I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt72 11/2

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sun Nov 02, 2014 5:56 am

L-J-L 76 Yes everyone is happy for Carolyn. She has become part of their "family" as have her brother and sister. Yes maybe pregnant again.

begonia9508 Oh yes Liz maybe pregnant.

keepsmiling7 Oh that would be so funny to have Max at the drug store checkout counter buying a pregnancy test! :lol: Yes Lexie was saying in her own way that this is my daddy!

Natalie36 No they didn't! :lol:

Part 72

Kat checked herself in the mirror again. She couldn't believe that she was nervous about a date with Justin. She hadn't been this nervous when she when out on her first date almost two years ago with Zack. But she had known that Zack would never last past high school. Hell it only lasted a couple months. She smiled when she heard the door bell ring. She was glad that Carolyn was the only one home. Jason had left twenty minutes ago for a date and Carolyn had give Dave some long list of stuff to get at the store. She heard a soft knock on her door and Carolyn stuck her head in.

"Hey kid, Justin is here."
"I'll be right down."

Carolyn left and Kat grabbed her purse and headed down to the living room. She still remembered how bummed Jason was when she won the lone upstairs bedroom. It was also the only room with a private bathroom. She walked down the stairs and into the living room. She smiled when she saw Justin.

"Hey." Said Justin
"Hey." Said Kat
"These are for you Kitten." Said Justin handing her some red roses.
"Thank you."
"Kat, I'll put those in water for you. Have a good time." Said Carolyn
"Thanks Care."
"I won't wait up. Can't count on our brother not doing the same."
"Thanks. Let's go before Dave gets back from the store."

Kat and Justin left. Carolyn smiled happy that her sister had found a sweet guy.


Liz sat in the bathroom staring at the pink stick in her hand. She knew she wouldn't be able to get in to see Dr. Turner until after the new year. Pregnant. Not that she wasn't happy. She was. The timing could have been a little better, but she knew that she and Max would be OK.

"Liz? Are you OK sweetie?" Asked Max through the closed door.
"Yeah Max. I'll be out in just a minute."

It was five minutes later Liz came out of the bathroom. Max looked at his wife and wondered if she was OK.

"I'm fine Max. I was just taking the pregnancy test that I had to get because you were to chicken."
"Well, I do buy your woman things for you! And Vicki Delaney at the drug store just loves to tease me about each time!"
"Woman things? They are called tampons Max, and Vicki is an idiot."
"Still it's embarrassing."
"Well if the home test is right I won't need them for a while."
"It was positive?"
"Yes. I have to see Dr. Turner to be sure. But yes we very well could be having another child."
"Or two."
"Max, I sure as hell hope it's not another set of twins! Four kids under the age of two? That would be crazy."
"Max, I am thinking of taking a few years off from work."
"For the kids?"
"Yeah. I think it would be better that way. I would tell them that I would work part time as a substitute teacher. I means I can teach things other then science. Biology and education were my majors. English was my minor."
"Liz if that is what you want to do then I support you 100%."
"Of course I will finish out this school year."
"That would be wise. Give them enough time to find your replacement."
"I love you Liz don't ever forget that."
"I never stopped loving you Max. Not once in those wasted years apart."

Max kissed Liz holding her close to him.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt73 11/3

Post by Roswelllostcause » Mon Nov 03, 2014 6:03 am

begonia9508 Liz, would be happy with another set of twins.

Natalie36 Liz does think that Max is crazy bringing up the idea of another set of twins!

L-J-L 76 Maybe they were a little shy. But it won't last the whole night. :wink:

keepsmiling7 Liz feels that she would go crazy is she has to deal with four kids in diapers.

Part 73

Justin parked his car in front of Kat's house. They had gone to a small Italian place called Mario's then a movie. He watched Kat, he couldn't believe that this beautiful young woman liked him. He got out of the car and walked around to the passenger side and opened the door for Kat and helped her out of the car. Kat smiled, Justin was so much better then that jerk Don.

"I had a really good time tonight Kitten."
"Me too Justin."
"So you will go out with me again? Maybe for new years?"
"I would love to go out with you again. But I can't on new years."
"You already have a date?"
"Kinda, with two very cute nearly four month olds. I promised Max and Liz I would baby sit."
"I guess it will have to be another time then."
"Or maybe I can ask Liz if it is OK for you to come over and help. She does think you area sweet boy."
"Well I did carry her books and stuff to her car for last spring when she was pregnant with the twins. Just the last couple weeks of school."
"She did say something about that to my sister."
"Kitten, you know I really like you."
"I like you too Justin."
"Katerina, it's more then that. I know this was just our first date, but I think I might be falling in love with you."
"Well, I know that what I feel for you is different then anything I have felt before. I don't know if it is love. But I sure as hell want to find out."

