fact but once you’ve overcome all the hurdles, in the end, it’s worth it.” Liz explained and turned to the rest.
“You look like how I feel.” Alex bemoaned as he sat down.
“Root beer floats.” Liz asked.
“Orange soda on the rocks.” The boys exclaimed and Liz nodded as she grabbed the glass.
“Girl troubles.” Amy noted and Alex groaned slightly.
“Is it that obvious?” he asked and everyone nodded. “Let me ask you guys a question, as women, do you find that all men are obsessive?” Alex asked.
“YES!” Amy and Maria exclaimed at the same time.
“They find something to be obsessed about.” Amy explained.
“They like U.F.Os” Maria exclaimed.
“Or football.” Amy added. “Then they just won’t let it go!” she exclaimed.
“Till it consumes every waking minutes of their day!” a new voice jumped in, startling everyone. They all saw Jenny sitting at the other side of Max and she smiled gently. “Sorry, just couldn’t help but deeply relate.” She explained.
“It’s so obvious why they do it.” Amy explained.
“Oh it’s an avoidance thing.” Maria scoffed.
“Because they’re afraid.” Amy stated.
“Deathly afraid.” Maria added.
“Right!” Jenny asked.
“Of commitment.” Liz explained as she slammed down the glasses on the counter, startling the boys out of their seats.
“Okay, we got it!” Alex exclaimed; all three boys had their hands in the air in surrender. “But what if a guy obsession is a woman?” Alex added.
“Yeah right!” Amy scoffed.
“Dream on!” Maria exclaimed.
“I don’t know, I mean, if the guy really loves the girl very much, it would make sense that she would be on his mind all the time but they just need to be careful that they don’t go psycho on her and start stalking her.” Liz explained as she wiped the counter.
“Thank you!” Alex exclaimed, making everyone laugh.
Later that night, Liz hurried to the school; she had left a book in her locker that she needed to help her with her homework that night. She sighed when she grabbed the book but groaned when she realised that she had to go to Library to retrieve a different book.
“Left it a bit late didn’t we?” the lady asked with a raised eyebrow and a teasing tone. Liz laughed.
“So much in my mind that it’s impossible to know where to look.” Liz teased back as she waved before heading out into the car park, she swore lightly when she saw the rain.
Liz came out of the building and rushed over to her car as the rain began to pour down hard, she unlocked the door and slid in with a sigh as she got out of the rain. She placed the key in the engine and tried to turn it but the engine spluttered which caused Liz to groan.
“Not today, please.” Liz begged as she tried it once more but no avail. Liz hurried out of the car and popped open the hood and waved her hand over it but nothing happened. “Damn Car!” Liz snapped as she slammed down the hood, her powers weren’t working because she was too stress out at the moment and she needed to calm down but it wasn’t working because she was too frustrated and her cell had gone down so she had no way of contacting her father. “God this is a great day!” Liz muttered to herself.
Liz saw someone come out of the shop and rushed over to him or her.
“Hi, can you help me? My car broke down…” Liz started but trailed off when she saw who it was. “Max!” Liz exclaimed and Max looked at her.
“Where’s your car?” Max asked and Liz pointed to the car that was just across the road. “Come on, let’s see what wrong with it.” Max said as he placed a hand on the small of her back and led her over to her car. Liz opened the hood and both of them leaned their heads in. “There’s your problem, the motor is completely shot through.” Max said and Liz rolled her eyes.
“Great, do you have your phone on you so I can call my father, my cell phone shot through.” Liz explained and Max nodded as he handed her his cell phone.
“Hi dad, listen I have a real problem, my cell phone is dead and my car broke down, I’m using Max’s cell.” Liz said and nodded. “No it won’t work, I’m too stressed out and I’m trying to calm down but it’s not working.” Liz explained and nodded once more. “Okay, I’m outside the school.” Liz said and hung up the phone and handed it back to Max. “My dad is coming to pick me up with a tow.” Liz replied and Max nodded.
“So what are you doing out here at this time of night?” Max asked and Liz through him a sly look.
“Breaking into the school to have sex with the janitor.” Liz said and cracked up laughing at Max stunned look. “I’m kidding! I was in the library, I needed to get a book.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“Oh right.” Max said, he took in Liz’s wet state and felt himself turning hard, he turned to Liz and dropped his mouth on her lips. Liz was stunned but her eyes closed as the feelings ran through her body, Max ran his tongue around her lips, begging for entrance and Liz parted her lips to grant him entrance. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as Max wrapped his arms around her waist and walked her backward toward the hood of her car and laid her on it as he went down on top of her. Liz arched her body as they both continued to kiss the other.
Tess walked over to her window and looked out of it, she saw two people making out on the hood of a car and rolled her eyes. ‘Get a room?’ Tess thought to herself, squinted harder, and gasped, she recognized the guy, it was Max, and she knew that there was no doubt that the girl he was kissing was Liz.
“Max, we can’t!” Liz mumbled against his lips but Max couldn’t hear her as he continued on kissing her. Liz pressed her hands to his chest and pushed him off so she could look into his eyes. “Max we can’t, you are with Tess.” Liz murmured; feeling really confused.
“I don’t want to be with Tess.” Max whispered as he leaned back down to kiss her but Liz sat up.
“This is wrong Max! You are cheating on your girlfriend with someone you don’t even know!” Liz exclaimed and Max took her hand and placed his other hand on her cheek to turn her to face him.
“Somehow I feel that I know you.” Max whispered and Liz looked at him stunned.
“What?” Liz whispered, her throat dried.
“I don’t know what it is, but I feel attracted to you, there’s something about you, I feel like I know you but at the same time I don’t.” Max explained and Liz shook her head, she opened her mouth but they were interrupted by the tow.
“Liz Parker?” The guy asked and Liz turned to him.
“Yes?” Liz asked.
“I’m the Tow, your dad called me.” He explained and it hit Liz.
“OH! That’s great, do you think I can hitch a ride with you?” Liz asked; feeling relieved that she’ll be able to get away from Max.
“Sure, your dad is meeting me down at the garage to find out what happened.” He explained and Liz nodded as she turned to Max.
“See you at school Max.” Liz said with a smile as she hurried over to the tow and got in. Max was standing there, stunned at what just happened.
Max walked home and entered the house. Isabel was sitting in the kitchen, looking hazard, she looked up when she heard the door shut and saw Max standing there.
“Max! Next time, will you please contact me to let me know why are you are going to take so long!” Isabel burst out “I mean; I have been sitting here worrying about…what’s wrong? Isabel asked, concerned.
“I kissed Liz.” Max whispered and Isabel’s eyes widen.
“You cheated on Tess.” Isabel asked and Max shrugged as he sat across from Isabel.
“I don’t know, I like Tess but I like Liz more.” Max tried to explain.
“How do you feel about Tess?” Isabel asked.
“She’s nice if not a little obsessive, she tried to control me and make sure that everything I do is consulted with her, she isn’t really supportive about wanting to find out my past and she wants to be together, together.” Max sighed as he ran a hand through his hair and Isabel was stunned.
“How do you feel about Liz?” Isabel asked and a small goofy smile appeared on his face and Isabel smiled inwardly to herself, ‘he’s a goner and he hadn’t said a thing!’ she thought to herself.
“She’s great, I can be myself around her and she doesn’t care what I do as long I know what I’m doing, she thinks it great that I want to find out about my parents, minus my alien side and she really supports me in it.” Max explained and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“I know what you mean, Liz is like the same, she really pushes you on the track that you want to take but is too scared to take it.” Isabel added and Max nodded and both brother and sister shared a smile.
“You know we haven’t talked to each other in a long time.” Max said, at first Isabel was confused then realized what he meant.
“Yeah I know; things have been so crazy lately.” Isabel in and they both smiled as they hugged them went to their rooms to get some sleep.
The next morning Max, Michael and Isabel was sitting in the booth while Liz was working at the counter, laughing at something Jose said to her.
“So did you find out what Liz wasn’t talking to her that day?” Michael asked and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“5 days later…” Isabel noted and Max laughed.
“Yes I did,” Max started but he noticed that Tess walked in. “Hey Tess.” Max greeted but Tess just walked on, ignoring him.
“What do you think is up with Tess?” Isabel asked and Max shrugged.
“Don’t know probably in a bad mood, anyway she told Liz that we didn’t like her so hence the reason why Liz wouldn’t speak to us.” Max explained.
“I can’t believe she would do something like that, poor Liz, she must have been so confused.” Isabel said, her heart breaking for her new best friend.
“Hi Tess, are you okay?” Liz asked as she set down a drink in front of Tess but Tess just shoved it back at Liz which split all over the place and down Liz’s uniform.
“Who the hell do you think you are? Coming here and stealing other people’s boyfriends?” Tess demanded and Liz looked at her confused, everyone was watching the scene, wondering what was going on.
“What?” Liz asked, wondering what was going on.
“I saw you and Max last night.” Tess snapped and Liz looked toward Max, both of them paled while everyone looked at the two of him or her with a stunned look.
“I’m sorry, we don’t know how it happened, and my car broke down…” Liz started.
“Like hell your car broke down!” Tess snapped and a guy came in
“Liz Parker?” the guy asked and Liz nodded. “You car is fixed, please try, and not over heat the motor again.” The guy teased and Liz laughed.
“Okay, I’ll come by later and pick it up, my dad is going to be so happy that he won’t need to drive me anywhere.” Liz said and the guy left. “You see Tess, My car broke down, Max was helping me and somehow we ended up kissing, I’m sorry.” Liz whispered and Tess shook her head and slapped Liz across the face, which provoked Max, Michael, and Isabel to stand up and hurry over to the two girls.
“You are nothing but a man stealer and one of these days you will get what you deserve.” Tess hissed.
“What the hell is going on here?!” a voice boomed out and everyone turned to look at Jeff who had witness the slap.
“Liz stole my boyfriend, just telling her to stay away from him.” Tess replied sweetly and Jeff’s eyes narrowed with anger.
“Oh really then why did you slap her?” Jeff growled. “I want you out of here, you are no longer welcomed here anymore.” Jeff growled and Tess gasped.
“Daddy no, Tess is just upset, it’s natural that she wanted to take it out on me, I’m sorry Tess for what happened, I know I can’t change it but I will promise you to stay away from Max from now on.” Liz said and Max looked at her with a hurt look on his face. “I’m sorry Max but it’s better this way, it obvious you love Tess and I’m just making you more confused.” Liz said as she rounded the counter and walked into the backroom.
Jeff huffed out in frustration as he ran a hand through his hair.
“I’m warning you, go anywhere near Liz again and it will be the last thing you do.” Jeff growled at Tess who was smiling as she hugged Max.
“No problem, you won’t ever need to see me near her again, just as long as she keeps her promise.” Tess swore as she pulled the trio out of the Crashdown.
The customers shook their head and some put forward their sympathy toward Liz for being on the receiving end of Tess. Jeff nodded and went into the backroom where he saw Liz sitting on the couch, her eyes slightly red.
“Liz…” Jeff started.
“Can we please find the other three soon? I really need to get this done, and over with so I can get on with my life.” Liz asked and Jeff nodded and headed back out into the café to carry on the orders. Jose looked at Liz with his heart breaking, he hated when his favourite waitress was upset.
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Chapter 4

“What the hell did you think you were doing?” Max demanded as the four of them entered Michael’s apartment.
“That bitch was stealing you from me!” Tess snapped back “And what the hell did you think you were doing kissing her?” Tess demanded.
“We didn’t mean to okay. We just kissed, in fact I’m the one who started the kiss!” Max shouted at Tess.
Tess saw red as she lifted up her hand and slapped Max across the cheek with a sound crack, Isabel and Michael looked at Tess in a stunned shock while Max brought his head round, Tess could see that a red mark was beginning to form on his cheek.
“You are nothing but a selfish spoilt brat!” Max hissed out, his eyes filled with hate as he glared at her. He stormed out of the apartment, refusing to look at Tess anymore.
“Well done Tess, that’s twice you managed to slap someone today, are you going for a record?” Isabel snapped.
“She shouldn’t have went near Max and Max shouldn’t have cheated on me!” Tess shouted at Isabel and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“Grow up Tess!” she snapped, “Max’s right, you are a spoilt brat who can’t see past her own nose.” Isabel agreed before storming out of the apartment to go after her brother.
“You agree with me Michael, don’t you?” Tess asked and Michael shook his head.
“You heard what Max said when he told us how he felt about Liz, it’s not Liz’s fault that Max is attracted to her and Max knew what he was doing when he kissed her. You shouldn’t have slapped her.” Michael explained and sighed. “You better go Tess.” He motioned outside the door as he opened it. Tess threw him a glare and huffed as she stormed out of the apartment without a backward glance.
Liz was sitting on her bed with a blanket wrapped round her body as she looked out of the window, tears running down her face as she looked at the photograph of her mother. Her mother never died by a car crash, she died by Pierce’s hand with Liz watching her. Liz sobbed even harder as she rested her head on the pillow as the memories came back with a vengeance.

*Flash back*
It was when Liz was seven years old, Nancy took her to the fun fair for a day out; Jeff was out of town on a mission to look for the other royal four so it was fun time for the two women.
“Mummy! Look!” Liz shouted excitedly at the merry go around and Nancy laughed at her daughter’s excitement.
“What do you want to go on first?” Nancy asked and Liz pulled on her hand to go over to the toy booth where you threw a ring and win a toy.
“Can you get me a toy mummy?” Liz asked and Nancy smiled as she paid for the rings and threw them. One of them landed on the big square at the back, resulting in a happy squeal from Liz.
“What do you want?” Nancy asked and Liz peered over the booth and pointed at the huge white teddy.
“The teddy mummy.” Liz replied in a sweet happy tone and Nancy smiled as the man laughed and handed the toy over to her.
“Your daughter is a sweet one isn’t she?” he asked and Nancy smiled down at her Liz who was currently hugging the huge teddy and her arms couldn’t reach around the neck.
“Yes, she’s very sweet and special.” Nancy replied as she smoothed her daughter’s hair back. “Come on honey, let’s go and have a look around.” Nancy said to Liz as she picked up the teddy. Liz smiled as they both walked around only to stop when a man came up to them.
“Excuse me, Mrs Parker?” the man asked and Nancy looked at him with a wary eye.
“Yes, who are you?” she asked
“You have to come with me.” He said and Nancy looked behind him and saw more men coming toward them.
Fear clenched her heart as she pushed Liz.
“Liz! Run!” Nancy shouted, Liz just turned and ran while dragging the teddy along with her, she heard thumping of footsteps behind her. Soon arms wrapped themselves around her body, causing her to scream and kick the capture. Her teddy dropped to the floor and she started crying as she was flung into the back of a black van, she felt her head hit something hard, knocking her out.
Liz woke up a while later, she looked around the room that she was in and saw that there was a glass window, she slowly walked over to it and saw her mother in the other room.
“Mummy!” Liz shouted as she banged on the window. Nancy looked up, saw Liz standing at the window, and hurried over to her.
“Are you okay sweetie?” Nancy asked and Liz nodded.
“I just bumped my head.” Liz explained as she rubbed the sore bit and pulled away, Nancy panicked when she saw the blood on Liz’s hand.
“Sweetie you are bleeding, you need to heal yourself.” Nancy explained and Liz looked at her.
“I don’t know how, daddy said I wasn’t to use my powers.” Liz cried and Nancy softened, she knew that Liz was her daddy’s little girl.
“Place your hand on your head and focus on bringing the skin together to stop the bleeding.” Nancy helped, Liz placed her hand on the back of her head and closed her eyes, and there was a slight sheen of sweat as she concentrated on healing her wound.
Liz gasped when she felt her wound healed and Nancy gasped when she saw Liz’s hand glowing.
“Are you okay?” Nancy asked.
“Just a little tired mummy.” Liz whispered as she slumped down to her bum, she saw her teddy and crawled toward it, hugging it as she closed her eyes. Nancy nodded but froze when she heard the door opened behind her. She turned to face the intruder and saw him. Her heart froze when she looked into Blue ice eyes.
“Pierce.” Nancy whispered; she instinctively knew who he was.
“Hello Nancy.” He greeted and Nancy flinched.
“Why are you holding us here? Let Liz go!” Nancy demanded; Liz woke up to her mother shouting.
“Mummy?” Liz asked as she stood back up and looked through the window and saw a man standing in the same room as her.
(This is Nancy’s part of the flash back; Liz can’t hear this)
Pierce walked up to the window and placed his fingers on the window, near Liz’s cheek.
“She’s so beautiful isn’t she?” Pierce asked and Nancy threw a glare at him. “Just imagine what she would be like when she reach her teenaged years and her adult years.” Pierce said and turned to face Nancy. “Bet she would be a wild one in the bed.” He leered and Nancy hurled herself at Pierce in pure anger.
“You will not get anywhere near her at all!” Nancy screamed as she clawed his face. Pierce pushed her off him and stood up.
“You slept with an alien and you took one in! You are a traitor to the mankind!” Pierce shouted as he backhanded Nancy, sending her across the room. Liz was screaming with tears running down her face as she watched through the glass window.
(This is back to Liz’s POV)
“Stop it!” Liz screamed as she banged the window, Pierce bent over her mother and ripped her shirt apart, Nancy started fighting Pierce but he was too strong, he slammed her against the wall and pushed up her skirt as he unzipped his pants and thrusted himself into her.
Nancy let out a cry as she started tearing at his face but he managed to dodge them as he continued to rape her.
Liz watched horrified at the man forcing himself on her mother, at the time she didn’t know what was happening but once she learned about it, she was angry. Liz started slamming her fists on the window once more.
“Leave her alone, please!” Liz sobbed out. Pierce was finished, he pulled himself off her and zipped himself up and snapped his fingers. Four men in white came in with a sliver table, two men lifted Nancy off the floor and laid her on the table and strapped her to the table.
“What are you doing?” Liz shouted, Pierce turned to her and smiled as another man came in with a small sliver tray. Pierce picked up a small scalpel knife and drew a cut down Nancy’s chest. Nancy screamed out in pain while Liz had tears running down her face while screaming.
Liz watched as the agents took her mother apart, piece-by-piece. By the time, Pierce was finished, her mother was facing her with a blank empty look, and blood was everywhere. Liz was no longer crying; she was just completely numb inside.
*End Flash Back*

Liz closed her eyes as tears leaked out from her eyes. She could remember how furious her father was when he found out that she was kidnapped, she had managed to contact him through her link, he came barging into the building and knocked out the F.B.I agents that got in his way. He managed to find her, she was curled up, hugging the teddy bear as dry tears ran down her cheek, he had picked her up, relieved that she was safe only to look through the window into the other room where he was that his wife was brutally murdered and he could sense that she had been raped. He lost it, he killed every agent there was in the building and set the building up in flames, destroying his wife’s body, letting her soul be at peace.
Liz sighed; Pierce was out of the building at the time when Jeff had arrived at the building so he had escaped. Before Jeff killed everyone, he went into his wife memories and found out that Pierce wanted Liz to have his child, he didn’t tell Liz in order to keep her safe. Liz hugged the teddy to her, it was the last thing she had of her mother so it meant a lot to her. She couldn’t believe how cruel people could be, especially to another human.
Jeff came up the stairs and saw Liz curled up on her bed, clutching the teddy bare that her mother gave her and felt his heart break. She saw everything that her mother went through so it was harder for her to overcome it, she was only eight years old at the time and she saw how cruel how people could be in the worst way. He had sworn on his soul that he was going to avenge Nancy’s death and get payback for Liz, forced to watch her mother suffer for being in love with a alien and for taking in an alien child.
Alex was looking through the net for all the car crashes when Liz was eight, He found on that said Nancy’s name but it never proved that it was actually her. Alex groaned as he rubbed his face until an idea came to him. He could hack into the F.B.I files and see if Liz had been captured.
With a renewed determination, he started typing away, hacking into the site until he got the information that he needed.
“Female – 30 years old, white.
Red hair, blue eyes.
Female – 8 years old, white
Brown hair and brown eyes.
First female was questioned and had sampled taken from her. Second female escaped, her father (alien) had breached the building and killed every good men and women there was in the building. The first female did not survive as the Alien had killed her”
Alex was stunned. Jeff had killed Nancy? Somehow, it didn’t seem right, Jeff was protective of Liz because he had lost Nancy, not because he killed her. Questions ran about in his brain, he had no answers and he needed some. He sighed as he ran his hand through his hair while waiting for the printer to finish printer the information.
A beeping noise started on the computer causing Alex to snap his head back up to look at the screen. He panicked when he sat that the F.B.I was tracker. The printer finished and Alex quickly shut down the computer, cutting off the transmitter. He vowed to himself as he breathed a sigh of relief that he was not going to do that again, at least not without a better hider transmitter.
He looked down at his notes and nodded to himself, he was going to get the answers that he needed and damn anyone who got in his way!
Max was sitting in the jeep, looking at the lake that he had arrived to. He remembered the last time he was here and that was with Liz.
He didn’t understand why he felt this way, why he was attracted to her. He just wish that she would give him a sign that she was an alien so that he could talk to her but so far, nothing.
His cell went off and he answered it.
“Hello, Max’s here.” Max answered.
“Max?” a female voice asked puzzled and he smiled, he knew that voice!
“Liz!” He greeted.
“I’m really sorry Max, I was calling for Maria; I guessed I dialled the wrong number.” Liz explained.
“It’s okay. How are you?” Max asked and heard a soft sob on the other side of the phone. “Liz?” Max asked concerned.
“It’s nothing Max!” Liz snapped. “I’m just thinking about my mother and if you excuse me, I must phone Maria.” Liz finished as she hung up the phone.
Max looked at the phone and shut it with a weary sigh, he had never hated Tess than he did right now, and he really hated her for telling Liz to stay away from him.
The phone rang again and Max picked it up.
“Hello?” he asked.
“Not again!” he heard Liz muttered and he smiled. “Can you give me the number that Maria gave you?” Max asked, Liz replayed the number over to him and he rolled his eyes. “That the number for my phone.” Max explained and Liz groaned.
“Figures she would do that to me.” Liz muttered. Max chuckled and he heard cars coming, he looked up and saw the gang coming toward him, fear began to clutch at his chest.
“Liz, I have to go, I’ll phone you later okay?” Max explained.
“NO! You can’t phone me later, I promised Tess that I’ll stay away from you and that includes the phone. Goodbye Max.” Liz finished as she hung up.
Max just stared at the phone in dismay but covered it up when the group headed toward him.
“Who was it?” Tess asked, suspicious clearly shown in her voice.
“My mom, she wanted to make sure that I was going to be home tonight.” Max lied, Isabel looked at him in confusion while Tess just nodded, glad it wasn’t Liz. “What are you doing here anyway?” Max asked.
“Alex said he had found something out.” Maria explained and everyone turned to Alex.
“Right, I was curious about Liz’s reaction to the F.B.I so I checked out her background. I found the car crash but it wasn’t confirmed that it was actually Nancy who had died in the crash so I hacked my way into the F.B.I site.” Everyone looked at him, stunned. “What I found out that two people were captured by the F.B.I, one was eight years old, she had brown hair and brown eyes while one was 30 years old, she had red hair and blue eyes. They reported that they had taken a sample and questioned the red haired but they never got the chance to do anything to the child because an Alien breached the building, killing everyone, including the wide, which just confused me because if it was Nancy, I seriously doubt that Jeff would have killed her.” Alex finished.
“The more answers we get, the more questions we have.” Maria complained as she turned to face the lake.
“The one thing is that it happened eight years ago … today.” Alex explained.
“That explains why Liz was crying.” Max murmured and Tess heard him.
“And when did you see Liz?” she demanded.
“I drove past the Crashdown on my way here. I don’t remember that being against the law.” Max snapped at her.
“The other thing is, Nancy died in the crash to weeks later, so why would Liz be crying now?” Alex asked, “Unless she was captured by the F.B.I.” Alex stated thoughtfully.
Everyone just stared out into the water in a deep thoughtful thought, they had no idea what they were going to do with this information or how to go to Liz with it.
The next day, Liz entered the school, she smiled as she past some students before making her way to her locker; Maria turned up and rolled her eyes.
“I hate Mondays, why on earth do we have them.” Maria complained and Liz laughed.
“It just the way the world works. By the way, thanks for giving me Max’s cell number…NOT!” Liz exclaimed and Maria looked at her confused.
“When did you call Max?” Maria asked and Liz thought back.
“About half two, why?” Liz asked and Maria shook her head.
“Just wondering, we were with Max for most of the day and didn’t hear his cell ring.” Maria explained and Liz shrugged, unconcerned.
“I don’t really care, I just don’t appreciate having to find out that I called him, especially after I promised Tess that I’ll stay away from him.” Liz explained and Maria wrapped her arm around Liz’s shoulder to lead her to her next class.
“Lizzie, Lizzie “You can’t avoid Max forever, you have him as a partner in Biology remember and he will come by the Crashdown at any chance he’ll get.” Maria stated wisely and Liz shook her head.
“He can’t come anywhere near me, I’m making him confused about his feelings!” Liz explained and Maria laughed.
“Honey, Max wants you, he likes you and trust me; he’s not confused.” Maria explained and Liz shook her head.
“I don’t care, he and Tess were happy before I came and I will do whatever it took for them to be happy again.” Liz stated with a determined before stepping into her English class, leaving Maria in the hallway, wondering what Liz meant by that.
Max was walking toward his biology class, he wondered what he was going to do when he saw Liz, after all the stuff Alex had told him, he hadn’t had a clue what to do, it was like everything was jumbling up together. He reached his class and heard a noise coming from it.
Max looked in the window of his Biology class and saw that Liz was sitting on the stool holding a white mouse.
“Shh, it’ll alright, I promise you.” Liz soothed as she held a hand over the mouse back. Max watched in fascination as her hand glowed slightly then she smiled brightly as the mouse nudged her finger in thanks. “No problem, I’ll send you the bill.” Liz teased as she placed the mouse back in its cage and locked it as she turned back to her work.
“She is one of us.” Max whispered as he hurried off to meet up with the gang.
“Where is Max?” Maria asked, “I really need to speak to him.” Maria explained as she entered the Band room, her head still puzzling over what Liz had told her. Max had called a meeting to go over the rules and how they were going to talk to Liz but so far, he hadn’t shown up, much to the pleasure of Alex.
“You know, if he calls a meeting, the least he could is show up!” Alex complaining/teasing; which caused Isabel to laugh.

“Tell me about it.” Isabel agreed, then the door slammed open, revealing a harassed Max.
“What is it? What happened?” Michael demanded as he hurried over to Max.
“It’s Liz! She’s one of us! I saw her heal one of the mice in the lab, her hand glowed!” Max explained and everyone was stunned as they looked at him.
Liz was one of them, now what were they going to do?

