Life, Terror, Danger{CC, AU, Mature}[Complete]

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Life, Terror, Danger{CC, AU, Mature}[Complete]

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Author:L-J-L 76
Catogery:CC Without Aliens
Disclaimer:I don't own the roswell charaters.I don't own the songs in this story.I want to thank Kay and Beth for helping me with this story.And Thank you so much for the banner Tanya7496.
Liz and Maria own a club called the crashdown.During the day Liz,Maria,
Isabel,Ava,Tess,Serena are secataries at a police station.Max,Micheal,Alex,Kyle,Ted,Zan are cops.Jim Valenti is their boss
and cheif .What happens when someone from Liz's past starts sending things and threatening letters to her.Jim gets Max and the guys to protect
Liz and the girls.What happens when the danger from the past won't go
away and what happens if you are starting to have feelings for the one
your protecting.


Liz was sitting in her room thinking about the past 3 years.She could not belive that it has been 3 years since she was raped by her ex-boyfriend Matt and his friends Chris and Scott.Liz remembered that night
very well when her life changed.She remembred going to the club with
them and they were all drinking,talking and having a good time.She knew
she was drinking a glass of beer when she felt ill.The next thing she remembered was that Matt and his friends took her to a room and raped her.After they were finished Matt left her with a cut on her arm.

After they left Liz waited 5 minutes then ran down the stairs to the bartender.She told him to call the police.5minutes later a cop named Jim
Valenti walked in and when he saw her with a ripped shirt and a cut on
her arm he was sad and angry that this happened to the poor girl.He
took her statement and then took her to the hospital.When they walked
into the hospital,a doctor took her to a room where hebandaged her arm
and did a rape kit check up.After he was finished he gave her some medicine to help her sleep.

Jim took her home and waited till she got in her apartment before leaving.Liz went to her room and slept all night and day for a couple of wweeks.When she got out of the bed and decided that it was time to live again,she started studying and even graduated with her friends.After college was over,her and her friends got jobs as secetariesin a police station where jim was their boss.Liz was glad that after all that has happened she has her life where she works in a police station during the day and at night owns a club called the crashdown with her friend and roomate Maria Deluca.However she still has nightmares about the night she was raped.
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Life,Terror,Danger {au without aliens}part 1 10/11

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A/N:Thanks for all the feedback.Please keep sending them.

chapter 1

Liz and Maria walked in the office and saw Isabel Evens sitting with Serena Treemen,Tess,Ava Harding and were all laughing when Liz and Maria walked up to them.They turned and smiled at them.

"Ok what is the latest thing now?"Maria asked.

"Oh we were laughing at how those cops were being dumb"Isabel said.

"One of those cops was your brother whom you're laughing at.Does it
feel good to make fun of him?"asked Liz.

"No,he's never been apain till he does something like getting into a fight"
Isabel said.

"Let me guess;They got into a fight with who knows who and now Jim is giving them a talk."Liz said.

"Oh they did get into a fight at a bar.So yes Jim is giving them a talk."
Isabel said.

Liz walked to her desk and made some calls.After the calls,she walked to Jim's office and knocked on the door.Inside Jim's office,he was yelling
at Max Evans,Micheal Guerin,Alex Whitman,Kyle Valenti,Ted and Zan peterson.While he yelled they just sat there looking at him.

"You guys better stop causing trouble do you understand me?!"asked Jim

"Yes sir,we understand"

"What?" Jim yelled as there were was a knock on the door.

"Jim?"asked Liz.

"Come inside Liz"Jim said.

Liz walked in the room and saw 6 guys sitting to the side.Jim was standing and turned and look at Liz and saw how she was a lttle worried about him.

"Jim you need to watch your blood pressure."Liz said.

"You know i will.So what can i help you with Liz?"Jim said.

"Here is a romantic a dinner at Paris restaurant and also a dance at the
club.And in about 5 minutes a dozen red roses will be arriving at Amy's house."Liz said.

"Thank you for doing that for me.I can't belive today is our annerversery."
Jim said.

"Yeah,it has been 2 years since you and Amy have been datting.I hope
that you both do whatever makes you happy."Liz said.