Justin smiled and pulled Kat close. Then under the glow of the porch light he leaned in and very gently started to kiss her. Kat was surprised at first, but started to return it. The kiss deepened and they only broke when the need for air became to great. Justin looked at Kat and knew in that kiss that this just might be the one he had been waiting for. Kat felt something in her that she hadn't felt before when she had kissed a guy.

"Goodnight Justin." Said Kat
"Goodnight and sweet dreams Kitten."

Kat unlocked the door and when inside. Justin couldn't hide his smile as he headed for his car.


Carolyn heard the front door open and close. She knew it was her sister. Jason had returned over an hour ago with the girl he was currently seeing. They had disappeared into his bedroom. She only prayed that he was being careful. He was to young to become a father. She got out of bed hearing Kat in the kitchen, glad that Jason had passed out after he entertained the girl who was loudbas hell in bed.

"How was your date?"

Kat looked at her sister.

"I thought you said you wouldn't wait up?"
"I didn't. Our brother brought his girl home. Let's just say they might have heard her all the way in Boston."
"Eww, please I don't want to hear about Jay's sex life."
"Personally, I hope I don't have to hear him again."
"Care, do you think that Liz and Max would mind if Justin came over when I baby sit on New Years eve?"
"I think that you ask them. But they know this is a new relationship for you."
"It is. It also feels different then any of my past ones."
"With Justin, I feel special. I feel like I am the only girl in the room."
"Well little sister I think you might be falling in love."
"Kat, take this slow and see where it goes. Just be sure that this is who you want your first time with. Don't repeat my mistakes."
"Do you wish you had waited?"
"Yes. I didn't have any feelings for most of the guys I was with. It was just sex. Liz told me that making love was different. That sex was just an act. Making love was connecting on an emotional level."
"Care thanks."
"You're welcome. I love you Katerina Deanna Baker."
"Love ya too."
"Just remember when you are ready to take that step, no sex any where but your bedroom."
"I'll remember"

The two sisters hugged then headed off to bed.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt73 11/3

Post by Roswelllostcause » Tue Nov 04, 2014 4:34 am

keepsmiling7 Yes it is hard for Care. She isn't trying to tell them what to do with their lives, just offer advice.

L-J-L 76 see above.

ybegonia9508 Carolyn is great. Kat got lucky to have her as a sister.

Natalie36 Yes it was a nice date.

Part 74

Liz grabbed Parker who had been on floor trying to craw to the front door when the door bell rang.

"Oh no you don't little man. You can't get the door by yourself." Said Liz

Liz opened the door to find Kat standing on the porch.

"Hi Kat come in."
"Hi Liz. Thanks."

Parker grinned when he saw Kat. He then started to reach for her. Liz handed him over to Kat. Then both when into the living room.

"So how was your date last night?" Asked Liz
"It was nice. Justin is such a sweet guy."
"When are you going out with him again?"
"That is kind of why I am here. I was wondering if it would be OK for him to come over and help me baby sit on New Years Eve."
"You really like him don't you?"
"Yeah. He makes me feel special."
"Kat, you are special. Don't let anyone tell you other wise."
"I know."
"Well you know I have to talk to Max about this. But if I can talk him into it, it should be fine."
"Kat, I know this is still a new relationship for you. But there will be a few rules."
"I can take rules. I will put the kids first."
"They are drawing a little. So be careful not to let them out of sight. The house is baby safe. But don't leave anything but their stuff in their reach. Parker is fast."
"What about Lexie?"
"So where is she and Max?"
"Max when to the store for a couple things. She refused to let go of him."
"Sort of like on Christmas?"
"Yeah. It was weird for the first month she would scream for everyone but me. Now she is such a daddy's girl."
"Bet Max is loving that."
"Yeah he is."
"Liz could I ask you something a little personal?"
"How did you know you were in love?"
"That is a tough one. I never really thought about it. But I guess it's when there is one person that you can't wait to see again. You think of all the time. Makes you feel a way that you have never felt before. That you will do anything for this other person and you don't want to think of life without them. Why do you ask?"
"I have only known Justin a short time. But that is how I feel about him. I want to know what it is like for him to touch me in ways no one ever has."
"Kat, don't rush things. Let things happen when they are meant to. That being said, it only being your second date I don't want you to even think about sex in this house."
"Liz, I would never brake any of your rules. Care, told Jason and me that she won't stop us from having sex in her house, but it has to be in our own bedroom."
"That was the rule when we lived together."
"That is what she said. Uh Liz thanks for the talk. But I got to get to work. The Will Smith burgers won't serve themselves. Besides I don't want to leave Jenny hanging. Agnus won't stay to help if I am late."
"OK. Tell my dad I said hi."
"I will."

Kat left and ten minutes later Max came in carrying Lexie and a bag from the drug store.

"Hi honey." Said Max
"Hi Max. Kat was by a little while ago. She wanted to know if it was ok if Justin came over while she baby sits on New Years eve."
"It's fine. Both not them are good kids. Will you take her? I still have to grab the diapers from the car."
"Come here little lady. Daddy won't be gone long." Said Liz

Both Max and Liz looked at their daughter.