Chapter 5

Liz was humming as she stroked the mouse before letting him back into the cage, he squeaked as he hurried over to his wheel and she smiled, glad that she managed to heal him. Using her powers really tired her out these days because she rarely ever uses them. Her dad wanted to make sure that she was protected and included in less use of her powers. She winced a little when she started to feel dizzy so she sat down and placed her hand on her forehead. She cursed herself for using too much power but she couldn’t help it, she hated seeing the little mouse in pain and wanted to help it.
The bell rang and she groaned as the noise pierced her ear, for some reason everything very sensitive today. The door opened and Max came in with the rest of the gang. They all looked at her weirdly but Liz never noticed it as the rest of the class came in with the Teacher.
“Right class, today, its sex educational!” she announced and the class groaned, the girls blushed while the guys shifted, Liz took no notice it. All she could sense was that Max was sitting near her and was feeling warm. She could sense the slight cool water aftershave he used and, he was looking so hot that she was really happy that she was in class but that was diminishing, as her need to jump him was getting intense.
Max was feeling the same, he didn’t know why but he was really feeling the need to kiss the living day lights out of Liz, soon a fantasy came to his mind.
He leaned over and took Liz’s lips in his, not caring that there was people around him. He wrapped his arms around her waist while she wrapped hers around his neck, pulling him down harder on her lips. He bent her over backward and let her beck rest on the Lab table while he kissed her neck, she gasped in pleasure as she arched her back.
“Oh Max!” she whispered as she wrapped her legs around his waist.
“Max!” Liz screeched, as the Bunsen burner flame grew up higher, Max snapped out of his daze and looked toward the Bunsen burner in a shock, both, Liz and Max stepped away from it while Max calmed himself down. The flame slowed down and returned to its normal height, he stared at the flame in a stunned shock, was it him who did that?
Liz looked at Max with a weird look then turned back to the lab table and cleared up the mess from the bottles falling.
“Are you okay?” Miss Hardy asked and both of them nodded.
“Yeah, I’m fine.” Liz stated.
“I’m fine too, just startled I guess.” Max explained and she nodded as she turned back to her normal task of handing out worksheets. Max turned to Liz. “Are you sure you are okay?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“I’m fine Max, can we just get on with this please?” she asked as she turned back to her lab and started to take notes while Max just stared at her in a stunned shock, still trying to get over the fact that he made the flame go up high.
“Liz, I need to talk to you!” Max shouted as he chased after Liz, leaving the gang behind and Tess angry that he wouldn’t stay away from Liz.
Liz shook her head as she continued her way to her locker but stopped when Max grabbed her arm and spun her around to face him.
“Max, let me go!” Liz hissed as she tried to yank her arm out of his hand.
“No, we need to talk.” Max hissed back.
“We have nothing to talk about. You are with Tess and I promised to stay away from you.” Liz snapped as she finally yanked her arm free.
“You may have promised, but I didn’t.” Max snapped back and Liz glared at him.
“Max, just le tit go!” she cried, exasperated “You are in love with Tess and I’m getting in the way of that!” She explained then turned on her hells and melded into the throng of students walking about. Max tried to find her but she had disappeared and he sighed in annoyance and defeat as he made his way back to the gang to go home,
“What is your problem?” Tess demanded as they entered the Evan’s house, Isabel was glad that her parents were out of town that week so they didn’t get to witness this event.
“I needed to talk to her!” Max shot back and Tess scoffed, disbelievingly.
“More like you needed to shag her.” She remarked back and everyone sighed as they took their seats and watched their leader finally lose his cool.
“Watch it!” Max shouted, “I will not have you talking about Liz that way!” Max warned. “She is one of us and we need to let her know about us.” Max exclaimed
“No you don’t!” Shrieked Tess. “How do you know that she is not an enemy?” Tess asked and Maria laughed.
“If she was an enemy, I hardly think that we would be standing here right now and I seriously doubt that she would be sweet to us.” Maria explained.
“Keep your friends close but your enemies closer.” Tess remarked.
“This is getting stupid!” Michael remarked as he stood up. “Liz is not out to get anyone, the only reason you hate her because Max is interested in her.” Michael explained and Tess crossed her arms.
“I still don’t think we should tell her anything, she could be anyone.” Tess remarked.
“At the risk of sounding like I’m agreeing with Tess, I think we should give it time, you know, let her come to us first.” Alex explained and Isabel shook her head.
“No way!” Isabel exclaimed “She needs us and we have to trust her first before she can trust us, especially if she had been captured by the F.B.I.” she explained.
“Yeah, we don’t even know what had happened to her.” Maria agreed and Michael thought about it.
“Guys, if she was captured by the F.B.I, how do we know if she had changed by being with them?” Michael asked and Max looked at him, incredulous.
“Are you agreeing with Tess?” Max demanded.
“No Max, I’m just saying.” Michael explained and Maria could sense the group was starting to get tense and she was scared that they would start saying things they didn’t mean.
“Okay! Before we start losing our cool, how about we take a breather and think it over?” Maria suggested as she looked at everyone. “We’ll talk about it tomorrow once everyone had the chance to think things over and settle down.” Maria explained and everyone left to go to his or her homes, while Max and Isabel headed to their own rooms.
Liz found herself in her room, crying. Max was getting to her and she was fed up feeling confused about her feelings for Max. She wanted to keep her promise to Tess yet she wanted to see Max at the same time and it was tearing her in two different directions.
Jeff came up the stairs, found Liz cry in her bed again, and wondered what had happened to upset her this time.
“What’s wrong sweetie?” Jeff asked as he stepped into the room and sat on the bed.
“I’m so confused Dad!” Liz sobbed as Jeff took her into his arms, rocking her and stroking her hair. “I really like Max, more than I should but I promised Tess that I’ll stay away from him yet I want to be around him.” Liz explained. “And it doesn’t help that I’m drawn to Max for some reason, it’s like this guide or force is pushing me toward him.” Liz explained as she pulled away and wiped away her tears.
“What do they think of it?” Jeff asked and Liz let out a breathless laugher that sounded like a sob.
“Max keeps coming up to me and chasing me while Tess just throws glares at me and warns me that something bad will happen if I don’t stay away from Max.” Liz replied; Jeff hugged Liz once more.
“Don’t worry, Daddy will fix it.” Jeff promised, his brown eyes flashing with anger at the thought of Tess hurting Liz.
Max was lying on his bed, thinking about Liz and his feelings for her. He knew that he wasn’t being confused about his feelings for her but Tess had to meddle in and make it seem like that he was confused. He knew that Liz was an alien and was delighted that he had found another one of their kind but their were all getting pulled in all different directions instead of agreeing of comprising.
He looked toward his watch and nodded, he was going to see Liz and no one was going to get in his way. He grabbed his jacket and keys as he strode out of his room and hurried over to the jeep. He started it up and made his way to Liz’s place without realising that Isabel was watching him from her window with a huge smile as she talked into the phone.
“Yes Tess, he’s still in his room and is sleeping at the moment, I will tell him that you called.” Isabel explained as she watched her brother drive off to Liz’s place.
Liz was sleeping when she heard the knock at the door, she rolled over onto her back and waited to see if her father was going to get it but when the door knocked once more, she got up and made her way to the door and opened it.
“Max!” Liz exclaimed, surprised. “What are you doing here?” Liz asked.
“I need to speak to you.” Max explained and Liz closed her eyes in dismay.
“Max, we promised…” Liz started but cut off when Max’s lips came crashing down on top of hers. She moaned lightly in pleasure as her arms wrapped themselves around his neck while his surrounded her waist, pulling her body into his.
They both opened their mouths, letting their tongues mate together when all of a sudden the flashes started flickering behind Liz’s eyelids. She saw herself flying through space, through the stars and there was a beeping noise accompanies it. Liz gasped as she pulled herself from Max and both of the panted for air.
Max was stunned, he had gotten flashes of their pods; he had placed a hand on Liz’s pods but dragged away before he could convince her to wake up and join them.
“Max, I think you should leave.” Liz whispered as she, gently, pushed Max out of the door.
“Liz…” Max protested but found himself facing the door and he cursed to himself as he made his way back to the jeep, wondering what the hell was going.
Liz leaned against the door, running her hand through her hair. She had no idea what was going on and she didn’t like it, she couldn’t believe that she had kissed Max, despite Tess’s warnings. A thought to came to her and she smiled. ‘That will work’ she thought to herself as she picked up the phone and hurried into her bedroom.
Tess was in the living room of her house when the doorbell went; she stood up and answered it, revealing a deliveryman holding a basket of flowers.
“Tess Harding?” he asked and Tess nodded, he handed her the basket while she handed him a tip and shut the door, she placed the flowers on the table in the hallway and picked up the envelope.
“Meet me at the Crashdown at 8.00. Alone.” The note said and Tess smiled, thinking how sweet it was for Max to arrange their date at the place where he healed her and where they had their first date. She hummed to herself as she headed toward her bedroom to get ready for her date with Max.
Max was in the kitchen when the doorbell went; he headed toward the door and opened it where he saw the deliveryman holding a teddy bear.
“Max Evans?” he asked and Max nodded with a raised eyebrow. “Here you go.” He said as he handed Max the teddy bear then left when Max handed him a tip. Max headed back into the kitchen and lifted the note that was with the Teddy.
“Meet me at the Crashdown at 8.00. Alone.” The note said and he smiled. Liz wanted to talk to him and he hurried off to get ready while Isabel looked at the teddy bear and shook her head amused before heading back into her room.
Tess arrived at the Crashdown wearing a short black dress, which was low enough to show off the top curve of her chest. Maria stepped forward and gestured to the table at the back of the café where there was a screen around it and candles flickering in the darkness.
“I can’t believe Max was so sweet!” Tess squealed lightly as she sat down. Maria rolled her eyes as Alex walked up with a flower in his hand.
“For madam.” Alex greeted, handing her the flower while Maria walked back up to the front of the café and greeted Max as he stepped through, wearing black jeans and a black shirt.
“Maria?” Max asked, confused. Maria just shrugged as she led Max to the same booth and gestured him to sit across from Tess.
“Menus.” Alex introduced as he handed them the menus then both of them walked off to collect the drinks.
“I can’t believe how sweet you are Max for setting this up.” Tess exclaimed as she took one of his hands and it hit him.
She thought he had set all this up for her!
‘But what about the note?’ Max thought to himself as he opened the menu and saw a note taped to the menu.
‘Max, I set this up because I thought you and Tess could use this time to reunite your relationship and finally realise that you are in love with her. Have fun. Liz.’
Max groaned inside of his head as he took the note down and placed it into his pocket. He couldn’t believe that Liz had set them up! He thought he had made it clear that he wanted Liz, not Tess!
Maria came forward with sparking wine and poured it out into the wine glasses as Alex came forward and took their orders.
‘This was going to be one long night.’ Max thought to himself as he forced himself to smile at Tess, pretending to be happy.
Liz watched from the backroom with a smile; her plan was working. Max was finally realising that he was extremely in love with Tess and wasn’t going to be confused about his feelings anymore. She got excited that she forgot that she was to keep quiet and let out an excited squeal of delight.
Max and Tess heard the noise and turned to face the backdoor but saw no one. Liz had hunched herself down, making sure she stayed hidden to stay out of sight. Mari and Alex stifled their snickers but couldn’t hide their grins.
Max had an idea who made the noise and who was hiding so he made an excuse and headed toward the bathroom. He locked the door he went in, unlocked the other door, and stepped out and saw Liz was filling out the strawberries in the backroom.
“I should have known it was you behind here all the time.” Max stated, startling Liz. She squeaked as she turned to face him in the process, knocking the bowl of strawberries at the same time. Max hurried over to help her pick them up.
“What are you doing back here Max?” Liz asked.
“I came here to see what the noise was.” Max explained and Liz giggled.
“Sorry.” She apologized as she finished placing all the strawberries into the bowl, picked it up and sat it down on the counter. She looked at Max, wondering why he wasn’t going to leave.
“I just wanted to make sure that we can still be friends.” Max explained and Liz frowned.
“Yeah, I mean, we are.” Liz explained and looked at him. “Why?” she asked.
“We didn’t get the chance to talk about what happened earlier.” Max explained and Liz smiled as she turned to him.
“Max, people do a lot of dumb things when they are confused, beside, I understand.” Liz explained as she brushed past Max.
Max leaned down to her neck but pulled back in time while turning his body to face Liz.
“And we’re friends?” Max asked, Liz pulled her face from the fridge and looked at Max.
“Yeah, we’re friends.” Liz confirmed.
“Just friends?” Max asked, his eyes darken; Liz turned from the fridge with the packet of strawberries and nodded.
“Yeah.” She stated as she brushed against Max once more. Max lost it, spun her around, and pulled her into his body for a kiss. Liz whimpered as they grinded their lower bodies together as their hands ran all over each other. Max grabbed Liz’s waist, helped her on to the counter, and spread her legs so that he could get in between them.
They both groaned as Liz flung her head back as the flashes attacked her once more. She found herself flying through space once more and saw a red ball in the middle of a cluster of stars but soon found herself back to reality when she heard a gasp.
Both of them broke apart and turned around to see Tess, Maria and Alex standing in the entrance of the backroom. Tess was stunned while Alex and Maria looked at each other then back at Max and Liz.
“How could you!” Tess hissed out and the promise came flying back to Liz, she gasped as she pushed Max away and ran up the stairs to her apartment as tears filled her eyes. She had broken the promise.
“Liz!” Max shouted as he made to go after her abut Tess stopped him.
“We were on a date that you set up for us! I will not have you chasing some slut!” Tess snapped and Max lost it.
“It wasn’t me who set up this date. It was Liz, she tried to get me to realise that I’m in love with you but I’m not! I’m sorry Tess.” Max explained and Tess slapped him.
“We are together and you or anybody is not going to get in the way of that.” Tess promised before storming off, leaving the threesome stunned, wondering what she meant.
Liz was lying on her bed as she stared at the ceiling; she was wondering what the flashes meant and why she was getting them. It didn’t make sense; she was flying in space but why? What did it mean? Liz was puzzled as she thought it over.
She sighed as she sat up and ran her hand through her hair, she just wanted some answers to what she was seeing and why she was seeing things while kissing Max but she knew that she couldn’t go near him. Not now, that Tess had caught them! She didn’t know what was happening to her and Max.
When they both started teasing the other, she had forgotten why he was at he Crashdown in the first place and the reason why she was to stay away from him, he was there because she had set Max and Tess up, to help them get back their happiness but that seemed to be destroyed now because she kissed Max.
She still couldn’t believe that she kissed Max, she had promised to herself to stay away from him but she broke it big time.
“ARGH!” Liz screamed as she placed her pillow over her face, muffling the scream while flopping her head back down on the bed in frustration.
Max had returned home after the incident at the Crashdown. He seen more flashes but this time it was of Liz as a little girl, dressing up in her mother’s clothes and putting on make up. He smiled slight when he remembered seeing her in the dress with the cupcakes on it that her mother had made it for her when she was seven.
Liz was so embarrassed to wear it but she did it, for her mother’s sake. Her mother was so proud of it because it was the first dress that she had ever made so Liz wore it and it just showed how unselfish Liz was when it came to other people’s happiness.
He lay back on his bed, staring at the ceiling with his hands tucked up behind his head as he thought about the flashes. He didn’t know why he was receiving the flashes as nothing like this had ever happened to his knowledge and he wanted answers just like everyone else did.
There was knock on his bedroom door and it opened, Isabel came in with her hands on her hips.
“What is this about you kissing Liz in the backroom of the Crashdown?” Isabel demanded and Max rolled his eyes.
“Who told you?” Max asked, already guessing.
“Tess, Maria and Alex.” Isabel confirmed. “All three of them phone me up to tell me what you had done.” Isabel explained as she sat down on the edge of the bed. “Max, talk to me.” She pleaded and Max sighed.
“I have been receiving flashes of Liz’s memories whenever we kiss.” Max explained and Isabel looked at him confused.
“Wanna explain?” Isabel asked and Max sighed.
“When ever me and Liz kiss, I get pictures of her memories of when she was young.” Max explained and Isabel looked at him, wide eyes.
“Max…if you are getting them from her, how do we know she’s not getting anything from you?” Isabel asked and Max’s eyes grew wide as it hit him.
“I never thought about that!” Max exclaimed and the phone rang, startling the siblings. Max picked it up. “Hello?”
“Max, it’s Liz. We need to talk.” Liz explained and Max nodded as he looked at his watch.
“Okay, where and what time?” Max asked.
“Crashdown at Ten?” Liz suggested and Max nodded.
“Sure thing, see you then.” Max agreed and they both hung up.
“Well?” Isabel demanded and Max looked at her.
“It was Liz, she wanted to talk.” Max stated and both of them looked at each other, unsure of what to say.
Liz was cleaning up the Crashdown from the incident before. She heard a sharp tap and looked up to face the door where Max was standing. She sighed as she headed toward it and unlocked it, letting Max through.
“Hey.” She greeted.
“Hey.” Max greeted back and watched as she headed over to the counter to finish clearing the stuff. “So what did you want to talk about?” Max asked and Liz sighed as she sat down at the counter and faced Max.
“Lately, when we kiss, I have been having flashes.” Liz admitted and Max walked over and sat down next to her.
“Of what?” Max asked.
“Flying through the stars and I mean literally.” She promised.
“Liz, I have been getting flashes from you.” Max admitted and Liz looked at him stunned.
“What did you see?” Liz asked.
“I saw you as a little girl, you were wearing a dress with the cupcakes on it.” Max described and Liz smiled a sad smile.
“I remember that.” Liz softly stated. “She made that for me about a month before my eight birthday. Before she died.” Liz explained and Max hugged her. “Why are we getting the flashes anyway?” Liz asked and Max looked at her, unsure of what to say.
“I don’t know.” Max finally admitted and Liz looked off to the side, wishing that she had an answer.
“So what do we do now?” Liz asked and Max shrugged.
“Maybe we should find out what the flashes are trying to show us.” Max suggested and Liz looked at him.
Their eyes met and they both felt the connection start up once more. Both of them leaned in and moaned as their lips met once more, Max wrapped his hand into her hair, pressing their lips harder together. They both parted their lips to let their tongues mate while Max lifted Liz up and settled her on his lap. Liz slid her hands into Max’s dark hair as his lips left hers to taste the skin on her neck.
Liz gasped as the flashes attacked her once more.
There were soldiers running all over the place with guns in their hands. Next, she knew that she was underground and seemed to be buried in something, she looked up and saw the radio station and noticed the sign. Liz pulled away from Max, breathing heavily.
“Did you see anything?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“I saw some sort of radio station and I think something is buried out there.” Liz explained, Max looked at her. Liz told him what was on the sign and what the surrounding was like and it hit Max. He nodded as he sat up and pulled on Liz’s hand.
“We need to contact the other and let them know.” Max explained but Liz pulled on his hand.
“Max, I can’t come with you. Tess won’t be happy to know that we were together twice today.” Liz exclaimed as she pulled her hand free.
“But Liz, you need to be there.” Max protested and Liz shook her head.
“No, just say that you had a dream or something and it seemed so real that you need to check it out.” Liz exclaimed as she pushed Max out of the door and locked it. She looked into his eyes once more before turning on her heels and running out of the café, switching the lights off on the way.
“Damn it Liz!” Max swore as he grabbed his cell phone and hurried over to his jeep. “Isabel, get ready, I’m coming to collect you and call Alex, Maria and Tess, tell Maria to pick them up and meet us at the house.” Max demanded before hanging up and calling Michael to tell him the same thing.
Isabel was pacing the floor in her living room, wondering why on earth Max was acting so weird, what happened with Liz? Her thoughts were running around in circle, all different questions was forming and no answers. Everyone had turned up and was waiting for answers but Isabel gave them none.
The front door opened and Max hurried through.
“I think I’ve found something to do with our past, we need to go and find it.” Max rushed out as he ushered everyone toward the cars.
“Michael, you go with Maria’s car, Isabel, you are coming with me. Everyone pick the car you are going in and lets move!” Max commanded as he jumped into the jeep with Isabel. Tess hurried over to the jeep while Alex went in the Jetta with Maria and Michael to keep the peace between them.
“Max, what’s going on?” Isabel asked and Max sighed.
“I got them again and I found out that there was something buried beside the radio station near the crash. Isabel, this might have something to do with our past.” Max explained and Isabel stared at Max in a stunned shock, mixed with excitement and uneasiness.
“What do you mean, flashes?” Tess asked and Max looked at her through the rear-view mirror.
“I mean I have been getting flashes of my past.” Max explained.
“Why now? Why couldn’t have come before?” Tess asked and Max looked at Isabel, wondering what to say. Isabel just shrugged, not knowing either.
“Tess, when ever Liz and I kiss, I get flashes from her. That’s how I know about this.” Max explained and Tess lost it.
“That’s where you’ve been isn’t it! You have been seeing that slut behind my back, especially after I told you two to stay away from each other!” Tess snapped out and Max lost it.
“Tess, I told you that I don’t want to be with you, I tried to break up with you but you just won’t let it go!” Max snapped out and Tess huffed as she looked out the window and Max shook his head in defeat. Why couldn’t Tess just understand that he did not love her like that? That he wanted to let her be free.
They arrived at the radio station and listened.
“I saw that it was right next to the radio station, so it should be right over here.” Max explained as he walked over to the station and looked around until he got the right surrounding. As soon he stood on the right place, the beeping noise started and Max grabbed the shovel along with Michael; the pair of them started digging until bright blue light shot out into the sky.
Jeff was sitting in the car, looking out in to the darkness when he jumped out of his seat when he saw the bright blue light shoot into the sky.
“They are here!” Jeff whispered to himself as he kicked the car into motion and drove toward the light, not letting the chance to find the last royal four go.
“What do you think this mean?” Michael asked as Max leaned down and picked up the blue/sliver orb.
“Maybe it’s a way of communicating back home.” Alex suggested and Max shrugged.
“I don’t know.” Max whispered as he looked at the orb. Liz had seen this for them. Maybe it was for her.
“Come on, it’s late and I think we are too tired to drive home so we’ll stay here. Maybe someone from our planet had seen the signal and will contact us.” Michael stated as everyone moved toward the cars to get settled and warm.
Jeff shaped shifted himself into an Indianan cowboy as he walked toward the teenagers in the cars, he saw that Max, Michael and Isabel were in the cars and he knew that it was them who were the other royals. He couldn’t believe how he hadn’t seen it before. Max was responsible and was the leader of the group while Michael was Max’s second in command, he followed Max lead and Isabel, the princess, she was, sometime, the peacekeeper in the group, she was only filling in the role of Liz as Liz was the main peacekeeper of the group.
He had found Liz’s brother and she was going to be so happy but he didn’t really have any proof so he couldn’t just go up to Liz and say ‘Honey, I think Michael is your brother.’ He can imagine how well that could go.
Max woke up and saw the man standing in front of the jeep, he sat up and on cue; everyone else woke up and saw the man.
“This is private property. You better leave.” The man stated, not giving himself away. Max nodded as he started up the jeep while Maria started up the Jetta and both transport left.
Jeff looked at the retreating cars, wondering what to do now.
Back at the school, Liz was laughing at something that one of the student said to her, Max watched as her smile seemed to light up the hallway and how her eyes sparkled with amusement. The guy nodded and said something before leaving to see his friends. Liz turned back to her locker but stopped when she felt a heat on her back, she turned around and met dark brown eyes. She gulped as she turned back to her locker and hurried off to her next class, not wanting Max to come near her.
“Max! Come on!” Tess whined as she dragged Max off to the band room where the meeting was being held.
“Oh come on Michael, you can’t just go up to her and tell her that you know that she’s an alien, we don’t know how she’ll react!” Isabel exclaimed from her seat.
Max and Tess walked in and sat down.
“I don’t think you should tell her anything, we still don’t know what kind of alien she is.” Tess exclaimed and Maria looked at her.
“You know, if you were the alien, I bet you would have been evil and tried to kill us all.” Maria remarked and Tess threw her a glare.
“We need to talk to Liz as soon as we can otherwise things could get worse as we go along.” Max explained.
“And how are we going to do that?” Tess asked and shook her head. “I still believe she is dangerous.” Tess explained and Maria lost it.
“We need to tell her that we know about her.” Maria stated from her chair,
“And how are we going to do that?” Alex asked “I mean, we can’t just go up to her and say. ‘Liz, I know, I know that you are an alien’…” Alex remarked sarcastically and they heard a loud thump, they all turned around and saw Liz standing there were fear etched over her face and her dark eyes were terrified. Her bag was lying at her feet. Max stood up and took a step toward her but Liz freaked out.
“I don’t want to hurt anyone, please don’t give me to the F.B.I!” she whispered out before bolting the Band Room.
Everyone watched in a stunned silence, Liz now knew that they knew and they had no idea what she was going to do now.
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Chapter 6