Liz walked out of the office and went back to her desk.In Jim's office,
Max and the guys were shocked that a girl would tell them to stop making
Jim made.Jim turned and looked at the guys.

"You guys better stop or you will be working traffic do you understand me?"Jim said.

Max and the guys said "yes sir"

"You guys need to start acting like cops and not like men you arrest.Now go and get to work."Jim said.

The guys walked out of Jim's office and went down the hall, out the door and to their cars.They drove off and went to check the streets.Liz
was sitting at her desk doing some paper work.When she turned and saw
Maria and Serena running around trying to get some of the filling fixed.
Liz and the girls worked though lunch trying to get all the filling and paper
work done by 5pm.

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con't chapter 1

When it was time to go,everything was finished.The girls were glad that there would hopefully be not work to do tommorrow.Liz and the girls
walked out the door and went to their cars and drove to the club to get ready for tonight.When they walked into the club they saw Bear and Teddy
the bartenders setting the cups and drinks out for tonight.Liz and the girls
went to their rooms in the club to change.They were glad that Jim and Amy were going to come to the club tonight.Liz found her hiphuggers jeans and her flowered halter top for tonight.

After Liz was dressed she walked down the stairs and went to to the bar to wait for the girls.Liz turned and saw Maria walk down the stairs wearing black leather pants with a whte tube top on.Her hair was curly and
bouncy.Next come Serena wearing a jean mini skirt with a glitter tank top.
Ava came down stairs wearing hiphugger jeans with a blue halter top.Next
came Isabel and Tess wearing black leather knee length skirt.Isabel wearing a white short sleeve tshirt.Tess was wearing a red tank top.They
all met at the bar laughing and talking.

They knew that this was going to be fun night.Serena notice that they had 10 minutes til the club opened.S o they helped getting everything set up for a good night.

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Life,Terror,Danger chapter 2 post on 10/25/05

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After everything was finished being set up.Liz and the girls sat down and had a glass of beer.In 5 minutes the club was packed.Liz and Maria
turned and saw Jim and Amy walk in.They both smiled and then Liz saw Max and his friends walk in the club.Maria saw Liz stop smiling.

"Liz, what's wrong?asked Maria.

"That group of guys that just that just walked in are Max and his friends.
They are the ones that got into trouble this morning"Liz said.

"oh so they decided to come here.Come on lets go and have some fun."
Maria said.

Liz nodded her head and laughted then turned and grabed Ava's and
Serena's hands and walked on to the stage with Maria.Maria walked to
the center of the stage and everyone watched her as the music started to play.Maria started to singing candy by Mandy Moore.

{give it to me}
I'm so addicted
To the lovin' that your feeding me
can't do this without it
this feeling's got me weak in the knees
body's in withdrawl
everytime you take it away
can't you hear me callin'
begging you to come out and play?

Liz,Ava,Serena sang the chorus with Maria

so baby come to me
show me who you are
sweet to me
like sugar to my heart
i'm cravin' for you
i'm missin you like candy

Then Maria sings alone again

sweet, sweet lovin
got me going to the extreme
won't go without it
this vib has got a hold on me
let me show you what i'm made of
no doubt about it boy got me felling like crazy
can't get enough

Everyone watched as Maria was singing the song.Max and the guys were even surprized that the girls could sing as Liz,Ava,Serena sang the chorus again.

baby,baby,baby, won't you come to me
show me who you are
sweet to me
like sugar to my heart i'm cravin for you
i'm missing you like candy

baby,baby,baby, won't you come to me
show me who you are
sweet to me
like sugar to my heart i'm cravin for you
i'm missing you like candy

Maria sings alone:

you know who you are
your love's as sweet as candy
i'll be forever yours
love always Mandy
boy i'll cravin
missing you lke candy

Then Liz,Ava,Serena started to sing the chorus again.

baby,baby,baby,won't you come to me
show me who you are
sweet to me
like sugar to my heart i'm craving for you
i'm missing you like candy

After the song everyone clapped and yelled.Liz and Serena walked to the center of the stage and statred to sing Our lips are sealed by Hilary
and Haylie duff.

