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Posted: Sat Dec 11, 2004 4:51 am
by Bubblegal
Hey, Guys, the next chapter and I know that it is up early too! After this one, it will go back to normal and I will try to update as soon as I can. Thanks for the reviews and I’m glad you like the last chapter and I know you will love this one! Tess gets her time.
F. Stands for Future.
BTW, I wanted to let you know that some part of the story is the same as the episode but differences between Characters and I think that some of you will hate Kyle in this one. No the past is not the same as the TV story; it’s different.
Hey, Summer of 47 happened, everything happened in the same way except that it was Tess that talked to Michael and disappeared, Liz was the one flirting with Max. I didn’t want to do it all up again because it all works out in the same way as the programme and ends in the same as well.

First, a warning, the future version is completely different from the one on the show so I’m sorry if you are offended by some of the material. There will be NO graphic details.

Chapter 7: The End of the World.

Tess sighed as she walked home, she looked into the star filled night and saw the V constellation, she glared at the winking stars because of those planets, Max had been taken from her and thrusted into a destiny that he didn’t want yet was following for the sake of his planets.
She stepped into the house and shut the door behind her, locking it then throwing the keys onto the table next to the door then headed up the stairs to her room. She entered her room only to stop when a bright light filled the room then disappeared.
Tess pulled her hand away and stared at the person in a stunned shock.
“Tess.” They stated, gravely.
“Max?” Tess asked, hopeful, scared and shocked.
“Liz, can you please tell me the story how you died?” Max asked and Liz sighed as she sat on the couch, crossed her legs and faced Max.
“Lilly was nineteen when she was killed, she was killed by Ava.” Liz stated.
“Why?” Max asked.
“I’m going to have to start from the beginning and tell you the whole story so that you can understand about our planets.” Liz stated and Max nodded. “Rath was the first born then it was Ava then it was Lilly. Zan was the first-born then Vilandra was born, that how’s you were the king. Rath and Zan were best friends, Ava and Vilandra were just friends. Everyone adored Lilly because she was the youngest; therefore, she was the cutest. Zan’s parents made a deal with Rath’s parents, that the first born of the Zan house would marry the first born of the opposite sex of the Ilstria house.”
“Zan and Ava, but who’s Ilstria?” Max asked.
“Ilstria is me, Lilly was a nickname by the people who loved and adored her.” Liz explained. “It wasn’t till Lilly was Seventeen, Zan and Lilly realised their feelings for each other but fought it. Zan soon gave in then tempted Lilly to give in while she was fighting her feelings then she gave in. They both started seeing each other in secret then it soon became serious, they both fell in love.” Liz stated and sighed. “Zan told his parents that he was going to marry Lilly no matter what anyone says and if they refused, he would denounce the throne, everyone noticed a change in Zan, he was acting more and more of the leader that they all expected from him that they agreed straightaway, knowing that Lilly made his stronger.”
“What age was Zan when they got together?” Max asked.
“Zan was two years old than Lilly, he was nineteen when they got together, twenty when they got married as Lilly was eighteen. Zan was the same age as Rath.” Liz explained. “Lilly was in danger from one of Zan’s arch enemy, Khiva, he thought he was in love with Lilly and tried everything to bring her to his side, showering her with jewellery, chocolate, money. Lilly wanted nothing but someone to give her his heart and in turn for her to give her heart to him. She wanted someone who loved her for who she was, not try and buy her, that was one of the reasons why she fell in love with Zan. Khiva was too late in his attempts to court Lilly as she had fallen in love with Zan and was engaged to him.” Liz explained and Max nodded. “About two nights before the wedding, Khiva had cornered Lilly and tried to rape her.” Liz took Max hand’s hand when she saw them clench in anger and fear. “Zan walked in at that time and blasted Khiva off Lilly, he healed her then turned to kill Khiva only to find that Khiva had escaped. Zan saved Lilly in time.” Liz promised and Max nodded, relaxing his body at this news. “Lilly was going to see Zan when Ava came out of nowhere and stabbed her, killing Lilly. Zan knew that there was something wrong and rushed to get to Lilly, he found her and tried to save her only for her to die from loss of blood, Lilly managed to tell Zan who killed her before dying in his arms.”
“Why didn’t you tell me?” Max asked; his voice filled with pain at the thought of losing Liz in his arms.
“Because I didn’t want you beating yourself up over what happened in the past Max.” Liz explained. “We have been give a new chance at life and I didn’t want our past to taint it. Zan went into depression over the loss of his wife that he made rash choices, resulting in the war starting.”
“How did Zan know that Lilly was in danger?” Max asked.
“Zan and Lilly had the same bond as us, only it formed after they made love on their wedding night.” Liz stated.
“But…” Max protested and Liz smirked.
“Max, you have Zan’s soul and I have Lilly’s soul, they are still connected even in death.” Liz stated with an amused smiled, causing Max to blush. “Now, you have to tell me what you guys have done over the last few years before you met me.” Liz stated and Max smiled.
“Let’s get some ice cream.” Max stated and they both got up and headed into the kitchen.
“Who are you?” Tess demanded.
“It’s me, Max, I’m from the future, 14 years from now.” F. Max stated and Tess shook her head.
“Time travelling is impossible.” Tess snapped back and F. Max shrugged.
“It’s true and I need your help to change the future.” F. Max stated.
“Why?” Tess asked.
“In fourteen years, the world is going to be taken over and will perish, everyone will die and I need your help to stop that from happening.” F. Max explained.
“Why did it die?” Tess asked.
“The skins took over earth, we weren’t strong enough as Liz had left Roswell and died at the hands of our enemies.” F. Max explained.
“Why did she leave?” Tess asked. F. Max just looked at her before looking away and it dawned on her why Liz left. “Because of me?” Tess asked and he nodded.
“You and Liz had a fight, none of us knew what it was about, you were tight lipped and Liz left.” F. Max explained.
“How do you know it was because of me?” Tess asked and F. Max sighed as he sat on the bed.
“Liz came to me the night before, she was upset. The next morning she was gone and all there was a letter saying that I was to go back to you.” F. Max stated.
“What happened after that?” Tess asked.
“Isabel and I left Roswell to go and find her, Michael stayed behind to make sure that everything was okay and to see if she contacted us. We found her but she was dead, our enemies had found her and killed her, not before torturing her.” F. Max explained and Tess looked at him.
“How did they torture her?” Tess and F. Max stood up, anger flaring in his eyes.
“She was raped, countless times, and beaten up. Does that make you happy?” F. Max demanded and Tess took a step back from him.
“You blame me.” Tess stated and F. Max let out a humourless laugher.
“Figured it out?” he asked, bitterly. “You drove Liz away and she ran straight in to the hands of the enemies. If she had been here, I would have been able to protect her from that fate.” F. Max explained.
“What do you want me to do?” Tess asked, F. Max turned to her with pleading eyes.
“Let me go.” He whispered and Tess looked at him in a stunned shock.
“Oh come on! That didn’t happen!” Liz exclaimed, laughing.
“No, seriously, it did.” Max replied and Liz looked at him with an arched eyebrow, Max and Liz were in the Evan’s kitchen, eating ice cream and Tabasco sauce.
“Michael ‘abducted’ Maria and you, Tess and Isabel found Maria on top of Michael when you walked into the motel room?” Liz asked and Max nodded causing Liz to laugh once more.
“Maria was telling us that nothing happened while Michael was saying that there was no point in hiding it, that got her pretty riled up.” Max explained and Liz’s eye widen as she took her ice cream.
“I bet she did.” She stated and turned to face Max once more. “So how did Alex find out?” she asked, she wanted to find out their past, to catch up on all the things she had missed and Max was more than happy to fill her in.
“All of us went to a party, Tess and Alex got arrested because they were in possession of alcohol, Alex threatened to tell the sheriff so she told him. He thought we were all on drugs.” He explained and Liz laughed.
“That’s a good reason to the whole weirdness going around.” Liz stated thoughtfully and Max flicked his ice cream at her, playfully. Liz shrieked as she flicked her ice cream back at him, starting an ice cream war. Max chased Liz around the counter; he grabbed her arm and spun her around, only for Liz to slip on some ice cream that was lying on the floor. Liz toppled backward, holding onto Max’s shirt and pulled him down with her.
Both of them landed on the ground, laughing.
“Why can’t you go to Liz?” Tess asked.
“Because she won’t listen to me and you were the reason why she ran.” F. Max explained. “I can’t tell her that she has to stay, you’re the one who has to convince her to stay here.”
“She obviously didn’t love you that much if she ran.” Tess remarked and F. Max lost it.
“She loved me enough to let me go!” F. Max snapped. “More than you ever did.” He muttered bitterly. Tess took a step back from the venom she could hear in his voice. “She told me in the letter that everything was a mistake and that I was to go back to you but it never happened.”
“What do I have to do?” Tess asked.
“You have to let me go, let me be with Liz and move on Tess. You can’t keep clinging to the past, it’s unhealthy.” F. Max explained. “And you need to let you anger toward Liz go as well. She never did anything to you.”
“Why don’t you just go to Max?” Tess asked and F. Max shook his head.
“I can’t encounter my younger self. It’s a some sort of law, if you were to meet your past or future self, there was would be some sort of reaction.” F. Max explained.
“A reaction?” Tess asked.
“Anything could happen, we both could die or merge together. No one really knows.” F. Max finished and Tess nodded.
“How am I supposed to get you and Liz together?” Tess asked and F. Max shook his head.
“Liz and I are together, you need to make sure that she stays here where we can protect her.” F. Max explained.
“What is Maria doing?” Alex asked. It was the next morning and they were all in the Crashdown apart from Tess and Kyle. Maria was sitting at one of the booth, typing on Alex’s laptop.
Liz was behind the counter wiping down the worktop while Max, Michael, Alex and Isabel were sitting across from her, having breakfast.
“She met someone through the Internet, some sort of dating e-mail and she is arranging a time and place to meet up with him.” Liz stated and a bottle that was behind her blew up, causing her to look at it. “You know, that is the sixth time that had happened this week.” Liz stated thoughtfully before glaring at the smashed bottle. “I have heard of people self combusting but I have never heard of bottles doing it.”
“Are you sure you got your powers under control?” Alex asked and Liz nodded.
“Beside, the feeling I got before the bottle exploded was jealously.” Liz remarked before picking up the empty plates and placing them into the dish tub and headed into the backroom so she could place them in the sink to get washed.
Everyone looked at Michael with a raised eyebrow and he just rolled his eyes, refusing to answer anything or even look at them.
“I’ve got a date!” Maria squealed with excitement as Liz came out.
“That’s great, when is it?” Liz asked.
“This afternoon, he is meeting me here at noon and we both have to have flowers so we can recognise each other.” Maria explained and Liz nodded as both girls hugged, excited for Maria. Alex piped up.
“Does this mean I can have my laptop back?” He asked, causing Max to snicker.
“So when are we going to go ahead with the plan?” Kyle asked Tess on the phone.
“I don’t think we should Kyle.” Tess stated, biting her bottom lip as she looked through the doorway, making sure that F. Max couldn’t overhear the conversation.
“What do you mean you don’t think we should?” Kyle demanded. “You were all hyped up about it last night, what the hell had happened to you.”
“Kyle, who to say things won’t get worst if we go ahead with it?” Tess asked and Kyle rolled his eyes.
“And how could it get worst?” Kyle asked.
“What if the gang resent us for driving Liz away, we want the gang to be happy not hate us.” Tess remarked.
“Oh come on Tess, you just want to jump into Max’s pants and what better way to do it?” Kyle asked. “Make Max think that Liz slept with me and I’ll get her into bed with me no problem.” Kyle remarked and Tess shook her head.
“No Kyle, I really don’t think we should go ahead with the plan.” Tess stated and Kyle lost it.
“No backing out sweetheart, we are going ahead with the plan and I want revenge on Evans for getting me sucked into this mess in the first place.” Before hanging up the phone, Tess looked at the phone with fear before looking through the doorway and saw F. Max standing there with fury in his eyes. He had heard.
“What the hell is she doing?” Michael demanded and Liz hit him gently on the arm.
“Shh, I want to see what’s going on.” Liz hissed. Max hid his smile at Michael’s shocked look at his little sister.
“She’s not even helping me to get Maria back!” Michael snapped and Liz looked at him.
“Do you want her back?” Liz asked and Michael shifted uncomfortable.
“No.” he replied unconvincingly and Liz looked at him, confused.
“I don’t get you! You say that you don’t want her yet you don’t want her to go out with other guys. You can’t have it both ways!” Liz exclaimed, “You broke up with her because you felt that you were dangerous. She can’t put her life on hold forever you know.” Liz explained and looked toward the doors when it jingles and her mouth hung open in a shock.
A fifty-year-old man came through holding a bunch of flowers and she saw that Maria was stunned. The man walked over to Maria.
“HI, I think there’s been a mistake.” Maria blurted out and the man looked at her. “You see, I’m not Maria, I was sent here in her place because she couldn’t make it.” Maria explained and Liz giggled as she shook her head. “Actually I am Maria but I don’t think we can really date you know as I’m only seventeen.” Maria finally explained and the man looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
“These are for my daughter, whom I am meeting a midday and I was wondering if you could tell me the time.” The man finally explained and Liz shook her head as she rolled her eyes.
“Only Maria could jump to conclusion.” Liz giggled, Max just smiled looking at his girlfriend.
“You don’t have long, she should be here in a couple of minutes.” Maria stated after looking at her watch and he nodded as he moved over to another booth, she looked toward Liz with a horrified expression and Liz just shrugged with a sympathetic smile.
“What plan?” F. Max growled low in his throat.
“Nothing.” Tess lied as she moved away but F. Max caught her arm and spun her around.
“What did Kyle mean when he said the he was going to get Liz into his bed?” F. Max demanded, fear coursing through his body at the thought that Liz may have been raped before she even left Roswell.
“It’s nothing Max!” Tess cried and F. Max lost it.
“Tell me damn it!” F. Max shouted as he pushed her away; anger beginning to build up and Tess looked down at the floor, unable to look at him.
“Kyle and I made a deal that we would drive Liz out of Roswell so that you would turn back to me.” Tess admitted, Max just stayed silent, letting her tell him the whole story. “The deal was that I would make you think that Liz had slept with Kyle and you would catch them in bed together, I have no idea if that happened into your lifetime.”
“You told me that Liz slept with Kyle but I never caught them, I saw Liz looking upset and she was quiet the day she came to me before leaving.” F. Max stated and lost it, he slammed his hand into the wall. “Do you have any idea what you have done?” he demanded. “There is a chance that she could have been raped by Kyle before she even was raped by our enemies!”
Tess just looked down, guilt flooding her body before she looked up and pleaded.
“Are you sure you can’t go to Liz?” Tess asked. F. Max shook his head.
“No, she is too stubborn and if she was to find out about the enemies, she would give herself up in order to kill them. We can’t afford that.” F. Max explained and sighed. “Beside, what’s to stop her from leaving after the war is finished?”
“Why did they rape her in the first place?” Tess asked.
“They were proving a point to us, they were basically taunting us that we couldn’t protect her. That I couldn’t protect her for the second time.”
“How did you know that she was raped?” Tess asked and F. Max sighed.
“Liz and I have this connection. When her emotions are heightens I can get flashes from her about what she is doing at that moment, that’s how I knew. I saw it happened.” F. Max whispered, wincing at the memory and looked at Tess. “Can you please not ask anymore questions about how Liz died. It hurts too much to think about it.”
“What happened to the rest of us?” Tess asked.
“We all died too, you died about two years after Liz died, Alex, Jim, Kyle died about two months after each other, trying to protect their families. Isabel died two weeks before I came and Michael died in my arms half an hour before I came.” F. Max stated and shook his head. “Maria was the only one who managed to survive and she forced me to take the granolith, she made sure it went back in time, back to this time so we could save Liz and prevent the end of the world.”
“What about Michael or Isabel? Can’t you ask them?” Tess asked and F. Max shook his head.
“They have powers and they’ll use Liz to check my emotions. I seriously doubt that they’ll be able to keep it from Liz and I can’t let Liz know anything about what happened to her.” F. Max explained.
Tess sighed as she leaned over and picked up the phone.
“Hi Liz, I need your help.” Tess stated.
“Why does she bother?” Isabel asked Liz and Max. All them of them were sitting in the Evan’s living room, laughing at Maria’s blind date.
“She said something about her mother and she didn’t want to put her life on hold.” Liz explained with a shrug. The phone ran and Liz leaned over backward to pick up the phone while Max watched her with dark eyes and his breathing picked up. “Hello? Evans’ household.” Liz greeted into the phone. “Oh hi Tess.” Max rolled his eyes while Isabel stifled a snicker. “You want me to help you.” Liz asked then looked at her watch. “I’ll be there in fifteen minutes.” Liz hung up the phone.
“What did she want?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“She was being vague about it.” Liz stated then looked at Max. “Can you give me a lift?”
“Sure, I’m heading over to Michael’s anyway.” Max stated as they both got up; Max helped to put on Liz’s jacket before pulling his on. “See you Isabel!” Max and Liz called into the house as they walked out of the door.
“Later.” Isabel called back as she answered the phone and talked to one of her friends from school.
“So, who’s the new guy?” Liz asked as she set down a pair of skirt, F. Max was listening from the bathroom and he smiled at the sound of her voice; he knew that she couldn’t feel him as he had been taught how to block himself off from anyone who may be empathic.
“James Bell.” Tess replied and Liz looked at her.
“The guy from History?” Liz asked and Tess nodded then turned to face Liz.
“How is it going with Max?” Tess asked and Liz looked at her with a raised eyebrow.
“Fine I guess.” Liz mumbled.
“Fine?” Tess asked and Liz turned to look at her.
“Why do you want to know?” Liz asked. “It wasn’t that long ago you said that I was a whoring bitch and that Max would soon get fed up with me.”
F. Max sat on the edge of the toilet seat and clenched his fists as the shock that hit his body turned into anger. Tess glanced at the bathroom before glancing back at Liz.
“I know, and I’m sorry.” Tess replied. Liz shook her head.
“You’re lying Tess, I can feel people emotions remember?” Liz stated as she picked up her jacket and pulled it over her shoulders. “There is no new guy you are interested in so I think I better go.”
“Liz…” Tess started and Liz shook her head as she looked at Tess with tears in her eyes.
“I’m sorry that I ruined your relationship with Max.” Liz stated before hurrying out of the house.
Tess stood in the middle of the room, stunned at what just happened. F. Max came out of the bathroom and pinned her with a death glare.
“You called her what?” he snapped.
“It was an accident, it came out during one of our argument over the holiday!” Tess explained.
“Thanks to you we are back at square one.” F. Max snapped. “You are giving her more reason to leave!” he ran a hand through his dark locks, frustrated.
Liz reached Max’s bedroom, she hurried in and threw herself on his bed; she curled up on it while clutching one of his pillow, sobbing into it. He sobs racked her body.
Isabel came through and felt that her heart was breaking at the sight of Liz crying on Max’s bed.
“Lizzie?” Isabel asked as she went over to the bed and sat on the edge of the bed. Liz sat up and wiped her tears away. “What’s wrong?” Liz broke down once more.
“I’m sorry for ruining your lives.” Liz cried and Isabel pulled her into a hug, comforting her.
“Oh sweetie! You never.” Isabel promised.
“I did!” Liz protested. “If it wasn’t for me, everyone would be happy right now and no one would have gotten hurt.”
“Liz, if you hadn’t come, Max would have still been with Tess and extremely unhappy, Michael would still be lost and had no control over his powers, I would have still been wondering about our past lives and wondering who the fourth child was.” Isabel promised. “Even Alex and Maria are glad that you came into our lives, they really love you.”
“Really?” Liz asked and Isabel looked at her.
“Sweetie, what is causing these doubts, I thought Max had reassured you that everyone was happy that you were here.” Isabel asked.
“He did but every time I looked at Kyle and Tess, I can feel their hurt and anger, especially Tess but I ruined her relationship with Max.” Liz explained.
“Liz, I want you to ignore Tess, okay?” Isabel stated. “She is just licking her wounds because Max loves you not her. Max had never loved her and only save her when she was shot because that is the kind of guy he. I can tell you, if it was anyone else, Max would have saved them.” Isabel promised and Liz nodded, still not convinced. “Go to sleep, you need it and as you are still upset, you’re bound to be feeling confused.” Liz nodded as she rested her head n the pillow and fell asleep. Isabel stayed with her until she was sure that Liz was sleeping before stepping out of the room. Her features harden into anger at Tess for upsetting Liz once more, especially after everyone told Tess to leave Liz alone.
Max came into the house; he looked around before heading into the kitchen where he saw Isabel standing at the window, looking out of the window.
“Izzy?” Max asked, Isabel turned around, startled at hearing her brother’s voice; Max immediately knew that something had happed. “What?”
“Liz came home, she was crying, she told me that she was sorry that she mess up her life and you don’t need any guesses that who pushed her over the edge.” Isabel stated.
“Damn it!” Max hissed as he slammed his fist into the wall. “I have had it! I’m fed up with Tess getting on to Liz for ‘coming in between us’ and with her upsetting Liz all the time.”
“I managed to calm Liz down but if Tess keeps this up, she is going to drive Liz out of Roswell for good.” Isabel spat out bitterly and Max nodded in agreement.
He made his way to his bedroom, he stepped in and stopped when he saw Liz sleeping, hugging his pillow with dried tear mark running down her face, an obvious sign that she had been crying.
“Max?” Liz whispered as she hugged the pillow tighter to her body, inhaling the scent of him that was on the pillow.
Max walked over to the bed and slipped under the covers, pulling her closer to his body. Liz turned to him and hugged him tight to her body. “You came back.” Liz sighed with happiness and relief. Max felt his heart clench with anger as he realised what dream that Liz had and he thought back to his conversation with Isabel. He was going to have to do something about Tess as soon as possible.
Liz woke up and found herself in Max’s arms. She sighed before snuggling herself deeper into his arms and burying her face into his chest.
“Hey sleepy head, how are you feeling?” Max asked as he kissed her forehead and she looked up so she could meet his eyes.
“I’m fine.” Liz assured. “Izzy told you?” and Max nodded, confirming it and Liz nodded.
“Liz, this can’t go on anymore, I’m getting tired with her getting on to you Liz.” Max stated and Liz sighed.
“She’s hurt.” Liz excused, looking down. Max shook his head at his girlfriend before kissing her forehead. She kept making excuses for Tess but Max wasn’t going to put up with it any longer. That was the last straw.
“Damn! She really did that.” Michael asked; he and Max were in his apartment, leaning at the counter, talking about Liz and Tess.
“Yeah, she did.” Max confirmed, running a hand through his dark locks and Michael looked at him, wondering what Max was thinking.
“What are you gonna do?” Michael asked and Max looked up at him.
“I’m gonna kill her.” Max grounded out in frustration, Michael just shot him a look, waiting for the real answer and Max sighed. “I don’t know; I’m just getting fed up with Tess hurting Liz so much.”
“Maxwell, you need to do something soon, you need to get Tess off of Liz’s back as soon as possible.” Michael warned. “We both know that Liz is strong, but she does have a limit to how strong she can be and Tess is doing her best to break Liz down.”
“I know, but how do I get Tess of Liz’s back?” Max asked. “I’ve told Tess and even showed Tess that I love Liz, not her but she doesn’t seem to get the message.”
Maria walked in, overhearing the conversation and smiled at Max.
“What you need to do it step it up a notch and fully show Tess how much you love Liz, and that includes a little show.” Maria stated, Max and Michael looked at Max, interested and waiting for more while Maria just smirked.
Max came bursting into the Evan’s house and hurried into Liz’s bedroom, Liz looked up from her book and watched Max, interested,
“I need your help with something.” Max said to Liz, Liz just looked at him, waiting for more information. “To get Tess off our backs.”
“What kind of plan?” Liz asked, Max just looked at her levelly while blushing and Liz caught on. “Oh!” she stated, wide eyes while her cheeks burned from blushing.
“Hey guys, have any of you seen Max?” Tess asked as she walked into the Crashdown and saw that everyone was there. Alex looked at his watch before looking at Tess.
“He was here but he went home about an hour ago.” Alex explained and Tess nodded.
“See you later.” Tess stated as she headed out of the Crashdown, toward her car.
Everyone in the Crashdown looked at each other thinking, ‘here we go’ while crossing their fingers in hope that it would work, for Liz’s sake.
Tess walked toward the Evan’s house, she could see that all the lights were off but Max’s bedroom had a soft light shining through and she knew that he wasn’t asleep. She walked over to the window and stood up, preparing to knock on it when the sight arrested her, stunning her in shock at the sight that was before her.
Max and Liz were in his bed, the covers pulled over their bodies. Liz had a leg over Max’s waist while both of the chests were naked and pressed up against each other. Liz had her head resting on Max’s chest, her eyes closed while her fingers ran themselves over Max’s six pack while Max had his head resting on his pillow, eyes closed as he played with her hair.
Liz leaned up on her elbow as Max opened his eyes, both met eyes and smiled shyly before leaning into kiss, they kissed softly and gently, enjoying the feel of the other in each other arms.
Tess watched in a stunned shock as she watched them. It was obvious what had happened between them two in Max’s room that night and she felt slightly hurt because she always thought that she and Max would be each other’s first yet the realisation dawned on her. She wasn’t in love with Max!
Tess pulled away from the window and pulled her jacket closer around her body as she went on her walk to think about what she had done. She had verbal and physical abused Liz because she was convinced that Liz was the obstacle in her and Max’s love when in reality it was her standing in between Max and Liz.
She was the reason why Liz left Roswell in their other timeline and caused Liz to be raped by her enemies and maybe even Kyle. She made up her mind, she was going to let Max go and let her anger toward Liz go as well and move on with her life, leaving the past alone.
Tess walked over toward the Crashdown and stood at the door, looking in the window. She saw Liz laughing and dancing with Maria, Alex and Isabel while Max and Michael were play arguing and laughing while watching the trio dance.
Tess picked up her cell phone and dialled a number before placing it near her ear.
“Hello?” a male voice asked.
“The deal’s off Kyle. Max and Liz slept with each other so Max wouldn’t believe us anyway, beside, I don’t want Max anymore.” Tess stated firmly into the phone.
“You can’t back out of the deal!” Kyle snapped and Tess shrugged.
“I just did.” She replied before hanging up the phone, walked into the Crashdown, and made her way over to Max.
Michael moved away and walked over to the others, leaving Max and Tess alone. Tess sat down next to Max and looked toward Liz.
“I can see why you love her.” Tess remarked to Max and he chuckled.
“It’s hard not to.” Max stated as he watched Liz laugh at something Alex said to her.
“I just wanted to say that I’m really sorry for all the hard times I gave you about Liz.” Tess stated and Max looked at her.
“Thank you but it’s Liz who needs to forgive you.” Max stated. “She was the brunt of your anger too many times.” Tess nodded.
“I know.” Tess whispered as she looked up at Liz, smiling happily as she danced with Maria.
Tess walked up to Liz and tapped her on the shoulder. Liz spun around and saw Tess, her smile faded as she regarded Tess warily, bracing herself for any angry words that might come out of Tess’s mouth.
Max felt his heart break when he saw this, he knew that Tess had hurt Liz too much that even though Liz may forgive Tess, there will always be doubts surrounding Liz, no matter what.
“Yes?” Liz asked.
“Can I please speak to you?” Tess asked and Liz nodded, before moving toward a corner, Tress turned to face Liz and she sighed. “I just wanted to say that I’m sorry, I know that I hurt you by making remarks and making you have doubts about Max’s faithfulness.” Tess started, Liz just stayed quiet. “I was angry that Max had chosen you over me, especially after it took me along time to get Max to give in and let us be together then he suddenly wanted you and it hurt. I realised that I had taken my anger out on you was the wrong thing to do and I was holding onto something that didn’t exist between Max and I. That I was holding onto Max for all the wrong reasons.”
“I forgive you Tess.” Liz stated softly, surprising Tess. Max was standing to the side, eavesdropping and he smiled at Liz’s declaration, He knew that Liz had a huge heart and would be able to forgive easily.
“You forgive me? Just like that?” Tess stuttered and Liz smiled gently.
“I could feel how sorry you were that you hurt me.” Liz stated. “Thank you and I forgive you.” Liz gave in and leaned forward, hugging Tess before pulling away and walked off only to be pulled into Max’s embrace.
Max looked at Tess over Liz’s head, thanking her with his eyes before burying his face into Liz’s hair. They could finally be together without hurting anyone.
Tess walked home; she entered her room and saw F. Max sitting on her bed, he looked up and smiled gently at Tess.
“Thank you.” He stated before slowly disappearing right in front of her eyes.
Tess just sighed happily as she looked out of the window where the V constellation winked at her. For the first time since Liz arrived in Roswell, she felt free and relieved.
Everyone was safe and Liz was alive and staying in Roswell where she would be happy.
The end.


Next: Copper Summit and Sean Deluca enters the Scene.

