I Never Stopped Loving You(AU,M/L,ADULT)Pt100Complete 12/4

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt81 11/12

Post by Roswelllostcause » Thu Nov 13, 2014 4:46 am

L-J-L 76 Oh don't worry Sean pays in this part. His "manhood" isn't shot or cut off. But something does happen to it!

begonia9508 Eve he plans to rape both of them. But don't expect that he will get to far with that!

keepsming7 Yes Serena and Kat are in trouble. Help is on the way and Kat does something to help them too!

Part 82

Kat watched as Sean pulled his pants back on and headed for the bathroom. He vision was blurred from crying. She could hear soft sobs coming from Serena. She wished that she could help her friend. But tied and gaged the way she was there was nothing she could do. Sean came out and walked over to her.

"Well darling that one over on the bed isn't done paying for ruining my life. But I think you and me need to have some fun." Said Sean

Kat tried to scream around the gag. Sean laughed and ran his fingers down her cheek. She tried to pull away but he grabbed her hair.

"You ever had a dick between your legs? Not that it matters I popped more girls cherries then I can remember, one more wouldn't be nothing."

Tears fell from Kat's eyes again. She was scared. She just knew that this monster was going to rape her. God she was so glad that she had given her virginity to Justin. That the monster in front of her couldn't steal that from her.

"Tell ya what we are going to do. I'm going to keep your hands tied behind you. But I will remove you from that chair. You will get on the floor on your knees. I will drop my pants and you are going to suck my dick. Understand?"

Kat could see the knife in his hand and knew that he would kill her. She nodded. Sean removed the gag first. Kat coughed her throat and mouth dry from the gag. He untied her from the chair and forced her onto her knees. He started to drop his pants.

"Wait, before we do this can I have a drink?" Choked out Kat
"All I got is the Vodka."
"My throat is dry. I will choke if I don't drink something."

Sean grabbed the Vodka and put it to Kat's lips. She drank what he poured into her mouth. Her eyes watered as the liquor caused a burning feeling in her throat. Sean pulled it away and tossed it to the side. He then dropped his pants and forced his dick into Kat's mouth. He grabbed her hair and forced her to move up and down it. Kat heard the faint sound of sirens and gravel crunching under tires. That was when she made her move. She took a deep breath through her nose and then opened her mouth as if to change her grip on his penis, but instead closing her lips around it again, she bit down as hard as she could with her teeth. She tasted blood as it squirted into her mouth. Sean fell to the floor in pain. She looked at him after spitting the blood and the tip of the penis out of her mouth.

"You fucking bitch! I'm going to fucking gut you!" Yelled Sean

Just then there was pounding on the door.

"Police! Open up!" Came a voice
"Sheriff! Neither Serena or I can get to the door. Uh Sean is uh hurt." Yelled Kat
"Kat are you OK?" Asked Jim
"Serena, is hurt bad. So is Sean."

Just then the door broke down and Jim came in with three deputies. Jim bent down and saw the blood on Kat's mouth.

"It's not mine. It's his."

Jim looked at Sean and saw his hands couching the bloody mangled flesh that was his penis.

"You bit him?"
"He forced it in my mouth. How is Serena?"
"She's alive." Came deputy Blackwood's voice.

Paramedics came in and took Sean away a deputy going with him. One of the paramedics had picked up and bagged the tip of the penis off the floor to see if it could be reattached. Another set of paramedics came in and placed Serena on a stretcher to take her out to a waiting ambulance. Jim walked Kat out and helped her into the same one as Serena.

"You need to be checked out at the hospital. I'm having you both taken to Roswell Memorial. Kat we will need a statement from you." Said Jim
"I understand."
"I'll call the others and have them meet you at the hospital."
"Kat, don't worry you won't face any charges. What you did was self defence."

Jim closed the door to the ambulance and it drove off. He then pulled out his cell and called Kyle.

"Son we found them. Both alive. Kyle, Serena is in bad shape. Beaten badly, he raped her too."
"I'm going to kill em!"
"Kyle, he won't hurt no one like that again. He tried to force Kat to perform oral sex on him and she bit it off." Said Jim wincing.
"Bit it off? You mean his...?"
"Yeah. Left it a bloody mess."
"Remind me to do something really nice for that girl."
"Will do son. Tell Kat's family the good news."
"I will thanks dad."
"You know I love her too."


Kyle hung up the phone and turned to face his family and friends.

"Care, Jason Kat is alive and ok. She is on her way to the hospital with Serena." Said Kyle
"Did he rape her?" Asked Justin
"Uh from what my dad told me he was forcing her to give him oral sex. But uh she made him pay for that."
"What did she do?" Asked Jason
"She uh bit his fucking dick off."

Everyone of the males winced at the thought.

