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by Bubblegal
Okay, this chapter is short, as I don’t want to over do it; this is focusing on Alex the most and what he had missed since his ‘death’.

Chapter 10

“Alex?” Liz asked, holding Zan close to her body. Everyone just stared at the young man in a stunned shock.
“Hey everyone, I’m back!” Alex teased with a wave and a familiarity tinkle in his blue eyes.
“Oh my god!” Isabel squealed as she hurried over and pulled Alex into a hard hug. “Oh my god!” she exclaimed again.
“Tell me about it!” Alex exclaimed, he was still stunned that he was back in Roswell, right in the Crashdown with his friends while they were stunned that he was still alive and that Liz’s vision had came true.
“What the hell is going on here?” Michael demanded and Alex shrugged.
“I have no idea, all I know is that was I was in dark room then all of a sudden, I’m here!” Alex exclaimed and Tommy turned to Max and Liz.
“Zan’s eyes were glowing, maybe he transported Alex here!” Tommy suggested, Max and Liz looked at each other then looked at Zan who was smiling up at his parents without a care in the world.
“I think we all need sit down and sort out our heads.” Liz muttered as she sat down at one of the booth, everyone else joined her, feeling elated yet confused.
“What happened?” Tess asked.
“I didn’t go to Sweden!” Alex exclaimed and everyone looked at him in confusion. “You see, Nicholas mind warped me into thinking that I was a Sweden yet I was decoding the destiny book for him and Khivar. I managed to hide the decoding out in the middle of nowhere and Khivar was happy that I finished the decoding and killed me; I don’t know what happened after that, all I knew that I woke up and I was in this dark room. A male voice kept demanding for the decoding but I kept my mouth shut no matter what they put me through.” Alex explained.
“What did they do?” Michael asked.
“They tortured me, they beated me up, told me what would happen to you guys if I didn’t tell the truth but I knew that they were bluffing that you guys could take care of yourself.” Alex stated.
“But you…” Liz pointed out.
“They pushed me toward the brink of death only to heal me and bring back to the living just to do it all over again, I was wishing that I was dead.” Alex explained and Liz felt tears fill up her eyes.
“I’m sorry!” she exclaimed and Alex shook his head.
“I’m telling you, I would go through it all over again if it meant to keep you safe.” Alex promised and they nodded.
Alex looked at Zan, who was cuddled up in Max and Liz’s arms and smiled. “So what happened here?” Alex asked, gesturing to Zan. Max and Liz smiled at each other before turning back to Alex.
“Alex, we would like to introduce you to our son, Alexander Maxwell Evans.” Liz stated and Alex was gob smacked.
“You two have a child?” he asked, Max and Liz nodded while the other giggled. “And you named him after me?” Alex asked. Liz nodded. “When did the hell did you get pregnant?” he demanded.
“After you died, turns out that our kind of baby takes a month to be born.” Max smirked.
“Bloody Hell!” Alex exclaimed, sitting back in his chair, stunned at what had happened since his ‘death’.
“Tell us about it, the little guy had kept us on our toes before he was even born!” Michael stated and Alex turned to face him with a curious look on his face.
“Liz came into contact with another Gandarium, this time it was purple and tried to kill Zan because they thought he was a threat to Liz since he was inside of her.” Maria stated.
“We managed to save them in time only for Zan decided that he wanted to come out into the real world.” Kyle stated and Alex laughed.
“Man, you lot really have been through a lot since I left.” Alex teased and Max rolled his eyes.
“You wouldn’t have believed the heat wave we had this year.” Max pointed out and Alex rolled his eyes.
“We had another heat wave.” Alex demanded and everyone nodded. “Damn, am I glad that I missed that!” Causing giggled from the girls and chuckles from the guys.
“Glad to have you back buddy.” Michael stated as he clapped Alex on the back, Alex smiled.
“Glad to be back buddy.” Alex replied.
The Crashdown door swung opened, revealing Diane, Phillip, Martin, Ed, Carlene Harding, Amy and Jim.
“Alex?” Diane asked, stunned.
“Hey Mrs. Evans.” Alex greeted.
“But I thought you…” Phillip stuttered and Alex nodded.
“I was kidnapped, the kidnapper didn’t want a ransom. I managed to get away though.” Alex explained.
“Have you told the police?” Phillip asked and Alex nodded.
“Yeah but I couldn’t see the kidnapper, they always switched the light off before coming in the room and I had a feeling that they disguised their voices.” Alex explained.
“I can’t believe you’re alive!” Martin exclaimed as he pulled his son into a hard hug.
“I know dad, I can’t believe that someone impersonated me into believing that I was dead.” Alex stated as he hugged his dad harder.
Max and Liz stood up, holding Zan close to their body as Phillip turned to them.
“Max, I have to apologise.” Phillip stated, Max regarded his father seriously before looking down at Liz; she smiled as she nodded slightly.
Max walked over and they both embraced, finally, the bridge was finally being to mend itself, though they still had a long way to go.

Okay, I think that is a good place to leave. Now we see that Max and Phillip are finally getting somewhere, sorry, Diane will still have a harder time accepting that Max and Liz are parents but don’t worry, she was finally accept them, just not till its almost too late.

Next chapter: Diane finds out the truth about Max and Isabel and the F.B.I are after them once more.