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Hey guys, thanks for the reviews on the last chapter and I know most of you are wondering if Max and Liz did take the next level but I wanted to let you know that will be revealed later on so you just have to wait. Hope you like this chapter.

Chapter 8: Copper Summit and Lilly.

“Damn it!” Maria snapped as she slammed the cloth down on the counter causing Liz to look up at her, concerned. It was the next morning after Tess had apologised to Liz for being such a bitch toward her.
“What is it?” Liz asked.
“My jerk of a cousin has just walked in from Juvie.” Maria muttered as she watched a young man of twenty walked in the Crashdown and made his way over to the two girls. He had light brown hair and deep blue eyes.
“Hey M, How’s it going?” He asked.
“What did you do? Break out of jail?” Maria demanded.
“Got out on good behaviour.” He replied and Maria rolled her eyes.
“The world is coming to an end.” She muttered while the man turned to Liz.
“Hey, I’m Sean Deluca. Maria’s cousin.” Sean introduced himself. Liz nodded once, not giving him anything. “Who are you?”
“Her name is Liz and she’s taken.” Maria jumped in, defending her friend from her oversexed cousin.
Liz turned to face Sean and a bright smile adored her face. Sean just smiled back, he was about to lean in to kiss her when she suddenly stepped sided him, and stepped into Max’s arms.
“I missed you.” Liz whispered as Max leaned down and took Liz’s lips into his. She moaned slightly at the contact as she wrapped her arms around his neck, pressing their bodies together, enjoying the feelings.
Sean stood to the side, simmering in rage as he watched them while Maria smirked happily at her once play boy cousin.
“Told ya she was taken.” Maria drawled out happily before heading off to one of the tables to collect the couple’s order.
“Are you okay?” Max asked and Liz smiled up into his face.
“I’m fine Max, stop worrying.” Liz teased and Max smiled down into her face and kissed her gently.
“I have to get to work, we have a meeting first thing tomorrow before school in the Computing classroom.” Max stated and Liz nodded as she kissed him once more before letting him go.
Maria walked up to Liz and rolled her eyes.
“Romeo and Juliet, take three.” Maria teased and Liz laughed as she, gently, bumped hips with Maria before heading toward the counter to get an order. Sean watched the scene with interest, keeping his eyes on Liz.
The group was meeting in the classroom and was waiting for Liz to show up, when she arrived, she looked at the group.
“Does anyone know where’s Courtney disappeared to?” Liz asked and everyone shrugged, obviously not knowing the answer.
“If Courtney's a skin, it means she was working with Whitaker.” Tess stated and Isabel nodded in agreement.
“You're right. There's no way two skins would just happen to be in Roswell at the same time. They were working together, which means Courtney knows everything about us.” Isabel stated and Liz shook her head.
“I told you, she is a Rath follower, god don’t you listen. It means they wanted Rath to be the king, they are not interested in killing off any of us.” Liz explained.
“Look, if there are other skins that were was working with Whitaker, the first question is, does they know that Whitaker's dead?” Max asked.
“If they didn't before, they do now.” Maria stated as she turned up the volume on the T.V and everyone watched it.
‘We have this story just in. A controversial New Mexico congresswoman is dead. We'll have that story in just a minute. Widowed just 6 months before her husband John Whitaker's upcoming election, she took his place on the ballot and won the election by a higher margin than any Democrat in 15 years. But all that ended yesterday, just outside her hometown of Copper Summit, Arizona, where a tragic single-car accident cut short a life of public service.’
“Car crash?” Liz demanded.
‘In other national news, the Department of Transportation took...’
“She died 2 weeks ago. I was one the who killed her!” Liz snapped.
“We were all there.” Max added in as he took Liz into his arms and comforted her.
“How could she be in a car accident if she's dust?” Michael asked.
“So who's conveniently covering up her death for us?” Alex asked.
“Naseco said the skins were among us. Skins, plural. Maybe other skins created a fake car accident to keep the Feds from looking too closely into Whitaker's background.” Isabel suggested and Liz nodded slightly.
“Max...what do we do?” Maria asked as they all looked toward Max who was resting his chin on top of Liz’s head.
“Uh, let me guess. Nothing.” Michael replied smartly
“Liz.” Max stated as he looked at Liz, she sighed and nodded.
Liz is answered the phone and nodded into the phone.
“Yeah, we...we're in total shock. No, we haven't set a date for the memorial service yet. Yes, I will let you know as soon as we do. Of course. Ok.” Liz stated and hung up the phone. “The phone's been ringing off the hook for the past hour.
“Somebody covered up Whitaker's death.” Max stated.
“Why?” Liz asked, confused. She just didn’t see the logic in covering up someone death when he or she could go to the police and report that she was missing.
“Has anybody been asking questions over the past few days?” Max asked and Liz shook her head.
“People have been calling. I just have been saying that she's on vacation, just like we said.” Liz stated and Max nodded, still confused. He walked over behind Liz, wrapped his arms around her waist, and looked at everyone one else.
“Well, somehow the skins know that she's dead. None of us has said anything.” Max pointed out and Tess picked up a letter.
“Look at this. The postmark says Copper Summit. It's from something called the Universal Friendship League.” Tess informed as she handed the letter to Max.
“Never heard of it.” Liz stated with a shrug.
“What the hell is the Universal Friendship League? Could it sound any creepier?” Isabel demanded.
“Marked "personal".” Tess pointed out.
Max opens the envelope and reads the letter aloud as he and Liz read it.
“"Dear member: Your failure to report as scheduled violates protocol. We must receive word by the 25th of this month or terminate your membership, effective that date."” Max read out and Liz noticed it straight away.
“The 25th was yesterday.” Liz stated.
“That's when they say she died.” Tess pointed out and Liz nodded in agreement.
“So maybe, if you don’t give word, they know that you are dead and immediately go around cleaning it up and making it look like she died in a car crash to stop people from getting suspicious?” Liz suggested and Tess nodded.
“That sounds right.” Tess agreed before looking at Max. “Who is it from?”
“"Sincerely, T. Greer, senior coordinator, Vilandra project."” Max stated out and he looked at Liz with wide eyes.
“Vilandra?” Isabel stated.
“Oh my god.” Liz whispered and Max nodded.
“What?” Tess asked.
“Vilandra is Isabel’s past name.” Liz informed her before looking at Isabel.
“We should call.” Isabel stated and Liz nodded as she took the letter, picked up the phone and dialled the number.
“Yes?” a male voice asked.
“Hi, um, is this the...the Universal Friendship League?” Liz asked.
“Who is this?” The voice demanded.
“I...I'm calling from Congresswoman Vanessa Whitaker's office. We just, um, opened this letter this morning and. I wanted to call and apologize for not responding sooner.” Liz stated.
“Yes?” he asked.
“We just wanted to let you know that, unfortunately, Congresswoman has passed away.” Liz informed the guy.
“Thank you for calling.” He stated before hanging up, leaving Liz looking at the phone.
“They just hung up.” Liz informed them, confused and irritated.
“We're going to Arizona.” Max stated and Michael objected.
“Hey, I'm not going anywhere until I find...” Michael started.
“Courtney. That's right, you're staying.” Max stated and Michael nodded.
“So we agree.” Michael stated and Max nodded.
“Yeah.” Max agreed and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“There's a first.” She muttered to herself, causing Liz and Tess to grin at each other, amused.
“Tess you are coming with us, this way most of us are protected.” Max stated and Tess nodded as they all made their way to their places.
Max, Isabel, Tess, and Liz are in the jeep on their way to Arizona. Max is sitting in the back with Liz, Liz had rested her head on his shoulder and had fallen asleep with Max looking at her, stroking her hair back while Tess was driving and Isabel was shifting restless in her seat.
“Liz, wake up.” Max whispered as he kissed her forehead. “We’re here.”
Liz mumbled as she turned her face deeper into Max’s chest, causing Tess and Isabel to smile at each other amused. The two of them had come a long way to be friends due to how Tess had treated Liz.
“Come on.” Tess called out as she shook Liz’s shoulder before getting out of the jeep.
I’m up, I’m up.” Liz muttered as Max smoothed her hair away from her face before kissing her slightly and getting out of the jeep themselves.
All four of them exited the jeep and headed up to the mailman.
“Excuse me, is this the Crawford's?” Max asked and the mailman nodded as he points to the house. “Thanks.” Max stated before turning to Liz. “You're on.” Liz sighed and pasted on a fake happy smile, causing amused looks from Isabel and Tess.
“Ms. Crawford?” Liz asked and the lady nodded. “Hi, I'm Liz Parker. Vanessa's assistant. We talked on the phone?”
“Oh, sure. Liz Parker.” Ida stated with a nod.
“I'm really sorry to hear what happened to your daughter. It's so terrible.” Liz stated.
“Oh, thank you, dear. What are you doing here?” Ida asked.
“Oh, um, I just wanted to drop off some of your daughter's personal effects.” Liz explained. “Oh, honey, that is so sweet. Well, you didn't have to come clear up here. My gosh, it must be 400 miles! Walt! Visitors! Did you kids work for Vanessa?” Ida asked.
“No, not exactly.” Isabel stated.
“This is my boyfriend Max, his sister, Isabel and our friend Tess.” Liz introduced and Ida nodded as Walt exited the house.
“Hmm?” Walt asked.
“These young people drove all the way up here to bring home some of Vanessa's things.” Ida stated with pride in her voice.
“Why didn't they just send them?” Walt asked and Ida slapped him across the chest.
“What a thing to say! After they went to all that trouble. You must be so tired and hungry after that long drive. Come on in the house. I want to make you something to eat.” Ida stated, the girls turned to Max and he nodded. Liz, Tess, and Isabel enter the house. Walt comments to Max as he's entering
“I guess you're the man in charge.” Walt observed. Max just smiled slightly as Walt entered the house, leaving Max looking at his back with a guarded look.
Inside the Crawford Residence. Ida walked about, giving them glasses of juices and placing plates of snacks on the table.
Max and Liz were sitting on the couch together; they were holding hands while Isabel was looking around the house. Tess was sitting in the chair, next to Max and Liz.
“Walt, did you hear that?” Ida asked.
“Hmmm.” Walt asked.
“They came all this way for her service.” Ida snapped, irritated with her husband.
“Huh.” Was all Walt stated.
“Well, we felt we should come. You know, the congresswoman, she was very...she was all of us.” Liz stated.
“Like a mother.” Isabel jumped in, backing Liz up.
“Really?” Ida asked, with pride and happiness in her voice. Isabel noticed a boy who is peeking in at them.
“Hi.” Isabel greeted the boy.
“Nicholas, there you are! Come on in here. Come on, say hello.” Ida stated and Nicholas shook his head, shyly.
“No, ma'am.” Nicholas stated before hurrying off.
“Nicholas!” Walt shouted but got no answer.
“He took it real hard. He and his sister were very close.” Ida informed and Liz shifted slightly in her seat, alerting Max.
“Maybe we'd better just find a hotel.” Max suggested.
“There ain't but one.” Walt informed them gruffly.
“All four of you? At that old Motor Inn? I won't hear of it! You're all gonna spend the night here, and then tomorrow we can go to the memorial service together.” Ida stated, appalled at the idea of them spending the night at the inn.
“Are you sure?” Liz asked.
“If Vanessa was like your mother, we're like your grandparents. We'll treat you just the way Vanessa would have wanted. Well, ok, let's eat up, there!” Ida stated and the gang smiled slightly.
“Get you one of those crispy treats there.” Walt stated as he picked up one of the snacks.
“So, how long have you two been together?” Ida asked, looking at Max and Liz.
Max and Liz looked at each other before turning back.
“We, er, met each other last April, we didn’t get together till the middle of the summer.” Liz informed them.
“Why not, it’s obvious that the two of you are in love, so you must have been in love when you met each other.” Ida stated and Liz smiled shyly.
“Thank you but there were complications at the beginning, we needed to make sure that everything was right before we got together.” Liz explained.
Michael and Maria are staking out the building across the street from Michael's apartment.
“This isn't gonna work. She's not just gonna stroll up to her hideout while we're sitting here watching her.” Maria stated, annoyed.
“This was your idea.” Michael reminded her.
“That's not the way I remember it.” Maria shot at him.
“Ok, so now it's my fault.” Michael demanded.
“Yes. You know what? Just to make things simpler, from now on you should consider everything to be your fault, ok. Ok.” Maria snapped.
“Well, I know one way to make the time go faster.” Michael snapped back and Maria glared at him.
“Oh, funny.” She snapped. “But if we can talk reality here for a second, I think she booked.
Out of town.”
“No dice. She wouldn't do that. She's obsessed with me.” Michael replied, smugly.
“Well, I guess that makes 2 of you, then, doesn't it.” Maria remarked, bitterly.
“She'll show up sooner or later.” Michael stated, confidently.
“How 'bout sooner?” a female voice asked from behind them. Michael and Maria turn around to see Courtney in front of them. Michael immediately goes into his energy blast pose when Courtney threw up her hand. “Whoa! Hey, truce.”
“Don't move.” Michael warned.
“Don't worry. I won't. You're watching the building. You figured out where I'd be from the pictures. That's very good, Mikey G. You're everything I thought you'd be and more.” Courtney admired, praising him.
“Oh, please! Do your lips not get chapped from all the ass-kissing?” Maria snapped.
“Sit down.” Michael ordered.
“Anything you say.” Courtney stated, obeying his orders and sat down.
“So you're a skin, like Whitaker.” Michael asked.
“How'd you get on to Whitaker?” Courtney asked with a puzzled look.
“We're asking the questions here, ok. Now, why are you in Roswell? Where's the rest of your evil army? And most of all, why are you obsessed with my good-looking, if badly groomed boyfriend?” Maria demanded, blurting out all the questions at rapid speed, not waiting for an answer for one of them.
“I'm not obsessed with him, ok. I follow him in the...political sense.” Courtney explained.
“Our leader?” Maria asked.
“We're not with the other skins. We're renegades who believe that if you were in charge instead of Max in the first place, that none of this would have ever happened.” Courtney explained; frustration from what happened in the past was filling her up again.
“What are you talking about? In charge of what?” Michael asked.
“Our planet, Michael. You don't remember any of this, do you?” Courtney asked.
“Suppose you tell me.” Michael stated.
“Yeah, the short version, please.” Maria added in.
“The short that our planet was on the brink of a golden age, and then it all fell apart. You were the one who could have united our planet, pulled together the warring factions, brought peace. But you weren't on the throne.” Courtney told them.
“Max.” Michael stated with understanding dawning on him.
“You wouldn't betray him. That loyalty cost your lives and those of everyone you loved. Please, just don't let history repeat itself. You're the one we need. You're our leader, our salvation.” Courtney pleaded.
“Michael, if you can hear me now over the sound of your rapidly inflating ego, could you please tell me that you do not believe what this...this Michael-worshipper here has to say?” Maria snapped.
“No... No... No way. No, this is just part of your plan to divide and conquer.” Michael rushed out and Courtney sighed before shaking her head.
“I knew you weren't ready to hear this.” She admitted to herself.
“What's in Copper Summit, Arizona?” Michael demanded.
“Copper Summit's just some old tourist trap.” Courtney lied but they saw right through it.
“What's there?” Michael asked once more.
“I'd stay away from there.” Courtney stated and Maria rolled her eyes,
“Why?” Maria asked,
“Let's just say there aren't any Michael-worshippers in Copper Summit.” Was all Courtney said, causing Michael and Maria to look at each other, stunned.
Tess is looking at an old picture of Vanessa Whitaker when Mrs. Crawford surprises her.
“Penny for your thoughts.” Ida asked, startling Tess, causing her to nearly drop the photo.
“Oh, sorry.” Tess hurried out.
“Oh, it's all right.” Ida soothed.
“You must have been very proud of her.” Tess whispered and Ida smiled brightly.
“Very.” Ida agreed.
“Tell me about her. What was she like when she was my age?” Tess asked as she put the photo down and faced the older woman.
“Oh, she was wonderful. Wonderful.” Ida stated then went on to tell Tess the whole story of Vanessa.
Isabel is organizing her stuff in a room when Nicholas stops by and peeks in.
“Oh, Nicholas. Come in. I don't bite.” Isabel soothed.
“This used to be her room.” Nicholas explained and Isabel nodded.
“I'm so sorry about your sister.” She explained and Nicholas nodded.
“I was gonna visit her in Washington next year. We were gonna spend 3 days just at the Air and Space Museum.” Nicholas explained with a sad expression on her face.
“Did you get a lot of time with her, growing up?” Isabel asked, curious and Nicholas nodded.
“When she'd visit, she'd make time. She always told me there's this whole wide world out there. She didn't want me stuck in Copper Summit for the rest of my life. She used to tell me stories about this planet in another galaxy, how there was this war going on, like a revolution.” Nicholas stated and Isabel looked at him, stunned but hid it.
“True stories?” Isabel asked and Nicholas cocked his head slightly to the side, regarding her with a puzzled expression.
“How could they be true?” Nicholas asked.
“Did she ever mention Vilandra?” Isabel asked and Nicholas’s eyes widen in shock.
“How do you know about Vilandra?” Nicholas demanded.
“Vanessa told me some stories, too.” Isabel stated, they both looked at each other for a while when Tess came bursting in.
“I have to go.” Nicholas stated as he left and Tess sat down on the bed, telling Isabel everything she found out.
“Liz?” Max asked as he popped his head round the door and found her straightening the toys that was on the bed, she turned around and smiled at him.
“Hey.” Liz greeted as she walked over and kissed him. “What’s wrong?”
“What are you feeling from them?” Max asked as he leaded her over to the bed; he had noticed that she seemed jumpy throughout dinner.
“That’s the problem.” Liz stated. “I don’t, it’s the same with Whitaker.” Liz looked around the door making sure there were no eavesdroppers before shutting the door and turning the music on lightly to mask their voices.
“What can you tell me about the Skins that Naseco has told you?” Max asked and Liz racked her brain.
“He never told me a lot about them, I think he was saving it till we actually came to fight with them but he said they can’t handle high heat too well and that they have this thing called a harvest which happened every fifty years.” Liz stated. “Their bodies are just a husk as they can’t handle the pollution Earth has, it’s the same with our planet and they are emotionless.”
“So…” Max started and Liz shook her head.
“Max, there could be hundred of reasons why they don’t have any feelings, they could be feeling numb, I mean, they did lose their daughter. I remember how I felt when I lost my mom and dad, I couldn’t feel anything.” Liz stated and Max looked at her. He knew that she was trying to convince herself that these people are humans, not aliens who want to kill them to take over the planet.
“Why are the skins wanting to kill the Royal?” Maria asked, she, Michael and Courtney were in the Jetta, heading toward Copper Summit.
“Because Khiva wants the Throne, as Max is alive, he can take the throne back.” Courtney explained and Maria arched an eyebrow.
“You know; Liz told you not to blame Max for the mistakes, she died and that what caused Max to make the mistakes.” Maria stated, getting defensive of her friend.
“He shouldn’t have forced the choices in the first place. Michael was supposed to be the leader.” Courtney snapped and something rang in Michael’s head.
But you need to be careful; those followers want Rath, not you Michael. Ever since you can’t really remember your past, you have no idea what to expect from them or what they expect from you.
“I don’t believe that I would have been a better leader than Max was.” Michael jumped in and Courtney looked at him in disbelief while Maria sighed.
“Amen to that.” She muttered under her breath.
“Are you kidding?” Courtney demanded, “You were in more control than Max ever was.”
“He had just lost his wife!” Michael exclaimed and Courtney shook her head.
“No excuses at all. He shouldn’t have forced the war!” Courtney snapped before turning to look out of the window, leaving Michael and Maria wondering what her problem to Max was.
Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess were standing in the door way of the funeral home, looking into the building, everyone was paired up into couples and paying their respects to the casket while a picture of Whitaker stood to the side.
Isabel notices Nicholas hanging out at the doorway, staring at her.
“I'll be back.” Isabel stated to them before walking off.
“Isabel.” Max warned but she took no noticed as she followed Nicholas to the back of the Stagecoach Museum. In the back, there is a row of bodies in glass chambers. They look exactly like the people at the UFL.
“Nicholas?” Isabel asked; he stood in front of her with a smirk.
“Hi.” He stated.
“Oh, God, Nicholas.” She gasped out; Nicholas cocked his head to the side and smirked once more.
“I'm glad that you're here.” Nicholas motions with his hand and an invisible blast knocks out Isabel.
“Unnh!” Isabel gasped out as her back hit the wall before slumping to the ground; face forward. Isabel woke up. She looked around and saw two rows of cultivating husks,
“Hello, Vilandra. It's been a long time.” Nicholas greeted, causing her to look at him in fear.
“Let’s have a look.” Max stated as he guided Liz and Tess toward the casket; the couple in front of them moved and they gasped when they saw the body.
“Good looking pile of dust.” Tess remarked as Liz leaned over and touched the hand. Her fingers went through the hand, freaking everyone out as she hurried up and rearranged the flowers to cover Whitaker’s hand.
They all took a step back from the Casket and moved toward the door, only to find that the whole building of people were peeling their skins off.
“Damn, it was a trap.” Max hissed out.
“And we walked right into it.” Liz added in as they moved closer to the door.
“Leaving so soon?” Greer asked as the front doors close suddenly. Greer motions with his hand and Max, Tess, and Liz crumple to the ground. “You mustn't be in such a hurry to leave us. It appears our long search for the royal four has finally ended. How convenient of you to deliver yourselves to us.”
Liz got back up and brushed herself off before helping the others up, she gasped before closing her eyes.
“I’m so fed up with this godforsaken town!” she hissed.
“Who are you?” Greer demanded as he took a step back from Liz.
“Who do you think?” Liz asked as her eyes opened, showing her eyes were completely pitched black. She lifted a hand up, waved it, sending the skins flying backward.
“Lilly!” Greer croaked out through the pain, Lilly’s head tilted slightly, her smiled turning evil.
“Liz?” Max asked as he took a step toward her but Tess grabbed his arm, stopping her.
“I think it’s Lilly, look at her eyes.” Tess whispered and Max looked at Liz’s eyes, gone were the warm brown chocolate pools; were empty black eyes.
“You’re dead!” Greer shouted as he got up. “Khiva had you killed before the pods were even designed!”
Max lost it and started toward Greer with a possessive growl that caused Greer to blanch in fear when he saw this, he didn’t see Max Evans, the clueless alien, he saw Zan; the rightful king protecting what was his. Lilly held out a hand, preventing Max from going any further as she looked at Greer with a smirk.
“Actually the pods were designed and built by the time I died. I had a vision of something happening to me so I encouraged the builders to finish with their designs and start building on it.” Lilly smirked then drove in for the kill. “As good as your spy was, she was pretty pathetic when it came to following me.”
“You bitch!” Ida snapped as she threw a blast at them but Max threw up his hand and a green shield came out, enveloping the trio.
Back at the husk facility.
“It's taken 20 years, nursing them from spores to maturity. Now, they're almost ready to harvest. Don't worry. You're safe here with us, Vilandra.” Nicholas soothed and Isabel shook her head.
“My Isabel.” She gritted out between her teeth and Nicholas looked at her,
“For the moment. But when I looked into your eyes, it was Vilandra who looked back.” Nicholas stated and Isabel shook her head.
“No.” she denied.
“Your destiny is with us. With Khivar. He's waiting to hear that we've found you.”
“I don't even know...” Isabel started but Nicholas jumped in
“Who the hell Khivar is? The royal four. If only the people could see you now. Clueless teenagers groping for their own identities. You'd lose some of that legendary aura that's sprung up over the years.”
“What do you want?” Isabel demanded.
“It's what you want.” Nicholas shot back. “You just can't remember. I'm here to take you back to him, Vilandra. The leader of the rebellion. The man who currently sits on your brother's tarnished throne. The man for whom you sacrificed a kingdom. Your lover, Khivar.”
“No.” Isabel protested. Nicholas motions with his hand and Isabel drops to the ground again.
“You’re not going anywhere. You know, on our world, I was considered to be something of a ladies man. I even remember you giving me the eye now and again. However, after spending 50 years as a teenage misfit, having all the women laugh at me, I've grown far less tolerant of the female sex. Where's the granilith?” Nicholas demanded.
“I don't know what you're talking about.” Isabel snapped back and Nicholas sighed.
“Wrong answer.” Nicholas snapped as he raised his hand once more only to be blasted himself, he looked up and paled when he saw Lilly standing there.
“Wrong move.” Lilly stated.
“Let the shield down.” Lilly ordered Max, he looked at her.
“Are you mad?” he demanded and she nodded.
“Oh, I’m mad alright.” She hissed out, Max dropped the shield only fro Lilly to bring her hands up and a bright light burst out of her hands, enveloping the skins. “Come on, Isabel is in trouble.” She dragged them out of the building and hurried over to the Husk Chamber.
“What did you do to them?” Tess asked.
“Blinded them at the moment.” Lilly explained as she hurried into the chamber and blasted Nicholas away.
“You are dead.” Nicholas gasped out and Lilly rolled her eyes.
“Seem to be hearing that a lot today.” Lilly muttered. “Love to stay and chat, but I have husks and skins to kill.” With that, she lifted up a pipe and hit the fuse that was keeping the skins alive before helping Isabel to her feet and getting her out of the building as Nicholas screamed.
Michael, Maria and Courtney turned up.
“Hey guys, late as usual.” Lilly muttered as she handed Isabel to Max, before turning to the building and lifting a hand.
“Say good night.” Lilly muttered as the building blew up. Michael hurried into the husk chamber and came out, carrying a covered body and putting into the back of the Jetta.
“What the hell was that?” Maria demanded.
“Lets go!” Michael called out, refusing to answer Maria’s question. Lilly’s body slumped to the ground as Tess and Isabel got in the jeep. Michael, Maria and Courtney got in the Jetta.
“Liz!” Max gasped as he lifted Liz up into his arms and hurried over to the back of the jeep. Once the door closed, the two transports rushed out of the town, back to Roswell.
The skins that had survived the blast came out of the building, led by Greer, made their way to the blown up husk cultivating facility.
“Huh...the husks?” Greer asked as Nicholas came out; he shook his head.
“Destroyed.” Nicholas stated and Greer shook his head.
“Well, that's the end of it, then. We're all as good as dead.” Greer muttered and Nicholas shook his head.
“We may be as good as dead, but this is not the end.” Nicholas promised as they all stared, solemnly in the blown up Stagecoach Museum.
“Liz, are you okay?” Max asked, Liz opened her eyes and looked around, dazed and confused about where she was, she looked up and met Max’s eyes.
“Max?” Liz asked hoarsely, her voice sore. Max let out a relief sigh as he bent down and kissed her forehead.
“Oh baby.” He whispered, sending a thank you to whoever was watching her from above. “You’re okay baby, I swear.” He promise.
“What happened?” Liz asked.
“I’ll tell you everything when we get home, you get some sleep.” Max promised and Liz nodded before closing her eyes and resting her head on Max’s chest as they all made their way home back to Roswell.


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Chapter 9: Double Date and Convention.