"Kyle watch the language around the kids next time." Said Liz
"What about Serena?" Asked Jeff
"She didn't make out as well. He beat and raped her."
"Why don't you all head to the hospital? Diane and I will stay here with the kids." Said Amy
"I'll help them too." Said Jenny
"Take them upstairs." Said Jeff

The five babies were taken upstairs where the baby sitters could take care of them then everyone else headed for the hospital.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt83 11/14

Post by Roswelllostcause » Fri Nov 14, 2014 4:47 am

Natalie36 Pam isn't a bad person. She just made some bad choices in the past.

L-J-L 76 Oh you can bet that the guys won't look at Kat the same way again. They defiantly don't want to make her made! :lol:

keepsmiling7 Yes Sean got what was coming to him!

Part 83

Carolyn ran into the emergency room. She was met with David who stopped her.

"Care, Kat is with a doctor. But she looks good." Said David
"I just want to see my sister."
"I know honey. But until they finish the examination you can't. She's not a kid any more. Kat is eighteen an adult."
"I know that! I want to know what that bastard did to my sister!"
"Care, he is in a lot worse shape then she is. From what I hear they may be able to reattach what she bit off, but the nerves are in bad shape. He can't hurt anyone like that again."
"Oh yeah and it will hurt like hell every time he takes a piss."
"How is Rena?"
"Not to good. She hasn't spoken since she came in."
"God, how could he do this to Serena?"
"Sean has always been a sick bastard. There is one other thing. Care, both Kat and Serena smell like booze."
"Serena, wouldn't do something like that! She has been clean and sobor for three years! My sister doesn't drink!"
"I know. I think Sean forced them to drink."

Just then a doctor came out.

"Is there a Carolyn Baker here?"
"That's me. How is my sister?" Asked Carolyn
"She has rope burns on her wrists a few cuts and bruises. But physically fine. Mentally not to good. She was forced to watch Mrs. Valenti be raped."
"Oh god."
"Ms. Baker, I want to keep your sister in the hospital over night just to make sure there is nothing we missed."
"That's fine. May I see her?"
"Yes, Dr. Trainer will you show her the way."
"Yes. Come on Care."

Carolyn followed David to where Kat was laying on a gurney waiting to be taken to her room for the night. Kat looked at her sister and Carolyn when up to her and wrapped her in a big hug.

"God Kat I thought I might lose you!" Said Carolyn
"Care bear, I love you so much!" Said Kat
"Care bear?" Asked Dave

Carolyn turned to look at her boyfriend.

"That nickname goes with you to the grave. You tell no one. Kitty Kat is the only one that can call me that!" Said Carolyn
"Don't worry I won't ever bring it up again." Said Dave
"Now Kat did you really bite that bastard's dick off?" Asked Carolyn
"Yes." Said Kat blushing.
"Well he deserved it!"
"Uh I got to get back to work see you ladies later." Said Dave leaving.
"Care have you heard anything on Serena?" Asked Kat
"She isn't doing to well right now."
"He forced me to watch him rape her."
"I know honey. When the police talk to you, I want either Diane or me with you OK?"
"Yes. Sheriff Valenti said it was self defence."
"It was."
"Does Justin know what happened?"
"Yes. In fact he is sitting out in the waiting room with everyone else. Katerina he loves you."
"I love him."
"I know. Want me to get him for you?"
"OK honey be right back."

Kat nodded. Carolyn left and returned five minutes later with both Jason and Justin. Jason came in and hugged his kid sister. Justin hung back not sure how to act.

"Care, Jay? Can you give me a couple minutes alone with Justin?" Asked Kat
"No way!" Said Jason
"JASON BENJAMIN BAKER! You will let your sister speak to her boyfriend without you hang over them." Said Carolyn dragging him out.

Once they left Justin just looked at Kat.

"You can come closer Justin."
"You doing OK Kitten?" Asked Justin walking over to her.
"Yeah. I'm really worried about Serena."
"She's tough she will over come this."
"I know."
"I was scared that he was going to kill ya."
"So was I. Justin, don't ever think that I will be afraid of you. I know in my heart that you won't hurt me. I love you. I gave myself to you in away no one else will ever have me. Justin, we don't know if we will stay together, if we have that ever lasting soulmate love that Max and Liz do. But I know no matter what happens that I will never regret losing my virginity to you. Having you as my first lover. We shared something very special."
"I love you too Kitten. I have no regrets either."

Justin leaned down and kissed Kat. Carolyn peeked in and smiled knowing that her little sister was going to be OK.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt84 11/15

Post by Roswelllostcause » Sat Nov 15, 2014 6:14 am

L-J-L 76 Kat got lucky to have a great boyfriend and family. We find out how Serena is doing today.

keepsmiling7 Yes that is a very good way to put it!

Part 84

Kyle walked into Serena's room. He knew she was in bad shape. But it was still a shock to see how brutal Sean had been to her. Her face looked like one large bruise. But he didn't care about that, she was still his beautiful wife. He walked over to her and gently brushed her hair off her face. She blinked and looked at him.