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by Bubblegal
Chapter 10

“Mom, I don't want to argue with you about it, alright? Is it really that big of a deal? Can't we just come -? Fine. Fine. I'll come over. Fi--Yes! We'll come over. Okay. 'Bye.” Isabel exclaimed as she hung up the phone and looked at Alex. “My mother wants us to go over there for dinner.”
“Tonight?” Alex asked, concerned.
“Right now.” Isabel stated and Alex sighed.
“Better go before she loses her temper with us and starts comparing us to Max and Liz.” Alex stated, he had gotten the full story of what happened after Max and Liz had told them about the pregnancy and they weren’t very high on his likeable list.
Phillip Evans looks out his window at helicopters searching the area with spotlights.
“Whoa. What's going on out there?” Phillip asked; Liz gently rocked Zan. Max, Liz, Isabel and Alex were all sitting in the Evan’s living room with the adults,
“So... Mom. What's for dinner?” Max asked.
“Ah... actually, I'm... not cooking tonight.” Diane explained and they all looked at her, puzzled and confused.
“Uhm...Are we... ordering in?” Isabel asked.
“We're not actually having dinner. Uhm... Your mother and I have something that we want to share with you all.” Phillip stated as he sat next to Diane on the couch, he picked up the remote control and started the video, they all looked toward it and saw Isabel sitting on her bed, the objects whirling around her. They all looked each other in a stunned shock, they have been found out.
“I... oh, God, I can't believe that you spied on me.” Isabel snapped as she stood up and moved away from her parents, standing behind Max and Liz. Alex stood next to her, holding her close next to his body.
“I'm sorry, honey, but we didn't know what else to do!” Diane exclaimed.
“Can you please just tell us... what this means? Who are you?” Phillip demanded and Max stood up, anger evident in his face as Isabel turned away from her parents, unable to look at them for invading her privacy like that.
“We're your kids.” Max stated.
“Are you?” Phillip demanded and Isabel turned around, disbelief showing all over her face.
“Yes!” she exclaimed.
Soon there was knocking sound at the door and Liz stood up, clutching Zan close to her chest as fear shone in her eyes. Max looked at her.
“Liz?” Max asked.
“It’s the F.B.I.,” she whispered out and they all looked at each other with fear showing in their eyes as the adults looked confused.
“Open the door. United States Air Force.” The Major shouted through the door as he knocked, Phillip headed over to the door and opened it as Liz ran into Max’s old bedroom in order to keep Zan away from the force, not wanting him to be taken from her.
“This doesn't make any sense, Isabel. You don't look any different.” Diane whispered. Max had went into his bedroom to reassure Liz that everything was going to be okay as the military searched the house.
“I'm half human.” Isabel whispered to her parents.
“And the other half?” Diane demanded and Isabel sighed.
“Mom, please! Not now...” Isabel hissed as Phillip turned to Alex.
“How long have you known?”
“About two years now.” Alex stated.
“And you're okay with it?” Phillip asked and Alex nodded.
“She's still the woman I fell in love with. She's still Isabel.” Alex explained and they both smiled as Phillip felt pride swell up in his chest at Isabel’s obvious happiness while Diane shook her head, still in disbelief, meanwhile the force had found the tape of Isabel using her powers and confiscated it, taking it with them.
“Thank you for your cooperation, we’ll let ourselves out.” The Major stated and they all left the house, leaving Isabel sighing in relief as Max and Liz came out of the bedroom.
“Are they gone?” Max asked, Isabel nodded and Liz sighed as she kissed Zan’s forehead, holding him close to her body as fear still ran though her veins. Max kissed Liz on the forehead as he pulled her into a hug, holding her close. They had a narrow escape but they knew it wasn’t over, not by a long shot.
Max was standing in the Evan’s kitchen with a cup of coffee in his hand; Zan was lying on the small bassinet on the table, playing with his feet as he smiled up at his father.
Phillip stepped through and smiled at Max.
“How are you doing?” Phillip asked and Max shrugged.
“They're out there, Dad. I know it. I can feel it. They're coming for him.” Max stated; fear creeping into his voice and Phillip looked at Max.
“No one's coming for him, Max. Your son is safe, here. It's been over for days.” Phillip soothed and Max shook his head.
“It'll never be over.” Max whispered and Phillip felt a pang of sympathy for his son.
“Max...” Phillip started, trying to find the right words but it never came.
“I've been dealing with this a lot longer than you have. It's a constant battle.” Max explained, strain showing in his face and voice. Phillip sighed deeply as he looked at his son.
“And your mother and I have been a part of that battle, haven't we? ...Well... I'm sorry. But we can help you fight them, now.” Phillip soothed and Max shook his head as he walked over to the small bassinet and let Zan play with his finger.
“We have been fighting them. And if not these guys, it'll be someone else.” Max explained and shook his head, feeling shattered from the sleepless nights, Liz had been up most of the night checking on Zan to make sure that he was okay and safe. The fear of losing someone else in front of her like she lost her mother had flared up once more when the air force had forced his or her way through everyone’s houses.
“Shouldn’t you get some sleep?” Phillip asked and Max snorted slightly.
“Didn’t I tell you?” Max asked as he lifted the cup of coffee to his lips and Phillip looked at him, curiously. “Aliens don’t need sleep.” Phillip laughed.
“Maxwell Evans, you wish!” Liz muttered as she came stumbling down the hallway, wearing one of his shirt, yawning.
“Have a good night sleep?” Phillip asked and Liz rolled her eyes.
“Don’t I wish; somebody was up all night due to the excitement.” Liz stated as she leaned into the casket and kissed Zan good morning.
“No he wasn’t.” Max stated and Liz threw him a glare.
“Maxwell Alexander Evans, you can sleep through a war so don’t you start telling me that your son didn’t keep me up all night, I even kicked you a couple time and did you wake? No, you are totally the same as you were in your past life!” Liz explained and Isabel came out, smiling.