Isabel was wandering around the UFO Centre with a disgusted look on her face, all those little green men and she shuddered when she saw the alien lying on the sliver hospital table with the man covered in white, holding a scalpel. She remembered how scared she was when she thought that Max and Liz had gone through the same thing when they had been captured. She looked around, looking for the culprit who brought her to her own hell on earth and was thinking how she was going to give him a piece of her mind.
Soon she spotted him talking to one of the tourist and walked up to him, she grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the man.
“Why are we here?” Isabel hissed to Michael as they walked around the U.F.O Centre. “It’s completely degrading!”
“We need answers and this could be the key to our existence.” Michael explained as they met up with Liz who was standing at the bottom of the steps. She was standing there, watching everyone with amusement playing on her face.
“Are you finding this funny?” Isabel asked and Liz smiled.
“Yes, you have to see that its ironic, they are looking for aliens, not knowing that there are three aliens standing right here looking for answers.” Liz whispered; Isabel smiled while Michael rolled his eyes.
They all stepped to move away from the staircase when a noise attracted their attention; they turned and saw an alien walking down the steps, arms out.
“Help me, I’m a human trapped in an alien body.” The male voice called out.
“Excuse us.” Isabel shot at him, eyeing the alien with disgust as they started to walk away only to stop and look at the alien once more.
Max pulled the alien’s head off him and they saw that his face was slightly flush and sweaty while his hair was sticking up. “You do realise that we’ve just lost our last shred of dignity?” Isabel huffed out, annoyed while Michael shook his head, amused. Liz walked up and smiled down at Isabel.
“I don’t know, I think it’s kinda cute.” Liz teased as she smoothed down Max’s hair and kissing him.
Michael and Isabel watched in amusement as Max and Liz began to heat up the kiss and get lost in each other until Milton came running toward the couple.
“Evans!” Milton barked, causing the couple to separate, blushing. “This is a family environment, keep it to a minimum.” Milton warned, teasingly and Max nodded.
“Yes sir.” Max agreed and Milton turned to Liz.
“You couldn’t do us a favour could you?” Milton asked and Liz looked at him with a curious gaze.
“What is it?” Liz asked and Milton smiled.
Liz panted as Max pushed her up against the wall, kissing her neck while she slid one hand into his dark hair and the other trailed down his back.
“I should wear this outfit more often.” Liz groaned out while Max just grunted as he took her lips back into his; enjoying the feel of her body pressed up against his.
Milton had gotten Liz to help out in the U.F.O Centre because it was so busy and she was the only one who could fit into the uniform, it was a khaki green dress that stops above mid-thigh and she wore a yellow vest and her sneakers. The dress was a lot like her Crashdown Uniform except from the aliens’ decoration.
“It feels like I’m wearing the Crashdown Uniform except from the Alien antenna.” Liz complained to Isabel and Michael when she caught up with them.
“You look cute.” Isabel stated and Liz wrinkled her nose in annoyance.
“Everyone thinks I’m cute because I’m the youngest and the smallest of the group, it reminds me of how Lilly felt.” Liz mock complained and Isabel just laughed as she hugged Liz and left with Michael in tow to meet up with the rest of the gang at the Crashdown.
Liz walked around, looking for Max or Milton so that one of them was able to tell her what she was suppose to do, she found Max and walked up to him and noticed that he had a strange glint in his eyes as he watched her. She stopped in front of him with a confused look and was about to ask him what was wrong when he suddenly grabbed her arm and dragged her off to a small storage room at the back of the building. He locked the door, spun her around and pressed her up against it, kissing her hard and fast.
“Max, Milton will be - Oh! – Looking for us.” Liz gasped out and bit her lip, letting her head fall back when Max attacked her pleasure point. Max licked at it, provoking her into lifting her hips and wrapping her legs around his waist.
Max grabbed his waist and pressed himself further into her body, enjoying the pleasure that shot through his body at the feel of her pressed up against him.
“He can wait.” Max breathed out as he made his way up her neck until he reached her lips once more and kissed her hard on the mouth.
Soon there was a rattling sound, Liz pulled away from Max.
“What was that?” Liz asked, Max just kissed her neck.
“Nothing.” Max stated hoarsely before taking her lips in his once more as he pressed her further against the door. They heard a turning sound and it was too late, the door swung open, causing Max and Liz to fall through the door, they looked up and saw Milton standing there with an amused look on his face, mixed with frustration.
Milton knew that Max would be missing when he had roped Liz into helping them out with the customers but was amused because he couldn’t remember the last time Max was this head of heels with a girl. He remembered that Max was dating a blonde but knew it wouldn’t last, as Max wasn’t that interested in her.
“There you are Evans, I was thinking that you disappeared into thin air.” Milton stated sarcastically. Both, Max and Liz jumped up and smoothed down their clothes.
“Did you need me for something?” Max asked.
“Yes, can you please fix the display of the autopsy, one of the kids had messed around with it, Liz you come with me; you are on information booth.” Milton stated, both of them nodded and headed off to do their jobs.
Liz has found herself in the Crashdown, waitressing away while counting down the minutes for Max to return so they could finish off what they started when the bell rang at the counter, she turned around and walked up to the hatch to collect the order when she realised there was no order to collect.
“What did you ring the bell for?” Liz asked as Maria walked up.
“What are you and Max doing tonight?” Michael asked and Liz shrugged.
“Just hanging out and watching a film, we agreed to keep a low profile.” Liz stated.
“Not anymore we’re not, we’re going out on a double date.” Michael stated.
“We are.” Max asked as he entered the backroom; he stopped when he heard Michael’s statement and looked at the trio with a raised eyebrow. “ Since when?”
“Since now, so go home, get changed, and get back here about nine.” Michael ordered and Max looked at his watch while the girls looked at the clock.
“Mikey, its ten to nine.” Liz replied and Michael cursed then looked at Liz.
“Use your powers to change your clothes so that you are acceptable for a date and Maxwell can phone Senior Chow and set reservation.” Michael ordered.
Everyone just stood there, staring at Michael dumbfound when he started clapping his hand. “Well? Go on!” Michael barked, startling everyone out of his or her trance.
“Who is he and what has he done with Michael?” Maria asked Liz, Liz just shrugged, thinking that her brother had lost the plot.
“Why are we going on a double date with them?” Max asked Liz as he walked her toward the jeep.
“Because Michael wants us to do something together so that the F.B.I and Skins and any other enemies are not getting suspicious.” Liz explained as Max helped her into the jeep and Max looked at her.
“Why do I get the feeling that we are in for a long night?” Max asked as he crossed over and got in the driver’s seat, leaving Liz giggling.
Michael was about to get in the jeep when he caught Max’s pointed look and looked over his shoulder, seeing Maria standing there with her arms crossed over her chest.
“Let me help you in.” Michael stated as he held out his hand for Maria to take. Maria just scoffed as she took his hand and climbed into the jeep while Liz watched the pair of them, amused.
“What do you find so amusing?” Maria asked and everyone looked at Liz.
“You two.” Liz replied. “You are acting like this is your first date.” She noticed the guilty looks that Michael and Maria gave each other and it dawned on her. “Oh you are kidding me.” Liz exclaimed. “You were together last year and you never went out? Don’t you think it’s better for your first date to be together rather than a double?”
“We’ve already made reservations.” Michael shot down the idea and Liz arched an eyebrow, not letting him win.
“Nothing a wave of our hand can’t fix.” Liz countered.
“Max! Control her!” Michael exclaimed and Max laughed.
“She doesn’t listen to me.” Max stated and shrugged. “In fact, I think she’s right.” Michael looked at Max in horror. “Michael, this is yours and Maria’s first date beside Liz and I want to be alone.” Max explained.
Liz turned in her seat and gave Michael the puppy dog eyes, completed with the pout and Michael groaned.
“Don’t do that.” Michael pleaded causing Liz to double the effect and he sighed. “Fine, fine.” He muttered and Liz smiled before turning back to face the front. Michael caught Max’s amused look in the mirror and scowled at him before turning to look out of the side window.
“What the bet that Max and Liz will make Michael and Maria have a date on their own tonight?” Alex asked and Isabel laughed. They were in the Crashdown, having dinner.
“You know what Liz’s like, as soon she finds out that it’s their first date, she’ll con them into going off by themselves rather than have a double date.” Isabel replied and Alex smiled.
“Yeah, she’s a great girl and I’m glad that Tess has gotten of her back about Max.” Alex stated and Isabel nodded in agreement. “So how is Liz?” Isabel sighed.
“She still has nightmares of her father and mother’s death, Max is worried about her as he practically stays up all night, watching over her.” Isabel explained.
“Do we have any ideas yet why the Skins killed Jeff or why Jeff warned us not to let them get a hold of her?” Alex asked and Isabel shook her head.
“I asked Max what Liz had told him about our past life, he just changes the subject saying it’s too raw at the moment to talk about it.” Isabel stated and Alex nodded, both of them just played with their food.
Max and Liz sat at a table by themselves.
“Peace.” Max stated and Liz giggled as she picked up the menu and looked over at the choices.
“Max, they aren’t that bad.” Liz scolded lightly and Max looked at her through mock horror.
“Are you kidding?” Max gasped. “They could set off World war three!” Liz laughed at Max exaggeration and looked over where Maria and Michael were seated by themselves.
“They are not even talking.” Liz noticed.
“They don’t talk.” Max retorted. “They argue or make out, whatever one comes first.” He looked at his menu and Liz smiled. “Anyway, why talk about them when we can talk about us.” Max whispered as he leaned over; Liz giggled as he kissed her softly before pulling away.
“And what could we talk about?” Liz asked.
“How about you tell me everything you did before you came here?” Max asked and Liz smiled.
“Well, I basically hung around with my friends in Florida, it was cool.” Liz stated as they ordered. “We didn’t move about, dad was happy with his life in Florida so we stayed there till he felt a power being used and we moved back here, dad didn’t want to attract attention by coming straight after you used your powers as he felt you and the gang would be on the edge and be more cautious around us.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“Yeah, we already had the F.B.I and an alien hunter looking for us so it would have been better.” Max agreed.
“I can’t believe that Michael and Maria don’t really know each other very well, considering they were around each other for nearly a year now.” Liz stated and Max shrugged.
“Michael had a hard, life his foster father abused him and he is scared of letting people in.” Max explained and Liz looked at Max.
“Where is his foster father now?” Liz asked and Max shrugged.
“No one knows, Valenti said that Hank showed up at the station and said that he had a new job and was moving.” Max explained.
Liz looked at Michael and smiled.
“You know, mom would be so happy to know that someone had finally tamed Rath, he was such a wild play boy back home.” Liz stated and Max laughed.
“You should have seen him when we found each other again, he had no control over his powers, except from one power, he could give someone the itches if they pissed him off.” Max explained and Liz giggled.
“Vilandra had that power and she used to do it to Zan and Rath whenever they did something to annoy her, she had really good control over it that she could even time it to come on at the most impropriate moment.” Liz explained and Max winced. “You know there was this time when Zan and Lilly were having their nightly walk, Zan had bugged Vilandra a couple of hours earlier and she had bugged him but he didn’t know, during their make out and they were about to go further, the itches came on.” Liz remembered and Max groaned.
“Only my sister would do that.” Max muttered and Liz laughed. “Zan was annoyed and embarrassed that he refused to see Lilly for almost two weeks, Lilly was in laughers for days when she found out the reason why Zan wouldn’t see her.”
“That was a nice thing for you to do to your future husband.” Max muttered and Liz pointed a finger at him.
“Ah ha, we weren’t engaged at the time.” Liz stated and Max laughed, their food came and they began to tuck into them.
“What was Zan really like? He wasn’t a play boy like Rath was he.” Max asked and Liz laughed.
“No, he’s like what you are now, he was sweet, romantic, gentle although he did have his bad boy side that showed up some times. He was a great leader and everyone adored him.” Liz stated and Max nodded.
“Why did Ava kill Lilly?”
“Because Lilly had Zan, Zan was meant for her and she grew up believing that Zan would fall in love with her but the minute Zan laid eyes on Lilly, he fell in love with her and sought her out.” Liz explained. “Ava was hurt and rejected that she took revenge.”
“How did Lilly and Zan meet?” Max asked.
“Zan and Rath were friends since they were kids, Zan never met the girls because it wasn’t allowed at the time. There was ball on so they all went there and Zan and Ava met the for the first time, Lilly was running late at the time and when she arrived, her and Zan just met each other and things went from there.” Liz stated and Max sighed.
“I wish I could remember.” Max stated and Liz leaned over and linked hand with him.
“Give it time Max, they will come back to you in time.” Liz assured and Max nodded.
“What was Lilly like?” Max asked and Liz blushed.
“Well, my dad told me that Lilly was sassy, a bit of a tease but she was loveable and sweet, that everyone fell in love with her when they met her.” Liz described with a shrug and Max smirked.
“Nothing changed much there.” Max teased and Liz, playfully, slapped his arm before getting back to her food, looked over at Maria and Michael, and found that they were in a heated conversation.
“They’re arguing.” Liz stated and Max chuckled as he looked over.
“At least they’re getting to know each other.” Max stated with a shrug and Liz smiled as she slipped her foot out of her shoes and ran it up and down Max’s leg.
“Just like we’re getting to know each other?” she asked innocently while Max mocked glared at her.
“How come Jeff never told us about our past?” Max asked.
“You didn’t ask him plus he had it all planned out how and when he was going to tell you but…” Liz trailed off sadly and Max took her hand, understanding.
“I wish we had waited for you to come out of your pod.” Max whispered and Liz looked up at him.
“How come you were gone at the time?” Liz asked; she wasn’t angry, just curious.
“Michael told us we had to leave, that something was going to happen and we needed to get out of the pod chamber as soon as we could.” Max explained and looked at Liz. “How come you hatched late?”
“There was some problem with the pods plus the pods let you hatched in the same order as you were born on Antar.” Liz explained.
“That explained why Michael was first then I was second then Isabel was last.” Max said and Liz nodded.
“As I was born two years later on Antar, it would make sense why I would be born later from you all.” Liz explained, filling in the gap and Max nodded.
“I still wish I was there for you though.” Max stated and Liz smiled.
“Max, it’s okay, dad was there for me and he explained how come you hatched earlier than me.” Liz consoled him then looked over to Michael and Maria only to roll her eyes to see that they were arguing again. “Give me a break!” she muttered and Max laughed as their food arrived.
“Hey guys, what you up to?” Tess asked as he entered Crashdown where Alex and Isabel were sitting at the booth.
“Just relaxing and chilling out.” Alex remarked and Tess smiled.
“They mean the same thing.” Tess teased and Alex laughed.
“Seriously, just sitting back and revelling in the fact that we are having a nice normal couple of days.” Alex said and all three of them looked at each other.
“It’s kind of boring isn’t it?” Isabel asked and they nodded in agreement before laughing.
The gang was sitting in the Crashdown, surrounding a booth, laughing and talking to each other, Max, Liz, Michael and Maria had turned up earlier after their date and were talking about how Liz conned them, when Tess piped up.
“You know, it’s nice.” Tess stated as she took her seat next to Liz; they all looked at her.
“What is?” Liz asked.
“To have a normal couple of days for once.” Tess stated and Liz smiled as she raised her glass and clinked Tess’s.
“Amen to that.” Liz agreed and both girls smiled while the others laughed.


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by Bubblegal
Chapter 10: Wipe out

“Phillip!” Diane shouted as she placed the platter on the table, Liz looked at it with a raised eyebrow before rolling her eyes while Max and Isabel grimaced at the sight of the food.
“What’s this mom?” Max asked.
“It's a frijoles frittata. Martha Stewart serves it to her guests in the Hampton’s. So. Um...Phillip! It's gonna get cold! Get in here!” Diane informed her song eagerly as she cut the pie into pieces and handed them all a bit. “Phillip!” Diane shouted once more as they took a bite of the pie and began choking. “I’ll go and see where your father is, enjoy it.”
“Who needs a nice big glass of juice?” Liz asked as soon as Diane was out of ear shot and everyone nodded eagerly, they all stood up and handed their plates to Max while Isabel took their glasses to get more juice
“I'll get it.” Isabel stated.
“I warned you about getting her a subscription to that magazine. How long are you gonna keep avoiding me?” Max demanded and Liz looked at the both of them, worried.
“I'm not avoiding you. We destroyed a race of people. I'm just trying to get past it. Juice?” Isabel stated.
“You sure there's nothing else?” Liz asked and Isabel nodded.
“I'm sure. Thanks.” Isabel stated.
“Would you step on it, please? Liz is gonna implode if we don't get this thing back by the lunch rush.” Tess stated and Maria rolled her eyes.
“You are not even in the uniform so you don’t have to worry beside, we have one break in an 8 hour shift, and the girl sends us 30 miles out of town on an errand.” Maria muttered.
“Well, she let you stay on the clock.” Tess stated with a teasing smile and Maria smiled back.
“I'm sorry, Tess. I love Liz dearly. I do. However, this is totally Kathie Lee.” Maria stated and Tess had to nod in agreement, as they passed the sign for the U.F.O Centre, it had a glowing green rod stuck through it. A green pulse from the rod was shot at Roswell.
Liz was glaring at the Frittata that was only her plate while Max and Isabel took tiny bites, making sure it wouldn’t choke them.
Diane Evans went to get another serving of frittata, the plate that she was carrying dropped to the floor.
“Mom?” Isabel asked as she, Max and Liz stood up and looked around for her.
Tess and Maria arrived in town to find that the cars have stopped in the middle of the road.
“Why are all these cars stopped?!” Maria demanded.
“What's going on? Maria, w-what's going on--Maria!” Tess shouted as Maria swerved into a baby stroller.
“Oh, God! I didn't see it! It was was just there, and I was going too fast.” Maria stammered as they both hurried out of the car and checked the stroller, only to find that it was empty.
“Where is everybody?” Tess asked.
A bus arrived in Roswell. Tourists start stepping out of the bus, including Nicholas.
“Welcome to Roswell, New Mexico, folks...UFO capital of the world and last stop on our tour. Everyone, remember their sunscreen while you're out and about.” The tours stated.
“Thank you.” The tourists replied.
“Let's find some aliens.” Nicholas stated as he looked around with a proud smile on his face.
At Michael's apartment, Courtney had successfully changed into the new husk in the bathtub.
“You put the husk on.” Michael asked.
“The fit is ok.” Courtney explained.
“Feels like real skin.” Michael stated as he ran his hand over his skin.
“For now. The husk wasn't fully mature, and I don't know how long it's gonna hold up. You saved my stealing this.” Courtney stated and Michael shrugged.
“Well, you helped us by telling us what was in Copper Summit and to save Max, Liz, Isabel and Tess in time.” Michael stated and the phone rang. “Here's a towel, and here's a robe.” Michael handed them to her before picking up the phone. “Yeah?”
“It's me. Meet us at the Crashdown right away.” Max stated into the phone.
“Where is everyone?” Maria asked as she and Tess held onto each other while they walked around the deserted town.
“I don’t know, we need to get to the Crashdown, if anyone else is still here, they are more likely to be there.” Tess explained and Maria nodded as they both hurried. Tess tripped up and fell to the ground where she saw something.
“Tess, come on.” Maria hissed as Tess picked up what looked like a skin only for it to disappear in front of their eyes.
“This is not good.” Tess whispered as she got up and both of them made a break to the Crashdown, hoping like hell the gang was there.
The gang was standing in the middle of the Crashdown.
“It’s empty, there’s no one here!” Isabel exclaimed, Liz saw something on the counter and picked it up.
“It’s Alex’s cd, he told me he was bringing it by today to give it to me.” Liz stated and Isabel choked back a sob.
“This is just great.” She muttered.
“Looks like it’s only us aliens who are still here.” Michael stated to Liz. Courtney looked out of the window and saw Maria and Tess running toward the Crashdown.
“That idea just went out of the window.” Courtney stated as they hurried into the Crashdown, Maria ran into Michael’s arms and he hugged her back while Courtney looked off to the side.
“What’s going on?” Tess demanded.
“It seems like everyone had disappeared.” Max explained and Maria gasped.
“You mean they’re dead.” Maria asked and Liz shook her head.
“No! They are still here, I can feel them but it feels like we are in some sort of limbo. We can’t see them and they can’t see us.” Liz explained.
“We’ll figure it out later, get in the toilet.” Isabel commanded as she hurried everyone over to the toilet and locked the door before slipping her hand into Liz. “There are two skins heading toward us,” Isabel whispered. “Make them think the door isn’t there.” Liz nodded and closed her eyes, tighten her hold on Isabel’s hand and mind warped Ida and Nicholas as they stepped into the Crashdown.
Nicholas looked around.
“Go into the back.” He ordered to Ida and she nodded as she went into the back room while Nicholas walked around the room, he walked over to where the toilet was, it was a wall with a mirror on it, he looked in it and picked at his face while Liz’s breathing began to get shallower as sweat formed on her forehead. Everyone looked at her, concerned and worry as Max slipped his hand into her other hand while Michael placed a hand on the small of her back, all three of them added their powers to keep her energy going.
Ida came over and slapped Nicholas’s hand away from his face.
“Mom?!” Nicholas complained.
“Don't pick. There's nobody back there or upstairs, sir.” Ida reported.
“Look in the mirror. You're shedding.” Nicholas stated and Ida looked.
“'s the heat. Why couldn't those brats be from Seattle?” she snapped.
“Let's get you back to the moisture chamber. This haphazard searching is going nowhere.” Nicholas muttered.
“What's plan "B"?” Ida asked.
“We'll search the town...street by street, building by building, inch by inch. I'm not stopping till we find them.” Nicholas ordered as they leave.
The gang waited for a few more minutes to be on the safe side before letting Liz drop the mind warp.
They exited the toilet and Liz made a break for the seat at the counter, because she was feeling light-headed and sick with a pounding headache.
“God that felt like trying to get into a metal wall.” Liz muttered as Max helped her over to the stool and rubbed the back of her neck, healing her headache.
“They must have done made everyone disappear.” Maria stated and Isabel looked at her.
“And how could they do that? We don’t even have that kind of power.” Isabel asked.
“No, but they have the technology to do it remember, they are the ones who made the husks so doing something like this should be a piece of cake.” Courtney explained.
“Why make the humans disappear?” Tess asked.
“To single us out, this way it’s easier to kill us and not have anyone to worry about.” Liz explained as she took a sip of the water and Tabasco in order to sooth her dry throat.
“Where were you when this happened?” Courtney asked Tess and Maria.
“We were out of town at the time, Mr. Evans sent us on an errand to get something for the Crashdown.” Maria explained.
“So you slipped through a window, the reason why you are still here but it won’t last that long so we need to hurry up and figure out what you are going to do.” Courtney explained, looking at Max who looked back at her.
“Why are you looking at me like that?” Max asked.
“Well you are the king aren’t you, so be one.” She snapped. “You’ll just make a mistake like always.” She muttered under her breath and Liz lost it.
“It was Zan who made the mistakes, Max is not Zan!” Liz snapped at Courtney. “And I have told you, Zan had lost Lilly and went into depression when he made the mistakes so lay off him!”
“He shouldn’t have forced the war in the first place!” Courtney shouted back and Liz shook her head, disbelievingly.
“I don’t believe this, Zan wasn’t thinking straight when he made the mistakes, he wanted revenge on his wife’s death.” Liz shot back and it hit her. “It’s you isn’t it?”
“Excuse me?” Courtney asked, fear creeping into her soul.
“You’re Vilonia.” Liz stated and Courtney drew in a sharp breath, which told Liz that she was right. “Oh I so can’t believe you’re still alive.” She muttered.
“Vilonia?” Max asked and Liz turned to him.
“She was one of Zan’s follower, in fact, she was obsess with him at the time and hated Lilly for being the one who was in his bed.” Liz explained.
“That doesn’t explain why she hates Max right now.” Isabel stated and Liz looked at Courtney.
“I’m guessing she tried to bed Zan after Lilly’s death but he refused and pushed the war, she hated the reason why he started the war. It was because of Lilly and she wanted Zan for herself but he was still hung up over Lilly.” Liz stated with a shrug and Courtney glared at her, which caused Liz to smirk. “Don’t pout, Zan was flattered that you liked him, he was in love with Lilly at the time.”
Everyone is up stairs in Liz’s old room, Max and Michael are checking out through Liz’s old telescope while the girls are talking in the bedroom; Liz and Maria went down the stairs to get some drinks when they saw a skin.
Sheriff Valenti appeared and shot the skin in the back.
“Oh. Careful, Sheriff! He's a skin!” Maria shouted.
“Yaahh!” The skin shouted as he knocked the Sheriff to the ground and made a quick escape.
“Oh, my...oh...” Liz stuttered and Kyle ran in and over to his dad.
“Dad! Dad, you ok. You ok. You all right?” Kyle asked as he helped his dad up.
“Ohh!” Jim groaned.
“If guns don't work, how do we kill them?” Max asked, Liz pulled Courtney up and spun her around; she lifted up Courtney’s top and pulled up a piece of skin to reveal what looked like a metal bolt.
“Take the hardest thing or even punching or kicking to here, it’s break the husk and they die, permanently.” Liz informed them.
“Bitch.” Courtney muttered as she pulled herself out of Liz’s arm and glared at her,
“Don’t piss me off.” Liz snapped back with a warning anger glare in her eyes.
“What about Nicholas? What can he do?” Isabel asked Liz.
“All the things you can...times a thousand. But the thing you should be the most afraid this.” Courtney jumped in and pointed to her head. “He can get inside of your head and take anything that he wants. Basically, he rapes you of your memories and your thoughts.”
“We've gotta get everybody to a safer location.” Jim stated to Max and Max nodded.
“The UFO centre. It's a former bomb shelter. There are no windows and fewer ways in and out. After we get everyone situated, you, me, Michael, Isabel, and Liz will start picking them off one by one.” Max stated.
“What about me?” Kyle asked and Max nodded, Kyle had hurt Liz and hadn’t proven himself yet.
“You're not someone I trust. Let's move.” Max stated and they found themselves in the alley across from the U.F.O Centre.
“There's not much cover, so we should split up into groups.” Max stated and Jim nodded,
“Good idea.” Jim stated; weakly and Max looked at him.
“You ok.” Max asked.
“Yeah. Michael, Kyle, take Courtney. You guys go first.” Jim stated.
“When you're in, we'll send the next bunch.” Max explained.
“All right, go.” Jim exclaimed, Michael and Kyle took Courtney over to the U.F.O Centre with the rest of the gang looking out, they made it to the centre and Michael opened the door with his power.
“I'll take Tess, Liz, and Maria. You two OK bringing up the rear.” Jim asked and Max nodded as he kissed Liz’s forehead and told her not to worry.
“Ready?” Jim asked; the girls clutched arms.
“Ok.” Jim stated and all four of them hurried over to the U.F.O Centre.
“We're gonna be ok.” Max stated and Isabel turned to Max.
“Max, if I ask you to do something, will you just do it, no questions asked?” Isabel asked and Max nodded. “You go. Make sure everyone else is safe. I'm gonna find Nicholas.” Isabel stated.
“No.” Max denied,
“ don't understand. He's after me.” Isabel protested and Max looked at her.
“Why, Isabel? What really happened in Arizona? We're stronger together than we are apart.” Max explained.
“You're right. I'm sorry.” Isabel stated, Max turned around and Isabel walked off.
“Don't worry about it. I'm gonna make sure it's safe. Then we're up. Ok. The coast is clear. You go ahead, and I'll follow you. Ready?” Max asked. He turned around and found that Isabel had walked off. He goes to look for her.
Isabel walked around and found the tour bus. Someone was playing with a remote-controlled car. As Isabel walked up to the bus, the car ran into her. Nicholas appeared.
“Boo.” Nicholas stated with a smirk.
Back at the U.F.O Centre, Michael hurried over to Courtney.
“I brought you some water if you want. We're gonna pull together the ingredients for another bath. Ok?” Michael stated and Courtney shook her head.
“It won't work. It's...I'm dying.” Courtney whispered.
“No. No. No, that's not an option. Ok, there's...there's gotta be something that we can do. Courtney, what?” Michael asked.
“You won't want to do it.” Courtney warned.
“Just say it. What is it?” Michael asked and Courtney looked up at him.
“The granilith.” She whispered.
Max arrives at the UFO Centre, where Liz hurried up to him; Max took her into his arms.
“Did you find her?” Liz asked and Max shook his head while looking around.
“Where's Michael?”
“He's in the back.” Liz pointed and Max walked off to meet him
Maria paced around. She walked by an exhibit with a mannequin in a window. She turned around, walked back, and noticed the mannequin is missing now. The skin stepped out and blasted Maria with an energy blast.
“Liz!” Maria called out; Liz hurried up behind the skin and kicked it in the small of the back then helped Maria up.
“They found a way in. We've gotta go.” Liz stated to Maria and hurried over to the gang. “We gotta move, they found a way in!”
“All right. We'll head for the school. It's our turf. Get your dad.” Max stated.
“I can't. He disappeared right in front of me.” Kyle stated and Liz cursed.
“The skins' time dimension must be catching up with those of us that are...” Liz trailed off.
“Human. Who's next?” Maria finished. Kyle saw a UFO Centre postcard and recognizes the sign in it. The same one he and his dad saw earlier was defaced.
“That time field is coming from the billboard out by Chaparral Turnout. My dad spotted a green rod stuck through it this morning. We thought it was a prank. I'm heading out there.” Kyle stated and Max shook his head.
“No. We stick together.” Max ordered.
“Hey, I've been really nice about following your orders, Senor Presidente, but if I can do something to help bring some people back or ensure that Tess, Maria, and I live to see another day, I'm gonna do it.” Kyle snapped back and Max gave in.
“Kyle. Look...take Bradford Alley all the way out of town. It's a straight shot. You can't get boxed in.” Max state and Kyle nodded.
“Thanks.” Kyle stated as he and Tess hurried out of the building in.
“Um...I know how you hate when things get all goopy, so...” Maria started off and Michael nodded.
“Yeah. So I'll see you soon.” Michael stated.
“Yeah.” Maria stated, unbelievingly and Michael shook his head.
“No. I will.” Michael promised and Maria leaves.
“Ok. It's the four of us on foot. If we stick to the side streets, we can...” Max trailed off as he looked around.
“What's wrong?” Liz asked.
“Where's Courtney?” Max asked Michael.
Nicholas had found Courtney who's lying on the ground.
“When my soldiers told me what they had found, I had to see for myself. What's the matter, Courtney? Too weak to run?” Nicholas taunted.
“Leave me alone.” Courtney snapped.
“You always were the social butterfly, Courtney. Always the first to make new friends. But what I want to know is...where are yours hiding?” Nicholas asked.
“I think I see a chest hair, Nicholas. Way to go.” Courtney taunted back and Nicholas gave up.
“Fine. We'll do this the hard way.” Nicholas stated as he grabbed her mind and starts looking in her mind.
“Ohh! Ohhh!” Courtney cries out in pain.
“Let's had scrambled eggs for breakfast. Then you slipped into that husk that punk stole from us.” Nicholas remarked. “Boring. Boring. Boring. Aha!” Nicholas cried out, triumphed.
“All right, we'll head for the school. It's our turf.” Max stated to the gang and Nicholas came out of the rape.
“School? On a Saturday? What a drag.” Nicholas stated and Courtney glared at him.
“I hope they kill you.” She spat out.
“You've become awfully chummy with them, haven't you? Courtney? Are you hiding something else? You are. You have a secret. What do you know?” Nicholas asked in a singsong voice. And grabbed her head once more.
“If anything happens to me, Max, or Tess, I want you to be able to save yourself. Now, if I tell you where the granilith is, do you swear never to tell anyone?” Michael asked.
“I swear.” Courtney swore back.
“The granilith! That is a bonus! I hope he gave you detailed directions.” Nicholas stated as he went to place his hand on her head once more, but she had pressed her husk seal and she disintegrates in front of them. “Now, that's a soldier.” Nicholas stated with approval.
At the School.
“You sure you don't know where Courtney went?” Max asked and Michael shook his head.
“Your guess is as good as mine.” Michael lied.
“Isabel. Isabel.” Max hurried over to Isabel, who is lying against the lockers.
“Ahem!” Nicholas cleared his throat causing the gang to look around them and see that the skins surround them.
Max, Isabel, Liz, and Michael are tied up to the pillars that have come out of nowhere. Nicholas walked up to Max.
“What happened to you, guy? You used to determine the fate of entire armies with the flip of a coin. Luckily for me, you continue to put your faith in the wrong people. Does this scene feel familiar, Vilandra? Moreover, your trusted second...the boy who spilled the secret of the granilith to one of our exiled members. Rule number one of war: keep your big mouth shut. Courtney knew that. That's why she killed herself before I could get its exact location. By the way, love the hair. Hope you win. There's one more thing I need to know before we can all call it a day. Where's the granilith?” Nicholas stated and Max scoffed.
“I'm not telling you.” Max stated and Nicholas smirked.
“ will.” Nicholas remarked as he lifted his hand to Michael, Isabel and Liz; the three of them started screaming in pain
“Wait! I'll take you there! Just you and me. This has nothing to do with them.” Max shouted, not bearing to see Liz and his friends in pain.
“Max, don't.” Liz shouted, weakly as she tried drawing her powers together.
“This is too easy. In the old days, I would've been no match for you.” Nicholas stated and grabbed Max’s head and started looking through his memories. “Either way, you're going to die, Max. So why don't you just make this easy on yourself?” Nicholas asked as Max focused to push Nicholas out.
At the Billboard, Maria is standing on the ledge, muttering to herself as she clings to the cables.
“Keep it together, De Luca.” Maria muttered.
“Ready to tell me now?” Nicholas asked as he placed his hand on Max’s head once more, Max let out a groan of pain as Maria hooked the cable clamps to each other and places it on top of the green pulsating tube. She disappeared shortly afterward. The cables destroyed the tube and Roswell glows green again as the effects of the tube are reversed.
“Stop it!” Liz screamed as she closed her eyes and the skins looked at her. A wall of fire suddenly appeared behind Liz, Liz opened her eyes and they could see pain and fatigue shining through her eyes. The fire cut through the ropes that was holding her then enveloped the skins, causing them to scream out in pain and there were a huge blast. Soon the foursome found themselves in a shower of skins.
They heard a thump and found Liz slumped on the ground, pale and shaking from the huge amount of energy that she had used.
“Liz!” Max gasped as he hurried over and checked her out, he sighed in relief as he looked up at Isabel and Michael. “She’s okay.” Max assured and they sighed in relief as Max lifted her up then looked at the others. “Let’s go home.” They heard a noise, saw the cleaner cleaning the hallway, and smiled. Everything was back.
Maria and Tess squealed with excitement when they saw each other and hugged before squealing when they saw Kyle coming up behind them.
Isabel rushed into the Kitchen and hugged her mother as hard as she could, her eyes closed in relief and happiness that her mother was still here.
Alex took a bite of his food only to start complaining that it was cold.
“Hey, these are freezing!” He saw Michael coming in and was surprise when Michael gave him a hug. Michael led him over to a booth and the pair of them started laughing, just feeling happy.
“How did you manage to do that?” Max asked Liz as he and Liz walked down the street, Liz was cuddled into his side while he had his arm wrapped around her shoulder, she had her arm wrapped round his waist.
“I don’t know Max, all I knew that I wanted them to stop hurting you so I thought I send them a mind warp then it just came real.” Liz explained as she rested her head on his shoulder. “How long was I out for?”
“About an hour and a half.” Max replied, “You really gave us a scare.” Max stated as he kissed her forehead and Liz sighed.
“Sorry.” Liz whispered back to him. “Good thing that everyone came back.”
“Yeah, Isabel was glad when Mom came back.” Max explained and Liz nodded.
“It’s every child’s nightmare to lose their parents, no matter what happens.” Liz stated knowing and Max kissed her gently.
They both looked up into the sky and caught sight of the V constellation winking at his king and queen as they walked back home.