“Damn it!” Max cursed out as he slammed his hand on the table, startling everyone. “Now she thinks we’re going to hand her over to the F.B.I!” Max snapped out, frustrated.
“I can’t believe we never heard her come in.” Isabel mused.
“We were kinda busy talking than taking any notice of our surrounding and that is a bad thing, I mean, it could have been anyone that came in.” Alex explained and it hit everyone just how lucky he or she were that Liz came in. Max saw that Liz had left her book bag behind and picked it up just as the bell rang, signalling end of school.
“She might have gone home but she might still be around here somewhere. I’ll go and find her.” Max explained as he shouldered her bag.
“What if she bolts again?” Maria asked and Max shrugged.
“I have a feeling that she’ll talk to me so let me see her first because if she sees us all together, it might seem like we are ganging up on her and freak her out even more.” Max explained as he exited the room, leaving everyone behind to simmer in their thoughts.
Liz found herself sitting in the library; she was wiping away her tears that were rolling down her cheek. They knew! What were they going to do? Were they going to hand her over to the F.B.I? she couldn’t go through with it again, not the pain of seeing someone she love taken away from her in front of her. She made up her mind. She was going to have to run away. She was half expecting Pierce to come striding in the doors and dragging her back off to the white room but she wasn’t going to let that happened, no matter what.
There was a noise behind her and she turned, she saw Max standing behind her, holding out her book bag.
“Hey, you dropped this.” Max explained and Liz nodded as she took the bag and shouldered it as she stood up. Max stopped her from leaving with a hand on her stomach, Liz looked up at him with fear in her eyes. “We are not going to tell anyone.” Max promised and Liz closed her eyes as tears slipped from her eyes. She opened them once more with relief showing in her dark eyes.
“Thank you.” She whispered, then she wondered why, they weren’t going to use her were they? “Why? You are not going to use me to do things for you are you.” Liz asked, warily and Max shook his head.
“Liz, Michael, Isabel and I are just like you.” Max whispered and Liz’s eyes widen in a hopeful shock.
“Really?” she asked, hope and excitement colouring her voice.
“Yes.” Max promised and Liz squealed lightly as she hugged Max tightly and Max hugged her back with the same emotions. They had found each other.
“SHH!” a voice hissed and they both pulled away from each other to look at the source and found the librarian looking at them with annoyance in her eyes.
“Sorry.” Liz whispered with a sheepish smile and a shrug. The lady smirked lightly as she walked off, shaking her head in amusement. Liz turned to Max only for something to catch her eye, she noticed that the wall above the bookcase was acting weird, so she walked over to it with Max following her, wondering what was going on. Liz came to a stop at the wall and stepped on the ladder.
“Hold my waist Max.” Liz whispered and Max held her waist while she reached up, she looked around before waving her hand over the wall and a sliver handprint showed up. She, cautiously, placed her hand on it only for her hand to slid right into the wall and feel something. Curious she pulled the object out and saw it was a blue/sliver metal book.
She stepped down and both, Max and Liz sat down the floor and looked at the book that rested in Liz’s hand.
Jeff was walking down the alleyway when he felt someone following him, he, quickly, ducked into a corner and saw the F.B.I walk past him and came out of his hiding place. The man turned around and saw Jeff standing behind him.
“I was wondering if Pierce would send one you lackey to follow us. Now you are here, I want you to give him a message for me thanks.” Jeff stated as he lifted a hand and placed it on the Man’s chest, watching the steam come from his hand and the man dropped to the floor.
Tess was in the Crashdown when Max came striding in, her breath caught in her throat when she saw Max smile at her with love in his eyes.
“Hey Max, did you find Liz?” Tess asked, trying very hard to keep the distain out of her voice and Max just smiled.
“Who cares about her?” Max asked and Tess’s heart leaped. “Come on, I have a surprise for you.” Max whispered with excitement as he tugged on her hand, Tess smiled as she let herself be pulled up but stopped.
“We need to tell the others.” Tess stated and Max shook his head.
“No, we never get any time alone, its always with the group, we need this Tess. We need to be alone.” Max whispered and Tess smiled.
“Okay.” Tess agreed as they both hurried out of the building. Tess looked over her shoulder and saw Maria staring at them in confusion but shrugged her shoulders as she turned back to the hatch. “Where’s the Jeep?” Tess asked.
“There was something wrong with it so it’s the shop, they gave me this rental.” Max explained as he opened the door and let her in.
“What do you think that is about?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“Answers about our past hopefully.” Liz muttered as she opened the book to read it… only to that it was in a different language.
“Damn!” Max hissed out as he looked at the book. “We finally get answers and they are in a different language.” Max explained and Liz giggled lightly as she turned the page, surprise to see engraving of the faces in the book. Max and Liz were next to each other on the bottom while Isabel was above Max and Michael was above Liz.
“How the hell did they know what we would look like?” Liz demanded as they stared at the book then turned over the page to see Liz and Max holding hands and Liz had a baby in her stomach while Isabel and Michael were holding hands and she had a baby in her stomach.
“I hope this doesn’t mean why I think it means does it.” Max asked and Liz shook her head.
“I’m not pregnant, we have to mate the human way to have sex/babies. You can’t just get pregnant without sex.” Liz whispered her answer. “And I sure hope this doesn’t mean I have to get pregnant soon.” Liz whisper and Max nodded.
“Can human and Aliens have sex?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“Yes, my mom was human and I’m pretty sure that my parents had sex although I rather not think about it.” Liz hurried out hastily and Max nodded in agreement, thoughts of his parents like that freaked him out too.
“So, how come you didn’t have any brother or sister from your mom and dad?” Max asked.
“My mom was pregnant when she was killed.” Liz explained simply and Max nodded, accepting the answer.
“What does this mean for us?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“It looks like we have to be together, you and me, Michael and Isabel but I’m not letting any book tell me what to do.” Liz exclaimed.
“But, what if I want to be with you?” Max asked and Liz threw a glare at him.
“Max, you are with Tess.” Liz stated and Max sighed.
“Liz, I’ve told her that we were over but she won’t listen, she keeps saying that no one or anything is going to get between us.” Max explained and Liz looked at him.
“What does she mean by that?” Liz asked curiously and Max shrugged.
“Your guess is good as mine.” Max admitted as both of them rested their back against the bookcase, looking at the page of where the four couple were together, with the babies.
“So where are we going?” Tess asked and Max just smirked.
“It’s a surprise.” Max replied and Tess giggled.
“Can’t you just give me a hint?” Tess asked as she leaned in and kissed his neck.
“You better that stop that.” Max teased.
“Or what?” Tess challenged, Max just swerved to the side and both of them unbuckled their belt as Tess straddled his lap, they both kissed but it felt different, he tasted different. She pulled back from him and looked at him.
“What?” Max asked and Tess moved to her seat.
“Nothing.” Tess replied. “We better get to the surprise, I can’t be late for my shift.” Tess explained and Max started the car.
“Can we go somewhere else and talk?” Liz asked. “It would be easier to talk without worrying about eavesdroppers.” Liz explained and Max nodded as they both stood up. Liz placed the book in her bag and shouldered it as both of them made their way to the jeep.
“Who are you really?” Tess demanded to Max after a few minutes of silence and Max smirked.
“So have you have figured it out?” Naseco asked as he looked at her. “So what gave me away?” he asked and Tess rolled her eyes.
“You kiss different from Max and you have no Tabasco on your tongue. Why did you take me?” she demanded.
“Pierce wants Max so he’ll have Max, beside I have a little score to settle with him.” Pierce stated with a shrug of his shoulder. “Beside, you are a little bonus for him.” Max stated and Tess felt a shiver run through her body.
“So, how did you find out about me?” Liz asked as she and Max walked the desert.
“I caught you healing the mouse which confirmed it for me.” Max explained and Liz nodded “So what is the book about?” Max asked, wanting to know about it as Liz had looked through it some more during the ride here. Liz rolled her eyes.
“It’s about our destiny, you see, we were created and we are suppose to be together. You know, as in, me and you, Isabel and Michael.” Liz explained and Max looked at her.
“And I’m guessing you don’t like the idea.” Max stated and Liz giggled slightly.
“That obvious huh?” Liz asked and Max shrugged. “Yeah, you’re right. I just the way that I think, I just don’t think that humans and Aliens should be separated. Yes, we may have abilities that some people don’t but we are humans, we have emotions!” Liz exclaimed and turned to Max. “It’s so obvious that you and Tess love each other, Michael and Maria love each other, Alex and Isabel seem to getting there so I just don’t see why we have to drop our relationship just because a book told us to.” Liz explained.
“Wow you really do feel strongly about it.” Max exclaimed; then something struck his mind. “Erm Liz, I realise this might be hard for you to talk about but have you ever been captured by the F.B.I?” Max asked; Liz looked up at him with pain-filled eyes. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to, I’m jest letting you that I’m here whenever you are ready for it.” Max quickly added in.
Liz was silent for a while that Max thought she wasn’t going to talk. Liz sighed as she slumped her shoulders.
“I was only eight years old at the time when it happened.” Liz started as she looked into the distance, her eyes dark, Max noticed with a pang. “My dad was out of town looking for you three so my mom took me out for a girl’s day out and she took me to a fun fair, she won me a huge teddy that it was so big, I couldn’t even wrap my arms around his neck.” Liz stated with a small smile then it slid off her face. “Then this man walked up and my mom told me to run so I did but I got caught and knocked out. I woke up later and found myself in a white room and there was this two way window, I talked to my mom then this agent came in.” Liz stopped to get herself under control.
“Agent Pierce.” Max whispered and Liz nodded in confirmation and looked at Max curiously.
“How did you know?” Liz asked and Max sighed.
“An F.B.I ambushed us one night, she told us all about Agent Pierce but we didn’t listen to her.” Max admitted and Liz nodded.
“Anyway, he said something to my mom about me and she lost it, she flung herself at him, attacking him but he was too strong and raped her. I didn’t even know what he was doing at the time. He, then, called in a few guys and they placed her on the table and cut her open. She was alive as the opened her and I could hear her scream in pain.” Liz choked out. Max wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a hug.
“Liz, did he…” Max started but Liz shook her head.
“No, I managed to contact dad through my weak link, he found me and knocked out all the F.B.I agents there were in the building, he went into my mom’s mind found what he was looking for. He never told me. He, then, walked out of the building and blew it up.” Liz explained and Max nodded but felt there was something she was holding back from him.
“Liz?” Max asked.
“My mom was pregnant with my dad’s child when she was killed, they tried to remove the baby from her womb to turn it into a test tube baby but the problem was that, the baby can sense it’s parents, so when the mother dies, it dies along with her, that why they left her heart for last. They removed her other inside so she could feel it then removed her heart.” Liz whispered and Max hugged her tighter.
“So how did Maria, Tess and Alex find out about you three because I don’t think it’s really something you would go around telling people.” Liz asked, wondering what happened.
“Tess was in the Crashdown and two men started arguing, one of them took out a gun and they fought over it, it went off and hit Tess. I healed her and told her about me. Maria threatened Tess that she would go to the Sheriff because she knew that I had done something to Tess so Tess told her. We never told Alex until later on, Tess told him because Alex also threatened to go to the Sheriff.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“So if anyone threatened to go to the Sheriff about you, they get told the truth.” Liz asked with amusement and Max laughed slightly.
“Guess so.” Max joked back, both of them shared a smile before turning to look out into the distance.
“Why have you kidnapped me?” Tess demanded and Max/Jeff rolled his eyes.
“I told you, Pierce won’t come to me unless I have something he wants and he wants you as well.” He explained.
“Pierce would just kill me!” Tess exclaimed and Max/Jeff shrugged his shoulders.
“Then you were great company.” He remarked.
“Why do you want me dead? Max will just come after me and save me.” Tess explained. “He loves me.”
“Max and Liz are destined to be together.” Max/Jeff explained and Tess scoffed.
“Please! He does not love that mousy little bitch!” Tess snapped and Max/Jeff looked at her with a cold glare.
“Trust me, you do not want to piss me off. Liz is a sweet, loveable, honourable person than you are. Hell, she’s even more human than you are!” Max/Jeff exclaimed.
“Max and I love each other and no one is going to get in the way of that.” Tess promised, her blue eyes dark with anger and determinacy, which caused Max/Jeff to look at her curiously, wondering what she meant.
Max had dropped Liz in the alleyway of the Crashdown, he watched as she made her way into the backroom of her house and drove round to the front of the Crashdown and made his way into the café where he met up with the gang.
“Have any of you seen Tess?” Max asked as he looked around, wondering where Tess had gotten to, as she was hardly late. Maria looked at him, weirdly.
“I thought you were with her.” Maria said and Max looked at her puzzled.
“I haven’t seen her since this yesterday.” Max said and Maria shook her head.
“Max, I saw you pick her up about two hours ago.” Maria said and Max shook his head.
“What do you mean, I just got here.” Max explained.
“Max I saw you, I saw you Max.” Maria said and everyone looked at each other confused until a light hit Isabel’s eye and her eyes widen which made the rest realize.
“Naseco!” They all exclaimed.
“Naseco took Tess, why would he take her.” Alex demanded. Liz walked into the Crashdown with her cell phone in her hand.
“Hey guys, have you seen my father? He called me and told me to wait down here for him.” Liz explained.
“He took Tess!” Maria exclaimed and Liz looked at her, confused.
“What do you mean he took Tess?” Liz asked.
“He shape shifted himself into Max and took Tess.” Alex explained.
“Why would he take…?” Liz asked but trailed off when it dawned on her. “Oh no! Dad!” Liz groaned out as she ran out of the café toward her car but stopped when Max gripped her arm and spun her around.
“What’s going on?” Max demanded.
“Dad is going after the F.B.I, we need to get to my dad before he gets to them.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“Okay, who’s coming and who’s staying?” Max asked.
“We’re coming.” Isabel exclaimed as her and Michael climbed into the back of the jeep while Alex wrapped an arm around Maria.
“We’ll wait at the U.F.O Centre for you guys when you get back.” Alex explained and Max nodded as he hopped in the driver’s seat as Liz climbed into the passenger’s seat and the jeep drove off.
“Why would he take Tess?” Michael demanded and Liz shook her head.
“Because she hurt me, emotionally and physically. Dad wants to see her suffer because of that and he wants Pierce too, I’m guessing that Pierce is interested in Tess because Max healed her.” Liz explained.
“There’s really an agent?” Isabel asked, fear evident in her wide eyes and Liz nodded.
“He captured me when I was eight and daddy wants to kill him for that.” Liz explained.
“Is he really our dad?” Michael asked and Liz shook her head.
“So why do you call him daddy if he not your real one?” Isabel asked.
“Because he’s like a father figure to me and he loves me, I called him daddy for protection when I was younger, I guess it just stuck on.” Liz explained with a shrug.
“How come he wasn’t here when we hatched?” Michael asked.
“He was on the run at the time, you see, all four of us were to hatched at the same time but somehow the crash messed things up, you three hatched before me and all of us hatched way before the time we were to hatched.” Liz explained.
“When were we supposed to hatch?” Max asked.
“When we were 18 so that we were ready to mate and conceive children.” Liz said with a roll of her eyes. “Like I would.” Liz stated with a scoff.
“Why didn’t he just come forward and tell us who he was?” Michael demanded.
“He wanted to make sure that there was no suspicious and to make sure that you were the other three.” Liz explained and everyone nodded.
“How come you were never around here?” Michael asked
“We were here but we moved to L.A then we moved back as Daddy felt a power being used.” Liz said and Isabel gasped,
“So I have met you before, I remembered a girl who had your eyes and brown hair, you were sitting on…”
“The swing set!” Liz gasped and Isabel nodded.
“You looked so alone, what happened.” Isabel asked.
“I wasn’t adopted by daddy at the time, I was with the social service and I didn’t really like them.” Liz said.
“Yeah I get that but there was sadness.” Isabel said and Liz sighed.
“I had this hole in my heart, you see I knew that I had a brother but I didn’t know where and I was missing him.” Liz said and Isabel felt her heart breaking and she placed her hand on Liz’s shoulder and squeezed it gently.
“I don’t know how you coped with it, I mean I had Michael and Max for brothers.” Isabel said and Liz nodded.
“But it doesn’t matter now, I have my family now.” Liz said with a smile and all three of them smiled back at her. Max saw the police surrounding a body; he went to pull over. “No don’t stop, it’s not her, believe me, Daddy wouldn’t kill her.” Liz promised and Max nodded as he continued down the highway.
“How did you know?” Michael asked.
“Well, from what you have told me, Dad is acting like Max.” Liz asked and they nodded. “Dad is leaving messages for Pierce to piece together and come after him. As Pierce is after Max, it’s a bonus for dad as he knows that Pierce would never resist beside, that was an F.B.I Agent that was lying on the ground.
“Why have you brought me here?” Tess demanded as they stood in front of the candyfloss machine at the Fun Fair.
“I’m waiting for Pierce to piece the clues together and come and get me.” Max/Jeff explained.
“Max is so going to kill you.” Tess smirked and Max/Jeff smiled brightly.
“He wouldn’t do that. He wouldn’t do anything to upset Liz.” Max/Jeff assured as he looked at the lady while she was telling jokes about Aliens. He smirked. “Looks like it time for my last clue.” Max/Jeff exclaimed as he focused and a bright blue beam shot up into the sky in the form of the whirlwind.
“Look!” Michael shouted as he pointed to the shape, everyone looked up and Liz groaned.
“DAD!” Liz exclaimed in frustration.
“What?” Max asked.
“He’s drawing Pierce to the fun fair, dad knows I won’t go near one after the last time.” Liz explained.
“Why? What happened?” Isabel asked.
“Liz and her mother were captured at the Fun Fair.” Max filled in while thinking fast of what to do. “We can’t leave you out in the jeep by yourself, Pierce might see you.” Max explained.
“She goes with you. Isabel and I will spilt up and cover more ground. Liz will have some protection if she’s with you if the F.B.I spots her.” Michael ordered as they all jumped out of the jeep when it came to a stop.
Max and Liz, unconsciously, linked hands as they, hurriedly, made their way through the crowd to find Tess and Jeff. They soon saw a Max look a like heading into the house of mirrors and hurried over to it only to get lost.
“Max.” Liz whispered, wondering what they were going to do. Max, gently, squeezed her hand and pulled her through the mirrors until they met up with Max/Jeff.
“Dad!” Liz exclaimed, Max/Jeff turned around and saw the two of them.
“What are you doing here?” Max/Jeff demanded.
“Dad, you need to let Tess go.” Liz exclaimed.
“You need to get out of here!” Max/Jeff shouted.
“Dad…” Liz started but Max/Jeff looked at her firmly.
“I won’t let him take you two.” He hissed out.
Tess hurried through the maze and saw Max and Liz.
“Max!” Tess called out as she slammed her hand on the window. Both, Liz and Max looked at her and sighed in relief when they saw her.
“I will get her out of here.” Liz called out as she pulled away from Max and disappeared into the darkness.
“Liz!” Both Maxes shouted but it was too late. Liz hurried to Tess, following her instincts and she found Tess.
“Come on, we have to get out of here!” Liz hissed as she tugged on Tess’s arm but Tess pulled her arm free of Liz.
“Not without Max!” Tess hissed back as she ran off.
“Tess!” Liz shouted but turned around when she felt something. Her eyes widen when she saw Pierce sneaking into the building and ran off before he could see her.
Liz crashed into a window and banged her hand on it in frustration when Max showed up, looking around. “Max!” Liz shouted, Max turned around and caught sight of her. He ran up to her as relief showed up all over his face.
“Liz!” Max called out “Where’s Tess?” Max asked and Liz rolled her eyes.
“She ran off, she refused to get out of here without you and I lost her. I saw Pierce coming in. Max, we need to get out of here!” Liz exclaimed then looked around. “Where’s my dad?” Liz asked.
“He ran off too, something about the plan heading too fast.” Max explained then looked at Liz. “You have to leave.” Max stated passionately, the fear of Liz being captured by the F.B.I was taking a hold of his heart once more. He placed his hand on the window and Liz copied his movement, placing her hand over his.
“Not without you.” Liz replied just a passionately, soon there was a noise and Liz looked over Max’s shoulder and her heart dropped.
“Max!” Liz screamed and Max turned around and saw the F.B.I guys behind them, the clown dropped providing a distraction for the couple, the clown laughed as if he was mocking the agents for trying to get in between the couple.
Max ran off in a direction while Liz followed him, they both caught up with each other and sighed as they hugged. “God Max!” Liz whispered as she buried her face into Max’s chest.
“It’s okay, everything is okay now.” Max promised as he kissed her forehead and they heard a slam and saw Naseco still posing as Max slammed against the wall with the F.B.I behind him, Liz shook her head as the memories of her mother being slammed against the window was beginning to start up once more.
“No, daddy no.” Liz whispered, Max grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the house of mirrors. “No, Daddy!” Liz screamed and Max wrapped his arms around her waist from behind as Liz fought him to get to her dad. “Daddy!” Liz cried.
Michael, Isabel, and Tess hurried over.
“What’s wrong with her?” Michael asked Liz fought Max.
“The F.B.I has Naseco, she wants to go back inside.” Max explained as he fought Liz. Tess came up and pinched Max in the side, which caught him off guard and loosen his hold on Liz, Liz took off full speed toward the house of mirror. “LIZ!” Max shouted and threw a glare at Tess and hurried after Liz, he soon found her curled up where the F.B.I slammed Naseco against the glass. “Lizzie?” Max asked as he knelt down beside her.
“I can’t lose him Max, I just can’t.” Liz sobbed and Max pulled her into a hug.
“We’ll get him back soon, I promise.” Max swore as he rocked Liz back and forth. Michael, Isabel and Tess had also entered the building and Tess felt satisfaction building up inside of her.
The gang had arrived at the U.F.O Centre; Liz was sitting on a chair, staring into space as she rubbed the necklace between her index and thumb. Max was stroking back her hair; he kissed her forehead before moving toward the gang.
“Why is she doing that?” Maria asked Michael.
“Naseco gave her that necklace yesterday, it’s the only thing she really has of him.” Michael whispered as he grabbed her arm and pulled her over to the others.
“How is she feeling?” Isabel asked as Max walked up to them.
“Scared.” Max stated.
“What are we going to do?” Alex asked.
“We need to find out where Naseco is and we need to figure out what we are going to do about the F.B.I.” Michael explained.
Liz had slipped out of the building, un-noticed. She needed to get out of there, it felt like the walls were closing in on her and she needed to breathe. She headed out to the back alley and looked up into the night sky, she smiled slightly when she saw the V shape stars. It was her home and it calmed her briefly. She was so deep in her thoughts, she never heard anyone sneaking up behind her.
Max/Jeff woke up with a throbbing headache and smirked to himself as Pierce entered the room.
“Well, well, well, I finally get Max Evans in my grasp.” Pierce smirked to himself and Max/Jeff gasped as he leaned himself against the wall. One hand was clutching his stomach.
He was changing back; he remembered that he had been in Max’s form for far too long.
“Damn it!” Max/Jeff groaned out as his shape shifted back into his normal Jeff Parker form, much to the astonishment of Pierce. Pierce looked at the man in a stunned rage.
“You tricked me!” Pierce hissed out before storming off, leaving Jeff to wonder what was going to happen now.
Maria looked around the building of the U.F.O Centre in confusion.
“Erm, Guys?” Maria called out, attracting their attention. “Where’s Liz?” she asked with her hands in the air.
MAX! A voice screamed inside of Max, Michael and Isabel’s head, causing them to bow over, clutching their heads in pain.
“Max!” Isabel gasped out in fear. “It’s Liz…she’s scared!” Isabel exclaimed as the pain lessened. Max straightened back up and hurried out into the back alley, he saw a van driving away, kicking up dust as it went. He looked toward the road in front of him and saw Liz’s ring, he picked it up and gasped when a flash came to him.
“Take her to Eagle Rock. Don’t do anything till I get there.” A male voice ordered. Max dropped the ring and dropped his head into his hands as he slumped to his knees in anguish.
Liz had been captured.

Chapter 7

“Take her to Eagle Rock. Don’t do anything till I get there.” A male voice ordered. Max dropped the ring and dropped his head into his hands as he slumped to his knees in anguish.
Liz had been captured.

“What are we going to do now?” Maria asked; Max was leaning against the wall, staring into space. It scared her so much to see Max like that; he was usually the one in charge, the one who had all the answers.
“We need to find out where they took Liz and fast!” Michael stated, taking over for Max.
“Why would they take her?” Tess asked. “I thought Pierce wanted Max.”
“Liz doesn’t know why Pierce wants Liz, all we know that she was captured by them when she was eight. Her mother was raped and killed in front of her.” Max explained. “So, I’m guessing that they will use her dad against her to get what ever it was they wanted.”
“Do you know where they took her?” Michael asked.
“A place call Eagle Rock.” Max recalled and they shook their head.
“I haven’t heard of that place before.” Alex admitted while thinking.
“It doesn’t matter if we have heard it before or not, we need to find out where’s it based and get Liz as soon as possible!” Isabel snapped; her worry for Liz and frustration of not having answers were finally getting to her.
Liz groaned as she woke up with a throbbing headache; she winced as she sat up and touched the bump on the back of her head. She pulled her hand away and was grateful to see that it wasn’t bleeding so it didn’t need to healed. She looked around at her surrounding and fear clutch at her heart while her eyes widen in fear. She shook her head in denial, refusing to believe that she was back in here.
Back in the white room.
The door opened and Pierce walked into the room with a smile.
“You!” Liz hissed as she stood up, she looked down and saw that she was wearing a hospital gown but was grateful that the back covered her and she had pants on.
“Welcome home Liz, where you belong.” Pierce stated with a bigger smile and Liz shook her head.
“This is not my home, it’s not even my solar system.” Liz shot back and Pierce shook his head.
“Now, now, that’s no way to treat the father of your baby.” Pierce explained and Liz laughed a cold laugh.
“I would love to see you try and impregnate me.” Liz remarked then rolled her eyes at Pierce’s confused look. “The alien has got be to wanting a baby in order to get pregnant, it doesn’t matter what you do, drug me or rape me or whatever, it won’t work, you can’t have sex with me.” Liz stated matter-of-factly. Pierce growled as he threw himself at Liz only to blast away from a barrier that forms itself around Liz. “Because a barrier comes up and protects me from your kind.” Liz added in, enraging Pierce with every word that came out of her mouth. Pierce looked at her with a glare before storming off in a huff, he decided to go to stage three of the plan and it better had work!
“Max?” Tess asked, Max was sitting on the steps, leading from the manager’s office to the main ground. She sat down next to him. “Is it true?” she asked and Max turned to her, confusement filling his eyes while puzzlement covered his face. “About you and Liz being created for each other?” Tess answered and understand cleared his face.
“Yes, it’s true. Liz had found a book and we both looked through it, it consist our destiny.” Max explained and Tess nodded.
“How do you feel about it?” Tess asked and Max shrugged.
“I haven’t told Michael or Isabel yet and Liz hates the idea of letting a book tell her how to live her life.” Max stated with a faint grin.
“What about you?” Tess asked and Max’s smile faded as he looked at Tess.
“I don’t know, I mean, all my life I knew there was something waiting for me and she found me Tess. Listen, I have told you we can’t keep doing this. You can’t keep doing this. I love you but I love you the same as I love Maria and Isabel, as sisters.” Max explained and turned pleading eyes on Tess. “Can’t you just let me go and let me be with the person I really want to be with?” Max asked.
“Max, I love you!” Tess exclaimed and Max closed his eyes in anguish.
“I know that Tess, you keep telling me but I keep telling you that I don’t feel the same. I’m sorry!” Max explained then looked at Tess once more. “I never meant to lead you on and hurt you,” Max started as he wrapped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her into a sideway hug. “But I have to follow my heart and it’s leading me to Liz.” Max whispered. Tess nodded as she pulled out of the hug and both of the stood up.
Tess looked at him with sorrowful eyes.
“I’m sorry too.” She whispered before walking off, leaving Max behind to ponder her words but he didn’t get far with it when all of a sudden he was struck behind the head with something hard and was knocked to the ground.
“We have him sir.” One of the men announced as they dragged him away while two other men dragged in an unconsciousness Jeff Parker into the building and in place where Max Evans once were before hurrying off back to their transport.
Liz looked around the room; she hated being in here that’s for sure, especially after what had happened the last time. She just couldn’t believe that Pierce could be so stupid. There was a humming sound and the door opened, she turned around and saw Max pushed into the room. He was wearing scrubs.
“Max!” Liz gasped out as she hurried over to him, she, gently, lifted his head and place it on her lap and stroked back his hair. “Max?” Liz whispered as her hand went round to the back of his head and she felt something wet and sticky on her hand, curious, she pulled her hand away and the blood drained from her face when she saw the blood on her hand. She place her hand back on the back of his head and closed her eyes, focusing as she healed the wound while clearing up the blood and checking for any eternal injuries.
Max’s eyes opened and he groaned when the bright light hit his eyes, one of his hands came up and rubbed his forehead.
“Did anyone catch the number of that truck?” Max groaned as he sat up and found himself looking into Liz’s eyes. “Liz?” Max whispered, his hand reaching for her cheek, hesitantly. Liz sighed when his hand cupped her cheek, she leaned into it and brought her up and covered his.
“I thought I would never see you again.” Liz whispered. Max just nodded as he kissed her hard, all his fear, worries and relief mixed into the kiss as Liz kissed him back, just as hard. “Do you know where we are?” Liz asked in between kisses.
“A place called Eagle Rock, I found out when I touch the ring that you dropped. I got a flash.” Max explained in between kisses, they were intruppted when the door opened once more, revealing Pierce.
Isabel came out of the manager’s room and gasped when she saw Jeff lying on the ground, at the bottom of the steps. She hurried down the steps and placed two fingers, checking for a pulse.
“Michael!” Isabel called shouted and Michael came barging out of the manager’s room, his hand up, ready to defend them all.
“What?” Michael demanded.
“Naseco’s back and Max is gone!” Isabel hurried out as Michael hurried down the stairs and knelt down beside the two of them. He shook Naseco roughly, causing Naseco to groan out as his hand came up to the back of his head.
“Damn!” Naseco groaned out. “It just had to hurt.” He muttered as he sat up and looked at the two aliens in front of him.
“Isabel? Michael?” Naseco asked while looking around. “Where are we?” he asked.
“The U.F.O Centre, Max has been taken.” Isabel exclaimed and Naseco frowned at them, he could sense that they were holding something back.
“What?” Naseco demanded.
“Liz had also been taken.” Michael filled in when he saw Isabel’s lack of speech and tears filling the young woman eyes at the fact that her brother and best friend had kidnapped from them by the F.B.I.
Naseco closed his eyes as fury washed over his body, he stood up only to sway lightly causing Isabel and Michael to stand up and grab an arm.
“When?” Naseco asked and Michael looked at his watch.
“About two hours or so.” Michael reported and Naseco nodded.
“We need to find them!” Naseco announced as Tess, Maria and Alex came down the stairs.
“Where are they?” Tess asked.
“How do you even know that they are in the same place?” Alex asked
“Pierce would want them to be in the same building so he could work on them and he’s playing on Liz’s fear of losing another person close to her.” Naseco explained as he made his way to the front entrance. “They both are at Eagle rock, the same place where Liz was the last time.”
“We’ll need separated cars so we can make a quick get a way.” A voice added in from the top of the stairs, causing the teenagers and Naseco to stop in their tracks, Naseco held up his hand.
“Who’s there?” he demanded and Jim stepped into the light. “Why are you here and what do you want?” Naseco demanded.
“I heard that Max had been taken and I want to help you.” Jim explained causing fury to rise through Michael’s veins.
“Help us?” Michael demanded. “You chased us and kept demanding answers.” He exploded. “Max was almost shot because of you!” Michael shouted, causing gasp of shock from the others.
“What do you mean?” Naseco asked and Michael turned to him.
“There was an alien hunter here, he started asking questions about Max and Valenti told him everything, Hubble took Max and almost shot him.” Michael explained.
“Why would an alien hunter go after Max?” Naseco asked.
“He thought he was you.” Jim explained causing confused looks from Naseco.
“Excuse me?” Naseco asked.
“Didn’t you kill these people that had been murdered and left with sliver handprints on them?” Maria asked and Naseco groaned.
“It wasn’t I! It was the other shape shifter, I haven’t heard from him in a long time so I have no idea where he is or what he is doing.” Naseco explained and rolled his eyes. “Figures he would do this.” He muttered then looked at his watch. “We need to move quickly, who knows what Pierce is doing.” Naseco explained as they all hurried out of the building and made plans before getting into the transports.
Liz and Max stood up as Pierce walked over to them.
“Why did you bring Max here?” Liz demanded. “He has nothing to do with this!”
“I’ve been wanting to get my hand on Max after we found out that he healed Tess Harding.” Pierce explained.
“But he has nothing to do with this!” she snapped.
“Oh, he has everything to do with this.” Pierce chuckled before snapping his fingers, four men in white came into the room and grabbed Max, they dragged him over to the table and ripped open the top and held a scalpel knife to his chest while two other men held Liz and pinned her to the wall. “If you don’t let me impregnate you, you will watch another person die in front of you.” Pierce hissed out as he stroked back her hair. Fear clutched Liz’s heart as the memories off her mother dying before her eyes flashed back while the blood drained from her face.
Max shook his head, telling her not to let him win. Liz closed her eyes and sighed.
“Yes.” Liz agreed and Max’s eyes widen in horror while Pierce smirked.
“Why would they take Max?” Tess asked. Her, Naseco, Michael and Isabel were in the jeep while Maria and Alex were in the Jetta and Valenti was in the cruiser.
“Because he saved you.” Naseco snapped.
“What about Liz?” Maria asked and Naseco was silent for so long that they almost gave up getting any answer from him.
“Pierce wants Liz for himself, for her to be his toy, it doesn’t matter that she is an alien, apparently she is good enough for him.” Naseco replied silently.
“What do you mean?” Alex asked and Naseco sighed.
“He want her to become his slave, you know, to do things and for her to be pregnant with his child so that he had an experiment to play with.” Naseco said and Isabel choked back a sob.
“Does she know this?” Michael demanded and Naseco shook his head.
“I kept it from her as I didn’t want her to be burdened with it.” Naseco explained.
“That’s no excuse!” Michael exploded. “The girl acts like that you are her real father and she loves you and you are going around keeping secrets from her, ones that could save her life!” Michael demanded.
“Listen! Liz is not vulnerable, Listen, when she was younger I, well, kinda programmed her, I made her read books and scan the internet, all the stuff she learned about fighting is from her scanning things, her brain process them and puts her muscles into action for them.” Naseco explained.
“You mean, if we do the same thing…” Isabel started.
“It would happen the same with you but on a different level, I’m assuming you never really used your powers a lot?” Naseco asked and Michael and Isabel nodded. “It would take a little slower for you. After Liz scanned all the books, I made sure that she wouldn’t used her powers unless it was urgent so she never used them after that except scanning books and Internet.” Naseco said and everyone nodded.
The men left the room, leaving Max strapped to the table, it hit him, he was going to be forced to watch Pierce practically rape Liz and not be able to do anything to stop it. Max noticed that the air in front of him shimmered slightly before Liz appeared.
“Liz?” Max asked as he looked toward Pierce; he saw Pierce talking to thin air while apparently taking off clothes from an invisible person.
“Don’t worry Max, he can’t hear us.” Liz stated as she hurried over, Max could see pain in her eyes while a slight glean of sweat was forming on her forehead.
“What are you doing Liz and what’s wrong?” Max asked.
“I have conjure up a projection of me into Pierce’s mind, basically I’m making him see something that’s not there but I’m not used to using my powers and it’s taking a lot out of me.” Liz explained as she tugged on the straps, trying to use her powers bit it was useless.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked.
“The metal is too dense.” Liz explained as she reached for the scalpel and focused heavily, the knife soon changed into a key and Liz fitted it into the lock, snapping the straps.
Soon Max was freed, he got up and both of them hurried out of the door, Max waved his hand over the door, sealing it. He turned back to Liz, only to catch her as she collapse.
“Liz?” Max whispered.
“I’ve just drained all my energy. We need to get out of here now!” Liz whispered as Max lifted her into his arms and hurried down the hallway only to bump into Michael and an F.B.I agent.
“What are you going to do?” Isabel asked.
“The rest of you are staying here, I need Michael as his power is basically a blasting power and he is a male.” Naseco explained as he hurried out, he waved his hand over the fence and cut a hole into it.
“Why can’t I come?” Isabel demanded and Naseco looked at her.
“I know this place very well and Michael is the protector of the group so I need him, the rest of you stay here. No arguments!” Naseco hissed as he grabbed Michael and hurried over to the base.
“What are we going to do?” Michael asked as they managed to get into the building, Naseco just led him down to the morgue.
“We need to get Max and Liz out of here as soon as we can and I will deal with Pierce myself. First, you need a change of image.” Naseco remarked as he waved his hand over Michael’s clothes, changing them into F.B.I outfit and handed him a comb. “It’s show time.” Naseco remarked while Michael rolled his eyes.
Naseco changed him image into a black guy and straightened his clothes before looking out the window once more. Both of them hurried out of the room and walked down the hallway only to bump into Max carrying Liz.
“Max!” Michael hissed.
“What are you two doing here?” Max asked.
“Rescuing you, what’s wrong with Liz?” Naseco asked as he checked her out.
“She used up her energy showing Pierce an image that wasn’t there.” Max explained and Naseco nodded as he grabbed Max’s arm and turned to Michael.
“You memorized the map, get them out of here and remember the plan. DO NOT stuff it up!” Naseco warned as he hurried off while Michael grabbed Max’s arm and dragged him off.
They hurried outside where they met up with everyone, Isabel hurried forward and hugged her brother and turned to her best friend in his arms.
“What’s wrong with her?” Isabel asked, hysterical.
“She’s just tired from using her powers. Maria, we are taking the Jetta.” Max explained and Maria nodded as she handed him the key.
“Naseco told us the plan.” Maria explained as she hurried over to the Jeep. Max set Liz in the passenger’s seat, he made sure that she was settled before hurrying to the other side of the car and settled himself behind the wheel.
Isabel hurried over to the Jetta and handed them their clothes.
“Here you two, clothes.” Isabel explained as she placed a hand on Liz’s shoulder before hurrying over to the jeep. Michael walked over to the passenger side.
“I don’t trust him.” He whispered to Max.
“I do.” Max whispered back and Michael hurried over to the jeep. They all started the transports and drove off in different directions.
“Are you okay?” Max asked Liz as she pulled on her top, she let out a shuddering sigh.
“Yeah, just a little dizzy and tired.” Liz explained and looked at Max. “You?” she asked.
“Yeah, I’m fine. They didn’t do anything to me.” Max reported as he pulled on his t-shirt while Liz took the wheel, he, quickly, took the wheel again and waved one hand down his legs, changing the scrubs into jeans when all of a sudden gunshots started. Liz let out a small scream as she ducked down and Max swerved to the side. He hurried out of the car and ran to Liz’s side, he grabbed her hand and pulled her out of the transport. “Come on!” Max hissed to her as he wrapped an arm around her waist and helped her along.
Both of the hurried through the bushes till they reached the bridge but stopped when they saw cars in front of them, Max swore as he pulled Liz over to the bridge.
“We are going to have to jump Liz.” Max stated and Liz nodded as he helped her to climb up the bridge, Max stood beside her and looked at her. They both kissed as they linked hands then looked into the inky black darkness in front of them. Their hands tightened and they jumped off the bridge with the F.B.I running toward them, hoping to catch them but they were too late.
Okay guys, review time and I wanted to tell you that there is one more chapter to this story then I will be putting up New Gal Season 2. That one will be start of the next season and I wanted to warn you that it will be longer as I will be putting some of the first season into the second one and there will be more details to some parts of the story, especially the few last ones which I hope you will like. I will be basically following the story line with a few changes.
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Here it is people, the last Chapter of season one and thank you so much for your reviews, please read the last author note at the bottom and enjoy this chapter. Thank you so much for standing by me during this story and I’m happy you that you enjoyed it.