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can you hear them?
they talk about us

telling lies
well that no surprize

Liz and Serena turned and looked at eachother.

can you see them?
see right through them

they have no sheild
no secrets to reveal

{both of them singing}
it doesn't matter what they say
in the jealous game people play
our lips are sealed

Liz and Serena turned and looked away from eachother and smiled at
people that were watching them sing.Max was surprized that girl Liz could
sing and was good at it.

there's a weapon
which we must use

in our defense silence

spreading rumors
so far from true

dragged up from the underworld
just like some percous pearl

{both sing}
it doesn't matter what they say
in jealous games people play
our lips are sealed

pay no mind to what they say
it doesn't mind matter anyway
our lips are sealed

hush my darling

don't cry

crying angles

pay no mind to what they say

{Liz and Serena}
it doesn't matter anyway hey,hey,hey
our lips are sealed
our lips are sealed
our lips are sealed

Everyone clapped and yelled at how great that was.Liz and Serena
walked off stage and got a bottle of beer.Liz turned and saw Jim and Amy
dancing and she smiled at how they were so much in love.Serena turned and walked up to Maria and Ava.They all started to talk and laugh.Liz was still at the bar drinking her beer when a mab grabbed her.

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Liz turned and looked at the guy.She pulled away from him and walked away.Jim and Amy were talking to Max and the guys when the guy grabbed Liz again.Liz took the beer bottle that was next to her and hide the bottle behind her back.Liz and the guy were face to face.

"Hey baby how about a dance?"the guy asked

"No, now leave me alone"said liz

"what are you going to do about it"the guy said

"this."Liz said

Liz hit the guy on the head with the beer bottle and ran.She ran to where Jim was talking to some guys and tapped him on the shoulder.Jim
and the guys turned and looked at Liz.

"what's wrong?"Jim asked

"I have a major problem"Liz said

"What kind of problem?"asked Jim

Liz turned and pointed to the man that was walking towards them.Jim
and the guys turned and were surprized to see how tall the guy was

"That is the problem"Liz said

Alex and the guys looked at eachother and said "oh boy"

The guy walked up to Liz,Jim,Amy and the guys.Liz was scared that this guy would cause a problem.

"Hey doll, come with me"said the guy

"No,leave me alone"Liz said

The guy grabbed Liz and tried to walk off.That is when Max grabbed his
arm.The guy and liz looked at Max.Liz saw Max was mad that the guy didn't take no for an answer.

"She said;now let go of her"said Liz

"No,Now stay out of this little man"the guy said

"Hey,listen leave her alone.She said no"Max said

"What are you going to do about it?"the guys said

"this."Max said

Max punched the guy.The guy let go of Liz and punched Max.He slide across the the floor.Liz watched as Max slide across the floor.She was about to go see how Max was when the guy grabbed her again.She turned and looked at the guy.Liz walked up to the guy and kneed him
between the legs and punched his nose.Liz,Jim,Amy and the guys watched as the guy fell to the ground.Micheal and the guys were surprized
that Liz kneed and punched a guy out.Liz's hand hurt from punching the guy out.It was the first time that she ever punshed a guy out.

"Are you ok?"asked Amy

"Yeah i hurt my hand though."Liz said.

"Here let me see your hand."asked Alex

Liz let Alex looked at her hand.Alex saw that her hand was going to be swollen and hurt for awhile.

"You're going to need to put ice on your hand ok?"Alex said.

"Thank you.God i wish men would stop calling us honey."Liz said

"Some do and some don't.Are you sure you're ok?"asked Liz

"Yeah i'm ok.Oh by the way thanks for teaching me and the girls how to punch a person."Liz said

"No problem ou need to learn.Now let's go see how Max is."saidAmy

"Oh yeah."Liz said.

Liz and Amy walked up to Max who was still looked like he was out.Liz
shooked Max to wake him up.When Max finally woke up,he sat up and looked at Liz.She looked at Max ,she was worried that he was hurt.

"Are you ok?"asked Liz

"I'm fine;thanks for asking.By the way i'm max.What's your name?"asked

"I'm Liz.And i know who you are.I saw you in college and then in Jim's office this morning.And your sister Isabel is the one of my friends.Liz said

"Oh how long have you kown my siser?"asked Max

"I've known her since we were in high school together."Liz said.

