The Christmas Angel (AU,M/L,TEEN) COMPLETE - 12/25/13

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The Christmas Angel (AU,M/L,TEEN) COMPLETE - 12/25/13

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Title: Nurse Liz Parker, the Christmas Angel
Summary: A short little story about a little boy, a doctor and a nurse whose lives intersect at a very special time in a not so very special place.
Genre: A/U, no aliens
Disclaimer: I have stolen the names of the characters that’s all.

Chapter: 1

Nurse Elizabeth Parker entered the quiet private room off the children’s ward wishing only for a slight reprieve for the little boy who had stolen her heart so many months ago. ‘Just one hour of painless sleep God, just one hour of not needing those awful needles and horrible pain meds that he will certainly need to be weaned off slowly someday.’ Hopefully that day would happen with this next surgery. So many surgeries for so sweet a child. God love his little heart.

Little Alexander had been here for nearly a year now. His parents killed instantly in that horrible accident with that jack-knifed oil tanker right before Christmas last year and left him an orphan and near death himself. Had the driver of the vehicle following a far distance behind not stopped to see if he could help, the child most certainly would have died along with his parents. There was no one left to step in for this sweet little boy. No one at all.

Hopefully this new doctor, Dr. Maxwell Evans, would be able to bring the child some comfort this Christmas. God only knew that answer and Nurse Parker would certainly be asking for his help.

“How are you feeling this evening Alexander?”

“Very well Nurse Parker, and you?” The four year old answered most seriously.

Liz almost giggled at the child’s reply…almost,

“I’m doing very well Alexander. Have you asked Santa for anything this year?”

“No, I think I have everything I need. Have you asked for anything Miss Parker?”

“No Alexander, nothing from Santa. Like you I have everything I need too.” ‘I have prayed to God for a few things but I haven’t asked Santa’, thought Liz.

About that time Dr. Evans made his way into the young boys room and picked up the chart hanging from the foot rail of the bed. Liz busied herself lifting the child to straighten his little hospital gown to make sure that Dr. Evans would be able to do his preliminary exams and to familiarize himself with the child’s overall disposition before tackling the difficult surgery in the early morning hours.

So far Alexander’s care had been a very regimented and sterile undertaking. Any chance that the child would come into any contact with a contagious disease, even a cold, would be very detrimental to his health.

“Nurse”, Max looked at her identifying name, “ Parker, will please remove Alexander’s gown for me?”

Liz smiled at Dr. Evans and then turned toward Alexander who lifted his little arms and placed them around Nurse Parker’s neck as she gently lifted him to untie the drawstrings at the base of his neck. Dr. Evans watched this and hid the smile as he watched the nurse and the child go through what seemed like very familiar procedures to them.

Liz kissed the top of Alexander’s little head as she held him forward for Dr. Evans to examine the child’s little lungs and then she gently lay the child on his back and pulled the gown gently over Alexander’s shoulders and down his arms. Max thought he was prepared for the sight before him, having only read the child’s chart just hours ago in order to familiarize himself but what he saw now nearly broke his heart.

Alexander Whitman had almost been sliced in two by the force of the seat belts during the accident and his little internal organs had been put back into his little body piece by piece and now Dr. Max Evans would close the gaping hole that had kept this child’s upper body open in order to observe the healing process for almost an entire year. Nurse Parker noticed the look of, what was it, grief? And she leaned over and kissed Alexander’s cheek as she watched the little boy take in the Doctor’s reaction. Alexander smiled and patted Liz’s hand…he knew those looks very well and he was only four years old. He had just celebrated his fourth birthday in this same room and Liz wanted to cry along with this young doctor. A doctor, she had been told, who was one of the best in his field. As long as the Whitman’s insurance held out Alexander was assured the best and this bothered Liz tremendously, although she was happy the boy had at least that.

“It’s alright Dr. Evans,” Young Alexander smiled, “It’s always tough the first look, right Nurse Parker?”

Liz smiled and hugged her charge…she had other children to tend to but they were in and out in a matter of days and she never got to know them. They all had parents to take care of them and all of her fellow nurses knew this was her boy. None of them would dream of stepping in to that child’s room without good reason. She was even there on her day off, reading to him, watching cartoons with him and seeing to his every need. His parents were gone but nurse Parker was not.

Liz looked at Max, “he’s right you know. You think you’re prepared but it’s always tough.”