“Isn’t a great morning?” she asked, cheerfully and Liz rolled her eyes as she picked up her son, she sat on the seat and placed her feet on the other stool and let Zan lie on her legs.
“Runs in the family so it does.” Liz told Zan, who gurgled at his mother happily, enjoying himself on his mother’s lap.
“How do you deal with it?” Phillip asked and Liz looked up at him.
“Well, dad had always given me a normal life, by making me suppress my powers and involving myself in activities, I guess you just deal with it. This is the way our life is.” Liz explained as she lifted Zan up so she could hold him against her chest, Zan looked over Liz’s shoulder at Diane, who had just walked into the kitchen, he held her eyes while playing with Liz’s hair.
“Must have been hard for you.” Phillip stated to them, Isabel and Max nodded.
“We wanted to tell you so much but we were scared of the danger that you would be in.” Max explained.
“Danger?” Phillip asked.
“F.B.I.” Liz whispered as she kissed the side of Zan’s head. “My mother was never killed in a car crash, she and I were captured by the F.B.I when I was eight years old.”
“What happened?” Phillip asked as he sat down, Diane just leaned against the door and listened, she was amazed at how much Zan was so much like Max.
“There was an Agent called Pierce, he was the one who captured us, he raped my mom in front of me before killing her. She was pregnant when she died. Dad came in time to rescues me but was too late for mom, he was furious and killed every agent in the building before blowing it up. Pierce had escaped at the time and he captured Max and I two years ago.” Liz explained. “He never did anything major to us, he wanted me to get pregnant with his child but I mind warped him.”
“Mind warp?” Diane asked, startling everyone in the room, they all turned to face her.
“I made him think that he was having sex with me while I freed Max. Mind warp is all about making someone see something that isn’t there. It’s like an illusion.” Liz explained.
“Have you ever done that to Max?” Diane asked suddenly and Max lost it.
“No mom, she hasn’t!” Max snapped.
“How do you know?” Diane asked.
“Whenever Liz uses her mind warp, she passes out from the amount of energy that it takes, she rarely uses it unless in extreme situations.” Isabel stated, aghast with her mother accusations.
“What are you going to do?” Phillip asked.
“Liz and I are going back home with Zan, we need to fix the mess that the soldiers have made.” Max explained.
“Why don’t you leave Zan here with us?” Diane asked and Max shook his head.
“No.” he replied shortly.
“Max…” Isabel started and Liz jumped in.
“I don’t want to be too far from Zan, I almost lost him because of the F.B.I, I can’t bare to be away from him at the moment.” Liz jumped in, backing Max up.
“But, he’ll be safer here.” Diane protested and Max snorted.
“How can you protect him when you have no powers?” Max asked angrily and Liz looked at him.
‘Max.’ she thought to him.
‘No Liz, she has hurt you too much, I can’t just forget it.’ Max thought back and Liz sighed. Zan gurgled as he pulled away and started tugging at the top of Liz’s shirt.
“I gotta go and feed Zan, I’ll be back soon.” Liz stated as she stood up and walked into Max’s old room.
“Why won’t you trust me?” Diane asked and Max looked at her.
“You told Liz and I to give up Zan the minute he was born!” Max stated. “Isabel and I were abandon and you wanted us to abandoned our son and you slapped Liz. I’m sorry mom, I may love you but I can’t trust you not to hurt Liz again.” Max stated.
“Max, I said I was sorry!” Diane shot back and Max shook his head.
“Sometime sorry isn’t enough. You were furious because I didn’t do what you wanted, I wasn’t the perfect son, for once I did what I was taught to do and that was to stand by the woman I love, Liz and you hated her for that!” Max exclaimed.
“Max!” Isabel exclaimed as she got in between Max and Diane, stopping them from exchanging any more harsh words.
“Sh baby, everything’s okay.” Liz whispered to Zan as she rocked him slightly, holding him to her chest as Zan fussed, she was breastfeeding him and could feel his distress as the shouting got louder outside the room. “Daddy will calm down soon.”
Max came storming in the bedroom, saw Liz sitting on his bed, soothing Zan, Liz looked up, and glared at him. “You got him all worked up, just after I managed to get him settled!” she hissed at him. Max’s face softened and he calmed down.
“I’m sorry.” He whispered, Liz sighed as she stood up.
“Max, you and your mum need to sit down and talk this out, I hate this Max; I hate that you and your mum are arguing every time you see each other. I hate the fact that Zan barely knows his grandparents because of this stupid feud!” she exclaimed.
“Liz, I’m trying very hard but when she starts up these stupid accusations, I just lose it. I can’t see why she thinks you have to mind warp me into loving you and you tricking me into being with you by getting pregnant. I just wish she would open her eyes and see that I’m with you because I love you and we kept Zan because it was our choice and we wanted him!” Max exclaimed.
“She is scared that she’s losing you!” Liz exclaimed.
“Well, she’s gonna if she keeps this up.” Max bit out bitterly as he yanked on his jeans and pulled on his top. “We have to go over to the U.F.O Centre, the whole gang wants to meet up and talk about what we are going to do.” Max explained. Liz nodded as she handed Zan over to Max, as she got dressed.
They arrived at the U.F.O Centre and started up the meeting, Liz had went into the back room with Zan so she could look up on the computer for any leads that the F.B.I had, she sat Zan on the ground, letting him play with his toy as she switched on the computer.
Soon she realised that Zan was being unusually quiet and looked toward him, she saw him playing with a small black hexagon shape of rock and was puzzled.
“Zan, what are you doing?” Liz asked as she watched her son’s face turn serious before a bright light emitted from him and a huge portal opened up.
Liz watched with disbelief on her face as people stepped through the portal and looked at her before looking at their surrounding, completely confused. “Oh my…” Liz whispered.