Max stood up and helped Liz up.They both looked at eachother and smiled.Amy,Jim and the guys watched how Max and Liz looked at eachother and smiled.The guys knew Max was liking this girl Liz.Jim was
worried that Max would hurt Liz.She didn't need to get hurt by a guy agin.Amy thought that it was sweet how Max and Liz would look at eachother.

Bear walked up to Liz and saw her and a guy were looking at eachother.He tapped her on the shoulder,she turned and looked at a bear.

"It's time to close o the club.Everybody's leaving."Bear said.

"Ok,go ahead and start cleaning up."Liz said

"So i guess i'll see you tommorrow"Max said.

"yeah see you tommorrow."Liz said.

Liz watched as Max,guys,Jim,Amy walked out of the club.After everything was cleaned Liz and the girls went home to get some sleep.They had another day of work.

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Life,Terror,Danger {cc,au mature}part 3 11/4/05

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Thank you for all the feedback.I'm glad that you like the story.Please keep giving me feedback for this story.Here is chapter 3.Please leave feedback and let me know what you think of this chapter?And thank you again for your feedback on this story.

Chapter 3

In the morning
Liz woke up and took a shower and then walked up to her closet to find
her flowered knee length skirt with her white tank top as well as her white tennis shoes.Then Liz walked out of her room and went to to the kitchen where she saw Maria wearing blue jeans and a blue t-shirt.Maria looked up and saw Liz getting a cup of coffee.After Liz was finish the cup of coffee,she looked up and saw Maria staring at her.

"How is your hand after last night?"asked Maria

"It's ok.But it is a little sore."Liz said

Are you ready to go to work?"asked Maria

"Sure lets go."Liz said

Liz and Maria locked up the apartment and went downstairs to the car
and drove to work.When they got to work everything was quiet.Liz and Maria went to their desks and looked at all the paper work.Liz sat down and looked around.She smiled as she looked at the pictures of her family and friends.Those were the days when everything was great;Liz was thinking when the phone started to ring.Liz picked up the phone.

"Hello,who is this?"asked Liz

"Hey it's Bear here.I thought i would let you know this guy.Alex Whitman called and asked if he could sing here at the club."Bear said

"Well of course he can sing at the club if he wants.I hope he won't mind if me and the girls sing a couple of times.Give me his phone number and I'll call him."Liz said

"His number is 494 - 8109."Bear said

"I'll call you later and let you know if he will come and pratice ok?Liz said

"Ok.Remember to call,alright?"asked Bear

"You know I'll call you,ok bye."Liz said

Ok bye."Bear said

Liz hunged up the phone and walked to Jim's office and knocked on the door.Jim was at his desk working on some paper work when there was a
knock on the door.He looked up and said "come in"

Liz walked in the office and up to Jim.

"Hey how id your hand?I bet it still hurt."Jim said

"My hand is still sore,but it'll be fine."Liz said

"What can i do for you Liz?"Liz said

"Do you know Alex Whitman?He called the club and asked if he could talk
to the owner about singing there.And I was wondering if you know him."Liz said

"I know him.Let me make a call and get him in,ok?"Jim said

Jim picked up the phone and dailed the number.While Jim was on the phone Liz went and sat across from Jim.5 minutes later Jim was off the phone.

"So haw are you doing?"asked Jim

"I'm fine.I'm just trying to work and help with the club.Why do you ask?"
asked Liz

"You look kinda tired is all."Jim said

"I'm fine.So how did your date go with Amy?"asked Liz

"The date was fine and we had a great time."Jim said

"I'm glad your date went well.I hope your next date goes great like this one did."Liz said

Alex walked into Jim's office and saw Liz and Jim sitting around.They both turned and looked at Alex.Alex looked at the both of them.

"You wanted to see me,Jim?"Alex asked

"Yeah.This is Liz,you met her last night at the club.Well she owns it with her friend that yu called about playing at.And Liz this is Alex.He is the one
that checked your hand last night."Jim said

"Slex hello.Thank you for checking my hand last night that was nice of you."Liz said

"It wasno problem.How is your hand anyway?asked Alex

"My hand is fine thank you."Liz said.