Max nodded at the nurse and then smiled at the boy…

“Alexander, when you wake up you are going to be the most handsome boy in this hospital and when I can I am going to take you to see Santa myself and we’ll have hamburgers and ice cream. How’s that?”

“That’s fine Doctor but I don’t want to go without Nurse Parker.”

“Albright then Alexander, Nurse Parker can go too if she wants to. Will you join us Nurse Parker.”

“I wouldn’t miss it for the world. Now Alexander, raise your arms honey and I’ll put a clean gown on you and get you all ready for the big day tomorrow.”

Little Alexander raised his arms while Liz worked the gown up his body and then he wrapped his arms around her neck while she gently reached for the ties…

“Here, let me do that while you hold him.” And Max Evans walked to the other side of the small bed and gently tied off the two ties at the back of the child’s neck. Liz watched the man handle the child so gently her eyes filled with tears. Not many of the doctors would have bothered and when she looked at Max his eyes too were damp. He looked at Liz and smiled…

“Will you be here tomorrow Nurse Parker?”

“Yes, it’s my day off so I’ll be here before Alex is wheeled to surgery and I will be here waiting when he returns. My change of clothes is in my locker and I’ll sleep in the nurses lounge.”

“Maybe I’m out of line by asking you to assist then, will you Nurse Parker?” Liz was shocked.

“I haven’t assisted in surgery since I was in training Dr. Evans but I definitely would like to scrub in. I think Alex would be much more relaxed if someone he knew was with him.”

“I agree. I will see you at 6:00 then.”

“I’ll be here.”

And with that Dr. Max Evans left the room and young Alexander scooted down on his fluffy pillows Nurse Parker gave him for his birthday and waited for his night time story. Tonight they were going to read about the Littlest Angel and Alex was beside himself with happiness. He loved Nurse Parker and he didn’t care if he ever got better. His mother and daddy were gone and Nurse Parker was the only mom he had left.

It only took two chapters, just as it always did, and Alex was sound asleep and Liz was free to check on her other patients. She really didn’t care if the other nurses had more meds to measure and charts to fill out, Alex needed her and they understood…or they’d better. Alex was hers and young Alex would only tolerate them until she came on duty. It was nothing for her to sit and rock him for hours when he was in excruciating pain and she didn’t care whether anyone liked it or not.

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Re: The Christmas Angel A/U M.L. ch:2 12/22/13

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Eve: I'm so sorry you're crying...but I promise to make it better honest. :)
Natalie: Dry your eyes Natalie, Santa's on his way! :)
Caarolyn: I'll tell you who's surprised! I am! That you can take the time to leave such nice fb with the house full you have. And, I've got to tell you, I wrote this a while back and forgot all about it. It's a short little fic. so it will be finished by Christmas day...unless I forget to update. :roll: I promise I won't though. I was going to make it longer but that would have been a whole new story...I guess that's why I forgot about it. :)
Saori_1902: Thank you, it's a short one... :)


Chapter: 2

At 6:00 a.m. Liz was holding Alex’s hand as the gurney was rolled into his room by Doctor Evans himself. He had told the O.R. orderlies that he and Nurse Parker would bring Alex to the operating room themselves. He wanted the child to be as comfortable as possible and being with people he had already met would definitely help his over all attitude, even though little Alexander had gone though numerous surgeries in the past year Dr. Evans felt that the child’s psyche was as important and his physical well being.

“Doctor Evans, Alex is totally comfortable with all of us, well as comfortable as anyone can be. He’s been here for a little over a year now. We all know him.” The O R orderly argued…

Max smiled at the young man and nodded…”just the same Nurse Parker and I will bring him down this morning. How long has she been the nurse on his case?”

The orderly smiled, “She’s been here since day one sir…it was instant love doctor, young Alex was only 3 at the time.”

Max returned the orderlies smile as he made his way out the automatic doors and headed to the children’s wing of the hospital.

When he arrived Nurse Parker had little Alex all ready for his trip to surgery. He was on Liz’s lap in the rocking chair at the side of a window, bundled in a hospital blanket, his head wrapped in his too large cap, snuggled in while his ever faithful nurse sang to his sleeping body. Max’s heart ached; no child should have to endure what this child has had to, all alone in the world with only a nurse who clearly loved him.

No parents or loved ones to care whether he lived or died, no one to make him smile when he woke up in the morning. No running to his mom with a cut finger or split lip. And then Max looked at Liz Parker, no one but this beautiful young nurse who clung to him as though he were her own. And Max Evans wanted to cry again.