"Lexie what was that?" Asked Liz
"Da! Da!" Said Lexie

Max's face lite up in the biggest grin. Liz smiled too. She had just known that Lexie's first word would be da da.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt75 11/5

Post by Roswelllostcause » Wed Nov 05, 2014 4:38 am

keepsmiling7 Kat and Justin are going to be really tested with these two! :lol:

L-J-L 76 Liz trust Kat with her kids. So she was just laying out the ground rules.

begonia9508 Max will go crazy if they had twin girls to go along with Lexie!

Part 75

Kat pushed the door bell on Max and Liz's house. Justin stood next to her. It was New Years eve, and the two of them were in for a night of baby sitting the twins. Liz smiled at them when she opened the door holding Parker.

"Ma!" Said Parker
"Hi come on in." Said Liz
"Oh my god they are talking?" Asked Kat
"Well all Parker will say is ma. Lexie mostly saids da da. I have been trying to get her to say ma." Said Liz
"It will come. My niece was the same way." Said Justin
"Hi guys." Said Max walking in carrying Lexie.
"Da da!" Said Lexie
"Come on Lexie say ma ma." Said Liz
"Da da!" Said Lexie
"You know you are making mommy feel bad Lexie. Say ma just once for her." Said Max
"Ma?" Said Lexie

Liz broke into a big smile.

"We should be home around one or so. They can have juice until eight. But after that water. Lexie we think is starting to cut her first tooth. So she may be a little cranky." Said Max
"OK no problem." Said Kat
"There is a teether in the freezer." Said Liz
"Ok. Anything going on with Parker we should know about?" Asked Justin
"Just don't let this little guy out of your sight if you put him on the floor. They are both crawing and he is very fast." Said Liz

Kat took Parker from Liz and Justin helped to pry Lexie's hand off Max's shirt.

"Come on sweet girl let daddy take mommy out. You can hang here with Aunt Kat and me." Said Justin

Lexie very reluctantly let go of her daddy. Max and Liz kissed both babies.

"You have our cell numbers right?" Asked Max
"Yes Max. Both of them are programmed in my cell which is in my purse." Said Kat
"Make sure you put your purse on a shelf they can't reach." Said Max
"Max chill I have baby sat before back in Boston." Said Kat
"Right. Feel free to watch any of the movies. Oh help yourself to anything in the kitchen. The fridge in the garage is off limits." Said Liz
"Max's beer out there?" Asked Kat
"Yeah. Both of you are under age." Said Max
"I don't even like beer. Tired it at a party last year. My foster parents had a fit." Said Kat
"I don't drink. My cousin wrapped his car around a tree in Arizona a couple years ago. Nearly killed a little kid." said Justin
"Ok. Happy New Year." Said Liz pulling Max out the door.

As soon as the door closed Lexie started to cry. Justin looked at Kat and some how knew they were going to be in for a long night.


"Come on Alex! We have to watch "Rudolph's Shiny New Year" It is one of my favorites." Said Isabel
"Iz it's for little kids and let's not forget it's way out of date!"
"Come on Alex it will be fun."
"You aren't going to let this go are you?"
"No. Come on order a pizza so we can spend a nice peaceful night just the two of us. This time next year we will have our own set of twins."
"Yeah I know two little girls who will be as beautiful as their mother."
"You know Max and Liz might have a bun in the oven."
"What do you mean?"
"Didn't you notice Liz on Christmas? She was mixing some weird things together."
"Sorry I was too busy trying to to gag at what you and Maria were eating."

Isabel wacked Alex. Alex looked at his wife and knew he had made a bad move.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt76 11/6

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Nov 06, 2014 4:38 am

L-J-L 76 Oh yes Alex is in the dog house with his wife. The twins are going to really test Kat and Justin.

keepsmiling7 Oh yes Lexie is daddy's little girl. Did you really think Isabel would change? :lol:

begonia9508 Yes Max and Liz do need to get out this year. Next year they maybe a little more busy! :lol:

Part 76

Serena watched as Kyle played with their nearly four month old daughter. She still had a hard time believing that she got so lucky to have this man love her. Kyle caught her watching. He npicked up Julia and came over to her.

"Julia looks like mommy needs a hug." Said Kyle
"Ma?" Asked Julia

Serena couldn't help but smile. It felt so good to hear her daughter call her ma. She took her daughter from Kyle.

"You doing ok Red?"
"Kyle, I'm fine. I knew Sean would get out of prison one day."
"Well if he knows what's good for him he will stay the hell out of Roswell."
"Kyle, what Sean did to me sucks! But it helped bring us together too. One of the only clear things from that night is you wrapping that blanket around me and telling me everything will be ok. It was in that moment I started to see you as more then my straight arrow cousin's annoying jock friend. But as this sweet caring guy."
"I wish that I could have stopped it."
"You can't change the past. You can only learn from it and move forward."
"That is so true. Red, you really don't mind staying in tonight?"
"Not at all. To many people out there acting like idiots. Besides I would be too tempted to have a drink at midnight."
"I did get a bottle of non alcoholic champagne for us for tonight."
"That is one of the many reasons I love you Buddha boy."