Next: The dupes arrive.

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Posted: Tue Jan 04, 2005 10:15 am
by Bubblegal
Hey guys, a word of a warning, this is the two epics together. I didn’t like the way how Max got off scott free at the end for just running of the New York so I changed a lot of it, especially now that Liz is the queen rather than Tess plus you will see a lot of change compared to the programme.

Chapter 11: The Dupes

In New York, there was four people walking down the dark street, they looked like the pod squad except in New York clothing.
The Michael look a like, threw a basketball onto the road while the Max look a like went for it only to be pushed onto the road. Michael look a like held up his hand and the truck went forward, running over the Max look a like, the Liz look a like screamed with anguish and terror.
Back in Roswell, Liz bolted up in her bed and screamed Max’s name out in anguish and terror, everyone was staying at the Evan’s house due to the Evans going on a trip out of town.
Max came running in and took Liz into his arms as she sobbed into his chest, while everyone came rushing in to see what happened.
“Liz!” Maria gasped as she hurried over and sat down next to Liz.
“What is it?” Max asked.
“I don’t know, all I know that I felt pain at losing you, it felt so real.” Liz exclaimed, causing everyone to stare at her in a stunned shock.
“We need to talk.” Max stated as he drove his jeep in front of Isabel.
“One more mile.” Isabel replied.
“What are you running from?” Max demanded.
“I'm just getting in shape.” Isabel replied and Max scoffed.
“Since when? Your only exercise used to be the escalator at the mall.” Max shot at her.
“Things change.” Isabel shot back at him.
“Fine. I'll see you later. Vilandra.” Max stated then looked at her. “Are you...Vilandra? Isabel, there's always been a special bond...ever since we came out of the pods. We have to be able to be honest with each other.” Max pleaded and Isabel shook her head.
“I'm sorry, Max.” she whispered before she went back jogging. Max looked at her before pulling out of the park and driving off.
“How are you feeling?” Maria asked Liz, they both were at the Parker’s resident, upstairs in Liz’s bedroom, in bed with the covers over them.
“A bit better, I don’t know why I reacted like that, it was like I lost Max.” Liz explained and Maria shook her head.
“You don’t need to explain it Liz, the answers will come up eventually knowing them.” Maria stated and Liz giggled. “How is Max?”
“Annoyed and Frustrated, Isabel is not talking to him, ever since he found out that she knew that she was Vilandra and she knows something, he began to feel cut from her and he is furious with Michael for betraying him and telling Courtney where the Granolith was.” Liz explained.
“How do you feel?” Maria asked.
“I’m furious with Isabel and Michael for not telling the truth but at the same time I guess I can understand why they did it.” Liz explained; both girls looked at each other. “What about you? Have you forgiven Michael?”
“I want to but he hurt me by telling me that he loved me then dumping me and he gets together with Courtney when we thought she was human then after we find out she was an alien. If he can do that, who to say he wouldn’t do that again.” Maria asked and Liz shrugged.
“I don’t really know Michael that well considering everything we went through but I can remember Rath and he was like the same. At least he hadn’t slept with anyone right?” Liz asked.
“Don’t know, haven’t asked him and have no desire to ask him.” Maria muttered; the girls sat up.
“Why don’t you go out with other guys, you know, just feel around and see if there is anyone you like?” Liz asked and Maria blushed as she smiled and it hit Liz. “Oh, you do like someone. Who is it?”
“Remember the guy, Brody?” Maria asked and Liz nodded, he came into the Crashdown regularly and he always sat in Maria’s section. “Well, he asked me out and I told him that I would get back to him with my answer.”
“Well, phone him!” Liz stated as she picked up the phone. “You can’t put your life on hold for Michael forever and maybe, you might even fall in love with Brody, we never know.” Liz exclaimed. Maria smiled as she picked up the phone, dialled Brody’s number, and held hands with Liz.
“Hi, Brody?” Maria asked. “It’s Maria, I just wanted to let you know that dinner tonight would be great.” She listened for a moment and nodded. “Sure, pick me outside the Crashdown at seven. Bye.” Maria hung up the phone and turned to Liz, they both squealed as they hugged each other, excited about the up coming date.
Three people turned up at the U.F.O Centre, they were hiding behind the grating as they watched the gang, minus Alex, talking down below. They watch as Max pace while Liz was telling him something.
“Yo. He's Zan, all right. Look at him.” The boy muttered.
“Zan with an even bigger stick up his ass.” The blonde hair girl added.
“What a bunch of scrubs.” The boy stated, looking at the group.
“I don't know why they told all those humans about their secrets. It's like a freaking town meeting down there.” The same girl added in with disgust filling her voice.
“Hey guys.” Alex greeted the trio as he came up behind them, they turned to face him and Alex looked at their outfit and smiled. “Okay, you do know that Halloween is over, right?” he asked before looking through the vent and paling when he saw Michael, Isabel and Liz in the UFO Centre with everyone else.
He hurried out of the way and moved down the steps. “Guys, you are not going to believe this!” Alex called out as he stepped behind Max and Michael, they looked toward the front and saw the dupes, one that looked a lot like Michael, Liz and Isabel but they were the harder version of the trio.
“Wow.” Maria stated when she saw them and Rath smirked at the spitfire in front of him.
“Back at ya.” Rath greeted, causing Michael to glare at him.
“I’m Max.” Max introduced and pointed to Liz. “This is Liz.”
“Lilly.” Liz’s double stated.
“Vilandra, Lonnie.”
“These are Tess, Kyle, Alex and Maria.” Max finished off, pointing to each person in turn.
“They’re humans.” Lonnie stated and Liz glared at her.
“Problem?” Liz asked and Lonnie’s eyes widen.
“No problem at all.” Lonnie stated and Lilly smirked.
“Nice to see that you’ve retained your attitude.” Lilly stated to Liz and Liz smiled back.
“So, where’s Zan?” Liz asked; Rath and Lonnie looked at each other before looking back.
“He died in a stupid accident. You know, all his powers, all his abilities, and, you know, he died in a street accident. For nothing'.” Rath stated and Liz saw Lilly glare at Rath, she could feel the extreme hatred coming off Lilly in waves toward Rath and it hit Liz.
“Max.” Liz asked as she looked up at him, Max looked down. “Can I speak to you for a minute?” Max could see the pleading in her eyes and nodded.
“Back in a minute.” Max stated as he led Liz to a dark corner. “Sweetie?”
“Rath and Lonnie killed Zan, I could feel Lilly anger toward Rath.” Liz whispered and Max looked at her wide eyes.
“Are you sure?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“Remember how I felt pain and anguish but couldn’t place it?” Liz asked and Max nodded. “Placed it now.”
“But why did they kill him?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“I’m guessing Zan didn’t want to do something and they killed him and came here so you could take his place for him.” Liz stated and Max sighed.
“Right, let’s go and talk to them. We’ll keep it low profiled till we find out what they want.” Max explained and Liz nodded as they headed over to the group. “So, what are you doing in Roswell?”
“Something's cooking...something that's gonna affect all of us.” Rath stated; the gang just waited. Rath sighed. “We've been contacted. You know, it seems some of peeps from the hood, they wanna hook up with us and have a sit-down.”
“The...the hood?” Max asked.
“Our star system. Home. You...the ruling families of the five planets...they wanna have this summit meeting. I don't know, duke. I mean, I know it's important and it's got something to do with making the peace, but, you know, Zan was gonna go and represent our family and...that's why we need you.” Rath explained.
“Me?” Max asked.
“Yeah, with Zan dead, you're the only kin we got.” Rath explained.
“Why did they contact you and not us?” Liz asked.
“We're the ones they found. They don't know that there's 2 sets.” Rath explained.
Michael and Lonnie had moved over a bit, giving Max and Liz a chance to talk in private with Rath.
“So why are there 2 sets?” Michael asked.
“Well, they made one batch and didn't get it quite right, so...they made another.” Lonnie explained.
“So you guys are, like, defective.” Michael stated and Lonnie smirked.
“Actually, you're the defectives. Too human. No offence. When they sent us down here, the war was still going on. We were possibly the only chance for survival, so they sent both sets, you know, for insurance.” Lonnie explained.
“Were you close, you and Zan?” Liz asked.
“Oh, yeah, we were closer than brothers, man. I know, all my life, I looked up to him and I wanted to be like him and...And then, just one day, just...bam!” Rath stated, Liz just nodded while thinking ‘liar’ in her head, she knows that something is wrong.
“So...Lonnie. Is that short for Vilandra?” Isabel asked and Lonnie nodded.
“That's right. You know about Vilandra.” She asked.
“I've heard some things.” Isabel stated, vaguely.
“What do you know?” Lonnie asked.
“What do you know?” Isabel shot back.
“She betrayed her family...brought down the whole house of everyone killed. Sound familiar? It's been hard keeping it to myself all these years. You have no idea.” Lonnie muttered.
“Yes, I do.” Isabel whispered and Lonnie looked at her.
“You haven't told Max. But you seem so close.” Lonnie observed.
“I...I wanted to, but...but I didn't even want to believe it myself, and.the thought of telling him...” Isabel stated and trailed off.
“It's ok. It's ok. It'll be our little secret.” Lonnie assured.
“I don't even know what the war's about.” Max protested; Liz had gone over to speak to Maria about something.
“We know it's about us...the original royal four. Some kind of revolution happened, and they were all killed and sent to earth to be reborn. Ever since then, the hood's been a war zone. Now they want peace. I know you're not Zan, and I know it's kinda screwed to lay all this stuff on you, but this meant a lot to him. He's our peace. He's our chance to do something with this life. This is it.” Rath lay on thick.
“I'm not Zan.” Max protested and Rath shook his head.
“Don't worry. I mean; I'll be right there with you. But without you...there is no summit and there is no peace. Millions of lives hang in the balance, Max. So gotta step up.” Rath stated.
Max had told the gang while the trio stood off to the side, talking among themselves.
“ we are.” Max stated.
“And there we are.” Isabel stated, looking at the doubles.
“I thought I'd seen everything.” Michael muttered.
“Me too.” Maria added in.
“They want me to go to New York to a...a summit meeting.” Max stated and Liz looked at him.
“What, just you? We weren't invited.” Liz asked.
“I already told them no.” Max stated.
“Think it's gonna take some work. He's got that same brick head as Zan.” Rath explained.
“We don't got a lotta time.” Lonnie reminded.
“Back off. I'm on it.” Rath snapped at her.
“Like you were on Zan? Do not screw this up, Rath. He goes to the summit, or we are stuck on this wretched planet for the rest of our lives.” Lonnie snapped.
“He'll never change his mind.” Lilly observed.
“I don't care. He's coming to New York one way or another.” Lonnie stated and Lilly looked at her.
“What is that supposed to mean?” Lilly demanded.
“You really wanna know.” Lonnie asked and Lilly scoffed.
“I don't want to be a part of this.” Lilly stated as she stormed off, Liz watched her double go off then slipped out the back of the U.F.O Centre and follows Lilly.
“That chick is turning into a real problem.” Rath stated to Lonnie as they both glare at the young lady’s retreating.
“Don't worry. Max is coming with us. I guarantee it.” Lonnie stated with confidence filling her voice.
Liz sneaked up behind Lilly, she placed a hand over Lilly’s mouth and dragged her into the alleyway; Liz spun Lilly around and glared at her.
“You’re gonna tell me what the hell happened to Zan and what they want with Max and you are gonna tell me everything.” Liz hissed out, Lilly stared at her, swallowing hard.
Lonnie found herself at Max’s window and knocked on the window.
“What are you doing here?” Max asked as he opened the window and let Lonnie in.
“I had to see you.” Lonnie stated as they both sat down.
“It's dangerous.” Max reminded and Lonnie shrugged.
“I had to get something out, something I never got to say to Zan, and now it's too late, and I was thinking about how maybe if I tell you, I can get it outta my head, you know?” Lonnie stated and Max looked at her, confused.
“What is it?” Max asked.
“I wanted to apologize.” Lonnie started and Max’s curiosity piqued up.
“For what?” Max asked.
“For betraying you. Max, have you ever been so crazy in love that you'd just do about anything? Well, back on our planet, person we used to be...we had it bad for a guy named Kivar. We sold you out, man. We're the ones with blood on our hands. We're the ones that got everybody killed. Vilandra was the, uh...the Benedict’s Arnold.” Lonnie explained to Max and he shook his head in denial.
“But you're not Vilandra. And neither is Isabel.” Max explained.
“Not technically, no. But she's like this...demon I carry around inside of me. We both do, Isabel and I. She told me so that night we met.” Lonnie told Max.
“Isabel would never betray me.” Max stated.
“Course not. Just like, I would have never shafted Zan. I'm glad she's come clean with you about this. You're lucky to have a sister you're so tight with, you know? I wish Zan and I had been that tight.” Lonnie stated as she left out of the window, leaving Max alone with his thoughts.
Isabel is walking down the alleyway where Max is waiting at the end, leaning on the wall; he saw Isabel and grabbed her arm.
“You lied to me about Vilandra.” Max stated and Isabel scoffed.
“I don't know what you're...” Isabel started and Max intruppted.
“Shut up! She betrayed me...and Michael and Liz and our mother...our whole planet.” Max demanded,
“Who told you this? Did she tell you this?” Isabel demanded.
“She cared enough to apologize to me. I had to hear it from a stranger! And yet, my own sister...” Max asked.
“All right, Max. Fine. Fine. Now you know. I was sick of keeping it a secret, sick of worrying about disappointing you...the great king.” Isabel spat out.
“I trusted you.” Max exclaimed.
“I didn't do anything! I didn't do anything, and I'm not gonna stand here and be accused of something someone else did in another lifetime, something completely irrelevant!”
“If it's so irrelevant, then why didn't you tell me?” Max shot back.
“Because I have my own life, and I can't live it when I'm busy trying to prove myself to you all the time, trying to prove I won't betray you! It is exhausting living with that!” Isabel stated.
“I never asked you to prove yourself.” Max shot back.
“Yes, you did. You treat everybody like they're your property. I don't belong to you, Max. I never did.” Isabel stated.
“I feel like I don't even know you.” Max stated to Isabel.
“How could you? All you care about is yourself. And Liz Parker, of course. Maybe you're finally getting what you deserve...finally looking in the mirror and seeing what you really are, and you are no king! You are a self-centred, self-indulgent little boy!” Isabel snapped at them, Michael saw them and hurried up to them
“Hey, what are you doing?” Michael demanded as he pushed Max away from Isabel.
“I'm going to New York.” Max snapped at them.
“That is an amazingly bad idea, Max.” Michael stated and Max shook his head.
“If you think it's bad, Michael, then I know it's the right thing to do.” Max stated and left them.
“Fine. Fine! Go be with them!” Michael shouted after Max’s back.
“I don't know what happened. He just went crazy on me.” Isabel sobbed into his shirt.
“Don't worry. It'll be ok.” Michael stated and Isabel just smirked.
“I know.” Isabel stated, both of them changed their image back to Lonnie and Rath; they smiled at each other.
“Start spreading the news.” Rath stated.
“We're leaving today. Let's get the hell outta these clothes.” Lonnie stated and Rath agreed.
“Okay, here’s some money, take it and get the hell out of Roswell, I don’t trust Lonnie and Rath not to come after you.” Liz stated as she thrusted money at Lilly, Lilly had told her the whole story and she was furious.
“Where do I go?” Lilly asked.
“Anywhere apart from here and New York, with luck, they might be dead by the time I reach them but if not, they are gonna wish they were by the time I’m finished.” Liz muttered as Lilly took the money, Lilly looked at Liz once more.
“You really are the true queen, you act more and more like Lilly every day I see you.” Lilly stated and Liz smiled.
“What can I say? It’s in the genes.” Liz cracked and Lilly laughed as she hugged Liz.
“Thank you for helping me, I just wished I could have save Zan.” Lilly whispered and Liz nodded.
“What’s done is done, but I promise you that I will get justice for it.” Liz whispered and Lilly nodded as she got on the bus and left.
Liz turned back to the car with a dark look on her face, she was going to kill Khivar one of these days, that was a promise and anyone else who got in her way of protecting her family.
Max met up with Lonnie and Rath; he looked around but couldn’t see Lilly anywhere.
“Where’s Lilly?” Max asked.
“She called us, told us that was running late and would find a another transport to New York, what about Liz?” Rath asked.
“Haven’t seen her, she disappeared a while ago.” Max explained as he threw the bag into the car and got in. Rath and Lonnie slapped hand, discreetly before getting in themselves.
The gang was in the Crashdown, minus from Max and Liz.
“So you’re saying that Max just went off to New York without telling anyone of us?” Maria demanded. “Has he not spoken to any of you?”
“No, I haven’t see him since the U.F.O Centre.” Isabel stated and Michael nodded in agreement, the heard a loud clatters and saw that Liz was storming in through the Crashdown; she walked over to the gang.
“Where’s Max?” Liz demanded.
“New York, he just left.” Maria stated and Liz cursed as she threw out her hand, a glass bowl had shattered from her powers.
“What’s wrong?” Tess asked.
“Rath and Lonnie are the betrayers, they killed Zan because Zan didn’t want to go to the summit, I’m guessing they manipulated Max in to going to New York with them.” Liz muttered as she stormed up the stairs to her room, she pulled out a bag and threw some clothes in the bag before grabbing her jacket and walking back down the stairs. “I need the keys to your bike.” Liz stated to Michael.
“What? No way!” Michael snapped and Liz turned to face him and glared at him.
“Keys, now.” She hissed out, Michael gulped as he threw her the keys and she nodded. “The lot of you stay here, I’m not risking anyone else life in danger, I will call you once I get some news.” Liz informed as she strode out of the Crashdown and settled herself on the bike.
“She can’t ride a motor bike!” Isabel exclaimed.
“I taught her over the summer, she said, in case she needed to make a quick get away, this way she knew what to do.” Michael stated and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“You boys just turn to mush when ever she gives you the puppy dog eyes.” She muttered, causing Alex to cry out in an outrage while the girls giggled at the truth of the statement.
Max, Rath and Lonnie entered a building where a man was standing.
“What is this about?” Max asked.
“You must be tested to see if you are the real king.” The man replied and Max looked at him, confused and curious. “Do not worry, it will only take a minute and it won’t hurt.” The man assured, Max nodded as he walked over to the table and knelt down, the man came up behind Max and placed his hand on the back of Max’s head.
Max felt a tingling moment then a bright blue light came out of his head and into the sky, it formed into the V shape. Max stared at it in wonder.
The man turned to Rath and Lonnie. “He is the true king Zan.” He stated; Rath and Lonnie stepped up with huge smiles.
“Way to go dude.” Rath stated as he punched Max on the shoulder and Lonnie nodded.
“Now, we’ve to go to the summit, it should be set up by now.” Lonnie stated and Rath nodded.
“Follow us, we’ll take you there.” Rath stated.
Max entered the Summit and looked around at everyone around him, he walked over to the empty seat and sat down.
“Good day, I’m Max/Zan.” Max greeted.
“I’m Nicholas, I’m here to represent Khivar.” Nicholas stated as he walked over to his seat. Max looked at him stunned before regaining his composer.
“I am Larek, a friend of Zan.” A man with short brown hair and brown eyes stated, Max smiled at him before shaking his hand and the meeting started.
“We are here to make a deal, we want peace on our planet and we want it now.” One of the ladies snapped.
“Well, Khivar has a proposition for Zan.” Nicholas stated and everyone looked at him, curious. “He says, give him the Granolith and the war will end.”
Everyone gasped then looked at Max hopefully, Max opened his mouth but hesitated, an image of Liz’s face came over his mind, she was smiling up at him with love and trust but then it changed into her looking up at him with hurt and betrayal before turning away. He didn’t know what to do, his heart was telling him not to give the Granolith away while his head was saying do it, if it stopped everyone from coming after you, give it up.
It will be a cold day in hell before we give up the Granolith.” A female voice snapped out as a figure made her way toward the light.
“Who is there and who are you?” Larek asked. The figure stepped into the light and everyone gasped.
“Lilly!” Everyone gasped as he or she bowed. Rath and Lonnie looked at each other with fear before backing out of the room and making a quick get away.
“Get back up!” Liz snapped, anger and venom filling her voice, everyone stood up. “If you are willing to give into Khivar then you are more of a coward than I thought.”
“But each planet is weaking, we lose soldiers every day.” One of the representatives stated and Liz scoffed as her eyes went black as midnight. Lilly had taken over once more.
Max stood up and lifted up a hand so that Lilly could take it and led her to the seat.
“You may seat.” Lilly state and everyone took their seats, while Max stood behind Liz, watching the scene for any danger. “You all disgust me!” Lilly snapped out vemously. “You are willing to surrender to Khivar, who I may add, tried to rape me!” Everyone gasped as they looked at Nicholas. “Let me tell you one thing, Zan will regain the throne and if I ever catch any of you taking over a human body again and creating a summit without our permission, I will personal execute you!” Everyone looked at Lilly in fear; they knew how dangerous she could be when she was protective. “You may leave, block the humans as you leave or face death!”
Everyone left the bodies; they slumped to the floor, in a deep state of sleep while Lilly glared at Nicholas. “Khivar will die no matter what.” Nicholas glared at her before storming off. Lilly waved her hand over the bodies, sending them to their rightful places then reverting to Liz.
“Liz, are you okay?” Max asked, Liz pulled away from Max and glared up at him.
“How could you Max? How could you willing go off with Rath and Lonnie after what I told you about Zan!” Liz snapped at him.
The king and queen stood on either side, facing each other with anger boiling in their blood.
“At least Lonnie had the guts to tell me that Vilandra betrayed us in our past life unlike Isabel!” Max shouted back.
“Lonnie and Rath are the ones who betrayed you in this lifetime!” Liz shouted. “They killed Zan because he didn’t want to go to the summit as Zan didn’t want to go home. They would have killed you as soon as you gave everything they wanted!” Max was stunned.
“I didn’t know.” Max whispered.
“You would have known if you had stayed in Roswell and met up with me when I called you!” Liz stated, Max stepped forward and went to take her in to his arms but Liz stepped back. “No Max, a hug can’t solve our problems, you willing went with Lonnie and Rath without listening to any of us.”
“I talked to Isabel and Michael, they told me to go!” Max stated and Liz shook her head.
“Lonnie and Rath.” She whispered and it hit Max, he had been duped.
“Oh god, Liz, I’m sorry.” Max whispered and Liz looked up at him with tears swimming in her eyes.
“Sorry can’t cut it this time Max, you were willing to give up the granolith weren’t you?” she asked and Max looked off to the side, guilt and shame filling his body. “See Max, it was given to us so we could protect it, not so you could give it up at a moment notice.”
“I was going to but an image of you flashed over my mind, you looked so disappointed in me.” Max whispered and Liz sobbed.
“You were willing to give up the Granolith in our past time, we never spoke for almost two months because of that.” Liz whispered.
“I’m so sorry Liz, I never meant to hurt you.” Max whispered and Liz shrugged.
“You did Max, you never came to any of us, you had an argument with Michael and Isabel then stormed off to New York without making sure that it was actually them.” Liz stated as she wiped her tears away. “Do you have any idea how scared I was when Lilly told me that Rath and Lonnie had killed Zan and was going to kill you then to find out that you went to New York without telling anyone but a letter?” Liz snapped.
Max hurried over and took her into his arms; he refused to let her go even when she struggled against him.
“I’m sorry Liz, I’m so sorry.” Max whispered and Liz sobbed into his arms.
“It hurt so much that you didn’t come to me!” Liz cried into his chest while punching his chest.
“I know, I’m sorry, I was hurt and betrayed when I found out about Isabel.” Max whispered and Liz looked up at him.
“Max, listen to me, you need to work things out with Isabel, if you don’t, you will lose your relationship forever.” Liz whispered and Max nodded. “Give her the chance to explain why she never told you and please, the next time, will you go to one of us and tell us what you are feeling? Don’t hold it back!” Liz pleaded. “That what Zan did and that cost him his life, please don’t make me lose you in this life too.”
Max kissed her hard and pulled her harder into his body while burying his face into her hair.
“I promise I will come to you and you won’t lose me.” Max promised, Liz nodded against his chest as they both held on to each other, soaking in each other and letting their hearts heal. “Come on, it’s time we got home.” Max whispered and Liz nodded as she wrapped an arm around his waist and they both walked out of the building. “By the way, how did you get here?” Max asked and Liz giggled slightly.
“Now is that a story or what?” Liz asked.
Max and Isabel was standing in the kitchen, Max was leaning against the sink while Isabel was leaning against the counter.
“You are my sister Iz, you are Isabel Evans, not Vilandra.” Max stated. “I’m sorry that I made you feel that you couldn’t come and talk to me about it.”
“It wasn’t that Max, it was the thought that I betrayed you in our past life, that I’m the reason why we all died.” Isabel stated and Max shook his head.
“We don’t have the full story of what really happened in our past life, they could be just picking out bit and pieces and feeding them to us. Right now, what we need to do is stick together and learns to trust each other once more. No matter what problem we have, we sort it out so that no one can get between us anymore.” Max stated and Isabel nodded then looked up at Max.
“Do you forgive me?” Isabel asked, Max felt his heart melt at the vulnerable look in his sister’s eyes and pulled her into a hug.
“There is nothing to forgive.” Max whispered, Isabel closed her eyes in relief and hugged him back just as tightly.