"Jim why did i need to be here?"asked Alex

"No.Liz and Maria own the club that we were at last night."Jim said

"Alex,I got a call from a friend who works there that you want to talk to whoever was in charged.Well I'm in charge.Well I'm one of the people in charge."Liz said

"Oh i was wondering if it will be ok to play in your club?"asked Alex

"Sure,fine."Liz said

"When will it be ok to pratice and play at your club?"asked Alex

"You guys can pratice from today until friday.Friday night, you and your band will be playing."Liz said

"Ok,um,I guess we'll come back to the club and pratice all this week after work.If that is ok with you?asked Alex

"That will be fine with me.You can pratice from 5pm to 7pm all week after
work.All i gotta do is call Bear and let know."Liz said

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More of chapter 3:

Liz walked to Jim's phone and dailed the number to the club.The phone ringed 3 times before Bear picked up.

"Hello,This is the Crashdown.How may i help you?"Bear asked

"Hey this is Liz.I just wanted to let you know Alex and his band will be praticing from today til they play on friday night ok?"Liz said

"Sure no problem.I gotta go i'm stacking the cases of beer.See you tonight Liz."Bear said

"See you tonight.And be careful,don't hurt your back.Bye Bear."Liz said

"Ok I'll be careful.Bye Liz."Bear said

Liz hanged up the phone and looked atAlex and Jim.They boyh looked at Liz."You have the club to pratice.I told Bear the bartender to let you in ok."she said.

"Thank you Liz.I can't wait til tonight."Alex said

"No problem,see you tonight."Liz said

Alex walked out of the office and went downstairs to his car. He got in
his car and drove off.Meanwhile back in the office Liz and Jim looked at eachother.

"You know,I think you made him happy.Are you going to go to the club today?"asked Jim

"I think I might go.I want to hear Alex's music."Liz said

"You should go,it'll be fun."Jim said

"I will.I'll have to tell Maria about Alex playing the club."Liz said

"Hope she'll be glad that you will be there."Jim said

"Yeah i better get back to work.Bye Jim."Liz said

"Bye Liz."Jim said

Liz walked out of the office and went to Maria's desk.Maria looked up and saw Liz standing there infront of her desk.

""What's up Liz?"asked Maria

"I just wanted to let you know we got a band coming today to pratice."Liz said

"Ok.Are you going to be at the club today with me?"asked Maria

"Yeah I'll be at the club with you.So we should be fine.The band will be at the club sometime after work."Liz said

"Ok,that should be easy.Are you going for the night?"asked Maria

"No I'm going to go home and do some paper work.Do you want to go home and change or change at the club?"asked Liz

"No lets go to the club and change clothes,so that way it will be easier."Maria told Liz

"Ok.While ere checking onthis band,I can do some paper work.That way
everything is all set and we won't have nothing to worry about."Liz said

"That sounds good to me."Maria said

"I better go so you can finish up."Liz said

Maria walked back to her desk and started her paper work.Liz finished hers and went to see how Maria was doing.When she walked to Maria's desk she saw that Maria was turning off her desk light.Maria nad Liz met infront of the room.

"Liz are you ready to go?"asked Maria

"Yeah lets go."Liz said

Liz and Maria walked out of the office and went down stairs to their car and drove off.They drove to the club and walked in.Liz and Maria walked in and went to their dressing rooms to change clothes.5 minutes later Liz
walked out of her dressing room wearing hiphugger jeans with white tank top.Liz then went down stairs to the bar where she got herself a can of pepsi and then went to sit down.

A few minutes later Maria came down stairs wearing a pair of jeans with a white tube top.She walked down stairs and sat down with Liz.Bear walked up to Maria and gave her a can of pepsi to drink.They heard a knock on the door.Liz got up and answered the door.Alex and his bandmates walked in and set up.Liz was about to shut the door when she turned and saw a guy standing there with a box in his hand.

"Is there a Miss Parkr here?asked the delivery guy

"I'm Liz Parker.How may i help you?asked Liz

"This is for you miss."the delivery guy said.