“Are we ready Nurse Parker?” Max managed to say as he cleared his throat.

“Yes, he’s asleep already and won’t wake up for quite awhile now but I’ll be here with him. I’ve scheduled the next few days off in order to be with him.”

Max smiled, what was she going to do when this child was released to social services. There’s no doubt that this is what will happen with him when he can no longer stay in the hospital, but Max kept those thoughts to himself.

He had rented a small apartment within walking distance from the hospital in order to oversee young Alex’s care during his recuperation. The rebuilding of the tiny body would need constant observation during this dangerous period of reconstruction and Max did not intend to leave the job to anyone else. He was determined that this procedure would be a complete success and this child would live a long, healthy and happy life. He had made his way to the hospital chapel on his way home last night and God had assured him this would go well. Max left all of his major surgeries up to God. Maybe that’s why he was considered so successful; it was really God doing the work, he was only an instrument just like the tools he used.

“This little boy will enjoy your birthday this year Jesus.” He told his

Max put the brakes on the gurney and folded the blanket down to make it easier for Liz to place Alex on the rolling table. Alex didn’t seem to want to let go of Liz’s neck but when she kissed his cheek he relaxed and, in his drugged state, the little boy let go and Liz gently laid him on the hard mattress, straightened his gown, pulled up his too big slippers, and covered his little body and tucked him in.

Max only stood back and allowed Liz to take her time. She had done this too many times as far as she was concerned but she would not abandon little Alex. He was the sweetest little man she had ever met and there wasn’t a doctor or nurse in that hospital who didn’t know how she felt.

Soon they were on their way to the operating room and quite a few of the staff lined the halls and wished Liz well. She smiled and kept on holding to her side of the gurney. Max did most of the pushing since the thing wasn’t any heavier than it had been when it was empty. Liz only made sure the child didn’t fall off. She looked into the eyes of her fellow doctors and nurses and could only smile. She knew they were all pulling for little Alex. They all knew him, if not personally then through the grapevine.

The staff of the hospital had no idea who this Doctor Evans was but, again the grapevine; they had all heard wonderful things of his work. He was very well known in the East but was requested to come to Roswell General for this particular case.

Apparently the Chief surgeon of the hospital had met Max at a seminar a few years back and when little Alex was admitted he had sent Alex’s case file to Max. Max had taken great interest in it and informed the acquaintance that when it was time for Alex’s final surgery to please call him. He would at least like to assist if nothing else. The Chief told Max at that time that the surgery was his if young Alex made it and Max said he would definitely be there. Max had no idea why he wanted to do this or how long it would take him away from his own practice but it didn’t matter. God was calling him to this child and he was there to see to it.

Nurse Elizabeth Parker had scrubbed in with all of the other assistants and Doctor Evans and when Max looked at the young nurse he knew that it wouldn’t have been possible for her to assist even if she had been a surgical nurse. This child meant too much to her for her to remain calm and collected enough to be of any real help and his heart ached for the young woman. She was going to suffer a whole lot more heartbreak by the time this was all over. He knew she would never be able to bid this child goodbye and move on. What a horrible thought. And then Max Evans became Doctor Evans and put all thoughts of anything out of his mind except the surgery that now had to take place.

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Re: The Christmas Angel A/U M.L. ch:3 12/23/13

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Pom: Thank you so much and I am really glad to hear that you are enjoying this. A new chapter will be up tomorrow and the finish on Christmas Day. I know that's a busy day for most folks but some of us have all kinds of time, so enjoy. :)
Lizza: Hey there, here's another short little chapter for you. Things are moving right along here. Hope you have all of your decorations up for all your nieces and nephews and are ready for Santa. :)
Eve: Right on schedule here. Did you get all of your cupboards straightened out for the holidays? What a chore to take on at this time of year, any time of year for that matter. Enjoy the rest of little Alex...only 2 chapters after this one. :D

Chapter: 3

It was 4 hours later when Max and Liz returned young Alex to his room and everything was put to order.

The hole in young Alex’s abdomen had been successfully closed, no grafts were necessary, and young Alex would be under close scrutiny until all surgical wounds were healed.

About a month later a representative of social services visited young Alex’s room along with an attorney in order to discuss young Alex’s recovery with the nurse on duty, Liz, and the doctor who had performed Alex’s surgery.

Liz was flabbergasted to find an attorney along with the social services representative and didn’t know what to make of all of this. Doctor Max Evans just stood on the sidelines while Liz answered most of the questions that were brought up and when Max was certain that the visitors had all of the information they needed he proceeded to ask some questions of his own.