So sorry that I didn’t paste this up last night! My computer isn’t working and I can’t get on the net and I haven’t had access to my cousin or my aunt’s internet so I couldn’t update but I have made up for this! It’s ten pages long!

Chapter 8

Tess, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Alex rushed into the mine where they saw Jim lighting the lantern and hanging it up. Michael was stripping off his jacket and tie.

“Where’s Max and Liz?” Michael demanded.

“They are not here yet.” Jim replied and Isabel shook her head while looking at him in a stunned shock.

“Something must have happened to them, they should have gotten here before us.” Isabel exclaimed and Michael looked at his watch.

“It’ll be light in a few hours, we’ll go and find them.” Michael stated while Jim nodded before hurrying out of the building with Michael following him.

“Michael!” Maria exclaimed and Michael turned to face her. “Just come back to me in one piece.” Maria pleaded and Michael nodded as he hugged her and kissed her forehead before hurrying out.


“Liz, come on.” Max whispered as he helped Liz on to the land; both of them ran toward the tunnel. They crossed it until they reached the exit, Max looked out and around before tugging on Liz’s hand, dragging her over to the abandon vehicles. They both hurried into the overturned bus and settled themselves on the couch. “They don’t know how far we went down so we’ll be safe for a while.” Max whispered to Liz as he ran his hands up and down her arms to try to warm her up.

“We can’t stay here for long, they’ll find us.” She whispered weakly and Max nodded.

“What are we going to do about destiny?” Max asked and Liz looked at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Nothing.” She stated as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

“But Liz…” Max started and Liz shook her head.

“Max, you are with Tess and you are getting confused about your feelings.” Liz exclaimed.

“No I’m not!” Max defended himself. “I told Tess that we are over and she accepts it. I’m not confused about my feelings.” Max explained.

“Before I came, you were in love with Tess, then I came and it like you are in love with me.” Liz explained and shook her head. “How do I know that you aren’t feeling tied down and wants to have some fun before settling down?” Liz asked. “How do I know you are not interested in me because I’m new?” she demanded and Max stared at her, incredulous.

“Liz, I’ve never felt this way before. About anyone!” Max defended himself.

“Correction, you feel that way about Tess.” Liz interjected and Max lost it, he grabbed her arms and pulled her into a drugging kiss.

“Trust me, I’m not confused about my feelings and I want you, Liz, not Tess and damn anyone who gets in my way.” Max hissed out before pulling her back into another kiss.


Michael and Valenti were in the cruiser, sitting quietly as the cruiser drove along the road.

“Why are you doing this?” Michael asked.

“Because there is a right side and a wrong side of the law, I’m guessing that Pierce is on the wrong side.” Valenti stated then looked at Michael. “And if my son was in danger, I would like to think that there was someone out there to look after him for me.” He added; Michael looked at him before turning back to the front.


Max and Liz were lying on the couch, sleeping, both of them hugging each other while Max’s jacket covered them.

Max woke up when he heard a roaring sound of engine; He sat up and looked out of the window, in the process, startling Liz awake.

“What is it?” She asked.

“We have to get out of here.” Max stated as they both stood up, he quickly pulled on his jacket; they both linked hands before stepping out of the overturned bus and hurried off toward the main road.

Valenti turned a corner and saw Max and Liz running with the F.B.I chasing them in a buggy.

“There they are!” Michael exclaimed as he pointed to them and slammed his hand against the outside door of the cruiser. “Stop, Stop!” he commanded to Valenti. The cruiser came to a stop and Michael hurried out of the vehicle. He knew that if he didn’t do something, Max and Liz would be captured again and sent back off to the white room.

Michael held up his hand, palm out and concentrated. Valenti came out with his gun and looked at Michael before turning to look to the front. A bright white light came out and enveloped the F.B.I, blinding them while Max and Liz hurried over to the car, Max opened the door and helped Liz in before getting in himself.

“What did you do?” Max asked when everyone got in the Vehicle.

“I don’t know.” Michael reported.

“What do you mean you don’t know?” Michael demanded.

“I mean I don’t know!” he exclaimed, frustrated and turned to Valenti, who was sitting in his seat in a stunned shock. “Go, go or get out!” Michael snapped, startling Valenti into starting the Cruiser and they drove off, leaving the F.B.I in the dust.

Valenti exhaled when the cruiser came to a stop; he was wondering what he had gotten himself into. He looked behind him and saw Max was looking out of the window while Liz was leaning against him, her eyes closed.

Max turned his head toward Jim; the movement startled Liz out of her sleep, causing her to look Valenti. Valenti then looked at Michael, who was looking out of the window too.

“We’ll be safe here.” Valenti stated as he looked at Michael and he shook his head.

“There is no safe anymore.” Michael simply stated before getting out of the cruiser and walking down to the abandon mine. Max watched as Michael walked away while Liz looked up at Max, he looked down and kissed her forehead before they moved to get out of the cruiser.

Max and Liz got out of the cruiser with Valenti and looked at him.

“Tell me what’s going on Max.” Valenti stated, Max looked at Liz and smiled gently.

“Go on ahead, I’ll be there soon.” Max told her softly and quietly. Liz looked like she wanted to protest but Max shook his head. “I’ll be fine, I promise.” Max whispered and Liz nodded as she stepped away from Max, their fingers still linked.

Max watched as Liz looked at him before stepping into the mine where she hugged by a scared Isabel. Max, then, turned to Valenti and sighed.

“We don’t know who we are, we don’t even know where we’re from or why we are here.” Max explained. Valenti looked at him.

“Is Michael one of you?” Valenti asked, Max didn’t answer but his eyes gave it away. “Isabel?” Valenti prodded and he noticed that Max’s stance has become defensive. “Oh Jesus!” he muttered as he turned away.

“Tess, Alex and Maria kept our secret because they knew they could trust us and Liz is one of us too. You told me that I could turn to you if I needed your help and now I am asking, I am asking you to help us.” Max explained; Valenti looked at him with a raised eyebrow, stating very clearly that this wasn’t what he expected.

“I keep thinking about my dad, how he was right.” Valenti explained and Max walked over to him.

“But he would have turned us in, what are you going to do?” Max asked before walking toward the mine and let himself in.

Isabel, Michael and Liz were standing around the table.

“Valenti saw you use your powers.” Isabel asked and Michael nodded.

“I was trying to protect Max and Liz but this white blinding thing came out of my hand,” Michael explained.

“It means that you have control over your powers, that what happens when your powers are under your control.” Liz explained and Michael nodded.

“Are you sure that you are okay?” Isabel asked Liz, worry etches over her face.

“I’m fine.” Liz promised.

“So what are we going to do now?” Alex asked Tess and Tess shrugged.

“We are going to think this through.” Max stated as he came down the steps of the mine.

“Maxwell, we can’t stay here. Not while the F.B.I are after us.” Michael explained and Liz shook her head.

“No way! I’m not running from my home just because of these guys again!” Liz snapped out angrily, causing everyone to look at her, startled. “Those guys have ruined my life enough, now I’m going to fight back. I’m going to get my life back.” Liz swore.

“How do we fight back?” Tess asked and Liz stance became more threading.

“He thinks we’re dangerous.” She asked then nodded. “Fine, we’ll show him dangerous. We will show him just how dangerous we can be when we’re pushed to our limit. This time, it’s on our terms, not theirs.” Liz stated and Isabel nodded in agreement.

“I agree with Liz, I’m not giving up my home just because they want us. They want us, then fine, they’ll have to fight us to get us.” Isabel promised, “We have to show them that they shouldn’t mess with us.” Isabel swore.

Michael turned to Max with a smirk.

“Looks like we have our plan.” Michael stated in amusement and Max smirked back.

“You know what they say, ‘hell hath no fury when a woman scorned’ it’s double if the woman is an alien with dangerous powers.” Max stated. Alex laughed while Liz and Isabel rolled their eyes. All of them started making plans on what to do and how they were going to do it.


Valenti was outside, playing with his badge when he heard Pierce over the radio.

“What about the Sheriff’s son?” Pierce asked.

“He’s safe, we have someone with him right now.” Another male voice called over and Pierce smirked.

“I’m sure that the Sheriff will be very happy to hear that.” Pierce stated while Valenti glared at the radio.

“Pierce.” He growled.


Max was standing next to the jeep, Tess and Liz were in the front seat, Liz was sitting in the driver’s seat while Tess was sitting in the passenger’s side; they were in the alleyway.

“Liz, you are staying here. You get weak when ever you use your powers so its better if you stay in the jeep where you can recover quickly.” Max stated and Liz nodded. Max pulled off his jacket and placed it over her body before kissing her forehead, he looked over her head and locked eyes with Tess. “Look after her, we can’t afford Pierce to get his hands on her again.” Max warned and Tess nodded, she watched as Max kissed Liz gently on the lips and stroked her hair before leaving them to do his errand.

Isabel and Michael looked out of the Crashdown’s door and saw the F.B.I agent sitting in the car, looking around.

“What if this doesn’t work? What if we can’t go home?” Isabel asked and Michael shook his head.

“It has to work, it just has to.” Michael said as they both walked out and rounded the vehicle. The agent perked up when he saw them and hurried out of the car to follow them.


“Where’s my father?” Kyle demanded and the Agent looked at him.

“I’m sorry but I cannot tell you.” He stated and Kyle shook his head.

“I don’t care, I need to know that he is safe.” Kyle snapped and the Agent shook his head once more.

“I’m not permitted to tell you.” The agent replied once more.

“I don’t give a damn, I want to know!” Kyle snapped out, the agent was about to reply when something stopped him, he turned to the door.


“There’s my cue.” Liz whispered and Tess looked at her.

“What are you going to do?” she asked.

“Make them see Pierce.” Liz whispered and turned to face her. “Can you hold my hand?” Liz asked and Tess looked at her.

“Why?” she asked and Liz looked away.

“My dad or my mom used to hold my hand while I do this kind of thing. It helps me to be grounded and it reminds me that I belong here.” Liz explained and Tess nodded as she linked hands with Liz while Liz closed her eyes and concentrated. Pierce showed up in front of the two agents.

“I’ll take it from here.” Pierce said to the two agents, both of them nodded.

“Sure thing Agent Pierce, what would you like us to do.” They asked.

“Who are you talking to?” Kyle demanded.

“I want you to go to Hondo, wait there for my signal.” Pierce ordered and they nodded once more.

“Hondo, anything else?” They asked.

“No that’s all, dismiss.” Pierce stated and they nodded and turned back.

“Who the hell are you talking?” Kyle asked, looking around as the agent turned back to him, confused.

Tess looked at Liz, she came back with a shudder and Tess saw that there were a glean of sweat covering Liz’s face and that her hand was clammy.

“Are you okay?” Tess asked, concerned.

“Just a little weak.” Liz whispered out.

“Can you do that to anyone?” Tess asked, “Make them see something that’s not there?” she finished.

“Yes, I can but I don’t do it often, I’ve only done it four times. Once with my mom then with my dad, when I was tricking Pierce into thinking that he sleeping with me and just now.” Liz explained, weakly, as she wiped the sweat from her face, she leaned back on the seat, pulling Max’s jacket around her body tightly and closed her eyes.


“What just happen there?” the Agent demanded to Kyle and he shrugged.

“I was hoping that you could tell me.” Kyle replied; the agent turned around only to find himself meeting Max’s fist and flying backward onto the coffee table, smashing it to pieces.

“What the hell are you doing?” Kyle shrieked. “He’s an F.B.I agent!”

“He’s not who you think he is.” Max explained as he lifted the agent’s shoulder and dragged him over to the cupboard. Max opened the door and pulled the agent in.

Max hurried out and shut the door.

“Turn around.” Max said; Kyle looked at him.

“What? NO!” Kyle snapped out and Max lost it.

“Turn around!” Max commanded and Kyle, reluctantly turned around while Max held his hand over the doorknob.

“I swear; if something has happened to my father, I’m coming after you.” Kyle hissed out. Max’s hand turned red and he turned around.

“Your father is safe, he wants you to stay here out of harm’s way.” Max explained as he picked up the radio and turned to face Kyle once more. “Stay here and don’t let him out.” Max warned before running off once more.

Kyle turned to the cupboard and twisted the knob, only to find that it was locked, Kyle hurried over to the table and grabbed his keys; he looked up and looked at the display of guns in front of him.


Valenti hurried into the office and looked at Pierce, who was sitting back in the chair, with his feet on the desk.

“Nice to see you Sheriff.” Pierce greeted and Valenti looked at him.

“I need your help.” Valenti stated and Pierce looked at him.

“Why should I help you?” Pierce asked. “You shot me remember. It hurt like hell by the way.” Pierce remarked and Valenti smirked.

“Right now, I know that they are disabling your men right now. They are planning to kill every person on this earth, one by one.” Valenti stated and Pierce scoffed.

“Like they could disable my men.” Pierce stated and Valenti shrugged as he walked over to his filing cabinet.

“Why don’t you try calling them?” Valenti suggested. Pierce lifted his radio and called the Agent’s names only to find that there were no answers, he tried once more, receiving the same results, he turned to Valenti.

“I want those aliens.” He snapped out and Valenti nodded.

“One thing first, my son and I are cleared from this and my father gets out of the home. All three of us are safe and we won’t be disturbed about this ever again.” Valenti bargained and Pierce looked at him thoughtfully.

“We’ll give you new identifies and you will leave the country, you will be forgotten and no one will bother you.” Pierce stated and Valenti nodded.


Max hurried over to the jeep where Tess was looking around the area while shooting Liz concerned looks and Liz had her eyes closed.

“Hey.” Max greeted and Tess looked at him with worry in her eyes.

“Is she okay?” Tess asked and Max nodded while stroking back Liz’s hair.

“She doesn’t use her powers a lot so it takes a lot of energy.” Max explained as he lifted Liz into his arms. Tess hurried out of the jeep and stood next to him, they waited until the car had past and hurried over to the U.F.O Centre. Liz had turned her face into the crook of Max’s neck and clutched his shirt.

“Max.” She mumbled as they stepped into the building. Max hurried up to the manager’s room with Liz while Tess stopped in front of Isabel. Isabel looked over Tess shoulder and met Tess’s eyes. Isabel nodded slightly and Tess grabbed Isabel’s hand, pulling her up the stairs.

Valenti and Pierce were at the bottom of the steps, hiding behind the wall.

“We go in and kill them.” Pierce whispered.

“What about the civilians?” Valenti asked and Pierce shrugged.

“Sometimes there are sacrifices.” Pierce stated as they both walked toward the front only for the lights to go out.

There was a clatter and a thud before the lights came back on. Pierce and Valenti found themselves on their back on the floor, looking into the barrels of the guns held by Max and Michael.


Pierce found himself strapped to a chair in front of the projector while Michael was holding Valenti. Max walked up to Valenti.

“I can’t believe I trusted you.” Max spat out and looked Michael was a nod. Michael grabbed Valenti and dragged him to another room where he un cuffed him.

“I thought you couldn’t be trusted, I’m glad you proved me wrong.” Michael stated and Valenti nodded as Michael left the room to see the rest of the gang.

Max, Michael, Isabel and Liz were standing in front of Pierce.

“What do we do with him?” Max asked as he motion to Pierce who was sitting on the chair.

“I say we kill him.” Isabel said with a glare toward Pierce.

“No, I say we torture him.” Michael stated.

“We can’t really kill him right now, we could try and torture the information of Naseco out of him.” Max suggested and the three of them nodded.

“That’s good idea, we need the information on where Naseco is so that Liz can be reunited with him.” Michael said as he hugged Liz and stroked her hair. Liz was watching Pierce.

“Why don’t you just forget about him, he probably dead.” Pierce snapped and Michael felt Liz tense and sensed she was on the verge of losing control. Michael took Liz to the other room, where Alex, Tess and Maria was, and sat her on the chair. He knelt down to her level.

“I want you to stay in here till we get information where Naseco is okay?” Michael said and Liz nodded. Michael kissed her forehead and stalked out of the room. He walked up to Pierce and grabbed him around the throat.

“If I was you, I’d keep my mouth shut about Naseco when I’m around Liz, she has enough problems without the fact that Naseco might be dead and I’m not having her to be more upset, Isabel go and stay with her, I have a feeling that she might do something stupid.” Michael said and Isabel nodded.

“What are we going to do about Pierce?” Max asked and Michael shrugged.

“Don’t know. Max, about Liz, I’m worried about her.” Michael said and Max looked at her.

“What do you mean? I mean I checked her over after we escaped and I didn’t find anything wrong with her.” Max said and Michael nodded.

“That was before she discovered that Naseco is still with the F.B.I you saw how she was at the carnival, what if she totally loses it?” Michael said and Max nodded.

“If we can just get the information out of Pierce, then everything will be fine!” Max muttered as he ran a hand through his hair.


“Isabel, what are your powers?” Liz asked.

“Dream walking.” Isabel replied and Liz looked at her.

“Do you think you can get into Pierce’s mind and get the information of where Daddy is?” Liz asked and Isabel looked at her and nodded, she closed her eyes and concentrated on getting into Pierce’s mind, she got bit and pieces at first but soon hit the memory of Naseco being put into a van and the bag being zipped up.

“Take him to Hondo and wait for my call.” Pierce said and the men nodded.

Isabel gasped as she broke out of the dream walk.

“I’m sorry, it looked like he was dead.” Isabel said and Liz burst into tears as Isabel reached over and hugged her while rocking her back and forward.

“I’ll go and tell the guys.” Alex whispered as he exited the room and Isabel nodded while still rocking Liz and Maria was rubbing Liz’s back.

“Max, Michael.” Alex hissed and the two guys looked over and came over to Alex, still keeping Pierce in their range. “Isabel dream walked Pierce, it looked like Naseco’s dead. Liz knows and she is extremely upset.” Alex said and Michael closed his eyes and Max’s heart broke.

“I’m going to see Liz.” Max said as he hurried over to the room.

Isabel, Tess and Maria looked up and saw Max; they pulled away from Liz in order for Max to take over Isabel’s place.

“I can’t lose him Max, I need daddy too much.” Liz sobbed and Max kissed her head.

“It’s okay.” Max whispered and something nagged Liz at the back of her mind.

“Max, do you know where the reservation is?” Liz asked as she looked into his eyes.

“Yeah, why?” Max asked

“Daddy always told me that if something would happen to him, we had to get to Riverdog and get the stones off him, Oh Riverdog, we need to tell him, he is going to be so sad.” Liz said and Max hugged her.

“Liz, we have the stones.” Max said and Liz looked at him confused.

“Why would you have them? Daddy told Riverdog not to give it to anyone unless they were in danger.” Liz said and trailed off, as her eyes grew wide. “Who was it?” Liz asked and Max looked away. “Max who was it? Who was it that almost died?” Liz asked and Max looked at her and sighed.

“Michael.” Max said and Liz’s eyes filled up with tears.

“I almost lost one of my family.” Liz asked and Max hugged her.

“Everyone is fine, we are going to get Naseco and see if we can help him.” Max promised and Liz nodded.


Kyle looked through the scenes, he saw Pierce tied to the chair and Max, Michael and Alex were talking. Pierce spotted Kyle.

“Kyle, over here!” Pierce whispered and Kyle hurried over, he started to untie Pierce.

“You need to be careful, they’re dangerous. They have your father captured.” Pierce whispered out and noticed the gun that Kyle had set on the floor. “What are you doing with that gun?” Pierce asked and Kyle shrugged. “Give it here.” Pierce whispered and Kyle handed him the gun and went to hid back behind the screen again.


Both of them got up and headed out into the open area, Max went over to the rest of the gang to tell them the plan while Liz looked at Pierce and shook her head as she looked down.

“Hey Liz!” Pierce shouted and Liz turned to him with a confused look, everyone also looked over and their eyes widen when they saw a gun, the gun rang out and Liz fell backward.

Valenti took out his gun and started shooting at Pierce but missed each time.

“LIZ!” Max screamed as he hurried over to Liz, Michael raised his hand and used his powers to blast Pierce away. Max knelt down beside Liz and placed his hand over her stomach where the bullet hole was. “Liz, You have to look at me. You have to look at me.” Max whispered and Liz opened her eyes slightly and Max made the connection.

He saw her breaking out of the pod and seeing Naseco for the first time. He felt her sadness at not having her brother around and her excitement that Naseco was going to adopt her. Seeing her mother for the first time and instantly latching on to her, their bond was made. Seeing Isabel and feeling as if she knew her but didn’t dare to go up. He could feel her happiness about being accepted by her students at her old and new school. Her confusion and the pain of Tess telling her that no one liked her. He could feel her attraction toward him but shaking it off and chalking it up to crush. Her feeling when they both kissed for the first time but confusion after it was finished. He could feel her pain at the thought of her dad being dead.

Max and Liz gasped as the wound healed and Liz looked into Max’s eyes.

“Thank you.” Liz whispered and Max looked into her eyes.

“No, thank you for coming into my life.” Max whispered as he gently kissed her on the lips. Liz gently kissed him back.

“Max! Pierce won’t wake up!” Maria shouted and both of them broke away, Max pulled Liz up to his feet and both of them hurried over to the body, Max knelt down and placed his hand over him to try and revive him but nothing.

“I can’t heal him, he’s dead.” Max said.

Valenti had knelt down beside Pierce and picked up the gun, he looked at it in confusion.

“It’s one of mine.” Valenti whispered out, attracting everyone’s attention, Valenti stood up and pulled away the screen only to see Kyle lying on the floor with a bullet hole in his chest.

Liz’s hands went to her mouth as she choked back a sob, Tess, and Maria was stunned while Isabel was clutching Alex’s hand tightly. Max’s grip tightened on Liz once more as the image of her being shot came back to him.

Valenti was holding Kyle’s body to his as he looked toward Max.

“Help him please, help him!” Valenti begged; everyone just looked at Max who gulped.

Max knelt down beside Kyle and placed a hand over Kyle’s chest, soon there was a bright light as the bullet hole began to heal. Everyone watched in amazement as Kyle woke up in confusion. Valenti looked at Max.

“I will be there for anything you need. You can count on me.” Valenti stated and Max nodded. “If you excuse me, I need time alone with my son.” He whispered and Max moved away toward Michael.

Michael was standing next to the shelves. Max came up behind him. “It wasn’t your fault.” Max said and Michael looked at him.

“Max I’m a killer, you heal, I kill.” Michael snapped and Max shook his head.

“He shot Liz and he would have shot all of us if you hadn’t stopped him.” Max said.

“That’s the point Max, I wanted him dead.” Michael said and Max looked at him.

Maria came up behind Michael and placed her hand on his shoulder, Michael pulled away and looked at Maria.

“You have to stay away from me.” Michael snapped and Maria looked at him.

“Excuse me?” Maria demanded.

“You saw what happen, I’m dangerous and I’m not in control of my powers.” Michael said and Maria shook her head.

“I don’t care Michael, why can’t you just let us be together.” Maria cried.

“Maybe because I love you too much.” Michael said and walked off with Maria looking at his retreating back with a stunned look on his face.

“You need to go and find Naseco on your own, I’ll be here when you need me okay?” Alex said and Isabel nodded as she kissed Alex and hugged him then walked off.

“I’m coming with you.” Tess said and everyone looked at her then sighed at the determined look on her face and nodded.

“Liz, you are to stay in the Pod Chamber, I’m not letting you see Naseco till we find him, okay?” Max said and Liz nodded. All four of them hurried out of the UFO centre toward the jeep so that they could take Liz to the Pod chamber before going to Hondo.


In Hondo, the F.B.I agents surrounded the van as they looked out into the distance for any intruder. One of the F.B.I agents showed up in his car and walked over to them.

“Why are we all here?” He asked.

“Pierce told us to come here.” The other one said and the guy looked him, confused.

“No he didn't.” The guy said and slumped down as Isabel hit him with a pole. Max came up behind the other guy and knocked him out while Michael opened the door and pulled the zip down.

“That’s him.” Max said as he and Isabel got into the back while Michael rushed round to the front.


Soon all of them were in the cave, Naseco was lying on the ground with Liz, Max, Michael, and Isabel sitting next to him with the crystals in their hands and Tess was standing at the cave entrance.

“Are you sure this is the right body?” Isabel asked Max and Max nodded.

“This was the form we saw him last in.” Max said and Isabel sighed.

“Let hope that it is the right one.” Isabel said and everyone concentrated on the crystal that was in his or her hands. Soon the crystals began to light up. Max, Liz, and Tess watched with interested as Naseco began to change form and soon changed back to his normal Jeff Parker form.

“Daddy!” Liz squealed when Naseco sat up, she lunched herself into his arms and hugged him. “I knew you wouldn’t leave us.” Liz whispered as she hugged him, Jeff stroked her hair, delighted that she was safe.

“You are not ready to be alone yet sweetie.” Naseco whispered back, Isabel, Max, and Michael looked at them with huge smiles, they were delighted that Naseco was alive and that Liz was happy. Liz pulled away and both of them stood up, Liz walked over to them and all four of them smiled at each other, delighted to be together once more.

“We need to know how to work the orbs.” Max said as he looked at Naseco and Naseco shrugged.

“I don’t know how to work them.” Naseco said and looked behind the gang and saw Tess standing there in the corner. “She doesn’t belong here.” Naseco said and Liz rolled her eyes.

“Daddy, she’s Max’s girlfriend, she has every right to be here.” Liz sighed, exasperated and Naseco rolled his eyes.

“Wait a minute, if you are not the leader, then who is?” Max asked feeling confused.

Naseco just looked at him, Isabel and Michael looked toward him too, and Max looked down at Liz and saw that she was smiling slightly up at him and that when Max knew he was the King. “Pierce is dead, we’re gonna need someone to take over the unit and make sure that they won’t come after us again.” Max said as he looked toward Naseco, Liz caught on and looked at Naseco.

“Do you have to?” Liz asked and Naseco looked at her.

“Yes sweetie I do, but I promise to come back the minute everything is fine and safe.” Naseco swore and Liz nodded and hugged Naseco once more then pulled away and stood next to Max, who pulled her into a hug. Naseco changed himself into Pierce.

“I’ll be back.” Naseco/Pierce said in his best terminator voice, which caused Liz to laugh, and he smiled and kissed her forehead before exiting the cave.

“We need to know what the orbs contains.” Max said as he picked up one of the orb and walked over to Liz. Michael picked up the other one and turned to Isabel, both couple placed their hands on it and concentrate.

Soon a blinding light filled the entire cave and there was a vision of a woman standing in front of them.

“This form I have taken is to help you understand what I’m about to say. My son, you were and are the beloved leader of our kind, I have sent you down with your wife and Queen from your past,” The lady started and Max and Liz looked at each other startled. Isabel turned to Max.

“It’s our mother Max, she’s so beautiful.” Isabel whispered with tears running down her face.

“My daughter, I have sent you down with you betroth and your brother’s second in command. You will only be able to see the enemies within them, please defeat them, and come home where I will be waiting to hold you in my arms and welcome you home. Please come back to me and be safe, I love you.”

The light faded and all four of them looked at each other in a shock.

“I knew there was something important that was waiting for us, but I didn’t know what it was.” Michael said and everyone nodded.

Tess stood to the side in a stunned shock, Max was married to Liz, and they had to be together. Max looked over toward Liz and smiled.

“Max, what are we going to do? I mean…” Liz started but Max shook his head and placed a finger on her lips.

“Don’t worry about it right now.” Max said and Liz nodded. Max looked over at Tess and sighed as he walked over to her, he gripped her elbow lightly and led her outside the cave.

“Max…” Tess asked with hope shining in her eyes but Max shook his head.

“I’m sorry Tess, I told you before that that I love you as a sister, I’m not in love with you, I’m sorry.” Max said and Tess shook her head.