Sorry for the cliffhanger, next chapter you will find out who these people are and what they are doing in Roswell.

Thanks for the reviews for the last chapter and I hope you leave some for this chapter, later people!

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by Bubblegal
Okay to avoid confusion in this, P = Parallel, this will help to clear the line between the groups. Hope you enjoy this chapter. ;)

Chapter 11:

“Okay, we officially have a problem.” Liz stated as she walked into the U.F.O Centre holding Zan to her hip, she shifted him so he went up higher.
“What?” Max asked.
“Mister here, decided to play with something from Milton’s office which sent out a blast, and they came through this portal.” Liz stated as she turned around and lifted a hand, palm up toward the group that was heading toward them.
“Holy shit!” Michael exclaimed as he bolted up from his seat while everyone just stared at the group in a stunned shock.
It was them, only different!
“What the hell is going on Liz?” Max demanded, his eyes swinging back and forth from the group in front of him and to his fiancée standing next to him.
“Somehow, when Zan was playing with the thing, a portal opened up and revealed them.” Liz explained.
“Why aren’t we going away? I mean, isn’t it dangerous to come into contact with your future self?” Tess asked and Liz shook her head.
“These aren’t our future, they are from another world, a parallel world to be exact.” Liz explained. Everyone just looked at her, confused and befuddled, Liz sighed. “To keep the world in balance, there must a be a good side and a bad side, there is what you call a mirror way version, it means, to this world, there is a mirror version of it, reversing everything you know. You know how we are good.” Liz asked and Tess nodded. “Well, they aren’t, they are the evil version of us.”
“Wow, but what’s the problem?” Maria asked.
“Because they are here, there is a shift in the balance, if we do not restore the balance, then things are really going to change.” Liz warned as she turned to face the other gang. “Can you please find somewhere to sit and be patient?” Liz asked.
P Max scoffed.
“We don’t take orders.” He stated, he was wearing black jeans and a tight white t-shirt and combat boots, his dark hair was spiked and he had a gold stud in his right ear lobe and he had a goatee.
P Liz was wearing black leather trousers and black high heel boots with a black shirt with three buttons buttoned, showing a lot of skin and a tattoo of the V constellation on her hip, she had her tongue pierced with a sliver stud. Her dark hair was below her shoulders and had red and blue streaks running through them.
P Zan was wearing small black khaki, black combats and a small black t-shirt, his dark hair was spike up as well.
P Michael was wearing black jeans and a black shirt that was unbuttoned with the sleeves ripped off, showing the four square tattoo on his right arm, his hair was spiked and he had his bottom lip pierced.
P Maria had short blonde hair with purple and pink streaks running through it, she wore a short red skirt and a tight white halter top that show off her top cleavage and her mid-drift, they could see that she had her nipples pierced and she wore knee high red boots.
P Isabel was wearing mid thigh black leather skirt and thigh high, high heels boots and a black bikini top, she hadn’t changed her blonde hair and it had black streaks running through them.
P Alex was wearing black khaki and combats boots, his dark hair spiked up and he had his right eyebrow pierced.
P Tess wore a blue halter-top and short black mini skirt; she wore mid-thigh high heel black boots, her blonde hair reached mid back and had blue and pink streaks running through them, she had a blue stud pierced in her nose.
While P Kyle wore black leather trousers and a white shirt and black boots, his brown hair was shaved close to his head.
“You will have to do while you are staying here so SIT DOWN!” Liz snapped, the P gang moved over to the other side and settled down.
“So what are we going to do?” Maria asked.
“Anything to get them back to their world and away from here, we don’t know what they could do while they are here and the longer they are here, questions could be aroused.” Liz explained as she shifted Zan to her other hip and rubbed her hands up and down his back.
“What did Zan do to get them to come here?” Max asked as he walked over to the two of them.
“He was playing with it then he concentrated and all of a sudden a portal showed up and they stepped through, looking confused.” Liz explained.
“Damn, he’s only a couple of months old, how can he generate that kind of power?” Kyle demanded.
“He is the generation of Max and I, Lilly and Zan were extremely powerful as Lilly was the youngest child in the family and Zan was the eldest.” Liz explained.
“You need to explain it a bit more.” Isabel stated, confused.
“Okay, it was prophesied that the first born son of Zan house and the youngest daughter of Ilstria house would be extremely powerful, they never really knew how powerful and still don’t as Zan and Lilly never reached the age prophesied.” Liz explained with a shrug.
“Okay, so we’ll figure that out later. What do we do with them?” Isabel asked.
“We have to send them back but ever since it was Zan who brought them here, I have no idea what to do.” Liz explained as she looked down at her son, who was smiling up at his mother. “You just love to cause trouble don’t you?” she teased.
“Wait, if Zan brought them here, can’t he just send them back?” Max asked and Liz shrugged.
“You’ll be lucky if he does what he’s told.” Liz warned and Max sighed.
“I thought that.” Max admitted, wryly.
“Out of all the times to do something major, he does it smack bang in the middle when the F.B.I is practically watching us!” Kyle muttered, annoyed and Liz nodded.
“I know, that is why we need to get rid of the others soon before the F.B.I can get a solid reason for taking us in custody again.” Liz explained.
“Are you finished with your little meeting yet?” P. Max asked, Liz turned to face him with a glare that got him shifting in his seat before scowling and turning to face his Liz, who was watching him with amusement.
“Man, this is too weird.” Maria stated and Tess scoffed.
“That’s the revelation of the year.” Tess agreed and Alex looked at them.
“If we are going to use this as weird, don’t you think it just going to get even more weirder?” Alex asked and they giggled, agreeing with him.
“Okay, we’ve finished.” Liz called out to the gang and they stood up.
“Finally! So, what are you going to do?” P. Max asked.
“We need to send you back but ever since it was Zan who brought you here, I have no idea what he did.” Liz explained.
“So, what are you going to do?” P. Liz asked.
“I’ll have a look at the object that Zan was playing and see if there’s anything in the book explaining it.” Liz stated.
“So, what the problem?” P. Michael asked.
“You guys can’t stay here, Milton will be here soon and would get curious but we can’t venture out into public with doubles.” Liz explained.
“Can you just mind warp everyone into thinking they are not there?” Max asked and Liz shook her head.
“That would take a lot of amount of energy and I have don’t have that kind.” Liz explained.
“I can.” P. Liz stated and everyone looked at her, causing her to roll her eyes. “Hello, alternative reality? I use my powers all the time.”
“Okay, so P. Liz will mind warp everyone and you all can run across to the Crashdown, I’ll stay here and collect the stuff that I need and meet you over there.” Liz stated and everyone nodded as they walked over to the door to do their bidding meanwhile Liz carried Zan into the backroom and picked up the object and her bag. “What did you do?” she asked her son, wondering how Zan was able to open up a portal. Zan just smiled up at his mother while sucking on his thumb.