"Kyle?" She asked softly
"Yeah sweet heart it's me."
"Is Kat OK?"
"Yeah. She is a hell of lot tougher then she looks."
"What happened? After he raped me I kind of blacked out."
"Well, Sean was forcing her to give him a blowjob. This was right about the time my dad and a bunch of other officers arrived at the motel. So seeing it as her best shot. She uh bit down as hard as she could on him."
"She bit him on his....."
"No she bit part of the damn thing off."
"Yeah, he is in an operating room right now seeing if they can uh fix it so he can piss normally."
"Yeah Red?"
"I tried to protect Kat."
"We all know. Carolyn and Jason don't blame you for what happened."
"They don't?"
"No. What Sean did wasn't your fault. But you do need to tell the police what happened."
"I know. He forced me to drink Vodka."
"Well when you get out of here we will find you a meeting to go to OK?"
"Where is Julia?"
"Amy, Diane and that girl Jenny from the Crashdown are watching her, the Whitman twins and the Evans twins."
"Where is everyone else?"
"Waiting to see you they all care about you."
"Will, you ask Liz to come in?"
"Yeah. I'll go get her."
"Love you Serena."
"Love, you too Buddha boy."

Kyle leaned down and placed a gentle kiss on top of her head. He then when out to the waiting room to get Liz. Liz came in a few minutes later and sat down next to her cousin.

"How are you doing Rena?" Asked Liz
"Not too good Beth."
"Don't push us away."
"I won't. Think you could call Tracy for me?"
"You know I will.
"I love you Beth."
"Love you too Rena."
"Kat really is OK?"
"Yes. When I passed her room she was in a lip lock with Justin."
"Care, not to happy her little sister has grown up?"
"No she is fine with it. Jason on the other hand isn't."
"Well Kat is his younger sister."
"Yes she is. But he will only push her away if he doesn't back down."
"True. Uh Liz do you know if Kat and Justin have slept together?"
"Yeah they did."
"I'm happy that she got to choose who her first time was with."
"Yeah. Rena, get some rest OK?"
"I will and Liz, I love you cuz."
"Love you always cuz."

Liz leaned down and hugged her cousin then left wiping tears from her eyes. It hurt so much to see what had happened to her cousin. Liz knew what Serena was feeling having been there herself less then two years ago.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt85 11/16

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L-J-L 76 Serena knows she is going to need her friends to recover. The last thing she wants is to fall back in her old ways.

keepsmiling7 It would be cruel, but it would be a very good punishment!

begonia9508 Yes it's good that he won't be able to hurt another woman like that. That is if he ever gets out of prison again!

Part 85

After visiting Serena, Liz and Max when up to see Maria and Michael. They walked into Maria's room to find her holding little Nathan.

"How are they?" Asked Maria
"Serena is in bad shape. Sean raped and beat her. He forced Kat to watch, then was making her give him oral sex. But she uh took a bite out of him." Said Liz
"She bit his junk?" Asked Michael
"More like bit part of it off." said Max

Michael winced at the thought.

"Remind me never to piss that girl off." Said Michael
"Justin might need to rethink his nickname for her." Said Maria
"Why? She is his sweet kitten. It's only guys like Sean that bring out the tiger in her." Said Max
"Liz, would you like to hold Nathan?" Asked Maria
"Yeah." Said Liz

Liz took the baby from Maria and smiled. He was the perfect combination of Michael and Maria. He had Maria's sparkling green eyes and Michael's wild hair.

"Hi there Nathan, I'm your Aunt Liz. You are going to be very good friends with my kids Parker and Lexie."

Max watched his wife holding the small baby in her arms. He couldn't wait until she was holding their new baby.


Jim walked into Kat's room to find her laying in the bed staring at the TV but not really watching.

"Hi Kat."
"Hi Sheriff."
"Can I get a statement from you now?"
"Yeah sure."
"You want your sister with you?"
"No it's OK."
"OK. What happened?"
"Serena, dropped Julia off at the Crashdown as I was getting off work. She was going to this store at the mall to see about getting her cell phone fixed. I asked if I could go with her. I needed a new charger. I lost mine. So I sent Carolyn a text that I would be going to the mall instead of coming home. We had just gotten to the mall and were leaving the parking garage, when Carolyn called to warn Serena about Sean. But it was too late. Sean came up behind us he grabbed my phone and smash it. Then forced both of us into his car. He made me drive to that rat hole motel. Once in the room he held us at gun point and forced Serena to tie me up and gag me."
"Then what happened?"
"He told Serena to strip down to her underwear or he would shot me. She did what he told her to do. He tied her to the bed and forced a bottle of vodka into her mouth. He laughed when she choked on it. When she asked him if he could only get off when a girl is in a denfeceless state he punched her, the ripped her underpants off. He then raped her."
"From what you could see, did he use a condom?"
"No. He just forced himself into her aftetbtaking off his pants."
"After he finished what he was doing what happened?"
"He pulled his pants on and when to the bathroom. When he came out he untied me from the chair. After removing the gag, I asked for something to drink. The only thing he would give me was vodka. Once he had me on my knees in front of him he dropped his pants and forced his penis into my mouth. To be honest I really didn't know what I was doing. He grabbed me by my hair and moved my head up and down him. When I heard the sirens that was when I bit down on him as hard as I could."
"Ok Kat. I think that is enough."
"Sheriff, how is Serena?"
"She is talking. But not doing real well."
"She will be ok right?"
"As long as she doesn't push anyone away."
"Will she?"
"Not sure."
"Thanks sheriff."
"Get some rest honey."
"I will."