Next: Merry Christmas Roswell! (Lol) Christmas is in Roswell and the gang has fun. No it not completely the same as the epic, the ending is different and so is the beginning, some parts are the same but the rest is different.

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by Bubblegal
Hey guys, thanks for the reviews on the last chapter and I hope you like this one, the gang has forgotten all their problems with each other, including Kyle but he will get his turn soon.
Have fun and Happy New Year! In addition, it is a late Christmas pressie for you lot.

Chapter 12: A Christmas Carol.

Liz was sitting in the Crashdown, watching everyone with amusement with all the Santa’s hats and accessories they were wearing. The door jingled and Max and Michael entered the Crashdown and walked over to the booth.
“Christmas!” Michael groaned as he and Max slumped in the booth where Liz was sitting side ways, her back resting on the wall and her feet on the couch. Max slid in beside her while Michael sat across from them. Liz had lifted her feet and placed them on Max’s lap as she looked at her brother.
“What’s so bad about Christmas?” Liz asked.
“Izzy goes total psycho this time of the year.” Max explained and to speak of the devil, Isabel came bursting into the Crashdown.
“Liz!” Isabel exclaimed and Liz looked up. Isabel frowned when she noticed the boys. “Aren’t you two supposed to be tree hunting?” Isabel accused.
“Oh come on!” Michael exclaimed. “We do have to take a break sometime.” Isabel just huffed as she turned back to Liz, who was finding all this amusing.
“Glad you’re finding this funny.” Isabel teased and Liz giggled. “Anyway, I need you to be an elf.” Liz shook her head in horror.
“Oh no!” Liz protested. “Find someone else.”
“Oh, please Liz?” Isabel asked and Liz shook her head.
“As Maria or Tess, I don’t think they are doing anything.” Liz stated and Isabel huffed as she gave in.
“Fine but you need to do something.” Isabel compromised and Liz looked at the boys.
“I’ll go tree hunting with them to make sure they don’t stuff it up.” Liz stated and Isabel beamed.
“Great! That’s good enough for me, see you at home.” She called out as she left the building.
“Hail the Christmas Nazi.” Michael stated with a mock salute causing max to snicker and Liz to look at him, confused.
“Christmas Nazi?” Liz asked.
“Gotta make Christmas perfect every time and drag everyone along for the ride.” Michael summarised and Liz raised an eyebrow.
“She’s not that bad.” Liz argued while the boys just smirked at each other.
“Okay, this is just ridiculous!” Liz exclaimed causing Max and Michael to laugh. “I mean, come on! Who creates a plan on how perfect the tree should be?” Liz demanded as she looked at the tree plan that Isabel had mapped out.
“The Christmas Nazi.” Both, Max and Michael stated and Liz rolled her eyes.
“Can’t you guys just create one rather than look for one?” she asked, keeping her voice low and Max shook his head.
“Isabel knows the difference.” Max stated. “Don’t ask us how she knows, she just does.” He answered Liz unasked question and she nodded.
“Can we just pick a bloody tree?” Michael demanded. “I’m freezing and I need to stop by the hardware store.”
“You buying Maria a ratchet set this year.” Max asked as Liz looked at them.
“She been bursting my chops on how I’ve to get her a perfect Christmas present, it needs to be meaningful.” Michael muttered, as Max looked at the tree then looked at Michael.
“You may want to stay away from the Hardware store.” Max stated and Liz nodded in agreement.
“Why don’t you just buy her a jewellery or candles?” Liz suggested.”
“What does she like?” Michael asked and Max laughed at Liz’s dumbstruck look.
“You still don’t know what she likes.” Liz demanded before walking off, shaking her head and muttering. “Totally like Rath.”
“What’s wrong with her?” Michael asked as he watched his baby sister walk off.
“My guess is that she’s annoyed that you still don’t know what Maria likes.” Max stated with a shrug and gave up with the trees. “Come on, we’ll come back in the morning and find one, it’s too late at night plus the man is going to close up soon.” Michael nodded in agreement, as they both hurried up to catch up with Liz.
“Where's the Christmas Nazi?” Phillip asked, it was the next morning at the Evan’s house; Liz had gone ahead to work.
“Last I saw, she was examining our outdoor lights for errant bulbs.” Max replied as he took a bite of his toast. Isabel came into the house, dragging the tree that Max had gotten her for Christmas.
“Max. This is, by far, the most pathetic Christmas tree I have ever seen. Did you even refer to my diagram?” Isabel demanded.
“I had to run out this morning. There were only a few left.” Max explained.
“You know, I give you one tiny, little assignment, and you can't even handle that.” Isabel demanded.
“Something came up.” Max vaguely replied.
“Well, if you had told me you couldn't go, I would have squeezed in time to get it myself between the hunger drive and Christmas dinner at the nursing home.” Isabel muttered.
“You know what’s nice. Candles. Yeah.” Phillip stated to Isabel, saving Max from her wrath.
“You know, I think I saw at least 17 burnouts on 2 and 5. Oh, what do you want to bet there are some flickering ones on 3 and 4, because they always seem to have problems, so check those, too, you know? You should never be careful because once 2 and 3 are gone and..” Isabel stated, causing Phillip and Diane to roll their eyes and turn back to what they were doing while Max headed into the laundry room and picked up his jeans, checking the pockets. “Max.” Isabel asked and turned to the laundry room where she saw him. “Great. He's doing laundry now. Dad, is there a reason you haven't finished hanging the rest of the outdoor Christmas lights?” Isabel demanded, Max sighed as he pulled out the small red box, he held it to his heart before placing it in his front pocket of his jeans and grabbing his jacket.
“I’ll see you guys later.” Max called out as he hurried out of the house with Isabel screeching his name for not getting the correct Christmas tree.
Inside the Crashdown, Michael is working at the grill when he rings the bell and Maria goes up to the counter expecting to pick up an order.
“I need to talk to you.” Michael stated to Maria and she nodded.
“Yes, spaceboy?” Maria asked.
“We got 3 days till Christmas, and I'm working every day until then.” Michael said.
“And?” Maria asked, not getting the point.
“I was wondering if it was necessary to exchange presents on Christmas day.” Michael asked and it dawned on Maria.
“Need a little wiggle room?” Maria asked.
“If that would be all right. I mean, what's a couple days? You know, I figure we can make a date for the 27th or 28th.” Michael suggested and Maria shrugged.
“Sure. No problem. How about the, uh, second week of January? I mean, what is Christmas but some arbitrary day. What is it again? Oh, yes. The birthday of our lord and saviour. It's no big deal.” Maria replied and Michael lightened up.
“So, that's cool.” Michael asked and Maria glared at him with a warning that hell wills comes if he dared to blow it.
“You give me that damn present on December 25th, or I'll never speak to you again.” She stated before smiling and walking off, leaving Michael annoyed and frustrated.
Liz and Tess were sitting at the booth, looking through the catalogue so Tess could find presents for everyone.
“Why do I leave it to the last minute?” Tess demanded and Liz laughed.
“We have been through a lot this year, I think everyone had left it to the last minute.” Liz observed and Tess looked at her.
“Except you, when did you get your presents?” Tess asked.
“The middle of November, I knew that to buy everyone and where to get them plus I had a couple of days off works so I collected them then.” Liz explained and Max came into the Crashdown.
“Ladies.” Max greeted as he sat down next to Liz and kissed her cheek.
“Hey Max.” they greeted back. “Where’s the Christmas Nazi?” Tess asked, looking around.
“At home, grilling dad for not finishing putting up the lights.” Max explained. The doorbell jingled and Liz looked up only for her mouth to drop open in a stunned shock.
“OH. MY. GOD!” Liz blurted out, Max and Tess looked at her only to look at the door, they could hear Maria laughing hysterically as she made her way into the backroom.
“Kyle? Alex?” Max asked as the two boys made their way over.
“Look, it Dopey the elf and Gobble the turkey!” Tess greeted, causing Liz to crack up.
“What happened to you two?” Max asked.
“Isabel is what happened.” Kyle muttered, he was dressed up in a big turkey suit with a beak and the feet while Alex was beaming happily in his elf suit which was green, he had his dark green khaki under the top and elf shoes complete with a hat that had a bell on it.
“You two are so cute.” Tess exclaimed causing Alex to beam once more and Kyle to glower.
Michael is fixing up a bumper. Isabel came in with her arms full of presents and noticed the present that Michael had held in his hands. She looked at him with a raise eyebrow.
“It's a bumper.” Michael explained and Isabel nodded.
“Yes, I see that.” Isabel stated.
“For a Jetta.” Michael explained further.
“Hmmm.” Isabel stated as she put down the presents and walked over to him. “How did what I said yesterday result in this?”
“It meets all your criteria. It's personal, because I personally know what a bug she has up her ass about how much we screwed up her car. It's thoughtful, because I had to go to the junkyard and get it, and it's something she would never get herself for the obvious reason that her bumper's been hanging from a string for the past half-year.” Michael stated and Isabel let out a breath before whipping out her clipboard.
“Ok, Michael. This is what I'm gonna do. I am going to take the Christmas dog show off my calendar and take you shopping and rectify this situation.” Isabel stated and Michael objected straight away.
“No. I'm not gonna get obsessed over this present. This is fine. I'm not gonna make everyone else around me miserable.” Michael snapped and Isabel glared at him as Liz walked in.
“Merry Christmas everyone one.” Liz greeted but it went unheard.
“What are you saying? That I get obsessed and make everyone around me miserable?” Isabel demanded.
“I didn't say that.” Michael defended.
“You know, is it too much to ask that one day a year, I can be like a normal human being with a normal life and have a merry Christmas?!” Isabel shrieked.
“No, mein fuehrer.” Michael muttered and Isabel turned around sharply and gave Michael and evil look.
“What?” Isabel asked.
“What?” Michael asked, confused. Isabel just looked at him before smirking; the bumper turned around and hit Michael on the forehead.
“Oh. Is it all right if I leave some gifts here? I have more shopping to do.” Isabel stated and Michael nodded.
“Leave them on the table.” Michael stated; Isabel nodded as she hugged Liz before leaving.
“Bye-bye then.”
Isabel left and Michael breathed a sigh of relief as Liz looked at the bumper.
“Michael, what is that?” Liz asked.
“It’s a bumper for Maria’s Jetta.” Michael stated and Liz arched an eyebrow.
“I sure hope this isn’t her present.” Liz stated and Michael groaned before looking at his baby sister.
“What is it you wanted?” Michael asked.
“Oh, can you come Christmas shopping with Tess and I? We need some help and Max is working for Isabel today.” Liz stated. Michael nodded as he placed the bumper down and grabbed his jacket before they all left.
Maria and Liz was sitting at the fountain, drinking hot chocolate as Maria told Liz all about the little girl that had cancer, they all knew Brody because he came into the U.F.O Centre and the Crashdown some time.
“It’s horrible that a young girl like her has cancer, she’s hadn’t have the chance to live a life yet!” Maria sobbed and Liz nodded.
“I know, but that is the way how life is.” Liz stated.
“I just wish that there was something I could do, you know. Is that so crazy?” Maria asked and Liz laughed softly.
“No it isn’t crazy, it mean you are human.” Liz explained. “It's just killing you not to do something about this, because you are such a good person. However, I think the best thing you could do is just...leave them alone. Their time is precious right now. You should let them have their time together.” Liz explained to Maria.
“I mean, it's so wrong. It's Christmas. Christmas is supposed to have happy endings and miracles.” Maria snapped out, Liz nodded in agreement, as she pulled Maria into a hug as she watched the pageant show.
“Hi, everyone.” Isabel greeted, Liz and Maria smiled at each other as they watched their best friend go all excited about Christmas once more. “Welcome to this year's holiday pageant. I am Isabel Evans. Some of you know me as the director of this pageant, others may know me as the president of the hunger drive, and still others might know me from the many holiday events at the nursing home, and some of you know me as...the Christmas Nazi.” Liz and Maria snickered together while Tess, Alex and Kyle were laughing in a corner.
“I knew that she would figure it out one of these days.” Alex stated to Tess and Kyle.
Isabel just glared accusingly at her parents, who look at each other with ‘how did she know?’ look, before looking at Michael, he smiled nervously then looked at Max who blanched and looked down before looking up and giving her a small smile. “But enough about me. Let's feast our eyes on the cutest darn kids in America. Welcome to Roswell's 23rd annual holiday pageant.” Isabel stated as she moved to the side and all the kids came out.
As the children perform, Liz hurried over to Max and gently tugged on his jacket, Max bent down so she could whisper into his ear.
“Know how you said you wanted to perform a miracle this Christmas?” Liz asked and Max nodded. “The little girl in the pink dress has bone marrow cancer.” Liz stated and Max looked at the girl. “She’s Brody’s daughter.” Max looked at Brody before looking at Sydney and turning to Liz. Liz smiled at him then he turned back to face the girl.
The pod squad is at Michael’s apartment where Max is discussing his plan with Liz,
Isabel, and Michael, hoping to get their approval.
“You heal her, and you leave behind a silver handprint, a nice, big fat clue saying there's aliens in Roswell.” Michael snapped.
“Look. Jeff destroyed all the records from the special unit. It's possible no one even knows who we are or what the silver handprint is.” Max argued as Michael hammered away at the bumper. “Look, I know what I'm asking here is big. There are a million reasons not to do this and only one reason to do it. I need to. I don't know what else to say.” Max stated. Michael banged the bumper again.
“What we've been through this past year, it's taken a lot away from us. I think maybe that sort of thing starts to take its toll, you know, on our human if you feel you need to do this, then I'm behind you, Max.” Isabel approved with a nod and Max looked at her with a grateful look.
“Thank you.” Max stated before turning to Liz, she just smiled up at him.
“You know I’m behind you.” Liz stated as Michael bangs on the bumper once more.
“I guess that makes me the odd man out.” Michael stated.
“Michael.” Max started but Michael shook his head.
“Hey, we're here for a reason, Max. So call me a selfish jerk, but I don't think we should risk everything just so you can feel a little bit better about yourself at Christmas. It's three against one. I'm voted down anyway.” Michael explained and Max sighed.
“You made your decision before you walked through that door. I know you did. I could hear it in your voice, so why don't you just go do what you're gonna do...and make sure you don't screw up.” Michael warned as he banged the bumper one last time.
“So is Max really going to do this?” Maria asked and Liz nodded. Both girls were in the Parker’s living room, Liz wanted to spend time at her old house for Christmas so she could feel close to her dad again, Maria joined her and both girls were having hot chocolate.
“Yes, he wanted to do something for Christmas and healing a little girl of cancer is what he really wants to do. I just hope he doesn’t wear himself out doing it.” Liz admitted and Maria lifted her cup into the air.
“Merry Christmas.” Maria stated and Liz smiled as she lifted her cup into the air and tapped Maria’s with it.
“Merry Christmas.”
“She had a relapse. She's in the hospital in Phoenix.” Max informed Michael.
“And?” Michael asked.
“I'm going. It may be a little more dangerous now. I just thought you should know.” Max explained and Michael grabbed his jacket.
“I'm going with you. I just want to keep you from getting us all killed.” Michael stated as they both got out of the apartment.
Max and Michael are now at the hospital in Phoenix that Sydney was admitted to. They are dressed in scrubs and headed toward the room that Sydney was in.
“One knock means be on your guard, 2 means the coast is clear...and 3 will mean we're screwed.” Michael stated to Max and he nodded.
“Right.” Max stated as he entered the room as Michael stands guard outside; Max walked over to Sydney; she woke up and looked at Max. “Shh. It's ok.” Max whispered.
“Who are you?” Sydney asked.
“I'm just a dream. Go back to sleep.” Max whispered as he placed his hands on Sydney and healed her. He got up and saw the boy on the bed next to Sydney; he headed over and healed the child before moving onto the next one.
Michael noticed that a nurse is looking in his direction, he knocked on the door once, Max heard it and healed the boy as the nurse grabbed the clipboard and walked over to Michael.
“Excuse me? I'm supposed to check this ward.” The nurse stated.
“I'll save you the trouble. Someone just checked it.” Michael stated.
Max had moved to another bed with a little girl.
“Are you an angel?” the girl asked.
“Go back to sleep.” Max whispered out weakly as he healed her, only for his vision to start getting blurry, he moved over the bed with another child and proceed to heal him.
The nurse had returned with a group of security guards and pointed to Michael. Michael knocked on the door 3 times, the guards started towards Michael, he knocked on the door again before opening it and heading in, he locked the door from the inside and turned around only to see Max stumbling then falling to the floor.
Liz gasped as she shot up in bed, her link with Max had gone; she could feel it getting weak then it was gone.
“Max.” Liz whispered as she looked around her room at the Parker’s Resident, picked up her cell phone, and called Michael’s phone.
“Max!” Michael exclaimed as he hurried over to Max.
“Open this door! Now!” One of the Guards shouted as he banged on the door, Michael swallowed and looked up at the ceiling.
“If there's a God, please help us now.” Michael prayed.
The guard finally managed to open the door, using a chair to knock it open. The guards rushed in with the nurses’ close behind them. They see the room is filled with the children playing around and singing. The window is opened.
Michael and Liz helped Max into the Parker’s house and laid him on Liz’s bed, Liz hurried into the bathroom and grabbed a cloth before wetting it with cold water and wringing it out, she hurried back in the bedroom. Michael had stripped Max down to his boxers, placed him under the covers as Liz came back in, and placed the cloth over his forehead.
“What the hell happened?” Liz demanded.
“He healed all the kids in the room.” Michael explained and Liz sighed as they watched over Max.
Max woke up the next morning and found himself in Liz’s room.
“Liz?” Max asked as he looked around; Liz walked over to him, rubbing her hair dry with the towel.
“Hey, you’re awake.” Liz stated as she kissed him gently on the lips, she sat on the edge of the bed and looked down at him. “So I hear you went to Phoenix.”
“Yeah. Thank you...for telling me about Sydney.” Max stated and Liz nodded.
“Healing all of those kids...why did you do it?” Liz asked and Max sighed.
“After I healed Sydney, I...I looked at the face of the boy lying next to her, and I just can I can I not use my gift?” Max asked and Liz smiled at him with a tinge of sadness in it.
“As beautiful as that is, can't keep doing it. I know it seems like there's no reason for those kids to have cancer or for a father to be killed saving his child or for any of it...but maybe there is. Maybe there is someone or something out there that's planning all of this, and maybe you have to respect it. You're not God, Max. You're the one that told me that.” Liz whispered then tilted her head. “Will you come to midnight service?” Max sighed as he looked at her.
“I'd like to...but I don't believe in God.” Max whispered and Liz nodded. She kissed him once more before going to get breakfast ready.
At the Evans’s house, Max, Isabel, Diane and Phillip are all surrounding the table, watching the small TV.
“Our baby is ok. The cancer is gone. It's a miracle. We prayed everyday and God...God spoke.” The woman stated and Diane sighed.
“Now that...that is a miracle.” Diane stated and Phillip looked at her.
“That might be overstating it a little. They did say they were all undergoing experimental treatment.” Phillip stated.
“Philip, put your finger here. I mean, one day those children were at death's door, and the next day they were completely healed. That wasn't medicine, honey. And the part about the imprint of the hand on each of the children. I mean; if that isn't enough to get you to believe in God, then I don't know what is. Can you put your finger there?” Diane stated, Isabel placed her hand on Max’s shoulder and gave him a small smile, saying that she was proud of him. “And, I mean, maybe it's even enough to, uh...get Max to join us at midnight services tonight. What do you say, Max?” Diane asked, hopefully. Max just looked at her before looking down.
Maria had entered Michael’s apartment, she went round there to talk to him about what had happened in Phoenix.
“Spaceboy...” Maria called out as she went out into the patio; Michael covered the bumper as Maria walked over to him.
“What's up?” Michael asked.
“I just wanted to let you know that I heard about what you did for Sydney and those children.” Maria stated.
“Thank Max. I was against it.” Michael replied.
“This whole...thing with Sydney has made me realize how stupid I've been about this gift thing. I don't need a gift.” Maria stated and Michael sighed.
“I actually got you one.” Michael replied and Maria looked at him.
“You did. Really?” Maria asked.
“Yeah.” Michael stated and Maria smiled.
“Yea, I'm so excited. What is that smell?” Maria asked as she looked down at the bin warp and pulled it off the bumper.
“No, it's's not dry yet.” Michael explained.
“Is that a bumper?'s a bumper.” Maria stated.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Michael muttered.
“Is that, like, a Jetta bumper?” Maria asked and Michael shook his head.
“Not yet, but it's gonna be.”
“Michael...that is so thoughtful.”
“That's what I keep saying.”
“I mean; my bumper has been hanging...”
“From a string. I know.”
“And I...I would have never, you know...”
“Got one for yourself. Exactly. So...merry Christmas.”
“Thank you, Michael. Thank you. So you want to exchange gifts now?”
“Huh?” Michael asked, confused.
“Are one of those for me? One of those are for me.” Maria asked, pointing to the pile of presents.
“Yes, I'll go get it.” Michael stated.
“Ok, which one? Is... is it the big one?” Maria asked.
“Turn around.” Michael ordered as he walked over to the presents, wondering which one of Isabel’s gift he is going to give to Maria when he spotted a small present with his name on it.
"Michael, just in case. Love, The Christmas Nazi" and the little sister. Michael smiled, removed the note, and walked back over to Maria. “Merry Christmas.” Michael stated as he walked over to the chair.
“Whoo-hoo-hoo. What is it? What is it?” Maria asked.
“That's a good question.” Michael muttered. “Now remember, I was in Phoenix saving lives, so I was a little strapped for time.” Michael explained
“Ok.” Maria stated as she opened the presents.
“Oh, please, God.” Michael whispered to himself and to god above.
“Michael...these are real pearls.” Maria informed.
“What?!?” Michael demanded. “Wow! Of course.” Michael covered himself up.
“My God, this must have cost you a fortune.” Maria stated as she sat on his lap and Michael smiled up at her.
“I'm sure they will.” He stated.
“These are the most beautiful earrings I've ever seen, but I don't need this gift. This year my gift is you.” Maria stated and hugged Michael tightly.
“So you don't want the earrings, then?” Michael asked.
“Oh, no. I'll keep the earrings.” Maria stated and Michael nodded.
At the Evans’s house, Max is using his powers to drain the light before putting them back on. Michael arrived through the door and Max noticed the outfit.
“You're going to midnight service. You don't believe in anything.” Max stated.
“Gotta hedge your bets, Maxwell. I've had my prayers answered twice in the past 2 days.” Michael explained, Max raised and eyebrow and Michael shook his head. “Don't ask. You ok.”
“Better. Thanks.” Max replied.
“Your powers?” Michael asked.
“Yeah, they're starting to come back to me.” Max explained and Michael nodded.
“Good. I just wanted to say that I'm really pissed about what happened last night.” Michael started.
“Michael...I couldn't stop myself.” Max tried to explain and Michael shook his head.
“No, no, no. I'm pissed that I don't have the ability to help the kids in the hospital that you couldn't get to.” Michael finished.
“Michael...” Max started and Michael brushed it off.
“Enough said. I got a Christmas present for you. Come on.” Michael stated, they both arrived at a house, Michael bring Max over to the window and they both look in, Sydney is sleeping in Brody’s arms while he is talking lightly to her. Michael placed a hand on Max’s shoulder as they both watched the scene.
Max turned up at the midnight service, he watched his friends and family before moving down, Diane had turned to talk to Phillip when she saw Max. Ma smiled slightly as he moved down, he kissed her cheek lightly, before smiling at Isabel and sitting beside Liz.
“You came.” Liz whispered with a smile as Max sat down next to her, Max just smiled at her. “I thought you didn’t believe in god.”
“I believe in you.” Max whispered back as he took her hand and linked their fingers together. Liz leaned in and kissed him gently on the lips before resting her head on his shoulder, Max rested his head on top of hers.
Tess was laughing at something Kyle said to her while Jim looked behind him and smiled at Amy. Maria was touching her earrings and smiled at Michael who smiled back, he turned to the front and saw Isabel rubbing her fingers in the money sign before giggling and turning back to the front.
Alex was standing at the back with a video camera, smiling at the sight of his best friends together.
The Snow started and everyone looked up, Max looked at Liz to see excitement shining in her eyes at the arrival of the snow, he leaned over and kissed her forehead, “I love you.” He whispered and she smiled up at him.
“And I love you.” Liz whispered back, unknowingly that Max’s parents had overheard them.
“That was great fun!” Liz remarked as everyone entered the Crashdown while Alex laughed.
“You mean when Kyle dressed up as a turkey.” Alex teased and Liz laughed at the memory.
“That was a classic!” Liz blurted out in between laughers while Kyle just mock glared at them.
“Ha Ha, funny guys and move on.” Kyle told them, Alex ignored him as he brought out the camera and rewinded it so Liz could see the whole thing again.
Max, Michael, Isabel, Maria and Tess were standing at the counter, smiling when they heard Liz’s laugher ringing throughout the café. “What are you guys smiling at?” Kyle asked.
“Liz is happy.” Isabel stated simply.
“She’s always happy.” Kyle remarked.
“No she’s not.” Michael stated. “She may look happy but on the inside she scared and sad. But for the first time today, she’s forgotten all of her troubles and had a complete normal Christmas.”
“And no alien problems popped up to annoy Liz.” Maria added when she saw Liz gesturing to something, her eyes was sparkling with happiness and excitement while Alex was laughing at something she said.
“Yeah, she’s really amazing. I mean, her parents were taken from her and she went through hell yet she still can find the good in everything.” Tess added in fondly for her friend.
“That’s Liz.” Max stated and Tess pounced on to him.
“What did you get Liz for her Christmas?” Tess asked and Max laughed.
“Not telling you.” Max teased and Tess got excited.
“Are you going to ask her to marry you?” Tess squealed out but kept her voice low so Liz couldn’t hear them.
“NO!” Max yelped out. “I think it’s a too early for that kind of commitment.”
“Oh come on, tell us!” Maria whined and Max shook his head.
“No way, you’ll find out after I have given it to her.” Max explained and everyone gave in.
“Hey Liz, wanna go for a walk?” Max asked and Liz nodded, she grabbed her jacket and both of them linked hands as they went for a walk. The found themselves at a park where Max led Liz over to the ice rink. “Want to go skating?” Max asked and Liz’s eyes lit up.
“Sure!” Liz agreed as they walked over to the booth and rented skates, they pulled them on and went skating for a little while. Soon Max pulled them to the middle and stopped, he turned to Liz.
“Liz you know I love you and I want to spend the rest of my life together.” Max whispered and Liz nodded, curious to where this was going. “So I wanted to show you so, merry Christmas.” Max whispered as he pulled out a red box and handed it to Liz, Liz took it and opened the box only for tears to run down her face. It was a sliver promises ring, but different, there was a V shape crystals on it with different crystals to represent each planet. There was a ruby crystal, diamond, amethyst, emerald and a blue topaz crystal setting.
“It’s gorgeous Max.” Liz breathed out; Max let out a sigh of relief as he took the ring and placed it on her fourth finger on her left hand.
“It’s a promise that I will always be with you, no matter what and that I will always love you, my queen.” Max whispered. Liz smiled through her tears and they both kissed, enjoying their first Christmas together but certainly not their last.


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Wanted to let you know that I’m updating every Sunday and Wednesday so watch out for new chapters then. I might update some Fridays but it depends on my course work and how I’m feeling.