Justin grabbed Parker as he tried to craw into the hall.

"Hey little man you got to stay put." Said Justin
"I told you he is fast once he gets going." Said Kat
"You did Kitten. How is the little lady doing?"
"She is doing ok. She likes the teether because it's cold and feels good on her gums."
"Yeah I bet."
"Justin put him in the play pen. He will be fine for a a few minutes there. There is a frozen pizza in the kitchen."
"Got it. Want me to bring you back a coke?"
"Yeah Thanks."

Justin put Parker in the play pen and headed for the kitchen. Parker was not happy to be trapped in the pen so he started to cry.

"Parker, Justin will be back in a minute." Said Kat

Parker looked at her.

"Ka?" asked Parker
"What was that Parker?" Asked Kat
"Ka! Ka!"
"Are you trying to say Kat?"
"Ka! Ka!"
"Very good little man! We been working on that tonight haven't we?" Said Justin coming back into the room.
"You have been teaching him my name?"
"Yeah. Kat, I have been."
"That is so sweet."

Justin sat next to Kat wrapped an arm around her and gave her a kiss. A couple hours later they put the two babies to bed and curled up on the sofa to watch a movie. Kat had placed the baby monitor on the table next to the sofa. Half way through the movie Kat heard crying and got up to check on the twins. She found Lexie sitting up in her crib.

"Oh sweet girl that tooth is really bothering you tonight isn't it?"

Kat picked Lexie up and carried her out of the room. They when into the kitchen and Kat grabbed the teether out of the freezer. Lexie took it and put it in her mouth. Kat took Lexie back into the room she shared with her brother. Kat sat in the rocker holding Lexie and started to sing softly to her. At one point Parker woke up and Justin came in and got him.


Max and Liz came home just before one and found Parker laying with Justin on the sofa both asleep. Liz pulled out her phone and took a couple of pitchers. That was when she noticed the soft singing over the baby monitor. She when to the twins room while Max woke Justin and got Parker. Liz walked in the room and saw Kat holding Lexie in the rocking chair singing. Liz realized that there was a lot she didn't know about Carolyn's younger sister. Kat looked up and saw Liz.

"How long have you been there?" Asked Kat
"Not long Kat. I didn't know you could sing. Your sister can't carry a tune."
"Yeah, she got dad's singing voice. I mom's."
"So were they good?"
"Yeah. Though Lexie here has been getting a lot of trouble from that tooth."
"She seemed to like your singing."
"Yeah she fell back to sleep about ten minutes ago."

Liz took Lexie and put her in her crib as Max came in with Parker.

"Justin is going to stay on the sofa. He doesn't think he can drive home safely. Kat the guest room is yours if you want it." Said Max
"Thanks. Let me send Care a text so she doesn't worry."
"Sure. You know where it is. Night." Said Liz

Kat grabbed her phone sent the text and when to bed. Max and Liz made sure the twins were out and headed for bed.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt77 11/8

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Nov 08, 2014 6:10 am

Thanks for the feedback everyone!

Part 77

Liz sat in Dr. Turner's office a week after New Years. She was waiting for Dr. Turner to come in to the exam room. Liz had gone to the lab to have the test done a couple days ago. Dr. Turner came in looking at some papers.

"So Liz how are you feeling?"
"Well I have the results of the pregnancy test."
"So was the home test right?"
"Yes Liz you are pregnant again."
"So next step would be to set up a ultrasound to see how far a long I am right?"
"Yes, and to check for another set of twins."
"That is a risk. But poor Max if the baby is a girl."
"Let me guess Alexis has her daddy wrapped around her little finger."
"Oh yeah. All she has to do is look at him with those soulful eyes of her's and say da, and he turns to mush."
"Max Evans turning to mush that is something I would like to see."
"I don't think that will happen."
"I think you are right. Make an appointment for a month from now for the ultrasound."
"Thanks Doc."

Just then Dr. Turner's pager when off.

"Well I have to go. Seems your sister in law is in labor."
"Guess I should call the rest of the family."
"I guess I'll see you at the hospital."


"I'm going to fucking kill you Alex!" Screamed Isabel

Alex just grinned as Isabel was wheeled through the hospital. He smiled as he passed David.

"You know she doesn't mean it man." Said David
"Yeah I know Dave."
"Alexander Charles Whitman if you miss the birth of our daughters I will kick your scrawny ass!"
"Better go." Said Alex
"Yeah. Later man"

Alex caught up to Isabel and they were taken to labor and delivery.

It was almost four hours later that the Whitman twin girls were born. Bethany Grace first, Christina Rose. Both had whisps of their mother's blond hair but their father's eyes. Alex the proud new dad couldn't keep the goofy grin off his face.


