I'm Not Jealous! (M/L, Mature, AU Series) Pt.1/1 9/4/14

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I'm Not Jealous! (M/L, Mature, AU Series) Pt.1/1 9/4/14

Post by morethenwords122 » Thu Sep 04, 2014 6:38 pm

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Title: I’m Not Jealous!

Disclaimer: I don’t own Roswell or its characters. I get no profit. This story is just for fun. No copyright infringement intended.

Rating: Mature (to be safe)

Category: Au without Alien/ Humor with some of the OOC Alex goodness of the first installment.

Summary: Liz Parker has been in love with Max Evans ever since he asked her for a pencil in the eighth grade… but Max doesn't know it, so really, she has no reason to want to rip the blonde heads hair out just because she’s sitting in the same booth as the man of her dreams. But she does. (Liz’s POV)[/b]

A/N: I decided to make a one-shot series based off some of the deadly sins with ‘Alex Whitman Is a Dead Man!’ being the first installment. I was originally going to post this series on Roswellheaven for the challenge that inspired it but I didn't finish them in time… so here they will be posted instead. This one represents Envy.

(Liz's POV)

Max Evans.

Max freaking Evans.

Max Evans has a new flavor of the month.

Max is holding hands with a girl; like, they’re together… like boyfriend and girlfriend?

When the fuck did this happen?! I thought bitterly as I continued to violently wipe down the counters for the umpteenth time since the man of my dreams and his big ass new girlfriend sat down in the booth. It’s just my luck that they would decided to sit down in my section of the diner, holding hands and exchanging light hearted laughs, smiles, and playful banter with no way to escape their overwhelming display of PDA. Always touching and laughing and bumping each other’s shoulders playfully with equally playful smiles crossing their faces… and it all made me want to vomit--preferably in the blonde’s face.

I sighed, trying to keep the hatred and sadness off my face, trying for a more neutral expression. I have been in love with Max Evans since the eighth grade… ever since the moment in Mr. Boyle’s science class when he turned in his desk and asked me for a pencil, smiling that heart-stopping smile as I handed it to him, the smile that has gotten me in trouble ever since.

Despite the complex swirl of emotions flowing through me, I couldn't help the small smile that crept onto my face at the memory, remembering the entire year spent taking those heartwarming smiles where I could get them and watching as those small stolen moments turned into years of unrequited love. Yes, I am madly, deeply, and truly in love with Max Evans… but nobody needed to know that but me.

“Oh, Liz, I know I’m beautiful but, sadly, I’m taken,” a familiar voice broke through my thoughts and I knew immediately who it was. It was Alex, ugh… and he had that stupid ass smirk that is always on his face, beaming at me, and by the slight amusement and mischief in his eyes, he knew who I was staring at and the bastard thought it was funny. “But I think Isabel would be okay with you taking a picture… you know, for those lonely, lonely late nights in your bed… but sorry, you can’t touch. Isabel doesn't like people touching her things. ”

“Alex,” I huffed, turning the dish rag I had been using to wipe down the table into a big ball, I threw it at him. “Fuck off!”

He ducked his head in time to miss the flying dish rag before he shrugged, still smirking. “I love it when you talk dirty, Lizzie,” he leaned forward and whispered in my ear, “Does Max know that you’re such a freak? Because if he did… I think that he’d dump that wannabe version of Pink over there and get with you.”

He winked, giving me a big kiss on the cheek before he jumped over the small partition in the counter and, even though I hated myself for giving in to his stupid charm, I still couldn't keep my small smile from turning into a big smile that lit up my face. It was just inevitable with Alex Whitman… sooner or later, you’re going to smile and you’re going to hate yourself for it. But that didn't change the fact that I knew that what he said was his own twisted, crude way of trying to make me feel better.

I turned toward him, watching as he took off his Letterman jacket and gave one of the female patrons a charming smile, flirting with her. Just a natural born flirt, aren't you, Whitman? I thought briefly, shaking my head as I gave him an even fonder, understanding look than before.

After a few moments, I asked. “What are you doing here?”

He gave the girl he was flirting with a bored, uninterested look when she tried to pass him her phone number before he turned his attention to me, raising his eyebrow. “Well, last time I checked, I worked here,” he declared as he put on his Crashdown apron, giving it a disgusted look. “Like every other unambitious teenager.”