Hey guys, the episode where Isabel has the dream of Laurie, everything happened the same in that except that Max and Liz are together, Sean never showed up at the Crashdown. Yes Isabel went into Liz and Kyle’s dreams. In addition, swap any Tess’s power moments with Liz but nothing with Kyle. Tess and Kyle do talk. In addition, yes Jim has lost his job. (Sorry :( )

Chapter 13: Parasite part 1

Scene switches back and forth between the Evans home, Michael, and Maria. Max and Isabel are on the phone with Michael, who has pulled over to the side of the road out in the desert. Michael and Maria are outside the Jetta, with Laurie locked inside doing her best to get out and tearing up the car in the process. As Michael fills in the Evans, Maria keeps a running tally of the items Laurie is breaking. Meanwhile at the Evans’s house, the television is showing the news.
"...Sources within the county hospital say that the young girl, Laurie Dupree, became agitated while the vehicle was in motion. But what is not clear is how Laurie Dupree released herself from her protective restraints and somehow..."
“Where are you?” Max asked.
“I don't know. We're about, uh, 30 miles west of Dexter.” Michael replied,
“The side mirror. One hundred bucks, not including labour.” Maria informed Michael with irritation in her voice.
“As you can see, there's an abandoned stolen vehicle here. Now, how that figures into this developing story is still unclear.” The news informed the siblings.
“How is she?” Isabel asked.
“Who, Laurie? She's completely crazy. She tried to jump out of the car three times while it was moving, so I had to use my powers to lock her in. She's basically like a caged animal.” Michael informed.
“Sun visor. Fifteen bucks, including labour, of course.” Maria called out.
“At this hour, a county-wide search for the missing girl is underway. Here is a recent hospital photograph.” The reporter stated, showing a photograph of Laurie.
“God. The whole state's going to be looking for her. You can't come back to Roswell, Michael.” Isabel informed him and he sighed as he rubbed his hand over his forehead,
Laurie pulled Maria’s Walkman off the dashboard.
“No, no, no, no, no. Now--now you're hurting all of us.” Maria exclaimed.
“We can use any information we can get about the crystals. Try and get her talking.” Max suggested.
“Oh, yeah. She's a real conversationalist.” Michael replied, sarcastically.
“Not the dash! Not the dash! That is a major deal to replace.” Maria squealed. Michael hangs up and turns to Maria, who gives him an exasperated look. “Do you see this?” Maria demanded.
“What are you doing?” Michael moaned to Laurie.
Back at the Evans home, Max is studying the crystals under a microscope in his bedroom when Isabel walks in.
“Are you getting anywhere?” Isabel asked and Max shrugged.
“I think we're dealing with some kind of, uh, alien bacterium... or something.” Max replied, hopeless.
“Maybe you should ask Liz. She's the science whiz.” Isabel stated and Max shook his head.
“She’s at work right now and she is worried about Jim as he lost his job, I will till she comes back home and tell her. Isabel looks worried.
At Crashdown, where Isabel, Liz and Alex are discussing the situation.
“So they're driving around aimlessly with a fugitive in the car.” Alex asked and Liz sighed as she gently punched Alex on the shoulder.
“No, no, she's not a fugitive. She's just... wanted by the law.” Liz explained and Alex raised an eyebrow.
“Interesting distinction.” Alex stated.
“Anyway, they're going to be gone for a couple of days, so we need to cover for them.” Isabel stated and Alex shrugged.
“Maria told me that’s she told her mom that she is camping.” Alex stated and Isabel nodded.
“We just need to come up an excuse for Michael so dad doesn’t get suspicious.” Isabel stated and Liz nodded in agreement, as Sean walks up.
“Who may be gone for a couple of days?” Sean asked and Liz glared at the young man.
“No one. Sean, we're sort of having a private conversation here.” Liz snapped.
“Aunt Amy's flipping over M being AWOL.” Sean stated and they looked at him, confused.
“Great! You want to translate that for, you know, the people that haven't served time.” Alex asked.
“Where the hell's Maria?” Sean demanded to Liz and she shrugged.
“I don't know.” Liz lied smoothly, thanks to years of hiding her inheritance; it made it easy for her to lie.
“Well, Aunt Amy's freaked out. She wants to see you soon. Let's go.” Sean snapped back.
“Fine, whatever. I'm going to go over there with Sean and try and keep that situation over there from getting out of hand.” Liz stated to them and they nodded, keeping an eye on Sean, they didn’t like the way he acted around Liz anymore than Max, Michael and Maria did.
“Yeah, good idea.” Isabel stated.
“Yeah, smart move.” Alex agreed, as Sean and Liz walked out of the Crashdown, Sean turned to look at her.
“Nice top. I dig the midriff thing.” Sean complimented and Liz smirked.
“And it’s all for Max.” She shot back. Sean felt his blood boil at Max’s name and vowed that he would get Liz no matter what.
Meanwhile, in the middle of nowhere. Michael's outside the car talking to Laurie, who's inside ignoring him.
“Laurie, I'm trying to help you, okay? I mean, just tell me if you have any family. How hard is that? Come on! You can trust me! I pulled you out of that ambulance. I saved you from the kidnappers. I mean, what else do I gotta do?” Michael snapped; then he gets frustrated that he honks the horn. Maria, who was lying on the hood, jumps up from the loud sound. “Michael! That's it. Let's go. I'm hungry. Let's go.” Maria snapped as she went round to the passenger’s side of the car and got in.
“Go? Go where?” Michael demanded.
“To the roadside cafe. It's the world's worst chilli-cheese fries in about 100 miles, but best vanilla shakes in five.” Maria informed as Michael got in the car.
“The cops are looking for her, you know.” Michael stated and Maria snorted.
“Listen, trust me, even the cops give the roadside a wide berth. It's strictly for us hard-core greasy spoon aficionados.” Maria informed as Michael set the car in motion.
Back in Roswell, Alex and Isabel are leaving the Crashdown; they run into Agent Duff at the door.
“Miss Evans.” Agent Duff greeted and Isabel turned cold.
“Hello.” Isabel greeted back.
“Agent Suzanne Duff, FBI.” she pulls out her badge and the scene turned to the sheriff’s station, where Isabel is in an interrogation room. Agent Duff walks in.
“Shouldn't my parents be here?” Isabel snapped.
“You're eighteen. The law says you're an adult now.” Agent Duff replied.
“Well, a lawyer, then.”
“Well, why would you need a lawyer? You're not under arrest. Let's just talk-- for a second. Sheriff Valenti knew that Laurie Dupree was missing before a missing person's report was filed. How? He won't say. He also knew how to find her buried underground in the middle of nowhere. How? He won't say. The only link I seem to find is you and your brother.
You were seen during the investigation a number of times with the sheriff.” She informed Isabel and Isabel shrugged.
“I lost my bike that week.” Isabel informed.
“Oh, I know. No, I heard. In addition, let's just say that I believe that. That still doesn't explain why you were at the crime scene with the sheriff. Isabel... what is the big secret, and why can't I be let in on it?” Agent Duff stated and Isabel glared at her.
“I've already answered these questions for Deputy Hanson.” Isabel informed her.
“But you lied to him I'm not some local deputy working for a local sheriff. I'm with the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And if you lie to me, you're in deep trouble, young lady.” Agent Duff snapped and Isabel glared at the young lady in front of her.
“And why the hell would I want to help the F.B.I?” Isabel snapped before getting up and storming out of the room.
Agent Duff starts to follow her when Hanson showed up.
“Sorry, Agent Duff.” Hanson stated.
“Deputy Hanson, this is not the ti—“ she snapped but stopped when Grant Sorenson walks up to her, carrying a shotgun. “Mr. Sorenson, what--what can I do for you?”
“I found this in the woods this morning, about a mile east of the crime scene.” Grant informed.
Michael, Maria and Laurie are seated at a table at the Roadside diner, with country music playing in the background.
“Ah, the food that time forgot. I'm assuming that anything out of a can is a safe bet.” Maria stated as she scanned the menu,
“I have to go to the bathroom.” Laurie stated, suddenly causing Michael and Maria look at each other, stunned that she spoke!
“Fine. Maria.” Michael stated and Maria looked at him.
“What?” Maria asked.
“Go with her.” Michael ordered and Maria glared at him with a disbelieving look on her face.
“Are you crazy? Have you ever seen that bathroom? It's one stall and a door. I'm sorry. No, thank you.” Maria replied
“Well, if you don't, she's gonna book.” Michael stated as he looked over at Laurie. “Isn't that right?” Maria sighed as she puts down her menu, looked across the table at Laurie and talked to her as if she's a child.
“Okay, I'm sorry. I've had it. Look. I am not your mommy, and I'm not your doctor. So there is no fricking way that I'm gonna go in the bathroom with you and hold your hand while you potty. Look. We gotta establish a little trust, all right. You trust us, we trust you. Got it? Look, all we're trying to do is help you escape the evil aliens that wanna bury you in the woods, remember? Is there anybody else out there in the big bad world that's gonna do that for you, hmm? No. See, I didn't think so. So, look, after you answer nature's call in that toxic waste dump of a restroom, you have the choice of either a) rejoining us here at the table with a different attitude for a nice, delicious meal, or b) you can hoof it to the Mexican border. It's about 150 miles that away.” Maria stated, while pointing in one direction and Laurie got up and walked off. Maria looked at the counter. “Can we get some service, or what, hmm?”
“Do you think that's gonna work?” Michael asked.
“Not a chance, but it doesn't matter. The Mexican border's that away.” Maria stated, pointing the other way.
Meanwhile, at the DeLuca house...
“I am certain Maria is fine.” Liz assured Amy.
“Oh, she called. She went camping again.” Amy informed and Liz smiled.
“Oh, see? I knew it.” Liz stated and Amy pulled out tights.
“Do you know what these are, Liz?” Amy asked, holding the under garments up.
“Long johns?” Liz asked, confused and curious to where this was going.
“Maria's long johns. Why would Maria leave her long johns and all of her other winter gear at home if she went camping in the middle of February?” Amy demanded while Liz just looked at her wide eyes. “Here's a theory from someone who's had several hours to muse on it. She didn't go camping. She lied to her mother, just like she lied to me the other four times she took off for days on end, each time leaving out on the open road another piece of her innocence, and my Jetta. If you don't tell me everything you know about where the hell she is, I'm gonna become very violent with you.”
“Mrs. Deluca, she's fine.” Liz stated but gave in under Amy’s glare and sighed. “She's with Michael.”
“I knew it.” Amy exclaimed and Liz hurried to fix it.
“No. But they're just getting away, you know? They're taking in the scenery.” Liz tried to be convincing but Sean jumped in.
“Yeah, of a cheap motor inn.” Sean sneered and Liz glared at him
“Sean, shut the hell up.” Liz snapped.
“All right, give me your phone.” Amy intruppted and Liz looked at her, shocked.
“What?” Liz asked, not sure if she heard right,
“Hand it over.” Amy repeated and Liz handed over her phone. “She shut her phone off, but I'm sure she'll be turning it on to call you again. Moreover, when she does, I'll be here with you to receive that call. You can sit down. You're not going anywhere until I get my daughter back.” Amy stated and Liz opened her mouth to protest.
“But I need to contact Max to let him know where I am.” Liz stated and Amy shook her head.
“No, cause you’ll phone Maria and tell her in code.” Amy shot back; Liz sat down on the chair and leaned back in it, frustrated.
Max has fallen asleep at his desk. As he sleeps, the crystal turns to gel and makes its way across the desk and over his outstretched arm. As Max wakes up, startled, the gel quickly slides off his arm and reverts to its crystal form. Max grabs a container and slams it down over the crystal. Watching it with wide eyes as he realised that it was alive.
Amy picked up Liz's cell phone as it began to rings.
“Uh...Uh... Liz, I, uh...” Amy stammered, not use to cell phones.
“What? Push the but-“ Liz tried to informed but stop when Amy found the button and turned the phone on.
“Uh, hello?” Amy asked into the cell.
“Hello?” Maria called back, confused at the voice.
“That's right. This is your mother. I confiscated Liz's phone. Where are you?” Amy demanded.
“I-I'm still in New Mexico, Mom.” Maria lied and Amy saw right through it.
“Oh, that's cute. Where are you?” Amy asked once more.
“On our way to Arizona.” Maria gave, defeated.
“Why?” Amy asked.
“We're--we're being free spirits, mom.” Maria stated, forced cheerfully.
“That means you're going to Sedona to get stoned and have sex in the hills?” Amy demanded.
“Mom!” Maria shrieked into the phone, hardly believing what her mother is saying.
“Do you think I wasn't seventeen once? Do you think I didn't do crazy, stupid things with a really bad boy when I was your age?” Amy demanded. Maria nodded into the phone.
“Yes, I know you did, Mom -- Dad.”
“Let me talk to him.” Amy stated.
“No. Why?” Maria asked but Amy wasn’t listening.
“Put him on the phone now!” Amy snapped and Maria sighed.
“She wants to talk to you.” Maria stated to Michael as she handed him the phone.
“What? No! Get it-- are you cra—“ Michael demanded but turned polite when the phone was at his ear. “Hey, Mrs. DeLuca.”
“Michael, I want you to listen to me very, very carefully.” Amy stated, warningly. “On this glorious, rebellious, lost weekend of yours, you will take care of my daughter. You will protect her and be kind to her, and she will have fun. You will not get matching tattoos, and you will not allow her to pierce any part of her body that cannot be shown in polite company.” Amy explained then sniffled slightly before talking once more, this time with anger evident in her voice. “And, Michael, if you have sex with my daughter, I will hunt you down and kill you like the mangy dog you are. Okay?”
“Okay.” Michael yelped out, slightly scared. Amy sighed.
“Call me if you need bail money.” Before hanging up the phone.
Michael stared at the phone before switching it off and handing it back to Maria.
“What'd she say?” Maria demanded and Michael sighed.
“She wants you to have fun.” Michael stated, causing Maria to look at him, incredulous.
“Shut this off.” Amy stated as she handed the phone to Liz, Liz took it and switched it off before sitting it down on the table.
“I think you should call the police.” Sean piped up and Liz glared at him.
“Sean!” Liz snapped.
“I'm just thinking about Maria. I don't want anything to happen to her.” Sean defended himself and Liz rolled her eyes as she looked at Amy once more.
“Michael will take care of her, Mrs. Deluca.” Liz assured.
“Oh... I don't know. Guerin's a mighty shady character.” Sean stated and Liz glared at Sean with a death glare.
“You can’t talk, Michael is a very good man and he tries his best to protect Maria. You don’t know anything so keep that mouth of your shut before it gets permanently shut.” Liz glowered and Sean sat back, stunned at the venom coming from Liz.
“I need a drink.” Amy muttered, not listening to Liz and Sean, she stood up and walked over to the front door.
Max turned up at the Deluca’s house and was about to knock on it when Amy opened the door.
“Oh hey Max.” Amy greeted.
“Hey,” Max greeted back with a nod. “Is there Liz there?”
“Depends, you're not planning to take her across state lines, are you?” Amy asked and Max looked at her with raised eyebrows.
“No.” Max stated with a shake of his head.
“Yeah, she’s in the living room.” Amy stated as she left the house, leaving Max looking after her with a look of confusion before stepping into the house. He headed into the living room and he saw Liz sitting on the chair while Sean was staring at her.
Liz looked up and smiled when she saw Max.
“Hey.” Liz greeted as she got up and kissed Max.
“Hey baby, listen I need your help on a lab project.” Max stated and Liz got the hint.
“Oh, give me a minute.” Liz stated as she picked up her jacket and her phone. “See ya Sean.”
Her and Max walked out of the house, Max wrapped an arm around her shoulder while she wrapped her arm around his waist.
“What was that about?” Max asked.
“Michael took Maria out of town due to Laurie, Maria told her mom that she was going camping but left her gears behind.” Liz explained and rolled her eyes. “What did you need help with?”
“Valenti found more of the blue jelly near Laurie’s grave, you are the scientist of the group so we need you to study it.” Max explained and Liz nodded as they headed toward the UFO Centre where everyone else was waiting.
“They didn’t like the taste of you.” Liz asked Max and Max nodded.
They were all inside the UFO centre with the exception of Maria, Michael and Kyle.
“Yeah, it was lying on my hand then it just reverted back to its normal form.” Max explained and Liz looked at the parasite, confused.
“It looks like they're... alien versions of negleria filarae. Waterborne parasites found in the blood cells of certain species of fish.” Liz examined.
“Parasites? Well, that implies they need something to feed on... like an arm.” Max stated and Liz nodded.
“Maybe, but you said that they didn't affect you.” Liz pointed out and Max shrugged.
“No. I got the feeling I didn't taste good or something.” Max explained and Liz thought about it.
“Then they didn't react when sheriff Valenti picked them up.” Liz asked.
“Nope.” Tess jumped in and Liz thought about it once more.
“Maybe they didn’t affect you because we have different blood.” Liz murmured thoughtfully.
“What do you mean by that?” Alex asked and Liz turned to face the others, who were all sitting and watching her.
“Us four don’t have just Alien and Human DNA, we needed something to bridge to the two of them together, to balance them if you want.” Liz stated. “This must be the thing so that’s why it didn’t do anything to Max, yet to some humans…” Max caught on.
“It can be dangerous.” Max finished.
“But what I don’t understand is how it got here, I mean, it was planted in us on Antar, not on Earth.” Liz stated as she looked at the screen once more. “Where was Laurie found?”
“Frazer wood.” Isabel stated and it hit Liz, she pulled up the map, looked at it, and found that the water stream went from Frazer wood to Pohlman Ranch.
“The parasite must have been on our ship because the stream goes right to Pohlman Ranch.” Liz stated and Max groaned.
“Another reason why we shouldn’t have crashed there.” Max muttered.
“If that is what I think it is, then it has a queen.” Liz muttered as she raked through her bag, looking for something.
Everyone looked at Liz, incredulous.
“It’s like bees.” Alex asked.
“Ah ha!” Liz cried out as she pulled out a notebook and flicked through it. “Here it is, the Gandarium, this is the substance that balanced the human and alien DNA together, making sure there is no overload on one of the DNA. It’s harmless when it’s on the ship but if it escapes into the Eco System, they will infect the world.” Liz read out and looked up at the others. “It my father’s book, he wrote them all down so that if something was to happen to him and something was to happen to the earth, we would know what to do.” Liz explained and everyone nodded. Liz looked back down and scanned the book. “It says that the queen needs a host because it can’t live on Earth due to high poisoned air, then someone’s life is in danger.”
“Danger?” Tess asked.
“The queen needs to live and it needs a host, so the host would be human.” Liz explained.
“Who?” Isabel asked and Liz shrugged.
“The first person to come into contact with them.” Liz stated then it hit her “Max, who was it that took Laurie?”
“Grant.” Max stated and Liz nodded.
“Looks like he’s the host.” Liz muttered and turned to Isabel. “I need you to do me a favour.” Liz stated, causing interested looks from the gang,
Grant approaches Isabel at the Crashdown.
“I got your message. What's up?” Grant asked Isabel as he sat at the counter.
“I wanted to talk to you.” Isabel stated.
“I hope this isn't about my lawsuit again, 'cause that lunatic sheriff just attacked me.” Grant snapped and Isabel shook her head.
“No. It has nothing to do with that.” Isabel stated.
“Then why are we here? I thought you told me it was over between us.” Grant replied, bitterly and Isabel sighed.
“Look, Grant... things just got so complicated, and I guess I just wish that we could go back to the beginning. As if we just met.” Isabel stated and a thought came to her head. She held out her hand “Isabel Evans.”
“Grant Sorenson.” Grant replied; they both smiled as he shook her hand.
“What do you do, Mr. Sorenson?” Isabel asked.
“Grant, please. I'm a geologist.” Grant replied and Isabel smiled.
“A geologist. Fascinating.”
“Oh, I'm glad you think so.”
“Well, I want to hear all about it.”
“What would you like to know?” Grant asked.
“What are you working on right now?” Isabel asked.
“I'm doing a survey out in Frazier Woods.”
“Really? Tell me... What's so special about Frazier Woods?” Grant smirked.
“Mm. Well...”
Back at the U.F.O Centre, Isabel is telling Max and Liz everything that Grant had told her.
“So he has about fifty experiments going on in Frazier Woods, all of which he explained to me in excruciating detail, but the common thread through each one is the water table.” Isabel explained.
“What about it?” Max asked.
“The woods are unusual because the water's so close to the surface. In some places, it's less than three feet below ground.” Isabel explained and Liz nodded.
“And as the parasites are waterborne, they are in the water table.
“Yeah, but how would alien parasites get in the water table in the first place?” Max asked and Liz sighed.
“Ever since our ship had crashed in Pohlman Ranch and there is a stream under it, I’m guessing that the Gandarium managed to find it’s way into the water.” Liz explained.
“And the queen might be inside Grant, but how do we get it out of him?” Isabel asked and Liz shrugged.
“Dad doesn’t have any record of the Gandarium taking over a human host so I have no idea.” “Beside there could be a huge chance that it isn’t inside of him so let’s not jump to conclusion till we get the facts.” Liz informed. Liz turned back to the water tablet and gasped as the blood drained from her face.
“What?” Max demanded.
“If the parasites finish off infecting Laurie, she could infect everyone around her. The whole world is in danger!” Liz gasped out, Isabel and Max looked at Liz before looking at each other with a stunned look on their faces.


Next chapter, the parasites die.

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by Bubblegal
Alex does not go to Sweden in this part okay? He goes later and I will just have his return chapter up that all. Sorry for any more conveniences.