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Life,Terror,Danger{cc,au,mature} part 4 11/6/05

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Chapter 4
The delivery guy handed Liz the box.Then he walked away.Liz took the box and went into the office and shut the door.She then went to her desk and grabbed a boxcutter to open the box.When she opened she found a note and uniforms covered in blood.Liz reached into the box and grabed the note.She opened the enelope and started to read.

Dear Lizzy
You know who i am.I just wanted to let you know that you and Jim will be
mine soon.And the people that helped you in the past are no longer around.The uniforms in this box are from the ones that helped you.I'm going to get you and Jim.You are going to pay for putting us in jail.We will make both of you pay.See you very soon.


Liz dropped he note.Then she pulled a nurse's uniform out of the box and saw the nurse's name tag and dropped the uniform and backed away.
Liz stood against the wall freaking out.She didn't know what she was going to do.A few minutes later she walked out of the office and wnt to the
bar and grabbed her purse.She looked though her purse to find her cell
phone then she dailed Jim's phone number.Jim was in his office talking to Alex,Max,Micheal and Kyle.

"Alex, when you and the guys go to the club be nice to Liz and the girls ok?" Jim said

"Jim, you know we will."Alex said

That is when Jim's phone rang.Jim picked up the phone.

"Hello?"Jim said

"Jim, this is Liz.I got something that you need to see."Liz said

"I'll be there in a few minutes."Jim said

"I'm a little freaked out by this box i just recieved.It had bloody clothes in it."Liz said

"Ok.I'm on my way.Don't worry."Jim said

"Thanks Jim.I don't know what to do.I'll see you in a few."Liz said.

Liz hang up and sat at the bar.She got a can of soda, turned and watched Maria and Bear dance.After Jim hung up the phone, he looked at
Max and the guys.

"I'm going to go to the club.I'll see you guys there."Jim said

"Sure."Alex said

Jim , Max , the guys left the office and drove to the club.When they walked in , they saw Liz at the bar while Maria and Bear were dancing.Jim walked up to Liz and taped her on the shoulder.Liz turned and saw Jim
standing in front of her.

"Jim do you want to see what is in the box?"asked Liz

"Yeah where did you put it?"Jim asked

"It's in the office.Come on, I'll show you."Liz said.

Liz and Jim walked into the office.Jim shut the door behind them.He walked to the desk where Liz was standing.She handed him the note .He read the letter then he opened the box and saw the uniforms.He remembered the people that helped Liz the night she was raped.He looked
up at Liz and knew she was scared and worried.Jim walked up to Liz and hugged her.

In the club Alex and his band mates were praticing while Max and the guys watched Maria and Bear.They were at the bar getting cups ready and
listening to Alex and his band.After 30 minutes they stopped.Maria walked
up to Alex and his band members.

"You're hired.You can start tonight if that's ok"Maria asked

"Yeah we'll be glad to start tonight.What time do you open?asked Alex

"We open in 2 hours"Bear said

"Ok we need to go home and get ready.We'll be back at 7:30pm , is that ok?"asked Alex

"Sure we will see you tonight then. Oh I hope you don't mind if me and some of the girls sing also?"asked Maria

"No we don't mind.We kow you and the girls sing very well.So yes please do sing with us.Alex said

"Thank you.You guys should know that the club will be packed.Maria said

Alex and his band members walked out of the club.They all went home
to get ready for tonight.Maria and Bear were getting everything ready for tonight.Meanwhile in the office , Jim and Liz sat down and looked at eachother .

"Liz ,don't worry everything will be fine , ok?We'll find out who is behind this."Jim said

"Ok.But why would someone want to kill these people ?asked Liz

"Who knows.But don't worry we'll find out who is doing this."Jim said

"Ok.Um are you coming to the club tonight?"ased Liz

"No, I'm going tohome and rest.What about you?"asked Jim

"Oh.I going home.I need to get some rest too."Liz said

"I'll see you tommorrow ok.You do look very tired."Jim said

Yeah, see you tommorrow."Liz said

"Come on , I'll walk you to your car.