“Hey!” I exclaimed, offended. “I work here!”

He laughed at my outraged tone and smirked. “My point exactly.”

I rolled my eyes as I said, “Fuck you, Alex!” It was times like this that I wish that I had a whole arsenal of things to throw at Alex Whitman’s head.

He gasped in mock horror before he said, “I told you! Isabel doesn't like it when beautiful girls are touching what belongs to her.” He made a show of looking worriedly around the Crashdown for signs of his girlfriend before pretending to wipe the sweat off his forehead.

“Oh, please…” I spat, wishing, not for the first time, that Alex would just drop dead. “Like, Isabel ‘the Beauty Queen’ Evans would be jealous of someone like me.”

He snorted. “You’d be surprised,” he said, making his way to the empty, dish-filled table next to nearby. “She made Pam Troy cry for two weeks after she tried to make out with me behind the bleachers at the pep rally last month.”

I nodded my head, remembering the cheerleader in question rubbing up against Alex during Max’s spirited speech about how they were going to kick East Roswell’s ass at the game on Friday. Pam had drunkenly been trying to make out with Alex, whispering in his ear. I could also remember the loud yelling coming from the girls’ locker room as I left the pep rally and made my way to Mrs. Horace’s math class.

I hummed a little as I made my way over to the dirty table to clean it after Alex had cleared out the dishes. “Hmmm, I thought the coldhearted Isabel Evans was too cool for something like jealously?” I asked, not bothering to hide the hate laced in my voice. It was unjustified and misplaced… especially since Isabel had never done anything to me. Actually, Isabel had gone out of her way to be nice to me over the years, even slapping a girl who had made fun of me back in freshman year… but right now, I hated all people with the last name Evans.

“Oh, and you’re so above it all,” He said with a slight edge to his voice that I had never heard before. “I saw you shooting daggers at Max’s new arm candy.” He rolled his eyes before he continued on, “If looks could kill, honey… then you would have killed her already. Why don’t you just admit that you want Max’s disco stick instead of being jealous of a girl who clearly thinks pixie haircuts are still hot?”

“I’m not jealous!” I screeched, drawing the attention of Max’s table, which now included Michael Guerin, who was giving me a puzzled look. He already thought I was odd, but now he definitely thought I was weird… which I usually don’t mind, but today everything was pissing me off… especially since Max was giving the blonde next to him a genuinely concerned look as she whispered in his ear, probably laughing or judging me. I felt like punching something, so I punched Alex in the arm. Hard.

“For someone with a jealous girlfriend, why are you still pursuing other girls?” I asked, referring to the female patron he had been flirting with just minutes ago. I glared at him.

He only casually shrugged his shoulders before he answered me. “Hey, just because they can’t touch doesn't mean I can’t flirt.” Alex gave me a cocky look before he went into the kitchen to wash the dishes.

“Are you okay?” Max’s smooth voice asked from behind me and, without turning around, I could tell he was already smiling at me. I couldn't help but roll my eyes… he was always smiling at me and it just made me love him more. I rubbed my forehead in annoyance before turning around. I don’t need this shit!

“I’m fine!” I snapped, all my anger finally erupting. I knew it wasn't his fault… he had every right to have a girlfriend. It wasn't like he knew that I like him and, even if he did, he didn't need to take my feelings into consideration. We weren't together; we were barely friends. But that didn't stop me from being insanely jealous. Oh I had been jealous before… It wasn't like Max hadn't had any other girlfriends before, but now this time felt different; this girl felt different. I could tell that Max actually cared about her … and that I had lost my chance. Maybe it wasn't just jealously that I felt, but heartbreak too.

“Okay…” he said wearily, taking a step back. His weary tone made me feel badly… I had to remind myself that he doesn't know. He doesn't know that he is the last person I want to talk to right now. He doesn't know that I’m not alright, that my heart is breaking. He doesn't know.

“I’m sorry,” I sighed, rubbing my eyes to keep from crying. Just because my feelings are hurt doesn't mean that I need to hurt his. “It’s just –" I started to say, but was interrupted by Max’s understanding voice.

“Alex gets on your nerves,” he finished, that heartwarming smile appearing on his face again.

“Yeah,” I nodded. “I mean, I love him,” and for some reason, when I said that, Max gave me an odd look… a look that probably mirrored my own when he had walked into the Crashdown with the blonde haired girl earlier. But that didn't make any sense, so I just continued talking. “He has been my best friend since third grade, but…”

“You just want to strangle him.” Max nodded his head, finishing my sentence for me again.