Chapter 14: Parasite part 2

Tess, Kyle and Alex enter the Crashdown where they see Max pacing, Liz and Isabel sitting at the counter.
“What’s up?” Alex asked.
“We have a major problem.” Liz stated.
“And just so I’m clear, when you said that Earth was infected, wh-what exactly are we talking here? You know a couple of acres. Couple of miles?” Tess asked Liz and Liz shook her head.
“I was speaking a little more globally.” Liz stated and Tess nodded with her lips forming into a little O.
Kyle and Alex are digging away in Frazier's Woods.
“So is this the sixth or seventh hole we’ve dug today?” Alex asked, panting.
“Hey, hey. I was kinda wondering what the hell you people were doing sophomore year.” Kyle stated and Alex shrugged.
“Ah, well, a lot of secret meetings, a lot of lying to authorities. Sometimes narrowly escaping gunfire...” Alex stated and noticed that Kyle looked worried. “Although generally that was pretty rare.”
“So what do we lowly human folk get out of all this?” Kyle asked and Alex shrugged.
“I’m not sure.” Alex stated.
“See, I guess what I have a problem with is that suddenly I’m a member of this club I never wanted to join.” Kyle muttered.
“Yeah.” Alex stated.
“And it turns out this club bears a striking resemblance to a chain gang.” Kyle exclaimed as they continue digging when Alex suddenly hits something hard.
“What the... Look at this.” Alex exclaimed as Kyle looked at the hole in the ground.
“What the hell man? It’s some sort of cave.” Kyle observed. Alex raises his arms in triumph and started dancing slightly.
“JACKPOT, BABY! Whooh! Yeah! Alex Whitman, ladies and gentlemen! Uh-huh! Yeah! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Alex cheered in to the dark night before coming back down to earth as Kyle stares at him, a weird look on his face. “Okay, well, time to put the shovel away, and uh, go find the others and tell Max.”
Kyle looked at the hole speculatively, and then turns to Alex.
“You coming?” Kyle asked, Alex thinks for just a moment before caving in.
“Sure. You first.” Alex stated and Kyle nodded.
“Okay.” Kyle agreed as he jumped into the cave, waiting for Alex to come in.
Kyle drops his bag down before coming down himself. Alex follows after. The walls of the cave are covered in clusters of the Gandarium. “Oh my God! Kyle stated as he shined his torchlight over the blue-coloured cave as Alex enters and coughs slightly “What do you suppose alien crystals are going for on eBay?” Alex laughed as he looked around.
“Alright, Columbus. You claimed the land for the Queen of Spain. What do you say we go tell the others?” Alex asked, as soon as he said ‘others’ the crystals suddenly cover over the opening that they entered by, cutting out all sunlight. “Oh, oh no! Oh, oh...” Alex panted out, fear creeping into his blood.
“I don’t know why I’m looking around.” Kyle muttered to himself then turned to Alex. “I suppose stuff like this happens all the time. Right?”
“Yeah, sure.” Alex lied.
A short time later, Liz, Max, Tess and Isabel congregate at the place where Alex and Kyle were digging.
“Find anything?” Liz asked Tess and Max, Tess shook her head.
“Just a lot of rock.” Tess informed.
“There’s nothing in grid point 23-27.” Max informed and Liz nodded as she checked her clipboard.
“Okay, then uh, you should move on to...” Liz muttered but stopped when Max started looking around.
“Where are those guys?” Max asked, Liz looked at the ground and they spot the crystals in the ground that covered up the hole Alex dug up. “The crystals.” Max muttered.
“Oh.” Isabel said.
Liz’s cell phone rings as Max, Tess and Isabel put down their shovels and attempted to study the crystals a little closer.
Scene jumps back and forth between Alex and Kyle in the cave and Liz, Max, Tess and Isabel aboveground as Liz and Kyle talk on the cell phone.
“Hello?” Liz asked.
“Liz?!” Kyle demanded and Liz nodded.
“Yeah.” Liz stated.
“It’s me, Kyle!” Kyle stated and Liz rolled her eyes.
“Yeah, Kyle. Where are you?” Liz asked, looking around.
“In the freaking nest!” Alex jumped in and Liz looked at the crystals.
“Oh my God!” she turned to Max, Tess and Isabel, who are staring at her. “You guys, they’re in there.”
“Do you see the crystals?” Kyle asked. Liz gets on her knees and touches the crystals only for it to light up at her touch.
“Yeah, yeah, we see the crystals.” Liz informed.
“They blocked us in here.” Kyle informed and Liz nodded.
“Okay, um, you guys think that we can make an opening.” Liz asked and Max shrugged.
“We can try.” Max stated.
“Tell them to step as far away from the entrance as possible.” Isabel informed and Liz nodded,
“Okay, uh, try to step as far away from the hole.” Liz repeated, Kyle and Alex moved away from the hole.
“Come on, come on. Get a move, get a move.” Kyle muttered as Max, Liz and Isabel held their hand out over the crystal, they concentrated on their powers to try, and create and opening but the Crystals hold hard. Kyle is still on the line as they wait for any action. Liz had handed the phone to Tess so she could concentrates and not pass her energy on to the phone,
“Our powers don’t work on these!” Max muttered.
“Are you sure?” Tess asked and Liz nodded.
“You’re welcome to try!” Liz added.
“Okay, what now? What are you doing?” Kyle asked.
“Um, they’re just uh, you know...they’re uh,” Tess stammered, she had no idea what’s so say. “They’re taking a break!” Tess informed.
“Break?!” Kyle demanded, incredulous. “You know there’s not that much air down here.”
“Uh.” Tess thought about her options. “Okay, um, we’re...we’re just gonna have to get back to you.”
“Get back to us?!” Kyle squealed.
“Breath shallow.” Tess added in helpfully.
“Breath shallow?!” Kyle parroted. Tess hung up and turned to the Aliens.
“What now?!” Tess asked.
“Uh, Milton has some weird equipment in the back of the UFO Centre. I think there...there’s even a diamond saw in the storage locker.” Max informed and Liz nodded.
“Okay, yeah. That could work, that could work.” Liz muttered as she looked at the crystals again.
“I’ll get it.” Isabel stated as she stood up and run off to the U.F.O Centre.
“Maybe we should dig another hole.” Max suggested and the two girls nodded as they picked up their shovels. “Parallel to where they’re digging. See if we can tunnel in from the side.”
“Where? Where?” Liz asked as she and Tess looked around.
“Here.” Tess stated as she moved to a spot, Liz hurries over to her side.
“The side.” Max stated and they moved slightly.
“Let’s go, let’s go.” Tess ordered and they start to dig furiously.
Isabel is at the U.F.O Centre and is had found her way into Milton secret room
“Oh!” Isabel gasped when she found the equipment that she need and starts to dismantle it when a masked stranger comes from behind to cover her mouth with a chloroform-filled napkin. Isabel struggles, but soon passes out. The man pulled off the mask and revealed himself as Grant. He dragged Isabel into his car and set the vehicle in motion. He reaches over to touch Isabel, but suddenly pulls back as he seems to struggle with himself.
“Things I know. Two times two is four. Gato is Spanish for cat. My middle name is Ellis. A mineral with a high Mohs number will scratch a mineral with a low number.” Grant mutters to himself as Isabel stirs. “The scale is not linear.” Isabel is now fully awake and looks at Grant as he looks back at her.
“Grant...” Isabel whispered.
“I’m not doing so good Isabel. That Agent...from the FBI...” Grant stuttered.
“Agent Duff?” Isabel put in, helpfully but it backfired.
“Y...I know her name! Okay?! I know things! She said I went to Wyoming. She asked if I stole a gun there. I DON’T REMEMBER! When I try to remember, it just gets worse.” Grant shouted as his voice begins to break with panic. “You’re the only one I trust Isabel. You have to help me.
“Okay. Okay, I will. Just pull the car over and we’ll get you some fresh air.” Isabel stated.
“Did I get shot? Huh?” Grant asked and Isabel was stunned.
“That WAS you.” Isabel gasped.
“When’d I get these scratches on my neck? I don’t know. Here’s another one: Why am I driving to Tucson? I DON’T KNOW! Help me Isabel...PLEASE.” Grant begged then got lost in his mind again. “Things I know. My birthday is December seventh. Sedimentary rocks cover 75 percent of the earth’s land surface... 75 percent of the earth’s land surface...”
“When did this all start happening?” Isabel asked.
“Hard to say. Uh, I uh, have gaps in time. I think it was...when I started digging out near Pohlman Ranch...some time last summer. Found these weird crystals...” Grant stated and it hit Isabel about Liz’s words.
“Oh my God. Oh God, Liz said there was a Queen.”
“What?” Grant demanded.
“Oh God...Look, Grant. You’re going to be alright. Your body has been...has been taken over by something.”
“What kind of...thing?”
“It’s hard to explain, but it must have happened when you were digging. God, it was the Gandarium. They must have been in the water tab.” Isabel muttered to herself.
“I don’t know what that means, okay?! I’m losing it here!” Grant shouted.
“Why is this happening to me? I’m a good person.”
“I know.”
“Do you?”
“Yes.” Isabel promised and Grant starts to shiver and shake.
“I have to kill you, but I don’t wanna. There’s a cell phone in my coat pocket. Grab the phone Isabel. NOW.” Grant ordered.
“Okay, okay.” Isabel looked around the car, found the jacket, and pulled out the phone as Grant pulled over the car. “Grant... “
“Get out of the car.” Grant stated.
“No.” Isabel refused.
“GET OUT OF THE CAR!” Grant shouted.
“I can’t help you if you don’t...” Isabel begged but Grant refused to listen.
“Please...get out of the car.”
The kitchen phone rings at the Valenti’s house and Jim hurries to pick it up. Interact with scenes of Isabel still out in the pouring rain, along the highway where Grant dropped her off.
“Hello.” Jim asked.
“Oh, Sheriff Valenti, thank God. Thank God. Grant is definitely the kidnapper, but it’s not his fault. The Queen...and it possessed him somehow.” Isabel explained.
“Possessed by the what?!” Jim asked.
“The crystals. The...the aliens. The important thing is he’s after Laurie and he’ll be in Tucson in a few hours.” As Jim scribbles down the details. “You have to stop him.”
“Alright. Wait a minute, where are you?” Jim asked.
“He left me by the side off the road somewhere. But don’t worry. I’ll...I’ll find a ride.” Isabel stated.
“What do you mean ‘you’ll get a ride’? You can’t get into a car with just anybody...” Jim argued and Isabel rolled her eyes.
“Sheriff, I am the last person on Earth who has to worry about getting into a car with strangers. Trust me. Just get to Laurie before he does. PLEASE.” Isabel snapped before hanging up the phone.
At Frazier woods, it is pouring with thunder and lightning. Max, Liz and Tess are furiously digging to free the two trapped in the cave. Scene switches to the interior where Alex and Kyle were singing to entertain themselves.
“February made me shiver/With ever paper I'd deliver...Bad news on the doorstep/I couldn't take one more step...I can’t remember if I cried when I read about his widowed bride/But something touched me deep inside the day the music died...” Alex and Kyle are singing, Tess, Liz and Max could hear them through the crystals.
“Only they would sing in a life and death situation.” Max muttered causing the two girls to giggles, Liz picked up a crystal that had fallen off the wall and placed it into the bottle before putting a match in it.
“So bye, bye Miss American Pie...drove my Chevy to the levee, but the levee was dry/Them good old’ boys were drinking whiskey and rye/Singing’ this’ll be the day that I die...This will be the day that I die…” they both finished.
Michael moved out into the hallway via another entrance. He started to move down the hallway looking for the intruder. He hears a sound coming from behind him and turned to reveal an empty hallway as Michael moved towards the sound. Looking up the nearby stairs, Michael feels pain shooting in his shoulder from behind and he crumples to the ground, Grant is tucking the gun into his belt as he seeks out the girls.
Isabel has managed to flag down a ride.
“Hi, can I just get a ride to Roswell?” Isabel asked, the driver nodded and she gets in.
Maria and Laurie were running down the stairs to get to the shelter before Grant could catch up with them. They tried to close the badly rusted door to slow down Grant.
“Help me Laurie!” Maria called out, Laurie hurries over and they both struggle with it only to find that it was stuck. “It’s stuck!”
Jim and Agent Duff have entered the kitchen and discovered the maid’s body. They drew their guns and made their way further into the house with caution and they discover that Michael is lying in the hallway with a shoulder bullet wound.
“Michael...” Jim started.
“They’re back there... Back there! GO!” Michael ordered, fear for the girls running through him.
Jim and Agent Duff left him in the hallway as they hurried to look for Grant and the two girls.
Maria and Laurie were still struggling with the door as Grant made his way down the stairs, he held up the gun and enter the bomb room as the girls back further into the room to get away from him.
“Grant! Grant! Hey, it’s me, Maria DeLuca. I’m Isabel’s friend. Really, really good friend.” Maria stated, trying to remind Grant as Grant lunged at Laurie. Laurie screams as Grant managed to grab her by the hair and hold her hostage with the gun pointing at her head.
Jim and Duff entered the room and Jim points his gun at
“Sorenson! You don’t wanna do this...” Jim stated softly.
“Put the gun down and step away from the girl.” Duff ordered.
“Don’t let him put me back in the ground...” Laurie sobbed out.
“No one’s going anywhere. Put the gun down NOW.” Duff promised.
“I wanna but I can’t! You have to stop me!” Grant screamed out.
“Listen to me...We’re gonna help you, I promise. Just put the gun down.” Jim stated as he made his way to Grant carefully. Grant drops Laurie as a sudden pain shot through his head. Laurie made her way over to Jim and co. “Good, good. Now just drop the gun. Everything will be alright.”
“No! NO! You have to kill me.” Grant shouted.
“Grant, I’m gonna help you.” Jim stated as he put his gun away. “I promise, you can trust me. Look, I’m gonna walk over there. See?”
“Ah, ah! IT’S GOT TO STOP!” Grant shouted as he lifted up his gun and Agent Duff shot him. Grant fell back on the bed, facing upward and Duff approaches the body.
“You alright?” Jim asked the girls, Maria nodded and lifted up her cell phone and answered it.
“We’re fine Max.” Maria stated into the phone.
Agent Duff reached out a hand to check for a pulse, Grant’s chest cavity opened up to reveal a cluster of Gandarium crystals. Everyone to scramble in fright. A shape started to emerge from the cluster as the group watch on, frozen in fear. Michael, just coming down the stairs, saw the whole thing.
“Everybody out! NOW! NOW!” Michael shouted; everyone hurried out as Jim pulled Agent Duff out of the room, Michael used his powers to lock the door and they watched as a jellyfish had formed and was floating in the air.
Maria was explaining everything to Max, who in turn was replying everything back to the girls.
Okay, whatever answer you guys have, give it to us quick! It looks pissed off.” Maria stated to Max.
Liz looked at the bottle that had trapped the Gandarium in it and noticed that it had turned to liquid. Her eyes widen as she grabbed Max’s phone from his hand in mid talk, causing Max and Tess to look at her in shock.
“Maria! Where did Michael trap the Queen?” Liz asked.
“In a bunker.” Maria replied.
“Does it have air vents?” Maria looked around and spotted them.
“Yes it does.”
“Listen to Maria, get Michael to transfer the air out of the vent and shut them down.” Liz stated carefully, Maria replayed it to Michael and he did it.
“Why?” Tess asked.
“I put a piece of Gandarium in the bottle then put a match in it, so I could see what was happening, the match had burned out the oxygen and killed it, it needs oxygen to survive!” Liz explained holding up the bottle. “Kill the queen and you kill them all!”
“It worked Liz, it worked!” Maria squealed into the phone as she watched the jellyfish explode from lack of air.
Liz squealed as she hugged Max and Tess, while jumping out down with joy, causing Max and Tess to laugh at Liz’s antics.
Inside the Gandarium cave. Alex and Kyle are lying on the ground, head to head, shining their flashlights around their enclosed space.
“So this is how it ends...” Alex stated.
“Somehow this is NOT how I pictured it.” Kyle said to Alex and Alex smirked.
“It was hell of a ride though.” Alex stated and Kyle shrugged.
“I guess.” Kyle replied, not sure.
“I mean, think about it. We not only MET aliens, but they killed us.” Alex stated and Kyle looked at him “How many people can say that?”
“You’re getting delirious, is that it?” Kyle asked, worried for Alex’s sanity
“Nah, take...take a step away from your life, Kyle. You know, I mean, you’re part of this...this amazing thing. This...amazing knowledge that you HAVE that 6 BILLION people on this planet don’t. You really want to step out of this cave if it meant that you were gonna be another dumb jock?” Alex asked and Kyle sat there in silence.
“You know what, I wouldn’t.” Kyle stated, finally accepting that he was stuck in this crazy world no matter what and that it wasn’t all bad.
The crystals start to melt. Alex is the first to notice; then Kyle releases a sharp shout of horror as some of the liquid drips on him. “Ah, ah!” Kyle screamed as he got up into upright sitting position. “They’re attacking! Oh no!”
“No, no no no no no. No no no no no.” Alex started, shaking his head. They...they’re They...they’re...they’re...they’re dying.” Alex started laughing with joy.
“Dying?” Kyle asked, uncertain
“They’re dying!” Alex confirmed and Kyle brightened.
“I mean...” he raised his hands in triumph. “DYING!” Kyle whooped.
“Dying!” Alex joined in. Alex stood up and found himself pushing through the crystal ceiling, where he saw Liz dancing and hugging Max and Tess. “Hey, is there a party and I wasn’t invited?” Alex teased.
Liz let out a happy squeal as she helped Alex through the hole and hugged him; both of them started dancing in joy and happiness.
“Looks like Liz’s happy.” Max stated, causing Tess to laugh out as they helped Kyle out.
“How’s Liz?” Isabel asked and Alex laughed.
“She’s managed to rope Tess into dancing with her.” Alex stated, “She’s really happy.”
“You lot must be soaking!” Isabel exclaimed, laughing.
“Doesn’t matter.” Kyle stated into the phone, causing more laughers. Alex smiled at Kyle, happy that Kyle had managed to accept Liz and the rest of the gang.
“See you at the Crashdown if you can tear Liz away.” Isabel stated before hanging up.
Maria, Michael, Jim and Isabel was in the Crashdown, relaxing over hot chocolate and tea when Max, Liz, Tess, Alex and Kyle finally came in, absolutely soaking from the rain and coated in mud from all the dancing but beaming happily.
“Look at the five of you, you look like a couple of kids.” Isabel teased and Liz grinned at the others.
“We feel like five years old. We just saved the world.” Liz exclaimed and the other laughed as Isabel used her powers to clean off the five of them and they all settled down to have a midnight snack and talk, just feeling happy with being with each other.


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Posted: Wed Jan 19, 2005 4:20 pm
by Bubblegal
Chapter 15: Aye Cramba, it’s Las Vegas! *

Max and Michael are running in the dark, through the halls at school. They hide behind some lockers.
“I think we lost them.” Max stated.
“Are you sure?” Michael asked, nervously.
“Not really.” Max admitted.
“Where's Isabel and Liz?” He asked.
“They’re gone, Michael. Now pull it together or we're gonna to be next.” Max stated.
“Okay, okay, what - what do they want from us?” Michael asked.
“We need a plan. We can't fly by the seat of our pants anymore.” Max informed.
“They gotta want something. Maybe we can talk to them.” Michael suggested.
“It's time to step it up. Face the demon. No more hiding.” Max stated and Michael turned to look at Max in confusion.
“What are you talking about? Max! Maxwell?” Michael shouted, he turns around and saw men dressed in SWAT clothing, pointing guns at him. “No, please, no!” Bullets started flying as Michael shot up in his bed, gasping as sweat dripped down from his forehead while he checked his chest, making sure that there were no bullet holes.
He soon realised that it was a dream as he got out of his bed and moved toward the kitchen where he grabbed the paper bag and pulled out the money.
At the Evan’s house, Max is sleeping in his bed only to wake up when his windows fly open; he looked over and saw Michael climbing in.
“What's going on?” Max asked.
“We are leaving; that's what's going on. You and I-- we're getting out of this town for a couple of days.” Michael informed
“What? Why? What's wrong?” Max asked.
“I need a road trip. I gotta clear out the cobwebs.” Michael muttered and Max rubbed his eyes.
“What the hell are you talking about?” Max demanded.
“I'm talking about getting out of this two-bit town for a couple of days and having some fun.
Is there something wrong about that?” Michael asked and Max shook his head.
“No, there's nothing wrong with that. You wanna tell me what's really going on.” He asked as he turned on the night light on.
“Nightmares, Maxwell. I can't shake them; I've had them every night for two weeks. I mean my brain needs a vacation, or I swear to God I'm going to lose it on someone or something, and it's not gonna to be pretty.” Michael replied.
“Okay, we'll take a vacation.” Max stated.
“Yeah, today, now, let's go, out of town.” Michael added.
“Today? But ... we need a plan.” Max protested.
“Screw the plan, let's just go.” Michael begged and Max shook his head.
“Michael, you gotta trust me here.” Max stated.
“Oh come on.” Michael muttered.
“We need a cover story, so no one looks for us. So first we'll go to school....” Max started and Michael shook his head.
“I cannot make it through another day of school.” Michael explained and Max sighed.
“Look ... just give me sometime so cover our tracks and we're out of here. Okay?” Max asked and Michael nodded.
“Okay, okay, okay.” Michael gave in as he sat on the chair.
“So... where are we going anyway?” Max asked.
“You're gonna love it. It's a place without rules, without responsibilities, a place where we can forget about our troubles, it's a city of dreams.” Michael stated with a smile and Max looked at him with a ‘what the hell’ face.
“Which would be...” Max asked.
“Vegas... we're going to Vegas baby.” Michael stated triumphantly.
“Las Vegas?” We’re going to Las Vegas.” Liz asked, incredulous, her eyes wide and disbelieving and Michael nodded his confirmation, Liz rolled her eyes. They were at the school, sitting in the lounge room on their free period. “And when are we going on this little trip?”
“Tonight, after Sixth period.” Max stated.
“Who’s going?” Liz asked.
“Just the three of us.” Michael jumped in and Liz sucked a breath in.
“Izzy isn’t going to be happy.” Liz warned and Max blanched in fear at the thought of Isabel’s wrath.
“She’s coming!” Max jumped in and Michael rolled his eyes in annoyance but agreed with Max’s reason in his head.
“Maria knows you’re going to Las Vegas and probably is telling Tess and Alex then Tess will tell Kyle, so that means they’re coming too.” Liz added in and Michael groaned.
“Fine, they can come too.” Michael agreed as he stood up and headed toward his class until it hit him, he had just been played by his baby sister. A fond smile played on his face as he shook his head and hurried into his class.
Max turned to face Liz with a smile.
“You are a little minx aren’t you?” Max asked, teasingly, Liz looked at him with a straight face but her eyes held a mischievous glint.
“What ever do you mean?” she shot back playfully as she stood up and walked out, Max ran after her and wrapped an arm around her waist, steering her to a different direction.
“Oh no you don’t, we have a date with the eraser room.” Max stated as he guided a giggling Liz to the Room.
Michael is walking down the hall and he turned the corner only to stop in his track when he sees the whole gang, except Max and Liz, and a chauffeur holding a sign that says "Guerin’s Party".
“This is low-profile.” Michael demanded.
“Don't you love that little hat?” Maria asked as Max and Liz walked up behind Michael, Max smirked at Liz before speaking in their principle’s voice.
“Going somewhere, Mr. Gurien?” Max asked, Michael spun around, ready to blab out some lie to save his ass when he saw that it was Max. “ Pretty good Principal Forrester, huh?” Max asked with a smirk as Liz giggled at her pissed of brother.
“Yeah, you're a riot. What's the plan?” Michael asked.
“At this very moment, the debate team is leaving for a two-day meet in Santa Fe. According to this piece of paper, we're going with them. If anybody asks, our original oral topic was "Space Travel: Wave of the Future or Misbegotten Dream?” Liz informed them, Alex nodded.
“Catchy.” Alex stated and Isabel, Maria and Tess giggled.
“All right, let's go.” Michael stated as they all hurried out of the hallway toward the limo.
“Here we are ... the presidential suite. You've got 3 bedrooms, 3 baths, state-of-the-art entertainment system, 6 person Jacuzzi” Maria took some money from Michael’s bag. “Heated to a toasty 102. Is there anything else I could get you folks?” The bellboy asked and Maria handed him his tip, he nodded before leaving.
Maria and Tess squealed as they hurried through the room
“I bet they have towel warmer.” Tess squealed as she hurried into the bathroom.
“We need to check out the Jacuzzi soon.” Max whispered to Liz and smiled before nudging him in his stomach.
“Let's see about some in-house porno.” Kyle stated as he rubbed his hands as he headed over to the TV before Michael held up a hand.
“Hold on! Line up, ID's out. This town has some restrictions about having fun. I'm gonna fix that.” Michael stated, everyone took out their ID and held it up. “You are no longer high school students from Roswell, New Mexico-- you are of-age party machines.” Michael waved his hand over the Ids and changed their birth dates and names. “These are your aliases. You will use these aliases for the duration of our trip. Sound off.”
“Okay, Harvey Wallbanger.” Kyle stated.
“Piña Colada.” Tess called out, looking at the name.
“Tom Collins.” Alex stated.
“Brandy Alexander.” Isabel smirked and Alex smirked at the last name.
“Margarita Salt.” Maria stated with a roll of her eyes.
“Shirley Temple.” Liz muttered. “Great, I would get Max’s fantasy woman from tenth grade.”
“Hey!” Max stated, offended and Liz smiled innocently up at him while he turned to face Michael. “Rob Roy.”
“And I'm your host, Dr. Love.” Michael stated; everyone stifled their laughers as they tried to maintain their serious postures. “Since I'm sponsoring this operation, you will follow my rules. Your bank is three grand. This cash is to be spent here. There is no hoarding it. Rule number 2 - and this is the biggie. Rob Roy and Dr. Love run alone. You see us at a table, you find another one. If there are no other questions ... then go out and clobber the house.” Michael stated and Liz arched her eyebrow at her brother.
“And how come I don’t get to spend time with ‘Rob’?” Liz asked.
“Cause it’s a guy thing, hang out with the girls.” Michael shot back as Alex, then Kyle, then Isabel, then Tess and at last Maria ran out of the room. Liz scoffed as she headed out of the room. “And don’t getting yourself into trouble!” Michael called out, causing Liz to flip him off with her hand, rendering Michael speechless and stuttering.
Max laughed as he slapped a hand on Michael’s back.
“That’s my girl, never the one to take orders.” Max stated as he led Michael out of the room to play games.
Isabel, Tess, Kyle and Alex were at the blackjack table.
“Show me how it works.” Tess asked.
“All right. You put your bet here. And the point is to get to 21. Kings are worth 10, so you get another card, now you've got 16, so another card, now you go to 25, and he takes your money away.” Kyle stated as he watched his money go away.
“Gee! What a great game. Thank you.” Isabel remarked, sarcastically.
“I'm sorry, you have to play more than one hand.” Kyle shot at her.
“Kyle, this is math, not exactly what I'm looking for in a vacation.” Tess shot at him.
“Well, this is the gambling capital of the world. What are you looking for?” Kyle asked the girls.
“I guess we’ll know when we see it. Later.” Isabel stated as she and Tess walked off.
“All right.” Kyle stated.
“She is right you know. It's math. More precisely, AP Statistics, which dictates that an all-or-nothing strategy has the best chance of beating the house.” Alex stated as he placed all of his money on the table.
“That makes no sense. Hit me.” Kyle stated.
“Hit me.” Alex called and he lost the money while Kyle shook his head.
“You took that one in the shorts.” Kyle informed him.
“You will never believe what I've found in the spa locker room.” Maria stated as she came up from behind the boys.
“Oh God. My heart hurts.” Alex whined.
“A booking agent is holding auditions. Alex, Alex I need the hugest favour from you. I need an accompanist.” Maria begged.
“I play the bass guitar.” Alex reminded her.
“No, no. You could fake it in the piano. It's just some simple chorus change. It first starts off with an E and then in the bridge it goes...” Maria started to explain to Alex when he lost it.
“Maria -- I just lost $3000, all right!” He exclaimed.
“Alex, I'll, I'll give you $3000, if you help me get this gig. Please.” Maria begged once more and Alex stood up and wrapped an arm around her shoulder.
“The key was E, right.” Alex asked.
“Right.” Maria agreed and they both walked off.
“All right. What's the tune?” Alex asked.
Liz is standing at the bar after having gotten changed into her tight jeans and a black halter-top; she was in high black heels, a man came up behind her and leaned in.
“Well, hello sweet cakes.” He slurred, she turned around and glared at him.
“Get lost.” She stated to him before turning around to the bar, the barman watched the scene, making sure that nothing was going to happen.
“Oh come on, a girl like you must be gagging for some entertainment.” He stated as he patted her butt.
“Not from you I don’t.” Liz shot at him; he lost it and grabbed her arm, provoking her into stomping her heel into his foot and thrusting her elbow when his nose came down, causing him to fall backward, the security guards came over and arrested her.
“Right missies, maybe you need time to think in jail.” One of them stated.
“He came on to me!” Liz exclaimed.
“You just attacked the boss of the casinos.” The other one stated as they were about to led her away when the bar tender came over.
“Let her go guys, I saw everything, he was coming on to her, he was also drunk.” He informed them, they both looked at him and he nodded.
“Fine, looks like it’s your lucky day girly, don’t go getting into more trouble you hear us.” One of the guards stated as he un-cuffed her; she nodded as she walked over to the elevators and pressed the button for her floor. She wished that Michael hadn’t taken Max.
“Ok, Blondie. You're up” The man stated, Maria nodded to Alex, Alex started playing the piano as Maria started singing and dancing. “Honey. You've got some set of pipes.” The man stated once Maria had finished and Maria blushed slightly.
“Well, I...” Maria tried to brush off but the man carried on.
“No, I was... I was truly moved.” The man stated.
“Thank you.” Maria replied.
“No, no. Thank you.” The man replied with a smile before letting it fall. “Now take off your clothes.” Maria looked at him with a ‘what the hell?’ look on her face as Alex stood up; ready to defend his best friend.
“Hey! Who do you think you are? You treat her like a lady!” Alex demanded and the man looked at him.
“I'll treat her like a stripping lady, 'cause that what she's auditioning for.” The man informed.
“Give me this flyer.” Alex muttered as he grabbed the flyer from Maria and read it. New talent, big money... Oh! Oh! B.Y.O.G-String.” Alex informed, Maria took the flyer and read it before sighing and storming out of the room in anger.
Meanwhile, back in the gambling room, Max and Michael are playing.
“Dr. Love says give it up for 10 the hard way.” Michael called out as he rolls the dice and won
“You're cheating.” Max informed, not impressed.
“You want to say that a little louder. I don't think the stickman heard you.” Michael hissed at him.
“This isn't right, using your power like this.” Max hissed.
“Thanks for the sermon, dad.” Michael informed, sarcastically.
“It's not what we came here.” Max shot at him.
“No! We came here to have fun, which is exactly what I'm doing. Folks this is the fourth set of dice they give me. But when you have the hot hand, you have the hot hand.” Michael stated as he lifted up the new set of dice he had just received and rolls the dice once more, only to win and everyone cheered. Max looked around and saw the casino manger walking toward him with a broken nose. “I feel an 8 coming.” Michael informed.
“Michael, he knows.” Max stated and Michael scoffed.
“He doesn't know anything. What's he's going to say, that I'm using my mysterious alien powers?” Michael shot back as he rolls once more and won again.
He rolls and wins
“This table is closed.” The manager stated and Michael looked at him.
“What is this crap?” Michael demanded.
“You're done. My advice is to take your winnings and move on down the strip.” The manager informed and Max nodded in agreement.
“Yeah, we will.” Max agreed as he starts to tug on Michael’s arm but he resisted.
“The hell we will. I'm here to gamble. There's a table right over here.” Michael stated as he headed toward it only to be stopped by the manager.
“Listen, punk.” The manager stated and Michael glared at him
“Punk?” Michael asked as he punched him, Max tried to get Michael out of the right with no avail and the security guards head in, breaking the fight up.
Maria found herself back in the suite and headed toward the fridge to get some sugary snack to snack, on when the phone rang.
“Honeymoon suite, Margarita speaking.” Maria stated as she picked at the cake.
“Maria, it's me.” Michael stated from the Cellblock.
“Me who?” Maria shot back.
“Yeah funny.” Michael stated, obviously not in the mood to play any games.
“Do you know were I was tonight? I was auditioning to be a stripper. Little innocent me.” Maria explained.
“Did you get the job?” Michael asked and Maria scoffed.
“You don't even care. This wouldn't have happened if you have been with me.” Maria shot back.
“Is there someone else I can talk to?” Michael asked.
“We are talking.” Maria informed him and he rolled his eyes.
“No, I can't, I'm in jail with Maxwell. What you need to do is shut your trap and get down here and bail us out.” Michael informed her and it hit her.
“Wait a minute. If you're in jail that means that this is your only phone call.” Maria stated.
“Exactly.” Michael stated, Maria smirked then hung up the phone, leaving Michael staring at it with a glare.
Kyle was still at the blackjack table and Alex is with him again
“Doesn't Buddhism disapprove of gambling?” Alex asked.
“Actually Buddha himself first coined the phrase "know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em, know when to walk away and know when to run” Kyle informed and Alex nodded.
“And yours is obviously a deep and abiding spiritual faith.” Alex stated. Maria arrived behind the boys.
“All right, boys, cash out.” Maria ordered.
“You're just gonna have to back off.” Kyle informed her.
“Yeah, grasshopper's on a roll baby.” Alex added in and Maria rolled her eyes.
“I gotta bail Max and -- if there's enough money -- Michael, out of jail.” Maria stated.
“My winnings, my money, go away.” Kyle mumbled and Maria sighed before looking up at the dealer.
“He's in gambling anonymous, I'm his sponsor. Could you please help me keep this poor lost soul from further travelling the path of destruction?” Maria pleaded and the Dealer looked at Kyle.
“I'm sorry sir. Casino policy.” He informed him, Kyle looked up and glared at Maria.
“Thank you.” Kyle muttered sarcastically.
“Thank your higher power.” Maria stated as she and Alex walked off. Kyle tried to pick up his winnings but he couldn’t because there were too many.
“What are you doing here?” Liz asked from her seat when Max, Michael and Maria came storming into the hotel room.
“The trio turned around and found Liz eating a pot noodle while curled up on the chair, watching ‘Couching Tiger, Hidden Dragon’.
“Erm, complicated.” Maria stated and looked at Liz. “Why are you up here?”
“Got arrested.” Liz muttered with a roll of her eyes. “So I came up here so I wouldn’t get into any more trouble.”
“Why did you get arrested?” Michael demanded.
“Some guy wouldn’t take no for an answer so I punched him.” Liz remarked and turned back to the film.
“Aren’t you three just a pair?” Maria asked and Liz turned to look at her.
“What do you mean by that?” Liz asked, confusement covering her face.
“Those two got arrested for fighting each other.” Maria informed Liz; Liz looked at the two of them then looked back at Maria.
“Why do you make it like it’s a normal occurrence?” Liz asked.
“Those two always have physical fights.” Maria stated and Liz looked at them.
“Why?” she asked, “Zan and Rath were best friends and they rarely fight each other, we are a represent of our past figure so we should still have the same morals.” Liz explained.
“It’s complicated Liz, just leave it.” Max stated, he saw Liz gearing up to fight him and he shook his head. “I mean it Liz.”
Liz slumped back on the chair and noticed that Max had lifted up the phone and started asking for the nearest flight time.
“You’re leaving.” Liz demanded as she stood up and turned to Michael. “Stop him!”
“Let him go, I don’t care.” Michael replied shortly as he slumped on the couch and changed the channel, Liz turned to Max.
“You can’t leave!” she exclaimed and Max shrugged.
“Liz, I want to go back home and I’m going.” Max stated as he walked over to her and pulled her into a hug but found himself flying backward when Liz pushed out her powers.
“Don’t touch me!” Liz snarled as she stormed into her room and slammed the door.
Everyone was stunned into silence; the only thing that broke the silence was Liz’s heart wrenching sobs.
“What the hell?” Kyle demanded when the gang entered the room to hear Liz crying, Max lying on the ground, Michael and Maria shocked.
“Why is Liz crying?” Isabel demanded.
“Max is leaving Las Vegas cause he and Michael got into a fight, Liz used her powers and stormed into the room.” Maria summarised and Isabel glared at the two boys.
“And I’m guessing that neither of you remember the time when Zan left Lilly and almost died at the time?” Isabel snapped out, both boys paled as the memory came back to them.
They had been receiving parts of their memories in their dreams or something would trigger their mind, their recent one was, Zan and Lilly had gotten into an argument and Zan stormed off only to be ambushed by a couple of enemies. Zan was badly hurt at the time that the healers thought that he wasn’t going to make which sent Lilly into depression till Zan had came to and everyone realised that he was going to make it. It had taken Lilly a long time to get over it and she made a vow that she wouldn’t let anyone argue then storm off.
“Shit!” Max swore and Isabel nodded.
“Got that right.” She snapped at her brother before going to the door. She knocked on it. “Lizzie, can you let me in?” Isabel asked there was no answer so Isabel tried the door but found that it was melted and something was blocking her from using her powers. “Great!”
“What do we do now?” Tess asked and no one had any answers.
Liz was lying on her bed, sobbing into her pillow, she knew that she was overreacting but the memories of when she almost lost Zan was still fresh in her mind and she couldn’t cope if she lost Max too. She heard Isabel knocking at the door but she didn’t want to see anyone so she used her powers to lock the door and placed the dresser up against the door, blocking it. She sighed as she wiped her tears away and fell into a deep and uneasy sleep
“How are you going to get her out of there?” Isabel demanded to Max, he sighed as he ran a hand through his dark lock in frustration.
“I don’t know, I honestly don’t.” Max admitted, as he looked toward the door that held Liz in the room.
“If you are going to be leaving, you better pack up Max.” Maria stated from the kitchen and Max sighed, he nodded as he headed over to his bedroom and packed his bag, he pulled the bag over his shoulder before walking out and looked at the others.
“I guess I’ll see you at home.” Max stated and everyone nodded, he walked over to the door and knocked on it slightly but never got any answer.
“We’ll tell her.” Tess jumped in and Max nodded before leaving the room and heading down the stairs to grab a cab.
“He’s going to leave. Just like that?” Michael asked and Maria rounded on him in anger.
“Don’t you dare start.” Maria snapped, causing everyone to look at her in a stunned shock. “You are the reason why Max is leaving and the reason why Liz in locked in her room, crying her heart out. She begged you to stop Max but you didn’t care!” Maria stormed off into her room with Isabel following her.
“Guys, we have a dinner party to go to, I suggest you get ready for it.” Tess stated softly to Alex and Kyle before glaring at Michael and following the girls.
“Yeah, might as well, Kyle, you can have the bathroom in our bedroom, I’ll take Max’s.” Alex stated and Kyle nodded in agreement before they walked off to get washed and dressed, leaving Michael sitting in front of the TV alone, wondering what the hell was he going to do to make up to them.
Liz came out of her room, wearing a red, knee-length halter dress, her hair was pinned up and she had on red high heels.
“Wow Liz, you look great!” Maria stated and Liz smiled, Isabel was wearing a black dress, Maria was wearing a gold dress and Tess was wearing an ice blue dress.
“You guys look great too.” Liz stated; Isabel could see that her eyes were slightly red from her crying and sighed. Alex, Kyle and Michael came out too, all dressed up in their tuxedo, Liz looked around and noticed that Max wasn’t there.
“He…” Maria started and Liz shook her head.
“I don’t want to know.” Liz whispered before picking up her shawl and smiling brightly at the gang, although they could tell that it was forced. “Are we ready?”
“Yeah, lets go!” Maria stated as she walked over to Liz and linked arms with her and they both made their way down to the dance hall to have a good night with each other.
Max walked over to the car, he turned around, looked at the married couple, the woman jumped into the man’s arm, and he spun her around. Max closed his eyes and opened them; he was stunned to see that the image had changed. He was standing there in a white top and trousers with a white cape and a crown on his head while Liz was standing next to him in her white dress, it was off the shoulder and straight without all the fancy ruffles, she was smiling up at him, she had her crown rested on top her head. Both of them were clutching hands and smiling happily, Max leaned down, lifted her into his arms and spun her around before kissing her hard on the lips.
Max came out of the trance and looked around with a stunned look on his face, he was wondering what happened.
“Now this is the Vegas that I love.” Maria stated to everyone, Liz grinned at her best friend as Alex stood up and took a picture of everyone.
“All right. Smile, beautiful people. Yeah, there we go.” Alex stated.
“You cleaned up nice, spaceboy. I'm sorry that he didn't make it.” Maria stated and Michael shook his head without looking at Liz, she had looked downward at her lap and fingered the promise ring that Max had given her for Christmas and felt the tears fill up in her eyes.
“Well I am not. I'm thinking a cheeseburger will go down nice right now.” Michael stated and Maria glared at him.
You had lobster.” She informed him.
“Yeah, but I'm still hungry. I'm gonna go hit the fast food joint across the street. Green, please.” Michael stated, Maria sighed as she reached into the top of her dress and pulled out the money and handed it to him. “Thanks.” He stated before walking off.
“Cheeseburger? Why do I even try?” Maria asked Liz.
“Well, at least he wore a tie.” Liz stated.
“Liz, I'm worried. I plan to be a worldly woman, and how can I be, when Michael is trapped in a world of armpit farts and PlayStation? Why do I put myself through this?” Maria demanded and Liz smiled at her slightly.
“At least he’s here.” Liz whispered and Maria suddenly turned sorry and Liz shook her head, feeling the change in Maria’s emotions. “Please, Maria, let’s just pretend for one day that we’re having a normal day.” Maria nodded as she leaned over and took Liz’s hand.
“Max was just angry Liz, he and Michael rarely fight and when they do, it leaves them both irritated and frustrated.” Maria explained. “I bet he is kicking himself right this moment for not being here with you.” Liz smiled sadly at Maria.
“Yeah.” She whispered back, both of them turned to face the stage and saw Michael standing there.
“Ladies and gentlemen, tonight you're in for a rare treat--a dream coming true. You're gonna love listening to this performer, and even though she'll never believe it, I love listening to her too. Please welcome to the stage... Miss Margarita Salt.” Michael stated, Maria gasped as she stood up and made her way toward the stage while Liz and Tess smiled at each other and Alex just hugged Isabel as she watched, happily at her friend singing.
“Thank you.” Maria whispered and Michael leaned in.
“You know this song don’t you.” Michael asked, the band struck up a tune and Maria smiled.
“Yes I do.” Maria whispered back. Michael nodded as he moved behind the curtains and watched as Maria sang.
Come to me now
And lay your hands over me
Even if it's a lie
Say it will be alright
And I shall believe
Tess turned to Kyle.
“You are dancing with me.” Tess stated as she stood up and pulled on Kyle’s arm. Isabel was dancing with Alex while Liz sat there with a smile on her face as she watched the gang be happy and together.
I'm broken in two
And I know you're on to me
That I only come home
When I'm so all alone
But I do believe
Michael looked out at his sister, regret and guilt filling him until he saw a figure heading her way and he smiled slightly.
A hand came out in front of Liz and she looked up at the owner, her breath was caught in her throat as her heart jumped.
“Would you like to dance with me?” Max asked, Liz took his hand and he pulled her up and led her over to the dance floor, where they got into their dance mode.
That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly you won't give up on me
And I shall believe
And I shall believe
“I thought you were leaving.” Liz stated as she looked to the side and Max nodded.
“I was, till I got a memory.” Max stated back and Liz looked at him with a curious gaze.
“What kind of memory?” Liz asked.
“The two of us getting married.” Max stated and Liz gasped.
Open the door
And show me your face tonight
I know it's true
No one heals me like you
And you hold the key
“You remember.” Liz asked and Max kissed her gently on the lips.
“Yes I do.” Max promised.
Never again
Would I turn away from you?
I'm so heavy tonight
But your love is alright
And I do believe
That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be
It seems like every time I try to make it right
It all comes down on me
Please say honestly
You won't give up on me
And I shall believe
I shall believe Maria finished, everyone turned to her and clapped for their enjoyment of the song.
Everyone laughed as they made their way to their room and entered it, they stopped suddenly when they saw Jim sitting on the chair, he wasn’t looking at them, he lifted up the sign saying ‘Guerin’s Party’ turned his head and let the sign down, he pinned them with a glare.
“I got phone calls from everyone’s parents, demanding to know where all their kids where, I had no idea and started to panic as I thought the world was coming to an end, or that you were out hurt or being chased by one of your enemies as I knew that you lot wouldn’t go somewhere without telling me!” Jim snapped.
“We’re sorry.” Liz whispered and Jim shook his head.
“Sorry doesn’t cut it Liz, you all just went off without telling me what you were doing!” Jim shouted and Michael stepped in.
“Give us a break!” Michael snapped and everyone looked at him. “We felt like taking a vacation, we all have been through way too many things for the past year and half, Liz had lost her father, we all saw death, we had people and enemies chasing after us and we saved the bloody world. So forgive us for wanting to take a break from our world and just live like normal humans with our family and just pretend for a couple of days that we are normal teenagers getting away from the pressure of our lives.”
Jim stood there, shocked. He never knew that they felt like that and chastised himself for not noticing, as he much he wanted to let them off punishment, he knew he couldn’t, he couldn’t let them think that they could do this every time the pressure got high.
“Sorry but you are all being punished, Tess, Kyle home now.” Jim stated.
“But dad…” Kyle protested.
“NOW!” Jim snapped, both Tess and Kyle squeaked before hurrying out of the room. “I expect you all to get home on the flight you are suppose to be going home, today.” Jim warned as he left them.
“Oh, I’m so glad that I’m an orphan.” Michael stated and Liz glared at him.
“Don’t be too please, you took Mrs. Deluca’s daughter, I’m sure that she’ll have plenty to say.” Liz warned and Michael cursed.
“Damn it.” He muttered as everyone else went in the room and the girls took off their shawls while the boys took off jacket and tie. Max turned to Michael.
“Want to go and get some food and drinks for them?” Max asked and Michael nodded. “We’ll be back soon guys.” Max stated to the others, they nodded as Alex flipped the TV on and they all watched a film that came on.
Max and Michael were outside standing near the coffee venture, they thanked the guy before started making up their coffee. “Michael, I wanted to say that I’m sorry.” Max started and Michael looked at him. “You were right, I was acting mechanical when I healed you and I’m sorry. I guess I just worry about everyone too much.”
“No Max, it’s mine, you had all this pressure on you on the first place, I just added more to it.” Michael stated.
“Yeah, but I still worry, at first I had to worry about you and Isabel using your powers in public and now I have to worry about Liz. I didn’t mean to lose my temper at you.” Max apologised once more and Michael nodded.
“Accepted, as long you accept my apology.” Michael compromised and Max laughed.
“Accepted.” Max nodded.
Both of them smiled as they started walking back to the hotel with the food and drinks they got.
“So what do you think they are doing?” Michael asked and Max nodded.
“Maria will be babbling or razzing on Liz again, Liz will be trying to calm her down while Isabel will be doing her regular ice princess image and Alex will be drooling over Isabel.” Max stated and Michael laughed.
“So predictable.” He stated and Max looked at him.
“But worth the ride.” Max added and they both nodded in agreement, no matter what, they wouldn’t change anything for the world.