“Miss DeLuca, is it my understanding that Mr. Guerin here represents this young boy and his interests? “

“Yes Dr. Evans. Why do you ask?”

“Well, I was wondering if there were any people out there at all who would be taking care of Alex when he was discharged from this hospital.”

Mr. Guerin, Atty. at Law, answered Max’s question.

“Well, Dr. Evans. There are no living relatives if that’s what you’re getting at except a great aunt living in another state. She is quite elderly and if you ask me, and I’m no doctor, I think the woman is borderline Alzheimer.”

“I see. And if someone who knows Alex very well, and loves him like her own, would want permanent custody of the boy how would she go about finding a way to make this happen?” Now Max was thinking of Liz, because he knew this is what she would want. Liz remained quiet as she stood beside Alex’s bed and held his little hand while these people discussed him as if they were talking about a Christmas turkey.

“Well Dr. Evans, I think that the easiest way would be for that person to go through my office. I have been taking care of Alex’s estate since the accident first happened and I would be the first person anyone would contact regarding Alex’s care so why not just start with me in the first place.”

Then Miss Deluca interjected a thought…”Do you have anyone in mind Dr. Evans?”

“I certainly do Miss DeLuca, but we will set that aside for the time being.”

“I see, and why is that?” Maria DeLuca wanted to know.

“Well Miss DeLuca, since you don’t know me and I don’t know you it would be best to find out the how before finding out the who don’t you think?”

Max didn’t know these people from Adam and he certainly didn’t want to put the screws to any chance Liz might have in getting custody of Alex. She would have to find daycare, health care and so many other things before she would even be considered for Alex’s permanent caretaker but there wouldn’t be a better person on earth.

He and Liz had become very close over the past month or so since Alex’s operation and the child was coming along famously all because of the care of course but also because he felt loved and Max found that he was falling in love with young Alex just as he had with Nurse Parker and this last thought petrified him. He really didn’t know her that well.

It was Michael Guerin’s turn to speak now.

“Dr. Evans, if you have someone in mind it would be a great help for the case if this someone was actually a married couple. Although the system recognizes that single parents are as capable as a married couple it has been my experience that a married couple has a much better chance of adoption than a single person does.”

Max thought about that for a minute, and only a minute, he had to get Liz alone.

“I see. Well Mr. Guerin, I will have my attorney contact your office in the next day or two and you can start the procedures as soon as possible. I’m sure you will like the gentleman I send. I’m almost certain that Mr. Philip Evans will be contacting you most likely this afternoon or tomorrow morning at the latest.”

“Philip Evans, I’ve heard of him. Is he a relative?”

Max smiled a knowing smile at Michael; he had lost a big case to his dad just months before.

“Yes Mr. Guerin, he’s my father.”

Michael smiled, held out his hand which Max took as he returned the smile and Michael placed his hand on Maria’s back to lead her out of the hospital room.

Liz looked at Max with a puzzled expression and he smiled as he held out his hand to her and squeezed…we have to talk. Liz was still puzzled, she had come to know Max very well over the past month and liked him quite a bit…she just hoped that she didn’t like him too much. He was a famous surgeon and she was just a lowly pediatrics nurse in Roswell, New Mexico.


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Re: The Christmas Angel A/U M.L. ch:4 12/24/13

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Natalie: :) Ch. 4 coming right up....if you can't read til after Christmas, have a great one.
Eve: Congrats on the planning and have a Merry Christmas.


Chapter: 4

When Alex finally dozed off for his afternoon nap Liz buzzed Max on his private cell, they had exchanged numbers weeks ago in case Alex needed help…Max had also started a small practice in Roswell since he was away from his own practice for so long so he was away from the hospital occasionally. His sister Isabelle was quite capable of taking care of things there even if he never returned.

“Max, Alex is asleep now, do you still want to talk?”

“Yes Liz, how about meeting me in the chapel. I’m there right now and it’s empty.”

“I’ll be right there.”

Liz couldn’t imagine what Max wanted her for but she made her way to the chapel just the same. She would not let her heart break just yet. She would see Mr. Guerin as soon as she could about having custody of little Alex. She would move back to her parents’ home if she had to, whatever it took to make sure this child, the love of her life, would lead a happy life.

When Liz walked into the chapel she saw Max seated in the first pew with his head resting on the back of the pew in front of him. Max was in a world of his own.