Liz and Max returned home after picking up their twins at Liz's parents place.

"So is our little family getting bigger sweetie?" Asked Max
"Yes. But I want to wait a until after the ultrasound next month to tell anyone."
"I like that idea. It will be too early to see if we have a boy nor girl won't it?"
"Yes Max!"
"I hope we have a girl. One who looks just like her big sister and mommy."
"I don't care as long as our baby is healthy. That is all that is important."
"That is true. I love you."
"Love you too."

Max leaned down to kiss Liz only to have to pull apart by Lexie starting to cry followed quickly by Parker. They each reach into the play pen and picked up one of the babies. They checked the diapers knowing they had eaten not long ago. Max then noticed that Lexie was putting her hand in her mouth. He carried her to the kitchen to grab a teether from the freezer. He handed it to her and it was in her mouth in seconds. He grabbed a second one and handed to Liz for Parker. It was in his mouth and the crying stopped.

"Oh you sweet babies I know it hurts to get your teeth. But it will get better I promise." Said Liz
"Got to wonder if Serena and Kyle are going through this with Julia."
"They will be soon if not already."

Max and Liz sat down holding their babies while they chewed on the teethers.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt78 11/9

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L-J-L 76 Yes Liz is pregnant again. Alex should have known that Isabel would be crazy when she when into labor!

Natalie36 Don't get your hopes up to high. Sean will be showing up. Yes another baby! Alex knew what he was getting into. Kat and Justin's relationship takes a big step toward here.

Part 78 Valentine's Day

Kat and Justin were in the mist of a make out session on the living room sofa in Kat's house. Just started to tug gently on Kat's blouse pulling it out of her skirt and reached up it. Kat pulled away.

"Sorry Kitten."
"Justin, you didn't do any thing wrong."
"Then why did you pull away?"
"I was thinking we should move this to my room."
"You sure?"
"Justin, I love you. I want you to make love to me."
"Kitten, I love you. More then anything."

Kat and Justin kissed, then Kat lead him up the stairs to her room. Once there Kat closed the door. Justin pulled her into his arms and kissing her while working the buttons on her blouse. He gently pushed it off her causing it to fall to the floor. Kat then removed his shirt smiling at his toned chest. Justin wasn't overly musclar but he wasn't unmuscar either. Kat's skirt joined the rest of the discarded garments on the bedroom floor. They made their way to the bed. Kat laid down in the center. Justin climbed on top of her being careful not to put too much wait on her small frame. Kat was only a little over five feet tall and couldn't be more than a hundred pound soaking wet. While Justin was closer five feet nine inches tall and weighed close to one hundred and sixty pounds. Kat reached up as Justin kissed her down her neck and unbuckled his belt. She undid the button and pulled the zipper down. Justin broke the kiss climbed off her long enough to pull his pants and socks off leaving him in his boxer briefs. Kat's couldn't hide her surprise at the bluging groin.

"You are doing this to me sweet Kitten."
"Justin, uh you know that I'm a virgin right?"
"I already knew that Sweet Kitten."

It didn't take long for the rest of their clothes to end up on the floor. Kat blushed when Justin cupped one of her breasts in his hand.

"Kat, don't be embarrassed. You are beautiful, just perfect."
"You really think so? I know I'm not as big as a lot of those girls. Not like Tammie Slater."
"I have never been attracted to girls like Tammie. Besides she is a total bitch. Not sweet like you Kitten."

Justin kissed a line down Kat stopping at the small scar near her stomach. He looked at her asking the unasked question.

"My appendix. I had to have it removed when I was 12."

Justin kissed the scar before kissing the rest of the way to her mound. He gently pushed her thighes apart before sticking his tong in her hot wet core tasting her for the first time. He smiled as Kat let out a goan. He inserted a finger pumping it in and out a few time causing her jucies to cover his hand. He removed his finger and licked it clean.

"You taste good Kitten."

Justin continued to tease her for a few more minutes before he heard a growl from her.

"Damn Justin stop teasing! I need you now!"

Justin knew he couldn't take it much longer either. He started to reach for his wallet. But Kat stopped him.

"Top drawer on your left."

Justin opened the drawer and pulled out a foil packet. He tore it open and rolled the condom over his hard crock. He then placed it at her enterace and slowly pushed into her. He stopped reaching her barrier. They locked eyes, and Justin pulled out a little before pushing through taking her virginity along with his own. He heard her wince and a single tear fell from her eyes. He didn't move wanting her to get use to the feel of him inside her. After a couple minutes Kat gave a shake of her hips letting him know that she was ready. Kat wrapped her arm around Justin as he began to thrust slow and gently letting her get use to this new feeling.

"Kitten you feel good. Nice hot and wet."
"Shit Justin go fast, harder."

Justin did as he was told picking up the pace and pounding into Kat harder. He grunted with each thrust, they mixed with Kat's soft moans. He knew she was growing closer to her climax as her felt her inner walls clap tightly around him. He watched as her eyes glossed over and back arched she dug her nails into his back as the orgasim washed over her.