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by Bubblegal
Chapter 16: Father Camping

“What are we doing this weekend?” Alex asked.
“Camping.” Liz jumped in and everyone looked at her.
“Camping?” Tess asked and Liz nodded.
“Fathers are making us go camping, part of the punishment for going to Las Vegas, they are making us go this weekend for the Father camping. They’ve filled out the form and yes, even you Michael, Mr, Evans, I mean, dad says you have to come ever since you’re part of the family.” Liz explained.
“Great, we’re going camping.” Isabel muttered and Liz looked at them.
“It’s not death.” Liz remarked.
“Nearly enough it is.” Maria remarked then looked at them. “Wait a minute, I don’t have a dad!” she exclaimed with a huge smile.
“Mr. Valenti is taking you as your mom and he are dating.” Liz jumped in and Maria dropped her head, letting it bang on the table.
“Hell comes.” She muttered.
“Cheer up Max, Isabel, camping isn’t that bad.” Phillip stated as he watched his two teenaged children grumbled as they dragged their camping stuff out into the hallway, the two of them glared at him, causing him to chuckle. “Liz doesn’t seem to thinking camping is that bad.”
“I love camping, my dad used to take me and mom all the time, it was part of our ritual as a family time.” Liz exclaimed as she down the hallway, carrying two pillows and her sleeping bag.
“Pillows?” Phillip asked.
“You have to, unless you want a cold from sleeping on the cold, damp floor.” Liz explained, Max and Isabel looked at each other then hurried to their room to grab their pillows only to find they had none. “They’re already in the hallway, I knew that you had forgotten it so I picked them up.” Liz called out from the kitchen where she was rummaging for marshmallows and crackers.
“Honey, what are you looking for?” Diane asked as she came into the kitchen to find Liz looking about.
“Do you have any marshmallows? I’ve found the crackers.” Liz stated.
“Here you go sweetie.” Diane stated as she opened the top cupboard and handed her the two large bags. “Why do you need them?”
“Smores.” Liz stated.
“Smores?” Isabel, Phillip and Max asked.
“Yeah, whenever you go camping you have to have Smores, it’s practically against the law if you don’t.” Liz muttered.
“Really?” Max asked as he looked at his girlfriend before turning to his sister with a raised eyebrow, she shrugged, confused too.
“Hello people.” Maria called out as she and Tess entered through the backdoor and smiled when they saw Liz. “Hey Liz, what are you doing?”
“Packing some stuff for the camping trip, what are you doing here?” Liz asked.
“Are we all meeting up in the one place or are we meeting up at the bus park?” Tess asked.
“Bus Park, this way we are not carrying loads of packages in one transport.” Max stated and the girls nodded.
“Okay, we’ll see you later, we are heading over to Alex’s places to tell him.” Maria stated.
“Can I come with you?” Isabel asked and the girls looked at Isabel with a curious gaze. “What?” she asked.
“Nothing.” Liz muttered as she turned back to the cupboard, looking for the chocolate this time.
“Now what are you looking for honey?” Diane asked.
“The chocolate, I know there is some here, I bought some yesterday for my craving!” Liz muttered as she rummaged through the cupboard.
“Craving?” Maria asked.
“Oh, at the end of my time of the month, I get this huge craving for chocolate, my parents couldn’t understand why this happened but just accepted it.” Liz explained.
“Does that happens to you too girls?” Diane asked and they shook their heads.
“Nope, we usually have the craving during the time of the months as we are more hormonal at the time.” Tess stated and Max snorted as he left the room, causing the girls turn around to glare at his retreating back.
“We heard that!” Isabel, Maria and Tess shouted after him.
“Are you sure you bought chocolate yesterday sweetie?” Phillip asked and Liz nodded as Max started to whistle and it hit her.
“Maxwell Alexander Evans!” she shouted as she tore after him, Max just yelped and ran out of her way as she began on the war path for him stealing her chocolate. “I am going to kill you for that you know.” She called as she chased after him, Diane and Phillip just looked at each other stunned while the girls snickered and walked out of the Evans’ kitchen, making their way over to Alex’s house.
“Oh Whitman, where are you?” Maria called out as they entered the house, Maria and Tess looked at each other and smirked.
“Scooby Scooby Doo, where are you?” Tess and Maria sang while Isabel groaned and buried her face into her hand in mock embarrassment.
“Oh god!” she muttered, Alex laughed as he made his way down the stairs.
“Classic girls, classic.” Alex stated as he clapped his hand; the two girls bowed with huge silly grins on their faces.
“Are you packed?” Isabel asked.
“Yeah, just need to grab my sleeping bag.” Alex stated.
“Can you bring your guitar with you so we can have some sing-a-longs?” Maria asked and Alex grinned.
“Too late, Liz has already gotten onto me and begged me.” Alex stated and the girls grinned, they knew just how much the boys loved Liz and would do anything for her, especially when she did the puppy dog eyes and the little pout and the little girl tone in her voice.
“Max, Liz? Where are you kids?” Diane asked as she walked through the hallway, Max and Liz was in Max’s bedroom, lying on the bed, making out. Diane walked over to Max’s room and opened the door, she looked in and saw them kissing and the memory of Christmas washed over her.
“I love you.” He whispered and she smiled up at him.
“And I love you.” Liz whispered back
She needed to talk to Phillip about them two getting really close, she loved Liz, she did but she was worried about them getting too involved with each other at such a young age.
“Did you hear anything?” Liz asked and Max shook his head.
“No, just you moaning.” He smirked and Liz rolled her eyes as she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down so their lips could meet again and Max rolled himself on top of her.
“Phillip, I need to talk to you.” Diane stated as she entered the living room, Phillip looked up at her, one eyebrow raised.
“Yeah?” Phillip asked.
“It’s about Max and Liz getting so close, we heard them say that they loved each other at the midnight service, they’ve only gotten together. Max has only went out with Tess and that only lasted a couple of month and they weren’t even that serious while I overheard Liz telling Isabel that she didn’t have time for guys while she lived in LA so she didn’t have any boyfriends.” Diane stated her fears.
“Maybe they are in love with each other.” Phillip suggested and Diane sighed.
Don’t get me wrong, I love Liz but I feel that they are moving way too fast.” Diane stated before standing up and heading out of the room with Phillip watching her retreating back, wondering what was going on.
“Are you kids ready?” Mr. Whitman asked and everyone nodded.
“Yep, all the stuff are in the cars and the bus is waiting.” Max stated as he dragged the last bag and put it into the back of the jeep.
“Okay, let’s move out!” Jim stated as everyone got into the car and headed out toward the school where the bus was waiting for the students; they arrived there to see students all over the place with their fathers. Liz rolled her eyes when Michael and Kyle started arguing about who was getting what and sighed when Isabel got involved in the fight.
“This is going to be one long weekend.” Tess stated and Liz smiled at the young woman beside her.
“Evans?” The coach shouted.
“Here.” Phillip called as Max slung an arm over Liz’s shoulder and led her over to the bus, Liz rested her head on his shoulder as he kissed her forehead and they stepped onto the bus, they both headed toward the back and took the seats for themselves.
Isabel and Michael sat in the seats in front of them, arguing over who was having the peanuts as Phillip sat on the other side of the bus, next to them. Maria, Kyle and Jim headed onto the bus, Jim sat next to Phillip while Maria, and Kyle sat on the other side of the bus next to Max and Liz while Alex, Tess, Mr Harding and Mr. Whitman came on and sat in front of Phillip, Jim, Michael and Isabel.
“Right guys, you can figure out who is sleeping in the tent with who.” Phillip stated.
“Liz and I are sharing one.” Max jumped in before anyone could protest and Liz smiled up into his face. Max leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips.
“Maria and I will share a tent then.” Isabel stated and Tess nodded.
“No problem, I want a tent to my self, this way I’m likely to sleep better.” Tess stated.
“Alex and I will share a tent, Kyle snores.” Michael jumped in and everyone laughed as Kyle threw popcorn at the back of Michael’s head.
“No problem either, I rather have a tent to myself rather than sharing.” Kyle stated.
“And us four old men will share a tent I guess.” Ed stated and they laughed in agreement.
“I love you.” Max whispered and Liz smiled at him.
“I love you too.” She whispered back as they both leaned in to kiss each other, enjoying the others company and enjoying the fact that their lives are not in danger at the moment.
The bus stopped outside the camping area, everyone got off the bus and gathered their stuff together, they formed themselves outside the bus and waited as the coach called out everyone’s name to make sure that they were there when he realised that he had lost somebody.
“Oh hell, I’ve lost two people.” The coach muttered as he looked up at the faces surrounding him. “Have anyone seen Parker and Evans?” he asked and got a negative response. “Just my luck they’ll be sucking faces with each other.”
“Erm Coach?” Tommy shouted, the Coach turned to him a Tommy pointed to the bus. “Found them.”
Max and Liz were in the bus, Liz was sitting on Max’s lap and they both were making out. “And you were right, they are sucking faces.” Tommy added causing, laughers, groans and eye rolls from the students.
The coach muttered as he stepped up into the bus and looked at the couple.
“In case you didn’t know, we have reached our destination.” Coach stated Max and Liz jumped at the intrusion and they looked out of the window, blushing to see that they had reached their destination and hadn’t realised it.
“Sorry.” Liz stated as she got off of Max’s lap and they both stood up and hurried out of the bus and over to the group, ignoring everyone looking at them.
The coach came out and ticked of Max and Liz’s name.
“Okay, you all go and pick your own spot and make your own curfew.” He warned and everyone nodded before bolting off to pick his or her spots.
“Isn’t this fun?” Liz squealed as she practically hopped over to the gang, they smiled at her, enjoying her cuteness. “What?” Liz asked.
“You look so cute.” Maria stated and Liz groaned.
“There’s that word again.” She muttered, she had one of Max’s jumpers on and his khaki jeans with her boots and jacket, her hair was pulled into a low ponytail.
Max pulled her into a one-arm hug as they all made their way over to the fire and settled themselves down.
“It’s freezing!” Maria exclaimed.
“That’s because you’re wearing that aqua bra thingies.” Liz stated and Maria rolled her eyes.
“Gotta look good don’t I?” She asked and Liz laughed as she rested her head on Max’s shoulder.
“They look happy.” Mr. Harding stated and the men nodded.
“Did you find out why they left for Las Vegas?” Mr. Whitman asked.
“They felt they were under pressure and needed a break.” Mr. Evans stated and Jim nodded.
“Kyle told me that too.” Jim added in.
“Do you get the feeling that they have a big secret and can’t tell us?” Mr Harding asked and they other men nodded while Jim made sure that his face was covered.
“Yeah, Max and Isabel have been pretty quiet about their lives when we first found them and refuse to tell us anything, Liz is pretty out-going but quietens whenever someone mention her mum.” Phillip stated.
“She was in the car with her mum when Nancy died at the time, it was quiet an ordeal for her.” Jim stated and they looked at him. “I overheard Tess talking to Kyle about Liz’s past.” They all nodded, accepting the answer but they couldn’t help but feel that Jim knew more than he was letting on.
“Okay, song time.” Alex cheered as he took out his guitar and everyone else cheered. “What’s song?” Alex asked.
“Try out your new song, I want to see what’s like.” Liz stated and Alex laughed as he nodded and strummed his guitar.
So she said what’s the problem baby? /What’s the problem?
I don’t know, well maybe I’m in love, /Love, think about it
Every time I think about it/I can't stop thinking about it
How much longer will it take to cure this? /Just to cure it cause I can't ignore it
If it's love, / Love, makes me wanna turn around and face me but
I don't know nothing bout love
Come on, Come on/Turn a little faster
Come on, Come on/The world will follow after
Come on, Come on/Because everybody's after love
So I said I'm a snowball running, /Running down into the spring that’s coming
All this love/Melting under blue skies,
Melting out sunlight shimmering' love
Oh baby I surrender to the strawberry ice cream,
Never ever render all this love, / Well I didn’t mean to do it,
But there's no escaping your love
These lines of lightning mean we're never alone,
Never alone, no no
Come on, Come on/Move a little closer
Come on, Come on/I wanna hear you whisper
Come on, Come on/Settle down inside my love
Come on, Come on/Jump a little higher
Come on, Come on/If you feel a little lighter
Come on, Come on/Cause we're once upon a time in love
We're Accidentally in Love
Accidentally in Love/Accidentally in Love
Accidentally in Love/Accidentally in Love
Accidentally in Love/Accidentally in Love
Accidentally in Love/Accidentally
I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love, I’m in love,
I’m in love; I’m in love, Accidentally (2x)
Come on, Come on/Spin a little tighter
Come on, Come on/And the worlds a little brighter
Come on, Come on /Just get yourself inside her love
I'm in love.
“Whoo Hoo!” Everyone shared as he or she clapped at the end of the song.
“That was great Alex!” Liz exclaimed as she hugged him and settled back beside Max.
“Yeah, when did you think up the song?” Maria asked and Alex smiled.
“Erm, a long time ago, about in fifth year actually.” Alex stated, blushing and everyone stared at him in a stunned shock.
“Must have been one hell of a girl to make you feel that way.” Tommy stated and Alex smiled.
“Yeah, she was.” Alex whispered, causing Liz to look at him sympathetically, she knew the truth to the song and it isn’t ‘was’, it is ‘is’.
“Will we have a another sing song?” Liz asked, changing the subject for Alex and he smiled gratefully at her.
“Sure, how about Moving about?” Alex asked and everyone nodded.
I woke up today with this feeling/That better things are coming my way (way)
And if the sunshine has a meaning/Telling me not to let things get in my way
When the rainy days are dying/Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in/Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)
Get on up when you're down/Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay/Keep on moving anyway
Feels like I should be screaming/Trying to get it through to my friends
Sometimes it feels that life has no meaning/But I know things will be alright in the end
When the rainy days are dying/Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in/Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)
Get on up when you're down/Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay/Keep on moving anyway
When the rainy days are dying/Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in/Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)
Get on up when you're down/Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay/Keep on moving anyway
Get on up when you're down/Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay/Keep on moving anyway
When the rainy days are dying/Gotta keep on, keep on trying
All the bees and birds are flying (ahh ahh ahh)
Never let go, gotta hold on in/Non-stop 'til the break of dawnin'
Keep on movin' don't stop rockin' (ahh ahh ahh)
Get on up when you're down/Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay/Keep on moving anyway
Get on up when you're down/Baby, take a good look around
I know it's not much, but it's okay/Keep on moving anyway...
All the adults smiled as everyone joined in during the chorus and laughed when they finished, happy that their kids are enjoying themselves.
“I am not staying in that tent!” Maria screeched as she stormed out of the tent, Max and Liz looked out the flap of their tent and watched with amusement as Maria laid into Jim.
Alex was laughing from his tent while Tess and Kyle shook their heads as Isabel agreed with Maria when she came out of their shared tent.
“What is the problem now?” Jim asked.
“There are spiders in that tent!” Maria screeched. Alex rolled his eyes as he moved toward Maria and Isabel’s tent; he looked into it before crawling in.
“Ah Ha! There’s the little bugger!” Alex called out causing Tess and Liz to giggle, Max to laugh, Kyle and Michael to roll their eyes at Alex’s antics.
“Why do we put up with this?” Jim asked Phillip, who shrugged.
“Who knows?” he replied as Alex came out with the spider.
“Ladies and Gentlemen, I like you to meet the sleeping bag robber.” Alex introduced the small black spider that was sitting in the middle of his palm, no bigger than his pinkie fingernail.
“That scared you.” Michael asked as he looked at the small spider and scoffed as he went back in his tent, muttering about the things they had went through, they got freaked out by a little spider.
Liz turned to Max.
“Bet you are glad you came now.” Liz stated to Max, causing him to laugh, as they both got ready for sleeping.
“Did Zan and Lilly do this?” Max asked as they settled down, Liz had her head on his chest while he played with her hair.
“Yeah, Zan didn’t really like Camping that much either, Rath wasn’t bothered about it because he was a solider and had to camp out a lot during his training while Vilandra despised it.” Liz explained.
“Not much changed there has it.” Max asked and Liz laughed. “What about Lilly?”
“She loved camping, she made sure that it was a ritual each year and dragged Zan into it after they got together, Zan didn’t mind.” Liz explained.
“Sounds like they had a lot of fun.” Max observed and Liz smiled.
“Yeah they did.” Liz agreed as Max pulled up the covers of the sleeping bag, making them more comfortable and warmer.
“Why do you think none of us can really remember our past?” Max asked.
“The crash did something to our pod, dad thought the trauma of the crash had affected our memories progress and our mind just pushed them to the back of our mind, protecting us.” Liz theorised, not really having an answer to the question.
“Do you think we’ll ever regain our whole memories?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“I don’t know, I can only remember the good times rather than the bad times, there are still hazy parts of our past.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“Do you really think our kids are in trouble?” Ed asked Phillip, He, Phillip and Martin were in the tent while Jim was making his rounds, making sure that the kids were behaving themselves.
“Yes, they have way to many secrets and just how many times have the school phoned us to ask us why our children weren’t in the class, what about all the times they took off under the disguise they are going camping?” Phillip asked. “You saw what they were like when we told them we were going camping, they were dragging their heels but when it comes to other time, they are off like a shot!”
“I remember that Max and Tess had a thing going on but Liz came to town and all of a sudden, Max and Tess weren’t together and Max and Liz was.” Ed stated.
“I remember that Alex was in a bad mood once, something about not being able to be trusted and after that night he spent the night in jail, he changed and said he needed to get away and clear his mind, he never told me why.” Martin stated.
“Do you think that Jim knows the answer and is covering up for them?” Ed asked Phillip and he nodded.
“Yes I do, I mean, Jim was on the war path since the shooting then all of a sudden, he’s on their side.” Phillip explained and they sighed.
“What can we do, beside force the issue?” Martin asked and they shook their heads.
“Keep a close eye on the kids and see if we can figure out anything that might help us.” Phillip stated as they all got into their sleeping bags.
Outside, Jim was listening and a deep feeling of dreg filled his stomach, the kids were in more danger than they thought and this time it had nothing to do with outer space.


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