Sheriff Valenti left and Kat tried to get some sleep.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt86 11/17

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Natalie36 Yes it did get scary for a bit.

keepsmiling7 Yes it was terrible what both Serena and Kat when through. Serena took the worst of it.

L-J-L 76 Kat wants Sean to pay for what he did. Serena is going to need time and a lot of love to get past this. But luckily sh does have a great "family" to help her through this.

Part 86 Two months later.

Liz woke and looked at her stomach. When she had her ultrasound a couple months ago she found out that at that time she had conceived closer to the beginning of November rather then the end of the month so she was now five and a half months pregnant. So she was due in early August. She felt Max wrap his arms around her and rest his hands on her bump. Which she was happy was smaller then it was at this stage the last time she was pregnant. She was only having one baby this time. Not that she didn't love the twins she did. But she was not ready to deal with four kids under the age of two. Hell for about a month she would have three kids under the age one to deal with.

"Morning Liz."
"Morning Max."
"How are you feeling?"
"Not bad. I think I made the right choice in taking time off to raise the kids."
"Liz, you know I support you in anything you choose."
"I know. When school gets out I will be a full time mom."
"We have the ultrasound today right?"
"Yes. We should be able to find out if we have another girl or boy."
"You know I think it's a girl."
"So you have said since we found out I was pregnant."
"True. How's Serena doing?"
"Really good. She goes to therapy every week. She is also going to AA meetings."
"That's good. What about Kat?"
"She is doing really well. Care told me she spent the night with Justin again."
"She really is in love isn't she?"
"Yeah. My dad told me that they remind him of us when we were in high school."
"That's a good think honey."
"Yes it is. I guess it is a good thing Kat made the choice to turn down Harvard to come out here."

Max kissed Liz then both got up to get ready to go to the doctor.


Kat woke to find Justin's arms still wrapped around her. She smiled feeling so safe with him. She started to giggle when she felt soft kisses on her neck.

"Morning Kitten."
"Morning Justin."
"You want to skip class today?"
"Sorry can't got that big test in my history class worth a quarter of my final grade."
"Yeah. Justin, are you ok with the fact I'm not ready to do more then sleep in your arms?"
"Kitten, you when through something really bad two months ago. I understand that it will take you time to be ready to make love again. I love you and will wait until you are ready. Until then I am fine with whatever you can give me."
"I love you Justin."
"Love you too Kitten."

They kissed got out of bed and got ready for school.


Serena, watched as Kyle got dressed for work. She knew that this was hard on him. It was hard on her too. She had put this nightmare behind her years ago. Now Sean had to come back and fuck her life up again.

"What's wrong sweetie?" Asked Kyle looking at her with concern.
"I'm pregnant. I found out at the doctor on Friday."
"Rena, you know I love you."
"What if he is the father?"
"This child is part of you. I think I know you well enough to know you don't want to have an abortion. You won't want to risk killing a child created out of love."
"Your right."
"Rena, this baby is part of you so I will raise it as if it were mine even if it doesn't have my DNA."
"Have I told you how much I love you?"
"Every day beautiful."

Kyle kissed Serena then headed to work. He said a silent prayer that this child was his not that bastard Sean's.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt87 11/18

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begonia9508 Thanks Eve!

L-J-L 76 Justin truly loves Kat and isn't going any where. Kyle knows that this is a bad time for Serena. So he will stand by here no matter what.

keepsmiling7 On yes only one baby this time for Liz. Liz and Max don't actually pay a lot in day care. Grandma Nancy watches the twins most of the time. Yes I know I am evil for suggesting Sean is the one who got Serena pregnant.

Part 87

Max and Liz walked into the Crashdown carrying their twins. Jeff smiled seeing his grand children.

"Hi dad." Said Liz
"You are going to the doctor today?" Asked Jeff
"Yeah dad. Just a check up and ultrasound." Said Liz
"You going to find out if I have another granddaughter or grandson?"
"Yeah. Through Lexie may not be happy if she has to share her daddy with a little sister."
"Lexie does tend to keep a tight grip on you Max." Said Jeff
"Yeah. But I think she will be OK." Said Max
"Max we got to get them upstairs to mom."