"Yes Justin! Yes!" Kat yelled
"Kat I love you!" Yelled Justin as he had his release, his seed pouring out of him.

Justin pulled out and removed the used condom. He fell to the bed next to Kat. He tossed the condom in the trash next to the bed and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend. Both were breathing hard and covered in sweat.

"Yes Kitten?"
"Did you mean what you just said? That you love me?"
"Yes Kitten I love you."
"I love you too."

They kissed and fell to sleep in each others arms.


Carolyn, sat wrapped in David's arm on the sofa as the sounds from her sister's room died down. She only hoped that her sister had taken her advice, and was safe and sure that this was what she had wanted.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt79 11/10

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keepsmiling7 Oh yes lots of babies! No Lexie would not be happy to have to share daddy with a little sister! She nearly puts up with sharing with her twin brother!

L-J-L 76 Justin is very sweet to Kat. He might have been the perfect guy for Kat to have her first time with.

begonia9508 Oh yes lot's of babies to grow up and play together.

Natalie36 Oh yes it was a great moment for Kat and Justin.

Part 79

Kat woke to find strong arms wrapped around her. Then she felt soft kisses on the back of her neck. She smiled when she remembered what had happened the night before. She snuggled closer to the man in her bed with her.

"Morning Sweet Kitten."

Kat rolled over to face her boyfriend. She smiled as she leaned in for a kiss.

"Morning Justin."
"Kat, how are you feeling?"
"I admit I am a little sore. But from everything I have been told that is normal after the first time."
"No regrets?"
"No regrets. I love you Justin. Last night was amazing. I felt things I never thought possible."
"I love you Kat. I should admit that last night was my first time too."
"Really? Cause you really seemed to know what you were doing."
"I read a lot in high school. Most girls didn't see me as anything but a geek."
"Well I have to say that it was their loss."

Just then there was a knock on the door.

"Uh who is it?" Asked Kat
"It's Care. I'm leaving a pair of Jay's jeans and a clean shirt by the door for Justin. Come down for breakfast once you are both dressed." Said Carolyn through the door.
"OK thanks." Said Kat

They heard Carolyn head down the stairs. Kat got up grabbing her robe when over to the door and grabbed the clothes for Justin.

"Bathroom is through there." Said Kat pointing to a door handing Justin the clothes.

Justin grabbed his underwear and when into the bathroom. He came out ten minutes later with the jeans hanging a little lose at his waist. His hair damp from the shower. Kat grabbed her clothes and when in the bathroom. Half an hour later they made their way down stairs and into the kitchen. There they found Carolyn sitting at the table drinking coffee and reading the paper.

"Morning. Coffee is on the counter. Cream in the fridge, sugar here on the table. Pancakes staying warm in the oven. Jucie is in the fridge too." Said Carolyn without looking up.
"Thanks Care." Said Kat softly.
"Relax Kat. Jason spent the night at whoever he is seeing this weeks last night. Dave had to go into the hospital early." Said Carolyn putting the paper down.
"Uh thanks for the clothes and breakfast Carolyn." Said Justin
"No problem. Just remember Justin, you hurt my sister it isn't our brother you have to worry about. It's the five other guys in our lives. Oh and Jeff Parker, he does own a shot gun from what I hear for hunting. But would have no problem using it to protect any young lady he sees as a daughter." Said Carolyn
"I love Kat. I don't want to hurt her ever." Said Justin
"Care, can we please talk about this later?" Asked Kat

The three of them sat down to breakfast together.


Liz grabbed Parker as the door bell rang. He started fussing at her.

"Oh quit it. You know you can't open the door."

Liz opened the door to find her cousin standing there with her daughter.

"Hey Rena. Come on in."
"Yo what's up Beth?"
"You mean other then this little guy thinks he can answer doors?"
"Where is his sister?"
"Lexie actually is taking a nap. Unlike this guy who is refusing right now."
"Sorry for ring the bell."
"Don't worry about it. Lexie can sleep through almost anything."
"Wish Julia was like that."
"She still teething?"
"Yeah. I don't know how you are doing it with two kids and working full time."
"Yeah, uh it is a lot. I'm going to part time substitute next fall."
"Any reason?"
"Rena, that is between Max and me."
"Right and the fact that you haven't been drinking coffee lately has nothing to do with it."
"Serena! I am not telling you anything so drop it."
"OK. So you hear Maria had her boy last night? Or I should say early this morning."
"Yeah Nathan Christopher."

The two cousin visited for the next couple hours leting the three nearly six month olds spend time together.


He sat in the old beat up car watching the house. He was going to make that red haired bitch pay for sending him to prison and making his family turn on him. If only she would have kept her mouth shut. Then it would have only been the sheriff's bone head son's word against his. But he would wait to make his move. Right now he just needed a lay. It had been to long since he fucked anyone. He picked up his phone and called someone he knew would easily spread her legs for him.