Liz approached the young doctor and couldn’t help the flutters in her heart. He was the most wonderful man she had ever met in her life and he wasn’t hard on the eyes either.


Max turned to look at the young nurse and knew this was not a mistake.

“Liz, have a seat please.” And Max scooted over even more, if that was possible, in order to make room for, ‘oh God’, the love of his life.

Liz sat next to Max and wondered what that strange look was on his face.

“What is it Max?”

“Look, I know you want Alex. Everyone that is involved with this case knows that you want Alex. I think the social worker knows that you want Alex, but Liz, you would have a much better chance in getting him if you were married.” Liz gulped and Max just looked at Liz hopeful.

“Max, I don’t even have a boyfriend. I haven’t dated anyone in over a year and there’s no one out there that I want to spend the rest of my life with. What are you thinking?”

Go for broke Max….

“Liz, marry me.” Liz sat there dumbfounded and Max wanted to kick himself.

“Max, seriously, think about this.” Liz wanted to laugh, cry and scream all at the same time. “What are you doing? You have a medical practice in another state, we don’t know if the courts will allow us to have Alex, and if they don’t then what? This is totally insane.”

Max smiled, she was right but oh so wrong too and he knew it.

“Liz, this is impossible, but I love you. I don’t know what kind of love it is but I do know it’s love. We could take months, a year maybe, to find out what or where this could lead or, we could just get married. If we get Alex that would be wonderful, if we don’t, which I doubt because my dad doesn’t lose, we can start having our own litter of Alex’s. What do you say?”

Liz started to laugh and now Max got a puzzled look …

“A litter? You want a litter?” Liz was almost dumb struck.

“Well, yeah. Alex needs brothers and sisters right?” Max grinned…

“How many brothers and sisters are we talking about?” Liz was serious.

“Does that mean yes?” so was Max…

“How many Max?” Liz wanted an answer, did the man want 7, 17, what did he consider a litter? Or…was he just being facetious.

“Well, let’s see how many God gives us. Is that fair?”

Max finally understood where Liz was coming from. One of the things that needed work as far as getting to know each other better was just when the other was throwing out examples or was serious.

“Yes, I guess so.” Liz still wasn’t sure about this “litter” business.

“So will you? Marry me?”

“Yes, when?” go for it Liz.

“Let’s go get the license today if we can and say in 3 days we can get us married and be ready to fight the system.”

“That sounds like a plan Max. What about your practice? Do we have to move?”

“No sweetheart, we will live wherever you want to live. If you want to stay here in Roswell then I will set up a practice here. My sister Isabelle is quite capable of running the other practice and I will be available for consultations when she needs it. Does that sound fair?”

“Yes Max, very fair. Shall we tell Alex?”

“Not yet. Let’s wait and see what we find out first.”

“Fair enough.”

So the young couple made their way back up to the pediatrics ward and into young Alex’s room. The child was lying there all alone, practically in tears.

“Alex, what’s wrong sweetheart?” Liz ran to the side of the bed and gently lifted the young boy up and into a hug.

“You were gone and no one knew where you went to. You aren’t going to leave me are you Nurse Parker?”

“No Alex, I’m not going to leave you. I was in the chapel with Doctor Max. We had some personal business to talk over and we didn’t want to disturb you.”

“Oh. Did you get things straightened out then?”

“Yes, I think we’ve got a good start on it anyway. Why are you so unhappy?”

“Well, I’m getting better and they are going to let me go home soon but I don’t know where home is?”

“Oh my sweet little boy, don’t you worry about that okay. You let Doctor Max and me worry about that. All you have to worry about is what you want Santa to bring you for Christmas.”

“Oh,” Little Alex bit his lip, “okay. I know what I want but it’s a secret. If I tell anyone then it might not come true.”

“That’s very true Alex. Are you hungry? Would you like a little snack? Dinner time is still an hour away, what do you say?”

“Did you sneak me some cookies?”

Liz looked at Max and then back at Alex, who knew better than to tell on her but she nodded just the same…

“Sure did.” She reached into her over sized tote that she had lying on the night table and pulled out a zip lock full of decorated sugar cookies. She held the sack out to Max who helped himself to two of the contraband and then she gave the rest to Alex who sat there and smiled the biggest sunshine smile Max had ever seen.

“You like sugar cookies don’t you Alex?” Max could tell by the look on the boy’s face that he wasn’t wrong but then Alex revealed another secret of his.