Jeff kissed his daughter and each of his grandchildren. Then they when up the stairs in back where Nancy greeted them and took Parker from Liz's arms.

"How are you feeling honey?" Asked Nancy
"Good. I mean as good as I can be being five and a half months pregnant." Said Liz
"And you Max?"
"Well Liz did have have me driving all over town last night looking for pork rines and butterscotch pudding."
"Oh and mom I can't eat any kind of fish right now. Or really smell it." Said Liz
"It's true. I ate a tuna sandwich yesterday and she had to run to the bathroom." Said Max
"Wasn't it pork last time?"
"No liverworst. Haven't gone near it this time."
"Liz have you talked to Serena?"
"Not since before she when to the doctor on Friday."
"I'm worried she hasn't talked to me either. I do know that she when to an AA meeting on Saturday. But other then that I don't know."
"Mom, Max and I will stop by her place later to check on her."
"OK. See you later."

It took a little work but they were able to pry Lexie's little hands off Max. But she started to cry once her parents were out of her sight.

"She will be fine Max."
"I know."

Twenty minutes later Max and Liz were in an exam room waiting for Dr. Turner. She walked in and smiled at the couple.

"Hi Liz how how you feeling?"
"Good." Said Liz
"How about you Max?"
"I would do better if Liz didn't send me all over town in the middle of the night." Said Max
"I can't help it!" Said Liz
"I know honey." Max said giving her a kiss.
"Let's take a look at this baby of yours." Said Dr. Turner.

Max and Liz watched the monitor as their baby came up.

"Everything looks good. Do you want to know if you are having a boy or girl?" Asked Dr. Turner
"Yes." Said both of them.
"Looks like a girl."
"Lexie is going to have to learn to share daddy better." Said Liz
"She will be fine honey." Said Max

Liz just smiled at him. Knowing that he was just going to love having another little girl to play with.


Serena opened the door to her apartment to find Max and Liz there. She shifted Julia who she was holding.

"Hey Rena." Said Liz
"Hi come on in." Said Serena
"Is everything OK with you?" Asked Liz
"Yeah. Did you want something to drink?"
"Just water." Said Liz
"Water is good." Said Max
"OK one of you want to take her?" Asked Serena

Max reached over and took Julia from Serena. Liz watched her cousin. She knew that something was bothering her.

"Rena, how did your doctor appointment go on Friday?" Asked Liz
"It was fine Beth."
"What's wrong? You are starting to pull away."
"I'm pregnant ok? I don't know if this baby is my husband's who I love more then anything. Or if my rapist is the father ok?"

Serena fell to the sofa in tears. Liz wrapped her arms around her cousin as she cried. Max didn't know what to say. He met Liz's eyes over Serena's head.

"Rena it will be ok. Have you told Kyle?" Asked Liz
"Yes. He told me that he will raise this baby as his no matter what."
"That is great. Rena, Kyle loves you. I love you and so many other people love you."
"I know. I love you too Beth. I still have to get through the trial."
"You will get through it."
"Yeah well I did hear from Kyle that they uh couldn't fix Sean's thing."
"Can't say I feel bad about that." Said Max
"Neither do I. He can't hurt anyone like that again." Said Liz
"Thanks for coming by." Said Serena
"Hey no problem. You know if you need to talk you just have to call." Said Liz
"I know. Why aren't the two of you at work?"
"Had a doctor's appointment." Said Liz
"Everything is ok with the baby right?"
"She is perfect." Said Liz
"A girl? That's great."
"We're happy. Serena, don't let Sean win. Take back your life." Said Max
"Max, I will get through this."
"I know you will." Said Max

Max and Liz visited with Serena and Julia for the next hour before heading out to pick up their kids and going home.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt88 11/19

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begonia9508 The possibility of Sean having a a family was very slim to begin with. He is on his way back to prison. With everything he is charged with. He will be a old man if he gets out!

keepsmiling7 Oh yes poor Max running all over town. Lexie is not going to happy about her little sister. Kyle is a great guy. Oh and this part might ease some of those nightmares about Serena's baby. :wink:

L-J-L 76 Thanks.

Part 88

Kyle sat down at a table in the Crashdown. He was on his break. He couldn't help but worry about his wife. If it hadn't been for that ass he knew she would be happy about this pregnancy.

"Kyle! How is my favorite almost stepson?"
"Hi Amy. I am your only almost stepson."
"True. So how are you?"
"Doing as well as I can. Serena is still having a hard time."
"She's a fighter. She will get past this."
"I wish it were that easy."
"What's wrong?"
"She just found out she is pregnant. She doesn't know if the baby is mine or Sean's."
"How do you feel about this?"
"As far as I am concerned I am the baby's father DNA or no DNA."
"Kyle, you have to be one of the best guys on the planet."
"Not every guy would be willing to raise another man's child."
"This is my wife's baby. I will love it for that reason."
"Good for you. I got to go I'll see you later honey."
"Ok bye Amy."