Liz made her way over to the Crashdown; she nodded at the patrons that were all sitting in the Crashdown, enjoying their lunch before going up the stairs to meet the rest of the gang. “I got the stuff, I just need the book and I’ll see what Zan did.” Liz stated as she kissed Zan on the forehead and handed him to Max before grabbing her father’s notebook and the decoded destiny book before heading into her bedroom to concentrate.
“So, what’s your world like?” Max asked as they all sat down.
“Totally different from this one I can tell you.” P. Michael stated and Maria looked at them curiously.
“When Liz said you come from a parallel version world of us, does that mean Khivar and the skins are, like, good in your world?” Maria asked and they nodded.
“Yeah, why?” P. Max asked.
“Because they hate us in this world and even tried to kill humans to get to us.” Isabel stated and looked at P. Isabel. “So, I’m guess Khivar hates you?” she asked.
“Oh yeah, why?” P. Isabel asked.
“He thought he was in love with Isabel and tried to get her to go back to our home planet, she and Liz or shall we say Vilandra and Lilly killed him.” Max explained.
“Cool, we still have him unfortunately, doesn’t seem to die very will.” P. Alex stated and everyone nodded.
Liz sighed as she looked through the book, she had found reference to the object she had in her hand but none of them refers to portal opening, she wondered because Zan was the offspring of her and Max, it means he had powers that none of them had and could do things that none of them could do right now or even know about. She knew that Zan was powerful and this could well be the reason but something inside of her was telling her that it wasn’t just Zan’s doing, that this thing is connected to something.
She hit on an idea and looked through the book once more so she could read up on the Granolith, she read it thoroughly before her eyes widening in shock.
“So, is your Maria like our Maria?” P. Tess asked and they looked at her.
“What do you mean?” Max asked.
“Does she babble?” P. Tess asked and the gang laughed with the exception to Maria, who went into a mock huff.
“I do not babble!” both Maria stated, causing the gang to crack up with laugher once more as Liz came out the room, Maria turned to her. “Tell them I do not babble!” Maria exclaimed and Liz raised an eyebrow at the young woman.
“Erm, yes you do, you even babbled when I fainted.” Liz pointed out and Maria rolled her eyes.
“So, did you find what you were looking for?” Maria asked Liz and Liz nodded.
“It seems like that this object is connect to the Granolith and can be used for many things, it can block us from using our powers, it can be used as a protective shield and it will only response to humans and The king. The reason it’s connected to the Granolith because both of them have the power to open up portal to different places.” Liz explained.
“So you are saying that if you use that, you can open up a portal and it’s the granolith doing?” Tess asked and Liz nodded.
“Yes, the Granolith main power is to get us home and opening a portal so we can easily go different places.” Liz explained.
“Like we can go into the past or even the future as well as alternative realities?” Max asked and Liz nodded.
“Yes, this is the main piece of the Granolith, you need this in order to open the portal and it will only work for the heir of the Granolith.” She stated and everyone looked at her, confused.
“Max has a signature, if you wish, inside his head, proving that he is the king and the heir to look after the Granolith. Because Zan is Max’s son, Max has passed on the link to Zan, allowing Zan to access the granolith and open the portal. It wasn’t Zan’s doing, he just let his energy pass into the object and the granolith was forced to obey. “ Liz explained.
“Cool, who else can do it?” Isabel asked.
“Only Max, Zan and I. Max and Zan because they have the symbol inside them, which proves they are the heirs, me because Max choose me as his queen and he passed it on to me so that if something was to happen to him, I would still be able to carrying children and pass the link on to them.” Liz explained.
“What about us?” Michael asked.
“You two don’t have the link, if Max was to die then there is a kind of switch that the people put in us as a backup, someone else will take over the role of being the King and step up for the King who can no longer do the work and stand by the queen that the King had chosen.” Liz explained.
“Wait a minute!” P. Michael stated as he stood up. “Are you saying that if Max dies, then I have to marry Liz as I would be the king and she is the queen?” he demanded and Liz nodded.
“Yep, I know, it horrible but on Antar there is no choice because of the wars and the limited of the royal blood.” Liz explained.
“Don’t you dare go dying on us!” Both Michael stated to their Maxes.
“Not even planning on it.” Both Maxes stated, equally freaked out by the idea of their fiancée being with their own brother or someone else other than them.
“Any way, moving on.” Liz stated. “I know how to get the gang back to their home land but it is going to take me a while to gather my energy together in order to open the portal.” Liz explained.
“How long do you think it will take?” P. Kyle asked.
“About half an hour tops. It shouldn’t take that long.” Liz stated and they nodded. “Okay, I better go and sleep so this way I can get my energy then send you off home where you belong.” Liz stated as she picked up Zan and headed into the bedroom to take a small nap.
“And we can get to know each other better.” Maria stated, causing everyone to groan at the thought.
Forty minutes later, they were all in the U.F.O Centre, Milton had taken the day off because he wanted to make sure that the F.B.I wasn’t going to ransack his house again, much to the relief of the gang. They all stood in the main part of the centre, worried and nervous about what laid a head.
“I can’t believe you are going home now.” Maria stated to them and they smiled.
“We know; it’s so weird. We just got used to being here now we are leaving.” P. Liz stated.
“And it looks like Zan is going to miss having his best friend.” Liz stated; everyone turned to look at the playpen where the two Zans were playing with each other, having fun.
“Yeah, but like you said, the balance will tip if we don’t go back.” P. Max stated and everyone nodded.
P. Liz and Liz picked up their sons and moved toward the group. Max took Zan from Liz as Liz pulled out the black hexagon from her back pocket, she sighed before closing her eyes and concentrated.
Soon a bright light appeared and the portal opened.
“That’s our cue.” P. Michael stated and looked at the gang. “It was nice meeting you.” He stated and they smiled at him, nodding.
“You too.” Michael replied and the P. Gang stepped into the portal, the portal closed behind them as Liz opened her eyes to the smiling gang before her. She has done it!
“I can’t believe how weird this week has been.” Liz exclaimed to Max. Zan was settled in his cot, sleeping.
“Tell me about it, I just hope we are going to have a normal graduation.” Max muttered and Liz smiled.
“I can’t believe we are going to be graduating.” Liz told him and he chuckled as they settled on their bed, Max laid on his back while Liz rested her head on his chest.
“There were times where I thought I wasn’t going to see graduation.” Max admitted and Liz laughed.
“Yeah, the last couple of years were stressful.” Liz agreed then smiled up at him. “But I have a feeling that our future is going to be bright.”
Max smiled down at her before leaning down and taking her lips into his. Liz opened her mouth to Max’s silent request and gasped as the flashes came to her.
“What?” Max asked as he pulled away; Liz looked at him, horrified.
“We're all going to be killed.” Liz gasped out as she pulled away from Max; both of them stared at each other in a stunned shock.