“I like chocolate chip better but Nurse Parker says I should wait a little longer before eating those. Just a little while right Nurse Parker?”

“Right Alex. Now, I have to make some rounds in the ward. Will you be okay here by yourself?”

“Oh, I won’t be by myself…Doctor Max will be here with me won’t you Doctor Max?”

“Yes I will Alex, now what shall we play today.”

“Play, what kind of play?” Liz wanted to know.

Max pulled a DVD out of his jacket pocket and inserted it into the slot on Alex’s TV…

“Doctor Max plays games with me on the TV. Do you want to play?”

“Not right now Alex, I’m going to check on the other children. You be quiet okay and don’t let Doctor Max get too noisy.”

“I won’t. I’ll see you for dinner okay?” So much for the courthouse today Max thought, but Alex was worth it.

“Okay sweetie, have fun.” And Liz left her two men alone for the afternoon. ‘God let this happen, please.’ She thought as she left the room.

The next day Liz and Max spent their lunch hour at the county court house applying for the marriage license that they didn’t get a chance to get yesterday, and then Max drove Liz to the hospital before he took off to pick up his father at the airport.

After getting his father they drove directly to Michael Guerin’s office and proceeded to fill out the numerous documents necessary to apply for custody of young Alex Whitman. It was at this time that Philip Evans found out that his son intended to be married in three days and almost choked on the news.

“Max, are you sure about this?”

“As sure as I am that the suns coming up tomorrow dad. I love her and the young child and we will make a great family.”

Michael just sat and watched the interaction between father and son and could only smile. He knew how Max felt because he felt the same way about that Maria girl. She was a spitfire but he loved that about her too.

“Were you going to let your mother and I know about this any time soon Max.”

“Well, as soon as there was time to fit it in dad. You’re being told now, that’s soon enough.”

“Do you plan on taking a honeymoon son? Do you know where you’re going to live? Have you made any plans at all?”

“Not really. Just that the ceremony will be in three days at the court house.”

“Well, are we invited?”

“I guess, if you want to come. I don’t think Liz has told her parents either.”

“Well, is this a secret?”

“No, not really, we’ve just been busy.”

“I see. Too busy to tell your family that you are getting married and are planning to adopt a child in the interim?”

”Well, yes as a matter of fact. I am 32 years old dad. I didn’t think I needed permission to ask a woman to marry me.”

“Not permission but sharing would have been nice. Does this woman have a name?”

“Dad, I’m going to leave you to discuss the legalities of getting custody of young Alex and I have things to do so if you’ll excuse me I’ll just leave you
to it. You can give Mr. Guerin any information he needs…I’ll see you for dinner.”

Max all but ran out of Michael Guerin’s office and made his way down Main
street to the jewelry store he had passed every day since taking the apartment above the convenience store on the corner. He made his way into the cheerfully decorated shop and was very surprised at the huge amount of lovely displays and the fantastic choices of diamonds and other gems. It was somewhat of a shock for such a small town.

“May I show you something special for the holiday perhaps?” The lovely saleswoman asked.

“Yes, a bridal set please.” Max asked.

“Oh, and is there any special price range sir?”

“None. I want something with class, not gaudy, and the young woman is very petite.”

“I see. Come this way sir and I’m sure I’ll have what you are looking for.”

Max scanned the showcase with some scrutiny and then spied a beautiful princess cut solitaire, about one carat, and a solid wedding band to go with it and he knew immediately, that was it. Just large enough but not too large and the simple gold band would set it off perfectly.

“What size sir?”

“Hold that thought,” Max took out his cell and dialed Liz. When she answered the only words out of his mouth were, “What size ring do you wear?” Liz giggled and said “4 ½, Max are you in the jewelry store on Main street?”

“Yes.” And he paused…

“Let me speak to Amy.” Max looked at the woman waiting on him…”Are you Amy?” She answered “Yes” and Max handed her the phone.

“Amy here.” She said,

“Amy, it’s Liz Parker, find out the man’s ring size and get me a matching man’s wedding band…and not a word to anyone until I speak to my parents. If you say one word I’ll haunt you the rest of your life.”

“I understand Liz.” And Amy handed the phone back to Max.

“Well, what did she say?”

“I need your ring size, that’s it.”

“Put them all on my credit card.”

“Never, Liz will slit my throat, she has an account here and your ring goes on that account. Now when is the big day? How soon do I need to have these sized?”

“Can you have them done this afternoon? I want to give her the engagement ring this evening at dinner.”