Kyle watched Amy leave. He got the feeling that she knew something that she wasn't telling him. He couldn't worry about that right now.


Amy stopped by her shop and when digging in her files until she came up with a file she had on Sean. She was listed as his next of kin so she ended up with a couple of his medical records. She checked it to marke sure she was remembering what she saw years ago was right. She found what she was looking for grabbed a highlighter and highlighted the part that would interest Serena. She then headed over to Kyle and Serena's apartment. She knocked on the door and smiled at the young woman.

"Serena how are you doing honey?"
"Oh hi Amy. I've been better."
"May I come in?"
"Oh sorry. We just need to keep it down. I just got Julia down for a nap."
"Ok sorry."

Amy followed Serena into the apartment and both sat on the sofa.

"Is there something I can do for you?"
"Actually there is something I can do for you. I saw Kyle a little while ago."
"Oh. He told you didn't he?"
"I wish he hadn't."
"I think you will change your mind after you see what I have to show you."
"What do you mean Amy?"

Amy just smiled and pulled asheet of paper from her purse and handed it to Serena. Serena looked at it and then at Amy.

"This is part of an official medical record."
"Yes it is."
"It's part of Sean's."
"Yes. I think the highlighted part will be of interest to you."

Serena read the highlighted part twice, before looking at Amy with tears running down her face and a smile on her face.

"Sean is starial?"
"Kyle is my baby's father?"
"Yes honey. There is no way Sean can be the father of this baby."
"Thank you Amy! This is the best news you could have given me!"

Serena wrapped her arms around Amy in a hug.


Carolyn looked at the home pregnancy test in her hands. She didn't know why she was surprised that it was positive. She and Dave had a active sex life. She knew that she would have to go to the doctor to confirm it and she would before she told Dave. She tossed the used test in the trash washed her hands and left the bathroom. She came out to find Kat in the living room working on her homework.

"Hey Kat. When did you get home?"
"A few minutes ago. Is everything ok Care?"
"Yeah why do you ask?"
"You just seem distracted lately."
"Kat, it's nothing you need to worry about. Is everything ok with you and Justin?"
"Are still scared to have sex with him?"
"A little. I know that he will stop if I tell him to. But since I was kidnapped and watched Serena raped I haven't felt comfortable with that kind of intimacy."
"Have you talked to your therapist about this?"
"Sweetie you need to. I know you love him and he loves you. But you won't get past this if you don't."
"I know Care and I will."

Carolyn huged her sister knowing that while her sister had taught back, she was still hurt by that monster.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt89 11/21

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L-J-L 76 Serena spreads the good news in this part. We will have to wait to see how Dave reacts.

begonia9508 Nothing will change will change what happened to Serena, but atlest now she knows that she won't be having Sean's baby.

keepsmiling7 Yes it was great news Amy gave Serena.

Part 89

Liz picked up her cell she had look at the caller ID and knew it was Serena.

"Hello my cousin of mine."
"Hey Liz."
"Ok what happened? You sound so much more cheery then you did when I left."
"Amy DuLuca came by a little while ago."
"Oh and how did Amy cheer you up?"
"Well uh she has some of Sean's medical records, and showed me something. There is no possible way that Sean got me pregnant."
"Are you saying there is medical proff that Sean couldn't be the baby's father?"
"Yes. Let's just say his swimmers have no life to them."
"Have you told your husband yet?"
"I plan to tell him when he gets home from work."
"I'm happy for you Rena."
"Thanks Liz. Love you."
"Love you always Serena."

Liz turned to Max who had both of the kids climbing on him.

"So what is going on with Rena?"
"Seems Sean's swimmers can't swim."
"You mean he's starial?"
"Yeah. Amy took some medical records she had on Sean over and showed it to Rena."
"Remind me to give that woman a big hug next time we see her."
"No kidding. Rena is so happy to know that Kyle is the baby's daddy."
"I bet. You know I love your cousin like a sister right?"
"Yes. Max, I will never be jealous of your relationship with her. You were her closes friend the whole time I was away. She needed you."
"She will work through this right?"
"Serena is tough. I love her."

Max leaned down and kissed his wife.

"What do you want?"
"Three stake tocos with extra jelopenos. Oh and don't forget the chocolate sauce."
"You do know they won't put that on them right?"
"Well we are out. So pick some up then go to Juan's Mexican Stand."
"You want nachos too?"
"Yes. Everything on them."

Max grabbed his keys and headed out.


Kyle walked in to Serena singing a long with a CD. He looked at her and saw a spark in her eyes that had been missing the past couple months.

