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Solace and Destiny (AU/ML/Mature) Pt. 3/3 01/28/08

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:33 pm
by suicide_eagle_rath
Title: Solace and Destiny
Author: suicide_eagle_rath
Rating: althoguh more mature in rating .. I feel Adults only should read (some sexual overtones and supernatural events)
Pairings: CC AU M/L
Disclaimer: The characters belong to Melinda Metz, Jason Katims, WB and UPN. They are not mine and no infringement intended.
Summary: A dream two share, what will the outcome be?
Please Note: Reworked version of the UC Solace idea…

Re: Solace and Destiny (AU/ML/Mat) Pt. One 01/03/08

Posted: Thu Jan 03, 2008 11:38 pm
by suicide_eagle_rath
Solace and Destiny

Part 1 of 3

The day was crisp and clear; Liz Parker stepped down from her SUV and breathed in the fresh pine scented mountain air. It had been a while since she was here; college and a career had monopolized her daily existence for what seemed an eternity. She walked up the steps; the cabin had been in the family for years, a place for any of the kids or grandkids to hang out. Built by her grandparents back in the early 1930's, the place had been modernized several times, as well as expanded. The large logs that comprise the cabin's structure were from the old stock native pine trees that surround the estate. Exquisite in design, this cabin was rich in details done by master craftsmen. Inlayed oak floors graced with Persian rugs graced every room with style and warmth. The walls were covered in oak and walnut paneling, while chandeliers hung everywhere. This was truly not your everyday cabin in the woods.

Solace, the cabin, as it came to be known, was built into the side of a hill, a large wrap around balcony with fine sturdy rocking chairs were poised in place ready for guests. The scenery was breathtaking, the rich earth smelled of virility while the green vegetation filled the heart with joy and serenity. The place was magical, at least that is what her grandma always said, magical, where the spirits roamed befriending man. Her jovial grandpa would always grow serious when he would state that every Parker descendent was conceived on this land and to this land they would be interred. He was buried in the family graves just to the north, next to him laid her grandma; they were married almost 70 years a true romance story followed them all their days.

Liz opened up the massive oak and glass doors and walked into the living area. The house was quiet, smelled of pine-sol. A cleaning team from her fathers estate had been there earlier preparing the place for her, leaving before she arrived to let her have some peace and quiet. The cook also came and transformed some simple ingredients into a delicious slow-cooking stew for her. She inhaled the scent of fresh bread, still permeating through the house form the early morning baking spree. She walked through the kitchen and pulled open one of the large glass doors that flanked the south side of the cabin, and stepped onto the balcony. She could see the mist covered mountain tops in the distance, over the lake in front of the cabin. The lake sent chills up her spine, it looked cold that day, the clouds covered the sky and winds were kicking up small white caps.

All around her, she could feel her grandma's words, a mystical place, one where the realm of dreams met the realm of magic. Where good spirits walked with demons, where elves played and fairies danced. She smiled thinking about her grandma, she had been from the old country, grew up in the foothills of the mountains in Transylvania itself. She always had stories of ghosts, demons, and yes even vampires. She felt hungry as she turned back to the kitchen to get some stew and a piece of fresh bread. She went back and sat on the porch eating from a soup cup, watching the sun melt into the ground. From the distance, she could hear the chirping of crickets and the groaning of frogs as the night began to play its musical notes of life.

Not wanting the day to end, Liz could feel herself tire out, slowing down as the eyes began to droop and the yawing became more and more common. The four hour drive was a stretch and she was emotionally and physically drained from recent setbacks at work and in her personal life. She needed this time at Solace, time to heal. Sighing Liz walked back inside and headed upstairs with her suitcase. She always chose the bedroom that looked over the valley to the side of the house. She loved the colors of the flowers in the early morning light, their vibrant hues urging one to get up, to exist another hour in this great place. In the city, she would scoff at such thoughts, but here it was almost natural to think of mystical creatures hiding in the fog or beneath a leaf.

Changing quickly she bounced into the feather bed, as she cuddle the comforters her Mom had bought on a trip to the Amish area. Finely made, they were a valuable asset to the long cold nights. Before she could say jack rabbit, Liz was fast asleep, dreaming again of that man, one she had never seen but he had haunted her dreams for months. She could feel his touch, smell is cologne, and yes even feel the stubble of his beard. But every time she reached out to him to hold him closer, he disappeared, a figment of her imagination. Yet she was sure she was not alone.

Her dreams were always vivid; she could feel his body heat, the smoothness of his skin. It was tangible; she could feel the energy that passed between them during the midnight hours, those hours when dream and reality mix. Those hours that brought a smile to her lips and sadness to her heart, in those hours she lived a thousand lives. But then, at the stroke of dawn, as soon as the first ray of light touched the earth where she laid, he vanished, a phantom.