“That’s kind of a rush isn’t it, but I guess it can be done. I’ll bring Jim in and have them done immediately. I guess you haven’t even told Jeff and Nancy yet. Liz threatened me about spilling the beans but this is a small town and I think I would tell the brides parents before someone else does.”

“Thank you, my dad practically ripped my throat out when he found out so I guess it’s best to let the parents in on things. I’ll be back later.” And Max practically danced out the door, it had been many years since he had to discuss his personal life with his parents but then this was a big day.

In the meantime Philip Evans was on the phone to his wife, filling her in on all that he knew of the pending nuptials and then she informed him that she would be on the next plane to Roswell along with Isabelle. That left Philip in charge of getting rooms for everyone because Max only had that one bedroom efficiency apartment that would never house all of them.

What Max and Liz didn’t know was that young Alex Whitman was quite a wealthy young man. The family home that was now his was just on the outskirts of Roswell, sitting on four acres of lovely well groomed property and he had a very healthy portfolio as well. That news would come much later. After having met both Max and Liz Michael was certain that money had nothing to do with their wanting to adopt the child and he would work himself sick to see that it happened.


Liz met Max back at the hospital in time to see to it that they had dinner with Alex. It didn’t seem to make any difference how they tried to make plans things just seemed to happen naturally around them.

Alex was one happy little boy but he wanted to make sure that Max hadn’t forgot his promise….

“Max, are we still going to get hamburgers and ice cream and I need to talk to Santa?”

Max chuckled and Liz gave Alex a great big hug…

“We are going to have many many hamburgers Alex, hundreds in fact.”

“Good, because it’s been a really long time since I’ve had a hamburger.”

That made Liz and Max both pause for a second. Little Alex had been on a very strict diet for just over a year now and it would be a while before his little body would be able to adjust to many foods but Max would make certain that a hamburger was in the near future.

“Alex, do you think that you will be able to excuse us for a couple of hours on Thursday afternoon. It shouldn’t take too long and we will come back to you as soon as we can.” Liz asked, she wanted to share their news so badly but knew that they had to be positive before making any really huge announcements.

“Of course. Liz is it because of the big surprise?”

“Yes it is Alex. Doctor Max and I are going to be married on Thursday afternoon and I need to tell my mom and dad about it too. I’m so excited. We will make sure that everyone gets to meet you too. Will you keep our secret?”

“Of course I will Liz.”


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Re: The Christmas Angel A/U M.L. ch:5 12/25/13

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Eve: Here's the happy ever after...hope your Christmas was great with your family. :)
Natalie: Here's the end of the M&L magic...enjoy... :)


Chapter: 5

Back in Michael’s office things were coming to a nice head as well. The child services had hand delivered the requisition to place young Alex Whitman with the soon to be Dr. and Mrs. Maxwell Evans and after reading the file the judge approved the document without any further to do.

When Liz got off duty at 3:00 she headed on over to the Crash Down to tell Jeff and Nancy the good news about her coming wedding on Thursday morning and to say that her parents were struck dumb was an understatement. Jeff Parker was his usual puffed up self when it came to his daughter and all but bellowed out the door…

“What in the hell do you mean you’re getting married Thursday morning? You don’t even have a boyfriend.” Liz’s mom laid her hand across her cheek and stood there shaking her head. What next? She wondered.

“Well dad, apparently you don’t know everything, it’s just what I said. Thursday morning at the courthouse, 9:00 a.m. be there or not, it’s your choice. I have to go now.” And with that Liz turned to leave.

“Well, do we know the groom? That would help you know.” Jeff’s sarcasm was very evident from his tone of voice.

“I don’t think you do but his name is Max Evans. Doctor Maxwell Evans. I hope you like him because he’s going to be around for quite some time.”

And on that note Liz walked out the swinging door and through the diner then through the front door as her parents stood there dumbstruck.

A very nice looking couple sat there in the far booth along with a beautiful blond haired woman watching this action and suddenly they all smiled. Philip and Diane Evans were very impressed with the cute little dark haired woman who just exited the diner and then Philip looked at his wife and daughter and smiled…”I think I like her Diane.” Diane smiled and nodded, “Me too, should we expect anything less from Max.” And that’s how Diane and Philip Evans got their first look at their son’s fiancé.