“But Max, everything we’ve been through…” Tess said and Max sighed.

“Tess I told you before that we couldn’t be together as I was scared that one day I would hurt you and here it is, I’m sorry, I should have never led you on thinking that one day I would fall in love with you.” Max said with sorrow showing in his eyes and Tess swallowed hard and threw him a glare.

“You are going to regret this Max Evans.” Tess snapped at him and stormed off down the cliff, Max sighed as he watched her walk away and he sensed Liz come up behind her.

“Max? Where’s Tess going?” Liz asked as she watched Tess storm off.

“It’s totally over between us.” Max said and Liz looked at him astounded.

“Max! Why did you break up with her? I thought you loved her!” Liz exclaimed and Max smiled slightly at how innocent she was.

“Liz, I love her but I’m not in love with her, I never have been, it’s you.” Max said as he cupped her face and Liz looked into his eyes and saw the love shining and her heart melted.

“I love you too.” Liz whispered and Max leaned down to kiss her on the lips but they were intruppted by a cough.

Isabel and Michael stood at the side, watching them with a confused look on their face and Liz knew what it was about.

“You know, screw Destiny, if you want to be with someone else go ahead, I don’t think that you two were in love with each other in our past life.” Liz said and Isabel smiled gratefully at Liz.

“What about Naseco?” Michael asked and Liz shook her head.

“Just leave daddy to me, he knows how I feel about destiny and he knows how much Isabel loves Alex and Michael loves Maria.” Liz said and everyone nodded and looked out toward the distance.

“What happens now?” Michael asked them all but no one had an answer.

Here’s the end of New Gal, season 1 *Sobs* I can’t believe it’s finished but never fear, New Gal season 2 is coming up next week and as it is longer, I might be updating like 2 to 3 times a week, depending on my mood and image so just hold on and it will get there.

Thank you for reading my story and I’m glad that you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing this and I’m really grateful for the feedback I received, you guys are the best!

Season two will be longer due to more chapters will be added, I will be following the plot in the programme but there will be some changes. It will have a lot more humour in it because I want to keep it light though there will be some dark times in the story and you will find out about the Royal Four’s past. One thing, Liz’s past name is NOT Ava, that’s all I’m giving you.

So, look out for the next season and I hope to hear your reviews then.


Thanks once more.


Oh if someone could make me a banner for all of the season together or seperated that would be great! Thanks! :D
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Thank you so much for the reviews of ‘New Gal, Season One’ and I’m so glad that you enjoyed it and welcome to another season of New Gal. This season will be longer due to some part of the first season will be added, some new parts will be added and I will be explaining things more fully because I felt the show left us on the edge a bit. You will find that I’m kinda following the plot though there are changes so just bear with me and we’ll get through this together. Thanks. Also, it will be more light, there will be some dark part but I want the gang to have as much fun as they can and I hoping that there will be humour.

Nothing is mind, everything belongs to Jason K and the songs belong to the bands/solo artists.


“So you are the new girl.” Isabel asked and the girl laughed which provoked smiles from Alex and Isabel.
“Yeah I am, I’m Liz Parker.” Liz said as she held out her hand.

Max took in Liz’s wet state and felt himself turning hard, he turned to Liz and dropped his mouth on her lips. Liz was stunned but her eyes closed as the feelings ran through her body, Max ran his tongue around her lips, begging for entrance and Liz parted her lips to grant him entrance. Liz wrapped her arms around his neck as Max wrapped his arms around her waist and walked her backward toward the hood of her car and laid her on it as he went down on top of her. Liz arched her body as they both continued to kiss the other.

“It’s Liz! She’s one of us! I saw her heal one of the mice in the lab, her hand glowed!” Max explained and everyone was stunned as they looked at him.
Liz was one of them.

Max straightened back up and hurried out into the back alley, he saw a van driving away, kicking up dust as it went. He looked toward the road in front of him and saw Liz’s ring, he picked it up and gasped when a flash came to him.
“Take her to Eagle Rock. Don’t do anything till I get there.” A male voice ordered. Max dropped the ring and dropped his head into his hands as he slumped to his knees in anguish.
Liz had been captured.

“Max! Pierce won’t wake up!” Maria shouted and both of them broke away, Max pulled Liz up to his feet and both of them hurried over to the body, Max knelt down and placed his hand over him to try and revive him but nothing.
“I can’t heal him, he’s dead.” Max said.

Everyone nodded and looked out toward the distance.
“What happens now?” Michael asked them all but no one had an answer.


‘My name is Liz Parker and I’m an alien, more specifically, a hybrid. I have a mixture of human DNA and alien DNA. Max, Michael and Isabel are also like me; we never knew each other, although we have a feeling about the other, we only recently found each other. We found out that we’re from a planet called Antar and I’m a queen while Max is the king. We were married in our past life, so were Michael and Isabel. Hard to believe huh? Trust me, I know just how you feel
All my life, I only wanted to find others that were like me, especially my brother and we found each other only for our life to be more complicated. Max and I have this undeniable attraction, no matter how hard I fight; I can’t resist him. Even though we were married in our past life, I don’t see why we should be together in this lifetime.
What we didn’t know, that our life was just going to get more complicated as we got along and that it would be dangerous. More dangerous than ever.
Welcome to my life. I’m Liz Parker and I’m an Alien.’
“Liz, are you going to talk to me at all?” Max demanded.
“Yes, when you shut up about the destiny.” She retorted, causing Max to roll his eyes in annoyance. He was kneeling on Liz’s balcony at her window while she was pacing on the other side of the window. Both of them were having an argument through the closed window.
“I thought we’ve been over this!” Max exclaimed. “I thought we finally agreed to be together!”
“Well, you thought wrong.” She shot him.
“Liz! Why are you doing this?” Max demanded, frustration obviously showing through his voice and eyes while he raked his hand through his dark hair.
“Because you are still confused about your feelings between me and Tess.” Liz explained. Max groaned as he thumped his head against the wall while thinking ‘Here we go again’.
“Liz, I told you that I love you!” Max protested; Liz just shut the curtains before turning around, leaving Max simmering outside the window. “I’ll show you confused.” He muttered before making his way down the ladder to meet the rest inside the Crashdown.
“Hey Max, How’s going with Liz?” Isabel asked her brother from their usual booth. Max just grunted as he slumped down on the seat next to his sister, across from Alex.
“That good huh?” Alex asked, sympathise.
“Why did the hell did I pick her to be my wife?” Max groaned while his head fell onto the table in front of him. “She is so stubborn!”
“Still refuse to believe that you love her?” Maria asked as she walked over to him with a glass of cherry cola and Max nodded against the table.
“What can I do to make her see that I lover her and that I want to be with her!” Max demanded as he lifted his head off the table.
Maria walked off, singing ‘what can I do’ eliciting confused stares from the trio at the table.
“Give her flowers or something which shows your love for her.” Alex suggested and Max thought about it.
“Beside that, what did you do with Pierce?” Maria asked when she came back, Alex moved up in his seat, allowing her to sit down in his place.
“We took him out to the desert, I burned him then we buried him.” Max whispered to the gang and they nodded.
“How’s Michael?” Alex asked; none of them had seen the young man after he killed Pierce.
“Not good, he still sees himself as a killer and is trying very hard to control his powers.” Isabel explained, her fear for her best friend showing in her voice.
There was a swishing noise, attracting their attentions and they all looked toward the backroom, they saw Liz walking toward them, wearing a tight, short red dress.
“Going somewhere?” Maria asked, amused.
“There’s a party on at the Soap Factory. See you there if you are going.” Liz called out over her shoulder, not once, stopping and waving over her shoulder.
“See what I mean?” Max asked “She even ignores me now.” He complained and Alex nodded. Isabel, on the other hand, had caught on and she smiled at her brother.
“She’s challenging you.” Isabel stated causing Max to look at her, confused.
“What is that suppose to mean?” Max asked.
“She wants you to fight for her, she wants you to fight her, to get her to admit that you love her.” Isabel explained and Max sighed, exasperated.
“Why couldn’t she just stick with flowers and chocolates?” Max muttered before looking at the door where Liz had exit then a smirk crossed his handsome face. “Party huh?” Max asked and Maria nodded.
“Alex and I are heading there in an hour, you guys going.” Maria asked and Max just smiled.
“Looks like my evening is booked. Excuse me.” Max stated before getting out of the booth and hurrying over to his jeep.
“Wonder what that was about.” Alex said; Isabel just shrugged when Tess walked in and sat next to them.
“Hey guys.” Tess greeted.
“Hey Tess.” They greeted back while Maria got up and got back to her job.
“Where’s Max?” Tess asked, looking around the building.
“Trying to figure out how to win…” Alex started and Tess looked at him with a smile.
“Me, I know.” She stated and Alex looked at her confused then looked at Isabel. “Listen I have to go, tell Max I will see him later.” Tess said to Isabel before leaving and Alex looked at Isabel.
“Since when did Tess morph into Liz?” Alex asked and Isabel laughed as the image came to her mind.
“What are you going to do about Tess?” Isabel asked as Max sat at the counter in the Evans’ kitchen while Isabel raked through the freezer to find the ice cream.
“I need to talk to her, to make sure that she knows that we are not going to get back together.” Max explained.
“Max, you have told her a hundred times and she doesn’t listen!” Isabel exclaimed. “Max, you need to sort this out for once and for all, she is the reason that Liz is doubting your love for her.” Isabel explained as she pulled out the ice cream and sat down across from Max, pulling two spoons from the drawer. She handed one to Max as he opened the carton.
Max sighed as he filled his spoon up with ice cream and nodded at his sister.
“I know that, it just gets frustrating you know, I mean, I’m fighting Liz to get her to admit that I love her while fighting Tess to get her to admit that she doesn’t love me and that I don’t love her.” Max explained. “Half of the time I feel like giving up and forgetting everything.”
“I know Max, but if you really love Liz, you need to prove it to her.” Isabel stated and Max nodded.
“Are you going to the party tonight?” Max asked and Isabel arched her eyebrow at her brother then it hit her.
“You are going after Liz at the party aren’t you?” she asked and Max shrugged.
“Why not? Beside the party should be good fun, a chance for us to have a nice normal time.” Max stated as Isabel shook the Tabasco in the ice cream and looked at Max with amusement.
“Normal Max?” she asked, Max just chuckled while Isabel shook her head.
“Are you and Alex together?” Max asked and Isabel sighed.
“No.” she stated and Max looked at her.
“I thought you two were going to get together.” Max asked and Isabel finished off her ice cream on her spoon.
“I don’t know Max, I’m just scared you know?” Isabel explained and Max nodded.
“I felt that way about Liz, in fact I still feel that way!” He exclaimed and looked at her once more. “Love is a scary thing but it’s an amazing thing. It’s probably because of all the rules we set ourselves, you are finding it a bit hard to let go of the barriers.” Max suggested thoughtfully and Isabel thought about it.
“You may be right.” She murmured and looked at her watch. “Better get a move on if we are heading to the party tonight.” Isabel stated as they both stood up. Isabel reached over the counter and hugged her brother. “Thanks for the advice.” She whispered before heading to her room, leaving Max shaking his head.
A young man of nineteen was standing next to his best friend in the Soap Factory, both of them were bouncing their head to the beat of the music, they both took jello-shot, the man looked up and saw Liz dancing in the middle of the floor and felt himself getting a little hot.
“Babe-o-rama!” He exclaimed before making his way to Liz.
Liz was oblivious to the man as her body moved to the rhythm, she was totally lost in the music till someone tapped on her shoulder, she turned around, still moving to the beat.
“Hey, do you do shot?” he asked and Liz shook her head. “Come on, try one. They might loosen you up.” He explained while he wrapped one arm around her waist, pulling her into his body.
“No thank you.” Liz stated as she tried to get out of his grasp.
“Come on, just try one and maybe we could check out the roof later on.” He suggested while Liz fought against his grip.
“She said no thank you.” A male voice jumped in, anger was evident in his voice. Both of the spun around and saw Max standing there. He smiled lightly at Liz before his features harden as he looked at guy holding her.
“Sorry dude didn’t know she was taken.” He muttered as he let her go and moved out of sight. Max moved in closer to Liz and she rolled her eyes.
“I could have taken care of him myself.” She snapped at him but inside she was mentally counting the points that he had scored.
He was wearing a tight black shirt and dark jeans; which moulded his legs, she licked her lips slightly.
“Just helping.” Max stated as he took her hand and spun her around so that her back was pressed against his front as The Good Charlotte, ‘Girls and Boys’ came on.
With money
He's well dressed
Not funny
And not much to say in
Most conversations
But he'll foot the bill in
All situations
Cause he pays for everything
Liz started moving her hips against his as the music started to take over her body once more. Max placed his hands on her hips, guiding their moves.
Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money
Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny
Or plastic
Don't matter
She'll have it
And shopping sprees
These are a few
Of her favourite things
She'll get what she wants
If she's willing to please
His type of girl
Always comes with a fee
Hey, now, there's nothing for free
Liz turned around and wrapped her arms around his neck while her hips started to grin into his front. They bumped and grinded against each other while the music started to step up a notch.
Liz leaned in and whispered into his ear.
“Enjoying this?” Liz asked before letting her tongue sneak out and lick the spot behind his ear. Max groaned as their movement started to heat up and get sexier.
Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money
Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny
And these girls like these boys
like these boys like these girls
The girls with the bodies like boys with Ferraris
Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money
Let's go!
Eh, eh!
Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money
Boys will laugh at girls when they're not funny
And these girls like these boys like these boys like these girls
The girls with the bodies like boys with Ferraris
Girls don't like boys, girls like cars and money
All of these boys, and all of these girls
Losing their souls in a material world
All of these boys, and all of these girls
Losing their souls in a material world
All of these boys, and all of these girls
Losing their souls in a material world
All of these boys, and all of these girls
Losing their souls in a material world
The music stopped as Max bent Liz over her waist, he placed a kiss at the pulse base of her neck, eliciting a gasp from her.
“Enjoy that?” Max asked as he pulled her up; Liz just mock glared at him while another song came on. Robbie Williams ‘Radio’ Liz spun herself in Max’s arms, making sure that her back was pressed against his front and wrapped her arms around his neck while his hands were place on her hips while she grinded herself against him.
He's chosen my attic
I feel it in the static
He lives in my basement
and I can hardly face it
My performance is easy
I am the god of romance
And in my confusion
I have the right to reign
He's stolen my Oscars
He trades on my jokes
He makes all my engines go oh oh oh
He put an “e' in the arsenal
A comb in my ‘fro
Divine retribution
And away we will go
Hey hey hey hey
Max stifled a groan when she pressed her backside into his arousal while he moved his hips to the beat and rhythm with her.
Something's happening I can feel it
moving out of time you'll hear it
Falling in the way you fear it
Jumping thumping shout out something
Jumping thumping shout out something
Listen to the radio
and you will hear the songs you know
make it effervescent here
and you might have a job my dear
Liz started moving her hips sideways to the beat, she would roll it to one side, giving it a double beat before rolling to the other side to do the same motions.
I'm searching for something
Beyond my understanding
Looking for meaning
Where nothing is demanding
There are no surprises
Where nothing is expected
If you offer nothing
Then everyone accepts
He's stolen my Oscars
He trades on my jokes
He makes all my engines go oh oh oh
He put an “e' in the arsenal
A comb in my ‘fro
Devine retribution
And away we will go
Hey hey hey hey
Something's happening I can feel it
moving out of time you'll hear it
Falling in the way you fear it
Jumping thumping shout out something
Jumping thumping shout out something
Listen to the radio
and you will hear the songs you know
Make it effervescent here
and you might have a job my dear
Ouch ouch
He's stolen my Oscars
He trades on my jokes
He makes all my engines go oh oh oh
He put an “e' in the arsenal
A comb in my ‘fro
Devine retribution
And away we will go
Hey hey hey hey
Something's happening I can feel it
moving out of time you'll hear it
Falling in the way you fear it
Jumping thumping shout out something
Jumping thumping shout out something
Listen to the radio
and you will hear the songs you know
make it effervescent here
and you might have a job my dear
Listen to the Radio
Listen to the Radio
Listen to the Radio
Listen to the Radio
Liz moved away from Max and turned to face him. She saw that his eyes were dark with arousal, he was breathing hard and she could see that he was tight in his jeans.
“Max?” she asked, Max snapped, he hauled her up against his body and kissed her hard. Liz whimpered in pleasure as Max walked her backward, amazingly, not bumping into anyone, and pinned her against the wall as he kissed her neck.
Liz groaned as her hand slid into his dark hair, holding him to her neck. “Max.” she whispered out, Max pulled away from Liz, he looked at her before grabbing her hand and dragging her out of the building. He dragged her off to the side and leaned her against the brick wall before moving back into kiss her once more. Liz whimpered into his mouth, provoking him into grabbing her hips and lifting her up. She got the hint and wrapped her legs around his waist, her dress riding up higher on her thighs while both of the grinded into each other, desperately seeking relief. Max latched onto her neck, provoking her to tightening her legs around his waist, her hand tightening in his hair while arching her body into his in pleasure.
“Liz.” He hissed out, he moved from her neck and saw that he left a hicky on her neck; he lifted a hand to it and healed her skin. “It’s gone.” He whispered out before latching onto her lips once more. Liz whimpered as her hands travelled down from his hair, down his back until she reached the edge of his shirt and slipped her hands under his shirt so her hands could taste his hot, hard skin. “Are you sure now?” Max asked as he nibbled her earlobe; eliciting giggles from Liz. She sighed as she rested her forehead on his shoulder.
“Caught on have you?” Liz whispered back before pulling away from his shoulder and kissing him, gently, on the lips. “I love you Max Evans.” Liz finished, winning a smile from Max.
“I love you too.” He whispered back before taking her lips in his once more.

To be continued.

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Hey guys, a new chapter and sorry for the delay.

Nothing is mine.

Hey guys, you lots are going to kill me for this chapter I know it but I’m really sorry but relax, Max and Liz will still be together! Geez, I’m not that stupid, you flame me if I did that!