Liz awoke with a start, it had to be real she though to herself, he had to be real. his touch was real, his heart beat, she could feel the pulse. Her mind could not comprehend the possibility she was seeing the future, or a past of long ago. Was he real or not? Not one person had ever invaded her life before, her dreams, her existence. It was as if he had always been there for her, waiting, lurking the shadows. But now he was making his presence strongly to be with her in this forest of life.

Re: Solace and Destiny (AU/ML/Mat) Pt. 2 01/13/08

Posted: Sun Jan 13, 2008 4:37 pm
by suicide_eagle_rath
Thanks everyone.. I noticed when going over part one again the second paragraph was not updated .. I felt it was not right and added some words but forgot to edit my master .. the alter paragraph is now in place....
Solace and Destiny
Part 2 of 3
Max Evans awoke with a start; it had happened again, this time the connection was strong. He could actually smell her perfume and feel the silkiness of her hair; the dreams were becoming real to him. Max got up, stretched, it was still the pre dawn hour; the sun had yet to pierce the darkness. He strolled over to the balcony glass doors and opened one a cracked, the cold mountain a rushed in to greet him sending his skin to over drive producing goose bumps. He shivered being a typical southwest male he wore little or no clothes to bed, he was use to the hot climate, not this blustery she-devil of a climate.

The day looked cold, the fog hugged the ground close as the sun rose; the scene before him had that spooky eerie feeling one sees in scary films. For some reason he was drawn to this place at this time, he did not know why he bought the cabin this last spring, while visiting with a friend, but he compelled to. The cabin overlooked a large oval shape lake, fairly deep in the center, with a mountain forest surrounding it, off in the distance one could see the tips of the Rockies. There were thirty five homes lining the lakes, from his angle he could see most of them, all magnificent structures, built by timeless craftsmen but in the old days.

He had already had his cabin altered since he bought it, putting in a recoding studio, a sound proof room for rehearsing with the band, a large computer room, and three large guest rooms for people who visited. Max was a high profile lawyers to several rock bands who started his own firm in both LA and NYC. The doctor had ordered him to find a way to release stress and this cabin was just the thing. He could still research from home and conduct meetings online. He needed the break; these woods gave him the nurturing his soul was deprived of for some long living on concrete.

Max closed the door and went to shower, a hot shower to warm up his bones. Then came the usual daily routine of weights or cardiovascular. He looked real good and was proud of his form when he checked himself out in the mirror, not that he did it often. He was lifting weights on a regular cycle and had developed a firm body, finely sculpted muscles, that turned heads when he was on the beach.

He slid into some jeans and a sweat shirt as he started up the fireplace, to help take the chill off. Then with a hot cup of coffee, he went out onto the balcony to look over the lake. Kitty-corner to him he saw that one cabin, it always drew his eye, no one lived there since he had moved in, but for some reason he was attracted to it. Every single morning since coming here, he walked out as he drank his coffee and stared at that house while his mind remembered the dreams.

Last night the dream was very realistic, the most vivid one yet. He was beginning to feel that maybe there was a slight possibility he was being abducted by aliens and his mind altered to having dream sex. Who knew maybe they were breeding him. Max smiled at that thought, as silly as it were, since aliens really do not exist. He then sighed, to be honest he did not know what was happening to him, why these dreams, and who the girl was.

It was always the same woman, petite, with long brunette hair and a serious scientist look in her eyes. One he had never met, nor was she any face on TV he would have locked away not realizing it. Her skin was porcelain, smooth and cool to the touch, encompassing a body that he yearned for in his dreams. Her breasts were firm, her stomach flat, with an ass that rounded her backend perfectly. Her entire being call out to him night after night asking to be made love, desiring the closeness, the primeval lust that binds a man and a women. If she was real he would pursue her to the ends of the earth, but alas she was only a dream, a figment of his fertile imagination, right?

They had started almost three years prior, those memories of a dream, but not a dream. He could not explain the incredible feeling or images he saw nightly in his head. They were tangible to him, not a phantasm of his subconscious mind. He could really feel her. Yet when he reached out to her to grab her to connect to her, she would disappear, turn into mist right before his very eyes.

All of the dreams took place in one location, that location he found that spring while visiting the Spirit Lake region. Once he saw the lake and surrounding area, it was as if he had been here before, he knew the pathways, where the homes were, this was the location of his dream. Max wondered though maybe these were memories from a past life, one where he sought out refuge, peace, solitude. Another fairy tale as he laughed out loud, breaking the silence startling himself with his own voice.

Max took a deep breathe then turned to go into the house, out of the corner of his eye he saw movement, in that cabin, the object of his infatuation. He sore he saw a women walk across the balcony and into the house. He turned and looked again. Damn there was a car in the driveway; someone was there, he had a feeling deep inside he knew that person.

Re: Solace and Destiny (AU/ML/Mat) Pt. 2 01/13/08

Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 1:04 am
by suicide_eagle_rath
Thanks tazno, Natalie36, begonia9508 for the feedback .. now this last part may disappoint those who want hot raw sex... it may be different than what you espect from me....