Liz went home and showered, stopped at the jewelry store and made arrangements for an engraving on the ring and told Amy she would pick it up tomorrow. Then she headed on back to the hospital to have dinner with Alex and to get him ready for bed. It was getting easier and easier for her to take care of him now that he was all sewn up and healing. It would be two more weeks before he would be allowed to go home and by that time she and Max should have a place ready for him to move into. And it would be decorated for Christmas; ready for anything Alex might have on his Christmas list.

Max showed up just in time to share dinner with Liz and Alex and then Max presented Liz with her engagement ring right before their very soon to be son.

Michael had called Philip immediately after the judge signed the papers and Philip called Max; Max was all but walking on air when he broke the news to Liz and Alex.

Then young Alex asked if he could call Max and Liz mom and dad.

“Yes Alex. Oh, and you don’t have to wait to call us that if you don’t want to Alex, you can call us mom and dad anytime you feel like it. But, don’t forget your birth mom and dad though. We will have pictures of them for you so you can remember what they looked like and know how much they loved you.”

“Thank you mom, but you know I don’t remember them too much. Maybe with pictures it will help though. I’m so glad you are my mom and you are my dad Max.” Now Max was close to tears as well and was having a tough time composing himself to talk.

“Thank you Alex. Now I have to go see some little patients of mine in the other room. You and Liz enjoy your evening and I’ll be back to say goodnight before I go home.”

“Okay dad, you take your time and we’ll be here for you when you get back.”

“Thank you Alex.” And with that Max bent down and kissed little Alex on the head just the way he had seen Liz do so many times since he’d been here and then he bent over and gave Liz a kiss on her head too. It all just seemed so natural.

And so, on Thursday morning the courthouse in Roswell, New Mexico was brimming with people. Liz met the Evanses, Max met the Parkers and the judge who signed the adoption papers also performed the marriage ceremony.

Liz wore a beautiful white wool suit with elbow length sleeves and a small hat with a white veil; she had bought a pair of white shoes and purse to match and a nice pair of elbow length white gloves. She looked beautiful.

She asked the head night nurse to be her matron of honor and Max asked his long time friend from his hometown to be his best man. Other than that there was the three Evanses and three Parkers, Liz’s grandmother made the trip to share in the joy as well and planned on staying through the holidays. This would give everyone a chance to meet little Alex and spend some time with him as well as getting to know Max and Liz.

When the judge finally said “you may kiss your bride” Max took Liz’s face in his hands, leaned forward and kissed her tenderly for the first time on her mouth and then, he decided, this was pretty good and he kissed her and kissed her and kissed her. Liz thought it was pretty damned good as well and was returning as good as she was getting when finally Isabelle cleared her throat and said “Okay little brother, we get the idea.” Max and Liz both started to laugh as they released each other and then Max leaned over so only Liz could hear…”tonight is ours.” Liz nodded and they took their leave.

After the ceremony the entire group went back to the hospital and planned on having lunch in the cafeteria where little Alex would be in attendance with his new family. After all, nothing would happen to him with his doctor and nurse there to take care of him.

The entire family was enthralled with the little boy and both the Parker and Evans families could only thank the Lord for bringing these fine young people together. It was about time something nice happened to them even if it was the devastating experience of one little boy that did it.

The rest of the week was spent with Max looking at various homes on the market to buy for Liz and himself with enough room for plenty of expansion.

Of course little Alex’s house was on the market too but Max wanted something that was theirs. Alex’s inheritance could be held in trust for the little one and someday he would do what he wanted to do with it all.

Every night Max would take Liz to a couple of the places that had possibilities and then they would sit over coffee and discuss the pros and cons. Finally they decided to just rent a small three bedroom home and give themselves time to either find the right place or to build what they both wanted. It seemed the best solution under the circumstances. And so, in two weeks time they had rented a small home in the suburbs with a cute little yard that was big enough for a fort, a dog and anything else Alex might think he couldn’t live without, but those were the two things young Alex asked Santa for when Max took him and Liz for hamburgers and ice cream.

Little Alex survived his horrendous experience in the back of his parent’s automobile and the many surgeries that came after but all in all he came out of it on the good side of life.

Max and Liz had exactly four more children through the years and young Alexander Whitman Evans was a wonderful big brother to his brothers and sisters and every year they went to the Crash Down Cafe and got hamburgers and ice cream at Christmas time to celebrate their lives together and Alex kept his birth parents picture on his night stand to remind him to say a prayer of thanks every night because he knew that his mom and dad in heaven sent an angel to his side in that hospital.

Merry Christmas everyone.

"Age is just a state of mind"...I think that's mine? I could be wrong! I'm old, so sue me.