Liz nodded and then she put the box in the safe.She locked the safe and walked out of the office with Jim. They walked though the club and out
doors.Liz and Jim got into their cars and drove home.When Liz got home
she went to her room and changed clothes.She put on a plaid pair of pajama pants with a white t-shirt.Then she went to her bed and lied down.She turned on the tv and flipped though the channels til she fould a movie to watch.She still could not figure out who would send her a box uniforms with blood of the people that helped her.

Jim was at his office looking though the files of Matt,Chris,Scott to see
who would help them.It took Jim 4 hours to look though the files and he still didn't know who would help them.After a while, Jim stopped and went home.As soon as he got home to his bed he was fast a sleep.

Liz got out of bed and went to look for her book from college.She had a
feeling that there was someone eles that was helping Matt, Chris, Scott.
But she couldn't figure out who it was.As she looked through the book, she found a picture of her,Matt, Chris, Scott and another guy.She looked
at the names and saw the name Clay Adams.He was the 4 th guy in the picture.He is the one that could cause the same trouble that Matt, Chris, Scott did.If it was Clay Adams then that means he knows where she was.
Liz was starting to get scared.She knew that she needs to let Jim know about this because it might help.Liz grabed the book and put it on the nightstand next to her bed.She went and lied down on her bed and went to
sleep aftr she finished watvhing the movie.

Meanwhile at the club; Maria , Isabel, Serena, Ava AND Tess were at the bar talking to Bear.Max , Micheal and Alex , the band members, Kyle,
Ted and Zan The guys went to sit down while Alex and his band members
went to set up.Max and Micheal looked around and noticed the girls were
sitting at the bar.

"Liz is not here.I wonder why."Max said

"Who knows , maybe she is sick."Micheal said

"Yeah, maybe your right."Max said

The club started to get packed. There were people everywhere.Alex and his band played different kind of music.Everyone liked the songs.Max
and the guys talked and drank beer.Maria , Isabel , Ava , Serena , Tess ,
Bear and Teddy liked the music Alex was playing too.

Alex and his band members played for 2 hours.Everybody as having a good time. Max and the guys were a little drunk.Maria turned and saw Max
and the guys.

"What are they doing here?"asked Maria

"Who are you talking about?"asked Serena

"Max and his friends are here.I think they might be a little drunk."Maria said

"Great , just what we need.Maria you need to cut them off of the beer.Isabel said

Maria nodded her head and agreed with Isabel.She turned and looked
at Bear and Teddy.

"No more beer for those guys over there."Maria said.

She pointed to Max and his friends.Teddy and Bear both nodded their heads in agreement.Then she turned and looked at the girls.They all smiled and looked at Alex and his band members.Max and the guys were talking about how they need to stop getting into trouble.When it was time for the club to close everyone left while Teddy,Bear and the girls started to clean the club.They threw the beer bottles away and put the beer Glasses in the dishwasher.It took them a few minutes to get everything all
finished.When they were all done, Maria ,the girls and the bartenders all
went home.

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Life,Terror,Danger (CC, AU, Mature) Ch 5 12/1/05

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Liz woke up and took a shower. She walked into her room and
went to her closet. She found her flowery sundress and a button up
aweater , then put on her tennis shoes and walked out of her room. Liz went to the kitchen and got herself a poptart. While she
was eating , Maria walked in wearing a black knee length skirt with
a white t-shirt and black slip-ons. Maria grabbed a doughnut while Liz was finishing her breakfast. After they both , Liz went to her room and grabbed a book she had on her nightstand . After she
got the book her and Maria went went out the door to her car .
When they both walked in the office they went to their desks . Liz
sat down and looked at the book that was in her hands . She was
scared that Clay Adams was still hanging around Matt , Chris , Scott .That would mean that they might cause some problems for
her and Jim .

She stood up from her chair and walked to Jim's office.She knocked on the door and waited to see if he was in .Meanwhile ,
Jim was sitting at his desk going through some paperwork when
there was a knock on the door.

"Come in" Jim said.

Liz walked into the office and saw that he was sitting at his desk with a lot of paperwork . Jim looked up and saw that she
had a book in her hands.

"What can I help you with , Liz?" Jim asked as he moved the paperwork to the side .