For those interested I am having an chat at the Roswell Chronicles Chat Room on Wednesday, January 30th @ 7pm, Eastern Standard Time. Come and find out what I am doing, what I am up to, just how kooky I really am, and whether or not I working on that story you really want finished. Please no rotten tomatoes but I will take money, chocolates,


Part 3 of 3
Liz drew herself up and out of bed, still the dream flowed through her a blend of ecstasy, fulfillment, and wonder, culminating a feeling of floating in the empyrean. She wrapped herself in the old quit and stepped over to the balcony doors, pulling them open, she went outside to face the brisk air and the radiance of the sun. The woods were silent, stillness was evident, soon she began to hear the faint noise of a woodpecker in the distance, and the meadowlark making his morning call. The woodland creatures were just beginning to stir, she saw in the far side, near the lake deer coming to take a morning drink. Liz sighed, this was what she had missed in the big city; she could feel the magic in the air, the sparkle. That magic took in all of the forest, the fragrance of the trees, the mournful cry of the loon, the crisp air, and cold waters, they all had an effect on her, drawing her in, beckoning her to stay; enchanting her with their simplistic charms.

A sudden gust of wind blew in from the west; Liz noticed something unusual, she took a deep breath and then took another whiff of the air. She swore she had smelled his cologne, that scent everyday she woke to, intoxicating her, drowning her in emotion. It was the pure essence of him, the forest; the dew in the morning, the rain in the afternoon and woodland rivers rushing down hill all combined with an earthy aroma. That was it she thought, his scent was of this place, he smelled like Solace.

So wrapped up in these supernatural sensation, these odd strange emotions, she failed to notice across the side of the lake, to the west, a cabin with a man standing on the balcony, just like her, staring off into space. Then suddenly her cell phone rang as she went inside to answer it, finding a dear and close friend of hers from the city on the other end, Maria Deluca, a hot new up and coming rock star and in a strange way related to her through an uncle and his third wife.

"Did I wake you hon?"

"No it is early here but for some reason I enjoy the sunrise."

They talked about what was going on in the city, the party the night before, all the celebrities and the gossip that was running rampant. Liz laughed as she dressed in between bits and pieces of her city life. Then Maria asked the question that always came at some point "Did you have the dream again?"

Liz was quiet for a while, she had thought returning here to Solace, the dreams would stop, but no they were intensified. Finally out of the blue she asked: "Am I losing my mind Maria?"

"No hon, you are perfectly sane."

"Then tell me what does it mean when I hear him, I feel him. Voices? Hallucinations? I am insane."

"Hon they are but dreams. Figments of your fertile imagination. Maybe he is real, from another life."

Liz sighed deeply as she hung up, life was the pits and she was the center of the pit. Grabbing a morning coffee she walked back out to the balcony, she watched a deer gracefully jump a fallen log just a few hundred feet away. "Why did the animals always seem so relaxed here?" Liz remembered asking her grandma years ago, that very question. She could still see her grandma smile and said the maintain fairies took kindly to animals and people who lived amidst them and would do most anything to make sure they were happy. She then told Liz of how she and grandpa had met, down by the lake, an accident. Grandma always insisted the fairies sent him a careening into her, so they would fall in love and marry.

"Why was it heroines in those romance novels were always so sure of themselves, they knew who and what the guys wanted." She shook her head, why did she not understand like them, she could not figure out her life so easily. He had to be a figment just as Maria said a dream. The man did not really exist, he could not exist. She out on her shoes and decided to go for a walk, maybe walk in the cold water to snap some sense into her head.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Max could not put that thought out of his mind: a car was in that driveway. Maybe he could just wander over and say hi, introduce himself to the people there. After spending more time hemming and hawing, Max grabbed his leather coat and hauled ass down the hill. The fog was still heavy, lying close to the ground, he had to slow down before he went off the path and got lost, which was amazingly not hard to do for a city boy. As he got closer, he swore he smell her perfume, flowers and sex, all rolled into a tantalizing scent. He sped up, jumping over rocks and ruts. The fog began to break as he saw the lake just head, one more bend and the house would be within reach of him.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Neither of them saw the other one until they ran head long into each other. Liz went sprawling onto the sand, her hands and knees hitting hard. Max went backwards, landing on his butt. He immediately jumped up embarrassed as he mumbled apologies to her, trying to help her stand. As Liz rose and threw back her hair, he stared at her. All he could do as listen to the voice inside his head scream, "Dear God! She is real, she is alive."
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
From the hilltop, an old couple watched, hand in hand, they stood smiling, incorporeal in body but full of spirit, they watch the scene unfold below.

"Well John our grandson will be happy now; he has found her a young lady to fill the emptiness."

"Yup Ethel you are right as usual. These younguns now-a-days, need a little nudge to get them settle down proper. So who is our next project?"

"Well it seems our granddaughter Isabel is infatuated with a guy named Alex she met at the planetarium."

"Well, I guess we need to have them accidentally bump into each other also." Spoke up John as the couple slowly faded, all the time watching Max and Liz began their liveS.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ FINIS~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~