"Hey I got out last week. You want to get together?"

He grinned at her reply.

"See ya in ten Pam."

He started the car and drove off his dick already throbbing at the thought of his first lay since he when to prison for fucking that drug addict cousin of Liz Parker. So what if it was the school slut. Hell he had been the one to pop Pam Troy's cherry. She had been twelve he had just turned sixteen. That was when he realized how much he loved sex. He knew she had a shit load of brats now. But he didn't give a shit about that. He had some rubbers that had been his mistake all those years ago. He pulled into the driveway of Pam's house and got out of the car. He walked upto the front door and smiled when she opened the door wearing only a bath robe."

"Where the brats?"
"Neighbors. We got a couple hours."
"Good cause I ain't had a lay in a long time."
"Come on in."

He walked in and followed Pam to the bed room. He undressed while she dropped the robe and got in the bed. He climbed on top of her. He only engaged in foreplay long enough to make sure she was ready for his enlarged hard dick. He entered her hard and rough after rolling a condom on. He didn't give a shit about her needs. He only cared about his needs. He grunted as he dumped his load. He laid next to her needing information.

"So what do you know about that bitch of a cousin of Parker?"
"Yeah Serena Kent."
"Well it's now Serena Valenti. She married Kyle last summer right before she had his kid."
"That must of been the kid I saw her with."
"Yeah. She clean now. Not even a drink in over three years. She got a degree and is some kind of phyco therapist."
"Good to know."
"You planning something Sean?"
"Best you not know. That way you can't get in trouble."

They had another round of sex before he left. Pam picked up her phone as she lit a cigarette and made a call.

"Liz, it's Pam Troy. I know we aren't friends but Sean is back and is going to do something to Serena. I just thought I should warn ya."

Pam hung up knowing that there wasn't anything else she could do.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt80 11/11

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keepsmiling7 Carolyn, don't worry about the babies. They will be safe. As for anyone else I won't make any promises.

L-J-L 76 Pam isn't all bad. Sad to say things are going to get bad very soon.

begonia9508 Yes Pam has grown up. She is trying to do the right thing. But it may not be in time.

Part 80

Liz hung up the phone after the call from Pam Troy of all people. They weren't friends. They had never been friends. Pam had teased Max as kids because of his ears. Liz hadn't liked it and shoved her in the mud for it. Pam wasn't all bad Liz knew that. But it still surprised her that Pam would give that warning. Max came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her slim figure.

"Who was on the phone?"
"Pam Troy. Sean is out and is going to go after Serena."
"Where is she?"
"I don't know. She was here earlier with Julia. But left over an hour ago. I know she was going to drop Julia off with my parents. But her cell isn't working."
"Shit. Are we sure we can trust Pam?"
"Max, Pam is a lot of things. But she isn't all bad. If you remember she was the one who tipped us off at that party that Serena when off with Sean and his buddies."
"Yeah I know. She has been used by guys a lot."
"Well her mother has never had a long term relationship so it's not surprising that she doesn't have a good history with guys."
"Call your parents see if they know where she whent."

Liz picked up the phone and started to make calls. Her parents told her Serena dropped Julia off and left more then half an hour ago. Liz called all her friends but none of them had seen her. She got a hold of Carolyn.

"Care, have you seen Rena?"
"No. But Kat sent me a text that she wouldn't becoming home after her shift. That she was going to the mall with Serena. Liz what's wrong?"
"They ring leader behind her gang rape in high school is out of prison and after her!"
"Are you telling me that a fucking rapest is after your cousin and my sister might be in danger now too?"
"Care, this not Serena's fault!"
"I know! It's just I'm worried about her. Liz, she has finally fallen in love with a great guy."
"Care, I know this is personal but do you know if Kat has slept with Justin?"
"Last night."
"Care, I can't promise that nothing will happen to Kat. But, I know my cousin. She will do what she can to protect her."
"Liz, I got to try and call Kat. I have to warn them!"

Liz hung up and prayed that they would find Serena and Kat before Sean did.


Kat grabbed her phone as it rang. She saw Carolyn's name and answered.

"Hey Care."
"Kat is Serena with you?"
"Yeah. Why?"
"Tell her Sean DuLuca is after her."
"Who is Sean DuLuca?"
"Kat just tell her!"
"Girls you are both coming with me." Came a cold voice from behind her.

Kat turned to see fear in Serena's eyes as her phone was ripped out of her hand. It was thrown to the floor and a foot came down smashing it.

"Serena so good to see you again. You and your little friend are coming with me."
"Sean, let her go she isn't part of this."
"Rena, I am making her a part of this. Now both of you are coming with me or I will slice this cute young things ear off."

Serena looked at Kat and saw real fear in the younger girl.

"Kat, we have to go with him. I promise I will do everything I can to protect you." Said Serena wrapping an arm around the younger girl.

Kat just nodded not trusting her voice.