Chapter 2

“Liz?” Max asked as he entered her bedroom and looked around but didn’t see her in sight.
“I’m in a shower right now, just hold on and I’ll finish washing my hair.” Liz called back and Max shook his head, trying to get rid of the images of Liz in a shower.
They had gotten together after they found out their destiny, Liz had tried to push him away toward Tess but he was so determined to be with her that she weakened and finally gave in to their love.
Liz came out of the shower wearing her short red silk robe as she rubbed her hair dry.
“Hey.” Max said as he gently kissed her on the lips, Liz smiled as she returned it.
“Hey, what are you doing here?” Liz asked and Max looked at her with a mock hurt look.
“What? Am I not allowed to see my girlfriend without a reason?” Max asked and Liz laughed.
“Max, you know that’s not what I meant!” Liz said as she playfully slapped Max on the shoulder.
“I know; I just had to see you.” Max said as he sat on the bed and Liz sat next to him.
“What’s wrong?” Liz asked with concern in her voice and eyes and Max smiled, feeling lucky to have such a wonderful caring girlfriend.
“It’s Tess, she won’t talk to me.” Max sighed and Liz looked at him with understanding.
“Max, she is in love with you and she thought you were in love with her, then I came along and messed things up between you two, she’s feeling hurt and betrayed right now.” Liz said and Max looked at her.
“Your power is getting stronger.” Max said and Liz looked at him and nodded.
“Yeah, I don’t know how though but for some reason I can feel everyone emotions and it’s driving me up the wall.” Liz said and Max nodded.
“Maybe that what my mom meant,” Max said and Liz looked him curiously. “Think about it, she said we would be able to see the enemies from within them, maybe you getting these emotions will help you to pinpoint who is our enemies.” Max said and Liz thought about and nodded.
“How are Isabel and Michael?” Liz asked with concern for her sister and brother.
“Isabel is happy that she with Alex but Michael is still scared that he is going to hurt Maria.” Max said and Liz shook her head.
“He needs to realize that he had already hurt her by pushing her away.” Liz sighed and Max nodded.
“Yeah but he feels that its for her own good, he can’t control his powers like we can.” Max said and Liz rolled her eyes.
“Max, I don’t even know what my powers are ever since I don’t use them.” Liz said and Max kissed her forehead.
“We’ll find out soon.” Max whispered and Liz nodded as she rested her forehead against his chin, both lost in deep thoughts.
“How are you dealing?” Alex asked Maria and Maria rolled her eyes.
“I hate men.” She muttered and Alex nodded.
“I bet you do.” He stated and sighed. “Michael is just scared that he is going to hurt you with his powers you know, just give him a little time and he’ll come around.”
“I know, it just the waiting is hard.” Maria explained and Alex patted her hand in sympathy before moving over to sit next to Isabel at the booth.
“How are you feeling?” Alex asked and Isabel sighed.
“Like my whole world have shattered.” Isabel explained and Alex nodded.
“It’s bound to, especially after all we’ve been through the last couple of months. Anyway, to get your mind off things, how about we go and see a film?” Alex asked and Isabel sighed.
“Alex, we can’t go back to how it was before.” Isabel said and Alex threw his hand in the air in surrender.
“I meant just a friends, I hate seeing everyone all uptight and you look like you haven’t been sleeping for the past couple of weeks so I just thought you needed a break.” Alex explained and Isabel smiled.
“That’s nice of you. What’s on?” she asked.
“Scream, Rookie of the year, and Dog Soldiers. I advice dog soldiers if you want something funny to see, even Rookie of year is pretty funny too.” Alex murmured thoughtfully and Isabel laughed. She was about to answer when Maria called them into the back room.
Max was sitting on the couch while Michael was standing near the door and Maria was sitting on the floor, all three of them were watching the screen.
“What’s up?” Alex asked.
“They are about to take a vote.” Max explained and they hurried over to look at the screen.
Pierce walked into the Crashdown and looked around the room, he growled lightly and muttered under his breath.
“Damn those little pod people, you can never find them when you want them.” He muttered as he made his way in the back room, he looked around then shifted back into his normal self when he saw that he was alone. He walked over to the door and walked into it, he found Max, Maria, Alex, Michael and Isabel all sitting there, watching the T.V of Congress Whitaker talking.
“I have to hand it to you Max, it was a great idea to let Naseco take form of Pierce and shut down the special unit.” Alex commented and Max shook his head as he stood up.
“It wasn’t I. I haven’t spoken to him in ages.” Max explained.
“It was better this way so we can concentrate on our powers rather than them coming after us.” Jeff explained, finally announcing his appearance. They all smiled slightly when they saw him.
“Hey! Welcome back!” Alex greeted as they all stood up and Maria switched the T.V off.
“Don’t we have enough trouble without them having to use their powers?” a female voice demanded. They all turned to it and saw Tess standing at the door with her arms crossed.
“Hi Tess, nice to see you.” Isabel greeted.
“They have to use their powers so they can protect themselves.” Jeff remarked angrily, he still hadn’t forgiven the girl for hurting Liz.
There were footsteps on the stairs and Liz appeared at the bottom.
“Hey guys.” Liz greeted and saw her dad standing near the door, her smile widen. “Daddy!” she squealed, launching herself into his arms.
“Hey Lizzie.” Jeff greeted back as he hugged his daughter as hard as she was hugging him. She pulled back and looked into his eyes that were so much like her own. He had shifted himself to look like her dad so that no one could guess that she was adopted.
“Are you back for good?” Liz asked with a hopeful look and Jeff sighed.
“No sweetie, I’m not. I’m just here to check on you then I have to go back.” Jeff explained and the hopeful look in her eyes dimmed. He felt his heart was breaking. “I’m sorry honey.” Jeff apologized and Liz nodded.
“I know; you need to do this to keep us safe. I understand.” Liz explained with a weak smile, she knew she was acting like a little child but she hadn’t been separated from her father for a long length of time, especially after when her mother died.
“It just two more months before I can fully close the unit and take all the stuff they have about the aliens they have captured. We need to go over them then destroy them to prevent it getting into the wrong hand.” Jeff explained and Liz nodded once more. Max, sensing her sadness, wrapped his arms around her body from behind and let her lean herself on his chest. Jeff noticed this and smiled slightly. “So, I’m guessing that the two of you are together.” Jeff half stated, half asked.
Liz blushed slightly as she smiled up at her dad while Max just kissed the top of her head and nodded toward Jeff, who beamed. He turned to Michael and Isabel. “What about you two?” Jeff asked.
“Sorry, I think it’s due to the fact that we both see and love each other like brothers and sisters, we can’t really see the other one in a more romantic way.” Isabel stated and Jeff nodded.
“I understand, the pair of you were like that back on our home planet so it would make sense that you would feel that here.” Jeff explained. Michael and Isabel smiled at their protector.
“How come Max and Liz have to be together but Isabel and Michael can’t?” Tess demanded.
“Max and Liz want to be together. I wouldn’t have pushed them two together if they didn’t want to be together and I’m happy that they’re together. They are the king and queen of our planet.” Jeff remarked sarcastically. Tess just threw him a glare and stormed out of the building, bumping into Jim on the way out.
Jim walked into the room and smiled slightly when he saw the gang.
“Hey.” Jim greeted; Jeff smiled.
“Sheriff, welcome to ‘I know an alien’ club.” Jeff joked and Jim laughed.
“Please, call me Jim.” He retorted and he looked around. “The club seems to be getting a bit bigger.” Jim noted and Michael snorted back a laugh.
“Soon, we’ll be taking out a notice board and letting everyone know about us.” Michael explained and Liz smiled at him.
“I seriously doubt that it would get that big Michael.” Liz teased back and Maria shook her head.
“Okay everyone, out, I need to get change for my shift and I ain’t a stripper for you lot.” Maria remarked. Liz laughed as she pulled out of Max’s embrace and took his hand to drag him out of the Crashdown with Michael, Alex and Isabel in tow with them.
“So, what are we doing tonight?” Alex asked as the four of them sat down at a booth, Michael had went back home to check out something.
“Max and I are going to the cinema tonight.” Liz reported and Alex smirked.
“Oh, is that what they call it now?” Alex asked, slyly and Max threw him a mock glare while Liz threw a napkin at him.
“Watch it or I just might spill a few things.” Liz teased back and Max laughed slightly as he kissed her forehead while wrapping his arm around her shoulder.
“What about you two?” Max asked Isabel and Alex. Isabel was about to reply when a man came up to their booth.
“Hey, you don’t happen to know where the sheriff’s office is do you?” the man asked, Isabel just stared at the guy with a stunned/approval look.
“I’m Isabel.” Isabel introduced herself and Grant smiled, instantly liking Isabel.
“I’m Grant. Do you think you could show me where the Sheriff’s office?” Grant asked and Isabel beamed up at him.
“Sure.” Isabel agreed as she stood up. “May I ask why you are heading there?” she asked.
“I found a bone in the desert, it was picked up by my metal detector and that is the weirder thing ever.” Grant explained.
Max, Alex and Liz looked at the two of them in a stunned shock.
“He found a bone.” Liz asked and Max shrugged.
“Maybe it’s an animal bone.” Max suggested and Liz shook her head.
“Since when a metal detector picks up a bone?” Liz asked. “Something doesn’t feel right about this.” Liz admitted as she watched the retreating back of Isabel and Grant.
“Tell me about it.” Alex muttered and Liz looked at him with sympathy in her eyes, she knew how much Alex loves Isabel but Isabel was too scared to let him in.
“Alex, just give her time to come around, she’s just scared.” Liz stated, softly and Alex nodded.
“I know, but I can’t put my whole life on hold for her, even with the fact I love her so much.” Alex explained before getting up and making his way out of the building with Liz looking at his retreating back with a heartbroken gaze.
“Oh Alex.” She whispered and Max took her in to his arms, comforting her.
“Isabel will come round Liz and she and Alex with get together and be happy.” Max said and Liz nodded while looking into his eyes.
“I could feel how hurt Alex was when Isabel just walked off, he’s hurting so much.” Liz said as tears ran down her face. Max leaned in and kissed the side of her head.
Jeff came out and saw Liz leaning against Max with tears running down her face and walked over to them, he sat across from Liz.
“What’s wrong honey?” Jeff asked, concerned.
“Liz has been feeling other people emotions and as she is sensitive, it makes her more emotional.” Max explained and understanding cleared Jeff’s face.
“You have received one of your powers, you are an empathic.” Jeff stated and Liz looked at him. “It makes sense because that was Lilly’s main power.”
“Lilly?” Max asked and Jeff nodded.
“Liz was Lilly in our past life, you were Zan, Michael was Rath and Isabel was Vilandra.” Jeff stated and Max was astonished.
“You know, we have been waiting for ages to find out who we were in our past life, to hear our names is just down right weird.” Max exclaimed and Liz giggled as she rested her head on his shoulder. Jeff smiled at his daughter then looked toward the hatch.
“Gotta get back to work in this alien mass room.” Jeff teased and Max chuckled.
“Must make a change to be an alien working in an alien café in an alien town.” Max whispered and Jeff rolled his eyes.
“You have no idea.” Jeff stated back before leaving.
“So, what’s so special that you had to tell me?” Jim asked the young man, who standing across from him.
“I was working out in the desert with a metal detector and it picked up something pretty unusual.” Grant stated.
“What?” Jim asked and Grant placed a bone on the desk.
“Since when do metal detector pick up Bones, human bones in fact.” Grant stated and Jim looked at him thoughtfully.
“Where did you say that you were working?” Jim asked.
“Out in the desert, near where the old nuclear factory was.” Grant informed and Jim nodded.
“Leave the bone here and I will send my men out to have a look around.” Jim stated and Grant nodded as he left the building, leaving Jim staring after him then picking up the bone.
The door knocked once more and Congress Whitaker came striding into the room. Jim stood up.
“Congress Whitaker, why do I have the pleasure of seeing you here?” Jim asked and she sat down.
“I received a message from Agent Pierce a while ago telling me that he had a suspect that was an alien and that you were part of the cover up.” She stated and Jim looked at her with a stunned look, the door knocked once more and Hanson came in.
“Chief, we looked where the bone was found and there is a body there.” Hanson exclaimed; Whitaker looked at Jim while he looked at Hanson.
Liz was changing into her outfit; she was in the middle of pulling her hair back into a ponytail when she looked out the small window, only to drop her hair in mid-process.
“Oh my god.” Liz whispered from the small window, attracting Maria and Michael’s attention.
“What?” Michael demanded as he came over; Maria was standing next to Liz.
“Congress Whitaker is here.” Liz whispered and Maria looked at her.
“What are you feeling?” she asked and Liz shrugged.
“That’s the problem, I can’t sense her at all.” Liz explained, causing the trio to look back at Congress Whitaker once more in shock.
“That reminds me, what have you been feeling when you are around Courtney?” Maria asked, Michael rolled his eyes while he headed back to the kitchen while Liz turned to Maria and scrunched up her nose.
“Lust, a lot of lust.” Liz stated and Maria huffed.
“Around Michael no doubt.” She muttered before storming off with Liz watching her, confused.
Hanson was looking around the area, all the forensic people were working about the grave that they had found, he walked up to the hill and stood on it, looking around until something caught his eye, he looked down and found a pocketknife. He bent down, picked it up, and hurried over to Jim.
“Look, I found a pocket knife. With luck, it would have been the person who was here.” Hanson stated, excitedly and Jim reached out to see it but Hanson pulled back in time. “I’ll go and put this in a bag and get it process for fingerprints.” He stated before hurrying off. Jim watched as he walked away with a sinking feeling in his gut.
Michael watched from the hill, he bit his bottom lip before turning around and he tripped up on a loose rock. He landed on the ground with a grunt and cursed to himself. He looked up and noticed a piece of shredded skin, thinking at first that it was snake skin, he picked it up only to realize that it was human skin and it crumbled to pieces in front of his eyes.
“We have a problem.” Michael stated as he entered the Crashdown; everyone looked at him.
“What?” Liz asked.
“They’ve found Pierce’s grave.” Michael stated and Liz looked at Max.
“This is bad.” She whispered and Max pulled her into a hug.
“How did they find it out?” Max asked.
“Some digger was scouting the area and his metal detector picked up on the bone.” Michael stated.
“Grant.” Isabel, Max, Alex and Liz said at the same time and Liz turned to Max.
“I told you that something didn’t feel right.” Liz said and Max nodded.
“I know baby, I know.” Max soothed as he stroked back her hair and turned to Michael, he knew that Liz was thinking about the time when Pierce had killed Nancy in front of her and that was causing her irrational outburst. “What do we do?” Max asked. No one had any answers.
“Welcome back Congress Whitaker, are you wanting to finish off our conversation?” Jim asked and she shook her head.
“No, I’m interested in the bones.” She stated and Jim looked at her.
“Why would you be interested in bones?” he asked with a raised eyebrow, she opened her mouth to answer but was intruppted when Hanson came in.
“It’s Michael Guerin’s prints all over the pocket knife, I’m going by to hold him in custody.” Hanson stated before leaving. Jim and Congress Whitaker just looked at each other, stunned.
Maria came rushing into the Crashdown.
“Michael has been arrested, they found his pocketknife at the crime scene and he looks like a murder suspect.” She exclaimed. Everyone looked at each other, wondering what to do.
“We have another problem.” A male voice said, Jim walked in and everyone looked at him. “Congress Whitaker is very interested in the bones and she’s demanding to be there for the analyses.” Jim stated.
Jeff came in from the back room and Max walked up to him.
“Michael’s been arrested, they’ve found Pierce’s grave and his pocketknife at the scene.” Max explained. “Do you know Congress Whitaker?” Max asked Jeff and he nodded.
“We’ve talked but not often,” Jeff stated then remembered something. “It turns out that Pierce and Whitaker have been having an affair, an intimate affair.”
“Wonderful,” Liz muttered as she rolled her eyes and looked a Valenti. “Are you sure that Congress Whitaker wants to be there when the bones are being analyzed?” Liz asked and Jim nodded.
“Yep, she even seems adamant about it, like it’s life or death.” Valenti explained and Liz nodded as she locked eyes with Max.
“Looks like she suspect something.” Liz murmured and Max nodded his agreement. “We need to change the bones’ date.” Liz explained.
“Huh?” Max asked, confused.
“You need to increase the bone deteriorating to make it look like it’s been there for years rather than three months.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“Good idea but do you have a plan on how we get inside.” Max asked and Liz turned to Isabel.
“Looks like you’ll be flirting with the guards today.” Liz teased and Isabel laughed as she nodded.
“No problem, just give me a map then I’ll be the sweet lost woman.” Isabel said and Liz nodded as she turned to Max.
“You need to tell me how many people there are inside the building and I’ll mind warp them but there is a limit to how long I can hold it so you need to as quick as you can.” Liz warned and Max nodded.
“Okay people, we all have a job to do so lets get to it. We need to burst out second in command out of jail.” Max ordered as Liz and Isabel stood up. Isabel waved her hand down her body transforming her jeans and white t-shirt into a light pink halter-top and black leather trousers; her waved her hand over her hair and transformed it into twisted hairstyle with strands hanging down. Her shoes had changed into black high-heeled sandals.
“Impressive.” Liz nodded her approval. Isabel laughed as Liz waved her hand, transforming herself. Her demin skirt and her white skirt changed into a white halter top and a short demin skirt, her hair was pulled into a half pony tail with strands hanging down her face and she had changed her sneakers into white sandals.
Max just shook his head at the young women in front of him.
“Show off.” He teased and Liz laughed as she kissed him lightly before the lot of them headed out of the building toward the jeep.
Isabel walked up to an ageing man, he ha light brown hair and light blue eyes and was wearing his green uniform. The man looked up when he saw Isabel walking toward her with a map.
“Hi, I’m looking for the college department but I’m so hopeless with a map, well, at least, that’s what my boyfriend says.” She gushed, the man looked at her and she smiled. “My ex boyfriend I meant.” She explained; the man stood up.
“If you want, I could show you where it is.” He offered and she smiled brightly.
“That would be so great.” She exclaimed as she followed the guard; she smirked at Liz and Max, who were hiding before hurrying up to match the man’s steps.
Max and Liz hurried forward and quickly climbed up the steps to the top floor, Max opened the door and looked back at Liz.
“I’ll check to see how many there are and phone you.” He whispered; she nodded as he stepped into the building. Max looked around the room and saw about five people in the room, he grabbed his phone and dialed Liz. “There are five people.” He explained and Liz mental calculated.
“You have about three minutes.” She informed before shutting the phone and concentrated.
Congress Whitaker walked over to the window and looked through it, Max hurried over to the machine and smirked at Congress Whitaker when she couldn’t see him, he hurried over to the bones and concentrated on increasing the bones’ age. The machine started up, Max increased his power, and sighed in relief when he was finished, he hurried toward the door and looked out. He noticed that everyone was busy and quickly closed the door before heading back up the steps and heading toward the exit.
As soon as Max shut the door, Liz slumped and Max caught her and swung her up into his arms.
“We need to get you to start increasing your strength on mind warping.” Max said, Liz just murmured something as she rested her head on Max’s shoulder, grateful that she had something to lean on. “Come on, let’s go home.” He whispered as he carried her down the stairs and toward the jeep where Isabel was already sitting in the driver’s seat. She looked at them with a worried expression. “It’s over.” Max repeated and Isabel smiled in relief as she started the jeep, driving them home.
“Well?” Congress Whitaker asked the tech guy, he looked at the paper and looked at his partner.
“The bones are over 80 years.” He informed and she looked stunned.
“But, the cracks and the infusion. They are new!” she exclaimed and they shrugged.
“Sometimes the ground preserve things for us and it makes it look new.” The guy explained.
“And for the infusion, that could have been from the nuclear implant we had.” The partner stated and the guy nodded.
“Yeah, that was 80 years ago too.” He agreed. Congress Whitaker just looked at them then walked out of the room, wondering what the hell had just happened.
Everyone was back at the Crashdown apart from Tess.
“Better sew that hole of your in your pocket.” Max teased as he threw the pocketknife at Michael, after explaining what happened. The gang chuckled lightly and went back to their party.
“Hey, what you all doing?” a female voice asked, everyone turned and saw Courtney coming out from the backroom.
“Oh, it’s kind of a last day party, you know, last day of the holiday since we’re back at school tomorrow.” Maria covered up and Courtney nodded.
“Cool. See you all later.” She greeted before leaving, Maria turned to the others.
“I’m so sorry, I thought she had left.” Maria apologized.
“We better start being more careful about things.” Michael stated as he got up and moved toward the counter. Liz rolled her eyes.
“Lighten up Michael, I thought she had left too.” Liz remarked.
The doors opened and Tess walked in.
“Hey Tess.” Everyone greeted and Max walked up to her.
“We need to talk.” Max said to her and she nodded as she followed Max into the backroom while Maria walked up to Michael.
“I hear that Ex Cons are good in bed.” Maria stated and Michael shook his head.
“I can’t do this Maria.” Michael said and Maria looked at him.
“Why can’t we be together?” Maria asked.
“I can worry about some chick that I left behind Maria, beside, we both agreed to move on.” Michael said and Maria scoffed.
“You agreed; I didn’t get a vote in.” Maria remarked before walking off.
“What Pizza do we have?” Liz asked.
“Hot Spicy Chicken, ham and mushroom, all topping and Pineapple with pepperoni.” Michael stated.
“Pass me the Spicy chicken.” Liz stated and Michael slid the box over to her while Isabel slid the Tabasco sauce to her. She smiled her thanks as she tucked into her food.
“What did you want to talk about?” Tess asked and Max sighed.
“This has got to stop Tess, I’m with Liz and you need to accept it.” Max said and Tess rolled her eyes.
“Oh come on, you are in love with me but scared and you are only with her because of your destiny thing.” Tess scoffed; Max clenched his fists in frustration.
“Tess, I love Liz, not you.” Max stated firmly.
“Whatever Max, you’ll soon see that she is a mistake and come running back to me.” Tess promised before leaving the room. Max groaned to himself as he rested his head on the lockers in frustration.
“Max?” Liz called out; he looked toward the backroom door and saw her come in. She looked around the room for him, caught him, and smiled. “Hey, your mom called, she needs you home for an…” Liz started but was cut off when Max kissed her hard and deep. She let out a squeak of surprise but melted into the kiss, letting her hand slid up into his thick hair while his hands slid around her waist.
Soon they both broke away, breathing heavily. “What was that for?” Liz asked. Max just shook his head, resting his forehead on hers.
“I just needed it.” Max explained and Liz looked up into his face with understanding.
“Didn’t go well with Tess?” Liz asked and Max groaned.
“No, she’s still stubborn.” Max muttered then sighed. “I’d better get home before mom calls the police on me.” Max stated reluctantly and Liz kissed him gently.
“We’ll see each other later.” Liz said and Max grinned as he linked their fingers together and led her to the front of the Crashdown. He bent down and kissed her gently on the lips.
“I’ll see you later.” Max whispered then kissed her once more. “I love you.” Liz smiled.
“I love you too.” She whispered back before kissing him and watching him leave the building and getting into his jeep, he looked back and waved slightly before driving off.
Liz turned back to the gang with a dreamy look on her face, causing Isabel and Maria to giggle at the sight of her and pulled her into dance with them as Isabel used her powers to play the music.
Max sighed as he lay on his bed, wearing his bottoms. He groaned when his back met the cool of the bed and smiled at the image of Liz as he closed his eyes. He started to drift off into a deep sleep, thinking about his favorite fantasy of Liz when all of a sudden there was a trapping noise at the door.
Max groaned as he got up from the bed and walked toward the window.
“Michael, you have your own room.” Max muttered as he pulled back the curtains, only to see that there was no one there. Puzzled, he opened the window and peered out only to jerk back in fright when Jeff arrived at the window.
Jeff entered Max’s window and Max held him in his arms.
“They are here.” Jeff coughed out and Max looked at him.
“Who’s here? Who?” Max demanded.
“The skins watch out for them and don’t let them get Liz.” Jeff explained and Max looked at him, Jeff clutched Max’s arm. “Tell Liz I love her and I’m sorry that I couldn’t be here to protect her.” Jeff whispered out before his hand slid off Max’s arm and his eyes rolled up to the back of his head.
“Jeff?” Max whispered as he shook the body but there was no answer, he felt blood pouring on to his hand and lifted it away, there was a hand shape mark burn on Jeff’s chest. “Oh god.” Max whispered.

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Chapter 3

Everyone was in the Crashdown, Tess was sitting in a funk, she saw how lovingly Max kissed Liz goodnight before leaving and how happy Liz was when she turned back to the gang. She couldn’t help but feel that it should have been her that Max loved but it wasn’t.
“So, how’s it going with lover boy?” Maria teased and Liz giggled.
“It’s going great, you were right. He wasn’t confused about his feelings for me.” Liz admitted and Maria smirked as she pulled on Liz’s hand and both of them started to dance to the music.
“Is it working?” Maria asked and Liz looked toward Michael who was staring at Maria, he looked away and cricked his neck when he saw Liz looking but found himself staring at Maria again. Liz turned to Maria with a smile, letting her know that it was. “I so knew it. It won’t be long till we’re together again.” Maria explained and Liz laughed.
Max was running, he had a bloody handprint on his chest and a scrape on his cheek, he needed to get to Liz, to make sure that she was safe and wasn’t in danger.
Tess looked out of the window and saw Max running toward the Crashdown.
“Max!” Tess exclaimed and everyone turned to face the door, Max came barging in then fell to the floor. Isabel and Liz hurried over and helped Max on to the chair as Liz knelt in front of him.
“Max, you’re hurt.” Tess exclaimed as she went to touch the scrape, Liz looked up and lifted a hand, the cut healed itself and Liz felt a little dizzy.
“It’s gone.” Liz whispered, unknowingly reminding Max of when he healed her hicky rash.
“What happened?” Isabel demanded.
“Jeff is dead!” Max exclaimed and Liz looked up at him with fear in her eyes.
“What?” Liz asked as she moved away from Max.
“He’s dead, he came to me and died in my arms, I tried to heal him but I couldn’t.” Max explained to everyone and Liz shook her head.
“No, he’s not dead.” Liz whispered as tears filled her eyes.
“I’m sorry Liz, he told me to tell you that he loved you and that he was sorry that he couldn’t protect you.” Max explained and Liz shook her head as tears fell over onto her cheek as she slumped to the floor.
“No, he can’t be dead, I need him.” Liz cried, Max knelt down beside her and rocked her.
“Where is he?” Michael asked.
“He’s in my room.” Max explained.
“You left him in your room?” Isabel asked incredulous.
“Come on, we need to take the body back to the pod chambers and see if we can use the healing stones.” Michael ordered, Isabel hurried over and, both, Max and Isabel helped Liz up to take out the backdoor.
“Go home, we’ll see you lot later.” Max ordered as Liz clung to him.
Everyone watched as the pod squad walked out of the door without a backward glance.
They all stood around Jeff’s body and concentrated on the healing stones but so far nothing.
“Why isn’t it working?” Liz demanded.
“What ever happened to him must be something we can’t reverse.” Max explained as he knelt down next to Jeff’s body to inspect it.
“I can’t lose him!” Liz cried and Isabel wrapped her arms around the young woman, hugging her while Max looked up at Liz with sadness in his eyes, he hated seeing Liz upset.
“Look!” Michael exclaimed and everyone looked down, Jeff’s body turned to dust and blew away in the wind.
Liz pulled away from Isabel, stormed out of the Pod Chambers, and hurried down the cliff, leaving everyone looking at her retreating back.
“I’d better go.” Max said, Isabel and Michael nodded, letting Max run after Liz.
It was raining, Liz could feel the rain soaking her body, her dress was soaking wet and clinging to her body, her hair was wild and plastered to her head as she stormed through the dark desert. Her hands were glowing green, showing that her powers were out of control.
“Liz!” Max shouted; he could see her lighting up like a firebug. Her hands were crackling and growing out of control; rocks at the side of the road were being smashed as her powers attacked them. “Liz!” Max shouted once more as he caught her, he grabbed her arm and spun her around so that he could see into her face. He saw the heartbreak in her eyes as tears continued to fall from her eyes. “Oh Lizzie.” Max whispered as he pulled into a hug, she wrapped her arms around his waist and sobbed into his chest.
“I can’t lose him Max, I need him.” She sobbed out.
Max just stroked back her hair and buried his face into her neck while making shushing sounds, trying to calm her down.
“I know baby, I know.” Max whispered as they both fell to their knees while Max held her tight to his body, comforting her as much as he could but he knew that she had to let it all out as soon as possible due to her powers being out of control.
Max carried Liz into her bedroom and set her on the bed, he waved his hand over her body, changing her clothes in to p.j. and drying her body as he went along. He kissed her forehead as he pulled the covers over her body and was about to leave but Liz’s voice stopped him.
“Max, can’t you please stay?” Liz asked. Max turned to her and nodded slightly, he moved back to the bed and pulled off his clothes but kept his boxers on as he slipped under the covers and pulled Liz up against his body.
“Try and get some sleep.” Max whispered. Liz closed her eyes and tried to go to sleep but images of her dad kept flashing around in her head. She turned around in his arms and buried her face into his neck, inhaling his safe scent as she finally fell into a deep but un-restless sleep while Max buried his face into her neck, keeping her safe.
“Where am I going to stay now?” Liz asked, they all were in the Parker’s resident, Liz couldn’t live there as she couldn’t manage the business and go to school at the same time.
“Maybe you could live with us.” Max asked and everyone looked at Max.
“Max, I can’t impose on you lot.” Liz exclaimed and Isabel shook her head.
“No way, mom would love to have you with us. She loves you.” Isabel exclaimed, warming to the idea of having Liz living with her.
“What about the Crashdown, I can’t just abandon it.” Liz asked.
“Dad could take over the place, you know, place the deed under his name.” Max suggested.
“It’s better than you staying here, I mean, we don’t know if the Skins know that you live here and you would be better protected if you are with Max and Isabel.” Alex explained and Liz sighed as she rested her head on Max’s chest.
“I guess, as long you guys are sure.” Liz agreed and Max kissed her forehead while Tess looked away. Liz looked toward Tess and felt sympathy for Tess. Tess really believed that Max loved her and Liz came in and destroyed it. Liz knew that she shouldn’t, but she couldn’t help but blame herself for Max and Tess’s break-up.
‘Maybe it would have been better if I had ran away when they found out about me.’ Liz mused to herself, pulled herself off Max, and headed into the kitchen to get a drink. Max came up behind her and spun her around, he bent his head down to kiss her but Liz turned her face so that his lips encountered her cheek.
“Liz?” Max asked, puzzled.
“We can’t Max, not with Tess in the next room.” Liz whispered her explanation.
“Liz, Tess told me that she was okay with us.” Max explained and Liz shook her head.
“No she’s not Max and it’s my fault.” Liz whispered, causing Max to look at her with understanding, she was still blaming herself for their break up.
“Lizzie, look at me.” Max whispered as he placed his knuckles under her chin and brought her face up so they could see each other. “I wasn’t happy with Tess. Yes, I love her but as a sister and it’s my fault for leading her on. It was not your fault, I should have broken it off with Tess but I didn’t want to hurt her and I did.” Max explained and Liz shrugged.
“I know I shouldn’t blame myself but I can’t help it Max, it just feels like me coming here was the worst experience for everyone.” Liz explained and Max pulled her into a hug.
“It was the best one we could have asked for. We spent ages looking for the fourth one and we’re very glad that you came here.” Max whispered to her and Liz nodded, her face buried in his chest, she still couldn’t help but blame herself.
Phillip and Diane were sitting in the living room when the front door opened; they both looked up and saw Isabel, Max and Liz coming in.
“Mom, Dad, is it okay if Liz stays here for a while?” Max asked, both adults stood up and motioned to the couch and Max turned to Liz. “Why don’t you go and get some sleep?” Max whispered, Liz looked up at him, she was about to protest but Max cut her off with a finger on lips. “You need the sleep, you haven’t slept for the last two days.” Max whispered and kissed her forehead as Liz pulled away from Max and headed to his room to get some sleep. Isabel and Max headed over to the couch and sat down.
“Why will she have to stay here?” Diane asked, Max and Isabel looked at each other and took a deep breath.
“Mom, Liz’s dad died in a car crash. She has no one else to go to as she is adopted, all her other family live outside New Mexico and she has no where else to go.” Max explained and Diane’s hand flew up to her mouth to choke back a sob and Phillip looked at their children in a stunned shock.
“Why didn’t we know about this?” Phillip asked.
“He was in hospital, Liz didn’t want anyone to know, not till she knew he was going to get better but he died.” Isabel filled in.
“Oh the poor girl!” Diane stated and Isabel nodded as she turned to her mother with wide pleading eyes.
“Please mom, don’t make Liz go back to the adopting centre, she doesn’t like it there and I want her to be with people who love her. I want her to be with us.” Isabel pleaded her parents.
“We need to think and talk about this, I think you better go to your room and make sure that Liz is okay.” Phillip announced and both of them nodded before heading to Max’s room to check on Liz.
They stepped into the room and saw Liz sleeping peacefully; she had pulled on one of Max’s t-shirt and was hugging one of his pillows. Isabel sat on the edge of the bed and ran a hand through Liz’s dark lock while Max sat on the desk chair.
“I hate this Max, I hate it that she gets everything taken away from her. First, those bastards killed her mother then our enemies killed her father. She doesn’t deserve this.” Isabel hissed out to her brother and Max nodded in agreement, his dark eyes flashing.
“We need to find out what the skins want and why they killed Jeff, they can’t have just killed him for no reason.” Max explained.
Liz whimpered in her sleep, causing Max to lean over and whisper something in her ear before kissing her forehead, which caused her to calm down and sigh into the pillow.
“What do you think?” Diane asked Phillip once they have settled themselves in the study area; Diane was looking at Phillip, waiting for his answer.
“How do you feel about Liz?” Phillip asked and Diane sighed.
“She’s a nice girl, a little shy but seems nice.” Diane stated softly and Phillip nodded.
“Max seems to like her.” Phillip noted and Diane laughed.
“And you were worried about Max and Michael.” Diane teased then sobered. “Yeah, Max really likes Liz and if I’m not mistaken, it seems to go both ways.” She observed and sighed. “The poor girl, imagining losing your mother in a car crash at the age of eight then lose your dad the same way only eight years later.”
“Looks like we’re gaining another daughter.” Phillip stated and they both stood up as they made their way to Max’s room.
They knocked softly on the door and it opened slightly, revealing Isabel looking at them with a hopeful yet wary gaze.
“We need to speak to you two.” Diane stated and both kids came out of the room and all of them headed toward the kitchen, where they surrounded the kitchen table.
“Liz can stay.” Phillip announced, Max sighed in relief and sent them his thanks through his eyes while Isabel hugged the both of them, tears of happiness running down her face.
“That’s great! Thank you so much!” Isabel squealed as she hugged them tight.
“Where is Liz going to sleep?” Diane asked.
“She’ll sleep with me till we set up her room, beside, she’ll get nightmares so I want to be there for her when she does.” Max stated then watched as his parents shared a hesitated look and caught on. “Don’t worry, Liz and I are not at that stage yet. We just got together about two weeks ago, we’re not ready for that step.” Max assured.
Both, Diane and Phillip nodded, relief evident over their faces while Isabel smiled at Max, whose tip of his ears were bright red, showing that she was amused, causing him to mock glare at her before turning back to their parents.
Liz bolted up in bed, clutching the sheet to her chest. Tears and sweat ran down her face, her breathing came in hurried pants as she looked wildly around the room until reality kicked in, making her remember that she was in Max’s room.
She sighed as she leaned back on the bed and turned her face into the pillow as tears came flooding back again.
It wasn’t a nightmare.
Her dad had really died; she shook her head once more, refusing to accept the truth as she burrowed herself deep inside the covers. Her body was numb and void of emotions, she couldn’t feel anything as she just stared into space.
She heard the door open and closed, she felt the bed dip slightly as a warm hard body slipped in between the covers and wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her back into his body.
“Go to sleep, we’ll talk later.” He whispered as he kissed her forehead, he watched as Liz closed her eyes and drift off into a dreamless slumber.
Max watched as her breathing even out, showing that she was sleeping and sighed. His heart was breaking for the young woman beside him, she had went through hell, first with her mother to the F.B.I and now her father to their enemies, he vowed that one of these day, these enemies will find out what Liz was feeling and they were beg mercy for it.
“When’s the funeral?” Alex asked. It was two days later; Liz was currently up the stairs in her room over the Crashdown, the Evans had to go out of town for the day.
“Tomorrow, we’ve told everyone that the casket is staying close so that the body doesn’t upset anyone.” Isabel explained.
“How’s Liz?” Maria asked.
“Not good, her nightmares consist of watching her mother die again and seeing Jeff’s body crumbling to pieces.” Max explained. “She wakes up screaming and her powers are out of control.”
“Out of control?” Tess asked and Max nodded.
“When she wakes up, anything breakable, like glass windows and frames and that, they are completely smashed.” Max explained.
“It’s a good thing that she is living here, not at out house cause my parents would be quiet suspicious if things started smashing when ever she wakes up, screaming.” Isabel jumped in.
“So that means your powers are connected to your emotions?” Alex asked and Max nodded.
“It makes sense because when ever one of us upset or something, something exploded or something like that.” Michael explained and everyone nodded, accepting the answer.
“Kyle is back today.” Maria stated and everyone looked at each other before groaning.
“More problems.” Michael remarked.
“What are we going to do Max?” Isabel asked and Max shrugged.
“We need to see what he does first, if he asks us any questions, we’ll answer them but for now, we’ll just leave him alone and let Valenti deal with him.” Max stated and all of them nodded, sliding back into deep thoughts.
Kyle stepped off the bus and looked around for his dad but couldn’t see him so he sat on the steps, waiting for his dad only for his dad to come about 3 hours later.
“Dad, I’ve been waiting her for three hours!” Kyle exclaimed and Jim nodded.
“I know, I’m sorry.” Jim apologized and turned to Kyle. “Do you remember Liz?” he asked and Kyle snorted.
“I thought she was hot then I find out she’s one of these green little Martian, yeah, I’m pretty sure I remember her.” Kyle shot back; scathingly, Jim ignored his remarks.
“Her dad was killed by their enemies so she’s pretty upset now. Max doesn’t want anyone going near her so if you see her, you will stay away from her and you will not make remarks at her either.” Jim warned as he placed the bag in the back of the car. “Her powers are out of control at the moment and Max is scared she might hurt someone.”
“She stays away from me, I’ll stay away from her and we’ll just be fine.” Kyle replied while Jim shook his head sadly at his son.
The next day.
Liz was sitting in front of her dressing table, sliding the brush through her dark brown hair. She looked up and saw a photograph of her and her father, hugging and laughing at the camera. She remembered that day. It was on her eight birthday, her dad and mom took her to the beach for the day to celebrate. She smiled lightly as she picked it up; rubbing her thumb over her dad’s face when she heard the door opened and she looked into the mirror and met Max’s dark eyes. He was wearing his black suit and a white shirt with a black tie.
“You ready?” he asked, Liz turned back to the photo as tears slipped down her face.
“Why did I have to lose him Max?” Liz asked. “Haven’t I lost enough?” Max hurried forward and hunched down next to Liz.
“These things happen Liz. We have no idea of when or how they are going to happen.” Max whispered and Liz stood up.
“It’s just not fair!” Liz snapped, Her hands were flashing as green light streaked through her blood and Max stood up. “I hate this, I hate this!” Liz shouted as things started smashing. “It’s not fair, I lost my mother right in front of me because Pierce wanted me then I lost my Father just because my enemies wants me, why does this have to happen to me? Am I meant to be alone?” Liz asked her voice quiet and vulnerable.
Max took a small step toward her, holding up his hands.
“No Liz, you are not meant to be alone. I’m here. Michael and Isabel are here. Maria, Alex and Tess are here. We’ll be here for you Liz, you are not alone.” Max promised as he stepped closer to her and pulled her into a hug, soothing her.
“I just hate it Max, I want it to stop. I want to stop losing people I love.” She sobbed into his chest. Max just held her and kissed the top of her head.
“I hate funerals.” Alex muttered as he stood to the side; tugging on his tie lightly, Isabel was standing next to him. Michael nodded in agreement, as Maria watched Liz to make sure that she was okay. Tess was standing next to Max, holding onto his arm.
“Why do we have to be here?” Tess whined. “It’s got nothing to do with us.”
“Tess, just leave it will you?” Isabel demanded.
“We are here because Liz is our family and she has just lost her dad.” Max snapped lightly as he watched as Liz nodded to someone who was talking to her.
“If everyone please take a seat, we may proceed the funeral.” The vicar called out before heading into the church. Max walked over to Liz and wrapped an arm around her waist.
“You okay sweetie.” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“I just hate this Max.” She whispered while leaning her head on his shoulder. Max kissed her forehead in return.
“I know baby, I know.” He whispered back as he led her into the church and both of them sat up at the front with Isabel sitting on the other side of Liz.
“Today we are gathered here to say our prayers and goodbye to Jeff Parker, father of Liz Parker. He was a very good man and tried his best in the community and he did his best by Liz. It was a tragic accident that he died in a car crash but the lord works in mysterious way so it was his time to go, no matter how short it was.” The vicar stated. Liz just rested her head on Max’s shoulder, staring at the smiling picture of Jeff that was sitting on top of the casket, tuning the vicar’s voice out.
Soon the moment came when they all had to go out in the graveyard where the ground was dug up, ready for Jeff’s coffin, the tombstone read ‘here Lies Jeffery Parker. Wonderful son and brilliant father, May he rest in peace.’
“Ashes to Ashes. Dust to Dust. Rest in Peace.” The vicar stated as he drew a cross in the air as the casket was lowered into the ground. Liz was leaning on Max as tears ran down her face. Max was holding her tight and kissing her forehead every now and then to sooth her. Maria was comforting Michael while Alex was holding Isabel’s hand. Tess was standing to the side as she watched the gang and for the first time since she had learned Max’s secret when he healed her, she felt like an outsider.
The gang, minus Liz, was standing over at the table of food. They were talking quietly about what could have happened to Jeff and how Liz was coping with her powers when they saw an old woman walk up to Liz and tapped her on the shoulder. Liz turned around and smiled slightly as she threw herself into the woman’s arms.
“Whose that with Liz?” Michael asked and Max shook his head.
“I don’t know.” Max replied. Liz walked up to them with the woman in tow and smiled at the gang lightly.
“Guys, I like you to meet my Grandma Claudia. My mother’s mom.” Liz introduced and turned to Claudia. “I like you to meet Maria Deluca, Michael Gurien, Alex Whitman, Tess Harding, Isabel and Max Evans.”
“It’s nice to meet you all, including you Max, I have heard many good things about you from Jeff. I hope you will make Liz happy.” She warned and Max smiled shyly.
“Yes madam I will, and it’s very nice to meet you too Mrs…” Max asked.
“Oh, Parker. Jeff wanted to take on Nancy’s second name when they got married and please, call me Grandma.” Claudia explained. “As Liz sees you as her family, you are my family too.” Claudia explained and they all nodded with smiles, instantly liking Claudia. Claudia turned back to Liz. “Honey bear, I need to go and see the lawyer. I will come over to the Crashdown later tonight and we’ll have a talk.” She stated. Liz nodded as she hugged her grandma and placed a kiss on her cheek before moving toward the gang. Claudia smiled as she walked off, talking to Phillip.
“What was that about?” Michael asked and Liz shrugged.
“Must be something serious, I’ll find out tonight anyway.” Liz replied as she turned to the food and started to have a look while everyone looked at Claudia, wondering what was going on.