"Hi honey." Said Serena coming over and giving him a kiss.
"Hey Red. Ok what happened?"
"What do you mean?"
"Well this morning when I left you were really down."
"Uh yeah. Amy came by and gave me some news."
"What kind of news?"
"There is no way Sean can be the father of our baby."
"What do you mean?"
"Let's just say, that his swimmers can't swim."
"Yeah. She showed me the test from his medical records."
"That is very good news."
"Yeah. Kyle I'm sorry I have been such a grouch lately."
"Serena, I love you. I have loved you for a long time. You are smart and beautiful both inside and out. You have had a tough life. But each thing you have been through has made you stronger."
"Kyle, how did I get so lucky to have you in my life? To have you love me the way you do?"
"I don't know. But someone had a plan to bring us together. I am never going to leave you."

Serena smiled and kissed him with everything she felt in her heart. She then looked at him took his hand and lead him to their bedroom. They made short work of their clothes and fell into bed together. It started slow but soon their bodies were tangled together. Kyle looked into his wife's beautiful eyes and saw nothing but love for him in them.

"Make love to me." Said Serena softly

Kyle rolled them so that Serena was on her back with him on top of her. He very slowly moved his painfully hard crock to her hot wet core. He slid in causing Serena to groan with pleasure. He started to move slowly in and out. This was the first time they had made love since she had been kidnapped and raped.

"Faster, harder Kyle." Moaned Serena

Kyle kissed her and picked up his pace. He grunted as he felt her becoming tighter and wetter around him. He never took his eyes off her. As they both reached their climax Serena's eyes glazed over and back arched just as his seed poured into her. He fell to the bed next to her pulling the covers over their sweat covered cooling bodies. Serena snuggled close not wanting to lose this feeling.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt90 11/22

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L-J-L 76 Serena is very happy about the news.

begonia9508 We will never know why Sean has chosen to rape.Rape is about power and control, so maybe that is the only way he could feel those things.

keepsmiling7 Wouldn't you be happy to share the good news with your husband that he is the father of your unborn baby rather then, your rapeist?

Part 90 Two weeks later.

Dave walked in to find a romantic dinner set up for him and Carolyn. This was a little bit of a surprise. Carolyn didn't do things like this often. Yeah she cooked but didn't set up romantic candle light dinners. It made him wonder where Jason and Kat were tonight.

"Hi sweetie." Said Dave finding her in the kitchen.
"Hi Davy."
"You better not tell anyone else that nickname."
"You know I won't."
"I love you so much Care."
"Love ya too. Dave do you want kids?"
"God we never have talked about that have we?"
"Care, I would love to have kids with you. That is if you want them."
"I am so happy to hear you say that."
"Well in about six months and a half months you are going to be a daddy."
"That's great! You are going to be an awesome mother!"

Dave picked Care up and swang her around making her giggle. He put her down and kissed her passionately. He was going to have to remember to thank Liz again for introducing him to this wonderful woman.

"So where are Jay and Kat tonight?"
"Jay is hanging with some guys from campus and Kat is with Justin at his apartment."
"So we have the whole house to ourselves tonight?"
"Yes we do."
"Very good."

They ate their dinner then moved to the bedroom. Dave slowly undressed the beautiful woman in front of him. He kissed her as they moved to the bed. Carolyn laid in the center of the bed with Dave on top of her. Carolyn started to undress him. Dave only climbed off her long enough to remove his pants and underwear. Carolyn rolled them over so that she was on top of him. She kissed her way down his strong chest to just to the spot above his heart. She licked. As of a month ago her name was tattooed there. Dave grabbed her rolled them back over and entered her in one quick thrust. He pounded into her fast and hard Carolyn moaned with pleasure with each thrust.

"God yes! Dave don't stop!"
"Shit Care you are so tight! You feel so fucking good."

Dave felt Carolyn's nails dig into his back as the reached their climax at the same time. They laid tangled together as their sweat covered bodies began to cool. Carolyn fell to sleep feeling loved more then she had in a very long time.


Kat laughed as Justin threw her down on his bed. Justin climbed onto the bed next to her. They slowly undressed each other. Justin never took his eyes off Kat the whole time. He was watching to make sure she was OK with what was happening. He could see nothing but love in her eyes.

"God Kitten, I want you so bad!"

Kat moaned as he sucked on her neck. He made her feel so good. He moved from her neck to one of her breasts. While sucked and licked one he used his hand to squeeze and need the other causing her to moan. She could feel his hard penis pressing into her thigh through his underwear. She reached for the waist band and started to pull them down.

"Kat, if we keep going I don't know if I will be able to stop."
"Justin, make love to me"
"Are you sure?"

Justin smiled and soon his underwear and her panties joined the rest of their clothes on the floor. He then pushed her legs apart and slid a finger into her hot wet core pumping it in and out. He heard her groan and felt her push down harder on his hand. He removed his hand bringing his finger to his mouth licking it clean.

"Justin, I need you inside me."
"OK baby."

He reached into a drawer and pulled out a condom. He opened the package removed it and was about to roll it on himself but Kat took it from him.