"Let's get a move on it!" Said Sean

Serena kept her arm wrapped around Kat at they walked through the parking garage to Sean's car.


"Kat! Katerina!" Carolyn yelled into the phone.

She threw her phone down and started to cry. She took a deep breath picked up her cell again and dialed a number.

"Roswell sheriff station Deputy Kyle Valenti speaking how may I help you?"
"Kyle! It's Carolyn."
"Hey Care what's up?"
"This isn't a social call Valenti. I think Maria's crazy cousin just kidnapped my sister and your wife!"
"What?! Tell me what happend."
"OK Liz, called me looking for Serena."
"Yeah she called me earlier too. Didn't say why."
"Ok well a little before that I got a text from Kat that she was going to the mall with Serena. Well after Liz's call I called my sister. While on the phone with her I heard a noise in the background, a male voice very cold. Then all of a sudden the phone when dead. Now all I get is her voice mail."
"Oh god no!"
"Kyle will he hurt my sister?"
"Care, we will find both of them. I promise we will bring your sister home to you."
"I can't lose her."

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt81 11/12

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L-J-L 76 Things aren't good for Serena and Kat right now.

keepsmiling7 Serena and Kat are going to be in trouble for a little bit.

begonia9508 Oh yes at lest they aren't alone.

Part 81

Sean shoved Serena and Kat into a motel room about twenty miles from Roswell. He and traded his knife for a gun. He pulled out a wooden chair and shoved Kat down on it. He thew rope at Serena.

"Tie her up. You better make it tight. If she fucking escapes you will never see that brat of yours again." Said Sean
"Kat, it will be ok. We will get out of this." Serena whispered picking up the rope.

Kat didn't speak just nodded her head as tears fell down her face. Serena tied the younger girl to the chair. But only tight enough that Kat wouldn't be able to get out of it easily. Sean then pulled out a bandana throwing it at Serena.

"Gag her. I don't want her making a fucking sound." Said Sean

Serena very reluctantly took the bandana had Kat bite down on it and tied it behind the girls head.

"Kat remember breath threw your nose OK? We will get out of this some how I promise."

Kat nodded her understanding. She knew Serena was going to do whatever this crazy man wanted to try and protect her.

"Now strip! Down to your underwear!"

Once Serena did as she had been told Sean grabbed her and tied her wrists to the bed. He then grabbed a bottle of Vodka took the cap off and forced the bottle to Serena's lips.

"Drink or I put a bullet in the kid."

Serena opened her mouth and Sean started to pour the clear liquor down her throat. She started to choke as it came faster then she could sallow it. Sean pulled the bottle away laughing. Serena stopped choking and glared at him.

"I hope you burn in fucking hell you fucking asshole!" Said Serena
"What's the matter can't hold your liquor any more bitch?"
"What Sean can't you get off unless the girl isn't any shape to fight back? Is that why you had to rape me when I was high as a fucking kite? Why you now have to tie me up and try and get me drunk?"

Sean's eyes flared with anger. He punched Serena in the face breaking her nose. Blood poured out all over the pillow when she turned her head. Sean then riped her panties off dropped his pants and climbed on top of her. Serena heard herself scream and the muffled scream of Kat as Sean raped her.


Jeff and Nancy had closed the Crashdown when they learned Serena and Kat were missing. Everyone had gathered there. Carolyn was barely holding it together. Jason was trying to comfort his older sister. But he really wanted to find the asshole who took his little sister. Kyle wasn't doing very well either. Kyle held his daughter close not wanting to risk losing her too. Liz and Max were holding their children as were Alex and Isabel. Michael and Maria were still at the hospital after Maria had given birth early that morning. Amy had stayed with them. Jim was trying to track down the missing young women. Diane was making coffee for everyone with the help of the only Crashdown employee that had stayed.

The bell over the door rang causing everyone to turn. It was Justin coming in. He made his way over to Carolyn and Jason hugging his girlfriend's older sister.

"Any word?" Asked Justin
"No. Dave is still at work. But the trail seems to have gone cold at the mall." Said Carolyn
"Care, Kat will be OK. She is stronger then she looks."
"You really love her don't you?"
"Yes. I fell in love with her the first time I saw her. I won't abandon her."

Just then the bell over the door rang again and Pam Troy walked in.

"We're closed." Said Jeff
"I know Mr. Parker. I was told the Sheriff was here." Said Pam
"What can I do for you Ms. Troy?" asked Jim
"Sean was at my house earlier. I found something he left. Thought it might help."

Pam pulled a bag out of her pocket that held a book of matches stamped with Desert Sands Motel. Jim took it from her.

"Sean dropped this?" Asked Jim
"It sure as hell isn't mine. I have never been to that rat trap." Said Pam
"We'll check it out."
"OK. I got to get home to my kids. You can find me there if you got any more questions."

Pam left and Jim and half a dozen deputies and state police officers left to check out the motel.

TBC :twisted:

A/N Don't worry Sean is going to pay in a very painful way very soon!
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