To be continued.
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Thanks for the reviews and I hope you enjoy this chapter.
You will get to see a bit of Liz’s past when she was younger and some bits of the pod squad past.

Chapter 4

“What do you think Claudia is wanting to talk to Liz about?” Isabel asked Max, they were in the apartment above the Crashdown; heading toward the kitchen while Liz was in her bedroom, changing into something that was more comfortable.
“I don’t know; it must be something serious.” Max explained as he poured out the drinks and handed her a glass.
“What’s serious?” Liz asked as she came through wearing a pair of jeans and Max’s black hoodie, Max handed her a glass which she thanked him with her eyes.
“What your grandma wants to talk to you about.” Isabel stated and Liz shrugged.
“I’ll find out when she comes over to see me.” Liz stated as they headed into the living room, Liz and Max sat on the couch, cuddled together while Isabel took the chair.
“Anyway, moving on.” Max intruppted and turned to Liz. “When are you moving in? We need to start getting your to control your emotions so that your powers will be under control.”
“I don’t know yet, I need to wait and see.” Liz whispered and Max nodded as he kissed her forehead.
“We’ll wait till you are ready, okay.” Max said, Liz nodded, and she looked at her watch.
“We better go; the gang will be here soon.” Liz stated as they got up and went down the stairs to meet up with the gang.
The gang was sitting around the booth talking about what they knew off their past when Liz finally caught on to something.
“Are you are telling me that you don’t remember much about your past.” Liz asked and the trio shook their head.
“Why, do you?” Tess asked and Liz nodded.
“Well don’t keep us in suspense.” Maria exclaimed and Liz laughed.
“Well, Rath was, ah he was Rath. He was what we call here a player, he preferred women that had a low IQ, something about less nagging.” Liz explained and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“And I married him?” She asked, offended and Liz smiled at her.
“It was a political marriage, you never actually did anything.” Liz reassured and Isabel smiled her relief at her. “Rath was a great brother, he was very protective of me and he taught me how to fight in our past life.” Liz finished.
“Vilandra, what was she like?” Alex asked and Liz smiled fondly at the memories.
“She was the most beautiful, headstrong, passionate woman I had ever met. She was so much like her mother and everyone loved her.” Liz explained and chuckled lightly. “She was a bit controlling when it came to affairs like balls and birthdays, those kind of events but she was caring and loved her family a lot.” Liz explained.
“Zan?” Tess asked and a small smile of love filled her face, everyone noticed the difference.
“He was the best friend of Rath, he wasn’t a player and didn’t date a lot of women and he preferred them with an IQ so that he could have an conversation with them.” Liz explained. “He loved his mother and sister very much and tried so hard to protect them, especially after his father died after an heart attack.”
What about you? What did you mean to us?” Max asked and Liz sighed.
“I was Rath’s sister and Vilandra’s best friend. However, to Zan, oh, we were together and in love. We even got married but in the end it wasn’t meant to be.” Liz explained and looked off to the side. “You were intended for another woman called Ava but you wanted me and threatened to turn down the crown if they refused to let you have me so they gave in but I died a few months later.” Liz explained, Max was about to ask how she died but Liz stood up with her cup and turned to the others. “Do you need a refill?” Liz asked, they all shook their heads, Liz nodded as she got up and moved behind the counter to fill up her glass when they heard the door jingle, announcing that someone had walked in.
Liz looked up and saw her Grandma standing in the doorway. “Grandma.” She greeted and Claudia nodded
“Hi honey bear, we need to talk.” Claudia stated and Liz bit her bottom lip as she looked toward the gang, torn between needing to find out what her Grandma wanted and wanting to hang out with her friends. Max made the choice for her.
“We’ll just head on home and leave you two to have your talk.” Max stated as they all stood up, Max walked over to Liz and kissed her gently on the forehead. “Call me later okay?” Liz nodded as she kissed him on the lips then watched as he walked off with the gang.
Liz turned and walked into the backroom with Claudia following her, she led the way up the stairs till they reached the living room and both women sat on the couch. Liz turned to Claudia.
“So, what did you want to talk to me about?” Liz asked; Claudia took in a deep breath as she locked eyes with her granddaughters’ deep brown eyes.
“Liz, I was wondering if you would like to come with me?” she stated, Liz looked at her, puzzled, provoking Claudia into rephrasing her statement. “I mean; would you like to live with me.”
“Grandma, I would love to, you know I would, but my school and friends are here.” Liz explained.
“You could move school and meet new friends.” Claudia countered and Liz sighed as she looked down.
“Grandma, I can’t leave Max.” Liz whispered and Claudia watched her carefully then sighed.
“You’ve found him, haven’t you?” Claudia asked and Liz looked up and nodded.
“Yes I have Grandma, and I’ve just found him, I can’t lose him again, I won’t.” Liz stated; making Claudia confused by the ‘again’ but brushed it off because Liz had always said some weird stuff in the past. Claudia sighed as she hugged Liz close to her body, she was too much like her mother; Claudia thought fondly as she stroked Liz’s hair and kissed the top of her head.
“Okay sweetie. As long, you know what you are doing. Claudia agreed and Liz pulled away so she could look deep into her Grandma’s brown eyes.
“I do Grandma, I’m following my heart and it’s leading me to Max.” Liz promised; then she sighed before stressing passionately. “I love him Grandma.”
“I know you do sweetheart.” Claudia whispered.
Max came up the stairs the next morning. He and Liz had made plans to go to the Pod Chambers to work on her powers and maybe see if she would tell him how she died in their past life. He stopped when he saw Claudia coming from the kitchen and saw him.
“Max, I need to ask you something.” Claudia stated and Max nodded as he followed her into the kitchen. “Last night, I asked Liz to move away with me, to come and live with me but she turned me down because she loves you.” Claudia explained and Max’s heart relaxed after finding out that Liz could have moved. “I need to know, do you love her Max.” Claudia asked and Max looked straight at her.
“Yes I do, I love with the dept of my soul and my heart.” Max promised, not once breaking the eye contact.
Claudia studied him carefully before smiling and nodding her agreement.
“She is a lucky woman.” Claudia stated and Max blushed as he looked at the ground shyly.
“I’m the lucky one madam.” Max stated and Claudia smiled slightly at the young man before her.
“You may go and see Liz, I believe she is just getting her sneakers on.” Claudia stated and Max nodded as he walked over to Liz’s room.
Claudia smiled as she watched him walk away before grabbing her jacket and heading out of the Crashdown to go to the reservation to see some old friends.
“Hey Liz, are you ready?” Max asked as he opened the door only to see that Liz’s bed was on fire. “Liz!” Max cried out as his hand automatically went over the bed, putting out the flames. His eyes searched the bedroom and he found her, curled up in a corner as tears leaked out from her eyes. “Liz, what happened?” Max asked as he knelt down beside her.
“I don’t know, I was looking a picture of my mom and I remember what happened to her, I sat down on my bed then it erupted into flames.” Liz sobbed out. “I tried to put it out but it kept getting higher and higher.”
“Sh, it’s okay.” Max whispered as he enveloped her into his arms and rocked her backward and forward while raising one hand to return the bed back to its natural state.
“No, it’s no okay Max. I hate feeling like I’m out of control.” Liz snapped as she pushed Max away and started pacing the bedroom, her hands running through her hair.
Max could see the green lights flashing through her hands once more and realised that she was getting out of control again.
“Liz.” Max warned but Liz didn’t hear him.
“I hate this Max, I hate that I have to lose everyone that I love. It’s just not fair!” Liz shouted and all of a sudden, a huge white light erupted from Liz and slamming outward.
“Feeling better?” Max asked, Liz looked at the wall before resting her head on Max’s chest.
“Yeah, but I feel sorry for the wall.” She replied and Max looked at the wall before smirking.
“Yeah, the poor wall.” Max stated; Liz, playfully, slapped his chest.
“It’s not funny!” she defended and Max looked at her with a wide eye incredulous.
“You blew a hole in the wall!” Max exclaimed. “And you feel sorry for it, so yes that is funny.”
“No it’s not, the wall couldn’t defend itself.” Liz rebuked and Max shook his head.
“Liz, it’s a wall.” He explained and Liz shrugged.
“I still feel sorry for it.” Liz replied quietly.
Isabel and Michael walked into the Parker’s house but stop short when they saw the hole in the wall and saw that Max and Liz was lying on the bed on the other side.
“Hey guys.” Max greeted with a wave before smiling cheekily. “Like the new window?” Liz slapped Max’s chest once more before burying her face into his chest.
Michael and Isabel stared at the two of them in a stunned shock before turning back to the wall.
“She did that.” Michael asked, Max just grinned while Liz’s face just reddens. “Damn!”
“Michael!” Isabel snapped as she backhanded Michael’s chest.
“What?” he asked. “I’m just saying that none of us have been able to do that and she did plus she hardly ever uses her powers so it doesn’t really make sense how she was able to create a hole this size!” Michael explained and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“No need to rub it in.” Isabel hissed to him and Michael rolled his eyes at Isabel’s back before lifting up a hand, in form of a mouth, and started mouthing along with Isabel while moving his hand as Isabel continued to rant while looking at the hole in the wall.
Liz stifled her snickers as Max bit his bottom lip in order to prevent his laugher from breaking through. Isabel stopped when she saw this and turned around.
Michael pulled down his hand when Isabel stopped ranting and pasted an innocent look on his face. “What were you doing?” Isabel asked with a glare forming in her eyes, Michael just looked confused and shrugged while Liz and Max were snickering in the background.
“I didn’t do anything!” Michael protested and Isabel nodded while glaring at him.
“I’m gonna head home, you boys can fix this wall before Liz’s Grandma comes back.” Isabel stated and Liz shook her head.
“Grandma has left. She told me that she was going to visit some friends before getting the flight back home. She made me promise to phone her tonight.” Liz stated and Isabel nodded.
“Lucky time for your powers to explode.” Isabel stated and Liz nodded in agreement. “Anyway, you boys fix this wall and I’ll go home to set up Liz’s bedroom for whenever she is ready to move in.” Isabel stated before heading out of the room.
Michael looked at Max with a horrified look.
“This is gonna take a lot of energy!” Michael exclaimed. “The hockey game is coming on!”
“Michael, it’s not going to take long, so come on.” Max stated as he kissed Liz’s forehead before getting off the bed and walking toward the wall.
Two days later.

“I’m so glad that you’re moving in with us!” Isabel squealed as she carried a box into Liz’s new bedroom. Max just rolled his eyes as he and Michael brought in more boxes.
Liz’s bed and equipment were staying at her old bedroom so that she could stay there when she wanted to. All she had to do was bring her clothes, books ect so that they wouldn’t get stolen, Liz had planned ahead and made sure that she melted the windows shut and strengthened the glass panes so that they couldn’t get broken.
As she didn’t have a lot of stuff with her, they were able to unpack as they went along, making it easier for her to be settled into the bedroom.
“I know.” Liz stated softly as she set her box down and unpacked it. The Evans had always wanted another child, they even offered the bedroom to Michael but he loved his free space too much that he declined and when they let Liz move in, they decided to splash out, buying her a new T.V and video entertainment along with a C.D Player. They even offered to buy her a computer but she refused, saying that she usually did her homework handwritten and if she needed the computer, she could always use the one in Max’s bedroom.
“Why does she need to move in here?” Tess asked when Liz headed out of the room toward the van to pick up the last box. “Why couldn’t she live with the Valenti?”
“Because she doesn’t use her powers much and she need a mother figure as well.” Isabel stated, her patience waning with the young blonde.
“We’ve told you the reason a hundred times so get over it.” Maria added in.
“Plus the skins are after them and Jeff did say that we couldn’t allow to let them get their hands on her.” Alex injected. They all shut up when Liz walked back into the room.
“I had forgotten that I had this.” Liz muttered as she looked at the picture, smiling fondly.
“What is it?” Max asked and Liz turned the picture around to face them.
It consisted of Liz with three boys and two young girls; all of them were smiling into the picture.
“Who are they?” Isabel asked.
“This is Jessica Malone,’ Liz pointed to the red head, ‘Sarah Anderson,’ pointing to the blonde, ‘Jack Wilson,’ pointing to the dark blonde, ‘he’s Jessica’s boyfriend, Mark Anderson,’ pointing to the blonde, ‘He’s Jessica’s brother and is going out with Tammy Johnson, she is the one who is taking the picture. And this is Paul Caswell,’ pointing to the brunette, ‘he is going out with Sarah.’ Liz explained.
“Do you have a picture of Tammy?” Alex asked and Liz nodded as she raked through the box and pulled out a picture, it consisted of her and another brunette. Both of them were hugging and laughing at the camera
“This is Tammy, she was my best friend.”
“What happened to her?” Max asked.
“She died of cancer.” Liz explained, sadly.
“I’m sorry.” Alex stated and Liz smiled sadly.
“You know what I always found amusing, that people always say that they are sorry for something they didn’t cause, for something that they had no control over.” Liz stated, amused slightly as she looked at the photograph.
“How old were you?” Max asked.
“We were fourteen at the time.” Liz whispered.
“It must have been hard for you.” Maria murmured and Liz nodded.
“She was my best friend and I miss her all the time.” Liz replied before placing the photograph back in the box and sitting it to the side.
Liz and Isabel found themselves in Liz’s bedroom, doing their nails.
“Did you have any boyfriends at you other schools?” Isabel asked as she put red nail polish on her toenails.
“No, I was friends with the boys rather than going out with them. I was more concerned about my schoolwork than relationships.” Liz admitted.
“Why not?” Isabel asked and Liz shrugged.
“I just wasn’t interested in them.” Liz explained and waited for her next question.
“Are you hurt that Max went out with Tess?” Isabel asked and Liz smirked slightly as she looked at Isabel.
“No I’m not, Max told me that they just kissed on the cheeks rather than snog beside I thought Max was in love with Tess at the time.” Liz explained.
“How do you do that?” Isabel asked and Liz tilted her head to side, wondering what she meant. “Give up people just because you think they are better off?”
“It was the way I was brought up.” Liz stated with a shrug.
“Does it feel weird that you are living in the same house as your boyfriend?” Isabel asked and Liz smiled.
“A bit but I know it will be okay as Max and I have only gotten together and not ready to rush to the next step.” Liz explained and looked at Isabel. “How is it going with Grant?”
“Okay.” Isabel said vaguely.
“Just okay?” Liz pushed and Isabel sighed.
“He’s sweet and nice and I have fun but he’s not…”
“Alex?” Liz finished and Isabel nodded in confirmation. “Why don’t you just get together with Alex then?”
“I’m scared.” Isabel whispered and Liz smiled slightly.
“Of course you are scared, love is a scary thing but it’s a wonderful thing as well.” Liz explained. “Why do you think I kept pushing Max away? I was scared of what I was feeling for him.” Isabel looked at her. “It wasn’t just because he was going out with Tess.”
“How can you be with him if you are scared?” Isabel asked and Liz sighed.
“Because if I let my fears get in the way then I wouldn’t be with Max and would be missing out on something wonderful.” Liz finished, not trying to scare Isabel. “Why are you scared?”
“I don’t know, I feel like, we if get together I’m going to hurt him, that being me I will hurt him.” Isabel explained and Liz sighed.
“Everyone is scared to let anyone in. you just need to find out if Alex is really the person you want to be with.” Liz stated and rolled her eyes. “Beside, Alex already knows about you being the whole ‘not of this earth’ and still hadn’t turned away. That says a lot.”
“I know but I’m just scared that one day, my past will come back to haunt us and Alex will be hurt because of it.” Isabel admitted; both girls sat in silence, wondering what Isabel meant by that.


Thanks for reviewing the last chapter and I hoped you like this one. Next Chapter: Isabel’s Party!
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Hey, thanks for the reviews and I’m glad you liked the last chapter. This chapter is different from the episode because I wanted the gang to have a fun but there will be a cliffy at the end. Sorry but I can’t give too much away in this story. Sorry, that it took so long to be posted up.

Chapter 5

Isabel walked toward the Crashdown; she was wearing black jeans and a red halter-top. She looked up at the building and was puzzled to see that it was dark and closed.
“Liz must have closed up early tonight.” Isabel muttered to herself as she opened the door and took a step inside only to step back in shock when the lights burst on and everyone jumping out.
“SURPRISE!” Everyone cheered. Isabel let out a stunned laugh as one hand covered her mouth and the other flew to her heart.
“Oh my god!” Isabel stated and looked around, looking for the culprit. “Who planned this?”
“Guilty big sis.” Max stated as he walked over and pulled his sister into a hug. “Happy birthday.”
“I don’t know what to say.” Isabel stated as she hugged Max back before pulling away. “Or what to do.” Liz laughed as she made her way over.
“Anything, just don’t kill Max.” Liz stated as she hugged Isabel, eliciting laughers from Isabel.
“I can’t believe you did this.” Isabel stated and Michael smiled as he hugged her.
“Everyone deserves a chance to be normal, this is yours.” Michael explained and Isabel eyes filled with tears as she hugged her other brother back before pulling away when she saw Maria come bouncing toward her.
“Happy birthday Izzy!” Maria squealed as she launched herself into the older girl’s arms. Isabel laughed through her tears as she hugged Maria back then pulled away and looked at the group of people who has become her family.
“Where’s Alex?” Isabel asked, looking around for the missing young man.
“He’s getting your present, he’ll be here soon.” Liz promised and Isabel nodded.
“Happy birthday Izzy.” A female voice stated behind Isabel, Isabel turned around and hugged her mother.
“Thank you so much mom!” Isabel stated and Diane laughed as she hugged her daughter in her arms. “Where’s dad?”
“Sorry honey, your dad was about to step out when a case was dropped onto his lap.” Diane stated and Isabel nodded.
“Don’t worry, he’ll make up for it.” Max stated as he picked up a glass of cola from the tray that Courtney was handing out and gave it to Liz, who smiled her thanks before taking the glass.
“I know he will, it’s just a little hard not having dad here for my birthday.” Isabel stated before looking around once more. “Where’s Tess?” Isabel asked.
“Here I am!” A female voice called out from behind Isabel, Isabel turned around and pasted a fake smile on her face.
“Great, glad you could make it.” Isabel forced out cheerfully and Tess smiled.
“Of course I would have, you are my best friend.” Tess stated as she hugged Isabel before sending Liz and icy glare and turning to Max. “Hi Max, are you having fun?”
“Great fun, my sister is happy, all my friends are here and the love of my life is standing right beside me.” Max stated as he pulled Liz into a sideway hug, kissing her forehead.
Isabel hid a smile behind her hand at Tess’s furious gaze. She, along with everyone else, was getting annoyed with Tess’s attitude to Liz as Liz hadn’t done anything to her but Tess continued to make Liz’s life hard and miserable as possible.
“Isabel, can you come into the backroom with me so I can tell you something?” Maria asked; Isabel nodded as she followed the young girl into the backroom with Max and Michael trailing after her.
“What was it you wanted to tell me?” Isabel asked once they entered the backroom, Maria just cupped her hand under the tap and chucked some water at her face.
“You need to cool down before you literally set Tess on fire with your death ray eyes.” Maria remarked while Isabel spluttered while waving her hand down her face, hair and clothes, drying herself.
“Trust me, I do not have death ray eyes otherwise you would know about it.” Isabel promised.
The two boys just stood back in amusement as they watched the two girls argue, when all of a sudden Liz hurried through to the backroom.
“Isabel, you need to come out to the front!” Liz hurried out. “A policeman wants to talk to you.”
“A policeman wants to talk to me.” Isabel asked confused as she walked out to the front where she saw a group of people in a circle. She walked over and the group separate to allow her to see what was going on. She gasped when the policeman turned around, revealing himself.
Liz smiled as she gently pushed Isabel into the middle of the group as the man pressed play on the radio. Rock DJ came blasting through the speakers as Alex began to dance. Everyone cheered while Isabel smiled while her face was bright red due to embarrassment.
“What the hell?” Michael demanded as Alex threw his tie at him. Liz laughed as Max wrapped his arms around her waist and buried his face into her hair.
“Oh my god!” Isabel squeaked out as Alex took of his shirt and swung it about in the air before letting it go, it sailed through the air and landed on one of the girl’s head. He swung around, shaking his ass as the gang while moving his hip to the beat of the music and took of his belt and hat, he threw the hat and Max caught it while Alex slid the belt between his legs and started sliding it.
Max rolled his eyes as he handed Isabel the hat before burying his face in Liz’s hair once more, embarrassed at the sight his best friend was making.
“What is our life coming to?” He heard Michael muttered from behind and snickered.
“That what we get when we hang around with crazy humans.” Max whispered to Michael, both of them shared a small smile, remembering everything they had went through when they let the humans into their lives.
Max turned around to face the front only for his face to pale in shock and for his arms to tighten themselves around Liz as Liz’s hands came up to her mouth when Alex spun around and saw Diane standing there was shocked look on her face.
“Uh oh.” Isabel muttered.
“Hey Mrs Evans.” Alex greeted. “Great party.”
Liz turned around in Max’s arms and buried her face into his chest, trying hard to muffle her laughers.
“What on earth do you think you are doing?” Diane demanded; Alex just gulped as the gang moved back a bit and snickered.
“Erm, dancing?” Alex asked and Diane rose and eyebrow.
“Dancing?” she asked and Alex nodded, vigorously, trying to make sure that he was going to be alive meanwhile everyone was in the back room, laughing. “And since when Striping is dancing?” Diane asked, Alex just gulped and smiled at her weakly.
“I can’t believe you got Alex to strip!” Isabel exclaimed and everyone laughed once more.
“I can’t believe your mom caught him.” Michael stated and Tess laughed.
“Think he scarred for life.” Tess added in, looking at Max and Liz from the corner of her eyes. She saw that the pair of them was sitting on the couch but Liz was sitting away from Max while Max was trying to reach Liz. Tess smirked, they both were having troubles and it wouldn’t be long until Max came running back to her.
While in reality, Liz could feel Max’s desire for her and was trying very hard to keep him at arm length so that nothing embarrassing would happen in front of everyone.
Max kept shooting her hot looks from under his eyelids that had Liz shifting in her seat, trying to get further away from him.
“What is up with you two?” Isabel demanded, causing Max and Liz to look at her with a shocked look.
“Nothing!” Liz and Max exclaimed; both blushing slightly and Isabel just shot them an unconvinced look.
“Okay, whatever you say.” Isabel stated with a shrug, the door opened and Kyle walked in. “Kyle!” Isabel stated with surprise.
“Hi, dad made me come.” Kyle stated with a bored tone and Liz walked over to him.
“We’re glad you can make it Kyle, I know what dads are like when they force you to go somewhere you don’t want to go but we are glad to see that you are okay.” Liz stated with a small smile and Kyle glared at her.
“I’m only here because my dad made me, not something you would know.” Kyle sneered and it cut through her heart.
“What do you mean by that?” Liz whispered.
“Well, Jeff wasn’t really your dad so I don’t see how you could know what its like.” Kyle smarted and Liz stumbled backward.
“Take that back.” Liz hissed and Kyle snorted.
“Why should I? It’s your fault that I got shot, if you hadn’t come, none of this would have happened.” Kyle bit out, Max, Michael, Isabel stood up, anger flaring in their eyes while Maria and Alex came storming in from the front room, having to overhear what Kyle had said to Liz.
“It was not Liz’s fault you asshole!” Maria snapped at Kyle. “Max told you to stay out of it, that your father was fine so basically it was your fault that you came and got yourself involved.”
“And you’re the one who gave Pierce the gun you’re the one responsible for Liz almost losing her life!” Max gritted out through clenched teeth as he took Liz into his arms.
“Excuse me for thinking that my dad was in danger.” Kyle snapped and Isabel lost it, she stormed up to Kyle and grabbed him round the neck.
“If I were you, Kyle, I watch my mouth cause you never know when it will get glued shut by one of us, let me put it this way. You won’t know when or where it’s coming but you’ll know why and let me tell you something, I always keep my threats and promise, no matter what.” Isabel hissed out to him darkly, her eyes promising hell on earth if Kyle dared to upset Liz once more.
Kyle just squeaked as Isabel pushed him away and grabbed Liz’s arm gently before leading her out into the front where everyone was more accepting of Liz.
“Oh bad move to get on the wrong side of the royalty.” Maria stated gleefully as Max and Michael threw death glares before heading out to join the girl. Alex and Maria headed after them too.
“You blame her too.” Tess asked and Kyle nodded.
“If it wasn’t for her and Evans, I wouldn’t have been shot.” Kyle stated and Tess looked at him.
“How about we join up together, split Max and Liz up and drive Liz out of town where she belongs?” Tess asked and Kyle looked at her with a smile, they both shook hands before heading out to the front to join the party.
“Hey, you are baking?” Courtney asked as she stepped into the kitchen and saw Michael standing at the counter with a bowl in front of him with the cake mixture and a wooden spoon in his hand.
“Looks like it.” Michael stated and Courtney tilted her head slightly and smiled.
“You were supposed to add eggs.” Courtney stated before dipping a finger into the mixture, brought it up to her mouth, and smiled when she had her taste. “Tabasco mixture, my favourite.”
She walked away with a wink, leaving Michael behind, staring after her with a stunned shock as Maria entered the room.
“Hey Space boy, what you doing?” Maria asked and Michael shrugged as he went back to his baking, ignoring her and he missed her hurt expression as he placed the mixture into the cake tins before placing it in the oven and walking out.
Courtney came in from outside and entered the kitchen. Maria saw her and immediately stood up straight, her green eyes flashing with barely concealed anger.
“Stay away from Michael.” Maria stated and Courtney looked at her.
“Why should I?” Courtney shot back. “Is your name sewed on his jeans?”
“I can’t believe that Mrs. Evans caught me stripping for her daughter! She is so going to tell Mr. Evans then it’s goodnight Whitman for good as the last thing I’ll ever see is an axe coming down on my neck or worse, my lower region!” Alex babbled as he came storming into the kitchen.
“You’ll never know.” Maria bit back, anger flashing in her eyes.
“Do you guys have any idea what it’s like to have a thong stuck up your ass?” Alex demanded; both girls turned to him.
“YES!” They both snapped. Alex took a step back and held up his hand in defence.
“Okay!” Alex exclaimed. “Got the message!” before backing out of the room and heading for safety.
“Michael is mine and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay away from him.” Maria threatened and Courtney smirked.
“He’s good enough for me.” Courtney stated before leaving the kitchen, leaving Maria simmering.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked Liz, she was turning her head about, looking for something.
“Someone is heating up and is about to explode from their held in anger.” Liz stated then all of a sudden they heard a crash and looked toward the Kitchen hatch where they saw Maria holding a knife. “Oh boy.” Liz groaned to herself before hurrying off toward the kitchen and chucking some water into Maria’s face, cooling her down and preventing any death from happening.
“Must be something in the water.” Alex muttered and Max laughed as he watched as Liz calm Maria down before taking her into the backroom, where she was going to dry Maria.
“Tell me about it.” Max stated as Michael headed into the backroom and went into the kitchen.
Liz watched as Michael take out the cake and wave his hand over it, cooling it and icing it. He held up a picture and concentrated as Liz had told him to and a pale light appeared from his hand over the cake. Michael turned to Liz and nodded, making Liz smile as she hurried out into the front room.
“Cake time!” Liz called out and everyone cheered as the lights dimmed slightly while Michael brought out the cake.
Everyone began singing ‘Happy Birthday’ as Michael sat down the cake in front of Isabel, who looked at the cake and immediately felt her throat tighten and tears of happiness filling up her eyes as she let out a breathless laugher choked with tears.
It was a picture of the gang from the middle of the summer; Liz and Maria were on either side of Isabel, hugging the taller girl, the three girls laughing into the camera while Alex, Max and Michael were standing behind their respective partner. Michael had raised his hands and was giving the bull sign as they were laughing too. “We wanted to let you know that the good times can overcome the bad times.” Liz whispered. Isabel smiled as she hugged the smaller girl, thanking her for the cake.
“Okay Isabel, candles time.” Diane stated as she held up the camera, Isabel smiled as she bent down, closed her eyes and made a wish before blowing out the candles. Everyone cheered while Max wrapped his arms around Liz’s waist and kissed the top of her head, pulling her into his body.
“You okay?” he asked. Liz smiled.
“I’m fine.” Liz whispered back, resting her head on Max’s chest.
Tess shook her head at the sight before turning back to look at Isabel with anger flaring in her eyes, her body stiffening in fury. Liz looked toward Tess then pulled away from Max, guilt and fear coursing through her body at Tess’s angry reaction. Max looked at Liz with confusion covering his face as he tugged on her arm to pull her closer to him and turned to her face toward him so he could look into her eyes.
“What’s wrong?” Max asked and Liz shook her head.
“Not here.” Liz whispered. Max looked around the building before pulling Liz toward the backroom so they could talk in private.
“What is it Liz?” Max asked and Liz looked down at her feet.
“We need to stop touching in public Max, we are hurting Tess.” Liz stated and Max closed his eyes before counting to ten as anger flared through his body at the name.
“Liz, listen to me.” Max commanded as he placed his fingers under her chin and brought her face up to meet his. “I love you and I’m damn well not going to stop touching you because Tess is annoyed.”
“Max, I’m the one who feels everyone’s emotions and I hate being the one who made her feel hurt.” Liz muttered then sighed. “I hate hurting people.”
“Baby, listen to me. I’m the one who hurt Tess and you’ve never hurt anyone, okay?” Max demanded. “You are too sweet and loveable to go around hurting people.” Liz bowed her head, smiling shyly as a faint blush covered her face. “Tess is just upset because she thought I was in love with her when I wasn’t and she is taking her anger out on you for no reason.” Max pulled Liz into his body and hugged her tightly. “I promise you that she will get off your back soon, no matter what I have to do.” Max promised. Liz nodded as she rested her head on his chest, letting him comfort her.
Maria watched as Max and Liz went into the backroom and felt anger flare up in her body. She had seen the exchanged between Tess and Liz and knew that had happened. She was beginning to get annoyed with Tess for being a bitch to Liz.
“What’s wrong with you Blondie?” Michael asked; he saw Maria’s fists clenched as her jaw tightened.
“I swear to the lord that I’m going to punch Tess in order to knock some sense into the stupid bitch.” Maria muttered, her green eyes flaring with anger as she glared at the small blonde who was doing her best to make Max and Liz’s life a living hell.
Michael groaned silently to himself while rolling his eyes.
“What did she do now?” Michael asked. “She hasn’t even been anywhere near you and here you are, babbling on how you are going to punch her.”
“She keeps upsetting Liz!” Maria exclaimed and at Michael’s confused look, she sighed. “Liz is empathic, which allows her to feel other people emotions, therefore she can feel Tess’s hate toward her and Tess’s hurt that Max had broken up with her for Liz.” Maria explained. “Which causes Liz to blame herself for the break-up and make her feel that she had destroyed our lives.”
“But Max and Tess weren’t happy together and she didn’t destroy our lives.” Michael pointed out.
“We know that, and no matter how many times we tell Liz that, Tess brings the doubts back.” Alex jumped in, overhearing the conversation.
“And Liz doesn’t believe us because she wasn’t an empathic before, yes she believes that Max loves her because she can feel it yet she still has doubts.” Maria added in.
“And Max has been telling Tess that he doesn’t love her and wants her to leave Liz alone but Tess ain’t listening.” Alex added in.
Michael looked at the both of them, his head going back and forward as if he was watching a ping pong ball go back and forth.
“Got it.” Michael stated with a nod and the other two nodded before turning back, leaving Michael looking at them with a befuddled expression, he’ll have to ask Max cause these two always had a habit of making him confused.
“Where are we going now?” Isabel asked as Liz and Maria packed up the present.
“We are going up to the apartment and have a little sleepover party for ourselves while you open you presents.” Maria stated and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“Didn’t have enough of partying?” Isabel teased and Maria laughed.
“You know me.” Maria stated back as Alex and Max took the tray of plates and glasses into the kitchen, Max waved his hand over the tray and cleaned them then he and Alex put the stuff away.
Liz, Maria and Isabel each grabbed a black bin bag and dragged the bags up the stairs while the Max grabbed the cake, Michael waved his hand over the Crashdown and watched as the area cleaned up before grabbing the bag of food and Alex grabbed the drinks.
“You know, Tess, you could least do something.” Isabel stated, Tess just laughed as she headed up the stairs, purposely bumping Liz, causing Liz to slam into the wall, grunting in pain where her hip had hit the banister.
“TESS!” Max shouted as he hurried up the stairs and caught Liz; he placed his hand over her hip, healing before turning to Tess with anger in his eyes.
“Sorry, it was an accident.” Tess stated, Max was about argue when Liz jumped in.
“Max, it’s true, it was an accident.” Liz whispered; everyone shook their heads in disbelief while Tess just smirked as she headed up the stairs. They knew that Liz knew it wasn’t an accident but can’t do anything when she is refusing to help them.
“Liz…” Max started but Liz shook her head and walked up the stairs, leaving Max looking after her with a frustrated gaze as he looked down at his friends.
They all were getting frustrated about Tess slagging Liz off but that was the last straw, no one was allowed to attack Liz and get away with it. They all planned to talk to Tess straight after Liz went to sleep and they knew that it wouldn’t take long as Liz was exhausted from staying up most of the night before.
Tess settled herself in her sleeping bag when all of a sudden she felt a hand gripping her arm, pulling her out of her sleeping bag and into the kitchen where the light flickered on. She looked up and smiled at Max.
“I knew you come back to me.” Tess stated saucily, Max just glared at her and she heard a cough, she turned and was startled to see the rest of the gang apart from Liz. “What’s this?”
“You have to stop this Tess.” Isabel stated.
“Stop what?” Tess asked innocently.
“You have to stop getting on to Liz.” Max snapped. “I’m the one who broke up with you! Liz had nothing to do with it!”
“Like hell she had nothing to do with it!” Tess snapped out, anger and venom colouring her voice. “She came between us.”
“There was nothing between us!” Max snapped as he stomped away and came back, running his hand through his hair. “I never loved you, I just went out with you to get you to shut up about whining why we couldn’t go out. It was damn well getting on my nerves.”
Tess gasped as she took a step back then slapped Max across the cheek.
“You are nothing but a selfish bastard who thinks the whole world revolves around him!” Tess hissed out and Max glared back.
“Leave Liz alone or you can find yourself permanently out of the group. I have had it Tess. I don’t want you upsetting Liz anymore and if I find out that you have done something, you will regret it forever, that I can promise.” Max hissed darkly, his dark eyes promising hell on earth if she dared to disobey him.
“Max?” a small voice whispered; Max turned around and saw Liz standing there, rubbing her eyes sleepily in his t-shirt; looking confused.
“Hey baby, what you are doing up?” Max asked as he walked over and wrapped his arms around Liz, pulling her into his body.
“I had a nightmare and I heard shouting.” Liz stated and looked around the kitchen where she saw everyone glaring at Tess. “What’s going on?”
“Nothing baby, we were just having a little disagreement.” Max stated before glaring at Tess then turning Liz around. “Let’s see if we can get you to go back to sleep.” Liz nodded as she rested her head on Max’s shoulder, yawing as Max lifted her up into his arms and headed toward her bedroom so that they could get some sleep.
“We’re warning you Tess, watch where you step the line.” Michael stated as he followed the rest out in to the living room so they could get some sleep.
Tess just stayed in the kitchen, fuming at what happened and made a note to contact Kyle the next morning so they could go over their plans to get Max to go back to her and for Liz to get out of town like she belongs.
Max woke up later sometime in the night; he looked down at Liz’s sleeping body and kissed her forehead before, gently, slipping out of the bed heading into the kitchen. Liz moaned his name slightly as he wrapped the covers around her, making sure that she was comfortable before heading into the kitchen.
He stepped in only to stop when he heard a noise in the kitchen and flicked the lights on.
“How did you get in here?” Max demanded.
“Wouldn’t you like to know?” A female voice asked before bringing up her hand and blasting Max into the wall.
Max groaned as his back met the wall and slid down to the floor, he looked up between slits.
“Liz is going to kill you.” Max muttered before drifting off unconscious. The female smirked as she stepped in further.
“Only if I don’t kill her first.” She whispered gleefully to herself before picking up Max with her powers and heading out of the Evan’s house to her hideout.
Liz gasped as she bolted up in bed; sweat dripping down her forehead while she clutched the bed sheet to her chest. She hurried into the kitchen only to see Max’s shirt lying on the ground from where it had fell off his body. She picked it up and felt the fear clenching at her heart like a fist had been wrapped around it.
Max has been taken. She stood up on weak legs before moving toward the living room where the rest of the gang had gathered around after she made noises, hurrying toward the kitchen.
“Max has been taken.” Liz choked out as she held Max’s shirt close to her body.
Everyone looked at her, stunned before looking at each other, wondering what the hell to do.