"Let me."

He just nodded and watched as she rolled the condom onto his hard shaft. He then moved to her entrance and slowly entered her groaning at how tight she already was. It started slow but before long their love making became faster more desperate. They rejoyced at the feeling of their bodies being one for the first time since before that terrible day. Kat moaned with pleasure with each thrust into her body. This wasn't just sex. This was to souls starting to become one. They climaxed at the same time. Justin fell to the bed next to Kat both of them breathing hard. Kat rolled close to Justin who wrapped his arm around her.

"I love you." Said Kat as she fell to sleep.
"Love you too Kitten." Said Justin kissing her on the top of her head.

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Re: I Never Stopped Loving You (AU,M/L,ADULT) Pt91 11/23

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Sorry here it is now.

Part 91

Kat walked into the Crashdown for her shift. She saw someone she hadn't seen in nearly a year sitting in a booth with a baby. The girl looked tired and like she had been crying. She was running a little late so she ran in the back and changed. She was coming out of the bathroom when Jeff Parker saw her.

"Sorry I'm late Mr. Parker."
"It's OK Kat. There is a girl in the back booth that is looking for you and your brother."
"Yeah. Jessica. She is an old friend from Boston."
"She just sat down right before you got here. Go get her order."

Kat finished tying her apron on and when to work.

"Welcome to the Crashdown what can I get you?" Kat asked her old friend.
"Hi Kat. Uh can I get a Coke and some orbit rings?"
"Sure Jessica."
"Kat, there is something I need to talk to Jason about."
"The baby?"
"He's the father?"
"Yes. He is the only one I have been with."
"I'll call him when I get a chance."
"Thanks. Do you want to know your niece's name?"
"I name her after you. Katerina Nicole. I call her Katie."
"Wow. I got to put your order in and get back to work."

Kat put the order in and made the Coke. She was returning with another order when Jeff came up to her.

"Is everything OK?" Asked Jeff
"Yeah. The baby is Jason's."
"He doesn't know?"
"No. He wouldn't have left Jessica if he knew she was pregnant."
"Call him. Those two have a lot to talk about."

Kat when to the back and pulled out her cell and called Jason.

"Hey Jay. Are you busy? Jessica showed up. Jessica Ross, you know by best friend you had sex with? Yeah. She needs to tell you something. Twenty minutes? Yeah I'll tell her."

Kat hung up and returned to work.

"Jessica, Jay will be here in twenty minutes."
"Thanks Kat."

Kat was taking the order of a couple dressed in X-Files t-shirts when Jason walked in twenty minutes later. Last just pointed at the back booth and he nodded walking over to the booth. He was shocked when he saw Jessica giving a bottle to a baby in her arms. There was no doubt in his mind that he was the baby's father. She had the same auburn hair that he and both his sisters had, she also had his hazel eyes. Jessica bit her lip as Jason stared at her and the baby.

"She is yours."
"I know. No Kat didn't say anything. I can tell looking at her."

Jason sat down across from her. Watching the young woman holding his daughter.

"She is four and a half months old."
"So when we were together before I left Boston."
"Yeah. You want to hold her?"
"Yeah. What's her name?"
"Katerina Nicole Baker."
"You named her after Kat?"
"Kat is my best friend."
"Why didn't you tell me?"
"Jason, my mom was beyond pissed when she found out. She wanted be to have an abortion but by the time I told her it was too late. She kept me locked up in that house with a tutor. She told me I had to give my baby up for adoption. I refused. So she let us stay until I turned eighteen, two days ago. Yesterday she gave me twenty thousand dollars and threw me out of the house. She had two suitcases packed for me, one bag with Katie's things."
"Jess, you should have called!"
"Jason, she took my phone!"
"God I hate your mother. She is such a bitch."
"Don't I know it. She hated you and Kat cause you didn't have money. You know she told me that no man of good stature would want me. That I was nothing but a slut."
"Jess, where are you staying?"
"I got a room at a motel until I can find an apartment."
"Let me talk to Care, maybe you can stay with us until we find an apartment."
"Jason, we don't have to live together. You can see Katie whenever you want. Besides wouldn't that be weird for you to bring your girlfriend home to your ex lover and baby?"
"Truth is I don't have a girlfriend. Never stay with one girl very long. Yeah I have been with a few of them. But the fact is I never felt anything for them like I did for you."
"What are you saying?"
"Jessica Grace Ross I love you. I feel like an ass. If a guy treated Kat the way I treated those girls I would kick his ass."
"So what you are saying is if I agree to live with you. I will be the only woman in your life? Other then your sisters I mean."
"Well there are Care's close friends. But they are like family."
"They are your sisters. I know a little about them. From before my mom took my phone and Internet away."
"Thanks. Jess we will work things out. I will help you take care of our daughter no matter what."

Jessica just smiled and felt hopeful that things would be ok.

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