Sorry once more for the cliffhanger!
Okay, are the gang going to die? Go on the Run or what? Review and tell me what you think.

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Thanks, glad you liked the banner, i'm hoping to have another one coming soon for this story -Hopefully. I thought i would update this story while i was on the net - one more chapter left.

Chapter 12: The war!

Liz was bouncing Zan on her knees while Max wrapped an arm around her shoulder, playing with a rock that he had picked up.
“So we are going to die.” Michael asked.
“In eleven days.” Liz replied.
“Who?” Michael asked.
“You, Isabel, Max, I and Zan.” Liz whispered; everyone looked at her stunned at this revelation. They could understand the four of them but not Zan.
“How the hell do they know about Zan?” Max demanded and Liz shook her head.
“I don’t know, but the point is that they know about Zan and they killed him.” Liz explained.
“Why now? Why after all this time?” Isabel asked.
“They must have found your mother’s tape.” Michael stated and Isabel looked at him.
“And what, now it’s my fault?” Isabel asked.
“I'm just saying they put it together pretty quick.” Michael explained and Alex sighed.
“Look, it's not going to help to point fingers, okay.” Alex stated, defending Isabel.
“He's right. We need to come up with a plan as a team.” Jim stated, Diane and Phillip just stayed quiet, stunned at how they all seemed to be used to this,
“A team? Look at us. It's ridiculous.” Michael snapped.
“Michael, you're not helping...” Maria exclaimed.
“She's right.” Max agreed, looking up at Michael and he sighed.
“Okay, fine, then, help. What's the plan?” Michael demanded and everyone looked at Max.
“I won't make this decision for everyone. I'm giving up the throne.” Max stated as he rose up and addressed the group. “I'm not a king. Liz isn’t my queen and Zan isn’t our heir, he’s our son. And you're not my second in command. And you're not a princess. We're just fighting for our lives.” Max explained.
“Maybe its time we start fighting back?” Isabel asked, Michael opened his mouth to object and Liz stood up while sighing.
“We can’t leave Roswell.” Liz stated; looking at Michael, knowing what he was about to say and Michael looked at her stunned. “Max and I have son, we can’t bring him up while we are on the run from the F.B.I. I have lost too much of my life for them to take anymore and I’ll be damned if I let them take Zan’s life away from him.” Liz explained and turned to Max. “We need to fight back Max, Zan needs a stable place and I’m not leaving Roswell just because they are convinced we are dangerous.” Liz explained and Max nodded.
“If you want to leave Roswell, then you can but I’m with Liz, we have Zan and we’ll fight them if that what it takes to protect our son.” Max stated.
“I’m staying, there’s no way I’m letting the force drive me out of my home town.” Maria spoke up as she stood up; Alex nodded in agreement, as Tess stood next to Liz, showing her approval while Tommy wrapped an arm around Tess’s waist.
“There’s no way I’m leaving my family behind.” Isabel stated and Kyle and Jim nodded.
“We’re behind you guys all the way.” Jim stated; they all turned to Michael, Diane and Phillip.
“Hey, I’m not leaving if you are not leaving.” Michael stated.
“I told you that I’m going to help you, it still stands.” Phillip stated and Diane sighed.
“Fine, I’ll help too.” Diane agreed and everyone nodded.
“From now on, we are going to be fighting back, they push us, we push them harder and we’ll show just how dangerous we can be when threatened.” Liz stated with a hard glare.
“Okay, what do we do about Zan?” Max asked.
“I’ll take him to River Dog, he will be able to look after Zan for us till we find a way to solve the F.B.I.” Liz stated and everyone nodded, Max handed her the keys to the car so she could get a head start on it while everyone went back to the Crashdown.
The gang stepped into the Crashdown only to be knocked out when they felt something prick their necks; they all fell to the ground before they even knew what happened.
Liz was driving along the road when all of a sudden a black car pulled out in front of her, causing her to gasp in surprise and jerk the car around, she ran off the road only to crash into the tree, she hit her forehead off the steering wheel while Zan cried as the doors opened.
Everyone looked up from where they were sitting and saw them shove in an unconscious Liz, Max got up and caught Liz before she collapsed to the ground.
“Liz!” Max exclaimed, as the door slammed shut once more. Max healed the back of Liz’s head and waited for her to wake up.
“How come you can’t get us out of here?” Diane asked.
“They gave us something that prevented us from using our powers, we can only do minor things.” Michael explained as Max rocked Liz.
Soon Liz opened her eyes and saw Max looking down at her; Relief replaced the fear that was showing in Max’s eyes.
“God Liz.” Max whispered.
“Where am I?” Liz asked.
“In the white room.” Max explained and Liz sat up, she looked around the room and saw it was the same room that her mother was raped and killed in.
“NO!” Liz gasped out as she moved away from the walls; she walked backward toward the door, fear showing wildly in her eyes.
“Liz?” Max asked, Liz turned to the door and slammed on it, trying to get out much to the confusion of everyone else. “Liz?” Max asked.
“I’ve got to get out of here!” Liz exclaimed, panting with panic as tears ran down her face. Max hurried over to her and grabbed her arms; he spun her around; still holding onto her arms so he could look at her in her eyes.
“What is it?” Max demanded.
“This is the room where my mother was…” Liz choked out, not being able to finish it but Max caught on straight away; he pulled Liz into a hug as he shot looks of horror and disbelief over her head toward the gang. They couldn’t believe that the F.B.I would put Liz in the same place where her mother had suffered more ways than one.
Liz brought her head up and looked around.
“Where’s Zan?” Liz demanded and everyone looked at her.
“We thought you took him to River Dog.” Max admitted and Liz shook her head, fear showing in her eyes once more.
“They cut me off before I got there.” Liz whispered and Max felt a cold dread crawl up his spine.
Liz turned around once more and banged on the door, it opened and Agent stepped into the room with a smirk.
“Yes?” he drawled.
“Let him go.” Liz stated softly but the anger was evident in her voice.
“It’s the white room for him.” The Agent Jackson smirked, Liz gasped as her eyes closed and her hands, she clenched them into fists.
“Liz.” Max warned, he could sense her anger building as everyone watched.
“Let him go and you’ll live.” Liz warned once more, ignoring Max’s warning.
“No way, we finally get our little toy.” Agent Jackson stated and smirked, as he looked her up and down. “And maybe, I’ll get to finish Agent Pierce work with you.”
Liz’s eyes snapped opened and her hands came up. Everyone could see that her eyes were pitch black and Max swore.
“Your loss.” Liz smirked.
“Get down!” Max screamed at everyone, he or she all threw himself or herself on the floor as a bright light formed in the room and shot out of the room, enveloping the entire building.
The gang could hear the screaming of pain and anguish from the F.B.I agents as they all felt Liz’s attack. Soon the bright light faded away and everyone looked up to see Liz panting yet her eyes were still pitch black.
“Oh my…” Diane whispered. Max stood up and began to move toward Liz but she lifted her hand once more and the door blew off from its hinges. Liz stormed out of the room, into the hallway and followed her link toward Zan, nothing else comprehended in her mind, only that she had to get to Zan to keep him safe.
Everyone followed Liz but were stunned at the sight she made, the walls were literally bursting into flames as she stormed her way through the hallway, there were dead bodies all over the ground thanks to Liz’s attack on them.
“Liz.” Max called out but she took no notice of him.
“What is going on with her?” Diane demanded.
“She is in a killing mode, her mother was killed by the F.B.I in the white room, Liz and I were thrown in there nearly two years ago now they have put our son in there. Liz told me that she swore on her mother’s grave that the next person to put someone she cared about in the white room, she will forget about any mercy at all and kill them.” Max explained to his mother.
“She’s a cold blooded killer!” Diane hissed out, Liz stopped suddenly as she spun around and grabbed Diane’s throat in her hand.
“Actually, I’m being a mother and I will do whatever it takes to protect him from human being who are closed minded as you. Your children are aliens, get over it!” She hissed out before dropping Diane and making her way once more.
“Plus she gets pissed off when someone says something she doesn’t like.” Michael added in helpfully, just a minute too late, causing the gang to roll their eyes in annoyance.
Soon Liz stopped in front of a door, she lifted her hand and the door was blasted off its hinges. Everyone saw four men in white coats, leaning over Zan with sharp instruments in their hands, all Liz could see was knifes being brought down to her son and Zan crying.
The men turned when they heard the door being blasted off it hinges and their eyes widen with fear at the sight of Liz looking murderous.
Liz cocked her head to the side before losing it, her hands came up, causing the men to go flying backward, breaking their spines as their back met the wall. Everyone could see blood pouring out of the men’s mouth and clothes from where Liz had attacked their insides.
“Oh My God.” Isabel whispered as everyone stared at her in a stunned horror, they hadn’t believed her when she said she would do whatever it takes to protect her son, including killing.
Liz walked over to Zan and picked him up, holding him close to her chest.
“It’s over, mommy here and never letting you go again.” She whispered as she kissed Zan’s forehead, thanking whoever were looking from above that the men hadn’t had the chance to harm Zan.
She walked over to the gang and looked up at Max. “Let’s go home.” She whispered and Max nodded, he wrapped an arm around her shoulder before kissing her forehead and stroking Zan’s cheek. They left the building to get on with their lives.
Liz sighed as she looked into the mirror; she was wearing her red graduation gown and holding her hat. It was two days after she had killed the F.B.I, after they had left the building; she had turned around and blew the building up, ensuring that no one would come after them again. This time there will be no more enemies, human or aliens. They are free to live their lives the way they want to.
Max came up behind her, dressed in his gown; he wrapped an arm around her waist and pulled her into his body.
“Are you ready?” Max asked and Liz smiled at him through the mirror.
“Yeah.” She stated and they both left to face their future.
“Congratulation Class of 2002!” The principle shouted and everyone cheered, Diane, Phillip and Isabel were standing in the crowd, Isabel was holding Zan as Zan waved and clapped his hands.
Max, Michael, Alex, Maria, Tess, Kyle and Liz met up in the middle and cheered as they threw themselves into a group hug.
“I can’t believe we made it!” Maria exclaimed.
“Today is the day we look forward to a great bright future filled with normal trouble and laughers.” Alex stated and they all threw their hats into the sky, signalling a brighter future for all of them.

The end.

Okay, one more chapter and that will be us. Not telling you what’s next. Later! Oh! And thanks for the reviews on the last chapters, I hope you will like this chapter and leave some reviews too.