Sorry for the cliffy and I hoped you enjoyed this chapter. You know the drill; review thanks and will try to put up the next chapter soon.

Next Chapter: Who has kidnapped Max and Why? Are the gang going to find him in time?
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Hey people, here’s the next chapter and I know that it is out early, I was already half way through with this one due to mind block on last chapter so enjoy. BTW, Liz gets close to someone in this chapter.

Chapter 6

Liz was lying on the couch, her head on Alex’s lap holding Max’s shirt to her body while Alex ran his hand through her hair, comforting the young woman on his lap.
“What are we going to do?” Maria asked.
“We need to find out where Max is as soon a possible.” Michael stated as he turned to Isabel. “Can you dream walk him?” Isabel nodded as she moved into her bedroom and lay on the bed while placing her fingers over Max’s face. She took a deep breath before closing her eyes, calling out to Max as she slipped into the dream walk.
It was dark and she looked around.
“Max?” Isabel called out as she walked; there was no answer until she saw a light, curious; she walked over to it only for a shadow to enter the light.
“You have no concern to be here.” The voice snarled as it’s hand came up and blasted Isabel out of the dream walk.
Isabel sat up in her bed, breathing shallowly as she ran a hand through her sweat soaked blonde hair.
“What happened?” Tess demanded.
“Some was in the dream with me, they blasted me out of Max’s mind.” Isabel stated out and locked eyes with Michael. “I think it was an alien.”
“Damn!” Michael swore as he slammed a fist into the wall, “We are not ready to face our enemies yet, Liz is not ready.”
“If she can face the F.B.I, I think she had no problem facing your enemies.” Tess remarked, snootily and everyone rolled his or her eyes.
“You have been a bad boy.” The female hissed as she backhanded Max across the face. “You weren’t allowed to let Vilandra into your mind.”
“Go to hell.” Max hissed out between pained breaths.
“Oh, mighty words from the highness.” She remarked sarcastically before laughing. “Oops, I was wrong, you’re not the king anymore.”
“They will kill you and I don’t think Liz will be merciful when she finds out that you were the one who killed Naseco.” Max stated and the female laughed even harder.
“And what is the little whore going to do to me?” she demanded. “Order me to my death, I don’t think so. You all are nothing but a pathetic bunch of wannabe royalty.”
“Go to hell.” Max snapped and groaned when she backhanded him once more, slamming the back of his head into the wall, knocking him out briefly.
Liz was lying on the bed, clutching Max’s shirt and pillow close to her body; she felt the bed shift slightly and someone pull her into their body.
“I can’t lose him Alex, I love him.” Liz whispered.
“You are not going to lose him Liz.” Alex promised. “We are going to get him back, right here with us and you.”
“I just don’t think I could handle it if I lost someone else Alex. I hate losing everyone close to me.” Liz sobbed out and turned over so she could bury her face into Alex’s shoulder.
“Shh, Max is coming back and he’ll tell you how much he loves you and will protect you.” Alex stated and pulled away slightly so he could look Liz in the eye and raised an eyebrow. “Do you really think his highness is going to leave his queen behind when he can be here himself?” Alex asked, “He’ll move heaven and Hell, he’ll even go to the edge of the earth to get back to you, not matter what.”
“I know, I would do the same for him but I just can’t help but feel that I’m going to lose him.” Alex pulled her into a hug once more and kissed the top of her head.
“Go to sleep sweetie, Max will be back with us soon.” Alex soothed. Liz closed her eyes and took several deep breaths before her breathing evened out as she fell into a deep slumber.
Alex looked up from watching Liz and saw Isabel standing at the doorway with a proud smile at Alex for being there for her sister.
“Thank you.” Isabel mouthed before heading back into the living room to discuss with the gang how they were going to get Max back to Liz.
Liz found herself in the U.F.O Centre; it was dark as she looked around.
“Hello?” Liz called out as she walked a few steps, she heard groans and soon a bright light filled a corner of the room. Liz turned to it and gasped when she saw a bloodied Max sitting in the corner, bind. “Max!” Liz cried out as she hurried over to his side, she lifted his head gently and gently tapped his cheeks.
“Liz?” Max whispered as he silted his eyes open to meet the brown gaze of his angel.
“Max, who has you?” Liz asked.
“Con…gress…Whit…a…taker.” Max stuttered out between pained gasped. Liz gasped as she felt herself going inside of Max’s head and all his memories of his capture flew at her, enveloping her in pain and anguish.
“Oh my god Max!” Liz gasped out; she leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips. “I’m coming Max, hold on, I’m coming for you.” Liz stated then found herself thrown out of the dream plane. “Congress Whitaker has Max!” Liz cried out as she bolted up in her bed, clutching the sheet to her chest as sweat dripped down from her forehead on to the bed.
“What? Why?” Isabel demanded.
“How do you know?” Tess snapped.
“Where are they?” Michael asked.
“How is he?” Maria wondered.
“Whoa, hold on.” Alex chimed in, holding up his hands. “She can’t answer everyone’s question at the same time. Give her a break to get her breath back.”
“Congress Whitaker is holding Max because she wants revenge and she wants something but it isn’t clear. I know because Max and I have this connection to each other. He is at the U.F.O Centre and he is beaten quite badly.” Liz explained, answering everyone’s questions.
“We need to get him out of there now!” Tess exclaimed and Liz shook her head.
“We can’t, Whitaker is obviously stronger than we are and I have no doubt she’ll be able to kill us all with one wave of her hand. We need a plan so we can surprise her and corner her before she has the chance to attack any of us.” Liz explained and everyone nodded in agreement apart from Tess.
“I’ll call Valenti, maybe he can get us the blue prints for the U.F.O centre.” Michael stated as he headed toward the living room to collect the phone.
Maria and Alex headed down the stairs to collect the healing crystals from Liz’s locker just in case Max had been hurt badly and needed the healing crystal. Maria looked at Courtney’s locker with interest, she walked over it and it spun the combination, she had the locker the year before so she knew the combination.
“Maria, what are you doing?” Alex hissed.
“I think Courtney is more than she seems.” Maria replied as she opened the locker and gasped when she looked inside, there were pictures of Michael and what looked like a snakeskin. “Oh my god.” Maria gasped out, Alex just paled.
“She’s a skin, we need to tell Michael.” Alex stated but Maria shook her head.
“No way, knowing Michael, he’ll think we are making this up or something, we need to get her ourselves and show them her.” Maria stated and Alex rolled his eyes.
“And just how are two humans are suppose to manhandle an alien?” Alex asked.
“You know, this is totally on the death list.” Alex muttered as he followed Maria to Courtney’s apartment. Maria rolled her eyes as she reached Courtney’s door.
“Be quiet Alex, we’ll be fine.” Maria whispered back and Alex threw a disbelieving dumbfounded look at the back of her head.
“Are you kidding?” Alex hissed. “We are going to an alien, possible murder, house and you are saying we’ll be okay?”
“Relax!” Maria hissed back as she grasped Courtney’s door and picked locked it, she quickly stepped in, pulling Alex in with her and brought a finger up to her mouth. “Shh.” Maria mouthed as she moved toward the bedroom.
Courtney was sleeping on the bed as Maria creeped up, pulled out a white hand chief from her back pocket, and placed it over Courtney’s mouth and nose. Courtney gasped slightly before falling back to sleep and Maria nodded to Alex.
Alex stepped forward, lifted Courtney up and over his shoulder, and followed Maria outside the apartment with a roll of his eyes. He should have never asked Maria how they were going to get Courtney; it meant death for him.
“Has anyone see Maria and Alex?” Isabel asked as she looked around the room, Liz looked around the room in confusion.
“They went down the stairs to collect the healing stones, they should have been up here ages ago.” Liz admitted as Jim and Kyle entered the building with the blue prints.
“We never saw them downstairs and I have the blue prints.” Jim stated, Michael took the blue prints and laid it over the table, everyone leaned over and studied it when Maria and Alex came barging in, startling everyone almost to death.
“Courtney is a skin.” Maria exclaimed as she and Alex pulled a now-awake Courtney into the Parker’s living room. Liz stood up and looked at Courtney and understanding dawned on her.
“You’re Rath’s followers.” Liz stated and Courtney looked at her stunned.
“You’re Lilly?” Courtney asked and Liz nodded, Courtney bowed down in front of Liz. “My Queen, you have no idea how glad I am to see that you are alive.” Courtney stated, Liz walked over and pulled Courtney up.
“Please, I do not remember my life except what my dad told me, please do not treat me the Queen I used to be.” Liz stated.
“Do you know about Whitaker?” Alex asked and Courtney paled.
“Yes Whitaker is a skin but she works for Khiva, how do you know of her?” Courtney asked.
“She has Max.” Tess snapped out.
“Whitaker has the king.” Courtney asked and Liz nodded. “He’s still alive.”
“Yes, why?” Liz asked.
“It’s a trap, she must be wanting something if she still had him alive.” Courtney explained.
“What does she want?” Liz asked and Courtney asked.
“I don’t know, I haven’t seen them in a long time so I’m out of the loop.” Courtney stated; Liz looked at her carefully, for some reason the Skins can mask their emotions and she couldn’t really feel anything from Courtney, which kept her on her guard.
“I don’t care, we need to find out how we are going to get Max back as soon as possible without Whitaker harming him anymore.” Liz stated and everyone nodded.
Courtney headed toward the map and looked at it while everyone surrounded Liz, wanting answers to her statement.
“What do you mean that she is a Rath follower?” Maria asked Liz, everyone looked at her.
“When Zan made the mistakes in our past life, a lot of his followers started to doubt about their choices of accepting him as their king so they looked toward Rath as he was more in control and fought Zan, trying to get Zan to wake up from his depression over losing Lilly.” Liz explained to the gang.
“Wow.” Michael stated and Liz nodded.
“But you need to be careful, those followers want Rath, not you Michael. Ever since you can’t really remember your past, you have no idea what to expect from them or what they expect from you.” Liz warned and Michael nodded.
“Hey guys, there is this air vent, maybe you could slip into it and sneak up behind Whitaker?” Courtney suggested, pointing to the map, everyone hurried over to it and looked at it and Liz nodded.
“Okay, Isabel you go through the front door, Michael, you, Courtney and Alex will go through the Vent. Maria, Tess and Kyle, you’ll go through the back door, this way we can corner Whitaker from all sides, giving her no chance to escape.” Liz stated and everyone nodded, no this was no time to protest and Liz was the queen.
Isabel hurried into the U.F.O Centre, she gasped when she saw Max lying in the middle of the Centre and ran over to him.
“Max?” Isabel asked as she gently shook him, Max groaned slightly and opened his eyes to meet his sister’s eyes.
“Watch out of her Izzy, she’s…” Max started but slipped out again; Isabel turned around and glared at Whitaker who was standing behind her.
“Why did you take him?” Isabel demanded.
“To get you for here. Especially you my dear.” Whitaker hissed as she lifted up her hand and blasted Max a few feet away. Isabel gasped.
“Oh, God. What is it you want from us?” Isabel demanded as she hurried over to Max.
“Where's the granilith?” Whitaker demanded.
“The what?” Isabel demanded; her face covered in confusion.
“The granilith. Don't pretend you don't know. We've been looking for it. We can't exist here like you...not in our natural state. We don't have the DNA. All we have are these...uh, skins. Our limit is 50 years. My time is almost up. I need to find the granilith if it's the last thing I do.” Whitaker snapped.
“I don't know what you're talking about.” Isabel exclaimed.
“You're hiding it. The four of you. The royalty they tried to save by sending you here. You're gonna help us.” Whitaker smirked confidently.
“Never.” Isabel whispered, shaking her head in denial.
“You did before. You will again.” Whitaker whispered.
“You killed Naseco, didn't you?” Isabel demanded, finally realising who killed Liz’s dad and knowing that Liz would become unpredictable once she knew.
“To save you.” Whitaker stated with a shrug.
“From what?” Isabel demanded, wondering how killing someone who was like a dad to Liz was saving them.
“The other 3. You belong with us, our race. We're in charge now. Your kind doesn't rule anymore.” Whitaker snapped out, getting frustrated.
“I'm not one of you.” Isabel hissed out.
“You don't remember, do you?” Whitaker asked with a disbelieving tone. “Let me give you a piece of history about your planet. Your name was Vilandra, and you were beautiful...even more beautiful than you are now. You had a great love...and for him...for betrayed your brother, your race.”
“No.” Isabel stated, shaking her head as fear clutched her heart.
“You sacrificed him. You sacrificed everyone...even yourself. And history, my dear, always repeats itself.” Whitaker warned.
“God, you liar. We're leaving.” Isabel snapped as she tried to lift Max up.
“Not until you tell me where you're hiding the granilith.” Whitaker snapped out.
“I told you before, I don't know what you're talking about.” Isabel snapped out, getting frustrated and annoyed.
“Well, maybe this will help jog your memory.” Whitaker said as she raises her hand and an invasion force knocked Max into the air. Max landed with a thud
“Uhh! Unh!” Max groaned out in pain.
“Stop it! Stop hurting him!” Isabel demanded.
“I'll stop when you tell me what I want to know.” Whitaker compromised. Isabel hurried over to Max, helped to his feet, and then hurried off the display that Max had landed. They start making their way to the exit and Whitaker gives chase.
“Come on.” Isabel whispered to Max as she helped him.
Isabel and Max make it to the main part of the U.F.O Centre. Whitaker makes it to the main part too. She tears off an electrical cable. Liz sees them from the doors of the U.F.O Centre.
“Isabel!” Liz called out as she made her way over with the gang following hot on her heels.
“Where's the granilith?” Whitaker demanded.
“Get away from us!” Isabel snapped.
“I'll destroy you. I'll destroy you all if I have to.” Whitaker shouted out, irrational as she uses her power to start sending a stream of electrical sparks through the cable towards Isabel and Max.
“No. No! Get away from us!” Isabel shouted, Liz managed to get in front of Isabel and Max and held up her hand as her eyes went black with fury.
Whitaker went flying backward and crashed into the wall behind them and slumped to the ground while everyone watched Liz in a stunned shock. Max had managed to wake up in time to see Liz attacking Whitaker.
“You’ll see, Khiva will kill you all and take over the planet.” Whitaker hissed as she got up, Liz level a cold glare at her.
“I don’t think so.” Liz hissed out as anger formed in her body, making her powers pulse. “Khiva will die and our betrayers will perish in the flames that they have made while Zan will rise from the ashes as the true king he is.” Liz stated in a melodic tone, which stunned Whitaker to her core as she looked at Liz.
Liz cocked her head then disappeared, she appeared at Whitaker’s back, leaned in to whisper into the woman’s ear. “How is Khiva?” she asked. “Frustrated cause he couldn’t rape me?” then she plunged her fist into the woman’s small of her back, everyone watched as the husk fell apart in front of him or her with a stunned/shocked look on his or her face.
“How did you know how to kill her?” Tess asked. Liz looked at her.
“She was a skin, it’s kinda easy to see where the plug is.” Liz remarked before walking toward Max, she stopped when she reached Courtney’s side and looked at the young skin. “Zan made mistakes because Lilly died. Don’t hold it against him.” Before moving on and helping Max up, she wrapped an arm around his waist while he wrapped his arm around her shoulder. “Come on, let’s go and get you fixed up.”
Max laughed slightly as he leaned on Liz and Liz leaned on him, both happy that the other one was safe and alive. Liz turned to the others. “Go home and get some rest, she was the first and won’t be the last so we need to build our energy up if we wish to survive them.” Liz commanded before helping Max out of the U.F.O Centre and heading him to the jeep.
“Wow!” Maria stated as she and the gang walked into the Crashdown.
“So you keep saying.” Alex stated with an amused smile at his best friend who seemed to be a stuck record.
“I can’t believe everything.” Kyle muttered, causing glares from Maria, Michael, Isabel and Alex.
“Live with it!” Maria snapped. “We had to go through this last year and Liz had to go throw this since she was six years old!” The gang was beginning to get annoyed with Kyle attitude to the pod squad, especially Max and Liz.
“I shouldn’t have to!” Kyle snapped back. “Evans is the reason I’m stuck in your crazy world in the first place!”
“If you had stayed behind like Max had told you to, you wouldn’t be stuck in this ‘crazy world’ as you put it so it’s no one fault but yours.” Michael snapped out.
Maria came forward and held up her hands, playing peacemaker because she could see that Isabel was about to lose her patience with Kyle too.
“Calm down the pair of you, this is no time to be arguing,” Maria stated.
“Tell him to get over himself and accept that it was his fault that he got shot.” Michael growled.
“Yeah, and Max didn’t have to heal Kyle but he did because that who he was.” Alex jumped in, defending his best friend.
“Like the hell I will be grateful to Evans for getting me shot in the first place!” Kyle growled out and Isabel lost it.
“Oh Kyle get over it!” Isabel snapped, her patience finally worn out. Everyone took a step back because he or she knew that once Isabel was mad, there was no stopping her from claiming her prize. “If you had just kept your big fat nose out of our business and did what Max told you to do, stay behind, you wouldn’t have gotten shot in the first place and had to get Max to heal you then get stuck in our world. If you recall, you are the one who gave Pierce the gun, the alien hunter that Raped and Killed Liz’s mom in front of her!”
“What the hell are you on about?” Kyle demanded and Isabel stood in front of Kyle, coiling up like a snake, ready to strike at any moment.
“You heard me, when Liz was eight years old, she and her mother were kidnapped by the F.B.I, Pierce raped Nancy right in front of Liz then killed her in front of Liz. Pierce made Liz watch as he took her mother apart, piece by piece.” Isabel stated, emphasising the last sentence.
Kyle paled when he heard this and realised his mistake of getting on Isabel’s bad side.
“You’re lying!” Kyle snapped and Isabel glared at him.
“Trust me, I never lie about anything like this, Pierce was going to rape Liz in order to get her pregnant in front of Max.” Isabel spat out. “So if you dare to even talk to Liz like she is lower than you, I will transfer her memories into you and make you feel everything that she felt so watch your move from now on otherwise, forget trying to survive school, you won’t survive us!” Isabel promised before spinning on her heels and storming up the stairs to the apartment. Maria and Alex followed Isabel while Michael glared at Kyle once more then following the rest, leaving Tess and Kyle standing in the Crashdown, stunned at what they just heard.
“You know, I could kill you for scaring me like that.” Liz exclaimed as she helped Max into his bedroom and headed into the adjoining bathroom to get a wet cloth to wipe away the blood.
“I’m sorry.” Max called after her and Liz came into the bedroom.
“Why didn’t you use your powers?” Liz asked as she cleaned the blood and the wound before healing them.
“I guess I was just stunned that she actually got into the house then she brought her hand up and blasted me before I actually had a chance to do anything.” Max explained.
“You really scared me Max.” Liz whispered as she looked off to the side. “I thought I was going to lose you like I lost my parents.”
“Oh baby, come here.” Max whispered as he pulled Liz into his arms and on to his lap; he kissed the side of her head before tucking her head under his chin. “You are not going to lose me, I promise.”
“You don’t know that.” Liz whispered as she turned her face into the crook of his neck, inhaling the safe scent of him, tears falling from her eyes.
Outside she had been strong, been the queen that the gang needed in order to bring Max back from where ever he was and to annihilate the enemy, but within the safety of their house and in Max’s arm, she could finally let go the fear that she had been holding in.
“No, I mean it Liz, I’m not going anywhere without you.” Max promised as he lifted up her face and looked into her eyes. “You are my life and I swear that I will not leave you behind.”
“I made that promise to you and I broke it.” Liz whispered as she looked away.
“What happened?” Max asked. “How did you die?” Liz sighed.
“I was killed.” Liz whispered.
“During the war?” Max asked and Liz shook her head as she gazed into Max’s eyes sadly.
“I was the reason why the war began.” Liz corrected.
“How?” Max asked.
“I was going to see you when I was ambushed and killed. You tried to save me but it was too late as I had lost a lot of blood.” Liz explained.
“Liz, please tell me everything.” Max pleaded and Liz nodded.
“Okay.” Liz whispered, agreeing.


Second Author notes: There will be chapters where you see Liz getting close to each person in the gang. I wanted to spread it out so there will be an occasion for it. I know that Kyle and Liz were close in the show but I have to make Kyle hostile now, but don’t worry, he will get his time and see that the pod squad is completely human.

Next chapter: Liz tells Max about their past and how she died, but you will feel that she is leaving something out and that will be revealed later on in the story. Someone comes to someone in the gang with a terrible story of their future, who is they are who will they go to?

Leave a review if you know whom it is and whom they are going to and tell me what you thought of this chapter. The next chapter will be out soon as I have written most of it and just need to add a few more.
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"I have an irrational fear of Pingu the Penguin, it's not the plasticine that scares me, its the beak that's the abomination." Me to my friend.

'Found the Cosmos Maiden, she's a few stars short of a galaxy.' Rush Sykes - The Last Remnant