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, throwing my hands in the air in exasperation. “Finally… someone who understands!”

Max laughed, giving me an even brighter smile than he had ever given me before. I could feel my heart swell as his dimples widened. “I know,” he began, still smiling. “Alex is my best friend, but I often dream up ways to kill him and get away with it.”

“Maybe someday we can compare lists and come up with the most effective solution,” I deadpanned, growing weary of him again as my anger dissipated.

I don’t know if it was because he could feel my hesitation as I withdrew back into myself and became the shy, distant girl he was more used to seeing or if he was just a callous, cruel person but, in that small span of time that I began to back away from him, he asked me something that would change everything in me forever.

“Kyle and Tess are throwing a party this weekend and I was wondering if…” He wasn't smiling at me anymore; actually he seemed nervous as if he had to say something important… but didn't quite know how to. “Do you want to maybe go with me?”

I blinked, stunned speechless. He wanted… he wanted to go out with me. He wanted to be seen in public with me, on a date, near his friends… when he had a girlfriend…

“What about your girlfriend?” I asked, not trying to hide my anger and disapproval from my voice. I may love the guy, but I wasn't about to be the other woman.

“Girlfriend?” he asked, his beautiful face knitting in confusion, but his face lit up in recognition. “Oh, you mean Maria!” So that was her name… For some reason, her name just made me hate her more.

Max laughed before he said. “Liz, Maria is my cousin.”


“Her parents got a divorce and her mom, my aunt, decided to move back to Roswell to be near family.”

Maria was his cousin… the beautiful blonde that I had been staring daggers at all evening, the one he had been holding hands with and exchanging playful banter with was his…cousin.

Okay… I’m starting to hear things; maybe I should call my dad and ask him to take me to the hospital.

“Oh My God! I think she’s in shock!” I could vaguely hear Alex shouting, but it seemed so far away… not important. All that was important were Max’s face… and my hallucinations of words that couldn't possibility be coming out of his mouth.

Max must not have registered Alex’s voice either, because he went on, “I've wanted to ask you out since eighth grade… but I thought you were with Alex.”

Despite the shock of my greatest dream coming true, I still mentally rolled my eyes at that… being involved with Alex in any romantic way was like signing his death certificate. If Alex was my boyfriend, I was sure that I would have ended up murdering him in his sleep by now.

“But now that he and my sister are exclusive… I guess that means that you’re free,” Max finished nervously. He was staring at me intensely, trying to gauge my reaction…

But I couldn't act. I couldn't say anything…. Because none of this was true. He had wanted to ask me out since eighth grade? He thought that I was with Alex… and that was why he kept his distance… None of this was possible! Hot guys like Max Evans don’t have crushes on nerds like me. Do they?

“Yes! Yes, she’s free and yes, she’ll go out with you!” Alex yelled from a million miles away. The annoying sound seemed to be coming from inside the kitchen and, even in my daze, I could still sense myself picking up a napkin holder and throwing it in his general direction. I smiled weakly as I heard it bounce off his head with a loud thump.

“Son of bitch!” Alex yelled. “Liz, I’m bleeding!” He yelled again, probably holding his bleeding forehead like a big baby and I almost felt sorry for him. I hadn't meant to make him bleed… but really, he deserved it!

“How’s next Saturday at four?” Max asked, not taking his eyes off of me, not seeming to register anything but the person in front of him. Which was me? It was me!

“Sure.” I said softly, almost as if talking in a dream. It was almost as if I was waiting to wake up at any moment. He smiled at my answer and I smiled back; nothing else seemed to matter. I may have been in love with Max Evans since eighth grade, but maybe… just maybe… he’s been in love with me too.



A/N: Sorry to all you Dreamers out there, I know there wasn't much dreamer goodness but truth be told, I’m not a dreamer and when it comes to them as a couple I only have two speeds. Angry and resentful or crazy in love, Which the I think or hope achieved the latter :D But there will be more of them as a couple in the next installment :mrgreen:

Short summary to the next installment: Michael is just too lazy to use any of the chances given to him to ask Maria out.

Guess who says the line:

“Oh My God, Guerin! Stop being such a damn pussy and just ask her out already!”
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