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Hey Guys, last chapter of New Gal Season three and what a journey it has been, I want to thank you all for all the reviews you have left since 14 October 2004. I can’t believe it’s finished.
Thanks to the people who read my story but didn’t review, thanks for giving it a chance.

So, here you go people, the chapter you’ve all been waiting for!

Chapter 14: The Wedding.

I’m Liz Parker and welcome to one of the best day of my life, last time you heard from us was that the F.B.I had finally gotten a hold of us and tried to take Zan into the White room where I lost it and killed everyone. Well, it’s now a few days later, Max had finally sat me down and asked me to make a date, we are getting married today and you are going to find out about our wedding.
We have been through so much since we all first met each other, saving the world, having fun, losing Alex, gaining Zan and finally getting rid of Khivar and all of our enemies and the F.B.I. We gained Alex back and Max is getting on better with his parents, they still have a long way to go before Max can fully trust them but I know it will be worth it.

“Elizabeth Claudia Parker, get your butt down here now!” Maria shouted, Liz looked up from her diary and smiled as she closed the book and walked in her window. “I can’t believe you are finally getting married!” Maria exclaimed as Liz walked into the living room and Liz smiled.
“I know!” Liz exclaimed, she had been pinching herself most of the night, trying to see if she was dreaming.
“At last you are getting married!” Isabel corrected and Liz giggled.
“Feels like we’ve been waiting an age doesn’t it.” Liz asked and Isabel nodded before grinning.
“But we wait no longer cuz it’s finally here!” Isabel exclaimed, causing the girls to giggle.
“So, where’s Zan?” Tess asked.
“He’s with Max and the guys, Max wanted to get him ready over there as it would save us time chasing him about trying to him ready.” Liz explained and they nodded.
“Alrighty, who’s ready for make-up?” Maria called out as she picked up the make up bags causing the other three to grin.
Max was feeding Zan while Zan watched with wide eyes at the sight of Diane running about like a chicken with it’s head chopped off. Most of the boys were trying to relax with Alex looking at them with amusement shining in his eyes.
“You know, the Groom is supposed to be nervous as it’s his big day, not the groomsmen.” Alex teased, causing Max to laugh.
“How can you be so calm?!” Michael demanded and Max shrugged.
“Liz and I are already married in our hearts, this just makes it more formal.” Max explained as he stood up, picking Zan up along the way as Diane came barging into the kitchen once more.
“Have you hired the limo?” Diane demanded to her son. “Have the flowers arrived? Why aren’t you guys ready yet? Is the photographer meeting us at the church or at home?” Diane breathed out in one breath.
“Well, hello Mrs. Deluca, haven’t seen you in a while.” Alex teased causing the guys to crack up once more and Diane to roll her eyes in amusement.
“Yes, I have hired the limo, Isabel phoned to report that the flowers have arrived, we are guys so it only takes us about fifteen to twenty minutes to get ready and the photographer is meeting us at the church.” Max assured Diane and she nodded before gasping in horror.
“The video camera!” she exclaimed as she barged her way out of the kitchen once more.
“How long till the wedding?” Michael asked.
“Forty five minutes.” Alex replied, looking at his watch and Max sighed.
“Better go and get ready then.” Max stated as he carried Zan into the bedroom to get ready while the guys grabbed their tuxedos and fought over who was getting the bathroom first.
Liz sighed as she looked in the mirror, smoothing down her dress. It was a simple white dress, it was off the shoulder and the bodice showed enough skin but covered enough to classed tasteful. It came out slight at the hips and fell down into a train.
She wore white sandals to go with the dress and her hair was pinned up with tendrils falling down, framing her face and neck. She had a sliver tiara in her hair with the veil covering hair.
Isabel wore a deep red halter dress and red sandals, there was a split at the side of the dress, making it easier to walk in, her long blonde hair was curled and it fell elegant over her shoulders.
Maria was wearing a dark green dress, it had think straps and it fell slightly between her breasts but covered them and she wore dark green sandals and a split was on the right side of the dress. Her red hair was pinned up in a simple twist knot with a few curls framing her face.
Tess was wearing a simple dark blue dress, it criss crossed at the back and fell slightly over her breasts but covered enough to be tasteful, she wore dark blue sandals and her split was on the left side, her blonde hair was piled up on top of her head and a few tendrils framed her face.
“It’s time.” Maria stated and Liz smiled as she stepped toward the door but the girls stopped her. “But first, the traditional.” Maria explained.
“Something new.” Isabel stated as she handed over a small black box. “Max bought this for you and wanted me to give it to you so you could wear it for your wedding.” Isabel explained, Liz took the box and opened it, she gasped when she saw the sliver teardrop earrings with clear diamonds in them.
“They’re breathtaking.” Liz whispered as she took them out and placed them in her ears before tuning to the girls.
“Something blue.” Maria stated slyly as she handed Liz a blue garter, causing Liz to laugh as she took it from Maria and slid it up her leg until it reached above mid-thigh.
“Something borrowed.” Tess stated as she handed Liz a sliver bracelet with diamonds in them, Liz felt the tears fill up in her eyes.
“My mother’s bracelet.” Liz whispered as she took it from Tess and slid it on her wrist before looking at Tess. “How…” she asked.
“Max was looking through the boxes, he found them in one of it and wanted to find the perfect moment to give it to you, I convinced him to wait till your wedding day.” Tess explained and Liz smiled.
“Thank you.” Liz whispered as she hugged the girls and wiped her tears away before using her powers to fix her make-up.
“And last, something old.” A female voice stated and Liz turned to see her Grandma standing behind her, holding out a large box. Liz took it was a curious gaze and opened it, she gasped when she saw the silver locket that her Grandma used to wore all the time.
“Grandma…” Liz whispered and Claudia smiled.
“I gave it to your mother to wear on her wedding day to your father, she was suppose to pass it on to you for your wedding but…” Claudia trailed off and Liz hugged her tight.
“Thank you.” Liz whispered and Claudia kissed her forehead before pulling away and helping Liz put on the locket. It rested perfectly above her breasts.
“You make a beautiful bride, your mother and father would be so proud of you sweetie.” Claudia stated with a teary tone and Liz felt the tears once more.
“I know.” Liz whispered.
“We’ll be downstairs waiting for you.” Tess stated and Liz nodded as the four ladies left the room.
Liz walked over to her dressing table and picked up the photograph of her parents.
“I miss you two so much and I know you are watching from above. I hope you are proud of me. I wish you could be here for my wedding though.” Liz whispered and kissed her fingertips before kissing each person in the photo. “I love you.” She set down the photograph and smiled at her reflection in the mirror, she was going to get married to her soul mate.
Everyone had found their seats, Max, Michael and Alex were standing at the top of the aisle, Max had asked Kyle but Kyle shook his head. They were friends but these guys had been there for him since the beginning that it was only fair that they got to stand with him and bowed out, saying that he would rather sit with Tammy than stand up there and end up making a fool out of himself, causing chuckles from Max.
Jim walked over to Liz and smiled.
“Hey, how are you doing?” Jim asked and Liz smiled up at him.