"Um we might have a problem .There might be someone helping
Matt , Chris , Scott ." Liz said as she sat in the chair .

"Who would want to help them ? And why are you carrying a book
around for ? " Jim asked as he was watching her.

"Well in this book I have a picture of a guy that might be helping
them . " she said.

"Ok , let's see what he looks like and what his name may be . "
Jim said .

Liz walked to the desk , and opened the book to where the picture was . Jim looked down at the book and saw it was a picture of Liz , Matt , Chris , Scott and some guy . They were all standing outside by some trees when the picture was taken . They
were all smiling and laughing in the picture He looked up back at
Liz and saw that she had a scared look on her face . He knew that
this was hard for her , but he was glad that she could come to him about this.

"Clay Adams ? Do you know what happened to him ?" Jim asked as
he was still looking at her .

"She looked at Jim and said , "No . I haven't seen him in 4 years .
I don't even know if he's still alive ."

"Well come on let's go findout . " Jim said as he went to his laptop
computer .

Liz and Jim sat down and looked through the records to see if
Clay Adams was still alive . 5 minutes later they found out that he
where he was living . They also found out that he has been visiting
Matt , Chris , Scott for the last 4 years they have been in jail . Jim
and Liz looked at eachother and knew this was bad .

"So that means he could definitely be helping them . But why would
he ?" She asked as she stood up .

Jim also stood up and said "Who knows . But at least we know
he might be involved in this mess . Now we just got to keep an eye out for him . "

"Do you think he will start some trouble ?" asked Liz as she turned
and looked at Jim .

"If he is like Matt , Chris and Scott , then he might do that ."

"I'm going to check the uniforms and see if there are any fingerprints on them . Hopefully whoever it is left some prints on them . " Jim said .

If his prints are on the uniforms I want to be the first to know
about it . "She said .

"You know when I find out , you will too ."he said.

"Yeah ok . I'm just wondering if he is up to something ."Liz said .

"I'm hoping that we get him if he is up to something . Do you want me to keep this book ? he asked as he sat down at his desk.

"Yeah go ahead and keep it . I don't ever want to see that picture
again ." Liz said as she walked to the door .

"You better get some work done . I'll talk to you later on , ok ?"
Jim said .

"Ok . Thanks for looking Clay Adams up for me . I hope we catch
him before he comes after us if he is involved ." Liz said as she
walked out of the office .

Liz went to her desk and sat down . She looked at all the pictures on her desk and smiled . She started on her paperwork that was on her desk . While she was working on her paperwork ,
she was hoping that Clay was not in involved in the killing . But
that doesn't mean that he was not involved in mess somehow .Jim
hoped that Liz would be ok with this when he tells her that Clay
wasn't involved in the murders . Jim sat the paper down and dailed Liz's phone number .The phone ringed twice before Liz answered the phone.

"Hello . This is Liz , how may I help you ?" She asked as she finished her paperwork.

"Hey it's Jim .We got the test back . Can you come to the office
because you need to see this . "Jim said .

"Ok I'll be there in a few minutes . Thank you for letting me know ."Liz said as she was standing up.

Liz and Jim hunged up and Liz walked to Jim's office seeing that
he was at his desk holding a piece of paper in his hands .

"Jim what's wrong ?" she said as she went to sit down.

"Here is the report for you to see ." Jim said as he handed the paper to her .

"What does it say ?" Liz said as she looked at the papr in her hands .

"It said that Clay Adams' fingerprints are not on the uniforms nor
on the note . " Jim said as he looked at her .

"But what if he is involved in this somehow ?"she asked as she looked at Jim .

"If he is , then he will go to jail with Matt , Chris and scott ." he said .

"So now what are we going to do ?" Liz asked .

"All we have to do is keep checking fingerprints on the gifts that
arrive at your house , the club and here ." Jim said as he set the
paper down.

"Ok . I'm hoping that whoever it is sending me gifts will be caught
soon ."Liz said .

"You know we will find out who the person involved in this and put them in jail ." Jim said .

"I know . I better get back to work . " She said as she stood up and went to the door .

"Ok . I 'll see you later ." Jim said as he put the files infront of him