“I’m great but I wanted to ask you a favour.” Liz stated and Jim looked at curiously. “I want you to give me away.” She stated.
“Wow!” Jim gasped out and Liz nodded.
“Ever since my dad isn’t here, you have been like a second father to me and I would be really grateful if you could give me away.” Liz explained and Jim beamed.
“I would be delighted to.” Jim stated and Liz smiled up at him, Jim held out his arm for Liz to take and they both waited for their cue.
Maria and Tess walked down the aisle first, both holding purple roses, they both stopped at the top of the aisle and smiled at the boys. Isabel was the second to walk down the aisle and she carried Zan with her while holding a bunch of red roses, Zan smiled when he saw his father and waved before burying his face in Isabel’s neck with shyness, causing Isabel to laugh at her nephew antics.
Soon the music started up and everyone stood up while Max looked toward the door with excitement, he was finally going to see Liz and they were finally going to become a real family.
Liz and Jim moved toward the door and Jim looked down at Liz.
“You ready.” Jim asked and Liz smiles up at him.
“I’ve been ready all my life.” She replied and they both started their walk down the aisle, everyone gasped and aw at Liz’s dress, she looked like a princess, all Max could see was her coming toward him in slow motion like a angel, she looked radiant and excited.
Soon Liz stopped next to Max and they both smiled at each other as they linked hands, the priest stood up.
“We gather here today to join this holy martial of these two people, who gives this woman away to day?” he asked.
“I do.” Jim stated as he kissed Liz on the cheek and clapped Max on the back.
Max and Liz couldn’t hear anything except the time when it came to them to say I do but first they had prepared a speech for their vows.
“Ever since you first stepped into my life, you threw me for a loop, I didn’t understand how I could fall in love with you since the first look at you but I did. I thank god everyday for bringing you into my life and for letting you be mine. You helped me through all the hard times in my life and you are there to help me be happy. When I’m with you, I feel free and have no worries at all. You are the light in my life, my soul mate, the mother of my son and the love of my life.” Max stated.
“I was always scared of getting close to someone since my mother died that it confused me when I first met you, for the first time, I wanted to let someone in and get close to me. You helped me though my hard time and was there to pull me out of my darkness and helped me to see the light. You protected me the best you could and I love you for that. You gave me a wonderful present, our son. I could never imagine my life without you and I hope I never have to. You are my soul mate and I love you forever.” Liz stated her vows and everyone was nearly in tears at the heartfelt words, Tess, Maria and Isabel were all grinning as tears ran down their faces while the boys grinned at their brother and sister getting married.
“I pronounce you husband and wife, you may kiss the bride.” The priest stated, Max bent down and kissed Liz on the lips, causing her to wrap her arms around his shoulders; they were finally married and a real family.
Max and Liz entered the reception; everyone was cheering and whistling when the couple passed them. They all finally settled down as Max and Liz settled down at the head table, Michael stood up and tapped his glass.
“Hi, I’m Michael Gurien, I’m one of the best man. I’ve known Max since third grade and I have never seen him head over heels over a girl as he is with Liz. When Liz walked into Roswell High, she didn’t just step into Max’s life, she stepped into all of ours and changed it all for the better. She became the best sister any of us had and she played her roles perfectly, she was protective when it came to her family, she was the caring sister. She listened to you when you had a problem and helps you see the answer and she is a wonderful mother to Zan.” Michael stated and smiled at Liz. “I know that everyone in the group will back me up that Max and Liz are perfect for each other, they balanced each other out and Liz makes sure that Max’s stubbornness and protectiveness is put down to a low point while making sure that he made the right decisions. Ladies and Gentlemen, I want you to raise you glass,” Michael stated and everyone raised their glasses as Michael turned to Michael and raised his. “You two have had a hard road to get to where you are and I think it was worth it, we finally get to see you have the perfect day of your life, your wedding. To Max and Liz!” he exclaimed.
“To Max and Liz.” Everyone chorused, Max leaned in and kissed the side of Liz’s head, both of them smiling their happiness and delight.
“Now, if the bride and groom will take the dance floor and take their first dance as a married couple.” Michael stated, Max got off his chair and handed his hand to Liz, she smiled as he took it and he helped her up, they both made their way over to the dance floor and the music started up, Liz wrapped her arms around his waist while Max wrapped his arms around her waist.
I lie awake/ I've gone to ground
I'm watching porn/In my hotel dressing gown
Now I dream of you/But I still believe
There's only enough for one in this/Lonely hotel suite
The journey's long/And it feels so bad
I'm thinking back to the last day we had.
Old moon fades into the new/ Soon I know I'll be back with you
I'm nearly with you/I'm nearly with you
When I'm weak I draw strength from you/ And when you're lost I know how to change your mood
And when I'm down you breathe life over me/Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny
On a clear day/I'll fly home to you
I'm bending time getting back to you/Old moon fades into the new
Soon I know I'll be back with you
I'm nearly with you/I'm nearly with you
When I'm weak I draw strength from you/And when you're lost I know how to change your mood
And when I'm down you breathe life over me/Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny
When I'm weak I draw strength from you/And when you're lost I know how to change your mood
And when I'm down you breathe life over me/Even though we're miles apart we are each other's destiny
I'll fly, I'll fly home/ I'll fly home and I'll fly home
Everyone had stood up and joined the couple but none of them dared to step between the couple as they could see that they were enjoying their time together.
“I can’t believe we are married now.” Liz whispered and Max smiled.
“I know!” Max whispered back. “It feels like a dream.”
“We finally are a real family.” Liz stated and they both grinned as they kissed once more, they heard gurgling and they turned around to see Isabel beaming as she held a grinning Zan in her arms.
“And we love you too!” Max and Liz exclaimed as they took Zan into their arms and kissed him on the forehead.
Finally, they could have a normal life together.

This is our life, Max, Zan and I went to L.A – Disney land from Kal as a thank for saving their planets and a wedding gift. Zan was delighted when he heard we were going to Disney land, he loves Mickey mouse thanks to the boys watching it every time they baby-sit him, Max was even excited too but kept it hidden.
I just have to say thank you for coming along with me on this ride and what a weird ride it had been but it had been worth it. Thank you.
This is my life and I’m Liz Evans.

It finished! Oh god! It’s finished, excuse me while I go and find the tissues that my mother have hidden and have a good cry. *Sobs* Okay, Season three of New gal is finished and what a ride it had been.
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A lot of you mentioned that you wanted me to do New Gal Season 4, I don’t know if I will ever do one again but you can count on if I do it, you will be the fist to know.

The Song is ‘Destiny’ written by Zero 7, it was in four aliens and a baby.

Okay, now I have a problem with what story to do next, a non-Alien fic called ‘A Ring of Endless Lights’ or ‘The life before’?
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